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Interplanetary Revolution (Russian: Межпланетная революция) is an animation directed by experimental studio State Tech Kino in 1924. It was the first attempt to film a cartoon by a collective of young enthusiasts including Vasily Zhuravlev and Ivan Pravov, directed by Komissarenko, Merkulov and Khodataev in the uneasy time just after the Russian Civil War. In Soviet Russia, that was the year when Aelita was filmed. This animation (which then didn't find its way to cinemas and is not fully finished) is obviously also based (though much more losely) on the book by Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy, featuring two Soviet Russian guys going to Mars in an egg-shaped rocket. It is now unknown how it is linked to the film: is it a cartoon footage planned to be included into the live action, promotional video, just an alternative book interpretation or a parody.


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