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My Sweet Monster is a Russian computer-animated movie directed by Maxim Volkov and produced by Sergei Selyanov.

King Elijah is unable to believe the fact that his beloved child, Princess Barbara, is all grown up. He still tries to watch over the Princess, but the 16-year-old Barbara throws a tantrum at her birthday party. While everybody is distracted, the throne is seized by a sneaky post clerk Weasel. However, unsatisfied with being the sole ruler of the Kingdom, he also plans to marry Barbara. Princess Barbara runs away from the palace and finds herself deep in the woods. She bumps into Boogey the Outlaw and his friend the Wicked Rabbit. Barbara's interference wreaks havoc into the ordinary bachelor-style life of the two friends. Barbara meddles into everything, arranges her own set of rules, and keeps getting on their nerves with her assumptions about Prince Edward. She imagines how Prince Edward defeats the impostor, reinstates the King, and proposes to Barbara. Just like the books says. To get rid of Barbara, Boogey decides to go as far as to find the Prince Edward, stop the Weasel and restore the order in the Kingdom.


Provides examples of:

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Weasel is this to Barbara. Between his awful personality and not fitting Barbara's idea of a handsome suitor, the cards are simply stacked against Weasel, as Barbara simply does not want him.
  • Agony of the Feet: At one point, while happily traversing the woods with her new friends, Barbara falls over and rubs her foot, after having stepped on something painful. (It's unclear exactly what, since the thing isn't actually shown.) Surprisingly, despite going barefoot for as long as she does, she only ever has this happen once, and seems to walk it off pretty quickly.
  • Arc Words: “She’s a speckle”.
  • Badass Cape: Boogey's only piece of cloth. Weasel gets one, too, after he takes over the throne. Subverted with Barbara, who gets rid of her long, see-through cape when Weasel grabs it, making him fall from his motorcycle. Since it is the last of the uncomfortable accessories she gets rid of (except the crown), there is an expectation that she will become an action girl. Subverted: except when Barbara saves Boogey and Rabbit from the river, she spends the rest of the movie as a Damsel in Distress.
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  • Bad People Abuse Animals : Weasel steps on a beaver's house and tosses him against a tree to show how vile he is. And he kicks a robot dog.
  • Barefoot Captives: Barbara finds herself confined in a guest bedroom, while having been barefoot for quite a while. (Something that remains unchanged for quite a while too.)
  • Beast and Beauty: Boogey and Barbara, obviously. Just check on the subtitle on the poster.
  • A Birthday, Not a Break: Elijah and his servants won't cut Barbara some slack even in her sixteenth birthday. He has a fit when he catches her reading romances, forbids her from receiving anything from mail (so she won't get more books) and has her dolled up for a party obviously thrown to impress the public. The cherry of the cake is when Elijah announces her marriage to the same repellent post clerk that tried to blackmail her into kissing him minutes ago. To be fair, he was blackmailed by Weasel and felt terrible for doing that to his daughter, but Barbara doesn't know that. Much naturally, she concludes that he arranged her marriage to stop her from meeting Edward, her longtime penpal and the prince of her dreams. Having had more than enough, she rides away, pursued by her suitor, falls from her horse, hits her head to wake up into a sack and in a cave with two hairy, filthy strangers who decide to take her back to the castle for a ransom.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Boogey. He growls and snarls a lot, but he truly cares about the Wicked Rabbit, whom he calls "brother", and about Barbara, too.
  • Does Not Like Shoes: Princess Barbara is barefoot throughout most of the film, only wearing stockings in the beginning and boots in the end.
  • Emergency Transformation:
    • Bogey was once lost in the forest in danger of freezing to death. The mystical lake transformed him into a beast man to make him strong enough to survive.
    • Years ago, King Elijah saved Rabbit's life, giving him the ability to walk and talk in the process. Unfortunately, Rabbit's family was scared off by his talking.
  • Everybody Has Standards: Even though the book author who made up Prince Edward's existence falls short of Barbara's expectations, even she has a change of heart and decides against sending Barbara home to her awful suitor Weasel when she sees Boogey came to her rescue. As far as she's concerned, he's proof that she's safer with him.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: At first, the Wicked Rabbit (or Bunny, as Barbara calls him) is set on exchanging the princess for a ransom and Boogey just plays along to get rid of her. Things start to change after Barbara saves them from an Inevitable Waterfall, but she still insists bossing them around and saying the forest belongs to her, along with the rest of the kingdom; Boogey takes her to see the Mother Nature and tells her she's not more important than anyone else. After this, they warm up to each other; well, the Rabbit still rants about the ransom, but he eventually softens up, too.
  • Fluffy the Terrible: Played with. Barbara's steed Fireball is underestimated, not for the name (by all means) but by the fact they're supposed to be a pony. Looking at the horse sized equine Fireball is, you wouldn't be blamed for assuming it's anything but a pony.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Boogey and Rabbit work together to protect the forest by scaring people off so they won't defile it. Since they often taken whatever possessions these trespassers leave behind in their panic, they've gotten a reputation as bandits.
  • Horned Humanoid: Boogey the Outlaw. He sports a pair of moose antlers on his head.
  • Important Haircut: Barbara gives herself one to defy her father, after he orders her to look "respectable". Too bad he had other things in his mind to notice it.
  • My Beloved Smother: King Elijah is a good man and truly loves his daughter, but he's so overprotective that gets to be abusive. He has her favorite reading spot shut (okay, the tower wasn't the safest place in the castle, but he could have suggested her more comfortable places, instead of insisting on Barbara to stay confined in her room), forbids her from reading romances, reads a letter addressed to her and has the maids forcing her to wear a tight, movement-restraining dress, which Barbara notes that is from the last century. Worst of all, practically everyone in the palace tells her she should bend to his wishes. Subverted in the end: Elijah is pretty okay that she has feelings about a horned, hairy giant and takes her to visit him when he's turned (temporarily) into a statue. Also, her short skirts hint that he respects her tastes now, or at least is learning to.
  • Nature Hero: Bogey considers himself the guardian of the forest. He and Rabbit scare people away from entering it. Because these people usually leave their items behind, they've also gotten a reputation as bandits.
  • The Reveal:
    • Played for laughs. The reason why Rabbit wanted so much to ask a ransom for Barbara is that money is a great fuel to the fire.
    • For lack of better words, Boogey Was Once a Man. Mother Nature saved him from freezing to death one cold winter by changing him into the creature he is today, adapting him for living in the woods regardless of his environment.
    • Prince Edward never existed. He is the main character of a series of books written by a woman, who sends automated letter responses to all of her fans, as if she's him. She decides to send Barbara back home, to her heinous Arranged Marriage. However, she has a change of heart and orders the guards to stand down, when Bogey comes to rescue Barbara.
    • At the climax, when the energy wave shorts out all machines within its radius, Barbara is revealed to have an artificial heart, something King Elias installed to save his then-newborn daughter's life.
  • Running Gag: The beaver has his house constantly destroyed or someone picks the branches he's carrying to build a new one.
  • Spirited Young Lady: Barbara may be a princess, but even before the story kicks off, she had tendencies her parents considered un-lady-like. From lacking coordination to reading her books in the confines of the royal clock tower all the way to riding a rather big pony named Fireball, it's safe to say she's as free-spirited as they come.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • When the robot bird breaks its way through the glass ceiling, Weasel has to run to not be impaled by a shower of glass shards.
    • As strong as Boogey is, he can't beat alone a bunch of armed guards or an army of robots.
    • Rabbit tells Barbara he became an outcast after her father healed him, because all the animals - including his own kids - were scared of a talking rabbit.
    • No matter how refined Boogeys' ears are, it's impossible for him to hear Barbara whistling above the sound of traffic and miles out of the city. Bulbie flies after him to seek help.
  • Talking Animal: The Wicked Rabbit. Justified because he was techonologically modified by Barbara's dad. In spite of his resentment, he keeps walking on two legs and wearing clothes.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Fireball never shows up again after he abandons Barbara in the forest.