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Suicide for Hire is a mature-rated Furry Comic by Rafael Medina about two teenagers, the extremely enthusiastic sex-obsessed fox Hunter Ravenwood, and the chain-smoking highly paranoid mouse Arcturus Winrock (who also has a homicidal split personality), who help other people kill themselves, often in a highly karmic way.

A typical story arc follows a standard formula:

  • Someone who would like to kill himself for some insane reason finds Hunter and Arc.
  • Said someone tells them his story and why he wants to die.
  • Arc tries to talk him out of it until he says or does something that convinces Arc that he's beyond redemption.
  • Hunter plots their client's Karmic Death.
  • At the last minute the client changes his mind but Hunter ensures that he follows through (yelling "Nonrefundable" to a jumper or throwing Arc's shoe at him if that doesn't work for example).
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  • Later Hunter and Arc usually find a brief article about their client's gruesome suicide.

More plot-significant arcs are more complex and don't always follow that formula, though the client always dies.

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