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Here lies the greenhouse of the House of Plants, a place to study and grow any and every type of plant under the sun. It's also a place to grow fruit and vegetables for the House of Food to enjoy. While not plants, fungi are welcome and grow outside of the greenhouse, where the ground is wet and there is shade for them to use.

Pumpkins dominate the market during October. Candles and carving knives are sold separately.


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Greater Gods

Biollante, Deified Plant-Animal Hybrid (Biolante, Biolannte, Biolantte)
Rose Biollante 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A sihoulette of herself
  • Theme Music: Her theme from Godzilla: Unleashed
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Healing Factor, Lightning Bruiser, Planimal, Mix-and-Match Critter, Combat Tentacles
  • Domains: Monsters, Plants, Teeth
  • Allies: Poison Ivy, Fate Testarossa, Rei Ayanami, Yuuka Kazami, Grass type Pokemon
  • Enemies: Godzilla (Maybe Teeth Clenched Team Work on the rare occasion), King Ghidorah, Gigan, Hedorah, Mordremoth, Ragnaros the Firelord, Mesogog
  • Biollante was created via the cells of a rose, Godzilla, and a scientist's deceased daughter. This particular kaiju has two forms: a relatively peaceful rose in her first form and a towering behemoth that's more aggresive and toothy for her second form (not to say that her first form isn't toothy; after all, her tentacles have teeth on them regardless of her form).
  • There's a debate on what's the genetic relationship between her and Godzilla. While their own universe don't consider them related in a family sense, others would disagree. Though, whether they can be consider siblings or parent/child is still a debated issue.
    • So far, Godzilla and Biollante haven't interact with one another. Some think this is a good thing since the last time they met, they were savagely ripping against one another. However, they can put their difference aside when facing evil Kaijus like King Ghidorah, Gigan and Hedorah.
  • When some deities look into Biollante's history, many were confuse on how she still existed. You see, people from the Future transported a pre-radioactive Godzilla out of the place he would of been radiated. If that happen, she wouldn't exist as Godzilla got radiated much later then when she would be born. Yet she still exist regardless. In fact, there's even theories she was the cause of Space Godzilla when her body dissolved and floated into space.
  • Members of the House of Metal & Minerals have tried to bar Biollante from entering their temple. That's because she always spread spores that cause the desolate landscape to grow flowers. It's unknown why she does that. Though, it could be a desire base on her father's wish to bring life to desert lands.
  • Biollante became very close friends with both Fate Testarossa and Rei Ayanami since all three are artificial beings of a person's love ones. However, compare to Fate and Rei, Biollante never had to deal with a abusive parent.
  • Poison Ivy has shown sympathy towards the plant Kaiju. Ivy is also one of the few deity to be able to communicate fully with Biollante since she is part plant as well. She also became close to Yuuka Kazami. Yuuka does care for Biollante like any other plants. And because of that, she willing to unleash wrath to anyone who would hurt her.
  • Just like Godzilla, Mesogog has shown great interest in her genetic material. She wants to gain samples to use for his new Mutation Army.
  • Like many deities who are plants or are connected to them, Biollante despises Ragnaros the Firelord. The Fire elemental dismisses her as another worthless insect and is planning to burn her down.
  • Mordremoth wanted to assimilate Biollante into the Mordrem as one of his minions, so he sent a small horde of Mordrem and one of his commanders to capture Biollante for him. It is not known what the outcome of the battle would have been, but it was interrupted by Godzilla's arrival, forcing the remaining Mordrem to retreat.

Cetrion, Elder Goddess Of Plant Hair (Lady Cetrion, Elder Goddess of Virtue, Guardian of Life, The Light To Shinnok's Darkness, Steward Of Kronika's Vision, Nature Girl, Mama's Girl - both by Sonya Blade, Your Holiness - by Kano)
  • Greater Goddess (Overdeity if she possesses the Hourglass)
  • Symbol: Herself, Surrounded By Water, Ice, Fire, And Rocks
  • Theme Song: Kronika's Hourglass
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Boobs of Steel, Combat Stilettos, Elemental Powers (including Plants And Ice), Fertile Feet, Light And Pure Is Not Good, Mother Nature, Mommy's Girl, Ms. Fanservice, Nature Is Not Nice, Physical God, Size Shifter, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Light and Virtue, Nature, Betrayal, Family
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Targeted By: Every deified Bounty Hunter in the Pantheon (her bounty is $999,999,999!)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Caius Ballard (just like Mom)
  • Pitied By: Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Interested In: Heather Mason
  • Conflicting Opinion With: YHVH
  • Shinnok. Has A. Sister? Kronika, sure, but a sister?? As Cassie Cage had once famously stated upon discovering this fact, "There's like, no family resemblance." Thanks to Kronika and Shinnok, Cetrion has made her way to the Pantheon.
  • With Cetrion's ascension. Kronika's scheme is made clear: she wishes both Shinnok and Cetrion to wage an eternal war against each other, Light versus Darkness, in order to restore the balance between the realms. The Main House immediately told Kronika that was not to happen in the Pantheon.
  • Cetrion despises those who do harm to their family. She especially has it in for Erron Black, as he shot his own father (despite Black claiming that the sonoabitch had it coming). And as confirmed by Cassie Cage, his relationship with his mother wasn't any better. Kratos is a close second due to his war against the Olympians. Her devotion to family is seen especially when carrying out Kronika's will.
    • But, despite her devotion to her mother, even Cetrion has her limits. She's on the fence regarding YHVH, but chooses to hold back. After all, the most important thing to her is honoring one's parents.
    • Speaking of Kratos, Atreus called Cetrion out when she criticized his father and his vendetta against Zeus and his relatives, pointing out that Cetrion herself murdered her fellow Elder Gods on Kronika's orders. Since then, Cetrion found herself at odds with the angry Spartan and his half-blooded son
    • Speaking of Erron Black, he has confirmed that the bounty on Cetrion's head is a jaw-dropping $999,999,999! Of course, this puts Cetrion on the radar of every deified bounty hunter in the Pantheon.
  • Once reached out to Ororo Munroe and Pamela Isley in order to recruit more numbers for Kronika's New Era, with the promises of reuniting with T'Challa and making Earth a New Eden respectively. Unfortunately, Cetrion's reputation proceeded her, being Shinnok's sister and being the one responsible for murdering the Elder Gods. That, and Kronika isn't a Titaness of her word, as her past actions have shown.
    • Despite being a paragon of light and virtue, Cetrion is not on good terms with Gaia and Captain Planet. Maybe it's because Cetrion is a willing participant in Kronika's scheme to undo the realms. Either way, whenever Cetrion visits the House of Nature, the other gods watch her every move.
  • If the fact that she sides with Kronika doesn't piss Raiden off, it's the fact that not only did Cetrion wiped out the Elder Gods in a decapitation strike, but also the fact that Cetrion claimed that both her and Frost assassinated Fujin, the God of Wind. Raiden is more than willing to go Dark Raiden on her just for that.
  • Discovered Kolin and her cryokinesis simply by chance. This led her to her direct superiors, Gill and Urien. Seeing potential in getting the Illuminati on board with Kronika's New Era, Cetrion seeks out an alliance, promising that should Gill's Illuminati join Kronika, then their organization shall be exalted in the New Era. In the first time that the two brothers agree on anything, both Gill and Urien refused the offer. Declaring that the New Era has no place for them, Cetrion departs, promising that the next time they meet, they shall be enemies.
  • If Cetrion dislikes Liu Kang when he's in Fire God mode, then she really despises the Avatars, mainly Aang and Korra, but mostly Korra, as she can match Cetrion move-for-move, and with the Avatar State activated, is even more powerful than Cetrion. Only if Cetrion has the Hourglass is she more powerful than Korra.
  • Was successful in making contact with Regime Superman, making him an offer he can't refuse: both the Regime and his deceased wife restored, and Batman wiped from history. The former High Councilor is seriously considering that offer.
  • Surprisingly, Satsuki Kiryuin understands Cetrion, as she herself was loyal to her own mother, Ragyo Kiryuin, who was just as horrible to her as Kronika was to Cetrion.
  • Should Cetrion usurps her mother and takes the Hourglass, Cetrion chooses to baptize the denizens of the realms in hellfire after numerous failures in trying to maintain order in the various timelines. After centuries of battle, good will triumph, and in Cetrion's eyes, "they will be humbled. Eager to embrace the light." She sees something a connection with Heather Mason (aka Cheryl Mason, aka Alessa Gillespie). Or rather, a connection between herself and her unwanted followers, The Order, who believe that Heather is Saint Alessa reincarnated, of whom will lead the chosen to Paradise "with blood-stained hands." While Heather wants nothing to do with her, Cetrion is trying to convince Heather to accept her destiny.
  • Also has a spot in Hair Styles
  • "The restoration of time will not predetermine your destiny. That is for you to shape."


Intermediate Gods

    Fresh Pretty Cures 

Fresh Pretty CuresMembers , Quartet Goddesses of Clover Symbolism (Love: Cure Peach; Miki: Cure Berry, Miki-tan; Inori: Cure Pine, Buki; Setsuna: Eas, Cure Passion, Secchan)
The Fresh Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Peach, Cure Passion, Cure Pine, and Cure Berry.
  • Intermediate Goddesses (Greater Goddesses in their Cure Angel forms)
  • Symbol: The Fresh Pretty Cure Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Let's Fresh PreCure!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl Warriors, Playing Card and Fruit Motifs, Dance Battlers, Clover Symbolism.
  • Domains: Combat, Magic, Clovers, Dancing, Fruits, Teamwork
  • Heralds: Tarte, Chiffon, Azukina, and the Pickruns.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal, Tenjuro Banno, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, M.Bison, Enter, Sou Fueki/The White Wizard, Albert Wesker, the Incubators, Light Yagami, Ghetsis Harmonia, Relius Clover, Kraken, The Chaos Gods, Bernkastel, Lambadelta, Kane, Kefka Palazzo, Nyarlathotep, Calypso, Scanty.
  • Opposes: Homura Akemi.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Dolph Ziggler (Miki only)
  • Love Momozono, Miki Aono, Inori Yamabuki, and Setsuna Higashi, are members of the pantheon for a long time, however, the Fresh Cures decided to band together as a team while they they spend their training together rigorously due to the upcoming conflict that that would brought into the pantheon.
    • Also, the Fresh Cures relinquished their old separate tropes and became the holders for the trope Four-Leaf Clover due to the team's association with the clover symbols as seen in their Chest Insignia and their Finishing Move Lucky Clover Grand Finale.
  • Love and her friends were often seen practicing some dance moves due to her intense passion to this hobby. Because of this, they also joined practicing with Mai Takatsukasa, Elena, Zack, and the idol group Muse, since they also shared the same interests as Love does.
    • Also due to 'believing' a lot, Buki got along well with PaRappa The Rapper. Him dancing around like how she did is just icing the cake, really.
  • Like many Pretty Cures before, they also gets along with other magical girls like the Puella Magi, the Magic Knights, and Usagi Tsukino due to their shared distinctions of being heroines who uses their magic powers for the sake of good.
    • However, they also start to opposed Homura Akemi after they learned her treachery towards the Sisterhood during the Great Upheaval.
  • At one point, they also happen to cross paths with Knight Gundam, they were suspicious to him at first because he sounds familiar to Westar. However, after he tells his stories of his heroic actions back in his world, the girls were touched by his heroism as they worked together as allies ever since.
  • Love forms a strong bond and teamwork with Akari. As Akari represents the 'optimism/happiness', Love's job is encouraging people to seek their happiness and leading them to Akari.
  • Also her one time doing a megaton one-inch punch caught the attention of the Dragon himself, who began to teach his training philosophies and encourages Love to try training the same punch a hundred times a day, then come back and tell her how she 'feels', not 'think'. Of course, it helps that said Dragon is a dancing pro.
  • So considering her name, you would think that she'd be in the House of Love, but she assured that she's satisfied with this placing, this 'happiness' expands more than romantic love.
  • Is noted that her breasts are a bit bigger than other Precures', which earns her a bit of a humorous envy (and even Death the Kid thinks this is part of the 'Madness of Boobs'). 'Humorous' because Love and the other Precures agree to drop the subject when there's an evil that needs to be beaten.
  • Slightly creeped out by Flonne's Pure Pink costume as it makes Flonne look almost exactly like her.
  • In fact, Love doesn't have enemies, unless they prove to be irredeemable like the Chaos Gods, Banno, Bison, Kefka, Calypso, and Nyarlathotep. Otherwise, she'd encourage them to get their happiness as long as they're redeemable.
  • Miki is utterly disgusted with many who'd boast about being perfect (like Wesker, Relius, Ghetsis), she thinks they're giving the phrase 'Perfect' a bad name. She became acquaintated and friends with Phoenix Wright after hearing his tale of evicting a certain notorious evil perfectionist mortal... Manfred von Karma.
  • At some point, she saw Sayaka Miki falling into despair and turning into Oktavia von Seckendorf. As Cure Berry, she fought with all her might, always reminding Sayaka to never lose hope. After managing to revert her early with Espoir Shower Fresh (the transformation hasn't reached a very severe level), Miki proceeded to get Sayaka to tell her troubles and assures her that everything will be all right, resulting a very sweet hug and their friendship and Miki's utter disgust on the Incubators.
  • It was a good thing she wasn't dabbling on or trying to be perfect in science. Otherwise she would've incurred the wrath of Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Miki does make an exception to avoid saying "I'm perfect" within the earshot of Mayuri, additionally because his science stuff creeps her out. Luckily for her, He has no intention on doing such a thing because her perfection doesn't focus on science.
  • While she often visits her friend Inori, she always stays the hell away from the body of water containing Kraken. The mere sight of the God of Octopi is enough to make Miki scream like a harpy and run off like hell, possibly clinging on Inori's legs and shaking in fear if she's nearby note . Insults about how this makes her look un-perfect is usually brushed away later, as Miki believes that it's OK to be like that and still be perfect.
  • Miki became friends with Go Shijima because she was impressed with his profession as a photographer, with most of his picture shots were perfect in a good way.
  • She was one of the people that helped in putting down Relius Clover, and the plan was a success. Miki wished she could breathe easier now that it's one less nasty perfectionist put down... but had to put that on hold when Sayaka approached her and told her about the disastrous event known as 'The Great Upheaval'...
  • In the wake of Dolph Ziggler's Heel–Face Turn, Miki's currently helping him to improve his perfect qualities in order to remain cool without turning heel again. Sadly, Miki was shocked that Dolph went back to his villainous ways, which she makes a point to bring him back to his righteous path.
  • Due to their similarities, Inori has found a good friend with Kyoko Sakura due to their similarities of their belief in prayer. Because of this, she's one of the few Gods Kyoko has a soft spot for.
  • Buki is in good terms with Steve Irwin because of their desire to preserve wildlife in its good natural state. Due to this, she also gets along with some good beasts deities like Pikachu, Baine Bloodhoof, and Tyrantrum.
  • Helps other humans understand various animals. She never makes eye contact with The Rabbit of Caerbannog, whom she describes as 'filled with nothing but killing impulses it scares her'.
  • She used to dislike ferrets, but now is okay with them. But recently, she has a bit of an aversion to crocodiles. After Buki paid a visit to Gustave's house, trying to understand it better, she was frozen in fear with just how much death impulses the croc had and 'animal-talking' with him always end up in dialogues of how much Gustave wants to eat Buki and hear her screaming for help in fear. She tries her best to tend to any normal crocodiles, but her encounter with Gustave scarred her for life.
    • Thankfully, she was later rescued and received an apology from Gustave's boss, Sobek, who has promised that it won't happen again and thanked her for treating the other crocodiles well whenever any of them got sent to her house. At the very least, Buki has been healing her aversion to crocodiles thanks to Sobek.
  • Buki gained an ire with the likes of Bernkastel and Lambadelta, due to both of them being Magnificent Bitches that committed alot of atrocities. She also hate Kane and Light Yagami's guts due to the same reasons.
  • Although Setsuna's not that good at robots, she seemed to gather several friends from the GUAG Robot War Division, both Axel Almer and Lamia Loveless shared the mutual feelings of how it's like to grow to like their infiltration role for real. Rim also felt something similar with her friend somewhere within Setsuna... the voice, maybe?
  • Setsuna is rather wary towards the Technology house. She has no qualms with them, but she always knew that they always have a chance to commit something that may repeat the Moebius incident. So she remains careful in what they're developing and encourages them to 'do their best' instead of overdependency.
  • Setsuna is also get along well with Vector since he also grew to like his friendship towards Yuma Tsukumo much like how Setsuna develops into what she is today.
    • Setsuna also formed a kinship with both Tommy Oliver, Mitsuzane Kureshima, Judai Yuki, Sol Badguy, Zuko, F.I.S. Receptor Children, and Chase, due to the fact that they atoned themselves as heroes due to their past actions a villains. Moreover, she also expressed her sympathy towards Micchy's older brother Takatora due him being used by his so-called allies back then.
    • Like many reformed heroes before, Setsuna also expressed her disappointment towards Katsumi Daido since his transition from being a hero to villain makes him the literal opposite of her actions, while she also start to defend her fellow reformed heroes from him after she notices his relentless attack on them.
    • After meeting each other and exchanging their stories of 'being on the dark side until pulling out of that', in spite of the differing way to get out of that (she had to reject her old values, while he was forcefully brainwashed), Setsuna has become friends and kind-of-little-sister figure to Jean-Pierre Polnareff, she also kinda admire about his ability to resist impulses to Kick the Dog while brainwashed.
  • Setsuna became enemies with Scanty after the former was annoyed by the latter's villainous antics. On top of that, the demon also sounds similar to her as the two often clashes whenever they cross paths.
  • It's unknown on how Setsuna got it, but among her personal collection is a working replica Decadriver. However the Cures are somewhat good friends with Tsukasa Kadoya, especially for Setsuna, after learning his origins of being the villainous Great Leader of Dai-Shocker until he became a true Kamen Rider due to his endless journey through dimensions.
    • Other than Tsukasa, they were also friends with the Shinkengers and the two-in-one detectives Shotaro Hidari and Philip since they have their adventures during the same year as them, particularly, the year 2009.
  • The Fresh Cures were under the watchful eye of Ryoma Sengoku who observes their battle data as a means to create Lockseeds based on their powers. It doesn't take long that they also hate his guts in the same way as many good deities hate the scientist. Also they didn't like Sou Fueki's guts as well because he uses his magical powers for his own agenda even at the cost of numerous innocent victims.

    Petey Piranha 
Petey Piranha, God of Carnivorous Plants (Boss Pakkun, Mutant Tyranha, Flora Piranha)


Lesser Gods

    Audrey II 
Audrey II, God(dess?) of Plant Aliens (Mean Green Mother From Outer Space)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His/her/itself — a giant flytrap-like plant, ready to eat someone.
  • Theme Song: Mean Green Mother from Outer Space
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Faustian Deals, Villain Songs, Evil Is Hammy, Card-Carrying Villain, Big Bad Friend
  • Domains: Plants, Trickery, Hunger, Music
  • Followers: Lyekka, the Chomper, Bramble
  • Allies: Mordremoth, Durathror, Petey Piranha, King Boo
  • Enemies: Shaymin, Venusaur
  • Pities: The Kankers
  • Plants are something many have been used to. If one were to see a plant move, then they would have encountered a Plant Alien. Not only does Audrey II come from outer space (apparently), he also has a bit of an appetite.
  • He used to have the title of both Plant Aliens and Man-Eating Plant. However, he said this one time to the Court of the Gods:
    "Get this straight! I'm just a mean, green mother from outer space and I'm bad!"
  • Has attempted to get others to Feed him though many good members always chose to avoid him, evil members find it the best way to be rid of certain kinds of evidence.
  • Is often seen trying to do duets with Oogie Boogie over their favorite types of meals.
  • Whenever Seymour Gaudo visits the House of Nature and is near the plant, Audrey II will sometimes say "Feed me, Seymour!" Gaudo tends to get confused whenever he hears it.
  • Is on decent terms with Durathror. However, she doesn't have any interest in singing any duets with Audrey II.
  • King Boo gets along well with Audrey II, mostly because of the fact that the plant seems to bring to mind Petey Piranha. They are still friendly with each other even after Petey ascended.
  • Both Venusaur and Shaymin prefer to stay far away from him. The opposition towards Audrey II also extends to the other ascended grass-type Pokémon in the Pantheon.
  • There was once a viewing party for the plant's outing and there were two endings involved: one where he emerged victorious and the other where he was defeated. Unsurprisingly, the good-aligned deities preferred the ending where Audrey II was defeated and the plant liked the original ending better.
    • Because of this, the plant does not like it that much when people bring up his defeat in front of him. He also has taken a pity to The Kankers who were also victims of Executive Meddling and lost their victorious ending, even if it was in a dream sequence.
      • And for that matter, don't bring up something else when near him. He prefers to forget that entirely.
  • "It's suppertime."

Gourgeist, Goddess of Pumpkin Creatures (Pumpkin Pokémon)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The carved-out face on her pumpkin
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Frisk
  • Moves: Trick-or-Treat, Leech Seed, Will-O-Wisp, Phantom Force
    • Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Portfolio: Pumpkin Creature, Grass-Type, Ghost-Type, Cute, But Sadistic, Mighty Glacier, Took a Level in Jerkass, Prehensile Hair, Taker Her Foes to Trick-or-Treating, Curses People With Singing
  • Domains: Plants, Ghosts, Creatures, Halloween
  • Allies: Jessie, James, Meowth, Mad King Thorn, Jack O'Lantern, Koume Shirasaka
  • Enemies: Jack Skellington
  • Evil Counterpart to: Trevenant
  • Gourgeist is a type of Pokémon who looks like a carved-out gourd with a face and hair-like arms. The species of Pokémon is known to come in multiple sizes, which modifies one's HP, Attack and Speed stats. This particular Gourgeist has the biggest possible size (Super Size), thus giving her higher-than-normal HP and Attack, but lower-than-normal Speed.
  • While Gourgeist might look cute and all, she is actually rather evil. It enjoys seeing her victims struggle in her hands if she catches them and is known to sing in the middle of the night during the new moon, with her singing known to curse those who hear her song. This particularly off when one considers that Pumpkaboo are known to be helpful Psychopomps. Just what happens to a Pumpkaboo when one evolves?
    • Note that this does make Gourgeist one of only Pokémon who can be labelled as being actively evil, so to speak. Even Bisharp is only really "evil" because it chooses to. Gourgeist is just an asshole.
  • Gourgeist is thankful of Jessie of Team Rocket taking care of a Pumpkaboo and managing to evolve it into a Gourgeist.
  • Gourgeist has a special move known as Trick-or-Treat which supposedly makes her take her foes to trick-or-treating. Somehow, this makes them have a Ghost-type when used, even if they have two different types already. And since Ghost is weak to itself, Gourgeist can abuse it to her advantage.
    • Her relation with trick-or-treating really puts a bad taste on Jack Skellington as he doesn't like something like Gourgeist to be associated with Halloween. Thorn, on the other hand, is all for her tricks.
  • Even though Gourgeist is a Grass-type, she can potentially learn a decent amount of Fire-type moves. In fact, Gourgeist can have a decent type coverage... if it wasn't for the fact that most of those moves are Special, and Gourgeist is a physical attacker.
  • If you're wondering why she is an Evil Counterpart to Trevenant, it is because both of them are Grass/Ghost-types who are ghosts possessing some sort of plant, have to be traded to evolve and have a move what adds a typing to the opponent. However, where as Trevenant is friendlier than he looks, Gourgeist is more malicious than she looks.
  • Oddly enough, Koume seems to really like Gourgeist, apparently not really realizing that what they say about Gourgeist might be true. Gourgeist is both confused but flattered by her affection, however.
  • Recently, Gourgeist found kinsman-ship with the Headless Horseman, due mainly to their shared association with flaming pumpkins. The two have since become partners, with Gourgeist serving as a substitute head for the Horseman to throw at unsuspecting travellers.

Parasect, God of Festering Fungus (The Mushroom Pokémon)


    The Toads 
The Toads, Collective Deities of Mushroom Folk (Kinopio)
The more notable Toadsfrom left to right 
  • Notable Members: Toad, Toadsworth, Toadette, Blue Toad & Yellow Toad, Captain Toad
  • Either Demideities or Quasideities
  • Symbol: A mushroom
  • Theme Music: For the species as a whole, the Toad House theme: Super Mario Bros. 3; New Super Mario Bros.; New Super Mario Bros. U; Super Mario 3D World. For Captain Toad, it's the main theme from his own adventure
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: As a whole: Inexplicably Identical Individuals, Kid Appeal Characters, Mushroom Folk
  • Domains: Mushrooms, Advisors, Adventure
  • Allies: Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Daisy, Rosalina, Crazy Dave, Bilbo & Frodo Baggins
  • Enemies: Bowser, The Koopalings, Bowser Jr., Petey Piranha, King Boo, Goomba, Lakitu & Spiny, Dr. Zomboss, Murkrow, Junkrat & Roadhog
  • Opposes: Wario
  • As one would expect from a place called the Mushroom Kingdom, it would have to have inhabitants that would resemble mushrooms. This is where the Toad species come in and typically speaking, they are Peach's assistants and give the Mario brothers aid whenever she gets kidnapped.
    • In addition to the regular kinds of Toad (of whom have different colored vests and spots on their headcaps), there are a few special ones. Toadsworth is the oldest Toad of the bunch and has a cane with him, Toadette is a female Toad, and Captain Toad who leads the Toad Brigade on treasure hunts throughout various places. There's also a blue Toad & yellow Toad who don't look much different from other blue Toads & yellow Toads, but they're willing to jump into adventure if the need arises.
  • Not only does Toad play assistant to Peach's royal duties, but he has also tagged along with her and the Mario brothers for various recreational activities such as kart-racing (Toad had a tendency to say "I'm the best!" during these races, but decided to stop) and sports. Peach even carries a Toad around with her whenever she engages in combat against other deities, mainly as a means to counter opponent's attacks. Despite taking a lot of strong attacks, the Toad who is Peach's personal meat-shield doesn't look too beat up after Peach's fights.
  • While they still help Peach out, the Toads have also decided to provide some aid for the GUAG via setting up special houses known as "Toad Houses" that can provide useful items for members of the GUAG. Shops headed by other Toads have also been established.
  • The Toads have gotten a lot of questions as to why Peach gets kidnapped so easily despite the Toads being there for her. They have not answered anything about that matter, nor are they going to say anything about requests to improve their attempts to prevent Peach from getting taken away.
  • Even though there are a few red-capped blue-vested Toads, there is one of that variation who is often seen alongside Peach the most and has even gone off on an adventure of his own. That solo adventure might be the reason why the Toads aren't trusting of Wario.
  • Debates as to whether or not the species actually are living mushrooms or if they're just humanoids who happen to resemble mushrooms have happened quite often. What can be agreed on is that they have no connection whatsoever to amphibious toads.
    • Crazy Dave seems to think that the former argument in the mentioned debate is the case. Regardless, he gets along with them since they remind him of the mushrooms that helped him fend off zombie invasions back in his world. Dave even allowed a few of these Toads to help with his shop.
      • Dr. Zomboss was very livid when he found out that there were actual living mushrooms (or at least looked like such). Even if the Toads generally don't pose much of a threat, Zomboss is still determined in getting rid of them entirely.
  • Bilbo & Frodo Baggins were intrigued upon meeting them and believe that the Toads are the fungal equivalents of their kin. Given that the Baggins are capable of going up against threats that arise, the Toads often like to talk to them whenever a calm day is happening, mostly for advice on being more proactive with confronting danger.
  • As the oldest Toad out there more or less, Toadsworth has been by Peach's side concerned for her safety. On a relaxing day he can be seen playing baseball with her, though some find it odd that he uses his cane as a baseball bat.
    • Toadsworth became good friends with Alfred Pennyworth since the two of them served as loyal retainers for their own higher authority for quite a while. Toadsworth has also asked Pennyworth for advice on maintaining a cooler head whenever trouble strikes.
  • It is very easy to identify Toadette given that she is pink and the sole female of the Toad species (at least as far as one would know). Besides being the sister of the red-capped blue-vested Toad, she's done a few things such as take part in races much like that Toad did and even go on adventures with Captain Toad. It's not brought up often, but some have also seen that she likes animals and had performances at music recitals.
  • Blue Toad & Yellow Toad appear exactly as their names would suggest. They can use some of the same power-ups that Mario & Luigi can (provided that they have a Fire Flower, Ice Flower, or Penguin Suit), though these Toads being a minor duo is the most major thing that can be said about them.
    • Given their status of being a duo that sticks together in any sort of situation (or simply being Those Two Guys), they have gotten along with other duos such as Bulk & Skull and Timon & Pumbaa. On the other hand, both Toads (and the other Toads by extension) prefer to keep their distance from Junkrat & Roadhog, especially after hearing how these two Australian menaces had a few characteristics in common with Bowser.
  • Out of all of the Toads, Captain Toad could be considered to be the most proactive of the bunch due to him being the leader of the Toad Brigade and going off on expeditions to search for unusual stuff. For someone that can't jump, he's doing pretty well in his endeavors.
    • At times, Captain Toad would hang out with a few treasure hunters such as Indiana Jones and talk about their exploits. Sometimes, the relations are friendly; other times, there can be a bit of competition involved over getting a particular item.
    • The Murkrow flock has proven to be a frequent source of frustration for Captain Toad due to them being crows that steal things, a description that would remind him (and Toadette) of Wingo, a crow that also stole things and is potentially far more malicious than the Murkrow flock.
  • Names have been given to a few of the more noteworthy Toads (though Buckenberry & Ala-Gold were considered at one point to be the official given names of the prominent Blue Toad & Yellow Toad respectively), but so far there hasn't been any for the rest of the generic ones. Although some names have been tossed around for them, there have been few, if any, generic Toads that have distinct names.
    • Confusion as to which Toad is which can be considered the reasoning behind the idea to give the other Toads names. Although the red-capped blue-vested Toad following Peach around is considered to be the Toad, there has been confusion about if that Toad truly is the Toad or not. And then there's the possibility of if that Toad is Captain Toad or not. This is not getting to the possibility that the aforementioned red-capped blue-vested Toad has been impersonating as the blue Toad that follows around the yellow Toad.
  • Thank you troper, but our princess is in another house!


The Pikmin, Tiny Gods of Plant Mooks
Not shown: Rock and Winged Pikmin
  • Quasideities, Demigod in mass numbers.
  • Symbol: A small white flower
  • Theme Song: Ai no Uta
  • Alignment: True Neutral on their own, but they will follow whoever plucks them.
  • Portfolio: Zerg Rushing, Lilliputian Warriors, Often Too Dumb to Live, Badass Army, Happiness in Slavery, Badass Adorable, Color-Coded for Your Convenience (the whole), The Berserker, immune to fire (Red), can be thrown to high places, immune to electricity and become flowers(Yellow), can survive underwater and save drowning Pikmins and that's it (Blue), Acrofatic, strength of ten Pikmins (Purple), white body and red eyes, Poisonous Person (White), Dishing Out Dirt, cannot be crushed, Battering Ram (Rock), Airborne Mook, Ridiculously Cute Critter Up to Eleven (Winged)
  • Domains: Ant people, Plant-Animal Hybrids, Strength in Numbers
  • Followers: They don't have followers, but have a lot of leaders.
  • Main leader: Captain Olimar
  • The plant-animal creature from the planet PNF-404 that stands 1.2 centimeters and are usually the bottom of the food chain, unless they are under a control of leaders. It is these creatures that helped Olimar escaped the planet, find treasure to pay his company's debt, and would later aid three explorers find food and later Olimar to get the key back home.
  • Upon ascension, they've managed to infest every household. There are now billions of them all over the place. A few enterprising Gods and Goddess managed to put them to good use and get them to do grunt work and menial tasks. Most others are annoyed at them.
  • Being so small and having very few survival skills, the Pikmin can easily be killed by a lot of things. The most common way for Pikmin to die in the houses is to be stepped on by other gods and goddesses. Great care must be taken when you are around Pikmin, or you'll be forced to listen to their plaintive death cries if you accidentally step on a few. Pikmin don't have graves you know.
  • And God (well, one of them) help you if you listen to Ai no Uta. After hearing that, you'll never kill a Pikmin again. Or at least try not to.
  • If you see any objects in any household that appear to be moving on their own, it might be the Pikmin moving them around for some reason.
  • It is possible that enough of them can take on any deity in any household. Yes, even Mr. Rogers himself, though just trying to imagine just how many it would take would be a mind-shattering task.
  • Chuggaaconroy stays far away from them as possible, due to the fact that other gods will make multiple references about "Steve the Trooper" or anything related to them. It doesn't help that he notes that he wanted to change his name (Emile) to Steve when he was younger.
    • Odds are if you hear Chugga's ever-iconic scream and he's not recording or playing with friends, a red leaf pikmin somehow snuck into his room.
  • They are the main food source for Durant, which is unfortunate for Pikmin, as Durant are resilient to almost anything what Pikmin can do to them and even a swarm can't do much for a group of them. Fortunately for them, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna is their main protector against them, as she can dispatch them with danmaku.


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