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Here lies the greenhouse of the House of Plants, a place to study and grow any and every type of plant under the sun. It's also a place to grow fruit and vegetables for the House of Food to enjoy. While not plants, fungi are welcome and grow outside of the greenhouse, where the ground is wet and there is shade for them to use.

Pumpkins dominate the market during October. Candles and carving knives are sold separately.

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Greater Gods

Biollante, Deified Plant-Animal Hybrid (Biolante, Biolannte, Biolantte, Erika Shiragami)
Rose Biollante 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A sihoulette of herself
  • Theme Music: Her theme from Godzilla: Unleashed
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Healing Factor, Lightning Bruiser, Planimal, Mix-and-Match Critter, Combat Tentacles
  • Domains: Monsters, Plants, Teeth
  • Herald: Dr Genshiro Shiragami (her father)
  • Allies: Poison Ivy, Fate Testarossa, Rei Ayanami, Yuuka Kazami, Grass type Pokemon, Chaos, Tikal, Swamp Thing
  • Enemies: Godzilla (Maybe Teeth-Clenched Teamwork on the rare occasion), King Ghidorah, Gigan, Hedorah, Mordremoth, Ragnaros the Firelord, Mesogog, SHOU TUCKER
  • Unknown Connection: SpaceGodzilla
  • Pitied by: Gamera, MechaGodzilla III/Kiryu, Mothra and Leo
  • Biollante was created via the cells of a rose, Godzilla, and a scientist's deceased daughter. This particular kaiju has two forms: a relatively peaceful rose in her first form and a towering behemoth that's more aggresive and toothy for her second form (not to say that her first form isn't toothy; after all, her tentacles have teeth on them regardless of her form).
  • There's a debate on what's the genetic relationship between her and Godzilla. While their own universe don't consider them related in a family sense, others would disagree. Though, whether they can be consider siblings or parent/child is still a debated issue.
    • So far, Godzilla and Biollante haven't interact with one another. Some think this is a good thing since the last time they met, they were savagely ripping against one another. However, they can put their difference aside when facing evil Kaijus like King Ghidorah, Gigan and Hedorah.
  • When some deities look into Biollante's history, many were confuse on how she still existed. You see, people from the Future transported a pre-radioactive Godzilla out of the place he would of been radiated. If that happen, she wouldn't exist as Godzilla got radiated much later then when she would be born. Yet she still exist regardless. In fact, there's even theories she was the cause of SpaceGodzilla when her body dissolved and floated into space.
  • Members of the House of Metal and Minerals have tried to bar Biollante from entering their temple. That's because she always spread spores that cause the desolate landscape to grow flowers. It's unknown why she does that. Though, it could be a desire base on her father's wish to bring life to desert lands.
  • Biollante became very close friends with both Fate Testarossa and Rei Ayanami since all three are artificial beings of a person's love ones. However, compare to Fate and Rei, Biollante never had to deal with a abusive parent.
  • Poison Ivy has shown sympathy towards the plant Kaiju. Ivy is also one of the few deity to be able to communicate fully with Biollante since she is part plant as well. She also became close to Yuuka Kazami. Yuuka does care for Biollante like any other plants. And because of that, she willing to unleash wrath to anyone who would hurt her.
    • Swamp Thing has also expressed interest in helping Biollante, due to experiencing his own plant-based existential crisis.
  • Just like Godzilla, Mesogog has shown great interest in her genetic material. She wants to gain samples to use for his new Mutation Army.
  • Like many deities who are plants or are connected to them, Biollante despises Ragnaros the Firelord. The Fire elemental dismisses her as another worthless insect and is planning to burn her down.
  • Mordremoth wanted to assimilate Biollante into the Mordrem as one of his minions, so he sent a small horde of Mordrem and one of his commanders to capture Biollante for him. It is not known what the outcome of the battle would have been, but it was interrupted by Godzilla's arrival, forcing the remaining Mordrem to retreat.
  • Can also be found in Hybrid Beings.

Cetrion, Elder Goddess Of Plant Hair (Lady Cetrion, Elder Goddess of Virtue, Guardian of Life, The Light To Shinnok's Darkness, Steward Of Kronika's Vision, Nature Girl, Mama's Girl - both by Sonya Blade, Your Holiness - by Kano)
  • Greater Goddess (Overdeity if she possesses the Hourglass)
  • Symbol: Herself, Surrounded By Water, Ice, Fire, And Rocks
  • Theme Song: Kronika's Hourglass
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Combat Stilettos, Elemental Powers (including Plants And Ice), Fertile Feet, Light And Pure Is Not Good, Mother Nature, Mommy's Girl, Ms. Fanservice, Nature Is Not Nice, Physical God, Sizeshifter, Undying Loyalty
  • Domains: Light and Virtue, Nature, Betrayal, Family
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Targeted By: Every deified Bounty Hunter in the Pantheon (her bounty is $999,999,999!)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Caius Ballard (just like Mom)
  • Pitied By: Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Interested In: Heather Mason
  • Conflicting Opinion With: YHVH
  • Shinnok. Has A. Sister? Kronika, sure, but a sister?? As Cassie Cage had once famously stated upon discovering this fact, "There's like, no family resemblance." Thanks to Kronika and Shinnok, Cetrion has made her way to the Pantheon.
  • With Cetrion's ascension. Kronika's scheme is made clear: she wishes both Shinnok and Cetrion to wage an eternal war against each other, Light versus Darkness, in order to restore the balance between the realms. The Main House immediately told Kronika that was not to happen in the Pantheon.
  • Cetrion despises those who do harm to their family. She especially has it in for Erron Black, as he shot his own father (despite Black claiming that the sonoabitch had it coming). And as confirmed by Cassie Cage, his relationship with his mother wasn't any better. Kratos is a close second due to his war against the Olympians. Her devotion to family is seen especially when carrying out Kronika's will.
    • But, despite her devotion to her mother, even Cetrion has her limits. She's on the fence regarding YHVH, but chooses to hold back. After all, the most important thing to her is honoring one's parents.
    • Speaking of Kratos, Atreus called Cetrion out when she criticized his father and his vendetta against Zeus and his relatives, pointing out that Cetrion herself murdered her fellow Elder Gods on Kronika's orders. Since then, Cetrion found herself at odds with the angry Spartan and his half-blooded son
    • Speaking of Erron Black, he has confirmed that the bounty on Cetrion's head is a jaw-dropping $999,999,999! Of course, this puts Cetrion on the radar of every deified bounty hunter in the Pantheon.
  • Once reached out to Ororo Munroe and Pamela Isley in order to recruit more numbers for Kronika's New Era, with the promises of reuniting with T'Challa and making Earth a New Eden respectively. Unfortunately, Cetrion's reputation proceeded her, being Shinnok's sister and being the one responsible for murdering the Elder Gods. That, and Kronika isn't a Titaness of her word, as her past actions have shown.
    • Despite being a paragon of light and virtue, Cetrion is not on good terms with Gaia and Captain Planet. Maybe it's because Cetrion is a willing participant in Kronika's scheme to undo the realms. Either way, whenever Cetrion visits the House of Nature, the other gods watch her every move.
  • If the fact that she sides with Kronika doesn't piss Raiden off, it's the fact that not only did Cetrion wiped out the Elder Gods in a decapitation strike, but also the fact that Cetrion claimed that both her and Frost assassinated Fujin, the God of Wind. Raiden is more than willing to go Dark Raiden on her just for that.
  • Discovered Kolin and her cryokinesis simply by chance. This led her to her direct superiors, Gill and Urien. Seeing potential in getting the Illuminati on board with Kronika's New Era, Cetrion seeks out an alliance, promising that should Gill's Illuminati join Kronika, then their organization shall be exalted in the New Era. In the first time that the two brothers agree on anything, both Gill and Urien refused the offer. Declaring that the New Era has no place for them, Cetrion departs, promising that the next time they meet, they shall be enemies.
  • If Cetrion dislikes Liu Kang when he's in Fire God mode, then she really despises the Avatars, mainly Aang and Korra, but mostly Korra, as she can match Cetrion move-for-move, and with the Avatar State activated, is even more powerful than Cetrion. Only if Cetrion has the Hourglass is she more powerful than Korra.
  • Was successful in making contact with Regime Superman, making him an offer he can't refuse: both the Regime and his deceased wife restored, and Batman wiped from history. The former High Councilor is seriously considering that offer.
  • Surprisingly, Satsuki Kiryuin understands Cetrion, as she herself was loyal to her own mother, Ragyo Kiryuin, who was just as horrible to her as Kronika was to Cetrion.
  • Should Cetrion usurps her mother and takes the Hourglass, Cetrion chooses to baptize the denizens of the realms in hellfire after numerous failures in trying to maintain order in the various timelines. After centuries of battle, good will triumph, and in Cetrion's eyes, "they will be humbled. Eager to embrace the light." She sees something a connection with Heather Mason (aka Cheryl Mason, aka Alessa Gillespie). Or rather, a connection between herself and her unwanted followers, The Order, who believe that Heather is Saint Alessa reincarnated, of whom will lead the chosen to Paradise "with blood-stained hands." While Heather wants nothing to do with her, Cetrion is trying to convince Heather to accept her destiny.
  • Also has a spot in Hair Styles
  • "The restoration of time will not predetermine your destiny. That is for you to shape."

Shishigami, Celestial Entity of Fertile Feet (The Great Forest Spirit)
Shishigami (The Great Forest Spirit)
Didarabocchi (Nightwalker) 
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: Itself in deer form
  • Alignment: Blue-and-Orange Morality/True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Nature Spirit, The Old Gods, Above Good and Evil, The Voiceless
  • Domains: Life, Death, Nature
  • Allies: Totoro, Xerneas, Yveltal, Celebi, Spring Sprite, H’aanit, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Aang, Korra, Wan, Orion
  • Enemies: Firebird, Hexxus, those who actively seek to harm nature
  • Source of Interest for: Hircine, Peryite
  • Target of: GUAD
  • Special Relations: San, Ashitaka, Lady Eboshi, Moro, Okkoto
  • There exist numerous gods in a Japanese forest, dedicated to protecting it from humans that dare threaten it. The strongest and oldest god to live among them all is a spirit known as Shishigami, otherwise known as The Great Forest Spirit. By day, it takes on the form of a deer-like creature and by night, it becomes a gargantuan entity with a starry body known as Didarabocchi (Nightwalker). As a god of life and death, it can give life to anyone it sees fit and take it away just as quickly. Wherever it goes, plants not only grow, but wither away, further enforcing its role. Should its head become decapitated, it becomes an uncontrollable force of destruction that only brings about death to anyone in its way.
  • One day, a strange-looking deer was sighted in the Pantheon, roaming around and making plants grow and wither wherever it went. The witness who was trying to describe got dismissed as thinking another Xerneas was in the Pantheon despite the Pokemon being blue. When that witness returned to the forest later that day to get video evidence of the other deer, he managed to see it, but as night was about to arrive in the Pantheon, the “deer” suddenly transformed into a towering humanoid creature, causing the witness to run off in a panic. The witness was given a bit more credibility after the video he took was turned in and plenty are curious about The Great Forest Spirit since its sudden arrival.
  • Ashitaka and San were among the first to learn about The Great Forest Spirit’s arrival in the Pantheon, with the former recalling what he said to San about the Forest Spirit surviving in some way despite getting killed off. Both Ashitaka and San have seen the Forest Spirit on occasion, and San’s animal companions being more than aware of its presence. Lady Eboshi later learned of The Forest Spirit’s return and given how horribly things turned out when she tried to go after it, she has moved on to other endeavors, but the memory of it all still remains.
  • Totoro and Shishigami managed to get along with each other very well by virtue of being nature spirits. There is a significant contrast between them as while Totoro is friendly to those that can see him (which is mostly children), Shishigami is more distant and keeps a sharper eye on what’s happening in the forest around them. For those that are on good terms with both of them (and especially Shishigami), Totoro is willing to help evacuate them from Shishigami’s headless bouts of violence.
  • Both Xerneas and Yveltal hold a good level of respect towards The Great Forest Spirit given its role as a god of life and death, much like how the two Pokemon have a role in enforcing life and death respectively. Xerneas and Yveltal tend to hang out in the forest where The Great Forest Spirit and its associates are at and are good friends with the rest of them as well. Since The Great Forest Spirit is a popular target among those looking to prove themselves, the Pokemon are willing to join with the Spirit and its allies in defending the forest and drive out the invaders from disrupting the natural balance of life and death.
  • Celebi was quite happy to find another nature-based deity, especially since Shishigami had quite a bit in common with what Celebi went through at one point. Someone had tried to take Celebi for itself, resulting in the Pokemon becoming corrupted and destroying the forest that it was dedicated to protecting, eventually getting killed and later brought back to life. Shishigami holds Celebi in high regard and both entities have taken to visiting each other’s forests and protecting them from those that seek to destroy it. Celebi is rather determined in making sure Shishigami doesn’t get corrupted whenever the two are together.
  • Among those who were highly curious about Shishigami was The Spring Sprite. As someone who values nature and is very representative about life in general, The Spring Sprite was impressed with the deer form of Shishigami and was even more in awe of seeing The Nightwalker. It was through her that the spirit learned of her counterpart, The Firebird, a destructive entity that the sprite unwittingly awoke and unleashed firey death wherever it went. Even as someone who symbolizes both life and death, The Great Forest Spirit felt that The Firebird was very extreme on the “death” part of the equation and seeing its destruction wasn’t all that different from what would happen if the spirit were to lose its head.
  • The sight of Shishigami was something that awed Bambi when he first saw it from a distance. Later in the night as Bambi was looking for it, he ended up seeing a colossal creature towering over the forest the deer was in, causing a bit of wariness from him. While Bambi was assured that the deer he saw at day and the large creature at night are one and the same and that the presence of it ensures the forest both of them walk on is safe, he was told to stay far away from it should it lose its head, as Bambi is very much unable to run fast from the destruction it’ll cause. Shishigami is a bit distant towards Bambi, but still has a degree of respect towards him as it does towards other forest creatures.
  • As it is an Avatar’s duty to ensure the balance of nature, the elements and the spirit world, Aang and Korra were quick to understand who Shishigami was and its role. When Aang first saw the Nightwalker, its appearance reminded him of when he channeled the Spirit of the Moon. Shishigami has nothing but respect for both Aang and Korra (as well as their shared predecessor Wan) for their role in ensuring the overall balance of the natural world and the spirit world. Aang and Korra are willing to protect Shishigami from those that are after it and should it become decapitated, both will do whatever they can to stop its rampage.
  • It sees humans as a flawed kind of creature, though it is willing to let them live given how much suffering humans have had in the past. Even if Eboshi is every bit as flawed as described and knew her mistakes, others in the Pantheon, including those willing to destroy nature for their own selfish ends, are far more vile than the humans Shishigami had witnessed. Those who have tried to destroy natural habitats such as Mr. Burns have made attempts to build more toxic locations on natural places, but have consistently been thwarted by various means. Shishigami is more than displeased that no matter how many times they’ve been driven out by nature, some humans are very stubborn and uncaring of greater events (including cataclysmic ones) just to pursue a goal only they are interested in.
  • Hexxus, an entity born from pollution caused by mankind, considers Shishigami to be little more than a nuisance to his desire to turn the world into a toxic landscape. Shishigami was unsettled with the fact that there was something born out of mankind’s desire to needlessly destroy serene landscapes and would want nothing more than to see Hexxus gone entirely. The fact that a spirit of nature would turn into a destructive force if it loses its head only mildly amused Hexxus, as he believes that he should be the one to go out and destroy nature as he wants.
  • The GUAD has taken high notice of The Great Forest Spirit for what it is. While it swiftly brings life and death wherever it goes, the organization is more interested in how much death it unleashes once its head comes off. They have sent a lot of their troops to go after the Forest Spirit, but most of these attempts have ended in failure. Even if someone is successful in decapitating the head, all the damage that’s been caused will be undone one way or another and the spirit itself will eventually come back later given that it can’t actually die in the Pantheon (much like everything else there).
  • Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind first saw Shishigami while the two were going out on their own matters. As the two approached the Forest Spirit, Malfurion was reminded of his mentor Cenarius, who was born from Stag Wild God that was similar to Shishigami. Both Malfurion and Tyrande have gotten on Shishigami’s good side and they (Tyrande in particular) have also offered to help the Spirit out whenever it becomes Nightwalker and drive out those that seek to harm it.
  • Hircine wasn’t entirely surprised after seeing another powerful deer in the Pantheon and, as The Great Stag, was willing to meet up with it. Given that he wasn’t on the best of terms with Xerneas despite his expectations, Hircine was hoping that Shishigami would be more open to understanding him. However, Shishigami shared much of the same concerns that Xerneas had about Hircine and is very worried about the damages that could be done with Hircine’s hunting battles. For the time being, Hircine is content enough to watch others try and defeat The Great Forest Spirit in battle (be it in Hircine’s Hunting Grounds or elsewhere) and is even interested in testing his strength against Shishigami itself one day, though in a fairer, lesser form.
    • Another Daedric Prince that took an interest in The Great Forest Spirit was Peryite. As someone who spreads around plagues as part of enforcing Natural Order (according to him at least), he was willing to meet up with a nature spirit, hoping to find a powerful ally that can help somewhat offset him not being as respected among the Daedric Princes. Seeing The Forest Spirit walk around and leaving growing plants that wither just as quickly in its wake was something that earned Peryite’s approval given how it offered a glimpse of what the Natural Order should be. He has very much done what he can do get on Shishigami’s good side and although he hasn’t gotten that far aside from getting a level of acknowledgement from the spirit, he’s hopeful that it can lead to something bigger.
  • Given her background as a huntress and having previously encountered a giant deer that served as a guardian of a forest, H’aanit was more than curious about Shishigami and its overall role. She very much respects the wilderness for what it is and has no tolerance for anyone that dares defile it through anything including hunting out of amusement. Learning that The Great Forest Spirit can become a destructive monster if it loses its head reminded H’aanit of Redeye, a creature of darkness that she was tasked to go after. The remaining Travelers are willing to aid H’aanit in supporting Shishigami given what H’aanit has gone through and are even willing to put a stop to its headless rampage should that happen.

Intermediate Gods

    Fresh Pretty Cures 
Fresh Pretty CuresMembers , Quartet Goddesses of Clover Symbolism (Love: Cure Peach; Miki: Cure Berry, Miki-tan; Inori: Cure Pine, Buki; Setsuna: Eas, Cure Passion, Secchan)
The Fresh Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Peach, Cure Passion, Cure Pine, and Cure Berry.

Gourgeist, Goddess of Pumpkin Creatures (Pumpkin Pokémon, Pumpjin)
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess with Dynamax.
  • Symbol: The carved-out face on her pumpkin
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Gender: Female
  • Ability: Frisk
  • Moves: Trick-or-Treat, Leech Seed, Will-O-Wisp, Phantom Force
    • Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Portfolio: Pumpkin Creature, Grass-Type, Ghost-Type, Cute, But Sadistic, Mighty Glacier, Took a Level in Jerkass, Prehensile Hair, Taker Her Foes to Trick-or-Treating, Curses People With Singing
  • Domains: Plants, Ghosts, Creatures, Halloween
  • Followers: Lord Pumpkin, Pumpkin Rapper, Squashini, Jacko
  • Allies: Jessie, James, Meowth, Mad King Thorn, Jack O'Lantern, Koume Shirasaka
  • Enemies: Jack Skellington
  • Gourgeist is a type of Pokémon who looks like a carved-out gourd with a face and hair-like arms. The species of Pokémon is known to come in multiple sizes, which modifies one's HP, Attack and Speed stats. This particular Gourgeist has the biggest possible size (Super Size), thus giving her higher-than-normal HP and Attack, but lower-than-normal Speed.
  • While Gourgeist might look cute and all, she is actually rather evil. It enjoys seeing her victims struggle in her hands if she catches them and is known to sing in the middle of the night during the new moon, with her singing known to curse those who hear her song. This particularly off when one considers that Pumpkaboo are known to be helpful Psychopomps. Just what happens to a Pumpkaboo when one evolves?
    • Note that this does make Gourgeist one of only Pokémon who can be labelled as being actively evil, so to speak. Even Bisharp is only really "evil" because it chooses to. Gourgeist is just an asshole.
  • Gourgeist is thankful of Jessie of Team Rocket taking care of a Pumpkaboo and managing to evolve it into a Gourgeist.
  • Gourgeist has a special move known as Trick-or-Treat which supposedly makes her take her foes to trick-or-treating. Somehow, this makes them have a Ghost-type when used, even if they have two different types already. And since Ghost is weak to itself, Gourgeist can abuse it to her advantage.
    • Her relation with trick-or-treating really puts a bad taste on Jack Skellington as he doesn't like something like Gourgeist to be associated with Halloween. Thorn, on the other hand, is all for her tricks.
  • Even though Gourgeist is a Grass-type, she can potentially learn a decent amount of Fire-type moves. In fact, Gourgeist can have a decent type coverage... if it wasn't for the fact that most of those moves are Special, and Gourgeist is a physical attacker.
  • If you're wondering why she is an Evil Counterpart to Trevenant, it is because both of them are Grass/Ghost-types who are ghosts possessing some sort of plant, have to be traded to evolve and have a move what adds a typing to the opponent. However, where as Trevenant is friendlier than he looks, Gourgeist is more malicious than she looks.
  • Oddly enough, Koume seems to really like Gourgeist, apparently not really realizing that what they say about Gourgeist might be true. Gourgeist is both confused but flattered by her affection, however.
  • Recently, Gourgeist found kinsman-ship with the Headless Horseman, due mainly to their shared association with flaming pumpkins. The two have since become partners, with Gourgeist serving as a substitute head for the Horseman to throw at unsuspecting travellers.

    Mushroom-based Pokemon 
Parasect, Breloom, Amoonguss and Shiinotic, Deified Fungi Being Considered Plants (Parasect, Breloom and Amoonguss: The Mushroom Pokemon; Breloom: Kinogassa; Amoonguss: Morobareru Shiinotic: The Illuminating Pokemon, Mashade)
Top left: Parasect, Top right: Breloom, Bottom left: Amoongus, Bottom right: Shiinotic
  • Intermediate Gods (Parasect and Breloom) and Goddesses (Amoonguss and Shiinotic). Greater Deities when Dynamaxed.
  • Symbols: A mushroom in the grass (collectively), a significantly toned down sample of the cordecyps fungus (Parasect), green boxing gloves with mushroom symbols on them (Breloom), a Pokeball with a mushroom insigna (Amoonguss), a mushroom-shaped night light (Shiinotic)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Parasect and Shiinotic), True Neutral (Breloom and Amoonguss)
  • Abilities: Effect Spore (Parasect), Poison Heal (Breloom), Regenerator (Amoongus), Illuminate (Shiinotic)
  • Gender: Male (Parasect and Breloom), Female (Amoongus and Shiinotic)
  • Moveset
    • Shared move: Spore
    • Parasect's moves: X-Scissor, Giga Drain, Poison Jab
    • Breloom's moves: High Jump Kick, Seed Bomb, Counter
    • Amoonguss' moves: Sludge Bomb, Toxic, Energy Ball
    • Shiinotic moves: Moonblast, Strength Sap, Dazzling Gleam
    • Z-Moves: Savage Spin-Out (Parasect), All-Out Pummelling (Breloom), Acid Downpour (Amoonguss), Twinkle Tackle (Shiinotic)
  • Shared profile: Green Thumb, Fungi Are Plants, Only Line That Can Naturally Use Spore, Recurring Element
  • Domains: Mushrooms, Plants, Mons (all of them), Infection, Growths, Creepiness (Parasect), Combat, Boxers (Breloom), Disguises, Pokeballs, Poison (Amoonguss), Fairies, Illumination (Shiinotic)
  • Interests: Pamela Isley, Alec Holland (all of them), Beelzebub (Beelzebub)
  • Allies(as a whole): Ash Ketchum, Mario, Luigi and the Mario Kingdom (especially the Toads)
  • On good terms with: The Goombas, the Bloom and Doom Seed Co Plants (as a whole)
  • Rivals: The Pirahna Plants, Audrey II (Amoonguss)
  • Enemies(as a whole): Team Rainbow Rocket, Pokemon Hunter J, violent pyromancers, The Shroobs
  • Opposes: The Fire and Heat, Ice and Cold and Birds sub-house, the Hag (the lot), psychic gods (Breloom and Amoonguss), the Toxicity and Metal and Minerals sub-houses (Shiinotic)
  • Opposed by: Wirt and Greg (Amoonguss and Shiinotic), its own House of Plants (Parasect)
  • On poor terms with: Toothiana (Shiinotic)
  • Wary of: Bowser (the lot), The Reaper (Amoonguss)
  • In the world of Pokémon, there are four lines of mushroom-based Grass types. Despite mushrooms belonging to a different phylum from plants, they are still considered such by Pokemon's elemental systems. They are the only Pokemon who naturally have access to Spore, a 100% accuracy status move that inflicts sleep.
  • Applies to all of them
    • The four mushroom Pokemon are considered oddities of the House of Plants since as mentioned they shouldn't be considered plants, yet manage to be both that and fungi. Of course there are plenty of plant-animal combos so they aren't total anomalies. Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy were interested in them because as they are both plant and fungi, they have ties to both the Green and the fungi-based Grey. This could make them an asset to the different natural kingdoms were they motivated enough.
    • The lot were immediately interested in the Mushroom Kingdom and its inhabitants, being mushroom creatures. They were impressed by the heroism of Mario and Luigi, and felt at home with the Toads who welcomed them as members of the House of Plants despite some other deities declaring "they're fungi so they shouldn't count". They prefer to stay away from Bowser given his villainous reputation, though don't have any hard feelings against him and they tend to get along with the Goombas in general.
    • Given their amicable relationship with the Toads and not being incredibly evil, the fungal Pokemon hate and fear the Shroobs. None of them are fond of the Hag for that matter, whose experiments with an odd mushroom corrupted the Weald's inhabitants into horrific fungal monstrosities. They are on good terms with the Bloom and Doom Seed Co Plants, who have a bunch of mushrooms in their line up.
    • All of them share an aversion to Fire type moves, with Parasect taking it especially badly. Along with the usual suspects of Team Rainbow Rocket and Pokemon Hunter J, any violent fire wielder is on their hit list. None of them are fond of birds or cryomancers due to it being a shared weakness. Individually Breloom and Amoongus dislike psychic deities and Shiinotic takes special offense for both poison and metal deities.
  • Applies to Parasect
    • The Bug/Grass Parasect is the creepiest of the four mushroom Pokemon and the most tragic being based on the cordecyps. As a Paras it had a mind-controlling fungus planted on it, taking control as a Parasect. Joel and Ellie express a lot of sympathy for Parasect, given the fact that he's a husk of a bug controlled by fungi, much like most of humanity in their own world. They have decided to make Parasect their partner in order to give the poor thing the love it needs
    • It is unknown how much of the insect is left, but the Mario brothers really hope it isn't suffering. Parasect is more the mushroom than anything, who's known to infest large trees en masse and drain nutrients from the lower trunk and roots. When an infested tree dies, they move onto another tree all at once. As such nobody in the House of Plants was happy to see it return to the pantheon. Though not evil, Treebeard takes personal offense by its infective nature.
    • Parasect's relationship with Chaac is a beneficial one, as it helps his mushroom—who is pretty much the personality now instead of the bug—grow better in the rain and help against his weakness to fire. Some gods have made comparisons between Parasect and Headcrabs, another crab-like creature who happen to be parasites themselves. However only the Radiance cares enough to exploit Parasect, hoping to use its insect-fungus connection in order to spread her control to flora.
    • Being effectively possessed by the mushroom, whatever's left of the bug half of Parasect has an ax to grind towards Pazuzu due to being a possessor. It stays neutral on Beelzebub, however the Lord of the Flies demonstrates a lot more interest on the Pokemon; the fungus' nature of infesting and spreading intrigues a being such as Beelzebub, as flies are want to spread and infest where they please. He considers its squickier traits pleasant.
  • Applies to Breloom
    • Breloom started as a simple puffball/earth star Pokemon known as Shroomish, however evolved into the Grass/Fighting Breloom. It may not look like it, but he has stretchy arms that it can use like boxing gloves. The humanoid mushroom was interested in Little Mac because he's an expert boxer, and the green boxing gloves fit Breloom. That said, when not stretching them out the boxing gloves look rather silly on the Mushroom Man.
    • Breloom is one of a handful of Pokemon with Poison Heal as a possible ability, which it has in the pantheon. As such it will be healed by poisoning instead of harmed. So when seeing toxic deities as completely reprehensible as the Yellow Bastard Breloom can strike them down with a punch, and allows him to oppose the likes of Hexxus more than most Grass types...though poison attacks still hurt him like they would other Breloom.
    • His ability makes Salazzle's Toxic useful for him, and allows him to be more powerful alongside Toxie...just as long as they don't physically use poisonous attacks on him. It also aids him alongside Coco. Breloom is also an ally to the Roger Family, as it takes a lot of traits of a kangaroo and is a bit of a boxer itself.
  • Applies to Amoonguss
    • Amoonguss ascended because people assumed it was a Pokeball, only to attack someone who checked. She (yes, she) isn't sure why because she's 2 feet tall, but as very few Pokemon are fooled by the disguise she was just glad people were fooled for once. She was oddly fond of MacMillian due to his use of hiding himself as Mobile Shrubbery, as she hides by looking like a valuable object.
    • Amoonguss tends to keep to herself, wanting to keep the illusion of being a Pokeball to catch prey. She likes to hang out with Whispy Woods, a tree who like herself isn't that mobile and allows her to blend in better. Wirt and Greg's experience in the forest have them wary of the mushroom as Amoonguss has a distinctly predatory reason for looking like a Pokeball. She notices her Chest Monster traits are similar to Lesser Kraeken known as Mimku, though they have different environments so don't interact much.
    • She waits for prey to come close enough to her, and has come to blame both Audrey II and the Pirahna Plants for stealing potential food from her. Amoonguss is also aware of the official Chest Monster, Reaper, but considers him scary. She doesn't like it when trolls keep comparing her to the Crewmates and calling her Amogus or Sus. The Crewmates treat Amoonguss with mild suspicion given her aggressive mimicry reminds them of the Imposter, but she's not interested in eating humans or whatever they are.
  • Applies to Shiinotic
    • Forests where Shiinotic live are treacherous to enter at night. People confused by its strange lights can never find their way home again. It is the most ominous of the mushroom Pokemon, and is regarded as more sinister by Wirt and Greg than Amoonguss who is simply a predator. The Dreams and Nightmares hall is keeping watch over the Illumination Pokemon as when it gets its prey sleeping with its spores, it will drain them with its Creepy Long Fingers...well roots, but they have the same effect.
    • Shiinotic is one of the fey, which is part of the line's creepiness. However most fairies tend to stay away from her. Toothina, who works in the night, considers her kind of creepy and may be troublesome for her job as the tooth fairy. The Illumination Pokemon was more welcome in the court of Oberon and Titania, where she works to guide visitors with her Illuminate ability. Titania has made Shiinotic her partner in order to keep her in check and behave in the pantheon.
    • Chanticleer is interested in Shiinotic's bioluminescence as a light for those that need it during the night time. Both the Grand Duke of Owls and Chernabog consider the light of Shiinotic to be very frustrating for their own darkness-oriented goals.

    Piranha Plants 
Piranha Plants, Collective of Plant Mooks (Packun Flower, Bloom of Your Doom)
A generic potted Piranha Plant
Petey Piranha
  • Intermediate God (Petey Piranha); Demideities (many of the lower level Piranha Plants)
  • Symbol: The face of a generic Piranha Plant
  • Theme Music: Underground Theme - Super Mario Bros.
    • Petey Piranha: Plant Power
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Man-Eating Plant, Comes in Many Different Variants
  • Domains: Plants, Bite
  • Superiors: Bowser, Bowser Jr., The Koopalings
  • Allies: The rest of the Koopa Troop, Wario, Waluigi, King Boo (mainly regarding Petey Piranha), Audrey II, Poison Ivy, Cagey Carnation
  • Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Captain Olimar & Pikmin, Galeem & Dharkon, The Courier, Dr. Zomboss
  • Admired by: Viridi
  • Wariness from: Crazy Dave
  • As one of several kinds of soldiers in Bowser’s army, the Piranha Plants play their part in serving as obstacles in the various journeys of Mario and his friends. With their sharp teeth and preferring to stay in pipes, these Piranha Plants lie in wait, hoping to take a bite out of anyone stupid enough to get close to them. They come in many varieties, with some plants able to poison their foes and others able to spit out fire, with Petey Piranha serving as one of the strongest of the bunch.
  • In a sprawling jungle in the Pantheon, a group of explorers were searching for some treasure and they managed to find an underground cavern filled with pipes. Those pipes contained a bevy of man-eating plants looking to sink their teeth into anyone nearby. Those regular Piranha Plants didn’t pose much of a problem for those explorers, but as they went deeper in the cave, the plants became more varied and in the deepest depths of the cave housed Petey Piranha, a large plant that was fairly mobile and spat out gunk to hinder anyone that opposed him. The explorers were able to outwit Petey and take the treasure that he was guarding. Despite the explorers’ success in taking the item, there were many other Piranha Plants across the Pantheon and Petey himself was bound to be somewhere else, either following the orders of Bowser or operating independently of Bowser’s army.
  • Besides being involved with Bowser and his various plots, the Piranha Plants have sometimes been seen with Wario and Waluigi whenever the duo are causing mischief. The generic Piranha Plants enjoy the duo’s company, though there is a bit of a stronger connection with Waluigi thanks to him opting to use a Piranha Plant as a partner of his during certain Mario Party events involving duels in smaller boards. Petey Piranha sometimes joins in with the duo whenever he’s bored, though he likes hanging out with King Boo, another leader of mooks within Bowser’s army who sometimes joins Petey in kart races involving two-seaters whenever they aren’t actively putting others in great danger. Not only that, Petey has often participated in numerous sports contests arranged by Mario and Co., usually representing the Piranha Plants who, at most, show up as audience members or as obstacles in some gimmicky courses.
  • At one point, Petey Piranha crashed one of the Smash tournaments just as an army form Subspace was ready to attack, trapping Peach and Zelda in cages and Kirby needing to defeat him in order to save one of the princesses (the other was captured by Wario during the chaos). Some of the generic Piranha Plants became direct participants in a later Smash tournament, with Petey temporarily showing up whenever those specific Piranha Plants can use a Final Smash. Those Piranha Plants who fought in the Smash tournament serve as some of the stronger members of the team thanks to being able to engage in direct combat against much more dangerous enemies, with Petey helping these plants out if they’re in trouble.
  • While most of their work is done with Bowser and the Koopa Troop, the Piranha Plants have taken a liking to working with other plant deities such as Audrey II (and the Piranha Plants sometimes show up to add some flair to Audrey II’s musical numbers at times), Cagey Carnation, and Poison Ivy. Of them, Poison Ivy is fond of their company to the point of not only recruiting some of them to unleash some more plant-based terror, but also keeps one potted Piranha Plant in her home that often gets a bit snappy whenever intruders show up.
  • Appropriately given her status as a Nature Spirit, Viridi has shown great admiration towards the Piranha Plant line. Whenever they’re brought up during a conversation, she’ll be quick to bring up the large number of variants they have, though many of the people that either aren’t nature-savvy or don’t like getting into long conversations will try to shut her up. Even if she can’t completely extoll how great these creatures are to others, Viridi has taken to getting some Piranha Plants to join her army to further her goal of wiping out those that destroy nature.
  • Dr. Zomboss finds the Piranha Plants to be infuriating to him given how not only do plants like them keep thwarting his plans, but the sheer number and variety of them meant the zombies have even less of a chance at getting their goals accomplished since the stronger variants (especially Petey Piranha) will make quick work of his army. It’s simply motivated Zomboss to get more creative and ambitious with the kinds of zombies he can come up with. As for Crazy Dave, he did find the Piranha Plants to be useful and did try to meet up with their “leader” Petey Piranha, but it ended poorly, partially because of Petey’s aggressive and dim-witted behavior, and partly because of Dave being crazy. Cagey Carnation, a morally dubious flower, has been convincing Dave following that meeting that the Piranha Plants really are useful in fending off Zomboss’ army and while he did acknowledge it, the initial meeting with the Piranha Plants left enough of an impression on him that they aren’t used much by him in garden defense.
  • As part of a mission to recover some underground items for others to use or sell, Olimar and his Pikmin found themselves in a partially submerged cavern with some pots and pipes, with some of the items he was looking for next to those structures. Olimar and his Pikmin were attacked by some Piranha Plants while trying to get the treasures and at the bottom of that cavern he was exploring, he found a Dino Piranha, which ended up giving him and his Pikmin a difficult time. Following the defeat of Dino Piranha, Olimar catalogued it and the other Piranha Plants he encountered underground, noting that these creatures would be ubiquitous and he’d encounter different versions of them depending on the environment he’s at.
  • While fire and poison would normally be a problem for plants like them (fire especially since it’s a common way to deal with those plants), there are some Piranha Plant variants that are able to spit out fire or spew poison as a means to deter anyone close to them. There are also Piranha Plants that have a cold bite, some with spikes covered on them, some that can elongate themselves, and even Piranha Plants that are made of bones, yet somehow able to function like others of their kind. In general, depending on the environment, there’s likely to be some Piranha Plants with the fitting abilities there.
  • The Piranha Plants as a whole are generally regarded to be nuisances, though one deity who has a more notable dislike of them is The Courier. It can be attributed to The Courier having previously visited a Vault that originally had plants sustained in order to keep its population alive. Vault 22 fell into disarray after the fungus meant for pest control wiped out the population inside and mutated some of them. That Vault also had some killer plants while The Courier was exploring it and the Piranha Plants being ubiquitous across the Pantheon didn’t endear them to The Courier and even if they didn’t look nearly as threatening as those killer plants from Vault 22, The Courier is willing to eliminate any Piranha Plant that gets in their way.
  • Petey is sometimes seen on the baseball field playing baseball, with some wondering how he hits the ball (he uses his arms). After swinging a home run on the first pitch and using its body to ram Yamcha off first base on his second hit, other baseball players give him a wide berth of space. Many other baseball teams wanted to sign him to their team, but he's under the employ of Wario, though he does play for Peach on other occasions.
    • Baseball isn't the only sport he's good at either, he sometimes hits the tennis courts and has been spotted playing soccer, while he has been spotted playing golf on other occasions. He's no slouch in those sports either, with his strength coming in handy.
  • Petey's also a fearsome kart racer, racing in heavy vehicles, with King Boo as his partner. Both are feared for being able to use any character exclusive item, with some learning this the hard way.

    The Wasp King 
Hoaxe, God of Turning into Flora (the Wasp King, The Everlasting King, the Usurper)
Click here to see The Everlasting King 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as The Everlasting King)
  • Symbol: His crown.
  • Theme Songs: The Usurper; The Usurper, Grasping For Power; Transcending, Overpowering, Everlasting (specific to his Everlasting King form)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Wicked Wasps (even though he's not a real wasp, but wasp-mimic fly]] ok Oli seldo), Crown of Power, All-Encompassing Mantle, Evil Overlord, Demented Ruler, Used to be a friendless trash collector, Brainwashed the entirety of the Wasp Kingdom and usurped their queen, Playing with Fire, Evil Is Burning Hot, Violent and foul-tempered, Wants to conquer Bugaria just for the sake of being in power, Immortality Seeker, Determinator, Extremely and outstandingly vile in a relatively tame setting
  • Domains: Wasps, Royalty, Tyranny, Flies, Crowns, Fire, Brainwashment, Search for Immortality, Plants, Transformations
  • "Allies": Melkor, Hopper, Turbo/King Candy, Zant
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Flowey, Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Rivals: Queen Sectonia, King Sombra
  • Enemies: Team Snakemouth, The House of Plants, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Nightmare Moon, Midna, Shokichi Komachi, Queen Vanessa, Beelzebub (one-sided friendly on Beelzebub's part)
  • Frequent underling/brainwashment target: Waspinator
  • Interested in: Shadow Queen, The Radiance, Volcarona
  • A son of the wasp-mimic fly family, Hoaxe was abandoned by his parents before he said his first words as a desperate measure to keep him alive. Spending the rest of his life fighting the Dead Landers, he eventually reached Bugaria and blended in with the Wasp Kingdom's populace. However, he was shunned by his peers and had to become a trash collector to make a living. Eventually, he left the Kingdom, with nobody noticing, and spent all of his savings to buy a crown from a hapless trinket seller. Said crown turned out to be the ancient Roach relic that gave him immense flame magic and power to brainwash wasps. With his newfound powers, he returned to the Wasp Kingdom and brainwashed its entire populace and usurped their queen, Vanessa, turning the kingdom into his personal army, and set his eyes on the Everlasting Sapling, a plant said to grant immortality, and spreading his rule across entire Bugaria. Leading two assaults on the Ant Kingdom, he successfully retrieved the artifacts and went straight into the Giants' Lair, chased by the Ant Kingdom's forces. Eventually, he reached the Sapling...only to learn that it had wilted from the lack of sunlight. Refusing to accept this fate, he greedily devoured its sole remaining leaf and turned into The Everlasting King, a Planimal demigod who possessed near-limitless power. Even then, he was still defeated by Team Snakemouth, and when he lost his power, he involuntarily turned into an inanimate tree, left to serve as a grim warning to no longer seek the Sapling's power.
  • Ever since he met his end in the mortal realm, his soul was retrieved by Melkor, who told him of the Pantheon and offered him a choice — the Wasp King would assist him and GUAE in his plans of conquest, in exchange of gaining a physical body and the godhood, and getting a chance to get back at those who had wronged him, or to permanently remain an inanimate tree back in his own world. Initially, he wasn't too keen on accepting his offer...until he learned that Team Snakemouth, the ones responsible for his downfall, were in the Pantheon, after which he immediately agreed on terms presented by Melkor.
    • With his new physical body and the ability to turn into The Everlasting King form at will, the first thing Wasp King did was to use his flame magic to start the uncontrollable fire in the House of Plants, where he received his first temple, in hopes of bringing Team Snakemouth's attention. The fire rampaged across the entire Hall of Miscellaneous Flora until the group of deities from the Hall of Water and Moisture extinguished the flame. Thanks to his insect size, he was not found until Team Snakemouth decided to investigate this occurance, leading to them clashing with their nemesis once more. Though they were shocked to see him alive, they still managed to defeat him, resulting in him wasting all of his powers and turning into an inanimate tree once more. Unfortunately, thanks to the Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, he had returned once more, his eyes set on conquering the Pantheon and forcing everyone to submit under his tyrannical rule.
  • Because of the aforementioned destructive introduction, his fire powers and his general heinousness, he is considered one of the most hated gods of the entire House of Plants, and not even the evil gods in the House are willing to tolerate him. The Wasp King simply scoffs at his neighbors, seeing them as nothing more but irritation. That being said, he's still wary of the stronger gods such as Biollante, Cyth V'sug, and Mordremoth, understanding that they are not easy for him to kill, especially given his insect size. Even then, given that his tiny size would make him unnoticed, he would pull attempts on their lives on occasion by starting the fire on them and then waiting until it does the rest of the job.
    • The only deity from the House of Plants Wasp King is willing to tolerate is Flowey, a vile flower that revels in spreading misery and suffering, which he finds to be decent qualities for the one he may consider an ally, plus he heard the rumors that Flowey had also underwent Transflormation that gave him unimaginable power (and he's not far from truth). Even then, though he accepted him, he still can't stand the flower given the fact that Flowey is intolerant to orders and tends to act very independently, attacking his other allies For the Evulz, and the Wasp King had noticed that his losing streak grew slightly ever since they formed an alliance, with the heroes always being one step ahead from his plans. Flowey denied his involvement and simply accused the King of poorly thinking out his plans, which only angered him further. However, as rocky as their relationship is, they somehow are still able to keep their alliance going. As it turns out, Wasp King was actually right in suspecting Flowey, as the flower was secretly deliberately undermining his plans and passing information to his enemies, as he's secretly an ally to the heroes.
  • Due to the fact it his Everlasting King form is a part-plant, and it was theorized that he would become unbeatable should he end up taking this form at daylight, he would become unstoppable, many good-aligned mages of the Pantheon tried to take away his power to take this form at will. Bad news? They failed. Good news? At the very least, they were successful in preventing him from taking this form during the daytime, restricting it only to nighttime. Wasp King is very displeased by these turns of events. However, deities are warned that, in this case, they must defeat the Everlasting King before the sun rises, or else their fears would be proven correct, and he'd become unstoppable.
  • Since he had ascended with no troops at his disposal, he expressed interest in finding some wasps to turn into his brainwashed underlings. His choice number one was the one who bore the title of the God of WaspsWaspinator. Of course, given that he's actually a Cybertronian with a wasp alt-mode, that meant the Wasp King would be unable to brainwash him...or so everyone thought. And boy, they were wrong. Waspinator's technorganic structure (meaning that his body was part-organic and fused with an actual wasp's DNA) meant that he may or may not be suspectible to brainwashment. Alas, luck is never on Waspinator's side, and the wasp DNA in his technorganic structure was all it took for him to become suspectible, leaving the poor Predacon constantly ending up under the Wasp King's thrall. The King frequently uses him as his personal "attack dog", and has most preference to his Animated incarnation, given its powers and ruthlessness in combat. Be very afraid.
    • Unfortunately, the other wasp in the Hall of Insects, Queen Sectonia, was not as suspectible to his mind control, her magic powers rendering his crown's brainwashing abilities null. Hoaxe was infuriated by such turn of events and sees her as a contender to a position of leadership over the House of Insects. Sectonia, on her part, decries him as nothing more but an ugly vermin unworthy of the rule, but is aware of the threat he poses, thanks to his constantly brainwashed pawn, Waspinator. The two can often be seen fighting over the control of the House of Insects.
    • Outside of the Hall of Insects, he expressed interest in brainwashing Shokichi Komachi, a man who got himself infused with DNA of asian giant hornet, having heard of his fighting prowess and brutality in combat, and believing he would make a powerful minion. Having Waspinator provoke him into taking his insect form, Wasp King tried to make him a minion, but unfortunately, his part-human nature made him not so suspectible to brainwashment (leaving many puzzled as to why Waspinator didn't try to resist; the most commonly accepted theory is that Waspinator is just too weak-willed for that), and during the battle, Waspinator accidentally mangled his antenna, completely severing him from the King's brainwashment. Shokichi then proceeded to turn the tables against the mad king and his underling. After that, he always tries to make sure to prevent the Wasp King's attempts to brainwash him and tries to make sure to end his goals of world-domination, much to the King's chagrin.
  • Hearing of the powers and feats Shadow Queen is capable of, Wasp King had expressed interest in trying to use her powers for his own benefit, either by making her his servant, or by allowing her to use him as a vessel to become the potential "Shadow King", with him eventually taking the control over their consciousness. However, he's more than aware of what she did to Grodus when he tried to command her, and decided to avoid making interactions with her until he figures out how to control her. Another deity that he's interested in is the Radiance. Due to the aforementioned restriction to his Everlasting King form, he hopes to exploit the Radiance's light to constantly power his Everlasting King form. But of course, before meeting her, he tries to ensure that she won't infect him with his Mystical Plague, and as such, he tries to find a convincing argument that would make her acknowledge him as more useful when uninfected. For the same reasons as the Radiance, he expressed interest in Volcarona, but the Sun Pokemon is disgusted by the mad king and refuses to interact with him.
    • The one deity he was really interested in for their power was none other than Ragnaros, and he personally approached the Firelord to receive his blessing and vastly increase the power of his flame magic. Ragnaros' initial response to him was the same as to every other INSECT! — trying to PURGE HIM WITH FIRE! However, Wasp King immediately explained that he doesn't seek conflict, and instead wants to propose an alliance; Ragnaros would increase the power of his flame magic, and in turn, Wasp King would help him spread his fire across the entire Pantheon (of course, Hoaxe is simply manipulating him, as he only wants to use his new powers for his personal ambitions). Though Ragnaros was suspicious and reluctant to allow an INSECT! to wield his power, but he eventually relented and gave him a portion of his power, much to everyone's horror. Even then, in the end, Ragnaros still remains distrustful of the Wasp King, and will be more than eager to remind him to uphold his end of the deal, much to the latter's annoyance.
  • Given that the Ant Kingdom and its knights were his primary enemies, he hoped to find an ally who would've shared his sentiment regarding the ants. He found said ally in form of Hopper, who was also busy terrorizing and oppressing ants back in his home realm, approaching him with an offer of alliance against those who have wronged them. Seeing how the Wasp King managed to vastly outpower and outwit his enemies, and how fiercely determined he was in achieving his goals, with nothing, not even the Dead Landers, deterring him from his end goal, the grasshopper leader accepted his alliance, hoping to learn a thing from him or two in how to instill fear into his enemies. While Hopper can't do match against the larger enemies, but as long as he can fight against Team Snakemouth, that would be enough to leave the Wasp King satisfied.
  • As an usurper himself, Wasp King managed to form an alliance with another fellow usurper Turbo, a.k.a. King Candy. He generally doesn't care for the racer's personal ambitions, but as long as he gets the job done, Hoaxe is willing to tolerate him. Their alliance didn't bode well with Vanellope Von Schweetz, the one who was usurped by Turbo in the first place. The fact that Wasp King had a gall to mock her for allowing Turbo to usurp her didn't do their hostile relationship any favors.
    • He also found strong commonality with Zant, another fellow usurper king. Both of them are very unhinged, but good at hiding it with a facade of sanity. Both were initially just ordinary people until they stumbled across the source of unimaginable power that allowed them to turn the tables against those who had wronged them. Both usurped the benevolent rulers of their lands and turned their populations into their personal armies. Both are power-hungry and will stop at nothing until the whole world would be under their control. Seeing him as a useful asset in conquering the Pantheon, he struck up the alliance with the Twili, hoping to use his insanity to his own advantage. Midna is not too fond of their alliance, and hearing of his atrocities, made it her goal to put an end to his campaign of conquest and destruction.
  • Beelzebub was quite pleased to hear of an ascension of another fly deity (even though the fly in question was not a housefly, but a wasp-mimic fly), and initially tried to form an alliance with Hoaxe. However, he ended up changing his mind, as several of the Wasp King's actions (namely, brainwashment of the Wasp Kingdom's forces) serve as an anathema to the ways of Chaos that Lord of the Flies follows, where no one would have to be under complete control of other being. Wasp King dismissed the demon prince as a filthy vermin that follows a child's dream, claiming that their war against the concept of the Law itself would never meet a success, and he himself doesn't really care about the ways of Chaos as long as it doesn't benefit him. Though they became enemies, Beelzebub still tries to convice the King to accept ways of Chaos, though Hoaxe always puts down his offers.
  • Having heard of how King Sombra brainwashed the Crystal Empire and turned its populace into his personal army, similarly to what he did to the Wasp Kingdom, Hoaxe attempted to form an alliance with a dark unicorn king. However, Sombra declined, refusing to share the position of power with anyone other than himself, and also because he doesn't have a good opinion on the Wasp King, seeing him as lowly bug undeserving of his power, leaving him furious at having yet another Evil Overlord to compete with. While on the subject of ponies, Wasp King is also not too fond of Nightmare Moon, given that her plan to bring The Night That Never Ends ends up clashing with his desire to grow endless power for his Everlasting King form from the sunlight. He seeks to eliminate her at the first given opportunity.
  • Having heard of the name of Queen Vanessa, he made the same mistake Team Snakemouth did, believing her to be Queen Vanessa of his home universe, and started the Roaring Rampage of Revenge, trying to kill her for daring to give his enemies the Flame Brooch. However, by the moment he crashed into her manor and realized it wasn't Vanessa he knew, it was too late, as she swiftly encased Waspinator in ice. Wasp King in response retaliated with his Ragnaros-empowered flame magic attacks. A fierce battle erupted, with both opponents being on equal standing in spite of the King's insect size, until the Wasp King decided to turn into the Everlasting King. This ended up becoming his undoing, as his part-plant nature resulted in him being vulnerable to ice, which resulted in him becoming an ice tree. Once he resurfaced thanks to Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, he swore to take revenge on this 'new' Vanessa for his humiliating defeat.
  • "Hmph. You're all so pathetic. Pitiable. A King holds absolute power over his people. He is not meant to serve... He is to be served! To command! To possess! To enjoy! That is the privilege of royalty! And it shall all be mine!"
  • Also has a temple in the House of Shape.

Lesser Gods

    Audrey II 
Audrey II, God(dess?) of Plant Aliens (Mean Green Mother From Outer Space)

    The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants 
The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants, Holy Garden of Pelting With Plant Matter
All the plants from the first game. You can find others over here.
  • Ranging from Quasideities to Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. seed packet
  • Theme Song: Zombies on Your Lawn (by the Sunflower) (Japanese and Spanish versions)
  • Alignment: All across the Good axis, though their worst are Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bullet Seed, Badass Army, Badass Adorable, Critical Existence Failure, Long-Range Fighter (most), Plant People, This Banana is Armed, Mostly Comprised of Males, Fire Plants And Ice Plants Don't Work Well Together, Friendly Fireproof
  • Herald: The player gardener
  • Domain(s): Plants, Defense
  • Allies: Crazy Dave, Insert Name Here (their potential owner), the Nature Uprising, Yuuka Kazami, Asgore Dreemurr, The Farmer, Brassica Prime, Viridi, The Cabbage Merchant, Cagney Carnation, The Piranha Plants, Flowey, most farmers and gardeners in general
  • Enemies: Dr. Zomboss, most Undead deities (with Nagash the Undying at the top), all violent plant-eaters, The Hag
  • Oppose: The Goose
  • Opposed by: The Courier
  • On good terms with: Killer Bean, Isomer Black, Isola and Crimm
  • Have you ever happened to have your own neighbourhood infested with undead zombies trying to eat your brain and invade your own house? This is where we introduce this rather unorthodox but highly effective defense tool: The Bloom and Doom plants! These little fellas will defend your lawn from any incoming invader that may want to enter to your house unannounced and it's particularly effective against the undead variety. Given that several of the plants can attack using their own fruits and seeds such as peas, they were chosen for the title of Bullet Seed via recommendation of Crazy Dave.
  • Plants come in different shape and forms, some aren't even exactly plants as the seeds also include Mushrooms who are more effective by defending the house at night (though they would later be able to be used in the day) and, for some reason, they also have non-plants such as Spikerocks (which used to need a Spikeweed to replace first), Flower Pots, Infi-Nuts (a hologram projector that shows a Hard Light Wall-Nut). The crew even expanded once Crazy Dave built a time machine and travelled all accross history just to eat a taco again, with plants growing more specialized in certain areas that are only available to obtain in that specific timeline. That said, it's no issue in the Pantheon, and all plants from all eras are available here.
    • As plants, they usually need to be on soil to do their work, though they seem to be extremely adaptable to all sorts of ground/flooring. That said, the non-aquatic plants need Lily Pads (which are good in fresh- and saltwater) to survive over the water, and the aforementioned Flower Pots can make non-aquatic plants portable to an extent (since they tend to get pretty big).
  • One of their temples is a recreation of their owner's house that was attacked in the first game, suspected to belong to Insert Name Here. The plants can also be bought in this temple (which has essentially become a distributor) or in one of Crazy Dave's, and several can be seen guarding other temples but given their animosity towards the undead, they are not allowed in the House of Undead and Phasmata for fairly obvious reasons.
  • The plants can be divided in several groups, those that directly attack the zombies either by shooting something at them or by other means, those are a one time use that can harm a single or several zombies at once, support units dedicated to collecting sun (which is what powers the plants, allowing more to be planted and some that are able to take more bites that an standard plant would. Many can be found in the House of Plants, this is where their other temple resides, which is the Zen Garden where the plants can be watered and fed plant food in order to grow strong and ready to crush the undead.
  • They are very popular among those that are already gardeners or have farms as the plants can defend their crops and house if they are attacked by something (the Plants don't only attack zombies after all). Among the most notable deities that utilize the Bloom and Doom co plants are gardeners like Asgore Dreemurr and Yuuka Kazami, the latter notoriously hates having her garden be destroyed so she appreaciates some extra help in defending it.
  • Viridi at first was really excited to meet them, as a Goddess of Nature she can appreciate even if they are designed to protect the meat bags but in the end they are used against undead zombies. She is a bit conflicted on the ones that come from the Far Future, the Sky City, and the Neon Mixtape Tour timelines, have taken human-tech aesthetics and that's not ok with her plus several of the plans can use weapons but she has stayed on friendly terms with them.
  • Due to their experiences with Vault 22 and its killer plants, the Courier doesn't isn't exactly a huge fan of the plants, but is pragmatic with them considering their use and generally being more approachable than the Spore Carriers and other man-eating plants and he can understand that at least they tend to target undead (he has personally deal with a few of them on his own).
  • Isomer Black certainly got curious after learning about the Plants, she and her other Isomer went to check on them wondering if there was any plant similar to their flower their revere for their radioactive powers. Most of the plants didn't really interest her except the Sunflowers and the Marigold, believing to be sister versions of her flower and so she sought to bring a few of them home. Most deities are afraid on the flowers behalf consdiering Isomer isn't exactly sane to begin with but they will be happy as long as Isomer takes good care of them.
  • Given her corruption of the Weald in the Darkest Estate through the use of a special fungus, the Hag took an interest in these plants, particularly the mushrooms. They didn't appreciate her though, and made that clear. And to top it off, when she attempted to make off with a Doom-Shroom, it promptly blew her up.
  • Several deities from undead origins definitely have grown a dislike for the Plants because ever since of their ascension almost every house they tend to target has them. Though it became a problem once good-aligned undead deities got involved, since the Plants haven't really ever encountered a good zombie in their life and so have opened fire as usual. They had to be properly taught that some of the zombies aren't really that bad.
    • And one of their more staunch detractors for the plants is Undying, a necromancer capable of spawning more undead from Tombstones. His job got a lot harder after Grave Busters started to destroy his tombstones and prevent his undead from rising and has tried his best to put the plants and Crazy Dave out of business.
  • Cabbage Pult tends to be seen often alongside Brassica Prime, basically believed to be the Spawn of the deity given that their domains are cabbages (even though he comes from a family of pult-like plants and he is the youngest of three). The Cabbage Merchant also adores the Cabbage Pult even if he thinks throwing the cabbages towards the enemy is not a good idea in his opinion.
  • The flowers have gotten acquinted themselves with several of the deiteis in the House of Plants, finding an unlikely ally in Cagney Carnation, a huge flower that while not exactly a nice fella, he is willing to help the plants against unwanted visitors. The Sunflowers also are surprisingly friends with Flowey and are privy to his secret identity as Asriel, those same Sunflowers tend to be closely monitored so they don't spill the beans.
  • While having had a run-in with Dr. Zomboss several times, Killer Bean has never really been interested in helping the Plants out against the zombie problem and preferring to look out for himself. However, he does have a soft spot for the Coffee Bean and as a fellow coffee bean himself, he is willing to at least take down Zomboss in a potential exchange for protection against the Shadow Bean (even if he doesn't really quite need it).
    • Another unlikely pair of allies were Isola and Crimm from the Falcons. The former mostly, she really loves the Sunflowers and adores their singing, she is a bit of agriculturist herself so the fact this plants can sing is a plus for her. Her fellow Falcon Crimm also adores the plants but for a different reasons, he feels the explosions some of them cause are very amazing, he in particular really likes the Cherry Bomb, Doom-Shroom and Jalapeño (and even the Potato Mine, even if it's a tad too slow).
  • One day while guarding the Farmer's temple, the Plants were suddenly unearthed one by one and they weren't able to figure who was messing with them. Then a Squash noticed the Goose running away from the Farmer and caught wind that this silly looking bird was the one that was taking down the defenses one by one. Since then, they have kept their tabs on the Goose in case it wants to mess with them again.
  • The House of Commerce, one of the places Crazy Dave is housed in, has been interesting in harvesting Marigolds given their ability to produce coins and diamonds which could increase the profit of several deities. Dave hasn't disclosed the secret behind how Marigolds can do this and has stated that he would prefer if they could instead produce a tasty taco instead of money.
  • Can also be found in Projectiles. That temple is modeled after their owner's house.

Momotarō, God of Those who were Born from Plants (Peach Boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A large peach
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born from a giant peach, Given to a childless couple by the gods, Happily Adopted, Name means "Peach Boy", Befriending animals by feeding them kibi-dango
  • Domains: Heroism, Gifts, Birth, Peaches
  • Heralds: Dog, Monkey, and Pheasant (his Talking Animal friends)
  • Allies: Superman, Son Goku, Metro Man, Megamind, Samurai Jack, Mario, Princess Peach, Thumbelina, James Harry Trotter and his Bug Friends, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Kirby, the Animal Friends, Ryotaro Nogami, Tethu, Tethi and Esna
  • Opposed by: Private Snafu
  • Conflicting Opinion: Yuugi Hoshiguma, Zero Two, King Dedede
  • Once upon a time, there was an elderly couple with no children. Feeling distraught over their lack of children, the prayed to the gods to give them the children they desired. One day, a massive peach floated down a nearby river, which the elderly couple decided to eat. Suddenly, out of the peach emerged a baby boy, who explained that he was bestowed upon them by the gods. They named him Momotaro and happily raised him like he was their own child. When Momotaro grew into a fine young man, a group of Oni were wreaking havoc on his hometown and stealing food from the villagers. Momotaro decided to stop the Oni's mischief by heading out to their island, Onigashima, with his trusty sword and his kibi-dango rations. During his journey, he met a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant, who decided to tag along with him after he fed them kibi-dango. When the group managed to reach the island, they gave the Oni's a sound thrashing. The Oni's surrendered, and so Momotaro and his friends returned to the village with the stuff the Oni stole, as was labeled a hometown hero for his heroic deeds.
  • It was a normal day in the House of Plants, when Mary Lennox, Wirt, and Greg discovered a giant peach growing in a patch of land in a forest. Curious about the giant peach, they decided to carry it over to the House of Food for food preparation. However, the peach suddenly split in half to reveal an adult human male sleeping inside. He woke up, and was confused by his surroundings, the three children standing in front of him, and him being inside a giant peach again. When asked about what happened to him, he claimed that the last thing he remembered was living in his village before blacking out and awaking in the House of Plants. After some more explanations, Momotaro was brought to the Court of the Gods, who gave him the divine title of Born from Plants, for his rather unorthodox birth.
  • One of Momotaro's first friends is Thumbelina, who coincedentally shares similar circumstances of birth; she was given to a childless woman desperate to have children of her own, though unlike Momotaro, she was born extremely small. Momotaro was a bit surprised when he heard this, as it reminded him of another tale of a tiny Wonder Child named Issun-boshi. He felt a bit bad that she was constantly kidnapped around, while she was impressed by his bravery in stopping the greedy Oni.
  • Momotaro also managed to meet other deities like Superman, Son Goku, Metro Man, and Megamind who were gifted to childless parents, though under different circumstances; they are aliens sent hurtling down to Earth because of their home planet's destruction and just so happened to land near a house. Momotaro was amazed at Superman's and Goku's immense strength and power, while they appreciated his willingness to defeat the Oni to protect his village. Momotaro was initially a bit antsy with Megamind because of his supervillain antics, but Metro Man assured him that Megamind isn't really evil, which calmed down Momotaro.
  • Momotaro's animal friends, Monkey, Dog, and Pheasant, are sometimes seen around him during his walks around the Pantheon. Momotaro managed to find common ground with Ash Ketchum, who has captured and befriended many Pokemon, andforged a stong bond with his partners, especially Pikachu. Momotaro is impressed by Ash's large team, and wishes to meet the rest of his Pokemon someday. He also befriended Kirby and the Animal Friends, who have accompanied Kirby on some of his adventures and helped out by tag-teaming and boosting his powers, which Momotaro was impressed by. He was quite surprised by Kirby's voracious appetite believing that Kirby would eat the giant peach in one go.
  • As a fellow samurai, it wasn't long before he met Samurai Jack, who then decided to tell eachothers tales. Momotaro was floored by Jack's adventures in the Bad Future and his steadfast will to keep going despite the seeming hopelessness of his situaton. Jack on the other hand appreciated his willingness to stop the Oni from ransacking his village and befriending the animals to help him. They often like to meet up and cat in their free time.
  • Ryotaro Nogami was absolutely estatic to see Momotaro in the Pantheon, as he admires him greatly and even named his first Imagin Momotaros, whose powers even reference his legend. Needless to say, Ryotaro pretty much gushed about Momotaro when they first met, making both Momotaro and Momotaros embarrassed. After calming down, they managed to become good friends, with Momotaro appreciating Ryotaro's determination and heroic spirit, despite his bad luck.
  • There are some rumors that Mario went through the same birth and journey as Momotaro, except the Oni's were Bowser and his Koopa Troop, their base was a spaceship instead of an island, and Mario carried a gun instead of a sword. When Momotaro went up to Mario to confirm the rumors, Mario debunked those rumors, saying that the circumstances of his birth were quite different than that. With this, he introduced Momotaro to Princess Peach, and they managed to become friends.
  • Momotaro took interest in Harry James Trotter and his Bug Friends because of their experiences with giant peaches, but its role was different than his own; The giant peach in James' story came because of a crocodile tongue enchanting it and the bugs living in it, serving as their "birth" in a sense, and then James and his newfound friends decide to travel to New York on the peach to start a new life and escape from James' abusive aunts. Both parties were amused at the coincedences, and appreciated eachothers bravery in stopping the Oni and escaping from abusive guardians respectively.
  • Momotaro is rather disapproving of the times King Dedede stole Dream Land's food for himself, just like the Oni stole his village's food. While Dedede doesn't engage in such activities anymore (at least, not voluntarily), Momotaro's willing to stop him should he do such things again. Speaking of Oni, he has a rocky relationship with Yuugi Hoshiguma and Zero Two, who happen to be an Oni and resemble an Oni respectively. Both sides would rather just avoid eachother lest things get uncomfortable.
  • Bizzarely, Private Snafu hates Momotaro, believing him to be a general in the Imperial Japanese army, who managed to defeat British soldiers with his animal friends. Momotaro is completely baffled by his accusations, especially as he lived way before WWII happened, and claims he remembers nothing of the sort. He tries his best to avoid the Private and not face his wrath.
  • Goro Majima, bearing a tattoo of a hannya, once fought against Dojima Family lieutenant Hiroki Awano, who bears a tatto of Momotaro, whose story reflected Awano's life. Momotaro elevating his family to a comfortable life with the riches he took back mirrors Awano being a hedonistic, laid-back man who would indulge in his comfortable life, but beneath his lazy lifestyles is his indomitable strength and skills in extortion. Ironic that he managed to get killed by Lao Gui, a man whose name means "old demon". Goro Majima could only imagine how Awano would react if he and Momotaro ever met.
  • Momotaro isn't the only one who was born from plants; the Seedlings are an entire race of living seeds living in a harsh desert, who make pacts with water spirits to survive. When Momotaro met them, he was initially disappainted he couldn't meet Esna directly and wishes to meet her, but otherwise likes the two seedlings for standing up against Chaos. Tethu and Tethi on the other hand are surprised he's not a Seedling despite his strange birth.
  • Can also be found in Life and Creation.

Togemon, Divine Humanoid Cactus (Yuramon, Tanemon, Palmon, Lilimon, Rosemon)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The eyes, mouth, and boxing gloves
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Portfolio: Cactus Person, Green Thumb, Boxing Battler, Red Boxing Gloves, spins and shoots thorns in a circle, lives in its own head a lot of the time, normally goofy but becomes violent when angered, Non-Mammalian Hair, Bishōnen Line, "toge" means thorn or spike
  • Domains: Mons, Plants, Cacti, The Internet, Boxing
  • Allies: All good Digimon deities, Spring Sprite, The Bloom and Doom Seed Co. Plants, GUAG White Hats, Ippo Makunouchi, Little Mac, Joe Yabuki, Rocky Balboa, Roger Family, Steven Universe
  • Enemies: All evil Digimon deities, Monoblos, Diablos and Varsablos, The Zombies of PvZ
  • Rival: Breloom
  • Interesting to: Poison Ivy, The Gaang
  • Togemon is a plant-based Adult-level Digimon with the Data attribute. Togemon takes on the shape of a giant cactus with a humanoid silhouette. One of its main means of offense is shooting its spines, as you might expect from a fantastical cactus creature. What you might not expect is that Togemon also packs a punch, literally; the red boxing gloves on this silly-looking mon aren't just for show and it can and will pummel its opponents with punches at the speed of sound.
    • Togemon's standard evolutionary line goes like this: Yuramon is a little purple seed Digimon covered in white fuzz, Tanemon is a Waddling Head with leaves sprouting above it, and Palmon is a small Plant Person with a large pink flower on its head. Palmon evolves into Togemon, after which there is Lilimon, a plant-themed fairy, and Rosemon, pretty much a dominatrix, known as the Queen of Flowers. Rosemon also has a Burst Mode. Upon death, a Togemon might evolve into Ponchomon, which is a grinning cactus ghost wearing a poncho and a sombrero.
  • Togemon waddled her way into the Pantheon by complete chance, having happened to find a spot where the barrier between the divine realm and the Digital World was thinner than usual. This brought her into a well-maintained garden where she decided to just sit, contemplate things and enjoy the surrounding greenery. As it happens, that was the garden tended to by Mary Lennox, who was more than a little surprised at the sight of a giant cactus that seemed to have suddenly sprouted without her ever noticing. Getting closer to it, Mary was even more bewildered that the cactus had boxing gloves on. She also noticed it stir, which clued Mary in to the fact that it was more of a creature than a plant, upon which she demanded to know what it was doing in her garden without permission. Togemon was sheepish and apologized, then requested that Mary let her stick around since she'd never seen a more beautiful garden and it was way nicer than the desert. Mary was flattered, but said Togemon was going to help out if she wanted to stay there long. Togemon did so and this led to the two bonding, with Togemon eventually thinking she'd like to protect this garden and the one who cared for it forever. Thus, they became partners and the Pantheon decided to officially ascend Togemon. Now if anyone wants to mess with Mary's garden, it's very likely to end with the perpetrator plucking spikes out of their behind.
  • As much as Togemon looks silly and acts spacey, she is a fearless warrior at heart. That quality combined with her offensive prowess makes her a boon to any single deity or alliance she chooses to align herself with, and that's without taking into account that she can evolve at least twice more. Thus, thanks to her bond with Mary Lennox, the cactus mon fights at least some of the time for nature-preserving organizations; she was warmly welcomed by such deities as the Spring Sprite and many others devoted to the cause. Of course, being a Digimon means that, for another part of her time, she is also beholden to the heroes who fight to make the Internet a peaceful place, free from those who would abuse it for their malicious aims.
  • Appears to get along especially well with the plants of Bloom and Doom Seed Co., after enough time spent helping them fight off the horde of zombies that the plants are locked in eternal battle against, to protect their owners from getting their brains eaten. Togemon has become a big asset to the Bloom and Doom Seed Co. in that way. Togemon's sympathy for the group may also be due to the fact that one of their members is a cactus that loves hugs, which it obviously does not get from a lot of beings for fear of getting pricked all over their bodies. Togemon is one of the beings with the least reason to fear cactus thorns and is fairly cuddly in her own right, so she humors the cactus.
  • The ascended mon that could most be considered a rival to Togemon is Breloom, due to the fact that Breloom is also a plant-based (actually mushroom, but treated as a plant as a technicality) creature that uses boxing-like techniques when fighting. Upon first meeting and realizing they had a shared predilection for that mode of combat, Togemon and Breloom didn't take long to challenge each other and see which mon is the superior boxer. Both fighters dealt near-invisible Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs at each other and came away from their encounter with a healthy respect for one another and a hankering to meet each other with their fists again.
  • Togemon's abilities have also led to her getting invitations to participate in boxing matches at the House of Sports, provided she sticks only to boxing and doesn't bring out her spikes, which could potentially spell a gory disaster for the other participants. Once she grasped the rules of boxing and good sportsmanship, Togemon found participating in matches to be very stimulating and a fun break from only fighting for life and death against evil forces, so she's become a fixture at such events. It's also gotten her many friends in the boxing field, such as Ippo Makunouchi, Rocky Balboa, Little Mac and many of his rivals, Joe Yabuki and the Roger family of kangaroos. Watching their fighting styles has also led to her incorporate more complex techniques into her repertoire, making all that more fearsome to her actual enemies as she's no longer so predictable with her Mach Jab.
  • As a giant cactus, Togemon was bound to look very appetizing to the wyverns Monoblos, Diablos and Varsablos, who subsist mainly on that plant. And considering Varsablos gets power-ups from the cacti it eats, there are some deities who would like to see the effects Varsablos might gain from consuming a cactus that can box, among other things. Whether it's Varsablos or the other two, however, Togemon was never going to turn into their dinner without putting up a fight. Her evolutions proved to be particularly annoying to deal with for the wyverns; Monoblos and Diablos learned to stick to more passive or less powerful targets for the most part. Not so much Varsablos, who might be instinctively driven to conquer her power for itself.
  • Encounters with characters from the Final Fantasy 'verses have usually resulted in them panicking at the sudden appearance of what they believe to be a Gigantuar and one that apparently can box to boot. That was in the start, anyway; in due time, they would figure out that Togemon, though a fearsome opponent when provoked, is not the sort of cactus-based creature who ambushes unsuspecting travelers only to unceremoniously kill them with one thousand needles (or multiples thereof). After some of the kinder FF deities told her about Cactuars, they wondered whether Togemon might not be able to convince those monsters to turn over a new leaf. She has made some excursions to the desert areas in which they dwell with that purpose in mind. This endeavor hasn't been successful, as Cactuars are quite illusive and those that Togemon has met seem neither moved by the sight of a "relative" or up for chatting and instead attack her, same as anyone else, so Togemon decided to give up on that.
  • Poison Ivy finds Togemon to be an interesting creature for the rather obvious reason of Togemon being a powerful plant monster, though there's also the added fact that Poison Ivy has had first-hand experience with creating cactus creatures that obeyed her command. Poison Ivy also enjoys the fact that Togemon is a fellow girl and thinks they would make for a very good-looking team if Togemon evolved into Rosemon. When she tried telling Togemon what they could do together, Togemon stated in no uncertain terms that she already had a partner suited to her ideals, which was Mary Lennox, and she and Poison Ivy could never be friends as long as she was on the side of evil. Poison Ivy finds this regrettable, but seems content to let the matter rest instead of antagonizing Togemon and Mary. Incidentally, Togemon's previous form Palmon's strongest attack is called Poison Ivy, which pleases the villainess somewhat (well, she wishes it was the name of one of Rosemon's attacks instead).
  • Steven Universe thinks Togemon is a cool creature in general (because what other reaction is appropriate for a giant cactus that boxes and is on the good guys' side), though he couldn't help but be reminded of a darker time in his life when his anxiety led to him accidentally giving life to a cactus, which proceeded to mimic both his appearance and personality. Steven initially used Cactus Steven as an easy outlet for dumping his worries on, only for Steven's negative feelings to eventually turn Cactus Steven gigantic and violent. Steven calmed it down by apologizing to it and it ran off to parts unknown in response. Togemon thought that was quite a story and assured Steven she didn't think badly of him for making Cactus Steven turn aggressive, since he did apologize to it in the end and let it go free. On a lighter note, Steven has also expressed admiration for Rosemon, for technically being a giant woman.
  • The heroes of the Avatar: The Last Airbender world can remember a time when their otherwise reliable and steadfast ally, Sokka, drank some cactus juice while stranded out in the desert and the effects were... interesting. Basically, the juice had hallucinogenic properties and made Sokka see things that weren't there and have other strange thoughts. The Gaang jokingly wonder if that's why Togemon acts so spaced out a lot of the time. That's gotten some deities interested in sampling Togemon's juice, but she naturally doesn't like the notion of holes being drilled into her for that purpose and will turn aggressive to those that dare try.


    The Toads 
The Toads, Collective Deities of Mushroom Folk (Kinopio)
The more notable Toadsfrom left to right 
  • Notable Members: Toad, Toadsworth, Toadette, Blue Toad & Yellow Toad, Captain Toad
  • Either Demideities or Quasideities
  • Symbol: A mushroom
  • Theme Music: For the species as a whole, the Toad House theme: Super Mario Bros. 3, New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario 3D World, their theme from Mario Strikers: Charged, and Mushroom Brigade; for Captain Toad, it's the main theme from his own adventure
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: As a whole: Inexplicably Identical Individuals, Kid Appeal Characters, Mushroom Folk
  • Domains: Mushrooms, Advisors, Adventure
  • Allies: Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Daisy, Rosalina, Crazy Dave, Bilbo & Frodo Baggins
  • Enemies: Bowser, The Koopalings, Bowser Jr., Petey Piranha, King Boo, Goomba, Lakitu & Spiny, Dr. Zomboss, Murkrow, Junkrat & Roadhog
  • Opposes: Wario
  • As one would expect from a place called the Mushroom Kingdom, it would have to have inhabitants that would resemble mushrooms. This is where the Toad species come in and typically speaking, they are Peach's assistants and give the Mario brothers aid whenever she gets kidnapped.
    • In addition to the regular kinds of Toad (of whom have different colored vests and spots on their headcaps), there are a few special ones. Toadsworth is the oldest Toad of the bunch and has a cane with him, Toadette is a female Toad, and Captain Toad who leads the Toad Brigade on treasure hunts throughout various places. There's also a blue Toad & yellow Toad who don't look much different from other blue Toads & yellow Toads, but they're willing to jump into adventure if the need arises.
  • Not only does Toad play assistant to Peach's royal duties, but he has also tagged along with her and the Mario brothers for various recreational activities such as kart-racing (Toad had a tendency to say "I'm the best!" during these races, but decided to stop) and sports. Peach even carries a Toad around with her whenever she engages in combat against other deities, mainly as a means to counter opponent's attacks. Despite taking a lot of strong attacks, the Toad who is Peach's personal meat-shield doesn't look too beat up after Peach's fights.
  • While they still help Peach out, the Toads have also decided to provide some aid for the GUAG via setting up special houses known as "Toad Houses" that can provide useful items for members of the GUAG. Shops headed by other Toads have also been established.
  • The Toads have gotten a lot of questions as to why Peach gets kidnapped so easily despite the Toads being there for her. They have not answered anything about that matter, nor are they going to say anything about requests to improve their attempts to prevent Peach from getting taken away.
  • Even though there are a few red-capped blue-vested Toads, there is one of that variation who is often seen alongside Peach the most and has even gone off on an adventure of his own. That solo adventure might be the reason why the Toads aren't trusting of Wario.
  • Debates as to whether or not the species actually are living mushrooms or if they're just humanoids who happen to resemble mushrooms have happened quite often. What can be agreed on is that they have no connection whatsoever to amphibious toads.
    • Crazy Dave seems to think that the former argument in the mentioned debate is the case. Regardless, he gets along with them since they remind him of the mushrooms that helped him fend off zombie invasions back in his world. Dave even allowed a few of these Toads to help with his shop.
      • Dr. Zomboss was very livid when he found out that there were actual living mushrooms (or at least looked like such). Even if the Toads generally don't pose much of a threat, Zomboss is still determined in getting rid of them entirely.
  • Bilbo & Frodo Baggins were intrigued upon meeting them and believe that the Toads are the fungal equivalents of their kin. Given that the Baggins are capable of going up against threats that arise, the Toads often like to talk to them whenever a calm day is happening, mostly for advice on being more proactive with confronting danger.
  • As the oldest Toad out there more or less, Toadsworth has been by Peach's side concerned for her safety. On a relaxing day he can be seen playing baseball with her, though some find it odd that he uses his cane as a baseball bat.
    • Toadsworth became good friends with Alfred Pennyworth since the two of them served as loyal retainers for their own higher authority for quite a while. Toadsworth has also asked Pennyworth for advice on maintaining a cooler head whenever trouble strikes.
  • It is very easy to identify Toadette given that she is pink and the sole female of the Toad species (at least as far as one would know). Besides being the sister of the red-capped blue-vested Toad, she's done a few things such as take part in races much like that Toad did and even go on adventures with Captain Toad. It's not brought up often, but some have also seen that she likes animals and had performances at music recitals.
  • Blue Toad & Yellow Toad appear exactly as their names would suggest. They can use some of the same power-ups that Mario & Luigi can (provided that they have a Fire Flower, Ice Flower, or Penguin Suit), though these Toads being a minor duo is the most major thing that can be said about them.
    • Given their status of being a duo that sticks together in any sort of situation (or simply being Those Two Guys), they have gotten along with other duos such as Bulk & Skull and Timon & Pumbaa. On the other hand, both Toads (and the other Toads by extension) prefer to keep their distance from Junkrat & Roadhog, especially after hearing how these two Australian menaces had a few characteristics in common with Bowser.
    • However, Blue Toad seems to be out of commissioned when Peach was kidnapped again so Toadette decided to take up the mantle to rescue her. It was reported that she discovered a special power-up known as the "Super Crown" which allows her to transform into Peachette, granting her some of her abilities. Unfortunately, the Super Crown attracted a lot of attention with the gods and with the arrival of Bowsette, the Crown has to be restricted.
  • Out of all of the Toads, Captain Toad could be considered to be the most proactive of the bunch due to him being the leader of the Toad Brigade and going off on expeditions to search for unusual stuff. For someone that can't jump, he's doing pretty well in his endeavors.
    • At times, Captain Toad would hang out with a few treasure hunters such as Indiana Jones and talk about their exploits. Sometimes, the relations are friendly; other times, there can be a bit of competition involved over getting a particular item.
    • The Murkrow flock has proven to be a frequent source of frustration for Captain Toad due to them being crows that steal things, a description that would remind him (and Toadette) of Wingo, a crow that also stole things and is potentially far more malicious than the Murkrow flock.
  • Names have been given to a few of the more noteworthy Toads (though Buckenberry & Ala-Gold were considered at one point to be the official given names of the prominent Blue Toad & Yellow Toad respectively), but so far there hasn't been any for the rest of the generic ones. Although some names have been tossed around for them, there have been few, if any, generic Toads that have distinct names.
    • Confusion as to which Toad is which can be considered the reasoning behind the idea to give the other Toads names. Although the red-capped blue-vested Toad following Peach around is considered to be the Toad, there has been confusion about if that Toad truly is the Toad or not. And then there's the possibility of if that Toad is Captain Toad or not. This is not getting to the possibility that the aforementioned red-capped blue-vested Toad has been impersonating as the blue Toad that follows around the yellow Toad.
  • Thank you troper, but our princess is in another house!