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Animation / Gattu Battu

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Gattu, Battu, the very best pals!
Gattu, Battu, are surely friends!
Gattu, he's simple, honest, and kind!
Battu's somewhat naughty, and they're surely friends!
Gatta gatta Gattu, batta batta Battu, two two in one, one one in two!
Two two in one, one one in two!
Opening theme

Gattu Battu is an Indian All-CGI Cartoon that is produced by Toonz Animation India and airs on Nickelodeon Sonic in India. This series premiered on May 1st, 2017.

The show is about a corageous fighter named Gattu and his level-headed, intelligent friend Battu, who both run a security agency in Vishrampur.