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"Let's Game! Metcha Game! Mutcha Game! Watcha Name?! [Name of the game you're playing]"
— The usual announcement that plays when booting up a Genm game.

Genm Corporation, referred to as Genm Corp. or just Genm for short is a Japanese gaming company that was founded in the late 80's by Masamune Dan, who was CEO until his incarceration in the mid 2000's. After his father was sent to prison, Kuroto Dan took the reins of the company. Under him Genm Corp. flourished but his eccentric nature eventually lead to his disappearance, later revealed by management to be the result of a psychotic breakdown, leaving the company in the hands of shareholder Ren Amagasaki. Masamune Dan was eventually released from prison and retook leadership of the company, but tragically passed away that same year leaving senior programmer Tsukuru Koboshi in charge of the company due to Kuroto Dan's deteriorated mental state.

They're best known for the Mighty Action and Taddle series, as well as the Crisis Crossover Kamen Rider Chronicle. Their library extends far past that, but their business decisions and Attention Deficit Creator Disorder lead to lack of support for some of these titles and straight up Development Hell for others.


Tropes that often apply to their games:


Games developed or published by Genm Corp.:

  • Mighty Action series. Represented in Chronicle by Count Salty.
    • Mighty Action: The first game in the 2D Action Platformer series, and Genm's first game in general, featuring the debut of titular character and company mascot Mighty.
    • Mighty Action C: Sequel to the original. Released in the mid 2000's.
    • Mighty Action X: Developed for the 3DS. First unveiled at a press conference in 2010 projected for a 2011 release date, it was plagued by developmental woes, finally releasing in October 2016. This game featured the debut of Black Mighty, a character based on a beta design for Mighty himself.
    • Mighty Brothers XX: Originally a fan game, the game was hit with a C&D by Dan Kuroto but was picked up by Tsukuru Koboshi for development into a proper Genm Corp. Game. It's well known from it's release trailer as the first game to use Dual Gashat technology to store even more data and features two new characters, Orange and Green, to capitalize on it's co-op gameplay.
    • Maximum Mighty X: Another fangame made official by Koboshi, Maximum Mighty X features a radical departure from the usual Mighty Action gameplay, instead featuring a customizable mecha that Mighty rides in.
    • Mighty Creator VRX: A VR Game that is essentially a glorified Level Editor. Fans still enjoyed it for its impressive soundtrack and the ability to make their own courses, but it didn't sell well due to requiring a VR headset.
  • Taddle series. Represented in Chronicle by the sorcerer Alhambra.
    • Taddle Quest: The first game in the series, and Genm's first RPG.
    • Taddle Fantasy: A sequel to Taddle Quest, flipping the perspective and making the Big Bad the playable character.
    • Taddle Legacy: The third installment in the series, which goes back to the protagonist as he uses both his own powers and that of the Demon King to save his girlfriend.
  • Bang Bang series. Represented in Chronicle by Commander Revol.
    • Bang Bang Shooting: An FPS. Finally released in September 2018 after being locked in Development Hell for years.
    • Bang Bang Simulations: Locked in Development Hell, most likely a naval strategy game from what we know about it.
    • Bang Bang Tank: A game where you pilot a Tank. The only Bang Bang game not in Development Hell, since it was developed by a third party.
  • Bakusou Bike: A racing game where you pilot a sentient bike. Represented in Chronicle by Motors.
  • Gekitotsu Robots: A sci-fi fighting game about robots. Represented in Chronicle by Gutton.
  • DoReMiFa Beat: A rhythm game with an adorable mascot, Poppy Pipopapo, who is used to represent the game in Chronicle as an Exposition Fairy.
  • Jet Combat: A combat flight simulator. Represented in Chronicle by Vernier.
  • Girigiri Chambara: A Samurai-based Action game that is Difficult, but Awesome. Represented in Chronicle by Kaiden.
  • Shakariki Sports: An extreme sports game more known for its personality and music than its gameplay. Represented in Chronicle by Charlie.
  • Knockout Fighter series. Represented in Chronicle by one half of Kamen Rider Para-DX's powers.
    • Knockout Fighter: The original. It was released in the 90s to capitalize on the popularity of Fighting Games at the time, and was eventually packaged together with Perfect Puzzle in a standalone plug-and-play device called the Gashat Gear Dual.
    • Knockout Fighter 2: A beat-'em-up game instead of a traditional fighter. Crossed over with Gekitotsu Robots in one stage.
  • Perfect Puzzle: An absolutely insane puzzle game that debuted as part of the plug-and-play Gashat Gear Dual. Represented in Chronicle by the other half of Kamen Rider Para-DX's powers.
  • Drago Knight Hunter Z: A game where you play as a dragon hunter. Much like Girigiri Chambara, DKHZ is Difficult, but Awesome. Represented in Chronicle by Graphite.
  • Tokimeki Crisis: A dating sim. Represented in Chronicle by Lovelica. Stated to be Ren Amagasaki's personal favorite. This game is well remembered for featuring DoReMiFa Beat's Poppy Pipopapo as a potential love interest due to fan love for the character.
  • JuJu Burger: A cooking sim that current CEO Tsukuru Koboshi made alone while he was just an employee. It was cancelled before shipping out by Kuroto Dan despite being completed, but was given a proper release under Koboshi's leadership.
  • Night Safari: Locked in Development Hell. We don't know much about it, aside from an off-hand reference to it in Taddle Quest.
  • Dangerous Zombie: A survival horror game. It features a cameo from Black Mighty, of all things.
  • Kamen Rider Chronicle: The Harder Than Hard Crisis Crossover MMO. Servers shut down less than a year after being opened, and Genm almost suffered bankruptcy.
    • Kamen Rider Carnival: A Gaiden Game to Chronicle featuring the Rider Faction. Meant to act as a Breather Episode of sorts to the more harrowing Kamen Rider Chronicle, the game never saw widespread release but would've been a VR game featuring rides and mini-games where players could interact with the Riders.
  • Hurricane Ninja: Currently unreleased and seemingly cancelled. Featured in Mighty Creator VRX as an Early-Bird Cameo. The game was actually developed by Machina Vision and would've been the first third party Genm Corp. game, but the deal fell through.
  • Hyper Muteki: A game that first appeared in Kamen Rider Chronicle as the final form of the Rider Faction leader Ex-Aid. From what few details are known it's a game where Mighty fights through huge stages as the invincible Golden Mighty, but must do so within a set time limit. No details of this game's release date exist, leading some to wonder if it's been cancelled due to the cancellation of Kamen Rider Chronicle.
  • WayoseTUNE: A Genm Corp game featured in select arcades before the Gashat system was pioneered. As such, details on the game other than it's use of cartoonish versions of historical figures are scarce.
  • Buddhist Priest of Temple: The second game developed under Tsukuru Koboshi and a clear example of his Author Appeal for monks in games, this game is a Rhythm/Survival Horror hybrid that pits the player against hordes of the undead.

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