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Asian Animation

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This is an index for Animated Shows that are made in Asia.

The most well-known and familiar Asian animation in the Western world is Japan's Anime.


  • The Adventures of Montu Miah
  • Meena




  • Adit & Sopo Jarwo
  • Battle of Surabaya (film)
  • Dufan the Defender
  • Entong
  • Kabayan Liplap
  • Keluarga Somat
  • Kiko
  • Kuku Rock Yu (film)
  • Meraih Mimpi aka Sing to the Dawn - an Indonesian-Singapore co-production
  • Petualangan Si Adi (film)
  • Si Juki
  • Uwa and Friends


North Korea

South Korea


  • Abang Sidi
  • Akis: A cartoon from Malaysia produced by Inspidea in association with Nickelodeon, making it the first Nicktoon to be produced in Asia.
  • The Amazing Awang Khenit
  • BoBoiBoy and its sequel, BoBoiBoy Galaxy
  • Bola Kampung
  • Didi & Friends
  • Dunia Eicak
  • Ejen Ali
  • Frootees
  • Ibn Battuta
  • Kampung Boy - the animated series is technically not made in Malaysia (produced by American company Matinee Entertainment and animated in the Philippines), but adapted from a graphic novel series by Malaysian cartoonist Lat
  • Keluang Man - a local parody/tribute of Batman
  • Pada Zaman Dahulu - based on the Sang Kancil fables
  • Puteri
  • Rimba Racer
  • Saladin: The Animated Series
  • Sang Wira
  • Supa Strikas
  • Upin & Ipin
    • Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula - a spin-off film
  • Usop Sontorian - Malaysia's first half-hour episode animated series
  • Yokies

Middle East

  • Ben & Izzy (Jordan)
  • Block 13 - a Kuwaiti knock-off of South Park
  • Foxy Fables (Israel)
  • Freej (United Arab Emirates)
  • Malek Khorshid (Iran)
  • Tareq wa Shireen (Jordan)
  • Zizigulu Tales (Iran)
  • M.K. 22 (Israel)



  • Adarna - based on the epic Ibong Adarna.
  • Barangay 143 - co-production with Japan and Singapore
  • BIDA:Batang Iwas Droga - animated series aimed at educating children about the perils of drug abuse.
  • Dayo
  • Lakas ng Lahi - a short film
  • Mutya - a short film.
  • The Nutshack (Filipino-American)
  • Urduja - based on the legend of the warrior princess Urduja of Pangasina.
  • RPG Metanoia - the first 3D animated movie from the Philippines.
  • Super Inggo at ang Super Tropa


  • Clang Invasion - Flash series from Singapore with Western Animation visuals; seen also in Canada and the UK.
  • Dream Defenders - US-Singapore co-production
  • Heartland Hubby - Singapore's first prime-time animated series
  • The New Adventures of Nanoboy
  • Oddbods - British-Singapore collaboration
  • Tatsumi (film)


  • Deathigner - a short film
  • The Frogville - a feature film



  • Cille
  • Limon and Oli
  • Pepee


  • The Baby Girl & the Flowerpot (short film)
  • In The Shade Of Trees (film)
  • Lu and Bun
  • Say Hi to Pencil!