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Absurdly Long Limousine

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Yes, that's a helicopter pad on the rear end.

I'm rich! Stinkin' rich! I have a stretch limo so long, it only goes straight. If I want to turn a corner, I have to change limos!

Usually featured in comedy works, this is any very, very, very long limousine belonging to some rich showoff jerkass who may or may not be Compensating for Something. Often used as a (no pun intended) Overly Long Gag when a good portion of a scene is reserved for watching a limo take a lifetime to pull over. Of course, the main character will land inside (usually more or less forcefully) at least once. Sometimes the absurdly long vehicle will have nonsensical features like a hot-tub or a bowling alley attached, or perhaps a small car inside the limousine to help people travel within it more quickly. Someone coming out from this car will usually use a Feet-First Introduction.

And don't try to ask whether this thing is street legal or how it can make turns at corners (although in a wacky cartoon, it may bend to do so); you would be missing the joke.


May relate to Pimped-Out Car or more specifically, Rice Burner. However, Absurdly Long Limousines rely on exaggerated lengths while Rice Burners rely on exaggerated styling.


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  • Parodied in one Front Row Joe trailer. Joe pulls up to the theater in a limo with an extremely long front... but a very small cab, and the limo ends after that.

    Anime and Manga 

    Asian Animation 

    Comic Books 
  • ORPHANIMO!!: And Vallalkozo is proud of it.
  • There was a one-page-story featuring Scrooge McDuck wondering how Rockerduck's limousine could be parked. It bends.
  • A Richie Rich comic book story also featured a limousine that bends around corners when parked.
  • There is another Donald Duck comic in which Donald tries to outdo Scrooge's limo with his 313. Its first modification has got three rows of seats, but when this turns out to be too short, Donald installs another three rows of seats, giving the car 12 doors altogether, and a middle axle so that it won't bend through. Donald ends up pumping a fortune into the several parking meters his stretched 313 occupies now.
  • One Josie and the Pussycats story had Alex Cabot III showing off his new limo, and it was so long that it took up three sidewalk parking spots. It was so long that he could use it as a portable office. It was so long that the Pussycats filmed one of their music videos in it. At the end, Alex declared that said video will make the Pussycats the biggest thing around, but Josie corrected him- Nothing could be bigger than his limo.

    Films — Animated 
  • Pinky Fox from Rock-A-Doodle drives a large, pink limo with twelve wheels. Toward the end of the film, when Edmund, Patou, Peepers, and Snipes attempt to get Chanticleer back to their farm to stop the villainous owl, they actually all steal Pinky's limo before Peepers gets them all to escape using another vehicle they all stole: Pinky's helicopter.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • The book adaptation of the McGee and Me! episode A Star in the Breaking had an Imagine Spot where Nick shows up for the premier of his film debut. The narration hints at the extreme length of his limo by repeatedly interrupting its descriptions of the excited crowd to say "The limousine continues to arrive", adding on the final instance "(we're talking serious stretch here)".
  • Our Dumb Century from The Onion includes an article parodying ginormous cars of the 1950s. The Cadillac Dreadnought rolls on eight wheels, seats 24 people, and has three-foot-tall tail-fins, a basement, a dashboard-mounted martini mixer, and an optional three-season patio.
  • An aside in Solo Command mentions the existence of several luxury airspeeder limousines, spotted near a major corporation's executive entrance. (And used as evidence that it's probably not where the secret off-the-books project is located.) The vehicles aren't described in depth, but one of the Wraiths claims they were big enough to fit their own swimming pools.
  • It may or may not technically be a limousine, but Shel Silverstein's Longmobile certainly fits the spirit of this trope.
    It's the world's longest car, I swear,
    It reaches from Beale Street to Washington Square.
    And once you get in it
    To go where you're going,
    You simply get out, 'cause you're there.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Parks and Recreation: When Tom Haverford started his media company, he bought such a limo, with a hot tub in the back. It was this sort of business decision that caused his company to go belly-up quickly.
  • One episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody had London mentioning that she has a fleet of limousines so long that they can't turn corners. If she is traveling a route that goes around corners she needs to get out of one limo and into another.
  • A task in one of Top Gear (UK)'s "cheap-car challenges" asked the presenters to modify their vehicles into an executive vehicle/limousine, with each of the trio's creations being characterised by a unique characteristic. While Hammond decided to make a convertible stretch limo - and James electing to improve mobility (or at least try) by grafting the front end of a Saab to the back of his Alfa Romeo (creating what he dubbed the Salfa Romeaab; a vehicle which could be driven at either end) - Clarkson took the length aspect, dialled it way past 11... and applied it to his Fiat Panda. As well as retaining the two-door configuration, which required passengers to ride on a The Great Escape-tunnel-style cart just to get to the back seats, he'd made it a few feet longer than a London bus. With this rendering his car illegal for the road, shortening it involved cutting the car apart again, removing the offending extra few feet and welding the two halves back together. When the car inevitably split apart along the newly rewelded seam in the middle of London, he simply left the rear half of the (front-wheel drive) car behind, ferrying his passenger to the venue in the now two-wheeled, rearless Panda.
  • A 2016 Saturday Night Live sketch has a limousine ordering at a drive-thru. It has multiple people a few feet apart that are all seated as if they're sitting in the back seat.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017): In "The Ersatz Elevator, Part One", the Squalors and Gunther the auctioneer (a word which here means "Count Olaf in another Paper-Thin Disguise") hire such a limousine to take them to lunch. The trip is shorter than the limo itself.

    Music Videos 

    Theme Parks 
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios:
    • The opening cinematic for the "Rock 'n Roller Coaster" in Walt Disney World features the band Aerosmith badgering their manager to take good care of their fans (the guests boarding the ride), prompting her to order "the super stretch limo" to transport them. The limo in question is, of course, the coaster.

    Video Games 
  • The intro in Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun has the creditor arrive in one to deliver the notice that the $1,000,000 is due at midnight. After the limo drives off, the titular villain arrives in his small clown car.
  • There's one in the intro of Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out!, with a swimming pool and helicopter pad and tennis court, and takes forever to pass the screen.
  • Mother 3 has a private limo that Porky uses to pick up Lucas and his gang to bring them to New Pork City. It's sized fairly appropriately on the outside, but on the inside...
  • The Scott Pilgrim game has The Clash at Demonhead arrive in a super long limousine version of K.I.T.T.
  • In the browser "card" game Urban Rivals, the opponent's card gets run over by such a limousine (and peed on by a chihuaua) whenever you win by a large margin with a member of the Uppers.
  • In Persona 4: Arena, The Shadow Operatives arrive at Inaba in one. They're supposed to be keeping a low profile.
  • During the credits of Pink Panther: Pink Goes to Hollywood. Big enough to appear during the entire credits sequence.
  • The ultimate obtainable vehicle in the console version of The Sims 2.
  • Muv-Luv Extra has Meiya's limosine, which is 60 meters long. Takeru repeatedly wonders how in the hell the thing is able to make turns within the city, which is never really explained.
  • The Super Stretch Limo 900, owned by Joe Chin, in Parappa The Rapper. It even comes with a jacuzzi on the back seat... which is several feet away from the driver's seat.

    Web Original 
  • In Minilife TV, Vince and Zach's boss, Kegan Kubrick, owns a limo with a built-in bowling alley.

    Western Animation 
  • Animaniacs: In the Slappy Squirrel episode, "Hurray for Slappy" Slappy's very long limo pulls up, which has bowling included in it.
    Slappy: Look at this, the bowling in the limo gag. We're stretching for the comedy here folks.
  • Remy Buxaplenty from The Fairly OddParents has one of these.
  • Done once or twice in The Flintstones. Like the below Looney Tunes example, a secretary or switchboard operator at the halfway point of the limousine would be used to reinforce the gag.
  • Done in a lot of Looney Tunes shorts. In the Bugs Bunny short Oily Hare, the limo of the antagonist oil baron is shown to be so long that when he calls his driver from the back, he has to wait for an operator to patch him though because it's a "long distance" call.
  • This was a recurring element of The Powerpuff Girls. An enormous white limousine that is several windows long and takes a few seconds to cross the whole screen is always the Mayor's ride of choice in times of leisure. He rides in the back.
  • An episode of Robot Chicken parodying Richie Rich, he states he drives hybrid. Half monster truck, half limousine, that is. It has a mileage of three meters on a full tank.
  • An episode of The Simpsons had a rapper's limo that had a wax museum in its basement.
  • Tex Avery shorts like Red Hot Riding Hood sometimes feature late-30s-style cars, not limited to limos, with ludicrously long hoods. A favorite gag would be the limo bending around corners to conform to the street.
  • Montana Max from Tiny Toon Adventures has one of these with a built-in swimming pool, as seen in the cartoon, "Buster's Guide to Part-Time Jobs" from the episode, "Career Oppor-toon-ities."
  • The Tom and Jerry episode "Blue Cat Blues" has Tom competing with a rich cat for a kitty's heart. He eventually pulls up to his love interest's house in an old, broken-down car, only to be driven over by his competitor's limousine. It takes nearly 10 seconds before the front half of the whole thing drives into view (the driver's seat is in the middle), and another 8 before the back half drives out of view.
  • If it exists, there is a pony version of it: In "Green Isn't Your Color", Photo Finish has a "limousine" that consists of about half a dozen regular pony-drawn coaches coupled behind one another.
  • The Duke of Detroit from Motorcity has a whole fleet of limousines of various lengths in his mansion, but his attack vehicle of choice is a limo-tank large enough to fire regular-sized limousines as projectile weapons.

    Real Life 
  • The world's longest limousine is in the page image. This one hundred foot (30.48 m) long, twenty-six wheeled monster includes a hot tub and a swimming pool, and is mostly used in film productions and exhibitions. Imagine trying to parallel park this thing...
  • A funny contraption usually made for fun, for advertising or simply to show it can be done, is the sportscar turned absurdly long limousine, which include a Lancia Delta Integrale with a mini-bar and a stretched Ferrari 360 Modena with gullwing doors. As expectable, the claim to be sports cars should be taken with a grain of salt. Granted, the Lancia Delta isn't a sports car per se, but a compact 5-door hatchback. This limo just happens to be based on the hotted-up version.


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