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BoBoiBoy Movie 2 is the 2nd film in the BoBoiBoy series (after BoBoiBoy: The Movie), as well as the first film for the sequel series BoBoiBoy Galaxy.

Sometime after BoBoiBoy reunlocks all his Elemental Powers to the 2nd tier, a new powerful foe emerges, Retak'ka, who claims that the elemental powers belong to him. BoBoiBoy is forced to seek Hang Kasa, who knows how to defeat Retak'ka, while the other half of the separated team rush to evacuate planetary natives and take on Retak'ka to stop him from killing planets as he absorbs their elements. BoBoiBoy, Gopal and (surprisingly) an amnesiac Adu Du and Probe train under Hang Kasa in hopes of being able to defeat Retak'ka before it's too late.

The film released simultaneously in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore on 8th August 2019. Its digital release on Astro includes extra scenes which weren't included in the cinematic cut. On 3rd December 2022, it was uploaded to Monsta's YouTube channel, with an extended post-credit scene.

A hand-illustrated comic adaptation (with concept art) titled BoBoiBoy Movie 2 - Evolusi Kuasa was also released in 2019.

Previews: Teaser Trailer, Official Trailer.

Spoilers for all preceding installments are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

BoBoiBoy Movie 2 provides examples of:

  • 11th-Hour Superpower: In the last half of the final battle, BoBoiBoy unlocks Elemental Fusion with the help of Hang Kasa, who fakes his death to instill him with the drive to defeat Retak'ka. He does so by fusing his two remaining elemental powers and using Ochobot to absorb back the other elemental powers from Retak'ka and using them to make more fusions to fight him with.
  • Aborted Arc: The start of the film informs of BoBoiBoy's positive track record as a TAPOPS member but also a tendency to save those who hinder their missions. After Retak'ka enters the picture as an intergalactic threat, this issue is never touched on again.
  • Aliens of London: Retak'ka speaks with an old Malay accent to indicate his ancientness after being frozen in crystal for 100 years. In the English dub, his accent is more akin to a British one.
  • All There in the Stinger: The post-credit scene is what first introduces Mechamato into the story, as it reveals that he's BoBoiBoy's father. Maskmana calls Amato to ask him to repair Armobot. Amato asks why he didn't help in the fight, to which Maskmana says that Amato should've been the one to help. Amato brushes it off, saying BoBoiBoy should be left to learn how to be independent to prepare for a greater mission. In 2022, an additional Stinger shows that Amato was apparently missing at the time of that call. Maskmana finds Amato's ship 3 months later to be empty, but he does find a hologram projection of Amato initiating that very call.
  • Amnesiacs are Innocent: Shortly after Adu Du first lays eyes on Ayu Yu, he gets an indent knocked into his head from a crash-landing and forgets that he's a villain. The heroes are surprised to find him and Probe training under Hang Kasa's supervision, to which Adu Du (now going by Padu Du) says that he's preparing to take back Ayu Yu, who he believes to be his wife, from kidnappers. When Ayu Yu hits him on the head, it gets knocked back into its original shape, and Adu Du remembers himself and forgets about this romantic endeavour when he wakes up.
  • Ancient Evil: Retak'ka is more than a century old since he was imprisoned for 100 years by Hang Kasa, and has an old Malay accent to fit that. However, he hasn't physically gotten older unlike Hang Kasa because his aging stalled while he was frozen in crystal all that time.
  • Asteroid Miners: The "Crystal Miners" are a group of alien miners who mine crystal from asteroids. One asteroid happens to contain Retak'ka, finally releasing him from being trapped in crystal for 100 years.
  • Attack Backfire: BoBoiBoy Solar unleashes a powerful blast on Retak'ka, which initially forces him against the wall, but to everyone's shock, he starts laughing instead of screaming, and empowers himself from the blast, since his original power is equivalent to Solar's power. BoBoiBoy Quake yells for Solar to stop, but Retak'ka bounds forward against the blast before Solar can respond.
  • The Bait: Hang Kasa exposes BoBoiBoy's location on Planet Quabaq to Retak'ka so that he can lure Retak'ka into a duel. However, Retak'ka sees into the trick and invites his would-be baiter to his own choice of battleground instead, Planet Earth.
  • Battle Discretion Shot: Fang unleashes his "Shadow Jungle" of animals at Adu Du and Probe, who are heard but not seen being beat up as the camera points up to the sky instead.
  • Battle in the Rain: Planet Gur'latan is constantly stormy, which is why Retak'ka targets it to empower his Voltra power. The Guruhan army advances to stop Retak'ka just as he charges himself up, only for the scene to change as he dares them to fight him. When Fang and Kaizo arrive to see the aftermath of the battle, it's still dark and raining, and a lightning flash reveals all the fallen soldiers.
  • Beware My Stinger Tail: Cakada, one of the alien Crystal Miners, has a robotic extension at the end of his tail that equips it with a pickaxe-like blade.
  • Big "NO!": Retak'ka yells a loud "NOOO-" that's interrupted by him being encased in crystal, shortly after the elemental powers are siphoned out of him.
  • Breath Weapon: In the final battle, Fang wears a shadow dragon suit with which he breathes a stream of purple fire down on Retak'ka, sending him plummeting towards the ground.
  • Bullet Time: Bak Bak, the walking tree that serves as the heroes' accuracy training, seamlessly dodges BoBoiBoy Ice and Gopal's scattered attacks, jumping as the blasts pass it in slow-motion.
  • Cardiovascular Love: Adu Du sees Ayu Yu in a Crush Filter of a heart outline surrounded by hearts. When Ayu Yu knocks him on the head, his Cranial Eruption is in the shape of a heart before he falls unconscious with hearts in his eyes.
  • Cerebus Callback: The Stinger gets an expansion in the 2022 YouTube upload which portrays the first post-credit scene in a darker light. In his call with Maskmana, Amato is off on some mission and indifferent about helping his son to encourage him to be more independent. The expanded stinger goes to 3 months later, where Maskmana is perplexed to find that Amato is nowhere to be found and that the call he had with him was apparently staged by a hologram recording.
  • Charge-into-Combat Cut:
    • The Guruhan soldiers charge towards Retak'ka just as he drains Planet Gur'latan's electric power from surrounding stations. Retak'ka Voltra dares the incoming army to fight, and the scene cuts to the TAPOPS ship, where the allies discuss their next move as they await Kaizo's report. On Planet Gur'latan after the battle, he and Fang are shocked to find the army's bodies.
    • Yaya, Ying and Fang stay on Planet Rimbara to fight Retak'ka while the others of TAPOPS deploy ArmoBot to provide each of them with pieces of Powered Armor before escaping. After each of them have attacked Retak'ka to some extent, Fang charges at Retak'ka again just before the scene is changed to the main characters on Planet Quabaq. The next time the 3 are seen, they've been captured.
  • Cloning Splits Attributes: Implied. According to Retak'ka, BoBoiBoy's Elemental Split is an inferior way of using the elemental powers, compared to wielding several in a single being like himself. This leads to the idea of fusing his Elemental Forms instead in the final battle.
    Retak'ka: Perhaps a mere brat like you doesn't know... that splitting makes your Elemental Powers weak!
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist:
    • According to magazine trivia, Retak'ka was born on Ata Ta Tiga, the same planet that Bora Ra of the first movie hails from. But while Bora Ra hunted Power Spheras to conquer other planets for the Kubulus empire, Retak'ka (who isn't a Kubulus) was abandoned on another planet, where he found the Power Sphera that granted him Gamma power. Both are sadistic power-hungry individuals who command others through fear, but while Bora Ra's quest for Power Spheras concerned the hero's friend, Ochobot; Retak'ka seeking to repossess the Elemental Powers makes it a more personal conflict against BoBoiBoy himself.
    • The Crystal Miners are side antagonists who work for the main villain like the Tengkotak gang did for Bora Ra, but on different terms. Bora Ra was the Tengkotak's leader from the get-go, but Retak'ka gives the Crystal Miners an offer they couldn't refuse to make them work for him. All Tengkotak members were Kubulus aliens, while the Crystal Miners are a mixed group of unknown alien species, but some have a few parallels to that of the other group. Gogobi, the leader of the Crystal Miners, is The Brute and loyal to Retak'ka, alike to Gaga Naz towards Bora Ra. Ayu Yu is the Dark Action Girl who Adu Du gets a crush on, like Kiki Ta was. Kechik is the short one like Cici Ko, except he's loyal to the villains unlike the latter who was The Mole.
  • Cranial Eruption: Adu Du gets a pulsing heart-shaped protrusion on his head when Ayu Yu smacks him there. He lets out some Gibberish of Love before he's knocked out.
  • Crush Filter: When Adu Du first lays eyes on Ayu Yu, despite her blasting at the ship that he was imprisoned on, he sees her in slow motion with hearts surrounding her, and even makes up a Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue... rhyme about how much he loves her. Even after she hits him on the head when he finally sees her in person, he lastly sees her inside a heart outline before fainting.
  • Crystal Prison: A crystal spear to the chest encases Retak'ka in crystal, leaving him to be stuck to an asteroid for a century.
  • Deadly Euphemism: When Retak'ka doesn't say "destroy", his death threats include the likes of him saying he'll "[make someone] disappear from this world" or "release [one] from [their] torment for eternity."
  • Death Is Gray: When the glowing essence of power is sucked out of an elemental form, they become dim and limp, before disappearing into faint sparks.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable: The elite Guruhan soldiers of Planet Gur'latan are said to have never been defeated before, which is why it shocks everyone when Kaizo and Fang report that the entire army has been left for dead (though they only say defeated) after Retak'ka's attack.
  • Disappears into Light: Downplayed. After their power is absorbed out of them, an elemental form fades in color before fading from existence in a faintly lit bout of scattered particles, like dust.
  • Do with Him as You Will: A variant. Adu Du and Probe seek mercy after being beat up by BoBoiBoy's friends, who stop them because they disrupted their mission by stealing the Power Sphera that BoBoiBoy is meant to rescue. Ying says that she won't beat them up anymore... but she couldn't say the same for BoBoiBoy, who finally catches up to them and strikes them away.
  • Elemental Absorption:
    • All Retak'ka is left with after escaping his Crystal Prison is remnants of his Gamma power. When BoBoiBoy Solar shoots a solar eclipse blast at him, it grants him back some of his old power before he absorbs it completely from the elemental himself. He shoots a gamma blast at BoBoiBoy's other elementals and absorbs Thunderstorm, Cyclone and Thorn to use their powers at the 3rd tier (Voltra, Tempest, and Darkwood). His goal for the rest of the movie is to steal the elements of other planets to enhance his own powers, which leaves them barren in the process. His final destination is one that has all of the elements, Planet Earth.
    • Ochobot was used to absorb the Elemental Powers from Retak'ka prior to his imprisonment, and he is the key to absorbing the elements back. Hang Kasa seemingly betrays BoBoiBoy by using Ochobot to take his Quake power, which Kasa uses as its 3rd-tier Crystal to fight Retak'ka. When that goes south, the main heroes use Ochobot's "Elemental Drain" to take the powers back from Retak'ka.
  • Elemental Fusion: BoBoiBoy gains the ability to fuse his elemental powers together to form new ones that possess their powers combined or a new powerset based on the components. The first three that are unlocked and used against Retak'ka at the climax of the fight are FrostFire (Blaze + Ice), Glacier (Quake + Ice), and Supra (Solar + Thunderstorm).
  • Elemental Hair Composition: Every time Retak'ka uses an Elemental Power, his hair changes in characteristics and color according to the element. Gamma gives him yellow glowing hair, Voltra gives him upright jagged red hair, Darkwood has thick thorny hair that resembles roots, Tempest has long white Prehensile Hair that can spiral around him and cut like a knife, and Crystal gives him green and red crystals on his head.
  • Evil Former Friend: Retak'ka was once Hang Kasa's closest friend, ever since they found each other abandoned on Planet Gugura as well as the Power Spheras that granted them their respective elemental powers. Then Retak'ka's ambition to have all the elemental powers for himself turns him on his former friend, forcing the latter to fight and imprison him.
  • Faking the Dead: After giving him some advice, Hang Kasa collapses after Retak'ka beats him up. The presumed death leads BoBoiBoy to unleash a new ability and defeat Retak'ka. Hang Kasa lives and aids Gopal in enabling Ochobot's Elemental Drain ability. When BoBoiBoy asks Hang Kasa why he didn't tell him he was still alive, he replies that he wouldn't have unlocked Elemental Fusion if he did.
  • Fly-at-the-Camera Ending: The movie's opening scene ends with BoBoiBoy jumping from a flying ship to save Adu Du and Probe as the camera sees him Triple Split from below. They fall into the camera's view and the screen cuts to black.
  • Guile Hero: Implied to be the case for Hang Kasa, who manipulates the hero as well as the villain by using the former as The Bait with entirely good intentions; that being to have a rematch against Retak'ka. The villain doesn't fall for the trick, instead sending a message that notes Hang Kasa to be deceptive and cunning as usual. Initially coming off to the others as a Scatterbrained Senior, Hang Kasa trains BoBoiBoy before stealing the Quake/Crystal power (his original power) as payment so he can fight Retak'ka himself. When he fails, he apologises and gives a Rousing Speech to BoBoiBoy for him to carry on the battle, and fakes his death to ensure the titular hero will find the ability to defeat him.
  • Height Insult: Adu Du and Probe steal Eggabot but are blocked from escaping by BoBoiBoy's friends, one aboard the ship being Fang who summons many shadow animals poised to attack them. Adu Du jokes at Fang opening a zoo, to which Probe replies "Can kids like Mr. Boss get a free entry?", earning him a smack on the head by Adu Du.
  • Hero's Evil Predecessor: Retak'ka has been known as "Master of the Elemental Powers" for at least a century before BoBoiBoy receives them from Ochobot, and Retak'ka introduces himself by demanding his powers back. He originally only wielded Gamma and stole 5 of the other elemental powers before Hang Kasa defeated him with the 7th power, Crystal.
  • Heroic Second Wind: It seems that BoBoiBoy's fate is sealed when Retak'ka is about to crush him with a makeshift hammer. Then Hang Kasa takes the hit instead, but before collapsing, he apologises and tells him that he doesn't need all his elemental powers to stop Retak'ka. This advice and Hang Kasa's presumed death drives BoBoiBoy to combine his last two elemental powers and finally defeat Retak'ka.
  • Hypocrite: Hang Kasa disallows his students to use communication devices or any technology, stating that they must focus on their training and that he turned out just fine without technology. Papa Zola and Pipi later enter his house, which is off-limits, and find lots of tech lying around. Hang Kasa deceived them so they wouldn't know that he leaked the hero's coordinates to Retak'ka in order to bait him into a duel.
  • Ironic Echo: "You are not worthy of (using) this power!" Retak'ka says this first to BoBoiBoy, thinking him as too weak to have the Elemental Powers before he seizes some of them from him. As the hero finally absorbs them back via Ochobot, BoBoiBoy repeats the proclamation to the villain.
  • King Kong Copy: One of Hang Kasa's training tasks for BoBoiBoy and Gopal is to pluck the hair off a giant space ape called King Kang Kong.
  • Lightning Reveal: When Kaizo and Fang arrive at Planet Gur'latan, it is just as dark and rainy as it was during the battle between the Guruhan army and Retak'ka. Much to their shock, the whole army has been vanquished, and the scene zooms out for lightning flashes to reveal the several bodies left behind.
  • Lost in Transmission: In an emergency transmission when the TAPOPS station is under attack, Koko Ci sends the heroes a coordinate and says to follow its attached instructions. The data for the latter gets corrupted after a crash-landing at the desired planet, so all they know to do is search for Hang Kasa. Only when they see the full uncorrupted message later do they realise that they were never meant to train under Hang Kasa, just get information on how to defeat him, as they were once friends.
    Koko Ci: BoBoiBoy! Get away from here and head to Planet Quabaq! This is Hang Kasa. Find him, and find out how to defeat Retak'ka. According to old intel, Hang Kasa was an old friend of Retak'ka's.
  • Mama Bear: The alien on Planet Saharu is very protective of her eggs, as she's instantly hostile to whoever steals them, like Gopal. Once the stolen egg hatches and the child cries out, she wakes up and chases them.
  • Meadow Run: The newly hatched alien and its mother joyfully run towards each other in slow motion to reunite... only for Adu Du to ruin the moment by accidentally landing on the alien child.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Retak'ka comes from the Malay word "retak", which means "crack". The symbols of the elemental powers become fractured when under his use, and the number 2 of the movie's title is cracked to reflect this.
    • "Kechik" is the smallest member of the Crystal Miners. The similarly pronounced Malay word "kecik" means "small."
    • Planet Rimbara is a jungle planet with a name based off the word "rimba," a Malay word for "jungle".
  • Mushroom Man: The Cendawa tribe from Planet Rimbara, whose name comes from the Malay word for mushroom, "Cendawan"note . They all have a mushroom cap atop each of their heads, while the young ones have a stalk with a smaller cap on top. They also have stumpy limbs, tribal markings and grass skirts, and each of their names follow the prefix "Cenda". TAPOPS brings them to Earth after the final battle to help heal the damaged land.
  • Moment Killer: Adu Du ruins a heartfelt reunion of a mother and her newly hatched child when the latter ends up cushioning his fall. Unsurprisingly, they earn the mother's wrath.
  • Never Say "Die": The words "defeat" and "destroy" are the commonly used placeholder words for mentions of likely lost lives and death threats. The Guruhan army is said to have been defeated by Retak'ka, although their chances of still being alive are pretty slim, given that what remains of them are their unmoving bodies left on the battlefield.
  • Next Tier Power-Up: This movie reveals that BoBoiBoy's Elemental Powers have a 3rd level tier. Retak'ka wields Gamma, the 3rd tier of Light/Solar, while Hang Kasa wields Crystal, the 3rd tier of Earth/Quake. Under Retak'ka's use, the elemental powers are at Tier 3 by default, revealing Voltra for Lightning/Thunderstorm, Tempest for Wind/Cyclone, and Darkwood for Leaf/Thorn.
  • Non Sequitur, *Thud*: Downplayed. When Adu Du is finally in Ayu Yu's presence, she smacks him on the head for beating up her colleagues. With a heart-shaped Cranial Eruption, he woozily asks why she's rebuffed his affections, still seeing her with a Crush Filter before he passes out.
    Adu Du: How could you block the love coming from this block-shaped head lover...?
  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: After being freed by the Crystal Miners, Retak'ka demands to be brought to the current wielder of the elemental powers. Gogobi asks why he should obey him, to which Retak'ka, who's holding him up by the neck, responds by blasting a hole through the ceiling, just missing his face. Retak'ka gives two reasons: for their own safety, and to reap more crystals.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Retak'ka's destruction of the TAPOPS station, which BoBoiBoy and the others only receive word of as it's being attacked, and arrive after Retak'ka has destroyed most of it. Even one of their strongest fighters, Admiral Tarung has been defeated, much to the others' shock.
  • Ominous Adversarial Amusement: Retak'ka goes from seeming to suffer from BoBoiBoy Solar's blast to laughing, before turning to face the blast head-on and tell his opponent to give him back more of his original power. Solar realises this too late, and Retak'ka leaps forward to grasp him by the neck, shortly before absorbing his power completely.
  • One-Man Army: After absorbing Planet Gur'latan's electric power, Retak'ka defeats the entire upcoming Guruhan army that tries to stop him. The battle is never seen, but the bodies are.
  • Plant Person: Bak Bak is a tree that a fruit must be shot off the top of in order to pass Hang Kasa's accuracy training. The challenge is that Bak Bak is incredibly agile. When dormant, its legs appear as roots and its arms as the branches, with leafy bunches on each arm and two on top of its trunk. When active, a face is apparent on the trunk as it stands up and runs.
  • Post-Victory Collapse: After he defeats Retak'ka with a very powerful attack, BoBoiBoy mutters "I... I did it..." before going faint at the edge of the high dam and falling into the icy water below. Fortunately, his friends swim to his rescue.
  • Powered Armor:
    • ArmoBot is deployed as Yaya, Ying and Fang encounter Retak'ka on Planet Rimbara in order to equip them with robotic armor for particular body parts. Yaya gets gauntlets for stronger gravity punches, Ying gets leg enhancements for faster kicks, and Fang receives a helmet with a pair of ox horns (which he initally finds ridiculous) that he uses to headbutt Retak'ka.
    • CrystalBot provides Hang Kasa with an emerald set of crystal armor that generates around him, firstly with a helmet before the rest of it forms down the body.
  • Power Glows: Each of the Elemental Powers has a specific colored glow when transferred from one being to another. When absorbed from BoBoiBoy's elemental forms, they fade in color before vanishing.
  • Punny Name: Hang Kasa is a mix of the Malay words "Hang" (a past title for men, such as Hang Tuah) and "angkasa", which means "space".
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: After a Rousing Speech to BoBoiBoy for not falling to corruption despite wielding all 7 elemental powers, Hang Kasa proceeds to chew out Retak'ka on his villainous flaws before the latter silences him with his giant hammer.
    Kasa: Yes... you are weak! You lost to your own greed! You are not the same Retak'ka whom I once called my best friend.
  • Repeat Cut:
    • BoBoiBoy Solar's "Solar Eclipse Blast" on Retak'ka is shown several times through differently angled shots.
    • BoBoiBoy Blaze and BoBoiBoy Ice's Fusion Dance ends with a boom as they bring their wrists together, and the mild explosion is repeated at different angles.
    • To extract the last of the stolen elemental powers from Retak'ka, BoBoiBoy Glacier absorbs them from him through Ochobot, the activation of the ability being viewed twice at other angles.
  • Replaced with Replica: To retrieve Eggabot, who an alien mother has mistaken for her egg, BoBoiBoy and Gopal replace it with a fake when she's asleep. Unfortunately, Gopal decides to take an actual egg for himself after BoBoiBoy switched out Eggabot with a fake, leading to them being discovered.
  • Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...: Adu Du speaks a similar rhyme when he first lays eyes on Ayu Yu and falls for her. The English version gives "Rockets are red, lasers are blue, how I love you, Ayu Yu..."
  • Rousing Speech: Hang Kasa gives some compliments and riveting words to BoBoiBoy when he feels doubtful about his chances against Retak'ka, stating that he only needed one elemental power to defeat him.
    Hang Kasa: have a strong will. Your will is stronger than Retak'ka and mine. All this time you held 7 Elemental Powers, but those powers never corrupted you.
  • Save the Jerk: Adu Du, formerly the series' Starter Villain turned more neutral/unpredictable minor antagonist, is rescued by BoBoiBoy from an angry Mama Bear alien, whose newborn Adu Du accidentally lands on. Despite that Adu Du attempted to sabotage his field mission moments earlier, BoBoiBoy says he "[couldn't] just leave Adu Du and Probe like [that]" and jumps down to save him. It's implied that he's done this several times before, much to the chagrin of his coworkers.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Retak'ka was frozen in crystal by Hang Kasa for 100 years until the Crystal Miners happened upon the asteroid he was in and unwittingly set him free. This works to the villain's advantage, as it froze his aging while Kasa has gotten older, a foresight that Kasa overlooked in his plan to lure him into a duel.
  • Self-Serving Memory: Due to being hit on the head, Adu Du (now going by Padu Du) forgets who he is and believes that Ayu Yu (one of the Crystal Miners) is his wife who was captured by evil aliens. The subsequent "flashback" has her calling out for his help as he's left behind, but he was actually imprisoned on the MYS Kebenaran when he first saw Ayu Yu, who was blasting at the heroes.
  • Sequel Logo in Ruins: While the main title itself is unaffected, the number 2 behind the words "BoBoiBoy Movie" gets cracked to the sound of something breaking. This may allude to the main villain Retak'ka, as his name comes from the Malay word for "crack".
  • Sole Survivor: The only elements that aren't taken away from BoBoiBoy by Retak'ka or Hang Kasa are Blaze and Ice. BoBoiBoy realises that he doesn't need all the elemental powers to defeat Retak'ka, and so uses his remaining two to unlock a new ability, Elemental Fusion.
  • Spit Take: Gopal spits his drink when Hang Kasa introduces himself by saying they can just call him "bro." Papa Zola and Pipi are not amused, as the water ends up all over them.
  • Taking the Bullet: Hang Kasa stands in the way of Retak'ka's hammer attack to crush BoBoiBoy, but remains standing long enough to share some words to both of them before collapsing from more attacks. He only gets knocked unconscious, and reveals so to the hero some time after he defeats Retak'ka.
  • Taking You with Me: After the heroes beat up Retak'ka and announce that he's lost, he refuses to accept defeat and takes down the giant dam behind them, intending to drown everyone.
    Retak'ka: If I lose, then you can't win either!
  • Team Shot: Right after BoBoiBoy's friends unleash their respective attacks on Retak'ka, the camera focuses on them gathering side-by-side before the weakened villain, with BoBoiBoy lastly descending in the middle of them with Fang.
  • Time Skip: Implied. BoBoiBoy has reunlocked the Tier 2 forms of Lightning and Light by the time of Galaxy's first season finale, but by the time of this film, he's reunlocked all 7 upgraded forms. Also, we learn that Papa Zola has a young daughter named Pipi.
  • Training Montage: BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Adu Du and Probe undergo numerous training exercises on Planet Quabaq, with Hang Kasa teaching them and Papa Zola and Pipi noting their progress, all to the official theme song for the movie, "Fire & Water" by Faizal Tahir.
  • Traumatic Superpower Awakening: Exploited. Hang Kasa (apparently) dies in front of BoBoiBoy. In his distress and rage, he unlocks Elemental Fusion to fight Retak'ka. He turns out to be alive and explains that he pretended to have died to motivate him to defeat Retak'ka.
  • Use Your Head: Fang receives a horned helmet as a piece of Powered Armor from ArmoBot, and he uses it with one of his shadow animal suits to charge at Retak'ka like an ox.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Retak'ka is a ruthless villain in this otherwise lighthearted comedic adventure film. He lays waste to the TAPOPS station to find BoBoiBoy's whereabouts, but even after his target escapes, he orders the station to be blown up. He absorbs the elements from other planets, destroying them in the process, and even takes down a whole army that Fang and Kaizo only find the bodies of in the aftermath. He has no comedic moments and tends to torture anyone who dares to oppose him.
  • Villains Want Mercy: The minor villains, at least. Adu Du and Probe attempt to sabotage a TAPOPS rescue mission, but BoBoiBoy's friends beat them up, and the two ask for mercy after Fang's shadow animals make quick work of them.
    Adu Du: Please... No more...
    Probe: We won't ever do it again!
  • Weakened by the Light: The Kang Kong are nocturnal sloth-like aliens that are very slow during the day, but viciously swift at night. Gopal slows one down with a flashlight while BoBoiBoy Blaze's fireball reveals many Kang Kongs slowly approaching them.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: It is unclear what happens to the Crystal Miners at the end of the film, as they aren't seen again after Papa Zola knocks them out with an egg-shaped stink bomb. It is assumed that they are arrested by TAPOPS, which is explicitly the case in the Evolusi Kuasa comic adaptation.

Tropes exclusive to Evolusi Kuasa and other related comics:

  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: The movie has Hang Kasa state in his "The Reason You Suck" Speech that Retak'ka is no longer the friend he once knew, but in the movie's comic, he's much more emotional in that scene, in tears over how much of a monster his former friend has become. To really hit the nail on the angst, Retak'ka silences Hang Kasa by stepping on him as opposed to smacking him with a giant hammer. Even his horse mourns for him.
  • Adaptational Badass: In the film, BoBoiBoy Glacier only appears in order to use an Ice Golem to stop a dam that Retak'ka destroys. The comic for the film extends his appearance by giving him a bigger role in the fight, and appearing before Retak'ka destroys the dam. Instead of using an Ice Golem, Glacier uses "Ice Wave" to stop his action.
  • Adaptational Early Appearance: Downplayed in the comic for the movie, which has BoBoiBoy Glacier show up before Retak'ka destroys the dam, instead of appearing to freeze the dam water after he breaks it.
  • Adaptation Expansion: The comic version of the film touches more into Hang Kasa and Retak'ka's past friendship, with more flashback panels than seen in the film depicting how close they were, and the former in much more pain over the monster his former friend had become. In the movie itself, Hang Kasa simply wants a rematch against Retak'ka.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Cattus and Bellbot are minor characters who don't appear in the movie, but an exclusively online comic reveals their whereabouts during the movie's events. They get accidentally sent to Planet Londari along with Admiral Tarung's laundry. Cattus and Bellbot help save a village from giant hostile monkeys and are considered heroes among the locals. Unfortunately, when the two return to the TAPOPS station, it had already been destroyed by Retak'ka, which explains how the powerful Admiral Tarung lost so easily to the villain; because he didn't have his suit.
  • Irony: An amnesiac Adu Du spends most of the film preparing to rescue Ayu Yu, who he believes to be his wife. She rebuffs his affections with a strike to the head that cures him of his amnesia. Once she tries to avoid arrest by claiming herself to be Adu Du's wife note , he has no recollection of or feelings for her.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In the movie, BoBoiBoy finishes off Retak'ka by blasting him into space. In the comic version, the villain instead falls into the river below before TAPOPS arrests him along with the Crystal Miners.


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