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Thanksgiving. A celebration of food, tradition and relative insanity
Set against the backdrop of the Fairfax District of Los Angeles, four families of different ethnic cultures, one Jewish; one Vietnamese; one Latino; and one African-American, celebrate Thanksgiving complete with family secrets and dysfunction while trying to find peace and harmony.

This movie contains the following tropes:

  • Coming-Out Story: Rachel tells her parents that she's a lesbian and brings her girlfriend Carla over to Thanksgiving and wants to move in with her.
  • Dark Secret: There are plenty of them: Rachel is gay and she's also pregnant; Elizbeth and her husband Javier are separated after Javier had slept with her cousin and she's dating a white co-worker and her daughter Sofia is dating a non-Latino.
  • Dysfunctional Family/Family Disunion: All four of them.
    • Seelig, the Jewish family, are dealing with the fact that their daughter's coming-out as a lesbian and their relatives dropping in without an invite.
    • Nguyen, the Vietnamese family, had found out about their son's expulsion and their daughter having pre-marital sex. Also, Culture Clash is at play with the family divided over the meal being Vietnamese along with their failed attempt at cooking the Turkey in such cuisine.
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    • Avila, the Latino family, had a tense family reunion with Elizabeth's ex-husband who came over with a grudge along with Sofia's new non-Latino boyfriend being invited to the party.
    • Williams, the African-American family, focuses on Audrey's not only having to cook but also having to please her husband and mother-in-law who are seeing her cooking skills. Her son, Michael, also had low opinions on her.
  • Thanksgiving Day Story
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