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Greater Gods

Dr. Andross, God of Disembodied Head Creatures (Andorf, Emperor Andross, Uncle Andross, The Mighty Krazoa God, Evil Mad Scientist, Scientific Genius)
"Retro" Form 
"True" Form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Androssian Empire Emblem; Alternatively, the planet Venom
  • Theme Music: Andross (Star Fox 1), Andross (Star Fox 2), Andross Battle (Brain) (Star Fox 64); Alternatively, Final Boss (Star Fox Zero)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Killer Space Monkey, Mad Emperor Scientist, Galactic Conqueror, Giant Floating Head, Giant Floating Hands, Racist Against Dogs
  • Domains: Disembodiment, Science, Evil, Monkeys, Space
  • Herald: His nephew, Andrew Oikonny
  • Allies: Mojo Jojo, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Dr. Weil, Dr. Cortex, Father Elijah (in a sense)
  • Rivals: The Aparoids, Frieza, Durand Durand
  • Enemies: Star Fox, all ascended canines (especially Tails), all good-aligned primates (notably Winston), Copen
  • Interested in: King Kong, Sun Wukong, Bambina, Dr. Doom
  • Former dependant: Wolf O'Donnell
  • Formerly a brilliant Cornerian scientist, Andross was exiled to the planet Venom after one of his experiments caused terrible damage to the Cornerian capital. Resurfacing with an army, he attacked Corneria and began the Lylat Wars, eventually becoming Star Foxís arch-enemy in the process and the source of most, if not all, of the teamís adventures. Given his brains (figuratively and literally), he always seems to have a back-up plan in mind after getting defeated by Star Fox. Whenever he shows up, he almost always appears as a disembodied head with psychokinetic powers, with a giant brain appearing as his apparent true form.
  • The Pantheon would end up finding itself in yet another intergalactic war perpetrated by a power-hungry madman that had yet to set foot in that place. On a planet far from where the Pantheon proper resides at, Andross had managed to learn of a place holding great power and potential enemies from his soldiers and Andross was willing to conquer this so-called ďPantheonĒ. The Star Fox team was among those dispatched to take down the adversaries and they noticed that Andross was behind it and were quick to head to where Andross was at. Their arch-enemy was more than prepared to attack the group and another rematch was in place, with Star Fox defeating Andross once more. Even with that victory in mind, Star Fox was more than aware that Andross would be planning to take over the Pantheon and that their battle is far from over. Andross himself was still in the planet Venom, with the Andross that Star Fox fought against being a decoy and that Andross would use what he learned from his initial attempt to ensure subsequent attacks would be more deadly than before.
  • Pretty much the only time Andross hasnít played a direct role in antagonizing Star Fox was during the Aparoid attacks. He himself had no idea about these aliens until he learned about their goals and how they ended up being as potent of a threat to Star Fox as Andross is. With how the Aparoids are determined to assimilate everything into their fold, Andross sees them as obstacles in his goal of eliminating Star Fox and taking over the galaxy. The idea of Andross being assimilated by the Aparoids is something that many (Star Fox especially) are worried about.
  • Andross has used many different characters to try and gain power, including manipulating the deranged leader of a tribe of dinosaurs from behind the scenes and hiring Wolf OíDonnell and his team to take down Star Fox. Given how both attempts failed (including how Wolf has taken to being more of a freelance mercenary than anything), Andross has opted to use what the Pantheon has in store to take down Star Fox. He has hired a number of psychotic freelancers such as Gauron and Gigan to try and increase his influence in the Pantheon. That said, theyíre only interested in working with Andross just to satiate their own bloodlust and he is willing to toss them aside once theyíve provided their use for him.
  • There are plenty of similarly-minded scientists in the Pantheon for Andross to look into and some of them have expressed interest in working alongside him. Dr. Eggmanís skills in machinery, as well as determination in trying to defeat a persistent arch-enemy has gone over well with Andross and he was given access to some of Eggmanís plans, with Andross modifying them accordingly. Andross has taken a liking to Dr. Weil and many of his tyrannical actions as well, with him willing to just flat out destroy the Pantheon entirely with Weilís help if conquering it doesnít work out.
    • Andross seems to have a more noticeable friendship with other evil scientists who were rejected by others and have turned to conquest as a result. One of them was Dr. Wily, a scientist who used to work for a good-aligned scientist, only to turn against him after being rejected by others for having a dangerous invention and has turned to attempting world domination. Cortex and his use of mutant animals has gotten Androssí attention as well, and while Cortex was initially surprised at what Andross has become as a result of his exile, heís not opposed to the idea of adding some stronger troops to his army with Androssí assistance.
    • One other scientist that Andross was curious about was Durand Durand, who escaped from Earth given that making weapons from that Earth was illegal and planned to take over the galaxy in retaliation. By sheer chance, Durand Durand ended up having a long-distance conversation with Andross, mainly with the intent of working with him to get access to more potent weaponry. While Andross did seem to show some interest in the Positronic Ray, he felt that what the Excessive Machine did made it hard to take seriously for a killing device and that Durand Durand should focus more on making straightforward weapons for taking over the galaxy and killing anyone in his way. Their conversation of a potential team-up ended up breaking down, not helped by Androssí alliance with Eggman and Wily, whom Durand Durand was already rivals with. Andross hasnít really paid much attention to Durand Durand since then, considering him to be more of a nuisance than anything worthwhile.
  • Unsurprisingly, there were many other benevolent scientists and those who admire the profession who are revolted at Androssí ambitions and want nothing more than to have him gone. Copen, whose scientific talent was something that he shared with his deceased father, is among those who despise Andross greatly. To Copen, Andross is nothing more than a delusional monster that disgraced science entirely and learning what payback Andross enacted on the Lylat System following his exile made Copen believe that he should have been killed by Cornerian authorities when they had the chance. Andross considers those other do-gooder (even if that term is highly questionable in Copenís case) scientists beneath him in terms of talent, though Copenís ruthlessness is something that hasnít escaped Andross in terms of adversaries that want to bring him down.
  • If thereís one thing Andross hates just as much as the Star Fox team, it would be canines given how he was exiled from Corneria (a planet thatís largely inhabited by canines). If he couldnít get revenge on Corneria and its dog population, then heís willing to destroy every last canine in the Pantheon as a form of retribution. Of them, he considers Tails to be just as big of a threat as Star Fox is given his technical expertise and the fact that the two-tailed fox has been working alongside the team on occasion. Tails considers Andross to be even worse than Eggman in terms of how dangerous his ambitions are.
  • Having commanded a large army of primates in his ranks, Andross has earned the scorn of others within his kind in the Pantheon, with Winston having a special hatred towards him. Winston has already witnessed a violent revolt staged by the other space monkeys in his former colony and sees Andross as an even worse version of those gorillas from back then. Andross personally thinks that Winston is squandering his intellect and that it could be put to better use under Androssí command, but Winston wants none of it, instead opting to help others (including Star Fox) take down any threat that comes their way, Andross included.
    • Even if he is unable to get access to Winstonís brains and brawn, Andross has looked into a number of other primates that possess great capabilities that could be of use for his army. Some of these powerful primates that Andross has looked at included Sun Wukong, King Kong, and Bambina. Even if he canít get them in his army directly, he can at least look at their strength and figure out how to replicate their abilities to be used for Androssí army. Mojo Jojo was someone who willingly offered his services to Andross and although he was skeptical at first given his stranger quirks, Andross was willing to allow an alliance with him after learning of how dangerous he can be if given the right tools.
  • Things have proven contentious between Andross and Frieza. On one hand, both have the capacity to make for a potent alliance. On the other hand, Friezaís hatred for Saiyans to the point of calling them ďmonkeysĒ (and that carrying over to other primates in the Pantheon), combined with his narcissism (the latter trait being something that Andross isnít immune to either), has prevented any potential team-up from happening. Not helping matters is Frieza destroying some of Androssí stronger troops during a meeting between the two just to prove he is better than Andross, resulting in a heated conflict between them over who can take over larger sections of the Pantheon.
  • Father Elijah has been one scientist that Andross has been looking into considering what heís been through in trying to accomplish what he desired. Elijah was part of the Brotherhood of Steel before what happened at HELIOS one drove him to further madness and into an obsession with ďwiping the slateĒ clean so that he can kill many and enslave whoever is left. Andross does understand a genius who left a group and is plotting revenge following a failure of some kind, and is willing to support Elijah and his goals of mass destruction and eventual conquest. Elijah hasnít said much of Andross, but is willing to work with another destructive tyrant for the time being.
  • One scientist that Andross has been curious about is Dr. Doom, especially as far as the latterís motivation is concerned. With his intellect, hatred towards a more successful arch-enemy, and having back-ups in case a plan of his failed, Andross has long considered having someone like Dr. Doom on his side. That said, a part of Andross suspects that he canít trust someone like Dr. Doom and in turn, itís possible that Dr. Doom could use Andross as a pawn for one of his own plans. Andross has been playing it safe for the time being, making sure that whatever plan he has to get Dr. Doom to work with him will work out without any additional problems afterwards.
  • The face of Andross (or rather, his 16-bit polygonal self) has made appearances in the Smash tournament as an Assist Trophy, flying behind the battlefield and attacking his summonerís opponents with projectiles. Some like to believe that the polygonal face of Andross is his way of getting involved in those tournaments in some capacity while his real self is busy plotting galactic domination elsewhere. Andross himself, as well as his true brain form and that polygonal face, were among those that got caught in the war between Galeem and Dharkon, with Andross proper being among Dharkonís spirits army after Galeem was seriously injured. Even if it was something that easily defeated Star Fox, Andross would rather be the one that gets to bring about the teamís end and not have external circumstances involved.

    The Great Diamond Authority 
The Great Diamond Authoritymembers , Goddess Triumvirate of Gem Hearts (Yellow: Giraffe Mom, Blue: Sith Diamond, White: Lightbulb, Ragyo, Diamond Rick)
Blue Diamond, White Diamond, and Yellow Diamond, with Rose's Fountain and Steven Universe in Blue's hand for scale.
  • Greater Goddesses (though White is an Overdeity in the realm of the Gems)
  • Symbol: Their sigil in Era 2 (Era 1/Era 3 sigil with Pink Diamond/Steven Universe here)
  • Theme Song: all right here
  • Alignment: From Lawful Evil with a mix of Stupid Evil, to Lawful Neutral and then Neutral Good thanks to Steven
  • Portfolio: Ginormous Physical Goddess-Empresses, Colourful Theme Naming, Large and in Charge, Light Is Not Good, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Broken Ace, Time Abyss, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Fascist, but Inefficient Yet Also Repressive, but Efficient, Galactic Conqueror, Lack of Empathy Because They Never Had Time To Learn It, Psychopathic Womanchild, Lonely at the Top, Royally Screwed Up, Poor Communication Kills, Being Evil Sucks
  • Domain(s): Diamonds, Leadership
    • Yellow Diamond: Electricity, Military, Restoration
    • Blue Diamond: Emotion, Court Affairs, Grief -> Bliss
    • White Diamond: Perfection, Control -> Channeling
  • Heralds: Their Pearls, Spinel, Defense/Prosecution Zircon (potential new elected leader of Homeworld)
  • High Priestess: Cardia Beckford
  • Followers: All Homeworld Gems, Darkhawk, Greatshells, Jumi
  • Special Relationship: Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond (their sister), Steven Universe (their sister's son/reincarnation)
  • Allies: The Crystal Gems, Sarah Kerrigan
  • Under Heavy Scrutiny by: The Imperium of Mankind
  • Odd Friendship: Courage the Cowardly Dog (White)
  • Enemies: The Lich, Aku, The Aparoids, Sheev Palpatine (especially for Yellow, who also fears him)
  • Awkward Terms: Greg Universe (Blue only)
  • Envied by: The Combine, Josuke Higashikata (to Yellow, and less seriously)
  • Opposed by: The extremist deities in the House of Nature, Asura
  • Unease from: The Alien Baltans
  • When it comes to the trope Gem Heart, there was once talk of assembling all the Crystal Gems together (including Lapis Lazuli and the then-unascended Peridot, as well as Bismuth) to represent the role. However, they've all shown to be ideal representatives of the (new) tropes they representnote  And so when someone made an offhand suggestion of ascending their precursors instead, Steven took it and decided to nominate the Great Diamond Authority.
  • As for their introduction, Steven, with Court escorts, was the one who invited them. He also did a lot of arrangements and preparations to ensure that the ceremony will at least not turn bloody. He got a lot of help from the GUAG Ministry of Atonement in this regard.
  • Their ascension ceremony was an epic one, featuring their Combining Humongous Mecha landing in the designated site and their Gems introducing them to everyone in attendance before being officially relieved from duty. That said, given the Diamonds' previous alignments, especially the fact that they were galactic conquerors only a few years ago, it was an extremely awkward and tense affair all around, to put it mildly, especially when it comes to slavery, and after people got a look at Pink Pearl/"Volleyball"'s broken eye, which was a point of interest/concern/anger for some.
  • But if Steven was able to turn them around, and given all the other redeemed folks in the GUAG, and what the Diamonds have been up to since then, then perhaps the Diamond Authority can have a chance, and so Cosmos officiated their entry.
  • Applies to all or two of them:
    • In regards to their residency, due toÖ intense environmentalist issues, the Diamonds were provided a planet that is rich on minerals but lacking in significant fauna in which to colonize, such as a T0 planet, and a few Warp Pads between there and their Pantheon temple were also constructed (big enough to account for their size). That said, plant life seems to be blooming there after a few weeks since they've set up. There are even potted plants (sized accordingly, of course) in Yellow's wing.
    • In addition, to the annoyance of Yellow, Steven apologized in having been hasty and shortsighted in getting her to dismantle her military; after all, it's still necessary to have a defense force for the colonies the Diamond Authority currently have, and given what the Pantheon has, they might need every asset they can get in protecting their territory.
    • It's true that the Diamonds can be very formidable, but given Gems have been their opponents, that's understandable, as most of their empire's tools were for quelling dissidents in their populace. That said, that doesn't mean they're pushovers against other non-human (mostly organic) lifeforms by any capacity. For instance, Yellow's electricity could still short-circuit mechanical entities (and it's still electricity, with all the potential power that entails), and Blue's emotion powers could get to Empaths. And who knows what other aliens they must've combated during Eras 1 and 2.
      • Speaking of conquest, folks wonder what drove them to doing so in the first place, and how White even got the whole thing taking off. After all, since they don't require the same sustenance most organics do, it can't be a matter of resources. Theories abound, like the possibility of precursors programming the Diamonds long ago, or preparation for an attack that ultimately never came or is still coming. No definitive answers have been provided as of yet, but it's implied that White's need to spread her own then-perceived perfection across the universe was the driving force behind their conquests to begin with.
    • It's known that Diamonds can be poofed, though only Crystal Gem Pearl was witness and culprit to this as part of Pink Diamond's Faking the Dead plan. That said, it's not known what the psychological consequences of getting/seeing a fellow Diamond get poofed or even shattered would do, since the Pantheon has beings powerful enough to actually do this.
    • Have some difficulties with smaller spaces despite being shapeshifters. It's likely due to their pride to shift even smaller. This is another thing Steven is currently trying to resolve.
    • TheirÖsteam condensed on their bodiesnote  can bring some materials to life, and is part of what other Gems are made of. It's likely that Steven's spit and Rose/Pink's tears are a different form of the same substance. Combining the essence of all four Diamonds together cures gem corruption and can repair a shattered gem from their fragments.
    • Of course, given their past as galactic conquerors, there are a lot of folks who despise them, some who only show tolerance because of Steven, a few who wouldn't hesitate to harm him to get to them (such as Hero Killer Stain, who believes Steven is too naïve to believe that the Diamonds are worth redemption, but a lack of blood to taste would make fighting them... difficult), and those perfectly capable of engaging them personally.
      • Asura despises the Diamond Authority, but has the most animosity towards White Diamond. Her initial general demeanor towards her underlings (including her "sisters") reminds him too much of Chakravartin and the Seven Deities. He isn't empathetic towards the younger "sisters" either, since they were all too willing to snuff out organic life to just create more Gems, akin to the Gohma Vlitra creating more Gohma, and taking away humans for their Human Zoo reminding him of Deus' Karma Fortress being powered by human souls. Their willingness to better themselves for Steven's sakeóas well as the fact that Steven himself got into Asura's path onceóis the only thing keeping him from shattering them, and given what he's done to Chakravartin, there's no doubt that he can absolutely do so.
      • It's true that the GUAG Ministry of Atonement has its share of folks who have done terrible things, even a Galactic Conqueror, but the Diamonds have it harder due to their greater success in their planetary conquests. As the only other Galactic Conqueror among the Ministry, Kerrigan has been assigned to help the Diamonds get acclimated.
      • The God-Emperor of Mankind has made it clear that should the Diamonds ever betray the GUAG or backstab the Imperium, they will be ground to dust beneath humanityís boots. Someone has noted that the Emperor is almost not so different from them, except he's more sympathetic and understandable in some ways, but knows better than to say it out loud.
    • The Aparoids were already enemies of the Crystal Gems due to its intent to assimilate Steven. It was natural that they would earn the ire of the Diamonds as well.
    • When it comes to Steven's dad Greg, and therefore the man who won Pink Diamond's heart, there are divisive opinions.
      • Blue Diamond still conceivably keeps a solid friendship, though it's strained after she learned about the circumstances that led to Steven's existence, due to it "killing" Pink Diamond for good, as well as just being grossed out with regards to the process of organic reproduction.
      • For White, it's basically a magnification of Crystal Gem Pearl's own resentment of Greg (before Pearl eventually moved on). After all, it was him who ultimately brought about the end of Pink's existence.
      • The above also applies for Yellow, but it's unknown to what extent.
    • It's not known if White also possesses this power (though it's extremely likely), but the Diamonds possess a Psychic Link with one another on some level, and can even ward off mental psychic attacks.
    • After hearing rumors that Rose Quartz was in the Pantheon, they almost wanted to take off themselves to find her, but Steven convinced them that it might not be a good idea; given all the terrible things they've done to her and Earth, and the fact that her last memories were of when she concieved him, she's been actively avoiding them. However, one of Steven's other friends (Pinkie Pie) thought that this called for an intervention, and tried to convince him to help devise a plan where Rose ends up meeting with them. But he refused, stating that he doesn't want to shoulder any more burdens involving his mother. This only meant that Pinkie will be doing this without Steven, so she instead called her other friends to help with this "family reunion". Of course, the Diamonds were privy to this plan.
      • And so one day, Rose was led by a friend to visit the Ministry of Atonement in possible talks about joining, since her defection to found the Crystal Gems became the stuff of legends, though there was the strange proviso of needing to attend it as Pink Diamond, which she saw no reason to heed, even if most everybody somehow knows thanks to Steven and Pearl. The next thing she knew, she saw the other Diamonds, and they were actually shapeshifted down to her Pink Diamond size. This confusion stunned her long enough for them to approach and give her a big hug, expressing how much they've missed her, how much they regret what they've done to her, and how Steven helped them see the error of their ways.
      • While Rose can tell the sincerity of their claims (especially for White), eons of abuse simply can't go away in just a few minutes, and she made her pain clear as she personally vented her own issues on them, which eventually escalated to yelling, cussing that she learned on Earth, and a large shockwave from herself that would've brought the roof down on the place were it not for Twilight Sparkle and Rose herself. Emotionally expended, the Crystal Gem founder soon departed, saying: "As the saying goes on Earth, there's just too much bad blood between us."
      • Once Rose was gone, after an explanation of the meaning of "bad blood" and some of the expletives, the Diamonds were assured that it isn't a hopeless cause. It took around 4 Earth years for them to be truly reformed like they are today and for the Crystal Gems to not be too wary of them. It'll probably take as muchóif not a little moreótime for her to start accepting possible mends to their relationship.
  • Exclusive to Yellow Diamond:
    • Her lightning is known to not only one-hit poof gems, but keep them regenerating for days. In regards to mechanical entities she can't just overload, she would likely force a very prolonged shutdown.
    • Was the first of the Diamonds after Pink to get poofed. After regenerating at her temple with her fellow Diamonds and Steven watching, she explained that she had been in a GUAG skirmish against forces from the Galactic Empire when a certain Sith Lord decided to show up, and took his sweet time tormenting her with her own element (if it wasn't actually a case of him merely doing sustained damage) before she lost her Hard Light form. She's been told that it had been a severely demoralizing blow for her Gems, and it took another in the GUAG to rally them and bring her Gem back safely.
    • Post-redemption, she's more focused on reassembling Gems she had shattered (with plans to eventually fix up the Cluster one day) and even doing size or shape modifications to them at their consent. It's not yet known if she can do this to other Hard Light entities or constructs, though. There are talks of possible cooperation with Toa Takanuva and the Powerpuff Girls in this regard.
  • Exclusive to Blue Diamond:
    • While strong in her own right by virtue of being a Diamond (moreso in the face of opposing Gems), it's apparent that she's more reliant on her Emotion Bomb powers, which do affect non-Gems far less than Gems, if at all, as Connie can attest to when Blue and Yellow attacked Earth during Garnet's wedding.
    • Some folks have teased her for not realizing the rebel Rose Quartz sounded just like Pink Diamond. Even if it can be excused as Pink changing her intonation dramatically, the real Rose Quartzes sound distinctly different from the Crystal Gems leader.
    • Post-redemption, rather than force other gems to feel her grief, she's able to make them feel her joy and bliss. Of course, given its limits, it's still less likely to affect non-Gems. Some people have made references to her being a stoner, and eventually came to understand what it means (besides someone who hurls stones) after an explanation from Kerrigan.
    • Got a visit from one Dr. Zalost, who had also suffered depression and had desires to spread it. He also reformed just like her and has means to "force" happiness as well.
  • Exclusive to White Diamond:
    • It's not known how White already knew Pink was alive all these millennia, and identifies Steven as her without being told. It's unclear if she knew Pink faked her shattering and was Rose Quartz all along from the start, figured it out along the way, or found out when Blue and Yellow did from somehow monitoring them. And there's the fact that she seemed to know what a mother and a child were, when no other Gem in Homeworld had any such concept for such relationships usually only found in organic beings like those on Earth. White is not answering any of these questions for the time being, only that she certainly has some level of clairvoyance or telepathy, but as her initial incorrect assumption of Pink proved, she was not omniscient.
    • In regards to her Luminescent Blush of pink, it's not clear as to whether it's a mere imitation of the expression as the Crystal Gems have been seen doing, or if it really was an off-color imperfection of hers.
    • As the progenitor of all Gem-kind, it begs the question as to where White herself came from, and who/what were her precursors. Or if evolution eventually brought her to existence.
    • Crunch dislikes White Diamond specifically because of her possession ability and how she had no qualms about using it on (what he's pretty sure is) her own family. Even if she's since turned over a new leaf, it doesn't change the fact that she still did it.
    • Yes, her self-illusion of her being perfect has since been shattered, but having that rubbed in her face isn't helping matters, even if she has emotionally improved since then. Unfortunately for her, the Perfect Trumpet Thingy is more than willing to just appear in her head and do exactly that, getting past her psychic blocks with no effort. It drives her nuts to no end, as she can't seem to find the thing anywhere.
      • By extension, this also gained her an odd friend in Courage. He finds a giant powerful space goddess struggling with the concept of "not being perfect" that he had to deal with a while back as oddly comforting, while she's boggled and fascinated by this little organic thing that's scared out of his wits most of the time being completely fine with not being perfect, maybe even happy because of it. Courage being the one to approach her in the first place just intensified it. The poor dog doesn't know half of what he's getting into, especially since he's going to have to experience Spinel... Then again, when has he ever?
    • It's rumored that White harbors a significant Shadow that might be present in the TV World. However, due to the lower limit imposed (only Intermediate Deities or lower can acquire Personas, so White's out of luck there as she's a Greater Goddess), not to mention the size of the TV portal, Steven cannot ask the Investigation Team for an exception on White's behalf.
    • Speaking of that, post-redemption, White now allows other Gems to control her body to help with any self-esteem issues they might have, in contrast to her previous power set. Of course, that usefulness is limited in the Pantheon since her power is for the most part Gem-exclusive.
    • As a very chaotic scientist and constant rebel, Rick doesn't like folks calling White a Diamond version of him, and she shares the same sentiment while aware of all the messes he's made.

    Tailed Beasts 
The Tailed Beastsnote , The Divine Nonet of Multiple-Tailed Beasts
The Tailed Beasts and their Jinchuriki. Clockwise from Top: Son Gokū, Kokuō, Gyūki, Kurama, Chōmei, Saiken, Isobu, Matatabi, and Shukaku
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: A Circle of Nine Magatamas
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Now Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Titanic, Unfathomibally Powerful Creatures with Massive Levels of Chakra with a Series of Noticeable Tails as their Defining Physical Characteristic, Immensely Feared by the Shinobi World, Multi-Armed and Dangerous, Mix-and-Match Critters, Have Existed for around a Millennia, Are Living, Sentient Sources of Chakra, Can Come Back Sometime after Dying, Are rather Unrefined in Controlling their Power, Used to have a Disdainful View on Humanity for Treating them as Vicious Monsters rather than Empathetic Beings, Are only really Hostile because of their Poor Treatment and Receiving Resentment and simply Desire to be on their Own Devices without Interruption, Eventually find Acceptance and are Allowed to Live On Uninterrupted and away from being Ostracized
  • Domains: Power, Destruction, Tails, Legend, Harbingers, Tragedy, Ostracization
  • Heralds: Their Most Recent Jinchuriki (Yugito Nii, Yagura, Rōshi, Han, Utakata, Fū), Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki
  • Allies: Gaea, Zilla Jr., Captain Planet, The Planeteers, Rexxar, Steve Irwin, Son Wukong, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Izetta
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Battra, Viridi
  • Rivals: Godzilla, The Dinobots (in general), King Kong, Rajang (Son Gokū)
  • Enemies: Kaguya Ōtsutsukinote , Madara Uchiha, King Ghidorah, Pokémon Hunter J, Rusty, Sophie, Dougen
  • Respects: The Colossi
  • Odd Friendship: Bruce Banner/The Hulk (in general), Toph Beifong (Shukaku), Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Son Gokunote  (Son Gokū)note , Tamamo (Kurama)
  • On Speaking Terms With: The Ninja Turtles, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Ayane
  • Opposes: Obito Uchiha, Nagato
  • Pitied By: Hakumen
  • Dstrusted By: Susano'o (Kurama)
  • Special Relationship: Gaara (Shukaku's Jinchuriki), Killer B (Gyūki's Jinchuriki), Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama's Jinchuriki)
  • The Ninja World was one of constant struggle, distrust, and warfare, with groups and communities having to battle against one another for dominance as well as their own views in achieving peace. Of everything that the world offered, none were as majestic, yet terrifying as a set of nine creatures known as the Tailed Beasts, for they were living masses of chakra with unbelievable power and the capability to cause massive ruin and destruction towards everything they come across. However, their power led to an undesired reputation that left them resented and feared by the Ninja populace and some went as far as to forcibly capture them for their own uses, most notably sealing them into an individual so that they could be the beast's host, a jinchuriki who could call upon the beast's power to augment their strength and abilities whenever they wanted. This did nothing to improve the already bad relations between people and the Tailed Beasts, for the nine of them had since developed an utter disdain and contempt for humanity due to their own negative view and treatment of them.
    • While the exact origins of the Tailed Beasts remain a mystery to most, they were created a thousand years ago by the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, who, later in his life, took to splitting the chakra essence of the Ten Tailed Beast into nine separate entities as he knew dying would release the apocalyptic beast back into the physical world to wreak havoc. Before dying, Hagoromo promised that someone would eventually come to unite the beasts into unity and acceptance, though it would take a long time. Whilst they endured their own hardships and struggles over being hated for their strength and contempt, Hagoromo's words would come to light under Naruto Uzumaki, a descendant of Hagoromo's son, Ashura, and the then-current jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama. However, by that time, the Tailed Beasts and their jinchuriki were hunted by the criminal organization, Akatsuki so that the beast's chakra and power can be used to assert world dominance. In reality, the actual plan was orchestrated by Madara Uchiha, who intended to combine their essence to bring back the Ten-Tails and become its jinchuriki, giving him the necessary power needed to cast an illusion that can grant everlasting peace. Eventually, Naruto and his friends and allies fought back the Akatsuki and Madara, even reaching out to the Tailed Beasts and befriending them to the point of seeing a lighter side in humanity and after being freed in the Fourth Shinobi World War, were finally able to lead their own lives without getting interrupted simply for their existence.
  • Of the Tailed Beasts, Kurama was the only one who had a proper place in the Pantheon, albeit this was due to a technicality he shared with Naruto as when his current jinchuriki ascended, so did he. Even so, given that this occurred before the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kurama was not on amicable terms with Naruto, until later on when the boy decided to properly empathize with the Demon Fox alongside the other tailed beasts. Even so, it would take until the very end of the war itself as well as a final battle between Naruto and Sasuke before the beasts finally had the independence and respect that they desperately wanted. That said, a few of them, including Shukaku and Gyūki, were open to accepting their most recent jinchuriki as close comrades and remained with them as partners, jinchuriki or not. In the Pantheon, Naruto himself made a point to not just have Kurama, but also the rest of the Tailed Beasts to be given a proper place so that they could hopefully find a new place to thrive in as well as potentially find a friend or companion to converse and stick around with. To their pleasant surprise, this turned out to be a success; the Pantheon was quite open to the possibility of allowing the Tailed Beasts to dwell upon the new realm and they've since marked themselves with territories of their own. That said, they'll still telepathically communicate with each other and with Naruto in times of need, maintaining a sense of looking out for one another.
  • The Tailed Beasts are some of the most powerful and dangerous creatures in the Pantheon, thanks to their inherently massive reserves of chakra and possessing enough power to significantly alter their environment permanently and destroy entire settlements in one fell swoop. And while they have earned a certain level of infamy due to their mostly poor history with Humanity, they're not exactly proud of this fact. In fact, most of the Tailed Beasts were faced with resentment and discrimination from the get-go simply for being living weapons of mass destruction. The Pantheon has been kinder, thanks to all of them ascending into the Pantheon after Naruto found a way to liberate them after centuries of being hated and later getting captured for nefarious uses. Much to their own surprise, some animals took to liking and provided them with some form of company. Some, like Matatabi and Saiken didn't really mind it whereas others like Shukaku were more begrudging. They've since come to very much appreciate their time in the Pantheon, even to some degree to protect their domains as if their life depended on it.
    • In cases of extreme situations, the Tailed Beasts are able to telepathically communicate with one another, which is something they usually do with Naruto regarding any sort of consultation. Oddly enough, comparisons between this and the Court of the Gods were not unfounded, though the Tailed Beasts have made it very clear that their discussions and conversations are solely to do with their own matters and concerns. Even so, there have been a few times where the beasts' and the court's conversational topics became mutual, but the former would rather state that it is a matter of coincidence. That said, they don't have anything against each other and, if anything, Naruto has stated that sometimes they can learn a thing or two from the Court and that they may be talking about something the beasts may take concern of, something which they managed to agree upon.
  • Of course, the Tailed Beasts were not happy to learn that Madara and Kaguya were also in the Pantheon, considering their own past grievances towards them as well as the fact that Madara still holds a very contemptuous thought about the beasts. That said, the Uchiha doesn't focus on the beasts as his primary target of capture after learning about the true nature of the Ten-Tails and is seeking to find a new method to bring peace to the Pantheon after being inspired by the realm. However, the Tailed Beasts and Madara remain enemies with one another because Madara's idea of bringing peace is still in an oppressive perspective as well as the fact that while the beasts are no longer his main goal, he is not above having them subjugated under his control if they somehow prove useful to his goals. The fact that Madara had done this before, especially towards Kurama is quite telling of the fact that the beasts would rather keep their distance from him, despite their wholly negative opinion on the Uchiha. They also don't have a kind opinion on Nagato and Obito either, considering their actions under the Akatsuki and the fact that the two of them were responsible for the beasts getting sealed and their jinchuriki killed by the extracting process. Like many, they have a hard time grasping Nagato and Obito's attempts in atoning for their actions, but beyond that, they would rather not think about the two all that much, something which Nagato and Obito accepted as they figured that the Tailed Beasts wouldn't be a popular audience for them.
  • While they are destructive forces of nature, they are, at the end of the day, simply animals who are trying to live out a mundane and simple life, albeit they are sentient, intelligent, and are sometimes given orders to do something, courtesy of Hagoromo or Naruto. Gaea, the Titaness of the Earth, took an immediate interest in the Tailed Beasts and conversed with them about their desires and general habits, a way in which she could get to know them better. Some of the beasts were open, others took some time to get adjusted. She explained that because they possessed great power and that they could use it for something productive, she offered them an invitation to the Grand United Alliance of Nature, hoping that the nine of them can once again be in unison and be working together as well as stand a better chance against a growing list of threats. Gaea also promised that she would ensure the beasts remained independent in their free time as well as being given some credence and respect for their contribution. Thankfully, the beasts also mentally discussed this with Naruto, who was open to the idea of them working with Gaea. With the Seventh Hokage's goodwill and advice, the Tailed Beasts accepted Gaea's offer into the GUAN, serving as one of their most powerful members.
    • Despite being among the most powerful members of the GUAN, the Tailed Beasts aren't exactly known for being protectors of nature. They're aware that Gaea sympathizes with them and decided to give them a purpose in the Pantheon, but they do admit that Naruto himself is the main motivator in getting them to approve the Titaness's offer as he would have wanted the Tailed Beasts to do something good as a way to earn others' respect. Some of the beasts can be rambunctious and others can be affable at times, though they agree that Battra is the most difficult member to really work with as he is so adamant in wanting to protect nature and take revenge on whatever slights have been made towards it that he comes off as militant whenever it demands the Tailed Beasts to get on with looking after nature, something which bugs them. Viridi is another similar case, being a mentally overgrown brat who champions plants, considering her own godly domain revolves around them. That said, Viridi manages to come off as more civil, if immature, which meant that while the Tailed Beasts did find her annoying, some found her humorous and they'd still take her over Battra. While they don't share much in the field of common enemies, they do respect each other's needs, especially in regards to the Tailed Beasts wanting to lead a quiet solitary life for the most part.
  • While humans in the Pantheon are generally a lot laxer and more accepting towards the Tailed Beasts than they were in the real world, there was one such figure who stood out from them, mainly because he was eager to actually meet them up close. This was where Steve Irwin became involved with the beasts; while initially hesitant due to their cynic nature towards humankind, Steve became confident once he learned that they were making an effort to be more open and optimistic thanks to Naruto and that's when he made his move towards them. Steve's first meeting was, of course, done with a filming crew who wanted to make sure of Steve's safety. While eccentric, he made quite a good impression on the beasts, who were taken aback by Steve's generous and respectful nature towards them. The famous Crocodile Hunter took to making a few light-hearted jokes and complimenting their looks and attitude to ease the beast's perspective on him. Not since Hagoromo and Naruto did they expect to find a man in the Pantheon who actually wanted to empathize with them. Steve became their first human friend, which was symbolized by some of them giving him a fist bump of approval and camaraderie, and while Steve is aware of their cynical lives and even a few heinous actions, particularly from Kurama, his main focus is to simply help them out in opening up more towards society, something which has helped in a way as the Tailed Beasts now has another human whom they could trust due to his demeanor of wanting to help them out some way or another.
    • Another figure that the Tailed Beasts came to appreciate for his reputation and actions was the Beastmaster Orc, Rexxar, who was renowned for his reputation in being able to tame and command even the most fearsome of beasts as well as gaining their respect thanks to his commitment toward them as well as his strong and assertive authority. Given his occupation, Rexxar was intrigued by the Tailed Beasts himself to personally encounter them and fight against them in case things went wrong. Fortunately, he realized that they were intelligent, sentient creatures and the orc was able to maintain a civil conversation with some of them. While he figured that there was no way that he could te the Tailed Beasts to his command, he did respect their wishes and preference to be left to themselves in the Pantheon as well as sympathizing with their turbulent pasts, believing that regardless of their ferocious reputation, they didn't need to be treated as monsters or forced weapons of mass destruction. The Tailed Beasts saw Rexxar as an understanding figure and came to eventually like him due to his hospitality as well as his willingness to fight back for what he works and believes in, with the orc being one of the few who keeps in contact with them from time to time.
    • Shukaku and Kurama, being two of the more temperamental of the nonet, tend to have rockier and more vitriolic encounters than the rest of their peers. For one, Kurama likes to boast himself as the strongest of the Tailed Beasts, a claim that annoys the others considerably. He's found himself butting heads against Susano'o a couple of times given the latter's distrust of anyone that is a Nine-Tailed Kitsune and they're not afraid to fight against each other if they're annoyed enough. Though surprisingly, he's managed to find a way to be on good terms with Tamamo, seeing as both of them tend to be on their best when in a partnership with someone, in Tamamo's case, being a servant to someone. While empathetic to what Kurama went through, she did criticize him for trying to be antagonistic towards humanity and his previous jinchurikis, though the demon fox has made it clear that as being hosted by Naruto, he's making an effort to be better, which Tamamo respected. In Shukaku's case, he'll simply lumber around, not caring about being given attention. He does however find a strange companionship with Toph Beifong, who is able to sense Shukaku's energy with her potent Earthbending skills being able to track down others through sensing seismic waves under the Earth, which meant that Shukaku's size and presence made him easy to find. The monstrous tanuki found Toph's childish nature to be oddly entertaining, yet also recognized that she was a powerful warrior who could hold her own pretty well, a gesture that was responded by Toph herself liking Shukaku for being rather chummy and respectful towards her.
  • Being well-known figures from a shinobi world, it was a reasonable assumption that the Tailed Beasts would come to be noticed by several ninjas in the Pantheon. For one, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were once sent to investigate on Isobu, if mainly because they're the same species, and they actually managed to somehow get along, with the Three-Tailed Beast finding it surprising how four humanoid turtles, despite their mutation, were willing to stand up and fight for their world. Leonardo, the oldest and leader of the Ninja Turtles, pleaded that Isobu should try to use its own powers for others, which the beast mused that it's making an effort as of now. Ryu, Kasumi, and Ayane are more cautious, though from Naruto's suggestion, were open to giving the Tailed Beasts a second chance in being better. Ayane is normally not too focused, though she does take notice of the Tailed Beasts in case something is wrong and Hayabusa expresses more concern, given his own experience in fighting demons and monsters. While concerned about their power and ferocity if provoked, he's content to see that they've been placid and affable for now. Kasumi, however, spends the most time empathizing and trying to directly help the Tailed Beasts out in their spare time, justifying that if Naruto was a role model to them due to his own kindness and sympathizing with their struggles, then she should follow it and use her own experiences and knowledge to communicate and look after them. That said, the beasts do tend to be wary of Dougen, who, while not as strong as them, has exceptional skill at manipulating and subjecting others to mind control. While Dougen realized that his mind-control powers don't work on a Tailed Beast due to how naturally strong they are, he's planning to find some way to rig events and favors regarding the beasts to his own advantage, and they, in turn, are willing to kill him off if they ever dare to provoke them with his own agendas. The fact that he always finds some way to weasel his way back to life... somehow, has been a big point of contention for the Tailed Beasts in wanting to rid him.
  • Thanks to the Pantheon, the Tailed Beasts are often considered to be the Kaijus of the Naruto world, and it's pretty easy to see why. This had the beasts curious about the identification, which eventually led them to a whole slew of monsters that they were unfamiliar with. Of course, the one that got the Tailed Beasts' attention most was none other than the King of the Monsters, Godzilla. Despite the feared reputation, Godzilla was actually quite docile, not really being bothered to assert his superiority... until Shukaku and Gyūki decided to see what made Godzilla so distinct from the others. They engaged in an epic battle that tore apart the land in which they were fighting in, and then Kurama himself entered the fray. The battle was so intense that Gaea personally had to intervene to stop their squabble. The King of the Monsters, despite their brutal brawl, showed a sign of respect for his opponents as they simply told him and Gaea that they wanted to see how strong he was and wandered off without any animosity. The Mother Titaness was a little snippy about the incident though and chided Shukaku, Gyūki, and Kurama about not starting pointless fights. That said, the three have come to respect Godzilla back and are open to the idea of a rematch, much to Gaea's chagrin.
    • Mothra, one of the few monsters in the Pantheon who seems to be generally accepted by most people, quickly learned about the beasts through Godzilla, whom he just so happens to be a close acquaintance of. She, alongside her male counterpart, Mothra Leo, decided to visit the Tailed Beasts and try to converse and hopefully find some common ground with. The kaiju mother's benevolent and helpful nature proved effective as they were able to befriend the beasts and reason with why they should try to do the best they could to provide for the Pantheon, considering that all of them are a part of the GUAN. The Tailed Beasts have noted that Mothra's compassion is quite similar to Hagoromo's, which helped with why they were able to quickly accept her as a friend and she is open to helping them if they're facing a problem. That said, she's not fond of the fact that some of the Tailed Beasts want to fight against Godzilla again, thinking that that sort of approach is rather immature and unproductive for them, not to mention how Gaea finds nature's destruction to be aggravatingly annoying, given that the last time they fought, they were destroying a large piece of land.
    • Some of the beasts have specific relations and rivalries with other great creatures. For instance, Son Gokū has met with Sun Wukong and it turns out that both have a laid-back attitude, which allowed for the two simians to easily get along. Son Gokū also finds Wukong's story of immortality to be quite funny, if really bizarre given the circumstances the latter went through to attain it several times over. The Four-Tailed Beast has a more traditional rivalry with the fanged Wyvern, Rajang, whose aggression and temper caught Son Gokū's surprise on their first encounter. They'll occasionally fight one another, if mainly because Rajang doesn't like being intruded upon, intentionally or not, and Son Gokū feels it's best that the Fanged Wyvern is best left to its own devices. Finally, it turns out that he happens to share his name with a certain Saiyan, and, what's more, both were noted to have been inspired by the aforementioned Sun Wukong. Both enjoy each other's company, with both choosing to identify themselves as Son Gokū and Goku respectively, as the latter tends to be more informal. The latter likes a good fight, so the former is open to the idea of a good fight to satisfy his new friend, and Goku has taken it upon himself to look after Son Gokū at times as a sign of their friendship.
  • Fortunately for them, the Tailed Beasts don't really have to worry much about being "owned" for someone else's use, and even then, Gyūki and Kurama expressed pride about their own jinchuriki's at the end, even if it took a lot of time for the latter to come around to respect Naruto. Even then, there were two figures that got their attention, and not in a good way. The apparent "Pokémon Trainer", Rusty was noted to be so terrible at raising Pokémon that nobody had any faith in supporting him. Upon seeing his methods at "raising" Pokémon, the Tailed Beasts have made an effort that if he ever does try to approach him, they'll give him a hard lesson. Unfortunately for them, Rusty only showed excitement towards the Tailed Beasts, seeing them as Legendary Pokémon, much to their annoyance. Kurama himself had to fire a Tailed Beast Ball to send him flying away and at another point, Isobu gave him a harsh speech about how pathetic he was before whipping up a tidal wave and sending Rusty flying away elsewhere. While he's an annoying pest that they've to hate, they take Pokémon Hunter J rather seriously, given that she takes up a job in finding exotic creatures to petrify and sell them as trophies. In a moment of lucidity, Hunter J decided that the Tailed Beasts might be too much for her to handle and backed away from trying to capture them. That didn't stop Kokuō and Chōmei from chasing her away at separate points. While they're usually laxer with humanity nowadays, they're more than willing to hunt down and kill any vile human they come across who wants to exploit such creatures like them. It's no wonder that Hunter J remains among those individuals the Tailed Beasts happen to dislike most.
  • The Tailed Beasts have a largely unknown history when it comes to the public's knowledge and unless there's someone who's either an interested historian or someone whom they can put their trust into, they don't really pay much attention to their own past. That said, they do happen to be one of the more mysterious creatures in the Pantheon, with many wanting to figure out just why they are so powerful and why they are so intrinsically tied to each other, with the beasts just admitting that they're simply sentient reserves of chakra, though, on the second question, they're more hesitant due to their creation coming from the Ten-Tails. The only other set of creatures of their size that are just as mysterious as the Tailed Beasts would probably be the Colossi, some being small in comparison whereas the largest might be around the Ten-Tails' size. The Colossi, being ordinary in their sentience, don't really mind the Tailed Beasts and keep to themselves whereas the latter are interested in the former regarding their nature and primal lifestyles. For one, Isobu would like to learn a bit more about Hydrus and Pelagia in general while Kokuō would be interested in Phaedra and try to see if they can get along.
  • As natural embodiments of chakra in some way or another, the Tailed Beasts caught the attention of one Captain Planet, who usually made it his life's work to provide protection and advocacy for the planet. At first, he expressed concern about the power and destructive capabilities the beasts had until he found out that they're simply beasts who want to remain mostly on their own and mind their own businesses. He and his chosen patrons, the Planeteers were eager to the idea of communicating with them, though it is Ma-Ti who takes up the most proactive role in getting involved with the Tailed Beasts as his affinity to Heart allows him to better communicate and reason with the beasts. It proves to be quite effective as the Tailed Beasts took a liking to the boy and he, in turn, has made a promise that they make an attempt to be better than they were if they want to remain friends. The other members of the Planeteers do have their preferences, though Son Gokū is one of their more frequent visitors, which is coincidental given the Planeteers's Team Pet us a monkey named Suchi, who in response enjoys Son Gokū despite the latter's fearsome appearance and power.
  • Of all of the monsters that the Tailed Beasts have known in the Pantheon, none of them have struck quite a nerve or animosity as King Ghidorah has, and considering the amount of power the former possess, the fact that Ghidorah managed to inspire fear towards them is a notable feat. The beasts had a discussion with Naruto and Gaea at separate points about Ghidorah and while the former urged them to not give up fighting against the malicious space dragon, the latter warned them of just how powerful and malevolent it was. It's bad enough that Ghidorah was titanic in size, but its sheer destructive capabilities, including annihilating worlds if given the chance, made the Tailed Beasts realize that it might be dealing with a threat that could be worse than Madara and Kaguya. To that end, whenever Ghidorah becomes a topic of concern, the Tailed Beasts would do just about anything, including setting aside their rivalry with Godzilla just to have a chance of fighting against Ghidorah and his threat justifying why they are needed in the GUAN. Ghidorah, on the other hand, doesn't really see the Tailed Beasts as high threats to take too much attention towards, something which the latter intends to change sometime soon.

Intermediate Gods

    Long Horse 
Long Horse, Deity of Long Necks (Alternate Dimension SCP-1156)
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: Its own skull
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination with a Long Neck (as in infinitely long), Tries To Warn People Of Their Future Doom, Arch-Enemy to Siren Head, Dem Bones, Can Be Anywhere, Including Dreams
  • Domains: Cryptids, Necks, Warnings, Portents, Good
  • Varying relationship with: Bendy
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation, Dream of the Endless
  • Interests: L, Near
  • Allies: Absol, Cassandra, SCP-990, Applejack, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel Bagge, Shirley the Medium, Rubeus Hagrid, Barry Allen and Wally West, NiGHTS, Ysera, Felix the Cat, Princess Luna, Bedman
  • On good terms with: The horses in the Hall of Ungulates
  • Enemies: Siren Head, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Gorilla Grodd, Freddy Krueger
  • Opposes: Pokemon "Trainer" Rusty
  • Opposed by: Death (Final Destination), Light Yagami, Eustace Bagge
  • Wary of: Ryuk, Vaermina
  • The Long Horse is a mysterious cryptid who's face is that of a horse skull, and who's body is never seen. Rather it has a snake-like neck that has no visible end, likely going on infinitely. While Long Horse certainly looks creepy it is benevolent, and comes to warn people of future disasters and terrible events. The being is an enemy of the Siren Head and Cartoon Cat because of their differing views on humans. It is one of the wholly good creations of Trevor Henderson.
  • Long Horse's ascension was shortly followed by the House of Knowledge trying to figure out how long its neck was once and for all; as it is capable of phasing through matter and it can show up anywhere, nobody was able to figure it out. The entity ignored this and went straight to the Court of the Gods, where it informed them of a future disaster the GUAD had planned to cause. The GUAD consider Long Horse a major obstruction to their goal of destroying everything and plan to decapitate the cryptid. Some of the more morbid deities wonder if the fact Long Horse's neck is infinite also means it would bleed infinitely; assuming it even has blood, of course.
  • Like the Siren Head, Long Horse shouldn't be mistaken for an SCP. That said, the SCP Foundation is keeping their eye on the creature, and they've learned it is considered one in a parallel universe. Unlike Siren Head, Long Horse is mostly co-operative with the Foundation and has given warnings to help them. That said it is still creepy and in that alternate universe it accidentally scared someone into a heart attack, so the Foundation believes it needs to improve its communication skills.
  • Long Horse doesn't trust Bendy as the entity reminds it of Cartoon Cat, an ink blot malevolent Felix the Cat-like being who's its other enemy besides the Siren Head. To be fair the Ink and Beast versions of Bendy are malevolentnote . The cartoon version of Bendy believes that Joey's ink machine is to blame for Cartoon Cat's manifestation on the physical plane and has joined with Felix the Cat to ensure if the Cartoon Cat ever ascends, it won't get away with its crimes for long. Long Horse has accepted this arrangement and is fine working with Felix, but still has difficulty trusting Bendy
  • Long Horse is normally in the House of Prophecy and Fate when not going out to warn people. Its friends there are Absol and Cassandra. The former has the "dark, but kind" aura and Long Horse feels bad that people blame the Pokemon for disasters they're trying to warn people of. As far as Long Horse is considered, Absol and Cassandra are just trying to be good samaritans. Because it warns people of impending doom the cryptid is a pest to Death Note users, mainly Light Yagami, since it could warn people their name is about to be written in the Death Note. L and Near have been trying to predict the Long Horse's behavior to use this against him.
  • Death from Final Destination has a clear dislike of Long Horse because it can warn people of disasters to cheat death, though since it's up to the people it visits to act on its warnings it doesn't believe Long Horse deserves the same punishment. Ryuk is more intrigued amused by the entity, but does admit he finds the cryptid annoying. Long Horse is cautious around the shinigami and doesn't like the idea of the Death Note, though the two have bonded over apples. Long Horse became a friend of Applejack due to her generous gift of apples, and Long Horse always appreciates gifts.
  • Can be almost anywhere and everywhere due to its unending neck and intelligence. As such, Long Horse was possibly already in the Trope Pantheon by sheer virtue of an infinite neck before becoming a deity. The being's first official siting was in the Hall of Ungulates, and has been recorded hanging out with the horses there. Hagrid was fascinated by the cryptid as it appeared to be magical but in a way that defied the rules of nature and attracted Long Horse with tasty treats and apple pie. As with almost all animals, he treats Long Horse with great compassion.
  • Long Horse is even capable of showing up in people's dreams to serve as a warning of disasters. Unfortunately this has made it vulnerable to dream stealers like Vaermina. Freddy Krueger hates the fact it can show up in dreams because it can give people a heads up that he's coming to kill them, giving his potential victims time to prepare against him should they heed the cryptid's warnings. He has tried to get rid of Long Horse in the dreamworld, but since it doesn't have dreams and tends to show up before he comes to play this hasn't gone anywhere.
  • Long Horse's ability to show up in dreams has led to it giving and getting aid from heroes of the dreamscape like NiGHTS. The cryptid has found itself in Ysera's employ on occasion, and has found itself under watch by Dream of the Endless. It works alongside them in part because it's the right thing to do, and in part because it needs all the defense it can get against malevolent dream beings. Due to their power to appear in dreams, Princess Luna and Bedman always make sure to cook an apple pie in the material and dream world as payment for Long Horse's services. It would've helped them anyway, but it makes Long Horse pretty happy anyway.
  • Because Long Horse's neck is infinite, Gorilla Grodd theorizes that should he mind-control the cryptid he has potentially unlimited mass of neck to throttle his foes like a python or weaponize the sheer bulk. He could also make sure Long Horse only ever warns him and cannot tip anyone else to any big schemes he has in mind. Both Flashes took note of the Long Horse's potential in the hands of evil, and have promised the cryptid they'll prevent Grodd from controlling it. They've been wondering how the being's stretchy Long Neck powers might utilize the Speed Force, but neither know how Long Horse would use it and Long Horse isn't interested in Super Speed.
  • Siren Head and threats to humanity are things Long Horse hates, but for its pet peeves Long Horse really doesn't like it when people try to ride the Lovecraftian equine. Fortunately almost no-one wants to ride a being who's almost entirely neck. Unfortunately Rusty was the exception and started throwing rocks at it to "weaken" the "Pokemon". Long Horse was appalled by Rusty's treatment of Pokemon and though it doesn't hate him enough to cause harm, it's decided to never warn him of any future disaster. This includes disasters involving multiple people since it knows if Rusty gets involved, he'll inevitably cause the disaster while trying to play hero and stop it from happening.
  • There have been citings of Long Horse in the middle of Nowhere, which fits beings like it like a glove. Because of the chaos that often unfolds Long Horse has visited Eustace and Muriel's house and given them many warnings of future disaster. While Courage was initially terrified and untrustworthy of Long Horse, he's long since realized the entity is benevolent and has taken its warnings to heart. Predictably Eustace did not, and blames Long Horse for the troubles it sees. Inevitably this led to him ignoring its warnings and trying to solve incoming problems himself, only resulting in grave misfortune for him.

Megamix, Unholy Body Part Amalgamation (Mega-mix)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The "N" on their forehead and "M" on their back
  • Theme Songs: Boss Theme and Megamix Mania
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Advancing Boss of Doom, Body Horror, Comprised of Cortex, N. Gin, Tiny Tiger and Dingodile, Cyborg, Humanoid Abomination, Hybrid Monster, Mix-and-Match Critter, Nuclear Mutant, Split Personality, Voice of the Legion, Constantly bickering with each other
  • Domains: Accidents, Wasteland, Monsters, Bosses, Fusions
  • Components: Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. N Gin, Tiny Tiger, Dingodile
  • Allies: Uka Uka, Nina Cortex, Bizarro
  • Rivals: Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde
  • Enemies:
  • Source of Interest for: The Think Tank, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Megamix is something that shouldn't exist in the first place, being the amalgamation of Dr. Cortex and a few of his henchmen into one. The hideous creature formed after Cortex's Planetary Minimizer malfunctioned and hit them instead, the creature then chased Crash Bandicoot throught the whole space station but Crash managed to escape the monster and soon it returned to normal. While that was the last time Megamix was ever heard from, the arrival of the Rustland Grand Pix brought them back to the spotlight, this time with their own separate origin story and somehow, that Megamix ended up becoming a deity given their particular appearance being an amalgamation of the four villains
  • You may be wondering, how is Megamix able to exist when his components are all separated to begin with. Turns out this Megamix comes from a timeline where the world succumbed to a nuclear devastation and ultimately created Megamix. This screamed bad news for the Bandicoots, as not only the creature held a grudge against Crash even if he never was responsible for the creation of that Megamix, but the monster even ended up siding with Cortex and Uka Uka.
  • Naturally, this version of Megamix is very adept to racing and often engages in races, particularly the go-kart ones. Their temple is even an amalgamation (no pun intended) of both Megamix Mania and the Space Station where they were originally created. Given the Desert Punk aesthetic and Megamix being a Nuclear Mutant type monster, they eventually developed an emnity with both Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa, feeling like Megamix was a dangerous monster to let loose.
  • Constantly suffers from Split Personality Disorder as the mind of all four villains are all concious and want to take control all the time, which manifest in a slight shock everytime a different personality takes control. It all gets even more confusing when you take into account that every single of their components are deities, who are understandably creeped out by Megamix loose nature. This eventually made the creature a bit of an odd rival to Dr. Jekyll, known for engaging in his darker desires when asuming his other identity but even Hyde is a bit horrified at the sight of Megamix.
  • Given their potential ties to nuclear waste, it was only natural that Megamix and Toxie would come to blows as the latter while a bit of hideous monster himself, he is a good guy nonetheless. Even with the combined strength of two of Cortex's best creations, Toxie was able to subdue and almost kill the abomination before Megamix ran away crying. Since then they have been planning to get revenge somehow.
  • A creature like Megamix wouldn't feel too out of place in the universe of Fallout. In fact, given their status as a mutant monster, Megamix has unfortunately become the target for extermination by various of the deities hailing from said world with the Enclave and Arthur Maxson at the top of the list. Not all of them want they dead however, the Think Tank was fascinated that Megamix was able to remain mostly with some semblance of sanity and cohesion and even if two of their components were scientist themselves, they are eager to study Megamix and further learn from its biology (Which they are understandably not very happy about).
  • By far the one scientist that flipped out the moment they saw Megamix was Dr. Alphys. Understandable, considering her hand in the creation of the Amalgamations and seeing the monster was only a reminder of her failures. However, she knows that the monster is formed by villainous folks and said people being deities in their own right just makes it easier for Alphys to not pity the monster.
  • Sadly for Megamix, they are not the type to make many friends as many are repelled by their appearance and mannerism. However, being an offshoot of another person (or people rather in Megamix case) made them form a rather strange friendship with Bizarro of all people, who expressed some form of appreciation (in his own Bizarro way)
  • Described as "Frankenstein's Monster if the doctor would have becomed part of his creation" and the good doctor himself is abhorred at the creature that is Megamix and wishes he would never become such a beast. His creation similarly feels both disgust and pity since it knows at least some of the ones involved in the creation of Megamix are in a similar situation as he was, perhaps both but neither the Monster nor Megamix dwells too much on it.
  • He is considered part-cyborg but hardly cares about anything mechanical. However, it was later discovered that there is a robotic replica of Megamix in the Rustland timeline and after hearing this, several of the deities from the GUAM took immediate interest since it's said to have the same properties but could potentially be easier to control with the proper reprogramming. Some have gone even as far to attempt capturing Megamix and turning him into a fully-mechanical beast using N. Gin's parts as a base.
  • "We are stronger TOGETHER!"
  • Can also be found in Genetic Engineering.

    Vampire Hunter D 
D, God of Autonomous Organs
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His parasitic left hand
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dhampyr, Vampire Hunter, Dark Is Not Evil, One-Letter Name, Master Swordsman, Walking the Earth, Determinator, The Quiet One
  • Domains: Hunters, Hands
  • Allies: Adrian Tepes, Blade, Ragna the Bloodedge, Velvet Crowe, Squigly, Filia
  • Enemies: Dracula, Mannfred & Konrad von Carstein, The Crimson Court, Eliza, Dio Brando, Vanilla Ice, Elizabeth Bathory, Carmilla, Count Orlok, Strahd von Zarovich
  • Respected by: Vlad von Carstein
  • Not so different from: Alucard (Hellsing)
  • Strained Relations: Buffy Summers, The Ancestor
  • In a devastated future world, a type of vampire known as Nobility are running around alongside other monstrous threats, with humans living in fear of these creatures. D, a hunter whoís half-human and half-vampire, travels across this world, being scorned by others for his heritage, but nonetheless helping those in need to survive against those dangerous threats. His only constant companion in his travels to find his father and kill him is Dís own left hand, home to a talkative parasite. Despite the handís attitude, it has proven to be quite useful in getting D out of trouble.
  • As D continued to travel around the world he was familiar with, his hand noticed that there were some vampires out to get them. As D was prepared to fight, he noticed that the vampires looked much more freakish than before and that they seemed to detect when he was able to attack. D was just outside the gates of what appeared to be an elaborate city and after he defeated one of the vampires, another flew from above the gates, ready to team up with the still-injured second vampire to take down D. The two remaining vampires merged with each other to form a vampiric abomination that can take plenty of damage and unleash some devastating attacks. It then proceeded to destroy the gates leading to the city and terrorize anyone in its way before D fought back after recovering from a nasty blow. It took some time and effort, but D was able to defeat this mutated fused vampire and he earned the thanks of those in the city. It was then that D learned of the Pantheon and that not only were there plenty of worlds connected to it, but that there are plenty of people around there who would request the help of someone like him to deal with threats here and there.
  • From what D has observed as he went through much of the Pantheon, itís a place that is very different from the places heís traveled to, but at the same time, certain locations in the Pantheon are reminiscent of where he's traveled through. Even if the Pantheon is a place where D can settle down (something that his hand admitted to), he canít really stay there permanently. While the denizens of the Pantheon are largely more tolerable of Dís human-vampire heritage, there are some who display hostility towards him much greater than normal. If anything, the Pantheon is more of a recurring place for D to visit during his travels rather than a permanent home and his hand told D that he should be thankful (which he is in a quiet sense) for a place that largely accepts him and can help him out when the need arises.
  • Dís ultimate goal is to find the man who created him (very likely to be The Sacred Ancestor, a powerful vampire who sought to extend his raceís legacy via attempts to cross-breed humans and vampires together in a number of experiments) and destroy him. There hasnít been any indication of Dís creator being in the Pantheon or if heís even aware of that place, but it hasnít prevented the vampire hunter from being aware of a number of vampires that are as deadly as his primary target, even if itís not to the same extent as The Sacred Ancestor. D managed to find some common ground with Adrian Tepes, another half-human half-vampire who harbors a strong grudge against their vampire father, with Adrianís case being directed towards Vlad Tepes. Adrian noticed how even though D is very similar to him in terms of heritage, heís similar to the Belmonts in terms of being a vampire hunter, but with plenty of differences to make D stand out from them.
  • Additional vampire hunters arenít anything new to D since he encountered a team of them that served as rivals of his at one point, with him getting fairly involved in the ordeal of that teamís female member, Leila. Unlike the ones he encountered prior, the vampire hunters in the Pantheon were a bit more welcoming of D and are willing to get involved in his hunts not for the sake of competition, but to help someone out. D has often teamed up with Eric Brooks, another vampire hunter with a similar heritage as that of D, and Blade has often given D some pointers on where some of the more dangerous vampires of the Pantheon might be at. When D encountered Buffy Summers for the first time, he noticed that she was similar to Leila in some way, given her profession of being a vampire hunter and having issues with vampires, regardless of if theyíre fully vampires or not and even if theyíre not evil. Regardless, D doesnít hold anything against Buffy and Blade has told Buffy that D is not a bad person in spite of his quiet nature.
  • D ended up encountering Alucard of The Hellsing Organization while going after some vampires that were on a rampage. Despite Dís efforts, he got overpowered by those rogue vampires and it was at that point that Alucard intervened and following an intense battle, Alucard put a stop to their devastation. D was able to recover from his injuries after the vampires were driven out and Alucard noticed that D was someone who was really similar to Alucard minus the enjoyment of battle. Alucard is more than aware that D is more powerful than he appears to be and saw him as someone with a lot of potential to be an equal of his. Alucard would have enjoyed it more if D was much more eager to partake in battles, but heíll take what he can get. Even if Dís left hand found Alucard to be rather psychotic, it didnít change the fact that Alucard is still fighting the good fight and that D was bound to meet him again, whether Lefty wants it or not.
  • He wasnít the only deity to have a parasite bound to him that gave someone strange powers. There ended up being a couple of girls named Filia and Squigly who have parasites bound with them and use them in combat. After a bit of a misunderstanding (and the girlsí respective parasites bickering not helping things), he got along with them and through them, learned of another girl with a parasite who was much more threatening named Eliza. Eliza was someone who not only has a close connection with her parasite, but was vampiric in a number of ways, especially in regards to her immortality. By sheer coincidence, Eliza showed up intending to kill Filia and Squigly and ended up getting in a fight against D. Eliza was forced to retreat thanks to a combination of Dís swordsmanship and what his left hand is capable of, but not before threatening revenge against D.
  • In a more general sense, D ended up encountering a few deities whose hands have strange properties, regardless of if thereís a parasite in them or something else entirely. Ragna the Bloodedge, who was also part-vampire, and Velvet Crowe ended up helping D take on Dio Brando as the latter was going on a destructive spree with none of the Jojos or their allies there to stop him. It was an arduous fight, but the trio was able to ward off Dio and prevent him from causing more mayhem for the time being. During that battle, Ragna and Velvet noticed how Dís left arm was responsible for some strange feats, similar to how the two used their respective armís abilities during that fight. While Dís life isnít quite as harrowing as what Velvet and Ragna had to go through, heís understanding of their plight and the two have been on good terms with him following their initial encounter.
  • There have been many vampires that D has learned of during his visits to the Pantheon. Some of them were nowhere near as bad as what he was used to such as the Dracula that owned Hotel Transylvania (and the fact that there was a Dracula who was perfectly fine with coexistence between humans and monsters came as a surprise to D and even if he understands that mindset, D isnít really someone thatís able to have a normal life as is) while others such as Count Orlok have ended up being additional targets for D. One of his most intense battles happened as two vampires, Mannfred and Konrad von Carstein, were engaged in a war against each other and D ended up having to fight two vampires simultaneously while the two were trying to kill each other. In the midst of this, D ended up in the domain of another Carstein, Vlad. D learned about Vladís connection to Mannfred and Konrad and found out that Vlad was opposed to his sons, a contrast to D seeking to oppose his father. Vlad found Dís predicament and heritage interesting and while he did acknowledge that D is opposed to Mannfred and Konrad like many other vampire hunters, D was someone who was a more independent figure and any alliance between D and Vlad wasnít going to happen. Vlad doesnít hold anything against D, even with the knowledge that the two are going to clash with each other at some point or another.
  • Even if The Sacred Ancestor that D is apparently targeting was nowhere to be within the Pantheon, he did find someone known as The Ancestor, who was different from The Sacred Ancestor in many ways and possibly more mysterious in terms of character. Even if Dís disposition was unsettling to The Ancestor at first, the latter could tell that D was someone who has hunted down monsters for quite a while and told him about some of the many dangers heís chronicled. They ranged from the vampiric Crimson Court (who D would have gone after even if he heard about them from someone other than The Ancestor) to a devastating comet known as The Sleeper (which would certainly give D a lot of trouble if he comes across it). While no animosity was present for the time being, Dís hand is very suspicious about The Ancestorís true motives and that he may be hiding something, though itíll be something D will deal with if they get to that point.

Lesser Gods

    Lola Bunny 
Lola Bunny, Goddess of Ears Behaving Like Hair (Bunny Boobies)
Her appearance in Space Jam
Her appearance in The Looney Tunes Show

    Marsupilami and Marsupilamie 
Marsupilamis and Marsupilamie, Divine Species of Cartoon Animal Tails (Marsu, Mars; Marsupilami: Woggle; Marsupilamie: Wiggle)
One Marsu pictured showing off the length of its tail
The Marsupilami owned by Spirou and Fantasio, shown alongside its owners and Spip the Squirrel 
The Marsu family (and a jaguar) from the comics 
Disney!Marsu holding a bird 
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: A Marsu's tail, curled into a spiral
  • Theme Songs: The intro for the Disney cartoon and the first season of the Marathon-produced cartoon (version with lyrics), as well as Dance With Marsu (Danse Avec Marsu)
  • Alignment: Known examples — such as the ascended individuals — tend towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Nearly Normal Animals, Speech Impaired Animals, Mix-and-Match Critters, Cartoon Creatures with Bizarre yet useful tails, Combo Platter Powers, (including the ability to sense evil), do NOT harm children in front of them, Unstoppable Rage, The Trickster, live in the Palombian jungle, favorite food is piranhas and will also try to eat anything else that smells good to them, Breakout Character, "Houba!", females are called "Marsupilamie", baby Marsus are adorable, the name "Marsupilami" is a cross between "marsupial", "Pilou-Pilou" (the name of the creator's favorite character from childhood), and "ami" (the French word for "friend")
  • Heralds:
    • Spirou and Fantasio's Marsu: Spirou, Fantasio, Spip the Squirrel
    • Disney!Marsu: Maurice the Gorilla
    • Comic!Marsu and his Marsupilamie: Bibi, Bibu, and Bobo (their young), the Newman (or Dujardin) family
  • Allies: most children, Baloo, Perry the Platypus, Knuckles the Echidna
  • Enemies: evil and/or aggressive big cats such as Sabor and Scar
  • Wary around: most non-evil "big cat"-related deities such as King II, Kotal Kahn, Ajani Goldmane
  • Odd Friendship with: some non-evil "big cat"-related deities, such as Taiga Fujimura, Bagheera, and Simba
  • Concerned for: children who don't act like children
  • In one world, the king of the jungle is not the lion, but a small, monkey-like, yellow-and-black-spotted creature with a long, skinny, and extremely useful tail: the Marsupilami. One was adopted as a pet by a couple of young adventurers named Spirou and Fantasio, and became their loyal companion (and, arguably, their most powerful one). One — his brother — remained in the jungle, and he and a Marsupilamie started a family. Another one is completely unrelated to the other two, found in Africa, and is even able to communicate with humans.
    • A child deity had wandered into the House of Beasts and Fauna and got lost. It wasn't long before Sabor took notice, and stalked them before cornering them, hoping for an easy meal. However, when things looked bleak for the child, Sabor got smacked in the face by what looked like a furry, yellow-and-black-spotted knot of rope. It was the tail of a Marsupilami, who had snuck its way into the Pantheon and saw a child being hunted by a leopard (which was very similar to the jaguar, a natural enemy of the Marsupilami). What followed was a rather one-sided battle showcasing both how strong the Marsu was and, more importantly, how versatile its tail was. It didn't take long for Sabor to realize she was in over her head, and so, she retreated. It was decided that the Marsupilami would be ascended then and there, not only as thanks for saving the child but also in recognition of its bizarre but incredible tail.
    • The Marsu didn't want to be the only specimen in the Pantheon — even with friends of other species in the Pantheon, it'd get lonely — so it was decided that other Marsus would be ascended, as well. This Marsu, it turned out, had a family, so of course they were to be ascended (with the young being heralds to their parents). It was also decided that this Marsu's brother, who belonged to a pair of young adventurers named Spirou and Fantasio, would also be ascended. There was one more who ended up being ascended, but he was an unusual one. Sure, his tail was as amazingly useful as you'd expect from a Marsu, and he lived in the same kind of nest as they did, but this one was as afraid of piranhas as other creatures and was capable of speaking with humans. This one was more of a Toon, and thus, he was considered strange to the other Marsus.
  • Since jaguars are the Marsu's natural enemies — and they are leery of other big spotted cats as a result — they are wary around those who even LOOK like one, such as King II (who wears a jaguar mask) and Kotal Kahn (who is able to turn into a jade-colored one). Of course, Sabor hasn't forgiven them for interrupting her hunt, and it doesn't help that she finds the Marsu babies to potentially be an easy meal. Now if she could just get past their crazy-strong parents...
    • The Marsus were initially wary of Bagheera, a black leopard, but they had already made friends with the fun-loving Baloo, and he vouched for Bagheera's good nature, so they knew they could trust him. They do find it odd, however, that the Marsus are unable to speak with other animals. They have yet to know why that is.
    • They were initially frightened to hear there was a "Jaguar Man" in the Pantheon, then confused when the supposed jaguar was 1. not covered in spots or fur, and 2. had a tiger plushie. Her real name was Taiga Fujimura, and once the Marsus got to know her better — most importantly, they realized she knew how to have fun — they decided she was a friend.
  • Marsus get along famously with kids, and as such, are plenty willing to protect the child deities of the Pantheon. That said, there are those children who, er, aren't as innocent as most kids. These individuals arouse concern in the simians, and they aren't sure what to do with them...
  • It turns out that Marsupilamis are monotremes — mammals that lay eggs. As such, they feel a kinship with fellow monotremes like Perry the Platypus and Knuckles the Echidna (though, in the latter case, they are confused as to why he looks nothing like an echidna). It helps that Perry has a couple of kids he does his best to protect, while the fact that Knuckles is a strong, short-tempered animal means that the non-Disney Marsupilamis find themselves relating to him.
  • Though they have been stationed in the House of Personal Appearance, they're more often seen in the Houses of Beasts and Fauna and Nature, due to those houses having areas that more closely resemble their jungle home. There, they can be found dodging and/or fighting potential predators, raising their young (in the case of the Marsu family), eating piranhas and picking fleas — their main source of nutrition — off of other fur-bearing creatures. The method by which they do the latter is rather unconventional, chasing the creatures down and using their tails to hog-tie them. There are several deities who admire its ability to use its tail as a very effective lasso, such as Applejack, Sandy Cheeks, Wonder Woman, and Donna Troy. If any of them need help wrangling someone or something, the Marsus are among those they consider asking.
  • While Disney!Marsu has difficulty fitting in with his kin, he gets along better with the more laid-back Toons in the Pantheon, such as Rutt, Tuke, Bugs Bunny, and especially fellow jungle-dwellers Timon, Pumbaa, and the aforementioned Baloo. He and his gorilla buddy (and herald) Maurice can be seen hanging with any of them in their spare time, often getting up to some mischief or just having fun another way.
  • The Marsupilamis — as well as Spirou and Fantasio — were quite surprised to learn that, in one British boys' magazine called ''Knockout'', they were all given very different names. The Marsupilamis, Marupilamie, and Spirou weren't sure what to make of being called "Woggles", the "Wiggle", and "Dickie" respectively, but Fantasio wasn't too crazy about being called "Birdbath"...
  • "Houba houba hoo! HOP!"

"This is a battle you won't walk away from!"

Zafina, Goddess of Unusual Flexibility (The Mystifying Assassin From a Distant Land)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hand possessed by Azazel
  • Theme Song: Arisa, Ethno Evening, Egyptian Valley
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Was trained as an assassin since she was a child, Middle Eastern of unknown origin (later confirmed to be Egyptian), her lifelong mission is to stop two evil stars from causing destruction around the world, Dark Is Not Evil, Confusion Fu, Advertised Extra, currently has a hand which is possessed by Azazel
  • Domains: Flexibility, Assassins, Prophecies, Spiritual Powers, Astrologists, Possession
  • Allies:
  • On Good Terms with: Kurama (Naruto)
  • Enemies: Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi Mishima, all evil demons including those from the Demons subhouse, The Black Organization, The Dark Brotherhood, Desna
  • Opposes: Jin Kazama, Kazumi Mishima
  • Pities: Takuma Saiou/Sartorius
  • A Middle Eastern assassin born from a tribe full of spiritual warriors and the protector of an imperial tomb who works as an astrologist in her public life, she detected bad omens and saw them get stronger day by day. To identify the omen, she sought her guru, who told her of the prophecy of two evil stars (Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima) and how they will unseal the tomb of the one held captive (Azazel), causing a global apocalypse. Since then, Zafina made it her mission to stop the two evil stars lest the devil blood inside them cause Azazelís resurrection forever. Currently, she has Azazel sealed inside her hand and is constantly fighting it to protect her sanity, seeking an exorcist group known as the Archers of Sirius to stop Jin and Kazuya.
  • While still searching for the Archers of Sirius, Zafina was still trying to control her hand after using Azazelís power. That was when she stumbled upon a strange place and met a group of people who saw her struggle and wanted to help her by taking her in. After that, although they couldnít do anything to Azazel for the time being, they figure that Zafina staying in the Pantheon could help subdue her pain and recommended her to see multiple people to help her. Thus, Zafina decided to ascend all the while she is still searching for the Archers of Sirius to stop the devil gene.
  • Naturally, she doesnít like the Mishima family, specifically those with the devil blood. She doesnít like Jin Kazama for causing a global war and awakening Azazel in his slumber, and while Kazuya Mishima didnít do any of that, she considers him to be worse than Jin. While she isnít sure where Kazumi Mishima came from, she also opposes him for she believes that she is the new evil star in the prophecy and that she will rise again from the grave.
    • Due to being friends with Wang Jinrei, she befriended his distant relative, Ling Xiaoyu, despite the fact she is friends with Jin Kazama, since she knew she doesnít mean any harm. While she considers her goal to redeem the Mishima family as impossible, she thinks she could achieve it with one of the members if given the right conditions. She also remains allies with Lars Alexandersson and Alisa Bosconovitch despite both of them being allied with Jin because of Wangís advice to her and out of gratitude that Lars defended her village for her sake and that itís the right thing for him to do. It's not certain whether she understands that Jin's actions were an attempt to rid himself of the devil gene by destroying Azazel, but of the two evil stars, destiny seems to be guiding her to see him as the one who could potentially be saved.
  • Being an assassin who happens to be a good person, she became friends with The Assassins group. While she doesnít join their group out of fear of harming them due to Azazel possessing her hand, sheís willing to help them from time to time and becomes their unofficial astrologer to define their fates and how to change it. Out of all The Assassin members, she gets along with Bayek and Aya since they are both born in the Middle East and seeing that they hail from the past, she wants to know what they have in ancient Egypt.
    • Aside from The Assassins, she also become friends with Killua Zoldyck, whom she pitied because he wanted to escape his normal life and wants to be free. While she couldnít easily determine his fate because of the nature of his world, she said his future will be filled with good but also bad events and that he should be prepared from them. She also befriended Shuichi Akai and seeing that he disgusts his voice using a voice changer, she wanted to teach him how to do it without the voice changer, but he told her that for the time being, he is contented with the voice changer.
    • Not all assassins she met are good people and she knew this. She met the Black Organization, a criminal organization which houses multiple professions which includes assassins and knew that they are people not to be messed with. While she isnít sure what are their true goals, she knew whatever theyíre planning wouldnít end well for humanity. Another group she became enemies with are the Dark Brotherhood, an assassin-like cult that welcomes any murderer into their fold in the hopes of killing everyone to send their souls to Sithis. Whatís worse, Zafina became a target to the organization thanks to multiple people (particularly the evil demons) wanting to kill her and out of belief that her spiritual powers could help Sithis to succeed.
  • Thanks to her connection with Azazel, she opposes all evil demons, and as long as she continues to hold Azazel at bay, she will hunt all of them as she hates evil beings. The evil demons in return are gleeful to see that Zafina is struggling to subdue Azazelís control and wanted to help the latter to succeed.
  • Due to her situation regarding her hand, fellow demon exorcists Father Kerras and Merrin wanted to help her by exorcising Azazel out of her hand and are sad to see her suffering. While she appreciates the help, she thinks theyíre not spiritually strong enough to exorcise him and still believes that the Archers of Sirius are the only ones who could help her. Dante and his fellow allies also want to help and promise her that theyíll kill Azazel in case Jin and Kazuya being killed or not having the devil gene would not cause his death. Nero in particular knows what it's like to struggle with a demonic hand, but as she made clear when he tried to empathize, he can't imagine that hand belonging to a separate entity other than his own power.
  • Both Naruto and Gaara sympathized with her since they used to be vessel of evil beings inside them. Since they have changed their fellow Tailed Beastís opinion of humanity and became their friends, they wanted to help those like her that are struggling with it. Zafina appreciates their sympathy and offer of help, though she prefers to have the Archers of Sirius to help due to being experienced exorcists. While she couldnít exactly condone what Kurama did in the past, she is at least on good terms with him for Narutoís sake now that he is on humanityís side.
    • Like Naruto and Gaara, she befriended other characters who are vessels of corrupted beings such as Leah, Robin, and Abigail Williams. All of them feared for her life when they heard about the prophecy and have tried their best to combat Zafinaís situation despite Zafinaís refusals since they are not experienced in exorcising.
  • She has been told by some people that her appearance reminds them of Bayonetta, which is helped by her dark makeup and get-up. Bayonetta finds it amusing that there are people who actually think so and could see why, as even she saw some of the similarities. That said, the two have become friends over the fact they have powers that arenít generally associated with good people and have a job to save the world. Like many others, Bayonetta is also willing to kill Azazel if she could for Zafinaís sake.
  • Being an astrologer in her public life, she wanted to meet those like or at least practice the astrological uses. This is when she met a tarot card reader named Chihaya Mifune, whom she felt glad that she now changes her mindset and wants to help people to change their fate, otherwise Chihayaís fate will become a bad one. The two work as partners as long as Zafina is completely in control to help people determine their fate and giving them advice, and while Chihaya couldnít exactly determine Zafinaís fate based on her tarot card reading, she wants to help her as much as she can and encourages her to change her fate so that she doesnít succumb to Azazelís corruption. Another tarot reader she met is Madame Xanadu, who is also a fortune teller. Like Chihaya, Madame Xanadu wants to help Zafina with her problem and killing Azazel in the hopes he wonít cause an apocalypse.
    • Zafina has also befriended Chihayaís fellow tarot readers, Amy Rose and Tenten. While theyíre not as big on tarot cards as Chihaya, they still occasionally pop in and have helped them in their tarot reading. In turn, both of them feel bad for Zafinaís situation, having friends who have suffered such fate. Zafina also likes Tentenís usage of her weapons and determines that if she focused more on it rather than being a weapons seller, she thinks she could have been a great assassin/ninja.
    • One fortune teller she doesnít like is Desna, due to joining a team that will destroy the rest of humanity except herself, her team, and those like her, since Zafina already has Azazel to face and doesnít want others like him that seek the destruction of the world and humanity. Zafina can also tell based on her astrologist skills that Desna and her group will cause more trouble than it is worth.
    • Zafina also pitied another fortune teller named Takuma Saiou, namely because she feels bad for him for being shunned for his abilities to tell the future and she could understand whatís it like being under control, with how his fate became worse than hers being forced to perform villainy. Sheís glad that he had changed and realized his mistakes and determined that if he continued to do good, he might have a bright future ahead of him.
  • "Your will isn't strong enough to change fate."


Chibi-Robo, Gods of Power Cord-Tails

    Crawford Tillinghast 
Crawford Tillinghast, God of Pineal Weirdness
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An enlarged pineal gland
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: An adaptational hero who invents a machine which stimulates the pineal gland and allows its users to see and interact with a layer of reality that is invisible to the naked eye
  • Domains: Science, Inventions
  • Allies: Nana, Dr. Alphys, Nuparu, Dr. Mobius
  • Opposes: Dr. Viktor
  • Pities: Mewtwo, Lucy
  • To the unaware, it is confusing that a seemingly plain individual such as Crawford would be in the House of Personal Appearance. He has no particularly remarkable features. That is, until you take a peek into his brain. His pineal gland is MASSIVE. Sometimes, something looks like it's trying to poke out of his forehead. That's his pineal gland.
  • Prior to his ascension, Crawford had invented a machine called the resonator. Its purpose was use resonating vibrations to stimulate the pineal glad so that the alternate reality alongside our own could be seen by the naked eye and even interacted with. Unfortunately, it was eventually discovered that the creatures that reside in this reality are incredibly dangerous. He witnessed the creatures, in his own words, bite off the head of his collaborator, Dr. Pretorius, "like a gingerbread man." Repeated experiments with the resonator would later bring Pretorius back from the dead as a barely human mutant THING on the other side. Long story short, the resonator ended up working a little too well.
    • While Crawford is a frequenter of the Houses of Knowledge and Science, the above events have left him completely traumatized. He becomes incredibly nervous at the sign of even the slightest thing going wrong and is paranoid about large-scale projects in general.
  • Crawford is always on his toes since he can no longer be near resonating vibrations similar to those given off by the resonator. His pineal gland is at a very dangerous stage of growth. Any further exposure is likely to cause his pineal gland to burst right through his skull and forehead, and nobody wants to see what will happen after that occurs. Effects of this include vein-o-vision and a voracious craving for human brains. All other food will become disgusting to him.
  • Eventually, Crawford became acquainted with Nana due to the House of Science's interest in studying them. This is because the Diclonius, a human subspecies, are born with an enlarged pineal gland that is roughly the size of an egg. The House wished to observe and record differences in Diclonii and humans with an enlarged pineal gland. The only possible conclusion that they could come to is that the differences come as a result of Crawford's pineal gland starting out at a normal size, but being enlarged by external stimuli, while the Diclonius are born with a large pineal gland. Ever since finding out about Nana's past with brutal experiments having been done on her, though, Crawford has become especially protective of her whenever the House of Science wishes to conduct further studies on them.
    • Originally, the House of Science had also wanted to get data on Lucy for these studies, but she was really uncooperative and refused to participate. Once it was explained to Crawford who she was and the details of her traumatic past, he felt nothing short of pity for her.
  • Presiding over the above studies on Crawford and Nana was Dr. Alphys. She wanted to make sure that everything went off without a hitch and that no boundaries were overstepped. During that time, Crawford really got to know Alphys and how she came to ascend. At first, resurrecting others with Determination seemed to work, but then they all fused together and became the Amalgamates. This greatly reminded him of what happened to Pretorius through repeated experiments with the resonator, and he and Alphys came to bond over this.
  • Crawford found himself able to relate to Nuparu for reasons similar to that mentioned above. Both of Nuparu's attempts at creating robotic law enforcers for the city of Metru Nui ended poorly. In fact, he's constantly reminded of his failure post-ascension since his second creations, the Vahki, are also present in the Pantheon.
  • Upon learning what happened to Mewtwo, being born of a pregnant Mew, having his embryo tampered with to alter his DNA, being subjected to horrible gene-splicing experiments, and generally being a victim of bad science, Crawford found himself feeling really sorry for him.
  • Crawford thinks that Dr. Viktor is a huge case of wasted potential. He's clearly very intelligent and dedicated to his studies, but still chooses to serve Zs'Skayr. At the very least, though, Crawford thinks that he has the potential to use his gifts for good, given that he was willing to betray Zs'Skayr in the past.
  • For the most part, Crawford remains cautious of and tends to avoid the Think Tank. All of them except for one, at least. Dr. Mobius is a notable exception, because unlike the others, he isn't nearly as amoral, nor does he do unethical experiments. Behind their backs, because of his unique brain abnormality, the other members of the Think Tank wonder what would happen if they turned Crawford into a floating brain such as themselves.

    Fu Dog 
Fu Dog, God of Body Pockets