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Animation / Podróże Kapitana Klipera

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Podroze Kapitana Klipera (Captain Clipper's Travels) is a Polish children's series of animated shorts, made in 1986-1990. It stars the eponymous captain and his sole crewmember, Gogo the monkey, who sail the seas in their ship Hermes and frequently have run-ins with a nasty pirate "Crazy Roger" and his parrot sidekick Kiwit.

This series features the following tropes:

  • Captain's Log: Every episode begins with an entry into Kliper's log.
  • Edited for Syndication: There are two versions of the first episode. In the first version, the credits were seen at the beginning of the episode and they didn't feature the familiar theme tune. Kliper and Roger were voiced by Tadeusz Kwinta (uncredited) in this version. After the next episodes were made, the first episode was updated by replacing theme song, music, Kwinta's lines with familiar ones and by putting the credits at the end of episode to match the later episodes.
  • Instrumental Theme Tune
  • Meaningful Name: Kliper (Clipper), obviously.
  • Minimalist Cast: Kliper and Roger are the only voiced characters. Their animal sidekicks are silent, and an occasional passenger of Kliper usually keeps silent.
  • The Other Darrin: After Klipper's original (if you exclude the first version of the pilot) voice actor, Tadeusz Włudarski died in 1989, he was replaced by Jerzy Sagan starting from episode 99 węzłów.
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  • Pirate Parrot: Roger's henchman being a parrot is a reference to this trope.
  • Pirate: Roger is a classic version.
  • Save the Villain: One episode has Roger captured by some island natives, apparently solely to tie him to a pole in the hot sun and taunt him by drinking refreshing water in front of him. It's up to Captain Kliper to save him.
  • Snake Charmer: The captain brings one of these on board of his ship for help with untangling a huge knot of ropes.


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