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The land of Plants presents itself as a forest with massive trees said to reach the skies. Traversing the forest from one end to the other can take from hours to even days depending on the visitor's speed. If it's not enough, walking trees of varying sizes defends the forest, ensuring that no visitors, divine or mortal, may threaten both the safety and the sanctity of the forest. While they don't attack on sight, people would be forgiven for thinking so as they watch from the inner darkness of the forest.

Those who make it to the middle of the forest, however, will find themselves catching a very graceful and beautiful sight. After walking along the trees and being watched carefully by the treants, they will encounter the beautiful part of the forest. Marvelous and radiant trees may be found surrounded by flower beds and plants originating from worlds across the universe. All of these kept alive by magical springs that constantly conjure water to bring life to the surroundings, ensuring that the inner parts of the forest stay alive and healthy. Temples of benevolent gods associated with plants may be found within the area. Visitors will notice that plants and flowers will have grown over the temples, both from outside and inside. Despite this, however, the temples show no signs of damage.

However, there is a dark side to this otherwise serene forest. Those who go to the deepwoods beyond may find a place even darker than the treant-infested woodlands, and with even more vicious treants. In these lands, the treants are no longer content to just watch from a distance and will attack on sight those who they don't identify as deities of the deepwoods. The plants themselves may threaten to strangle or even attempt to devour those who comes close.

Those who manage to bypass the guardian forces of the deepwoods will find a more depressing area. Though the sanctuary from before was beautiful, this zone can be described as melancholic, with spikey vines lying across the surface, massive trees blocking out sunlight and forcing visitors to use lit torches as their sources of light instead, seemingly withered plants decorating the grounds. Despite the looks, nothing here is actually dead, but visitors would be forgiven for thinking so on their first visit. The temples of the less benevolent gods have the same spikey vines that makes up a large amount of the surface, though this time they show more obvious signs of damage from having the plants growing all over them.

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The Parliament of the Green

    Cyth V'sug 
Cyth V'sug, Demon God of Botanical Abominations (The Prince of the Blasted Heath)
An alternate depiction of Cyth V'sug 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A spiraling tentacle covered in mold.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Boomerang Bigot, Demon Lords and Archdevils, Eldritch Abomination, Festering Fungus, Plaguemaster, Poisonous Person
  • Domains: Chaos, Corruption, Demons, Evil, Plants, Rot.
  • Followers: mu spores, The Mi-Go, The Old One, Undergrowth
  • Allies (sort of): Mordremoth, Teridax, the Hag
  • Rivals/Conflicting Opinion: Nurgle.
  • Enemies: Abadar, Erastil, Captain Planet, Treebeard, Trevenant, Swamp Thing, Viridi, the majority of the House of Nature Preservers, most members of the House of Demons
  • Cyth V'sug's realm is a stretch of tangled, dripping jungle located in the dark heartwoods of the House of Plants. Here, the trees are weighed down with fungus and sickly yet tenacious parasitic vines, the air is thick with spores best not breathed in and the polluted ground is covered by colorful toxic mushrooms and weedy plants either thorny, carnivorous, more poisonous than the worst poison ivy or all at once. The inhabitants are as pleasant as the flora, consisting of intelligent Man Eating Plants, shambling mounds of living compost, fungal Parasite Zombies, mandrakes that burst from the soil to ambush travelers, and the like. In the middle of it all sits Cyth V'sug's temple. Called the Jeharlu, this monolithic mass of fungus is a living thing in its own right, one that is constantly extending feelers and tendrils to take root in other worlds or realms of the Pantheon to try to infect them and draw them into itself. Ensuring that the tendrils are consistently cut back, and rooted out when they do take hold, is a job that requires the constant attentions of a dedicated division of minor godlings and divine servants and industrial quantities of herbicides.
  • Cyth V'sug is deeply detested by all Law- and Good-aligned deities from his part of the multiverse, and he despises them right back. This goes double for the Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral deities Erastil and Abadar, who in turn were deeply chagrined at seeing the demon lord join them in the Pantheon.
  • Due to his unending hatred for demons and his wish to scour the multiverse of their kind (despite he himself being a demon), he is on very poor terms with the House of Demons and its members, something somewhat mitigated by not all of them being demons in the way he understands the concept.
  • He has a complicated relationship with Nurgle. On the one hand, there is some kinship felt between them due to their shared roles as demonic gods of rot, disease, parasites and pollution, and each grudgingly admires the other's skill in crafting parasites and plagues. On the other, besides the usual difficulty in getting chaotic entities to work together, there is also the issue that Nurgle reminds Cyth V'sug of the demons and daemons of his home corner of the multiverse, creatures he absolutely hates, as well as bitter territorial rivalry at the thought of another demon or god controlling something he feels should be his domain alone. On Nurgle's end of things, the jovial father of plagues finds the Prince of the Blasted Heath unpleasantly dour and grim.
  • Due to the way he corrupts natural ecosystems into twisted, diseased parodies of themselves when he doesn't consume them outright, Cyth V'sug is considered an enemy by most good-aligned deities of forests and nature, a feeling he wholeheartedly returns.
    • Captain Planet and his allies seek to prevent the destruction his feeding causes to natural ecosystems, while forest deities such as Treebeard, Trevenant and the Lorax detest the near-cancerous mockery they feel he makes of the natural cycles of feeding and growth.
    • Viridi also views him as a foe — she sees herself as a goddess of nature first and foremost, and the sort of botanical life that Cyth V'sug champions is anything but natural by any definition of the term. Swamp Thing likewise opposes him — as the leader of the Green, he doesn't want that abomination to infect his domain.
  • Commander Shepard, Link and Mario tend to find themselves uneasy (more so than most others, at least) around Cyth V'sug, as he reminds them of the Thorian, Diababa and Petey Piranha too much for their comfort.
  • On the other hand, he is rather fond of the sub-house of Diseases as a whole, as he has no particular grudge against most of its members and quite enjoys experimenting with the interesting maladies and pathogens he can obtain there.
  • He has managed to forge a tenuous form of collaboration with Makuta Teridax: as a biological scientist (one of his former duties as a Makuta) with significant experience with ecology-based domination — having, for instance, created the Morbuzakh, a city-sized sapient plant, as part of one of his plots — Teridax brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise for Cyth V'sug to draw from for his plots, and the treacherous Makuta likewise finds Cyth V'sug's experience with supernatural plagues and parasites to be a wonderful asset for future plans where bioweapons will be needed. Of course, Makuta fully plans to manipulate his erstwhile ally for his own benefit and cast him aside (or posses him, whichever suits) when he's done; Cyth V'sug, a veteran of eons of the Abyss' traitorous, backstabbing politics, expects nothing less, and intends to be the one to wield the knife when the time comes. For now, however, both gods find greater advantage in cooperation, and are aware that wanton backstabbing would make them very vulnerable to their myriad other foes, so they're willing to work together. For now...
  • He is also on reasonably good terms with the Hag, on the grounds of a shared alignment, nature as Botanical Abominations and interest in evil botany. They are both quite skilled at working with foul fungi, herbs and other flora for nefarious and corrupting purposes, and the things they could get up to by pooling their mutual expertise has a fair few gods very worried indeed.
  • Can also be found in Otherness Abominations.

    HeartCatch Pretty Cures 
HeartCatch Pretty CuresMembers , Quartet Goddesses of Floral Theme Naming (Tsubomi: Cure Blossom; Erika: Cure Marine; Itsuki: Cure Sunshine; Yuri: Cure Moonlight)
The HeartCatch Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Moonlight, Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine, and Cure Blossom.
  • Intermediate Goddesses (Greater Goddesses in their Super Silhouette forms, Borders on Overdeity as Mugen Silhouette)
  • Symbol: The HeartCatch Pretty Cure Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Alright! HeartCatch PreCure!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl Warriors, Floral Theme Naming
  • Domains: Combat, Magic, Flowers, Teamwork
  • Heralds: Chypre, Coffret, Potpourri, Cologne, and Coupe
  • Allies: All Ascended Pretty Cures, including Karouko Hanasaki/Cure Flower, Fate T. Harlaown (both for Tsubomi and Yuri), Kanji Tatsumi (both for Erika and Itsuki), Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO, The Goseigers, Aki Izayoi, Kiki, Hajime Hinata
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Shadow Moon, Kyubey
  • Yuri Tsukikage, the first Pretty Cure who managed to enter the pantheon proper, was used to be the holder for the trope Broken Bird, however she felt that her title doesn't apply to her anymore due to the fact that she regained her fighting spirit during her battles in the mortal world. However, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Erika Kurumi, and Itsuki Myoudouin came up with an idea as they decided to band together as a team with Yuri, with them as the holders for the trope Floral Theme Naming due to their alter ego names and their overall motifs revolves on flowers, at the cost of relinquishing their old separate titles. They also began to spend their training together rigorously due to the upcoming conflict that that would brought into the pantheon.
  • The HeartCatch Cures are also allies with both Eiji Hino and the Goseigers, since both heroes had fought evil during the same time period with them, particularly the year 2010.
  • The Cures also likes to hangout with the duelist Aki Izayoi because they were amused of her Rose-themed deck for having the same Floral Theme Naming as them. They also gained a sympathy for her after they noticed of her terrible past before she gets better.
  • There was a certain incident that the Cures are searching for Dark Pretty Cure after hearing her voice in the pantheon. However as the girls split up in their search, they were relieved that they found out that the familiar voice was actually Kiki and Hajime Hinata all along. Luckily, the Cures were became friends with both Kiki and Hajime after knowing their stories.
  • Mostly due to the Nana Mizuki, Tsubomi got along very quickly with Fate, Hinata, and Ange. Aside of showing them about flowers, she hoped if her friend Erika Kurumi could enter the Pantheon, she could give both Fate and Hinata some 'cloth-changing' session together and bets that they'll look great.
  • Kurama acts like a brother figure for her, as he was impressed with how Tsubomi tended to the flowers that he also occasionally used.
  • She once developed a crush with Chris Longfield, oblivious of a certain thing... until someone referred her as 'Princess Arata'. Her Pantheon first crush... ended in three minutes.
  • A reason why she looks rather shy was because of years of accidental Parental Neglect, those who saw her younger self cry out of loneliness and eventually reconcile with her parents usually would bring tears to the eyes of many good Gods. Tsubomi cried even harder when she accidentally heard Hayate Ayasaki reciting a paragraph about his 'family life' in the Academy Pantheon. They became Friends.
  • She is one of few gods in the Pantheon who can talk with Yuuka Kazami with relative ease, though she does feel little bit nervous around her.
  • To her surprise, she was visited by none other her superior, Nana Mizuki, who expressed her extreme joy of voicing Tsubomi, having been a fan of her predecessors and then hers as well, she's glad that Tsubomi has blossomed greatly, much like her. At that point, Tsubomi was struck with extreme nervousness she's never had before, being close and praised like hell by her superior. She didn't mind that Nana did not sing her tale's opener like usual, at least she sang her Image Song.
  • Kurumi's genki-ness knows no bound, she is known to make funny faces in any moment.
  • Kurumi has the ability to know one's measurement by just looking. It does really good for her designing fashion clothes, which is why she also likes to hang out with Rarity and Uryu Ishida due to the same reasons with her.
  • Has a weird adoration-jealousy relationship with a certain Precure, in this case Miki Aono/Cure Berry. They've known to fight side-by-side at times, but Erika couldn't help but point out that Miki is a lot similar with her mortal sister Momoka, one that usually drove Erika to jealousy.
  • Occasionally spends time with Kanji Tatsumi, sharing knowledge about clothing designs. Erika is surprised that Kanji usually comes up with cute designs, even if he looks scary. Then again, Erika used to have a classmate in a similar vein like him.
    • She was found Squee-ing "How cute...!" in front of Kanji Tatsumi's house which was quite full of cute dolls. She asks if she can buy those, and she got them for free and was being told to go home. But somehow, Itsuki can spot that his face is reddening... Several visits later, they become friends.
  • Is not to be confused with the lover of Kazuya Ryuuzaki. This Erika is like a polar opposite of that (short, brash, cute), but also possesses the heart for justice, which impressed Kazuya himself.
  • She can warm the hearts of any that have Stopped Caring with her fashion sense and The Power of Friendship. Just ask Olivier.
  • Welcomes all Good-aligned members of the House of Musicality (except Kotomi Ichinose and Chuck Schuldiner, but including all other Real Life members of said Pantheon) to play live during her fashion shows, like this one (Song's lyrics here). Yui Hirasawa in particular cannot get over how cute the outfits look and asks Erika if she would have Afterschool Tea Time to wear them on stage and keep them afterwards; to which, the answer wasan overly enthusiastic "Of course!".
  • She is good friends with Kamina of the War Pantheon. She finds his relationship with Simon to be very similar to her relationship with Tsubomi. They also share similar mindsets when it comes to approaching impossible problems. Even in death, Kamina shamelessly admits that he loves watching her fashion shows even though it's normally against his image and preference.
  • Kurumi also befriended Erza, who shares her passion for fashion.
  • Kurumi also likes to team-up with Aquaman in their battles against their respective enemies since they're both water-based heroes.
  • Kurumi is also friends with Go Shijima since both of them had a similar personalities until everything changes when Go joins the Roidmudes and decides to attack the newly reformed Kamen Rider Chaser and his ally Kamen Rider Drive, which made her angry at her former friend to a personal levels as she swear she will beat him to knock off his senses. Until she found out that Go was actually seemingly brainwashed as he goes undercover to worked with then, thankfully she was very sorry to him after she realized that Go was still on the Good Side as Erika looks forward to rekindle their friendship.
    • Erika also likes to hang out with the Beat Riders dancer and fellow warrior of justice Zack, better known as Kamen Rider Knuckle, as Erika was kinda surprised that the Lockseed that Zack uses has the same name as her family name.
  • Even after she's inducted, Itsuki still ends up making several Goddesses swoon over her and then gets a God-sickness when they learn her gender. She still felt bad about them, sort of...
  • Itsuki likes to spend time with Luna Platz, Mitsuru Kirijo, and Asuna Yuuki since they also happened to be well-mannered women that comes from a rich family.
  • At one point, she's kind of puzzled that Kotaro Minami proclaims themselves as siblings. However, after together thwarting a Gorgom plot and recognizing each others' spirit for justice, Itsuki seems to take that 'sibling' term as a term of endearment.
  • Itsuki also likes to hang out with her fellow Magical Girl Warrior Makoto Kino due to the fact that they shared their liking on cute things despite of their tomboyish personalities.
  • As a lover of cute things, Itsuki liked cute things and found a kindred spirit in Rena. This is a good thing as it keeps Rena's Himamizawa Syndrome infection (currently L3) in check. Same thing with Taokaka considering she looks like a cute cat girl despite being a feral fighter with short attention. However, she will make an exception against Kyubey and the Incubators… she knew what they did and she won't stand it. The same goes with Mori Motonari, as she claims that he's disgracing the sun with his jackass attitude.
  • Frequently spars with her fellow Pretty Cures or other combat-affiliated deities to improve her skills. Recently, she has earned the praises of Kasumi. The two quickly became fast friends, having learned that they were portrayed by the same mortal priestess.
  • Currently in a friendly rivalry with Mion Sonozaki. Seeing as they have quite a lot in common, their rivalry has become a mirror match of sorts with the difference being strategic prowess vs magic.
  • While she's a Pretty Cure, Yuri's combat abilities are unquestioned, especially if she's in clear mind. Aside of her great strength, she's still training under the Invisible Woman to polish her barrier skills.
    • Turns out that 'thing' is her friend, Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom, the one who she credited as the one that enabled her to overcome her personal despair. On the news that Tsubomi was to be ascended, she was the first to greet her on the gates of the Pantheon with a warm smile (she came there first without saying a thing).
  • It turns out that she served as an eventual harbinger to other Pretty Cure to appear, starting with Nagisa Misumi/Cure Black and Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White. Even if she's older, Yuri has utmost respect on both of them as the very first Precures.
  • Yuri likes to hang out with Setsuko Ohara as she also happens to give advice on Setsuko on how to overcome her traumas.
  • Yuri also likes to spend time with Torin because they shared the pain of being warriors who had once lost their motivations due to their traumatic past until they gotten better due to the support of their respective allies.
  • Yuri has found a kinship with the likes of Ami Mizuno, and Skuld since their voices are sounded alike.
    • There was an incident that the ToQgers had mistaken her for being Madame Noir due to her familiar voice to their old enemy. Luckily after they discussed their respective backgrounds, they became friends ever since, especially when she hangs out with Tokatti due to their similar aesthetics.
  • Yuri also like to work along with Tyrande Whisperwind since she also happened to have powers that associated with the moon just like her.
  • Can also be found in Naming References.

    Kurama (YuYu Hakusho
Kurama, God of Plant Powers (Denise/Dennis, Cho-Hong, Youko Kurama, Shuichi Minamino)
  • Greater God (S Class)
  • Symbol: A rose.
  • Theme Song: Kurama's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Plants, Easily Mistaken as a Girl, Batman Gambits, Kitsune, Rose Lover, Formerly-Dark Demon Who Became Good For His Mom, Guile Hero
  • Domain: Bestial, Plant, Planning, Trickery
  • Followers: Marluxia, Kusano, Anegakoji Yoritsuna, Zyra
  • Allies: Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Hiei, Chance the Gardener, Tsubomi Hanasaki, Adam Hunter, Tokiya Mikagami, Aki Izayoi
  • Enemies: Mordremoth
  • Student: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • Chance the Gardener can often be seen tending to Kurama's temple, sometimes with the aid of Swarm. Lately, Tsubomi Hanasaki also occasionally tends to it, and he usually lets Adam Hunter come and visit and do bonsai.
  • Kurama is one of the brightest minds in the Pantheon, a trickster few can compare themselves to in combat, and a man fond of combining creativity with the right plants for any situation. His stock of plants varies, from normal and harmless plants, into the super deadly ones you'd rather not encounter, especially the ones he acquired from Makai. Piss off Kurama? Then meet the latter.
  • Shares a name with the beast who lived inside Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Courtesy of having led similar lives, Kurama became good friends with Tokiya, to who Kurama mentioned that people are less likely to mistake the latter for a girl, whereas Kurama himself gets mistaken for one all the time, especially due to his very feminine voice.
  • Found himself with Yusuke and Hiei in a tournament with other characters from their multiverse. However, he decided not to parttake in the next tournament they had.
  • One day, Poison Ivy, another wll-known user of plant powers in combat, approached him and challenged him in order to find out how his plant manipulation worked and answer her questions. She held her own, but ultimately, Kurama prevailed, with the coup de grace being that he was immune to her poisonous kiss. Surprisingly, he offered to teach her how to hone her abilities, a thing she accepted, much to everyone's shock.
    • Batman approached Kurama soon after and expressed his concern about Pamela. Kurama, who knew what he was doing, assured him that she would be fine and gave Bruce his word to guide her to the best of his ability, with Bruce agreeing in the end. When Kurama was asked why he chose to mentor Ivy, he said this:
    Kurama: She has a lot of potential, and there is goodness in her.
    • Since he became Ivy's mentor, they've developed an intimate closeness and kinship, leaving many in the Pantheon to wonder if Kurama and Pamela had become an item. Batman simply said, "While Pamela was better for Harley, Kurama is what Pamela needs." When Kurama was asked about their relationship, he gave a wry smile and a wink.
  • Once visited Cafe Leblanc, wanting to try out some of Sojiro Sakura's famous coffee and curry. Mondo Zappa was also there, as was Sojiro's ward and sometimes-assistant Ren Amamiya; Mondo made a casual remark about a two-timing legend surrounding Sojiro, who promptly told Ren not to get any ideas. However, after Ren and Mondo both left, Kurama conversed with Sojiro, and he got the sense that the man would probably help Ren if the situation came up and may have actually done it in his youthful past. Either way, it was an interesting chat.

Yuuka Kazami, Goddess of Growing Stronger with Age, is more associated with this house than House of Power, having a large field of flowers here. Do not mess with it unless you want to die that badly.