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Animation / I Shall Give You a Star

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Soviet animated short by Fyodor Khitruk about gender issues. First released c. 1974. The story is told in four vignettes through different times, all showing the same story: a man meeting a woman, them falling in love, and the woman becoming practically a kitchen slave doing chores while the man keeps making verses for her.

It can be viewed online with subtitles on Youtube.

This short provides examples of:

  • "Arabian Nights" Days: The setting of the second segment.
  • Artistic License – Paleontology: In the first segment, the hunter has to run from the dinosaurs that humans apparently coexisted with.
  • Bedlah Babe: The woman is dressed this way in the second segment.
  • Fiery Red Head: The man in the first segment, who is quite hot-headed and impulsive.
  • Here We Go Again!: The animation ends with the woman in the future realizing that she's in the same situation as the other women, with modern man telling her the same thing that the previous men did.
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  • History Repeats: The plot of the animation: woman and man always fall for each other throughout eternity, and woman is always left to slave away while man sings about how much he will do for her.
  • Lazy Husband: Throughout the whole thing, but the first and third segments especially the man is content to let heaps of garbage pile up and leave it for the woman to clean while he sits around and sings.
  • Love at First Sight: In the third segment, the man and woman feel an immediate attraction as soon as they see each other as they drive by.
  • Madness Mantra: The man repeating "To eternity!" at the end of the animation.
  • Nubile Savage: The woman in the first segment, who lived before civilization existed in any form.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Woman's eventual fate in all vignettes.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: The modern woman is left with them at the end of the third segment.
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  • Writer on Board: Like many others of Khitruk's shorts for adults (see also: Film, Film, Film or Icarus and Wisemen) this one is a unflinching social satire, specifically of modern relationships and gender roles.
  • Zeerust: The final part of the animation, which takes place in what someone from the seventies thought 2030 would look like.