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Rainbow Village, here we come!

Rainbow Ruby is a South Korean-Chinese-Canadian animated series produced by 38 °C Animation Studio and CJ E&M Corporationnote  in South Korea, China Entertainment Corporation in China, and DHX Media (now WildBrain) in Canada.

It tells the story of a young girl named Ruby who owns a magical teddy bear named Choco. Whenever a crisis occurs in the magical land of Rainbow Village, Choco's heart will shine, which sends him and Ruby there. To solve the problem, Ruby uses her Rainbow Roller to transform herself into the appropiate job costume.

The series was written and dubbed in English firstnote , and most episodes were written by writers hired by DHX Media. However, at least one CJ E&M employee, Soomin Lee, wrote one episode each season.

The show (and, of course, its titular character) almost managed to confuse some fans of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, when Shannon Chan-Kent posted a photo of Alyssya Swales voicing Ruby. At that time, MLP fans almost thought they were going to be introduced to Rainbow Dash's sister. Swales, however, would later voice an incarnation of Toola Roola in Friendship Is Magic.

Rainbow Ruby contains examples of:

  • Babysitting Episode:
    • "Babysitter Blues" sees Ruby babysitting a villager's three children.
    • In "Big Baby", Ruby babysits Jessy.
  • Injured Limb Episode: In "The Show Must Go On", Princess Kiki breaks her leg on the day of the big performance.
  • Living Toys: The various residents of Rainbow Village are sentient toys, such as the mayor being a stuffed elephant.
  • Magical Girl: Well, technically, Ruby doesn't practice magic, but the series uses some important tropes of magical girl shows, including the use of stock Transformation Sequence.
  • Merchandise-Driven: The show has various toylines by different companies, each incorporating the items Ruby uses and the clothing Ruby wears.
  • Sick Episode: "Trunk Trouble" involves Ling Ling catching a bad cold.
  • Toilet Humour: In "A Treasure Lost", Ellie strains her body so hard in order to send the light to her tail.

Thank you, Rainbow Ruby!