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This is the Hall where every aspect of war can be found, ranging from large scale wars to the simple acts of violence. Given that this is the place where war and violence are at its finest, pacifists tend to stay far away from here, even when not everyone here means harm.


This Hall isn't really a sub-house at all, with its denizens' temples spanning the entire landmass of the House of Military and Warfare. Most deities here rarely stay in their temples as a result and hang out in the greener pastures of anywhere else, such as the other Halls or their Alliance headquarters.

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    Jubileus and Queen Sheba 
Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Divine Representatives of Conflict between Paradiso and Inferno (Jubileus: actual name unpronounceable, Dea, The Creator)
Queen Sheba
  • Overdeities (Jubileus borders Greater Goddess when improperly resurrected)
  • Symbols:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Jubileus), Chaotic Neutral (Queen Sheba)
  • Portfolio: Celestial Gods, Heaven Versus Hell, Both Being Morally Dubious, Magic Is Evil, Being Gigantic, Implied To Be Two Halves Of One Being
  • Domains: Power, Divinity, Magic (Both), Order, Light, Angels, Heaven (Jubileus), Chaos, Darkness, Demons, Hell (Queen Sheba)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Each other and each other's allies, Rodin, Dante Sparda, Vergil, Sparda, Kat (DmC), Dante Alighieri, Archangel Michael, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Sargeras, Merged Zamasu
  • Complicated Relationship: Aesir, Ten Commandments
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Father Balder
  • Jubileus and Queen Sheba both emerged from the cataclysmic events of the First Armageddon, which created the Trinity of Realities. Jubileus was subsequently forced into dominion over Paradiso, while Queen Sheba became the ruler of Inferno. However, Jubileus was also put into an endless slumber. Knowing that releasing her from her slumber would trigger a reunification of the Trinity of Realities and allow Paradiso to rule over the universe, the Angels of Paradiso and the Demons of Inferno began an endless war for domination over one another.
  • Ultimately, Jubileus was awakened through the actions of Father Balder and the Angels. However, Bayonetta was freed from Jubileus by Jeanne during the ritual, preventing her from reaching full power. Bayonetta and Jeanne then managed to summon Queen Sheba, who subsequently used her power to punch Jubileus' spirit from her body through the solar system and straight into the sun. Afterwards, Jubileus' physical vessel fell to Earth and was destroyed by Bayonetta and Jeanne, leaving no trace of it behind.
  • Applies to both:
    • Jubileus and Queen Sheba ascended into the pantheon through the machinations of Father Balder and Satan, the former hoping that Jubileus' ascension would eventually lead to a new Armageddon and the latter seeing her as a useful ally for the GUAL. However, as explained by The Truth, the angels and demons of their world reflect light and darkness as natural elements rather than good and evil and either one overpowering the other would bring about an imbalance and oppress the humans. As a result, Queen Sheba ascended alongside Jubileus and, much to their shared annoyance, the two were forced to share a temple.
    • Both of them share a mutual enmity with Rodin, the famed weaponsmith and Fallen Angel who had previously ruled a portion of Paradiso until he was exiled, became feared as the most dangerous demon in the entire barren wasteland of Inferno and still frequently visits Inferno in order to collect the souls of its denizens to use them in making his weapons. Jubileus is appalled that one of her angels had turned against his own kind and, due to his massive power, wants to eliminate him in order to prevent him from potentially trying to usurp her. However, Sheba, although she doesn't like him either, prefers to ignore and avoid him, as she knows that he has no desire to usurp her. She also doesn't particularly care about the demons that he kills during his visits to Inferno, as it's very common and expected among the demons to kill and even eat one another on a regular basis.
    • Unsurprisingly, Dante and Vergil oppose both of them. Dante opposes Jubileus due to how she and her angels disregard and outright abuse humanity in order to win their war against the demons and bring about their rule. Vergil, on the other hand, has merely remarked that Jubileus' usual condition makes her an ineffective and unworthy ruler and that Paradiso doesn't offer anything that he or even humanity would deem desirable. By contrast, their opinion of Queen Sheba is slightly better, albeit only in the sense that they like that she doesn't pretend to be virtuous. Sheba herself has shown an interest in them because she suspects that they are the sons of a certain Legendary Dark Knight and an Umbra Witch named Eva, who had previously faced the amassed armies of Inferno. When said Dark Knight indeed ascended to the Pantheon and confirmed Sheba's suspicions by having his wife revived as his Herald via the power of his contract, he declared similar opposition to both celestial goddesses.
    • Through the existence of Kat's timeline, they're both aware that angels and demons could potentially mate to create hybrids called Nephilim. Neither is particularly fond of this due to the Wild Card nature of the Nephilim. They carry the powers of both Paradiso and Inferno with no incentive to be loyal to either side, making them a threat to both realms who will choose their targets depending on who oppresses their lives or obstructs their interests. Take the Nephilim versions of Dante and Vergil, for example. Living in a world dominated by a demonic conspiracy led by a banker version of Mundus, one is an antisocial hedonist who turns into a rebel on the side of the humans and the other is a Control Freak who will destroy the demons' control grid just so he can take the throne for himself. Kat herself was cynical about angels in general and very much against most demons even before learning of Paradiso and Inferno's true nature, considering the demons' dominance in her world as well as the treachery of Nephilim Vergil.
    • The poet Dante Alighieri strongly dislikes both of them, but especially Jubileus due to the fact that, like YHVH, he views her as a black-hearted mockery of the Christian God. Sheba respects Dante's ability to fight his way through Hell and eventually return, but nonetheless doesn't view him as much of a threat.
    • Their shared enemies include the Archangel Michael and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, who refuse to swear fealty to Jubileus and oppose Sheba on sheer principle. Michael and the Virtues disapprove of Jubileus' goal and disregard for humanity's free will, with the Virtues in particular remarking that she reminds them of an alternate reality in which God decided to destroy Earth and Hell.
    • Other common enemies include Sargeras and Merged Zamasu, both of whom desire to create a better world by killing everyone. Jubileus hates them for standing in the way of her plans and is especially annoyed by Zamasu's assessment that her goal to merge the Trinity of Realities into one world ruled by her and her angels is not sufficient and should at least include the complete extermination of all sentient mortal life. Sheba, meanwhile, views Sargeras as a potential threat to her title, as he is not only strong enough to pose a challenge to her, but has also managed to gather a sizable army of demons to his side. Fortunately for her, many of the demons regard his goal to destroy the universe as being too extreme even by their standards. On the hand, Zamasu hates Sheba because he regards her as an abomination due to her demonic nature.
    • Their interactions with the elite demon warriors known as the Ten Commandments are somewhat complicated, mostly due to Estarossa/Mael. When Sheba first encountered them, she gave them an offer to join her. Fraudrin, Galand, Grayroad and Melascula made it clear that their loyalty belongs exclusively to the Demon King, but that they're otherwise willing to work together with her. Zeldris, Derieri and Monspeet were a lot more willing to join her, as their loyalty to the Demon King has either diminished or even outright vanished. Drole and Gloxinia, being a giant and a fairy respectively, declined her offer due to not wanting to serve another Demon Monarch again. Estarossa, surprisingly, accepted her offer without much hesitation, seeing it as an opportunity to acquire more power for himself. Sheba is well aware of his thirst for power and unstable mindset, but deems him to be useful enough to keep around as an ally. However, when it was revealed that Estarossa is actually the Archangel Mael, it strongly dismayed Sheba and drew the attention of Jubileus, who approached Mael with an offer to join her in exchange for helping him find a way to avoid turning back into Estarossa. However, he rejected her offer because he doesn't want to repeat the mistakes he made when he served the Supreme Goddess, much to Jubileus' annoyance.
    • Each have rather complicated ties to Aesir and his halves. True to his character when he's whole, the balancing God of Chaos tends to remain neutral between the two. When they're split in two, Loki generally finds them unpleasant and opts to ignore them, while Loptr was the one who corrupted Father Balder into worshiping and helping awaken Jubileus. Even that alliance is rather shaky, as she can't be sure whether he actually intends to entrust her with the Eyes of the World or keep them for himself.
  • Exclusive to Jubileus:
    • Although YHVH was greatly annoyed by Balder's deception and brief insurrection, he was pleased by the possibility of gaining another ally for the GUAL. However, her improperly resurrected form makes her of little use to them. As a result, the GUAL started looking for methods of restoring her to full power. After a while, they successfully found several methods of fully restoring her. Unfortunately, none of their methods have managed to be permanent, and she always ends up reverting back to being a mindless, uncontrollable force of nature. To make matters more complicated, Jubileus' true personality was revealed to be equivalent to that of a self-absorbed, typical sixteen-year-old human. As a result, Jubileus tends to not get along with YHVH, as she generally doesn't tolerate anyone other than herself being Top God.
    • Aside from YHVH, Jubileus tends to butt heads with The Love that Moves the Stars, Eru Illúvatar and Chakravartin, as they are all similarly creator deities. She dislikes the Highest Joy and Eru Illúvatar for seemingly being rather passive, allowing evil to persist rather than trying to eradicate it outright. On the other hand, her rivalry with Chakravartin is a bit more amicable due to the fact that she initially ascended as one of his followers before she and Queen Sheba were given their own shared temple. Also, among the GUAL, Jubileus generally manages to get along with Galeem, who shares her goal of imposing order upon others and similarly desires to defeat his own dark counterpart.
    • Jubileus has managed to become allies with Jibril and Malthael, although neither has explicitly sworn fealty to her. Jibril isn't really interested in Jubileus' goal, but is willing to work for her in exchange for books and the opportunity to once again kill something. Malthael, on the other hand, fully supports her goal and is very dedicated in their common battle against the demons.
    • Jubileus has a strong dislike for angels that outright oppose her and her goals. As such, she quickly became enemies with Seraph Lamington, Flonne, Artina, Tyrael and Auriel. The fact that Lamington wishes to create peace between angels and demons, Flonne inadvertently became a Fallen Angel by helping Laharl become Overlord and Tyrael gave up being an angel altogether in order to aid humanity directly is something she finds particularly appalling.
  • Exclusive to Queen Sheba:
    • Queen Sheba quickly sought to establish herself as the undisputed ruler of all Demons. Fortunately for her, most of her rivals are either weaker than her, such as Mundus and Fortinbras, or are not in any position to effectively oppose her, such as Dis. As a result, her position as ruler of demonkind is relatively secure. However, she has received critisim for her rather hands-off-approach to her title, seemingly content to let the demons do as they please and fight among themselves for supremacy. Many lesser demons who are disgruntled with her lack of initiative have instead sworn fealty to her rivals, resulting in Mundus and Frotinbras forming their own factions and even Dis having many loyal followers who are willing to carry out any orders given to them by the Dolorous One.
    • Many of the gods have speculated that her seemingly apathetic approach to leadership is because, in order to maintain the Balance Between Good and Evil, the demons cannot overtake the angels or vice-versa. As such, due to Jubileus being rendered inactive for long periods of time, Sheba cannot get too involved either as that would upset the balance. It is similarly believed that she allows the demons to fight amongst themselves in order to prevent them from potentially forming an alliance against her.
    • When approached by Lucifer with an offer to join the GUAC, Sheba accepted and has since provided the GUAC with her army of demons. However, she has also received criticism for not taking a more active role in their alliance, which she generally shrugs off.
    • One day, she was approached by the demon Crowley, who, due to his prior experience as King of Hell, offered his services to her as her second-in-command, allowing her to issue orders to the demons who are still loyal to her without having to get personally involved. Although Sheba is well aware of the fact that Crowley isn't particularly loyal to her, she accepted his offer due to the convenience that it offers to her and the fact that she doesn't regard Crowley as a threat to her.
    • Sheba also managed to gain an ally in the Devil of Inkwell Isles, who shares the common goal of many demons to make deals with people. However, his reason for joining her is mainly due to his realization that she is much stronger than him.
    • Asmodeus tried to strike up a partnership with Sheba by proposing that they could rule over the demons together, pointing out that he was similarly a primeval demonic entity who was born alongside a good counterpart, his brother Ihys, whom he eventually killed. However, Sheba rejected his offer not only because she couldn't stand his unrepentant misogyny, but also because she regards his frequent Loophole Abuse as something that would deter people from making deals with them. She allowed Crowley, on her behalf, to make their case:
    Crowley: "We have one rule: make a deal, keep it. There's a reason we don't call our chips in early; consumer confidence. This isn't Wall Street. This is Hell! We have a little something called integrity. This gets out who'll deal with us? Nobody! Then where are we?!"
    • Dismayed and annoyed, Asmodeus has since formed his own faction of demons and desires to one day overthrow Sheba and prove that he is superior to her.
    • Other enemies of Sheba include the Archangel Imperius and Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage. Imperius, although not an ally of Jubileus, is nonetheless extremely towards killing demons and anyone with demon blood. Similarly, Illidan's dedication towards hunting and killing demons is so strong that he was eventually banished from the House of Demons entirely in order to prevent further damage. Sheba has aknowledged both of them as legitimate threats and has fought them on several occasions since.
  • Their temple has two doors, the other being in the House of Faith.

Greater Gods

    Shou Zama 
Shou Zama, Divine Soldier of Conflicts Forcibly Involving Another World (Show Zama, Shion Zaba (his reincarnation))
  • Rank: Greater God (especially with the ability to open the Aura Road and in Hyper Mode)
  • Symbol: The Dunbine, later the Billbine, Bellvine, and Sirbine
  • Theme Song: Fly Dunbine by MIQ, Guardian Diety~Sirbine~
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Isekai, Fantasy, Fairies, Mecha, Interdimensional Travel and Conflicts
  • Pantheon: Fighting Wars That Dragged in Upper Earth, Japanese Delinquent (Caused by Issues with Family), Knight in Shining Armor, Wielder of Advanced Weaponry Made From Direbeasts, Powers Weapons With Aura, Having Fairy Co-Pilots, Flowers of Romance Leading To Complicated Relationships And Destined Love Relationships, Hyper Mode, Continuously Rescuing Love Interests in Distress, Unintentionally Destroying The Battlefield (until he controls his Hyper Mode), Reincarnation Romance, Saved By His Friends, Subject of Mutual Death
  • Heralds: Cham Huau, the Zelana crew (Marvel Frozen, Nie Given, Keen Kiss), Riml Luft, Queen Ciela Lapana of Na, King Foizon (and later Queen Elle) of Lao, Selike Mau, Todd Guinness (at least as a Friendly Rival)
  • Followers: Every non-ascended isekai character ever known, except perhaps Ernesti.
  • Allies: Amuro Ray, Setsuna F. Seiei, Banagher Links, The Magic Knights, Luke Skywalker, Naofumi Iwatani, Kirito and Asuna, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Commander Torque, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Tinkerbell, Oberon, Titania, Puck, Betilla, Toothiana, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Reimu Hakurei, Rinnosuke Morichika, Steve Rogers, Sanger Zonvolt
  • Enemies: The Black Knight, The Trix, Lord Arktivus Brevon, Sheev Palpatine, anyone in the house of Hatred and Rancor, Megatron, Starscream, Unicron, Charles Zi Britannia, The Fairy Godmother, "Bandit" Keith Howard
  • Mixed Relationships: The 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Conrad S. Hauser, America
  • Odd Friendship: Himeko and Chikane
  • Pities: The (other) Black Knight
  • Pitied By: Charlotte Dunois (out of sympathy), Ladybug and Cat Noir (out of disappointment)
  • Pursued By: Cecilia Alcott, Yukari Yakumo, Cirno, Aya Shameimaru, Nitori Kawashiro, Patchouli Knowledge
  • Respected by: Artoria Pendragon, Sailor Moon
  • Rivals: Char Aznable, Anakin Skywalker (as Darth Vader), Suzaku Kururugi (at least until his Heel–Face Turn)
  • Shou Zama was a motorcyclist who had troubles with his family since his mother was more concerned about financial success than her own son. One night during a failed attempt to jump over a car, he gets mysteriously teleported into Byston Well, the land in between the sea and shore, where souls from his world (called Upper Earth) came to rest in a cycle of reincarnation. He is enlisted by Drake Luft, a lower noble who has been summoning Upper Earthlings to join his army. Despite the amazingly kind hospitality, his eyes were later opened by Marvel Frozen, another Upper Earthling from Dallas. Shou learns that Drake intends to bring all of Byston Well under his control with his new Aura Machines, prompting him to join the Zelana. The crew is operated by the House of Given, whose surviving heir desires revenge for the death of his parents.
  • His quest to stop Drake earned him fame among many in Byston Well, including the royals of Na and Lao. Queen Ciela Lapana found him worthy of using Na's most powerful Aura Battlers, which became his main units until his death. However, he also made many enemies, especially Todd Guinness from Boston, Shot Weapon from Silicon Valley, and a mysterious Black Knight who sought to defeat him at any cost (and he does via Mutual Kill, at least in their first Final Battle).
  • Shou's ascension to the Pantheon does not come from his warfare experience in Byston Well (though he's annoyed that he wasn't) but outside of it. The first moment was when he accidentally opened the Aura Road that teleported him and another Aura Battler back to his hometown. The end result was over a million deaths when Aura weapons were shown to be at least ten times more powerful than in Byston Well and leveled the district of Shinjuku. Shou was ousted by his family when they denounce him as an alien, and he used the Aura Road to flee back to Byston Well from the authorities.
    • Fortunately, and unfortunately, this experience helped him when Byston Well undergoes a Mass Teleportation. Right after he promised to the fairy goddesses, the Ae Ferario, to get rid of all the Aura Machines, everyone was then transported into Upper Earth. Warfare broke out all over the globe, nuclear weapons were used liberally, and the death toll on Upper Earth reached over tens of millions (perhaps even more). Unwilling to have a repeat of the previous incident, he rallied the forces of Lao, Na, and the crew of the Zelana in hopes of stopping the war before Upper Earth was either conquered by Drake or outright annihilated.
  • After many skirmishes, and with help from the Upper Earth armies, he succeeded in stopping Drake, but nearly everyone including himself from Byston Well disappeared as a result of the peace. The only survivor was Cham Huau, who told the story onboard the USS Enterprise as she recovered before disappearing without a trace.
  • Shou would be reborn 700 years later as Shion Zaba, a regular hunter who was kidnapped to serve the army of another Black Knight. Selkie Mau, a former Ae Ferario during the Drake Wars who is now a Mi Ferario, helped him escape and they stole the Treasure of Baran-Baran that was the Aura Battler Sirbine. He used his weapon's new power to save the reincarnation of Drake's daughter, defeat the Black Knight, and stop his supporter, who sought death and revenge after the Drake Wars.
  • Amuro was surprised to find Shou as his long lost cousin. It came as a coincidence that he shares just as many rivals via Black Knight clones as Amuro does Char Clone ones.
    • Second in line is Setsuna. The concept of Byston Well screws with his mind as he does not believe gods exist. However, they agree with the concept of ending wars and destroying all Aura Machines.
    • Next in line is Banagher, whose power also relies on his emotions. Shou wonders if Banagher's Unicorn could match that of Queen Ceila and her Guran Galan.
  • Speaking of lost relatives, Shou is the unknown ancestor to most of those Trapped in Another World or experienced similar situations. He's existed longer than even Kirito and Asuna, one of the starting few popular heroes of the trope. He has instructed each such hero to ensure they fight the wars in the fashion the correct way, with varied results. He has one troubling student who reminds him well of Shot Weapon.
    • One of his more recently ascended students was Naofumi Iwatani, who has been busy fighting off enemies from other worlds via the Waves of Catastrophe. He's been spending time seeking out who's responsible for the attacks, even when Naofumi ascends higher than him as an Overdeity.
  • Another long-lost ally is the THE SWORD THAT SMITES EVIL! And their alliance never wavered ever since.
  • As someone who wishes to destroy twisted feelings of hatred and malice, Shou is a natural enemy of those within the House of Hatred and Rancor. From his experience, hatred is a primary source of twisted Aura that seeks to bring destruction on those he holds dear.
  • Likewise, almost any Black Knight is also Shou's rival. The need for "almost" is necessary thanks one specific knight what would make the others facepalm themselves.
    • That said, the non-dark armored Black Knight he rivals is Suzaku Kururugi, for being originally Japanese but taking European knight traditions. That is until Suzaku finally gets over his issues and becomes a literal Black Knight, this time as one for justice.
  • The heroes of Avalace have fought wars that forcibly involved their world for a long time, which naturally be them Shou's companions. They do, however, wonder about the potency of Aura in their world should such machines enter their world.
  • Optimus Prime and the other Autobots have a relationship with Shou as long as their experience in fighting wars that dragged Earth into them. For that reason, Shou has been helping them behind the scenes in fighting the Deceptions and their overlords.
  • Shou has a special relationship with those who combine mecha with fantasy elements. The most prominent ones are:
    • Himeko and Chikane: They are both parts of a Reincarnation Romance, although Shou's relationships are more heterosexual. Ironically, Shou's Reincarnation Romance with Riml was purely accidental when he gave her Polopoise flowers. Shou merely blushes since his only love at the time was Marvel, not knowing the flowers meant "I will love only you forever." That doesn't stop them from becoming friends and fighting their enemies, whether it be the Drake Army or the Orochi.
    • The Magic Knights: Both were summoned to an alternate world with mecha, with nothing being as they seem and are able to travel their worlds freely as long as they have their mecha and enough Heroic Willpower.
      • Hikaru seeks to become a "Battler" like Shou and shares his same kind of justice. Their relationship grew even stronger when they fought side-by-side in Super Robot Wars T.
      • Umi was not going to stand around and watch the Drake Army wreck her home, being more angered at Drake's subordinate for blowing up her hometown.
      • Fuu narrowed her eyes when she learned Shou was easily fooled into fighting for Drake at the beginning but appreciated his later moral compass when it came to preventing Upper Earthlings from getting hurt.
  • Another Odd Friendship is with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, which is already a blend of responses. Shou bonds the most with Miyafuji and Sakamoto, both for their Japan/Fuso origins. His relationships are parallel to those of the former, including Perrine's anger towards him, but for other reasons.
  • Luke Skywalker became great pals with the Battler, which is not so different from being a Jedi, a knight who uses the Force for good and selfless purposes. The connection between the Force and Aura is perhaps why Shou found it imperative to defeat Sith Users, especially Emperor Palpatine, of whom wielded an Aura that made Drake and Bern pale in comparison. Shou is impressed by how Luke managed to convince his father to step away from the Dark Side. If only, someday, he would do the same for Bern.
  • Among those from Upper Earth, it all depends on where he is.
    • Relationships with America-based gods depend on the person due to having lovers (Marvel), conflicted rivals (Todd), and outright enemies (Shot) who all come from the United States. The one he praises the most is Steve Rogers, as someone who only fought in Europe rather than Japan, as well as reminding him of his former student Naofumi. The only true enemy so far is "Bandit" Keith for cheating in any way possible.
    • Shou was down on his knees in tears to all the French gods when his accidental Super Mode activation destroyed Paris. Some like Charlotte Dunois forgave him since it was Bishott who took the city hostage in the first place. Ladybug and Cat Noir were not impressed with him, wondering what he was thinking without foreseeing the risks and consequences of his plan.
    • Shou has much better reception in the UK when he used his then-controlled Super Mode to save London from the Gea Gring in addition to saving Marvel from performing a Suicide Attack. Artoria Pendragon and, to a lesser extent, Cecilia Alcott have taken notice of his bravery, power, and sense of honor. Charles Zi Britannia hoped to include him into his empire as he did with another Eleven, but Shou absolutely refused.
  • Shou gets a lot of praise from any High Queen, with Neo Queen Serenity being one of them. The only one he appreciates, however, is Artoria Pendragon since he only wishes to do the right thing and stop all the fighting.
  • Among all the houses, Shou's companion Cham finds the House of Fairies more welcoming than his home in the House of Warfare. He finds his own Fairy Companion with Tinkerbell the most, often showing off their popularity through vast amounts of merchandise. Moreover, he mistook the older fairies for Ae Ferario, especially Titania, Oberon, and their servant. The only unwelcoming host is the evil Fairy Godmother, who turned out to be a much crueler woman than Jacoba Aoba. Cham mocks the Fairy Devilmother by reminding her how ogres and fairies are pretty much the same things.
  • The Trix glare at Shou Zama because of his relationship with the House of Fairies, and often make fun of his Aura Battler's insect-like appearance, particularly its Useless Accessory of wings. Shou is more concerned about them getting their hands on Aura Machines since Earth's Aura potency is at least 10-100x more than in Byston Well. Unless the other realms have some way to suppress chemical reactions or the Trix have some kind of moral boundaries, for which they show to have none, there's no telling how many worlds will get blown up for their troubles.
  • Long before even the Drake Wars, Byston Well seems to have ended up a part of Gensokyo. Shou once got caught up in one of Yukari's antics by falling into the realm along with his Aura Battler. As much as one would gawk at the real existence of Japanese legends and creatures, Shou didn't plan on staying very long, just until he could get back to the war through the Aura Road. Shou once rested in the Hakurei Shrine, and with his powers controlled, he didn't have to worry about being kicked out for destroying it like some of his previous encounters. However, Cham didn't seem to like the abuse all of the other fairies were getting, warning that they'll provoke the wrath of the Ae Ferario.
    • The only other resident he's on good terms with is Rinnosuke since he's the only male there with a human form.
    • He has, however, attracted some unwanted attention from many residents: Cirno, being the boastful fairy she is that annoys Cham; Aya, who seeks an interview with the Battler; Nitori is curious over Aura Machine technology; and Patchouli for the type of magic used, since Aura Power is new to her.
    • He does feel intimidated by a few residents, particularly Utsuho Reiuji for her use of nuclear energy and Eiki Shiki for her judgment of all things black and white.

Skynet, God of Machine Wars, The Genocide of Humanity and One Of The Councillors For The Grand United Alliance of Machines (Titan, Genisys, Sky-1, Alex, T-5000)


Intermediate Gods

    The Corpus 
The Corpus, Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare (Refrigerators)
  • Intermediate Gods altogether
  • Symbol: Their common logo pictured in the right
  • Theme Song: Corpus Greed, The Profit, March of the Moa, Granum
  • Alignment: True Neutral with leanings on Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Remnants of the Orokin Empire, Proud Merchant Cult, Mega-Corp, Facial Markings, Powerful enough to contend with the Tenno, Grineer, and Infested, Morality based on Profit, Numerous Crewmen and Proxies, Drone Deployer, Most weapons tailored to punching through armor, "Conflict is Opportunity", Anti-Magic
  • Domains: Merchants, Drones, Forcefields, Armsdealing, Corporate Warfare, Profit, Greed
  • Allies: Sundowner, Commander Rourke, Felix, Miles Quaritch, Hunter J, Kano, Sir Crocodile.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Apollyon
  • Business Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Jonathan Irons, BnL, Nute Gunray
  • Enemies: The Tenno, Ordis, The Grineer, The Infested, The Vex, 2B, Labrys, Aigis, Ayato Amagiri, Kirin Toudou, Shido Itsuka Tohka Yatogami, Origami Tobiichi, Yoshino, Many Pokemon and Pokemon trainers, Gray Mann, Null Sector, Zonda and the Seven
  • Opposed by: Many robots and cyborgs like the GUAM, Torbjorn Lindholm
  • Establishing themselves as a powerful faction in the Origin System after the fall of the Orokin are the Corpus. Described as a merchant cult, they seek out ancient technology like the Warframes as a means to make as much profit as they can. So bad is their greed that they worship the concept of profit itself and even the Orokin condemned them (despite their own infatuation for gold in their architecture). Technologically advanced, while they lack in manpower they more than make up for in their Proxies with a wide assortment of tasks. They're known to deal a bountiful amount of weaponry, a large reason as to why they can compete with the military might of the Grineer or take repeated attacks by the Tenno.
  • Thanks to a mysterious meteorite crashing in the House of Weapons it suffered a nasty attack from the Infested. While the Tenno fended them off thanks like how they did back in the Plains of Eidolon, much of the firearms have been lost in the attack. Meanwhile, GUA battles started to escalate and the need for munitions has risen. Arriving in their rectangular and grey ships, the Corpus have arrived to fill those needs and deified themselves to ensure their stay. Their armaments caught on, even after other arms dealers took notice and the House of Weapons recovered. They have come to market off of the denizens' technology and the Patheonic Wars, realizing that it is lucrative and that the conflict between the alliances will never truly go anywhere no matter how hard any of the Alliances try (although, the Lawful faction being reformed slightly worries them). Their respective enemies back home are none too pleased by their arrival, and the feelings are mutual.
    • Although they have set up shop in Acts of War and Businesses and Corporations, they are also found in other Houses. They built a facility powered by electrical power in the Electricity sub-house and have been field testing their projects within the House of Machinery and Technology within its simulations along with assembling their Proxies. Not to mention their outposts are primarily located within the arctic regions in the Ice and Cold sub-house.
  • Leadership is mostly comprised of Corrupt Corporate Executives, from the Ponzi scheming televangelist Nef Anyo, the surprisingly influential Sergeant, to the credit stealing Chairman Frohd Bek. There are Corpus that go for more productive means: Darvo Bek deals with the Tenno very often, a lot of the time putting himself in danger. Ergo Glast leads a renegade faction of Corpus using their trade to bring order, and helps in dismantling Anyo and Bek's plans. Even the condescending Alad V was willing to lend a hand to the Tenno if it meant stopping the Sentients despite his gruesome history with them.
    • Although a rival in their business, Sundowner frequently deals with Frohd Bek, so expect Desperado equipment used alongside Corpus tech. The Tenno along with everyone else recognize that nothing good can come out of their partnership. Things like Unmanned Gears using Anti-Magic Corpus equipment and energy weaponry are the tip of the iceberg of potential projects.
  • Like the Grineer, they are open to hiring outside forces should a conflict become too hectic for them to win alone. Those who aid them in their victory in the event are, of course, paid handsomely for their troubles. Should someone make the poor choice and side against them in such a event and they will be targeted by the Zanuka Hunter (despite its creator having issues with fellow Corpus). It serves as their assassin but should the target be of interest to the Corpus they will be instead incapacitated and taken off for experimentation and integration to their technology (its why they're pretty unpopular with technological deities if not outright enemies). The Tenno are quick to say it's a fate they don't wish on anyone. They often hire Rourke to raiding lost civilization's relics that they can use, the pay being pretty high. Felix and Kano also tend to be hired for their dirty work.
    • They have tried integrating Vex technology into their own despite its very nature and the Vex's active stance against it. They have been more successful despite the various dangers and have manged to create weaponry and Proxies based on them albeit lacking the temporal abilities they have. They are interested in the armaments in the Treasury magical and technological alike as Adamantium is something they wish to include in future projects and Demonica for the massive amounts of potential.
    • Pokemon have also piqued the Corpus' interest. A wide variety of them like the Tenno, but not by the product of the Void. Nef Anyo decided to hire Hunter J to acquire them for the Corpus' own ends. She didn't really buy the Prophet of Profit's words, but he pays well. This caught the attention of many Pokemon and trainers alike.
  • Many deities ask what was going through Frohd Bek's mind when he starred in a advertisement involving the Ambulas Reborn transmission. More specifically why he chose the 1980's style of advertisements instead of something more fitting within the far future, or something less awkward. Didn't stop people from quoting: "Growth. Profit. Grofit?!" every time he comes up.
  • They profit off of war, and are not afraid to keep it going if it means to continue rolling in money. They decided to partner with Apollyon since she desires perpetuating war, although she does it to separate the "wolves from the sheep" and not for profit. They do help to trigger conflict still since she's in a bit of a Medieval Stasis, this time more subtlety than when she triggered conflict between the GUAL's Tyrants and Reformers.
    • Ayato Amagiri and Kirin Toudou are given bad memories of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation once they first heard of the Corpus since both are willing to do horrendous actions for profit. Shido Itsuka and his harem aren't fond of the Merchant Cult either, since they are reminded of Deus Ex Machina Industries.
  • Their reliance on robotics has reminded many Overwatch deities of the Omnica Corporation. While not evil, their blunders with their creations led to the Omnic Crisis. Torbjorn understandably doesn't like the connections, though Corpus executives say they keep theirs on a tight leash thanks to their Ascaris. Ergo Glast is quick to point out that the new Ambulas MOAs were equipped with a network AI which could of spelled doom for them had not he asked the Tenno to take care of it. Really, Torb's not wrong to be cautious.
  • Rumor has it that the title Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare was not the first title they suggested to the Court of Gods. Indeed, they were to initially acquire Celestial Mega Corporation but upon hearing that it was taken they tried to then usurp it since BnL's presence was limited at the time. That was, until they found out they still operated in the background, always there to provide. Some even as went to say that the meteorite was intentional so they could cover up the attempt spring into action and profit off of it. The Corpus Board denied such imaginary claims, but it's no secret that the Corpus as a whole don't seem to be amicable with BnL.
    • They share a lot more hostile relationship with Gray Mann, finding him a pathetic old man from a primitive era who has no right to act arrogant especially when he bit the dust from his own Mercs. This escalated to enemies when their respective forces suddenly started fighting each other, though no one knows what started the fighting. Regardless, they seek to replace him as the security in the House of Commerce, believing they are much more qualified.
  • After pulling a few strings, Nef Anyo managed to bring the Index to the Pantheon. It can be an easy way to earn money and prizes through fighting... if it wasn't shamelessly rigged. Nef Anyo always participates and expect to go in his favor like the Corpus bringing in reinforcements to outnumber the challengers, or how the Corpus only need to win one match to be victorious. Though it's still possible to win, Anyo will be forced pay and reward the winners. This is how he formed a heated rivalry with King Dice: He caused him to lose a bet in the Index. Future matches involve both parties cheating. This goes for other greedy figures participating.
  • People who tend to cross them when it comes to making profits specifically tend to jump pretty high at their hit list. While initially dismissing them as common riff raff, they soon found Null Sector quite the nuisance when the Omnic extremists attacked and took over one of their facilities. As far as they’re concerned, they find the Corpus disgusting for “enslaving their brethren for business”. Similarly, Zonda and the Seven have been staging raids on long them before they revealed their ascension also attacking another one of their facilities and taking it over as their own temple.
  • "May our ledgers become ocean, may our margins see Centauri, in the name of Profit, I commit thee to the void."

    Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus 
Dooku, God of Ruthless Revolutions (Count Dooku, Darth Tyranus, The)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Confederacy of Independent Systems roundel
  • Theme Song: Confrontation with Count Dooku
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Edging onto Lawful Neutral thanks to Character Development and an alliance of convenience with his former enemies)
  • Portfolio: Evil Old Folks, Jedi Turned Sith, Kicking Ass in His Eighties, Evil Revolutionaries And Aristocrats, Dragon with an Agenda, All Part of Sidious' Plan, Well-Tempered and Gentlemenly, Master Swordsman, Force Lightning, Curved Hilt Lightsaber, Combat Aestheticist
  • Domains: The Force, Revolutions, Civil Wars, Fencing
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Avatar: Christopher Lee
  • Heralds: The Confederacy of Independent Systems, specifically the non-ascended members of the Separatist Councilnote 
  • Allies: Nute Gunray, Wat Tambor, General Grievous (underlings), Eddie Brock/Venom, Revan, Vergil Sparda, Sinestro, Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The entirety of the Grand United Alliance of Good, especially its Jedi members, James Raynor, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Evil Counterpart to: Leia Organa/Skywalker
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, Sauron, Grand Moff Tarkin, Asajj Ventress, Melkor and the GUAE, Sauron, Thanos, Darkseid, Frieza, The Grineer, Darth Nihilus
  • Special Relationship: Qui-Gon Jinn (former apprentice)
  • Not so different from: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Employer to: Boba Fett, Sundowner, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Kiritsugu Emiya, Agent 47, The Tenno, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Saiyan Army
  • Belonging to the ruling family of Serenno, Count Dooku would become Yoda's last true apprentice. For decades, Dooku would serve the Jedi Order faithfully, eventually training his own apprentice in the form of Qui-Gon Jinn. However, Dooku would grow frustrated with the Jedi's inaction against the injustice in the galaxy, and was disgusted with the growing corruption spreading in the Republic. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Dooku left the Jedi Order and overthrew his brother Ramil to become the ruling Count of Serenno. He initially intended to go it alone, but Dark Lord of the Sith Lord Darth Sidious invited him to become his apprentice, with the promise of destroying the unworthy Jedi Order and forcing reform in the Republic. Accepting the offer he initiated the civil war of the Clone Wars in order to achieve both their respective agendas. Dooku manipulated Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas into commissioning a clone army for the Republic and hired bounty hunter Jango Fett to be the genetic template, essentially becoming The Man Behind the Man to the element that would destroy the Jedi Order.
    • Many in the House of Military and Warfare were impressed at how skillful this maneuver was to the point that even Grand Master Yoda himself knew nothing of the clone army, and with Palpatine's support, the evil-aligned deities managed to get Dooku ascended, much to the Count's chagrin and pride at the same time.
  • Sauron mistook him for his dragon Saruman, since they look the same exception for hairstyles. Dooku has filled his position, hoping he can use Sauron's unfamiliarity with sci-fi technology to use and overthrow him. Melkor's keeping an eye out for this, but isn't too concerned.
  • Meeting Qui-Gon proved an awkward and unpleasant event. Qui-Gon was infuriated at him joining the Sith, not the least of which because of what a Sith did him in. Dooku admitted that he understands and that he has every right to be angry. He admits that before he became Palpatine's newest apprentice, he sought him out to enact revenge for his death. While there were other factors that lead him to join The Dark Side, Qui-Gon's death was the final straw that made him lose all faith in the Jedi, and drove him to join the Sith.
  • As a ruthless revolutionary, he is disliked by good-hearted rebels, who believe he gives them a bad name. Jim Raynor in particular detests his evil ways. Dooku just brushes off such comments, stating that he was right in the end, as the chaos and corruption made the Senate unknowingly elect a tyrant to the Senate. When dissenters retort that he knew his master was the Supreme Chancellor and could have at least tried to put a stop to his plans, he just shrugs and replies:
    Dooku: Would you defy someone who is far stronger than you? I could very well have refused his offer to become his apprentice then and there, but then it would only be a matter of time before he discarded me, with who knows what. Anyone who is not with Darth Sidious is against him. If I had to play the part of a servant to a Sith Lord to achieve my goal, then so be it.
  • It's this reason above why Dooku is considered to be Leia's Evil Counterpart. Both are rebels fighting against the galaxy's dominant power. The key difference is that Leia is opposing an evil empire and wishes to establish democracy, while Count Dooku is trying to depose the democratic (but flawed) Republic. Their antagonism isn't helped with Dooku having tried to kill her mother Padme during the Clone Wars. Leia is pragmatic however and has tried swaying Dooku to at least leave his master's side, stating that fear is hardly a reason to continue serving Palpatine, and other more like-minded allies exist. Such advice would prove futile until much later, in which Dooku's Hazy Feel Turn was caused by someone else...
  • His relationship with Palpatine is complicated. Dooku is in no way grateful that his master had a hand in his ascension, claiming that he would have been chosen by another deity regardless. Since the start, Dooku planned to eventually usurp his master (which he maintains should have happened in accordance with the Rule of Two) and get revenge for Qui-Gon's death. Palpatine in turn, only saw him as a placeholder for Vader from the second he took Dooku as an apprentice. At first, he wanted to get back at Palpatine for letting him die, but with Vader's betrayal and redemption the Count serves a purpose. While Vader joined the GUAE when he first ascended, Palpatine foresaw another betrayal and coerced Dooku into becoming a replacement apprentice when Vader opted to operate independently of his former master, apparently torturing with his signature Force lightning for weeks to get him to cooperate. Dooku bristled at the fact that the Confederacy of Independent Systems that he built was now at the control of a master who saw it as indispensable from the start. And it seemed like this downward spiral would continue descending, until a fateful meeting with Eddie Brock.
    • Edward Charles Allan "Eddie" Brock, a god more (in)famously known as Venom would be instrumental in finally breaking Dooku's stubborn mentality. He had been taken prisoner after a fateful battle in which Brock barely stopped the House of Heroism from being razed at the cost of his life. Dooku had his men revive him in a GUAE holdout for the usual interrogation, and a delirious Brock tried convincing Dooku to leave the GUAE. Dooku initially took him as a fool who wanted to "redeem" him. When reminded of the Jedi's capacity to forgive and that all of them were imperfect, Dooku realized that people like him were necessary to steer it back on track. Had it been a different world where the Order didn't pander to their custodians in the Republic, Dooku's philosophy could have been tempered and adopted had he been more patient. After further conversing (and some arguing) Dooku saw that he has no reason to stay loyal to Palpatine and had every reason to go against him. Dooku was later left wondering what to do, how can he both defect from the GUAE and be accepted in the Grand United Alliance of Good? Dooku wondered what Venom meant by "They don't have to accept you, but just understand that they can't afford to reject you." Dooku left the room in an emotional rut, and a lapse in security on behalf of his droids allowed Venom to escape, which Palpatine punished Dooku just For the Evulz.
  • Dooku had a very thin sense of camaraderie, and despite Palpatine's utter contempt of him, many other Reasonable Authority Figures in the GUAE, like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Char Aznable existed to plan with, to converse with, people that understood his place yet were powerless to confront Palpatine. But there were more powerful figures in the GUAE that simply didn't care about him. One of his heralds, super tactical droid General Kalani, supported joining the Grand United Alliance of Good, and in a rare moment of clarity, remarked favorably on an experience with the Rebels and Captain Rex. Kalani opined that Dooku's mind was still stuck in the Clone Wars, and that it would be 'strategically inadequate' in a place like the Pantheon.
    Kalani: General Grievous follows your every order. The Droid Army follows your every order as a result. I repeat again, to remain with the Grand United Alliance of Evil, of which its goal is clearly separate from yours, and with a leader you do not trust, is strategically inadequate. The Droid Army will be able to move in less than two days if ordered.
    Grievous: (joined the conversation) It would be prudent, Count Dooku, that we join an Alliance. If the GUAG is not an option, might I suggest Darkseid's Harbingers of Repression? I care not who we join, only that I get to kill.
    Dooku: Sauron dwells in Darkseid's thrall now. I do not want to work with a being that I tried using. Darkseid once remarked on how useless the Separatists were. It is unlikely that our cause will be furthered under him.
    Grievous: Your decision then, sir?
    Dooku: (after a long while) General, prepare the Council for an emergency meeting. I want Archduke Poggle there foremost. In the meantime, organize several regiments of droids to attack our holdouts near Barad-dur within the two days you mentioned, and contact General Skywalker. I want 501st soldiers to be prepared for our arrival. If possible, request help from the Grand Admiral, though I doubt he will provide anynote .
    • There were sound decisions for joining the Grand United Alliance of Good, that was for sure. Dooku was of the opinion that its organization was in disarray and overcrowded, and that Lord Vader's involvement with the House of Defense was detrimental to its administration in general. The Droid Army would be useful in filling in said black hole. Besides, it was much easier to fall from good to evil than from evil to good, making defections from the Grand United Alliance of Good more likely than from the other Alliances. Cosmos would for that reason embrace him with open arms. With added bonuses of having a galaxy wide droid army, valuable information to give to the GUAG Intelligence Division, large sums of money to help fund operations, as well as just having both him and Grievous join, Dooku was sure that he would be brought in. It was like Eddie said, "They don't have to accept you, but just understand that they can't afford to reject you."
  • When Dooku officially left the GUAE and joining the Grand United Alliance of Good, everything proceeded exactly as Dooku predicted. Cosmos was very open to accept him into their alliance. Those who were less enthusiastic about it understood that what he was willing to bring to them was too valuable to reject. Something that Dooku didn't expect was for Padmé Amidala and several others to vouch for him. Needless to say, everything was a complete success. Getting word that the droid attack near Barad-dur ended in even greater success than anticipated also pleased him (and everyone else) greatly.
  • When joining the Grand United Alliance of Good, things were less hostile and more awkward for Dooku. Most Jedi (except Qui-Gon) really didn't like him being there. They placed him under Anakin, a fellow Jedi turned Sith turned traitor to the GUAE, hence the awkwardness. In life, Dooku made many enemies, none however were more personal and heated then with Anakin Skywalker. The two fought many times throughout the Clone Wars, beginning with Dooku taking Anakin's right arm and ending with Anakin taking Dooku's head. Conversing with each other allowed them to further understand each other and learned that they aren't so different after all. Both started out as idealistic Jedi that genuinely believed in the Jedi Order, until realizing that nothing would come from trusting that they would do the right thing, as they were practically at the Republic's beck and call. They disputed Jedi regulations because they had a deep love for their family (Anakin with is his mother and Dooku with his sister). The death of Qui-Gon was a tragic and major turning point in their lives, and that Qui-Gon was like family, and finally their mutual hatred of Palpatine. The man that had completely treated them as his pawns, making everything they worked for All for Nothing. Turned the very future that they hoped they would bring, into a nightmare. The two are still far from being friends, but at the very least they aren't constantly thinking of Force-choking each other.
  • After betraying the GUAE, Dooku found himself making new allies. Eddie was the first, congratulating him on defecting and joining the ones that can truly make a change for the better. Revan showed up to congratulation him as well, also told him that he made the right decision on leaving the Jedi Order. Sinestro and Doctor Doom were some who didn't necessarily come to congratulate him, but to form a sort of partnership, being of similar mind. Doom saw he Republic as a failure and agrees with Dooku's thoughts on them. Sinestro left the Green Lanterns when he saw how insufficient they were in properly protecting the galaxy, much like the Jedi. The most interesting one is with Vergil. The two see each other as worthy opponents. Sparing so they can be further familiar with dealing with different forms of combat. Vergil with force and lightsabers, and Dooku with other forms of swordsmanship and demonic power.
  • As someone who fought against tyranny, Dooku has nothing but hatred for the likes of Thanos, Darkseid, and Frieza. However, he can respect their willingness to do tough things for the sake of whoever is under them at the time (except Frieza, whose cruelty is mostly unjustified).
  • Being a man of pragmatism Dooku sees the benefits of hiring mercenaries/assassins work for you, even if it's only temporary. So when he needs something done and he can't use his droid army, he'll occasionally hire mercenaries like Boba Fett, Sundowner, Kiritsugu Emiya and Agent 47. For anything of high priority and strong need for firepower, he'll higher others like the Tenno, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Saiyan Army. He even temporarily lend them some of his droids for support and offer a sizable bonus if they're able to accomplish the mission with even further success than intended.
  • When Dooku was given word of a galactic Clone Army arriving in Pantheon, Dooku questioned if it was the very same army he created and then went to war with. When he actually met them... well let's just say for once he and the Jedi agree. He's so disgusted with them that he's willing to pay his mercenaries double if they kill all Grineers in the vicinity.
    • Dooku also calls for Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily and Dr. Otto Octavius to help further upgrade his droid army. The three scientist greatly enjoy working for Dooku because he tends to be generous in his pay, even if some of their technological advancements will ultimately end up serving the GUAG.
  • Because he sees lightsaber duels as honorable battles, he holds scorn for those who wield more than a single Laser Blade in battle.
  • "There is a fine line between neutral and amoral. In fact, there may be no line there at all."

    Gregor Clegane 
Ser Gregor Clegane, God of Brutal War Procedures (The Mountain That Rides, Mad Dog of Tywin, Champion of Cercei, Ser Robert Strong, Franken-Mountain)
Ser Robert Strong 

    Julius Caesar 
Gaius Julius Caesar, God of Politically-Motivated Conflicts (CAIVS IVLIVS CAESAR, Son of Venus, Proconsul, Imperator of the Gallic Legions, Dictator for Life, The Divine Julius, Saber, Fat Roma, Father of Understanding, The Uncrowned Emperor, First of the Empire, Last of the Republicans)
Caesar, as a young man (left); in his later years (right)
When summoned as a Saber Servant 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbols: A bloodstained laurel crown and the Aquila (Eagle Standard) of the 13th Legion
  • Theme Songs: The Battle Has Begun from Rome, Caesar Tested from Spartacus: War of the Damned
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good if you ask his troops or the lowborn, Chaotic Evil if you ask the Roman nobility and Xena, True Neutral as Saber
  • Portfolio: A Father To Both His Soldiers And The Poor, The Ace, Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Evil Roman Patrician, Asskicking Equals Authority, Big Bad (to his enemies), Big Good (to his troops and the poor), Bread and Circuses, Deadpan Snarker, Et Tu, Brute?, Son Of Venus, Frontline General, Glory Seeker, Military Maverick, War For Profit And Personal Glory, Went From Being A Noble With Nothing To Dictator
  • Domains: Roman Aristocracy, Roman Military, The Roman People, War, Dictators
  • Heralds: Mark Antony, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo
  • Followers: The Legio XIII Gemina (the 13th Legion), Caesar's Legion (unofficially)
  • Not To Be Confused With: the other Caesar and Caesar Zapelli
  • Opposed By: A majority of the French deities in the Pantheon, with Jeanne D'Arc and Asterix leading the charge
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Leonidas (his heroes), Aphrodite (the Greek version of Venus), Aegon I Targaryen, Visenya Targaryen, Rhaenys Targaryen, Nobunaga Oda, Captain Titus, Maximus Meridius Decimus, William Shakespeare, Dante Aligheri
  • Mentor To: Annabeth Chase, Ashe, Jon Snow (supposedly?)
  • Worthy Opponents: Tywin Lannister, King Arthur Pendragon, Xena, Asterix, Obelix, Vitalstatix
  • Admired By: Steven Armstrong, Sundowner, Gunny Sergeant Hartman
  • Enemies: The House of Betrayal, any and all Pirate Deities, General Shepherd, Vandal Savage, Ezio Auditore da Firenze
  • Pities: Caligula, Cersei Lannister, Joshua Graham
  • Not To Be Confused With: Vandal Savage (who claims to have been Caesar)
  • Politician. Orator. Soldier. Writer. General. And Casanova. Gaius Julius Caesar has been all of the above. It was said that after being stabbed to death by a gang of Roman senators, that Caesar has ascended to join the gods. Now, that is a reality, and he brings with him his fighting force, the 13th legion.
  • The reason behind his assassination is that the Senators believed that Caesar planned on making himself King. Rome had been a republic for four centuries after running out the last Etruscan king, who had raped the wife of a Roman noble, which led to an unspoken rule in which any noble who tried to make himself King can be killed without trial, hence Caesar's assassination on the Ides of March.
  • Caesar himself has left a lasting legacy following his reign. The month July is named after him. Also, the royal titles of Kaiser and Czar were named after him. Not bad at all.
  • Caesar saw himself as another Alexander the Great, although he once lamented that his exploits and feats were no match for the Macedonian deity. Of course, Caesar received a visit from Alexander himself, who was impressed with his fortitude and exploits. The meeting had left Caesar in awe.
    • Long before, Caesar himself wrote fanfiction involving Hercules and Aristotle. Caesar let out his inner fanboy upon meeting the legendary strongman. Thankfully it was one of his younger avatars that had met him.
  • The 13th Legion is Caesar's military force...and his pride and joy. Mark Antony once said, "Soldiers like a little spit and dirt in their leaders," and Caesar himself is no exception. As Caesar himself shared in the hardships of the 13th, from the hard marches, to digging latrines, to even sharing the same crappy meal, which consisted of a handful of grain and a cup of sour wine, he has their eternal devotion and loyalty. It's also the reason why his temple is one giant camp. That, and he can be seen in the thick of battle, fighting alongside his men, identified by his signature crimson cape. If you see Caesar charging towards you with his cape fluttering in the wind, sword in hand, and a horde of screaming Roman legionnaires charging behind him, you run.
    • It's one of the reasons why Captain Titus gets along so well with Caesar. "Treat your men right, and there will be nothing that they won't do for you," Titus says. Caesar shares that sentiment wholeheartedly.
  • Upon reading a copy of Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentary on the Gallic Wars), Tywin Lannister is intrigued with the idea of meeting Caesar. Turns out that the deified Roman is a man the Lannister patriarch can relate to, save for the backstabbing and insane children. The two men trade war stories and hit it off surprisingly well, despite Caesar voicing his opposition in regards to Tywin orchestrating the Red Wedding and having a madman such as Gregor Cleagne on his payroll. If these two men ever joined forces...
    • If Tywin Lannister is known for The Rains of Castamere and reminding his enemies that "Lannisters pay their debts," then Caesar pretty much wrote the book on vendetta. When he was younger, Caesar was kidnapped by pirates and held for ransom. Caesar promised that he would return with an army and crucify them all. The pirates thought that Caesar was joking. He wasn't.
    • Some of the Pirate deities have opposed him due to this act. In Caesar's defense, he show mercy by slitting their throats after the deed was done.
  • Asterix is the one blemish on his war record, as he was unable to properly conquer his small village. Asterix does not hesitate to remind Caesar of that specific detail, which really sets Caesar off. "I should have done to you what I had done to Vercingetorix," Caesar replied, in reference to the Gaul chieftain. That remark, in kind, pisses Asterix off.
  • Speaking of the Westerosi deities, the Northern Deities, Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon all did a double take, as they thought that the Wilding chief Mance Rayder had ascended to the Pantheon, due to the resemblance of Caesar's main avatar. Caesar is considering making Jon Snow his apprentice in all things war following his ascension as King of the North. However, he does keep a wary eye on Catelyn Stark, as her brother is a dead ringer for Marcus Brutus.
  • Dislikes General Shepherd with a passion. While he admits that he went to war for personal gain, he at least didn't go to war and personally killed of his own men while doing so.
  • Caesar, surprisingly has a soft spot for Athena's (Minerva) daughter, Annabeth Chase. He knows potential when he sees it and has offered her the chance to study under him in battle tactics. Annabeth is seriously considering the offer.
  • Rumor has it that he was responsible for discovering the gemstones that would become the legendary Ancient Beasts. Johan Anderson is seeking a meeting with Caesar to confirm those rumors.
  • While most Romans look down on women warriors, Caesar is anything but. One of his avatars is quite familiar with Xena. For her part, Xena and her sidekick Gabrielle were not amused to hear that her former lover-turned-nemesis has joined the Pantheon. Safe to say that Xena is sore about the whole crucifixion bit that she underwent on Caesar's orders.
    • Which makes it funny as some of the deified members of the U.S.S. Enterprise thought that Caesar was Bones McCoy playing Roman soldier. That, and the members of the House of Justice thought that he was reborn as Judge Dredd.
    • Even more funny as some believe that Caesar was at one time James Bond. (Bond himself recognizes one of Caesar's avatars that took on Asterix as General Ourumov)
    • Another of Caesar's avatars caught the attention of Rick Blaine, as Caesar reminded him of the crooked Vichy official, Louis Renault.
  • If you thought Robert Baratheon had let himself go after winning the Iron Throne, Caesar's Nasuverse version puts the Fat King to shame. Seriously, Caesar is ashamed to see himself in such a state, as he is known for keeping in shape, even in his old age. On the other hand, in there he's known as one of the Sabers that is very helpful while not having a Sword Beam.
  • While his older self has no problem in snagging women, his younger self is quite the heartthrob with the Pantheon's lovely ladies. Maybe it's because he's descended from Venus, which makes him desirable to women (and some men). Red Sonja has caught his eye. He is seriously considering taking her up on her challenge to bed her once she is defeated.
  • Would you believe that he is a fan of both Dante Aligheri and William Shakespeare? Well, he is. Due to Dante placing him in Limbo with some of the more 'righteous pagans' in his works, and he respects his fellow Italian deity. Dante earned even more brownie points with Caesar by showing him the ultimate fate of Crassus and Brutus, the chief conspirators behind his assassination: right smack in the bottom of Hell, in the maws of Lucifer himself. Who's Laughing Now? indeed. As for Shakespeare, Caesar has a penchant for the dramatic, but while he was disturbed at seeing his own death being reenacted, Caesar has become a fan of the deified Bard's work.
  • Vandal Savage has called Caesar a 'false imposter,' as he claimed that he was Caesar during the time of the Roman Republic. Caesar calls bullshit on that claim.
  • He isn't just a military genius, he's also a brilliant rapper as he faced against the warlord Shaka Zulu. He does admire his "buffalo horns" formation but still believes that his is inferior compare to his troops.
  • Si autem praevaricator legis sis oportet, id facere potest capere in ceteris observare. (If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.)

    Millhiore Filliano Biscotti, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois and Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage 
Millhiore Filliano Biscotti, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois and Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage, Goddesses of Non-Lethal Warfare (Millhi), (Leo, Leon), (Cou)
From left to right: Couvert, Millhiore and Leonmitchelli

    Rau Le Creuset 
Rau Le Creuset, God of Endless War as Mankind's Nature (Al Da Flaga II)

Lesser Gods

Apollyon, Goddess of Perpetuating War (Leader of the Blackstone Legion, Demon of Destruction, War)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The symbol of Blackstone Legion
  • Theme Music: Wolves Among Sheep
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with Neutral Evil leaning
  • Portfolio: Black Knight, She Who Enjoys War, Seeking Out Eternal Conflict To Seek The Wolves And The Sheep, War Is Glorious, Dark Action Girl, Might Makes Right, Past Stained By Blood, Made of Iron, Complete Monster, Ultimately Triggers The War She Wanted, Even in Death
  • Domains: War, Knights, Leaders, Conflict
  • Heralds: Order of Horkos
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Yuji Sakai (in terms of ideals), Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima
  • Opposes: Millhiore Filliano Biscotti, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois, Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage
  • Oposed by: Kiritsugu Emiya, Valvatorez, Koko Hekmatyar, Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Leader of the Blackstone Legion, Apollyon believes in a simple thing: That everyone can be divided into wolves and sheep and that those who choose to be wolves should embrace who they are and rise above the herd. To that end, she wants to bring war into the world so that the wolves can truly come and feast.
  • In terms of the grand conflict in the Pantheon, she doesn't particularly care to takes sides. Instead, she seeks to keep the conflict between each faction going as long as possible, sparking fights between the factions and even within one faction to truly see who is the strongest. What the end will bring, she doesn't know, but she wants the end to be full of true victors.
  • Due to her death in the mortal world, she is seeking to recreate the Blackstone Legion into the Pantheon. She is rather open about inviting soldiers and warriors in her ranks, as long as they can provide their worth. Though she has bit of a Medieval Stasis going on when it comes to her regular troops.
    • She has stated that she could assimilate other legions under her ranks, but states as of the current time, her army is too small to make any major moves. She'd rather recruit as many people as she can and let the selection of warfare shape her men.
  • As you can guess, she is natural antithesis to Yuji Sakai. In fact, she despises anyone who really think that there can be true peace. Or rather, that they are able to, or they should, maintain that peace.
    Tell me. Do you honestly believe that you can just end all war? Foolish. You can make the wolves go hiding, you can make them grow stagnant, but ultimately they are all still savages, with lust for war. I am here to give them a chance. I will create an age of wolves where people can truly be the savages they are. And you will not stop me.
    • She finds the idea that Millhi, Leo and Cou would support Non-Lethal Warfare sort of repulsive. To her, she just finds it pointless conflict where they might as well not fight at all.
  • Is really impressed with Khorne and is quest for war and such. That being said, she doesn't necessarily care to join his ranks. She still sides with humans. She does, however, pay her respects to Ares, as that is a god she would worship.
  • She really appreciates Armstrong's way of thinking. Because of her relation with him, she seemed to have caught the interest of Sundowner and eventually Felix. While she doesn't consider them being part of the Blackstone Legion, she keeps them in touch in case she really needs them. Still, she has made few things clear with the two of them.
    Just that we are clear on this, my goals has nothing to do with profit. You get that?
  • Besides what one might think, she is not as psychopathic as she might be. In truth, her mind is as dangerous as her combat prowess, as seen when she tried to pitch the Warborn and the Chosen into an Enemy Civil War, with her plans foiled by her underestimating how long it would last. She also has some "virtuous" sides about her, like how she will protect those she is suppose to protect if she needs to.
  • Finds disappointment on the current status of Kratos. To her he is a shadow of his former shell and does not deserve the title of God of War. She herself isn't dumb enough to provoke him to make him return to the path of anger, but she has her plans to make other factors bring him back to the state she desires of him.
  • The people who are specifically marked under "Opposed by" tend to be people who hate her warmongering ways. However, she has few things to say about them. In regards to Valvatorez, she thinks that he fights too much to be one saying anything, and if he really needs humans to fear demons, then she doesn't care. For Koko, she thinks that her way of bringing peace would just end with people ganging on her to bring her down and then continue fighting against eachother like what she achieved doing in her own world and she should stick being an arms-dealer. She doesn't have much to say about Kiritsugu, but she doubts he will ever achieve the peace he is so much working for.
  • Lucifer harbors interest due of her views, but she herself isn't really interest on Lucifer. At least for now. As while she agrees with Lucifer's visions, she wants to see if Lucifer can win her over by being superior compared to other leaders (and yes, she's aware of the Great Upheaval: even that wasn't enough to impress her). Lucifer offered support and funding for one of Apollyon's project, the so called Ragnarok incident, in hopes that he can tempt her. While the Ragnarok incident was a resounding success, plunging the Valkyrie-verse into a bloody war that shows no sign of slowing down, she's still not quite convinced.
  • "I am Apollyon. I bring war."

Boudica, Goddess of Wanting Invaders Out Of Their Homeland (Boudicca, Boadicea, Boudicea, Buddug, Rider, Queen of Victory)
John Opie's painting of the historical figure
Click here  to see her as a Rider servant
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her long spear
  • Alignment: Believed to have Black-and-Gray Morality by multiple historians (Chaotic Good in multiple fictional depictions of her and also from multiple historians)
  • Portfolio: Historical Domain Character, Gets a lot of heroism upgrade in popular culture, Wants to avenge her daughters because of rape, Byronic Hero Cycle of Revenge, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Lady of War, Will kill all people that she thinks are Romans even if they are innocent, slaves, or not Romans themselves, or any of those in between, Possibly ordered a massacre to three big cities, Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters
  • Domains: Vengeance, Rebellions, Queens, Warriors, Massacre
  • Allies: Ritsuka Fujimaru, Archer/EMIYA, Lelouch vi Britannia, Odin
  • As a Rider Servant: the British Heroes
  • On good terms with: Nero Claudius, Maximus Decimus, Xena The Gauls (Opposition in terms of the real-life version)
  • Enemies: Every Roman that ever existed in the Pantheon, especially Emperor Nero (not really for the Rider version, though she does consider certain ones as enemies), Tywin Lannister, Gregor Cleagane
  • Boudica is the queen of the Iceni tribe who is well-known for her rebellion against the Roman Empire. She started her raging vengeance after the death of her husband when the Romans started taking everything from her, including raping her daughters. She eventually massacred three big cities of the Roman Empire and killing every citizen that lives there as she considers them enemies, even if the cities themselves are not involved with anything that happened to her. However, it ultimately led to her demise when she was killed by Suetonius and his Roman army and/or committed suicide.
  • A lot of historical figures are in heavy debate of her actions whether or not she's an Ax-Crazy murderer whose actions cannot be justified even by ancient history standards or not she is a heroic Badass in Charge who hws to do what she had to do. There are a few historical records depicting her history and it's still not known what is the cause of her death. However, because this is the Pantheon, these two depictions of Boudica could technically exist here and as long as it's well-known by a few circles, they could exist as long as they liked.
  • Hearing that the one and only Nero Claudius pretty much made her mad and started storming off to his temple to kill him before being stopped by other deities in fear of her causing chaos. The emperor doesn't seem to care upon hearing her presence and would rather stay in his temple seeing performances, although he fears that some day that he will be killed mercilessly by her even if he could technically be revived in the Pantheon considering her neverending hatred of the Pantheon.
  • She can be summoned as a Rider Servant and answer the calls of Chaldea thanks to the Incineration of Humanity. Suprisingly, she's mich more nicer as a Servant, is at least much more considerate, and acts like a big sister. Her endless rage towards the Romans also gave her the possibility to become an Avenger Servant.
    • Surprisingly as of right now, she is now at good terms with the female version of Nero. Boudica tells her that she shouldn't responsible for what happened to her people, knowing that she is not involved with what happebed. While she couldn't forgive Rome for what happened, her vengeance against them is done, while also feeling bad for her endless massacre she caused in the past, which caused Nero to tell her to not discuss it furthur as the resentment will go on forever. Ultimately, as they are Heroic Spirits and are not the living versions, they forgave each other and are civil enough to not caused an outrage. Boudica knew that if her Class is altered, it will be a completely different story.
    • She is pretty happy to see her master again and is willing to be at his side once more. Though it's pretty much hypocritical given her new friendship with the female Nero, she personally asked him to not let her be in the same room as the other Romans in the Pantheon, which he gladly accepted unless they will be facing a dangerous common treat. She is also excited to see her fellow Servant, EMIYA in the Pantheon, as they're pretty much the best chefs that Chaldea has and formed the Chaldea Kitchen Team along with Tamamo Cat and Raikou because of it.
    • She has huge respect of British Heroes, regardless of their actions, and considers them to be similar to her daughters. She is also considered to be a British folk hero despite the debate of the justification of her actions from multiple historians. Also, because of her more heartwarming personality, she is much more tolerable to be in other people's presence.
  • She's happy to meet a man named Lelouch who is born in the Britannian Empire and praises him for going against his own empire because of their endless conquest, thinking that they are the same as the Romans, and also for making the world a better place for his younger sister. Lelouch is happy to see someone that is a rebellious person like him and feels bad upon hearing what happened to her, although he thinks that her actions are just too much even by his own standards, but decided to not push it as he thinks that he might face her wrath endlessly and is smart enough to know to not do something about it.
  • She loathes Tywin Lannister as she sees his actions and behavior as similar to the Romans, and considering how much of an Abusive Parent he is, it pretty much fueled the hatred. Seeing that he is also an employer of Tywin and keeps him around because he is a Sociopathic Soldier, she also loathes Gregor Cleagane and also for killing Elia and her son.
  • Hearing that he is from Rome, it is enough for the real Boudica to hate him, without even considering of what happened to him and that Roman is not his nationality. Thankfully, while she hesitates upon hearing he is not, the Rider version actually took the time to listen to him. Even before learning he's not a Roman himself, the two found kinship learning that the Romans took everything away from them and staged a rebellion against them. She is happy that there is an actual Roman (even if he is not one) other than the female Nero that she could be friends with and promised to him that if there are any evil Romans that are lurking around, they will staged an attack together.
    • This is also the same case with the Gauls in the Pantheon. No matter how much they try to convince her that they are not like the rest of the Romans, she hates them because of her blind hatred of the Romans. The Servant version meanwhile admires their dedication to protect from the Romans, especially Asterix because despite his small stature, he is The Ace and the best defender of the entire village.
  • In the UK, the Spiked Wheels were known as the Boudica spikes after the rebellious queen uses them in the battle against the Romans in England on 60AD. However, there is no evidence to support this.
  • Xena was happy to see her friend come out of her losing battle with Caesar a deity now. While the warrior princess wasn't able to stop the Romans from conquering Boudica's world, the two remain good friends.
  • In Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Boudica became one of Odin's Valkyries after her death. She was also considered to become the captain to replace Gunilla, however, because of how violent she is, she is not recommended. Odin is happy to see one of his Valkyries ascending even if she got that from an another universe, but he wishes that she'll tone down her violence.

    Lelouch vi Britannia 
Lelouch vi Britannia, God of Rebellion (Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero, Lulu, Black Prince, Alan Spacer, One, 99th Emperor of Britannia, the Enemy of the World, Demon Emperor, Julius Kingsley, L.L.)

    Rogue One 
Rogue OneMembers , The Godly Squad of Suicide Missions (Jyn: Star-Dust, aliases include Liana Hallik, Tanith Ponta, Lyra Rallik, and Nari McVee, Little Sister - by Baze Malbus; K-2S0: Kay, Kaytoo)
From left: Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, K-2S0, Chirrut Îmwe, Baze Malbus and Bodhi Rook

    The Zabi Family 
The Zabi FamilyMembers , Divine Family of Colony Drop Orchestrators (The Zabis | Degwin: Degwin Zabi, Sovereign, Father, Sovereign Degwin | Gihren: Supreme Commander Gihren/Gihren-sosui, Supreme Commander of the Zeon Armed Forces, Prime Minister Gihren, Admiral Gihrenformerly , Prince Gihren, Hitler | Sasro: Gihren's Goebbels | Dozle: Vice Admiral Dozle/Dozle-chūjoformerly , Commander of the Space Attack Force | Kycilia: Vice Admiral Kycilia/Kycilia-chūjoformerly , Commander of the Mobile Assault Force, Vesper (Black Organization codename) | Garma: Captain Garma/Garma-tai-iformerly  Commander of the Zeon Earth Attack Force, "Space Vasily" | Mineva: Audrey Burne, The Princess of Zeon)
From left to right: Kycilia, Garma, Degwin (foreground), Dozle (background), Gihren
  • Lesser Deity-level family together, Demideities separately (except for Mineva, a Lesser Goddess), all have Intermediate to Greater God level authority except Garma, who has Lesser God authority
  • Symbol: The Principality of Zeon flag (all), his custom Zaku (Dozle), the Chimera Corps emblem or her force's custom Zaku (Kycilia), Magallanica (Mineva)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, formerly Lawful Evil (Degwin), Lawful Evil (Gihren, Kycilia and Sasro), Lawful Evil with True Neutral leanings (Dozle and Garma), Lawful Good (Mineva)
  • Portfolio: Dropped an Entire Colony on Earth and Destroyed a Percentage Of Its Population, View Spacenoids as the Superior Human Race to Earthnoids (Gihren especially), A Lot of Sibling Rivalry
  • Domains: Aristocracy, Colony Drops, Death, Genocide, Nazism, Patricide, Politics, Purges, Secrecy, Space, Tyranny, War
  • Heralds: All Principality of Zeon forces not loyal to Char, including but not limited to Conscon, Romeo Garcia (flag officers), Ailos Bade, Fritz Bauer (of the Invisible Knights), Glemy Toto, Rakan Dahkaran, Annerose Rosenheim, Desert Rommel (of the Glemy Faction), Gabriel Zola, Hildegard Skortzny, Kazakh Larson (of the Free Zeon faction), Zoltan Akkanen, Monaghan Bakharov (of the Sleeves)
    • Degwin: Naliss Zabi (his wife), Darcia Bakharov (his prime minister)
    • Gihren: Killing A. Danigan (his Expy and chief of staff), Cecilia Irene (his personal secretary), Ginias Sahalin
    • Dozle: Zenna Zabi née Mia (his wife), Shin Matsunaga (childhood friend, bodyguard and fellow MS pilot), Ramba Ral (former chief enforcer)
    • Kycilia: Johnny Ridden (her Love Interest), M'Quve (her Dragon), Elliot Rem (her top test pilot/engineer), the Chimera Corpsnote  and the Midnight Fenrir Corpsnote 
    • Garma: Icelina Eschonbach (his girlfriend)
    • Mineva: The Mineva Zeon faction
  • Mecha piloted:
    • Dozle: MS-06F Zaku II Dozle Zabi Custom, MS-09R Rick Dom Dozle Zabi Custom, MA-08 Big Zam (OYW), AMS-119S Geara Doga Dozle Zabi Custom (current)
    • Garma: MS-06FS Zaku II (OYW), ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Phantom (GUAE), ZGMF-1001/M Blaze ZAKU Phantom Garma Zabi Custom (current)
  • Allies: The Zabi family is so heavily fractured with differing ideologies and philosophies that a uniform list of allies is impossible. Each family member has their own friends and allies.
  • On speaking terms with: Stephen Colbert (Degwin)
  • Headbutting Villains: Char Aznable (would be enemies if they weren't on the same side), Haman Karn (Char's Number Two, Mineva has a Special Relationship)
  • Rivals:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Anyone on Char's side of the Zeon Civil War (full enemies for Gihren)
  • Enemiesnote : All good-aligned mecha pilots of the GUAG Robot War Division (special mention goes to Amuro Ray, Bright Noa, Kamille Bidan and Banagher Linksnote ), all who have suffered from war and its atrocities
  • Interested in and Respected by: The Primarchs (Dozle)
  • Opposes: Bask Om, Jerid Messa (all, full enemies for Mineva), the Grand United Alliance of Chaos (Gihren), Gendo Ikari, Keel Lorenz (all but Gihren, who sees them as Unwitting Pawns)
  • Opposed by: Gilbert Durandal (all), Tywin Lannister, Schneizel el Britannia (Gihren), Charles Foster Kane (Sasro), pacifist deities
  • Decades of fighting against Red Comet Char Aznable for control of Zeon remnants in the Pantheon had taken its toll on aspiring warlord Gihren Zabi, former de facto leader of the Principality of Zeon. In an uncharacteristically desperate move, Gihren decided to summon backup in the form of his family members. He made the case for sharing his trope of Colony Drop with his family to the Court of the Gods and asserted that while he came up with the plan, his family members carried it out. His brother Dozle oversaw the military occupation and gassing of the colony and the Kycilia Agency run by his sister Kycilia eliminated anyone who could give away the secret. Gihren was told that the request would come at a cost: relinquishing his second trope, A Nazi by Any Other Name. Gihren accepted the ultimatum with gritted teeth.
    • The move backfired. HARD. All but two refused to support him since he killed their father (and in Mineva's case, grandfather), with Garma pulling a Hazy Feel Turn later on. Gihren's aggressive expansionist policies dragged the One Year War for far longer that Zeon could afford to handle and stoked Federation prejudice towards Spacenoids when they lost the war.
  • The act that propelled Gihren and his family to infamy was Operation British. Island Iffish, capital banchi of Side 2 (Hatte) of the Earth Federation's space colonies was doused with G3 gas, killing all its inhabitants before being set on a collision course with Jaburo, the Federation military headquarters in the Amazon rainforest. The interference of the EFSF 4th Fleet commanded by Vice Admiral Tianem separated the colony into several pieces, the largest of which would land on Sydney, Australia. The result was casualties numbering in the billions, natural disasters in the Americas and Asia where smaller pieces had landed and decades of widespread famine. What Gihren did to end the One Year War in one swift stroke only prolonged it. Anyone who's experienced the horrors of war in the Pantheon, from the infamous Final Solution to genocidal campaigns by Frieza and his henchmen view the Zabis as a catch-all for their hate. Not that they care for the opinions of the rabble.
  • As much as he hates his family (and them him), Gihren spared no expense in making them feel comfortable. The revenue Gihren made from selling off his old temple in the House of Villainous Archetypes was used to expand the grounds of his current temple to accommodate the rest of the family. This move had two purposes: one, to signal to them that he meant no harm as of yet and two, to make sure they were far away from each other at all times except at the occasional reunion which Dozle or Degwin would initiate (even then, not everyone attends these events). The Zabi family temple compound is among the largest in the House of Military and Warfare. The elite Zeon Royal Guards Unit resides here to protect the perceived heirs to the throne of Zeon, commanded by Colonel Eric Mansfield in his customized Zaku High Mobility Type. No military facilities are housed here out of respect for the peace of the family. The entire compound is shielded by a top-grade, quadruple-layered defensive shield with a single main entry gate for emergency aerial deliveries.
    • At its centre is Deikun Hall, the recreated parliamentary building of the Principality of Zeon. Located atop a steep plateau, this is the Zabi seat of power. Very rarely are meetings held in the building however; many know it's just a symbolic reminder of Zeon's glory days before the One Year War. The self-proclaimed "Zeon Independence Day" parade is held here every October 24th, as is the anniversary of the founding of the GUAE Mecha Cohort's Black Faction. A statue of Gihren once sat at the front; at Degwin's and Char's insistence it was torn down and replaced by a statue of Zeon Zum Deikun with his arms outstretched, just as it was in the original.
    • The southern side facing the exit is occupied by a grand fountain and garden, as well as checkpoints for registered visitors to enter. On the north, several kilometres behind Deikun Hall, connected by a stone path and a thoroughfare with several more checkpoints is the Zabi family home, an architectural wonder which the local magazine Homes for the Gods described as a "Space Age Obersalzberg". Only five people live there full-time: Degwin, his wife Naliss, Dozle, his wife Zenna, and Mineva (who prefers the term 'part-time residence'). Garma returns every so often to his 'summer home' from full-time military duty.
    • The western side houses training facilities for the Zeon Royal Guards Unit and the Zabi bodyguard service. Much of the information about this place is highly classified. The eastern and northeastern sides, houses recreational facilities for the family including a theatre, grand library, stables, a farm for in-house food and rumour has it a ten-floors-deep underground bunker complex that connects to the Main House and Council of Shadows council chamber. The latter is highly exaggerated... or is it?
  • There is one enemy the entire family shares with Char: the Titans. This Earth Federation task force created to investigate Zeon sympathizers is proof to them of the Federation's corruption and inherent desire to subjugate Spacenoids, as well as its desire to snuff out voices sympathetic to the colonies' cause. Gihren especially rails against their Pantheon representative Bask Om for being a specimen of a Federation officer being given too much freedom. The family rightfully argues that the Titans descended from the honourable goal of protecting the colonies from extremist Zeon remnants into a genocidal campaign against Spacenoids, culminating in the gassing of a colony that was protesting their criminal action. All Titans present in the Pantheon scoff that Zeon forced their hand. If they hadn't crossed the line first, there would be no reason for the Earth Federation to do the same.
  • Exclusive to Degwin:
    • Degwin served as the vice chairman of the Zeon Party and Zeon Zum Deikun's Number Two. When Deikun died under mysterious circumstances, Degwin seized control of the Side 3 colonies with himself as its Sovereign. While he was definitely complicit, Degwin insists he did not order Operation British or support it in any way and was appalled when his children chose to prolong the One Year War for their own purposes. However, he could do little about it as Gihren isolated him from the public eye and become de facto leader. Tragically, he would perish in the process of peace negotiations with the enemy leader General Revil when Gihren fired the Solar Ray Cannon with both their fleets in its path, an action for which Kycilia would execute Gihren shortly after.
      • He has since admonished his warmongering children (except Garma and Sasro) for their foolishness, especially Gihren for well, killing him. If Gihren wasn't in the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Degwin would have him in shackles and sentenced to lifetime imprisonment for setting Spacenoid independence back decades. After hearing that the Republic of Zeon was stripped of its autonomy and dissolved in UC 0100, he's gotten even madder.
      • Since he can't stand his squabbling children (except Garma), he prefers spending time with his second wife Naliss. Little is known about her. His prime minister Darcia Bakharov who worked with him on the peace treaty with the Earth Federation is his chief aide, reporting on affairs from all corners of the Pantheon. His flagship, the Gwazine-class battleship Great Degwin is on standby with an escort fleet provided by the GUAE if he ever decides to oversee a battle.
    • He rarely leaves his temple due to suffering osteoporosis from long periods in space, and is considered a recluse by much of the House of Military and Warfare. Political commentators, biographers and reporters and talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart's herald Trevor Noah have questioned him at length about his motivations and find him an engaging, if highly embittered old man. Evidence exists that Degwin may have engineered Deikun's sudden heart attack to prevent him from prematurely declaring Zeon's independence and sparking an unwinnable war with the Earth Federation. Degwin dismisses this as utter nonsense and insists that Deikun died from overwork. It still doesn't explain why he made such an effort to imprison Deikun's mistress Astraia and her children. Regardless, the honest politicians in the Pantheon consider him a pariah for stealing the liberty of his deceased partner's kin and leaving them to rot, and only leave him alone because he's all but retired from political affairs.
    • Has a ceasefire of sorts with the GUAG Robot War Division, of which its members have mixed feelings ranging from blind anger to cautious pity towards him. After learning Degwin's story, Amuro bears little rancor or ill-will towards him for starting the war and considers Gihren the prime suspect, yet refuses to have relations with him. To mediate the schisms in the GUAE Mecha Cohort, Mineva and Aiguille Delaz even banded together to organize a meeting between him and Char, his almost-Arch-Enemy turned not-so-loyal servant. Char reportedly took out his service pistol and brandished it in Degwin's face, desiring revenge for what Degwin did to his father. The assassination that followed made Char a fugitive for the next few hours before Degwin lifted the charges, saying it was a test for Char.
    Degwin: So, you still desire to kill me, boy? Mass genocide and years of war against my unruly son haven't taught you anything?
    Char: Don't think even for a second that years in this place have dulled my desire for vengeance. I'm still cleaning up the mess your family started!
    Degwin: Casval, I'm a tired old man, sitting and dying on his rotten throne, powerless to do anything. Half my children are on your side. Your sister has moved on. What do you honestly expect to gain from killing me?
    Char: I expect you to die.
    Degwin: [starts laughing, security begins closing in] Here? In this place?
    Char: Yes. [fires]
    • One of the few people Degwin will leave his temple for is fellow Retired Badass Iroh. He enjoys sipping tea in the Jasmine Dragon and discussing high politics with Zuko's old uncle, who privately absolves him of all culpability for Deikun's death. To Iroh, the past is the past and Degwin knows it. Both Iroh and Degwin consider Ozai out of his gourd and just as megalomaniacal as Gihren, only with fire powers that he is unfit to wield. Ozai keeps tabs on all of Iroh's friends to find vulnerabilities and he thinks that Degwin is too soft and lacked the will to continue the fight with the Earth Federation and that Gihren was right to forcibly succeed him. He considers it a shame that Degwin decided to be magnanimous and spare his political rivals, the Rals, since Jimba Ral and his son Ramba personally spirited the Deikun children to Earth and out of his reach.
    • Degwin is friends with patriarch of the Ushiromiya family Kinzo Ushiromiya. The Sovereign was disheartened at how the old man's children fought over his magically-obtained gold, comparing it to his own kin jockeying for power and influence in the Principality. Even then they didn't actually kill one another (Gihren wouldn't have a problem with it but he never got the chance) for the sake of riches or power. The two often grumble by the fireplace comparing how terrible their children turned to be and how they themselves to an extent were responsible for that. Degwin wishes Garma got a chance to be a scholar like Kinzo's grandson George. As ornery and despicable Kinzo is dabbling in the occult and parental abuse, Degwin relates to the tiniest drop of affection he has for his children yet never got to express due to pining for his wife Beatrice CastiglioniSIEG ZEON . Degwin never addresses the Rokkenjima Massacre since it's clear Kinzo has tired of the subject.
  • Exclusive to Gihren:
    • A gifted orator and planner, Gihren was in charge of the Zeon Party's political department and deftly orchestrated his father's rise to power. By the time Degwin became absolute dictator of Zeon, Gihren had become de facto head of the Side 3 Colonies. In direct defiance of Degwin's orders, Gihren masterminded the worst of Zeon's war plans including the aforementioned Operation British, intending to conquer the Earth Sphere and reform it as a utopia where Newtypes reigned supreme. He killed his own father to stall peace negotiations, but his sister Kycilia would execute him in retaliation and seize command. Gihren is unsurprisingly banned from the House of Family and Relatives for his crime of patricide, not that he cares that much.
      • Gihren's chief enforcer is Colonel Killing A. Danigan, a clear Expy of his and a staunch loyalist with equally violent ambitions. Gihren was very impressed at Killing's fanatical resolve in initiating Operation Rubicon and promoted him from Lieutenant Colonel to serve as his chief of staff at his headquarters, the rebuilt A Baoa Qu. If reports are to be believed, Gihren's personal secretary Cecilia Irene is his mistress but no one dares to ask him for fear of getting a gunshot to the head. He commands space battles from his flagship, the Rewloola-class Grand Gihren, a deliberate corruption of the name of his father's flagship.
      • Gihren is among the most popular human members in the GUAE, since unlike Char who exudes charisma naturally he needs to work to maintain his charisma among the populace. Among the honours he has received include the Sinner's Cross with Blood Red Chains and Flames (the third highest GUAE award for military gallantry, below the Grand Sinner's Cross and the as of yet unawarded Grand Sinner's Cross, Blood of the Enemy) and the Order of Absolute Evil. He rivals fellow dictator Scolar Visari, a friend and rival of his as one of the GUAE's most talented orators. Gihren as such is very popular at GUAE state funeralsSIEG ZEON . His most well-received eulogy thus far has been at the funeral mourning Emperor Palpatine when Rey vanquished him for good on Exegol. This particular eulogy was regarded as a great improvement from the pithy-by-comparison speech by Sate Pestage and Mas Amedda in 1983. Even if it's for people he despises, Gihren admits to enjoying these moments greatly.
      Gihren: The Galactic Emperor who was due to return to his long-awaited throne in the galaxy and reform it for the better has been vanquished by the Jedi scum! His Final Order, which would have ended eons of war and strife, has been ended by the inane actions of the loathsome Resistance! The leader of our valiant Conquest Force has been dealt a crippling blow but I tell you: we will not stand for this! Lord Vader has left us, Lord Tyranus has left us, the Confederacy has betrayed us, yet the rightful Emperor still stands tall here in the Pantheon! To the stormtroopers, remain fulfilled, for you are still agents of the Emperor! To the Hands, to Lumiya, to Sa Cuis, to Cronal, you have been rewarded with heraldry for your loyalty! To anyone else here loyal to the cause of your beloved Empire, the GUAE, and the good of the omniverse alike, I ask you to stand now! Hail to the Emperor, the rightful ruler of his galaxy!
    • Naturally, Gihren hates Char the most out of his family members. When Gihren joined the GUAE, he assumed that he was the sole leader of the GUAE Mecha Cohort. When he learnt that Char was in fact his superior, he was furious. Rising tensions would spark a civil war with Gihren rallying his One Year War supporters and MS pilots disgruntled with Char's leadership under his command. Rau Le Creuset and his sub-faction of ZAFT pilots from the GUAD have pledged their support, though Rau has his own plans for Gihren. He is the only one of the family besides Kycilia who knew Char's true identity from the beginning, making the Red Comet swear loyalty to him at one point. With the ascensions of other Wild Cards like Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril and Gilbert Durandal, more schisms have formed in the evil mecha forces of the Pantheon, something that Gihren hopes to fix as soon as possible.
    • His big ambition is to reform the entire Gundam multiverse into a place where Spacenoids and equivalent Master Races reign supreme under his rule. The supporters he has such as radical Coordinator and former PLANT Supreme Council chairman Patrick Zala respect his resolve but given the inadequacies of the Zeon armed forces think that Gihren is arrogant and like Adolf Hitler, bases his expectations on unrealistic rhetoric. Gihren is open to ideas from his supporters and is working to improve his attitude, though his base instinct to wage war and seek only victory at the cost of innocent lives still remains. He has assembled a War Cabinet of like-minded individuals from the same multiverse as a ruling council, ready to take over once the GUAE achieves its goal of taking over the fictional Omniverse. Gihren doesn't trust anyone fully but 'trusts' these individuals to do their jobs on the basis of shared ideology.
    • Is a Hate Sink among the GUAG Robot War Division and for good reason. Denizens of the Universal Century despise him for all his war crimes and giving Spacenoids a bad rap, not to mention spawning various Zeon remnant groups loyal to him and giving reason for the Titans to launch their own campaign against Spacenoids. Gihren simply dismisses even the most powerful Gundam pilots as rubbish Feddie officers to be disposed of. Speaking of the Titans, Gihren dislikes their Pantheon representative Bask Om for his brutality but not, however for battling the AEUG who he saw as hopeless in their efforts to find a middle ground between the EFF and Neo Zeon remnants.
    • Gihren famously turned his brother Garma's state funeral into a hotbed of rage against the Earth Federation and drummed up support for himself with the historic (and inspiringly memetic) SIEG ZEON!! speech. When told of how popular that speech is amongst fans, Gihren just smirked in satisfaction. His uncanny ability to redirect others' anger towards him into fierce loyalty or at best anger towards the intended enemy attracted Big Brother's agents. Gihren absolutely fawns over the world of 1984 for how effectively free will and disloyalty is punished there. That the Two Minutes Hate is a perfected version of his Rousing Speech at Garma's funeral doesn't hurt either. He works closely with the English Socialist Party and the Grand United Alliance of Law and promises to hand them Winston and Julia should he get his hands on them. Privately, he believes that Big Brother isn't a real person and that the face used on posters and screens is that of a hapless schmuck that the Party picked off the street.
    • He enjoys gardening. No, seriously. The only reason Gihren ever returns to the Zabi family villa in the Acts of War sub-house is to tend to the Grand Garden in the estate grounds, especially the field of hydrangeas. Otherwise, he lives in his executive suite over in A Baoa Qu, away from his meddling family.
    • Gihren, being the Hitler Expy that he is has no problem rubbing shoulders with Nazi-based deities, most of whom he sees as kindred spirits. His relationship with HYDRA leader Red Skull stems from a deep-seated rivalry. Both were in the running for God of Nazism after Downfall Hitler 'resigned' before Schmidt won out. Gihren accepted the loss with grace and the two maintain warm relations, happy to exchange ideas for world domination and the subjugation of liberty to their respective wills. Schmidt and by extension HYDRA's High Council think Gihren too egotistical for his own good but will secure as much resources from his as possible before his hubris gets the better of him. Gihren is happy to provide Shocker (especially Colonel Zol, a former SS officer) resources in exchange for support in his civil war with Char, and is rumoured to be behind a sudden re-emergence of the Devil Gundam in a joint project with the organization.
    • While similar to Schneizel el Britannia, the two don't see eye to eye. Gihren was confused since they both believe in using force to maintain control and usurped their fathers. Even then, Schneizel finds Gihren too cruel and at times damagingly petty for his liking, and pointed out that he doesn't even believe in his social darwinism, unlike Charles. All he wants is to be the most powerful man in the world, and that will not work for the White Prince's vision of a world by peace through force. Gihren doesn't pay him much mind and loves to make fun of him for getting Geassed by Lelouch to serve Zero for the rest of his life with no free will whatsoever, hoping that this will enrage Schneizel and make him slip up.
  • Exclusive to Sasro:
    • Degwin's second son, Sasro was in charge of the Zeon Party's national campaign department. It was he who manipulated local media outlets to report that Deikun's death was a Federation assassination and discredit the Ral family in order to drum up anti-Federation support for his family. Unlike his siblings, Sasro would not live to see the fruits of his labour. He was killed in a car bombing after Deikun's funeral which gravely injured his younger brother Dozle. It is highly likely that Kycilia planned it because Sasro slapped her for letting Deikun's family escape into Ral protection. Sasro upon hearing of this supposed petty act of revenge moved to strike his sister again before Dozle warned him off.
    • Gihren seized on Sasro's lack of information about the One Year War to trick him into thinking Kycilia and Dozle were trying to divide the family by accusing Gihren of patricide. The false evidence presented proved convincing enough for Sasro to let loose such powerful expletivesSIEG ZEON  that even their equally angry father was drowned out. How a propagandist with likely excellent lie detection skills believed Gihren is beyond comprehension but Sasro has since become Gihren's only family ally in his "Black Zeon" faction. Thanks to his propaganda boosting Gihren's Cult of Personality, the Black Zeon faction has reached new highs in recruitment numbers. Naysayers label him Gihren's Goebbels; the irony is not lost on him.
    • While he considers them out of their depth for wartime propaganda, Sasro maintains relatively cool business relations with host Damon Killian and network producer Diana Christensen. They technically spread their own brand of propaganda, with Diana aiming for ratings by making sensationalist content that panders to the LCD. Even they consider Gihren's Newtype supremacist regime more than a bit evil and out of touch with their ideal society. Despite his misgivings of loaning his services to a known war criminal, Damon has cut a deal with Sasro for Gihren's prisoners of war to be placed in The Running Man.
    • O'Brien, at the time also a recent arrival in the Pantheon is in favour of Gihren's side in the Zeon Civil War so long as he steps aside for Big Brother when the English Socialist Party takes over from him. Sasro is in love with how the Ministry of Truth reworks the media to its liking to the point Oceania's population can be made to believe anything, even the most obvious of lies. He is perhaps a bit disturbed at how the Ministry of Love brainwashes rebels into blind loyalists to Big Brother (especially since studies have proven their methods technically impossible) but that's not his problem. He has taken note of the Party's successes in information control in order to rally supporters to his brother's cause and systematically wipe all knowledge of 'Casval Rem Deikun' from the minds of his faction's soldiers.
    • Never call him pigface. It will not end well for you. He may not look particularly handsome (he takes after his father in that regard), but it's not his fault that a close ally of his, Napoleon (aka Hate Sink personified by a pig) happens to look that way. His rule over a farm is less than impressive but Sasro views his psychological manipulation of the animals as a good framework for his indoctrination programs to follow. Additionally, Napoleon could serve as a useful meal ticket into the Harbingers of Repression.
      • Speaking of indoctrination programs, Sasro briefly served as a guest professor in GUAE facility Kinderheim 511, and has handpicked several promising candidates for Gihren's planned Elite Army of blindly loyal MS pilots.
    • For tightly regulating what Gihren's soldiers know about the Pantheon, he is opposed on all fronts by news outlets which preach freedom of the press. Lois Lane with The Daily Planet and JJ Jameson with The Daily Bugle are among them. Lex Luthor, having usurped control of The Daily Planet dozens of times has Sasro's ear for patronage and boosting of his own power base, since both greatly dislike the free press slandering their reputations. Sometimes regarded as an Evil Counterpart of Sasro, even the famously snobbish and self-serving Charles Foster Kane despises Sasro and his cruel methods, remarking that even he wouldn't go so far as brainwashing citizens to believe in Blatant Lies about freedom and the glory of war.
  • Exclusive to Dozle:
    • At the time of Deikun's death, Dozle Zabi was an officer in Zeon's defence force with a reputation for fighting Federation peacekeepers in his youth. He was once a weak-willed man until the aforementioned car bombing that left him with scarring on his face. Just as well that Sasro was lecturing him about being too soft; the incident transformed him into a Hot-Blooded soldier. He would become an influential military commander, becoming superintendent of the Zeon military academy and coordinator of the mobile suit program. When war broke out he was placed in command of Zeon's space forces and the asteroid fortress Solomon, a role he continued to play until the Battle of Solomon where he died in combat against the Gundam. Despite being The Big Guy of the family, he has an even bigger heart. But don't mistake that for weakness. In spite of his comedic inability to be quiet and social incompetence in comparison to his more stoic siblings, Dozle is terrifying when he gets mad, especially if you hurt his loved ones. His facial scars still bleed if his anger levels go too high, making him all the scarier.
      • He met his wife Zenna when she was a cadet in the Zeon Academy (she was sent as a Honey Trap to distract him from the student-led Dawn Rebellion). She lives with Mineva in the safety of their templeSIEG ZEON . Shin Matsunaga (a childhood friend) and fan-favourite Ramba Ral are his chief enforcers, Ace Pilots of the Principality. Ramba fell out with Dozle over his refusal to cooperate with Operation British, leading to his dismissal and transfer to the reserves. Ramba still hasn't forgiven Dozle for condoning such a criminal order, and to be fair, neither has Dozle. They both agree on one thing though: the whole Gundam Vahalla theory that Mr. Ral is a re-incarnation of Ramba is complete rubbish.
    • The most outwardly violent of his family members, Dozle is ironically the most empathetic of them, something he shares with his daughter Mineva. He enjoys waging war and vanquishing the enemy but is painfully aware that rabid nationalism comes at the cost of many lives. That is why he follows Char as his most loyal Zabi supporter; unlike his elder brother Char sincerely wants to end war between Earthnoids and Spacenoids by any means possible. Dozle may still despise him for engineering Garma's deathSIEG ZEON , but since Char protected Mineva in return he's redeemed himself in Dozle's eyes. Tension still exists, but Dozle is on friendly enough terms with Char for the latter to make house calls every now and then. Char is just as thankful for Dozle's forgiveness (as much as an emotionally-blind, unempathetic person can be) and has put him in charge of his most prized fleet in the GUAE Mecha Cohort with the Rewloola-class Midas Valkyrie as his flagship.
    • Unlike his siblings who lead from the rear, Dozle is a Frontline General personified. A funny habit of his is to perform so-called "battlefield inspections" with his custom Geara DogaSIEG ZEON  - only to lead them into impromptu raids on Grand United Alliance of Good bases. Haman Karn (head of the Red Faction's Fleet Command) has to scramble to prevent her most capable commander from getting himself in too much danger, often ending with Dozle smashing the communications screen in anger. For his achievements at the Third Battle of Jachin Due by defending the fortress from Grand United Alliance of Good invasion short-handed, he received a Sinner's Cross with Chains and Flames. Remember, this is the man who led the small Zeon fleet to victory in the Battle of Loum, the first large-scale engagement in the One Year War by utterly decimating the Earth Federation's most powerful fleet and capturing their leader. At only 28. In a Crapsack World like the Warhammer 40,000 world where frontline command is the norm, Dozle would be among the Emperor's most prized commanders. Lord Castellan Creed (Thrawn's high priest) and Leman Russ know this and respect Dozle as a Worthy Opponent. His mobile suit may be domitable, but his spirit is not. Dozle likes the spirit of the Cadian Shock Troops and hopes to visit the planet someday.
    • A close ally in the GUAE is Führer King Bradley, a fellow family man with a strong sense of conviction. Dozle admires Bradley's commitment to family and the nation of Amestris... even if said nation was built on a lie. He was genuinely shocked to learn of the atrocities committed by the Military along with the full extent of the Homunculi conspiracy and his so-called "son" really being the evilest of Bradley's siblings. Dozle may detest what Bradley and his Father are up to, but the man himself is engaging company be it on military inspections, going out shooting game or hanging out in the Villain Pub. Plus, anyone who can take out a tank with nothing more than a sword is worthy of respect. Likewise, the former Führer-President of Amestris is amused at what he shares with Dozle: both are family men and Blood Knights (though Bradley is more low-key) with highly comedic quirks in spite of being so ruthless. That said, Bradley will not hesitate to slaughter Dozle in an instant should his life be a threat to Father's plans.
    • Frequents bars in the surrounding houses when he's off-duty to socialize, and is a very entertaining storyteller. Fellow veteran Red Forman met him by chance at Bacchus' Bar and Grill and the two hit it off after a few drinks. Both bonded over their shared war experiences and similar cynical attitudes, yet having loving relatives who contend with their quirks. A Friendly Rival and chianti-drinking buddy at the Villain Pub is the famed Captain Ginyu. Dozle doesn't like Frieza (for obvious reasons) but he's more than welcome to indulge in his team's flamboyant antics. He had a hand in getting Jeice and Burter their custom mobile suits. Ginyu and Dozle bicker a lot over the importance of mobile suits in future GUAE campaigns, with Dozle supporting the mobile suit as the new weapon of war and Ginyu hoping that the power of battleship weapons and bodily power will continue to prevail over "those small, insignificant metal toys". Disagreements aside, they're good friends. He also fights the renegade Saiyan Army pretty often, but gets along with Bardock when the need calls for it. Fathers should stick together.
    • On the good side, Dozle is pretty affable with famed strongman Major Alex Louis Armstrong, seeing as he's The Big Guy of his illustrious military family. Though he's on the good side, Alex disregards that since he's an excellent opponent on the battlefield and an equally challenging wrestling buddy off-duty. Plus, their comedic sides tend to be very similar to each other as over-affectionate, socially awkward and comically intimidating soldiers with low-level meme status among their fans. Obviously, they won't share confidential information but troll each other sometimes for the sake of it, though it's all in good fun. Their sparring sessions are sometimes joined by Sig Curtis, herald and husband of Izumi Curtis.
  • Exclusive to Kycilia:
    • Kycilia led Zeon's Secret Police in the years leading up to war, and was in charge of hunting down Casval and Artesia Deikun when they escaped Side 3. She was instrumental in spreading Zeon influence on the Moon (her headquarters was the lunar city of Granada) and furthering mobile suit R&D. Unlike Dozle, she believed that they would replace "Big Guns" on battleships as the main weapon of war. During the war she led the special-ops Mobile Assault Force, recruiting Char Aznable when he was released from Dozle's service. She shot Gihren Zabi for his crime of Patricide in the Battle of A Baoa Qu which unfortunately divided Zeon forces and contributed to her death by bazooka shot to the face, courtesy of Char. Gihren loyalists blame the loss of the One Year War on her for killing Gihren and incompetent leadership in trying to fill the gap. An unfair complaint - they (including Aiguille Delaz and Anavel Gato) deserted en masse upon learning of Gihren's death which robbed Kycilia of any chance to lead the fleet effectively.
      • Many Ace Pilots are under her command, most importantly Commander Johnny Ridden, nicknamed the "Crimson Lightning". He is in love with Kycilia who saved him from being heckled by soldiers during a protest, even adopting a unicorn symbol as a mark of his feelings. His preferred colours, agility-based style and similar looks often led to him being mistaken for Char Aznable despite actually achieving more kills than him - 185 mobile suit and 6 ship kills. Ridden deeply resents the Red Comet for intentionally taking credit for his kills to gain plus points and eventually killing the love of his life, something he hopes to take revenge for even as they're on the same side.
      • Another enforcer is Lieutenant General M'Quve, Zeon's resident Agent Peacock and creator of the jousting-based mobile suit, the YMS-15 Gyan. Highly competent yet dangerously petty, M'Quve led a mining operation in Odessa, Ukraine which he ran as his personal fiefdom for most of the war. Ramba despises him for withholding essential Doms which, if he had them, could have annihilated the Gundam in Central Asia. M'Quve for all his flaws is well-liked by Kycilia and his soldiers and is willing to defend them (and his art) from corrupt allies and vicious foes alike. He died doing so. Now that he's back, he's got much to prove to Kycilia, what with the valuable vase he bequeathed her before dying. M'Quve is very privileged to have the ear of Grand Admiral Thrawn himself; after all, they both revere arts and culture.
    • While a cold, calculating planner and ruthless commander, Kycilia has something Gihren does not: a working soul. She genuinely loves her family and her father in particular, which is why she killed Gihren in the first place. However, information does exist that she might have engineered Degwin's death so she could launch a coup and blame Gihren for everything. Gihren obviously wasn't smiling at her return. One advantage she has is command of all of the Principality's R&D projects, intelligence departments, think-tanks and most importantly, the Newtype research facilities. Her patronage was how Char got the psycommu-enhanced Zeong. And she once again did Char a favour by joining his side of the Zeon civil war, forcing Gihren to make a deal with Azrael's Earth Alliance forces for Extended. The conversation between them was quite civil, to say the least. After all, she and Gihren were the only Zabis who ever found out Char's true identity. Char promoted her to Vice Admiral upon her induction into his forces.
    Kycilia: What are my assurances, Casval, should I pass into your service? Even if Gihren has become troublesome, we have history that makes me.... reluctant to help you.
    Char: You gave me a place under you when Dozle abandoned me. I gave you retribution that time. This time, I give you a reward.
    Kycilia: What kind of reward? Surely I should not be in your debt, not after what you did.
    Char: You don't owe me anything. But I do owe you. I give you command over production, intelligence and anything that has to do with Newtypes in my faction. You will have free rein over all matters of importance. If you choose to help me against Gihren. Will you?
    Kycilia: I shall. But I will not forget.
    Char: I agree. You will not.
    • Kycilia prefers to manage from the sidelines, but she's happy to get her hands dirty whenever the need arises, or when she feels the need to shake things up. She has up plenty of false identities which she uses to navigate the Pantheon's seedy underbelly (with a retinue of subordinates of course). She picked up the codename "Vesper" when becoming a partner of the Black Organization which finances a good chunk of her operations in exchange for munitions. Their agent Vermouth is a slippery friend, given their mutual tendency to shift alliances and seduce men for personal or benefit, especially to fluster them into giving up vital secrets. Kycilia can't help but feel that previous bouts with James Bond may have influenced Vermouth's choice of codename for her. It wasn't, and both can sneak a laugh at the coincidence in private.
    • Anasta Cisnarova, Cobra Commander's intelligence officer has an alliance with Kycilia, hoping to reap benefits from Char winning the Zeon civil war such as munitions, access to the Minovsky fusion reactor, AMBAC system and more believing that it will boost her organization's prestige immensely. Kycilia likes her spunk and even supports her potential bid to become the next Madame Hydra as a middle finger to the Red Skull, one of Gihren's staunchest allies and the leader of HYDRA.
    • Kycilia sought out Cersei Lannister for an economic alliance, confident that the wealth of House Lannister would give her great leverage over Char just like Tywin has with Gihren. What she found as a guest in Cersei's small council meeting was a a selfish, piteous, short-sighted child in a noblewoman's body quite unlike her. Despite being more than capable of fearmongering and leading great armies, Cersei's utter vindictiveness and bloodlust (and being propped up by far cleverer subordinates like Qyburn) blinds her to the matter at hand and ruins any chance of properly using the many assets at her disposal. Even if an alliance proves beneficial, Kycilia is certainly not a fan of "The Mad Queen of Westeros" who would throw away a chance for victory simply to satisfy herself over getting one over on anyone who besmirches her pride.
    • She and fellow war ladies Cornelia li Britannia, Lin Beifong and Olivier Mira Armstrong have one goal in common: everlasting peace either for their loved ones or the rest of their universes. Kycilia however seeks to achieve this through subterfuge and violence. If that means only a few people survive in a peaceful future, then so be it. While the other three aren't above killing to get what they want, none of them enjoy Kycilia's inner selfishness and prioritizing the Zabi family over all else, Cornelia in particular being reminded of her hated father. Olivier has steeled her Briggs Army for attacks from Kycilia's Mobile Assault Force. Beifong, as commander of the 28th police precinct (roughly the House of Leadership) was insulted by a momentary offer to collaborate which she (rightfully) saw as Kycilia's attempts to implant spies in her territory. Suffice to say, these strong-willed women do not like Kycilia, and they them.
    • Never mention how supremely badass Char's Boom, Headshot! on her was. Never. Any soldier who dares broach the subject or worse, praise it in front of her or someone who tattles to her, will be sent to the gallows without trial.
  • Exclusive to Garma:
    • Garma Zabi is unquestionably Degwin's favourite son, as naïve as his siblings are experienced and calculating. His father wanted him to become a scholar, but he enlisted in the military to prove himself worthy of the Zabi name and become a hero to his people. Despite various attempts to dissuade him from taking part in the war, Garma threw himself into slaughter for the sake of recognition, overseeing a bloody mop-up of the Side 5 colonies after the Battle of Loum. He commanded the Earth Attack Force during the One Year War, taking charge of forces invading the west coast of the United States. It was unfortunate that his 'best friend' was Char Aznable, whose last-minute treachery led to his death in a kamikaze attack on the White Base. He received a posthumous promotion to lieutenant general and a grand state funeral. A Military Brat who received high command in spite of his young age, Garma is a hapless leader who's more interested in living the good life than doing anything of value. Some naysayers have dubbed him "Space Vasily", a jab at his similarities to Vasily Stalin, the spoiled second son of Josef Stalin who also got a high rank despite his obvious incompetence (and ultimately died from chronic alcoholism).
      • He fell in love with wealthy socialite Icelina Eschonbach (the daughter of the mayor of New York or Los Angeles depending on the adaptation) while headquartered in the city and wanted to desert just to be with her. Degwin wants to give his blessingSIEG ZEON  but worries that Garma's animosity towards Char will damage the couple's relationship. Regardless, he's manipulated events for Icelina to become Garma's herald in hopes of persuading him to resign his commission.
    • He joined Gihren's side of the civil war, the only one to do so as revenge on Char. Garma wasn't a passive zealot though; under Aigulle Delaz, a herald of Anavel Gato, he eventually participated in a revolt against Gihren's factionSIEG ZEON . As a reward for his Heel–Face Turn Char demoted him from colonel to captain and placed him in charge of his personal royal guard. Garma had this to say:
    Garma: Char - no, Casval, I already know you were never my friend, but you let me die just because I'm a Zabi?! I was only a kid when your father died! What the hell, you even demote and slander me when I choose to join your side!
    Char: Demote? Yes. Slander? No. For all your insistence that you wouldn't stay a little boy forever, you still stand here with your sense of entitlement. You have none of the leadership skill or experience of Dozle or Kycilia, only pointless zeal. How much of your 'success' was due to your groupies, or your family? (Garma ponders) So what makes you think you deserve a high position in my forces? You think you deserved special privilege from my vendetta because you're a Zabi? Your death was just as easily caused by misplaced pride, when you could have easily just crash-landed your Gaw and surrendered. Now I give you a chance to prove yourself in battle, will you take it or leave it?
    • Despite the many tools at his disposal (including the vulcan gun-equipped Zaku II FSSIEG ZEON ), Garma fails spectacularly in the leadership department. What he does excel at is good PR, something he picked up from Gihren and Sasro. He's a genuinely affable and courteous high-society celebrity who maintains a stellar PR status amongst the general populace in the Pantheon, but only attracts mindless groupies whom he deeply dislikes. Char on the other hand draws more supporters and patrons at every moment effortlessly despite actually being a self-serving, emotionally numb, backstabbing Jerkass. He should know, since his former friend manipulated him into leading a cadet rebellion against their Federation handlers (the aforementioned Dawn Rebellion) and then the betrayal that caused his death. Garma deeply despises this divide between them and hopes to get one over on the Red Comet sooner or later.
    • Garma's dearest wish? To have friends. Not a gang of useless fall guys, not siblings who brainwash him at every turn, friends. Enter Tommen Baratheon. Sealing Kycilia's tempestuous alliance with Cersei Lannister, the two were introduced to each other at a banquet in Cersei's temple. The two didn't hit it off the first time, Tommen being slightly put off by Garma's self-promoting overtures and politely requesting leave. Some post-event reading soon convinced him otherwise and Garma is slowly becoming one of Tommen's most trusted military advisors and like Garma himself wants, someone to talk who isn't whispering sinister messages of encouragement into his ear. Cersei isn't much a fan of how close the two are since she obviously wants to be Tommen's only counsel, and Tommen is not inclined to disobey his mother unless she goes too far. Luckily, she tolerates it because all three would rather not let Joffrey bully Tommen into not having friends.
    • Petyr Baelish is trying to manipulate Garma into becoming a terrifying manipulator and politician despite this being in complete defiance of his strategic ally Kycilia Zabi. Garma's jealousy and inherent desire to one-up the Red Comet, he says, will be an all but inevitable catalyst for him to become more experienced and competent. However, Garma has no intention of gaining notoriety at the cost of becoming someone's Unwitting Pawn and rudely declined his help. Undeterred, Baelish continues to advise the young prince of Zeon at every opportunity and at times has persuaded the guard under his command to aid the Grand United Alliance of Chaos in exchange for weakening Char. Someone Garma has used his lesson from Baelish on is the hellish prince Laharl. Claiming to be evil but not actually doing much of the sort, Garma can definitely relate to his ambition to live up to his hellish legacy yet (in the Good Ending) sacrificing himself and becoming a good person. Garma isn't good by any stretch of the imagination but he isn't at all evil like Gihren.
    • As Degwin's Living Emotional Crutch, enemies of the Zabi family are gunning for Garma to bring the Sovereign down, either as revenge for their cruel atrocities or boost Gihren's breakaway faction. This is one of the few things that Degwin, Dozle, Kycilia, and even Mineva agree on; don't hurt Garma. And they mean it.
  • Exclusive to Mineva:
    • Mineva Lao Zabi was born to Dozle and Zenna Zabi in September of U.C. 0079, late in the One Year War. As the last surviving Zabi after Zenna lost the will to live, Axis Zeon remnants groomed her to be the future princess of Zeon with Maharaja Karn and then his daughter Haman as regent. She was sent to Earth for her own protection and replaced by a stand-in when Haman declared her own war on The Federation. She resurfaced during the Third Neo Zeon War under the pseudonym Audrey Burne, connecting with college student Banagher Links and revealing the contents of Laplace's Box, a mysterious document which wielded intense influence on the power of the Earth FederationSIEG ZEON . Thereafter, she led a renegade Zeon faction from the colony builder Magallanica which balanced out the increasingly radical Republic of Zeon governmentSIEG ZEON .
    • Her Evil Uncle Gihren tried his hardest to prevent Mineva's ascension since her existence defies everything he stands for but she stood firm against his intimidation and maintained that as the official ruler of Zeon at the time she held responsibility for the Colony Drop on Dublin even if she was only a child. Moreover, refuting her opinion would risk angering Dozle. Her impassioned speech protesting Gihren's tyranny and desire for violence stunned the normally skilled speech-giver into silence, shocking the Court into applause and gaining the support of the jury. Her plea was accepted and Dozle (who died early in her life) gave his daughter the biggest of hugs, bawling that he was proud of his baby girl for standing up to big bad Gihren. A deep blush filled her cheeks; a rarity for the strong-willed princess. She accepted his offer to live in the Zabi temple with him, whereas Magallanica (politically-neutral territory) remains her secondary residence. Dozle's Papa Wolf nature precludes anything, so much so that it's a rule never to mention politics or the ongoing Alliance war in her presence or risk his ire. Family time is family time.
      • She was Banagher Link's herald for a long time before gaining goddess status in her own right. Reports that the two are together are unsubstantiated, but it is most definitely true that the pilot of the Unicorn Gundam is deeply devoted to Mineva. Out of respect for her peaceful stance, he refuses to call her by her real name and instead refers to her by her Audrey Burne alias.
    • For obvious reasons, she sides with the Grand United Alliance of Good. Mineva bonded with the other so-called 'princesses' of the Gundam multiverse, not least of whom were Relena Darlian and Lacus Clyne. Lacus in particular is an object of her admiration for not only succeeding in brokering a peace between the Earthnoids and Spacenoids in her world (who were far more racist than in the Universal Century), but also leading one of said factions from then on despite being an Idol Singer. For a young woman of 19, Lacus acts like an experienced and somewhat jaded 50 year old. As for Relena, Mineva can relate to her previous naivety about pacifism and acts as a surrogate sister to her. Above all, Mineva enjoys spending time with Kudelia Aina Bernstein, a follower of this archetypal group. The Maiden of Revolution ultimately prevailed to save Mars from an age of repression and poverty at the cost of many allies being killed including Mikazuki Augus, himself in the Pantheon. Mineva wasn't too happy that peace came at the cost of caving in to the Big Bad Rustal Elion's machinations, but concedes that in some cases, the ends do justify the means.
    • There are way too many princesses and leaders that Mineva befriended, so if one is to be highlighted, let it be Padmé Amidala. Mineva first heard of her when studying the Clone Wars to see why planets seceded to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Senator Amidala's opposition of the Military Creation Act and proposals to negotiate a peaceful end to the Clone Wars in spite of Palpatine's power-grabs. She was saddened to hear that Darth Vader killed her in a fit of rage, since her losing the will to live directly mirrors her mother Zenna's death from losing Dozle at Solomon. Conversations in their temples reveal their many woes with the inherent corruption in government and their peaceful aims being curbed by pragmatic or self-serving rich folk and warmongerers.
    Padmé: It's terrible, what happened to your family. At least for some people, it could be seen that your father was Forced into Evil. I think you and I share the wish to see a world where pacifists like us don't have violence as the only option.
    Mineva: Humanity - no, all species are flawed in some way. But few want to see through those flaws because they want the destruction of the unknown. My grandfather wanted hegemony, my uncle destruction. And Char embodies both those ideals to the extreme.
    Padmé: We won't be able to stop violence. We can lay the foundations. Others have to build with us if this Alliance War is to end. No one has to die. If people don't believe us, we'll make them believe us.
  • Degwin: "May God protect the world from my son. In the end, Hitler's followers ended up trying to kill him."
  • Gihren: "We must teach those slow-witted people of the Earth Federation a lesson they will always remember. Now is the time for mankind to stand up for the future! Sieg ZEON!"
  • Sasro: "Dozle! That soft heart of yours is a liability! Listen! The political situation here is about to turn into a bloodbath! You'll never survive if you don't-"
  • Dozle: "War is a cruel thing... but it also gets your adrenaline going!"
  • Kycilia: "Regardless of the time and place, mankind has a fundamental desire for war. Whether that be foolish... or wise."
  • Garma: "They don't matter! I'm my own man! Don't underestimate me, Char. Just like you... even I won't stay that little boy back then forever."
  • Mineva: "Please discern the truth with your own eyes. And then, just as people did a century ago, I'd like you to usher in the next century with goodwill in your hearts. Believing in the God called "possibility" that lies dormant within us all."


Andy, Herald of Fun Wars (Ryou, Mr. Average)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Orange Star Symbol and wrench
  • Theme Song: Andy's Anthem
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Jack-of-All-Stats, Idiot Hero to not know continents or airports, Genius Ditz, Not a Morning Person, Mechanic, CO Power Hyper Repair and Super CO Hyper Upgrade (which repair and boost movement and firepower to all his units), Victim of Being Cloned Twice
  • Domains: War, Fun, Idiot, Mechanic
  • Followers: The COs of Advance Wars, except the COs of Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict
  • Allies: Colin, Fire Emblem deities, Millhoire, Leonmitchelli, Couvert, Engineer, Cyborg, Isaac Clarke, The Anglerfish Team
  • Friendly Rivalry: Miles "Tails" Prower, Joker
  • Enemies: Liquid Snake, HYDRA, Red Skull, SHOCKER, Millennium
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Asgore Dreemurr
  • Opposes: Leonidas, Ares, Martin Walker, "Serious" warmongers
  • Opposed by: Kiritsugu Emiya, Valvatorez
  • Andy comes in the world literally called "Wars World" in which war is a lot more casual than anything else. The fact that a kid is leading an army unironically, people are very weirded out by the fact that his war is "fun" as he makes it out to be.
  • Andy is happy to see some of his buddies from Wars World like Max. Max, however, was a bit concern with Andy's position in the House of War, considering the state that it is but Andy doesn't seem to be phased by him, hopefully.
  • Though he wasn't born at the time of year, but the Famicom Wars predated Fire Emblem, in which some considered it "Famicom/Advance Wars with more strategy, fantasy, and perma-death." Fire Emblem deities would treat him like kin, though they are uncomfortable with the fact that Andy is willing to be expendable with his soldiers.
  • Andy is weirded out by his title. When he meant "Fun War," it means in war is very colorful and very silly, and the units look straight out of a toy. He didn't mean "Fun in War", in which he is even weirded out by Ares and Leonidas.
    • In fact, the House of War is ironically frightening for Andy or as Captain Martin Walker would say that the boy is far too naive to see what true wars are. Funny, given that Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict would reflect on that but it is completely unrelated to Andy so he doesn't really care. Good thing Andy also has a position in the House of Gaming.
    • Kiritsugu and Valvatorez are downright pissed that Andy has this mentality when their belief is War Is Hell.
  • Andy is going to be attending the House of Schools just to learn a little more vocabulary. Remember, this guy has no idea what continents are. Or, airports. "What's an airport?" indeed.
  • Andy may be dumb, but he is actually an average commanding officer and actually a great mechanic, as he's somehow manage to repair all of his forces when he has enough power to use Hyper Repair or Hyper Upgrade.
    • He has been helping with the Anglerfish team with repairing their tank and bonding with them. Saori Takebe tried to hit on him but failed miserably. Though don't call him in the morning as he along with Mako Reizei hates waking up early in the morning.
  • He wish to be a rival to ace pilots like Joker in order to further emulate his rivalry with Eagle, the air commander of Green Earth.
  • For some reason, Black Hole had an obsession of cloning him, as they have done it twice and both used to cause trouble in two wars. In fact, Sturm used one of the Andy clones to instigate a war between all four nations so that he could conquer them all while they're weakened. Andy is not happy to be cloned for such act and is not happy to see clones who has done bad things.
  • Andy is certain not going to take any evil army that wish to conquer the world kindly as he has stopped the Black Hole army that tried to take over the world twice.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Gaming.

    Jack Barnes 
Sgt. Jack Barnes, Patron Saint of Manning Crew-Served Weapons and Vehicles Singlehandedly (Barnes)

Lt. Karl Fairburne: "Intelligence operatives in North Africa have uncovered a plan to assassinate Winston Churchill. The source in unclear, but they also mentioned a fresh deployment of specialized troops for the task. More Elites? And then my name comes up: "Even your Desert Ghost can't stop them." "

Schutzvollstrecker, Unholy Unit Of Assassination Attempts
Clockwise from bottom left:Clockwise from bottom left:Oberstleutnant Raubvogel, Schutzvollstrecker Officer, Schutzvollstrecker soldiers, one of Raubvogel's elite Snipers
Weapons and vehicles used by the Schutzvollstrecker (Clockwise from bottom left: Panzerschreck Teufelsfeuer launcher, Panzer III Ausf. N Medium Tank, Sd. Kfz. 250 armored half-track) 
  • Unit of Demigods
  • Symbol: Regular Schutzollstrecker soldiers have their dark gray camo uniforms, helmets, and the Teufelsfeuer launcher. Raubvogel's Elite Snipers have their unique camo uniforms. Raubvogel's in his unique plate armor and Cool Mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Warfare, Assassinations, Weapons, Sniping
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • The Schutzvollstrecker, or "Executors" in English, were an elite and enigmatic unit of the German Army. They were led by a mysterious and eccentric officer by the name of Oberstleutnant Raubvogel, who was also a very skilled sniper. Sent to the North African Theater of Operations in January 1943, they had two tasks: to test out their new Super Prototype rocket launcher the Teufelsfeuer Panzerschreck RPzb 60, and to assassinate two major thorns on the Allied side: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who would be attending an important meeting in Casablanca, and the "Desert Ghost", Lt. Karl Fairburne, the latter of whom for helping foil numerous Axis operations in North Africa, which at that point included killing a Body Double of Hitler during an important meeting. The unit would set up its main base of operations in the Rif Mountains, in northern Morocco, where they would also set up testing facilities for their new launcher, practice ranges for Raubvogel and his elite snipers, and a Torture Cellar for interrogating Allied prisoners for vital intellgience.
  • In order to lure Fairburne right where they wanted them, Raubvogel set up a trap at the Siwa Oasis, which had since been recaptured by Axis Forces thanks to the Schutzvollstrecker's help. Several Schutzvollstrecker squads alongside regular Afrika Korps soldiers concealed themselves on the southern end of the oasis town, while Raubvogel had left a note for Fairburne in the fake command tent that they had set up in the center of the town. It very nearly worked to perfection, with the Desert Ghost caught completely by suprise. However, he managed to outwit even the Elite Mooks of the Schutzvollstrecker by managing to either sneak past their patrols quietly, or by silently killing them. What's more, thanks to Karl's impromptu interrogation of a German truck driver, he was able to find out the location of their Morocco base, which Karl decided would be his next target.
  • Making his way into the Schutzvollstrecker HQ, Fairburne discovered Raubvogel's Evil Plan, the Schutzvollstrecker's war crimes against Allied POWs, and evidence of their new wonderweapon the Teufelsfeur. Realizing that they were already making their move on the British Prime Minister, Fairburne decided to dismantle the unit's operations by blowing up their shipments of Teufelsfeuer launchers, before escaping their mountain base and pursuing Raubvogel and his men.
  • As it turned out, Raubvogel and the Schutzvollstrecker were Crazy-Prepared with regard to their planning and execution of their Assassination Attempt on Churchill and his convoy, having prepared no less than five coordinated threats against the Prime Minister. These included: mortars, Anti-Vehicle mines, Schutzvollstrecker soldiers armed with Teufelsfeuer launchers, a Panzer III Medium Tank, and finally, an elite team of snipers under Raubvogel's personal command. In addition, Raubvogel had set up a trap for Fairburne inside of a desert oasis full of thick vegetation, where he and the German sniper team would attempt to kill him for real. Despite being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, Fairburne managed to overcome every single one of these obstacles, culminating in him and Raubvogel having their long-awaited Sniper Duel in the Moroccan oasis. Ultimately, Karl would manage to kill the Schutzvollstrecker commander with a well-placed bullet to an unarmored section of his body. Following this duel, the remaining Schutzvollstrecker soldiers were either killed or captured by Allied reinforcements, with the unit being practically destroyed. Churchill's convoy would travel undisturbed and without incident, while Fairburne would go on to claim Raubvogel's Cool Mask as a trophy for himself.
  • Despite their failure to assassinate Churchill, the Schutzvollstrecker's actions, their advanced weapons, and the skill of Raubvogel and the unit's members in combat against regular soldiers was enough for the unit to earn notice from the various Nazi Germans in the Pantheon. General Franz Vahlen in particular, who had served in the North African Campaign alongside the Schutzvollstrecker, vouched for their ascension, seeing the potential that the unit and advanced weaponry could serve under his personal command. Ultimately, the other Nazis and their close allies agreed to Vahlen's proposal, deciding to resurrect and ascend the group as a whole to do the Nazi leadership's bidding.
  • And so, during one seemingly uneventful day in the deserts of the Pantheon, the Schutzvollstrecker, still led by Raubvogel, had appeared. Sure enough, they were greeted by the aforementioned General Vahlen, who welcomed Raubvogel and his men. Accompanying Vahlen were Dr. Rene Belloq and Gestapo member Arnold Ernst Toht, both of whom were close associates of the former. The Nazi General then asked the Lieutenant Colonel and his men to follow him to the General's Temple, the Ratte Factory, where they were to explain to the newly-ascended unit about what had happened to them, and where exactly they were now. Unsurprisingly, all of the Schutzvollstrecker, Raubvogel especially, were shocked and angered upon finding out that they had indeed been killed and wiped out at the hands of Lt. Karl Fairburne, who was himself a deity lurking in the same Pantheon as they were. Vahlen then asked Raubvogel if he would be keen on helping the other Nazis in the Pantheon with their war effort against the ascended Western Allies, Soviets, and several non-aligned threats, to which the Lieutenant Colonel and all of his men present agreed, on the condition that their new allies help them track and kill Karl Fairburne.
  • Having agreed to each others' terms, the Schutzvollstrecker are officially assigned the title of Unholy Unit Of Assassination Attempts. With this, Raubvogel is formally introduced to Vahlen's superior within the Pantheon, Johann Schmidt, who immediately tells the Schutzvollstrecker leader that he is a huge fan of their work, particularly the Teufelsfeuer launcher that the unit had developed and fielded. Schmidt had assured Raubvogel that their revolutionary weapon would be put to good use and be mass produced under his supervision. The only thing that Schmidt asked for in exchange from the unit was that they serve as bodyguards for several high-ranking Nazis, in addition to continuing their jobs as elite assassins of the Nazi regime.
  • Following their official ascension and instatement into the Pantheon, their already-lethal arsenal of vehicles and weaponry are supplanted with more advanced designs, courtest of HYDRA's Dr. Arnim Zola and Nazi General Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse. Like the Valkyrie Jager, Waffen Storm Leaders, and Nazi Storm Elites before them, they receive weapons like the STG 46 and STG 60 assault rifles, upgrades to their uniforms and equipment, and additional training to make them even more competent soldiers.
    • On the topic of the aforementioned soldiers, the Schutzvollstrecker are practically on par with their Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS counterparts in terms of combat experience, skill, and even endurance, in essence being their Heer (Army) counterparts in all but name. Like the aforementioned units, the Schutzvollstrecker prove to be much harder to fight and defeat than your run-of-the-mill Nazi Mooks, as many Allied and Soviet soldiers find out the hard way.
    • In order to make up for their fewer numbers, Raubvogel begins assigning various Regular German Infantry into their ranks to serve as additional manpower and firepower. Much like the Afrika Korps members before them, these Heer Infanterie find both their leader and the soldiers under him to be rather eccentric and cold individuals, while many Schutzvollstrecker soldiers themselves see their regular Army counterparts as nothing more than glorified Cannon Fodder and auxiliaries.
  • While a number of Schutzvollstrecker soldiers in the Pantheon would go on to serve as Praetorian Guard for men like the aforementioned Franz Vahlen, Raubvogel's elite sniper team and a handful of Teufelsfeuer soldiers would remain committed to their original goal: to assassinate high-ranking Allied leaders, which now include a few Soviet officers into the mix. It's also because of this that the unit is now deployed across several new theaters of war outside of the North African one. Among their biggest priority targets now include American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, scientists such as Dr. Abraham Erskine, and Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov. Their most recent target, given to them by Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman, has been to take out the current leader of the Principality of Eylstadt, Archduchess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt. Raubvogel agrees to the challenge offered by the former Germanian Army officer ,despite the highly likely chance of being pitted against the much more powerful witch Izetta, who guards both her home country and its leader with her Undying Loyalty and life.
    • On the topic of Berkman, the Lieutenant Colonel himself has decided to join the unit as a part-time member and intelligence officer. Berkman himself has since preferred the company of Army soldiers over those of the SS (having been betrayed by his universe's version of the SS by order of Kaiser Otto) as well as seeing the unit's various deployments as a way to satisfy his own curiosity. He himself now has several Schutzvollstrecker soldiers accompanying and serving directly under him most of the time, himself having become a strategic target by several Allied agents. It's also through Berkman that Sophie is introduced to the unit and vice versa. Having realized the potential of more modern weaponry like firearms and rocket launchers following her own ascension, she asks the Schutzvollstrecker for a Teufelsfeuer launcher that she can wield herself, to which Raubvogel agrees, in exchange for her helping them distract Izetta once they enact their Assassination Attempt against Fine.
    • Targeting major Allied leaders also has one other benefit: attracting the attention of elite Allied soldiers and agents onto their trail, Karl Fairburne in particular. In essence, this would kill two birds with one stone for Raubvogel and his men, given that they've already done this to Fairburne in North Africa. Aside from Fairburne, several other major targets under this category soon emerge: Lt. Mike Powell of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, famed Nazi Hunter B.J. Blaskowicz, Captain Steve Rogers and Sgt. James Barnes of the SSR, and various Rangers hailing from Charlie and Dog Companies of the 2nd Ranger Battalion.
  • Among some of the Nazis and their allies that the Schutzvollstrecker become close with include Major Erwin Konig, himself a very skilled sniper like Raubvogel, and the Four Libertines, four Italian Fascist officials with a penchant for Cold-Blooded Torture not unlike the ones the Schutzvollstrecker performed.
    • With regards to Konig, it's Raubvogel and his elite sniper team that approach the Major first, the former asking the latter to help train his men to be even better snipers. The Major agrees, on the condition that Raubvogel and his snipers help him deal with his Arch-Enemy, the famed Soviet sniper Vasily Zaytsev, who had in fact killed Konig in the past prior to the Major's ascension. The Oberstleutnant also sees this as a possible opportunity to lure out other high-ranking or important Soviet targets, such as the aforementioned Marshal Zhukov, as well as Soviet heroes Viktor Reznov and Dimitri Petrenko (who also happen to be Zhukov's closest allies alongside Zaytsev).
    • As for the Libertines, it's the regular Schutzvollstrecker soldiers who become fascinated with their "work". Having tortured Allied prisoners for intel during the North African Campaign, they ask their new Italian allies to teach them their methods, so that they could hopefully get their captives to break and thus divulge vital intelligence at a much faster rate, lest they suffer for it and die a slow and painful death. In exchange for this, several Schutzvollstrecker soldiers also serve as bodyguards for them, not unlike the Valkyrie Jager and Waffen Storm Leaders in this regard.
  • Aside from serving as bodyguards and assassins, the unit is also given one other task: to test out some of the more advanced small weapons and ground vehicles developed and fielded by the Nazi War Machine. In essence, they're also the Heer counterpart to the Nemesis Squadron of the German Luftwaffe. Weapons issued for this unit to test include, among others, further developments of the aforementioned STG 60 line weapons, as well as more unconventional weapons like the Laserkraftwerk and Dieselkraftwerk, which are a Ray Gun and flamethrower, respectively. All originally hail from "Deathshead"'s universe, where they were issued to his universe's Nazi soldiers. With the help of the Schutzvollstrecker, Strasse hopes to continue this rearmament program to the rest of the Nazi Forces stationed in the Pantheon.
  • Despite being very competent and skilled soldiers, even they have enemies whom they are no match for. Most notable amongst them is The Doctor, who was, at one point, a very close friend of Winston Churchill, the very man the Schutzvollstrecker had tried and failed to kill. Rather than be discouraged, however, Raubvogel sees going after this particular deity as a challenge that he would willingly accept. He decides to back off on going after the Time Lord for time being, figuring that there must be a weapon that can be developed to take them out when the time is right.
Lt Karl Fairburne: "Raubvogel plans to assassinate Churchill en route to the Casablanca Convention. I don't know how many men were tortured before he learned the location of the conference. But one man broke. That's all it took. Time is of the essence. I have to make sure Churchill lives. I'll have to clear out any garrisoned troops and eliminate Raubvogel. Allied Forces will hold for a time...But not long if the Germans have spotter crews in the hills for mortars. The Germans will already have an ambush placed for his convoy. Some Teufelsfeuer launchers got through - they'll be defending the central Roman ruins. When I get to Raubvogel, I'll need to watch out for traps and every dirty trick in the book."

    Yooks and Zooks 
Yooks and Zooks, the Deities who had a Silly Reason for War
The Yook General (blue shirt) and Van Itch (Zook general with an orange shirt) about to drop the "Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo"
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A slice of bread (butter side up for the Yooks; butter side down for the Zooks)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cold War Allegory, Increasingly Powerful Weapons, Taking how they Butter their Bread very Seriously
  • Domains: War, Disagreements
  • High Priest: General Jack D. Ripper
  • Superior: Dr. Seuss
  • Enemies: Each other
  • Opposed by: Pacifists
  • Source of Amusement for: Sundowner
  • Additional Relations: The House of Weapons
  • The Yooks and Zooks are a race of bird-like creatures that are separated by a wall. The source of their ever-increasing animosity is how they butter their bread, with the Yooks preferring butter-side up and the Zooks insist on butter-side down. Such a reason for conflict may be stupid for others, but to them, it's almost a matter of life and death to the point where the generals of each side tried to one-up their opponents through a series of increasingly powerful and strange weapons. All of this culminated in the creation of the Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo, which may as well be a nuclear bomb in all but name. The generals stood atop the wall, threatening to drop it. No one can say for sure who dropped it first, but almost everyone that isn't a Yook or a Zook can agree that turning an argument about buttered bread into a full-on war is beyond stupid.
  • A debate session being held by the House of Philosophy was interrupted by a couple of uninvited guests. They indentified themselves as a Yook and a Zook and asked the debaters about buttered bread. The debaters simply looked confused about why two things would ask about bread (since the house is more focused on serious matters) and told them to go to the House of Food, which the Yook and Zook obliged. Those who were at the House of Food were simply annoyed when the Yook and Zook asked about buttered bread and insisted that they just eat in peace. Some time later, a commotion was going on and that Yook and Zook were watching as those on their sides were going at it with a variety of weapons. Almost no one took the battle seriously, but when the time came for the Yook and Zook to drop their Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo, some deities had to get some pacifists in order to convince the warring sides to stop before disaster ensued.
    • Yook and Zook were brought in to discuss things and why they would even fight over something as meaningless as buttered bread. The discussion proved to be a waste of time for those in the room who weren't a Yook and a Zook. Ultimately, the Yook and Zook were let go of that room, but they were told that while no one can truly stay dead in the Pantheon, they cannot put to use any sort of weapon that would cause widespread damage throughout the Pantheon (like the Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo). The Yook and Zook begrudgingly listened to that request, but they still went on with their pointless war, much to the dismay of most (especially for the pacifists that had to stop them from fighting initially).
  • Both sides always tried to one-up the other by bringing in weapons that are guaranteed to give them a victory in a given battle. It didn't take long for them to find out that there was an entire section of the Pantheon dedicated to housing weapons (and a separate section where weapons are made). Given that neither side is allowed to directly visit the The Great Treasury (specifically the Armory), the most they can do is look at various weapons in action and see how it can benefit them, in addition to the already-existing weapons they themselves use. With the exception of the Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo, the weapons of the Yooks and Zooks aren't really deadly.
    • Members of both sides have made a handful of visits to the House of Weapons as well, mainly to see some of the weapons that are possible to use in their conflict. According to house members, they usually only see one Yook or Zook at any given interval and not at the same time. Some house members are simply unable to take either side and their conflict seriously, though.
  • It's not just the pacifists who are annoyed with the Yooks and Zooks' antics; a number of deities who don't see anything positive with war are not amused with anything that happens to these two sides.
  • Putting aside the fact that they are constantly trying to prove that eating buttered bread one way is the correct way, none of the Yooks and Zooks aren't actively malicious towards other deities (though there's a few that they wouldn't want to meet). Some, pacifists in particular, wish that both sides would just be friendly to each other overall and not allow a simple way of eating something get in the way of other meaningful activities that don't involve weapons.
  • As far as anyone is aware of, both sides apparently have a number of ordinary citizens, a mayor, a group of scientists in charge of coming up with weapons, and generals who utilize said weapons against the opposition. It's hard to say whether or not each side has some other trick besides better weapons to hinder their opposition.
  • Of all the deities who even care about their senseless conflict, the Yooks and Zooks ended up getting the attention of Sundowner, who seemed to enjoy their conflict, much to the disapproval of the two species, especially considering how much of a psychopath he is. He even offered (through visting both sides on separate intervals) to help them defeat the other through his weapons, but none of the Yooks and Zooks want any of that, instead largely preferring the weapons they themselves designed. It hasn't stopped Sundowner from watching their war whenever he's bored.
    • As for the other weapons dealers, they haven't really bothered to pay attention to all this. At most there will be a few chuckles from someone like Roman Torchwick and maybe a conversation or two about how to one-up the other side, but that's about it.
  • The GUAD, of all alliances, has taken a slight interest in their minor war and has hoped that it will end with not just the destruction of both sides, but everything else due to the sides having created a powerful-enough weapon to ensure total dominance. None of the Yooks and Zooks have taken this approval well and made it a point to simply ignore the alliance no matter what.
  • Dr. Seuss prefers not to get himself involved in a conflict as meaningless as the one the Yooks and Zooks are involved in. He did say that he prefers to butter the crust of his bread instead of how either side butters it, though.
  • None of them care about the fact that all toasters toast toast. No one else is certain if they toasted their bread before as all of the Yooks and Zooks have talked about in terms of toast is how it should be buttered.


    Wiz and Boomstick 
Wizard and Boomstick, Judges of The Gods Fighting Among Themselves (Wiz and Boomstick)
Wiz (left) and Boomstick (right)
  • Quasideities, but with the authority of Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Death Battle Logo, Boomstick's "Cutie Mark" of a bottle of booze, crossed by two shotguns.
  • Theme Song: Wiz and Boomstick
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pitting Gods Against Each Other in the Ring, Equalizing Opponents to a Degree, Tricking People, Contrasting Personalities, Trying to be Fair and Sometimes Failing
  • Domains: War, Competition, Combat, Reality TV, Fun, Knowledge
  • Followers: The casts of Deadliest Warrior, Jurassic Fight Club, and Death Battle Equestria
  • Most Legendary Battles:
  • Most Controversial Battles:
  • Rivals: EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter
  • Supported by: Teseo {Grimoired Seven}
  • Opposed by: Mr. Rogers, Link, Himura Kenshin, Bowser, M. Bison, 9-volt and 18-volt, Captain Martin Walker, Aang, Katara, The Elric Brothers
  • Complicated Relationships: Sarge (Boomstick's father)
  • Ignored by: Captain Planet
  • What if Character X from Series A fought Character Y from Series B? Who would win that one? A question repeatedly asked any time two similar popular characters from separate works exist. With the advent of the Internet, many have taken it upon themselves to figure out hypothetical answers to these questions after researching the feats, strengths, and weaknesses of these characters, and put a vision to life as to how these battles would play out. Of these, Screw Attack's Death Battle, hosted by the stoic scientist Wizard and the loud alcoholic Boomstick, would gain absolute infamy with the people.
    • Despite Deadliest Warrior technically coming first in cross-culture fighting, it was deemed that Wiz and Boomstick were "just more fun." Therefore, the hosts of Death Battle were deified and allowed to practice their wares in the Pantheon. Despite this, DW hosts Geoff Desmoulin, Armand Dorian, and Richard "Mack" Machowicz want the Pantheon to review their decision as they felt Wiz and Boomstick lacked the proper X-Factors to be judges. This has gone unheeded thus far.
  • Wiz and Boomstick have thus far involved over a hundred deified and un-deified characters in matches so far. They take requests from the Pantheon, but they try to be as fair as possible in setting up the matches.
  • A moral conundrum exists in that these are supposed to be fights to the death, yet they often pit heroic and virtuous characters who would not kill unless necessary against each other with the same fervor as they do villainous characters who have no such qualms. This practice would be controversial... if not for the fact that their fights are by and large battle simulations. What usually happens is one of two things:
    1. The contestants actively partake in the simulation via one of Wiz's prearranged battlefields, so their "death" is automatically undone shortly after the fight is over; still, they do feel some residual pain from the event. This is usually what happens when you get two contestants who are both normally non-lethal fighters on the side of good, or already friends or allies of some sort.
    2. Some interns working for them capture footage of a real conflict and allow it to play out naturally, recording it for the sake of the hosts so they can adapt it through their automatic simulator as well as the proper authorities if need be. This is especially likely to be the case when the battles are good versus evil. On that note, they have two protocols depending on whether a killing blow is achieved.
      1. If the conflict ends fatally, it gets reported to both the Houses of Life and Death, who would then have to find and resurrect the loser, and the Court of the Gods, to potentially adopt a disciplinary resolution based on how the fight started. Per an agreement with the authorities, the hosts will wait until after these steps are taken before adapting and using the footage.
      2. If a clear winner emerges but leaves their opponent breathing, the simulator will identify said winner prior to that decision, allowing the hosts to cut it out of the footage if necessary, then create its own conclusion with a killing blow depicted so they can still put the battle in their catalog.
    3. Otherwise, simulations of the characters are used in a simulated environment, and the the video is broadcast like their other episodes. As a side effect, this may at least draw attention of the two "used" for the battle.
    • Still, their champion, Fred Rogers, refuses to condone their actions in prolonging these "glorified gladiator games". Wiz and Boomstick for their part just ignore him. After all, putting him in the ring to fight is pointless, since he did ascend through the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, which somehow makes him immune to this type of thing.
  • Many consider their work in pitting Superman against Son Goku to be their earliest crowning achievement given that these were the ultimate iconic heroes of American and Japanese media. Though in a similar but more memetic vein, being able to orchestrate a fight between Chuck Norris and Segata Sanshiro recorded in advance as their means of ascension gave that a run for its money from the moment it was even rumored.
  • Despite being low in power, their authority is unmistakable; sometimes it seems as though nobody would dare argue with these guys when they go to drag a god into one of their controlled rings. There's usually a temporary power boost or small prize involved for the winner, they often take advantage of situations that are already there, and there are special properties to their work, but that doesn't fully explain it. Occasionally, however, this authority has been undermined or subverted, with Pinkie Pie and Deadpool being a unique example.
  • Boomstick sometimes gets into trouble around the House. Link in particular isn't too happy he called him a fairy. Because of this, Kenshin is hoping that he is not called upon for any future Death Battles.
  • Recently, Boomstick has been looking around the Houses of Weapons and The Great Treasury to look for weapons and such to add into a list of greatest weapons in video games.
    • When he isn't busy with the above or his deific labor, Boomstick occasionally patrols the House of Music under the premise of "hunting annoying tween popstars". He wants to make damn certain that a particular "musical abomination" never gets inside.
    • However, he gains the respect of the other Justin, one who's named Timberlake.
  • Bowser has some hate for Wizard, who has once dissected one of his Goombas.
  • Nobody could understand just how Boomstick can successfully compare Master Bison to Captain Planet, of all people. He has earned Bison's eternal hate for that. No comment from Planet, though.
  • When they had announced that they were bringing Godzilla in for a Death Battle against one of his followers, Gamera, everyone in the Pantheon looked in fear. To be fair, if a mad scientist college student and a perverted loudmouth trucker start telling everyone they can somehow corral two giant Kaiju into a controlled fight and somehow it won't end in disaster… yeah, nobody's buying that. Luckily, Teseo wanted to see it, so he used Hack the Planet to have the two connected into a digital city constructed by Wiz as they slept, effectively inducing the fight as a shared dream. The King of the Monsters ultimately defended his title, overpowering the giant turtle. When Gamera later ascended with his own temple, Boomstick was quick to boast and take credit on his and Wiz's behalf.
  • Nearly brought about the destruction of the Pantheon (again) during the Ragna vs. Sol battle when the copy of Ragna they summoned to fight Sol lost control and transformed into the Black Beast during the battle. It was only by Sol using full Gear mode did they prevent a full-on catastrophe from happening, but Sol is exasperated at the fact that Boomstick believes he won only because "he had more belts."
    • After Dante ended up being defeated by a white-coated super-clone of Ragna in under a minute, Wiz and Boomstick have gone on record stating that they don't know how it happened. Wiz's words in private seem to indicate that it was a test subject for the final battle that got scrapped, but it got too powerful just to dispose of quietly. Rumor has it they're hiding him as a sort of bodyguard and last-resort in case some gods or mortals start getting uppity about "unfair" results.
  • After the results of the conflict between Yang and Tifa, Boomstick was spotted asking Team RWBY about real estate availability in Vale, preferably as close to the city wall's gate as possible. No word back about his potential retirement home.
  • Wiz and Boomstick's fights, no matter the method, also seemingly tend to "level" the playing field by equalizing their opponents' capabilities to a degree, as well as bending them according to the team's research. This causes consternation when a contestant perceived to be weaker, or, more accurately, a contestant from a seemingly weaker franchise, manages to beat their rival from a stronger franchise. Take Bayonetta's Death Battle with Dante, for example. While its first point of notoriety came from the assistance of their allies Jeanne and Trish jumping in, the first time such a thing has ever been done… Dante skewering Madama Butterfly before blowing up the Umbra Witch caused consternation with many of Bayonetta's supporters, including some of Death Battle's behind the scenes researchers, who all claimed that Bayonetta was leagues stronger than Dante based on things such as the kind of threats they'd each faced. However, Dante's supporters would point out that his specialty is killing powerful demons and he has even defeated lords of hell — exactly the kind of demons Bayonetta summons in her work — and that Bayonetta's victories over Jubileus and Loptr came with help via tandem summons. Bayonetta, for her part, would sulk about how the hosts wouldn't let her go back and retrieve her specialized angel weapons before the fight.
  • Pretty much everyone in the Pantheon "Oh'd" in surprise when they learned that Boomstick's dad is Sarge. In hindsight, it made so much sense.
  • In one of their latest Death Battles, they roped Deadpool back in for a fight, and this time pitted him against Pinkie Pie. Much to their consternation, putting two fourth-wall breakers turned out to be a bad idea, since they decided to break out of the hosts' Greater God authority and screw them over and ended their battle with a party. Roping in the Merc With a Mouth on his birthday probably didn't help.
    • After learning that a Cutie Mark is a "butt tattoo" you get when you find your special talent, Boomstick claims that he too got one, after waking up with a tattoo of a bottle booze crossed with two shotguns. When Wiz tried to point out that this is not what happened, he countered that booze and guns do define his life.
  • When The Fullmetal Alchemist and The Last Airbender discovered that their first encounter got doctored into a Death Battle with Aang killing Edward, they were appropriately horrified. Both are clear good guys who value human life, yet still somehow got hot-tempered enough over petty noise that Aang entered the Avatar State to defeat Ed. In the real version of events, Aang intended to subdue Ed by sealing off his alchemy temporarily, and even then was talked down by Katara and Alphonse arriving in the nick of time. Needless to say, after seeing that, none of the four are big fans, although Wiz admitting Aang would hardly kill anyone in canon did at least leave him some saving grace with Katara.
  • Eventually took things to the next level with the Death Battle between Nightwing and Daredevil, where Wizard was able to forge a live-action simulation field for the contestants to fight in. Even Boomstick was thoroughly surprised at this new invention. As for the results, it was deduced that Nightwing proved superior, even if only barely.
  • Apparently, Wiz has a crush on Prince Zuko, of all people. Zuko's not entirely comfortable with that.
  • Boomstick really doesn't like Goro, largely because the Shokan Prince reminds him of the four-armed man his ex-wife left him for. Goro has No Sympathy for Boomstick, stating that he doesn't deserve to have a wife if he wastes himself on booze and gluttony instead.
  • Wiz: "It's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!"