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A Lady on Each Arm

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Never leave home without your trophies.

"A redhead on my left arm
A brunette on my right
A blonde or two to hold the candles
Now that seems just about right, eh, Louis?"
Prince Naveen, The Princess and the Frog, "When We're Human"

A common Establishing Character Moment. A man walks into a room, arms intertwined with those of two conventionally attractive ladies, displaying them as trophies to show what a badass stud he is. Conversely, the ladies may get on his arms mid-scene just to imply that everything's goin' pimpin'.

Very commonly, the women won't have names (or, if the trope is Played for Laughs, the guy simply can't remember their names and refers to them with a wide range of incorrect names), nor will they say anything: they're just there to act as props for the male character. If they do get to speak, it'll probably only be to imply that they’re going to have sex with the man later. It is he who decides what they’re going to do and where they're going to go, while the ladies just follow around and agree with everything the stud says. After all, men are defined by their actions and women by their passiveness.

"A lady on each leg" is a variant of this trope that takes place when the man is sitting down, with the women at his feet. Or perhaps even one sitting on each knee.

The man in question is almost always a Hunk (handsome and manly), and at the same time a Casanova. He likely engages in sexual activities out of the blue, making him a Pornomancer, and very often the ladies follow him around because he's well endowed in the penis department. If he's accompanied by more than two women, then it would be a case of Sexy Man, Instant Harem. In promotional posters and artwork, the ladies are commonly found clinging to his feet. If the story is set in high school or college, then he'll probably be the Big Man on Campus.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to play with this trope. The guy might not be all that physically desirable, but simply have loads of cash. Or the women are playing up the role to conceal that they are actually badass bodyguards. It's not that uncommon, when trouble starts, for both women to suddenly whip out hidden blades or guns and jump into the fray or fight off anyone going after their boss.

Not to be confused with Lover Tug of War, where two women are physically fighting over a man(and may literally be pulling on said arms). On the contrary, the ladies of A Lady on Each Arm are passive to the point where they accept the fact that the man has other women for him as well.

Due to gender double standards, this trope almost always applies to men, given that women are usually shamed for having multiple sexual partners (or even just one). On a further note, this trope almost exclusively applies to straight men, given that queer people that enjoy and fully explore their sexuality are usually villainized in media. Straight men, on the other hand, get to be badasses for having an active sex life and being in control of their surroundings. The man in question will also probably be white since men of color with multiple partners very often come off as perverts in media.

If it's implied that things are taken any further than a display of arm candy, it's likely to run into a Threesome Subtext. If it goes beyond subtext, that's A Threesome Is Hot, or if things get even more X-rated, Three-Way Sex. On the other hand, if they're actually in a romantic relationship, that would be Polyamory or Exotic Extended Marriage.

This may occasionally be invoked by Heroic characters, who have a pair of female teammates of friends accompany them as part of a disguise or to make a false first impression. extra subtext bonus if one or both women really are into him, double if it's The Missus and the Ex.

The Japanese also call this trope "a flower in each hand" (両手に花, "ryoute ni hana").


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In The Law of Ueki, God is like that.
  • Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist is introduced this way.
  • Hajime no Ippo: Bryan Hawk.
  • One Piece:
    • During one of Boa Hancock's Luffy daydreams, she imagines Luffy like this with Nami and Robin once he mentions their names.
    • At one point in the Fishman Island arc, Brook comes out of a cafe with a pair of mermaids hanging off of him in this fashion. He is a rock star by this point in the story, after all.
  • Iono the Fanatics: a Yuri Genre example. On the first page of Chapter 0, Iono can be seen with two members of her yuri harem on each arm.
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl: A Yuri Genre example; this is a common theme for the manga and DVD covers.
  • Saki: One of the shots in the opening involves the female titular protagonist having Nodoka grabbing on to her left arm and Yuuki grabbing on to her right.
  • In the 23th Bleach ED, Shunsui is seen like this with Nanao and Lisa.
    • Inverted on the cover art for chapter 534. Masaki is seen like this with Isshin and Ryuuken.
  • Jackie Gudelhian from Future GPX Cyber Formula often has several ladies on his arms, being a huge flirt. Leon Earnhardt as well, as he is shown with 3 ladies in a hotel in SAGA.
  • Fairy Tail: Loke is initially portrayed this way, directly due to his former partner /master who was a Rare Female Example of this trope
  • Agon Kongo of Eyeshield 21. Gives the term "double date" a whole new meaning...
  • In The World God Only Knows, Keima has to endure one of these.
  • The anime adaptation of Infinite Stratos has Ichika in this exact situation, coerced to escort two of his close classmates to the cafeteria.
    • Later exaggerated, when Houki, Cecilia, Charlotte and Laura all attempt to accompany him on his break during the school festival, resulting in him having two girls holding each of his arms.
  • Sakura Trick inverted it in two dimensions—a lesbian example. At the end of their first day in high school, the slightly aloof Haruka noticed her old friend Yuu under this status. Haruka immediately has a Heroic BSoD, seeing her "special spot" has been taken by others, and ran off to another classroom. This was resolved by the two agreeing to do something to prove they're really special to each other: The Big Damn Kiss.
  • High School Dx D: At one point, Issei ends up walking to school with Rias and Akeno both clinging to him - and that's only because they edged out the competition. Asia briefly considers jumping on his back.

    Comic Books 
  • Batman: Bruce Wayne is often seen like this to better promote his Millionaire Playboy persona.
  • Supergirl: Candor: At the end of the first issue, the Kandorian god-king Kal El (Ultraman, an Evil Twin of Superman from the antimatter universe) is shown with two female Kryptonian followers draped over his shoulders.
  • Gold Digger: Tyrant pulls this off. It doesn't hurt that his girlfriend's power lets her make several copies of herself. Must make for interesting nights in the bedroom.
  • Subverted in a Tim Traveller story. Time decides to see what his life will be like in the future, and sees himself pulling this off as a young man. Then the girls' boyfriends appear and beat his future self up.
  • Madhouse Comics Digest #5 included a "Monsters from Outer Space" article which said that five-armed Plutonians were widely considered the best lovers in the known universe. The Plutonian depicted had a girl apiece on four of his arms and was using his fifth arm to phone potential dates for the following evening.
  • Arawn: Arawn is shown this way in one of the later albums after he's become an Evil Overlord, with a female demon on either side of his throne.
  • Played for horror in Judge Dredd. When Judge Death first meets the Sisters of Death, the three of them are shown like this, with them clinging to his legs after he spares their lives. He's a psycho killer cop, they're two screeching haglike witches. Oh, and there's body parts laying all over the place.
  • Superboy (1994): After Roxy confesses her love for the title character, who understandably views her as a sister since he's been living with her like a sibling since he was about a week old, her confession unnerves him enough that he has a dream in which he's walking down the beach with a flirtatious Roxy on one arm and his girlfriend Tana on the other. The dream scenario eventually devolves into a Lover Tug of War in which the girls tear him in half which wakes him up.
  • What If?: Wolverine raises his son Daken in a remote Japanese mountain village. Despite this, Daken still proves a nasty piece of work and eventually runs off. Years later, Wolverine tracks him down to Tokyo, where he has completely taken over the Japanese mafia. Daken is wearing an expensive suit with two beautiful women in his arms as he gloats that the world is yours for the taking if you stop letting morality constrain you. He then casually murders the women and his bodyguards, laughing that he and Wolverine are still just animals and monsters and that will never change. This cements Wolverine's grim decision.

    Fan Works 
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! GX fandom has this piece of fanart.
  • In "Rock Out" of The AFR Universe, Ryuji ends up injuring his leg in a mosh pit. Haru and Hifumi carry him out of the concert to Haru's waiting vehicle so he can rest. Some time later, a tabloid magazine used a picture taken from that night to make it look like Ryuji was some kind of playboy taking both famous women home with him.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Iron Man: Stan Lee as Hugh Hefner (or as himself, except Tony Stark thinks he's Hugh).
    • Invoked Trope in Black Panther. This is the image T'Challa seeks to inspire when going undercover at the Korean illegal casino as a rich Kenyan playboy. The two ladies being Okoye and Nakia, they are as removed as it is possible from mere eye candy.
  • Bruce Wayne does this in Batman Begins, then does the same thing with three women in The Dark Knight. However, he only does it because Alfred told him to behave like a Millionaire Playboy so that people don't start thinking about his activities and jump to conclusions. Alfred actually had to explain what he means as Bruce has been out of touch with normal life for quite some time.
  • Elsewhere in the Batman franchise, Two-Face in Batman Forever has Sugar and Spice — Sugar for his healthy, "normal" side, Spice for his twisted, acid-scarred side.
  • RENT: A Rare Female Example. At the end of "Tango: Maureen", the bisexual title character walks away with a guy and girl on each arm as Mark and Joanne look on.
  • In The Big Picture, Nick, feeling low, imagines himself in a 1940s-esque picture, sitting in a bar lamenting how he used to come in there with "a broad on each arm and a bankroll that could choke a hippo," but now he can't even get the bartender to give him one more drink.
  • Invoked in the Charlie's Angels (2000) movie to crash a private party; two of the Angels get in by being with Bosley, and he gets in due to this trope (and becomes worthy of the host's attention besides).
  • Ned Land (Kirk Douglas) is introduced this way in Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He briefly lets go of them to start a brawl, but quickly emerges to get them back. Douglas insisted on this so his reputation as a Casanova wouldn't be tarnished by appearing in a family film.
  • In Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Gordon meets Bud at a fundraiser many years later. Bud has since become a billionaire and retired and shows up with two ladies. Naturally, the ladies don't get any lines or even names, but this is partly due to Bud himself appearing only as a cameo.
  • In Star Trek: First Contact holodeck gangster Nicky the Nose has two flapper girls rubbing his shoulders.
  • Rock Star: When Kirk calls Chris, he's lounging by the pool with the two groupies we met earlier in the film. Throw in a conversation about his exes—all of whom he refers to as "Tottie."
  • Virgil Sparks (the Pride of Texas) makes his introduction this way in The Quick and the Dead. The Kid has his own groupies too.
  • Back to the Future Part II: In the alternate timeline, the wealthy and corrupt Biff Tannen (who, by the way, forced Lorraine to marry him after he murdered her husband) is seen in his private quarters lounging in a hot tub with his arms wrapped around two ladies, watching a Clint Eastwood film.
  • RoboCop (1987) has the two "bitches" Bob Morton is doing cocaine with before Clarence Boddicker enters and tells them to leave.
  • Dead in Tombstone: When Satan appears on the balcony in the saloon just before Gurerro's murder, he has a girl on each arm. When Gurerro looks back, the girls are there but Satan is gone. When Gurerro is sent back to Earth, Red is sitting in the saloon with a topless prostitute on each arm.
  • Barbarella. So to say. And justified. Pygar needs it for equilibrium.
  • The Devil's Advocate: Milton is introduced this way in one scene when he runs into Kevin in the lounge of their apartment building, with Christabella on one side and an Asian female lawyer who "flew in from Paris" on his other side.
  • The War Wagon: When Lomax first meets Taw at the saloon, he has a pair of Chinese Soiled Doves hanging on his arms.
  • When Kinuba leaves the Kansas bar (just before he is jumped by the jackers) in Alita: Battle Angel, he has a girl on each arm, and one slung across his shoulders for good measure.
  • In Catch Me If You Can this is used as a distraction by Frank. He cons several schoolgirls into accompanying him with the promise of jobs as air hostesses. Then in the Come Fly With Me scene he walks straight through an FBI stakeout; all the cops were too busy getting an eyeful of the pretty young air hostesses to notice Frank. As they walk away from the car at the start of the scene Frank actually has two girls on one arm and three on the other, but they don't hold the formation for long.
  • In Bohemian Rhapsody, Roger Taylor is depicted this way on Queen's tour bus during the montage of the band's first American tour, though all three people involved appear to be asleep.
  • Swashbuckler: When the pirates celebrate the successful theft of the Barnet's treasure from Major Folly's coach with rum and wenches, Nick is seen roistering with a pair of wenches (one black, one white) clinging to either arm.
  • Some Guy Who Kills People: At his birthday party, the grossly overweight Marty Prichard is seen sitting in a chair with his arm around a pretty young woman sitting on each arm of the chair.
  • The Crypt Keeper segment that ends Demon Knight has the Keeper attending a red carpet Hollywood premiere accompanied by a pair of starlets.
  • During the final showdown in Ghost Rock, one of Pickett's men has each arm around a whore from the saloon, only to learn this a really bad position to be in during a gunfight.
  • Army of Frankensteins: When Walton meets John Wilkes Booth in a tavern in Washington, Booth has a scantily clad woman seated at each arm.
  • Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome: Dr. Dealgood is always accompanied and assisted by two Lovely Assistants. They seem to be on genuinely close terms and not just professional associates, based on how the three are huddled together, frightened and confused, after the methane plant blows up and the future of Bartertown looks perilous.

  • There's a variation in one of the ElfQuest novelizations, where villainess Winnowill has a guy on one arm and a girl on the other.
  • One of the villainous lycanthropes in Fool Moon notes this trope nearly by name, referring to Harry. Unfortunately for Harry, Susan and Murphy were only on his arms because he was so injured he needed their help.
  • Daisy Miller: 1880s Europe's local American Girl finally goes too far when she walks down a street in Rome with a man on each arm! One of them is the protagonist who, unlike Daisy, is painfully aware of the awkwardness of the situation. It causes a scandal.
  • Anansi Boys: Spider does this with an entire crowd of women; his brother Lampshades this by saying it shouldn't be possible.
  • The Eye of Argon introduces Agaphim as having "a naked wench seated at each of his arms."
  • During Wedge's Gamble, Corran Horn, undercover on Coruscant with some other Rogues and Rebel agents, tours the Imperial palace in the company of two women, aware of what it looks like and pleased at the jealousy, because both are tall - taller than him, actually - and striking. Of course, one's one of his wingmates and the other is from Intelligence and a ranking officer. Being thought of as arm candy is useful.
  • In Sidhe Devil, Doc leaves a party with Ish on one arm and Gaby on the other. The three of them invoke this trope to hide the fact that Doc is about to fall over from magical exhaustion.
  • Our first view of Dionysus in Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure is of him sitting on his recliner-throne playing video games while flanked by no less than three women, two of whom are dressed as cheerleaders.
  • In the Safehold series, the label for "Seijin Kohdy’s Premium Blend" whiskey is described as featuring an artist's impression of the legendary Seijin Kohdy with two scantily clad barmaids sitting in his lap, for the "lady on each leg" version of the trope.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Brady Bunch:
    • "Adios, Johnny Bravo": The Season 5 opener where a slick-talking talent agent promises Greg just this as they try to talk him into becoming America's next teen idol. At one point, there is a cover shoot for a proposed album cover where the girls literally hang on each of Greg's arms ... tearing his shirt off him the process.
    • In his autobiography "Growing Up Brady," Barry Williams recalls filming of the episode "Mail Order Hero," the Season 5 episode guest-starring New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath, and writing that he pictured the trope being enforced as he came onto the set (i.e., several women on his arms, with dozens of other young women following behind). Averted, however, as Namath – although he was a bachelor at the time – was in extreme pain and was accompanied by only a small entourage that included his agent.
  • Done in NCIS to get three female NCIS agents into a club, after discovering that McGee was the "bouncer-worthy" one of the group. McGee had become a popular crime author, and the others were pretending to be his fans.
  • Happy Days: Fonzie. Aayyyy!
  • The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Shore Leave" ends with the revelation that all the strange occurrences have been just illusions created by a Pleasure Planet for their entertainment; Dr. McCoy (who was supposedly killed) turns up with a lady on each arm.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    • It happens to Quark on Risa, which also happens to be a Pleasure Planet.
    • In the Mirror Universe, Jake Sisko comes across Nog (now running the bar after the demise of Mirror!Quark) with a sleazy-dressed Dabo girl on either side of him. He tosses one to Jake, who isn't all that bothered. Until Dad walks in.
    • Happens again with Quark in "If Wishes Were Horses" where everyone's imaginations manifest physically. When the imaginary people and things start to disappear, Quark tries to file a missing persons report with Odo and can only describe the ladies as "a blond, and a brunette!"
    • A Gender-Inverted Trope in "Way of the Warrior" Jadzia Dax enters with a shirtless and well-muscled holographic masseur on each arm. She also offers one to her companion — Kira in this case, who is reluctant to indulge in Kiss Me, I'm Virtual pleasures.
    • In "Blood Oath" Klingon warrior Kor has a Dabo girl on each arm and ponders the dilemma this creates as he's no way of picking up the jug of blood wine in front of him. Dax lifts it for him.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation. Happy that the Continuum has given him back his powers Q materializes a mariachi band on the Enterprise bridge and a couple of women on either side of Commander Riker. Being more than capable of getting his own, Riker indignantly refuses Q's "fantasy women", so Q materializes them on Worf instead.
  • Star Trek: Voyager:
    • Inverted when Q turns up. Tom and Harry are on the holodeck being massaged by a pair of Fanservice Extras. Then Q materializes with the babes vanishing and reappearing in his lap.
    • Also on the holodeck in "Alter Ego", the Doctor is shown being kissed by two Polynesian beauties. It's likely not a coincidence that Robert Picardo (who plays the Doctor) directed this episode.
  • It happens on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody when Zack fantasizes about being a bigwig at a company.
  • Gossip Girl: The first time we see Chuck Bass he is sitting on a couch with two of Blair's minions, Kati and Iz. In the next episode, we first see him waking up in bed with one woman on each side of him. He is then continuously seen with two women at a time when he's not fawning over Blair. Apparently, twins find him.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In one of the earlier seasons, Xander enlists Buffy and Willow to fake this with him. He's trying to make Cordelia jealous. They play along.
    • Later, the recurring Buffy character Andrew turns up on Angel with a woman on each arm. Since he'd been heavily implied to be gay in the past, some fans found this annoying. There have been two different explanations given for this change: Joss has blamed it on last-minute changes to the episode, saying it was supposed to be Dawn with a gender-swapped version of this trope, and the other story was that it was originally supposed to be a larger group of men and women meeting Andrew, meant to give a general impression of beauty to contrast with Andrew's earlier characterization as a social outcast, that was shrunk to just two women due to a misreading of the script. Some fans explain this away as him going to an LGBT club with two Lipstick Lesbian friends.
  • "President T.W. Hunt Sr." on The New Treasure Hunt, who is escorted in this manner by two models who throw money around.
  • In Mahou Sentai Magiranger, a Monster of the Week splits Vancuria into her two human selves just so he can have a girl on each arm. She is/they are not very pleased.
  • The Office: Done so Michael, Ryan, and Dwight can get into a club.
  • Hustle: Danny Blue has a scene in episode two of the first season where he's accompanied by two female flight attendants, as a quite obvious Shout-Out to Catch Me If You Can (mentioned above under "Films").
  • Glee: When Sam goes to the prom with Rachel and Mercedes (they both went with him because he thought he wouldn't be able to afford it), they are clearly invoking this with their prom picture.
  • Supernatural. The Reveal that an apparently innocuous character is The Trickster is when he materializes two women in lingerie to join him for dinner. Later he offers them to Dean as a bribe to leave him alone. Dean is tempted but turns down the offer.
  • Farscape
    • In "Dog With Two Bones" Crichton has an Imagine Spot re marrying Aeryn on Earth. At his wedding party, a tuxedo-wearing D'Argo is clasping a pair of human beauties.
      D'Argo: John, tonight you are the second-luckiest man on Earth. Know what I mean?
    • In "Won't Get Fooled Again", D'Argo turns up as a hotshot astronaut and ladies man. His Establishing Character Moment involves screeching up in a sports car, stepping out and putting his arms around a couple of Pretty Privates who are passing by.
    • Another imagine spot in "The Peacekeeper Wars", this time involving Harvey, has him as a sleazy building contractor with a hot female chauffeur and Sexy Secretary played like this trope.
  • Banacek: In "Rocket to Oblivion", Art Gallagher arrives at the exposition with a girl on each arm. He later brings both of them with him to the Summation Gathering.
  • Riverdale: Archie walks into the school dance with Betty on one arm and Veronica on the other. Betty had intended to ask Archie to just take her, with Veronica's support, but chickened out and played it off as asking Archie to go with her and Veronica "as friends." Veronica played along and claimed that she and Betty "needed an escort," while Betty said they'd be making sure newcomer Veronica wouldn't go to her first dance alone.
  • Subverted in Jessica Jones (2015). When Jessica first meets Kilgrave he has two women with him, not because Evil Is Sexy but because of his Compelling Voice. He immediately dismisses them having laid eyes on Jessica, and things quickly go From Bad to Worse. Later when a therapy group is assembled of Kilgrave's victims, it includes one of the women.
  • In Westworld, there is the "one-of-each variety," when Logan and William arrive at the Delos transfer station. Logan passes off his future brother-in-law to the staff, while he heads off with a female host on one arm and a male host on the other.
  • Mo from Smart Guy gets this treatment during the episode "Gotta Dance" when an aptitude test indicates that he's best suited as a motivational speaker and brings with it the popularity with the ladies. Unfortunately for him, this is undone at the end of the selfsame episode when Vice Principal Militich informs him that his actual aptitude test result got mixed up with another student's, revealing his best-suited career path as:
    Mo: (reading from the result) VICE PRINCIPAL?!
    *The girls leave him in disgust*
    Militich: Get used to it.
  • Full House: In the episode "Trouble in Twin Town", Stephanie becomes attracted to a pair of twin brothers and hatches a Fake Twin Gambit to hopefully impress them. By the end of the episode, the gambit falls apart and the boys find out Stephanie doesn't have a twin. Luckily for Stephanie, the boys like her enough that they start fighting over her, and Stephanie placates them by saying there's enough of her for the both of them and exits the scene with the twins on both of her arms.

  • Dave & Sugar: Several publicity shots and album covers of this late-1970s/early 1980s country music trio – lead singer (and one-time Charley Pride prodigy) Dave Rowland, accompanied by two female singers – had his two female bandmates (the "Sugar") hanging on each arm.
  • T.G. Sheppard: Probably country music's leading sex symbol of the late 1970s well into the 1980s, his reputation as a ladies' man was at its peak with his 1981 album I Loved 'Em All (especially noting the cover art) and the No. 1 track from said album "I Loved 'Em Every One."
  • Referenced in Dion's "The Wanderer"
    Oh well, there's Flo on my left and there's Mary on my right
    And Janie is the girl with that I'll be with tonight
  • Sleazy P. Martini on the poster for "It's Sleazy".
  • The AC/DC song "TNT" makes a reference to this, along with several other tropes among the badass vein.
  • The Jan & Dean song "Surf City" includes the line "Two girls for every boy," but it might mean something different.
  • Poison in the song "Look What The Cat Dragged In"
    I got a girl on the left of me, a girl on the right
    I know damn well I slept with both last night
  • Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie is shown like this on the cover of Women in Uniform single.
  • The liner notes of a John Lee Hooker compilation tell of the writer having seen Hooker walk into a club with a white suit, a white cane and a young white girl on each arm. "Between this and the image of a blues singer playing on his porch, I prefer the former; this guy knows how to have fun."

    Music Videos 
  • Psy does this in one scene of his Gangnam Style video. With debris flying towards him and his girls.
  • In X Japan's Celebration PV, Taiji Sawada has a woman on each arm and one on his lap.

    Professional Wrestling 
  • Scott Steiner was usually accompanied to the ring by two women, if not more.
  • Val Venis, and he loved to brag about it.
  • Dean Malenko. After all, he was called "the Ladies Man" for a reason.
  • The Magnificent Muraco: During the height of his heel run in the mid-1980s, Muraco cut a nasty promo on Hulk Hogan on a beach. Two sexy, bikini-clad women were hanging on each arm, smiling the whole time as Muraco ranted about how he would beat Hogan to within an inch of his life, then take his WWF World title.
  • The guy pictured is Randy Orton.
  • None of them were able to do it with as much style as "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair.
  • Rick Rude, at the 1987 Slammy Awards had two women seated with him at his table.

  • Pavi Largo in Repo! The Genetic Opera.
  • In the New Year's Eve scene of Show Boat, Andy is lasciviously escorting two young women, neither of whom is his wife. There's actually three of them, but of course he only has two arms.
  • In the final moments of Street Scene, a sailor crosses with his arms around the waists of two girls.
  • Gender Flipped in Chicago in "Roxy", when she says her new act will have a boy — then amends that, saying she'll have two boys to balance it out.
    Roxy: Aw, what the heck! I'll get a whole bunch of boys!

    Video Games 
  • Duke Nukem in Duke Nukem Forever. Some promotional images even show him with a lady on each leg.
  • EXTRAPOWER: Giant Fist: As more money is deposited in the Ace Bank, the Professor Room steadily improves. It starts simple, a nicer chair for Professor Ace or giving him a sharp white leisure suit. By the final two tiers, his lavish lodgings will be capstoned with a tall glamorous bikini babe leaning in on either side of him.
  • The opening sequence of God of War II shows Kratos sitting in a throne, with a lady on each leg.
  • In Final Fantasy VIII, Casanova Wannabe Irvine suggests the team of 6 split up into two squads of three to reach two important checkpoints. He puts Selphie and Rinoa on his team, surrounding him, leaving Zell and Quistis with Squall. You have the option of changing the order or giving Squall's trademark "Whatever" and letting Irvine live his fantasy.
  • Art of Fighting: This became Mr. Big's standard pre-fight animation, from The King of Fighters '96 onward, which is the reason gamers believe that one of his syndicate's operations is prostitution.
  • Jansen Friedh of Lost Odyssey. After being assigned to a mission with Kaim and Seth, he decides to show up late, drunk, and surrounded by three different women. It. Is. Hilarious.
  • Rob Python, the Boxing Casanova of Buriki One as seen in this official artwork.
  • In the Career campaign of Guitar Hero III, Lou makes his first appearance with a woman on each arm. Continued in his Demon form just before the final guitar battle.
  • Granblue Fantasy seems to parody this with Yngwie, whose first two portraits have him in armour and a combat pose...but his third one has him in tourist-like attire and a harem on each arm. He's also mentioned in an event to have had thousands of sexual partners. Unusually for this trope, he has darker skin than most characters.
  • Can be either Played Straight or Gender-Inverted in the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC. While infiltrating a casino, a female Shepard can bring James Vega along, and Guest-Star Party Member Maya Brooks will then suggest that he "accessorise" a bit. Cut to Vega with the two women on each arm. If a male Shepard brings Kaidan he will instead ask Brooks which man she would like to take her arm. Cut to Brooks with both men on each arm. note 
    Brooks: Um, well... wow. A spectre on each arm. You know, if someone could just get our picture so I have proof this happened...

    Visual Novels 
  • Referenced in act 1 of Missing Stars. Erik's older sisters joke that he was toured around his new school with two female classmates, Irene and Ela. Erik jokes back that he "has game".

    Web Comics 
  • In Sinfest, Satan commonly appears with a succubus on each arm. Less now that the succubi have personalities.
  • In The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs, a newly-jailbroken Belkar is just musing that life couldn't get any better when happens upon a sign saying, "WHORES: 2-for-1 Sale!" The next panel is the three of them walking off like this.

    Western Animation 
  • Pietro from X-Men: Evolution shows up to a dance with a girl on each arm... And two girls besides them.
  • Family Guy with Quagmire a lot.
  • An episode of Tripping the Rift had the president of a planet in this situation, but its hat was homosexuality, so they were guys (he also makes a remark about his stay-at-home husband). Turns out he's really straight, which is a crime on said Planet of Hats.
  • Spider-Man-related:
    • The Spectacular Spider-Man: Doc Ock is seen with a girl by each tentacle in one episode.
    • Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: In Season 2's "Along Came a Spidey," during the flashback, a teen-aged Flash Thompson mercilessly taunts Peter Parker; at one point when the two have an exchange at the beach, Flash — two beautiful teen-aged girls draped on each arm — kicks sand in "Peter Puny's" face and laughs evilly as he walks off. The two girls giggle, thinking Flash to be cute and funny.
  • Daria: In a Rare Female Example, Quinn often goes to dances and parties with multiple dates.
  • Another female example comes from Rainbow Dash in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode "Sonic Rainboom", where Dash caps off an already awesome day by flying off into the sunset with a stallion on each foreleg and declaring that "I've got plans!"
  • At an earlier episode of American Dragon: Jake Long, Jake needed a date and Fu took him to Magus Bazaar to look for one. Guess what Jake had in mind when Fu introduced him to Sara and Kara.
  • Riot from Jem often does this with his bandmates Minx and Rapture (such as in the first music video to "Take It Or Leave It"). Unusually, their relationship is completely platonic. Word of God is that there is no attraction between the three.
  • In an episode of Sonic Boom, in a montage scene of rich-and-famous tropes after becoming famous, Knuckles is seen like this, except that the girls are two copies of the same girl. A later episode confirms them to be twins.
  • The Romance of Betty Boop: Waldo Van Lavish was accompanied by two debutante tramps named Tracy (blonde) and Mimsey (redhead). They both take an instant dislike towards Betty Boop, due to her knocking them off their table with her hips while singing for Waldo.