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Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

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Characters played by Susan Sarandon, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Cher no less!

"You get used to it. I don't even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead..."
Cypher, The Matrix

The hair equivalent to vanilla, chocolate and strawberry (dessert flavors) or Yellow, Blue, and Red (primary colors) or Mustard, BBQ, and Ketchup. The trope is strictly for visual appeal; they are not personality types.

Sometimes, they're heroes. Sometimes, they're friends. Sometimes, they're contenders, fighting for the same love interest. Whatever the details, they're proof that Central Casting does count: three women, three natural hair colors. Collect the full set. This trope was inspired — or at least made popular — by The Andrews Sisters, a Girl Group from the 1940s who were famous for entertaining US army forces during World War II. Their diversity of hair colors—all natural—was probably due to their partial Norwegian-Greek ancestry, an interesting mixed race in those days.

Strictly speaking, these women need not have the exact Clairol hues of blonde, brown/black, and red, particularly when stepping away from the natural spectrum. The blonde will have the lightest hair, the brunette the darkest, and the redhead will have a distinct moderate shade — all for instant sight recognition.


Note: Although this is stereotypically a female trope, male (or mixed-gender) examples also count. However, in such cases, the masculinized spellings "blond" and "brunet" are applicable instead of "blonde" and "brunette".

See also Chromatic Arrangement, Power Trio, The Three Faces of Eve, The Hecate Sisters and Beauty, Brains, and Brawn.

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  • Desert Gold Tea: The three saloon girls in this advert for have red, black and blonde hair respectively.
  • Fiat 500: The main focus of a commercial revolves around three women, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead.
  • German Wings: An ad for this budget airline has three air hostesses. Guess what their hair colors are.
  • Heineken: An advert had a Blonde, Brunette and Redhead sitting in a drinking establishment, along with a trio of priest, minister and rabbi; and a man with a duck under his arm. The claim was that the beer was "the real reason they all walked into a bar." The Blonde doesn't get it.
    • Another ad for Heineken (maybe; definitely a very green-tinted commercial) had a fembot that not only dispensed beer but also had two other fembots inside of her, the "original" being blonde and the two "copies" being a brunette and a redhead.
  • Nutrisse Garnier: Commercials in the United Kingdom feature Davina McCall (brunette), Holly Willoughby (blonde) and Angela Scanlon (redhead).
  • Pantene Pro-V: The 1998 Your Time to Shine commercial celebrates all hair colors in its lyrics:
    Coppertop, carrot head, simply red, it’s your time to shine.
    Towhead, lemon drop, corn crop, it’s your time to shine.
    Brown bombshell, raven hair, chocolate eclair, it’s your time to shine.
  • Rice Krispies: The mascots for the cereal: Snap (redhead), Crackle (blond), and Pop (brunet). The original color iterations of Snap and Crackle had their hair colors swapped, before the change was implemented.
  • Koleston ran a 2008 campaign called "Change," in the form of a billboard atop a west-facing cliff, with the silhouette of a woman's facial features and hair carved out, so that she became a blonde when the sun was low in the sky and directly behind her, a redhead at sunset, and finally a brunette after sunset when the sky was dark (at which point the sign was illuminated white to contrast with the darkness in her hair).

    Comic Books 
  • The Gotham City Sirens, composed of female Batman villains: Harley Quinn (Blonde), Catwoman (Brunette) and Poison Ivy (Redhead).
  • The female members of Nextwave: Tabby Smith (Blonde), Monica Rambeau (Brunette and Black) and Elsa Bloodstone (Redhead).
  • Danger Girl has Abbey Chase (Blonde), Sydney Savage (Brunette) and Sonya Savage (Redhead).
  • Blanche, Neyrelle and Carmine in Les Compagnons du crépuscule.
  • Archie Comics loves this trope:
    • Cheryl Blossom rounds out the set with Betty and Veronica.
    • In a way the 'main trio' use this trope too. Betty is a blonde, Veronica is a raven, and Archie is a redhead
    • The Katy Keene series had Gloria, Katy and Lucki.
    • Josie and the Pussycats was originally She's Josie with Melody, Pepper and Josie, before Valerie replaced Pepper.
    • Plus many one-time trios.
  • Karine, Jenny and Vicky in Les Nombrils.
  • Julie, Alia and Luce in Studio Danse.
  • The first female Robin counterpart "Roberta the Girl Wonder" (Mary Wills), who predated "Bat-Girl" Bette Kane by eleven years, was a redhead whose two best friends were gals with blonde and black hair.
  • Superman's three major love interests: Cat Grant (blonde), Lois Lane (brunette), Lana Lang (usually redheaded).
  • Supergirl:
  • Black Canary, Oracle and Huntress in Birds of Prey. However, Dinah's actually a brunette and uses hair dye. Black Canary would later leave the team, but Lady Blackhawk was still around to fill the blonde role.
  • The original Supergirl (Kara Zor-el), Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and Wonder Girl (Donna Troy) were an example of this trope.
  • The three main Batgirls so far have been Barbara Gordon (redhead), Stephanie Brown (blonde) and Cassandra Cain (brunette). They were also the three major female characters in Cassandra Cain's Batgirl (2000) series.
  • Roy Thomas has stated that when introducing the character of Red Sonja into the Conan the Barbarian comics, he created a redhead because the two other major women in Conan's life were Bêlit (a brunette) and Valeria (a blonde).
  • Millie the Model had the Hanover Agency's three top models: Millie, Toni and Chili.
  • Lost Girls by Alan Moore. Alice is the blonde (well, white-haired, but she was blonde as a girl), Wendy the brunette and Dorothy the redhead.
  • Male example: The Warriors Three from The Mighty Thor. Fandral is the blond, Hogun is the brunet and Volstagg is the redhead.
  • The Avengers: Maria Hill (brunette), Sharon Carter (blonde) and Black Widow (red).
  • Mighty Avengers: The Wasp (brunette), Ms. Marvel (blonde), and Black Widow (red).
  • ElfQuest has the trio Murrel, Vurdah and Maleen (Skywise's little harem in Sorrow's End).
  • Henchgirl: Monsieur Butterfly's henchgirls: Coco (blonde), Mary (brunette), and Katie (redhead).
  • The first three Flashes: Jay Garrick (brunet), Barry Allen (blond) and Wally West (redhead).
  • Spider-Man is brunet, and his best friends are red-haired Harry Osborn and blond-haired Flash Thompson. As Spidey, his best friends are red-haired Daredevil and the blond-haired Human Torch. And his Amazing Friends are blond Iceman and red-haired Firestar. Whew.
    • His clone Ben Reilly's major love interests were red-haired Janine/Elizabeth, black-haired Jessica, and blonde Desiree. Guess it's genetic.
    • Early on, Peter's first three love interests: Liz Allan (blonde) - who was later replaced by platinum blonde Gwen Stacy, Betty Brant (brunette) and Mary Jane Watson (redhead). After Gwen's death, the two more serious ones of the new love interests before Peter and Mary Jane married were Debra Whitman (blonde) and the Black Cat (platinum blonde).
  • Daredevil's first three significant love interests were Karen Page (blonde), Natasha Romanova (redhead) and retconned-in first love Elektra (brunette).
    • Also combined with Two Guys and a Girl in the main line-up of Nelson & Murdock with Karen Page as the blonde, Foggy Nelson as the brunet, and Matt Murdock as the Redheaded Hero.
  • Superboy once had a Love Dodecahedron between Tana Moon (brunette), Roxy Leech (blonde) and Knockout (redhead).
  • The Witches Jennifer Kale (blonde), Topaz (brunette) and Satana (redhead).
  • Another male example: The Abrafaxe from the German (originally East German) comic-book magazine Mosaik: Abrax (blond), Brabax (redhead) and Califax (black-haired). Since 2008 there is also a gender-flipped spin-off trio consisting of Anna (blonde), Bella (redhead) and Caramella (black-haired). For both teams the blond one is the fiery, action-oriented character, the redhead the brainy one, and the black-haired one the chubby and most "domestic" one (Califax for instance usually is the team cook). The Abrafaxe were created in 1975 to replace a similar trio, the Digedags (1955-1975) after the Digedags' creator Hannes Hegen (who held the rights to them) left Mosaik. The Digedags consisted of Dig (black-haired), Dag (blond) and Digedag (redhead).
  • In Julie, Claire, Cécile et les autres, you have Julie (black), Claire (blonde) and Cécile (brunette). Cécile's hair eventually becomes redheaded to fit her confrontational attitude.
  • Judge Dredd: The three most well-known female Judges fit this mold: Judge Anderson (blonde), Judge Hershey (brunette), and Judge DeMarco (redhead).
  • According to Roy Thomas this is the origin of Red Sonja's hair. Conan already had brunette Belit and blonde Valeria, so redhead Sonja made the set. Whether Thomas was truthful is debatable, and Sonja has long outlasted her counterparts regardless.
  • X-Men:
    • Emma Frost (White Queen) (blonde), Elisabeth Braddock (Psylocke) (brunette) and Jean Grey and Madelyne Pryor (red head) were four well-known telepaths that were linked to Scott, but he only had serious relationships with Jean, Madelyne and Emma. Psylocke flirted shamelessly for a time, but it ended rather quickly.
    • The Stepford Cuckoos are clones of Emma Frost. In an effort to differentiate themselves, two of them dye their hair red and brunette while one stays blonde.
  • Tintin:
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Sensation Comics: In "In the Clutches of Nero" the three Holliday Girls to go with Steve Trevor on the mission are the redheaded Etta Candy, brunette Glamora Treat and blonde Bobby Strong.
    • Wonder Woman (1942): The aforementioned Holliday Girl trio is the group most likely to assist or go on their own espionage missions and expeditions.
    • Hellene, Iphthime, and Oenone are a trio of cynical Amazons initially never seen apart who are a blonde, a brunette and a redhead.
    • For a time in Wonder Woman (1987) Wondy, a brunette, was accompanied by the redheaded Artemis and the new blonde Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark.

    Comic Strips 
  • The three main characters in long-running soap comic Apartment 3-G. While blonde Lu Ann plays to the stereotype, redhead Tommie and brunette Margo seem to have swapped theirs.
  • Luann (straight-haired blonde), Bernice (curly/frizzy-haired light-brown brunette) and Delta (short black-haired token minority).
  • Sally Forth's daughter, Hilary (brainy blonde) and her two friends: Faye (troubled brunette) and Nona (ditzy redhead).
  • The classic Flash Gordon newspaper serial comic has had several major female leads, so it's not surprising that this trope would eventually come into play. In the "golden age" of the strip, as drawn by creator Alex Raymond, the women who best fit the trope are Flash's requisite Love Interest Dale Arden (who has black hair), Queen Fria of Frigia (a blonde) and Queen Desira of Tropica (a redhead). There's also Queen Undina of Coralia, who has long dark tresses similar to Dale's. (In case you haven't figured it out yet, the planet Mongo has a lot of royalty.) Princess Aura is a bit harder to pin down, as she started out with red hair (plus yellow skin and pointy ears), but later underwent Art Evolution and became a blonde with Caucasian features, right around the same time she rebelled against her father's evil regime and joined Flash's band of good guys. (And while we're on the subject of hair, Fria's hair buns were copied rather shamelessly by George Lucas for Princess Leia's hairstyle in Star Wars.)
  • Rip Haywire: Rip's various love interests — veterinarian Fawn Forrester (blonde), Rip's mercenary on-again/off-again girlfriend Cobra Carson (brunette) and helicopter pilot Breezy Easy (redhead).
  • Big Nate:
    • The three Wrights: Nate himself is a brunet, Ellen is a blonde, and Marty was a redhead before he went bald. The personalities don't match however. Nate is fiery, Ellen is smart, and Marty is dumb.
    • Nate's three friends too. Francis is a light brunet, Teddy is the Token Minority, and Chad is a redhead. Again, Francis is smart and Teddy is fiery. However, Chad isn't dumb - just a little too friendly for his own good.

    Fan Works 
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers fanfic Gankona, Unnachgiebig, Unità: Germany is the blond, Japan is the brunet (his hair is actually black though) while Italy is the redhead (though it's closer to brown, but with a reddish tinge in the light).
  • A Kim Possible fan artist drew a pic featuring Tara (blonde), Bonnie (brunette), and Kim (redhead) in a photo shoot in a remote jungle...wearing bikinis. As a Shout-Out, they also did the famous Charlie's Angels pose. The pic can be found here.
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers: England is blond, and when fans create OCs representing his siblings, they'll usually do this trope. The directions vary. Some follow the basic stereotype, with Wales a brunet and Scotland a redhead. However, it's just as common to make Wales a blond, for the gag of him getting mistaken/interchanged with England a la America and Canada. In this case, the three major Celtic countries will usually form this trio, most often when Scotland is a brunet because the fan wants to reserve the red hair for the Irelands, or when they make Ireland a brunet/te (both male and female Ireland have been considered by the author) and keep Scotland a redhead if they prefer the slight statistical differences over stereotypes.
  • The Night Unfurls:
  • The Ever After High fanfic Poisoning Apple has blonde Apple White, brunette Raven Queen and redheaded Rotbart von Schwartz as the story's main protagonists.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines has a male example with the Night Watchers, a trio of Bloodliner superheroes/vigilantes who fight crime in Goldenrod City and the nearby area. Decid-Arrow is blond, Flashstrika has red hair, and Flamestorm has black hair.
  • The Frozen fanfic A Snowflake In Spring has redheaded Anna and blonde Elsa as its main characters. The character who receives the most focus after them is Hercules' Megara, a brunette. The trope is played more loosely than most cases, however: apart from being attracted to Anna, Meg and Elsa have no connection to one another, and have only been in the same room together once.
  • The triad necessarily recurs with lead characters in the Discworld of A.A. Pessimal: members of the red-haired Smith-Rhodes family tend to team up with blonde and brunette/black-haired working partners. Air Witch Rebecka Smith-Rhodes is partnered with startling blonde Vasilisa Budonova and brunette Sophie Rawlinson or Robyn Myers, instance, in her Flight.
  • The three witches from SlifofinaDragon's Sengoku Basara fanfic series - Kyogoku Maria (platinum blonde), Oichi (purplish black - brunette), and Kagehime (Toyotomi Hideyoshi's daughter, maroon/burgundy - redhead).
  • In Narnia And The North, Jon Snow falls in love with Susan Pevensie and later marries her. She's his third love interest and a brunette, coming after the redheaded Ygritte and the platinum blonde Daenerys.

  • In the band The Warning Dany was blonde,Pau was redhead and Ale was brunette.Until recently when Ale also dyed her hair blonde.
  • Christina Aguilera appears on camera as all three hair colors at once in the music video for "Candyman", as an homage to The Andrews Sisters.
  • Avril Lavigne wears three different hair colors to show three alter-egos in the "Girlfriend" music video.
  • Britney Spears has used blonde, black, and red hair colors to indicate alter-egos in the music videos for "Toxic" and "Womanizer".
  • For Pink, Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim and Mya's 2001 cover version of "Lady Marmalade" for the soundtrack Moulin Rouge!, Christina and Lil' Kim are blondes (In the music video, she's a redhead in some scenes), Mya is brunette and Pink is, well, pink (it's lightish red!).
  • The Belgian girl group K3 (Kathleen, Kristel, Karen) and and their German spin-off Wir 3.
  • The Go-Go's has Belinda Carlisle (redhead), Gina Schock and Charlotte Caffey (blondes), and Jane Wiedlin and Kathy Valentine (brunettes).
  • Girls Aloud has Sarah (blonde), Cheryl (brunette) and Nicola (redhead); Kimberley and Nadine tend to swap between blonde and brunette.
  • Spice Girls have this going on with Mel B/Scary (minority) and Emma/Baby (blonde), Mel C/Sporty and Victoria/Posh (brunettes) and Geri/Ginger (redhead obviously).
  • In Tom Smith's song "Lars Needs Women", the eponymous hero "want blonde, brunette, redhead — heck, whole set!"
  • In the three-piece girl wizard rock band The Parselmouths (based on Harry Potter), there were at one point three members: Kristina Horner (blonde), Brittany Vahlberg (jet black) and Eia Waltzer (redhead). However, Eia's hair is naturally brunette.
  • The German girl group MeKaDo, known for placing third at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. The group name comes from the first two letters of each member: brunette Melanie Bender, blonde Kati Karney and "redhead" (more lighter brown) Dorkas Kiefer.
  • Sugababes had this with Heidi (Blonde), Mutya (Dyed Red) and Keisha (Minority).
  • The British girl group Atomic Kitten started off with Natasha (redhead), Kerry (blonde) and Liz (brunette), but eventually became three blondes and then Natasha dyed her hair black, leaving Jenny with the lighter blonde hair and Liz with a darker shade.
  • The girls in S Club 7 had this as well. To start off, Jo and Hannah were blonde (Jo being ash blonde with Hannah being golden blonde), Rachel was brunette and Tina had black hair. At the end, Tina had reddish blonde hair.
  • The Bangles: Vicki (medium blonde), Debbi (platinium blonde), Susanna (brunette) and Michael (redhead).
  • The country music group SHeDAISY consists of three sisters: Kristyn (a blonde), Kassidy (a brunette) and Kelsi (a redhead).
  • The indie band Dolly Mixture, which consists of Hester Smith (blonde), Debsey Wykes (brunette) and Rachel Bor (redhead).
  • Radio Disney's Pop Dreamers: Ella (blonde with pink streaks), Gabrielle (brunette) and Ari (redhead with gold streaks).
  • The Brooklyn-based indie band Vivian Girls.
  • Destiny's Child went for this in the music video for "Survivor", where Beyonce was the blonde, obviously, though with a much darker shade than usual, Michelle kept brunette and Kelly was the redhead.
  • And before all of the above, we had The Andrews Sisters.
    • Deliberately modelled on them, there are The Puppini Sisters: Marcella (brunette), Kate (blonde), and Rosanna/Stephanie/Terrianne/Emma (all redheads).
  • Girl Punk band The Slits had this with guitarist Viv Albertine as the blonde, bassist Tessa Politt as the brunette, and lead singer the late Ari Up as the redhead (although she was more lighter brown haired than red.). In one video, it even shows the three riding on horses matching their hair colors with Viv on a white/palomino horse, Tessa on a black horse, and Ari on a chestnut horse!
  • Ukrainian girl group VIA Gra (also known as Nu Virgos) usually followed this trope for casting. For example, best known and most successful line-up consisted of Vera Brezhneva (blonde), Nadezhda Granovskaya (brunette) and Anna Sedokova (redhead).
  • The Swedish singers Sanna Nielsen (blonde), Shirley Clamp (redhead), and Sonja Aldén (brunette) formed a trio called "Sanna, Shirley, Sonja", which is suitably nicknamed "three S".
  • In Florence + the Machine's video for "Drumming Song", there are two blonde and a brunette backup dancers, with Florence being the redhead lead.
  • Stevie Nicks (blonde) and her longtime backup singers Sharon Celani (brunette) and Lori Perry (redhead).
  • Finnish pop rock band Indica has Jonsu (redhead), Jenny (blonde), Heini (blonde), Laura (brunette), and Sirkku, who is known to swap but mostly is blonde.
  • The Beautiful South had three female singers of these different hair colors pass through their ranks: Briana Corrigan (redhead), Jacqui Abbott (brunette) and Alison Wheeler (blonde).
  • The three male leads in Confession Executive Committee ~Love Series~ : Haruki (blonde), Yuu (redhead) and Souta (brunette).
  • Wilson Phillips: Carnie Wilson (brunette), Wendy Wilson (redhead), and Chynna Phillips (blonde)
  • Fictional rare male examples in Hypnosis Mic: the Shinjuku division representative group Matenrou consist of Hifumi Izanami (blonde), Jakurai Jinguji (greyish purple variant of brunette), and Doppo Kannonzaka (redhead).
  • In the music video for "What Am I To You", Maddy Newton (redhead) is accompanied by two backup dancers (blonde and brunette).

  • The farmer's daughters in WhizBang Pinball's Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons. Melony has blonde hair, Hellen has medium-brown hair, and Ellen's hair is almost completely black.
  • The "Luci" Premium Edition of AC/DC has the redheaded Hot as Hell Luci on the backglass, and adds a blonde and brunette succubi on the game's Underworld mini-playfield.

    Print Media 
  • When the Brazilian Playboy created their official bunnies, there were three of them, who were even cover of an edition, and guess their hair color? (although the redhead has since returned to her natural brown)

    Pro Wrestling 

  • The three major female characters in Beetlejuice are this: Lydia has black hair, Barbara is a blonde and Delia has her signature ginger topknot.
  • Often done with the three daughters in King Lear. Usually as Goneril and Regan are the two evil sisters, they'll have a similar colour - while Cordelia's will be significantly lighter or darker. The most common combination has the evil sisters as the brunette and redhead, while Cordelia is portrayed with Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold. In the Laurence Olivier version, for example, Regan was dark brown and Goneril auburn, while Cordelia was golden blonde. There have been some notable exceptions, though: in the 2014 National Theatre production, sadistic Regan was the blonde and Cordelia was the redhead.
  • The recent Encores production of Merrily We Roll Along played this, and according to stereotype no less: Beth is blonde, Mary is brunette and Gussie is a redhead.
  • As mentioned above, Amber, Tracy and Penny in Hairspray (Penny has auburn hair).
  • Kendra, Lucy and Patrice in 13.
  • Elle's Girl Posse in Legally Blonde: The Musical is composed of the blonde Margot, African-American Pilar and the in between light brunette Serena. Elle, meanwhile, is the blonde of the interns chosen for Callahan's internship, along with brunette Vivienne and light-haired Enid.
  • In the version of The Pirates of Penzance with Jon English, Mabel (black hair) has three sisters that are blonde, brunette and redheaded.
  • Mary the Dumb Blonde, Kathy the Brainy Brunette and Joanne the Fiery Redhead in ACT's production of the musical of Vanities. In the original play, Joanne and Mary were both blonde and Kathy was a brunette. Also, in previous productions of the musical, Joanne was the brunette and Kathy the redhead.
  • In the original cast of Wicked the Witches of Oz were cast with this trope, which fits their characters. Elphaba is the Brainy Brunette, Galinda is a Dumb Blonde (but by the end, she gets better) and Nessarose fits Fiery Redhead, since she's such a Yandere.
  • The trio of Chorus Girls in the 2012 cabaret musical Modern Luv: Madison = innocent blonde, Hillary = Brainy Brunette (since she's the dance captain/choreographer) and Kimmie = Fiery Redhead.
  • Flashdance: The Musical has Alex, Gloria, and Tess. For a fourth member, there's Kiki, the black girl.
  • In Tanz Der Vampire Graf von Krolock has black hair (albeit with grey streaks), his son Herbert is blonde and both Sarah and Magda are redheads.
  • The one-woman play The Blonde, the Brunette, and the Vengeful Redhead actually contains more than the three title characters but those are the three most central to the plot.
  • A commonly used casting device for the titular Heathers. Chandler is often redheaded/strawberry blonde, Duke has dark brown or black hair, and Macnamara is blonde.

  • The G.I. Joe Team had Scarlett as a redhead and Lady Jaye as a brunette. Cover Girl's toy had auburn hair, but the cartoon originally showed her as a blonde (and eventually the toy followed suit).
    • Cobra had the black-haired Baroness, pink-dyed Zarana, and in 2007 an exclusive set introduced female Cobra Troopers - one with each hair color.
  • The ultimate platinum blonde, Barbie and her two best friends, Midge (the very first redheaded one) and Teresa (Minority/Latina), in the 80s and 90s.
  • Canada-based doll line Maplelea Girls launched with Brianne (blonde), Taryn (brunette), Jenna (redhead), and Alexi (Token Minority).
  • Kit, Molly and Maryellen from the American Girls Collection. Oddly enough, The Andrews Sisters' music career spanned from the mid-1930s to the early-50s; whether this was a deliberate but subtle reference to the group or only a coincidence is anyone's guess.

    Web Animation 
  • The three heroines from 3|Way, a series of erotic SF flash cartoons.
  • In DC Super Hero Girls, the three main characters are Supergirl (blonde), Wonder Woman (brunette) and Batgirl (redhead). They fight super-villains together and are extremely close.
  • Red vs. Blue's Agents South Dakota (blonde), Connecticut (brunette) and Carolina (redhead), as illustrated nicely by this official picture.
  • Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse has three full sets. Barbie (blonde), Nikki (black), and Teresa (auburn) are introduced in the pilot episode, while Summer (strawberry blonde), Raquelle (black), and Midge (ginger) are introduced later. Chelsea also has brunette and redhead friends, with herself filling the role of the blonde.
  • The Most Popular Girls in School: The main characters are Mackenzie (brunette), Brittnay (blonde) and Trisha (redhead). Brittnay and Trisha have their stereotypes inverted, though; Brittnay is aggressive and short-tempered while Trisha is a complete moron.

    Web Comics 
  • College Roomies from Hell!!! has a double-set example for both genders. Technically, there are also not one but two sets of brunettes, a pair of brown-brunettes and a pair of black-brunettes.
  • In Penny and Aggie, both of the title characters' core groups have this:
    • Penny (blonde), Sara (brunette) and Michelle (redhead).
    • Daphne (blonde), Aggie (brunette dyed blue) and Lisa (redhead).
    • The Omegas also fit the trope, with Helen (dark blonde), Tharqa (brunette) and Charlotte (redhead).
  • Tower of God:
    • Blonde: Black March, Rachel.
    • Brunette: Endorsi Jahad.
    • Redhead: Hwaryun.
    • Furthermore, Yuri Jahad and Yeon Ehwa have black hair.
  • Lampshaded in Supermegatopia — after the appearance of blonde Buxom Gal and brunette Dark Buxom Gal, the public's reaction is to wonder whether a redhead will show up too. (Later, one does.)
  • In The KAMics, ex-valkyries Gertrude (blonde), Brunhilda (brunette) and Nikki (redhead).
  • The original three female leads of Red String.
  • Elia (blonde), Dores (brunette) and Vandi (redhead) of What Birds Know. In a variation of the standard trope, Dores is the fiery one and Vandi is serious.
  • The trio of female monster hunters that usually work together in Charby the Vampirate and Here There be Monsters are the fun loving blonde Ella, fashionable brunette June and fiery redhead Rayna.
  • The three female housemates in Catena almost fit the trope. Patches is blonde and Treiss is brunette, but Belle's hair is actually pink, not red.
  • The three female leads of Out There: red-haired Miriam fits the Fiery Redhead trope reasonably well, but also has some Dumb Blonde tendencies; the usually dark-haired Sherry (who sometimes bleaches her hair blonde) can be seen as the Brainy Brunette; and the dark-haired Araceli, despite her occupation (she's an attorney) and hair color, is somewhat of a Shy Blue-Haired Girl.
  • Eerie Cuties/Magick Chicks: The Hellrune Coven are a witch trio that appears in both comics. Melissa (the blonde) is the Coven's leader, with Jacqui (brunette) and Cerise (redhead) as her subordinates.
  • Currently, Blip has moody brunet K, redhead Cloudcuckoolander Hester, blonde cyborg Mary and blue-haired Liz.
  • Questionable Content: one could say this applies to the ladies working at the Coffee of Doom. Dora has black hair, Raven had a blonde streak and Faye's hair colour could qualify as being between the two. Later, after Raven gets Put on a Bus, Penny shows up to fulfill the blonde requirement, though she defies the trope in personality...
  • The three female leads of LCD: Julianne McIntyre is the blonde, Raven Svoboda is the brunette and Terry Sligh is the redhead.
  • The World of Vicki Fox has the main female characters. Meredith Skunk (blonde), Ceri Bobcat (brunette) & Vicki Fox (redhead).
  • Survivor: Fan Characters has this represented in Season 8 by the last three members of the Yrsa'ka tribe: Melanie is blonde, Hannah/Oehda is brunette and Kiara is redheaded.
  • The major female characters in Arthur, King of Time and Space are Guenevere (redhead), Morgan (brunette) and space/contemporary!Tristam (chestnut). Originally it was Morgan (brunette), Guenevere (redhead) and space/contemporary!Bedivere (blonde), until Bedivere was retconned as male in all the arcs.
  • Geoff (blonde), Drucilla (brunette) and Pibgorn (redhead). Alternately: Pigorn, Drucilla (black hair) and the hair fairy (brown hair).
  • El Goonish Shive hasn't included this trope proper for a while, but the first three female protagonists to be introduced in the comic were Sarah (blonde), Grace (brunette) and Nanase (redhead). The next two girls had dyed dark blue hairnote  (which appeared black) and brunette hair respectively. Nanase's hair became dark as a result of her magic burning out in later arcs and Susan's dyed hair color became permanent as a result of her magic awakening, leaving Sarah as the only blonde in a cast full of dark-haired girls.
  • Sunstone has Anne, Allison and Lisa respectively.
  • In Pacificators, from the main cast alone, there are two brunettes (Daryl and Muneca), a blonde (Larima), a redhead (Cinna) and two with black hair (Bismun and Taffe). That's not even counting the supporting and minor characters...
  • In The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! has Bob (blond), his girlfriend Jean (brunette) and romantic rival Voluptua (redhead).
  • The three main characters of Alice, Joanne, Dot and Alice herself, in that order.
  • The girls in Children of Eldair, Indri the blonde, Embera the brunette and Iva the redhead.
  • Tripp has Coco, Sam, and Proxy, respectively.
  • Although only one of them is a girl, the Love Triangle in Girl Genius has blonde/strawberry blonde Agatha, brunet Gil, and redhead Tarvek. The stereotypical temperaments are all mixed up though - they're all extremely smart, with Agatha arguably being the most skilled, and Tarvek is much better at keeping his temper under control than the other two.
    • In terms of girls, the main group of Agatha, Violetta and Zeetha has a blonde, a redhead and... a greenhead? It's still three contrasting colours, though.
  • In Prague Race Miko, Leona, and Colin.
  • Disney High School has Rapunzel, Belle and Ariel as three of the main characters, and a group of friends. Belle obviously fits the Brainy Brunette role, though Rapunzel is more awkward than dumb (being a former homeschooled kid), and Ariel is something of a Cloudcuckoolander (here she's fascinated with aliens, not humans).
  • Riverside Extras has blonde Derry Lake, brunette black woman Ophelia Banksly, and redhead Cynthia Brandt as the Sisters, the second highest members of the all-female gang The Roses.
  • Among Aesop, Bri and Lenius in Aisopos, Bri is the Blonde, Aesop is the Brunette and Lenius is the Redhead.

    Web Original 
  • Lubov, Anya, and Seraphina are a blonde, a brunette, and redhead and all three are sisters.
  • The three women in this piece of art (which gender-inverts Mars Needs Women) are a redhead, a blonde and a brunette.

    Web Videos 
  • Clara, Tink and Codex from The Guild.
  • The Gumdrops:
    • Roisin (blonde), Laura and Lindsay (brunette) and Nora (redhead). Sadia is black-haired, adding the fourth colour.
    • The episode "Party Animals" has the straightest combination - Nora and Roisin are joined by the latter's brunet cousin Marty.
  • From Channel Awesome: Lisa Foiles, The Nostalgia Chick and Obscurus Lupa. This isn't the only combination you can make, however, since the site has many characters.
  • Rocketboom has this with the hosts of its three YouTube channels: blonde Meme Molly on Rocketboom Daily, brunette Ellie Rountree on Rocketboom Tech, and redheaded Ella Morton on Rocketboom New York City.
  • Ellie, Avery and Macy from One Hundred Yard Stare in that order.
  • SourceFed's female hosts, Lee Newton (blonde), Trisha Hershberger (brunette) and Meg Turney (redhead).
  • Yogscast:
    • The Yogscast had a male trio in brunet Lewis, redhead Simon, and blond Duncan.
    • Also among the girls in their Minecraft skins we have blonde Hannah, brunette Kim, and redhead Zoey. Zoey is actually a brunette in real life, and has since changed her avatars to match, but since Kim later dyed the front of her hair bright red the trio still works.
  • Critical Role: The three female members of Vox Machina have these hair colors. Pike has white hair (which was originally black before she died and got resurrected), Vex is a brunette and Keyleth a redhead. Their hair colors are actually the same as the actresses' who play them (Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey and Marisha Ray, respectively).

    Real Life 
  • Britain's Prince William (blond), his wife Kate (brunette) and his brother Harry (redhead) have been described as a "power trio" and, prior to Harry's relocation to North America, often appeared together at events (such as being the official ambassadors of the London Olympics).
  • Plane crash survivor Stephanie Neilson has children with all three hair colors, plus sandy brown.
  • Calendars and other photo compilations of labrador retrievers will often feature them in the three colors of the bredd - yellow, brown, black. The most popular picture is typically of three dogs/puppies, one of each color, arranged in the order listed.
  • It's fairly common for those of Northern and Central European descent to have all three hair colors present in their families. And in larger families with many children, individual couples can even have a brood with every hair and eye color, something that is very rare in most other parts of the world.
  • Neapolitan ice cream (vanilla/chocolate/strawberry) is probably the best real world example of this trope.
  • The trimates is a name given to three women — Jane Goodall (blond), Dian Fossey (brunette), and Birutė Galdikas (red) that anthropologist Louis Leakey to study hominids in their natural environments.
  • They'd gone grey by the time of World War II, but the leaders of the Allied powers who opposed Nazi Germany included Franklin D. Roosevelt (blond), Josef Stalin (brown), and Winston Churchill (red).


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