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Maude Lebowski: The story's ludicrous. Good Lord, you can imagine where it goes from here...
The Dude: He fixes the cable?
Maude Lebowski: Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey.

If pornography is to be believed, no profession results in higher rates of sexual promiscuity than being a pizza delivery boy. Any mention of pizza in a pornographic movie will result in a pizza boy having sex. You'd be surprised that there aren't people clamoring to sign up with Pizza Hut or Domino's just for the tips alone. Expect to hear some really cheesy dialogue about "sausage".

This trope doesn't just apply to just pizza boys, but any profession which requires house calls. Plumbers are good for this too, complete with bad "cleaning out your pipes" jokes. Cable repairmen are also commonly displayed as being sex-crazed, as their job will invariably require some screwing, drills with unusually large bits, cables, making a good contact and positioning the antenna at the right place. It gives viewers the thrill of supposedly watching anonymous, spur-of-the-moment sex without a production team having to use any other sets than a living room or bedroom where the "total strangers" meet. Cheating with the Milkman is a related trope with an implication of an ongoing affair.


Incidentally, in actual pornography pizza delivery (and cable repair, etc.) girls are starting to become popular, possibly due to overexposure (as it were) of the male sex for this.

Note though that this trope rarely happens, at least not to the frequency one might think. Part of this has to do with the fact that this is all a fantasy. In addition, all the pizza delivery services do share a policy of not entering a private residence. This is not to prevent sexual encounters, but to prevent the possibility of the driver being robbed, raped, or kidnapped. It is typical policy to remain at the door, in plain sight of the street at all times and to avoid any darkened areas or locations that look to be uninhabited for the same reason. Plus, every delivery is timed, the store management knows the exact address the driver is going to, and how long it should take them to drive there, make the delivery and return. Any delay must be explained, and no normal delay is long enough to have a successful sexual encounter even if one were offered. Nor are there an abundance of attractive women so desperate that they will offer themselves to random strangers who knock at their door (though anyone who has been delivering pizzas for long enough has probably been propositioned by a customer at least once). Also, remember, the pizza guy/gal is working for a business; sex is great, but it won't pay for the overhead costs of running the pizzeria or having a home-delivery service in the first place... so it's not a suitable payment or acceptable substitute for one. Every once in a while, you may get a driver who is dumb enough to sleep with a willing customer, but they will not have a job after (and, if they do manage to avoid getting fired, probably work for a badly-managed store that likely has bigger problems than drivers banging customers).


For the video game equivalent, see Excuse Plot. Not to be confused with a Delivery Guy Infiltration (though it can easily happen in the work).


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  • Channel 4 parodied this in a launch advert for their "adult entertainment" channel, More 4. The advert features Ron Jeremy as a repairman who repairs the TV of a woman with his large, special tool (a large screwdriver).
  • Parodied in a pizza commercial, where an older (late-thirties) woman lures an older (early-forties) pizza delivery "boy" in, despite his protestations of "We're not supposed to go inside", and they enjoy the pizza together with hints of things to come, such as the woman cooing, "Now that's what I call delivery!" ...and then their kid walks in, as grossed out as any kid would be at a hint of parental sexuality. For even more irony? This was an advertisement for a frozen pizza.
    "It's not delivery, it's Delissio(TM). And you're not a delivery boy, dad! No wonder I don't have any friends!"
  • Visa commercial that raised some controversy: A young muscled plumber comes to repair housewife's bathtub. Then comes the time to pay: the woman smiles seductively and unbuttons the plumber's shirt... to reveal a card reader slot.
  • Parodied in an Australian beer commercial where a man spies his neighbours about to make their own erotic video, dons a cheesy costume (complete with fake porn star moustache) and knocks on their door, announcing that he is "here to clean the pool". They invite him in.
  • Parodied in a commercial by PETA that has the dubious distinction of being rejected for the 2004 Superbowl.
  • Parodied in a British beer advert with the message that it's worth taking the time to do something properly — we're treated to a half-assed version of this trope in which the guy lacks a huge moustache and actually starts fixing the fridge. The line "I've come to fix your fridge!" delivered in a Joey-from-Friends voice briefly became a Memetic Mutation.
  • Downplayed in an old TWA ad. The ad was a fairly normal ad talking about superior service and travel experience. Perfectly normal... except the lines were spoken by a trio of stewardess wearing tight short shorts and tight crop tops as they walk across the tarmac to a small plane. You know what they say, "I don't like TWA coffee, but I love TWA tea."
  • One ad for frozen pizza featured a man feeding a woman various foods while she was wearing a Sleep Mask. When he gets to the pizza, she takes off the blindfold, yells "You invited a pizza delivery boy here?! What kind of girl do you think I am?!", and storms off.
  • Citibank ran a series of commercials with people speaking in what was clearly someone else's voice — i.e. the voice of the person who had stolen their identity — bragging about all the stuff they bought with the victim's money. One ended with the line (from a woman's voice): "Tomorrow I'm getting a pool boy... and I don't even have a pool!"
  • Parodied in a Kohler commercial in which a guy sees a good-looking female plumber, and starts flushing stuff down the toilet in a (futile) attempt to stop it up and create an excuse to ask her in.
  • Liquid Plumber has a series of good-looking plumbers telling women that they've come to 'flush your pipes' or 'snake your drain.' In one, the woman says she only has 15 minutes, and he says, "I only need eight!"

    Anime & Manga 
  • In the first episode of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, an older woman offers the young plumber a drink and to inspect her plumbing after he is finished with the job. Of course, after the angels show up and mistake him for a ghost, Panty runs off with him to the nearest hotel.
  • The Wallflower: One scene in a montage showing why Kyohei refuses to get a part time job shows one of his (female) bosses expecting him to be a repairman of this variety. The English dub put some emphasis in the line, in case the entendre was too subtle: "I've got some pipes that need to get laid," indeed.

    Comic Books 
  • Subverted in a story in the pornographic comic book XXXenophile, where a vibrator repairman casually disregards the advances of his clients (while leaving them satisfied by doing his job). This ends with a Double Subversion — the repairman follows this trope when he visits a male client. His friends call him Buzz.
  • Done multiple times in Cherry Comics: pool cleaner, delivery guy, washing machine repairman...
  • Apparently done in at least one issue of a Bat-family comic book, where it seems like every female villain in Gotham is convening... and then the pizza delivery boy shows up. Harley Quinn in particular is excited to see him. She then ties him up (or has him tied up) and uses him as a human spinner in a game of Truth or Dare. It was the third issue of Harley's own series. Memorable because of the fact that in the face of several beautiful villainesses, the pizza guy starts screaming.
  • In a short Stinky strip in Hate, he appears in a porno movie playing a pizza delivery boy.
  • In a strip in the Furry Comic Genus, a boyfriend has bought a porn video titled Plumber's Helper at the request of his girlfriend. A plumber and a pool guy arrive at a woman's house and the guy assumes the woman is about to be double-teamed. However, when the lady of the house leaves and the plumber and pool guy start getting it on with each other, the guy realises — to his horror and his girlfriend's amusement — that he has accidentally bought a gay porn video.
  • Done deliberately in the Ramba story "Humbling the Boss" where Ramba seduces a grocery delivery driver so she can plant a bomb in his next delivery.
  • Given an extremely dark twist in The Milkman Murders in which a Stepford Smiler housewife with an absolutely dreadful family (abusive drug-addict husband, promiscuous and contemptful daughter sleeping with all her teachers, son who likes to skin small animals) encounters a sinister milk man apparently making a delivery to her home ... whereupon he proceeds to rape her. It leads her to descend into psychotic madness as a result.
  • A Running Gag in the "Fat Slags" strip in Viz, in which Sharon and/or Tracy will offer sex to just about any delivery man or tradesman who visits them, because they are perpetually broke and horny, and usually get taken up on it.
  • G-rated version in Archie Comics. In one story, the guys start ordering pizza for delivery so they can ogle and chat up the pretty, scantily-clad delivery girl. (According to the girl, her boss had her dress that way specifically to drum up business) Betty and Veronica become delivery girls for Pop Tate, and Hilarity Ensues. The cover for issue 3 of the Cheryl Blossom: Get a Job mini series had Cheryl as a pizza girl for the love-struck Archie (With a ticked-off Veronica in the background to boot);
    Cheryl: Here it is, hot and spicy!
    Archie: Wow! And what about the pizza?

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 
  • The My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic story Fluffershy has the porn video in the center of the plot kick off with this involving paying both a pizza guy and a package-delivery guy.
  • In Luna's Plan Luna watched too much TV while staying in a Muggle hotel and starts acting out various sitcom situations at Hogwarts in an effort to seduce Harry. Her (successful) final attempt is a pretend pizza delivery complete with an appropriate soundtrack.
  • An ER story has Doug playing this for Carol, even though she'd earlier derided the whole scenario, She rolls her eyes, but jumps his bones anyway.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Lampshaded in The Beach Girls.
    Female character: Is that a pepperoni in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
    Delivery Boy: It's a pepperoni. (pulling out a good-sized pepperoni sausage)
    Female character: (sighs and grabs his shirt) Come on...
  • Lampshaded in The Big Lebowski, as the Dude and Maude watch the intro to the subtly-titled film "LOGJAMMIN'", as quoted above.
  • The indie slasher flick Bread Crumbs (2009) indicates that this is basically the theme of the pornographic film the Monster Munch-in-a-cabin characters are in that secluded cabin to shoot. As Nathan Shumate notes in his review, "I wonder how many young slackers go into pizza delivery with entirely unrealistic expectations of the perks."
  • Erika Lust's film The Good Girl, possibly the closest thing to a Deconstruction of porn that you can get, plays out this scenario from the woman's point of view. It starts with the woman discussing with her friend this particular porn trope, so when her pizza delivery boy arrives, she decides to act it out.
  • In Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, one of the jewel thieves tells a pizza delivery man that she's in the mood for "a hot, thick Sicilian". He disappears with her off-screen.
  • In Edward Scissorhands, Joyce tries to seduce a plumber early in the film (to establish a basis for her attempted seduction of Edward later on).
  • In Four Rooms, a coven of witches in the Honeymoon suite lure the bellhop into the hot tub and have sex with him, to get the final ingredient for their spell.
  • Parodied in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, in which Zack portrays a cream delivery man.
  • The indie film Pizza follows a girl who spends her 18th birthday hanging out with a pizza delivery guy (played by Ethan Embry) because she has no friends. One of their deliveries is a horny housewife; there was no sex, but the girl calls him out on it later — he says he plays to it for the tips.
  • In Eve's Bayou, the title character's father Louis is a southern doctor who makes house calls, and doesn't really try to hide from his daughter the fact that he often has sex with his younger female patients.
    Some Skank: What can you do about... the pain?
    Louis: Eve, go play outside. (closes door) So what kind of pain are you in?
  • Deep Throat has the grocery delivery boy (yes there were such things in 1972 — and there still are in some places) giving oral sex to a woman seated on the kitchen table, and looking slightly bored. At one point she is going to light a cigarette and asks, "Do you mind if I smoke while you eat?"
  • This was the basic plot of all the "Confessions of an X" movies and their many imitators. See Awful British Sex Comedy for details.
  • Extract has a variation with a pool cleaner, complete with a soft-focus scene and poorly-delivered lines.
  • Machete has April and her mother June mistake Machete for the new gardener and invite him to join them in filming a Home Porn Movie. He accepts but afterwards kidnaps them.
  • Loverboy has a college student whose father refuses to pay for his son's tuition get a job delivering pizzas in order to get back to his girlfriend. Eventually, he ends up sleeping with an older Japanese trophy wife of his father's friend for an extra tip. She ends up recommending his "services" to several other women dissatisfied with their marriages, the code phrase being "extra anchovies". Once, he arrives to deliver an "extra anchovies" pizza to an attractive woman in a bikini... except it turns out to be all she wants, and her kids are in the house. His last call turns out to be for his own mother, although he runs away before she sees him.

  • "Crazed sex with a stranger coming to your house" (in some cases, even played down to rape by/of a stranger) has been the subject of many urban myths, which the newspapers of questionable quality have used to increase audience, from the Anglophone countries to former Eastern Bloc.

  • Adrian Mole
    My father rang up from Matlock to say he has lost his Barclaycard and can't get home tonight, so Mr. Lucas and my mother were up all night trying to mend the boiler. I went down at ten o'clock to see if I could help but the door was jammed. Mr. Lucas said he couldn't open it just at that moment because he was at a crucial stage with the boiler and my mother was helping him and she had her hands full.
  • The "pool boy" version of the trope is mentioned disparagingly by the narrator of The Wonder Spot when she's reading a lousy manuscript for her publishing job.
  • Played laughably straight in Fifty Shades of Grey, when Ana finds out how Christian ended up being taken as Elena Lincoln's submissive. When he was fifteen, he was hired to clear out some rubble as a way to fund his drinking habit and, after he insulted her, she hit him and then kissed him. This is despite the fact that the state of Washington has strict laws about solid waste disposal and Christian could not have been hired for the job without a permit.
  • Wicked:
    • Melena's priest of a husband is often away from home. This pains her, especially since she was so promiscuous in her youth. She gets so lonely sometimes that she mentions wishing for this trope:
    I would kill for some tinker to pass by and sell me more than a tin coffeepot! I would pay well for someone less godly and more imaginative!
    • This trope is Played for Drama. Melena invited a tinker (who turns out to be the future Wizard of Oz) to dinner while her husband was away. It was a simple platonic thing with no ulterior intentions. The man gave Melena an elixir and she passed out. All Melena remembers is having weird dreams of what is implied to be Earth. Nine months later, the Villain Protagonist Elphaba is born.
  • In Middlesex, Dr. Luce has Callie watch a low-budget porn film called "Annie Delivers To Your Door," in which the titular pizza girl has sex with a different man at each house, starting with a pool boy. Callie finds the film too raw and unpleasant-looking to be arousing, but she tells Dr. Luce that she's attracted to the pool boy because she knows that's what he wants to hear.
  • In Martian Time-Slip, Otto Zitte got kicked out of the repairmen's union for having sex with bored housewives on the job. He starts doing it again after he becomes a Traveling Salesman.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus
    • The show once plays this relatively straight, except that the man is a poet inspector.
    • A different sketch has a milkman lured into the house. The woman leads him to a back room and locks him in; he turns around and discovers that there are about a dozen milkmen already there, at least two of whom are dead.
  • Sloan and Ellen on Slings & Arrows meet this way. He shows up delivering flowers, notices that her chameleon is dehydrated and misgendered, then they have sex.
  • In the first episode of Torchwood, Gwen pretends to be delivering a pizza to get into the base, and the existing members break down laughing. Jack gives the script for if they hadn't, which sounds a lot like one of these scenes, stopping right before the actual offer of sex.
  • Tested by Chas of The Chaser's War on Everything.
  • Referenced in Friends when Chandler and Joey have been watching too much porn:
    Joey: Woman pizza delivery guy comes over, gives me the pizza, takes the money, and leaves!
    Chandler: What, no, "Nice apartment, I bet the bedrooms are huge?"
  • Coupling
    • Done once with Jane doinking a pizza delivery guy. On someone else's floor. It led to a pregnancy scare.
    • Another episode has Sally talking about doing the repairman version.
  • Smallville has a pizza boy get invited inside, and then get in a hot tub, only to be devoured by a sorority of female vampires.
  • Charmed does the exact same thing in an early episode of the show. A pizza boy is invited into a bachelorette party only to get eaten by the demonic bridesmaids. Amusingly enough, he was actually a stripper playing out this trope.
  • The sitcom Blossom had an episode about a "mature" woman who would arrange for a new pizza boy's schedule to be filled with phony deliveries, so they could have some "private time." Who, incidentally, was named "Mrs. Robertson".
  • The Daily Show
    • Pizza has meant Ho Yay since Election Night 2004, when Jon and Stephen shared a slice (tragically, no Spaghetti Kiss) and when Stephen interviewed Representative Brad Sherman for The Colbert Report, somehow the interview turned into Fresh Hot Slice.
    • Also, when the show covered the SEC porn scandal - employees of the Securities and Exchange Commission were downloading Internet porn, while they should've been focusing on preventing the financial crisis - Samantha Bee suggested that in order to make finances more interesting, all financial documents should be delivered via "hunky pizza delivery guys". At this point, a guy appears, delivering a document to Sam:
      Sam: Oh my goodness, who could that be? I didn't order a collateralized debt obligation! Ooh, it's so long!
  • Roz toys with this twice on Frasier.
    • In one episode, she comments that she intends to go home, put on some sexy underwear, and rip out her sink so as to have an excuse to invite the sexy new building superintendent over.
    • In another episode, she invites Bulldog, who is working as a pizza man, up to her bedroom, making him think she wants to sleep with him; when she, instead, locks him out on her balcony naked, he thinks she's trying to invoke this trope and knocks on the door, calling out, "Pizza man!".
  • Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! parodied the Pizza Boy trope, having David Cross deliver a pizza directly into the women's locker room — but alas, no bread sticks. When the woman he was delivering it to decided to chow down on something else, she discovered the pizza boy was built like a Ken doll. Cross explained there were many ways for a man and woman to show their love besides intercourse, and proceeded to sing a song about buying heart-shaped balloons and sending love notes. He closed by explaining to guys that if their partners are pushing them to go too far, they can just say no.
  • Played for horror in a MA Dtv sketch involving Diana Ross calling cable men to fix her cable. Her lustful attitude seems to indicate this, but the cable guys are terrified of her and try not to anger her by pointing out her fading celebrity or recently canceled tour. With good reason, as she ends up biting the nipple off of one of them, then spitting it out onto the guy's boss hours later when he comes to fix the cable.
  • All That had an ever-so-slightly more family-friendly version of this trope: In one sketch based around three girls at a sleepover, the girls ordered a pizza, hoping for an attractive delivery boy, but instead got a young man decked out in Nerd Glasses and an awkward personality. At some point, after he left, one of the girls, an overtly stereotypical "goth" character who also appears to be a witch, introduced a potion that would make anyone who touched it fall in love with the first person they saw. They end up spilling it all over each other. Guess who walks back in?
  • Played for laughs in The X-Files episode "Empedocles". Mulder is offended when Scully answers her door expecting to see someone else. A slip-of-the-tongue remark about waiting for the pizza guy is made, and of course Mulder runs with it.
    Scully: I was just about to jump in the shower, but I was waiting for the pizza man.
    Mulder: You got something going on with the pizza guy I should know about?
    Scully: The pizza man?
    Mulder: Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but you did just say you were waiting for the pizza man to jump in the shower.
  • Top Gear featured a lengthy gag about how presenter James May's idea of a porn film would have the boiler repairman meet the lonely housewife in her negligee and... repair the boiler.
    James May: Might do. What's wrong with that?
  • Called back to in an episode of James May's Man Lab, where May builds a home theatre and then shoots a film to show as his premiere which consists of a woman's boiler going out, a plumber coming to fix it, and her towel falling off while he is trying to work.
    Rule 3: Do not distract the workman.
  • An episode of Malcolm in the Middle subverts this, with Francis forcing a porn director to shoot the delivery man actually delivering food (and attempting to act, while thoroughly confused) so as not to offend the owners of the hotel where the shoot is taking place.
  • One episode of CSI featured the murder of a clown who entertained at children's birthday parties, both the kids and the mothers.
  • The parcel delivery driver in the CSI: Miami episode "Special Delivery" was having affairs with many of the housewives along his route. It was thought this might have been the reason he was murdered. It wasn't.
  • In Glee, Puck uses his job as a pool cleaner as an opportunity to service older women.
  • Referenced in Supernatural in a funny moment:
    Castiel: It's very complex.
    Dean: Mmm-hmm.
    Castiel: If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she's done something wrong.
    Dean: You're watching porn? Why?
    Castiel: It was there.
  • Subverted on Pee-wee's Playhouse when Jimmy Smits, as the Authorized Conky Repairman is asked by Miss Yvonne if that's a wrench in his pocket, to which he responds, "Oh there it is."
  • Fiona Conway does this (literally with the pizza boy) in the Midsomer Murders episode "Not in My Back Yard".
  • In one episode of Six Feet Under, David has spontaneous sex with a plumber in the morgue. Later, he tells his boyfriend Keith about it and warns him that he might have to talk about plumbing if he wants any action that night.
  • Community
    • In episode "The Art of Discourse", Troy and Abed are discussing Porn Names when porn-esque bass music starts playing and a studly pizza delivery guy enters asking in a suggestive manner who ordered the pizza with "extra sausage" he has. As Troy and Abed exchange a glance and proceed to flee the room, the music stops and the camera cuts to Leonard with a bass guitar saying he ordered the pizza.
    • The episode "Remedial Chaos Theory" features seven different timelines, each having a different character go downstairs to let the pizza guy in. In the timeline where Pierce is the one to go, he comes back with the pizza and says: "Man, pizza guys are getting worse and worse looking. Guess all the good ones went into porn."
    • "Basic Crisis Room Decorum" has Chang attempt to discredit Greendale City College by filming a porn video there. The video's plot features Chang as a plumber. And nobody else.
  • Invoked on an episode of QI when the panel was discussing the problems of sex in space. Bill Bailey and Alan Davies started musing about what a porno set in space would be like:
    Bill Bailey: I'm here to fix the turbo-thrusters.
    Alan Davies: Then you'd better come through to the sleeping module.
  • An old Late Night with Conan O'Brien skit showed Frankenstein doing a porno like this aside from appearing in Van Helsing.
  • Goodness Gracious Me parodied the trope in a Chunky Lafanga sketch where he is exposed as having starred in a porn film where he played a milkman being seduced by a housewife.
  • Parodied in Chewin' the Fat when Ronald, an actor who cannot remember simple lines or take any form of direction, is hired to voice over a foreign-language porno about a housewife seducing a plumber. He seems to be unaware that the film is porn, and thinks his character is an actual plumber, and ad-libs lines asking why the woman is trying to have sex with him when he's only there to fix the sink.
  • The Danish satire show Bertelsen og De Uaktuelle Nyheder provides parodies this trope. A Christian film director shows the "Christian" porno movie he has made, where in a woman calls a plumber to clean her pipes. The plumber then shows up and proceeds to... actually fix her faulty plumbing. Afterwards, they both sit down on a couch, where they suddenly feel sweaty and take off their jackets, at which point they both proceed to... decide they should marry each other.
  • In one episode of Lucifer (2016), the title character Invokes this for a pizza delivery boy who shows up at his club mid-bacchanal, shoving the confused young man into a hot tub with a Blonde, Brunette, Redhead trio of Brittanys as soon as he admits the trope has never happened to him.
    Delivery Boy: But... I'm still on the clock...
  • On My Name Is Earl, it's revealed that Darnell back when he was known as Harry Munroe used to have a roommate. That roommate is now the warden at Camden's prison and married to the governor. He used to be a porn star and is shown filming a porn movie involving a cable guy in his and Darnell's shared apartment. Darnell is unfazed, but requests to put a cloth over his pet parrot's cage so he won't have to hear the parrot talking about it all night. The warden agrees to let Earl out of prison in exchange for Darnell keeping quiet about his past.
  • Daredevil (2015): In the season 1 episode "Speak of the Devil," Matt makes a joke about this trope when he approaches Wilson Fisk's girlfriend at her art gallery on the pretense of seeking art for his apartment:
    Matt Murdock: I'm told by my guests my apartment's a bit stark. I thought maybe some art would warm it up.
    Vanessa Marianna: I'm going to go out on a limb and assume these "guests" were women?
    Matt Murdock: [laughs] Well, I'm not trying to impress the pizza guy.
  • Jessica Jones (2015):
    • The second season opens with Jessica being hired by the owner of a pizzeria to follow her boyfriend, who works for her as a deliveryman because he's been taking unusually long to return on some of his pizza deliveries. Jessica follows the boyfriend and catches him in the act of having a clandestine tryst with another woman on a delivery run. The owner then tries to hire Jessica to kill the boyfriend once she delivers her the evidence. Jessica proceeds to tell the guy about his boss's plans. And when the owner insists that Jessica is a killer, having heard on Trish Talk about her killing Kilgrave, Jessica throws an unclaimed pizza still on its metal plate, embedding it on the wall and states, "a heroine would denounce you for planned murder, a vigilante would beat the shit out of you for it! Choose which one you want me to be?" She then proceeds to steal a pizza yet to be delivered, and later enjoys it with Trish.
    • In the very next episode, Pryce Cheng shows up at Jeri Hogarth's apartment while she's having an orgy with some hired hookers. This happens:
    Hooker: You are not the pizza.
    Pryce Cheng: And you're not Jeri.
  • One The Late Show with Stephen Colbert episode taped right in the midst of the Stormy Daniels scandal opens with a skit parodying this trope, with Amy Rutberg (Marci Stahl from Daredevil (2015)) as Stormy.
  • The Miami Vice episode "Heart of Darkness" begins on the set of a porn film about a girl who can't afford to get her air conditioner fixed.
    Penny: Maybe you could take a personal check?
    Repairman: Well, that depends on how personal you want to make it.
  • Without a Trace's Martin Fitzgerald uses a mild version of this to visit Samantha Spade at the motel room where she's working undercover. Although they don't have sex, he clearly wants to check up on her as his girlfriend rather than a fellow agent.
  • Bliss: There is an episode involving a piano tuner in a similar set up.

  • This trope is used in "Telephone Man", a '70s novelty hit by Meri Wilson. And in her sequel, "Peter the Meter Reader." What makes it a sequel? The last line: "Peter used to be my telephone man."
  • Also invoked in "Jolly Tinker", by Boiled in Lead.
  • The charmingly coy "Super Orgy Porno Party" by the Planet Smashers starts with an audio clip from such a porno.
  • Adam Sandler's "At a Medium Pace" used this as one of the many, many sex gags in the song.
  • "I've Got Some Outside Help I Don't Need" by B.B. King references this, among many other kinds of infidelity the singer suspects his wife of.
    The iceman came by this morning,
    And you know he didn't leave no ice.
    The postman came by later baby,
    And he didn't even ring twice.
  • In the music video for Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband" one of the final scenes involves the singer receiving a Pizza boy in her house, and her pulling him in through his tie presumably for some "special loving".
  • Ivor Biggun's "Toolbag Ted from Birkenhead"
    Ripping my missus's drawers out,
    Banging on the bedroom floor,
    He's Toolbag Ted from Birkenhead, the randy handyman
    ''He walks in when I walk out,
    Does a bloody sight better than ever I can.
  • Pornosonic, a band who's gimmick is that all of their songs are themes to non-existent porno films, have a song entitled "Special Delivery" (best known as the music used during the "Let Us Fuck" segment of Kevin Smith's podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old), alluding to this trope. A promo for their first album, staring famous porn actor Ron Jeremy, who also performs spoken-word sound bites on the album, starts as a spoof of these.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Subverted when The Funday Pawpet Show cast interviewed Jeff the Pizza Guy. When asked if he is ever greeted at the door by naked women, Jeff said he has been in the past (there is a nudist colony on his route), but they are generally not the women you'd want to live out this trope with.
  • Puppets Who Kill has an interesting exchange:
    Dan: Trust me, it hurts me to tell you this, I would love to believe in a world where beautiful sultry women in gowns are shtupping the pizza boy. But. It. Just. Ain't. So.
    Cuddles: When she said she wanted a lot of melted cheese...?
    Dan: She meant melted cheese.
    Cuddles: And, and when she said she wanted a stick of pepperoni...?
    Dan: She wants pepperoni.
    (later, when it turns out she was a horny lady who just liked pizza boys)
    Cuddles: You mean Dan when she said she liked melted cheese...?
    Dan: It meant she wanted to have sex with you.
    Cuddles: And, and when she said she liked pepperoni...?
    Dan: It meant she wanted to have sex with you.
    Cuddles: And when she said she'd like to be taken roughly from behind?
    Dan: It meant... Oh shut up and watch TV.
  • Parodied with sock puppets in Socksual Innuendoes.

  • In A Streetcar Named Desire, a young newspaper fee collector receives a sudden kiss from Blanche, for no reason that to further establish her ephebophilia.
  • Thanks to Adaptational Consent, Wicked turns Elphaba's conception into this. Her unnamed mother had a fling with a traveling salesman who would later become the Wizard of Oz.

    Video Games 
  • The flash-game Trilogy Creep Kerics Komplex features a restaurant that actually caters to this trope (obviously sex sells, but this is ridiculous). It also features elves, a hormone-crazed teenaged Stalker with a Crush, a Manly Gay who works in the aforementioned pizza delivery, and a rather obscene Government Conspiracy. The author also does Rule 34 Anime Fan-Art and Furry Fandom art.
  • Later editions of The Sims allow this by allowing you to form relationships with various members of the NPC hired help. Pizza delivery was just the tip of the iceberg of typical situations, which include gardeners, technicians, maids, firefighters, police officers, and even thieves (provided you got to a good start by letting them out of the cop car after they tried to steal your stuff). Who cares about the next job, just invite them in, slip into something a little more comfortable and let your charms do the talking. In the process of a day after moving into a new lot, a lone sim was living with the postal woman. A week later they married. Done right, things can move... quickly.
  • In the "A New Life" mission of Hitman: Blood Money, 47 can disguise himself as the pool boy so that he can be alone with the target's perpetually inebriated wife, who's wearing a necklace that contains evidence required to complete the mission. She invites him up to her room and if he does so... then changes her mind and falls asleep. 47 can use this opportunity to nick the necklace without resorting to violence.
  • The Pizza Boy is this trope with a slight science-fiction angle.

    Web Animation 
  • Averted in a cartoon short called, Michael the Terrible Boyfriend: Michael's trying to figure out how to see his girlfriend without her parents knowing. Upon seeing a pizza delivery boy, he turns to the audience and says, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" It then cuts to the girl's bedroom, where Michael bursts through the window on a pterodactyl that then eats his girlfriend.
  • In a Sailor Moon parody, the pizza boy is unfortunate enough to arrive just after all the Sailor Scouts have killed themselves without any good reason.
  • Subverted and Parodied in one Cyanide & Happiness short that first appears to be building up towards an obvious subversion with both the girl and pizza delivery guy making plenty of overt sexual innuendos and double entrendes but then makes a typical Cyanide and Happiness swerve: The girl gets a pizza from another pizza delivery boy and no coitus ensues since that guy is not in on the whole "special delivery" thing while the real "special delivery" is delivered to the kids party across the street, the delivery addresses having been mistakenly switched up.

    Web Comics 
  • Mildly subverted in It's Walky! where the Martians try to torture Joyce by making her experience the scenario through mind control. It doesn't work because she can't figure out what she's supposed to pay with if she doesn't have any money. Several strips later, Joe shows her a movie which exhibits the trope and the truth darn near breaks her.
  • Altair Anunnaki in Suicide for Hire:
    Altair: Let's just say that our friend Hunter's choice form of entertainment has a little basis in fact.
  • Faulty Logic gives us a peek into Fox's mind. It starts with Krystal's exclusion from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and devolves into Fox (no relation) not knowing when to stop talking.
  • Made fun of multiple times by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:
    • In one strip, a woman's porn watching is ruined once she starts dating a plumber.
      Plumber Boyfriend: How's that going to fix her pipes!?
    • In another, a woman tries to do this, but the pizza guy doesn't go for it because he's an English major who objects to her use of metaphor.
  • A strip from Sabrina Online suggests that Zig Zag's actors were shooting one of these videos while Sabrina's sister Tabitha was visiting... but only the first part.
  • Parodied in a strip from xkcd, which has a pizza boy, a plumber, and a French Maid showing up at the same time due to a scheduling mix-up. They eventually decide to forget the whole thing and play Agricola instead.
  • In Fur Will Fly Roxxy is a pizza girl who uses "unconventional" tactics to get bigger tips. Though the only one of her customers she actually slept with was her girlfriend, Natalie.
  • Parodied in Insecticomics. The Insecticons and company are pretending to have really loud sex to mess with a whiny, repressed G1 fanboy — in reality, they're just having a party. When the pizza girl comes over, they pay her extra to pretend to be doing this to mess with the kid's head even further.
  • Averted in banner ads for the webcomic Blaster Nation. The two-panel ads show a half-dressed Rinnie telling a pizza delivery man she doesn't have any cash and asking if she can pay some other way. The second panel shows her writing the guy a check.
  • Averted in Questionable Content; when Hannelore realizes she doesn't have enough money to tip Dale for delivering a pizza, she invites him in for some other kind of tip, which he accepts reluctantly... only to find that she just wanted to let him have some of the pizza. Hanners is mortified to learn what Dale thought she meant.
  • PvP once presented the panda equivalent of this trope.
  • Parodied in Nerf NOW!!, with Samus Aran wearing a skimpy nightie over her Zero suit.
  • A pornographic Pokémon webcomic series by the artist Winick-Lim involves a male Braixen (named Chris) sleeping with the mailman (a Zoroark named Zack). But neither is cheating on anyone; the affair actually goes on for a couple of days until the former's caught by his mother when he's in the middle of the act.

    Web Original 
  • Parodied in this CollegeHumor video, where the trope plays out with a gas company guy coming to the house to check for a gas leak. After doing the deed, he then dies in bed of carbon monoxide poisoning. Then the trope rinses and repeats when a guy from the coroner's office shows up to collect the body.
  • Also from College Humor, this one does it with a "cable repair" guy.
  • Among the works of bloodninja is a subversion of this trope, as he makes the "special delivery" in the pizza.
  • Apparently, there's a porn website named "Big Sausage Pizza" (which as discussed in the link there, has a really stupid premise).
  • Played with in an older SMBC Theater skit — he actually is a plumber, but pretends to be a porn star as he fixes some leaky pipes.
  • This Game of Thrones spoof where Daenerys and her handmaidens have their way with a Dothraki pizza guy.
  • One story on FML has a pizza guy constantly having to put up with this from fat chicks with body acne.
  • One episode of Camp Camp has the kids visiting the city and stumbling upon a film set, where one of the characters is a pizza boy and the other is "Anita Johnson", who's directed to redo her dialogue with "more cleavage".
  • In this vine, Subverted.
    Man: (Holding pizza box close to his crotch) Did somebody order a large sausage pizza?
    Woman: (Winking coyly) I did, but I don't have any money.
    Man: (Leaving) Why the fuck did you order pizza, then?

    Western Animation 
  • Robot Chicken:
    • Parodied, with Conan O'Brien playing an inept pizza boy who didn't realize that his customers were hitting on him.
      He's Randy, the oblivious pizza delivery guy.
    • Also happens in a "Frankenstein Wastes a Minute of Our Time" skit when Conan asks Frankenstein if he did any other films that year aside from Van Helsing.
    • And again on another episode which is more a parody of screwed-up cable porn. While you can't see anything, a situation like this plays out with a Pizza Guy, then a Plumber, and a Pool-Cleaner end up in a massive orgy, and in the end, the first guy goes "Seriously, somebody has to pay for this pizza."
      "Oh~! We're all having sex~! With each other~!"
    • Yet another lampooning of the concept is this skit:
    Woman: "Is there some... other way I can pay for this?"
    Pizza guy: "Credit card? Debit card? Personal cheque?"
    (He gets the door slammed in his face.)
  • Subverted in an episode of The Critic. A young, Fabio-looking grocery delivery boy makes a stop at the elderly Mrs. Sherman's home, and proceeds to accidentally tear his shirt off on a nail (leaving only a Chippendale collar), ask where he can put his "hot buns", spill cooking oil over himself, and rub his hands over his torso to try and clean it off, all in rapid succession. While sexy dance music plays on the radio he accidentally turned on. Despite his efforts, Mrs. Sherman pays no attention to him and eventually pushes him out the door. Made even funnier due to the fact her friend suggested earlier to have an affair with a younger man since her own love life was lacking.
  • Parodied in The Simpsons where Selma is indicated to have called out a TV repairman solely for the purpose of this trope. The door is slammed on the scene just as the repairman realises that the TV isn't broken, just unplugged.
  • There is an episode of Rocko's Modern Life where Mrs. Bighead repeatedly calls Rocko over with things to fix trying to attempt the act as it were.
  • Parodied in American Dad!, where Roger is paid to write a porno script but is criticized for using pizza boys and pool boys, something which is seen as outdated. When he attempts to write another one, he uses a "pool boy/pizza delivery boy", which is immediately shot down by Steve. At one point, Steve suggests an updated scenario involving an IT support guy, which Roger's producer endorses, but ends up turning in a hard sci-fi script (which includes fifty pages of an orgy rocket refueling).
  • In Family Guy, one episode involves the porn film "Quest for Fur" that Lois Griffin acted in when she was younger. At the end of the episode, the film is shown and features a pizza delivery boy that strongly resembles Stewie Griffin (who had been worried about being conceived during the filming of the porno). All this, despite the film being about cavemen.
    Stewie: Now I'm really getting suspicious.
    Pizza delivery boy: Did somebody order a pizza?
    • In another episode Peter believes he's going to have an orgy with Lois and a couple of her friends. He then settles a few porn scenarios, the first of which is Peter the pizza boy delivering a pizza for a sorority house.
  • In the South Park episode "Insecurity," the town's men suspect the UPS man (who appears innocent of any wrongdoing) of sleeping with their wives. Things... do not go well for the hapless delivery man after that.
  • In a G-rated version of this trope, the Sonic Boom episode "Three Minutes or Less" has Sonic work as a delivery boy. One scene has Amy order a meal as an opportunity to set up a romantic dinner with him.
  • One episode of Big Mouth has Nick watching one of these pornos, complete with a Ron Jeremy look-alike. It's Played for Laughs, as the pizza boy admits that he already ate the pizza and his co-star tells him to not burp into her vagina.


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