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Animation / Między Nami Bocianami

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Kle-ku, kle-ku.
Zuzia's call

Między nami bocianami (Between Us Storks) is a Polish animated series about a family of storks that adopted a cuckoo.

  • Mother: Matylda (Matilda)
  • Father: Wojtek (from Wojciech)
  • Daughter: Basia (from Barbara)
  • Son: Kuba (from Jakub, Jacob)
  • Adopted Cuckoo Daughter: Zuzia (Sue, from Zuzanna, Susan)

The story takes place in Bocianowo (Storkvillage).

It was created in years 1997-2003 and broadcast since 2005.

Tropes featured include:

  • Animal Talk: All animals understand each other but seem not to understand humans.
  • Art Evolution: The last 3 episodes were colored digitally and shot in video (instead on film, like previous episodes).
  • Interspecies Adoption: Zuzia. In a sense all cuckoos are adopted (although not by storks) so it's not so weird
  • Papa Wolf: Storks can drive away even a wolf (the only one in the forest), for example Czarny (Black (stork)) defending children of his friends. If you compare with Ice Age, you realize that in modern times, when big carnivores are eradicated, storks are relatively safe, like once mammoths.
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  • Predators Are Mean: A hawk, major Kirkor, is the most usual antagonist.
  • 12-Episode Anime: Thirteen Episode Polish Animation.