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Webcomic / Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening

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Once upon a time, a train carrying a band of freedom fighters pulled into a station. And this led to a Super Soldier and his True Companions beginning an epic crusade against a worldwide Mega-Corp, culminating in a battle against a One-Winged Angel to prevent the very extinction of mankind.

This is not that story. But it's a story about that story.

Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening is an exaggerated, manga-styled Affectionate Parody of the landmark PlayStation RPG, Final Fantasy VII. Pages 1-252 are serialized on Smack Jeeves by Decalyn and ObstinateMelon. It pokes fun at everything from plot holes to the game's questionable translation.

The entirety of the collection can be also found on ObstinateMelon's DeviantArt page. Went on hiatus in June 2015, but resumed on March 24th 2018.


Contains examples of: