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Greater Gods

"Welcome to the Velvet Room."

Igor, God of Benevolence Behind Unnerving Appearances (Master of the Velvet Room, The Nose)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A black suit with a white flower, with a velvet background
  • Theme Music: Aria of the Soul (SSBU remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Creepy Good, All-Powerful Bystander, Big Good and Powers That Be After Philemon's Departure, Cheshire Cat Grin, Cool Old Guy, Gag Nose, Omniscient Morality License, Scratchy-Voiced Senior, Spirit Advisor, Never Battled
  • Domain(s): Contracts, Fortune Telling, Inherent Goodness, Appearance
  • Heralds: Belladonna (singer of his Theme Music), Nameless (pianist who plays his Theme Music), Demon Painter, Elizabeth (currently AWOL), Theodore, Margaret, Lavenza (the true form of Caroline and Justine)
  • Followers: Hitoshi Shinso, The Creeper, Bishop, Janelle Angelline, Sapphire and Steel, The Board, Tattletail, Sgt. Schlock, Auntie Whispers
  • Allies:
  • Interested in: Sho Minazuki
  • Enemies: Yaldabaoth/YHVH (who had once usurped him), Lucemon, Darkseid, Horde Prime, all enemies of Philemon
  • Heroes come in all kinds of appearances, and should not be judged by how they look. Some of them can even be downright scary, yet their benevolence is unambiguously clear (unless it's detracted by their ruthlessness against evil). That's what being Creepy Good is all about.
  • Igor earned his spot in the Pantheon courtesy of his master Philemon because he fit the trope; while unnerving at first glance given he's a balding, unnaturally thin hunchback with bloodshot eyes, a long, hooked nose, and a Cheshire Cat Grin that borders on a Slasher Smile, he's one of the most steadfast allies of the heroes.
  • As for what he does, for the Wild Cards, he and his assistants handle Persona Fusions, record Personas to their Compendiums for later recalling (at a monetary price), and "returning" Personas for items. For the Persona-users prior (the ones from Sumaru City and St. Hermelin High), he also "stores" excess Personas, and creates them in exchange for cards from negotiated SMT!demons (be it their own or "Tarot cards").
  • His temples are tiny and outright empty, with the only thing of interest being a blue glowing translucent door in the center. While everybody can see it (now), few can actually open it. This door leads to the Velvet Room, Igor's actual domain, and the only ones who can access it are Persona-users (those with malevolent intent can easily be booted by the occupants therein). Otherwise, one has to accompany a Persona-user, or be invited by Igor himself. Similar doors are available in Philemon's temple, and inside the temples of his "main" guests (the player characters of the games).
    • As for what the Velvet Room looks like, it has varied over the years, from a nightclub, to an elevator, to a limo, and even a prison. In the Pantheon, it takes the form of a large rectangular room with curtains covering all of its walls, just like its first iteration but bigger, except one can notice outlines of columns beyond the curtains, as if the place was a temple whose interior was covered. In the middle, one can see a grand piano with a blindfolded man (Nameless) playing it, a mic stand with a woman (Belladonna) singing a song, a canvas in use by a man with long hair in black clothes and a toque (Demon Painter), and an elegant chair in which Igor himself sits with his elbows resting on a small table in front of him. His attendants Margaret, Theodore, and Lavenza can be seen, though rarely all at the same time, and one of them, Elizabeth, is officially AWOL trying to find a way to free Makoto Yuki for real without invalidating the Great Seal. Igor's followers are also seen mingling and assisting in various affairs, and are dressed just like his attendants where possible.
  • One can also visit the Velvet Room via dreams, though it has to be Igor who invites them in. It's not known if dream-delvers can find the Room, though it's likely only if Igor allows it.
    • As for the conflicts between the Inducers of Nightmares and the Protectors of Dreams, he has not deemed it necessary to get entangled between their affairs, and the former group has neither noticed nor attempted to invade the Velvet Room yet.
  • While most people are offset by his appearance and demeanor, he still has an upstanding reception from many thanks to the Persona-users who vouch for him.
  • Many question him about a comment he made to Aigis that her "Destiny is similar to mine." have been asked to Igor. He simply chuckles and remains silent on the matter.
  • There is also still the question about just how powerful Igor is in a fight, considering his power to call on just about every being in the mythological Pantheons. His attendants have battled, and even his master has battled, but not him. The thought brings mixed feelings when his students are brought up. Even the nature of his Persona (though he can likely use many just like his attendants) is fair game for questioning.
  • There are those who wonder what need he and his attendants have for money anyway given their supernatural nature. His explanation is that money holds value in the Velvet Room because humanity gives it value; it's not so much about the medium of exchange, but the value bestowed upon it that is important to Igor and his attendants.
    • Just as services like gym sessions, tutor lessons, and haunted house trips have monetary value, so too would his, such as re-acquisition of Personas to Wild Cards. And he now extends that to the pre-Wild Card Persona-users as well.
  • When he's bored, he sometimes plays cards with the Persona cards. Rumor also has it many influential gods who can reach the Velvet Room have been seeing Igor for tarot readings, and not just for serious matters.
  • As a supporter of humanity's potential like Philemon, Igor stands against those who would see it stifled, such as YHVH, Lucemon, Darkseid, and Horde Prime.
    • He holds it most personally against Yaldabaoth, who had abducted him, split his attendant Lavenza in two (though it's not known where Margaret and Theodore were during this, and Elizabeth was explicitly AWOL), and rigged the "game" the two had in regards to the potential of humanity.
  • He has the ability to turn back time, but only does it in regards to bad fates as a result of their Wild Cards missing deadlines. Otherwise, he'll let them take responsibility for their actions, even if it leads to doom.
  • Despite what he's done and his opposition to Joker and his crew, Akechi is still allowed by Igor to visit the Velvet Room. Igor even called him over one day to his domain via the dreamscape to let him know that now that he is no longer being hampered by Yaldabaoth, Akechi can now finally utilize his potential as a Wild Card to the fullest and forge Social Links/establish Confidants.
  • Has been notified of similar mysterious guiding figures who speak cryptically like him such as Richard, The G-Man, and SCP-990.
  • As of late, Philemon has encouraged Igor to be more proactive in reaching out to make new allies as he himself has. Not being used to this, Igor had to admit that this was not going to be easy. Still, he had to start somewhere, so he began with an invite to Princess Luna, who had almost encountered the Velvet Room once while her group wandered the dreamscape.
    Igor: I must confess. I have been a servant to my master. I have been a master to my attendants. I have served as a host to all sorts of guests. And I have become one's adversary, and returned that sentiment to them. However, not once have I ever established a bond where I serve as one peer to another. Perhaps that's where my current predicament lies. Such a thing would not be possible in the mortal realm, but in the Pantheon, where all sorts of powerful entities are in abundance, that option is now open. For all my wisdom, I lack the foreknowledge for this situation.
    • In light of this, Luna has taken it to herself to help Igor with socializing... by taking Twilight Sparkle to the Velvet Room with her one day. It was a learning experience for all three, and Igor made another friend that dayas he's allowed Twilight in whenever she has time to visit.
    • Another Igor got acquainted with was Dream of the Endless. Given the Velvet Room exists between Dream and Reality, Mind and Matter, Dream managed to find its door while following Luna after a particularly huge skirmish against Vaermina. The alicorn princess was surprised to see him behind her after entering, but Igor assured her it was all right. After that incident, as well as a lengthy chat about matters greater than what Luna could grasp (after which she politely saw herself out), Dream has beome another regular visitor.
  • One unlikely friend he made was when one of his attendants got acquainted with one Anton Ego, and thought to invite him to the Velvet Room to meet Igor as part of the whole "personal socializing" deal. After their first meeting, Ego has since decided to try and help him get used to extensive interaction with the outside world. Not because of general appearances, but because he thinks he knows how to get Igor adapted to good culture: A pleasant meal. It's not uncommon to find the two deities dining together while gossiping about other deities or explaining to each other about the world they came from, with Igor being intrigued by Ego's experiences in his more realistic world and Ego finding Igor's talks about his own interactions with other Persona deities to be quite the vivid tales. On the way, Ego has also lectured to Igor about the pleasure of classy food and a great glass of wine, due to an admittedly selfish interest in making Igor see the culinary world the way he does.

Intermediate Gods

    Axl (Mega Man
Axl, God of Heroes With 'X'-Shaped Scars (Prototype)

    The F.I.S. Receptor Children 
Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Goddesses of New Costumes Upon Turning Good (The F.I.S. Receptor Children, Maria: Useless, Useless Tentacle Woman, Failed Wielder, Shirabe: Buzzkill, Jii~, Kirika: Kiri-chan, DMG, DESS, Shirabe and Kirika: DMJii)
Left to right:Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe
Their Symphogears, pre-Heel Face Turn
In Ignite Mode
X-Drive Mode

    The Powerpuff Girls 
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, Goddesses Made of Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice and Fingerless Hands (The Powerpuff Girls, The Powderpuff Girls, The Girls)

    Swamp Thing 
Swamp Thing, God of Horrifying Heroes (Alec Holland [in his former life up until Brightest Day], The Guardiner)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God if he taps into the full power of The Green)
  • Symbol: A mix-mash of leaves
  • Theme song: Swamp Thing theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: THE Anthropomorphic Personification of Plants, Becoming the Mask, Creepy Good, Gaia's Vengeance, Nature Hero, Plant Person, Green Thumb, Healing Factor, Super-Strength, Tomato in the Mirror
  • Domains: Good, Plants, Heroism, Sun, Ruins
  • High Priest: The Man Thing (his Marvel counterpart)
  • Herald: Abby Arcane Holland (his wife).
  • Allies: All benevolent deities in the House of Plants, especially Kurama, Captain Planet, Viridi, Buddy Baker/Animal Man, Superman, John Constantine, Leslie Knope, Amateratsu, Orion, Biollante
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Hedorah, SCP-106, C. Montgomery Burns, Anton Arcane
  • Rivals: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Batman (though in friendly terms)
  • Opposes: Audrey II, Durathror, Exdeath, Flowey, Mordremoth, Petey Piranha, all necromancer deities.
  • Opposed by: The GUAD
  • Odd Friendship With: Deadpool
  • Although Kurama enjoys much support as the God of Plants, he did not have a lot in the way of allies, even in the House of Plants. Mordremoth launched a successful campaign from allowing any other benevolent plant god from entering. In desperation, Kurama turned to the House of Heroes in search of any reservations. Thankfully, there was one among his followers who could get a spot: Swamp Thing received the title of Horrifying Heroes as one of the more well-known examples bolstered by the writing of Alan Moore among others.
    • Just before he was about to receive the title, the Swamp Thing was hit by a massive mind blast. Mordremoth heard of the attempted deification and attempted a hostile takeover of his hivemind. To his surprise, Swamp Thing managed to shrug off the mind control. This summated his place in the House of Heroes.
  • The Swamp Thing has an interesting relationship with his High Priest, the Man Thing. The two share the same creator, with Man Thing preceding him by at least a year. It was Alan Moore that helped raise Swamp Thing to prominence, eventually winning favor of the gods to be deified. Man Thing did not care either way, and the two are on friendly terms with each other.
  • His ascension was met with a subdued celebration from Buddy Baker. He has always been reluctant with his powers, but he will now have no choice but to take a more prominent role. Both are part of a trio of competing aspects in their world: Swamp Thing as the Green for plants and Animal Man as the Red for animals. Both agree to prevent the third aspect, the Rot, from entering the Pantheon.
    • As a response, the GUAD has set sites on Swamp Thing as one of the first to kill. A being that can command that many plants would be useful in ending all plant life. They were successful before in a previous encounter and there is a possibility he would make another attempt at it. Both Swamp Thing and Animal Man made preparations in case the group hopes to take advantage of them.
  • Is credited as one of the few beings capable of defeating Batman, even when using prep time. The Caped Crusader is still a bit irked with that loss, but is in better terms with the Swamp Thing.
  • Swamp Thing has gone out of his way to protect the Green from pollution, earning thanks from Captain Planet while drawing anger from the God of Pollution Hexxus as well as muck monster Hedorah.
  • Superman arrived at the pantheon a short time after his ascension to greet him. It was Swamp Thing that cured him of a parasitic plant that would have killed him if not for Swamp Thing's intervention. The two shook hands briefly before the Man of Steel flew off.
  • A more surprising visitor dropped by as well. Deadpool is one of the few people in the Pantheon who knew of his origins: The being is a personification of Alec Holland who died in the area of his creation. That and the fact that the Merc with the Mouth could also qualify as a horrific hero (though barely on the heroic part) convinced him to visit. It was even more surprising that the visit was sincere, with the two parties respecting each other in the end.
  • Constantine owes his creation to being involved in one of Swamp Thing's journeys. Thus, he was grateful for the creature's ascension.
  • Both he and Poison Ivy have been at odds every time they meet. The two may agree with preserving plant life wherever they can, but that's where the agreement ends. Their followers compete over control of plant life in the Pantheon.
  • Turns out there was an alternate version of him in film. It was surprisingly well-received given the time period. The sequel... wasn't nearly as loved.
  • In Justice League Action he shares his voice with The Joker. He refuses to further comment.
  • His ascension has put a damper on Mr. Burns attempts to expand his polluting factories. Any attempt to encroach on protected land would be detected by Swamp Thing's ability to connect with plants. He would have to think hard to overcome this obstacle.
  • Beleaguered Bureaucrat Leslie Knope was more than happy with designing his temple to his liking. She made the blueprints while Swamp Thing did the construction; a relatively open space made entirely of plants. It doesn't have that many basic necessaries for housing, but that never mattered for him. Swamp Thing has become an effective enforcer of her policies.
  • As he is reliant of sunlight to function, he has taken a huge interest in the Goddess of the Sun herself, Amateratsu.
  • The Swamp Thing was distraught to find so many evil plant deities in the House of Plants. All attempts to reason with them has fallen on deaf ears. He also opposes the save scumming nature of Flowey. The God of Abusive Save Files was quick to point out that he had already contained several outcomes of their fights, some of which insist of Swamp Thing succumbing to Flowey's assaults.
    • And then Flowey was moved to the House of Plants…and something changed in him, but Swamp Thing can't figure out what.
  • One of his greatest foes as a mortal was Anton Arcane, a mad scientist with magic who hoped to achieve immortality. It's due to these encounters that he opposes all necromancer deities out of principle.

Lesser Gods

    Finn the Human 
Finn Mertens, God of Heroic Swordsmen (Finn the Human, Pen, King of the Goblins, Davey Johnson, P-G-8-7 Mertens, Prince Hotbod, The Blue Catalyst Comet, Shoko)
Finn without his hat.
Finn from Season 8 onwards.
  • Lesser God (although could potentially be an Intermediate God if he were to use the full scope of his psychic powers)
  • Symbol: His iconic hat
  • Theme Songs: Adventure Time, Island Song, My Best Friends in the World, All Gummed Up Inside
  • Alignment: Shifts between Neutral Good and Chaotic Good, heavier on the Neutral side as he got older
  • Portfolio: Token Humans, Kid Heroes, Character Development, Determination, Fighting For Great Justice and Happiness, Heroic Willpower, Gold Hair, Adorkable, Morality Chain to most of his important friends, Beware the Nice Ones, Bodyguard Crushes, Mundane Made Awesome, Pint Sized Powerhouses, Samaritan Syndrome, Heartbroken Badasses, Book Dumb, Reincarnation Of The Blue Catalyst Comet, Stock Shōnen Hero Deconstruction
  • Domains: Humankind, Adventure, Surrealism, Children
  • Heralds: Joshua and Margaret (His adoptive parents and Jake's parents), Jermaine (His adoptive brother and Jake's brother), Huntress Wizard (his current romantic partner), Shermy (his successor)
  • Complicated relationship with: Fern (his Alternate Self)
  • Allies:
  • On speaking terms with: Lemongrab
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Any and all abusive or dead-beat parents, Bender, Sasuke Uchiha
  • Respects: Good parents
  • Sympathizes with: N, Pacifica, Doofenshmirtz, Gladeon
  • A former follower of Ness, he ascended in his own right when O-Haruhi-sama found records of him being the token human in a world filled with really surreal and strange beings.
    • His title was revoked however once it was revealed he wasn't the only human on Ooo. Well, not any longer, after Betty Grof entered present Ooo from the past, not to mention the truth of Susan Strong. To compensate, they gave Finn Heroes Prefer Swords since all of his preferred weapons were swords (though he had a crossbow and used an axe in his early days), wielding a variety of them throughout his adventuring career. They include: A demon blood sword, a cursed grass sword, a sword made from an alternate version of Finn, a night sword empowered by Hunson Abadeer, and in a (maybe) different continuity, a sword that can create portals to other dimensions.
    • Given his affinity for swords, Finn has a special admiration for sword masters, particularly his fellow CN sword masters Pearl and Samurai Jack. He's often seen honing his swordsmanship skills with them, alongside other young sword-wielding heroes, such as Sayaka Miki and Kazuma Kenzaki.
    • He especially connected with fellow sword-wielders Sokka and Connie Maheswaren, due to them also being the normals among their peers. Given the challenges they're regularly forced to face, the three are seen as something of an inspiration for other young badass normals.
    • Don't think he's useless without a sword, though; he fights with his bare hands just as often.
  • Now that The Lich has ascended, he swears to defeat him once and for all, no matter how many times it takes.
  • He and Jake frequently rub elbows with Gumball, Mordecai and Rigby, given the strange and surreal adventures they often get caught up in. Finn managed to bond with Mordecai in particular over their less than stellar love lives. As such, he was happy to learn that he settled down with a bat girl and even started a family. Likewise, Mordecai's in full support of his relationship with Huntress Wizard.
  • Given how he was accidentally abandoned by his parents as a baby, Finn fiercely opposes abusive and deadbeat parents. His animosity towards bad parents would only increase after discovering that his dad was a deadbeat and conman that wanted nothing to do with him.
  • After spending so long not knowing about his people, Finn would eventually find Ooo's last remaining humans located on a group of islands; led by none other than his mother. Fortunately, unlike his dad, Finn would find his mom to be a genuinely kind and caring person; despite initially not approving of his adventuring lifestyle.
  • He apparently got his hat after skinning and killing an evil bear after his old one was brought to life by the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving. This revelation hasn't sat well with evil bears like Bashmaster.
  • Vanoss, Nogla, and Terroriser initially mistook him for their friend, Marcel, who apparently takes on his image whenever they play Gary's Mod.
  • At one point, he randomly ran into Rainbow Dash and initially mistook her for a rainicorn. After making sure she wasn't going to attempt to eat him, the two managed to it off, leading to him meeting the rest of the Mane Six.
    • Finn was pleasantly surprised to find out how experienced they were in fighting evil. Likewise, he's made it a point to keep an eye on Tirek, not wanting another repeat of the Bella Noche incident.
  • Due to BMO plucking Finn's facial hairs while he sleeps to keep him "forever young", Finn was forced to deal with stubble ever since BMO's own ascension (since BMO wouldn't always be there every night to trim his face) and learn how to shave.
  • Despite normally being Book Dumb is more than a few areas, Finn is surprisingly skilled in cartography. He's also pretty proficient with the flute.
  • At one point, he got turned into a Hug Wolf but he managed to cure it by the end. Hearing of it, Hircine was personally offended, viewing lycanthropy as a gift rather than a curse. Finn meanwhile has it out for the Daedric Prince after he decided to go and order a hunt on his brother Jake and another one on Marceline thinking they'd make great game.
  • Finn and his friends are just a few targets of the deranged Hero Killer Stain, particularly for letting his emotions get the better of him numerous times, especially back when Finn was undergoing puberty and ignored his heroic duties in favor of a relationship after Flame Princess broke up with him. He also refuses to let him live down how he inadvertently drove Lemongrab further into tyranny. While he initially tried to prove that he's since learned from his mistakes, it didn't take long for Finn to realize that the guy was too out of his mind to be reasoned with.
  • While understandably freaked out about Star destroying the source of magic in her universe, given its major presence within Ooo, Finn can at least understand her reasoning and two still get along due to their shared love of fighting evil.
  • Finn would also find himself getting along with Naruto, due to them both starting out as rather hotheaded before maturing into proper heroes in their own right. That said, despite Naruto's insistence otherwise, he has trouble trusting Sasuke, not only for barely answering for his past crimes, but for abandoning his wife and daughter for a decade.
  • Sympathizes with Yang, due to also going through a period of depression after losing his arm. Yang, meanwhile, admires Finn for how well he handled losing his arm a second time.
    • Speaking of losing his arm, there's been debate on what to do given his final scene in the series seems to have him content with not replacing it. Given how much he's needed in the Pantheon, it was decided that his last prosthetic arm would be replicated and installed on Finn; no need for other ridiculous additions, given he already killed Fern by accident with his previous one.
  • He has become slightly wary of doppelganger deities after his own doppelganger and former friend, Fern, tried to kill and replace him, and had been inadvertently forced to kill him in return (though he came back to life).
    • This distrust has since faded away after making amends with Fern.
    • Speaking of killing Fern, that event was what toned him down from being so excited with fighting, to the point where he would successfully prevent a war from breaking out through a non-violent solution. This has earned him the respect of other pacifistic deities, such as Steven Universe and the Human Child.
  • Finn sees a lot of himself in young aspiring heroes like K.O. and Izuku. As such, he's made it a point to give them pointers whenever he can.
  • He was more than a bit surprised to see that he and Jake's Rule 63 counterparts from Ice King's fanfictions were in the Pantheon as well. After the initial shock between the two parties passed, they got along quite well, Finn and Jake being more than happy to detail the differences between their two worlds.
    • While Finn and Fionna would confide in each other, given their similar hardships, he has yet to share if she went through the same life changing events. And before anyone asks: No, she's not his long lost sister, and they would rather ignore the shippers urging them to hook up.
  • Had an interesting adventure when bloons invaded Ooo, and almost the entire land* was united to pop them all.
  • He, along with the rest of the Adventure Time were given a huge send-off from the Pantheon gods when his show finally came to an end. The newer Cartoon Network deities in particular were torn up about its ending, many of them drawing influence from the show. Amidst the many tears that were shed in the Pantheon, Finn reassured everyone that even with the show ending, he and his friends won't stop going on adventures anytime soon, even if they happen in another medium altogether. Sure enough, Finn and co. are set to adventure to distant lands beyond Ooo.
  • With his show now over, he, along with Jake, Mordecai, and Rigby, now look over the other CN deities of The New '10s and regularly offer them guidance.
  • During one of his adventures, Finn managed to discover the Brawlhalla arena. Excited for the chance to meet and fight so many legendary heroes, Finn readily signed up to be a regular competitor. He even convinced Jake and Princess Bubblegum to join in.
  • Kipo is another fellow post-apocalyptic child who grew up in an unfamiliar world and has a rather tragic past from being separated from her birth family like Fin was, though at a much oldger age. Kipo was curious to see that Finn in spite of starting out as a Blood Knight with massive recklessness grew into a wise, kind-hearted hero who rarely resorted to violence unless there was no choice and even started becoming a voice of reason to his friends in dire times. Finn himself admired that Kipo managed to also grow as a person without losing her optimistic view of the world and was able to reunite with her family in many ways, as while he did "reunite" with both of his parents, neither encounter was particularly happy as circumstances beyond their control tore apart their lives and thus neither had a positive send-off with Finn until much later.
  • Can also be found in Heroic Appearances.
  • "I'll slay anything that's evil. That's my deal!"