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Oye Golu is a Disney Channel India animated series that premiered on May 5th, 2019. It is about a boy named Adi and his best friend, a genie named Golu, who often uses his magic to help him solve everyday problems.

In April 2019, several episodes were released early on Disney India's YouTube channel in several languages, including English.

Oye Golu contains the following tropes:

  • Absurdly Long Limousine: In "Amir Tijoriwala", Amir appears at the school in a long, golden limousine.
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  • Animorphism: In "Adi Bana Haathi", Adi turns into an elephant after drinking all of a strength potion that Golu said only to take a single sip of.
  • Baleful Polymorph: In "Adi Bana Haathi", Golu creates a potion for Adi that would give him the strength of an elephant, but he warns him that it's very strong and that he should only take one sip. Adi drinks the whole thing anyway, causing him to become an elephant.
  • The Big Race: "Cycle Race" is about Adi participating in a bicycle race.
  • Burning Rubber: In "Cycle Race", Golu gives Adi stronger thighs to help him win the bicycle race. His stronger thighs cause his bicycle to leave a trail of flames behind it as he rides it.
  • By the Lights of Their Eyes: At the end of "Oye Chiku", the bullies find themselves in the belly of Timmy the whale. Their eyes are the only things that can be seen in the dark interior for a few seconds.
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  • Catchphrase: Adi's dad often says "Very good, very good!"
  • Character in the Logo: The "O" in the "Oye" in the show's logo is made to look like Golu's head.
  • Circling Birdies: In "Dhayaan Kahaan Hai", Adi gets circling birds above his head when he is hit by the soccer ball.
  • Event Title: No points for guessing which events happen in "Cycle Race" and "Yoga Competition".
  • Fictional Social Network: Adi's mother uses a social network called "Dostnet" (known as "Friendsnet" in the English dub).
  • Hit Flash: In "Dhyaan Kahaan Hai", a hit flash appears when Adi is hit by the soccer ball.
  • Levitating Lotus Position: In "Yoga Competition", every time Golu does the lotus position, he floats in the air. The yoga teacher sees him while he is floating in the position and is so impressed that she chooses him to compete in the international yoga competition.
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  • Mad Libs Catchphrase: The second half of Golu's "aamlu, baamlu" Magical Incantation always changes to fit whatever Golu is using the magic to do.
  • Magical Incantation: Whenever Golu is about to use his magic to do something, he chants "Aamlu, baamlu, (something related to what he's using the magic for, and that rhymes with the previous half of the incantation)!"
  • Man-Made House Flood: In "Dhyaan Kahaan Hai", Adi accidentally leaves the sink running when he is distracted by Cheepie the bird and floods the house.
  • Pain-Powered Leap: In "Adi Bana Haathi", Adi magically sprouts a pig's tail during an arm wrestling match with a school bully and his cat bites the tail, sending him flying into the air. By the time he comes back down, Golu's magic has fully transformed into a winged pig.
  • Ring... Ring... CRUNCH: At the beginning of "Oye Chiku", Adi's alarm clock goes off and Golu hits it with a hammer.
  • Road Sign Reversal: In "Cycle Race", one of the bullies rotates an arrow sign to lead Adi the wrong way during the bicycle race.
  • Title Theme Tune: The theme song constantly repeats "Oye Golu, Oye Golu, Oye Golu, Oye Golu..."


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