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Heartwarming / Final Fantasy VII: The Sevening

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  • In general, Aeris is quite prone to Friendly Enemy behavior toward the various adversaries, particularly the Turks. Combine that with her perpetual good cheer and wide-eyed excitement: Melon is really milking the upcoming Gut Punch for all it's worth.
  • Cloud defending Barret when the latter is punched by a man in North Corel.
    Cloud: Hey! Stop harassing my freaky-techno-buddy! (punches Loitering Lou in the face)
    Tifa: Wow, did you just act out of character for Barret?
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  • After Dyne's death, Cloud and Barret share a Friendship Moment, with Barret thanking Cloud for sticking up for him. They end up walking together in the sunset, with Cloud wondering if this means that he's going to get the Barret date at the Gold Saucer.
  • Another Cloud and Barret Friendship Moment. In page 287, after learning that the "Promised Land" isn't a physical location but more like the afterlife from Elder Hargo, they high-five over the fact that they now can just watch Shinra trying to find something that doesn't exist and laugh at them.
  • Red XIII discovering what actually happened to his father is only mildly played for laughs. When Seto cries, Red XIII laments that it's all very corny before crying too and howling for him.
  • Cloud is usually insensitive or sometimes downright hostile with the NPCs he encounters. However, when he witnesses Cid's treatment of Shera, he becomes very concerned for her safety and asks her if she wants them to call for help or to take her somewhere safe.
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  • I don't actually hate you. Just about one of the nicest things Cloud has ever said to anyone, especially considering all the crap Yuffie put him through at the start of the Wutai events.
  • The romantic scene between Cloud and Tifa in the gondola during their date at the Gold Saucer is a big heartwarming moment mixed with funny stuff. Cloud, who reveals himself to be a Insecure Love Interest, sort of confesses his feelings to her (while of course making a goof out of himself). And Tifa herself is adorable, especially when she blushes.
    Cloud: "I may not know how to put it, but I'm really glad that you're here Tifa. People wanted me to get the Johnny date for crying out loud. I mean, for the love of God, JOHNNY."

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