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Eastern European Animation

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Eastern European Animation refers to Animated Shows from Eastern Europe, which includes Russia and the now-defunct Soviet Union, as well as most other ex-socialist European countries.note  Actually, classifying these as "shows" is very inaccurate; some of them are features, some are actual shows; most of them are isolated shorts that don't have a theatrical release. but do have initial airings on television. In fact, there were no animated shows in the Soviet Union; those that look like shows are series of loosely connected shorts, with long (sometimes over 10 years) intervals between "releases". Overall, network and medium seem to matter much less in Eastern European culture, at least to the average viewer — in part because there was only one thing to watch for so many years — so not making the distinction between features, shorts, and series on this page is justified. However, the post-Fall era animation is more westernized in formal aspects, with a proper division into features, shows, and shorts.


Whether Eastern European Animation can be considered a form of Western Animation is up for debate as many people do not think of Eastern Europe as "Western".

See also Anime and Asian Animation.


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    East German 
  • Red Cartoons, a collection of 16 shorts from the ’70s and ’80s. Each cartoon aims to make some benign point; and the stories can vary from the more universal ‘a man neglects a flower in order to reach a star, while a man in the sky does the opposite’ to the more concrete ‘people wearing gas masks because of the pollution emitted by a gas mask factory’.





References to Eastern European animation in other media:

    Live-Action TV 
  • Spoofed on The Fast Show with Chanel 9's strange and sadistic animation "Willy Ton Bastardo".

    Western Animation 

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