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Brown is a color so often treated as almost a non-color, but it is also indisposably subtle and communicative. Brown is a color we can never quite forget because, even if we don't realize it, it can conjure deeply reflective moods. It is the color of the soil (at least in much of the world), and it can be symbolic of closeness to the earth and to nature (a role it shares with green). Brown is the most common human eye color on Earth, and in many parts of the world it is the only indigenous eye color. On a related note, brown is the second most common human hair color, after black. Additionally, nearly all of the world's inhabitants are a shade of brown, whether it's the palest of Europeans or the darkest of Africans. Perhaps most delightfully, brown is the color of coffee and chocolate, and for the Japanese, tea. However, there are certain other, less positive connotations. note 


If should be noted that it is impossible to render the colour brown at 100% saturation on the HSL model. Darker shades of brown would be rendered as red at full saturation, lighter shades of brown would be rendered as yellow, and medium shades of brown would be rendered as orange. Cooler colours (green, blue, and purple) cannot be rendered as brown at a lower saturation.



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