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Bhaagam Bhaag (English translation "Running Around") is a Disney Channel India cartoon created by Sanjiv Waeerkar (also known for Simple Samosa) and animated by Cosmos-Maya. It originally premiered in October 2019.

The show focuses on Sunny, a brown-haired boy who works hard not to be late in getting to Samay Bharti High School. Sounds pretty straightforward... except he constantly misses the school bus, and he also regularly runs into all sorts of weird adventures that stall him from reaching the bus. Thankfully, Sunny is always coming up with strange ideas related to these weird happenings that help him to reach his school on time.

It's tigdam time!

  • Alien Episode: "Bhag Giga Bhag" is about Sunny helping an alien to reach its space shuttle.
  • Alliterative Title: Bhaagam Bhaag repeats the letter "B".
  • Bird-Poop Gag: In the episode "Kabootarr", Sunny rides a big group of birds through the sky. The birds poop all over some citizens, including a kid who is not happy and starts crying. At the end of that same episode, Sunny summons the birds to poop on his shoes when some of his fellow students make fun of his half pooped-on shoes; the waste materials hit those students as well.
  • Blind Without 'Em: Rinky, one of Sunny's classmates, wears glasses. The conflict of the episode "Bhag Rinky Bhag" is based around her losing her glasses and being unable to see well without them.
  • Catchphrase: Sunny's "It's tigdam time!", said whenever he comes up with one of his loony ideas.
  • Company Cross References: Sunny owns a backpack depicting fellow Disney Channel India/Sanjiv Waeerkar character Simple Samosa on it.
  • Dream Intro: "Guud Luck" begins with Sunny having a dream that a monkey is running off with one of his school books. Sunny plays tug-of-war with the monkey to get his item back; in reality, it's his mother tugging at his blanket to wake him up.
  • Just in Time: No matter what happens, Sunny always makes it to school right as the bus gets there and drops off its other students.
  • Late for School: The basis of the show's plot. Sunny keeps having to catch up with the bus to get to school on time, and does so in very unorthodox ways.
  • Monkey Morality Pose: "Ek Se Bhale Do" references the original Three Wise Monkeys by having three elderly monkeys being bothered by the exhaust from a car. One of the monkeys covers his eyes, another covers his ears, and the third covers his mouth.
  • Production Throwback: Sunny owns a Simple Samosa backpack, going back to Sanjiv Waeerkar's previous Disney Channel show.
  • Screen Shake: In "Under the Ground", the screen shakes for a good several seconds when the construction crew's equipment makes noise above the groundhogs' home.
  • Title Theme Tune: The theme song's chorus constantly repeats the series title. "Bhaagam bhaagam bhaagam bhaagam bhaaaaaag! Bha-bhaagam bhaagambhaagambhaagambhaagambhaagambhaagambhaagambhaagambhaaaaaaaaaag!"
  • Water Wake Up: One of the early promos shows Sunny's mother pouring a bucket of water on her son to wake him up.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Sunny is constantly getting caught up in all sorts of odd happenings - whether they involve talking animals, superhero mummies, or something else entirely - on his way to catching up with the school bus.