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Intermediate Gods

    Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader 
Anakin Skywalker, God of Blood-Relations Reveals and Commander of The Legion (Darth Vader, Little Ani, Skyguy, The Jedi's Morning Star, The Hero With No Fear, The Chosen One)
Anakin (Clone Wars Era), Vader (Empire Era)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His iconic Black Helmet
  • Theme Song: "The Imperial March"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil as Darth Vader, Chaotic Good as Anakin Skywalker
  • Portfolio: Paternal Revelations, Mysterious Parents, Big No Screamers, Mind Probing, Spoilers Everybody Knows, Creepy Life-Support Breathing, Lightsabers, Anti Villains, Breakout Characters, Fallen Heroes, Redemption Equals Death.
  • Domains: Corruption, Darkness, Destiny, Law, Evil, Redemption.
  • Herald: Kylo Ren
  • Allies as Vader: Golbez, Homura Akemi]], Char Aznable.
  • Alies as Anakin: Mufasa, Naruto Uzumaki, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Judai "Jaden" Yuki, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine (his former master during his time as Darth Vader), Red Skull, Scar, Lucifer.
  • Special Relationships: Padmé Amidala (his wife), Luke Skywalker (his son), Leia Organa/Skywalker (his daughter), Ahsoka Tano (his padawan).
  • Rivals: Doctor Doom
  • He ascended after redeeming himself and killing the Emperor. Sadly, he must once again wear his Vader armor solely because people like him better that way. As a result of this revelation, NO was heard all across the Pantheon. Even though it was a scream of genuine anger and anguish, most people just interpreted it as "Do Not Want".
  • Was not amused to be part of the Child Abusers. Luke had still proved afterwards that he still had some good left inside after all, even when he himself thought it was too late for him. Predictably, he was pleased once he was removed from the "Child Abuse Supporters" group.
  • For those who desire to watch an abridged version of his fall from and return to good, he has recommended watching these videos.
  • Since he became a part of the House of Defense, Vader spends more and more time away from this House. Working under a flag-covered soldier and directing his troops with a too-soft hand once would have been beneath him, but these days it seems far preferable to enduring Scar's smirk at the dinner table.
  • Ozai is one of his most devoted followers. The rest of the gods (save Zuko) take amusement in hearing both converse, as it's like watching a bizarre version of a Star Wars film.
  • When the Emperor ascended, Vader once more swore fealty. This however is only a lie as he's secretly against him, giving information to the House of Defense, to help stop his former Sith Master. He also made his troops loyal to him before their Emperor; he has made sure of that.
    • Recently, Vader has completely split ties with the Emperor, causing quite a bit of turmoil within the Empire. Although this is because he (as Anakin Skywalker) can no longer affiliate himself with Palpatine with a clear conscience, as part of his cover as the evil Darth Vader he has all but declared this as part of his plan to usurp the Emperor.
  • Every time Palpatine makes a new plan, Vader secretly gives the information to the GUAG.
  • In spite of the feud he and Luke had, he would never think of allying himself with Ghetsis. This rage also extendes to Teppei Houjou after the reveal of his implied sexual abuse of Satako in Tatagoroshi-hen. Even if he was still an evil father, he still had standards. Needless to say, Teppei was given a fatal Force Grip, then given a lightsaber dismemberment. Since then, he has taken Satako under his guard after she ascended.
  • He has made an enemy out of Red Skull ever since he rapped against Hitler and then froze him in Carbonite.
  • Anakin was glad that when he as Darth Vader and Yoda raced over the weapon of Soul Edge, neither one of them claimed it, for he feared if he did grab the sword, thinks would've went much worse for the galaxy.
  • He discovered that Judai was once an Evil Overlord like him.
    • Judai explained why he become one and how he redeemed himself from it. They developed a surprising good friendship; before they left Judai made Anakin promise not to lose his good self when he's pretending to be the evil Darth Vader. He promised with determined eyes.
  • Things got awkward with the events of "The Great Upheaval" given that Gen Urobuchi has compared Homura to Vader. He is deeply sorry for his inadvertent role in it, which amounts to an attempt to Pet the Dog that went horribly wrong due to Homura's circumstances hitting too close to home. Lucifer is now a high priority target for Vader due to what he did to Homura being eerily similar to what Palpatine did to him. In order to atone for it, he has cast his lot with the "Rebellion" faction of "The Pantheonic Rebellion", ordering the 501st to turn on "Regime" troops when the timing is right. He is now making his move against Palpatine.
    • Also, he doesn't find YHVH to be any better than either Lucifer or Palpatine, even if desiring order is something they have in common.
  • He has recently been called in for a Death Battle against Doctor Doom. He doesn't seem to care too much. He lost in a respectably close fight, though he did prove that Doom's Doombots were no match for him in combat. Still, he did not appreciate being killed in a volcano, even if his own limitations were to be expected. However, it's rumored that he actually survived when an opponent getting killed was normally a requirement. Doom apparently failed to truly kill him, but came close enough to be declared the winner. Only Anakin/Vader knows the truth of his own fate.
  • Ahsoka was his only apprentice. He has no idea why do people keep asking him about this Starkiller guy.
  • Was horrified to learn that he had a Psychopathic Manchild of a grandson called Kylo Ren, who is guilty of massacring Luke’s New Jedi Order, helping the First Order start a new galactic war and murdering his own father. Worse still, Kylo has proclaimed himself as Vader’s new herald, much to his chagrin. Anakin has attempted to reason with Kylo and make him see the error of his ways, but Kylo idolizes Vader too much and believes Anakin is just testing his faith.
  • Vader has renewed his reputation as a fearsome enforcer ever since the discovery of footage where he slaughtered Rebel troops in pursuit of the Death Star plans. Speaking of which, he has even more reasons to hate Kreenic after his redemption.
  • Once Luke and Leia decided to celebrate Father's Day by sending Weird Al Yankovic to perform "The Saga Begins" in the House of Fathers. Anakin was less than amused. To be fair, he knew it probably wasn't the reaction any of them were hoping for, and that the song was made around a time where [[The Phantom Menace only his childhood beginnings had been revealed so far.
  • He is sometimes seen in white armor. This version of Vader was one where events transpired that led to him surviving and joining the Rebels to end Palpatine.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Defense.

Atalanta, Goddess of Feral Children (Atalante, Chaste Huntress, Archer of Red, Atalanta Alter, Berserker, Nyanta, Evil Cat, Sister, Missy)
Atalanta Alter 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A golden apple with an arrow on it
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil when in a really bad mood; drifts to Chaotic as an Alter Servant with Mad Enhancement via Agrius Metamorphosis. In a good mood, she's more True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Focused Archery, Those Abandoned By Parents, Raised By Animals, Hyper Runner, Child Lover, Getting Distracted By Golden Apples, Cat Ears And Tails Without Being A Cat Girl, Virginity Oath, Phoebus Catastrophe, Agrius Metamorphosis, Nature Hero
  • Domains: Children, Archery, Combat
  • Herald: Hippomenes (her husband from mythology)
  • High Priest: Gau
  • Allies: Artemis, Apollo, Achilles, Hercules, Medea, Karna, Saint Martha, Litchi Faye-Ling, Taokaka, Ash Ketchum, Yoshino, the Heroic Protectors of Family, many of the Children house members (and lots of good children), residents of the Nature Preservers house and the House of Beast
  • Rivals: Jeanne D'Arc, Saint George, The Flash
  • Enemies: Child Abuse Supporters, every Abusive Parents in the pantheon, Jeanne D'Arc Alter, Zeus, Aphrodite, The Grineer, Jack the Ripper
  • Conflicting Opinion: Killua Zoldyck
  • The Chaste Huntress, former princess of Arcadia that for some reason got abandoned by her parents, left to die in the wilds until she was saved by outside forces and grew up in the wilds until some couple picked her up. Even so, Atalanta has adopted the ways of the wild throughout her life that it stuck, and became a reason why she ascended in the Pantheon.
  • Atalanta was known as one of the earlier cases of classic action heroines, in as much as the Greek myth allowed, which was quite a feat for a male-dominated society. She had the honors of joining the Argonauts, which made her friends with some of its followers, such as Hercules and especially Medea. As of the leader, Jason? Even Atalanta knows he's a jerk, and that was before he dumped Medea. So she's not a big fan.
  • Since she was abandoned as a child, she became a lover for children, wishing them happiness and love and fiercely protective of them. One of the ways to make her flip off in anger is to see children getting killed, that not even a saintly person like Jeanne D'Arc would be excused from her wrath; while she's fine when Jeanne was designated as her ally, if she crossed that line, all bets are off.
    • While the relations with Jeanne was tenuous, the same couldn't be said to her Alter self, who summoned her once and then forcefully put a Mad Enhancement on her. Short version: Atalanta hated her.
    • Thankfully, hanging around in Chaldea missions has been quite a boon to Atalanta that she has developed limits about flipping while protecting children, this is why she put the normal Jeanne as just 'rival'. This is proven when she, without bias for children, got rid of Jack the Ripper, at least on the female form... But when Jack revealed that he has many forms aside of the little girl, and just took that form to goad Atalanta into madness again for fun, he went straight to her actual black list. And henceforth, Atalanta became more selective on which children she would protect, mostly good ones.
    • And obviously, she hates the Child Abuse Supporters and anyone who has ever held that position. She has adopted a kill-on-sight policy on them. Same goes for the Twin Queens and their empire for their practice of immortality done on children.
  • When she was noted that Artemis was within the Pantheon, Atalanta was honestly nervous. The last time she saw her as a ditzy big-boobed Goddess against her image, she was so mortified... But when it turned out that the Artemis here was a more adjusted, no-nonsense archer that fought other Gods, Atalanta was much more relieved. Though she had to apologize that she grazed her Calydonian Boar Tusky for her other mate Meleager to kill.
    • Both Artemis and Apollo were also grateful for her constant prayers/'complaints' to them from her Phoebus Catasthope, which they claimed to empower their shenanigans in the Battleground of the Gods, and Artemis said Atalanta learned well from her Rain of Arrows skill she liked to call 'Surpress the Insolent'. Even Atalanta lent her bow to be used by any Hunting Gods there.
    • That said, she was quite pissed at Zeus for turning her into a lion. Aside of not being able to mate with Hippomenes, she's pissed that everyone around her often asked her to act like a Cat Girl. In case it turns out to be Aphrodite doing it, she's pissed as well, since she also had a hand in the footrace thing below.
    • She then became quite embarassed when she was informed that, yes, lions do not mate with leopards, but with other lions. The fact that her husband has now become her herald and they can chose their form at will, means they have been able to continue their relationship, though are now more careful not to... dirty up anyone else's temple.
  • She prefers hanging around in the wild and nature, thus making her appreciate those who protect nature and wild animals, in addition of children. In turn, she also lent her strength to protect the serene nature.
  • While she had a soft spot on St. Martha, perhaps due to sounding rather similar and also sharing the spot of being summoned as a berserk version of themselves by Jeanne Alter, Atalanta is not that thrilled with her partner George since he directly fought against her. So visiting their house can get rather awkward.
  • She's rather infamous for 'killing her would-be suitors that lost in the footrace to marry her'. Atalanta at first protested that she's just uninterested in marriage and set up the rules to scare off suitors, but some people seem to be morons. Regardless of that, eventually she gave up and let herself be labelled Neutral Evil, just like her friend Medea. Besides, she did find someone she's happily married to.
    • As such, she's one of the speediest people in the Pantheon. There are little to no Gods that can outrun her... though one notable exception is The Flash. Thankfully for Atalanta, Flash didn't beat her at running to marry her.
  • Though she'd rather not admit it much, putting up a cold shoulder instead, she actually was quite grateful on Achilles, namely, for releasing her from madness once she went apeshit on Jeanne d'Arc.
  • She found quite a surprising ally in both Litchi Faye-Ling and Taokaka, when the latter literally dragged her for a meal as fellow cat girls. And surprisingly, Atalanta found herself in similar wavelength with Litchi in terms of loving children and having regrets of having tunnel-visions of chasing one's personal dream without listening to reason. As a result, both of them became friends and cover each other whenever someone short-sightedly badmouthed their actions.
    • And because of this, Atalanta also developed interest in Carl Clover, whom she saw as a very much unloved children. What helps her case was that his father Relius Clover was an unabashed bastard, so much it tempted Atalanta to just go wild with Agreus Metamorphosis against him, but thankfully, her past experience and help from Litchi prevented her.
  • She once claimed that Hades was actually a giant alien robot in disguise, based on a past wacky adventure with Hercules and Jason (who was inexplicably turned into a black dude, but since he's less of a jerk there, Atalanta preferred that version). She took back her claims once she learned that the real Hades wouldn't be kidnapping Persephone, they love each other.
  • After hearing legends about a child with a history of befriending beasts worthy of divinity, Atalanta set out to the House of Commerce to investigate. Such child was Ash Ketchum, who had no trouble striking up a friendship with her. After hearing Atalanta's story, Ash couldn't help but feel sorry for her, as she had come from a world harsher and crueler than his own. Even so, he said that her desire to protect children was truly admirable and promised to do whatever he could to support her. He is also fond of patting her in the head the same way he does to Pikachu, and amazingly, Atalanta doesn't complain.
  • Unsurprisingly took pity on Yoshino after hearing her story and agreed to help Shido Itsuka in protecting her.
  • Atalanta became happy when she heard a familiar voice, that of her husband from mythology, Hippomenes. While he did beat her through the use of tha apples, Atalanta was mature enough to admit her loss. She is also looking to get their son as her second herald.

    Samos and Keira Hagai 
Samos and Keira Hagai, Gods of Ugly Fathers with Beautiful Daughters (Samos: The Shadow)
Left: Samos; Right: Keira

    Shoto Todoroki 
Shoto Todoroki, God of Unwanted Paternal Comparisons (Shouto Todoroki, FireIce, Icyhot)
Click here to see his first hero costume 
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  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His left eye, surrounded by a burn scar
  • Theme Song: Kimi no Chikawa
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance, Awesome by Analysis, Hates being compared to his father, Bishōnen, Broken Ace, Combo Platter Powers, The Comically Serious, Dark and Troubled Past, Defrosting Ice King, Duality Motif, Elemental Hair, Fire/Water Juxtaposition, Hybrid Power, Multicolored Hair, Mismatched Eyes, Scars Are Forever, Socially Awkward Hero, The Stoic, Troubled, but Cute, Youngest Child Wins
  • Domains: Ice, Fire, Heroes, Family Issues
  • Allies: Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Tenya Iida, Prince Zuko, Luke Skywalker, N, Elsa, Sub-Zero, Jack Frost, Tomoya Okazaki
  • Enemies: "Hero Killer" Stain, Kurogiri, The Child Abuse Supporters, Ghetsis Harmonia, Azula, Kaldr, Ragnaros, Brand, Esdeath, Adam Taurus
  • Admires: All Might
  • Conflicting Opinion: Anakin Skywalker
  • Odd Friendship: Jakiro
  • Shoto Todoroki is a rather troubled young man. From birth he has been blessed with having the quirks of both of his parents, the ability to control ice and fire. But his father's extreme approach at training him, coupled with the fact that he was completely neglectful of both his wife and older children have transformed the young Shoto into a bitter person. All of this amplified after his mother burned his face with boiling water, permanently scarring him. And for that, he was given the position of those who refuse to be compared with his father.
  • For context, Shoto's father happens to be Endeavor, ranked as the Number 2 Hero and dedicated everything to becoming number 1. However, Endeavor's Hellfire Quirk, while powerful, was also limiting and Endeavor turned to his children to fulfill his wishes. While many assumed Shoto was the end product of his father's attempts of an heir, it turns out that his oldest brother, Toya, was the original choice, due to his stronger Fire Quirk.
  • Initially he refused using the fire powers that he received from his father, saying he would surpass him and all might using just his ice powers. Thankfully, that resentment and self-loathing that Shoto had changed after his fight with Izuku Midoriya in the Sports Festival. Izuku pointed out that Todoroki's insistence of only using half his power was disrespectful to everyone who was giving it their all. Afterward, Shoto not only starting using his fire powers, but also became friends with Deku and other students from his class and even gained enough courage to visit his mother again. When he ascended, he was happy to learn Deku was also ascended and he wasn't alone either as All Might was alongside him (Ironically, All Might is the one that inspired Todoroki into becoming a hero).
  • Not many people know about this outside a rare few but Shoto was among one of the three students who defeated the Hero Killer Stain alonside his friends Deku and Tenya Iida. He was not happy to learn that Stain was among the ranks of the Pantheon's villains, but thankfully Stain doesn't intend to target him as Shoto earned his respect for acting like a true hero.
  • Many have noted that both Shoto and Zuko share a lot of similarities like the burn scar, the Abusive Parents and even how they both slowly changed for good. Zuko was surprised that Shoto's scar wasn't from his father but his mother instead and hearing about Zuko's father Ozai makes him thankful that at least Endeavor isn't outright evil (but he isn't that far from it)
    • On the other hand, Zuko's younger sister Azula being the talented one and both being the youngest child of their respective family showed Todoroki what could have happened to him if Deku wouldn't have changed him for good.
    • Then came the revelation that Todoroki was not meant to be Endeavor's successor, but his oldest brother was. Todoroki does not like to talk about what happened (and may not know the details given he was 4 or 5.)
    • However, given Endeavor's attempts at reforming himself, Shoto does note the man is trying, unlike Ozai.
  • Understandably, Shoto despises the Child Abuse Supporters given him being a victim of Domestic Abuse thanks to his father's harsh training methods. Another person that he hates is Ghetsis Harmonia, arguably someone who is both a villain and much worse that Endeavor ever was to him, considering how he manipulated and used N for his own gains, similar to what happened to Shoto. For that reason, Todoroki and N instantly became friends.
  • He still hasn't really gotten the hand of his fire powers, mostly because of the lack of training and the fact that he refused to use it in the past, but has been trying to find a balance between his ice and fire powers. He has received some training from the likes of Elsa, Sub-Zero and Jack Frost in new techniques with his ice control and with Natsu Dragneel and the aforementioned Zuko with his fire powers.
    • His dual powers didn't stop others from wanting to use for more nefarious purposes. Ragnaros, Brand and other pyromaniacs would like him to stop using his ice powers and go all out with only his fire side while others like Kaldr think his ice powers would make Shoto and excellent minion for them.
  • Oddly enough, Shoto wasn't the only one who had both fire and ice abilities, as the double-headed dragon Jakiro also had that in their form of their Breath Weapon. They seem to get along just fine and some people are wondering if Shoto would adopt Jakiro as a pet or become his Dragon Rider.
  • There is a rumor that anyone who gets close with Shoto will receive a hand injury that will last forever. In actuality it's just a silly joke Deku told a few people once after Todoroki said the same thing, but he instead was being serious.
  • Became good friends with Tomoya Okazaki, first because of their similar voices, then later Shoto learned that he had a very complicated relationship with his own father when the latter injured his arm, relating to Shoto's own tale.
  • Since Adam Taurus has aligned himself with Stain the Hero Killer, he must fight against him from time to time.
  • Yes, Shoto may not really like his dad or want much with him, but he is still family. Hence why Shoto went into utter stunned panic at seeing his dad nearly die at the hands of the Nomu High-End and nearly collasped in relief when Endeavor won. He also is happy that he is trying to improve himself and atone for what he's done but he still isn't ready to forgive him yet.
  • Despite Shoto not liking to be compared to his father, he is also fully willing to acknowledge the man's skill and he became Number 2 for a reason. Additionally, he is also willing to go to his father for extra training as is own powerful Quirk is not just enough anymore.
  • Shoto has been having to dodge more questions about his dad and his oldest brother, especially when it was pointed out that going by their ages, Endeavor would've likely been just out of adolescence when he started parenthood.

Tenzin, God of Desiring Approval From His Father (Councilman)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Airbending Tattoos
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Son of Aang and Katara, Airbending Master, father of four children, mentor to Korra, bald as customary of Air Nomad tradition, youngest of his siblings and the most responsible, Youngest Child Wins, unlike his father in personality but is his favorite, Parents as People, Martial Pacifist, The Stoic (for the most part), feeling the burdens of reasonability, Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Domains: Approval, Air, Family
  • Allies: Aang, Katara, Korra, Lin Beifong, Asami Sato, Mako, Bolin, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Zuko, Hector and Lilina, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda
  • Enemies: Amon, Zaheer, Azula, Al'Akir, Gendo Ikari
  • Pities: Shinji Ikari
  • Tenzin was the youngest son of Avatar Aang and the only one to be born with airbending. Because he was part of Aang's legacy as one of the few Airbenders remaining in the world (up until Harmonic Convergence), he had the need of living up to his expectation, even when he has been dead for many years. Though, while venturing through the Fog of Lost Souls in order to save Jinora (and his siblings Bumi and Kya), a vision of his father taught him that he must live as himself and got over this insecurity.
  • He was extremely sentimental of reuniting with his father again, considering that he only saw a vision of him once. However, the family reunion gets really awkward when it is obvious that Aang and his mother Katara are clearly at their youths in the Hundred Year War, so it was a bit embarrassing for Tenzin. Also, he reunite with Uncle Sokka who he hasn't talk about him a lot.
    • Aang was very proud of Tenzin as a son, an Airbending Master, and a mentor to his reincarnation, Korra. The fact that he has a family with four airbending children, as well as being the leader of the new nation of airbenders, he was very satisfied to see that his heritage live strong in the future. Such inspiring words made Tenzin feel proud of his accomplishments as his son and leader.
  • He was glad to reunite with Korra as well and was very proud to see Korra to do things on her own.
  • Tenzin may have preach for peace as shown in Air Nomad traditions, he will certain fight, especially if his family is threatened as seen with his fight against Amon and Zaheer who threatened his Airbending family.
  • As with the case of Zaheer, he truly despise those that would desecrate his sacred tradition of airbending. He wouldn't even concede to Al'Akir the Windlord, viewing him as a perversion as he tried to bring forth the Old Gods and cause the end of the world.
  • He doesn't want to bring up his failed relationship with Lin, as it was clear that it wasn't able to work as Lin wasn't interested in having a large family. He has moved on as he is married and has four children, but he gets annoyed whenever people bring it up.
  • He often is seen with the House of Leadership as he was a former councilman of the United Republic, an Airbending master, and the leader of the newly founded Air Nation.
  • With several deities with the power to control the winds, he hoped that some of them may join as the member of the Air Nation. His persuasion to volunteers is... not very convincing.
  • He was once a High Priest to both Hector & Lilina as he is completely different from his father Aang. He is very friendly with Hector in terms of his relationship with his daughter, in which he sees it like his own relationship with his eldest daughter, Jinora.
  • Tenzin normally doesn't enjoy sports, notably in comparison to pro-bending. He only bends his contempt when he found that pro-bending has a positive effect on Korra's airbending training. Although he is not sure if he would allow her to play Blitzball as it has nothing to do with any training and he is concerned that she might "cheat" with her waterbending. Not that it stop him from cheering her enthusiastically in her performance, as much as he doesn't want to admit it.
  • He pities Shinji Ikari as he wanted to please his father despite all of the emotional abuse he inflicted on him. He tries to console the boy that sometimes the need of living to one's expectation can go too far and letting it go could lead to growth, especially if it was an abusive father like him.
  • He earned the respect of Obi-wan and Yoda because of his mentorship and mastery and the fact that he, his children, and many non-benders who became airbender after Harmonic Convergence were among the new generation of airbenders after a massive genocide in the Hundred Year War, comparing them to the Jedi that have endured many genocides and rebirth through history.
  • Though a good man, he could be very prideful in his ineptitude like his inability to enter the Spirit World and Jinora can.
  • Can also be found in the House of Personality.


Lesser Gods

    Daeron II Targaryen 
Daeron Targaryen, Second Of His Name, God of Uncertain Paternity (Daeron the Good, Daeron the Falseborn)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The same heavy-set crown as his father
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A Son And Grandchildren Predeceased Him, Fond of Dorne, The Good King, Non-Action Guy, May Have Been Fathered By His Uncle, Good Is Not Soft, Perfectly Arranged Marriage, Has A Bit Of A Belly, Tried To Be Nice To His Half-Siblings, Got The Blackfyre Rebellion, Work Off the Debt, The Smart Guy
  • Domains: Kingship, Marriages, Debated Paternity, Scholarship, Peace
  • Additional relationship with: Aegon and Rhaenys Targaryen (his ancestors), Aerys Targaryen (his great-great grandson), Jon Snow , Robert, Renly and Stannis Baratheon (his direct descendants)
  • Allies: Maester Aemon (his grandson), Daenerys Targaryen (his descendant), Ned Stark, Oberyn Martell, Lancelot, Bahamut, Charizard, the Nohr Royal Siblings, Elizabeth I, Alistar Theirin
  • On good terms with: Josuke Higashikata, Hector and Lilina of Ostia
  • Conflicted on: Rhaegar Targaryen (his direct descendant), Robb Stark
  • Enemies: Daemon Blackfyre (half-brother, rival claimant and/or cousin), Aegon the Unworthy (his father and/or uncle), The Dovahkiin, Deathwing, Marcello, Kinzo Ushiromiya
  • Opposes: Corrupt nobles and lickspittles, Goro Akechi
  • Annoyed by: Henry VIII, Cersei Lannister
  • Pities: Tommen Baratheon
  • Daeron II Targaryen is the son of the hedonistic Aegon IV Targaryen and pious Naerys Targaryen. Having more in common with his learned and skilled grandfather Viserys II, he had the unenviable job of cleaning up his father's messes before and after his death. Though lacking the physical prowess of other beloved kings like Aegon the Conqueror, he managed to peacefully unite Dorne through marriage, purge his father's corruption and is seen as one of Westeros' greatest rulers.
  • It is speculated that his father was not Aegon the Unworthy, but his (other) uncle Aemon the Dragonknight. Many doubt this as Aegon was known to try and disinherit his son, and Aemon and Naerys were pillars of virtue. Still, Aegon genuinely suspected an affair and Aemon and Naerys did love each other so it's not impossible. That, and lacking the martial talent his father used to have along with having a different personality has given the Blackfyres some credence.
  • Attempted to make amends with his bastard half-siblings, though some would turn on him like Daemon Blackfyre and Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers. Some like Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers stayed loyal to him though. As such he has a dislike of Marcello for being a treacherous royal Bastard Bastard. He is less harsh on Goro Akechi though since he wants revenge against a father just as politically corrupt as his own, though thinks he is too extreme in his actions.
  • Though having reason to dislike bastards in general, this is not the case. Heroic illegitimate children he looks favorably on. He became good friends with Alistar Theirin for being a "good" Blackfyre; a noble born out of wedlock who stepped up to become a great leader on his own, legally instead of usurpation. He likes Josuke Higashikata too, and sympathizes for the loss of his grandfather considering his own had such a short reign on the throne, and he'd lose both his eldest son and his children.
  • Finds the Tudor King Henry VIII to be a source of irritation. He's a lot like his father Aegon the Unworthy, though falls short of hating him as he was still the better king to Aegon the Unworthy. Plus he ultimately learned not to screw his daughters out of the succession instead of some other male relative. It helps that Daeron and Elizabeth are rather cordial to each other, given their own experiences with their fathers and proving great monarchs.
  • As with the other ascended Targaryens, he was very happy to learn there was an entire sub-house of them. The wooden dragons his dad made failed miserably, so he was happy to show him up by allying with one. He befriended Charizard due to being a fire-breathing dragon, though Aegon the Unworthy stated: "a Fiery Salamander masquerading as a dragon? You further prove your illegitimacy". Most eyerolled, Daeron stating "better than any dragon you've ever had". That, and of course Charizard's X Mega Evolution was part Dragon anyway.
  • Asides from Charizard, he is fond of Bahamut due to being a noble dragon. He was surprised to learn that ninety years after his death one of his descendants, Daenerys, finally managed to bring dragons back to their world. He immediately went to meet her and congratulate her for her endeavors, saying that her namesake is very proud. While getting along with many dragons, he detests Deathwing due to being a complete psychopath and doesn't understand why a dragonslayer like Dovahkiin is in a house for dragons.
  • Per rule, Daeron opposes corrupt nobles, flatters and lickspittles. It is through their exploitation of his father's weak nature that his reign was so terrible, and it is what he's fought his adult life to eliminate. He detests Kinzo Ushiromiya for, among other things, his cruelty to his children and wills reminding him of his father.
  • Close to Lancelot, due to his uncle the Dragonknight being inspired from him. As Lancelot would have an affair with Guinevere resulting in Galahad despite his chivalry, his father uses this as further evidence for his adultery. Despite everything, Daeron privately worries if this means the Unworthy had a point. He's also close to the Nohr royal siblings given their tempestuous relationship with their own corrupt father.
  • Has noted than ninety years after his time, history is repeating itself. As with before, debated paternity on the heir has led to civil war, and a fat, lustful king is being cuckolded by a knight. He is annoyed by Cersei for this, and seems to pity the situation Tommen is in.

    Hector and Lilina 
Hector and Lilina of Ostia, Co-Deities of Parents and Offsprings That End Up Different (Hector: General of Ostia; Lilina: Delightful Noble)

    Nohr Royal Siblings 
Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise, Deities of Family Loyalty (Xander: Marx, Marks, Crown Prince of Nohr, Paragon Knight, Sexy Nii-san; Camilla: Bewitching Beauty, Titties Nee-chan, Cowmilla, The Divine Mother; Leo: Leon, Sorcerous Prince, Book Bro, Tomato Bro, Blond Marth, Blarth; Elise: Budding Flower, Cinnamon Rolls, Breadsticks)
From top clockwise:Xander, Leo, Elise and Camilla
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The crest of Nohr
  • Theme Song: Pray to the Dark (normal), You of the Dark (battle)
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Family, War, Combat, Loyalty
  • Heralds: Their retainers (Laslow/Inigo, Peri (Xander), Selena/Severa, Beruka (Camilla), Niles (Leo), Effie (Elise)), Siegbert (Xander's son)
  • Allies: Corrin, Forrest (Leo's son), Arthur (Elise's retainer), Azura, Soleil, Owain (Leo's retainer as Odin), Marth, Chrom, Lucina, Ike, Yasuo, Litchi Faye-Ling, the whole Anti-Villains House
  • Rivals: The Hoshidan Royal Siblings (allies as of Revelation)
  • Enemies: Grima, evil Gods of Royalty, all abusive parents
  • Corrin felt alone not having their family here, even with the friends they've made. Hearing of this plight, their friends have petitioned to ascend Corrin's family. However, given that s/he has two of them, it was decided that both the Royal Siblings of Hoshido and Nohr be ascended.
    • As for the Nohrians' title for their ascension, it was decided that it be Thicker Than Water, due to how highly they value family loyalty. They all came from different mothers (their father King Garon having had a lot of concubines, Xander being the only one whose mother was the Queen), and it was hell in the Decadent Court of Doom as the wives conspired against one another, resulting in a lot of bloodshed and resentment. By the time the dust settled, the four were the only survivors and they became closer than ever as a result, having hated the dreadful conditions of the infighting.
    • During their ascension ceremony, it was a surprise to them that the Hoshido royal siblings were there, too. Having already been updated on how things work here, Xander and the others weren't sure as to which timeline these Hoshidans were from. Turns out they're from the same Revelation timeline just like them, where they, despite initially both opposing Corrin for their initial indecisiveness, eventually came to unite under their mutual sibling, defeat Anankos, the ultimate orchestrator of the war between their nations, and ushered peace. Verdict: there was no need to fight them given how different the situation is in the Pantheon, and Corrin would certainly intervene, not wanting to see them fight. Especially since they can potentially support with another in the Revelation path and understand each other further.
    • While it a tad concerning that the Hoshidan royal siblings have two Houses (Heroic Appearances and Colored Outfits) compared to the Nohrians' one, the upsides were that they weren't divided, and (for Camilla and Elise especially) that Corrin was in the same House as they were.
  • Applies to the family as a whole or two or three of its members:
    • They detest the dragon Deathwing due to how similar he is to the Silent Dragon Anankos, who corrupted their father (well, more like possessed his dead body and pretended to be him) and plotted to destroy their country.
    • And coming from a family that was so screwed up, they also hate those who are terrible parents (especially mothers) or siblings (and even more to those who revel in it). Camilla's mother was abusive, Leo's only used him as a political tool, and Elise's had no love for her, even only calling for Garon on her deathbed.
    • On one hand, they respect Hanzo Shimada for putting family duty first and for his honor-bound ways. On the other hand, they were also horrified that he struck down his younger brother Genji because he was ordered to (and because he was too lazy to carry on their family business). True, he does regret it after that, but still.
  • Exclusive to Xander:
    • After Gilgamesh's attempt to claim Ryoma's Raijinto failed, he set his sights on Xander's Siegfried (though he's willing to try again on the Hoshidan at a later date). While he can be assured that it won't be used as a glorified whisker shaver, that's barely any comfort for Xander.
    • While many would think that Xander might need a little judgment adjustment thanks to his strong loyalty to Garon, it's instead only used as a way to strengthen his claim of the throne. As much as Garon was a bitter, horrible king, he was still their family, and used to be a good father, too. That slime masquerading as him, possessing the king's body shortly after the whole concubine infighting business, was NOT.
    • There are a few comparisons that are made between his past and that of Hercules (at least the Disney timeline): both used to be pretty unremarkable before a lot of training brought them to become the aces they are today.
    • Xander's black attire and cavalry skills also attracted the attention of Marth, who gets reminded of a fellow Black Knight he knew at home: Camus, leader of Grust's Sable Knights, whom Marth was forced to take down, unable to convince him to join like he did Lorenz, who had the same loyalties for Grust but was more willing to defect after seeing its atrocities.
    • He's also known for being super serious. If he attempts to crack a joke… many think that pigs are probably flying in the sky at that point. This is another thing he and Ryoma share, actually.
    • Much like several gods, Xander believes that justice is an illusion, and is not fond of those who see things in black and whiteit's like missing the whole picture. He respects those who fight for good and their justice, but he'll show disgust to those who fail/refuse to understand or comprehend moral ambiguity. This is also how he became friends with the wandering swordsman Yasuo in spite of his Hoshidan-esque outlook: He agreed that 'justice' was merely a 'pretty word' when overused.
    • A lot of deities seems to notice that in his off time, Xander likes to hang around with one of Nohr's non-retainer fighters, Charlotte. She happens to be a Gold Digger and is also a very strong candidate for the role of Xander's wife. Xander's reasons for this are that she's a skilled fighter and they make a good battle pair, but it didn't stop people from coining the pair as "Xander and his Gold Digger".
    • He manage to make some bond with Sigurd, both being knights and heir of their land. Sigurd sometimes compares him to a friend of his, Eldigan, when his loyalty was tested over friendship like Xander's loyalty was affected by Corrin's choice. The two often toast a wine in this interesting friendship.
    • No, his judgment isn't that bad: his deference to Garon is just a result of family obligation and he does turn on him after either seeing him as a slime monster or when he ordered him and Leo to destroy Nohr (in addition to Hoshido).
    • Whenever he gives a public speech, he pretends that the audience are either bunnies/carrots. A nasty encounter with the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog left him unchracteristically nervous for a few moments in the next one he had to make, because his method stopped workingnote . It took a few trips to Dr. Frasier Crane for him to recover and find a different method.
    • Values family above all else, more than his siblings, and is set off by those who would defect from families altogether as he initially thought Corrin did in the Revelation path than he would those who turn on their family to join another.
    • You won't catch him swimming. Whether it's because he can't to the point that he can't even doggy paddle (which contradicts what Leo's mentioned about him) or he can but simply finds it unpleasant/unenjoyable is something he's not about to tell.
    • While he obviously believes in a concept of right and wrong, Xander doesn't seem to think there is any such thing as a truly evil person; just evil acts and whether or not the person is forgivable. Of course, for those who have truly crossed the line, he still won't think of them as evil people; "merely" completely irredeemable.
  • Exclusive to Camilla:
    • For some reason, Camilla is very popular amongst the people. One can only wonder why. Though humorously, Pokemon trainers seem to think that she's a Shiny Gourgeist turned human. Her response is just a giggle.
      • As for Gourgeist herself, she (both of them) has been warned to keep away. And the Pumpkin Pokémon only got the hint after getting enough attacks from Camilla's siblings (including Corrin), especially dark bolts from Xander's Siegfried, and she's weak to dark attacks.
    • Thanks to her massive boobs, Camilla actually was considered as a new member of the Poly Racks. She seems to be playfully considering it, thinking that probably it's better than court stuffs.
    • She seems to have interest in strong women, as they made up her retainers (Selena and Beruka), but that doesn't mean she has no interest in men. Though amongst the Poly Racks, Camilla seemed to take a slight interest in Litchi Faye-Ling, because of their similarly motherly attitude and the fact that they had to endure being an Anti-Villain. On the other side, Litchi takes interest in her too, mainly because she thinks that Camilla sounds like Carl Clover if he got gender flipped into a sexy lady. Camilla herself thinks Litchi is a candidate for one of those 'strong women' like her retainers, to the point where she even got Xander to back her up after hearing about her situation in the Morality Civil War, deeming her situation as a great misuse of honor and justice and deciding that she deserves protection.
    • Camilla is often used as a reason why Nohr is called "The Land of Sexy". After Garon (or that slime impersonating him) was finally dethroned and destroyed for good, she and her siblings joked about that kind of slogan being used. Camilla herself suggested that for lulz.
    • There is a good reason for her possessiveness of Corrin, and it's not pleasant]]. One of the moments that spurned her on was how, when they were still little, she baked them a batch of cookies on one of her visits, only for several others to inadvertently eat them. The frustrated and upset Corrin's response — being only a child that was too young to understand how hurtful words can be, was isolated from the world in very unfair living conditions, and perhaps still fresh off their traumatic addition to the family — was to say "Thanks for nothing, my so-called sister". Having dealt with abuse and neglect from her mother — her only family back then — as a child, and being used as nothing but a mere tool for her machinations, Camilla was horrified at the idea that the Corrin might go through the same thing, swearing to them on the spot that she would always love them and never let them forget it. To this day, she never has.
    • After Owain had regaled about the tale of his (and two of his friends') time in Nohr to the other Ylissean deities as well as their battle against Grima (with several other companions) to the Fates deities, Camilla decided to invite over Cordelia for tea, hoping to get to know the mother of one of her retainers Selena (who's actually named Severa). Cordelia for her part wishes to know how Camilla treated her daughter while she was in Nohr. Although for some reason, Camilla knew and was amused whenever Cordelia's eyes narrowed and aimed to her boobs.
  • Exclusive to Leo:
    Leo: Damn it.
    • Many have thought that Leo's Brynhildr is actually the Death Note in disguise. Leo has vehemently denied it, and on research, he went to condemn its wielder, Light Yagami, as Leo has no high opinions on people with god complex delusions. Didn't help that they sound familiar.
    • Is also pleasantly surprised that he saw his retainer Odin in the Pantheon, though he went by his original name Owain. Leo has stated that one of these days, he's going to listen to Odin's side of his story (that is, his adventures at the Halidom of Ylisse). That encounter with Chrom wasn't enough.
      • And eventually Owain did; A few years before the war between Nohr and Hoshido began, Owain, Inigo, and Severa were asked by Anankos (or to be exact, the good part of him that was torn out by the original) to help find his child Corrin, obtain the five divine weapons (which turn out to be the Yato, Raijinto, Siegfried, Fujin Yumi, and Brynhildr), adnd return to Valla to defeat the monster he has become. Due to complications, they had been sent off to Nohr, where they eventually earned the trust of the royal siblings.
    • Is surprisingly well-toned for a magic-oriented fighter. Then again, he can also wield swords and his plate armor isn't just for show.
    • To his dismay, some people mistake him for a woman because of his feminine physical features. Guess that's where Forrest got his looks.
    • Having had to deal with the scheming Iago, Leo has dim views on illusion magic. He also doesn't like hostage-taking, unprovoked murder of innocents, the idea of family killing family for any reason.
    • He isn't actually that obsessed with tomatoes: it's just that he often uses Brynhildr to create ground for food to be grown, and that tomatoes were the best food to be grown using it.
      • He also uses his tome for ore gathering, though he's embarrassed at resorting to that.
    • After hearing of how Takumi's hatred for a Nohr-siding Corrin led to his possession by Anankos, Leo's grateful that he wasn't able to sink into hatred for a Hoshido-siding Corrin the same way, and that his love for them spared him from a similar possession.
    • Of the many things he's discovered in the Pantheon, one of the things that most interests him is the Metaverse and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. He managed to find Ren and Ryuji, the latter he noted to sounding just like him, and inquired on what they do and the greater potential there is in doing…more with it. That said, he understands that the loss of Futaba's mother and Haru's father—as well as Goro Akechi's actions (and the bastardry of his father Masayoshi Shido)—as a result of mental shutdowns would sour the idea of using the Metaverse for covert assassinations, and so he respectfully backs away from the subject.
  • Exclusive to Elise:
    • As the childish one, Elise remains as the one who can indulge with 'justice' fantasies, as shown with her having someone like Arthur as a retainer. She did get into a little misunderstanding with Tailtiu, who thinks that her son is serving Elise, but she straightened that little fact out. When the topic shifts into Tailtiu's depressing end of days, Elise surprisingly shows a mature side and becomes the one comforting her. She eventually heard Arthur's own ascension and was very happy. But when Tailtiu told her the incident about him nearly flooding her room due to crying harder than she did, Elise chuckled, saying that's so him, but in the end glad that he cheered her up, that's how Arthur is.
    • Finds a lot of similarities between herself and Lissa: energetic, younger sisters of royal family, serve as The Heart of their groups, and start off as healers. It can be a tad awkward though since Elise can potentially be Lissa's daughter-in-law if she marries Odin/Owain.
    • Those lavender parts in her hair aren't actually ribbons; they're dyed that way out of admiration for Camilla.
    • Elise is one of the big reasons why the siblings ascended. She HATES the concept of families fighting each other that she WILL throw herself into the line of fire just so they'd stop fighting. If that were to happen again, even Xander would lose himself… ESPECIALLY because at that time, he did that accidentally. And she was cross with Xander for that because not only did it NOT stop the fighting (Xander didn't even heed her dying words), Laslow, Peri, and several more Nohrians can potentially die if Corrin didn't finish it right after.
    • She still slips into habit of disguising as a simple 'lowborn' and selling flowers. At one point, she sold flowers along with Aerith, and they became fast friends due to Aerith's more friendly nature and the fact that they bond over getting tragically killed to serve as a major punch in the gut for their friends.

    Nowi and Nah 
Nowi and Nah, Goddesses of Serious Children Birthed by Silly Parents (Nowi: Eternal Youth, Nono Nah: Little Miss, Nn)

    Talia al Ghul 
Talia al Ghul, Goddess of Persian Baby Mamas and Proud Villainous Daughters (Talia Head, Leviathan, Miranda Tate)


    Arnold Shortman 
Arnold Phillip Shortman, God of Those Raised by Grandparents (Football Head, Arnoldo, Hair Boy, Short man, Arnie)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His blue baseball cap
  • Theme Song: “Hey Arnold!” Theme Song
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Blue Is Heroic, Cheerful Child, Determinator, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Hairstyle Inertia. The Heart, Kid Hero, Nice Guy, Wears a baseball hat that was given to him by his parents, lives with his paternal grandparents, Oblivious to Helga’s crush on him but ultimately ends up with her
  • Domains: Children, Friendship, Kindness
  • Heralds: Gerald Johanssen (his best friend), Grandpa Phil and Grandma Pookie (his grandparents)
  • Allies: Steven Universe, Pollyanna Whittier, Harriet Welsch, Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Heidi, Applejack and Applebloom, Fluttershy, Gentaro Kisaragi, Yugi Muto, Charlie Brown, Phineas Flynn
  • On good terms with: Flash Thompson
  • Enemies: Bullies in general, Commander Rourke
  • Pities: Asuka Langley Soryu
  • Special Relations: Helga Pataki (his girlfriend)
  • Arnold Shortman is a 4th-grade student with a head that’s shaped like a football. He lives with his grandparents in a boarding house in Hillwood. Most of the time, he would spend his time navigating big city life while dealing with problems that he and his friends have encountered. He has a desire of doing the right thing and wanting everyone to get along. His grandparents looking after him is what led him to ascend with the trope Raised by Grandparents.
  • His temple is pretty much a recreation of the Sunset Arms boarding house he lived in back in the mortal world. His grandparents also reside in the temple as heralds.
  • One of Arnold’s admired traits is his tendency to help anybody. Because of this, many other children deities look up to him as a role model. One such child that he gets along with is Steven Universe since he also likes helping out. Is also good friends with Pollyanna Whittier, who likes his optimism in spite of his hardships. Gets along with Phineas Flynn given that both of them are kids with weirdly-shaped heads.
  • One time, Arnold came across a young girl named Harriet who’s carrying her notebook and pencil. The two proceeded to discuss about their adventures as well as the eccentric people in their respective neighborhoods. They ended up getting along well as they are both kids living in big cities, although Arnold is concerned about Harriet’s spying actions.
  • In addition to his kindness, he was also known to drift off to his own imagination, if these three instances suggest anything. For some reason, however, this hasn’t been brought up that often.
  • Befriended Heidi after hearing about how she was brought to live with her paternal grandfather, which reminds him of living with her paternal grandparents. The Apple sisters also have a similar upbringing with their grandmother. He appreciates Applejack for being a helpful pony and Applebloom for being a Crusader who helps others find their true calling. He also connects with Yugi Muto given that he was also raised by a grandfather who happens to be an archaeologist.
    • Gentaro Kisaragi seems to have a soft spot for Arnold given that he also lost his parents and was raised by his grandfather. He would also befriend anyone and help people out. Arnold appreciates this as well as the fact that he serves as one of the Avatars of Friendship.
  • Sympathizes with Charlie Brown as his bad luck reminds Arnold of his friend Eugene, and he would sometimes offers to join Charlie on baseball games, especially given that Arnold tends to be good at baseball while Charlie Brown isn’t. Charlie, for his part, appreciates Arnold’s help and since then, the two would hang out every now and then.
  • Is pretty fond of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft given that they both remind him of his parents in that they were both adventurers. On occasion, Arnold would tag along with either of them on one of their adventures.
  • While he’s usually a kind-hearted person, he isn’t fond of bullies, particularly Biff Tannen. Although he can make an exception with Flash Thompson, a former bully and a Spider-Man fanboy whose job in the army changes him so much so that he became one of Peter Parker's closest friends. He’s also against those who tried to rob a lost ancient civilization, such as what Commander Rourke did with Atlantis.
  • Arnold is also shown to be pretty compassionate to animals. Notably, he has a pet pig, he got attached to a parrot, and he became close to a racing donkey. Fluttershy is pleased with this and sometimes allows him to visit her temple to take care of several animals who reside there.
  • He was surprised to see what he calls “a lot of Helga types” in the Pantheon, such as Asuka Langley and Rin Tohsaka. He does feel sorry for the former since like Helga, her behavior is stemmed from family neglect and abuse, not to mention her also liking a boy but being unable to express it in a healthy way.

    Eva Wei 
Eva Wei, Goddess of Offspring Revelations (Molly, Little Mouse, The Earth Pilot)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her walkman
  • Theme Song: ''Chance To Shine'' by Akino
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Dark and Troubled Past stemming from her mother's death, Seeking to impress her distant father, Badass Normal Plucky Girl, Calling the Old Man Out for not even recognizing her, Unwitting Pawn to an unknown monster, Tragic Hero
  • Allies: Samus Aran, D.VA, Jenny X-J9, Dib Membrane, Terry Mcginnis
  • Enemies: Brainiac, Ultron, Pennywise, Darkseid, Thanos, Ridley, Just about any Galactic Conqueror or particularly manipulative Eldritch Abomination, The Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge
  • Pities/Fears: Anakin Skywalker
  • In a distant, yet familiar future, the earth was on the brink of war with the Crogs, a bloodthirsty alien race of warriors. The Avatar, the mysterious, seemingly omnipotent being that governs the universe, gave humanity a place in the Great Race of Oban and promised "the Ultimate Prize" to the winning planet. Eva, having grown up in a constrictive boarding school since her mother's tragic racing accident, enlisted with the Earth team and her distant father(the racing manager) under the alias of "Molly". She hoped to use the prize to bring back her mother. Her dad, Don Wei, never realized she was his long distant daughter until the last stretch of the race on Planet Oban. Eva was quick to call him on this, as well as her abandonment. Ultimately, Eva never resurrected her mom, but saved the Universe along with her friends Jordan and Aikka, Jordan taking her intended place as the new Avatar. She is since trying to resume a normal life as herself, and rebuild her relationship with her dad.
  • Though her ship, the Whizzing Arrow II, was destroyed in the last stretch of her adventure on Oban, Eva was pleasantly surprised to find an exact replica in her new temple. She often takes it for a spin around the heavens, but even she's a little nervous about trying Rainbow Road.
  • Upon hearing accounts of her adventures, Samus was quite disturbed by her description of the monstrous Canaletto, who resembles the Chozo, the species that raised her. She has since promised to personally slay the monster again if he resurfaces. Eva in turn is preparing for the day she faces Ridley, a similar avian beast who slaughtered her new friend's family.
  • Impressed with her role in saving the universe, Hana Song has offered Eva a chance to pilot her Mech, but Eva declined, citing she's not a soldier and wants a more stress-free life.
  • Dib and Zim once partook in a race she was in. When Dib's recently acquired ship crashed, Eva helped him repair it, though she can't for the life of her understand why he puts up with the A.I's constant snarking and belittling of him for his awkwardness. After all, she also has a dad who was similarly absent from her life and can't even see through a Paper-Thin Disguise, let alone his own daughter's. She doesn't see Zim as much more than a nuisance, but she still respects the Membrane kid and flies to help when the Irken unleashes a deadlier threat. In turn, Dib has offered to be the Whizzing Arrow's new gunner.
  • She is on similar good terms with Jenny Wakeman (aka X-J9), who also has a somewhat complicated relationship with her eccentric parent. In a way, she reminds Eva of Ondai, another robot and rival racer who wanted to know what it feels to be a "real" living creature.
  • Utterly horrified and saddened by Darth Vader's presence in the pantheon. To Eva, he is a dark reflection of how she could've turned out-a young racer abandoned by his father, and warped into the puppet of a dark entity, almost what Canaletto did to her.
  • It's no surprise that Eva utterly loathes Darkseid and Thanos, both monstrous space Tyrants like the Crogs and Cannaletto, as well as horrible fathers, another Berserk Button for her.
  • Eva and Terry often share a laugh about their similar lifestyles. Both are teen rebels who lost a parent to a truly vile skull-faced being, both work under a cranky old man with a Hidden Heart of Gold, and face similar hordes of futuristic enemies, both including an inky black Shape-shifter who isn't as evil as first perceived(Inque, Spirit) two cheerfully dangerous clown girls(The Dee-Dees, Ning and Skun), and a pompous crook in white who styles himself as more dashing and aristocratic than he is.(Royal Flush Gang's King, Lord Furter) Terry has also said he'd race with Eva in the Bat-Wing, if Old Man Wayne weren't so opposed to that kind of thing.
  • Strangely, she's been seen helping out the Edds with some of their schemes. However, this may be because one of them reminds her of a friend she had to bid goodbye to recently.


    Greg Heffley 
Greg Heffley, God of the Middle Child Syndrome (A Wimpy Kid, Bubby)

    Greg Universe 
Greg Universe, God of Open-Minded Parents (né Gregory DeMayo, Mr. Universe, Guitar Dad, Star Child, Ga-Reg)
In his youth when he first met Rose Quartz 

    Hana and The Wolf-Man 
Hana and The Wolf-Man, The Divine Human Mom and Non-Human Dad
The Wolf-Man on the left, Hana on the Right
  • Quasideity for Hana, Demigod for the Wolf-Man
  • Symbol: The silhouette of two howling wolves, one with a blue scarf, the other pink
  • Theme: Ki Toki To - Yonhon Ashi no Odori
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Kind and caring parents, Interspecies Romance, The Beauty to the Wolf-man's Beast
  • Domains: Parents, Dedication, Love, Interspecies Romance
  • Heralds: Ame & Yuki (their children)
  • Allies: Terra Branford, Kitty Forman, Sanae Furukawa, Red Forman, The Holy Protectors Of Family, Sophie Zawistowski, Atalanta, Greg Universe, Nowi and Nah, Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise, Ashitaka, San, Mowgli, Moro, N, Balto, Belle and The Beast
  • Enemies: Dr. Sofia Lamb, The Child Abuse Supporters note , Tywin Lannister, Ghetsis Harmonia, Relius Clover, Ragyo Kiryuin, Gaston, Pokemon Hunter J, Cruella DeVil, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder
  • Conflicting Opinion: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Opposes: Homer Simpson, Catelyn Stark
  • Opposed By: Okkoto, The Tanuki of Tama Hill
  • Hana was a college student whose life took an unexpected turn when a classmate she liked turned out to be a Wolf-Man; the last surviving descendant of the now extinct Hokkaido wolf. Upon becoming a couple, they had two half-wolf children; Yuki, who was born on a snowy night, and Ame, who was born on a rainy day. Things seemed bright for the young family... until the Wolf Man unexpectedly died on a stormy day. Left to take care of their two children alone, Hana faced a number of challenges along the way, both in the city with child services and in a remote countryside after eventually moving there. Throughout all of this though, Hana maintained a good heart and was incredibly dedicated in taking care of her children.
  • Initially, Hana found the Pantheon to be a very unusual place to take care of her children, especially after learning about it and being accepted a spot there. While it does have the urban landscapes and rural countrysides that she has been used to, there's a lot more happening in the Pantheon than in her original world, with plenty of far more dangerous situations that could threaten her, Ame, and Yuki's well-being. Even with the new dangers that can happen, Hana ensured her children's well-being and is still making sure that they're safe.
    • But there was a surprise in store. Hana learned she would be sharing the temple with another person from her world... the very same Wolf-Man whom she fell in love with long ago. When the pair reunited, they were both in tears as Hana rushed into his arms, the pair exchanging a loving embrace. Many in the House of Family cheered and applauded the couple's reunion, their hearts warmed by the scene before them.
  • Nowadays, the couple can be found in their temple, which leads to Hana's home in the countryside. Yuki has transferred to another school as a human whilst Ame, now remaining as a wolf, protects the nearby forest. Despite this, Hana and the Wolf-man are proud of their children, knowing they've found their true calling. They still make visits to the Pantheon to visit, Ame more so as he became an honorary Nature Preserver.
  • Hana quickly found friends in the Pantheon to keep her company, mostly her neighbours in the Sub-House of Mothers. Kitty Forman has brought her, Terra Branford and Sanae Furukawa over for snacks, where the four have bonded over their shared struggles in motherhood, as well as the differences between their home worlds. For his part, Red Forman and the Wolf-Man let the ladies do their thing, all the while listening to them chat as they continue with their own conversation.
    • The pair also gained friends in the form of the Holy Protectors Of Family, with all four of them praising Hana's skills as a mother and have given her the utmost of respect. And while the Wolf-Man did leave a little left over, Mufasa came forward and stated he did his best to raise the children, and even in death his love for Hana never went away. For that, the Wolf-Man appreciated the lion's kind words.
  • Hana and the Wolf-Man get along well with many of their close neighbours, some of them also being half-human hybrids just like Ame and Yuki. Some, like Greg Universe and Atalanta, are supportive of the couples' relationship, whilst Nowi and Nah have been playing hanging out with Ame and Yuki due to their share "half-human" heritage. The Nohr Royal Siblings have also shown support for the young family, as they are firm believers in family loyalty above all else.
    • The young couple also became quick friends with Belle and The Beast, who couldn't help but note the similarities between Hana, the Wolf-Man, and themselves. They can be seen conversing with each other from time to time, sometimes bringing up the challenges of growing up in unusual circumstances... and also giving Gaston more than his fair share of crap.
  • While many have been supportive of their relationship, there are still those in the Pantheon who find the idea of Hana and the Wolf-man having children, to put it bluntly, repulsive. Both Lord Okkoto and the tanukis of Tama Hill in particular were absolutely disgusted by their consummation, the former going so far as to try to the kill the pair. But just like with Ashitaka, the blind boar god couldn't land a direct hit and was, as Moro put it when she came to stop the rampage, rather embarrassing.
    • While she does find their relationship to be rather off-putting, Moro still approved of Hana and the Wolf-Man's union. In some ways it reminded her of San and Ashtiaka's own relationship, plus she was more than happy to learn the lineage of the Hokkaido wolf lived on in Ame and Yuki as well. For that, Hana and the Wolf-Man were thankful and will sometimes come to chat with the wolf goddess, with Ame and Yuki playing with Moro's own sons.
  • Considering he shares a special connection with wolves, it was only natural that Mowgli the Man-Cub became friends with Hana and the Wolf-Man's children, even taking them to the jungle and introducing them to Baloo and Bagheera. Suffice to say, the young couple were more than happy to see their children were making their fair share of friends.
  • It's no surprise that these two have come to oppose the Child Abuse Supporters, with Hana taking a particular dislike to Lady Tremaine and Ragyo Kiryuin for their treatment of their respective daughters. On the other side of things, the Wolf-Man quickly grew to disdain Fire Lord Ozai and Relius Clover for their "methods" of treating their children. All the aforementioned child abusers couldn't care less for the couple's opinions, but it did lead to Ragyo threatening to have Ame and Yuki skinned and turned into rugs. It took the combined effort of Hana, Mufasa, San, Ashitaka, and a passing Roy Mustang to hold back a fully transformed Wolf-Man from attempting to tear out her throat. He was lucky they were there to stop him. Had the other not been present... well, he'd be a dead wolf. Again.
    • This opposition to abusive folks has extended to those such as Homer Simpson and Catelyn Stark, despite not being evil. Both are considered, in some regards, loving parents, they still treated some of their kids - Bart and Jon Snow respectively - rather coldly. But when it comes to conflicting opinions the Anakin Skywalker takes the cake. Both Hana and the Wolf-Man were horrified upon learning what the Jedi did as Darth Vader; in between blowing up his daughter's home planet and cutting of his son's hand. But despite this, Vader was able to redeem himself and save his son from being killed by the emperor. That part they're fine with, but they still have issues with Skywalker. Especially with Kylo Ren.
  • After the fiasco with Ragyo, the couple soon learned of her associate, Team Plasma's Sage Ghetsis Harmonia, and immediately took a massive dislike to him, not only because of the way he abused his son N, but also for nearly killing Lillie during his time with Team Rainbow Rocket. They've taken it upon themselves to befriend N and help him out adjust to the assortment of human inhabitants. Progress has been made, and N has appreciates the support given by Hana and the Wolf-Man. On the other hand, Ghetsis has been heard ranting about the couple, calling their children "freaks without human hearts."
  • Several of the Pantheon's big game hunters, such as Pokemon Hunter J and Gaston have currently set their sights on the Wolf-Man and his children, due to their status as being the last descendants of the Hokkaido wolf. Most of them have been financed by the likes of Cruella DeVil, Mr. Burns, and Looten Plunder, the former two especially as they want to add "Wolf-skin coats" to their fashion collection. Hana was horrified to say the least, and quickly called up the Nature Preservers to ensure her lover and children didn't end up as next year's fashion wear.
  • Best not to talk to Hana and the Wolf-Man about their children being direwolves. Yes, they're on good terms with the Starks and they've opposed Tywin Lannister for using his children as chess pieces in his conquest for Westeros but never, ever call Ame and Yuki direwolves. You won't know what the Wolf-Man is capable of.
  • No one knows what the Wolf-Man's true name is, not even Hana herself. It's unknown whether he keeps it a secret by choice or if it doesn't really matter, but it did lead to a peculiar discovery. Upon going to the House of Time and Space, Hana discovered an Alternate Universe where her lover survived his fall and helped out in raising the kids. Then came the name. It turned out the Wolf-Man's name, at least in that universe, was... Balto. Hana nearly bursted out laughing at this revelation, as her lover had befriended the wolf-dog of the same name a few days earlier. Perhaps it's a good thing the Wolf-Man decided to stick with Tyler for a time. Whatever the case may be, Hana is just content to spend some quality time with him... though she has taken to call the Wolf-Man Balto from time to time as a pet name. He doesn't seem to mind one bit.

    Nanako Dojima 
Nanako Dojima, Goddess of Innocents Who Trigger Protective Instincts
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Justice Arcana
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Nice Girl, The Cutie, Cheerful Child, Girlish Pigtails, former Ill Girl, Girlish Pigtails, Tagalong Kid, instant star dancer, makes terrible chocolate (though makes great "sunny side up" eggs), missing mother, Precocious Crush on her cousin, remembers nothing of her kidnapping or the TV World, takes up piano like her mother
  • Domains: Children, Cuteness, Morality Pet, Berserk Button (not herself, but for others)
  • Followers: Togusa, Schierke, Alvis, Abby Sciuto, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, Henry Mills, Robin, SCP-085 (a.k.a. Cassie)
  • Allies:
  • The entire Investigation Team, especially Yu, worried when Nanako was selected to represent this position, rather than any of who ended up being her followers. They were told that to represent the Everyone's Baby Sister trope, one must be able to be one to a large number of the deities already present here, otherwise they wouldn't be a good candidate for it. And so Nanako was selected.
    • A word of caution to all: hurt Nanako, and the ENTIRE Investigation Team is coming for you! Flowey knows better than to try and manipulate her for this very reason. And Basco and the rest of the Trollkaiger learned their lesson after trying it once.
    • And to be on the safe side, Tohru Adachi has been warned to stay away from her, lest he suffer the consequences. But even he would probably also go after whoever hurts her.
  • Other than just how nice she is, Nanako has also made friends with Kallen, Rider, and Poison. Something about her seems to connect them.
    • She was also able to bond with Asuna Kagurazaka for a similar reason.
    • And a new addition to this list is Chronormu, who tries to be like a Cool Big Sis to her, but Nanako can hardly take her seriously because they're both about the same size (without taking account Chromie's dragon form).
  • At present, she doesn't know what to think of Lelouch. While he may be a good guy deep down (since he overthrows evil empires and all), the ways he does it terrifies her, especially since he's in many other ways a lot like Yu. That said, even at his worst, the chances of Lelouch hurting her in his schemes are low, even disregarding the prospect of retaliation by her 'protectors'.
  • Gets along well with Usalia, who shares a similar role in her own party.
  • As they are big brother figures as well, Adell, Terra, and Killia manage to become friends with Nanako too.
  • Has become good friends with the Cutie Mark Crusaders to the point where the trio invited Nanako to visit their friends in the House of Ambiguity (much to the shock of the Investigation Team, considering the residents there) And just like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the House of Ambiguity pretty much cooed over Nanako ranging from Wreck-it Ralph (who introduced Nanako to Vanellope), Gangrel and Luna Vachon (who have a soft spot for the Crusaders) and even those like Kaito Kumon and Takatora Kureshima couldn't help but meet her. The Investigation Team is still shocked to this day.
  • Ideally, the Investigation Team would want to keep Nanako in the dark regarding what they do. Unfortunately, given that the Pantheon is full of fantastic and terrifying things, that would be an impossible task. In order to slowly integrate her in all this, the Human Child volunteered to assist in this endeavor. Unfortunately, as of late, they have been busy helping Alma Wade, so that option was off the table.
    • Eventually, this secret could not be kept forever, due to how many deities nowadays are unlocking their Personas. She found out about them when she and the Cutie Mark Crusaders had been cornered by Heartless and were rescued by Adachi as he summoned Magatsu-Izanagi, dredging up past memories regarding her kidnapping by Taro Namatame. Later over dinner, she confronted Yu with this issue, and his constant deflection resulted in her shouting at her Big Bro before locking herself in her room. Shortly after he left, as she cried in her bed, a dark wave abducted and delivered her to the TV World.
    • Naturally, the entire Investigation Team, her father, Marie, and Adachi went in to rescue her, eventually finding her having cake with her Shadow, who was under the guise of a stained-glass themed masquerade ball-goer. Things got tense as the Shadow, which was themed around deception to reflect the secrets that had been hidden from Nanako for so long, eventually went berserk and engaged the group in combat, using webs, minions, and berserk-inducing effects. Eventually, after defeating the Shadow, Yu helped Nanako come to terms with what everyone had done to her, and she eventually acquired a Persona. And then, once they were out of the TV World, the entire team came clean with everything they had been hiding from her, and even commended her actions in the Kanamin Kitchen incidentnote . Since then, she's hung out with the Crusaders a lot more.
  • Due to her now obtaining her Persona and friendship with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she has found herself involved in the chaos that is the Darkness and Mirrors Incident, teaming up with Dipper and Mabel Pines, Pacifica Northwest and Jack and Annie, with her Throne Persona being good for quick escapes. Didn't save her from being corrupted by XANA, but Throne making her resistant to darkness had her last out longer than everyone else.
    • She also showed how dangerous she could be when cornered. Just ask Jeff "Brother Nero" Hardy when she pierced his eye out with the Wand of Dianthus and later set him on fire or how she beheaded a zombie with her wind-and-fire wheels (but not before firing a gun at them).
  • She was very happy to see her daddy in the Pantheon, and though he goes to work overtime in the Pantheon, he still tries to keep his promise of being there for her. Came in handy with the Darkness and Mirrors incident, especially since her dad also obtained his own Persona during the mission to rescue his daughter.
  • Upon learning about Satsuki and Mei's ascension, the three have become good friends. However, she does feel a bit envious that they're absolute innocent of the chaos that goes on in the Pantheon (even though she's in the know of her big bro's work and has a Persona of her own).
  • While practicing with her Persona one day, she met a Shiba Inu dog named Koromaru who was adopted by Ken Amada. The two introduced themselves, and Ken was amazed to find that Nanako was 1) a fellow Justice Social Link and 2) a Persona user. Ken has now made her his apprentice so she can defend herself from harm…although given the above, that's easier said than done.
  • Immediately hit it off with Mokuba Kaiba since he also worshipped his "Big Bro" just like she did. Many gods honestly find them adorable (even though there's a 5 year gap between them). However, Mokuba wasn't happy to learn what Nanako did to defend herself in the "Darkness and Mirrors incident"...especially upon learning that the zombie she beheaded was the mirror counterpart of his own brother. She had to apologize for an entire week for that since how and why it got to that point was a very long, winded story and she didn't to break him down with everything else that happened.

    The Wilkerson Family 
Malcolm, Lois, Hal, Reese, Francis and Dewie, Divine Dysfunctional Family
Clockwise from the top: Francis, Hal, Reese, Malcolm, Dewey and Lois


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