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Shout Out / Asian Animation

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Shout-outs in Asian Animation (other than Japanese Anime).

Works with their own subpages:

Other Works:

  • One episode of Canimals is called "Can Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
  • Happy Heroes has enough shout-outs catalogued to warrant a subpage of its own. Of particular note, however, is that since some of the crew working on Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf made this show, Pleasant Goat is referenced in a few episodes (e.g. in one episode, Happy S. manages to launch a monster into an environment where Pleasant Goat's Wolf Castle is nearby).
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  • The Lamput episode "Fracture" features a song which sounds extremely similar to "Eye of the Tiger" during the montage where the docs help get the fractured Lamput back into good condition.
  • The Content Warning at the beginning of every M.K. 22 episode is patterned off of the one used in South Park. The warnings in both shows mention stuff like the celebrity voices being impersonations and that the show is not suitable for anyone due to mature content.
  • Motu Patlu: One episode is about Motu getting injected with a Super Strength serum which makes him grow in size, similar to The Incredible Hulk. Fittingly, the episode is called "The Bulk".
  • One episode of Noonbory and the Super 7 is titled "Play it Again, Luky!"
  • Oddbods:
    • The one-minute episode "Dance Off" has Pogo dancing the Gangnam Style, only to be tackled twice in annoyance.
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    • "Perfect Night's Squeak" is a setup of Tom and Jerry cartoons.
  • PangPond: In "Babysitter", PangPond plays a pretend lightsaber duel with LhinPing, his younger sister.
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf has several, among them the following:
    • Does the title Around the World in 20 Days strike anyone as a reference to Around the World in 80 Days?
    • Episode 18 of Around the World in 20 Days has references to real American people.
    • Tetris is played in the beginnings of episodes of Mr.Wolffy, Mr.Right!
    • The Super Mario Bros. coin sound appears in episode 5 of Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Sports are Fun.
    • The Little Detective episode 1 has a wall painting of Creative Power Entertaining's other show Fun Alliance.
  • Rimba Racer:
    • At one point, after obtaining something plot significant, comes the line "So much trouble for something so small!" Given what Meika is doing at that moment, the fact that it's spoken by Boromir in the original serves as foreshadowing.
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    • Star Wars is also quoted at one point: "You're all clear, kid! Now let's blow this thing and go home!"
  • Simple Samosa: In "Samosa Mama", Samosa's rival Cham Cham asks the courthouse for the wi-fi password. The password is spelled out "D, I, S, N, E, Y", referring to Disney Channel who airs the show.
  • Yamucha's Kung-Fu Academy started out as a group of fifteen web shorts in 2004 before becoming a TV show in 2007. The original shorts are parodies of Jurassic Park, Titanic (1997), and Chinese cinema.


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