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Hullabaloo is a series of hand-drawn animated short films currently in production. They're set in a Steampunk world occupied by the young inventor Veronica Daring, who comes home from her elite finishing school to find a nasty situation: her father has been kidnapped, and his captors plan to use his inventing genius for evil corporate ends. Daring tracks her father to the abandoned amusement Daring Adventures, where he used to test his inventions. There she meets a fellow inventor girl named Jules Fletcher, and they join forces to take down the villains. But the bad guys' wealth and influence are great, too much to let them be challenged directly. But an alias should provide them cover, so Veronica takes on the secret identity "Hullabaloo", a goggled hero who pledges to use technology for good and uses science to take down evil.

The Hullabaloo shorts represents an effort by Disney veteran animators to preserve the art of hand drawn animation. Their goal is to reignite public interest in traditional animation again, which has long fallen wayside during the past decade while computer generated animation has dominated. Each of the artists have worked on Disney and Dreamworks Animation films such as Tarzan, The Lion King (1994), The Emperor's New Groove, Kung Fu Panda, The Incredibles, and Frozen. Their biggest hope is that Hullabaloo is approved for adapting in a feature-length film, and that through it hand drawn animation can have a place in the film industry again.

There are four shorts currently planned: The Great Race, Curse of the Cheshire Cat, The Mysterious Island, and Ask The Professor. Their campaign for funding started on August 27, 2014 on Indiegogo and ended on October 2nd funded to more than 500 percent of their original $80,000 goal. You can view their (closed) Indiegogo campaign HERE, check out their animation tests on their YouTube channel HERE, and visit their website HERE.

Not to be confused with the ABC pop music show from The '60s.

Tropes found in Hullabaloo include:

  • Amusement Park of Doom: Daring Adventures used to be a bustling amusement park where Jonathan Daring displayed and tested his inventions, but it has since become an abandoned ruin. It's there where Veronica first meets Jules.
  • Aside Glance: In The Great Race Veronica gives a brief one while pouring water into her car's steam engine, as if to confirm to the viewer that, yes, this is a steampunk car.
  • Big Bad: J.D. Snickerbottom, that nefarious fellow.
  • Cool Car: In The Great Race, Veronica drives the Victoria Special, a combustion/steam engine hybrid "motorized carriage". Jules drives the Marauder, a diesel/steam engine hybrid. The racers too have their own fancy rides, and all of them can fly!
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: J.D. Snickerbottom, who invents things only for the money and is willing to kidnap more talented inventors to pass off their machines as his own.
  • Dastardly Whiplash: In an explicit throwback to them. Guess who?
  • Flying Car: The race cars in The Great Race can deploy wings and take flight for an aerial portion of the race.
  • It's Personal: Both played straight and averted. For Veronica, her goal is to save her kidnapped father. For Jules, her goal is to get a closer look at those dimensional parallax machine plans of his.
  • Law of Inverse Recoil: Veronica is handed an experimental plasma raygun by Jules, who warns her that "it's got a kick!" One shot, and it blasts her right out and off of the zeppelin they're on.
  • Obviously Evil: Pictured: Totally not the villain of "Hullabaloo".
  • Steampunk: Is set in such a world. As it's animated in a near-Disney style by animators who've worked there, it could be considered an honorary steampunk Disney film. (Joining Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet.)
    • Diesel Punk: A touch of it with Jules, whose diesel-powered race car in The Great Race is unlike the other steampunk models there.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Veronica is more ladylike and proper, while Jules is outspoken and aggressive. Their opposing personalities can easily be seen by their outfits.
  • Trapped in the Past: It's implied that Jules Fletcher may be one, due to her modernized fashion sense, her pop culture references that make no sense to Veronica, and her suspicious interest in Mr. Daring's plans to build a dimensional parallax time-machine.
  • invokedValues Resonance / Deliberate Values Dissonance: Jules' sensibilities resemble a modern woman's while Veronica's are more Victorian. For instance, Veronica wears a bustle underneath her dress while Jules refuses to.
  • Unfortunate Names: J.D. has a hard time being taken seriously with a last name like Snickerbottom. Laugh at it at your own risk.