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iToons is a spin-off of Square Root of Minus Garfield, started in June 2015. Basically, it takes the idea of "anything goes" Remix Comics that Square Root of Minus Garfield made famous and applies it to almost any newspaper or web comic out there. Originally hosted on Blogger, it joined SRoMG on mezzacotta in late 2015.

The only comics off limits from remixing:

  • Garfield (obviously)
  • Dinosaur Comics (due to its "same artwork every strip" gimmick, only rewrites are possible - The Dinosaur Whiteboard already fulfills this purpose)
  • Prior to its integration into mezzacotta, edits based on Irregular Webcomic! or any of mezzacotta's features were also off limits (so as to avoid offending the Comics Irregulars, whom iToons' creator is on good terms with).


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