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Greater Gods

    The Laughing Salesman 
"My name is Moguro Fukuzou. People call me 'The Laughing Salesman'. However, I'm no ordinary salesman, because I'm in the soul business. Human souls, that is."


Moguro Fukuzou, the God of Dramatic Finger Pointing (The Laughing Salesman)

    Master Hand and Crazy Hand 
*Echoing evil laughter*

Master Hand and Crazy Hand, Divine Duo of Ominous Oversized Hands (Master Hand: The Aspect of Creation; Crazy Hand: The Aspect of Destruction)
Master Hand (Right), Crazy Hand (Left)
Master Core 
  • Greater Deities (Master Hand is an Overdeity as Master Core)
  • Symbol: Normally, A Circle With An Off-Center Quartering It. While as any forms of the Master Core, the Master Core itself.
  • Theme Music: Master Hand (SSB4 Version) and (SSBU Version), Master Orders Ticket Selection (Master Hand) Crazy Hand (SSBU Version), the Crazy Orders Ticket Selection theme (Crazy Hand) Master Hand/Crazy Hand (Both)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Master) and Chaotic Neutral (Crazy)
  • Portfolio: Amazing Technicolor Battlefields, Evil Laughter, Giant Hand of Doom, Finger Gun, Original Generation, White Gloves
  • Domains: Hands, Competition, Creation and Destruction, Law and Chaos.
  • Allies:
  • Overseers of: Most Nintendo gods that participate in their tournament.
  • Enemies: Tabuu, Galeem and Dharkon, Polygon Man, Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu, YHVH
  • Opposed by: The Monster Hunters
  • On speaking terms: John Sheridan, Lorien (Master Hand); The Grand United Alliance of Destruction (Crazy Hand)
  • Commonality Connection: Ren Amamiya
  • In the world of Super Smash Bros., there exist two entities that are said to oversee all of the residents of the realm. The first one is a disembodied right hand called Master Hand, who is the creator of the universe and the one who maintains orders and is the final challenge the fighters must face. The second one is Crazy Hand, Master's destructive and more insane counterpart and a left hand who usually subs for the latter and acts as the true final challenge. While each hand used to hold a different domain, which Master Hand having the privileged title of Intercontinuity Crossover, both hand mysteriously vanished one day and so did plenty of fighters from their universe. After a huge conflict that took place in their universe, both hands returned, this time together in a single temple after Master Hand declined the offer to return to his old position. The reasons behind joining his partner Crazy hand in a temple are unknown but it's rumored that it has to do with his hold over the domain of the Super Smash Bros universe being challenged and him not being as strong as he used to be.
  • What's peculiar about Master and Crazy Hand is that both represent Order and Chaos yet they get along nicely without any issue, even teaming up to fight those who challenge them. Certain deities from GUAL and GUAC consider this an unacceptable partnership yet both hands are very well respected by the respective faction they closely lean towards. There have been efforts from each alliance to distance or even create conflict between the hands but so far it hasn't deterred their relationship. Some believe it's because each hand is a contrasting aspect of a common entity they both originate from.
  • While the hands are usually the ones that oversee all the participants of the Super Smash Bros. tournament, they aren't the most powerful deities around. For example, there was one time where Master Hand fell in combat against the entity known as Tabuu who almost succeeded in turning every single fighter into trophies until Sonic the Hedgehog saved the day. Both hands have a strong disdain for Tabuu and would not hesitate to team up on him should he try to overthrow them again.
    • That's not all, there are rumors that there are even more powerful entities than Tabuu. In one recent incident, it was revealed that Master Hand is not the only one of its kind around, as hundreds of them showed up to confront the Super Smash Bros. fighters, commanded by a light entity named Galeem. Galeem not only managed to capture every single fighter sans Kirby but also rebuild the entire universe into what it saw fit. That doesn't end there, Crazy Hand is also one of a hundred copies commanded by another powerful entity named Dharkon, who opposed Galeem and engaged in a long drawn out conflict. Ultimately both hands teamed up and helped out the fighters to defeat both Galeem and Dharkon, releasing all the spirits from their imprisonment and the hands from the control of eldritch creatures.
  • Master Hand may be a force of order but he isn't well regarded by YHVH, given his ties with Crazy Hand and questionable handling of his world. Master Hand himself has no respect for the supposed creator deity given his lack of care for his own universe while Master Hand is very dedicated to maintaining order in his realm, to the point that a grand majority of the deities consider the floating hand a better guardian that YHVH would ever be.
    • Fittingly, Crazy Hand gets along fine with YHVH's sworn nemesis Lucifer, the demonic leader has a lot of admiration for Crazy's unpredictable and chaotic nature and even formally invited him to be one of the Lords of Chaos but the left hand hesitated since he preferred to stick with his right hand counterpart.
  • Of the several fighters that participate in the Super Smash Bros tournament, the hands have a peculiar relation with Joker. The Phantom Thief is no stranger to surreal creatures like the hand but they sound particularly similar to him and his Persona Arsene. He has a habit of scaring other smashers by imitating their Evil Laugh with varying results. The hands are not amused by that.
  • Both Lorien and John Sheridan were reminded of the Vorlon-Shadow conflict after learning of the existence of the hands. While they aren't nearly as obsessed with order and chaos like the Vorlons and the Shadows, both nonetheless have kept an eye on the pair. An acquaintance of them, Kosh, respects Master Hand's position but is a little annoyed at the fact that Master Hand doesn't take things as seriously as one would expect from an entity of order.
  • Sometimes they tend to give out "Special Orders" (Master Orders)- tasks that other Gods in the Pantheon must complete under certain circumstances in exchange for different prizes. Some more adventurous deities can also try the "Crazy Orders", where Crazy Hand is the one giving out the task and in the end, they must beat Crazy Hand with the catch that one loss will force them to forfeit all prizes they have earned. To enter, either one pays a hefty fee, or bring a Crazy Orders ticket with them.
  • Crazy and Beerus get along due to their status as Necessary Evils and being destructive forces. They are also quite silly and don't take their job as seriously as they should. On the other hand, Beerus' assistant and retainer Whis gets along a lot more with Master Hand and is very interested in learning how he manages the Super Smash Bros. universe.
  • Unknown to many, Master Hand possesses a more powerful form most commonly known as Master Core, believed to be the culmination of the darkness forming inside Master Hand and unleashing once he suffered enough damage. It's very powerful and comes in different forms, but nowadays he rarely uses it and prefers to fight alongside Crazy Hand but if pushed far enough, he will not hesitate to use that form.
  • The Hands sometimes have control over certain characters that aren't regular fighters but are powerful enough to manifest into dangerous beings that can challenge the smashers to a fight. It is rumored that Master Hand is the one behind the existence of Giga Bowser, a bigger and more feral version of the Koopa King who is ten times more vicious and brutal, but usually Bowser remains in his regular form and prefers to participate as a regular fighter but if push comes to shove, he will personally transform into Giga Bowser by himself. Master Hand has also been reportedly spotted sending a Rathalos after a select few fighters, something that alarmed the Monster Hunters because controlling a beast like Rathalos cannot mean anything good and since then they have opposed the hand.
    • Crazy Hand on his part in closer to more dark-aligned entities. Similar to Bowser, Ganondorf is able to transform into Ganon at will and that form is usually under the command of Crazy Hand. Outside of the fighters, Crazy Hand has also recruited Dracula and even managed to get his castle to be part of the Smash Universe, in exchange Dracula himself has confronted a few of the smashers who dare enter his realm.
  • Being the Guardians of the Original Generation title, Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu have always known about the prevalence and the importance the hand had over crossover titles and consider them dangerous enough to keep an eye on them. They heard about them firsthand from Ryu given that he was formally invited by Master Hand and have learned that when the hands team up, they are a fearsome pair in battle.
  • They are on bad terms with Polygon Man. He also is behind a tournament similar to theirs and has tried to take down Master Hand numerous times from his old position. After Master Hand abandoned his old position, Polygon Man gloated once again about him being a superior being over Master Hand but all his gloating fell in deaf ears and instead he almost got destroyed when the two hands teamed up on him. Then Master Hand unleashed Master Core on him.

Intermediate Gods

    Anung Un Rama/Hellboy 
Anung Un Rama, God of Asymmetrical Hands (Hellboy, Red)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God if he fulfills his prophesy)
  • Symbol: His right hand
  • Theme Song: "Mein Herz Brennt" by Rammstein
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: Anti Anti Christ, Apocalypse Maiden, Big Eater, Cosmic Plaything, Cigar Chomper, Interspecies Adoption, Horrifying Hero, Kind Hearted Cat Lover, Lantern Jaw of Justice, Super Strength
  • Domains: Fire, Heroism, Good, Fist
  • Followers: Nemo, Barret Wallace
  • Allies: Dante Sparda, Rin Okumura, Swamp Thing, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Cammy White, Abel (Street Fighter), Alucard (Castlevania), Rachel Roth/Raven, Clark Kent/Superman
  • Rivals: Vergil
  • Enemies: Baba Yaga, Guts, Millennium, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, High Councilor Kal-el/Regime Superman, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Akande Ogindimu/Doomfist
  • Opposes: Grigori Rasputin, Black Hand
  • Uneasy Relationship: Earl Hickey, Ellen Ripley
  • Odd Friendship: Ron Swanson
  • It was something he never could have thought would happen. Hellboy thought that his death would be the end of his story. But so many people were moved by his actions (with his enormous right hand being a major distinction), that he eventually became a deity himself. He how has a temple to tend to, though he doesn't spend much time there, given his nature.
  • The Right Hand of Doom isn't just called that for its devastating punches. It's a key to unlocking the apocalypse, transforming Hellboy into a fully fledged demon powerful enough to wipe out his world and the Pantheon with it. Many villains hope to use that power to their advantage. The GUAG monitors his temple regularly to prevent anyone from trying to kidnap him.
    • It's understandable that a few gods would rather end the man's life than risk bringing about the apocalypse. Leading the charge is Guts. A man who already hates demons in the first place, the blind swordman brought him up to his top priority bounties. To him, that distinction should be an honor for Hellboy.
  • If there is one person he fears may bring about the apocalypse, it's the person that brought him to earth in the first place. Rasputin sought to bring about the Ogdru Jahad to destroy the Pantheon… only to bring about Hellboy, who chose the good guys. And yet Rasputin doesn't see this as a total loss. All he needs to do is to make Hellboy succumb to his destiny.
    • That hatred extends to Baba Yaga, who is rumored to be responsible for keeping Rasputin alive for so long. The two also had a run in during their time as mortals, with the half-demon foiling her plans for the time being.
    • He's not much of a fan of the fact that Supernatural Nazis also have a spot in the Pantheon. The Millennium were similarly unnerved with the half-demon's ascension.
  • His rejection of his demon side earned him the respect of Dante, a half-demon who spends much of his time hunting his own king. The son of Sparda gave him some pizza to enjoy. Hellboy accepted the food, though he still prefers pancakes. Of course that same choice caused Vergil ro roll his eyes, scoffing at yet another half-demon refusing to accept his destiny. Though deep inside it may be the best, as that version of Hellboy may be greater than even he can handle.
  • Turns out there are a lot of deities who turned away from their origins. Hellboy was visited by Alucard, who sees the demon as an inspiration for many other demons who turn from their evil parents. Raven was more subdued in her gratitude, deciding to do so privately. Those two hope to prevent to coming of Trigon in the Pantheon. She doesn't stick around for long though, as his voice sometimes sounds like that of her archnemesis Deathstroke.
  • Of course there are a few who embraced their destiny to bring the end, such as the Black hand. Hellboy naturally opposes all such beings.
  • While he was dining down on pancakes in the House of Food, he noticed another who had breakfast food on his place... despite it being 6 in the evening. Ron was always a fan of eating breakfast at all times... but hesitated at sitting next to a potential Anti-Christ at first. That is until the red demon offered some of his syrup. The bureaucrat agreed, eventually turning into a conversation. Now, Hellboy and Ron strive to meet up at around the same time whenever they can.
  • He marched straight into the House of Luck & Fortune to meet with the God of Karma's Wrath. A furious Hellboy accused Earl Hickey on ensuring his wrath whenever he tried to say Son of a Bitch. After close examination, Earl determined that Karma has indeed prevented him from doing so. Although he doesn't know how to remove the curse, Earl offered to do more research.
  • He has a fairly amiable relationship with the Swamp Thing. The plant being never played that big of a part in the superhero community due to this.
  • Another green misunderstood hero is the Hulk, a superhero most don't trust due to his destructive behaviors. Turns out the Hulk shares Hellboy's plight, never lashing out on him whenever the two meet. The demon promised to try his best to clear him name.
  • A way he was able to relate to others is his love of cats. Cammy and Abel appreciates what he has done for the species, as do all cat deities in the Pantheon. Ellen Ripley… isn't as comfortable around him. As much as she appreciates all the work he has done, he still poses a risk for the Pantheon as long as he still exists. Her philosophy would call her putting him down, but she is willing to leave him be for now.
  • The Azure Knight was not pleased he was denied the chance of that trope. He made his way to Hellboy's temple to clash. The battle ended with a draw, with Nightmare boasting this would only be the beginning to his misery…
  • He has one time found himself in an alternate universe where Superman turned into a dictator and put the world under his control. While he wanted to get back to his own world he eventually decided to join the fight against Regime Superman and Brainiac, believing that he had to knock some sense into them with The Right Hand of Doom.
    • On a related note this did give him time to meet up with regular Superman. After some time talking the two eventually became good drinking buddys. He was even offered a chance to become a full time member of the Justice League but he turned down the offer saying that he was more comfortable fighting demons and otherworldly threats on his own instead of fighting super villains but is willing to help out whenever the time arises.
  • Fought Doomfist and the rest of Talon several occasions across the pantheon. While both have similar looking limbs he considers him an imitator as he was the one to do it first. Doomfist himself is somewhat disappointed in him as he believes that hellboy could've used his powers for so much more while Hellboy thinks his ego is to big for his own good.
    • While Doomfist and the Talon organization aren't monsters from another dimension, they're still out to plunge the world into conflict and chaos through means of war. Hellboy on the other hand is going to make sure that they don't get their way.

Deidara, God of Weaponized Art and Multiple Mouths
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hand mouth open with a clay bird on his fingers.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Creating Explosive Arts & Crafts, Loving Every Second of It, Having Multiple Mouths
  • Domains: Explosions, Art
  • Allies: Yoshikage Kira, Michael Bay, Solf J. Kimblee, Jinx
  • Enemies: Sasuke Ucniha, Naruto Uzumaki, Gaara, Vi
  • Friendly Enemies with: Rock Lee
  • He was initially just the unoffical Art teacher in the Academy and he later thought that his art should be shared with the entire Pantheon.
  • He was surprised that Sasori hasn't ascended and immediately decided that he is the better artist because of it.
  • He is a big fan of Michael Bay as he loves how artistic his explosions are. Also gets along with fellow mad-bombers Kimblee and Yoshikage. The three of them plan on coordinating an explosive rampage someday, as soon as Kimblee finds a good reason to attack enough targets.
  • While he's not too happy that he couldn't be the God of Explosions, he does respect them. Though he's only going to try to take them out later.
  • While he dislikes the fact that the Uchiha brothers had ascended, he takes this as an opportunity to exact his revenge upon the two, as he is absolutely pissed that he didn't kill Sasuke with his greatest work of art.
  • He was rather shocked to learn that not only was Tobi not in the Pantheon proper, but all of his inquires about the Akatsuki leader were met with snarks about how was Easily Forgiven; making him wonder what the hell happened before his ascension.
  • He decided to join the GUAC and was gladly accepted because nothing's more chaotic than explosions, hmph.
  • Because of his hand mouths he has gained the attention of Panty, who wants to show him how to create a different type of "explosion".
  • He was able to find a comrade in Jinx. He felt she was the only person in the pantheon who could understand his brand of "art" appreciating her terrorism acts. However, this relationship has also gained him the ire of Vi.

    Goro (Mortal Kombat
Goro, The Multi-Armed and Dangerous God (The Shokan Prince, Prince Goro, The Prince of Pain)
"Time to die."

    Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist
Lust the Lascivious, Goddess of Long and Sharp Nails (The Ultimate Lance/Spear, Solaris)

    The Powerpuff Girls 
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, Goddesses Made of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice and Fingerless Hands (The Powerpuff Girls, The Powderpuff Girls, The Girls)

Lesser Gods

    Gon Freecss 
Gon Freecss, God of Rock–Paper–Scissors (Gon-san)

Krobus, God of Armless Bipeds
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A black swirl, reminiscent of the swirl on his head
  • Alignment: Somewhere between True Neutral and Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Armless Biped, Dark Is Not Evil, His Species Doth Protest Too Much, Living Shadow, Loves Void Eggs, Void Mayonnaise, Pumpkins, and Horseradishes, Operates a Secret Shop, Weakened by the Light
  • Domains: Armless Bipeds, Living Shadows, Non-Evil Darkness, Secret Shops, Those Weakened by the Light
  • High Priest: Monster Kid
  • Allies: Midna, Napstablook, the Farmer, Anna, Recette Lemongrass, the Temmies
  • Opposes: Evil deities of the House of Light & Brightness
  • Complicated Relationship: The Dwarf
  • Prior to his ascension, Krobus operated a secret shop in the sewers under Pelican Town. Krobus is a Shadow Person, and seemed to be isolated from the rest of his kind. Unlike the other Shadows, Krobus wasn't hostile. He did still consider them his "friends" despite all that, however. One day he was approached and offered a position in the Pantheon due to his lack of arms. The offer surprised and confused Krobus, but at the same time was very enticing to him. After some consideration, he accepted the position and was promptly ascended.
  • Krobus also had a conflict with a certain Dwarf before his ascension. They didn't like that he was above ground, stating that his kind was responsible for the death of their entire family. The Dwarves and Shadow People were at odds with one another. It all started when the Dwarves drove the Shadow People from their ancestral home. Krobus has no personal gripe with the Dwarf, but the same cannot be said for them. They still consider Krobus to be an enemy.
  • Krobus can actually understand the Dwarvish language, but unfortunately the Dwarf will not allow him to serve as a translator.
  • Though not exactly priestly in demeanor, Krobus still allows Monster Kid to serve as his High Priest. The young monster, being without arms themself, looks up to Krobus and considers him a role model. Krobus is a fairly shy and somewhat reclusive deity, so much so that some deities would go so far as to say that a lot of deities would forget that he even exists among the Pantheon without Monster Kid, who insists that he's "a pretty cool guy once you get to know him." Monster Kid also often offers tips to those who wish to get on friendly terms with Krobus. Their most frequently-given suggestion is giving him one of his favorite foods. These favorites include void eggs, void mayonnaise, pumpkins, and horseradishes.
  • Krobus has become very good friends with Napstablook. The both of them are extremely shy, so they really understood one another. They can often be seen lying on the ground and feeling like garbage together.
  • Krobus seems to be very wary of human deities. This behavior carried over from his pre-ascension days. In his words, "humans tend to destroy things they don't understand." Hearing Monster Kid and Napstablook's tales of the plight of monsters that was brought upon by humans hasn't helped matters.
  • Despite being a deity himself now, Krobus still worships Yoba, even staying completely silent on Fridays out of respect for the deity. Just about everyone finds this to be extremely ironic seeing as Yoba is described as a being of endless golden light. Krobus worships the very thing that is harmful to him.
  • Like many deities of the House of Personal Appearance, Krobus is actually hardly ever seen there (although he does like to make use of the saunas from time to time). In reality, the majority of Krobus' time is spent in the House of Light and Darkness, specifically the dark side. This makes sense, given how he is weakened by the light. There, he likes to pawn of miscellaneous items he finds in the Darkness to wanderers. It is also there that he met Midna, who he bonds with over being non-evil dark deities.
  • Krobus seems to be fairly fond of the Farmer because he reminds him of a certain farmer he used to know, a farmer that he's been missing greatly since his ascension.
  • Krobus is also on pretty friendly terms with the Temmies, Anna, and Recette Lemongrass. Of course, since Anna and Recette were human, he was pretty hesitant to approach them at first. With some helpful tips from Monster Kid, though, they were eventually able to get Krobus to warm up to them. Now all of them frequently discus their merchandise and the conditions of their shops.
  • Krobus has never been fond of conflict and tends to avoid it whenever possible. This has proven to be a favorable trait in terms of not making enemies. However, his apprehension to approach others has also led him to not have many friends.
  • Krobus' name apparently means "Bridge-Crosser" in the language of his species. Whether or not his name has some meaningful or prophetic background behind it remains to be seen.
  • Steven Universe has reportedly been caught crying about Krobus before. Why? Because he doesn't have any arms.

Leifang, Goddess of Qipaos and the One With Sexy Legs (Lei Fang, T'ai Chi/Ji Quan Genius, Sexy Smart Chick)

    Lola Bunny 
Lola Bunny, Goddess of Ears Behaving Like Hair (Bunny Boobies)
Her appearance in Space Jam
Her appearance in The Looney Tunes Show

    Moira O'Deorain 
Moira O'Deorain, Goddess of Villainous Physical Flaws
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Weapon, the Biotic Grasp. Alternatively, the Biotic Orbs.
  • Theme Song: Moira's theme
  • Alignment: Considers herself to be Above Good and Evil. She is closer to Lawful Evil with Chaotic Neutral leanings.
  • Portfolio: Bifauxnen, Big-Bad Ensemble, Combat Medic, Creepy Long Fingers, Dark Action Girl, Evil Redhead, Evilutionary Biologist, Finger-Tenting, Fade, Femme Fatalons, Has an obssession with knowledge and science, Gradual Grinder, Life Drain, Mad Scientist, Mismatched Eyes, Older Than They Look, Professor Guinea Pig, Squishy Wizard, Wicked Cultured
  • Domains: Science, Genetics, Knowledge, Healing, Decay
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Overwatch (Special mention to Angela Ziegler/Mercy and Jesse McCree), Scientists with Standards, The Tenno, The House of Beast,
  • Moira O'Deorain is a controversial scientist where she comes from, after a discovery about genetic modification that could help humanity and her lack of ethics caused her piers to dissent of her methods. That's why she was drafted by Gabriel Reyes and allowed to operate in secret in behalf of Overwatch while making her a member of Blackwatch. After the Venice incident, Overwatch cut all ties with Moira and denied her involvement, but Reyes kept in contact with her since his own cell degeneration caused by the Soldier program forced him to seek her aid. Eventually Moira became one of the heads of Talon, which are happy to allow her to continue her investigation while she provides them the means to continue their cause.
  • Talon wanted to have another one of their higher ups in the pantheon in order to have a better presence so Moira was quick to join them, mostly because they told her there were breakouts in science unheard on her world and she couldn't waste an opportunity to know more about it. She is dissapointed that she couldn't be appointed to Science but she was respectful of the Court of Gods wishes and remained in a different temple.
    • As for her title? Well, let's say that Moira used to do most of her experiments on herself. Results were not pretty.
  • It goes without saying that Moira and the ascended Overwatch members don't see eye to eye, especially her old Blackwatch teammates Genji Shimada and Jesse McCree. But the one person she hates the most is Mercy, not only because they are basically polar opposites, but because she is very jealous of her scientific discoveries while she herself was shunned. It's not secret that her Biotic Grasp is Ziegler's technology modified by Moira to suit her needs.
  • As stated before, Moira is obssessed with the House of Science and she seems to have a cordial relationship with Mesogog and Ryoma Sengoku who are the heads of the less ethical parts of the House who find miss O'Deorain to be quite interesting. Her favourite subhouse would be Genetic Engineering where she often like to investigate about the different type of people that inhabit the House.
    • She is also a geneticist of the evil kind and has done some of her first experiments on animals before moving on to people. She has been contacted by people who have done the latter, namely Dr. Eggman, Dr. N. Cortex and Dr. N. Brio but she is been disinterested in going along their plans.
  • While she is primarely a Geneticist, Moira also has the role of Talon's Combat Medic in certain operations. While she would rather don't take matters personally, she will do so if they have to be done. During a trip through the House of Health and Diseases she found out about The Medic, someone who her "dear friend" Angela doesn't think high of and actually became allies, mostly since Moira has been interested in replicating his technology. Another person she bonded with was Fabius Bile, as a fellow Mad Scientist he understands Moira's drives and considers her a kindred soul.
  • Sheev Palpatine has taken interest in her genetic experimentation and has tried to form an alliance with Talon in order to see the results, especially if she create new effective clones for the empire. Moira has considered the offer but so far she is not interested.
    • Speaking of clone armies, she also decided to investigate on the Grineer after they made a similar offer to her. She was very underwhelmed that the average soldier of the Grineer army was in poor condition and she apalled by their weak genetic code meaning they serve no purpose to her. She remained on their good side though, since she doesn't want to risk having the Grineer after her but that made the Tenno consider her a potential target. Nevermind that Moira is very interested to learn about the Tenno's biology and that they are also allies with Genji, an old teammate of Moira.
  • She used to experiment on animals, particularly bunnies, which made her be hated by a large part of the House of Beast, especially those that were experimented on.
  • Moira has been noted to have a certain physical resemblance to David Bowie, especially when she dones the Glam Rock costume. The similarities don't stop there, she as others have noticed she also resembles King Jareth which was one of Bowie's roles.
  • The Biotic Grasp has been certainly an interesting device, but others have noticed that her healing liquid make it looks like she is throwing piss to her allies. She finds the later comments highly unamusing.
  • Infamously considered to be a Weeaboo. This is because of her tendency to do a Bird Run akin to ninjas, coalessence resembling a Kamehameha and other things as well.
  • "Science will reveal the truth."
  • Can also be found in the House of Villains.

    Tanuki (Pom Poko
The Tanuki of Tama Hill, Gods of Supernatural Genitalia and Defenders of Uncorrupted Wilderness
  • Notable individuals: Shokichi, Tsurugame, Oroku, Gonta, Seizaemon, Ponkichi, Kincho, Hage, Gyobu
  • Lesser Gods (Intermediate for those that are disciplined and train their abilities)
  • Symbol: A tanuki statue
  • Theme Song: "Spirited Season"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tanuki, magical testicles, Ghibli Hills, Green Aesops, Master of Illusion, Shapeshifting, potentially more deadly than their behavior would suggest, Faux Documentaries
  • Domains: Beasts, the Supernatural, Tradition, Environmentalism, Genitalia
  • Allies: The other Studio Ghibli deities, the sub-House of Nature Preservers, the House of Celebration, especially Pinkie Pie, Amaterasu, Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Sanada Yukimura, Tom Nook
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder
  • Oppose: Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Rivals: Renamon (one-sided)
  • Terrified of: Johnny Cage and his family
  • Annoy: The House of Food in general
  • Complicated Relations: Tanukichi Okuma
  • On good terms with: Mario
  • When urbanization struck the idyllic Tama Hill, the residing tanuki scrambled to stop their territory from shrinking. They attempted to organize themselves to better push back against the humans, but certain factors (namely, that tanuki are naturally easily distracted, them not being able to agree on anything, and humanity simply not believing in the supernatural as much anymore) meant that their enterprise was doomed. In the end, in order to survive, some used their illusion powers to mix in with humans, while others remained wild and soldiered on as well as they could.
  • One day, the "green" deities were doing battle with Mr. Burns and his allies to stop the latter group from using Green Hill Zone as a dump for toxic waste. Deciding that they needed reinforcements, San had an idea and excused herself for a moment. Some minutes later, Burns' forces were sky-bombed by suspiciously fleshy yet furry round objects, crushing quite a few of their number in a most undignified manner. When the tanuki made their next attack by swinging their scrotums like bludgeons, Burns and co. were too surprised, grossed out and legitimately wounded, so they decided to retreat to pollute another day. To reward such a memorable debut and for protecting one of the greenest places in the Pantheon, the Main House awarded the tanuki with godhood over Super Sex Organs and Ghibli Hills.
    • When San came to them requesting for their help, the tanuki were reluctant to give it since their confidence had been shot because of their failure to protect their own home, and thought their help wouldn't be any use. San replied that if the past weighs on their minds so much, they could seek to redeem themselves by protecting that which still exists in the present and is someone else's precious home. Shokichi, one of the younger tanuki, thought she was right and was the first to volunteer. Everyone else followed with a little rallying up from Oroku. During the battle, they were surprised and very happy to see Gonta and several other tanuki who'd died in the mortal world joining the fray.
    • They've promised to protect any natural place in the Pantheon so that such places do not suffer the same fate as their own home. The existence of people like Mr. Burns and Looten Plunder, who'll ruin green spaces without a thought simply becauses it suits them, aghasts the tanuki; at least the humans who took their home did so because they needed the space to live, not because of any malicious intention to wreck the environment.
  • Mamizou, being a tanuki herself, was joyful at receiving the news of the ascension of a whole community of them. She, more than anyone, can be credited with helping the tanuki get used to life in the Pantheon. These days she can often be found in their temple, enjoying being around her kind. The tanuki also welcome her warmly.
    • She's also taken care to inform them that Doraemon is not one of them before anyone made that mistake.
  • Most of the deities in the Pantheon who aren't Japanese find the tanuki's constantly exposed balls and their magical properties very disconcerting indeed. Well, that or hilarious. The tanuki and the Japanese deities don't understand what the big deal is. There have been some attempts from the more prudish deities to force the tanuki to wear more modest clothes, though the proposals have always been shot down by the Court of Gods, who've judged that such a thing would be a violation of the tanuki's nature and culture and that they'd been robbed of enough already.
  • Because their testicles are so essential to them, they were terrified to learn of Johnny Cage, a man who specializes in attacking that area. He has developed quite a reputation as a fearsome monster among the tanuki (so have his wife and daughters, especially as Cassie has shown a similar propensity). Johnny himself has nothing against them and just finds this amusing. He's pointed out that if they can use their balls as bludgeons, they can't be that much of a weak spot.
  • They don't like humans very much considering they're responsible for destroying their territory and forcing the tanuki to change their lifestyle. For this reason, they do not generally seek the company of humans. They prefer hiding away much more than attacking them, though, and as tanuki are nothing if not fun-loving, they sure enjoy the entertainment that humans create; they've made sure to furnish their temple with a big plasma TV and several gaming consoles. They were floored to learn about the wonders of laptops and video-on-demand, which weren't yet around in their time, and were quick to acquire those as well.
    • San is one of the few humans they like for reasons that should already be clear, but also because she was raised by wolf gods in a forest filled with spirits, so she understands the tanuki to some degree. She and Ashitaka have slowly made process in getting them to interact with the other Ghibli deities, who're mostly human. Luckily, many of them are sensitive to the natural and spiritual world, so the tanuki like them well enough.
  • These tanuki have more or less three forms: a realistic one, an anthropomorphized one, and a comically cartoony one. Due to their isolationism, few other deities not trusted by them have seen them in any form besides the first one.
  • Something they struggled with back in the mortal world was the fact that humans didn't believe in their existence as they once used to. Amaterasu, who once had to run around all over Japan to get people to believe in her again, sympathizes with their plight. She also commends their efforts to protect nature both in the mortal world and in the Pantheon. The tanuki themselves were impressed that the sun goddess could take on the form of a wolf and think they prefer her like that.
  • Spend an inordinate amount of time at the House of Food, considering neither of their temples is located there. These tanuki are very gluttonous and particularly fond of human food, and they love nothing quite so much as stuffing themselves. Since they also love throwing rowdy parties while they're at it, Gordon Ramsay and other residents of the House have been seen running them all out plenty of times for making a mess.
  • Like any tanuki, they enjoy using their powers to prank the other deities. They find it hilarious seeing the others' scared reactions when they disguise themselves as haunts. Occasionally their powers are given more of a constructive use, such as when festivities are approaching and the House of Celebration asks them to participate by using their illusion powers to create thematically appropriate displays. Since the tanuki like to show off, they don't mind helping.
    • Even if it's not a day of celebration, they always manage to find a pretext to throw a party, no matter how unwarranted. They generally keep these to their community, but Pinkie Pie has managed to insert herself in these events with ease, claiming she wants to study their party-throwing ways to inspire her own. Due to her party-hard personality, which is much like theirs, the tanuki are quite accepting of her.
  • Tanuki historically don't really get along with kitsune, treating each other as rivals in the arts of shapeshifting and constantly challenging each other. Renamon is so far the only fox in the Pantheon to match the description of a kitsune, but while she'll engage the tanuki in shapeshifting contests if she has nothing else going on, it's not something she takes seriously.
  • Sanada Yukimura finds Gonta and his followers' Last Stand to be an admirable show of manliness. Gonta himself is over the moon that a legendary Sengoku general would compliment him so.
  • Their presence in the Pantheon is a bit of a sore spot for Tanukichi Okuma, as it gives the other deities ammo to make jokes about the tanuki's most infamous attribute at his expense, as he was named after them.
  • Mario has tried interacting with them through his special power of turning into a tanuki by eating a leaf. The tanuki aren't fooled (they aren't nearly as dumb as they look, really) but they're still impressed a human has some grasp on the art of shapeshifting, so they're okay with him and let him be around them (perhaps to show off how the pros do it). Now other deities keep asking them if it's true that Mario's package becomes larger in that form. They're not sure why that matters.
  • Apparently the Angry Video Game Nerd once rode a giant tanuki into battle. The tanuki would normally be indifferent to this, if it wasn't known that he had shot up Totoro. They weren't the least bit amused that a great nature spirit had gotten such a treatment.

Battleship Re-Class, Goddess of Headed Tails

    Ripper Roo 
Ripper Roo, God of Handy Feet (Doctor Roo)
As Dr. Roo 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A straightjacket. Ocasionally wears a Top Hat and a Cane in his saner moments
  • Theme Song: His Boss themes in the First and Second game.
  • Alignment: True Neutral but can easily go Insane if triggered.
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy who is very fond of explosives, Laughs like a Maniac, The Hyena, Puzzle Boss
  • Domains: Insanity, Jumping, Explosives, Feets
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Crash Bandicoot, Roman Torchwick
  • Enemies: The Joker, Zant, Scar, Toon Patrol
  • Former Allies: Dr. Neo Cortex
  • Source of Interest for: Michael Bay
  • Pities: Lucy
  • It was a quite day in the Pantheon when suddenly, a Huge explosion was heard. Then a Blue Kangaroo by the name of Ripper Roo appeared from nowhere just jumping on whoever crossed his Path. Restraining him wasn't an easy task, as Roo was a very slippery fellow to capture. Eventually, Crash Bandicoot was called to deal with him given his past experience with Roo. It took a lot of Explosive powder to just Knock out Roo but eventually he fell down and he was transfered to the House of Health and Diseases to recover.
    • What really surprised those who treated his wounds is that Roo actually was behaving somewhat different as to what people has reported him doing before. Just to be careful with the Kangaroo, The Court of Gods decided to give him a position in the pantheon to just keep an eye on him.
  • Giving him a house was a pretty difficult task, but they eventually settled in giving the spot of Handy Feet after being impressed of how skilled is Roo on handling himself without hands. He can even perfectly drive a Kart with only his feet!
  • People keep confusing him for a dog when in reality he is a Kangaroo. Many people believe that Cortex experiments caused several mutations in him, including turning him blue.
  • In his brighter moments, Roo is actually pretty smart and frequently wanders around the house of Knowledge in search for information. What most people are surprised about him is that he has a doctorate in psychology, after spending 8 years in higher education. He even wrote a book called "Through the Eyes of the Vortex: A Study of Rapid Evolution and Its Consequences" after his experience in Neo Cortex's Lab.
    • As a result, he likes to hang around with Sigmund Freud to learn more about Psychoterapy.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Dr. Jekyll, given both misfortune of having a more crazy and reckless split personality. What makes this friendship more interesting is that said crazy personalities also get along very well.
    • However, Dr. Roo cannot help but feel sorry for the Diclonus Lucy, given that she was also a victim of experimenting just like him. However, he is smart enough to not approach her unless Nyu is around.
  • Dr. Roo is very proficient when using his cane, using it as a method of transport from time to time. This is why he gets along with Scrooge McDuck, who uses his cane in a similar Manner.
    • His cane has also the ability to plant TNT on the floor it touches. This has brought the attention of Michael Bay, who wants to use that Cane for..."Special Effects"
    • While he doesn't use his cane for combat, he became rivals with Roman Torchwick anyway. Particularly, because he wants the Kangaroo's cane for himself.
  • Roo has been preventively banned from the House of Explosives. Given his rare condition that even the tyniest explosion can potentially set him off, he has been advised to stay off that house.
    • However, he does get along with a few members of said house, especially The Techies. These ones are usually the Culprits that Trigger Roo most of the time, often unintentionally, other times not.
  • Even though he isn't the most harmless of creatures in regards to his insanity but he doesn't condone mindless violence just for the sake of it. That's why he doesn't like the Joker and Zant.
  • In his insane state, instead of talking normally, he just Laughs. Only the most loonie gods are able to understand his speech pattern.
  • Scar offered Roo the possibility of joining him, given his similarities with the Hyenas he used to command. However, Roo is not very fond of the Treacherous Lion and has turned down his offer. Scar is certainly not amused by the Kangaroo and is planning to teach him a lesson.
    • On the other hand, Roo actually does like to be around The Hyenas themselves; mostly whenever Roo's insane side is at the forefront.
  • Considered an honorary member of the House of Insanity, as he frequently visits it in his less lucid moments. Things tend to blow up whenever he is around.
  • Dr. Cortex has tried to recruit Roo once more in hopes of defeating the Bandicoot once and for all, only for Roo to say that he isn't interested in pursuing Crash anymore. The Doctor is understandably upset but he can't do anything to change the Kangaroo's mind, unless he blows him up but that's too risky to try.

    Shu Ouma 
Shu Ouma, God of Special Hands (The King, Adam, Shoe, Shuuzaku, Shoelouch, Shuuher)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God when using the Power of Kings)
  • Symbol: Black maple leaf crown shaped.
  • Theme Song: Bios and Krone
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Although there was a time he became Lawful Neutral bordering on Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Unsure of Himself, Drawing Out People's Hearts as Weapons, The Power of Friendship, Wearing Different Scarves Later On, Wanting to Make a Change, His Perspective of Friends, Apologizes When Extracting People's Voids, Bit of a Shy Person
  • Domains: Emotion, Friendship, Weapons
  • Heralds: His friends of Tennouzu High School
  • Allies: Inori Yuzuriha, Eren Yeager, Madoka Kaname, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Lelouch vi Britannia, Suzaku Kururugi, Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki, Yukiteru Amano, Issei Hyodo, Vali Lucifer, Ange
  • Enemies: Yuu, The Incubators, Shogo Makishima, Raynare, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • Complicated Relationships: Mana Ouma (His older sister)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Accelerator, Yuno Gasai
  • Shu Ouma was an asocial high school teenager until he met Inori Yuzuriha, the Idol Singer of the popular internet band known as EGOIST, which eventually made him get caught in the conflicts between the GHQ and Funeral Parlor. After becoming the wielder of the "Power of Kings", which has the ability to draw out weapons called voids from people's hearts, Shu's life had drastically changed ever since. Shu saved the world after going through many struggles, but became blind ever since Inori sacrificed herself to save him from absorbing the virus by himself.
  • After his adventures ended, Shu has longed to reunite with Inori. Thanks to his determination he was able to ascend and regain his powers (alongside curing his blindness). Because of this, Shu seeks redemption for all the times he let down his friends and how he almost went over the edge when his close friend Hare died. With the Power of Kings under his control again, Shu wants to prove that he can use this power for good.
  • Really regrets the time when he became a Tyrant because of Hare's death, although he adopted that attitude in order to get all the people trapped in Tokyo out of the Kill zone. Although most people don't hold any grudges against him ever since he became blind.
  • Shu feels inspired from two role-models: Shinji Ikari and Lelouch Lamperouge. The former shows his connection of being shy, both falling for an emotionless girl, and having different paths later on. While the later has bonded with him given that he also received a special power while Shu is reminded a lot of Gai when he looks at Lelouch.
  • Shu has become friends with Eren Yeager due to having similar goals, as well as sounding really similar. He finds the opposite that Eren is shown to be braver than himself was. Shu even mentions to Eren about his friend Hare who died during his conflict against GHQ, something at one point that Eren is reminded of Annie, although Shu is a little creeped out by Annie herself
  • Shu thank Madoka Kaname in gratitude for a second chance to see his beloved Inori. The young man even viewed Madoka as a little sister-like figure and having a stable relationship than his own biological sister was.
  • Shu doesn't really have a stellar relationship with his older sister Mana. While in the past they were really close, Mana's attraction towards him and how deranged she was slowly becoming made Shu reject her advances, which ended up causing Lost Christmas, an catastrophic event that traumatized Shu so much he completely forgot about her. And he really doesn't want to talk about the whole Adam and Eve thing that Daath planned for both of them.
    • Now that she has ascended to the Pantheon, Shu was not amused that she was here as well. Although he has noticed that, besides the Apocalypse Virus still lingering in her, she is a little more stable now.
  • He has befriended Issei Hyodo and Vali Lucifer for very particular reasons. The fact that the two guys are rivals often involves poor Shu getting asked who he prefers between the two; even though he really doesn't have a preference over neither of them.
    • Other wonder what would happen if Shu pulled both Issei and Vali's voids at the same time. Many think that he would be able to pull a Void version of their respective abilities, which has caught the interest of a few enemies of Issei who seek to steal his Boosted Gear.
  • Shu ended up being the designated partner of Tyrantrum, which at first he didn't understand why. However, given the King's symbolism that the Pokemon represents, the court of Gods believed that Shu would be the ideal partner. That, and having a T-Rex as a Pokemon is pretty cool.
  • Shu got to meet Yukiteru after sympathizing with his situation and sharing a similar past. Although he has his doubts about his girlfriend Yuno, given that she is earily similar to Mana in a lot of ways.
  • Shu at one point got to meet both Kirito and Asuna and they became friends. Out of curiosity he decided to pull their voids and see what could come out, and it turned out to be their respective signature weapons in Void form. Shu has grown a special disdain towards Nobuyuki Sugou, being reminded a lot of the GHQ Major Makoto Waltz Segai due to his depravity, and so he has come to an agreement with the couple that he could borrow their voids if they ever need help against Sugou.


    Crawford Tillinghast 
Crawford Tillinghast, God of Pineal Weirdness
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An enlarged pineal gland
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: An adaptational hero who invents a machine which stimulates the pineal gland and allows its users to see and interact with a layer of reality that is invisible to the naked eye
  • Domains: Science, Inventions
  • Allies: Nana, Dr. Alphys, Nuparu, Dr. Mobius
  • Opposes: Dr. Viktor
  • Pities: Mewtwo, Lucy
  • To the unaware, it is confusing that a seemingly plain individual such as Crawford would be in the House of Personal Appearance. He has no particularly remarkable features. That is, until you take a peek into his brain. His pineal gland is MASSIVE. Sometimes, something looks like it's trying to poke out of his forehead. That's his pineal gland.
  • Prior to his ascension, Crawford had invented a machine called the resonator. Its purpose was use resonating vibrations to stimulate the pineal glad so that the alternate reality alongside our own could be seen by the naked eye and even interacted with. Unfortunately, it was eventually discovered that the creatures that reside in this reality are incredibly dangerous. He witnessed the creatures, in his own words, bite off the head of his collaborator, Dr. Pretorius, "like a gingerbread man." Repeated experiments with the resonator would later bring Pretorius back from the dead as a barely human mutant THING on the other side. Long story short, the resonator ended up working a little too well.
    • While Crawford is a frequenter of the Houses of Knowledge and Science, the above events have left him completely traumatized. He becomes incredibly nervous at the sign of even the slightest thing going wrong and is paranoid about large-scale projects in general.
  • Crawford is always on his toes since he can no longer be near resonating vibrations similar to those given off by the resonator. His pineal gland is at a very dangerous stage of growth. Any further exposure is likely to cause his pineal gland to burst right through his skull and forehead, and nobody wants to see what will happen after that occurs. Effects of this include vein-o-vision and a voracious craving for human brains. All other food will become disgusting to him.
  • Eventually, Crawford became acquainted with Nana due to the House of Science's interest in studying them. This is because the Diclonius, a human subspecies, are born with an enlarged pineal gland that is roughly the size of an egg. The House wished to observe and record differences in Diclonii and humans with an enlarged pineal gland. The only possible conclusion that they could come to is that the differences come as a result of Crawford's pineal gland starting out at a normal size, but being enlarged by external stimuli, while the Diclonius are born with a large pineal gland. Ever since finding out about Nana's past with brutal experiments having been done on her, though, Crawford has become especially protective of her whenever the House of Science wishes to conduct further studies on them.
    • Originally, the House of Science had also wanted to get data on Lucy for these studies, but she was really uncooperative and refused to participate. Once it was explained to Crawford who she was and the details of her traumatic past, he felt nothing short of pity for her.
  • Presiding over the above studies on Crawford and Nana was Dr. Alphys. She wanted to make sure that everything went off without a hitch and that no boundaries were overstepped. During that time, Crawford really got to know Alphys and how she came to ascend. At first, resurrecting others with Determination seemed to work, but then they all fused together and became the Amalgamates. This greatly reminded him of what happened to Pretorius through repeated experiments with the resonator, and he and Alphys came to bond over this.
  • Crawford found himself able to relate to Nuparu for reasons similar to that mentioned above. Both of Nuparu's attempts at creating robotic law enforcers for the city of Metru Nui ended poorly. In fact, he's constantly reminded of his failure post-ascension since his second creations, the Vahki, are also present in the Pantheon.
  • Upon learning what happened to Mewtwo, being born of a pregnant Mew, having his embryo tampered with to alter his DNA, being subjected to horrible gene-splicing experiments, and generally being a victim of bad science, Crawford found himself feeling really sorry for him.
  • Crawford thinks that Dr. Viktor is a huge case of wasted potential. He's clearly very intelligent and dedicated to his studies, but still chooses to serve Zs'Skayr. At the very least, though, Crawford thinks that he has the potential to use his gifts for good, given that he was willing to betray Zs'Skayr in the past.
  • For the most part, Crawford remains cautious of and tends to avoid the Think Tank. All of them except for one, at least. Dr. Mobius is a notable exception, because unlike the others, he isn't nearly as amoral, nor does he do unethical experiments. Behind their backs, because of his unique brain abnormality, the other members of the Think Tank wonder what would happen if they turned Crawford into a floating brain such as themselves.

    Ico & Yorda 
Ico and Yorda, Deities of Hand-Holding
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Their held hands
  • Theme Song: "You Were There"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Holding Hands, Take My Hand, Escort Game, Lady and Knight, Tiny Guy, Huge Girl
  • Domains: Adventure, Minimalism, Puzzles, Children
  • Allies: WALL-E and EVE, Link, Zelda, Sora, Kairi, Hattori Hanzo
  • Enemies: Xehanort, The Grineer, The Evil Queen, Sophia Lamb, Lady Tremaine
  • Complicated Relations: Wander
  • Ico is a young boy who was imprisoned in a castle and offered as a sacrifice due to being born with horns on his head. Luckily, he was able to escape his coffin. Then, he ran into a mysterious girl called Yorda, who he freed from her cage. Both children had to puzzle out an exit out of the massive and complex castle. Yorda opened passages with her strange powers, while Ico fought off shadow-like beings sent by the castle's Queen to reclaim Yorda. In the end, although Ico lost track of Yorda, he managed to kill the Queen and destroy the castle forever. The two children would meet again on an island.
    • Leading Yorda by the hand as usual, Ico walked around the island trying to make sense of where they were. As they walked they found more and more temple-like buildings. Questioning the first beings they met, which were WALL-E and EVE, Ico and Yorda learned they were in a place called the Tropes Pantheon and their being there was most likely not an accident. They journeyed a bit more, with WALL-E and EVE in tow to keep them safe and WALL-E goggling the whole time at how the pair kept their hands together, and found the Main House, where it was confirmed that they had been selected for godhood over the act of Holding Hands (Ico was fairly embarrassed at this) and were told they could set up in their temple.
    • The House of Memes made a joke petition for them to get placed in the seediest part of the House of Love because of their title. Chuckles were had by the Main House.
  • Ico was returned the Queen's Sword so he could better defend himself and Yorda against the many dangers of the Pantheon. As suspected from its previous use, it's most effective against darkness-elemental beings; the sword can defeat a swarm of Heartless with one swipe. For this reason, let's just say that Xehanort and his various selves are not at all glad that there's another possible wrench to their plans in the Pantheon. Though he does wonder if Yorda could be of use to him, since her powers seem indicative of the nature of a Princess of Heart.
    • With that said, the Main House requires them to go to school so they can have a normal childhood after everything they've been through, so Ico and Yorda are basically never called upon and the sword's purpose is quite literally only for self-defense.
  • Although his portrait depicts him with horns, he actually lost both of them while fighting the Queen. The House of Health and Diseases made sure he got proper care for his head and now he no longer wears bandages, though he requested to keep the vestiges of his horns as a sort of memento of his and Yorda's struggles.
  • They aren't sure what to make of Wander given his rumored connections to the Queen, who wanted to steal Yorda's body and who they had to fight before they could be free. Wander doesn't believe for a second that his dear Mono is the Queen; as for Ico and Yorda, he's slightly interested in the implications of Ico being a Horned Humanoid, but mostly treats the children with indifference. Ico does feel a sort of boyish admiration for how he killed sixteen giant monsters to save his beloved, but Yorda is more inclined to feel sorry for the colossi and doesn't get why Wander would hate what are basically animals running on their instincts.
    • In fact, Yorda once went out by herself to meet the Colossi. Walking around the House of Otherness all alone got her into trouble as she caught the attention of the Gill Man, who tried dragging her underwater. However, the colossus Hydrus intervened and chased the Gill Man away with its shocks, while Pelagia lifted Yorda on its head. This was surprising to everyone, as the colossi had never gone out of their way to help anyone. However Yorda seems to have a way with them in general; even the normally hyper-aggressive Cenobia and Celosia are like purring kittens around her. Most deities chalk this up to Yorda's powers giving her some form of control over the colossi, although Yorda insists that she really isn't doing anything to them.
  • Given the Queen's goals, the two are enemies to the Twin Queens and by extension the Grineer as a whole since they've been dabbling in that sort of thing for a long while, along with Mind Rape, in order to make room for them to inhabit their vessels. After looking into their story, the Eldest of the two queens decided to offer a show of mercy: They take both Ico and Yorda's bodies for them to use so they can always be together.
  • Yorda is traumatized from spending all her life being psychologically tormented by the Queen, who was also her mother. She's pretty passive as a result, but with Ico's encouragement she's finding the courage to stand up for herself and against all the evil mothers in the Pantheon, particularly Snow White's, who reminds her most of her own mother, what with being a queen and obsessed with beauty and youth. She despises Sophia Lamb and Lady Tremaine for the same reasons, especially as the latter made Cinderella feel like trash.
  • They're good friends with Link and Zelda, given their similar adventures. Ico and Link relate to each other's drive to protect their Implied Love Interests, and both are good at thinking out of the box to solve puzzles. They're also friends with Sora and Kairi for some of the same reasons, especially with Xehanort antagonizing Ico and Yorda. Sora wonders if the Queen's Sword is a sort of Keyblade, given its powers.
  • Hattori Hanzo, being an expert in escorting others, is rather impressed that a kid like Ico managed to protect Yorda by himself nearly the whole way out of the castle and didn't just turn tail and run when she was stolen away from him. He's expressed interest in training him in the ways of the sword and as an escort, since he thinks Ico has the talent for it. In a way he's the closest thing to a father figure Ico and Yorda have.

Tigger, God of Cartoonish Tails (The Masked Offender)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His striped, springy tail
  • Theme Song: The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!, Badass Adorable, Breakout Character, Cartoony Tail (of course), Cheerful Child, Does Not Like Honey, Hates Baths, Keet, The Lancer, the Only Tigger, The Nicknamer, the Red Oni to Rabbit's Blue Oni, "GASP!", Bragging's What Tiggers Do Best!, Wacky Guy
  • Domains: Fun, Big Cats, Friendship
  • Herald: Roo (his "little brother")
  • Followers: non-ascended Equestrian ponies, cartoon mice, wolves with very bushy tails, deer-tailed chipmunks (other than Chip and Dale, who are already ascended)...basically, most cartoon animals with inaccurate tails
  • High Priest: Marsupilami
  • Allies: Winnie the Pooh, Pinkie Pie, Sora, Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck, Princess Uni-Kitty, Dumbo, Christopher Robin, Coco Bandicoot
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Rabbit (from the latter's perspective)
  • Odd Friendship: Eeyore
  • Enemies: The Toon Patrol, The Incubators, Nack (Tigger refers to him and the aforementioned groups of weasels and weasel-like creatures as "Woozles")
  • Distrusts: Pete, "Heffalumps and Woozles" (elephants and weasels) in general
  • Afraid of: The Terror Mask
  • Tigger's entrance into the Pantheon was quite a memorable one: He bounced on his spring-like tail into Pooh, Rabbit, and Eeyore (who had all arrived to welcome him in), and after embracing them tightly, he cheerfully greeted the other deities present with, "Hullo, everyone! Name's Tigger! T-I-double-guh-er! That spells 'Tigger'!"
  • Tigger has perhaps one of the most unusual bodies in the pantheon in terms of what holds it together. While he looks just like an anthropomorphic tiger, he claims that "The tops are made outta rubber, the bottoms are made out of springs". This would make sense given how he can bounce with such ease and ricochet off of trees with his head, but the fact that he generally doesn't get hurt while doing all this has several gods trying to figure out just how Tigger does it.
  • Tigger gets along fantastically with the equally-cheerful-and-hyperactive Pinkie Pie. The other deities try to avoid the two of them together; light-hearted chaos generally ensues when those two hang out.
    • He also gets along with Princess Uni-Kitty, even sharing in her Cloud Cuckoo Lander moments (a lot of the Hundred Acre Woods' residents tend to have such moments), but if she gets mad, he usually evacuates the area. Gal needs space during those moments, after all.
  • Rabbit had mixed feelings about Tigger entering the pantheon. On the one hand, he is very loud and rambunctious, much to the bunny's (and several other gods') annoyance, not to mention his garden usually tends to pay the price for Tigger's energy. On the other, the bouncy tiger certainly means well, and generally tries to make things right if he thinks he messed up.
  • He remembers Sora from his visits to the Hundred Acre Wood, and was happy to see he was in the Pantheon.
  • He is generally wary of "Heffalumps" (elephants) and "Woozles" (weasels); as such, he tries to steer clear of the likes of the Toon Patrol and the Incubators.
    • He was initially leery of the young "Heffalump" Dumbo, until he heard the poor little fella's backstory. Tigger was so ashamed of doubting him, he declared the little flying elephant a friend. Nowadays, Tigger can sometimes be seen flying through the pantheon's skies on Dumbo's back, and clearly having fun. Either that, or bouncing so high he keeps up with Dumbo pretty well.
  • Whatever you do, don't make Tigger sad; it's a heartbreaking sight. Just ask his friends; they once tried to "un-bounce" him, but the result was a very depressed tiger, so they quickly went back on it.
  • It has been noted by several gods that Tigger sounds somewhat similar to not only Pooh, but also to Pete, Darkwing Duck, and, bizarrely enough, the Terror Mask! The latter scares Tigger quite a bit. He doesn't exactly get along with Pete, either; the fat old cat usually isn't a nice guy, after all. Meanwhile, he gets along better with Drake Mallard, and by extension, his Darkwing Duck alter ego, though Drake really wishes Tigger wouldn't pounce on him the way he does.
  • He was possibly the first deity (besides Pooh himself) to greet Christopher Robin with a great pounce. Either way, he's glad to see him back around the pantheon.
  • Once had an existential crisis about him being "the only Tigger", but thankfully he has his friends to cheer him up whenever he gets down.
  • Gets along well with Mokuba Kaiba, because the young boy's Big Brother Worship reminds him of his own little brother, Roo. Tigger tried to break the ice with himself, Roo and both Kaiba brothers. Let's just say Seto Kaiba had to pay a hefty sum so that pictures of him hanging out with two members of the Hundred Acre Wood didn't circulate.


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