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Animation / Piesek W Kratkę

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Piesek w kratkę (Checkered Dog) is a Polish Stop Motion children's series, with six episodes produced in 1968-1972. The protagonist is a felt dog toy, who has fun and adventures in his owner's room and around the house.

The series features the following tropes:

  • Cowboy Episode: The last episode has the dog and his toy friends play cowboys.
  • Crossdressing Voices: The puppy is probably meant to be male. You wouldn't guess it based on its voice.
  • Everything Talks: In the episode set in the kitchen, it seems that all the appliances are eager to talk—and sing addictive songs.
  • Living Toys: All of the toys, from the dog to the toy guns, even. It's unclear whether or not they're trying to keep themselves a secret from the humans. The dog, in any case, has no problem with talking to the girl that owns him.
  • Protagonist Title: The title is the closest thing that the protagonist has to a name.


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