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Greater Gods

    Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader 
Anakin Skywalker, God of Blood-Relations Reveals (Darth Vader, Lord Vader, Little Ani, Skyguy, The Jedi's Morning Star, The Hero With No Fear, The Chosen One, Holt Kazed, Haydon't Act Again, Darth Later, Weezer, Worst Kinder Egg Ever, Ghost Dad, Harmonica Solo, Darth Mufasa, Space Sauron, Allah Gold, The Peaceful Is Willing To, Reaching The West of Reaches, South Host)
Anakin (Clone Wars Era), Vader (Empire Era)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His iconic Black Helmet or his Custom TIE Fighter
  • Theme Song: The Imperial March, Anakin's Theme, Anakin's Betrayal, Anakin's Dark Deeds, Enter Lord Vader, Battle of the Heroes (shared with Obi-Wan)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Lawful Evil (though most would rather see him as the latter or just simply disliked)
  • Portfolio: The Franchise's Most Persistent Antagonist, The Chosen One-turned-Fallen Hero, Is Considered Among the Greatest Force Users and Lightsaber Duelist, Empowered by Sheer Hatred, Tragic Anti-Villain, Second-in-Command to Palpatine though has his Own Priorities and Goals, Immensely Feared and Hated by most of the Galaxy for his Brutality, Pragmatic Villainy, Is Revealed to be Luke and Leia's Father, Big Spoilers-turned Common Knowledge, Dies Saving his Son and Redeeming Himself
  • Domains: Corruption, Darkness, Destiny, Law, Redemption, Sadness, Tragedy, Hatred, Family
  • Heralds:
    • The Inquistorius: The Grand Inquisitor, Trilla Suduri/Second Sister, Fifth Brother, Bil Valen/Sixth Brother, Seventh Sister, Eighth Brother, Masana Tide/Ninth Sister, Prosset Dibs/Tenth Brother
    • Death Squadron: Firmus Piett, Maximillian Veers, Lorth Needa, Jhared Montferrat, among others
  • Personal Troops: The 501st Legion
  • Allies: Qui-Gon Jinn, Golbez, Ghaleon, Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze, Nagato, Obito Uchiha, Vlad von Carstein, Char Aznable, Blade, B.B., Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Father Balder, Sailor Galaxia
  • Business Associates: Boba Fett, Locus, Lobo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thaal Sinestro
  • Rivals: Maul, Count Dooku, Doctor Doom
  • Arch-Enemy: Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious
  • Enemies:
  • Eviler Counterparts: Malekith, Archaon, Arthas Menethil, The Batman Who Laughs, Tai Lung
  • Enemy Mine: "Ultimate" Reed Richards/The Maker
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: William Baker/Sandman
  • Opposes: Those in the Slavery Business (particularly Benjamin Cameron, Calvin Candie, Stephen, and The Slavers), The Child Abuse Supporters, YHVH, Lucifer
  • Opposed By: Algol
  • Odd Friendship: Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
  • Pities: Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, "Castlevania" Dracula, Nox, Wander, A/X, Artorius Collbrande
  • Pitied By: House of Love and Affection, Sophitia Alexandra
  • Respected By: Atrocitus
  • On Speaking Terms With: Cosmos, Optimus Prime, The Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Special Relationship: Padmé Amidala (his wife), Luke Skywalker (his son), Obi-Wan Kenobi (his mentor), Ahsoka Tano (his apprentice as Anakin), R2-D2 and C-3PO (his droid creations), Leia Organa (his daughter), Ben Solo/Kylo Ren (his grandson)
  • Complicated Relationship: Galen Marek/Starkiller (his apprentice as Vader), Most Members of the Jedi Order, the Rebel Alliance, and the Resistance (Mace Windu, Yoda, Cal Kestis, Rogue One, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando Calrissian, Admiral Ackbar, Finn), Grand Admiral Thrawn, Zuko, The Space Sheriffs, Energizer Bunny
  • Darth Vader is the incredibly powerful and utterly feared Dark Lord of the Sith, leading the frontlines of the Galactic Empire with steadfast brutality and authority with his sheer presence. A being with potent supernatural powers drawn from a cosmic source known as The Force, Vader achieved infamy throughout the galaxy as he campaigned with his troops to scout out and eliminate any of the Empire's enemies and threats whilst enforcing his viewpoint on what he saw as benefitting the galaxy by order. In spite of all of this power and fear, even Vader has someone he bows to, namely his master, Sith superior and ruler of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Palpatine, to whom Vader had been his apprentice since the rise of the Galactic Empire. Even then, the nature of Sith Lords ensured that no matter how much loyalty and appreciation they show, Vader and Palpatine would have their fair share of disagreements and distrust with one another before there would come a time when they would ultimately oppose each other.
    • However, Vader wasn't always a monster. A long time ago, on the desert planet of Tatooine, there lived a boy named Anakin Skywalker. He lived a difficult life as a slave with his mother Shmi but dreamed of one day becoming a Jedi knight and freeing his fellow slaves. That day soon came. Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn came to Tatooine one day and noted Anakin’s surprisingly high Midi-chlorian levels, higher than ever Grand Master Yoda’s. With Qui-Gon’s help, and some mad pod-racing skills, Anakin won his freedom and traveled to Tatooine to become a Jedi... but Qui-Gon would not be his master. He was killed by a Sith Lord on Naboo, so Anakin was instead tutored by Qui-Gon’s apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Over the next thirteen years, Anakin would become an exceptional Jedi knight; skilled with a lightsaber and the Force, not to mention a master star-fighter pilot too. He also grew arrogant and cocky, believing the Council was holding him back from achieving his true potential. But these emotions would ultimately be his downfall.
    • Anakin would fall in love with senator Padmé Amidala and would eventually marry in secret, and after seeing visions of her death, Anakin sought a way to prevent it. This search led to Chancellor Palpatine... in reality the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. Anakin was seduced by the dark side of the Force and became Sidious’ apprentice, the dark lord giving him a new name… Darth Vader. Vader quickly went to work for Sidious, slaughtering the Jedi during Order 66 and eliminating the remaining separatist leaders on Mustafar. It was on the lava planet where he would “kill” his wife, and fight his old master Obi-Wan, who defeated Anakin in combat and left him to burn to death among the magma. But Anakin didn’t die. Sidious, now Emperor of the Galactic Empire, found and recovered Anakin’s charred body, and rebuilt him in a black life support suit. From that point on, Anakin was dead, and only Darth Vader remained.
    • Fate would ring about an unexpected turn of events when Vader personally encountered the upcoming Jedi Luke Skywalker on planet Bespin. After a lopsided battle, Vader made the revelation of himself being Luke's father, a discovery that he himself only made recently. Although Vader failed to convince Luke to join his side, a sense of inner conflict started to unravel, causing Vader to gradually lose his trust and belief in Palpatine and the Dark Side. This would come to a head in the Battle of Endor when Luke and Vader confronted and battled each other again in front of Palpatine where the Sith Apprentice also discovered his parentage to Leia, Luke's twin sister, though this revelation would result in his defeat. Despite everything, Luke refused to yield to the Dark Side and declared that there was still good inside of Vader. Although this infuriated Palpatine into torturing the Jedi, Luke's words and pleas for help were enough for Vader to finally snap out of the Dark Side, choosing to kill Palpatine to save his son's life at the cost of his own. In his final breath, Vader opted to see Luke with his own eyes and tell him that he was happy to be proven wrong about not being redeemed. He died not as Darth Vader, but as Anakin Skywalker, a proud and renowned Jedi.
  • Despite his redemption, Anakin would still go down as one of the most hated people in the galaxy for his contribution as a general to the Galactic Empire and for inspiring such fear that was not experienced beforehand for hundreds of years. Yet even then, the man would find admirers posthumously, but that is a tale for another day. Vader would see himself in the presence of another world whom he would later find out to be the Trope Pantheons. He initially had a lot of questions and thoughts running through his mind, namely why he was still wearing his mechanical suit and how he was still in control of the Dark Side, yet a fraction of the Light Side also manifested. He embarked on a personal odyssey to find out about himself, eventually discovering that his tale was worthy enough to become a representative for another story, something that confused him even more. Furthermore, when he took off his mask for the first time, he looked... different. He was still scarred, but he somehow looked healthier than back on his mortal coil, with his natural blue eyes and a few strands of his hair being restored as well as his skin retaining some color of warmth. He was shocked, but questions still remained more persistent.
    • Finally, Vader would come across what looked to be a mysterious woman who possessed great power and authority. She identified herself as Cosmos, a Goddess of Good, and declared that she had been waiting for Anakin for a while. Vader expressed further confusion, asking her why she is calling him that when his appearance showed that he came back as Vader, to which Cosmos declared that while he did redeem himself, he was still condemned, though Cosmos asserted that she does not intend to do that with him. Fortunately for Anakin, Cosmos gave him answers; his healthier appearance is a sign of his redemption, but the suit is a symbol of the former Sith Lord still having to repent for his actions at large. He grumbled at the revelation of Palpatine having also arrived in the Pantheon shortly before he did, but at least there was closure in that Cosmos revealed that from here on out, he was to make his own decisions and whether he would go by Anakin or Vader. A difficult question, he chose the latter, claiming that his sins still weigh on him, but to call him Anakin is still welcomed, especially by those who earn his respect and approval, which Cosmos has. From there properly begins Vader's tales and experiences in the Pantheon.
  • While no longer a villain and more so a traveler of sorts under the watch of Cosmos, Vader is still seen fearfully and disdainfully by many in the Pantheon and many would rather stay as far away from him as possible than consider the possibility of being in the same place as him. His fear factor is well-founded as Vader's potency in The Force is amongst the greatest out of any user, only further amplified by his sheer hatred. While his redemption has cleansed his hate to a degree, Vader's powers are still absurdly strong, and he's a contender for being among the greatest lightsaber wielders from his galaxy, with his mastery in Form V Djem So and his extensive knowledge in the other six forms being a key reason for it. He's also a very accomplished pilot, traveling the House of Space and Cosmos with his personalized TIE Fighter whenever he has to, and is very much capable of handling himself during aerial combat. Needless to say, even entire armies admit to putting a distance from the former Dark Lord, considering he is capable of decimating large troops of soldiers, battalions, and ships.
  • Despite his lack of popularity, soldiers who tend to work under Vader's orders are stated to have a positive relationship with him as Vader genuinely admires his troops' dedication to fulfilling their duties and performing to the best of their abilities, even if they must face death. Considering Anakin's own experience fighting during the Clone Wars, he has every reason to be commendable to them, as the 501st Legion has demonstrated. In spite of his past, actions, and his eventual redemption, the Legion has continued to remain under Vader's authority and has been stationed to help others in the Pantheon under the guise of being a splinter group who disagrees with Palpatine's way of wanting to conquer the Pantheon. Many in the Pantheon are somewhat surprised at Vader's ability to inspire positive morale and loyalty, and given his newfound open opposition towards his former master, it's a godsend.
  • To the surprise of many, Vader is a recurring visitor in the Hall of Love and Affection, where he often attends the Hall of Romantic Loss. There, he likes to place a reservation for a cup of tea and a nice place to sit at. He doesn't actually drink, but he does glance at his tea for a period of time. Many have taken notice of this, but they're too afraid of actually approaching him due to his already fearsome reputation. Oddly enough, Vader's presence in the Hall's tea spot made the place rather popular and by then, many had already theorized that Vader attends the store because it reminds him of Padmé and a happier time before his days as a Sith Lord. That said, the former Sith Lord is actually open to having a conversation, though his voice commands a sense of authority that no one would dare challenge. An interesting conversation happened with Sayaka Miki when she visited to take some mind off her failed love with Kyosuke. The two had a chat and realized they were more similar than they had expected. They didn't become friends, but at least Sayaka got the idea that Vader wasn't a monster like she assumed and was broken by loss just like her, while Vader pities Sayaka because her mortal life is not too different from his past hotheaded and emotional side. Still, Sayaka is afraid of Vader and is wary of just what he is capable of, but at least she respects him enough to understand his plight and privacy.
  • If there's a select group or occupation that Vader despises, it's slavers and slavery. It doesn't matter that he is the more dangerous man, slavers are absolute scum and are better off destroyed than continued to be allowed another day to do their abhorrent acts. It's not unwarranted either; Vader was once a slave during his childhood and only by being taken into the Jedi Order did he actually escape the slave lifestyle. His mother, Shmi, wasn't so lucky, and she was forced into unforgiving and over-excessive slave work for 10 years before she died in Anakin's arms from over-exhaustion and torture. Still having Boba Fett as a business partner, Vader is not above asking the bounty hunter to kill slavers for a good price. Boba accepts these deals, though it's less because of money and more because he agrees with Vader's stance. Vader has since struck fear into the minds of many slavers, such as Benjamin Cameron, Calvin Candie, Stephen, and the Slavers, who do their best to not piss Vader off to the point where he would personally track them down. The only reason why Vader hasn't come to kill them personally is that he has a lot of other, more dire enemies to deal with.
  • All things considered, Vader does make for an effective job provider, though his demands are very stalwart and high-demanding. While small in number, those who do accept an offer with the former Sith Lord are noted to be excellent in their field as bounty hunters or scouts as Boba Fett has demonstrated, who remains one of Anakin's most reliable associates. In the Pantheon, he's also caught an eye out for Locus, a space pirate who underwent a tragic delusion in trying to benefit others, though after realizing his error and the damage he had wrought on others, decided to make up for his actions. This allowed Locus and Vader to understand each other quite well and while the latter's demands are to lead to dangerous outcomes for his targets, he makes a point that they are truly wicked to give the former some easiness in the task, though Locus would not kill his targets, which does have its benefits as Vader could use that as a way to get more information from newer targers. That, and the two are open to the chance to hang out with each other, provided they have spare time. Vader also reached out to Lobo, a rather brutal and bloodthirsty bounty hunter who is not above killing his victims gruesomely. Lobo admitted that he was impressed by Anakin's fear factor and he liked his getup, voice, and powers, likening them as hardcore. Vader has him under payroll regardless, though under the order of "no disintegrations" so that his targets can be verified. Lobo has surprisingly agreed on the matter; he's one that upholds his bargain and honors a deal unfailingly, not to mention Lobo likes Vader for being a badass in his own perspective, something that the former Dark Lord sees as rather awkward.
  • Vader was surprised to see that a good number of Jedi and Sith were ascended into the Pantheon, though his reception towards both parties was very complicated given he served as both at different points of time. Most Sith opposes him for turning to the Light Side, despite Vader still using the Dark Side, essentially being a Sith in all but actually serving it, though there are some Sith warriors, particularly Maul and Dooku, who respect him enough as an adversary. Outside of Obi-Wan, the only Jedi who was truly trusting of him was Qui-Gon Jinn, who expressed sympathy for Anakin's tragedy and was glad to hear of his redemption, expressing a desire to help Vader complete his guidance to the Light Side as much as he could. Most of the Jedi are simply wary of him and keep their distance, with Mace Windu in particular, being the most critical. Given their past history of Windu having always been pessimistic and distrustful of Anakin and the latter playing responsibility for the former's death, the two really do not get along. Vader expresses regret for Windu's death, but the latter is not willing to accept forgiveness willingly and only tolerates the former because of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan vouching for him to be given a chance for redemption in the Pantheon.
  • Apparently, he hates sand because, it's coarse, rough, irritating, and it gets everywhere. Vader initially didn't care about his statement regarding Tatooine's landscape, but he gradually started finding it annoying when people decided to milk the former Sith Lord for having sand as a weakness. To Vader, it seems that they forget that one of the times he went to Tatooine as a Sith Lord, he was trying to find and kill his master, and sand didn't impede him. Alas, the joke remains, and Vader still sees it as embarrassing. Many have vouched for Sandman to be his Arch-Enemy after Palpatine, Luke, and Obi-Wan, but when the two actually met, they instead got along, with Sandman having equal plight over the fact that trying to escape from villainy is hard and he does try his best to provide for his family. The two have fought against each other if only to make people shut up about Anakin's perceived weakness for sand, but otherwise, he and Sandman just like keeping in contact with each other.
  • Prior to the Pantheon, he's no stranger to visiting new worlds where the stories of the Force are not applicable. He was once involved in events surrounding Soul Edge and Soul Calibur where he fought against a plethora of fighters before reaching and defeating Algol, taking the cursed and holy swords for himself. Or so that's what was told in some sources. With the revelation of both swords being malevolent as well as his own return to the Light Side, Vader is a lot more careful about Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, though this hasn't stopped Algol from worrying about the potential threat Vader poses to him and is on guard about it. On the other hand, Sophitia Alexandra expressed concerns and sympathy for Anakin, eventually coming into contact with the former Sith Lord and managing a conversation surrounding family and loved ones. It helped that Sophitia, at one point, was duped into serving Nightmare in order to save her daughter Pyrrha despite her steadfast alignment for good. She's one of the few to approach Vader not out of fear and genuinely wants to help him fully achieve redemption, something that he expressed some surprise at, given his own hated reputation.
    • He's had more bizarre encounters before entering the Pantheon. At one point, he fought against Optimus Prime, and surprisingly proved capable of fighting against the giant robotic warrior, with Optimus having to admit that Vader was among the most dangerous humans he's encountered. In fact, Vader's experience in battling the Autobot leader influenced him enough to create a giant mechanized version of himself, inspired by the Death Star and being capable of destroying planets, something that actually worried Palpatine. That said, Anakin has since abandoned this plot and instead doesn't pay much attention to Optimus, not wanting to get involved in making matters between them complicated. That is, until a sudden run-in with a couple of Deceptions led by Megatron, after which Vader realized that he might need the Autobots' help after all once Megatron saw him as a threat and promised to hunt him down for hampering his quest to conquer the galaxy. Understandably, most of the Autobots are uneasy with an alliance with Vader, but Optimus, being a figure who is willing to offer second chances, has accepted to help Vader out, even if he admits that their past relationship wasn't a good one. On the other hand, Anakin is quite respectful of Optimus and credits him as a Worthy Opponent given their last fight as well as admitting that it would be an honor to fight alongside a great warrior. On the other hand, Vader had a battle against Energizer Bunny, of all things… and he lost to the bunny by the latter sneakily disabling his lightsaber by replacing its battery cells. The fact that Energizer Bunny managed to defeat Darth Vader and drive him mad from defeat was shocking, to say the least. Though nowadays, with Vader now being a man seeking redemption, he doesn't have any enmity against the bunny, though he still expresses embarrassment over being defeated in such a humiliating way, hence why he doesn't tend to approach Energizer Bunny.
  • Throughout his journey in the Pantheon, one of Anakin's most memorable encounters happened with Hal Jordan of the Green Lantern Corps. Of course, Hal was familiar with Vader's story and ended up relating to him, something that came as an unexpected move on Vader's part, especially as the two shared a lot of similarities, being among the best in the respective organizations they worked for, being mavericks who preferred doing things their way, being accomplished pilots, and even facing corruption and turning malevolent, though, in Hal's case, he ended up wanting to destroy the multiverse and recreate it into one where heroes always won. So it came as a surprise when Hal and Anakin somehow became friends, much to the shock of everyone who caught news of that. Many questioned Hal's support for a former Sith Lord, but the Green Lantern is quick to affirm that he himself had a fall from grace and he knows how it feels to be ashamed of one's past actions, hence why he's willing to give Vader a chance for redemption as he understands the hardships of atonement. Still, Hal is wary that Vader still uses the Dark Side, even if it's for good, and tends to tread carefully when considering working with him. That, and he's aware that Anakin has enough willpower to be a Green Lantern if he wishes to become one.
    • Anakin also caught the attention of Sinestro and Atrocitus, who likely followed suit after Hal's friendship with the atoning Sith Lord. While Hal saw similarities and sought to help Vader in his redemption, Sinestro saw him as an admirable force of fear as well as someone worthy of respect due to his commanding authority and strength. Vader ended up having mixed thoughts on Sinestro, the former Sith saw him as a capable leader and a skilled tactician, but his dictatorial authority and condescending nature leave a lot to be desired in his perspective. They agreed on a partnership, but only because both of them know they see Palpatine as a threat and they share mutual enemies. Atrocitus also sees Vader as an instrument of fear but has the courtesy to recognize his tragic past and upbringing. Atrocitus also sees Anakin as justified in taking revenge on those who wronged him, though he's sour about his actions as Palpatine's enforcer. Still, he respects Vader enough to offer his own support in smiting the wicked, especially Palpatine, to which Anakin stated that though they may share similar enemies, they have different priorities and goals, so he can't be actively working with the Red Lanterns all the time, which the Red Lantern Leader accepted on civil terms. As with Hal, Sinestro and Atrocitus have noted that Vader's ability to inspire fear and generate immense rage through loss and agony make him a viable candidate as a Yellow and Red Lantern, though they've postponed any ideas of Anakin joining their ranks due to differing priorities on their ends.
  • Homura Akemi was not an expectant figure to come to Vader's journey, but the latter did come to learn about the former through her efforts to save Madoka Kaname from several beings she considers threats. Anakin quickly noted that he and Homura were motivated by love and protection, but seeing as she was a teenager willing to play the role of a devilish being, he was quick to pity her circumstances. In Vader's case, he saw Homura as childish and impractical, as her actions ended up alienating her friends and loved ones, something that he was all too familiar with, and while he's come to dislike Lucifer for being a sly manipulator who provides a corrupting influence, he's brutally honest about how lackluster Homura has been acting if she's doing this to protect Madoka. When the two finally met, Homura expressed anger at how Vader was being hypocritical about using extreme measures to save a loved one and failing, but Anakin was not without a rebuttal that left Homura momentarily stunned for a while.
    Anakin: You are right. I was foolish and irresponsible. However, I took that lesson well and ensured not to repeat my error. Meanwhile, you lack the awareness of knowing how damaging your actions have gotten, Homura. Take it from somebody who turned to the Dark Side to save his wife and failed from it; you will either doom the ones you love, or you will make them hate you until your efforts are for naught. I may not redeem you, but you may start considering your actions and feelings on everything that's happened in your time as a pawn for a being who only cares about his desire.
    • On a similar note, Vader would gradually learn about and come into contact with those who turned to villainy out of love. He was rather disturbed to relate to one iteration of Dracula, who was rather accepting towards Anakin despite their differing goals and alignment. Anakin can understand Dracula's misanthropy, given that he lost his wife to an angry mob of witch Hunters, but he can't buy into his desire to commit genocide towards the living, seeing it as wasteful, though Dracula is unwilling to let go of his hatred anytime soon. he also developed a similar feeling towards Nox and Artorius Collbrande, though these are more pitiful in comparison as their tales resulted in them being driven to madness and becoming more unfettered in their goals of reuniting with their loved ones. It's especially hard with Nox, given he was a father like Vader, and Nox even appealed to Vader's status as one to work together in bringing his family back. Vader declined due to the extremes Nox would take and instead offered other solutions, though those were rejected due to Box's stubbornness, leaving the two of them on sour terms. Even then, Anakin doesn't hate Nox as he does understand his contempt towards his own predicament, even if he doesn't necessarily agree with it.
  • Well aware of his reputation, Anakin made sure that his allies were those who were effective and whom he could share mutual respect and understanding with. For similar reasons, he stumbled across Nagato, a ninja from an unfamiliar land and a former terrorist who took the guise of "Pain" when he spearheaded a criminal cabal known as the Akatsuki. Nagato just so happened to be finding a collection of like-minded figures to create a new organization, one where his goal was to not defend the Pantheon from the shadows and that he seeks to enlist those who would otherwise not be welcomed by most. Vader was intrigued by Nagato's request, though it took him a while before he accepted a position as one of Nagato's main enforcers, a position he shares with Golbez and Vlad von Carstein. It's helped that Vader can relate to Nagato in their vision to bring peace and with Golbez regarding familial love and doing whatever it takes to keep them safe. Vlad proved a difficult one as Vader expressed unease at working with a vampire who had omnicidal thoughts, albeit in his own justified perspective. That said, they did share a trait for expressing a strong feeling for love as well as a talent for martial prowess and commandment, which the two admitted to respecting each other.
    • Among his new allies were Ghaleon and Sailor Galaxia, whom Vader could admit were relatable given their formerly villainous nature and their eventual atonement. Still, he and Ghaleon noted that both of them were never really loyal to their masters during their days as evil enforcers. With Galaxia, Vader sensed that she was a powerful being who wanted to bring order as a way to ensure peace, though through more oppressive means. As a result, Vader felt that he could learn a bit from his new allies. He also found further allies in Blade and Omni-Man for those very reasons, with Anakin respecting the former's conviction to her beliefs and goals and the latter's attempt at being a better person than he originally was as well as being a good king to the Viltrumites. Vader felt more confident about his new allies, feeling that they were capable warriors in their own right as well as understanding his plights, which allowed him to be a bit more open about himself, not to mention the growth of his already large reputation in the Pantheon has started to see more supporters on his end. Though he's aware that there will still be some who will always hate him for his past, Anakin is at least content that there will be some who will accept his atonement and fight for a better future to make up for it.
    • At some point, Vader came to meet up with Mr. Freeze while the two were in the cafe spot the former usually attends. When Anakin glanced at Victor, he sensed a strong source of sadness, grief, and rage, and guessed that this had something to do with love, given that it was exactly the sort of feelings that Vader dealt with later in his life. Victor ended up seeing a lot in Vader that applied to himself, such as a view of disdain towards life and feeling miserable over not being able to be with his wife Nora due to unfortunate circumstances on his end, not to mention only being able to survive by being encased in a suit meant for prolonging and providing life-support equipment. Initially feeling pity, Anakin would soon start to get along with Victor and the ice-themed supervillain followed suit, with the two now being good confidants towards each other, with Vader being willing to help Victor in helping him cure the disease that Nora had that forced her into being in a cryogenic coma. It helps that Vader was inspired by Nagato to recruit Freeze into his services as well, with Nagato being willing to help Victor in his end goal, provided they play by his rules and ensure they keep on good terms with any like-minded individuals and heroes for further support, something Victor was willing to follow along if it means Anakin and Nagato were to uphold that bargain.
  • It didn't take long for Vader to realize that there were some ascended deities who resembled him. Not just in the sense of being a dreaded knight-like figure who commanded awesome powers, but also traces of tragedy and loss. These came in the form of Malekith, a Dark Elven king, and Arthas Menethil, a proud warrior prince-turned-Lich King, and both of them wound up heralding a great evil that plagued their worlds to devastating effect. Vader personally feels rather irked by this, the fact that there were those with similar backgrounds reminded him of his worst moments, though he has no problems actually fighting them if he must. He and Malekith can properly communicate with each other, with the Witch-King expressing genuine respect for Vader's martial prowess and strength as well as an opportunity to work together. Unfortunately, with the Dark Elves indulging in acts of sadism, hedonism, and slavery, Vader angrily defied, clearly not wanting to fall into needless depravity, something that upset Malekith, though the elf sees the former Sith Lord as a Worthy Opponent in his own twisted way. On the hand, the Lich King's desire to end all life made communication all but impossible between him and Vader, with Anakin admitting that in spite of their similarities, the only way they can encounter each other is in a fight to the death.
    • While other fallen heroes like Tai Lung tended to express some degree of pity and disappointment from Vader, he does admit that Archaon and The Batman Who Laughs are two who actually make him uncharacteristically cautious and hesitant, as much as he doesn't tend to show it. The fact that Anakin could connect with Archaon to a good extent also plays a factor in this as he was driven into villainy and misanthropy by a string of deceit and deception in an effort to make him the Everchosen, the problem comes from the fact that Archaon wants to destroy all of existence to solidify his bleak nihilism, and while Vader can understand Archaon's hatred to a degree, absolute destruction is something he naturally opposes. The Batman Who Laughs, despite being a warped version of a hero brainwashed and manipulated into becoming evil, has since embraced his villainy and is delightful in spreading his fear and depravity upon others, to which Anakin noted that he was just as insane and malevolent as Sidious. Archaon expressed some curiosity towards Anakin of their similar pasts and reputation but otherwise sees him as a threat while He Who Laughs takes a more personal interest and wants to give another try in breaking Anakin's spirit just to entertain himself, hence why Anakin has ended up battling against the corrupted Batman a number of times.
    • His relationship with Doctor Doom has come off as rather neutral despite sharing some similarities. Much like Vader, Doom believes in bringing order to ensure peace to the populace and while Vader does admit that he is a genius and impressive overall as well and Doom pities Anakin for his fall from grace whilst crediting his reputation and strength as well-earned, Vader finds his arrogant and borderline-narcissistic attitude to be extremely annoying, especially after a certain battle simulation between the two saw Doom as the superior fighter, with him being eager to rub it into Vader that he's better. Still, both see each other as valuable allies if the chips are down and they're needed for drastic circumstances, provided Doom focuses on the task of working together than trying to get a one-up on Reed Richards. Speaking of Mister Fantastic, an alternate counterpart of his, going by "The Maker" earned nothing but scorn from Vader, though the malicious Reed has offered Anakin aid via a set of equipment, resources, and information. Vader actually agreed to this, but he refuses any direct aid to The Maker, making his disdain clearly shown and stating that while he does accept his offers, it's for his own gains. The Maker doesn't really mind, musing to himself that Vader is a good pawn in his own games, mainly using him as a way to eliminate potential rivals in the Pantheon before getting to assert his dominance. That said, both are all too aware of each other, with The Maker intending to kill Anakin once his use is expired while Vader has no pretensions about killing the alternate Reed in the event that they become enemies with nothing to bargain.
  • Thanks to his experience with Palpatine, Vader directs a good deal of his hatred towards tyrannical conquerors and dictators. He hates Darkseid immensely due to his nigh-limitless cruelty and abusing his power to sow immense discord and despair, not to mention how he keeps the populace of Apokolips under hellish slavery, with Anakin vowing that he will make the Lord of Tyranny pay. Conversely, Darkseid actually has a sense of admiration for Vader, citing his hatred and power as "magnificent" and "hate unparallelled like any other", comments that only ended up frustrating the former Sith Lord more. Fortunately, Vader's new allies and supporters have managed to rein him from lashing out too much, but Darkseid is undeterred. He also has a similar sense of disdain toward Thanos and Sauron, with the former's odyssey to destroy life going against Vader's goals of redemption on a frequent basis and the latter's obsession with order being far too cruel and oppressive for Vader to support, even if he was serving under the Galactic Empire. Needless to say, Thanos and Sauron have noticed how Anakin has played a role in deterring their forces and have been taking measures to specifically battle the former Sith Lord at some point, with Thanos and Sauron both expressing a desire to learn the secrets of Vader's powers for their own ends.
  • His placement in the House of Family and Relatives has been an awkward one, to say the least. Many see Vader as an antagonistic parent, which would hold true with how Leia sees him as she's not fully comfortable about their relationship as father and daughter. It's a lot more different with Luke for obvious reasons, with Luke being very determined to aid in Vader's full atonement, though he does recognize the goal ahead to be a very difficult one. Despite his feared reputation, he has nothing but outright contempt for The Child Abuse Supporters and has made it clear that he will kill them if they ever dare to threaten him or get in his way. Special note goes to Ozai, whose tyranny and cruelty are no less different from Palpatine. Both Ozai and Anakin are also aware that the former has a voice that's similar to Luke's, which ended horribly for him when he once tried to imitate Luke with the intent of pissing Anakin off. It worked... too well, as Vader immediately tried to choke Ozai to death, only letting him go and swinging his lightsaber at him with a furious roar, lacerating Ozai and causing him to develop a sense of fright towards the former Sith Lord and being far more careful when it came to dealing with him next time. On the other hand, Anakin has a more complicated relationship with Ozai's son, Zuko. The two actually understood each other well and Anakin even sees him as a Superior Successor to his father in every way, though Zuko would keep his distance from Vader, feeling that it's too early for him to be in contact with someone who's a symbol of fear and hate.
  • Given the nature of the Pantheon, a reunion with Padmé was a possibility that Vader thought about since his ascension and serving his penance to prove his atonement. Still, when the day came when Padmé ascended, Vader was initially hesitant on encountering her, still reeling from his self-loathing and finding trouble on how to explain his circumstances after her death. Regardless, the two would encounter each other at the usual cafe store where Anakin would lounge to reminisce his past times, which is how Padmé came to know when to expect her husband. Everyone present at the cafe, the owner included, left to give the two some privacy. Not much is known about what went down, as Vader is not one to disclose that information. According to Padmé, the two had a tearful conversation with each other and how Vader couldn't keep his emotions in check, clearly overwhelmed at having to see his wife again under a mechanical suit that he despised. Regardless, Padmé affirmed her love and loyalty to her husband and declared that she will always stand by Anakin's side, choosing to see him as the young Jedi that she fell in love with rather than the dark Sith Lord that spread fear unto everyone. It was a long conversation, but definitely, one that Vader needed to clear out a lot of his own angst as well as Padmé's own. In the end, Vader has come out a lot more emotionally stable and confident, now determined to make his wife proud as well as finally earn the forgiveness of his children, especially his daughter, Leia, who is yet to fully accept it.
    • Vader would express some surprise and intrigue when he learned about his grandson, especially when his name was Ben, a moniker that Anakin's former master used during his exile years. Still, he felt disappointed when said grandson took the moniker of Kylo Ren and pursued the Dark Side mainly to uphold Vader's legacy of his time as a Sith Lord. Still, Kylo did redeem himself before his death and Anakin would personally encounter him partly to discuss matters about helping him readjust as a force of good and to be a grandfatherly figure if he ever needed guidance outside his parents, who were already on contentious terms with Vader for a lot of reasons. In time, Ben began to admire and respect Anakin for his more heroic and selfless acts and despite expressing some doubts, Anakin is willing to tell him that he's proud enough for him as a way to better their relationship and give Ben some much-needed confidence. The two of them sometimes have sparring duels against one another and while Anakin may be the better combatant, he's respectful of Ben's growing skills and has extended his atonement to making Ben a hero and one day surpassing his grandfather.
  • While Anakin is well aware that he is among the most hated people in the galaxy for his actions as Vader, he was perplexed to discover that, to another large part of existence, he was one of the most celebrated and acclaimed villains of all time. In his curiosity, Anakin discovered that he ended up inspiring countless fictional characters, parodies, and imitators, providing a long and complex case study of former heroes who were seduced into evil and is seen as the quintessential Tragic Villain. There's even a Death Metal band named after him. Anakin has mixed feelings towards the whole matter; it's good to see there are others who acknowledge his angst and trauma, but he also finds annoyance at being pitied and revered, not helped by his own conflicting nature upon himself. He's aware that some of those who were based on him are actual allies in the Pantheon, but that doesn't impact much about how a part of the populace sees him. Finally, he's given Vader, the band, a few listens, to which Anakin states that while it isn't exactly his type of music, he can at least respect the frenetic and chaotic energy the band applies in their work and there is an intense effort put into it, something that Anakin has a similar feeling towards troops and opponents that similarly gain some form of respect from him.
"You don't know the power of The Dark Side."

    Zoldyck Family 
Zoldyck FamilyMembers , Deities of Family Businesses (Zoaldyeck, Zaholdyeck, Zzoldyck | Maha: Mahha | Silva: Sillva | Kikyo: Kkkyau | Illumi: Gittarackur, Yellmi, Guitarakle, No. 11 of the Phantom Troupe | Milluki: Piggy, Myllki | Kalluto: Calltt, No. 4 of the Phantom Troupe)
Order by L to R, T to B: Maha, Zeno, Silva, Kikyo, Illumi, Milluki, Kalluto, Alluka, Zigg
Click here  to see Gittarackur.
Click here  to see Nanika.
  • Greater God (Maha Zoldyck presumable), borderline Greater Gods (Zeno, Silva, probably Zigg), Intermediate Gods (Kikyo, Illumi, Kalluto). Lesser God (Milluki). Alluka is a Quasideity though Nanika who possesses her is a borderline Overdeity.
  • Symbol: The Testing Gate
  • Theme Song: Family of the Assassins' Estate
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Lawful Evil, or Lawful Neutral depending on the family member or their current assignment.
  • Portfolio: Big, Screwed-Up Family, The Clan, The Family That Slays Together, Professional Killer, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Tough Love
  • Domains: Assassins, Families, Seclusion
  • Herald: Mike
  • Allies: Isaac Netero, Black Organization, Ezio Auditore, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul, Duke Golgo/Golgo 13, The Spy
  • Rivals: Dark Brotherhood, Scott the Woz (for Milluki only)
  • Enemies: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Diavolo
  • Respects: Agent 47
  • Odd Friendship: Wilkerson Family
  • Conflicting Opinion: Parr Family
  • Complicated Relationships: Killua Zoldyck, Gon Freecs, Kurapika, Leorio Paradinight, and Hisoka Morow, The Phantom Troupe
  • Opposes: Meruem and Komugi
  • Opposed by: Old Man in the Mountain
  • The family of assassins that strike fear throughout the world, the Zoldycks' reputation has been passed down from generation to generation to be the greatest killers out there. A typical Zoldyck at least knows the basics of Nen, with the heads of the family being amongst the most powerful Nen users on the planet. It is understood that if a Zoldyck were targeting a person for assassination, then the target better pray to whatever deity they believe in to save them since nothing but losing their payment will stop the Zoldycks. The known Zoldck family members ascended to the Pantheon to stick their foot into the assassination scene in the Pantheon. They had many offers arise, which made their industry rivals a bit terrified of all the business they were losing. That influx of customers soon came to pass when people saw how high the price of an assassination from a Zoldyck was. That is not to say there will not be an absurdly rich client out there who could afford to hire the family, though the Zoldycks are usually sent to assassinate strong opponents a typical assassin could not handle. The client gets their money's worth with how effective they are, so it was worth more than a new yacht.
  • To go over each family member briefly, the current heads of the Zoldyck family are Zeno and Silva, father and son respectively. The former head of the family used to be Maha Zoldyck, an extremely old man who in his prime was once able to survive a fight with a young Isaac Netero himself. Considering that Isaac Netero is still considered to be one of the strongest Nen users in existence despite being past his prime where he could punch people thousands of times over with one swing, then Maha Zoldyck is objectively still a terrifying force no matter how much age slowed him down. Maha could still run the family but handed the reigns to his grandson Zeno and great-grandson Silva who is handling his legacy as fine as it is. Regarding the other family members, Kikyo Zoldyck married into the family, being a former inhabitant of Meteor City. Her and Silva's children consist of the following from the eldest: the reserved and ruthless Illumi, the technologically savvy yet despicable Milluki, the currently traveling Killua, the innocent but omnipotent Alluka, and the calmly quiet Kalluto. As dysfunctional as their family sounds, they express their care for each other in their unique ways. Just ignore the torture, the emotional manipulations, the pressuring, the danger, and the "lock-you-up-in-a-room-forever" dynamics to find that Zoldyck familial love.
    Lenorio: Killua, I think your family's a bit disturbed.
    Killua: Aren't all families?
    Lenorio: Your older brother tortured you in a dungeon.
  • Regarding their relationship to the Phantom Troupe, there was that one time that the Zoldyck patriarchs were hired to assassinate the entire Troupe but relented when The Mafia who hired them were unable to fulfill their contractual obligations. The shorter meaning is that someone got to their clients first, so Zeno and Silva decided to pack up than continue. There is Nothing Personal on any of their ends and two of the Zoldycks eventually joined the Phantom Troupe's ranks themselves. Those being Illumi and Kalluto, the former doing it at Hisoka's request and the latter asserting his membership to the group by helping them squish some giant ants.
    Lenorio: Yup. A bit disturbed.
  • It should be noted that Alluka Zoldyck may be part of the family, though the love for her is not extended to her, unlike her other siblings. There is no disturbing possession for her nor high expectations to follow her upbringing, most of the Zoldyck family are either dismissive or concerned about her breaking out. Considering that Nanika, the Dark Continent creature who possesses Alluka, has the capability of having everyone on the entire planet get squished by an invisible force, then their concern is justified. The lack of any love aspect though is far more questionable as the only family member who shows any empathy to Alluka is Killua who wanted independence from his family's legacy, enough for him to break his sister out to the unknown and reach away from them. The family also likes to call his sister a boy, which many people are equally as alarmed by. So when questioned about this by the Zoldyck family, they would say that the world potentially ending is a family affair people should stop sticking their noses at. A few people disagree.
  • Though the Hassans have very much praised the Zoldyck family for their dedication to the art of assassination, the original Hassan-i-Sabbah does not share such high opinions. He believes that killing should be done in the name of something holy, not for wealth or influence which he views the Zoldyck family guilty of. So the First Hassan swore that if the Zoldycks were to be involved in holy crusades, then he will personally make the family go extinct. The Zoldycks were not intimidated by these threats, as religious groups cheap out on them when it comes to payment. There is a reason why there is a dedicated pile back at their mansion over religious nuts begging them to kill not for money but for doong it out of religious obligation that they do not follow. It is alarming how many requests to take back Israel or some other Holy Ground occupied by another religious majority are made. And yes, that includes people from the Trope Pantheons where Death Is Cheap is taken to a T. That does not stop from death being so terrifying when a Zoldyck is the one hunting you down.
  • Although they are all superpowered murderers, they do credit to assassins who do not have superpowers yet can pull off daring kills. Just when some Zoldyck was about to kill their target from the shadows, a conspicuous accident occurred that got to the target first. Somehow it involved a coin and a shredder and that is all that needs to be said. Tracking down the true killer was easier said than done for them as they noted a bald man running from the scene instead of staring at it with awe like everybody else. Agent 47, instead of being confronted violently as one would expect, got complimented by the Zoldycks for the clean assassination job. The family rejected their payment and credit for the murder as their honor would not allow it.
  • One of the weirder friendships of the Pantheon is between the Wilkersons and the Zoldycks. It all started when some obnoxious lady in the neighborhood forced families to attend a social gathering for the sake of preserving authority over people. The Zoldycks were willing to decapitate that lady at the partu, but found themselves instead had a rather interesting interaction with the Wilkerson family. Not to say it was pleasant as the Wilkerson parents were drunk, complaining about their sorry children and life choices while the children themselves tried to sneak some alcohol into their drinks. It was an intriguing look into "the average Nuclear Family" as people label it and the Wilkersons provided a window into that. So they invite the Wilkersons to whatever activities they do, no matter how intense to see how this family would respond to their more colorful lives. The Wilkersons are terrified of the Zoldycks after seeing some of the stuff they do (seeing them jump off buildings and clean up dead bodies their giant animal ripped apart), though stick by them because they think they would be rewarded by the end of it all.
  • The League of Assassins have tried their hardest to recruit at least one Zoldyck into their organization to be met with rejections from them. Somehow, Ra's al Ghul felt insulted by this as several Zoldycks would rather join up a group of murderous bandits than his prestigious group. He has gone to visit the Zoldycks in person to smooth relations with them, having his daughter join him to better his chances. All family members still rejected him and though he does hold any particular hatred against them, Ra's al Ghul still does not understand why no Zoldyck wants to be under him as of now even if they are a prestigious family. Ra's al Ghul went to his former student to question this, and Batman who encountered the Zoldycks prior simply said they are just not interested at the moment. He can wait all he wants since Ra's al Ghul has all the time to do so. Not to say the League of Assassins leader is happy about waiting this long, though he relents that if just has to...
  • Though they were employed by mafiosos at several points, the Zoldycks do NOT hesitate if their targets were their former employers. So when Diavolo had a hit on himself, and as one of their former employers, knew a direct confrontation with the Zoldycks was asking to die no matter how strong his Stand is. It turned out that Bucciarati's Gang was the one who hired them, as they could not be bothered to go after Diavolo at the moment. It was a good thing that the hit was told to them a month prior, so Diavolo devised a plan that would not bring a confrontation with anybody, he would also bring his group more power. That plan was to crash the Italian economy. Diavolo initiated this plan of convincing the Italian banks to invest in something called the blockchain (some stupid thing that he keeps getting notified of) and had banks waste BILLIONS of euros on imaginary things that lost their value in less than a day. By the time the Zoldycks arrived in Italy, they just got word that their employers ended their deal to prepare for an economic crash. Diavolo was so happy that something went right for him for once... before finding himself stabbed by assassins hired by the banks as retribution for screwing over themselves. Yes, those assassins were the same Zoldycks just rehired by the banks.
  • The Parr Family is similarly a family with the same profession (albeit the kids are not professionals in any semblance) though it is obvious that the Parrs and Zoldycks are as different as oranges and the sun. The analogy is those oranges and the sun give Vitamin D and a baby could tell the difference on why they are not the same. To the Zoldycks' credit, they encouraged their kids to manifest their powers... for better or for worse. The Parrs do NOT want to cross paths with the Zoldycks for obvious reasons, though said they are willing to stand their ground against them if it comes to that. Half the Zoldycks were impressed by this statement and the other half laughed at what they see as a death sentence.
  • The Black Organization were smart enough to have the Zoldycks as allies instead of trying to start a competition with them. They know that the Zoldycks are way above their budget to hire, so they pass off whatever contracts they cannot fulfill to the Zoldycks as a good gesture to them. Not that the Zoldycks see it as being "passed the leftovers" as the contracts had such high targets, it would have placed the Black Organization in political pickles. Meanwhile, the Dark Brotherhood hates the Zoldycks for stealing these contracts as that takes away from their growth. After all, they need the contracts to return to their former standing and are willing to take any, no matter how costly it is. The Dark Brotherhood does want to fight against the Zoldycks but wants the excuse that they are fulfilling a contract for the sake of publicity. Their patience is running dry the longer the days pass without a contract against one Zoldyck being made.
  • Encountering Golgo 13 and the Spy has been one the few standstills the Zoldycks ever had. They were supposed to take out a certain politician eating on a bench but noticed that two people were also in position. Golgo 13 was standing by a rooftop, ready to pull the trigger. One Zoldyck tried neutralizing Golgo 13 while the Zoldyck tried to kill their target while simply walking up to them. What Zoldycks did not expect was this normal sniper somehow fending them off, physically. Neither did they expect that the politician nonfatally stabbed a Zoldyck coming after himself, with the politician tearing off his disguise to reveal that he was the Spy all along, waiting on the bench to assassinate the oncoming politician. This was a rather tense fight, especially when it came upon all of them that the politician must be still alive, racing to their positions to kill their target. It was then they noticed that there was a commotion across the street and they noticed a dead politician carrying a sandwich on the pavement, hit by a bus. Instead of fighting anymore, the assassins just decided to buy each other drinks after complimenting their fighting skills. Nobody was rewarded for an assassination that day, but friendship was more than a worthy replacement. Yes, they went out for drinks with a sniper rifle on the back and a stab wound.
    Spy: Are you sure you don't want to go to a hospital for that thing I gave you?
    Illumi: My mother told me to do a job, not take a trip to a hospital.
    Spy: Well, the job is done and we're at a Denny's so...
    Illumi: This is only a flesh wound. I'll get better.
  • Being the familial patriarchs, Zeno and Silva do act softly on their other families though they are perfectly fine with things like torture being afflicted by other family members towards each other. If it turned Killua into an electricity-slinging speedster, then they have no issues if it gets them results. Due to their shared twisted morality, the two got along well with both Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima which is usually an impossible thing. It could be because ironically, the two Zoldycks represent a mirror to them of what a healthy father-son heritage is. Unlike the Mishimas, Zeno and Silva have resonating familial values despite their disturbing professions that require great martial prowess. For this, the two Mishimas secretly envy their occasional friends as they represent what their family could have been without the insane tragedies that followed.
  • Stannis Baratheon has hired the Zoldycks more than a few times to take care of a few political enemies he has. Though the Zoldycks have more than enough firepower to completely annihilate the opposition of Stannis, he refuses because it was publicly dishonorable. He only chooses immoral actions when he sees that there is no other option that he could take with the resources he has, so having the Zoldyck patriarchs call up is convenient. He admires the family's active members for being dutiful and professional in their craft, something that he feels is more of a burden as it might drive him to hire them for more unnecessary assassinations.
  • Corleone patriarchs have high regard for the Zoldyck patriarchs they hired on the occasion, considering that there are good familial values to take after these assassins. After all, it is the Italian virtue to pride yourself on your family's accomplishments. These two Corleane feel that familial virtues are to be taken more seriously than ever, considering how messy their family is. The two are ironically unaware that the Zoldyck family is equally if not more dysfunctional than their family is, which they would probably like to ignore if they found out.
  • Kikyo Zoldyck and Cersei Lannister get along well for being mothers who are protective of their kids, to the point that means taking questionable at best actions to do so. Despite Cersei believing that Kikyo Zoldyck is a woman of high standing considering the way she dresses, Kikyo comes from the impoverished Meteor City where people are meant to be thrown away at. Nobody knows how she and Silva eventually got together or how she developed such a fancy fashion, though Cersei would surely have a lesser opinion of Kikyo if she ever found out that the Zoldyck matriarch was not born into nobility. If that day arrives, Kikyo could easily just send Cersei back to her family as a pie meant to be eaten.
  • Milluki is one of the few friends to Lain of all the people, the almighty internet goddess. The reason not being because Lain actually finds Milluki good company especially since she has to deal with him abusing positions of online power he somehow wormed his way to getting (example: Milluki the TV Tropes mod). She just finds him a good study on an early Internet user similar to himself assimilates to more modern internet. Milluki would admit that he may not be the wisest person out there, but at least he is not susceptible to falling for some inane mindsets the internet has fostered. Lain could at least attest that is a good quality of Milluki, a part of a good handful against his million bad ones.
  • Milluki competes with Scott the Woz over obtaining video game collectibles they found online. Not that Milluki finds competition worth hating since he has enough funds to outbid anybody, but Scott earns his ire for a simple reason. Scott Wozniak doesn't understand anime and anything resembling it and having witnessed how vehement Scott acts towards what Milluki calls the admirable JRPGs, the Zoldyck swore he would make Scott Wozniak miserable in obtaining rare games, although it means having to spend a lot more money than he should. Scott has tried his best to keep up with Milluki's bids but there can only be so much money he could lose before Scott may be forced to do the unthinkable: selling himself for advertisement money. Paying $70 American bucks for new probably unfinished releases is hard enough on his wallet as it is.
    Milluki: Never.
  • Illumi Zoldyck may be the most blatantly evil person in the family as seen by his constant attempts to reel his brother away from independence by any means necessary. Something is unsettling about Illumi, not just in the Gittarackur disguise he used. He is usually expressionless, though that is how moments where he expresses joy become terrifying as it usually means Illumi found a way to dismantle his brother further. That is not to say that Illumi hates his brother, though he does enjoy watching Killua suffer as much as Hisoka enjoys seeing young children get stronger. Speaking of Hisoka, he and Illumi are "friends" as much as two sadists could be. A lot of people think they are a couple but Illumi would say no to that. Hisoka did introduce him to the Phantom Troupe, though how their current friendship stands now that Hisoka became a traitor to the group is currently a muddy subject both do not dwell on.
  • Two friends that Illumi likes are Killbus and Eddy's brother. He still does not know the name of the latter. Their obvious shared interests are making their siblings' lives absolutely miserable by showcasing their superiority. Killbus likes tossing his brother around for the hell of it, Illumi loves manipulating his brother to make him fall in line, and Eddy's brother loves putting his brother in his place. It is strange that the power discrepancy between the three is so vast from each other, though Illumi manages to bring this trio of abusive older brothers together as if he were The Heart of a team. That is the last thing Killua thought his eldest brother could be described as.
  • Alluka has been traveling with Killua to get as far away from her family as she could, as they still have every intention of stuffing her back into a room for the rest of her life. Killua has gone to meet with several young people similar to Alluka for advice on keeping her powers in check. Bran Stark said to Killua outright that he just looked for the wrong person since he as a disable prophet, trained himself to use his foresight more. All the senses that Bran holds screamed that he should avoid trying to interfere with Nanika, so he just pointed to a young Japanese boy named Mob. Mob just told Killua and Alluka that what he learns is that the adults should handle this entire Nanika debacle fine since they are so responsible. As much as Killua acknowledges Mob does not mean harm, he had to shake the boy while shouting that the adults want to shove his sister into a room until the day she dies. Alluka thanked both (scared) young men regardless of their troubles even if they are unable to help them in the end, with Killua angrily still searching for someone to help his sister out.
  • Kyubey was sent to Alluka after seeing her potential to be a Magical Girl, the Incubators not being aware of what they were getting into. When going to Alluka to do the usual wish-granting offer, Alluka instead requested Kyubey to do the usual things a trained pet would do. Kyubey repeatedly asked if that was Alluka's risk instead of fulfilling her request to roll over four times and Kyubey found itself crushed by an invisible force. It turned out that a good fraction of the entire Incubator race was simultaneously squished as well. The Incubators did not know what happened and went to the Zoldyck family, begging to know what happened to them. The family all just laughed at the weird weasel thing for not being competent enough to just roll over as it should have.
  • Kalluto and Metal Sonic have a rather strange friendship that people find odd on the outside, though it makes more sense upon seeing their similarities. Both have the desire to rise above their inferiorities compared to others and share an inclination toward brutality despite their outward calmness. They are obedient to their superiors though are willing to become independent for the sake of improving themselves.
    Kalluto: My brothers are quite stronger than me... barring the fat one. I always feel that while I progress to their level, they only go further than I ever could be. Do you ever have that feeling?
    Metal Sonic: ...
  • Maki Harukawa found Kalluto injured somewhere once and thought he was simply an injured child. Kalluto woke up as Maki was tending to him, and Maki realized by Kalluto's harsh eyes alone that this child was a trained assassin. Secretly preparing a knife behind herself, Maki questioned Kalluto as her tending continued. Kalluto admitted that someone jumped him and that the group he was with must have left him behind honestly. Soon, Phantom Troupe members arrived to pick up their vanished member. Maki having knowledge of killers knew who these Phantom Troupe members were and were relieved that she did not upset their currently lesser-known member. Kalluto gracefully thanked her, then left, though pondered why did Maki not try to kill him with the knife she was hiding. Not to say that he can complain, as he is part of a group of mass murderers. It was fortunate that the other Phantom Troupe members did not notice, or else they would have ended her on the spot.

”Assassination — it’s the family trade.”

Intermediate Gods

    Mai Tokiha 
Mai Tokiha, Goddess of Caretaking (Mai-HiME)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Kagutsuchi can potentially reach Greater levels)
  • Symbol: Three magatamas encircled within a golden ring
  • Theme Song: Shining☆Days
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girls, New Transfer Student Motherly/Sisterly Instinct, Bustiest of All The HiMEs, Feels Responsible For Takumi's Condition And Her Mother's Death, Fiery Red Head, Healthcare Motivation, Overwhelming Power Held Back Only By Her Unwillingness To Fight, Fire Magic, Barrier Warrior, Flight, Seeing Goodness in Everyone, Unwavering Honor, Keeping One's Personal Problems Personal, Damn Good Cooking, Dragon Riders
  • Domains: Fire, Family, Protection, Dragons
  • Heralds: Takumi Tokiha (her brother), Kagutsuchi (her CHILD), Tate Yuichi (her "Most Important Person"), Arika Yumemiya (her protégé)
  • Followers: Yuuri Shibuya, Princess Marya, Takamachi, Syphile
  • Allies: Rushuna Tendou, Dizzy, Naruto Uzumaki, Yu Narukami and his friends, Yumi, Marona, the Katawa girls, Hinata Hyuga, Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki, Mai Takatsukasa, Iroh, Lea, Mio Amakura, Dr. Simon Tam, Dean Winchester, Jo March
  • Enemies: Judge Frollo, Caim and Angelus, Grima, Shinryu, Jonathan Irons
  • Dislikes: Lina Inverse, Mayu Amakura
  • The Caretaker's chosen candidate was an interesting pick. It was in the old days of the Pantheon, where ascension standards were more lax. But the Court of the Gods selected Mai Tokiha for the trope, given her character arc being most defined by taking care of her sickly brother Takumi, and how that aspect extended to her roommate and fellow HiME Mikoto.
  • Due to the clear differences in timelines, as well as the manga being an Alternate Continuity, this Mai representing the trope is the animé incarnation.
  • While her powers disappeared after the destruction of the HiME Star, due to the inherent danger that comes with being a Pantheon Goddess, Mai was granted back her Element and CHILD Kagutsuchi and without the Sword of Sealing, to boot. She was fearful of this at first, but the Court assured her that the life of her most precious one is no longer tied to the CHILD's survival.
  • Her Element, if Mai is forced into combat, consists of four golden rings around her wrists and ankles. Besides providing levitation, she can also create barriers (useful to shield from Kagutsuchi's flames), and use fire in her attacks.
    • Her CHILD, Kagutsuchi, is a dragonlike creature capable of spitting destructive fiery balls. It also is capable of melee fighting, and has a jet mode which allows it to travel at high speeds. Out of the CHILDs seen, it's proved to be among the most powerful. And even if Kagutsuchi gets killed, not only is it able to resurrect itself and be reborn from its flames and feathers, it can similarly revive Mai if she bites it around the same time (so far, only when she's riding with it). It can even take her to space, or at least high enough to destroy a Kill Sat.
  • Feels a kinship with Yu Narukami because of his affection toward and his dedication to the care of his cousin Nanako. Except she was less ill and more depressed due to her father's issues that stemmed from her mother's death by a drive-by accident.
    • Though him, she met his other friends, such as a different Chie, the Robot Girl Aigis (who somewhat reminded her of Miyu), and Nanako herself when she ascended as well. She woud eventally get to know everyone else in the Investigation Team and the Shadow Operatives.
  • Eventually, she came into contact with other folks who took the role of caretaker for others.
    • First up is Iroh, who did his best to keep Zuko from the path of evil even in his hunt for the Avatar before he eventually befriended Aang. The old general is also intrugued with Mai's dedication and her own pyrokinetic abilities and hopes to help her learn how to use them while minimizing the element's destructive potential.
    • Next is Lea, particularly from his time as the Nobody Axel. She heard of the screwed up way he took this fole for Roxas during their early days in Orgainzation XIII. That said, she also heard of how he made amends for it since then.`
    • And then there's Mio Amakura and her dymanic with Mayu. While Mai can feel for the younger twin's dedication, she disapproves of the elder twin's deliberate self-injury to invoke this, finding it worse than her own brother Takumi, who actually tried to make her find someone besides him to live for.
    • For Taiga Hanaya and his deal with his patient Nico Saiba, Mai is conflicted with his attitude with everyone, even if he ultimately means well.
    • In regards to Dean Winchester and his brother Sam, she found his case a bit more complicated. Despite the unspeakable things they've done to and for each other (even separating a few times), the two still love one another unconditionally and are willing to go to Hell (literally) for each other. They don't always see eye to eye, but Dean is nonetheless very protective of Sam. In this regard, he relates to Mai somewhat.
    • Mai has strong respect for Dr. Simon Tam for having helped his sister escape a government facility and continuing to protect her (and her eventually returning the favor) before his untimely shedding of his mortal coil.
    • She bonded with Jo March over how they both struggled and had to make sacrifices in order to take care of their respective siblings. While it's true that Mai only had one sibling (plus Wild Child roommate Mikoto) compared to Jo's three, the HiME also had to handle all the supernatural and the fighting.
    • While she's somewhat annoyed with Elaine Bene's going through so many boyfriends, she can't help but feel sorry for her needing to become their caretaker each time just before she's thinking of dumping them. They get along reasonably.
  • Also… she makes a mean bowl of ramen, a food Naruto Uzumaki especially loves when he's not on duty. She has since taught Hinata how she makes it. Of course, ramen isn't the only food she's good at cooking.
  • Is often very reluctant to fight because Kagutsuchi does most of her fighting and will often cause more damage than whatever it is she's trying to stop. This doesn't mean that she can't fight - she's just well aware of how overpowered a huge, temperamental, fire-breathing dragon-phoenix hybrid is. And if the battle's relatively small-scale, she wouldn't even need to call upon her CHILD.
  • Unlike its master, Kagutsuchi does not get along with others, especially the dragon-based deities (Bahamut, Shinryu, Caim's dragon Angelus, and Grima…especially Grima). Due to Shinryu and Grima being quite the douchebags, Mai shares the same sentiment. She does her best to keep it reined it around Bahamut, and she doesn't oppose Angelus as much as she opposes Caim.
    • Lina Inverse, after seeing Kagutsuchi in action, has expressed the desire to obtain it should Mai ever tire of her Mon. Mai, after hearing of Lina's penchant for destruction, steadfastly refuses any and all offers for fear of even more destruction. Besides, her CHILD is bound to her, so that's not happening anytime soon, anyway.
  • After her brother received the necessary healthcare treatment to cure him, Mai has gotten noticeably more relaxed and upbeat, almost to the point of being a downright silly Genki Girl at times.
  • She is also a frequent visitor to the House of Music for karaoke nights.
  • Given that her school was victim to a private military coup once, she doesn't like such private contractors who think they have the right to violate personal rights just because they have power. And Jonathan Irons is one of them, even after hearing how it was driven as a result of his son's death in a war.

Nowe, God of Unusual Multiple Parentage (Savior, "dragon child", The New Breed)
New Breed 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God after awakening his powers as the New Breed
  • Symbol: The Mark on his chest or The New Breed mark
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: And Now for Someone Completely Different, Contrasting Sequel Main Character, The Chosen One, 11th-Hour Superpower, Half-Human Hybrid/Heinz Hybrid, Idiot Hero, The Hero, Knight in Shining Armor/Lord Error-Prone, Likes Older Women, First of a New Species, Naïve Newcomer, Power Gives You Wings, Power Dyes Your Hair, Wide-Eyed Idealist
  • Domains: Unconventional Hybrids, Dragons, Heroes, Power
  • Herald: Manah, Eris, Urick
  • Allies: Son Goku, Natsu Dragneel, Wendy Marvell, Gajeel Redfox, Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Giorno Giovanna, Nier, 2B, 9S, A2, Crossbreed Priscilla, Ophis, Spyro, Ryu, Tiki, Io and Bahamut, Alexstrasza, Palutena, Mata Nui, Pit, God (Bruce Almighty), Shin
  • Enemies: Acnologia, Smaug, Grima, Tiamat, Deathwing the Destroyer, YHVH, Bandos, Ashera, Chakravartin, Cronus, the Divine Powers, Set, Apophis, Zamasu, Yuuki Terumi, Zanza, Hades (Kid Icarus: Uprising)
  • Commonality Connection with Nero
  • Conflicting Opinion of: Caim and Angelus, Tyrion and Teclis, Kratos
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Beerus, Viridi
  • Sympathetic to: Nier, Ryoji Mochizuki
  • Nowe is a young man raised by a dragon named Legna and taken in by the Knights of the Seal by General Oror so that he would learn to be human. Nowe's origin is a very unusal one, having been created as a result of Inuart and Furaie being fused together with Legna's blood, in a way making the three of them his parents. The Knights protected the Seal that Angelus became to prevent the Watchers from appearing in the mortal world and exterminating humanity, yet they grew more ruthless and oppressive in the process. Nowe starts to doubt the morality of the Knights due to the seals requiring human sacrifices. After being poisoned by the Knight's leader Gismor, who is also the murderer of Oror, Nowe escapes with Legna and joins Manah in her quest to destroy the seals and, in her mind, free the people from the Knight's oppression.
    • Throughout his journey, Nowe fights against the Knights guarding the seals, while also crossing paths with Caim, who also wants to destroy the seals to free Angelus from her painful duty. After defeating Gismor and succeeding in their quest however, Nowe and Legna are then forced to put the freed, but now insane Angelus out of her misery, with Caim dying peacefully with her. The world now falls into chaos with the seals destroyed, forcing Nowe and his allies to meet with Legna and Seere, where Nowe learns that he is a New Breed created to aid the dragons in their war against the Watchers. Legna wants to awaken Nowe as the New Breed while Seere wants to create a new Goddess of the Seal, so Nowe has to choose which path to take to stop the apocalypse.
      • The first ending has Nowe try to find a new Goddess and rejecting Legna's plan. Awakening his powers as the New Breed after kissing Manah, Nowe battles and defeats Legna, but sadly loses his friend Eris when she becomes the new Goddess of the Seal.
      • Nowe chooses to follow Legna's plan, only for the Bone Casket that could transform into the New Breed to reject him and fuse with Manah instead. Manah sacrifices herself to destroy the Bone Casket as Nowe, Legna, and Eris lead the Holy Dragons to fight the Watchers.
      • While events at first proceed as in the second ending, Nowe is able to save Manah from the Bone Casket, while Legna summons the Holy Dragons. After Nowe becomes the New Breed and stops Legna, the Watchers and the dragons fade away, finally saving the world and giving humanity the freedom to choose their future.
  • The Nowe that ascends into the Pantheon comes from Ending C. Nowe received an invitation one day into the Pantheon, with the Court of the Gods interested in his origin and the circumstances behind his birth. Nowe accepted and was brought before the Court of the Gods, receiving the title of God of Unusual Multiple Parentage. Not long after, Nowe crossed paths with Caim and Angelus, and is completely caught off guard when Caim is actually happy for his ascension. Caim explains how, as a result of being Inuart’s son, he is technically Caim's nephew. Nowe is shocked by this, but despite sympathizing with him and his dragon, Noweis still hesitant to accept Caim as his uncle since he still killed his surrogate father.
  • It was once shown what Nowe would look like in a few years time. Clearly, rugged handsomeness runs in his family.
  • Nowe and Giorno form quite with each other due to technically having two biological dads, the latter having been conceived by Dio Brando, who fused his head onto Johnathon Joestar's headless body, and the former being a child of Inuart with Legna's blood in his veins. Both of them sympathize with each other for having an evil father, but admit they still value their father, although Nowe grew up with Legna while Giorno never knew Dio personally.
  • Nowe would come to learn of an alternate timeline in his world where Caim and Angelus appeared in a different world only to shot down, and inadvertently caused an epidemic that would wipe out humanity in that world. He would learn of how humanity tried to survive by splitting their soulsnote  from their bodiesnote  and attempted to bring them back together once the epidemic is dealt with, only for the project to fail horribly, leading to a conflict between the Gestalts and the Replicants. Nowe can only feel sympathy for Nier, since he genuinely did have an altruistic goal, but failed to see that the Shades he fought were actual people. Nowe admits Nier reminds him of himself, someone who wanted to do the right thing, but also made a horrible mistake that put lives on the line. He also is horrified by what 2B, 9S, and A2 had to go through, but is at least happy that they managed to find their happy ending.
  • Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy were Dragon Slayers raised by dragons, though the dragons they knew were caring. Because of this, they sympathize with Nowe for having dragon parent who only raised him to be a weapon. Nowe at the very least is grateful, but admits he treasured his time Legna while it lasted.
  • Ichigo Kurosaki is also a hybrid of unusual origin, having the ancestry and powers of a Shinigami, Hollow, Human, and Quincy. Ichigo can actually relate with Nowe for how he was sought out for his heritage and special powers, given how Aizen kept track of him since his birth because of his unusual origins.
  • Nowe tends to fight evil dragons in the Pantheon, such as Grima, Acnologia, Smaug, and Fatalis. For the latter, Nowe is made aware that it is the only Elder Dragon confirmed to be evil, since all the other Elder Dragons tend to be more like animals living in their natural habitat. Nowe dislikes all of these evil dragons, having had a bad experience with malicious dragons, promising to protect everyone from them.
    • Nowe is sympathetic to any good, innocent, or neutral dragon, having been raised by one. Because of this, he gets along with the likes of Crossbreed Priscilla, Ophis, Spyro, Ryu, Ventuswill, Tiki, and Bahamut. He usually hangs out with them the most.
  • Nowe does have somewhat stable relationship with Tyrion and Teclis, the High Elves of Ulthuan known to tame dragons as mounts. Nowe does respect them, but the two still frown on Nowe's actions, since good intentions or not, he still almost caused the end of the world due to his lack of foresight. Tyrion and Teclis note that his Wide-Eyed Idealism tend to cause more harm than good.
  • Nowe hates gods who toy with people's lives, having been raised to fight the gods that oppressed humanity. Some of the biggest gods he hates the most include Zamasu, Yuuki Terumi, Hades, and Chakravartin. However, he has met genuinely benevolent gods and he respects them for it, some of them including Palutena, the Alpha and the Omega, Shin, and Mata Nui. This also earns him Pit's friendship as a result.
    • However, while he does understand Kratos' hatred for the gods, he understands that he even goes too far in his attempt to destroy them. Even though he made horrible mistakes that caused the apocalypse, he at least did everything he could to make things right. So far, Kratos is trying to atone, so Nowe is willing to give him a chance to prove himself.
    • Nowe outright dislikes Beerus and Viridi for how they go about their jobs, since Beerus' apathy and laziness ends up causing more problems for his universe. Viridi's desire to destroy humans makes her no better than Zamasu, something she takes great offense too. Beerus in turn dislikes the boy for his naivety, stating that it causes more problems than it solves.
    • Nowe is greatly sympathetic towards Ryoji, considering his unwilling role in bringing about the Fall making him very similar to Manah. Nowe hopes to one day give Ryoji a life of his own, even if Ryoji tells him that's impossible, though he does appreciate the good intention.

Lesser Gods

    Brighid and Aegaeon 
Brighid and Aegaeon, Co-Gods of Ancestral Weapons (Crown Jewels of Mor Ardain, (Brighid: Emperor Hugo's chief of staff, Kagutsuchi), (Aegaeon: Hugo's loyal retainer, Wadatsumi))
Brighid on the top, Aegaeon on the bottom

    Daeron II Targaryen 
Daeron Targaryen, Second of His Name, God of Uncertain Paternity (Daeron the Good, Daeron the Falseborn)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The same heavy-set crown as his father
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A Son and Grandchildren Predeceased Him, Fond of Dorne, The Good King, Non-Action Guy, May Have Been Fathered By His Uncle, Good Is Not Soft, Perfectly Arranged Marriage, Has A Bit Of A Belly, Tried To Be Nice To His Half-Siblings, Got The Blackfyre Rebellion, Work Off the Debt, The Smart Guy
  • Domains: Kingship, Marriages, Debated Paternity, Scholarship, Peace
  • Additional Relationship with: Aegon and Rhaenys Targaryen (his ancestors), Aerys Targaryen (his great-great-grandson), Jon Snow, Robert, Renly and Stannis Baratheon (his direct descendants)
  • Allies: Maester Aemon (his grandson), Daenerys Targaryen (his descendant), Ned Stark, Oberyn Martell, Lancelot, Bahamut, Charizard, the Nohr Royal Siblings, Elizabeth I, Alistar Theirin
  • On Good terms with: Josuke Higashikata, Hector and Lilina of Ostia
  • Conflicted on: Rhaegar Targaryen (his direct descendant), Robb Stark
  • Enemies: Daemon Blackfyre (half-brother, rival claimant and/or cousin), Aegon the Unworthy (his father and/or uncle), The Dovahkiin, Deathwing, Marcello, Kinzo Ushiromiya
  • Opposes: Corrupt nobles and lickspittles, Goro Akechi
  • Annoyed by: Henry VIII, Cersei Lannister
  • Pities: Tommen Baratheon
  • Daeron II Targaryen is the son of the hedonistic Aegon IV Targaryen and pious Naerys Targaryen. Having more in common with his learned and skilled grandfather Viserys II, he had the unenviable job of cleaning up his father's messes before and after his death. Though lacking the physical prowess of other beloved kings like Aegon the Conqueror, he managed to peacefully unite Dorne through marriage, purge his father's corruption and is seen as one of Westeros' greatest rulers.
  • It is speculated that his father was not Aegon the Unworthy, but his (other) uncle Aemon the Dragonknight. Many doubt this as Aegon was known to try and disinherit his son, and Aemon and Naerys were pillars of virtue. Still, Aegon genuinely suspected an affair and Aemon and Naerys did love each other so it's not impossible. That, and lacking the martial talent his father used to have along with having a different personality has given the Blackfyres some credence.
  • Attempted to make amends with his bastard half-siblings, though some would turn on him like Daemon Blackfyre and Aegor "Bittersteel" Rivers. Some like Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers stayed loyal to him though. As such he has a dislike of Marcello for being a treacherous royal Bastard Bastard. He is less harsh on Goro Akechi though since he wants revenge against a father just as politically corrupt as his own, though thinks he is too extreme in his actions.
  • Though having reason to dislike bastards in general, this is not the case. Heroic illegitimate children he looks favorably on. He became good friends with Alistar Theirin for being a "good" Blackfyre; a noble born out of wedlock who stepped up to become a great leader on his own, legally instead of usurpation. He likes Josuke Higashikata too, and sympathizes for the loss of his grandfather considering his own had such a short reign on the throne, and he'd lose both his eldest son and his children.
  • Finds the Tudor King Henry VIII to be a source of irritation. He's a lot like his father Aegon the Unworthy, though falls short of hating him as he was still the better king to Aegon the Unworthy. Plus he ultimately learned not to screw his daughters out of the succession instead of some other male relative. It helps that Daeron and Elizabeth are rather cordial to each other, given their own experiences with their fathers and proving great monarchs.
  • As with the other ascended Targaryens, he was very happy to learn there was an entire sub-house of them. The wooden dragons his dad made failed miserably, so he was happy to show him up by allying with one. He befriended Charizard due to being a fire-breathing dragon, though Aegon the Unworthy stated: "a Fiery Salamander masquerading as a dragon? You further prove your illegitimacy". Most eyerolled, Daeron stating "better than any dragon you've ever had". That, and of course Charizard's X Mega Evolution was part Dragon anyway.
  • Asides from Charizard, he is fond of Bahamut due to being a noble dragon. He was surprised to learn that ninety years after his death one of his descendants, Daenerys, finally managed to bring dragons back to their world. He immediately went to meet her and congratulate her for her endeavors, saying that her namesake is very proud. While getting along with many dragons, he detests Deathwing due to being a complete psychopath and doesn't understand why a dragonslayer like Dovahkiin is in a house for dragons.
  • Per rule, Daeron opposes corrupt nobles, flatters and lickspittles. It is through their exploitation of his father's weak nature that his reign was so terrible, and it is what he's fought his adult life to eliminate. He detests Kinzo Ushiromiya for, among other things, his cruelty to his children and wills reminding him of his father.
  • Close to Lancelot, due to his uncle the Dragonknight being inspired from him. As Lancelot would have an affair with Guinevere resulting in Galahad despite his chivalry, his father uses this as further evidence for his adultery. Despite everything, Daeron privately worries if this means the Unworthy had a point. He's also close to the Nohr Royal Siblings given their tempestuous relationship with their own corrupt father.
  • Has noted than ninety years after his time, history is repeating itself. As with before, debated paternity on the heir has led to civil war, and a fat, lustful king is being cuckolded by a knight. He is annoyed by Cersei for this, and seems to pity the situation Tommen is in.

    Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach 
Go Shijima, God of Rectifying His Father's Sins (Gou Shijima, Kamen Rider Mach)
Kamen Rider Mach 
Mach Chaser 
Super Deadheat Mach 

    Gorgo and Ogra 
Gorgo and Ogra, Divine Monster Mother and Son Duo
L - R: Gorgo and Ogra.
  • Lesser God (Gorgo). Borderline Greater Goddess (Ogra).
  • Symbol: The sight of Ogra trashing London.
  • Theme Song: Gorgo's Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral. Chaotic Neutral (Ogra when provoked)
  • Portfolio: Gigantic Adults, Tiny Babies, Got Reunited at the End of the Movie and Left London to Live in Peace.
  • Domains: Kaiju, Mothers, Sons.
  • High Priest: The Gappas
  • Followers: Jiger, Birdon
  • Allies: Godzilla, Gamera and Toto, The Cloverfield Monster, King Kong, Zilla, Zilla Junior, The Iron Giant, The Satellite of Love Crew, The Brontosaurus, The Orca, Aquaman.
  • Enemies: Hircine, The Monster Hunters, Pokemon Hunter J, King Ghidorah, SpaceGodzilla, Destoroyah, The Kraken, The Gyaos, Lagiacrus, Nergigante
  • In the depths of the British seas lived a creature named Gorgo, close to an island call Nara. Found by treasure hunters Joe Ryan and Sam Slade, Gorgo was captured and brought to London to be shown as an attraction for the public. However, it turned out that Gorgo was only a baby and its mother (known by many as Ogra) followed her baby's cries to rescue it. After trashing the city when Joe insisted on keeping Gorgo trapped despite the imminent risk, Ogra rescued Gorgo and brought it back to the sea with her, the two then left in peace to return to their peaceful lives in the wild.
  • Both ascended into the Pantheon by being lured in to a large ocean-like area where they currently reside away from most of the Pantheon's conflicts. Gorgo has at least been allowed to roam freely as he pleases, usually exploring the many houses to check out of curiosity. However few deities are willing to harm him, lest they incur the wrath of his mother, Ogra. Ogra herself has made a fierce reputation as a ferocious Mama Bear who'll kill anything that threatens Gorgo's life.
  • Both allied quickly with Kaiju who weren't irrationally aggressive, among these stood out the following:
    • Godzilla, as the de-facto King of the Monsters (including Kaiju) both follow his lead and authority, helped by them preferring to keep away from human civilization and instead reside in their underwater home. Godzilla takes a paternal approach when dealing with Gorgo and tries to make sure that he understands that not all humans are bad, so as to prevent unneeded conflicts from arising between Kaiju and humans. Ogra respects Godzilla's authority but will no doubt step in and stand her ground if she feels Gorgo is threatened.
    • Gamera loves children and as Gorgo is one, he took a liking to the young Kaiju and its mother for these reasons, even protecting them fiercely from the threat of the Gyaos, which they are unprepared to confront on their own. Gamera tends to scout their Temple for their safety, usually going down if trouble arises in it. Ogra appreciates Gamera's respect of her territory and protection of her child and as such considers him an ally. Gorgo and Ogra both greatly fear the Gyaos thanks to the few experiences they've had and anytime the savage flying monsters are roaming the Pantheon, they both try their best to hide from danger, with Ogra being willing to face them all on her own to keep Gorgo safe, though luckily their allies help keep them safe.
    • As he has experiences with being forcefully taken from his home and used as a living exhibit, King Kong became another ally to them. He feels good that Gorgo was ultimately freed and was able to go back home with his mother as he himself didn't have such luck and ended up dead in New York for his troubles, never being able to be back in his home of Skull Island. The Brontosaurus, another Kaiju deity who was taken from its home to be made an attraction, also bonded with Gorgo and Ogra over their situations, especialyl since unlike Kong he got to return back home instead of dying in the mainland and was also captured by British people and brought to London.
    • The Cloverfield Monster found plenty reasons to sympathize with Gorgo and his mother, given that he himself had to deal with being separated from his mother though he went on a rampage due to it and had to be killed by the military. Ogra has ocasionally offered Clover a chance to stay at her temple for shelter, but Clover prefers to keep himself within his own, which she understands and respects.
    • As he kidnapped Godzilla's own child out of sadism, both loathe SpaceGodzilla, moreso when he tried to force Ogra into the open by attacking her temple and kidnapping Gorgo. Accompanied by King Ghidorah, the two nearly killed her until Godzilla drove both off. She also detests Destoroyah, as he is well-known for killing Godzilla's son, Godzilla Jr.
  • They've received praise from the Crew of the Satellite of Love, who call them the best part of their movie. They both appreciate it, this praise has also given them a positive relationship compared to other deities from movies they've riffed. Also helped by the Crew's respect of their space and peace.
  • As ocean dwellers, they are wary of the many threats that lurk beneath the waves, particularly the malevolent Kraken who has attacked during their trips to the House of Aquatic Life. Other fierce predators such as the Lagiacrus and its variants, the Liopleurodon, Meg and Plesioth have also attacked them in the many houses and have become enemies with the duo as a result. On the other hand the water-dwelling Orca found common grounds with the duo, as he went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to avenge his mate and unborn child, he was glad to hear that they had successfully been able to reunite and live in peace unlike him who took his own life once he achieved his revenge.
  • Both allied with Aquaman, as the hero and King of Atlantis can command all sea life including them and he's more than eager to help keep them safe and out of danger. The two follow Aquaman's lead in the same vein as they do Godzilla's provided that the latter isn't the one calling the shots prior. Aquaman is at times interested in learning more about their species and if there are more of their kind out there.
  • Steve Irwin was interested in learning more about Gorgo and Ogra, given their rather tame attitude when not threatened or provoked. He's been able to successfully get along with both and even thought of further studying them in their temple to get better information and knowledge of their behavior and nature. Other deities in the House of Beast Handlers have also grown interested in studying Gorgo's species as well.
  • They've both had to fend off attacks from Nergigante, who sees them as prey like the Elder Dragon it hunts, and constantly harasses them if given the chance to do so. Ogra has so far been more willing to look up to the sky and stay on guard at all times. Gorgo himself is rather afraid of facing Nergigante and as such hides whenever they spot it. Though Ogra most of the times proves herself able to match Nergigante's might and drive the Elder Dragon Hunter away if possible.
  • As she captures strange creatures, Hunter J grew interested in capturing the young Gorgo, as she thought of the value the creature could hold in many black markets. Though luckily Godzilla was able to stop any kidnapping attempts, ever since she's remained on antagonistic terms with both Gorgo and Ogra, hoping to capture either or both and make a fortune through them. Other hunters in the House view both creatures as worthy prey and have taken to hunting them, much to Ogra's fury.
  • At large the duo remains far away from the Pantheon's great conflicts, as Ogra feels its none of their business or interest to participate unless they have no other choice. For now they've been eyed by the Nature Uprising as they are natural-born monsters who have reasons to oppose humanity and further the Nature Uprising's goals.

    Hector and Lilina 
Hector and Lilina of Ostia, Co-Deities of Parents and Offsprings That End Up Different (Hector: General of Ostia; Lilina: Delightful Noble)

    Madame Gasket and Phineas T Ratchet 
Madame Gasket and Phineas T Ratchet, Divine Villainous Mother-Son Duo
Madame Gasket
Phineas T Ratchet

    Ren and Kumatetsu 
Ren and Kumatetsu, Gods of Parents Being Raised by Their Children (Ren: Kyuta)
Kumatetsu on the left; Ren on the right
  • Lesser Gods (Potential Greater God should Ren ever embrace his inner darkness)
  • Symbol: The sword that Kumatetsu had reincarnated into
  • Theme Song: A Sword In Your Soul
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Parents Raised by their Children, Children who Take After their Parents, Burning Passion, Vitriolic Father-Son Relations, Nice Jerks
  • Domains: Beasts, Humans, Father-Son Relations, Swords
  • Heralds:
    • Ren/Kyuta: Kaede and his actual father
    • Kumatetsu: Tatara and Hyakushubo
  • Allies: Kenpachi Zaraki, Hana and the Wolf-Man, Red and the Transistor, Chihiro Ogino, Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera, N
  • Enemies: Heihachi Mishima, Fire Lord Ozai, Relius Clover, Professor Hojo, Ghetsis Harmonia, Shere Khan, Chernabog
  • Wary of: Rick Spender
  • In the universe, there exists two realms: the realm of humanity, and Jutengai, a realm inhabited entirely by beasts. Within Jutengai resides Kumatetsu, an undisciplined yet lonely beast who also happens to be a potential candidate for the next Grandmaster of the Beast Kingdom. On one fateful night while he was traversing through the streets of Tokyo's Shibuya ward, Kumatetsu came across Ren, a young boy who had recently ran away from home after his mother passed. Needing someone to be his apprentice in order to strengthen his claim to the throne, Kumatetsu spontaneously decided to make Ren, whom Kumatetsu nicknamed as Kyuta, his first disciple despite the fact that human and beast worlds were forbidden from interacting with each other. Kyuta had initially rejected Kumatetsu's offer, but he ultimately gave in when he found himself trapped in the world of Jutengai. While they were hostile to each other at first, the two over time developed a father-son relationship that ultimately allowed both of them to grow as individuals, to the point that one could as to which of them was really the teacher.
  • Having somehow made it to the pantheon without actually ascending, Kumatetsu had inadvertently made his official debut as some nameless fighter going up against Kenpachi Zaraki at the Combat Dojo. At first, Kumatetsu was floundering in his match against the 11th Division captain by wasting his bigger form far too early in the battle, causing Kumatetsu to be be temporarily knocked to the ground. Just as the announcer was about proclaim that Kumatetsu was defeated, Ren emerged from the audience and got up onto the railing overlooking the fight. While everyone expected him to offer Kumatetsu words of encouragement, Kyuta subsequently began ranting that Kumatetsu was such a pathetic idiot for being knocked down so early in the fight. Angered by Ren's harsh words, Kumatetsu roared that he wasn't going to lose and began fighting with much more vigor, even landing a few good blows against Kenpachi. He still ultimately lost, but many were impressed with Kumatetsu's determination. Amongst those impressed was Kenpachi himself, who decided to vouch for Kumatetsu and Kyuta before the Court of the Gods after finding out about their unascended status. Before long, Kumatetsu and Kyuta were able to claim a spot within the pantheon as the deities of Parents Raised by their Children.
  • Hana and the Wolf-Man, another pair of characters created by Mamoru Hosoda, were originally put off by Kumatetsu and his arrogant attitude. Their opinion of him immediately took a 180 when they heard about his relationship with Kyuta and how he had taken the boy off the streets after the death of his mother. Knowing all too well about children being left without a parent, the couple have been taking strides to bond with Kumatetsu and Kyuta, including inviting the two over to the couple's temple for a few meals. These meals usually accomplish nothing since Kumatetsu and Kyuta usually compete with each other to see who can eat the fastest instead of conversing with the couple, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Within their world, Kumatetsu ultimately gave up his life so that he can reincarnate as a sword for Kyuta to use against a rampaging Ichirouhiko, saving both Kyuta and Ichirouhiko's lives. Appropriately, the two were able to find some common ground with Red and the Transistor over Kumatetsu's sacrifice, as the Transistor contained the soul of Red's boyfriend, who had dove in front of the sword and allowed it to process him when it was aimed at Red. Despite being amicable with one another, it is not uncommon to find Kumatetsu and the Transistor engaged in an intense argument over who makes a better sword while Kyuta and Red try (and fail) to make small talk.
  • For all of their bickering, both Kyuta and Kumatetsu absolutely loathe abusive fathers wihtin the pantheon, with Fire Lord Ozai, Ghetsis Harmonia, Relius Clover, and Professor Hojo holding most of their hatred. On his end, Ozai regards the two as insignificant cretins that he can scorch at any time. Relius and Hojo, however, have both expressed a keen interest in experimenting on Kumatetsu, with the former wanting to steal his and Kyuta's souls to see what kind of Event Weapons they'll create while the latter seeks to inject Jenova cells into Kumatetsu after witnessing his bigger form in Kumatetsu's match against Kenpachi. As for Ghetsis, he has mostly avoided the two since after he had talked down to Kumatetsu by claiming that he was nothing more than a tool like any other Pokemon, which Ghetsis came to regret almost immediately when he saw Kumatetsu charging at him in his bigger form.
    • On a side note, Kyuta and Kumatetsu gained an ally in N after he watched his father try to flee from the rampaging Kumatetsu. Strangely, the duo's alliance with N has only made them hate Ghetsis even more than they originally did. Although Ghetsis' abuse of N was bad enough on its own, the fact that N wasn't even Ghetsis' biological child made Ghetsis completely irredeemable to them, considering the nature of Kyuta and Kumatetsu's relationship.
  • Having heard that someone named Kuma had ascended to the pantheon, Heihachi Mishima was at first pleased to hear that one of his pet bears has made it to the pantheon, and headed over to the temple to continue the bear's training. Suffice to say, he did not find his bear at their own temple. Instead, he found Kumatetsu lying around in a pile of his own trash and empty alcohol bottles. Enraged that someone like Kumatetsu had made it in while Kuma didn't, Heihachi immediately tried to kill Kumatetsu, only to be repelled when Kumatetsu unleashed his bigger form on Heihachi. Kumatetsu has hated Heihachi ever since.
  • Mowgli and Baloo were quite thrilled when they had first saw Kumatetsu and Kyuta, who were essentially another duo consisting of a anthropomorphic bear raising a human child. However, their first meeting had gotten off to a bad start when Kyuta, who was in the middle of being chased by Kumatetsu after one their frequent arguments, ducked between Baloo legs, causing Kumatetsu to smash right into Baloo and send both of them to the ground. The two were about to trade blows when Kyuta, with the help of Mowgli, got both bears to calm down, allowing them to properly introduce themselves. Enjoying Baloo and Mowgli's carefree attitudes, Kyuta and Kumatetsu have found them to be enjoyable to be around. On their end, Mowgli has started copying Baloo's movements after hearing about how Kyuta had done so with Kumatetsu when he was still a child.
    • Bagheera was a little less enthusiastic about his companions hanging out with Kyuta and Kumatetsu. While he certainly didn't think that either Kyuta or Kumatetsu were bad people to be around, he was rather aggravated that he now had another duo of idiots that he had to be an Only Sane Man to.
    • Although Kyuta and Kumatetsu were fond of their friendship with Mowgli and Baloo, their friendship had an unintended consequence in the form of Shere Khan, a consequence that made himself known to the duo when he cornered Kyuta in his temple one day right when he was about to leave for the house of Beast Other. While Kyuta could put up more of a fight against Shere Khan thanks to his training with Kumatetsu, the skirmish inevitable ended in Shere Khan's favor. As Shere Khan was about to have to deal the finishing blow, Kumatetsu had returned to find out why Kyuta was taking so long. Seeing the Bengal Tiger looming over his apprentice, Kumatetsu dissuaded Shere Khan from killing Kyuta with a swift punch to the face. Since then, Shere Khan has swore revenge against Kumatetsu, promising to eat both him and Kyuta for what Shere Khan considers an embarrassing defeat.
  • Chihiro Ogino was able to get along quite well with Kyuta over how similar both of their backgrounds are, given that they're both children that have found themselves trapped inside a world parallel to the human world and having to work there in order to earn their keep, all the while enduring racism against human beings in the process. After finding out about how identical their stories are to each other, Kyuta usual response is to awkwardly laugh and rub his neck whenever the subject turns up in a conversation. Still, Kyuta can't help but be grateful that he ended up under Kumatetsu's care instead of winding up with someone like Yubaba.
  • According to the beast realm, humanity is susceptible to a void within their hearts that is fueled by negative feelings such as rage and loneliness. Should someone be consumed by the darkness within their heart, such as Ichirouhiko, they would be able to access a variety of supernatural powers at the cost of their sanity. While Kyuta was ultimately able to resist his inner darkness back in his universe, he fears that he will once again be susceptible to his inner void now that he's surrounded by deities like Chernabog that draw their powers from darkness. Chernabog himself has taken an immense interest in Kyuta's inner darkness, and is currently making plans to turn the boy into another one of his ghostly minions.
    • Kyuta has also been wary of a certain Rick Spender since he happens to contain an extremely dangerous shadow spirit within himself, causing Rick to wonder on how exactly Kyuta managed to even find out about the shadow spirit in the first place.

    Tatsumi Oga and Baby Beel 
Tatsumi Oga and Baby Beel, Gods of Parent-Child Teams (Tatsumi: Oga, Rampaging Demon Ogre of Kata Jr. High, Strongest Juvenile Delinquent, Rampaging Oga, BoB Brawler, Child Rearing Badass, Sanzou, The Monk, Great Monk, Fuck | Baby Beel: Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, Baby Be'el, Great Demon Lord, Lord Beelze, Young Master, Little Master, The Maou, Son Goku)
Click here to see their merged form when using Super Milk Time 
  • Lesser Gods, Intermediate Gods when using the Zebul Spell, Greater God(s) when merged together using Super Milk Time or when using Super Saiyan Switch
  • Symbol: The Zebub Spell mark
  • Theme Songs: Da Da Da by Group Tamashii, Bad Boys
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Parent-Child Team, Being an Asskicker and Child Duo, Can merge together
  • Domains: Delinquency, Demons, Parenthood
  • Herald: Takayuki Furuichi
  • Allies: Hildegarde, The Tōhōshinki, The Anti-Anti Christs, [[Pantheon/Weaponized Tools Kamina, Simon]], Ryuko Matoi, Daigo Kazama, Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura, Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne Cujoh, Joe Yabuki, Ichigo Kurosaki, Hiei, Son Goku, Ryu, Vegeta, Angelo, Nine, Leon Montana, Mathilda Lando, The Seven Mortal Sins
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Rivals: Rin Okumura
  • Conflicting Opinion: Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies
  • Tatsumi Oga was a young delinquent and first-year student at Ishiyama High, the delinquent school. Oga's selfish, abusive and violent personality resulted in him being feared by his schoolmates and to be considered the strongest delinquent in the school. One day, he saw a large man floating down the river, pulled him to shore and the man split in half revealing a baby boy, who quickly became very attached to Oga. Oga soon found out that the baby was Beelzebub IV, the son of the ruler of Hell, and that he was sent to Earth to destroy humanity in place of his Otaku father, who was too busy to do it personally. Oga also learned that he had been chosen as the one to raise Baby Beel, along with the baby's maid Hilda, because he possessed the qualities of the ideal parent for the future Devil King: strength, arrogance and a think-nothing-of-his-fellow-man outlook. Oga initially tried to get rid of Baby Beel by trying to lay him off on somebody else who was stronger and more malicious than himself. However, he eventually grew fond of Baby Beel and became a much more responsible and caring person while raising him. Ultimately, Oga fully embraced his role as Baby Beel's father and has sworn to raise him to not destroy humanity.
  • Oga and Baby Beel originally ascended as The Gods of Badass and Baby Duos. Oga initially spent most of his time trying to pawn off Baby Beel to various other gods before eventually warming up to him. However, the two came under scrutiny and were ultimately removed from the pantheon. Fortunately, when the gods learned of Oga and Baby Beel's highly improved relationship and fighting prowess, the two were re-ascended into the pantheon as the Gods of Parent-Child Teams.
  • When they re-ascended, Oga immediately exclaimed for everyone to grovel before him, which escalated into a fight with several gods who didn't regard him as much of a challenge. Afterwards, Oga and Baby Beel got settled inside their temple. When given the option of apointing a herald, Oga decided to appoint his best friend Furuichi to the position, mostly because Oga thinks that he's the only one who can handle it.
  • Oga's desire to raise Baby Beel to not destroy humanity drew the attention of the Anti-Anti-Christs, a group of heroic deities who chose to defy their role as The Antichrist. Rin Okumura was sent to test their strength and invite them to join the group. Their encounter with Rin resulted in a One Minute Melee which Oga and Baby Beel ended up winning. Afterwards, Oga and Baby Beel agreed to join the Anti-Anti-Christs, with Baby Beel as the Tagalong Kid and Oga as the Token Human. Oga has also developed a rivalry with Rin, who intends to challenge him to a rematch someday.
  • Being a fan of Humongous Mecha, Oga quickly became friends with Kamina and Simon. He particularly gets along with Kamina due to having a similar Hot-Blooded nature and strong values regarding manliness. Similarly, Oga bonded with Simon over their mutual habit of Calling Their Attacks and came to strongly respect him upon hearing of how Simon had fought against the Anti-Spiral with his fists.
  • Through their friendship with Simon, Oga and Baby Beel also befriended Ryuko Matoi. Oga noted that Ryuko's relationship with Senketsu was similar to his own with Baby Beel. Ryuko also appreciates that Oga doesn't act perverted towards her skimpy outfit.
  • Unsurprisingly, Oga quickly befriended Daigo Kazama, whom he respects for being the God of Japanese Delinquents. After a brief sparring session in order to test each others' strengths, Oga agreed to become part of Daigo's massive network of like-minded delinquents, mostly because it allows him to look for strong opponents and keep the bullies among them in check.
  • Aside from Daichi, Oga also gets along with many other delinquents in the pantheon. Yusuke and Kuwabara both respect him and have joked that Baby Beel strongly reminds them of Koenma, who is similarly almost always seen sucking on a pacifier. The members of the Joestar family approve of his aspiration to properly raise Baby Beel as well as his devotion to his friends. Oga's intial run-in with Joe Yabuki resulted into a fight, as Joe's volatile nature and their shared lack of tact quickly resulted in a misunderstanding. However, they managed to find common ground over their mutual liking of Baby Beel, as Joe has a soft spot for children.
  • Oga and Baby Beel once participated in the Jump Battle Tournament, during which they teamed up with Ichigo Kurosaki and Hiei. They've all remained on good terms with each other and occasionally hang out, Baby Beel in particular has developed a strong liking for Hiei due to both of them being Demons.
  • Being a fan of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Quest, Oga couldn't hold in his inner fanboy upon meeting Goku, Vegeta, Angelo and Nine face to face. He proceeded to show them that he could go "super saiyan" as well, although he ended up destroying a few buildings in the demonstration.
  • When Oga demonstrated the ability to do a Shoryuken and a psycho crusher, Ryu and Bison were surprised to see him do it. The latter has shown an interest in brainwashing Oga into one of his soldiers.
  • Oga and Baby Beel are also on good terms with Leon Montana and Mathilda Lando, another Badass and Child Duo with a parent-and-child dynamic. Oga respects Leon for his devotion towards protecting Mathilda at all costs, to the point that he had sacrificed himself to save her, as well as teaching her his code of honor. Baby Beel has similarly taken a liking to Mathilda, as he likes her desire to fight and isn't put off by her odd behaviour.
  • Having a pretty low opinion of his world's Seven Deadly Sins, Oga was initially dismayed to learn that a similar group resides within the pantheon. However, he quickly came to like the Seven Mortal Sins for being far more Noble and likeable by comparison. Oga frequently likes to challenge Lucifer and Beelzebub to fights, as he respects their strength. However, he also tends to annoy Asmodeus due to his lack of interest in having sex with her, with her attempts to seduce him frequently resulting in him running away from her. Baby Beel similarly likes all of the Sins and has come to view Beelzebub in particular as an older sister.
  • While looking for a playmate for Baby Beel, Oga came across the Demon Lords Belial and Nebiros, who were similarly looking for another friend for Alice. Although Oga was weirded out by them and rather wary of Alice, he found her to be a decent enough playmate for Baby Beel, who finds her disturbing behaviour to be entertaining and fun.
  • Both of them strongly dislike Ghetsis Harmonia. They particularly hate him not only due to him having been an abusive foster father, but also for when he tried to take Baby Beel away in order to turn him into a battery via crying-baby-lightning-bolt.
  • They're not sure what to think of Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies. On one hand, they don't appreciate being occasionally attacked because of Baby Beel being mistaken for him. On the other hand, Oga likes him more than Baby Beel's father, Beelzebub III, who is outright insane with basically zero attention span, and Baby Beel considers him to be cool.


    Eva "Molly" Wei 
Eva Wei, Goddess of Offspring Revelations (Molly, Little Mouse, The Earth Pilot)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her walkman
  • Theme Song: ''Chance To Shine'' by Akino
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Dark and Troubled Past stemming from her mother's death, Seeking to impress her distant father, Badass Normal Plucky Girl, Calling the Old Man Out for not even recognizing her, Unwitting Pawn to an unknown monster, Tragic Hero
  • Allies: Samus Aran, D.VA, Jenny X-J9, Dib Membrane, Terry Mcginnis, Captain Falcon, Lucy Liberty, Ryu Suzaku
  • Enemies: Canaletto, Brainiac, Ultron, Pennywise, Darkseid, Thanos, Ridley, Just about any Galactic Conqueror or particularly manipulative Eldritch Abomination, The Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge
  • Pities/Fears: Anakin Skywalker
  • In a distant, yet familiar future, the earth was on the brink of war with the Crogs, a bloodthirsty alien race of warriors. The Avatar, the mysterious, seemingly omnipotent being that governs the universe, gave humanity a place in the Great Race of Oban and promised "the Ultimate Prize" to the winning planet. Eva, having grown up in a constrictive boarding school since her mother's tragic racing accident, enlisted with the Earth team and her distant father(the racing manager) under the alias of "Molly". She hoped to use the prize to bring back her mother. Her dad, Don Wei, never realized she was his long distant daughter until the last stretch of the race on Planet Oban. Eva was quick to call him on this, as well as her abandonment. Ultimately, Eva never resurrected her mom, but saved the Universe along with her friends Jordan and Aikka, Jordan taking her intended place as the new Avatar. She is since trying to resume a normal life as herself, and rebuild her relationship with her dad.
  • Though her ship, the Whizzing Arrow II, was destroyed in the last stretch of her adventure on Oban, Eva was pleasantly surprised to find an exact replica in her new temple. She often takes it for a spin around the heavens, but even she's a little nervous about trying Rainbow Road.
  • Upon hearing accounts of her adventures, Samus was quite disturbed by her description of the monstrous Canaletto, who resembles the Chozo, the species that raised her. She has since promised to personally slay the monster again if he resurfaces. Eva in turn is preparing for the day she faces Ridley, a similar avian beast who slaughtered her new friend's family.
  • Impressed with her role in saving the universe, Hana Song has offered Eva a chance to pilot her Mech, but Eva declined, citing she's not a soldier and wants a more stress-free life.
  • Dib and Zim once partook in a race she was in. When Dib's acquired ship crashed, Eva helped him repair it, though she can't for the life of her understand why he puts up with the A.I's constant snarking and belittling of him for his awkwardness. After all, she also has a dad who was similarly absent from her life and can't even see through a Paper-Thin Disguise, let alone his own daughter's. She doesn't see Zim as much more than a nuisance, but she still respects the Membrane kid and flies to help when the Irken unleashes a deadlier threat. In turn, Dib has offered to be the Whizzing Arrow's new gunner.
  • She is on similar good terms with Jenny Wakeman (aka X-J9), who also has a somewhat complicated relationship with her eccentric parent. In a way, she reminds Eva of Ondai, another robot and rival racer who wanted to know what it feels to be a "real" living creature.
  • Utterly horrified and saddened by Darth Vader's presence in the pantheon. To Eva, he is a dark reflection of how she could've turned out-a young racer abandoned by his father, and warped into the puppet of a dark entity, almost what Canaletto did to her.
  • It's no surprise that Eva utterly loathes Darkseid and Thanos, both monstrous space Tyrants like the Crogs and Cannaletto, as well as horrible fathers, another Berserk Button for her.
  • Eva and Terry often share a laugh about their similar lifestyles. Both are teen rebels who lost a parent to a truly vile skull-faced being, both work under a cranky old man with a Hidden Heart of Gold, and face similar hordes of futuristic enemies, both including an inky black Shape-shifter who isn't as evil as first perceived(Inque, Spirit) two cheerfully dangerous clown girls(The Dee-Dees, Ning and Skun), and a pompous crook in white who styles himself as more dashing and aristocratic than he is.(Royal Flush Gang's King, Lord Furter) Terry has also said he'd race with Eva in the Bat-Wing, if Old Man Wayne weren't so opposed to that kind of thing.
  • Strangely, she's been seen helping out the Edds with some of their schemes. However, this may be because one of them reminds her of a friend she had to bid goodbye.

    Hana and The Wolf-Man 
Hana and The Wolf-Man, The Divine Good Parents
The Wolf-Man on the left, Hana on the Right
  • Quasideity for Hana, Demigod for the Wolf-Man
  • Symbol: The silhouette of two howling wolves, one with a blue scarf, the other pink
  • Theme: Ki Toki To - Yonhon Ashi no Odori
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Kind and caring parents, Interspecies Romance, The Beauty to the Wolf-man's Beast
  • Domains: Parents, Dedication, Love, Interspecies Romance
  • Heralds: Ame & Yuki (their children)
  • High Priests: Queen Eclipsa and Globgor
  • Allies: Terra Branford, Kitty Forman, Sanae Furukawa, Red Forman, The Holy Protectors Of Family, Sophie Zawistowski, Atalanta, Greg Universe, Nowi and Nah, Xander, Camilla, Leo and Elise, Ashitaka, San, Mowgli, Moro, N, Balto, Belle and The Beast
  • Enemies: Dr. Sofia Lamb, The Child Abuse Supporters note , Tywin Lannister, Ghetsis Harmonia, Relius Clover, Ragyo Kiryuin, Gaston, Pokemon Hunter J, Cruella DeVil, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder
  • Conflicting Opinion: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Opposes: Homer Simpson, Catelyn Stark
  • Opposed By: Okkoto, The Tanuki of Tama Hill
  • Hana was a college student whose life took an unexpected turn when a classmate she liked turned out to be a Wolf-Man; the last surviving descendant of the now extinct Honshu wolf. Upon becoming a couple, they had two half-wolf children; Yuki, who was born on a snowy night, and Ame, who was born on a rainy day. Things seemed bright for the young family... until the Wolf Man unexpectedly died on a stormy day. Left to take care of their two children alone, Hana faced a number of challenges along the way, both in the city with child services and in a remote countryside after eventually moving there. Throughout all of this though, Hana maintained a good heart and was incredibly dedicated in taking care of her children.
  • Initially, Hana found the Pantheon to be a very unusual place to take care of her children, especially after learning about it and being accepted a spot there. While it does have the urban landscapes and rural countrysides that she has been used to, there's a lot more happening in the Pantheon than in her original world, with plenty of far more dangerous situations that could threaten her, Ame, and Yuki's well-being. Even with the new dangers that can happen, Hana ensured her children's well-being and is still making sure that they're safe.
    • But there was a surprise in store. Hana learned she would be sharing the temple with another person from her world... the very same Wolf-Man whom she fell in love with long ago. When the pair reunited, they were both in tears as Hana rushed into his arms, the pair exchanging a loving embrace. Many in the House of Family cheered and applauded the couple's reunion, their hearts warmed by the scene before them.
  • Nowadays, the couple can be found in their temple, which leads to Hana's home in the countryside. Yuki has transferred to another school as a human whilst Ame, now remaining as a wolf, protects the nearby forest. Despite this, Hana and the Wolf-man are proud of their children, knowing they've found their true calling. They still make visits to the Pantheon to visit, Ame more so as he became an honorary Nature Preserver.
  • Hana quickly found friends in the Pantheon to keep her company, mostly her neighbours in the Sub-House of Mothers. Kitty Forman has brought her, Terra Branford and Sanae Furukawa over for snacks, where the four have bonded over their shared struggles in motherhood, as well as the differences between their home worlds. For his part, Red Forman and the Wolf-Man let the ladies do their thing, all the while listening to them chat as they continue with their own conversation.
    • The pair also gained friends in the form of the Holy Protectors Of Family, with all four of them praising Hana's skills as a mother and have given her the utmost of respect. And while the Wolf-Man did leave a little left over, Mufasa came forward and stated he did his best to raise the children, and even in death his love for Hana never went away. For that, the Wolf-Man appreciated the lion's kind words.
  • Hana and the Wolf-Man get along well with many of their close neighbours, some of them also being half-human hybrids just like Ame and Yuki. Some, like Greg Universe and Atalanta, are supportive of the couples' relationship, whilst Nowi and Nah have been playing hanging out with Ame and Yuki due to their share "half-human" heritage. The Nohr Royal Siblings have also shown support for the young family, as they are firm believers in family loyalty above all else.
    • The young couple also became quick friends with Belle and The Beast, who couldn't help but note the similarities between Hana, the Wolf-Man, and themselves. They can be seen conversing with each other from time to time, sometimes bringing up the challenges of growing up in unusual circumstances... and also giving Gaston more than his fair share of crap.
  • While many have been supportive of their relationship, there are still those in the Pantheon who find the idea of Hana and the Wolf-man having children, to put it bluntly, repulsive. Both Lord Okkoto and the tanukis of Tama Hill in particular were absolutely disgusted by their consummation, the former going so far as to try to the kill the pair. But just like with Ashitaka, the blind boar god couldn't land a direct hit and was, as Moro put it when she came to stop the rampage, rather embarrassing.
    • While she does find their relationship to be rather off-putting, Moro still approved of Hana and the Wolf-Man's union. In some ways it reminded her of San and Ashtiaka's own relationship, plus she was more than happy to learn the lineage of the Honshu wolf lived on in Ame and Yuki as well. For that, Hana and the Wolf-Man were thankful and will sometimes come to chat with the wolf goddess, with Ame and Yuki playing with Moro's own sons.
  • Considering he shares a special connection with wolves, it was only natural that Mowgli the Man-Cub became friends with Hana and the Wolf-Man's children, even taking them to the jungle and introducing them to Baloo and Bagheera. Suffice to say, the young couple were more than happy to see their children were making their fair share of friends.
  • It's no surprise that these two have come to oppose the Child Abuse Supporters, with Hana taking a particular dislike to Lady Tremaine and Ragyo Kiryuin for their treatment of their respective daughters. On the other side of things, the Wolf-Man quickly grew to disdain Fire Lord Ozai and Relius Clover for their "methods" of treating their children. All the aforementioned child abusers couldn't care less for the couple's opinions, but it did lead to Ragyo threatening to have Ame and Yuki skinned and turned into rugs. It took the combined effort of Hana, Mufasa, San, Ashitaka, and a passing Roy Mustang to hold back a fully transformed Wolf-Man from attempting to tear out her throat. He was lucky they were there to stop him. Had the other not been present... well, he'd be a dead wolf. Again.
    • This opposition to abusive folks has extended to those such as Homer Simpson and Catelyn Stark, despite not being evil. Both are considered, in some regards, loving parents, they still treated some of their kids - Bart and Jon Snow respectively - rather coldly. But when it comes to conflicting opinions the Anakin Skywalker takes the cake. Both Hana and the Wolf-Man were horrified upon learning what the Jedi did as Darth Vader; in between blowing up his daughter's home planet and cutting of his son's hand. But despite this, Vader was able to redeem himself and save his son from being killed by the emperor. That part they're fine with, but they still have issues with Skywalker. Especially with Kylo Ren.
  • After the fiasco with Ragyo, the couple soon learned of her associate, Team Plasma's Sage Ghetsis Harmonia, and immediately took a massive dislike to him, not only because of the way he abused his son N, but also for nearly killing Lillie during his time with Team Rainbow Rocket. They've taken it upon themselves to befriend N and help him out adjust to the assortment of human inhabitants. Progress has been made, and N has appreciates the support given by Hana and the Wolf-Man. On the other hand, Ghetsis has been heard ranting about the couple, calling their children "freaks without human hearts."
  • Several of the Pantheon's big game hunters, such as Pokemon Hunter J and Gaston have set their sights on the Wolf-Man and his children, due to their status as being the last descendants of the Hokkaido wolf. Most of them have been financed by the likes of Cruella DeVil, Mr. Burns, and Looten Plunder, the former two especially as they want to add "Wolf-skin coats" to their fashion collection. Hana was horrified to say the least, and quickly called up the Nature Preservers to ensure her lover and children didn't end up as next year's fashion wear.
  • Best not to talk to Hana and the Wolf-Man about their children being direwolves. Yes, they're on good terms with the Starks and they've opposed Tywin Lannister for using his children as chess pieces in his conquest for Westeros but never, ever call Ame and Yuki direwolves. You won't know what the Wolf-Man is capable of.
  • No one knows what the Wolf-Man's true name is, not even Hana herself. It's unknown whether he keeps it a secret by choice or if it doesn't really matter, but it did lead to a peculiar discovery. Upon going to the House of Time and Temporality, Hana discovered an Alternate Universe where her lover survived his fall and helped out in raising the kids. Then came the name. It turned out the Wolf-Man's name, at least in that universe, was... Balto. Hana nearly bursted out laughing at this revelation, as her lover had befriended the wolf-dog of the same name a few days earlier. Perhaps it's a good thing the Wolf-Man decided to stick with Tyler for a time. Whatever the case may be, Hana is just content to spend some quality time with him... though she has taken to call the Wolf-Man Balto from time to time as a pet name. He doesn't seem to mind one bit.

    Melody (The Little Mermaid
Melody, Goddess of Strong Family Resemblance (Mel-Mel)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A seashell locket with her name on it
  • Theme Song: For A Moment
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Porfolios: Spin-Offspring, Strong Family Resemblance, Human-Mermaid Hybrid, Tomboyish Princess, Contrasting Sequel Main Character, Breakout Character from an otherwise unloved film
  • Domains: Family, Mermaids, Princesses
  • Allies: Ariel (mother), King Triton (grandfather), Sam Flynn, Ratchet, Clank, Jak, Daxter, Littlefoot, Tidus, Yuna, Aquaman, Son Gohan
  • Enemies: Ursula (great-aunt)
  • Opposes: The Nostalgic Critic
  • Ignored By: Walt Disney
  • Melody came to existence through the time where Disney started creating sequels for the Disney Animated Canon, many of whom were rejected by fans for poor writing and/or recycled plots. But not all of them got cast aside, as Melody provided to be a fan favorite. It helps that she sounds like Rikku, which both Tidus and Yuna noticed.
    • In addition to Yuna, Melody has also taken up friendship with Littlefoot, since he's also from a series infamous for it's sequels.
    • Sometime along the way, after Atlantica became a dominion, and after hearing of the game Blitzball, she somehow managed on assemble a team representing her mother's home place, and became its Team Captain.
  • Melody once tried to join the pantheon as the Goddess of Spin-Offspring, but lost to Sam Flynn. The two hold no ill feelings towards each other, and get along well for their similar nature. The two, along with Kiara and Kion (and, to a lesser extent, Jane, Danny and Zephyr) are officially acknowledged by the pantheon as Disney offspring in the main canon.
    • Fortunately, her uncanny appearance to her parents got her a trope at last. Sam was the first to greet her upon ascension.
  • Thanks to her love of the sea, she gets along very well with most water deities, especially Aquaman on account of his own infamous background. Misty is also another deity she gets along with, out of their shared love of water and their tomboyish nature.
  • Part of her ascension package is the ability to switch between her human and mermaid forms, which she was glad to have. Now she won't have to worry about drowning like she did some time ago, though she's been seen swimming with her human legs sometimes.
  • Melody also has a bond with Jak and Daxter, on account of the latter sounding like her friend Tip. The two, in return, claim that she sounds a lot like Keira. Twilight Sparkle and Ben Tennyson (back when he was ten years old) both also state that Melody sounds (or sounded) like them.
    • Rival duo Ratchet and Clank also mention that Melody's voice reminds them of Talwyn, though Lightning holds this claim nowadays.
  • All in all, Melody's feelings towards Ursula are mixed. Positive on that she got her parents together; negative on her being a sea witch who tried to marry her father. And don't even let her be reminded of Ursula's sister, Morgana.
  • She is aware that she and Sam are disowned by Walt Disney. Despite that, most good-aligned Disney deities treat the two as one of them, including Mickey Mouse. Melody is very touched by all this kindness.
  • Melody has a strong bond with Keldeo because of their shared curiosity with the outside world, association with water, and having to fix a mess they caused in a moment of ignorance towards their families/guardians. It is also to note that Melody is the only Disney deity with a Mythical Pokémon as a partner.


    Greg Universe 
Greg Universe, God of Open-Minded Parents (né Gregory DeMayo, Star Child, Mr. Universe, Guitar Dad, Ga-Reg, "Um Greg Universe", Steg)
In his youth when he first met Rose Quartz 
  • Quasideity (Demigod in Save the Light, Intermediate God when fused with Steven as Steg)
  • Symbol: His van
  • Theme Songs: luv u (Greg's Theme), Let Me Drive My Van (Into Your Heart), Comet (Young Greg), "Independent Together" (as Steg)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Good Parents Who Are Open-Minded, Badass Normal, Interspecies Romance, Cool Old Guy, I Was Quite a Looker, Handy Man, Lives in a Van, Mellow Fellow, The Pollyanna, "Greg Universe" Was Actually His Stage Name Before He Made It Official, Token Human, Perpetual Poverty Before Becoming An Affluent Ascetic, Actually Just In His Late Thirties or Early Forties, The Bard, Did You Just Romance a Diamond?
  • Domain(s): Parenthood, Humans, Music, Carwash, Engineering
  • Herald: Andy DeMayo (his cousin)
  • High Priestess: Delia Ketchum
  • Followers: the Higurashi family, Burt Hummel, Candy Borowski, Haruka Hikari, Sherman Hollis, Jin Lee
  • Allies:
  • Opposes: All enemies of the Crystal Gems, any and all Abusive Parents
  • Not to be confused with: Greg (Over the Garden Wall)
  • Usually, when it comes to the not-normal stuff that kids in fiction can get themselves into, it's natural to want to keep one's parents out of it. Maybe they'd hate it, maybe they'll block their children from accepting the call. Maybe they're right to do so. But once in a while, there are those who are supportive of their child's choices. Enter Greg Universe. Father of Steven Universe, ally of the Crystal Gems, and boyfriend of the group's original leader, Rose Quartz. He's just a humble musician, carwash owner, and handyman, and is supportive of Steven's actions. It kinda helps that he's been with them before Steven was born.
    • Most of his past is a mystery, but all that is known was that he was raised by strict parents who didn't really care about his desires for music. But then one day a classmate of his made him listen to a song called "Mr. Universe" that made Greg decide to run away from home and never look back. This single act would spur Greg to fall in love with Rose Quartz and give birth to Steven. With that in mind, his parenting was mostly to give Steven the freedom Greg himself never had. What happened to his parents is not known — except Greg tried mailing letters to them, whether or not they reciprocated is a different question altogether — but Greg is fine not thinking about them and is okay with where he is live. He chose his cousin Andy to be his Herald, given that he's now getting accustomed to what Greg had been doing for the longets time.
    • Naturally, the Crystal Gems were there to welcome him, especially his son Steven. Greg then took the time to tour across the Pantheon,
  • Similar to his son, Greg's friendly, easygoing nature has lead to many deities finding it hard to outright hate him, though there are some that do.
  • Greg's temple takes the form of his car wash It's A Wash, but he spends more time in his van, which is usually parked nearby if he isn't driving it.
  • Aside from music, audio technology, and vehicles (he does have to maintain his van somehow), he's handy enough to build (outdoor) gyms, beds, spaceship-carts, and helped build an actual spaceship (with Pearl) in very short notice. The house that Steven lives in? Built by him too, with help from the Gems.
  • Jake has noted that Greg sounds like his brother Jermaine. So has Finn. And they like his carefree attitude (for Jake) and the fact that he's a good father (for Finn).
  • Many have speculated that he's the same Greg that visited The Unknown. Greg himself hasn't said anything on the matter, though some swear to have heard him humming "Potatoes and Molasses" while washing his van. The speculation became more rampant when the Greg who visited said Unknown ascended.
  • Greg and Max bonded over their love affairs with an extraterrestrial. The latter for his part also finds the method behind Steven's conception…strange, to say the least, and sympathizes with the former for his loss.
  • Some would think he disapproves of those who believe in Love at First Sight, as he's made that mistake with Rose and realized that wasn't much to build a relationship on. However, he's nice enough of a guy to Agree to Disagree with those who approve of it. As long as the love works out, it's okay.
  • Due to his music background, he's shown helping out many of the gods in the House of Music as a manager.
  • He'd rather not get involved in any conflicts, but just in case he ends up in one that he can't escape from, he always has a guitar handy (upgraded at Bismuth's forge) and a portable speaker that—together—do periodical damage to nearby enemies, or heal/buff his allies.
  • For the longest time, Greg had wanted to fuse with Rose. Eventually he was able to fuse with his son to create the four-armed Steg via rocking out on their guitars. The first time he was revealed, numerous gods and goddesses swooned over him. He doesn't use this form to fight, but rather acts more like a therapist holding rock concerts with his guitar riffs able to cast gusts of wind to allow people to fly.
  • "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have any hot dogs."