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"In the far depths of the galaxies, a magical star fell towards Earth. Every animal looked up to the sky, their eyes glimmering with hope. This was the night their heroes were chosen. Three brave pets were appointed to preserve animal life alongside a young boy."

Jet and the Pet Rangers is a Filipino Edutainment Show created by Patrick Apura and produced by Studio Nonego. As the Opening Narration explains, the show follows the adventures of a kid named Jet who, together with his pets Liksi the dog, Tiyang Manok the hen, and Gigi the goldfish, transform into superheroes with the help of a magic star. When an animal in the neighborhood encounters trouble, Jet and his Pet Rangers speedily locate them and come to their rescue.

The show was the first original animated series to be released on the iWant service, owned by the ABS-CBN Corporation. It premiered on April 3, 2020 with seven episodes. No English dub was produced (despite what the series title might indicate), though the first episode was made available on YouTube with English subtitles.

See the show on the iWant website here.

This show contains examples of:

  • Bonfire Dance: The first episode concludes with Jet and the Pet Rangers dancing around a bonfire with some of the kittens they saved while singing about how happy they are to be beside each other.
  • Character Name and the Noun Phrase: The show's title follows this format.
  • Chromatic Arrangement: The "four colors" variant is used whenever the heroes are transformed, with Liksi, Gigi, Tiyang, and Jet having red, yellow, green, and blue helmets and suits respectively.
  • Dance Party Ending: Episode 1 ends with Jet and the Pet Rangers dancing around a campfire with a bunch of the kittens they saved, all singing about how they are happy to be clean and to be here alongside each other.
  • Introductory Opening Credits: The opening theme has a short segment that gives the appearances and names of, in order, Gigi, Tiyang, Liksi, and Jet.
  • Land, Sea, Sky: This is why the animals chosen for the Pet Rangers consist of the dog Liksi, the fish Gigi, and the hen Tiyang; the dog is a land animal, the fish can swim in the sea, and the hen can fly in the sky.
  • Mobile Fishbowl: Gigi has a vaguely flying saucer-looking fishbowl ship that she pilots whenever she's transformed.
  • Opening Narration: The first part of the Theme Tune explains that a magic star chose Liksi, Gigi, Tiyang, and Jet to be heroes.
  • Talking Animal: The animals in the show talk for the convenience of the audience, though there are other times where they don't.
  • Title Theme Tune: Sort of. Only "Pet Rangers!" is sung.
  • Transformation Sequence: The Pet Rangers have a flashy transformation sequence whenever they need to transform into their Pet Ranger personas, showing Jet being given his suit relatively slowly while the animals transform much faster.
  • Transformation Trinket: The heroes use a magic star to transform. As explained in the opening, the magic star had chosen them to be the hero team.
  • Visible Odor: Green odors are particularly prevalent in the first episode, since it's about a cat who won't take a bath and manifests a monster out of his own fear and odors as a result.