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Yiska with Vic, Yiska with Hex, Yiska with Daray

Kirk: Shapeshifters. I thought you were mythical.
Martia: Give a girl a chance, Captain. [takes the form of Iman] It takes a lot of effort.
McCoy: … but how do we have any way of knowing if this is the real you?
Martia: I thought I would assume a more pleasing shape.

When the Master of Illusion or character with Voluntary Shapeshifting wants to seduce someone, they have one very powerful tool in their arsenal: they can be anyone's "type". If they get their amorous advances rejected they will simply change their appearance until they hit paydirt. Common users of this tactic are those with Voluntary Shapeshifting as their main power, Witches (especially if her real form is that of a Wicked Witch), sirens, Literal Maneaters, and Horny Devils (aka Succubi and Incubi).

A little research goes a long way in this regard, and a lot of subtlety is needed to keep the target from figuring out the seducer is a shapeshifter. ...Which is actually fairly rare for this trope, since the shapeshifter will typically be showing off their new forms in a superpower equivalent to a striptease while the seducee is looking. If the fact that they're being seduced by a shapeshifter doesn't give them Shapeshifting Squick, they may actually find it really kinky and start making suggestions.


One of the quickest ways for this tactic to fail is for the shapeshifter to not do any research on the seducee or badly botch said research. This can happen if they take the form of a lost lover, an ex, or their anti-type, the form likeliest to turn them off and make them run screaming.

If the shapeshifter is impersonating someone whom the target is in love with, it crosses with Bed Trick. The trope is also likely to be involved in The Schlub Pub Seduction Deduction.

Subtrope of Power Perversion Potential. Compare You Sexy Beast, Glamour. Not to be confused with Shapeshifting Lover, where they only have one alternate form (and it's animal to human). Might be related to Shapeshifters Do It for a Change, however.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • You can guess how many Hentai works are based on this concept. Cosplay Sex Machine is based around this.
  • Inverted by the Female Apostle in Berserk whom Guts killed at the beginning of the story, she used her original human form to allure men, the shapeshifting part only comes when she transforms into a creature to consume her food. We can see her in action during Eclipse arc when Corkus fell into it.
  • Naruto: Naruto Uzumaki uses his Sexy Jutsu to persuade Jiraiya to tutor him.
  • Gantz has a particularly squicky example of this: Koki Inaba ended up having sex with a male alien disguised as Reika Shimohira.
  • Tomoe, a Kitsune from Kamisama Kiss, does this for fun and profit.
  • In one of the The King of Fighters manhua by Andy Seto, Vice uses her Master of Illusion powers to try seducing Kyo under the form of his girlfriend Yuki. She copies Yuki's appearance but not her tsundere personality, so Kyo soon realizes the trick and unmasks her.
  • To Love Ru Darkness:
    • Nemesis can alter her appearance and reshape her body to look more adult-like (to give Rito a taste of Marshmallow Hell) and even change her appearance to look exactly like other people. In a chapter, she transforms her body into Yui, Mikan and Lala in order to tease Rito.
    • Another chapter has Mea take Haruna's form to seduce Rito.
  • Doppel, a member of the "shapeshifter" race from Monster Musume, offers Kimihito to do whatever he wants to her in the form of whatever woman he desires (while transforming herself into Miia and an idol, naked) as thanks for helping her with her pranks and saving her from the orc.

    Comic Books 
  • Mary Shelley Lovecraft tried this in a Hack/Slash story, morphing into a number of Cassie's past love interests while saying We Can Rule Together.
  • Runaways: Xavin is in love with Karolina, but he's not her type. Fortunately, Xavin is a Skrull, with the ability to change his shape - even into a female shape.
  • Spider-Man:
  • Mystique of Marvel Comics has been known to use her shapeshifting for this purpose on occasion, while also using Bed Tricks often enough to make her a Serial Rapist.
    • The "Bizarre Love Triangle" arc involves her efforts to seduce Gambit by such a method - first by inventing the false identity of "Foxx" and, when that fails, taking Rogue's form instead - specifically in order to get him to cheat on Rogue and thus prove to Rogue that he isn't good enough for her.
    • She transformed into different attractive women for Wolverine years earlier. The first time when she needed protection against Spiral and the second when she needed protection against Sabretooth. In a recent story arc, it was revealed that she had, in fact, started using this tactic against Wolverine nearly a century ago.
  • Vanessa Carlyle, Copycat, once transformed into four different types of attractive women who kept bumping into Deadpool, in order to secure that one of them should be his type. Being Deadpool he ended up having sex with all of them before revealing that he knew it was her all along. After that, she kept transforming into different superheroines in bed. Years previously, she transformed into a wide assortment of attractive women to seduce a tycoon, so she could blackmail him to not let his wife know.
  • In the nineties, Supergirl, the Matrix version, who was a shapeshifter, was romantically involved with Lex Luthor. On at least one occasion, when he was obsessing over some plot or scheme, she started shifting into the shapes of various different women (including one who was clearly Princess Leia) to entice him into bed. This is a somewhat unusual example, in that the two were already involved; she was only using her shapeshifting to entice him into bed on that particular occasion, and it was a heroine doing it to (unbeknownst to her) a villain.
  • Black Moon Chronicles: Succubi are able to take on any form, female or male, to lure in victims. Hellaynnea does a very extended demonstration when she offers to serve Wismerhill, going through 30 or so forms, including his previous lover who had been killed off.
  • Teen Titans: Master of Illusion Mirage combines this with Bed Trick, transforming herself into Starfire so she can sleep with Nightwing.
  • The Suffuss from Valérian are a race of shapeshifting amoeboids that mostly work as prostitutes.
  • A shapeshifting alien in Pug Davis hears that the title character was Human All Along, and attempts to get revenge by disguising themselves as a female of the same species. It immediately fails because Pug can tell they're a fake. Attempting to do the same to Pug's sidekick Blouse initially fails because he's Oblivious to Love and gay, but the alien quickly adjusted by running off to immediately come back in a male form. Blouse doesn't find this at all suspicious, and falls for them immediately.
  • Wonder Woman (2006): Circe shifts into the form of a sexed up Wonder Woman to get Tom Tresser to let down his guard, which works.

    Fan Works 
  • In If Them's the Rules Arturus Black visits a prostitute Polyjuiced to look like his Lust Object, Harry.
  • Starfall (Star vs. the Forces of Evil): A mimic named Mimi is sent to seduce Marco using Star's form and a love potion concealed in her mouth, so that he won't challenge Star's involuntary engagement to Tom. Tom's mother Ishtar takes Mimi to see Star the next day, and Mimi goes into a lot of detail about all the things she did to Marco. Actually, Marco realized she wasn't Star before anything could happen, but gave her all the intimate details she needed to fake it so that Ishtar would be fooled and Mimi's sister would be released from Ishtar's dungeon. Star was warned about this ahead of time so she knew to fake being distraught, but she's still annoyed that Marco told her all that stuff. A few chapters later, we find out that Mimi is a lesbian, making the whole situation even worse for everyone.
  • A Tale of Two Rulers: Vaati offers to take Impa out on a date, attempting to seduce Impa in a male form, then Sex Shifts into a busty woman when it falls flat. Impa is emphatically Not Distracted by the Sexy.
    Impa: I respect the beauty of your craft... but the only reason I'm not hurting you right now is because this is the most entertaining thing that's happened to me in months.
  • Inverted in How the Tantabus Parses Sleep; when Meadow admits she has a crush on Moondog, the usually-female Moondog panics (having few social skills and absolutely no experience in love) and takes on a male form in the hopes of dissuading Meadow. Unfortunately for her/him, Meadow is normally into stallions; her affection for Moondog is an If It's You, It's Okay situation.
  • The Mountain and the Wolf:
    • A hermaphroditic Slaaneshi cultist tries to get Jaime to sleep with hir by taking Cersei's appearance. As far as Jaime knows, Cersei is dead, so he panics and pushes hir away, breaking the illusion.
    • Much earlier, the shapeshifter is able to alter Theon's appearance to match Euron's so he can infiltrate King's Landing. He also sleeps with Cersei, but that's a secondary concern compared to setting up the city for its downfall.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Epic Movie has a scene where Mystique seduces Peter Pervertski... and he asks her to get fatter.
  • Legend. While the protagonists are trapped in Darkness' jail, the fairy Oona tries to get Jack to kiss her by creating an illusion that she's Jack's girlfriend Lili.
  • Mystique uses this several times in the X-Men Film Series.
    • X2: X-Men United: She seduces a guard by taking the form of a hot blonde so she can use him in Magneto's escape from prison. She later utilizes it on Logan by trying to seduce him in the form of Jean Grey. Logan catches her, and she goes through several other forms, including Storm, Rogue and even Stryker (to taunt him, not to seduce him), but he tells her to leave.
    • X-Men: First Class: She shows up in Erik's bed with clear interest. When he rebuffs her, she upgrades her appearance by about 15 years to remove the age gap between them, which doesn't really work for her until he tells Raven that he prefers her without the shapeshifted appearance.
    • X-Men: Days of Future Past: Mystique does a sultry variation of her Raven form and pretends to be a disco-loving interpreter to gain access to a Vietnamese general's hotel room in order to steal his invitation to the Paris Peace Accords.
    • X-Men: Apocalypse: Her electric purple ensemble is quite revealing, and it's meant to be a distraction to the big, burly guards at the fight club venue; one underestimates her by calling her "little mouse."
  • Excalibur. Merlin uses his magic to change Uther Pendragon into the form of the Duke he's fighting in order to sleep with the Duke's wife.
  • The female space vampire in Lifeforce doesn't change her form again onscreen after she settles on the shape of a beautiful girl, and she has a habit of walking around in the buff. She took this shape directly from the mind of Lt. Carlson, as the image of the girl is his conception of the perfect woman, and uses it to draw him to her and seduce him so she can use his lifeforce in her Evil Plan.
  • In The Craft, Nancy (a Wiccan) goes to get revenge on Chris after he tried to rape her friend Sarah as a result of the love spell they put on him, apparently by seducing him so she can perform a Groin Attack (which he anticipates). When she fails to get in his pants, she morphs her face into Sarah's to tempt him, which works. A double whammy, since the love spell means Chris didn't really love Sarah either.
  • In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Freddy Krueger uses his dream powers to turn himself into a beautiful nurse working at Westin Hills whom Joey was in love with to lure him away from the group. Things get ugly fast, and he ties Joey to the bed over a fiery chasm before turning back to his burned, dream stalking self.
  • In Krull, The Beast attempts to seduce Lyssa by taking Colwyn's form, and comments he can take any form. She is not fooled.
  • The movie Virtual Girl features a virtual reality sex program that gone insane that can change into any shape that the user desires. When the protagonist has sex with her, she actually changes form several times in mid-coitus.
  • Martia, the Chameloid from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, gets in a snog with Captain Kirk when she takes the form of a Green-Skinned Space Babe. She's rather less seductive, however, when she shape-shifts into a giant monster, a young girl, or Kirk himself.
    McCoy: What kind of creature is this? Last night you two were—
    Kirk: Don't remind me.
  • Rihanna plays Bubble, a shapeshifting Glamopod prostitute in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. She's based on the Suffuss from the comics.

  • Gale from Super Powereds. Her power lets her see what form someone would find most attractive and shapeshift into it.
  • The reluctant, eponymous succubus in Richelle Mead's Georgina Kincaid series relies on this power to seduce (mainly) men in order to get the life energy her kind needs. Much is made of the fact that the seduction of morally upstanding individuals is made easier by simple groundwork, plus a lot of skill in "seductive techniques". Brand-new succubi apparently often lack this carefully-cultivated skill, instead, relying on their physical attributes. When Georgina is assigned an apprentice to supervise, she is horrified that the newbie considers 6ft blonde bombshells with breasts that defy physics to be every man's ideal. Said apprentice later reveals that she has much success with college boys, but can't understand why she can't snare moral men. Also, none of the several people Georgina - which isn't her actual name - has romantic entanglements with are attracted through any deliberate act of hers; they fall for her because of who she is. Whenever it is mentioned, none of them seem interested in the uses the shape-shifting ability might have in the bedroom. This is made more complicated by the fact that Georgina's 'default' form is not her original one either, and hasn't been for about 1500 years.
  • In A Night in the Lonesome October, the Thing In The Circle tries this on the protagonist-narrator in an attempt to get free of the Circle that imprisons it. It never quite succeeds in making him forget what it really is, and all it gets for its trouble is a series of deadpan snarker demurrals.
  • Iris in the first Xanth novel does this. She never hid her capacity for Magician-level illusions (although the more deceptive particulars are another matter), and, this being a Xanth novel, where every able-bodied male is horny as hell, it very nearly works.
  • What Saiman attempts with Kate Daniels, but never succeeds. His never-changing eyes make it Uncanny Valley for her.
  • Surprisingly averted in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Ron points out that Tonks is nowhere as pretty as Fleur. Tonks is a shapeshifter, she can be the girl of anyone's dream, but possibly justified as Fleur is part veela, and has supernatural glamour (which Tonks presumably can't imitate) as well as physical beauty.
    • Tonks also isn't interested in using her shapeshifting to seduce anyone (particularly Ron, so using his opinion as a judge of her seduction "abilities" is especially pointless}. The closest she gets is when she subconsciously mimics the appearance of the man she loves Lupin, but that's out of a desire to be close to him, not an attempt to become more attractive.
  • In Larry Niven's short story "The Meddler", the main antagonist, Sinclair, is a crime boss who has a tremendous reputation as a ladies' man, which the hero, private detective Bruce Cheeseborough, confirms after interviewing his exes. It turns out that Sinclair an alien shapeshifter who uses his size-altering abilities in bed. Cheeseborough comments that he "really had gone native" if he found that worth the trouble.
  • A variant on this trope gets Discussed in The Stormlight Archive. Shallan Davar is a Lightweaver Radiant, and among her other abilities can create what amount to magically enhanced alternate personalities, with their own values, mannerisms, and skillsets. After she becomes engaged to Prince Adolin, she considers creating a "perfect girlfriend" persona to become while with him. Fortunately, Adolin is much more interested in the real Shallan.
  • Incubi and Succubi from A Practical Guide to Evil: when summoned, they always take the shape the summoner finds most attractive: thus, they are ofen summoned by mages who want to learn about their specific preferences (and/or, of course, want to have sex with their ideal partner).
  • Taking the word "seduce" in a non-sexual sense (convincing people to support a cause rather than convincing them to have sex), J. R. R. Tolkien's Sauron would qualify. Well, until he loses his shapeshifting ability after the destruction of Númenor. As a Maia, he has no true physical form but he can use the form of any animal or humanoid. The only times that Sauron gets in a physical fight, he loses badly: but when he manipulates people behind the scenes he can take down empires. After the destruction of Númenor, Sauron loses his ability to make new bodies: he uses several substitutes such as a massive suit of armor, Dol Guldur, and Barad-dûr.
    • it is never stated, but many have assumed, that Melian was trying to seduce Thingol specifically. If that is the case, she would be a rare heroic example of this trope. Just like Sauron, she has no true physical form and so would be capable of taking the form most desirable to Thingol particularly. Her seduction technique works a little too well. Thingol and Melian spend two hundred years...ahem..."caught in an enchantment of their own making". This causes Cirdan to not leave Middle-Earth with Olwë hence why he is still around for the War of the Ring (the Lord of the Rings books).

    Live-Action TV 
  • At the start of Season 2 of Heroes, the illusionist Candice tries to seduce Sylar with, among other forms, hot twins, and himself. In season 3, Sylar and Danko track down a shapeshifter who uses the ability primarily to turn into powerful or charismatic men so he can pick up women in bars.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series uses shapeshifting seducers repeatedly.
    • In "The Man Trap", the Monster of the Week uses its mind-reading skills to take the form of an ideal lover, often from the victim's past, so it can approach its victims close enough to kill them. However the creature also has emotional needs as well; when first encountered the creature has been living as the wife of a scientist, having killed and replaced his real wife years ago, a fact that he's aware of.
    • In the season 2 episode, "Catspaw," the alien calling herself Sylvia tries to seduce Kirk by showing him several women she can become, saying "Look at me. I am a woman. I am all women!"
    • In a variation on the shapeshifting seducer theme, "The Cage" has Christopher Pike taken captive by a race of aliens who want to breed him with their other human specimen, Vina. To seduce him, they show Vina in a series of illusory settings, including one where she is transformed into the Green-Skinned Space Babe.
  • In The X-Files episode "Small Potatoes", Eddie Van Blundht used his shapeshifting abilities to seduce women, generally by posing as their husbands. In one case, he took advantage of a woman crazed about Star Wars by appearing to her as Luke Skywalker. This tripped him up. He knew about her obsession from years ago, and her social circle was pretty small.
  • Red Dwarf:
    • Camille in the episode of the same name. She's a GELF (genetically engineered lifeform) who automatically shapes herself to the desires of others. She appears to the mechanoid Kryten as a female mechanoid, to the hologram Rimmer as a shy and awkward hologram, to Lister as a low-dressed vagrant, and to the Cat as... himself. Her real form is a green blob with stick eyes, which Kryten has no problem with, and goes on a date with her like that.
    • The gang also runs into sirens in the first episode of season 6, who lure space crews to them so they could snack on their brains. When Lister comes face to face with one, it turns itself into a woman Dave lusted after when he was young. He tries to resist but eventually falls for her charms. Unfortunately, these Sirens are of the Master of Illusion rather than the body shapeshifting type, so we're soon treated to a shot of Lister making out with an 8-foot alien bug.
  • Another Siren shows up in the season 4 "Sex and Violence" episode of Supernatural. It also projected visions of the ideal woman to its victims, while its real shape looked more like a rotting corpse. Strangely, it tries the same thing on Dean but as a man, as Dean wasn't looking for a bedwarmer but a friend/brother who looked up to him.
  • In the Masters of Horror episode "Dreams in the Witch-House", the witch appears to Walter as his comely neighbor Frances to seduce them. The subterfuge is aided by the fact that he's keeping watch in her apartment at the moment. She eventually turns back into her regular decrepit form and laughs at him as he screams.
  • Legend of the Seeker: Panis Rahl, who took the form of a young shepherd to seduce the mother of Richard and Jennsen.
  • Attempted in Charmed by a demoness with shapeshifting powers who wanted in with Cole, who was himself set on a path to becoming the next Source. However, Cole is interested solely in Phoebe; he didn't give (much of) a damn about the demoness even if she took on Phoebe's form.
  • Lyekka of Lexx has a natural form of a carnivorous plant monster. However, she can take on an attractive human/humanoid appearance in order to lure victims closer so she can feed on them. She does have a "default" form, however, it's the one she specifically used with Stan and continues to appear in that guise after she falls in love with him.
  • The Outer Limits (1995):
    • In "First Anniversary", the protagonist's wife is actually a foul shapeshifting alien, whose power makes her appear as every man's perfect woman. Unfortunately, the power starts to fade when used too much on someone, such as her husband.
    • In "Stranded", Tyr'Nar reads Brad's mind and assumes the form of Cindy Parker, an attractive older girl on whom he has a crush so that he can gain his trust and eat him.
  • In What We Do Inthe Shadows the witch Lilith takes on the form of Laszlo's wife Nadja to seduce him. Sort of. In fact she turns into a completely different woman who vaguely resembles Nadja, but Laszlo can't tell the difference even when they're standing right next to each other.
    Nadja: How many more women have you slept with that just have long dark hair?

    Myths & Religion 
  • Brazilian Folklore: The pink Amazonian river dolphin, called Boto cor-de-rosa in Portuguese, is believed to turn into a handsome young man at night to seduce and impregnate women at festivals near his river. He cannot take away his blowhole, however, so he must hide it with a hat.
  • In Classical Mythology, Zeus is depicted doing this several times when he wants to have an affair with a mortal woman, and often with little apparent regard for what a woman would find attractive. He carried off Europa in the form of a bull and met Danae disguised as a "shower of gold." He was in swan form when he chased and raped Leda (or Nemesis, Depending on the Writer). He used the trope's more usual form with Alcmene, though, by taking the shape of her husband so well she was totally fooled. The story that he (initially) hid his true form from Semele presumably includes him taking an attractive mortal human form with her, as well, although unlike Alcmene she wasn't married.
  • In one of the Norse myths, Loki talked the gods into letting a Giant rebuild the ruined Wall of Asgard — and promising him the Sun, the Moon, and Freyja if he finished before the deadline. The idea was to cheat him, except he looked ready to finish on time with the help of his super-strong stallion Svadilfari. The gods demanded that Loki get rid of that horse, so he transformed into a mare and... distracted... Svadilfari. Some months later, Loki gave birth to Sleipnir.

  • Done in all sorts of confusing ways in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio "The Maltese Penguin", in which the Film Noir parody Femme Fatale seems to find Frobisher's penguin form very sexy ("You know how to quack, don't you? You just stiffen your beak, and vibrate."). She's also attracted to his Doctor form, even though Frobisher notes in his Private Eye Monologue that he has trouble kissing people with it because he's more used to having a beak and that he struggles with humanoid forms because they have 'all those bits hanging off them, which don't even seem to have a use'. And he's also attracted to her penguin form. And her default form. And even when she tells him that she had become the pool of blood he'd inspected in an earlier scene, she says it really tickled when he touched it and he seems to find it rather sensual. Probably in their case attraction is really just all about the people rather than the bodies.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Changelings of Eberron are noted to be very popular in prostitution, despite some stigma from fears of an Unsettling Gender Reveal.
  • In the games Warhammer and its Sci-Fi cousin Warhammer 40,000, the Chaos God(dess) Slaanesh is canonically an androgynous being, which will appear in the form most suited to one's desires. This being Chaos, anything goes from the wholesome to the utterly depraved. Naturally, this fuels a lot of Rule 34. Slaaneshi cultists have been known to use illusions to make themselves appear to be someone their enemies care about to make them let their guard down as well.
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • The succubi can take any humanoid form to advance their role as The Corrupter, so this trope is a common occurrence.
    • This is also a common occurrence with Doppelgangers. In fact, since they are sexless in their true form, they are rumored to strictly reproduce when transformed in another race.
    • Changelings are descendant of Doppelgangers. Though they have more varied personalities and methods than their ancestors, high-class changeling courtesans/prostitutes are very valued for this reason.

    Video Games 
  • In Pokémon, Ditto can shapeshift to match any opponent in combat. Once it became possible to breed pokémon, Ditto was revealed to be a viable mate for any fertile partner.
  • Part of the plot twist of Catherine is that the titular character is a succubus who swoops into the lives of men who refuse to commit to the women they're dating and takes the form of their ideal woman in order to force them into the death puzzles that Vincent's been enduring night after night.

  • In the (very NSFW) webcomic Oglaf:
    • In "Reward", an overly literal shapeshifter performs an all-too-obvious duck behind a tree for a not-very-clever change, having failed to realize the adventurer they're trying to impress was being sarcastic about her interests.
    • In "Prince Rodgar", a forest nymph fond of seducing princes to steal their shape finds out the hard way that her latest victim was lying to keep her interested.
    • In "Homecoming", a wife greets her returning husband... only for him to admit in full honesty that he's a shapeshifter disguised as her husband in order to seduce her. Disappointed, she thanks him politely for telling her the truth. And takes him to bed anyway.
  • Sabine in The Order of the Stick is capable of shapeshifting as a succubus, so she doesn't have much of a problem getting people attracted to her so she can have sex with them. At one point her boyfriend's father compliments her beauty specifically to make fun of how meaningless a compliment it is to her.
  • Yiska of Charby the Vampirate changes forms to flirt with Zerlocke, Victor and Daray.
  • In Hitmen for Destiny, Jymre attempts to seduce Anette by shapeshifting into human forms. As he figures what type she's not attracted to, he makes an excuse to leave, pretends to get killed offscreen, then shows up in a new form.

    Western Animation 
  • In one episode of Alfred J. Kwak, Alfred the anthropomorphous duck is pursued by a Wicked Witch who wants to marry him. Alfred protests, so she transforms herself into a beautiful duck to make it easier for him. Alfred still refuses, since he's engaged to his girlfriend Winnie.
  • In the Gravity Falls episode "Weirdmageddon Part 2: Escape from Reality", Dipper, while trying to save Mabel from within a Lotus-Eater Machine, encounters his Precocious Crush Wendy. She suggests they use the magic of the world to bridge the age gap between them so they could be together. While Dipper is initially intrigued, when she winks at him rather than zipping her mouth, like in a previous episode, Dipper realizes this isn't the real Wendy - just the world trying to seduce him to stay.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's changelings, who are essentially G-rated succubi, impersonate other sentient creatures and feed off of the love of those close to them. Presumably, this trope is how they go about it when they're not amassing in force to invade entire nations, as was witnessed in the case of Queen Chrysalis impersonating Princess Cadance in order to leech off of Shining Armor.
  • The bartender in the American Dad! episode "Lost in Space" can change her appearance to make herself attractive to anyone. Since she works on a space station with dozens of different alien species, she changes quite a bit. She apparently only does it because she's just really, really horny.
  • One episode of Young Justice revealed that Miss Martian did this with Superboy (taking on the appearance of Black Canary to make out with him). The real Black Canary is completely unamused when Martian Manhunter tells her that it's a common thing on Mars, since as a race of telepathic shapeshifters, Martians can tell who their partner is regardless of what form they take. Superboy, for the record, knew it was Miss Martian the whole time.


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