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It goes without saying that a lot of jobs require another person to be involved in addition to the one who started it. This is where this subhouse comes in; to help people get a better handle of the more sociable aspects of work. Sometimes, the aid of another is required.

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Greater Gods

    Zoldyck Family 
Zoldyck FamilyMembers , Deities of Family Businesses (Zoaldyeck, Zaholdyeck, Zzoldyck | Maha: Mahha | Silva: Sillva | Kikyo: Kkkyau | Illumi: Gittarackur, Yellmi, Guitarakle | Milluki: Piggy, Myllki | Kalluto: Calltt)
Order by L to R, T to B: Maha, Zeno, Silva, Kikyo, Illumi, Milluki, Kalluto, Alluka, Zigg
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  • Greater God (Maha Zoldyck presumable), borderline Greater Gods (Zeno, Silva, probably Zigg), Intermediate Gods (Kikyo, Illumi, Kalluto). Lesser God (Milluki). Alluka is a Quasideity though Nanika who possesses her is a borderline Overdeity.
  • Symbol: The Testing Gate
  • Theme Song: Family of the Assassins' Estate
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil, Lawful Evil, or Lawful Neutral depending on the family member or their current assignment.
  • Portfolio: Big, Screwed-Up Family, The Clan, The Family That Slays Together, Professional Killer, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Tough Love
  • Domains: Assassins, Families, Seclusion
  • Herald: Mike
  • Allies: Isaac Netero, Black Organization, Ezio Auditore, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Ra's al Ghul, Talia al Ghul, Duke Golgo/Golgo 13, The Spy
  • Rivals: Dark Brotherhood, Scott the Woz (for Milluki only)
  • Enemies: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Diavolo
  • Respects: Agent 47
  • Odd Friendship: Wilkerson Family
  • Conflicting Opinion: Parr Family
  • Complicated Relationships: Killua Zoldyck, Gon Freecs, Kurapika, Leorio Paradinight, and Hisoka Morow, The Phantom Troupe
  • Opposes: Meruem and Komugi
  • Opposed by: Old Man in the Mountain
  • The family of assassins that strike fear throughout the world, the Zoldycks' reputation has been passed down from generation to generation to be the greatest killers out there. A typical Zoldyck at least knows the basics of Nen, with the heads of the family being amongst the most powerful Nen users on the planet. It is understood that if a Zoldyck were targeting a person for assassination, then the target better pray to whatever deity they believe in to save them since nothing but losing their payment will stop the Zoldycks. The known Zoldck family members ascended to the Pantheon to stick their foot into the assassination scene in the Pantheon. They had many offers arise, which made their industry rivals a bit terrified of all the business they were losing. That influx of customers soon came to pass when people saw how high the price of an assassination from a Zoldyck was. That is not to say there will not be an absurdly rich client out there who could afford to hire the family, though the Zoldycks are usually sent to assassinate strong opponents a typical assassin could not handle. The client gets their money's worth with how effective they are, so it was worth more than a new yacht.
  • To go over each family member briefly, the current heads of the Zoldyck family are Zeno and Silva, father and son respectively. The former head of the family used to be Maha Zoldyck, an extremely old man who in his prime was once able to survive a fight with a young Isaac Netero himself. Considering that Isaac Netero is still considered to be one of the strongest Nen users in existence despite being past his prime where he could punch people thousands of times over with one swing, then Maha Zoldyck is objectively still a terrifying force no matter how much age slowed him down. Maha could still run the family but handed the reigns to his grandson Zeno and great-grandson Silva who is handling his legacy as fine as it is. Regarding the other family members, Kikyo Zoldyck married into the family, being a former inhabitant of Meteor City. Her and Silva's children consist of the following from the eldest: the reserved and ruthless Illumi, the technologically savvy yet despicable Milluki, the currently traveling Killua, the innocent but omnipotent Alluka, and the calmly quiet Kalluto. As dysfunctional as their family sounds, they express their care for each other in their unique ways. Just ignore the torture, the emotional manipulations, the pressuring, the danger, and the "lock-you-up-in-a-room-forever" dynamics to find that Zoldyck familial love.
    Lenorio: Killua, I think your family's a bit disturbed.
    Killua: Aren't all families?
    Lenorio: Your older brother tortured you in a dungeon.
  • Regarding their relationship to the Phantom Troupe, there was that one time that the Zoldyck patriarchs were hired to assassinate the entire Troupe but relented when The Mafia who hired them were unable to fulfill their contractual obligations. The shorter meaning is that someone got to their clients first, so Zeno and Silva decided to pack up than continue. There is Nothing Personal on any of their ends and two of the Zoldycks eventually joined the Phantom Troupe's ranks themselves. Those being Illumi and Kalluto, the former doing it at Hisoka's request and the latter asserting his membership to the group by helping them squish some giant ants.
    Lenorio: Yup. A bit disturbed.
  • It should be noted that Alluka Zoldyck may be part of the family, though the love for her is not extended to her, unlike her other siblings. There is no disturbing possession for her nor high expectations to follow her upbringing, most of the Zoldyck family are either dismissive or concerned about her breaking out. Considering that Nanika, the Dark Continent creature who possesses Alluka, has the capability of having everyone on the entire planet get squished by an invisible force, then their concern is justified. The lack of any love aspect though is far more questionable as the only family member who shows any empathy to Alluka is Killua who wanted independence from his family's legacy, enough for him to break his sister out to the unknown and reach away from them. The family also likes to call his sister a boy, which many people are equally as alarmed by. So when questioned about this by the Zoldyck family, they would say that the world potentially ending is a family affair people should stop sticking their noses at. A few people disagree.
  • Though the Hassans have very much praised the Zoldyck family for their dedication to the art of assassination, the original Hassan-i-Sabbah does not share such high opinions. He believes that killing should be done in the name of something holy, not for wealth or influence which he views the Zoldyck family guilty of. So the First Hassan swore that if the Zoldycks were to be involved in holy crusades, then he will personally make the family go extinct. The Zoldycks were not intimidated by these threats, as religious groups cheap out on them when it comes to payment. There is a reason why there is a dedicated pile back at their mansion over religious nuts begging them to kill not for money but for doing it out of religious obligation that they do not follow. It is alarming how many requests to take back Israel or some other Holy Ground occupied by another religious majority are made. And yes, that includes people from the Trope Pantheons where Death Is Cheap is taken to a T. That does not stop from death being so terrifying when a Zoldyck is the one hunting you down.
  • Although they are all superpowered murderers, they do credit to assassins who do not have superpowers yet can pull off daring kills. Just when some Zoldyck was about to kill their target from the shadows, a conspicuous accident occurred that got to the target first. Somehow it involved a coin and a shredder and that is all that needs to be said. Tracking down the true killer was easier said than done for them as they noted a bald man running from the scene instead of staring at it with awe like everybody else. Agent 47, instead of being confronted violently as one would expect, got complimented by the Zoldycks for the clean assassination job. The family rejected their payment and credit for the murder as their honor would not allow it.
  • One of the weirder friendships of the Pantheon is between the Wilkersons and the Zoldycks. It all started when some obnoxious lady in the neighborhood forced families to attend a social gathering for the sake of preserving authority over people. The Zoldycks were willing to decapitate that lady at the partu, but found themselves instead had a rather interesting interaction with the Wilkerson family. Not to say it was pleasant as the Wilkerson parents were drunk, complaining about their sorry children and life choices while the children themselves tried to sneak some alcohol into their drinks. It was an intriguing look into "the average Nuclear Family" as people label it and the Wilkersons provided a window into that. So they invite the Wilkersons to whatever activities they do, no matter how intense to see how this family would respond to their more colorful lives. The Wilkersons are terrified of the Zoldycks after seeing some of the stuff they do (seeing them jump off buildings and clean up dead bodies their giant animal ripped apart), though stick by them because they think they would be rewarded by the end of it all.
  • The League of Assassins have tried their hardest to recruit at least one Zoldyck into their organization to be met with rejections from them. Somehow, Ra's al Ghul felt insulted by this as several Zoldycks would rather join up a group of murderous bandits than his prestigious group. He has gone to visit the Zoldycks in person to smooth relations with them, having his daughter join him to better his chances. All family members still rejected him and though he does hold any particular hatred against them, Ra's al Ghul still does not understand why no Zoldyck wants to be under him as of now even if they are a prestigious family. Ra's al Ghul went to his former student to question this, and Batman who encountered the Zoldycks prior simply said they are just not interested at the moment. He can wait all he wants since Ra's al Ghul has all the time to do so. Not to say the League of Assassins leader is happy about waiting this long, though he relents that if just has to...
  • Though they were employed by mafiosos at several points, the Zoldycks do NOT hesitate if their targets were their former employers. So when Diavolo had a hit on himself, and as one of their former employers, knew a direct confrontation with the Zoldycks was asking to die no matter how strong his Stand is. It turned out that Bucciarati's Gang was the one who hired them, as they could not be bothered to go after Diavolo at the moment. It was a good thing that the hit was told to them a month prior, so Diavolo devised a plan that would not bring a confrontation with anybody, he would also bring his group more power. That plan was to crash the Italian economy. Diavolo initiated this plan of convincing the Italian banks to invest in something called the blockchain (some stupid thing that he keeps getting notified of) and had banks waste BILLIONS of euros on imaginary things that lost their value in less than a day. By the time the Zoldycks arrived in Italy, they just got word that their employers ended their deal to prepare for an economic crash. Diavolo was so happy that something went right for him for once... before finding himself stabbed by assassins hired by the banks as retribution for screwing over themselves. Yes, those assassins were the same Zoldycks just rehired by the banks.
  • The Parr Family is similarly a family with the same profession (albeit the kids are not professionals in any semblance) though it is obvious that the Parrs and Zoldycks are as different as oranges and the sun. The analogy is those oranges and the sun give Vitamin D and a baby could tell the difference on why they are not the same. To the Zoldycks' credit, they encouraged their kids to manifest their powers... for better or for worse. The Parrs do NOT want to cross paths with the Zoldycks for obvious reasons, though said they are willing to stand their ground against them if it comes to that. Half the Zoldycks were impressed by this statement and the other half laughed at what they see as a death sentence.
  • The Black Organization were smart enough to have the Zoldycks as allies instead of trying to start a competition with them. They know that the Zoldycks are way above their budget to hire, so they pass off whatever contracts they cannot fulfill to the Zoldycks as a good gesture to them. Not that the Zoldycks see it as being "passed the leftovers" as the contracts had such high targets, it would have placed the Black Organization in political pickles. Meanwhile, the Dark Brotherhood hates the Zoldycks for stealing these contracts as that takes away from their growth. After all, they need the contracts to return to their former standing and are willing to take any, no matter how costly it is. The Dark Brotherhood does want to fight against the Zoldycks but wants the excuse that they are fulfilling a contract for the sake of publicity. Their patience is running dry the longer the days pass without a contract against one Zoldyck being made.
  • Encountering Golgo 13 and the Spy has been one the few standstills the Zoldycks ever had. They were supposed to take out a certain politician eating on a bench but noticed that two people were also in position. Golgo 13 was standing by a rooftop, ready to pull the trigger. One Zoldyck tried neutralizing Golgo 13 while the Zoldyck tried to kill their target while simply walking up to them. What Zoldycks did not expect was this normal sniper somehow fending them off, physically. Neither did they expect that the politician nonfatally stabbed a Zoldyck coming after himself, with the politician tearing off his disguise to reveal that he was the Spy all along, waiting on the bench to assassinate the oncoming politician. This was a rather tense fight, especially when it came upon all of them that the politician must be still alive, racing to their positions to kill their target. It was then they noticed that there was a commotion across the street and they noticed a dead politician carrying a sandwich on the pavement, hit by a bus. Instead of fighting anymore, the assassins just decided to buy each other drinks after complimenting their fighting skills. Nobody was rewarded for an assassination that day, but friendship was more than a worthy replacement. Yes, they went out for drinks with a sniper rifle on the back and a stab wound.
    Spy: Are you sure you don't want to go to a hospital for that thing I gave you?
    Illumi: My mother told me to do a job, not take a trip to a hospital.
    Spy: Well, the job is done and we're at a Denny's so...
    Illumi: This is only a flesh wound. I'll get better.
  • Being the familial patriarchs, Zeno and Silva do act softly on their other families though they are perfectly fine with things like torture being afflicted by other family members towards each other. If it turned Killua into an electricity-slinging speedster, then they have no issues if it gets them results. Due to their shared twisted morality, the two got along well with both Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima which is usually an impossible thing. It could be because ironically, the two Zoldycks represent a mirror to them of what a healthy father-son heritage is. Unlike the Mishimas, Zeno and Silva have resonating familial values despite their disturbing professions that require great martial prowess. For this, the two Mishimas secretly envy their occasional friends as they represent what their family could have been without the insane tragedies that followed.
  • Stannis Baratheon has hired the Zoldycks more than a few times to take care of a few political enemies he has. Though the Zoldycks have more than enough firepower to completely annihilate the opposition of Stannis, he refuses because it was publicly dishonorable. He only chooses immoral actions when he sees that there is no other option that he could take with the resources he has, so having the Zoldyck patriarchs call up is convenient. He admires the family's active members for being dutiful and professional in their craft, something that he feels is more of a burden as it might drive him to hire them for more unnecessary assassinations.
  • Corleone patriarchs have high regard for the Zoldyck patriarchs they hired on the occasion, considering that there are good familial values to take after these assassins. After all, it is the Italian virtue to pride yourself on your family's accomplishments. These two Corleane feel that familial virtues are to be taken more seriously than ever, considering how messy their family is. The two are ironically unaware that the Zoldyck family is equally if not more dysfunctional than their family is, which they would probably like to ignore if they found out.
  • Kikyo Zoldyck and Cersei Lannister get along well for being mothers who are protective of their kids, to the point that means taking questionable at best actions to do so. Despite Cersei believing that Kikyo Zoldyck is a woman of high standing considering the way she dresses, Kikyo comes from the impoverished Meteor City where people are meant to be thrown away at. Nobody knows how she and Silva eventually got together or how she developed such a fancy fashion, though Cersei would surely have a lesser opinion of Kikyo if she ever found out that the Zoldyck matriarch was not born into nobility. If that day arrives, Kikyo could easily just send Cersei back to her family as a pie meant to be eaten.
  • Milluki is one of the few friends to Lain of all the people, the almighty internet goddess. The reason not being because Lain actually finds Milluki good company especially since she has to deal with him abusing positions of online power he somehow wormed his way to getting (example: Milluki the TV Tropes mod). She just finds him a good study on an early Internet user similar to himself assimilates to more modern internet. Milluki would admit that he may not be the wisest person out there, but at least he is not susceptible to falling for some inane mindsets the internet has fostered. Lain could at least attest that is a good quality of Milluki, a part of a good handful against his million bad ones.
  • Milluki competes with Scott the Woz over obtaining video game collectibles they found online. Not that Milluki finds competition worth hating since he has enough funds to outbid anybody, but Scott earns his ire for a simple reason. Scott Wozniak doesn't understand anime and anything resembling it and having witnessed how vehement Scott acts towards what Milluki calls the admirable JRPGs, the Zoldyck swore he would make Scott Wozniak miserable in obtaining rare games, although it means having to spend a lot more money than he should. Scott has tried his best to keep up with Milluki's bids but there can only be so much money he could lose before Scott may be forced to do the unthinkable: selling himself for advertisement money. Paying $70 American bucks for new probably unfinished releases is hard enough on his wallet as it is.
    Milluki: Never.
  • Illumi Zoldyck may be the most blatantly evil person in the family as seen by his constant attempts to reel his brother away from independence by any means necessary. Something is unsettling about Illumi, not just in the Gittarackur disguise he used. He is usually expressionless, though that is how moments where he expresses joy become terrifying as it usually means Illumi found a way to dismantle his brother further. That is not to say that Illumi hates his brother, though he does enjoy watching Killua suffer as much as Hisoka enjoys seeing young children get stronger. Speaking of Hisoka, he and Illumi are "friends" as much as two sadists could be. A lot of people think they are a couple but Illumi would say no to that. Hisoka did introduce him to the Phantom Troupe, though how their current friendship stands now that Hisoka became a traitor to the group is currently a muddy subject both do not dwell on.
  • Two friends that Illumi likes are Killbus and Eddy's brother. He still does not know the name of the latter. Their obvious shared interests are making their siblings' lives absolutely miserable by showcasing their superiority. Killbus likes tossing his brother around for the hell of it, Illumi loves manipulating his brother to make him fall in line, and Eddy's brother loves putting his brother in his place. It is strange that the power discrepancy between the three is so vast from each other, though Illumi manages to bring this trio of abusive older brothers together as if he were The Heart of a team. That is the last thing Killua thought his eldest brother could be described as.
  • Alluka has been traveling with Killua to get as far away from her family as she could, as they still have every intention of stuffing her back into a room for the rest of her life. Killua has gone to meet with several young people similar to Alluka for advice on keeping her powers in check. Bran Stark said to Killua outright that he just looked for the wrong person since he as a disable prophet, trained himself to use his foresight more. All the senses that Bran holds screamed that he should avoid trying to interfere with Nanika, so he just pointed to a young Japanese boy named Mob. Mob just told Killua and Alluka that what he learns is that the adults should handle this entire Nanika debacle fine since they are so responsible. As much as Killua acknowledges Mob does not mean harm, he had to shake the boy while shouting that the adults want to shove his sister into a room until the day she dies. Alluka thanked both (scared) young men regardless of their troubles even if they are unable to help them in the end, with Killua angrily still searching for someone to help his sister out.
  • Kyubey was sent to Alluka after seeing her potential to be a Magical Girl, the Incubators not being aware of what they were getting into. When going to Alluka to do the usual wish-granting offer, Alluka instead requested Kyubey to do the usual things a trained pet would do. Kyubey repeatedly asked if that was Alluka's risk instead of fulfilling her request to roll over four times and Kyubey found itself crushed by an invisible force. It turned out that a good fraction of the entire Incubator race was simultaneously squished as well. The Incubators did not know what happened and went to the Zoldyck family, begging to know what happened to them. The family all just laughed at the weird weasel thing for not being competent enough to just roll over as it should have.
  • Kalluto and Metal Sonic have a rather strange friendship that people find odd on the outside, though it makes more sense upon seeing their similarities. Both have the desire to rise above their inferiorities compared to others and share an inclination toward brutality despite their outward calmness. They are obedient to their superiors though are willing to become independent for the sake of improving themselves.
    Kalluto: My brothers are quite stronger than me... barring the fat one. I always feel that while I progress to their level, they only go further than I ever could be. Do you ever have that feeling?
    Metal Sonic: ...
  • Maki Harukawa found Kalluto injured somewhere once and thought he was simply an injured child. Kalluto woke up as Maki was tending to him, and Maki realized by Kalluto's harsh eyes alone that this child was a trained assassin. Secretly preparing a knife behind herself, Maki questioned Kalluto as her tending continued. Kalluto admitted that someone jumped him and that the group he was with must have left him behind honestly. Soon, Phantom Troupe members arrived to pick up their vanished member. Maki having knowledge of killers knew who these Phantom Troupe members were and were relieved that she did not upset their currently lesser-known member. Kalluto gracefully thanked her, then left, though pondered why did Maki not try to kill him with the knife she was hiding. Not to say that he can complain, as he is part of a group of mass murderers. It was fortunate that the other Phantom Troupe members did not notice, or else they would have ended her on the spot.

”Assassination — it’s the family trade.”

Intermediate Gods

    Granny Goodness 
Granny Goodness, Tyrant-Goddess of the Orphanage (Goddess of Child Abuse, Gretchen Goode)

    Hayate Ayasaki 
Hayate Ayasaki, God of Battle Butlers (The Combat Butler)

    Isaac Clarke 
Isaac Clarke, God of Engineers (CEC Engineer)
Beneath the helmet 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His RIG helmet
  • Theme Song: Cry of the Ancients
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Killing Necromorphs, Being a Badass Normal, Using anything as a weapon, Determinator, Destroying a Necromorph Moon, Being tortured by Marker-induced hallucinations, Actually thinking about what to do during a Necromorph invasion using his engineering skills
  • Domain: Technology, Combat, Death
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals (and Best Friends) with: Dell Conagher a.k.a The Engineer
  • Rivals with: Scarface
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Enemies: every single Mad Scientist ever, The Black Lantern Corps, NEKRON, The Lich, All 4 Chaos Gods from the Warhammer Universe especially Nurgle, Zeus, Evil gods in the Divine Temple of Religion and Faith, Hoyt Volker, Ragyo Kiryuin, Ryoma Sengoku, Arthas Menethil, Kel'thuzad, Sarah Kerrigan, Alex Mercer, Doctor Nefarious, the entire House of Otherness, but especially The Great Ones, Diablo, THE ENTIRE GUAD, Handsome Jack, Colonel Mael Radec, The Flood, Albert Wesker, Ridley, Zhaitan, Polygon Man, The Vex
  • Odd Relationship with: The Hunter.
  • Ascended upon stopping three Necromorph invasions, with the last one stopped via destroying a Necromorph Moon.
  • As an engineer first rather than a soldier, Isaac prioritizes the use of his 211-V Plasma Cutter to deal damage and repair the occasional gadget. He won't pass up on other weapons when given the chance, though. As of his latest outing, he has decided to craft his own weapons using available resources. This has brought about a friendly rival with the Engineer.
    • However, their friendly rivalry ended up making both of them best friends to each other when they started sharing weapon and turret schematics. Because of such activity, they became close fighting engineers with Dell focusing more on defense and Isaac on offense.
  • Just like his best friend, he doesn't tolerate Mad Scientists because during his encounters with them in his universe, most of them were insane due to their exposure with the Markers. However, upon looking at Ragyo Kiryuin and Albert Wesker (as well as other ones within Pantheon Proper), he knew that they were even worse than the scientists he countered in the Ishimura or Tau Volantis. Because of this, he is willing to kill them once he has them in his cross-hairs.
  • Is watched closely by the leader of the Black Lantern Corps, Nekron, because of his possibly being a threat to the plans of a second Blackest Night.
  • While he would avoid violence if necessary, Isaac will launch a One-Man Army assault on anyone who manages to hit his Berserk Button. Ask Jacob Danik and the remnants of the Unitologist Inner Circle. Seeing as how he is capable of killing almost anything when he isn't provoked...
  • Once picked a fight with Zeus (As in, the Greek God of Thunder and almost everything in existence) AND WON. Making this feat more badass is that Isaac, a normal human being, had no idea of who he fought and bested.
  • Has been teaching Frank West in the ways of improvised weaponry.
  • He also teams up with many combat-capable gods due to their combat experience being better than his. And because of this Raiden became his trustworthy ally.
  • Given how he eliminates many aliens from other worlds, he has a large rivalry with Scarface due to the latter's objective as well. Isaac didn't take it lightly but looking through his kill records and combat prowess, he decided to accept the rivalry.
  • Given how much grief Unitologists gave Isaac, it's no wonder that people who want to become gods serve as his Berserk Button.
  • Conversely, Isaac has become close friends with Sayaka. They've bonded over commonalities such as fighting horrific monsters, enduring Sanity Slippage, taking levels in badass, and finding a Second Love. Isaac now provides her with the latest CEC weapons and tools he can find. He and Ellie also go on double dates with Sayaka and Kyouko whenever either pair aren't busy fighting off Necromorphs or Witches and Nightmares.
    • He has also made friends with The Outlaw Star Crew seeing that they can help him in his adventures in space. They also get to comfort him with their stories as well. Not only that, he became comrades with The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Crimson Raiders because they also have experience in combat, which is useful especially since facing necromorphs alone is a nightmare.
    • His survival skills also gave him lots of allies, most of which are survivalists in alien and zombie-like infestations. However, he seems a little uncomfortable with The Doom Slayer due to his happy-trigger personality.
    • Not only that, he became pitiful with Lee Everett and Clementine when he heard their stories of painful survival. Though, he is also a little careful about Tallahassee since he has no respect even to survivors.
    • He also has an interest with Gordon Freeman due to the latter's supreme intelligence. However, he has a hard time talking to him due to Gordon being too silent
  • He is also impressed with Nathan Drake's survival stories primarily because he survived from terrorist organizations and harsh weather conditions. The same can be said about Katniss Everdeen's stories.
  • Isaac has made an enemy out of Doctor Nefarious after Isaac destroyed his newest Biobliterator during the events of Battle Royale Round 2.
  • He stumbled upon the House of Otherness to see if there were any necromorphs. In the end, he met extreme horrors to his mind and almost lost it when he got to a large fight with the Great Old Ones. Because of this, he wishes the House of Otherness destroyed at all costs.
    • At the same time he left the House, he accidentally stumbled upon The Hunter. Knowing of the Hunter's tales and his knowledge on the Great Old Ones, he decided to befriend the Hunter in an effort to eliminate them.
  • Due to his complete exposure from the Markers, he has gotten terribly insane and has lost trust to many neutral undead deities. Here are his feelings for these deities:
    • He does not like Sylvanas Windrunner AT ALL. Her demeanor as well as her undead condition has left him in disgust for her. However, she explained that she has no intention to kill him but to kill her primary target: Arthas Menethil and Kel'thuzad, both who are undead creators themselves. Seeing her cause as needed as possible, he agreed but he told her one thing:
    "I may see a goal for you against these vile undead. I will help you but only to kill them. Once we are done, you're next."
    • That can't be said for Sarah Kerrigan, whose looks already remind him of a necromorph. Even though she isn't willing to kill him, Isaac will do whatever it takes to kill her entirely along with the Zerg, though Jim Raynor keeps on reminding him not to.
    • However, he got himself almost killed during a daring encounter with Alex Mercer, whose personality and objectives remind him of the necromorphs. Luckily, his allies helped push the Prototype away before consuming Isaac, giving them his thanks. Because of this encounter, he wishes to only kill Alex when he has his allies with him.
    • He also hates the 4 Chaos Gods of the Warhammer universe, but special mention has to go to Nurgle, who creates plagues similar to necromorph outbreaks. Nurgle also hates him, due to Isaac's sheer power of eliminating any outbreaks he can cause.
    • The Borg Queen is also in his shitlist for being malevolent aliens. Moreso with the Flood, for being ALMOST the same with the necromorphs. The Lich and Diablo aren't welcome either.
  • He also feels sympathy towards people who has felt mental pain within themselves since he felt this in his universe. Because of this, he talks with Captain Martin Walker and Alex Mason alot.
    • He doesn't like warlords either or evil soldiers. Meaning Handsome Jack and Colonel Mael Radec aren't welcome in his defense. However he does kind of appreciate Radec's fair fights and wishes to fight again with him.
  • "Stick around with me, I'm full of bad ideas."

    Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker 
Professor Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker, God of Repulsive Ringmasters
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Sign of CarnEvil (The Greatest Show Unearthed)
  • Theme Song: Ludwig von Tökkentäkker's Big Top; The Baron's Airship
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Black Comedy, Big Blimps, Evil Is Hammy, Firework Barrages, Gratuitous German, Morally Ambiguous Doctorate
  • Domains: Carnivals, Ringmasters, Insanity
  • Heralds: Umlaut, Hambone, Evil Marie, Krampus, Eyeclops, Junior
  • High Priest: Maynard Tiboldt
  • Followers: Professor Screweyes, Mr. Dark, Freakshow
  • Allies: Dead Moon Circus, Needles Kane, The Joker, The Klowns, Angus Bumby, Tira, Mad King Thorn, The Coachman, The Crimson Court
  • Enemies: Nicholas Saint North, Jack Skellington, The Freaks, Isuzu Sento, Dumbo, The Zoosters, Appa
  • In Greely Valley cemetery, there lies the tombstone of Ludwig von Tökkentäkker, the ringmaster and creator of an amusement park known as Carnevil. Should someone insert a golden token (conveniently nearby) in the mouth of a jester skull on that tombstone, Tökkentäkker’s park will rise from the Earth and trap the person responsible for putting that token in, as well as anyone close by, into a nightmarish carnival. The only way out is to fight through a horde of undead entities that inhabit the park across some locations and confront Tökkentäkker inside his airship. Tökkentäkker himself is a highly deranged man and takes total delight in seeing anyone trapped in his carnival killed, be it in the hands of his subordinates or himself.
  • There are a handful of graveyards in the Pantheon, some larger than others. As part of a dare, a couple of overeager youngsters visited one such graveyard to see if they could last long there and one of the participants noticed a unique-looking tombstone with a token on it. The token was inserted and a dangerous carnival suddenly sprang up, forcing the participants on that dare in a battle for survival. It was a harrowing and gory moment for everyone involved, especially since Ludwig von Tökkentäkker, the ringmaster of that carnival and the person that tombstone belonged to, was dangerously close to killing someone and forcing them to be part of his carnival. The participants were able to defeat Tökkentäkker and escape the carnival alive, prompting them to tell others of their adventure and thus, the presence of Carnevil within the Pantheon was known.
  • Hoping to find some ways to expand on Carnevil, Tökkentäkker ended up finding out about another magically dangerous entertainment venue known as The Dead Moon Circus. Of course, Tökkentäkker has more comparatively modest ambitions compared to that of Dead Moon Circus (in addition to only being active whenever a token activating Carnevil is inserted), but it hasn’t prevented him from getting along with that circus. Even if the members of Dead Moon Circus are a little disappointed that Tökkentäkker can’t fully work with them, they are more than willing to lend some of their monsters to him for use in Carnevil.
  • The Coachman is known for luring young boys to Pleasure Island, a place that he operates, where they can indulge as much as they want only for them to transform into Donkeys and sell them off with no chance of escaping. Tökkentäkker was curious about the place in some ways, seeing it as a potential stepping stone for more subjects to be used for Carnevil. In turn, The Coachman has sometimes sold off some of his victims to Tökkentäkker and the two have maintained a friendly professional relationship when it comes to finding hapless victims. A similar dynamic is in play with Angus Bumby, who pretends to have a veneer of affability towards his victims before corrupting them. Tökkentäkker has sometimes allowed Bumby to run around in Carnevil as The Toymaker so that another nightmarish entity can run around and give guests a hard time navigating the park.
  • Despite not being a true aristocrat (as far as anyone is aware of when he is dead or alive), Tökkentäkker comes across as one. The Crimson Court was a group of vampires that are known to be aristocrats, with The Baron in particular playing as a torturer to amuse others of his kind while their victim suffers. Although the Court mistakenly thought that Tökkentäkker was an aristocrat, they did take an interest in him after learning that one of Tökkentäkker’s associates was an undead noble and that Carnevil was an effective place for providing some gruesome entertainment. Tökkentäkker was more than willing to let The Crimson Court be a part of Carnevil in order to expand the park’s influence in the Pantheon.
  • Clowns are to be expected in a place as horrifying as Carnevil and all the clowns that are present there will try to kill anyone that ends up there. That said, Tökkentäkker has expressed interest in a number of other more dangerous clowns throughout the Pantheon to try and make Carnevil harder to get through. The Joker and Needles Kane were two prominent murderous clowns that Tökkentäkker was interested in hiring for Carnevil as some stronger adversaries to confront. While the two are more interested in causing mayhem on their own terms, they have no issue with going to Carnevil and terrorizing the patrons from time to time. The Killer Klowns from Outer Space were a group of clowns that Tökkentäkker had better luck in being recurring parts of Carnevil to the point that Tökkentäkker has served as a supporting figure for the Klowns’ own plans of conquest via giving them additional tools to use.
  • On all accounts, Carnevil is very much a large freakshow given how many deformed characters are present. After hearing of a group of deities known as The Freaks and what they are capable of when pushed far enough, Tökkentäkker was more than willing to try and get them to be part of Carnevil. It quickly became obvious that The Freaks are not interested in having any involvement with what Tökkentäkker is planning, especially after seeing firsthand his creations and believing that those creations deserve to be free and not in the hands of a psychotic madman. Another deity related to freakshows that Tökkentäkker tried and failed to get on his side was the Monster House, which contained the vengeful spirit of a large woman named Constance. The idea of a killer house interested Tökkentäkker, but the fact that the house would rather be left alone meant that he isn’t able to do anything to make it part of Carnevil.
  • As someone who is responsible for making sure Amagi Brilliant Park is still operating sufficiently, Isuzu Cento is revolted at how Tökkentäkker created a twisted amusement park that would kill its guests and turn them into monstrosities that Tökkentäkker can show off. That animosity only increased when she ended up in Carnevil after someone pulled a dangerous prank on her and she had to fight her way out of that place. It certainly doesn’t help that Tökkentäkker has mulled over options to destroy rival parks such as Amagi Brilliant Park so that his Carnevil (and possibly other related evil entertainment venues) will be the primary carnival for patrons to visit.
  • Tira is someone who greatly enjoys Carnevil given how much violence occurs. After noticing that Tira is quite acrobatic and skilled in terrorizing her opponents with her combat skills, Tökkentäkker offered to let her be a part of Carnevil, an offer that she was more than eager to accept. While she is content with just going to various places and killing others, Carnevil is one place that she has no issue in staying at, especially if other hapless intruders get involved.
  • Not only does Tökkentäkker create freaky experiments on humans, but he’s done them on animals as well, with those creations running around in his park. The Pantheon being home to a wide variety of creatures, particularly those that typically aren’t seen in the real world, has given Tökkentäkker some inspiration of additional animals to kidnap and turn into grotesque attractions for Carnevil. While the animals belonging to Team Avatar (both Aang’s and Korra’s teams) are all unusual in some way that Tökkentäkker would find interesting, none of them (especially Appa given his bad experience being abused by a ringmaster at one point) want anything to do with Tökkentäkker’s circus.
    • As far as actual animals are concerned, Dumbo and the Zoosters harbor nothing but pure disgust at Tökkentäkker for completely corrupting the idea of a circus seeing as how those aforementioned animals are involved with circuses of their own. Dumbo in particular can’t even begin to imagine just how different and worse things would be if he was raised in a circus that’s close to the level of horror that Carnevil has. In his opinion, Tökkentäkker doesn’t consider the circuses run by Dumbo and the Zoosters to be viable entertainment venues and has considered turning them into freakish creations for his carnival should the possibility of the circuses run by those animals get destroyed come to pass.
  • One area in Carnevil has a prominent Christmas theme throughout much of it and even has a demonic version of Santa Claus known as Krampus that must be defeated in order to progress. Many deities associated with Christmas, especially the real Santa and Nicholas St. North, are suitably revolted by that sight, especially since Tökkentäkker tends to make monstrosities for his own gain. Jack Skellington, a very significant Halloween who made a botched attempt at Christmas, ended up in Carnevil after hearing rumors of a good place to have Halloween at and was dismayed to learn at how repulsive Tökkentäkker and Carnevil was, especially after seeing Krampus in action. By contrast, Mad King Thorn, the malicious Halloween figure, was more than interested in seeing Carnevil become a regular part of Halloween in the Pantheon after Jack rejected that notion.

    Paul Bunyan 
Paul Bunyan, God of Lumberjacks and Tall Tales (Berserker, Super Bunyan, Alter Ego)
Alter Ego 

  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His lumber axe
  • Theme Song: His Disney theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, at least back in the day. By today's standards, he's True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Memetic Badass, Mighty Lumberjack, New Myths, Big Eater, Variable But Still Large Size
  • Domain(s): Lumberjack, Giant, Oil, Myths
  • Herald: Babe the Blue Ox
  • Followers:
  • Allies: Presea Combatir, Montana, Bear Hugger, Johnny Appleseed, Uther Lightbinger,
  • Enemies: Kaldr
  • Opposed by: The Nature Preservers sub-house, all tree-empaths, especially in the House of Nature, all dark-skinned deities, Pocahontas
  • Opposes: Ice deities capable of conjuring massive blizzards
  • Tales of Paul Bunyan are Shrouded in Myth, and his feats vary wildly in terms of how ridiculous they are, but one thing is constant about him: he was a large bearded man (how large varies), carries an ax wherever he goes, Babe the Blue Ox is his pet (who is also large like him, and measures "forty-seven ax-handles and a plug of tobacco between the eyes"), and runs a logging operation that goes wherever there are trees to cut, with Babe pulling their bunkhouses from one forest to the next. Notable crew members he's had include the Seven Axmen, Johnny Inkslinger the accountant, Joe the cook, and Ole the blacksmith.
    • But, no matter who he's got working for him, or where they go, mother nature was always looking to screw them over. The weather's never anything but blistering heat or sub-absolute zero cold, with occasional flood or fog to liven things up. Trees can be so large men can spend most of their lives chopping at one before seeing it fall. Wildlife ranges from the obnoxious splinter cats and gumberoos to the deadly agropelters and snow wassets. And things like a Winter of Blue Snow or a cornstalk the size of Jupiter is tended to pop up. Paul and his lumberjacks always tackled these problems with varying measures of brute force, genuine cleverness, to the just plain ridiculous.
  • Made friends with Presea, Montana, and Bear Hugger as they are fellow lumberjacks, or at least axe-users.
  • American deities have conflicting opinions with Bunyan. On one hand, his lumber business aided in clearing land for colonization. On the other hand, deforestation is no longer a good thing nowadays.
  • Because deforestation has lost its appeal and because a lot of deities are preservers of nature, Bunyan and his lumberjack crew have difficulty finding a job (buildings are now made of concrete and/or steel
  • Heard about "The Lumberjack Song". It's true he's a lumberjack and he's OK, he sleeps all night and he works all day! But skipping and jumping, liking to press wild flowers, putting on women's clothing, hanging around in bars, wearing high heels, suspendies and a bra, wishing he was a girlie just like his dear mama? Now that's a tall tale if he's ever heard one.
  • Heard that Homer Simpson once starred as him in a reenacting of his tale.
    • And that Uther Lightbinger has an alternate appearance that resembles Bunyan himself.
  • Sly Cooper and his friends are wary around Bunyan, since he reminds them of a villain named Jean Bison, who was also a lumberjack.
  • In a different universe, Paul punched Jack Horner out of a bar for calling Babe a cow, was one of his travel companions in Americana searching Humpty Dumpty's treasure, and also ended up as part of Bookburner's army, which tried to kill the fables of the Golden Boughs Retirement Community (though whether it was through brainwashing or be became some sort of Cessation of Existence zombie wasn't made clear).
  • Given that one of his misfortunes involves a great blizzard that (maybe) lasted for several years, he really has it against the likes of Kaldr. He holds nothing against Queen Elsa, Jack Frost, and other ice-users, but he would rather avoid them.

Shantae, Goddess of Belly Dancers (Half-Genie Hero, Guardian Genie of Scuttle Town)
As Nega Shantae 
  • Intermediate Goddess normally, Lesser Goddess as a human, Borderline Greater Goddess powered up by Light Magic, with other Half-Genie magic via Fusion Stones or as Nega Shantae
  • Symbol: Her lamp
  • Theme Song: Dance Through the Danger, The Last Battle in her Nega Form
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil in her Nega Form)
  • Portfolio: Mascot of Way Forward, Half-human, half-genie hybrid, hair used as a whip, good genie, uses belly dancing for transforming into animals, teleporting, and dancing for others, can use pike balls, fire balls, and thunderclouds, Happily Adopted, cute half-monster girl, Ms. Fanservice, self-doubting hero, is constantly fired and rehired by the town's incompetent mayor, has a dark and dangerous nega form, goes to the beach for a nice tan, practiced ninjitsu, borrowed Patty's officer uniform to play cops and robbers, arranged a sleepover with her friends and archenemy
  • Domain: Dances, Transformation, Hair, Magic
  • Followers: Rouge
  • Heralds: Harmony and the other Half-Genies
  • Allies: Rottytops, Shovel Knight, Genie, Ariel, Aladdin (Both of them), Jasmine, The Monster Girls, Millia Rage, Yuna, Sun Wukong, Toejam and Earl, Filia, Velvet Crowe, Bayonetta (sort of)
  • Enemies: Risky Boots, King K. Rool, Gangplank, Jafar, Galeem and Dharkon, The Lich (Adventure Time)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Carmelita Fox (one-sided on Carmelita's end)
  • Odd Friendship: Morgiana
  • When she ascended into the Pantheon, she was 'ret-2-go' after foiling Risky Boots' plan, defeating her evil self after losing her genie powers and even defeating the Pirate Master after reacquiring her genie powers which took the strength of all genies to seal him away. After a reboot, she stopped Risky from perverting the Genie World with dark magic by destroying the Dynamo.
    • However, there are two separate occasions that brought out the evil side of her. Dubbed Nega Shantae, this evil version of the Half-Genie has all the powers she normally has, but instead of using them for good, she uses them to go out and try to kill Shantae and her friends. The first time had Risky using the Genie Lamp to suck out Shantae's magical half, bending it and forming it into a corrupted version of the weakened Human Shantae. The second involved Risky's Dynamo zapping Shantae, polarizing her light magic into dark magic, transforming her into the evil Half-Genie. With that in mind, she keeps away from any being whose capable of manipulating her magic, especially if they're evil.
    • After Shantae's most recent adventure, she returned with a couple of new friends and knowledge of new instant transformations. The Half-Genies petitioned to be Shantae's heralds, reasoning first and foremost that they should be together to make the world better when the Genies of their world eventually return. With a Fusion Stone, Shantae's native abilities augment with their component Half-Genies, revealing invisible objects and entities with Plink's Seer abilities, healing with Vera's Refresh magic, electrifying the area with Zapple's Shock, and trembling the earth with Harmony's Quake.
  • During most of the day, she spends a lot of time in the House of Personal Appearance, trying out different kinds of shampoo and hair cream as well as new clothes.
    • On occasion, she'll be out on the Pantheon grounds wearing three different outfits. With the Bikini costume, she'll be running around, trying to find a beach to tan while collecting sunscreen, attacking with her hair, beach balls, and occasionally floating within a self-made bubble. With the Ninja costume, she's able to teleport instantly and utilizes a wakizashi as her weapon of choice, while also being able to jump and stick to walls. Finally, Patrica Wagon's Police Uniform allows her the usage of Patrica's pistol and the Switch Helmet, which can push and pull blocks in and out of spaces. While she attempts to be Lawful Good wearing this, she can be pretty incompetent, collecting her friends as inmates and arresting baddies for relatively trivial matter.
    • She can very rarely during the day (or if she's sleepwalking during the night) be wearing her Jammies. With this, she tries to gather her friends for a sleepover party, utilizing an army of sheep and a pillow to attack, as well as going to sleep to float around at will for an extended period of time.
  • When she heard that Rottytops ascended into the Pantheon, she wandered around, looking for the mischievous zombie girl. After a crash to the ground courtesy of Rotty practically glomping her, they relished their reunion, especially seeing that she brought Sky and Bolo as her heralds. At least now, it'd be easier to keep track of her now that they're in the same place, as well as put pressure on Risky Boots.
  • She became friends with Jasmine and the two like to talk about their choice of clothing in which Shantae is intrigued that she isn't a belly dancer and would like teach her how to dance.
    • However, she didn't understand Jasmine's friend's, Ariel, choice of clothing, because she tried wearing various amounts of sea creature when she lost her clothes while swimming and it wasn't a good experience.
  • Surprisingly to everyone, despite what she wears on a daily basis, she is very modest, though mainly at the expense of herself or her outfit.
  • Her magical dances allows her to transform into animals, can heal herself, and even destroying her enemies with Obliterate. So far, she can transform into a monkey, elephant, harpy, spider, mermaid, Tinkerbats, and expects a lot more to come.
  • When she is either bored or out of gems, she would perform a stage in front of the audience who went to see her. Sometimes if they are lucky, they could see her wearing this Scuttle Town Dancer Outfit or this Tree Town Dancer Outfitnote .
  • As a technical monster girl, she meet the Monster Girls with mixed results.
    • Although she got over it, she was very scared of meeting Miia and Rachnera since she encountered not very friendly Naga and spiders.
    • While she enjoys her company with Papi, she does not like having her hair being pulled and has to remind her of it. Fortunately, she could transform into a harpy, so she could fly with Papi without any problems.
    • Other than that, she is rather friendly to Suu, Cerea, and Meron without any sort of problems.
  • When she heard that there was the Genie in the Pantheon, she was ecstatic to meet him, in which she wants to learn more about other kind of genies and to hear his witty humor.
    • As a result, she became fast friends with Aladdin (both of them).
  • Surprisingly, she was able to get along with Morgiana. Either one reason or another.
    • She tried to perform for Riven, but much to her dismay, it failed to raise her spirit.
  • She hates Gangplank, not just because he's a pirate but also whenever he fires his cannons, one of them always hit her house. She had to get it fixed multiple times.
    • Her animosity towards King K. Rool extends primarily due to his get-up as Kaptain K. Rool, though the Kremling King hates her for her signature transformation of a purple monkey. It also doesn't help that Risky formed an alliance with him when they first met as a Captive Fighter and a Spirit guarding him, respectively.
  • Upon finding other gods that have the power to control their hair, she immediately befriended Millia Rage and Filia.
    • Speaking of Filia, they first met at some ancient ruins, with the half-genie offering to help her look for the Skull Heart after she and Filia introduced themselves, but Samson wasn't as eager and tried to force her to leave. Naturally, it resulted in a showdown, which Shantae came out on top of in just a single minute. Of course, part of the ruins began to crumble as a result of their bout and Samson apologized for his behavior after they were rescued, but Shantae casually blew it off.
  • As a result of the Refresh magic's abilities against undead entities, The Lich took it to mark her up in particular in terms of threats to eliminate.
  • She is currently pondering over whether to donate her lamp into the Treasures of the Gods or not, though unfortunately for her, the Goose loves to steal it due to its shiny exterior.
  • Carmelita Fox has little respect towards Shantae due to the time where Bentley forced her to belly dance during a heist in Ancient Arabia, though working with a wanted criminal (Risky Boots) didn't help matters to begin with.
    • Their relationship is only slightly better if Shantae's wearing Patrica Wagon's police uniform. Even then, Carmelita would simply go do her own thing and not bother with her.
  • She tried to audition for the Smash Bros. Tournament through the Ballot. She had some support and backing from her followers, including her creators and even a couple high profile fans. However, much to her disappointment, the winner was Bayonetta. Despite this, Shantae gets along well with the Umbra Witch for their shared use of their dancing and hair for defeating enemies and/or transforming, even if she admittedly does feel a bit jealous over her admission in the Tournament.
    • Shantae was able to get into Smash after all! ...As a spirit, that is. She was one of countless victims to Galeem's light beams, being forced into a Zero Suit Samus clone body in an attempt to delay the Fighter's approach to Rathalos' cove. After recovering her body in the House of Life and Death, she took it to oppose both the Lord of Light and Embodiment of Chaos and Darkness. Dharkon himself is not a big fan of the Half-Genie Hero, due to her inherent light magic, making her a slightly higher priority target to the chaotic abomination, though not without pondering how a Nega Shantae could be useful for his purposes.
  • As of late, Shantae's been nervous to approach Samus due to a certain event where Galeem created a Zero Suit Samus body for the captive spirit of the half-genie to possess in an attempt to stop the fighters. For the most part, Samus doesn't mind Shantae, since she was one of countless victims of a universe-ending attack by the Lord of Light that reduced almost everyone into spirits, though she could do without all the art and jokes born from this incident.
  • Can also be found in Dance.

    Uncle Howee 
Uncle Howee, God of Depraved Kids Show Hosts
  • Intermediate God (Or at least, that's what gods know about him)
  • Symbol: His piano with Loomis on top of it.
  • Theme Song: The Uncle Howee Show Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral (Depending on who you ask)
  • Portfolio: those who are completely creepy due to not knowing lots about them yet being awesome because of it, liking children, those who hunt jerks by turning them into marionettes, Reality Warper
  • Domains: Television, Children, Karma
  • Superior: RL Stine
  • Allies: The Crypt Keeper, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Banette. There are also many child gods—and some adults—who really like his show. Also has a kinship with all Friend to All Children gods like Omar Little.
  • Enemies: All bullies and abusive parent gods are on his shit list.
  • Opposed by: Dr. Seuss, Rod Serling
  • Evil Counterpart: Bray Wyatt
  • "Howee doin'? Howee doin'? It's the Uncle Howee show! Let's just hope it never ends, do you wanna be a friend?"
    • Was able to lure many of the kids to like the show, due to its catchy theme song and his energetic personality. However, he doesn't like it when older siblings are complete jerks, then he'll have no trouble warping to their temples and playing a game of "Hide and Seek".
  • Please note, if he asks you to be a friend? 'Do not accept his proposal. He will turn his hapless victim into a brainwashed marionette for his show (which begs to question just who his pals, Mr. Clock and Loomis were in the past)
  • Since he comes from an anthology show for kids he met up with two famous icons. The Crypt Keeper laughs at how Uncle Howee punishes victims, and Rod Serling is in-between as there is An Aesop about using television as a teaching aid and how older siblings shouldn't be jerks, but also thinks that the victims really don't need to be punished that far (which is saying something considering what has happened in his show) and makes sure that the Twilight Zone is off limits to him.
    • The same goes for Fred Rogers. Fred is admonished with how Uncle Howee is protective to his child viewers and the fact that the show can be addicting at times. Uncle Howee is waiting to challenge Rogers with Wiz and Boomstick preparing a Death Battle between the two.
      • Later on, Uncle Howee actually met with Mr. Rogers and the along very well. They really do care about children—it's just their ways of going through it are different. The only reason why Howee hasn't become Greater God/Overdeity levels is because he's more focused on entertaining kids with his show than fighting off monsters.
  • Spongebob Squarepants runs away in fear from him because of how similar they sound. After his demotion to The Fallen, Uncle Howee is sometimes seen with Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, using his voice to mock the sponge. Though this has apparently stopped, due to him being redeemed. Spongebob's still scared of him however.
  • Gets along with Alice Margartoid due to her magic over puppets, and is asking her how to use them to garner more viewers for his show. However, Alice doesn't wish to ask about where he gets his marionettes from.
    • He is also with good terms with Haruka, who is more than glad to help on turning these nasty people into marionettes. Though at first Uncle Howee did not like Haruka that much, but changed his mind when he found out that Haruka did not have a good childhood because of her parents treating like she was a doll of sort.
  • Jimmy Hopkins looked in disgust over how Uncle Howee treats bullies. Sure, they deserved punishment, but transforming them into mindless marionettes? That's going a bit far, don't you think?
    • Gangrel and Luna just detest him. Uncle Howee's sociopathic tendencies coupled with his unknown origins just aggravates them because at least the vampires are honest about being ambiguous.
  • Uncle Howee has a huge shit-list on Gods who would dare hurt children. Those would be: Angus Bumby (for his hypnotism tactics to turn children into prostitutes), all Abusive Parent gods in the Pantheon (parents are not supposed to hurt kids) and bullies. He plans on giving them a taste of his magic and transform them into marionettes to teach them a lesson.
  • Basically, Uncle Howee's philosophy goes like this: if you're a child (or adult) who likes the show, he'll be your best friend forever. If you're a jerk and hurts kids, then he'll do his best to annoy you until you give in and be his friend. The only reason he's not the God of Friend to All Children or Excited Kids' Show Host is that there are some kids that aren't... nice, to put it that way.
  • Even though he is a member of "The Grand Puppeteer Court", he is an inactive The Sixth Ranger. Essentially, if their activity involves puppet plays for children or getting even with some one who has been bullying or abusive forwards children, when they act together. Otherwise, he doesn't do a lot in the group.
  • If there is someone who would be his exact opposite, that would be Bray Wyatt. Uncle Howee already had him high on his list when he learned how Bray lead a choir of children to sing "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" to John Cena that one time and even when BROKEN Matt dunked Bray into the Lake of Reincarnation did he still have his doubts. He was right on the money when Bray unleashed the "Firefly Fun House" and is now ready to confront him head on in the real world.

Lesser Gods

    Katniss Everdeen 
Katniss Everdeen, Goddess of Deadly Game Participants (Catnip, The Girl on Fire, The Mockingjay)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Mockingjay
  • Theme: The Hanging Tree
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with True Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Deadly Games, Action Girls, Archers, Anti Heroines, Jerks With Gold Hearts, Alternating Between Cold and Sweet Emotions, Survival Mantra, Lacking Social Skills, Broken Birds, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Meaningful Names
  • Domains: Feather, Good, Family, Luck, Protection
  • Heralds: Primrose "Prim" Everdeen (her younger sister), Mrs. Everdeen (her mother), Peeta Mellark (her husband).
  • Followers: The casts of Battle Royale, Btooom! and Squid Game
  • High Priest: Shuya Nanahara, her Japanese equivalent
  • Allies: Few and far between, but she's at least comfortable with: Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Knight, Kamen Rider Zolda, X-23, Nico Minoru, Kon-El/Conner Kent/Superboy, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Ange, John Rambo
  • Enemies: Mitsuko Souma
  • Opposes: Big Brother, Kamen Rider Ouja, Damon Killian
  • Opposed by: Azula
  • Uneasy Relationship: Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Pities: The Future Diary deities
  • Pitied by: The benevolent deities in the House of Family, especially Lux, STARSET
  • Like many roles she was forced to take, Katniss took her ascension with reluctance. She never felt natural in a leadership role, not sure whether to take up the spot. It didn't help that a significant amount of her followers hoped for Shuya to take the title instead, citing that his story was revealed before hers. Ultimately, Katniss accepted her role, hoping to use her power to watch other those who suffered under similar circumstances. Shuya settled for a high priest role, satisfied with the position.
  • Further research into what transpired in the the districts revealed that her nemesis Snow was in fact sponsored by Big Brother, a being that was looking for new ways to control constituents. She was long since opposed the entity.
  • She's notoriously difficult to work with and is suspicious of most other deities. Given how thoroughly she had been manipulated by all sides, that was no surprise. But those who do manage to befriend her gain a valuable ally who would give her life for you. Her herald Peeta is a key witness in that regard. The couple don't spend much time outside their temple, only going out to occasionally visit the House of Nature with their child.
  • Her utter devotion towards protecting her family touched many in the House of Family. She may not have succeeded in seeing all of them through the way, but her efforts were commended.
    • Lux especially loved Katniss' devotion to her younger sister Prim. When she found out that her sister died in the conflict, Lux was among the first to comfort her, giving Katniss a warm hug before seeing her through the next few days. Katniss initially hesitated, but appreciated the help.
    • Not everyone in that House agreed. She is naturally opposed by Azula who called the relationship "sickening". According to her, Katniss was a fool for taking Prim's place, claiming her responsible for all the chaos in her world. Azula would later find an arrow narrowly miss her head by inches, drawn by an enraged Katniss. Their relationship has remained cold ever since.
  • She was distraught to find out that her actions have inspired various villains to perform the same feats to various others deities, with varying degrees of success:
    • She personally chided Kamen Rider Ouja for doing a similar thing to Kamen Riders Ryuki, Knight and Zolda. This was more inspired by Shuya's antics than her own, with the riders often conversing with her high priest.
    • Then, there was a time when Superboy, the Teen Titans and the Legion of Superheroes were forced to fight each other for a villain named Harvest. To say she was not amused would be a massive understatement. She planned for the teen's escape while discrediting Harvest, making sure he never gets the chance to enter the Pantheon.
    • After that, X-23 was placed in a similar situation by Arcade. The villain pitted teens against each other to increase his cred. Katniss dismissed that logic, pointing out that killing far less powerful heroes compared to their adult counterparts only makes you a coward. Ultimately, the revolt led to Arcade's demise, with Katniss blocking any revival attempts. The three girls shook hands and went on their separate ways. They may not converse that often, but are willing to help each other out when the time needs it.
    • There was another Battle Royale story that preceded here: The Future Diaries tournament. She figured it would be a good idea to pay tribute to those deities... which turned out to be a disaster. Her initial meeting with Yukiteru Amano started well, until he tripped and fell. Katniss grabbed hold of him to keep him standing, which only started a brawl with Yuno Gasai who thought Katniss was stealing her beloved. It was only Yukiteru's intervention that she survived. Her visit with Minene Uryu wasn't much better, as the terrorist reminded her all too much of her Districts 1 and 2 opponents who were willing to go through with the tournaments. Minene eventually softened her stance, their relationship warming as a response.
    • Another earlier story of a deadly competition, The Running Man, had Katniss livid once its presenter was ascended and decided to revise it for the Pantheon, as unlike the oppression and political statements of the Hunger Games, that game show was done just for sadistic entertainment. She has vouched to shoot an arrow on Killian's face if he ever comes near.
  • There was a time when her high priest was nowhere to be found. A pissed off Katniss roamed throughout the Pantheon to try and find him. She ended up in a relatively new temple, finding Shuya bound hand and foot. It was there that she fell for a trap; an insane girl wielding a sickle attacked her shortly afterwards. A brutal battle followed, with the two of them seriously injured before the GUAG intervened. Katniss later found out from Shuya that his kidnapper was Mitsuko Souma, one of the students he had to fight off.
  • Ange is one of the few people she gets along with. Aside from sharing the same voice actress, they have both dealt with being forced into fighting life or death battles and used to spearhead a rebellion against the one who set them up, only for both of them to balk at their own leaders as well.
  • Even when she retired from action, there are all too many deities that want to turn her into a symbol of hope. No one has tried to do that more often than the God of Rebellion: Lelouch vi Britannia. Katniss wants no part an alliance, her mistreatment with the last rebel group still burned in her memory. It doesn't help that his manipulations remind her too much of Snow. Ange has come to his defense, letting her know that there's more than meets the eye to him and that he shares some very similar instincts and that he wouldn't leave himself out of danger, but she still respectfully turned down his offer.
  • Her skills with a bow and arrow garnished the interest of Hawkeye and Green Arrow. Both tried to convince her to be their protege, further increasing the rivalry between the two. Ultimately, Katniss declined the offers. Her experiences soured her use with her weapon of choice. At most, she accepts to go with them to the archery range in the House of the Sports.
  • Deeply identifies with Rambo, who was also deeply traumatized by the war yet brought back into battle more than once. They hang together and have also been in the archery range.
  • At times receives praise and worship for actions she does not remember doing. Apparently Mystique sympathizes with her cause\plight and has convincingly done things disguised as Katniss.

Kiki, Goddess of Delivery Services via Flight and Flying Broomsticks

    Lag Seeing and Niche 
Lag Seeing and Niche, Deities of Unstoppable Mailpeople (Lag: Child of Light, Lala-chan; Niche: Child of Maka, Maka, Jenny, Carol, Susan, Elisabeth, Kerry, Jinmei, Abby)
Niche with Steak on her head on the left, Lag on the right
  • Lesser Deities (Lag can reach Greater with enough hearts)
  • Symbol: Lag’s Spirit Amber
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Niche is more True Neutral but follows whatever Lag does)
  • Portfolio: Mail-delivery specialists, living in a merciless world of perpetual night lit by a weak artificial sun and infested by giant deadly metal bugs
  • Domains: Letters, Deliveries, Determination, Light
  • High Priest: Gordon Krantz
  • Herald: Steak
  • Allies: The Courier, Kiki, Faith Connors, Ramona Flowers, Moist von Lipwig, Violet Evergarden, Kraft Lawrence and Holo, Sora, Mothra, Mothra Leo, HerakleKabuterimon, Kino, Celestia and Luna, Niko (OneShot)
  • Enemies: The Heartless, Master Xehanort, The Terraformars, Megaguirus, The Crimson Court, Nightmare Moon, Grand Duke of Owls, Marlowe Roderick
  • Lag Seeing and Niche live in a country called Amberground, where night was perpetual and the only consistent source of light was an artificial sun that shone directly over the capital of Akatsuki. The light weakened the further from the capital one went. The sun once temporarily went out in an event known as the Day of the Flicker, which was around when Lag was born. As a young child, Lag's mother sent him away to be raised by his aunt, and he was delivered by a Letter Bee called Gauche, who inspired Lag to become a Bee once he was old enough. A Bee's job is to deliver all sorts of letters and packages. They are also expected to be extraordinary fighters that can fend off the Gaichu, deadly bugs who feed on the hearts of people. An essential companion for any Letter Bee is a Dingo, or bodyguard, which for Lag is Niche, an incredibly powerful girl of mysterious origins. Lag and Niche traveled across the land, uncovering many truths regarding their existence and the secrets of Amberground.
  • At the Bee Hive (the Letter Bees' headquarters), Lag and Niche were tasked with delivering a strange letter with the address of "Trope Pantheons". While any other postal service might have trashed the letter as nonsense, Lag used his unique power Akabari, which reveals the memories attached to objects, to figure out the intention behind it. The memories he saw led him to conclude the letter was in fact meant to be delivered by him and Niche and nobody else, though he was confused at the references to "gods" he heard. With that in mind, he decided to go to Blue Notes Blues, the city where Maka, the closest thing to a god Lag knew, resided. He and Niche didn't need to go that far though, as the letter they were carrying spontaneously allowed them to enter the Pantheon while traveling. After asking some of the (very eclectic, Lag thought) denizens where they thought he should deliver the letter, he was directed to the Main House, where he and Niche were commended for delivering the letter, plus all the things they accomplished in their world, and were awarded godhood. Lag didn't see that coming, but was honored and thanked the gods, also on behalf of Niche who didn't really care as long as she stayed with Lag.
  • Lag and Niche's main function in the Pantheon is naturally to deliver the mail and packages. Their powers (Lag's Akabari can also function as an attack) and experience with fighting Gaichu ensures that the mail is safe from many dangers. Someone known only as The Courier is someone they tend to run into, both in-between deliveries and during, and while the Courier initially underestimated the two on account of their age and Lag being a massive crybaby, The Courier had to acknowledge that they really were unstoppable upon seeing them take down a giant monster. Plus Amberground used to be as hellish as The Courier's world and Lag and Niche managed to navigate that unscathed, so in the end the Courier does respect them, which is mutual on Lag and Niche's end, with Lag seeing the Courier as devoted to the work after hearing the lengths to which they went to retrieve a package after it got stolen.
    • Other deities in the mail delivery business include Moist von Lipwig, who, as someone who competed with a system akin to e-mail in his world, seems especially proud of the duo for their determination which brings respect to the mail delivery profession. Faith Connors is someone who delivered messages in defiance of a dystopic government and took considerable risks with her death-defying leaps, which never cease to amaze Lag and Niche when they see them. Ramona Flowers' ability to considerably shorten the delivery time through Subspace is incredibly convenient, though Lag and Niche refuse to ask her for help lest they become too dependent on it and lose their edge. Kiki the flying witch comes from a much more peaceful world and is not under the stress a lot of these deities are, but Lag and Niche don't think this makes her any less of a good delivery person and admire her ability to fly.
    • Adjacent to the mail delivery business is Violet Evergarden, an Auto-Memories Doll (basically a robot) employed as a letter writer in order to learn about the meaning of love. Knowing that Lag understands that letters are imbued with the writer's feelings and thus protects them with his life, Violet trusts that he and Niche can deliver her letters safely. Lag is determined not to disappoint her. Outside of that, Violet is really curious to hear Lag's stories of the people he has serviced before and Lag is happy to indulge her with that on occasion, hoping the stories can help her understand love.
  • Being mailmen in world where transportation infrastructure isn't exactly well-developed means they have traveled far and wide and seen many places, plus met many people whom they helped. In their travels across the Pantheon, they occasionally run into Kino, one of the most seasoned travelers around. Kino doesn't travel with any specific aim, but she likes Lag and Niche for working hard to get the mail delivered to every corner of the world that they can reach. She also thinks Amberground sounds like an interesting place to visit and is thinking of doing so at some point, especially now that peace reigns in that world.
  • They have also come across the mercantile duo of Kraft Lawrence and Holo when they happened to deliver a package to a town they were staying at. Holo, being a wolf goddess, immediately detected that Niche had an abnormal power. Niche felt the same and couldn't help but get aggressive with Holo, who gave her a sound thrashing in response, much to Lag's worry. Holo did patch things up and said she did not hate Niche, in fact she respected that she was devoted to the safety of her loved one. That comment made Lag and Niche blush. Either way, Holo told Niche to train hard if she wanted to stand up against the bigger threats around, as just having a divine nature wouldn't cut it. Niche is determined to pay back Holo for the thrashing if nothing else. Kraft and Lag, for their part, were much more polite and nonthreatening with each other, being more interested in discussing their respective businesses.
  • Hearts are a pretty big deal (or, a bigger deal than one of the most important organs usually is) in Amberground. Every letter that is sent carries a shard of the sender's heart, and that is why the Gaichu, who hunger for hearts, are such a danger to Amberground in general and Bees specifically. Also, that artificial sun? The only reason it was able to shine on constantly was because the government sacrificed people and fed it their hearts. If all this sounds familiar, rest assured that it rang a bell for Keyblade wielder Sora, who met with Lag and Niche to talk to them about their worlds. Lag and Niche were surprised to hear about the world that ran on similar logic to theirs, yet also had interesting differences, like having the Heartless in place of the Gaichu (in fact the Gaichu are more akin to Nobodies due to lacking hearts). Hearing that the Heartless plague the Pantheon, Lag and Niche are willing to help Sora and his friends destroy the creatures and fight back against Master Xehanort and other such villains who would use people's hearts as a resource.
  • Much to their alarm, the House of Insects is home to many plus-sized crawling critters, and sure enough, many of them pose a threat. The two were especially horrified to learn about the existence of the Terraformars, cockroaches meant to help humanity by terraforming Mars that evolved to become vicious enemies instead. Megaguirus is also worth noting; Lag and Niche remember that the biggest Gaichu they ever faced was a dragonfly one and it was particularly tough to deal with. However they are also learning that not all giant insect deities are bad, as there are some like Mothra, Mothra Leo and HerakleKabuterimon who are firmly on the side of good, with HerakleKabuterimon even being capable of speech and being perfectly pleasant to talk with.
  • Coming from a world that was formerly covered in perpetual night (it's no longer like that), they are somewhat wary of those whose goal is to bring forth perpetual night regardless of anyone else's opinion. They do not like Nightmare Moon or the Grand Duke of Owls, who want eternal night for attention and so their species can thrive, respectively, which seems very selfish to Lag and Niche. Lag actually attempted to talk them out of their mindsets by explaining the fairness of having day and night split equally and how many would suffer without daylight, but the two sun-hating villains didn't care in the least and tried striking him down instead, which resulted in Princess Luna interceding in Lag's favor and escaping with him. Lag shortly learned that Nightmare Moon was born from Princess Luna's dark emotions, which she is ashamed of. Lag comforted her that there was nothing to forgive if she saw the error of her ways. SO he and Niche became good friends with her, as well as her sister Celestia.
    • As far as things that go bump in the night go, Marlowe Roderick is particularly abhorrent to Lag and Niche. The vampire once took advantage of a town that was going through polar night to wreak havoc on the inhabitants. It seems likely that Marlowe would find the notion of eternal night rather appealing as it would allow him to continue massacring people. Lag and Niche are not up for letting him do whatever he wants and have been heard of coming to stop Marlowe's rampages in other towns beset by longer-than-usual nighttime.
    • The duo also happened to encounter Niko, a small cat-like child who was sent to a world of perpetual darkness. They have been entrusted with the world's sun, a lightbulb, and have to carry it to a tower to bring back sunlight to the crumbling world. However, by bringing back the sun, Niko will be unable to return to their world. Lag and Niche felt bad for Niko for having to go through such an ordeal, but are impressed that they managed to reach a truly happy ending by fixing the World Machine, resulting in Niko returning home after restoring the sun. Niko is very curious about the world Lag and Niche hail from and would like to introduce Lag and Niche to their friends from their world, though was quite frightened when they heard of the dangers of being a Bee and the terror of the Gaichuu.

    Madam Pomfrey 
Madam Poppy Pomfrey, Goddess of School Nurses
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Hogwarts Hospital Wing
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: School Nurse, The McCoy, Team Mom, Prioritizes Her Students' Safety, Doesn't Ask Questions, Kept Remus Lupin's Werewolf Condition A Secret, Stops Harry From Going Further When He Needs Hospital Rest, Effective Duelist Despite Her Line Of Work, Set Off At Mud In The Hospital Wing, Alliterative And Meaningful Name
  • Domain(s): Schools, Medicine, Magic
  • High Priestess: Shizuka Marikawa
  • Followers: Nurse Krutcher and Nurse Shannon, Ahn Eun-young, Mr. Edogawa, Keiko
  • Allies: All Hogwarts staff and students, particularly Minerva McGonagall and Harry Potter, Hisao Nakai and the Katawa girls, Mikan Tsumiki, Celica A. Mercury, Asia Argento, Florence Nightingale
  • Enemies: All who would put Hogwarts or her students to harm (the Death Eaters are in this list by default), Nurse Ratched, Horde Prime
  • Opposes: Dolores Umbridge, Dementors
  • As it is known, for all its wonders, the Pantheon is rife with danger. This includes the Elysium Academy, and it was high time that a medic was on call to treat the students. Professor McGonagall knew just the one, and arranged for the ascension of Hogwarts's own nurse, Madam Poppy Pomfrey. In her eyes, there's no one more reliable than her.
  • As for who exactly she is, Madam Pomfrey is the school nurse of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, having worked there as matron as early as before 1971, where she was a confidant in regards to Remus Lupin's werewolf condition. Between that and Harry's enrollment, she's treated all manner of maladies afflicted on the students. Harry himself has ended up visiting her at least once a year due to his adventures.
  • Upon her ascension, the medical wing in the Elysium Academy got a significant revamp, and Pomfrey was familiarized with the other methods of healing present.
    • That said, due to bureaucratic policies, and because there aren't enough non-student non-teacher school representatives yet, (one of) her official temple(s) is at the Social and Recreational Work sub-House, much to her and McGonagall's annoyance. Minerva intends to change that eventually. There's also another one at the Healers sub-house.
    • As a policy, given the strange things that tend to happen in regards to magic, and given just how much crazier things can happen in Elysium Academy, Pomfrey is known never to ask questions on how the students get their injuries, unless they tell her of their own free will.
  • Is extremely proficient in the art of healing magic and the administering of potions for treatment, and thus has a lot of ways to heal injured students. She's also a proficient enough wand duelist to defeat at least one Death Eater and survive the onslaught of many more.
  • Due to their illnesses/conditions requiring routine checkups, Hisao Nakai and the Katawa girls are regular visitors.
  • As a fellow School Nurse, Mikan Tsumiki is another of Pomfrey's allies, and the two sometimes cooperate during busier disaster days in Elysium, and it helps that Tsumiki is an extremely talented nurse.
  • While not a school nurse, Celica A. Mercury is a mage who specializes in Healing Magic and once enrolled in a Wizarding School. The Chrono Phantasma likes to help, but is usually unable to due to being unable to find the medical wing by herself.
  • Pomfrey also got to know Asia Argento and Florence Nightingale due to their similar lines of work. She especially respect the latter's influence in the importance of cleanliness for medical work.
  • Like every nurse with some sense of morality, Pomfrey loathes Nurse Ratched for her ruthless methods in treating and controlling her patients.

Mettaton, God of TV Hosting (MTT, Happstablook (?))
art by u/supersnuffy
Mettaton EX (art of EX and NEO by dogbomber)
Mettaton NEO 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God in his EX form)
  • Symbol: A Microphone. Alternatively, his legs.
  • Theme Song: "Metal Crusher", "It's Showtime!" (Normal form), "Oh My...", "Death By Glamour" (as Mettaton EX), "Power of NEO" (as Mettaton NEO)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, really Chaotic Good, sometimes pretends to be Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: pretends to be a Killer Robot, Pointy-Haired Boss, Bad Boss, glam rock star form, The Caligula if made to rule, uses a chainsaw in his cooking show, Combat Sadomasochist, killer heels in his EX and NEO forms, Stone Wall Tin-Can Robot in his default form, Glass Cannon Ridiculously Human Robot in his humanoid form, sympathetic Glory Hound, actually a ghost in a robot shell, Large Ham, Mr. Fanservice, One-Wheeled Wonder in his default form, sissy not-really-a-villain, smells like Mettaton, Trap Master, Troll
  • Domains: Robots, Stardom, Bombs, Electricity, Ghosts
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Bob Belcher, Jerry Springer, Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho, Any god ascended from Jojos Bizarre Adventure
  • Enemies: Flowey, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Dark Danny, Freddy Krueger, Spooky, The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nero Yuzurizaki, Doctor Boom, The Ghost Planet Staff
  • Odd Friendship: Any ascended Ghost, especially Rotom
  • Unknown Connection: Metatron
  • It was a quiet day in the Pantheon when suddenly a square-shaped robot burst out from a wall and dragged a few bystanders into an impromptu "Quiz Show". Many were ready to call the authorities out of worry for the welfare of other gods (at the time, said robot was flouncing around one of the kitchens, wielding a chainsaw. Please don't ask why). This madness continued for a while until Frisk stepped in. They revealed the mysterious robot to be the famous robotic celebrity of the Underground, Mettaton. Once the other gods had calmed from their slight panic, Metta challenged The Human Child to a pose-off rematch. Needless to say, the ratings that night skyrocketed all around the Pantheon. Later Mettaton was awarded the seat of TV Show Host for such an outstanding performance.
  • While he is usually seen with his squared form, he actually can transform. If someone happened to pull the Switch on his back, he would transform into a handsome humanoid robot called his EX form. He actually prefers the latter body but couldn't use it much originally: It consumed far too much energy for him to be able to sustain that form for any period of time until Alphys improved it.
    "OH YES!"
    • He has been noted to have pretty good legs that everyone wants to have as well. Mettaton always brags that his legs are very unique to pull off and it's no surprise that he is the only one worthy of having them.
    • He also has shown a certain thrill in getting hurt when using his EX form, a fact that has weirded out many of his friends. (Except Frisk and other deities who also like to get hurt, like Aran Ryan for instance)
    • He also possesses a third unknown form, called NEO. He would only use it in extremely dire situations, which gladly hasn't come yet. However, it's still an unfinished body and he only can use it to look threatening in hopes of scaring the enemy... until Dr. Alphys decides to update it. This is what he has in mind for his arsenal.
  • He once bumped into Claptrap and found the robot to be his potential perfect sidekick in his show. Claptrap was flustered at Mettaton's offer but he is having his doubts if the robot will steal all the spotlight for himself.
  • He can be seen frequently seen with Napstablook and they often collaborate together on Mettaton's show. Their relationship goes deeper, as they are both cousins, with Mettaton being originally a ghost. Even with his arrogant attitude, he still has a soft spot for Blooky.
    • He can also be occasionally be spotted hanging out with Napstablook in the House of Ghosts, citing that houses makes him feel "nostalgic". As it turns out, he used to be a ghost just like his cousin Blooky, who managed to become corporeal after Alphys gave him his current robotic body.
    • From the same house he also gets along with Rotom, given that the Pokemon can also become a Robotic ghost just like him. He has considered adopting the little ghost as a pet.
  • After exploring the House of Food, he decided to open up a new MTT-Brand Burger Emporium and even forced Burgerpants to work there full-time. Many pity Burgerpants given that Mettaton isn't the most pleasant boss around and occasionally buy him food just so the robot doesn't get mad at him. Even Bob Belcher, their supposed rival, has bought some burgers from him because he worries about Burgerpants' well being.
  • He is very fond of using explosives in his show (and even sometimes against his enemies). As a result, he has signed up a contract with Michael Bay to create a Trilogy with him as the lead actor.
    • As a result, he hired the Bob-ombs to handle the explosives and act as their bodyguards. He however cannot stand the Goblin that bay put in charge of the explosives since he doesn't want to involve his boombots in the filming, a thing that Mettaton finds unacceptable.
  • After watching his show and learning that he likes to pose during battle, he has gained the attention of many ascended JoJo characters. He even is starting to show off in front of them.
  • Has occassionally asked many people if they would smooch a ghost (with the only answers being HECK YEAH!). The only one that has given a clear answer was Koume Shirasaka, since she really loves ghosts.
  • He is a little wary of the girl called Nero Yuzurizaki, given that he heard she can control machines and he, as a super star, wouldn't look good as a minion of a nobody. The girl however has told him that she means good but Mettaton isn't so sure about it.
    • However, he isn't very friendly toward Brainiac for the same reason, and would consider using his NEO form in case he wants to try something funny. He is still waiting for Alphys to update his new body for combat purposes.
  • He also has a segment dedicated to Cooking, usually involving explosives and Chainsaws (As the Child can attest to). That's why he became rivals with Alton Brown for being a fellow Cooking Show Host.
    • Given his ego and claiming to be the ONLY good host in the entire Pantheon, he also became rivals with people like Jerry Springer, Chris Jericho and Roddy Piper.
  • He was once invited to the Ghost Planet Staff show to talk about his career and how he became famous in the Underground. However, his arrogance was so big that not one of the Staff tolerated him more than 10 minutes and they are currently having a strained relationship with the Robot.
  • He doesn't get along with many ghost deities that are evil, given that he fears they might harm his cousin Blooky. That's why he hates people like Dark Danny or Freddy Krueger.
    • Another ghost he doesn't like is Spooky, partly because she is an arrogant ghost who likes to boss people around and because she called him "a tasteless piece of metal". He also hates that she is employing Napstablook as a specimen without his permission even though the latter is perfectly fine with their job. They also think that Mettaton and Spooky are actually not that different from each other.
  • It's been pointed out that his name is suspiciously similar to that of YHVH's right hand Metatron, a fact that he himself doesn't understand the origin of. It's been jokingly rumored that he could be a potential minion of YHVH in disguise.
  • Currently on a tour doing theater with Napstablook as his sound mixer and Shyren as his backup singer. He also is using Burgerpants as a background prop much to his chagrin.
    • As far as potential future members go, he also considering getting Koume Shirasaka as her second Backup singer after Napstablook recommended her.
  • Some people have realized that Mettaton can be described as a ghost in a (robotic) shell, and have been thinking what would happen if Major Motoko Kusanagi heard of this.

    Moira Burton and Rebecca Chambers 
Moira Burton and Dr. Rebecca Chambers, Co-Goddesses Who Survived The Day From Hell (Rebecca: Officer Chambers, Professor Chambers, Dollface, Ms. Do-It-Yourself, Princess, Honey [all by Billy Coen])
Top: Moira Burton; Bottom: Rebecca Chambers
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbols:
    • Rebecca: A Can of First-Aid Spray and Her White Vest
    • Moira: A Flashlight and a Crowbar
  • Theme Songs: The One Who Survives for Rebecca; Determination for Moira
  • Alignment: Lawful Good for Rebecca, Lawful Neutral for Moira
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Survival Horror, Outbreaks, Biohazards, Science and Medicine for Rebecca, Family and Charity for Moira
  • Allies: Chris and Claire Redfield (Rebecca and Moira's superiors respectively), Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Sherry Birkin, Jake Mueller, Gregory House, Frank West, Issac Clarke, Rick Grimes
  • Enemies: Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, Negan, The Joker
  • Respected By: Bane, of all people.
  • In General:
    • Paperwork. If there was one thing that the Triumvirate of Survival Horror hates above anything else (with the exception of the Wesker siblings), it's paperwork. Chris, Leon and Claire were lucky when they ascended, but the petition to have Rebecca Chambers and Moira Burton join them in the Pantheon was accompanied by enough paperwork to make even the deified Naruto Uzumaki, his dad and his sensei run away screaming in horror. But, after three days of going through the paperwork and the proper channels (and a buttload of inkpens) the Redfields and Leon welcomed Rebecca Chambers and Moira Burton into the Pantheon.
    • In a surprising move, Bane actually complimented both Moira and Rebecca upon hearing what they had went through. When you get props from a guy who snapped Batman's spine, that's quite a feat in itself. "Any lesser person would not have survived," he said. "Dios mio, the women are stronger than they thought, both in mind and in body."
    • Gregory House was also seen in the company of both women, but for different reasons. Intellectually-wise, Rebecca is a match for him, given her medical background. Snark-wise, both he and Moira trade barbs and insults.
    • Thanks to the Redfield siblings' influence both Moira and Rebecca both got jobs within the GUAG; Moira working alongside Claire for humanitarian missions, while Rebecca finds herself at home within the GUAG's Medical Division.
  • Moira Only:
    • Turns out that Negan has it in for Moira. As the deified leader of the Saviors found out, Moira's pretty handy with a crowbar...especially when she used it to kneecap him. Negan was actually impressed, and has vowed to convert her to his side, even make her one of his wives. Now if he can only get around her friends...
    • Moira's Crowbar Fu has also gotten the attention of The Joker, who is known to use a crowbar as a weapon. The Clown Prince of Crime sees that Moira has the potential to replace Harley Quinn as his newest moll. Moira told Mistah J just what she thought of that idea. Joker replied that he wasn't asking.
    • Originally against using firearms at first due to accidentally shooting her sister with one of her dad's guns, she is more than willing to break that rule should you harm or threaten children, all the while using naughty language. Guess that's why she had a soft spot for Clementine.
  • Rebecca Only:
    • The sole survivor of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, Rebecca has been through hell, from her encounters with James Marcus and his mutant leeches to the Spencer Mansion. Unlike Jill, she was smart enough to get the hell out of Raccoon City before it went to hell.
    • As she is a certified genius, Rebecca is occasionally seen hanging around the House of Health and Diseases as a visiting professor (when she's not working with the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance alongside Chris). Most of the time, Rebecca is visiting Retsu Unohara...while steering clear of Nurgle.
    • Surprised to find out that Wesker's kid was in the Pantheon alongside Birkin's kid. Fortunately for Rebecca, Jake Mueller (or Wesker) does not think too highly about his dad, given that he was a genocidal maniac that tried to wipe out a good chunk of humanity. However, Chris and Leon vouched for him and Rebecca let her guard down.
    • Naruto Uzumaki once commented that Rebecca sounds an awful lot his wife, whereas some of the deified King of Fighters and Team RWBY commented that Rebecca reminds them of Mai Shiranui and Yang Xiao Long respectively.
    • Rebecca is a self-confessed pyromaniac (backed by Chris, Leon and Jill), as seen during The Mercenaries Reunion, seeing as she carried a can of Flame Spray. She would had carried it with her during the mission to the Training Facility (which would have made dealing with mutant leeches a lot easier), but had left it at the office. Oops.

    Ronald McDonald 
Ronald McDonald, God of Non-Ironic Clowns (Donald McDonald, McDonald's "Chief Happiness Officer", )

Scooter, Dirty Deity of Gunge-laden Mechanics
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Catch-A-Ride sign
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (can tend to be Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil depending on actions)
  • Portfolio: Greasy Mechanic & Engineer, Lacking in intelligence but makes up for it with uncanny mechanical abilities , Momma's Boy, Casanova Wannabe / Abhorrent Admirer, Space Redneck, Bad with Analogies, Dying Moment of Awesome via riding a rocket, Catch-A-Ride!
  • Domains: Mechanics, Vehicles, Savants
  • Allies: Mad Moxxi (his mother), The Crimson Raiders, Tiny Tina, Sir Hammerlock, Claptrap (one-sided, of course), Dell Conagher the Engineer, Fix-It Felix Jr., Max Rockatansky, Isaac Clarke, The Outlaw Star Crew but specifically Jim Hawking
  • Enemies: Handsome Jack, Yukari Tanizaki, anyone who messes with Moxxi, Aran Ryan, Immortan Joe
  • Abhorrent Admirer to: Imperator Furiosa, Agatha Heterodyne
  • Ascended after riding atop a rocket out in space back towards Pandora. Suffice to say, Mad Moxxi was overjoyed to see her son again and the Crimson Raiders were proud to have him again after his Heroic Sacrifice. Scooter's reply to all this?
  • After seeing how big the Pantheon is, Scooter set about placing Catch-A-Ride stations everywhere he could. Now for deities who are unable to fly, teleport, or run really fast, the Catch-A-Ride vehicles are a welcome addition. Of course, Scooter made sure that only deities he personally approves of can use them. Those not approved can try and hack the stations, but should he learn someone is riding his vehicles without permission, start praying.
    • One of the biggest offenders is Yukari Tanizaki, who Scooter actually programmed the Catch-A-Ride stations to actually shoot axle grease at her if she should so much as press a button. He really hates anyone who destroys his vehicles.
  • Aside from wrecking his vehicles, his other 'major' Berserk Button is mistreating and "messing" with his mom, Moxxi. If he so much as hears someone getting rough with her, he will kill the perpetrator, no matter how powerful he/she may be. Some say he's way over his head challenging greater gods than he, but the Raiders warn that he is very creative when it comes to planning an enemy's demise.
  • While he has nothing against Irish deities within the Pantheon (even if he was the instigator of the last major feud between the Zafords and the Hodunks) , he hates Aran Ryan for being batshit crazy and totaling every single vehicle from his stations. The only reason he hasn't had him killed yet is because he's one of his Brick's sparring partners, but Scooter is waiting for his time...
  • Scooter may not be the smartest card in the deck, but put him with any broken machine and he'll have it fixed in no time flat. Nobody knows just why he's so good with machines, but he just is. Naturally, he offers his services in the GUAG Robot War Division. The other engineers there actually revere him not just for his uncanny mechanic ability, but also when he managed to get the Raiders' HQ of Sanctuary floating off the ground and, of course, his Heroic Sacrifice.
    • He gets along well with the other well-known engineers, Dell Conagher and Felix. Conagher has helped Scooter upgrade the guns on his Catch-A-Ride vehicles while on the other hand Scooter is working alongside him on a prototype system to give Conagher's Sentry Guns greater mobility. Scooter's relation with Felix is more beneficial as his Golden Hammer can automatically make any broken parts Scooter finds in vehicles good as new without having to scavenge for anything.
  • As a fellow Desert Punk deity and an avid road warrior, Max Rockatansky is Scooter's #1 client after the Raiders. Max trusts nobody else to repair vehicles for him and has even improved both offensive and driving capabilities to make him a repeat customer. However, Scooter sometimes asks him if he's related to former Pandoran bandit leader, Mad Mel, to which Max just give him an odd stare. Being an ally of Max, though, has placed Scooter on Immortan Joe's enemy list. Scooter doesn't care about it as he has the Raiders backing him up.
  • Scooter considers himself quite a ladies' man but unfortunately for him nobody at the Hall of Lust wants anything to do with him. To put it simply, even Panty and Slaanesh wouldn't go near him. Even with Moxxi trying to help put in a good word for him being a member of the Hall, he's still out of luck. It doesn't bother him as he has plenty of girly mags to pass the time.
  • The time Scooter tried to woo none other than Agatha Heterodyne is used as a cautionary tale to never piss off the Spark. Details are sketchy of the incident, but what is known is that Agatha had him sent to Castle Heterodyne, where the sentient structure did 'something' to him. Many deities later saw him get tossed through the door of his workshop wearing nothing but his birthday suit by a group of Agatha's Jägermonsters. One Jäger in particular was wearing Scooter's cap who kept it after the entire group went back to Agatha's side.
  • One character in particular Scooter met when he arrived at the Crimson Raider HQ in the House of War was Isaac Clarke, who was looking for assistance in fighting against a necromorph infestation that somehow got into the Pantheon. At first he didn't believe the tales about necromorphs, until Roland told him he was going with them as they needed an extra mechanic's aid to get a shield generator working again. Now, after witnessing firsthand how horrible they are as the Raiders and Isaac defended him as he got down to work, he respects Isaac even more.
  • One day as he was working at the GUAG Robot War Division hangars, he saw the Outlaw Star touch down and was looking worse for wear after a dogfight with the GUAE Mecha Cohort. Scooter was amazed at the craftsmanship of the ship (and was even more surprised at when Gilliam spoke back to him about how prideful it is about its build, but also bemoaning the fact that someone as dirty as Scooter would be fixing him) and agreed to fix it up. Gene was unsure of having Scooter around, but Jim, as always, agreed to stay behind and watch over things. Eventually both Scooter and Jim bonded as they worked together on the Star, although the young boy was embarrassed at how much Scooter lacked intelligence-wise and his misuse of metaphors. That, however, was a trifle compared to Scooter's uncanny knack with machines and he even told Jim to never give up his engineering dreams and make it big. For that, Jim was grateful to meet him.


    Aerospace Sanitation Janitor 
The Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor, Divine Representative of Crime-Scene Cleanups (VCD Janitor, Bob or Barb (Depending on gender))
The Company's Logo
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: A mop and a bucket.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Late to the Tragedy, Mundane Made Awesome, Usually works on dangerous places
  • Domains: Janitors, Cleaning, Gore, Order, Work
  • Heralds: Their co-workers
  • Allies: Insert Name Here, Lo Wang, Glenn Matthews/The Janitor, Eario, Penry Pooch and Spot, Ash Williams, James Bond
  • Enemies: The House of Slaughter (They give them the most work), Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Michael Myers
  • Conflicting Opinions: Santa Claus
  • Contractors: All the Grand Alliances (Except GUAD)
  • This is a nameless janitor that works for the Aerospace Sanitation Inc. who is famous for having a "No-Refusal" policy to clean up everything. This Janitor is usually tasked to go to any part of the galaxy and clean up the leftovers of a battle or murder spree, disposing of all the bodies, trash and most importantly, leaving the place squeaky clean. One such job was when their higher-ups tasked the Janitor with cleaning up a supposed "Pantheon Slaughterhouse" but were too lazy to research the conditions of said house and sent him anyway, failing to notify him of the many dangerous lunatics that lurk there. Surprisingly enough, he came out unharmed and was only hired to clean-up the main hall (usually the dirtiest place) and left it sparkling with no body in sight. Such an impressive job garnered the attention of the Court of Gods (and the ire of the resident deities, but it was too late when they found out their style was ruined) and so he was ascended as a deity to represent Cleanup Crew. Unfortunately, given the ensuing conflicts that happen a lot in the Pantheon, the Janitor is often made to work over time and tasked with cleaning even bigger messes, but he is used to it.
  • The company "kindly" made him stay on behalf of the corporation and as a result, he only gets paid about just 25% of his salary as a deity while the rest goes to Aerospace Sanitation Inc. The working conditions of ASI have been notoriously bad, but he rarely complains. There was once a strike where it got bloody very fast, and then he had to come clean up the mess, of course.
    • Of course, some parties weren't happy with such atrocious conditions and a new deal was made with ASI. By the end of it, additional employees were hired (They weren't told that they would "serve" as the Janitor's Heralds) given just how big the Pantheon is (it also means more money for the ASI, so they're not complaining), and extra pay not to be sent to the ASI to make way for a few additional luxuries or upgraded/replacement cleaning gear.
  • The first thing the Janitor did after ascending is get shown the ropes of the Pantheon by someone who is knowledgeable of the Pantheon and has a similar job. The first one to meet this criteria was Glenn Matthews, or the (other) Janitor as most people call him. He was happy to help show the new guy around the Pantheon and teach them how things work here. Then he got the Janitor in contact with Eario, who was more experienced in more unorthodox settings and helped the ASI Janitor get used to cleaning areas that they haven't been to before (And trust us, they've been to a lot of weird places).
    • After learning how the Pantheon operates, the Janitor ended up meeting Penrod Spooch who turned out to be just the day job of a superhero by the name of Hong Kong Phooey. Notorious for making more of a mess than actually cleaning up, Penry pretended to be a respected Janitor just to get on the ASI Janitor's good side. While they did see through his lie, they nonetheless ended up becoming another partner of his, mostly to act as his personal Cleanup Crew. The Janitor relates more to Spot, Penry's partner, as they can understand how it feels to be around incompetent people.
  • Has a massive workload, even with the heralds to lighten it, as they are contracted by all the Grand Alliances since they rarely have anyone to clean up after the major confrontations. While the Janitor mostly works for the GUAG, the others do tend to call them in on occasions. From their experience...
    • Most in the GUAL are neat freaks, given their dedication to order; cleanliness is an important part of it.
    • The GUAC rarely calls them, but when they do, it takes the Janitor days to get their job done.
    • The GUAE, surprisingly enough, are not that different from GUAG in terms of damage, but most of the Janitor's work is usually caused by them and they tend to deny being involved to avoid paying the Janitor (though a few do out of obligation and incentive to continue work for them in the future).
    • They also have worked for the GUAM, where their job mostly has to do with disposing rogue robots that tried to go against the leaders. The Janitor is one of the few fleshlings they let in, since they don't employ Robot Maids, as they go against their ideals.
    • The GUAD has never contacted the Janitor, since all the damage they have done is intentional. Even then, the Janitor would probably refuse to work for them, No-Refusal Policy be damned.
  • Given their rather variable appearance, the Janitor and INH are closely related, so much in fact that it's believed that the latter controls the actions of the Janitor. That could explain how sometimes the Janitor doesn't really want to do their job or even leaves a bigger mess than the one they had to clean up.
    • And when it comes to name, the Janitor either goes by Bob or Barb depending on their gender by default (although they don't mind any other name). However, the male janitor insists to never get him confused with the other Bob that used to work for the company. That Bob ended up becoming a serial killer and has been on the run ever since, so he would appreciate it if you don't mix the two up or insist you call him any other name.
  • Hasn't held a strong opinion on Santa Claus ever since they had to go to the North Pole to clean up the disaster he made on his workshop. The Janitor at least is the only deity that has personally witnessed the tale that Weird Al Yankovic has been singing for years, with Santa himself claiming he must have gotten the wrong man since he doesn't recall ever slaughtering his own reindeer or holding his elves hostage.
  • Horror villains are the ones that give the Janitor the most work. They even once had to clean up an entire house full of murdered teenagers and they believe Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface had something to do with it. They also found a shack that had some demonic entities residing there, including a laughing deer head, which Ash Williams found amusing considering he had a similar experience. The Janitor and Ash have remained on good terms since at least he bothered to apologize for the destruction he caused, unlike others.
  • The Janitor and Lo Wang are on surprisingly good terms. They once had to clean up a temple that he visited and, like usual, left in complete shambles that the Janitor had to clean up. It seems Lo Wang rubbed off a little on the Janitor, considering the time they had to clean up that place, they were making sarcastic remarks about the place all the time.
  • Supervillains are another of their common contractors. The ASI even has records of one of their janitors in 1975 being sent to clean up the island owned by a powerful supervillain, Dr. Vulcan. This has made the Janitor a sort of "sleeper agent" for GUAG, since they tend to know where members of the GUAE reside in. Usually, the Janitor relays the information to James Bond, who they believe were the Spy that went against Dr. Vulcan (Bond has no memory of this, according to him at least) and since the GUAE doesn't usually pay the Janitor enough.
  • Even though the Pantheon is notoriously dangerous for regular deities, the Janitor has no insurance as their higher-ups refuse to give them one. People find it baffling that they never complain about this, even when they get killed often in the Pantheon. According to the ASI, their reasoning is that, since Death Is Cheap, a life insurance would be costly and they aren't willing to afford that.

    Arnold Wesker/The Ventriloquist 
Arnold Wesker, God of Evil Puppeteers (The Ventriloquist, Arnold Weskler, Arthur Penn)

    Glenn Matthews/The Janitor 
Glenn Matthews, Almighty Janitor of the Pantheon (The Janitor, Dr. Jan Itor)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Mop
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Card Carrying Villains, People With Hair Triggers, Jerks With Hearts of Gold, Breakout Characters, Magnificent Bastards, Heroic Comedic Sociopaths, Bullies, Unpunished Bad Actions
  • Domains: Chaos, Hatred, Madness, Trickery
  • Herald: Ladinia "Lady" Matthews née Williams (his wife).
  • Allies: Dr. Perry Cox, Eric Cartman, Pippi Longstocking, various Jerkass deities, especially Jin Kisaragi
  • Rivals: Eario
  • Enemies: Jimmy Hopkins
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis of: J.D. and Turk
  • Respects: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, John Constantine
  • Worthy Opponent: Red Forman
  • Odd Friendship: George Bailey
  • Annoyed by: Amélie Poulain
  • Once had a comfy position as Greater God, it turned out the position was granted to him by a claim. The Court of the Gods promptly fixed the error, demoting him to Demigod (he was going to be a Quasideity, but managed to convince the courts he had divine blood in him). Lucky for him, the need for a janitor will always give him a place in the Pantheon.
  • His backstory has been debated to this day. Hell, his real name was a complete mystery for many years, only revealing himself as Glenn Matthews when his story came to an end. Few other deities has hoarded away as much information about himself as the Janitor. Combine that with his uncanny ability to make people believe his lies and one has one of the most ambiguous gods in the Pantheon.
  • He is also an infamous prankster, with many victims to his name. Both the LOL Rangers and Trollkaiger attempted to recruit him to the cause. The Janitor managed to play both sides for the longest time, using his lying ability to greater effect. Nowadays, both sides know better than to try and make him join their cause, instead paying him to help them with a prank.
    • If he wants to pull off a particularly massive prank, he pays lip service to Eric Cartman, God of Extreme Revenge Plots. He depends on him more than anyone in carrying out pranks, even exchanging notes between the two.
    • He gets along well with most jerkasses in the Pantheon in general... if they're not being jerks to each other. It's not something that happens often, mainly because they their their attitude to those who aren't jerks. Jin himself commemorated on his actions.
    • Despite this, he does relent whenever his co-worker Elliot is involved. Then, he acts more like Masato Kusaka. It's not a side that he enjoys being though.
    • He came back just in time to see his most hated doctors arrive in the Pantheon. He gave them a glowing reception... by setting off fireworks within their temple. He won't admit it, but he missed tormenting the couple. Their arrival felt perfect for his return to form.
  • Spends much of his time in Health and Diseases, where he took up his role as the local Janitor. While he is on good terms with Perry Cox, he sometimes gets chewed out for pretending to be a doctor himself. He has been since banned from entering the surgery room after almost performing an operation under the name "Dr. Jan Itor."
    • Many suspect that he played a role in the J.D. and Turk's fall from the Pantheon, even tipping this off with a celebration. And yet he denies any involvement in the deed.
  • Despite being the main Janitor of the Pantheon, he doesn't do that much janitoring in the Pantheon. He leaves that job to the more recently arrived Eario, who often calls him out for his laziness.
  • Sometimes goes to bars with Red Forman and Dr. Cox. While The Janitor and Red get along, he got annoyed when Red told him off. telling him to "get up off [his] ass and get back to work" more often. He responded by kidnapping the veteran father, leaving him in a water tower for a day. To his surprise, Red invited him over for a spaghetti dinner, but understood why when he found out the spaghetti contained gutter cleanings and dead moths. When the Janitor found out, it was agreed that they had found Worthy Opponents.
  • Claims his dad bears the resemblance of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. While some deities declare this as yet another lie, others do find some merit in this, as the sergeant is one of the few gods that the Janitor respects in full. The House of Health and Diseases used this to their advantage, bringing Hartman over whenever the Janitor steps out of line.
  • Jimmy despises the Janitor on the simple fact that he acts like a bully towards the currently mortal J.D. The Janitor's recent depowering allowed the bully hunter to be more blatant in his operation. The Janitors shakes off his protests, though he doesn't deny the accusation of being a bully.
  • For some reason, the Janitor is at his nicest during Christmas. Specifically, he goes to George Bailey's temple over a beer. It has been rumored that the Janitor is a huge fan of It's A Wonderful life, a claim he denies.
  • Tried to play a prank on Pippi Longstocking, claiming to be her long lost dad. Pippi saw through the disguise almost immediately, but invited him to be her makeshift dad. With time to kill, the Janitor agreed. What followed was one of the best days of his life. The two occasionally visit to this day.
  • Is not liked by Amélie Poulain for his jerkish behavior. She has resorted to playing tricks on the man, devolving into a cold war between the two.

Roll, Goddess of Robot Maids (DLN-002, Roll Light)

Vicky, The Infernal Babysitter (Icky Vicky, Icky with a V, The meanest teen in the toon, The Baby Shredder, Vicky Whats-Her-Name)
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate Goddess in one timeline)
  • Symbol: A white V inside a black circle on a dark red background (her Supreme Ruler of the World crest from Channel Chasers)
  • Theme Song: Icky Vicky
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Babysitter, Evil Teen, Evil Redhead, Child Hater, Sociopathy, Gratuitous Jerkassery
  • Domains: Evil, Torture, Greed, Tyranny, Children (Abused)
  • Enemies (Yes, they are listed first): The whole Subhouse of Child Archetypes (Mandy is also her rival), Timmy Turner (TWERP!), Cosmo and Wanda, Chip Skylark, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Dipper and Mabel, Hewey, Dewey and Lewey, Dennis Mitchell and Bart Simpson, Calvin and Hobbes, Kevin McCallister, The Kids Next Door, Phineas and Ferb, Dexter, Ned Bigby, Iroque, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Toriel, Alma Wade, N, Kim Possible, Fred Rogers, Uncle Howee, Both Pinkie Pies
  • Evil Counterpart of: Mary Poppins
  • Allies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Dolores Umbridge, Father(KND), Ghetsis Harmonia, The Other Mother, Granny Goodness
  • Rivals: Mandy, Stewie Griffin, Eric Cartman
  • Opposes: SCP-993, Joffrey Baratheon
  • Opposed by: Jorgen Von Strangle, Big Time Rush
  • Vicky comes across as a kind babysitter to adults. In truth, she is two-faced, a sadistic 16 year old who bullies the kids she's supposed to look after. And she always manages to cover it up or find some way to blame the kid. The unhappiness Timmy suffered under her is why he ended up getting his fairy godparents in the first place.
  • Vicky's first act after ascending into the Pantheon was greeting the House of Children, all while performing an Evil Laugh coupled with some Dramatic Thunder going on in the background (still no word if Zeus, Thor or some other thunder deity was behind the latter). Unsurprisingly, she is considered a dire enemy of kids everywhere.
  • All children hate her, but some she hates more or hate her more than normal. Bart Simpson, Dennis the Menace and Kevin McCallister had absolutely no mercy in the pranks they inflicted on her, resulting in many Amusing Injuries. The KND see her as embodying the worst of teenagers. The fact that she works with Father to bring even more suffering to children has only increased their hatred of her.
  • She tried to babysit Eric Cartman, however he responded just as viciously, perhaps even more. Before something truly horrid like "Tenorman chili" could happen, the two stopped as they came to admire each other's sadism. They compete over who's the bigger terror.
  • Mandy recognized some of herself in Vicky, as they are both young hellions who are the dread of those around her, including their own parents. That being said, she regards Vicky as "classless" and isn't interested in allying with her. Stewie Griffin had a similar view on Vicky. She just sees them as competition.
  • Capable of hiding her nature to expectant parents. When caught, she blames television. In actuality it's because of a bug up her butt(literally) causes her evil. It was either her or it getting up someone more dangerous like the president. Iroque thinks she can pacify both by forcibly using the Indigo light of compassion on her, Vicky wants to veto that with extreme prejudice.
  • Used to be able to get away with her babysitter abuse because she was able to fool gullible adults, but upon her ascension to the pantheon most are wise enough to not trust her. The Heroic Protectors of Family have declared her one of their greatest enemies, especially Mary Poppins. She's the complete opposite to Vicky, being a kindhearted and helpful babysitter.
  • Asides from parents, the three Fairy Godmothers have marked Vicky as an enemy due to her abuse of Timmy, and in relation to his fairy godparents. As she uses her position to abuse children, she's one of a few to incur the wrath of Mr Rogers. Uncle Howee had a more violent opinion on what to do with her, and turned her into a puppet to abuse.
  • Sadly there were adults who know exactly what Vicky is like, and want them to abuse children. Such as Relius Clover, Ragyo Kiryuin, Ghetsis Harmonia and other awful parents. She was most amused by the Other Mother due to her twisted use of puppetry and dolls, but wants to be blatantly abusive compared to her more subtle preying on children. Granny Goodness likes the cut of her jib, given she is the literal goddess of child abuse.
  • Doesn't care for evil children. After all, it makes them harder to "babysit". She found Joffrey particularly unpleasant, not that it'd be a good idea to boss him around anyway. For this reason she opposes SCP-993 despite his evil, since Bobble the Clown wants to turn children into dangerous monsters.
  • Plans to kidnap and then forcefully marry one of the members of Big Time Rush, just for the money (although it's unknown if they have any).
  • Both Pinkie Pies were sickened when they heard the horrible stories of her babysitting. Since the two are babysitters themselves, often seen as the kindest and best, they don't approve of her.


    Belle du Jour (Hannah) 
Hannah Baxter, Goddess of Unproblematic Prostitution (Belle du Jour)
  • Theme Song: Theme Song
  • Quasideity
  • Symbols: Her diary
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Work Com of a High-Class Call Girl, Stars a Writer, Author Avatar of Brooke Magnanti
  • Domains: Good, Lust, Knowledge
  • Allies: Lisa Williams and Ally Carter, The Sex and the City Quartet, Mad Moxxi, James Bond, Charlie Harper, Jack Harkness, Calistria, Inara, The Interspecies Reviewers
  • Enemies: Queen of Pain
  • Opposes: Slaanesh
  • Complicated Relationship Aphrodite
  • Not to be Confused With: Rose Tyler
  • The demand for a dedicated deity for prostitution has increased as of late. This was a prospect the House of Love was having a difficult time finding. It was then that the recently ascended Carrie Bradshaw had a solution. They received word of a British equivalent of their escapades in the form of Hannah Baxter, code-named Belle du Jour. After a brief conversation, she agreed to take the position for her relatively safe venture as a High-Class Call Girl.
    • Hannah started the business when she needed money to pay for college. Interested in how much money escorts make in the UK, she decided to join in on the business. It should be noted that her author went through the same predicament, even writing a story about it. Belle remains amused at the fact that the Author Avatar successfully ascended on the back of a real-life story.
    • It was understandable that Rose Tyler objected to it. Now, she has to turn down every bloke who mistakes her for Belle. It didn't help that the two share the same actor.
  • Her temple consists of an over-sized version of her home apartment. One room is reserved for her living quarters. The rest is where she and her followers can conduct their business with clients. Belle sees to it that all of her followers are treated nicely and throws out anyone giving her trouble.
  • The House of Love was distraught with her strained relationship with her boyfriend Ben. She decided to choose her job as an escort over a stable relationship and left him to his own devices. It is this reason that she decided not to bring him over as a herald. Various love goddesses hope for a continuation with her story in the hopes that the two can reconcile with their lifestyles.
  • Belle's focus is usually sex, but she understands that many of her clients are interested in BDSM. As such, she sought out someone who could fill her in on the prospect. At first, she met a blue-skinned woman who was willing to help her own. Unfortunately, she didn't know that the woman had ulterior plans. The Queen of Pain was about to take her in when she was wrapped up in rope. By the time she Blinked out, her victim had already escaped, courtesy of Lisa and Ally. Unlike the demon, the co-goddesses of BDSM were willing to help her out free of charge. Belle was at least thankful there was at least one dominatrix that didn't want to take advantage of her (her own experience with Charlotte wasn't that well received).
  • One thing is clear though; she does not want to be associated with the Overdeity Slaanesh. She has had many potential clients trying to coerce her into the services of the God/dess of Sensory Obsession She fears that a follower of Slaanesh may one day decide to kidnap her and force her to their services.
  • Charlie Harper asked for her services one time. Interested that such services were legal in the Pantheon, he decided to give it a go this time around. It was a surprisingly quiet affair where he took her to the House of Food to taste some American cuisine before settling in her office. She wondered if there was more to the Divine Manwhore than meets the eye.
  • Was shocked to discover that James Bond, a British icon, asked her her services. She immediately agreed to the proposal. What happened next was a whirlwind of an adventure leading her against lethal spies and dangerous locations. Overall if given the chance, she would do it again.
  • There was one time when what she thought was a client turned out to be an Auton. The robot was looking for Quasideities to capture and take over for themselves in the pursuit of ascension. This was thwarted by the actions of Jack Harkness, an immortal who was tracking their movements. After helping him clean up the rest of the legion, he proposed some time with her. She agreed, including a discount for saving her life.
  • Received a business card from Inara, frequent resident of the Serenity. She was interested in creating a new network of Companions in the Pantheon to look over their source material. Hannah thought it was a good idea and agreed to share her contacts. Religion was never her thing, but she did ask Inara if she could learn how to use a rapier, a skill that could come in handy against unwanted attention.
  • She has gotten a surprisingly good amount of relationship advice from Moxxi of all people. After respectfully turning down a carnal relationship, Hannah opened up her woes with her boyfriend and Moxxi was more than willing to help. While not a fan of her cheating, Moxxi believes Hannah can find a someone willing to balance her love life with that of her clients. She also handed a list of men who may be interested in pursuing her in a relationship.
  • Calistria on the other hand would rather that she forget about trying to have a relationship. To her, pursuing her lustful urges on any man she is interested in is more satisfying than sticking to just one man for a relationship. Hannah has taken both lessons to heart, but it remains to be seen which one she will follow in the end.
  • As for the Greek goddess of love, Hannah has mixed feelings with the woman. She is a notorious cheat herself and thus nas no qualms with sleeping with men doing the same to do so behind their wives/girlfriends backs. With that said, she is striving to move past that herself so she no longer seeks advice from her.

    Count Olaf 
Count Olaf, God of Illegal Guardians (The Count, Al Funcoot, Stephano, Captain Sham, Shirley T. Snoit-Pécer/St. Ives, Coach Genghis, Gunther, Detective Dupin, Mattathias Medicalschool, Yessica Haircut)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The V.F.D. insignia tattooed on his ankle
  • Theme song: It's The Count
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Abusive Parents, The Alcoholic, Card-Carrying Villain, Clark Kenting, quite obviously being evil, Manipulative Bastard, loves burning things down, willing to harm children to get what he wants, Having a rather pitiable end
  • Domains: Arson, Disguises, Kidnapping
  • Allies: The Child Abuse Supporters, except for Scar, Barney Stinson, Eric Cartman, Doctor Facilier, Raul Menendez, Noboyuki Sugou, Junko Enoshima, Brand, Oswald Cobblepot, Dr. Eggman
  • Enemies: Anyone who gets in his way or is a threat to his plans, The Baudelaire Orphans, Lemony Snicket, all of the Nickelodeon deities, but in particular Prince Zuko, Olaf the Snowman from Frozen, the force of gravity, Ragnaros the Firelord, Slender Man, Balthier, Kyoko Sakura, the entirety of the House of Theatre and Spectacle.
  • Heralds: His theater troupe (Or at least, what's left of it: The Person of Indeterminate Gender, the Bald Man with the Long Nose, and the Circus freaks: Hugo, Colette, and Kevin. For publicity's sake, the Man with a Beard But No Hair and the Woman with Hair but No Beard are also part of this group, even though they technically outrank Olaf.)
  • Opposed by: Scar
  • An actor who was once part of the organization known as V.F.D., Count Olaf is a cruel, relentless, and murderous villain with only one goal; to get his hands on the elusive Baudelaire Fortune (And whatever other fortunes that tickle his fancy), and spend it however he pleases. To that end, Olaf spent a great deal of his life hounding the Baudelaire Orphans, first by being their abusive guardian, and then hunted them down across the earth, killing their kinder guardians, forcing them to live with atrocious ones, and eventually framing them for the murder of Jacques Snicket, Lemony Snicket's brother, whom everyone thought was Olaf (And called him Count Omar), all so that Olaf could keep the orphans in his grasp and gain the fortune when Violet turned 18.
  • Olaf had been planning to properly ascend once V.F.D.'s presence started to spread around the Pantheon. Knowing that he would need a rather large publicity stunt to do so, Olaf sneaked into the House of Family's Siblings and Children subhouses, and broke open diving helmets containing the toxic Medusoid Mycelium. Soon, many of the deities present began to cough and choke, nearly dying from the deadly fungus. If it wasn't for Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Jimmy Neutron managing to figure out the cure (horseradish) in time, the causalities would've been enormous. Once cured of the fungus, the more powerful deities there soon located Olaf and began to beat the ever-loving stuffing out of him. However, they failed to realize that this was exactly what Olaf had been counting on. Melkor was impressed by Olaf's actions, and once the Count was fixed up, allowed him to ascend into the Pantheon.
  • Count Olaf's temple is basically his house, which, while rather large and spacious, is filthy and decrepit. Said house holds a tall tower that he uses to hold prisoners and plan his schemes. No one goes near his temple, as they find Olaf's house to be atrocious and unhygienic.
  • Olaf was disappointed that the Baudelaires hadn't ascended yet, as until they do, he won't be able to get his hands on their fortune. As such, the Man with a Beard but No Hair, and the Woman with Hair but No Beard, have directed Olaf to fulfill their other goals in the meantime until the Baudelaires properly ascend.
    • However, Olaf's a bit glad that Lemony Snicket hasn't ascended yet. According to one interpretation of his world, Count Olaf actually dreads having to face Snicket. Snicket has revealed that Olaf had made it a point to frame him for many of the Count's crimes of arson, further indicating that Lemony is one of the few people that Olaf actually fears.
      • Ultimately however, both the Baudelaires and Snicket ascended. The former, Olaf was pleased with, as it now means that he can resume his attempts to obtain their fortune. As for the latter...Olaf is quite worried about him.
  • While the rules of the Pantheon state that unascended followers and heralds can't influence events in the Pantheon directly, Olaf has been using the loophole that, since his troupe technically count as fire-starting V.F.D. agents and that V.F.D. as an organization has ascended, they are capable of directly helping him. After all, while Olaf claims to be an individual practitioner, many of his schemes would not have worked without his theater troupe, and due to several members of his troupe (The white-faced women and Fernald) defecting, Olaf needs all the help he can get. He's managed to revive the androgynous person and the bald man in order to bolster his numbers.
    • Speaking of which, the Man with A Beard but No Hair, and the Woman with Hair But No Beard, have used said loophole and their statuses as members of the high court in order to infiltrate the House of Justice and the GUAL. Both intend to undermine whatever poses as a threat to their goals, and have been passing information to Olaf for him to use.
      • As such, both are also trying to sabotage Eiki Shiki's plans to reform the GUAL, as the current Lawful Evil nature of the alliance makes it easier for them to manipulate YHVH's plans to their own advantage.
  • Olaf gets along well with, most of the Child Abuse Supporters. He and Ghetsis got along swimmingly, and Olaf immediately formed an Unholy Matrimony with Lady Tremaine, seeing her as a superior replacement to Esme Squalor, since Tremaine isn't obsessed with fashion. He really doesn't care much for Heihachi Mishima, but he views the man as a decent meat shield.
    • However, the one member of the Child Abuse Supporters that Olaf doesn't get along with is Scar. This is because in Olaf's world, the fire-starting side of the schism got their hands on all of V.F.D.'s Volunteer Feline Detectives, and proceeded to treat them like slaves. Olaf starved the ones under his command, and left them to burn when he torched Caligari Carnival. Scar has threatened Olaf that if he ever tries something like that with him, then Olaf will be wishing that he was shot with a harpoon gun. Olaf, nervous, agreed.
    • Speaking of Lady Tremaine, Olaf is rather annoyed at the number of enemies that she's made, particularly Homura Akemi and the Demacian Army. While Olaf plans to get Tremaine the resources that she would need to hold off the Demacians via the large number of stolen V.F.D. animals, equipment, and money his associates obtained, he's got nothing to counter Homura, and wished Tremaine luck in dealing with her.
  • Much to his irritation, Olaf's disguises don't work as well in the Pantheon as they did in his world, owing to how most people in the Pantheon aren't complete idiots. While the resources of the GUAE have improved his disguise kit, he still is only capable of fooling the ditzes and morons of the Pantheon. However, Olaf is quite capable of making due with what he has...
  • Olaf finds the Nickelodeon deities to be loathsome and godforsaken due to how poor a certain movie portrayed the initial events of his world. While he's willing to "help" (Read: Manipulate) evil gods like Plankton and Zim fulfill their goals, Olaf is fulling willing to betray them once they have outlived their usefulness to him.
    • Likewise, Prince Zuko finds Olaf to be abhorrent, finding the destruction and murder the Count has engaged in to be just as deplorable as Ozai's, even though Count Olaf has no special powers.
  • Much like many members of V.F.D., Olaf's history is unknown. Reports indicate that while Olaf wasn't the best V.F.D. trainee, he was at least able to start a relationship with Kit Snicket and was actually a friend to the Baudelaire's parents and future guardians. However, at some point, Olaf's parents were murdered by the parents of the Baudelaires, and Olaf himself may have been a factor into worsening the V.F.D. schism. Olaf is rather reluctant to share the full details of his past with the rest of the Pantheon, and he has mocked the good-aligned gods who gained these snippets of knowledge into thinking that they could coerce the story out of him.
  • Several people confused Count Olaf with Olaf the Snowman. The Count was infuriated at learning that he shared his name with a living snowman, and has put the other Olaf on his list of enemies. Currently, he's trying to decide whether he should kick the other Olaf to bits, or just melt him with a blowtorch.
  • Due to certain reasons, Count Olaf has been noted to sound like and even look like, on occasion, people like Barney Stinson, Bruce Nolan, Truman Burbank, and Nightwing. The latter three do not take kindly to Olaf, as he has managed to properly disguise himself as them, and find him to be abhorrent. Nightwing does sympathize with Olaf's parents being murdered, but he still finds Olaf's pursuit against the Baudelaires to be far too cruel to justify.
    • Barney Stinson on the other hand, views Olaf with intrigue, and agrees with Olaf that nothing should be safe forever when the topic of Olaf-land (An island that held a large number of shipwrecked items and people, but was more notable for being where Olaf's mortal life came to an end) came up. Olaf's backstory and motivations are of great interest to Barney, but Olaf has refused to divulge all of the details to him. Regardless, the two get along well.
    • Eventually Olaf befriended Dr. Eggman, who not only looks like him but is ambitiously evil and enjoys theatrics. Robotnik borrowed him an Egg Mobile, and the Baudelaires are less than pleased that Olaf can now stalk them with a flying vehicle.
  • Having added the force of gravity to his list of enemies during his time at the Hotel Denouement, Olaf is opposed to Enigma, Shu Shirakawa, and Viridian, who use the power. None of them really think of Olaf as a threat.
  • Count Olaf was all set to use the Medusoid Mycelium as a weapon against anyone vulnerable to the fungus, only for the cure to quickly be distributed throughout the Pantheon. Many groves of horseradish, including hybridized crops, have been planted throughout the House of Nature in order to curb any advantages Olaf was hoping to gain. Olaf was annoyed by this, though he can't help but pick some of the bitter apples that have been grown, since they did save him when he'd been poisoned by the Medusoid Mycelium himself. Of course, said bitter apples couldn't save him from the harpoon wound in his gut.
    • As such, when it comes to weapons, Olaf tends to stick to his knives and his harpoon gun, despite the fact that the latter was what ultimately did him in.
  • Deciding that he would need a replacement Tyke Bomb after Carmelita Spats proved to be too spoiled, Count Olaf searched the pantheon for any children with potential to be evil. Eric Cartman immediately jumped at the opportunity to help Olaf with his schemes of murder and arson. While Olaf approves of Cartman's disturbing actions, he dislikes how Cartman also acts like a Spoiled Brat.
  • One of Count Olaf's favorite codes to use are anagrams. He has used this several times to his advantage, mainly by making anagrams of his name and title. In particular, he has used the anagram 'Al Funcoot' whenever it comes to screenwriting for theater.
    • Unfortunately for Olaf, everyone finds Al Funcoot's plays to be utter garbage and have banned him from the House of Theater. Olaf has since sworn revenge on the House.
  • Count Olaf is rather wary of the Slender Man, as Slendy's habit of kidnapping and making people disappear reminds Olaf far too much of the Great Unknown, an unfathomable water-borne beast in the shape of a question mark.
    • Likewise, Olaf stays far away from Ragnaros the Firelord. Olaf may love setting things on fire, but the level that Ragnaros takes it to is far too extreme, even for Count Olaf.
  • Needing more allies in order to conduct his schemes, Olaf immediately went to the House of Villains for help. Doctor Facilier signed up to help Olaf, and unlike Madame Lulu, Facilier is bona-fide evil and has helped Olaf understand more of the supernatural nature of the Pantheon. Raul Menendez also decided to ally himself with the Count, much to Olaf's delight, though Raul clarified that he would only listen to the Man with a Beard but No Hair and the Woman with Hair but No Beard, due to how intimidating they are.
    • Olaf would later meet Noboyuki Sugou, who introduced the Count to his work. Olaf doesn't think highly of the internet though, having bought an poor quality hourglass online. As for Sugou himself, Olaf's opinion of the man is mixed, pointing out that Sugou should have killed Kirito first then raped Asuna, instead of the other way around. Sugou's Mind Control research is of intrigue to Count Olaf, though he does secretly think that "High Concept Science Fiction Gimmicks" make his plots a bit too complicated.
    • The Count also met Junko Enoshima, who found Olaf's horrible crimes and the nature of his world to be wonderful examples of a despair driven universe. She's volunteered to help Olaf with his schemes, which the Count agreed to. However, Olaf privately finds Junko's obsession with despair as an impairment to her abilities as a villain, comparing it to Esme Squalor's obsession with fashion.
    • Olaf immediately hit off with Brand, having found someone who would make torching buildings that much easier (And not take it to Ragnaros' level). Brand likewise, was pleased to hear of the fires that Olaf created, especially the one that destroyed the Hinterlands.
    • Thought he saw a mirror image of himself wearing fancier clothes until Olaf realized that he had met Master Xehanort, who is intrigued by the information network of V.F.D., thinking that they might have information about Kingdom Hearts. Due to not caring about a heart-shaped moon, Olaf walked away.
    • The Penguin has allowed Olaf and his troupe to use his nightclubs, but warned Olaf that if his property burns down and if Olaf tries to get his hands on the Cobblepot fortune, he will sever his ties with the Count and make a personal effort to destroy him. Due to liking the wine, Olaf has agreed to these terms, for now.
  • Your first impression of me may be that I am a terrible person. But in time, I hope you'll come to realize... you haven't the faintest idea.

    Damon Killian 
Damon Killian, Deified Smarmy Host (Dan Killian)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The ICS logo
  • Theme: Game Show Promo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Non-Action Big Bad, Bad Boss, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Game Show Host, Sadistic Game Show
  • Domains: Entertainment, Corruption
  • Superior: Stephen King
  • Potential Stalkers for his Program: Kano, Reaper, Destroyman, Tira
  • Allies: Diana Christensen, Gleeman Vox (albeit very tenuously)
  • Enemies: Jack Cayman, Ratchet, Clank, Katniss Everdeen, John Rambo, Johnny Cage, Cassie Cage & Jacqui Briggs, Snake Plissken
  • Opposed by: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sylvester Stallone
  • Respected by: Howard & Kreese
  • In the dystopian future of 2017, the world economy has collapsed and the United States has turned into a tyrannical cesspool where nearly any form of meaningful entertainment has been outlawed. To placate the masses, a variety of dangerous game shows have been made, with the most popular being The Running Man. In that show, convicted criminals and people who are slandered as such are fighting for their lives to escape an assortment of Stalkers, various trained killers out to get them. Damon Killian is the host of this program and he presents himself as a larger-than-life and charming figure to the public. Whenever the cameras aren't rolling, he's a deplorable person to work with and is nothing more than a greedy, lying sociopath who cares little about the people he's working with and even less to the contestants that he finds.
  • Some villainous figures were sighted taking a body to the House of Life and Vitality as part of a mission of some kind. A few moments later, Damon Killian found himself with a couple of unfamiliar figures who told him about the Pantheon and how they were fans of The Running Man, the game show he hosted back then. Killian saw a lot of potential in reviving that program specifically for the Pantheon and after clearing an arduous legal process, he revived The Running Man for those in the Pantheon looking to enjoy some brutal entertainment.
  • While Killian's show was massively popular back in his world, the same can't be said about its revival in the Pantheon. It's true that deities who are into violence and pointless suffering enjoy the program, but the Pantheon is far from the dystopian landscape that has people numbing themselves to enjoy dumb carnage. If anything, there's a lot of deities that have been trying to get his program cancelled for several reasons. Not only does Killian not care about what those detractors think of him and his show, but he has even considered putting them on the show as a means of finding more people to punish for the sick amusement of his fans.
  • Diana Christensen was looking for additional programming to put on her network when she heard about Killian, his program, and how he managed to make it successful in spite of the dystopian world he came from. Following a phone call where she expressed interest in The Running Man, Killian made his way to her office and they discussed how his program can fit on her network, which mainly consisted of sensationalist material. A deal was worked out between the two, with ICS being a production arm of UBS and not only has The Running Man become a part of UBS' Pantheon programming, but so has the number of other demented game shows produced by ICS. The doctored footage that ICS has is also beneficial to UBS as they can use it to fuel more sensationalist coverage.
    • Gleeman Vox, who was already working with Diana and had his own deathmatch show that he re-purposed for the Pantheon, learned about Killian and wanted to know what was going on after another deathmatch show made its way to Diana's network. A meeting between Gleeman and Killian was then set up with Diana overseeing the meeting in case tensions arose between the two deathmatch producers. Some of the more tense moments from that meeting included Killian calling Gleeman out over doing a terrible job at doctoring footage to make someone look bad and being unable to get anywhere with Gleeman's supposed star player, Ace Hardlight. Diana believed that the shows that Gleeman and Killian made can coexist and that they can learn a few things from each other in addition to having elements that make one stand out from the other. While the meeting ended with Gleeman and Killian both working for Diana and them learning from each other, the two have a pronounced business rivalry involving which of their shows will attract larger viewing numbers.
  • Among those who despise him to no end are the numerous deities that have been participants of different kinds of death games in the past. Jack Cayman has made it explicitly clear that he has no interest in working as a Stalker in the program despite Killian's interest in him. Ratchet and Clank have already had enough trouble in surviving death games and see him as no different, if not worse, than Gleeman Vox in that regard. Of those participants, Katniss Everdeen is more than willing to shoot an arrow at his face for having a hand in something that's too similar to what she had to endure. As she's not that far from his headquarters, she's had plenty of chances to strike, but she's waiting for when the right plan is put in place. Killian is more than aware of their skills as fighters that warrant them a potential spot in his show, but he's making sure that their efforts in trying to shut him down go nowhere as he doesn't want a repeat of what happened when his show was hijacked by an underground resistance group.
  • During a press tour for his show, Killian was taken aback after seeing who he thought was an older Ben Richards and believed that he had come back for revenge. It turned out that it was simply Arnold Schwarzenegger and that he was simply an actor who played Ben Richards in a film called The Running Man. Given how famous Schwarzenegger is, Killian attempted to ask him to be a co-host for the Pantheon version of The Running Man, but the actor preferred not to have any involvement with it at all. Sylvester Stallone was another actor that Killian approached, but Stallone rejected the same offer as well. Killian has since decided to look into John Rambo, a character played by Stallone, and figured that his kill-count is something that could earn the soldier a spot on The Running Man. After hearing about that show, Rambo has stated that he only kills if necessary and was insulted with what Killian is doing.
  • Stalkers have been a significant part of The Running Man thanks to them being an assortment of killers with a noticeable gimmick and the Pantheon has given Killian plenty of opportunities to find deities willing to fill these roles. Some of the deities who were willing to find the time to become Stalkers for him (or more accurately, kill someone on live television just because) included Kano, Reaper, Destroyman, and Tira. Given that all four had something that got Killian's attention for various reasons (be it Kano and Destoryman being cyborgs that will rip out hearts or shoot from their crotches respectively, Reaper being a trigger-happy masked figure, and Tira's split-personality combined with her insane behavior), he put them on a list that he's compiling involving Stalkers that would make The Running Man, more of a success than it's ever been.
  • Finding deities who would be potential Runners for his program has proven easier said than done especially with the stronger resistance against it compared to then. One unsuccessful attempt involved trying to get Johnny Cage on the show given the latter's experience as an actor in addition to combat expertise. Johnny Cage knew better than to work with a corrupt entertainment figure and delivered some insults that culminated in him telling Killian to fuck off. Killian wasn't deterred by all this and has still made plenty of attempts to find other Runners, even trying to get Johnny's daughter Cassie and her friend Jacqui Briggs involved much to their irritation. Snake Plissken, who Killian felt would be worth a shot given many Runners were convicted criminals, also refused, saying that as much as he was forced into dangerous missions, he'd never enter a Deadly Game for fun.
  • One of the very few deities that doesn't mind getting themselves in The Running Man is The Leader of the 3rd Street Saints. Part of it is due to them having previously starring in a death game titled Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax, which involved the Boss having to evade deadly traps and shoot at a variety of mascots trying to murder them. Then again, it's likely that they're willing to go on the program just to make fools out of Killian and whatever Stalkers they have to confront, though Killian isn't going to make things easy should The 3rd Street Saints Leader actually come on the show.
  • Howard & Kreese got a chance to see a few episodes of The Running Man, mainly to see how it fares in comparison to DeathWatch. As enticing as the offer of them being announcers on the show is, there's a lot of violence going on elsewhere in the Pantheon that the two can't really commit to working fully on The Running Man.
    Howard: It ain't exactly DeathWatch, but seeing something close to it is better than seeing a lack of them on live television, even if we can go elsewhere in the Pantheon to witness more carnage.
    Kreese: I'm going to have to hand it to Diana and Killian. While all those fucking pussies are sitting around insisting that all that gore can't be shown live, those two have defied all odds and have given the Pantheon a viable and entertaining DeathWatch substitute without all that ideological wanking from Enoshima's Killing Games.

    Diana Christensen 
Diana Christensen, Goddess of Network Decay and Sensationalist News Outlets
  • Quasidiety
  • Symbol: The UBS logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonist, The Sociopath, Ice Queen, turning serious news programs into a populist circus, completely altering the face of UBS and wrecking programming quality for increased viewership, and god help you if your ratings falter
  • Domains: Television, Entertainment, Executives, "News", Sensationalism
  • Heralds: UBS
  • Allies: Louis Bloom, Gleeman Vox, Damon Killian
  • Enemies: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Truman Burbank, Katniss Everdeen, JJ Jameson, Lois Lane, Jade, Ratchet, Clank
  • Opposed by: Juror #8
  • Diana Christensen is a producer at the failing TV station UBS. Determined to raise her station from the pits, she took advantage of Howard Beale, a fading news anchor with slipping sanity, by having him spout inflamatory rants on live television. The ratings shot up overnight and the once serious news program eventually mutated into what could be called a talk show starring a raving madman. Even though the old-school members of the industry denounced it, it was for some time the highest rated show on TV, which is all that matters to Diana, who kept filling UBS with lurid content. When Beale's ratings went into a sharp decline and Diana couldn't sack him, she decided to have him killed during live broadcast as a ratings stunt.
  • How she got into the Pantheon is unclear (most suspect it's the GUAE's doing, but Diana refuses to associate with them, at least openly), but the first sign of her presence was UBS beginning regular broadcasts in the Pantheon. Most deities ostensibly mocked the channel's blatantly pandering content, but ratings were high all the same, so they were definitely watching despite themselves. The Main House decided Diana's approach to running a network was exemplary, as in an example of how not to do things, and awarded her with godhood. Diana didn't turn it down, as she views her tropes as simply facts of life, but upon accepting it she went on a Motive Rant about how television is a business and she's only giving people what they want to watch, and it's not her fault people want trash. And she's probably right because UBS has become a staple of Pantheon television.
  • Diana has no doubt that the most effective way to get people to sit down and watch TV is to fill the airwaves with content that expresses (superficially) and feeds into and their feelings of anger, fear and revolt, so she's looking into associating with deities that can provide that kind of content for her. After ascension she sought to ascend notorious stringer Louis Bloom so she could have a reliable source to provide UBS with some quality footage of violent crimes. For a while he served as her High Priest; after ascension they've become each other's closest allies in the Pantheon. Some deities think they're a couple, but sociopathic as both of them are, neither has any feelings to spare for that kind of relationship. And the way her affair with Max Schumacher ended arguably left Diana a bit crazy (or crazier than she already was).
  • Being a media mogul with no scruples, Gleeman Vox took it upon himself to sponsor UBS' activities in the Pantheon, even providing Diana with access to his minions so she can better defend herself against the dangers of the Pantheon, as well as her enemies. Diana finds this useful enough to accept associating with Gleeman, and of course this puts her in Ratchet and Clank's shitlist, given they've also suffered at the hands of Gleeman and his thirst for high ratings.
    • Diana later heard about Damon Killian and his successful show, The Running Man, and she proposed an offer to him that involved ICS being a production arm of UBS and have that show, alongside other deranged game shows, on UBS in turn. Killian has since taken up on the offer and the two have been consistent business partners following the meeting. That said, she's usually the one to try and diffuse any sort of tension that arises between Killian and Gleeman.
  • She is predictably despised by a large number of journalists in the Pantheon for her abysmal treatment of the news program all for the sake of higher ratings, and overall lack of ethics. Lois Lane and JJ Jameson will happily denounce her practices in their newspapers, which Diana doesn't mind as she sees it as free publicity. She's also snidely hinted at Jameson that the way he puts a savior like Spider-Man on the front pages calling him a menace isn't much different from what he claims she does. Jameson by his turn holds that he's doing it strictly for the public safety and he really believes what he's saying.
  • Truman Burbank and Katniss Everdeen hate her for being an exploitative television producer, which they've had to deal with quite a lot in their lives. Given Truman was almost murdered by the producer in charge of his show, he's understandably even more frightened of Diana since she actually succeeded in doing the same and got away with impunity. Diana thinks Truman's life could still be interesting to follow due to his struggle to adapt to the world outside of the reality show he was raised in. The problem with that is that Katniss is rather protective of Truman and tends to use her explosive arrows whenever she sees a UBS camera.
  • Despite her poor relations with Katniss and Diana's opinion that if only showing something like the Hunger Games on television weren't utterly illegal in her world it'd be a huge hit, Diana isn't that big on the kind of totalitarian regime that made those games' existence possible in the first place. Probably not out of any moral standards, but because such regimes usually have a tight grip on networks and stifle freedom of expression, and Diana would not appreciate having to do her work in such limited conditions. She dedicates quite a lot of airtime to denouncing the deities who espouse totalitarianism. Her rivals would praise her if she did it in a less fearmongering manner.
  • Given the popularity of their shows, Diana considered buying Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's satirical news shows for her channel. But of course the two vetoed the notion as they want nothing to do with such a corrupt channel and its corrupt executives. They sometimes target Diana and UBS for mockery in some of their episodes, and when they have lower ratings than average they often joke they'd be literally dead by now if they were under Diana.
  • To seriously speak of the whole "assassination of Howard Beale as a ratings stunt" thing for a minute, Diana's actually fairly annoyed that people think that's her modus operandi for every host of a show that's slipping in the ratings. The main reason she went that far was because the higher-ups had taken a personal interest on the show and wouldn't allow Beale to get fired, and as the ratings kept steadily declining, Diana found herself stuck in a corner and had to resort to such extreme measures to save the network (and her job), which she wouldn't have if she'd been allowed to fire Beale normally. Some deities will concede that makes her actions more understandable, but still doesn't justify freaking murder. And given her cold-hearted nature and obsession with ratings, very few deities trust that she won't do the same thing again with lesser cause.
  • Shares a creator with Juror #8, however they don't see eye-to-eye, due to UBS' coverage of court cases being as sensationalist as anything else they put out. This irritates #8, who'd like people to seriously focus on the facts rather than getting swept away in a veritable soap opera version of them, and Diana isn't helping with that.
  • All I want out of life is a 30 share and a 20 rating.

    The Elephant Man 
John Merrick, God of Humiliating Gawking Victims (The Elephant Man, Joseph Carey Merrick)
Without the hood 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A cardboard model of a church
  • Theme Song: "The Elephant Man Theme"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Grotesque, The Woobie, Nice Guy, forced to work in an abusive sideshow for much of his life, still got treated as a novelty afterwards
  • Domains: Deformity, Circuses, Sadness
  • Herald: His attending doctor, Sir Frederick Treves, 1st Baronet
  • Allies: The Freaks, Dumbo, Edward Scissorhands, Quasimodo, Christiane Génessier, Dollface (Black)
  • Enemies: Hannibal Lecter
  • Complicated Relations: The Phantom of the Opera
  • Opposes: Jason Voorhees
  • John Merrick is a man who had the unfortunate fate of being born in Victorian England with horrible deformities all over his body, a result of his mother getting attacked by a wild elephant during pregnancy. Living in a less than accepting society, Merrick was reduced to making a living as a sideshow attraction and was treated brutally by his employer. A kind doctor named Frederick Treves discovered him and had him admitted into the hospital, where Merrick could live a more dignified life, though still basically treated as a novelty by everyone who didn't bother to get to know him well. Merrick could somehow take this in stride. In the end, knowing he was going to die soon, Merrick committed suicide by lying down to sleep (the weight of his large head asphyxiated him), content with the brief happiness he got to experience.
  • After his death, he was brought into the Pantheon so that his life could be celebrated and so he could find greater happiness among a more understanding population. If there's one thing to be said about the Pantheon's deities, it's that they're used to all kinds of weirdness much more egregious than Merrick's appearance, so his condition practically doesn't faze anyone. Merrick is still insecure enough that he generally keeps a hood over his head in public and only removes it for proven friends in private spaces. He doesn't get out a lot either, preferring to stay in and make models of the temples.
  • Back in his old life he could only sleep in a sitting-up position because otherwise the weight of his over-large head would kill him. Now that he's in the Pantheon, he's gotten some magic applied to him to make the weight much lighter (to ensure there's minimal-to-no chance of him dying every night), and he considers one of the best things about his deification to be the ability to sleep in whatever position he pleases.
  • No one can seem to agree on what his first name is. While his birth name was clearly Joseph, his doctor Treves miswrote it as John in his books, an error that would carry forward into future historical accounts and biographies to the point that his movie incarnation is named John Merrick. In fact, Pantheon documentation lists him under the name John with Joseph as an alias. Merrick doesn't mind the error all too much.
  • He was quickly visited by the Freaks after they heard of the ascension of a fellow outcast. They made sure he knew that he could ask for their help if he were ever in trouble, as it's part of the code of the Freaks not to let one of their own get abused. Merrick has good memories of being looked after by the members of the freak show he worked at back in his universe, and he's just glad to have made such good friends who understood him so quickly in the Pantheon.
  • Given he was billed as the Elephant Man for his appearance, which was the result of his mother getting assaulted by an elephant, there was some trepidation that he might react badly to Dumbo, who's another close associate of the Freaks. This couldn't be further from the truth, as Dumbo was also ostracized for his unorthodox appearance, so Merrick instead felt an affinity for the baby elephant due to going through the same sufferings. They also have in common a deep love for their mothers, who were a comfort to them in an otherwise cruel world.
  • Good friends with Edward Scissorhands and Quasimodo for also being The Grotesque with a gentle heart. They all happen to share an interest in the arts and crafts too, with Edward making ice sculptures, and Quasimodo liking to make models of various things like John does. The two often meet to talk about their handicraft and exchange ideas. Quasimodo also tries to encourage Merrick to get out more.
  • Meeting with Christiane Génessier was a somewhat different experience from all the others above, if only because Christiane offered the perspective of someone who wasn't born with her deformity but acquired it in adulthood due to an accident. Merrick thinks it must be particularly sad for Christiane to remember looking "normal", even beautiful. Despite this, Christiane tries to be strong in front of Merrick, given he's had a much harder life than her. She's also introduced him to her animal friends and told him what a comfort they are, as they don't pay attention to her looks; all in all, it's a discovery Merrick was glad to make, and he often visits Christiane's temple to enjoy her dogs' affection.
  • Caught the interest of Dollface when she saw him passing by with his bag over his head. She wondered if some awful person had forced him to wear it, based on her own experience with having her head locked behind a mask because her very petty boss forced her to. Merrick explained to her that he wore the bag was entirely of his own volition and that he feels more comfortable wearing it in public than not. Dollface understood this well enough as she too feels a certain security from her mask, and as such felt kinship with Merrick, who was a true gentleman on top of that. She's offered to help him whenever he needed, but warned him not to mix her and her other self up, as that one is not at all a benevolent character.
  • He could be seen as a counterpart to the Phantom of the Opera in some ways, namely in how their philosophies regarding how others react to them are perfectly opposite; Merrick never lashes out in violent ways and is grateful for every small kindness he's shown, while the Phantom resents the world for not showing him compassion. Merrick is well aware that the Phantom is a major influence in the lives of some of his friends such as the Freaks and Christiane, but unlike them he's not really close to him and largely thinks of the Phantom as a frightful man, though he does understand him on some level given the lives of ostracism they've led. It's exactly for that reason that the Phantom, for his part, looks after Merrick's well-being. He also tends to leave tickets to shows in the House of Theater in Merrick's temple, given how much he enjoyed his one chance to attend a show while he was alive. This has actually done a good job of casting the Phantom in a better light in Merrick's eyes.
  • Much like with the Phantom, Merrick highly disapproves of the infamous killer Jason Voorhees' actions, but also finds him relatable on some level, as Jason was also cruelly bullied in his childhood due to having a deformed face, which partly led to him becoming the kind of person he is now. Merrick wonders whether he might not have followed a similar path had he never been rescued by Treves, an idea that makes him shudder.
  • Hannibal Lecter was amused at the coincidence of his resemblance to the Dr. Treves who basically saved Merrick's life and protected him. He decided to take advantage of this fact to torment Merrick and paid him a visit in his temple, claiming he was Treves and that he had recently ascended. Merrick's enthusiasm at this "news" died soon enough as Hannibal proceeded with his psychological torture by casting all the people who've been kind to Merrick in a darker light. Hannibal was later punished by the Phantom and the Freaks, though he still thinks it was all worth it. Merrick, for his part, doesn't really buy most of what Hannibal told him but is traumatized enough that he's not sure he could look at the real Treves the same way again.

    The Inspector 
The Inspector, God of Border Inspectors
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His booth, alternatively, the Arstotzkan eagle
  • Theme Song: Papers, Please Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral, whatever he sees necessary.
  • Portfolio: Employed by the government, Hails from Arstotzka, Bureaucrat of various kinds but always a badass in terrorist attacks, work to support his family, Punch-Clock Hero, uncertain morality or choices, mostly Grey-and-Gray Morality, Featureless Protagonist, No Name Given
  • Domains: Border Control, Morality
  • Allies: The Medic, Bright Man
  • Enemies: The Spy, Jinx, Raul Menendez
  • Opposes: Niko Bellic
  • "Congratulation. You have been ascended into the Pantheon. You and your family will be provided with a temple at the House of Profession. For immediate placement, report at the border entrance of the Pantheon. Glory to Arstotzka Welcome to the Pantheon."
    • While he was once an inspector in Arstotzka, whether he was loyal to the country or not, he decided to take his chances with the position in the Pantheon since he sees it as a better chance for better pay for his family. Given what the Pantheon is, most of the time, he certainly made the right choice.
    • He doesn't even have to keep on scraping for change like before thanks to said better pay. Although with all the fantastic goings-on in the Pantheon, he does have to save up for occasional luxuries, weapon upgrades/replacements, "revival fees", etc.
  • For new entry as of his ascension, all entrants must have a passport and reason for entry to enter the Pantheon (and given that there can be so many, the Inspector has a couple of unnamed followers doing the same job as he). The process of permanently ascending into the Pantheon is a lot more complicated and is consulted by the Court of the Gods for further information. Failure to comply either means denial or even detainment if the passport is forged or there are any other misdemeanors.
  • Sometimes, whenever he is not at work for some reason, The Medic would take over his post. Although he likes to insult some of the entrants, he does his job decently.
  • He has a scanner installed in his booth to determine gender and to detect contraband and unauthorized weapons. Some of the entrants he inspected looked nothing like their implied genders. Searching them gave him a definite "Ohh…" moment.
  • He gets annoyed when he gets a citation, meaning that he gets monetary penalties (not as severe as in Arstotzka, but they pile up). The Spy likes to disguise himself and make forged passports, hoping to screw him over and make a mistake.
  • He sees terrorism as a big inconvenience for him and his work space, since it means that his shift will be shortened (and not ended like before in Arstotzka). Jinx is one of his worst cases since she often blows up the border checkpoint, and he never gets a good shot with his tranquilizer gun.
    • Given what potential candidates to the Pantheon could be, the Inspector is given clearance to better weaponry to quell the rowdier and stronger terrorists, mostly purchased from Marcus Kincaid.
  • He doesn't approve of illegal immigrants, whether they sneak in without his approval or those who bypass the discrepancy, like Niko Bellic, who was here before the Inspector's ascension.
  • Appreciates Bright Man's help whenever he provides it, since his bright light makes night shifts a lot easier for him.
  • "Next…" "Papers please."

    Lazlo, Raj, and Clam 
Lazlo, Raj, and Clam, Gods of Boy Scouts (Jelly Bean Scouts)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Jelly Bean insignia
  • Theme: Camp Lazlo Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Comic Trio, Adorkable
  • Domains: Camping, Scouts, Adventure, Beans
  • Allies: Finn, Jake, Mordecai and Rigby, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Kids Next Door Sector V, Sniper, Traxex and Lyralei, Superman
  • Enemies: None, they are too cheerful to make enemies (at least, for Lazlo)
  • Since they are not allowed to remain unattended, they are currently searching for a Scout Master.
    • When they heard that the Superman was also known as the "Big Blue Boy Scout", they thought he was a Scout Master. However, Superman reminded them that he is not, since he never earned a badge once.
  • They first thought that the Sniper was a camper like them, but they changed their mind when Sniper shot a mercenary in a head. They still gave him score of a 10.
  • They are good friends of Mordecai and Rigby and like to hear of their misadventures in the campfire.
  • Much of the House of Knowledge wants to learn a lot about Clam and his knowledge, but no one knows for since he doesn't speak much and typically use small words.
  • Despite being gods of Cartoon Network, they show no rivalry with the Nickelodeon gods, in fact, they want to have fun with them.
  • Lazlo once tried his hand on predicting the future at the House of Prophecy, though the gods were confused of why he was wearing a wig.
  • When they first step foot in the forest, they were met with Traxex and Lyralei and learn that they were rangers. The two end up allowing them to enter the forest as long as they don't cause trouble.

    Millie Collins 
Millicent "Millie" Collins, Goddess of Fashion Models (Millie the Model, The Blonde Bombshell, Millie the Marvel)
Millie in the Golden Age
Millie in the Modern Age