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SourceFed was a spinoff, of sorts, of The Philip DeFranco Show that DeFranco launched in 2012 as part of YouTube's content initiative and was cancelled in 2017. The channel ran regular shows Monday-Thursday, featuring five stories a day and 4 minutes max per video, and on Fridays they did "Comment Commentary". Weekends originally featured movie reviews and Movie Club, as well as Hilarious Outtakes, behind-the-scenes videos, one on ones, and game competitions.

Another spinoff channel, SourceFed Nerd, was launched in May 2013, with a focus on tech, video games and comic book news. It's also the new home of Table Talk and Movie Club. A third, a gaming channel called Super Panic Frenzy, was launched in March 2015 with Reina, Phil, and new hire Steven Suptic headlining. Haynes' "People Be Like" segment was spun off into its own channel, and in January 2016 Lieberman, Essrig, and Zaragoza created the Nuclear Family sketch comedy channel. Sourcefed and Super Panic Frenzy also both have their own podcasts, which are generally freeform in nature.

The channel had a notable Revolving-Door Cast of members that grew from its original lineupnote , most of which have their own personal channels as well:

On March 20th, 2017, it was announced that SourceFed (along with SourceFedNERD & People Be Like) was going to get cancelled by the end of the week, and the channel officially ended four days later with a six-hour livestream.

On May 4th, 2017, SourceFedNERD was rebranded as NowThis Nerd without any prior knowledge and against the wishes of the former SF hosts, some of whom were publicly outspoken against the rebranding. The SF audience was particularly non-receptive to the change, swarming post-rebranding videos with dislikes and unsubscribing en masse, and eventually NowThis Nerd was moved to its own channel while it was decided that SourceFedNERD would exist as an archive for all of the channel's videos.

Tropes associated with SourceFed:

  • AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle: Happens a lot in their blooper videos when they run into a name or word that they're unfamiliar with.
  • Air Hugging: Averted. None of the men are scared to get up close and personal with each other.
  • All Women Are Lustful: Chloe can be absolutely filthy, especially when on-screen with Whitney. Reina, when unleashed, has a little of this, but it's mostly a small part of her generally deranged humor.note 
  • Animated Adaptation: Sourcefed Animated, made by Andrei Terbea. Showcases funny animated versions of Sourcefed and Sourcefed Nerd videos.
  • Ascended Extra: Anyone who normally works behind the scenes who shows up on camera on a semi-regular basis. Ross is the most well-known; however, DJ co-hosted Superhero Roundup, Dani pops in for Table Talks here and there, and when Joe left, Sam was promoted to the main cast.
  • Audience-Alienating Endinginvoked: In the E3: NINTENDO! video of 2012, Elliot is thrilled by the announcement that Mass Effect 3 will be a launch title for the Wii U. He then adds that he can't imagine the game without a new gameplay twist...
    Elliot: ... or ending *nudge nudge*
  • Bad Boss: One Comment Commentary has Joe, Lee, and Elliott pretend DeFranco is one, citing Lee being on massage duty because of her "nimble, aggressive hands" and Joe being forced to dance for him.
  • Beautiful All Along: Many fans had this reaction to Steve when he lost weight.
  • Berserk Button: Whenever the news is about someone harmful to children, Joe tends to be the most vocal (read angry/furious) about it. Having children himself, when you take into account his Papa Wolf tendencies, it's quite understandable.
    • Lets just say Elliott doesn't take having a laser pointed at him well, as seen in "Men Face Prison After Laser Pointer Prank" starting at 1:59.
    • Don't let Trisha catch you on someone else's computer:
      Trisha: You don't mess with someone's laptop, that's punishable by death!
  • Bilingual Bonus: Joe calls himself "Menso" on an episode about Mensa. "Menso" means "stupid" in Spanish.
  • Blatant Lies: Meg claiming that her first Democratic National Convention video was about "freedom," as opposed to her playing on a water slide.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Lee, Trisha, and Meg, respectively. Subverted, in that both Lee and Meg have stated that they dye their hair. After Meg left, Reina is a brunette, but the naturally blonde Dani has shown up on occasion with purple hair. (Now, with Trisha and Lee gone, it's Bree (red), Reina (black), and (apparent) recent hire Whitney Moore (blonde), with other (apparent) new hire Chloe Dykstra as a color-shifting wild card.)
    • Played straight again with Maude Garrett (blonde) joining the crew full-time and re-completing the trifecta, at least until Maude started recoloring her hair every couple of months and Reina went blonde.
  • Brainless Beauty: Clearly averted for Lee, but she doesn't mind to poke fun at herself about this sometimes (2:55):
    Co-Worker: If you're falling down, put that dinosaur over your face, Lee!
    Lee: Watch out, protect that face, it's all you got!... Thanks, Mom.
    Hilarity Ensues in the office. Tony got the giggles and fell onto the ground.
    • Also averted for Meg and Trisha.
  • The Bus Came Back: In the Christmas Extravaganza Benjamin Franklin Time Traveler made his big return.
    • As for former hosts, Joe Bereta is still a semi-regular on the Sourcefed subreddit, Elliot has done a number of collaborations with his former colleagues, and even Trisha returned a few weeks after departing for a TableTalk. Ross came back for a one-shot on Lee's last "Five Things You Missed This Week" segment.
    • Elliott came back to do "The Study" in September 2015, and Trisha is a regular part of Maude's D&D campaigns.
  • Butt-Monkey: Steve is playfully picked on because he had such a sheltered childhood.
    • Matt and Will seem to be challenging Steve for his position.
    • Matt left his twitter account signed in, so Joe and Will had all of his followers do their best to say mean things about him.
      Matt (Reading a tweet): I'd rather have Elliott on his bad day than you.
    • Suptic does this all the time, more so on his personal channel than on SPF.
    • Reina is the shortest SourceFed host pretty much ever, and is frequently mocked for it. The video What Can Reina Reach? is entirely about making her reach for high up stuff.
  • The Cameo: Anytime there is a guest YouTube star on a TableTalk or SourcefedPlays.
    • When ever Elliott appears in a Sourcefed Animated as an extra.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: On-camera, Trisha is by far the worst offender, generally during gaming episodes. Off-camera, it's been stated on occasion that Reina is actually worse.
  • Catchphrase: Trisha and Steve each have one.
    Trisha: No, no! (waving finger)
    Steve: Weeeeelll...
    • Will brought several that spread to other cast members; Joe in particular is fond of "You right", and "motherhugger" was so popular it got a t-shirt. Also widely adopted from Will are "Would you smash?" and "goshdarn smokeshow", the latter of which is especially popular in fan comments.
    • Matt hates wasps.
    • References, usually by Steve or Matt, to a particular Minecraft tip by a viewer named Peter Marquez; this came from one of the single weirdest Comm Comms ever.
    • "Steeeeeeee"
    • Reina uses her own name as a kind of Battle Cry - "REINAAAAAAAA!"
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Lee, in this video, serves as a parody.
  • Distracted by the Luxury: Lee and a Playstation Vita. Phil declares she sucks at it, and takes it away from her at the end of the episode.
  • Erudite Stoner and Genki Girl: If those two don't seem to go together, you've never seen Bree Essrig. (Or, to a lesser, or at least far less prominent extent, Trisha.)
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Lee is developing quite a fan base.
    • Lee bragged about touching Jessica Nigri when she appeared on the PDS.
    • Meg will usually join in with the guys when they say a female person is sexy.note 
  • Expy: For quite a while, Reina and Will were referred to by some fans as "Asian Meg" and "Black Elliot".
  • Freak Out: Elliot has a minor one in the "Porn Star Cannibal" video (all staged, of course). After having to cover so many crazy stories, he completly loses it.
    • Completely loses it again when a Laser pointer is pointed on him.
    • According to Steve in Teacher Fired For Twerking Elliott left after a thread of nervous breakdowns almost broke is psyche.
  • From Bad to Worse: Invoked during the story about killer spiders in a city of India...
    Joe:I'm sorry, I'm just reporting the news, but it gets worse.
  • Gallows Humor: Bree, in spades; her The Pollyanna-cum-Stepford Smiler portrayal of Sansa Stark as a YouTube vlogger (leading to her being verbally abused by Joffrey (Sam), grossed out by The Hound (crew member Owen), and literally vomited on by blackout-drunk Cersei (Chloe)) is made of this from beginning to end. Will and Steven Suptic to a lesser extent, although in Suptic's case it blends over into Refuge in Audacity. And at least half of Nuclear Family's output includes this, especially the Russian Roulette, heroin, and murder evidence unboxing sketches, as well as the characters who show up in the closing credits.
  • Genre Shift: Sort of. The handover from Joe to Steve led to 2015 beginning with a lot of experimentation in style. One of the biggest changes was the addition of significant amounts of sketch comedy to what had been mostly standup-style; while Lee in particular had done some sketch work, Steve's direction expanded on it. Hiring Bree Essrig, a veteran sketch comedian herself, probably influenced that change.
  • Girl on Girl Is Hot: Bree + Reina + a Twizzler = obvious choice for a thumbnail.
  • Happily Married: Parodied. Lee married herself, with Phil acting as the mayor representing the state of the Internet in "The Self Marriage Trend" video.
    • Played straight with Joe and Elliot.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Will and Steve seem to be this since they share a fair about of time with each other outside of the office, Will even says that Steve is the reason he came out of his shell. (They appear to be roommates since Steve's marriage collapsed.) Also, this may or may not apply to Chloe and Whitney, who were friends before appearing on SF, but they certainly look it from their on-screen chemistry.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Played with. In the Christmas Special Meg cuts her own hand with a pair of scissors to the point where she loses control of herself in a panic, and drops a Christmas Tree on herself.
  • Hufflepuff House: In this video, the different members took a test on Pottermore in order to determine in which house they would belong. Joe got Griffyndor, Elliot got Ravenclaw and Lee got... Hufflepuff. She does not take it well, because of the implications of the trope.
  • Is This What Anger Feels Like?: Lee's rant in the second comment commentary about how women can't argue.
  • Jerkass: Joe spends and entire video trolling Lee. He also attacked other sensitive topics:
    Joe: You're dumb, Sourcefed is dumb, Sourcefed Nerd is dumb, puppies are dumb... Oh, and so are charities. Charities are dumb!
  • Last-Name Basis: Will and Steve will only refer to Matt as "Lieberman".
  • Mall Santa: Santa Steve, and he's probably one of the worst ever. Between mistaking Meg for a boy, constantly interrupting Trisha when she tries to tell him what she wants for Christmas, coming on to Lee, borderline molesting Sam, ditching Ross because he's Jewish, and having idle conversation with Joe.
    • He's back again for the year of 2014, and he's as bad as ever.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Joe. He loses his shirt sometimes, and even his pants during a blooper video (4:44).
    • In the Ice Bucket Challenge, Will takes his shirt off. Damn
  • Ms. Fanservice: Around New Year's 2016, Reina's wardrobe took a turn for the cleavagy. Bree doesn't do it often (she did it more in her time at TotallySketch), but when she does, it's epic. Maude's fondness for Black Milk minidresses probably qualifies as well.
    • Posters of the SourceFed girls for sale on the For Human Peoples website are designed entirely for Fanservice reasons.
    • Trisha managed to be this without trying, most of the time, thanks to having the Most Common Super Power.
  • Named by Democracy: Every year, Maxim Magazine makes a list of the top 100 hottest women. In 2012 they let the readers vote and you could do a write in, and add someone who wasn't on the list. Joe and Elliott told viewers to vote for Lee. They did. So much that they crashed the site! Maxim then did an article that included Lee and mentioned that she had "list potential." In the end, Lee landed in 57th place.
  • New Meat: In "VidCon Q&A With SourceFed!" they are asked who they would eat first if they were stranded on an island. Joe mentions that Ross is the new guy and that they aren't as emotionally attached to him.
    Joe: Oh, Ross is dead? Sucks.
  • Not That There's Anything Wrong with That: Lee's final statement about being sorted into Hufflepuff House. Elliot's reaction?
    Elliot: Yeah, tell yourself that.
  • One Head Taller: Lee, Reina, and Trish are all in the vicinity of five feet tall, Bree is 5'3", and Steve Zaragoza is only 5'6", making the use of apple boxes on camera very common, especially with the taller cast members like Sam, Chloe, Elliott, and Ross. (A behind-the-scenes Snapchat of one of Steve Z and Maude Garrett's first whitewall stories showed Steve standing on one and still not quite measuring up to the 5'11" Maude.) Recent addition Steven Suptic is the tallest at 6'3".
  • Papa Wolf: Joe. Every time a story is about a child put in danger, this pushes his Berserk Button and he makes it pretty clear that anyone who is harmful to children should deserve the worst punishment ever. Given the fact he's a proud father himself, it's quite understandable.
    • Since Will began working at the office Steve has always tried to keep him on track in Comment Commentary videos, even though Steve is the one going of the rails when Will isn't around.
  • Power Trio
    • The OG 3 Hosts: Joe, Elliott, and Lee.
    • The Second Generation Hosts: Steve, Trisha, and Meg.
    • The Third Generation Hosts: Will, Matt, and Reina.
    • The Fourth Generation hosts (Bree, Maude, Suptic) don't interact quite so much, although Bree, Matt, and Zaragoza form one on Nuclear Family.
  • Rewatch Bonus: In Most Anticipated Games on #TableTalk there's a blink in you'll miss it moment where Steve is tilting his chair back and almost falls. What really sells it is his mini freak out as he balances himself followed by doing a double finger guns at the camera as an A-OK.
  • The Rival: Will has been trying to phase Joe out ever since he became a host, especially when it comes to dance moves.
  • Running Gag:
    • Lee and dinosaurs.
    • The introduction of guests, filling in for x because of y
    • [Plasma Bomb/Hit/Eat/Smash/etc] the like button.
    • Benjamin Franklin Time Traveler, much to Elliott's and Phil's chagrin
    • Meg and #[insert random group of people]Shaming
    • Sexy Montages
    • Getting Norged in the bloopers
    • Steve punching Elliott
    • Joe walking into the frame on a TableTalk just to drink Steve's water and leave
    • Thaddeus J. Spider
    • Strens'ms. Played with, as there is neither rhyme nor reason to their products.
    • Bree's romantic advances being rudely rejected by Zaragoza. (See: "Santa Steve" for 2015 for a particularly soul-crushing example.)
    • Sam has a point.
    • Maude's slightly unseemly obsession with Star Wars has powered many jokes.
    • Matt and his frequent visits to sleep away camp in his youth
    • The hosts insisting that Reina looks good for 43 (she's actually only in her late 20s). On the other hand, Suptic keeps insisting she's a little Asian boy, so she just can't win.
  • Self-Deprecation: All of the hosts crack jokes about themselves. However, Will does this quite frequently, and Bree is absolutely vicious about this (with more than a hint of Stepford Smiler thrown in for good measure).
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Jeremy Azevedo's Milkman Mike (from Nuclear Family) Came Back Wrong from Korea and is profoundly depressed and suicidal, but can't go through with it. As might be expected with any channel including Bree Essrig on the writing team, this is Played for Laughs.
  • Shipper on Deck: Some might say Trisha ships Will and Reina, actively putting the former on the spot in "Ultimate Nerd Comm Comm"
    Trisha:I feel like you turn the smooth on every time Reina comes into the room.
    Will: What?
    • Reina has gotten engaged (Not to Will), thus sinking the #Weina ship.
    • #Breeberman seems to be a thing among fans, although Matt has an IRL girlfriend.
  • Ship Tease: Played with. In dozens of videos the host fuel the rumors of relationships in the office such as Steve kissing Joe or in the case of Lee, almost kissing. However #Weina is currently the biggest of these thanks to Trisha.
    • In Comment Commentary 137 it was revealed that Reina is engaged to her boy friend (Not Will) there for ending #Weina
      Matt: #Weinadebunked
    • #Weina has been revived and is Played straight. Will is dating Reina Hardesty, although the fans agree that it isn't the same.
    • #Smaude, a fan obsession for months, got shouts out in the blooper reels towards the end of Maude's tenure, culminating in Sam and Maude actually kissing on the million-subscriber live stream that also marked the end of Maude's time as a full-timer on SFN. (Newish-comer Whitney Moore celebrated by chugging from a champagne bottle.)
  • Sixth Ranger: Ross Everett, one of the writers, started making regular on-camera appearances in July 2013.
    • Reina, Will, and Matt who became new hosts shortly after Elliott, Ross, and Meg left.
  • Shout-Out:
  • The Smart Girl: According to Sam and Will; as well as Ricky, Brett, and Len, Maude is the smartest person in Defranco Inc. It's unknown if this was being Played With or not. Maude does admit to subtly asserting her intelligence.
  • Strange Girl: combined with Noodle Incident for Reina, who, according to Trisha, is just a deeply odd person who doesn't show it so much on camera. (Or at least until Joe left and Steve Z took over as creative director. Now Reina's much more openly twisted.)
  • Tagalong Kid: The other hosts sometimes treat Will like this because of how young he is. Joe even called him a baby when he realized Will was still in college.
  • Team Mom: Trisha is often called the "Mom of SourceFed" by the other hosts.
  • That Came Out Wrong: In "Sexy Interns, Adorable Dogs, & Elliott's 3-Year-Old Friend... It's Comment Commentary 68!" Elliott mentions a 3-year-old friend that he has, Steve Lee and Joe all let him know how wrong that sounds.
  • Top Ten List: The "Top 10 Worst Remakes" video and again with the "Top Ten Best Space Movies" video
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Both of the Steves. While both of them are more weird than unattractive (Zaragoza especially so), Zaragoza and Bree are a couple, and Suptic's girlfriend Alyssa is also jaw-droppingly beautiful.
  • The Unpronounceable: Played with. Steven Suptic's screen name mlgHwNt is apparently pronounced "MLG Haunt", but it certainly doesn't look it, especially in a sans serif font.
  • Wham Line: On Comment Commentary 150. Joe revealed that he was leaving SourceFed. After a clever segue from talking about Stephen Colbert's last show.
  • World of Pun: in "Bees, Time Travel, and 25 Years To Live on #TableTalk!" Steve, Ross, and Trisha go on an unbeelivable bee pun rant.
    Trisha: We're beehive on our shoots today.