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Mule, God of Being Organic All Along (Mosco, Universe 3's God of Destruction)
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  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Universe 3 emblem, a stylized targeting rectile
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Turns Out to Be an Imp Piloting a Humongous Mecha as a Big Twist, Intelligible Unintelligible, Well-Rounded And Disciplined Destroyer Deity, Boring, but Practical, Having a More Dangerous Team Than it Seems Due to Great Preparation, Eye Beams, Edible Theme Naming, Reference to Luud, The "Original" God of Destruction, Ambiguous Situation, Face Death with Dignity
  • Domains: Destruction, Technology, Spirituality, Mechs, Logic
  • Herald: Kampari (his angel attendant)
  • Interested in: Hana Song, the rest of his house
  • Superior: Present and Future Zen'o
  • Allies: Optimus Prime, Asura, Ganesha, Galactus, Yveltal, Android 17
  • Respects: Destruction of the Endless, the more responsible and competent deities like Izaya, Ra, Hestia
  • On speaking terms with: Team Universe 7 (except Frieza)
  • Enemies: Merged Zamasu (murderer of his future counterpart), Nekron, Apophis and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, SKYNET, Sigma, Nurgle, Bandos
  • Disrespects: Easily distracted and Jerkass Gods like Zeus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • A bit annoyed by: Lord Genome
  • Uncertain on: Beerus (Universe 7 equivalent)
  • Each universe has a God of Destruction as they do a Supreme Kai and angel attendant, Universe 3 being no different. Presiding over destruction there is Mosco, an intelligent and practical deity. He governs the Spiritual Universe, an intellectually advanced universe with emphasis on technology. Though he seems like a robot, and it's easy to see him as such given his universe, he is in fact an imp called Mule who pilots a mech suit. He very rarely gets out of the suit.
  • Doesn't get out of his suit, and wants the pantheon to refer to him as Mosco instead of Mule. It is unclear if he's actually weak without it, has a height complex, or it serves another purpose. In the Mosco suit he only speaks in beeps, with his angel Kampari translating for him. It's kind of like the relationship between R2-D2 and C-3PO, except without the snark. Interestingly C-3PO can understand the Mosco suit perfectly, and Kampari can translate the astromech's beepings. The reason for this is because it's an old suit.
  • Sigma and SKYNET are very interested in the suit. Possessing it will either allow them to control the bulk of his power, or they could just force Mule to be a prisoner of his own suit and try to access his power. Sigma in particular still won't let go of his taste of godhood. Mosco was enraged and immediately began destroying any trace of them. However as they have a bad habit of not staying dead and being living viruses, he was only able to chase them off for now.
  • Beerus may be the most well-known and most powerful Destroyer Deity, but Mosco is more competent than him. There are better destroyers since his universe is 7th in mortal rank, but Beerus' is second to bottom. This is because he doesn't get into squabbles, and is focused on achieving his goals. In the Tournament of Power, that's winning. His was second to last, but thanks to Android 17 wishing the erased universes back Universe 3 still lives. He is very grateful towards 17 for doing that. He didn't have anything personal against Universe 7, or Beerus…though in the manga he was still annoyed at him for missing Zen'o's hide and seek tournament.
  • Naturally, he despises Zamasu for betraying the gods and slaughtering them all in another timeline, himself included. Though a destroyer, he has a purpose towards his destruction and seeks to maintain balance and good development in his universe. He does not like the Grand United Alliance of Destruction as their goal is to destroy until there's nothing left. Also considers Apophis an utterly monstrous example of the Destroyer Deity, and the embodiment of the negative stigma they get. Not that he likes too much creation and life either, as he feels Nurgle is a colossal disturbance of nature.
  • Planned the Universe 3 team with Ea, focusing more on Boring, but Practical tactics and preparations. Universe 3 has some of the poorest performances, unfortunately for him. They only knocked out one fighter, Android 18. The House of Combat! was not impressed. Mosco was a little bit annoyed by Lord Genome as he's about beating mechs with his bare hands, which reminded him of his failures in the tournament. He hopes to improve his fighters' power so Universe 3 wins any potential future tournament the Zen'o might come up with. He is interested in Hana Song due to learning strength from technology and simulations, and also seeks to figure out how the Earth technology that augmented the formerly normal human 17 could be so potent.
    • To Universe 3's credit, they did last the second longest of the defeated teams because of their strategies, keeping half their team-mates until it was just them, Universe 7 and Universe 11. Their ace in the hole Aniraza is one of the strongest fighters in the entire tournament.
  • Interested in his house. He's been studying the different robotic gods so he can show them off to Ea, who's always a fan of technology and intellect. Him and Optimus Prime came to a mutual fondness of one another, due to being positive leaders and "robots". And while Mosco shares the Destroyer Deity title with Unicron, he uses it in a positive fashion and is not an Omnicidal Maniac. The different robotic, cybernetic and tech-savvy gods are studying his suit for its advanced technology, and to answer the question on how much of his power comes from Mosco instead of his true self, Mule.
  • Not a fan of the lazier, more irresponsible gods. He won't gossip or snark at them, but he won't care much for them either. Feels that Zeus is too childish, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster needs to be more careful with mistakes like causing the Great Flood while making pasta. For Bandos, however, this dispassion is outright contempt. Not surprising, given Bandos became a god by killing his predecessor and thus everyone on the planet. It reminds him too much of Zamasu.
  • Respectful towards the more responsible deities in the pantheon. Personally roots for Ra whenever he fights Apophis. He is somewhat fond of Hestia because she doesn't have the issues her family has. He gets along with other destroyers who aren't irresponsible and/or psychopaths, such as Galactus, Yveltal and Asura. Respectful towards Destruction of the Endless, though doesn't get him quitting his job.
  • Friendly towards Ganesha for being a deity involved with intelligence, which he thinks could help out Universe 3. He's interested in Ganesha due to his father being the Hindu Destroyer Deity. Also, he's glad he's not a musclehead like Rumsshi, the God of Destruction from Universe 3's twin Universe 10.

Greater Gods

    Adam Jensen 
Adam Jensen, God of Men Rebuilt as Cyborgs

    The Vex 
Living metal, incomprehensible force.

The Vex, Divine Race of Mechanical Abominations (Machines of Hate, Gardeners in Vessels of Bronze, Machines born of Lightning)
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: A simple depiction of a Vex Goblin's head
  • Theme Songs: The Vex, Ishtar Sink, Eye of the Gate Lord, Black Garden, Chronologies, Nessus
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Omnicidal Variety) with a lawful edge.
  • Portfolio: Cybernetic plankton, Cargo Cult, Robot Religion, Non-Linear Character, Time Master, Agent of the Darkness, Co-Dragons, Clockwork Creature, Mecha-Mooks, Trying to remake everything so that they follow The Pattern, Starfish Aliens, Mad Scientist, Not So Omniscient After All, Showing some form of mercy towards AI, Ensuring Vex dominance in the universe ends up killing everyone, We Have Reserves
  • Domains: Time, Terraforming, Structure, Mystery, Pattern
  • Alliesnote :
  • Enemies: Those who intrude on Vex territory or get in the way of their goals.
  • Fears: Those who defy fate (yet they still need them)
  • Ever enigmatic and ancient, the Vex are a race of cybernetic Radiolaria time travelers who seek to reshape everything we see in their own image. They are ruthless in their purpose, following actions based on The Pattern and will eliminate anyone who are perceived as a threat in their goals. They turn planets essentially into giant computers with their Mooks reshaping the terrain while the Axis Minds oversee them with different ways and methods depending on the Mind. Examples of the Axis Minds include Sekrion, who was essential in reshaping the entirety of Venus into one that fits the Vex Collective, Atheon oversaw the Vault of Glass and is capable of erasing others from existence, the Undying Mind once sought out to retake the Black Garden and remove it from the flow of time, and Quria Blade Transform was responsible for analyzing Sword Logic and changing based on collected data from that (which may have caused them to be this way, you can thank Oryx's son Crota for that).
  • Deities from several Houses awoke to a peculiar sight: Strange pillars of white lines dotted the area, boxed structures with a distinct age to them have appeared without warning, and structures are materializing out of nowhere. Some deities have reported such incidents beforehand deep within the House, but they were simply brushed off and quickly cleaned up without a regard. This bit them in the back when after a month long investigation to the alien structures research conducted have started disappearing left and right. People then noticed a strange new enterance deep under the House of similar architecture to the others. When attempting to open it, the deities were soon shot at by a large force of machines, the entire House soon following the same fate. Although a surprise, they drove them off but they seemed to have already made their home in the Pantheon, and have no intention of leaving.
  • While their temple was originally the Vault of Glass the Vex swapped it out for a new structure altogether, one specifically designed for the Pantheon although you'll find it's also a mix between the aforementioned Vault of Glass, the Pyramidion, the Citadel, the Black Garden, and more. In the very depths of the House of Technology once you have followed the strange circular structures, past the alien flora growing and thriving near their structures assuming you have evaded the hostile machines and hazardous Radiolarian fluid lies the entrance. Here is where the more major projects take place, and expect to face the Vex at their strongest as they dictate the laws of reality itself. Though it tends to vary, from locking off certain areas of time and space to erasing someone from existence. Regardless, their ontological weaponry is nothing to joke at, and the location hasn't even come close to be fully explored.
    • It's important that you also know that time works differently within their massive temple. A trip inside that took a few hours is almost instant on the outside. This works to their advantage, allowing them to conduct many calculations with their machines to remains steps ahead above others. It doesn't exactly make them omniscient, but looking at how they operate most of the time does give off that feeling. Unless if you can defy fate, then things get a lot more... complex for them.
    • Those who suffered attempts of existence erasure are advised to never confront the likes of Atheon, Panoptes, or any other Axis Minds capable of such feats.
  • Yes, the Radiolarian fluid looks like milk. Go ahead, drink it. It's proven to cause bodily harm, but it can also corrupt whoever makes contact with them aswell. The same goes for their technology, as shown with Kabr and Asher Mir. Sure, their technology is advanced and it can be advantageous to utilize for oneself, but the cons can prove to be devastating and often irreversible. It doesn't stop the likes of opportunistic deities like the Grineer or the Corpus from trying the plunder their secrets. Since the Pyramidion is made to change others into Vex, the ones gunned down could very well be human.
  • Their ambitions are to remake the entire universe which simultaneously kills off everyone that isn't them/assimilates to their collective, and with the events after the recapture of the Last City they've come pretty close simulating such a future onto reality itself. Of course, not many are a fan of being muderer to suit something else's needs and have been barred from many alliances despite the Vex having no intention of joining. First off, they have no sense of good or evil so the GUAG and GUAE are out. Second, their goals of following "the Pattern" can be translated to a lawful goal which of course the GUAC isn't fond of along with the GUAL because they refuse to hear to the Great Will's power in the end. Lastly, while their goals somewhat overlap, they are no allies to the GUAD since they have absolutely no intention of murdering themselves after causing such destruction. Plus, Oryx is an official member, and his Taken almost corrupted them all once.
    • While their fellow members are cautious, they nonetheless are affiliated with the Grand United Alliance of Machines. Though done pragmatically, the Alliance has recognized they can show mercy to machines as opposed to coldly murdering anything that so much as get in their way. It's not a prominent trait, but if the Grox could get in, there's no reason as to why they can too. Plus it's not like they can turn down a species that's strongly affiliated with time itself, it helps fill the limited power they have compared to the other Alliances. They have forseen a group of heroic machines that oppose them along with the GUAM, however, and have worked to try and dismantle them long before they make any moves.
  • It's been discovered that Hobgoblin heads actually make good hatracks. Many deities from the House of Costumes had sought out these Vex, only to receive high-velocity particle jets to the face. Nowadays, they just resort to picking up what's left of their heads after a battle. Though, looking at Vex armor worn by Guardians has piqued their intrest, though the space liches advise that they be careful. It's not like they don't understand where they're coming from, though. It is pretty fashionable.
  • The Vex will worship any deity that they cannot comprehend so long as they get something out of it or they do not cross the Vex in some way. They understand that the Eldritch Abominations here won't be as generous back at their home universe. Although fruitless at first, they did manage to communicate with the Great Ones in an attempt to analyze their power, and become overall better. They seem similar goals of taking power with other deities, like Hyde Kido since his sword can actually erase others from existence. Similarly, they wish to understand the Human Child's power as it contradicts their understanding power, although they know better than confronting them head on. They just need to be patient.
    • They also hold interest in Mementos that Yaldabaoth and the Phantom Thieves use, believing it to be another way to make manifest their Bad Future as well as erase others from existence. All they have to do is evict the current tenants. All they have to do is take analyze it for themselves and things will start falling into place hopefully.
  • Have made many, many enemies in their time within the Pantheon. Falling under as xeno scum that wish to kill everything, they are no friends with the Emperor of Mankind or the Imperium of Man made worse that the Vex are technically Social Darwinists. Master Chief, Doomguy, and Isaac Clarke have also clashed with the machines many times, being complete thorns at their side when trying to further their plans. They also come under fire by the Neuroi and the Daleks, continuously fighting each other for dominance.
    • After nearly being consumed, they have issued to eliminate the likes of the Zerg, the Flood, and the Infested, understanding the threat they pose to their goals. That mistake will not happen again, and they are perfectly willing to use their enemies to destroy any and all attempts at subjugating them.
    • Due to their exploitation of time, they are on the Dahaka's kill list and constantly goes after various Axis Minds. They are one of the few deities they actually consider a threat, shrugging off everything they throw at them. Similar levels involve Chronos and any other protectors of time itself like Chronoa. If they are to remake everything, they would need to be erased.
  • Is also located in Otherness Abominations.
  • "The Vex have no hope. No imagination, no drive, no fear. All they have is the Pattern. Everything must fit. If it can be made to fit, good. If it can't, it gets cut away."


Intermediate Gods

    Banagher Links 
Banagher Links, the Pantheon's most powerful Wetware CPU (Inheritor of Laplace's Box, The Man who tamed "The Beast of Possibility", Banana)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Vist Foundation Logo, or alternatively the head of the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
  • Theme Music: Unicorn and RX-0
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attaining the status of a pure Newtype, Action Survivor, Conflicting Loyalty, Heroic Bastardry, Living Macguffin, Psychic Power Incontinence, Technical, yet Reckless Pacifism, using the mind as a mobile suit's central processor
  • Domains: Philosophy, Space, Thought, War, Possibility
  • Direct Superiors: Bright Noa, Yoshiyuki Tomino (Despite not being involved in Unicorn)
  • Herald: Mineva Lao Zabi/Audrey Burne
  • Allies: Most members of the GUAG Robot War Division, (particularly Amuro Ray and Setsuna F. Seiei), Marida Cruz, Madoka Kaname, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, Kotaro Minami/Kamen Rider Black (RX)
  • Odd Friendship: Shiro Amada
  • High Priest / Friendly Rival: Riddhe Marcenas
  • Bash Brothers with: Ichika Orimura
  • Enemies: Most of the chaotic members of the GUAE Mecha Cohort, Lucifer, Charles zi Britannia, Perfectio
  • Conflicting Opinion on: (surprisingly) Char Aznable and Haman Karn (The former for having a different view of humanity than his former High Priest, the latter for having taken care of his Protectorate, Audrey Burne/Mineva Lao Zabi)
  • Known as one of the few Gundam protagonists in the Universal Century timeline to have survived his story, his ascension came to be after having awakened as one of the purest Newtypes in existence (through Marida's Heroic Sacrifice), dueled Char's former High Priest Full Frontal for the possession of Laplace's Box, and later (with help from his High Priest) taken a blast from a rebuilt colony laser to protect the box so that the same could be properly revealed to humanity.
  • The Investigation Team appreciated the lengths he went through to discover the truth behind Laplace's Box, but were not however in favor of the body count that piled up in order for him to get there. Considering the universe he was in though, there wasn't much Banagher could do about it.
  • Perfectio absolutely loathes him as the Unicorn has been even known to get stronger no matter what form of emotion Banagher exhibits during combat. Even his favorite emotion - despair. In fact, it was his despair over Marida's Heroic Sacrifice which awakened his Newtype abilities to its fullest.
  • Gets visits from a lot of other gods asking if it's possible for their stories to end differently. He's gotten so many of these requests that his high priest just points everyone who asks him towards various repositories of fanfiction in the House of Narratives. The results usually vary.
  • Evil-aligned deities who employ remote weapons are very wary of him and his Gundam as he can easily take control of the same and use it against them. So far, the GUAE have tasked some followers of Anavel Gato to proceed with hijacking the Unicorn (Gato himself inhibited from this due to Banagher's association with the last surviving member of the Zabi Family - his direct superiors, and the fact that the Gundam itself has been specifically programmed to his DNA.)
  • Gets along quite well with Madoka Kaname, despite having no hand in giving him hope during his journey.
  • Has formed an odd friendship with Federation Ensign Shiro Amada, probably has to do with their voices when they converse in English

The Cybermen, Godly Representative of Heavily Mechanized Societies (Mondasians, Human 2.0)

    Dr. Gero/Android 20 
Doctor Gero, God of Brain-Only Cyborgs (Android/Cyborg 20, Maki Gero)
Without the hat 

    Kotaro Minami/Kamen Rider Black (RX
Kotaro Minami, God of Phlebotinum Rebels (Kamen Rider Black, Century King Black Sun, Kamen Rider Black RX, The Child of the Sun, Ksatria Baja Hitam, Robert Akizuki)
Kamen Rider Black 
Kamen Rider Black RX 

Soundwave, God of Using Mooks to Fight and Dull Technology (Slendercon)

    Subject Delta 
Subject Delta, God of Super Prototypes (Tin Daddy, Father, Johnny Topside)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The symbol "Delta" on the hand of a diving suit
  • Theme: PairBond
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Can go into Chaotic Good at times)
  • Portfolio: Big Daddy, ''The'' Prototype Big Daddy, Can't Go on without Eleanor, Made of Iron, Tearing Through Half of Rapture to Save Eleanor, Heroic Mime, This Is a Drill.
  • Domain: Prototypes, Papa Wolf, Big Daddies
  • Herald: Eleanor Lamb (His daughter/Little Sister)
  • Allies: Jack Ryan, Asura, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, Homura Akemi, Wreck-it-Ralph, Raiden, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Satoko Houjou, Proto Man, The Tenno, most good gods in the House of Family
  • Rivals: Sackboy (oddly enough)
  • Enemies: Sofia Lamb, Lady Tremaine, Most evil gods in the house of Family, Kyubey, Ragyo Kiryuuin, The evil queen, Diabolus ex Machina
  • There was a story once of Bryan Mills and his follower that launched a campaign against Sofia Lamb to try and rescue Eleanor. It succeeded but at the cost of Subject Delta's life. However Eleanor and some of the other Papa Wolf gods managed to revive him using a vita-chamber so she could be with him again.
    • He was officially Deified when the court saw his record as the Prototype Big Daddy and the fact that he fought off half of rapture to save Eleanor.
      • Despite the fact that Eleanor hasn't found a place in the Pantheon, she can still be summoned by Delta with a unique plasmid in his arsenal. So in short, she can stay in the Pantheon whenever he summons her and to help unleash the powers of a big sister to any enemies in the area.
  • Gets along well with most kids in the Pantheon (except the evil ones) and would protect them with the same ferocity as he would with a little sister. This has earned him the respect of several papa wolves in the pantheon
  • Kyubey once attempted to make a contract with a little sister under his care. After getting burnt, electrocuted, frozen and smashed, stung to death by a swarm of killer bees, blown to bits with a grenade launcher, skewered with a spear gun, Shot with a rivet gun, Shot with a Double-Barrel shotgun, Shot with a .50 machine gun, drilled to death by Delta's drill, and stepped on by Delta, Kyubey has since given up and decided not to try and make a contract with any girl under his care.
  • Became allies with Asura after the god of anger himself saw how dedicated he was to save Eleanor and the little sisters, whilst at the same time tearing through half of Rapture while doing so. He has even trusted Delta with looking after Mithra when he is busy.
  • Teppei Houjou once tried to take a little sister under his care so he could try and make plasmids for himself. It ended with Teppei finding a new basketball sized hole drilled through his chest. This has earned him the love and respect from Satoko Houjou.
  • He is good friends with Wreck-it-Ralph, due to their Papa Wolf tendencies. Delta even babysits the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Vanellope Von Schweetz on their play dates if Ralph is ever to busy to do so. The former caused concern for the Crusaders "self-proclaimed vampire wrestler babysitters" Gangrel and Luna Vachon (particularly the former) until the Crusaders decided to hug Subject Delta and tell him stories of their adventures. Many gods know not to laugh at the idea of a Big Daddy playing with a bunch of ponies, and Gangrel has softened up at the idea of Subject Delta being there to keep an eye on the trio if things got out of hand.
  • Has a rivalry with Sackboy due to the latter having fought a Big Daddy before in Polygon man's Battle Royale, mostly due to how Sackboy was able to win the affections of his Little Sister through games. The feeling is mutual.
  • Hates Lady Tremaine, The Evil Queen, and Ragyo Kiryuuin as they happen to remind him of Sofia Lamb. Other papa wolves have agreed to aid him and Eleanor their endeavor to defeat them.
    • Has also become enemies with Diabolus ex Machina after finding out what happened to Mark Meltzer. To this day, Delta and Eleanor are preparing an attempt to rescue him from the Dark Curtain (with some help from Deus Ex Machina)
  • Is trying to discover if Elizabeth DeWitt's presence is preventing Eleanor's ascension. Since it's possible that Eleanor and Elizabeth are the same person, albeit in different quantum states. Since Elizabeth's last encounter with a big daddy went very poorly, the DeWitts have tried to steer clear of Delta, making any effort to answer the question very difficult.
    • Delta did once try to summon Eleanor while he was in the same room as Elizabeth. The plasmid failed to work.
  • From hearing what the true nature of how the Warframes were created and how they were able to overcome their horrific conditioning. Subject Delta related with the Warframes and Operators' kinship with each other likened to his bond with Eleanor.

    The T- 800 (First Film) 
Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 T-800, God of Reverse Cyborgs

TRON, God of Glowing Futuristic Technology (Rinzler)
Click here  to see Rinzler
  • Intermediate God boarding on Greater God (as Tron); Lesser God (as Rinzler)
  • Symbol: His Identity Discs
  • Theme Song: Rinzler (films), Rinzler Recompiled (Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Lawful Evil as Rinzler; Chaotic Neutral in Uprising)
  • Portfolio: Fights for the users, Religious Program, resembles, and even sometimes acts like, a human, Badass Bookworm, Long-Range Fighter, Dork Knight, fights with a disc, secretly has a playful side, willing to risk his own life for his friends, gets brainwashed into Clu's personal assassin before Flynn snaps him out of it through eye contact, Becoming sour after torture and betrayal, Having his franchise canned due to money issues.
  • Domains: Program, Guardian, Loyalty, Death
  • Followers: Vin, all un-ascended Pixar protagonists
  • High Priestess: Penny Polendina
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Master Control Program, Sark, Clu, Penelope Mouse, Courtney Gears, Vanitas, Kyubey
  • Similar to Clu, Tron is kept inside a computer system that the resident House has installed specially for him. All thanks go to some of the Gods from the House of Technology for building it.
  • Sora was very happy to see Tron, alive and well, inside the Pantheon, considering the last time they met, Clu forced them into a battle before smashing a hole in the floor in anger and jealousy, causing Tron to fall to his apparent death.
    • Tron is also known to be able to perform his Limit Break, Setup, with Sora or Ruby Rose. Not only will the combined data will derezz you into tiny bits and bytes, but should you survive, you better run away before Tron will gain access to data drones, which Sora/Ruby will summon and send all over the field.
    • Tron also met Sora's friend, Riku, while under Clu's control; Riku saw him holding Quorra as a hostage, and attacked him via Flowmotion, knocking Tron off Clu's Throneship and seemingly to his death. When Riku told his friends about his trip through the dream worlds, he found out the true identity behind the "cyber ninja", and was horrified to find out that he may have killed one of Sora's ex-party members. Whoops!
      • Riku apologized for the action in Villains Log 6.
  • Tron holds a grudge against another program named Dyson for the latter's Face–Heel Turn and the torture infected on him, and simply mentioning his name, even without realizing it, would send Tron into an Unstoppable Rage, thinking that Dyson is nearby. Some deities compare them with Zeus and Kratos.
  • Is under the constant threat of being recaptured by Clu, considering that Tron is also known as Rinzler, and was reprogramed to serve as Clu's executioner for over 1,000 grid years. He was eventually freed, but either died in a failed kamikaze, or was murdered in cold blood right in front of Sora.
  • Considered by many to be the "grandfather" of modern CGI animation. It's mentioned before that if Tron never existed, then neither would any of the other Pixar deities.
  • Is rather surprised to find that his old apprentice Beck has managed to ascend to the Pantheon. Surprised but glad nonetheless. He also learned from Beck that Vanitas plans to use Sailor Moon to reforge the X-Blade, and that him targeting Madoka is but a Red Herring. Tron knew that it wouldn't be smart to just warn Sailor Moon outright, and consults Alucard, the former Trevor Belmont, for help.
  • Through a partnership with the Hacking Quintet, Tron is the leader of the White Hats, which is a sub-division of the Grand United Alliance of Good that's dedicated to protecting Cyberspace and keeping it free for the users.
  • Tron has been compared with Penny Polendina, in that they are both artificial beings with souls, become a close friend of a protagonist, and get killed without their friends having a chance to save them. It is also mentioned that the ones they fought right before, Pyrrha Nikos and Sora, would end up murdered by a major antagonist in the last episode/worldnote , while Kevin Flynn died shortly after Tron.
  • Given his unfortunate luck since he was written, Tron has become very sour over the years, with what him becoming full of revenge and harboring strong hatred to anyone who betrays him. He's not above attacking those who try to calm him down, either. Naturally, Sora has become somewhat of a Morality Pet for him, but that doesn't mean Tron won't attack him when enraged. Fortunately, he's been getting his act together, and is slowly returning to his benevolent Dork Knight self.
    • It wouldn't last long. After Sora disappeared, Tron entered a shut-down out of horror over his friend's apparent death. But he eventually came out of it, deciding to fulfill his atonement from his sour days with the help of the White Hats, and keep Sora's memory alive.
  • Tron has struck a surprising alliance with Homura Akemi over reports of Kyubey trying to make Puella Magi with some female programs, with one reported case witching out and causing a major computer crash at a bank, leading to several robberies. Their friendship is mutual, with Homura even giving mental revenge on Clu for the battle with Sora, whom she also became surprise allies with.

Lesser Gods

Cyrax, God of Forced Robotic Transformations (Mustard, LK-4D4)
As a human 

Furutaka, Goddess of Electronic Eyes (Fury Taco, Futarama)
Furutaka Kai Ni 

    JC Denton 
JC Denton, God of Nano Augs

    Kosuke Nitoh/Kamen Rider Beast 
Kosuke Nitoh, God of Phlebotinum Dependence (Kamen Rider Beast, The Ancient Wizard, Mr. Mayonnaise)
Kamen Rider Beast 
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God as Beast Hyper)
  • Symbol: The "Beast" Magic Circle. Alternatively, the mayonnaise bottle he always carries around.
  • Theme Song: "BEASTBITE"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Secondary Riders, Anti Heroes, Animal-Themed Superbeing, Badass Cape, Big Eaters Along with his Favorite Mayonnaise, Ditzy Genius, Being a Friend to All Children, Phlebotinum Dependence, Kid Appeal Characters, Housing the Beast Chimera, Combat Wizards, Magic Knights
  • Domains: Combat, Magic, Mayonnaise, Animals
  • Herald: Beast Chimera
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (Including Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard), Aila Jyrkiäinen, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, Naruto Uzumaki, Doki!Doki! Pretty Cures, Arturia Pendragon, Animal Man
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • Enemies: all Ascended Toku Villains, Sou Fueki/The White Wizard, the Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia), Ghetsis Harmonia, Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Kosuke Nitoh was a very optimistic young man who believes that pinches and chances are on the same coin. He also has a gigantic appetite and an unusual liking on mayonnaise, putting everything on his food (including donuts). After he found the Beast Driver back in his archeological expeditions, he forms a contract with the Phantom Beast Chimera and transforms into the Ancient Wizard, Kamen Rider Beast, while he must fight the Phantoms to gather a lot of mana for Chimera or else it will consume him if he fail to do so.
  • He was originally ascended as the God of Animalistic Powers, but he was beaten by Animal Man. Although Nitoh wasn't pleased with this at first, the two heroes are in good terms as they started to work together in their battle against evil in the pantheon.
  • He became close allies the Puella Magi especially Sayaka Miki since both of them are sword users and wear capes in their fighting forms (although Beast only use it with his Mantle Wizard Rings to activate it), and Kyoko Sakura since both of them always having a huge appetite despite having a different food, Kosuke also suggest to Kyoko that she might try to put mayonnaise in her Pocky and her apples.
  • Became close friends with Aila since she is also loves to eat every food just like him, also she might wanted to try to eat her Meat Buns with his Mayonnaise on it, which he was glad for her to try it.
  • Kosuke is also very close friends with the the Doki Doki Pretty Cures since the Cures had found intriguing on his transformation call "L-I-O-N, Lion!" is somewhat similar to their transformation code "L-O-V-E". On top of that Kosuke also tells the Doki Doki Cures about one time that he act himself as the "Magical Girl Beast" in a attempt to prevent his identity expose to his grandmother, much to the hilarity.
  • Also happens to be close allies with Arturia Pendragon since both of them had connections associated with "lions", as well as both of them can be seen in the House of Food, eating amount of foods with his trusty mayonnaise.
  • Also happens to be a former follower and friend of The Regular Ordinary Swedish Chef due to them had a love for mayonnaise as their favorite food, Kosuke also competes with him in a mayonnaise eat off challenge.
  • Also became close friends with Naruto Uzumaki since both of them houses a powerful monsters inside them.
  • Teaming up with his succeeding Secondary Rider Kaito Kumon bothers him a lot with his mix reactions on him since his first impression of him being a guy who has a soft spot towards kids while his motives as a nominal hero put them at odds.
  • Being a guy who protects children, harming them will anger him and he will fight back against them. This includes with his battle against Sou Fueki who abduct and brainwash the young gate Yuzuru Iijima as one of his Kamen Rider Mages against his free will. Also gaining an ire towards Basco ta Jolokia of the Trollkaigers due to his actions of taking child hostages in a attempt to grab the Great Powers of GoGoFive and Megarangers in two separate occasions, and Ghetsis Harmornia since he his an Abusive Parent who literally abuse his children out of hate.
  • Like Haruto, he also became furious towards both Monokuma and Junko Enoshima for pitting fifteen students of Hope's Peak Academy in their death game "School Life of Mutual Killings", fighting against one another to the point they kill each other out of despair. If they dare to initiate their death game again in the pantheon, Kosuke is determine to stop them so this tragedy will never repeat itself again.
  • Since his partner Haruto recognized Mordos Kull's heroic actions. He doesn't lose time to met a certain samurai named Takeshi Tsunami. They get well and even let him eat Nitoh's food filled with mayonnaise. Nitoh even cried of sadness upon hearing Takeshi's story.

    Krim Steinbelt/Drive Driver 
Krim Steinbelt, The Divine Transformation Belt (Drive Driver, Mr. Belt, Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron)
Drive Driver 
Shift Brace 
  • Lesser God (Anyone who used him as a belt gets a rank up)
  • Symbol: The Drive Driver itself
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Gadgeteer Genius, Uploading his Consciousness into this Tansformation Belt after his Death at the hands of the Roidmudes, Robotic Companions, Deuteragonist to Shinnosuke's Protagonist, Sees Shinnosuke as his True Companion, "Start Your Engine!", "Nice Drive".
  • Domains: Transformation Device, Science, Technology
  • Secondary Device: Shift Brace
  • Heralds: Shift Cars
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes, especially Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach, and Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser, Dexter, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Hank Pym, Houka Inumuta, Bulma Briefs, Senketsu
  • Notable Users: Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Chase (as Kamen Rider Proto-Drive)
  • Potential Users: Ange, Akane Tsunemori, Kazuto "Kirito" Kirigaya, Aru Akise, Shinya Kogami
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains (especially Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke), Ultron, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Ragyo Kiryuin, Dr. Wily
  • Opposes: Tenjuro Banno, Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon the Fairy King
  • Ascended in the pantheon alongside his partner Shinnosuke since Mr. Belt wanted to make preparations just in case when another Global Freeze would occur in the pantheon.
  • As he enters the pantheon, Krim was initially put into the Treasures, much to his dismay.
  • It took a while for him to get out of the vault, and he was given an android body built by many good-aligned scientists from the House of Technology to continue his research on his technology while it also allows him to link his mind with the Drive Driver to fight alongside Shinnosuke at the same time.
  • Krim became good allies with Hank Pym and Tony Stark while he sympathized with them because of their involvement of the creation of Ultron that leads the robot to evil reminding him of his times during the earlier developments of the Roidmudes.
  • He also made allies with fellow scientists like Dexter, Houka Inumuta and Bulma because they have the same profession as Krim does. Interesting enough, both Dexter and Houka ask him to get some extra help regarding on their research to reverse-engineer the stolen Lockseeds and the Sengoku Driver, while Krim also ask them a favor in making at least five copies of the Drive Driver and Shift Brace for benevolent use, both side agreed to each other and they worked together on their research ever since.
    • So far, he found three potential Drive Driver users in the form of Ange, Akane Tsunemori, Kazuto Kirigaya, Aru Akise, and Shinya Kogami, because he was impressed with their respective accomplishments as he also providing them the transformation Shift Cars Formula, Next Special, Fruits, Technic, and Wild to fight alongside Shinnosuke in the upcoming battles.
  • He became friends with Senketsu since both were sentient objects who has a strong partnership with Shinnosuke and Ryuko respectively. Senketsu was also surprised that Krim hates Ragyo Kiryuin's guts due to her being an Abusive Parent which reminds him of Professor Banno.
  • Due to his intense opposition towards Banno, he also hates every amoral scientists like Ryoma Sengoku due to creating his inventions for his evil agenda and Dr. Wily for reprogramming the Robot Masters for his evil schemes.
  • His opinions on Monokuma and Junko Enoshima is shared with Shinnosuke. Both were despair loving duos who initiates the murderous "School Life of Mutual Killings" at Hope's Peak Academy and plunging their world into chaos through their Monokuma Units.

Springtrap, God of Artificially-Living Zombies (Golden Bonnie, Spring-Bonnie, Salvage, Scraptrap, Not Freddy, The Murderer, Purple Guy, Vincent, Dave Miller, William Afton)
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  • Lesser God, used to be Quasideity
  • Symbol: His head, with a mummified head with still attached eyes beneath it
  • Theme Music: "It's Time to Die" by DAGames, "I'm The Purple Guy" by DAGames or Salvaged by NateWantsToBattle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (most likely the Purple Guy used to be Neutral Evil, and Spring Bonnie was True Neutral before the Purple Guy was trapped inside)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Undead, Rabbits, Animatronics, Murder, Cruel Deaths
  • Allies: Freddy Krueger
  • Enemies: Mike Schmidt, Freddy Fazbear, The Puppet, Balloon Boy, Yu Narukami, Bryan Mills, Terra Branford, Batman, Bloody Marie, Squigly, and many others who are protective about children, Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo. And his son, Michael Afton
  • Opposed by: Practically Every child deity, and deities related to rabbits
  • Upon his ascension, he greeted all of the Fazbear animatronics, especially the Puppet, with his trademark grin and told them something with his garbled voicebox. Analyzed recordings show that he was actually saying:
  • Springtrap is really distant from the rest of the Fazbear's animatronics, even from the Puppet. Being the last one still active might be one factor, but there's also the fact that he doesn't have an endoskeleton; he has a corpse inside him which allows him to move around.
    • Further research into the matter reveals a rather grim truth; it isn't just any random corpse, it is the corpse of the murderer who killed all of those children who haunt the other animatronics. He died when he dismantled them, releasing the souls from them, and was chased into Springtrap, which ended up crushing him inside. This factor is why gods wanted him to ascend to make sure that he is unable to harm anything ever again.
  • Is the single factor why Mike, Freddy and The Puppet would work together, being the one more or less behind everything that had happened to this point.
  • Due to the true identity of the corpse inside Springtrap, which might be the reason why he acts the way he is, he is forbidden from getting near any child deities.
  • He is also opposed by every deity related to bunnies in the Pantheon. Yes, this even includes The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog. He is that horrifying.
  • While keeping track of him might seem easy due to being the only thing inside his temple, his temple has a terrible ventilation system that tends to short out, which might cause hallucinations. And if you spot him staring at you? We have no idea what he might do to you, though you will find out for sure.
  • It should be noted that his decades of imprisonment within the sealed room of Freddy Fazbear's, coupled with his brutal but well-deserved death, have left him somewhat... unhinged. While this usually makes him more frightening, there are times that he just acts...weird yet funny.
  • Sometimes, even Springtrap joins in on the legendary night of debauchery in his temple, but he does it alone from the other animatronics for good reason. That doesn't stop Cranky Kong from noticing him like the others though.
  • Freddy's latest gala is taking place at a kid's house. Some accused Springtrap of somehow influencing Freddy and his friends, but the only response Springtrap gave was a low, raspy chuckle. That is because he already knew that the so-called "gala" involved the brain damaged child, something that Purple Guy had no part of and Spring-Bonnie was just a witness when Fredbear chomped the head of the child. Spring-Bonnie did thank Freddy for clearing Fredbear's name and that he is sorry for what Purple Guy did while inside and controlling him. That said, some have reported seeing a tiny, not-as-damaged Springtrap lookalike at this gala all the same...
  • With new information being revealed about a new "FNaF World", some have begun questioning whether Springtrap (or at least, Spring-Bonnie) is a boy or a girl. When asked directly about this, Springtrap replied "Yes".
  • A conversation was heard from inside the temple, with the two voices sounding so similar it was hard to tell who was who. Apparently, the Murderer has a son called Michael who also died and came back, and is now coming to find his father. Some of the other gods have theorized that Michael actually is Springtrap, though why he would have acted like the Murderer raises more questions. Springtrap himself could not be questioned, due to him going missing almost immediately afterword. Regardless, Mike, Freddy, and the Puppet are all considering him as the murderer until conclusive evidence proves otherwise.
    • Eventually his creator revealed that the voice was a bit of a misunderstanding, which points to William as the murderer again. That said, Springtrap is still nowhere to be found, and when questioned Scott wouldn't reply with a straight answer.
      • He was eventually found in the back alley of a pizzeria. Which burned down. The consequences of this were much more profound than originally believed, as it was actually a harbinger that his presence in the mortal world was defeated and destroyed permanently, in no small part thanks to the Marionette. The murderer inside Springtrap is furious at his defeat and seeks to take his anger out on the child gods of the Pantheon. Unfortunately for him, however, the Marionette and Mike Schmidt have dropped their enmity and increased cooperation to prevent this very circumstance from happening, as both have foreseen this exact possibility and are investing all of their effort to prevent it.
  • Also serves under Zombies.

    Victor Stone/Cyborg 
Victor Stone, God of Cyborgs (Cyborg, Cyberion, Stone, Victory Stone)

Viktor, the God of Soulless Cyborgs (The Machine Herald, Viktom)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Hex Core
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but some see him as Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Cyborgs, Herr Doktor, Mad Scientist, Malevolent Masked Man, has a third arm which shoot lasers, Techno Wizard, want to spread the "Glorious Evolution", insane cyborg, Totalitarian Utilitarian, modified human
  • Domain: Cybernetic, Augmentation, Soulless
  • Followers: Sektor, The Evolution
  • Allies: Dr. Nefarious, Dr. Doom, Clockwerk and Neyla, Xerath, Diana, The Cybermen
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • After being cheated of the credit of the creation of Blitzcrank (and Urgot), he locked himself in his workshop and became a cyborg. Replacing his entire body with cybernetics and removing his human emotions, he planned on doing the same to all of Valeran for the "Glorious Evolution," believing to be the future for mankind. Upon ascension, he set up a temple and are currently seeking gods that would spread his "Glorious Evolution" to the Pantheon.
  • Prior to his ascension, he had a huge amount of "followers" who thought of him as a misunderstood person who was pushed too far and people like Jayce are jerks who ridiculing his philosophy callously, like that of Diana's. Hence, "Join the Glorious Evolution" has been a rally cry to the followers as well who looked down on humanity and feel that everyone should believe in Viktor's idea of "evolution." Unlike others who would be baffled, he was rather pleased.
  • Upon looking through the House of Heroes that would surely oppose him, he thought Superman was his archnemesis, Jayce. Conversely, Superman thought he was similar to the villains he fought like Brainiac and Metallo.
  • Was pleased to find an ally like that of Clockwerk, who replaced most of his body with machines, in which they had a common goal of surpassing their rivals out of hatred of them. Though he holds huge suspicion over Neyla.
  • Both Sub-Zero and Smoke denounced him as their clan once tried to make everyone into soulless cyborgs and were one in the past.
  • Has the same name with the Dynamic Duo of Suikoden, who is partnered with Flik. It "bat" the eyes of Jeane and Viki as they know their Viktor well (huge, boisterous, like a bear).
  • Is considered the "true" representative of the Zaun in ways of "science and progress," unlike that of Warwick who was a manhunter-in-hire.
  • Some thought that he was a Techpriest of the Adeptus Mechanicus, however, he is not one-minded and does not meddle in anything that he doesn't understand.
  • It is said that he founded a faction known as The Evolution and he had successfully converted several champions into machine-augmented monstrosities that would do his bidding, one included Xerath.
  • "Join the Glorious Evolution."


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