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Literature / Stranger And Stranger

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Ainslee's life is anything but normal...

Stranger & Stranger is the first book in a contemporary fantasy series published on Amazon by Rachael Arsenault. It depicts an Alternate Universe in which faeries and humans coexist - but not peacefully. The story focuses on Ainslee Saunders, who gets "snatched" by the fae and turned into a changeling (a completely legal event in this story's world). Ainslee then has to deal with the struggle of changing species, conflict with people from her life as a human, and trying to be accepted as part of the community of Duircean. And things only get more complicated from there.


Stranger And Stranger contains examples of:

  • Fantastic Racism: There's a long history of conflict between the fae and humans. Ainslee's mother and her friend Gwen sometimes refer to the fae as "elves", which is considered a slur, and Ainslee calls humans vermin when possessed by the spirits of vengeful fae.
  • Green Thumb: One of the seven Blessings that fae and changelings can have. Maeve has this Blessing, as does April.
  • Healing Hands: This is another one of the seven Blessings that fae and changelings can develop. It's also the Blessing that Ainslee has.
  • Idiot Ball: Ainslee is definitely a bit guilty of this in the second book, A Blessing & A Curse, largely due to Didn't Think This Through and being kept on the sidelines by basically everyone that matters.
  • Lethal Harmless Powers: One application of Healing Hands, which seems to actually be a form of Biomanipulation.
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  • Our Fairies Are Different: In this world, the fae are taller than humans, isolate themselves from human society, and can develop powerful magic called a Blessing. The fae in this series also "snatch" humans, which involves casting a spell over them to turn them into fae. It's also implies that fae might be stronger than humans, but just how much stronger is never clearly indicated.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: Another Blessing, with the added perk of a Loyal Animal Companion. Paul has this Blessing and a Canine Companion, while Megan has a Clever Crow.
  • Straight Gay: Applies to Derek's character. He obviously has a crush on Peter, but he's also obsessed with his car and seems to view himself as the Only Sane Man at some moments.
  • Title Drop: When Ainslee assumes what Oren must think of her in chapter fifteen.
  • Weather Manipulation: Another Blessing that fae and changelings can develop. Derek has a form of it, mostly of the Blow You Away and Shock and Awe variety.