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A list of media originating from Malaysia.


Animated TV

  • Agent Ali (aka Ejen Ali)
  • Akis
  • The Amazing Awang Khenit
  • BoBoiBoy
    • BoBoiBoy Galaxy, a sequel series to BoBoiBoy that sees the characters going on galactic adventures.
  • Bola Kampung, also known as Robokicks in its English version. Has an official YouTube channel that contains the full series (5 Seasons of 13 episodes each) in both Malay and English.
    • Bola Kampung X, similarly also known as Robokicks X in its English version. A sequel series with a retool focused on Street Soccer/Football, a tighter principal cast with a new addition, and loads of new themed Street Soccer teams. All 13 episodes of its first (and so far only) season can also be found on the official Youtube channel.
    • Bola Kampung Film 3 D, a CGI Movie that sees the principal cast of Bola Kampung X (sans new addition Nelly) eventually forced to fight against a video game alien conqueror in a decisive Football match for the fate of two worlds. The full movie can be viewed in Malay on the aforementioned Youtube channel. Also spawned about a half-dozen shorts, also viewable on the channel, that see the primary Football Kids FC trio fight in goofy, "friendly" matches against said conqueror on the team's home field, thwarting one zany scheme to win after another.
  • Chuck Chicken
  • Harry and Bunnie
  • Keluang Man, the Malaysian Denser and Wackier ripoff of Batman.
  • Mask Masters (co-produced with South Korea)
  • Mechamato
  • Rimba Racer
  • Supa Strikas (co-production with South Africa)
  • Upin & Ipin

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