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This is the house where every aspect of war can be found, ranging from large scale wars to the simple acts of violence.

Given that this is the place where war and violence are at its finest, pacifist tend to stay far away from here, even when not everyone here means harm.

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    Jubileus and Queen Sheba 
Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Divine Representatives of Conflict between Paradiso and Inferno (Jubileus: actual name unpronounceable, Dea, The Creator)
Queen Sheba
  • Overdeities (Jubileus borders Greater Goddess when improperly resurrected)
  • Symbols:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Jubileus), Chaotic Neutral (Queen Sheba)
  • Portfolio: Celestial Gods, Heaven and Hell, Both Being Morally Dubious, Magic Is Evil, Being Gigantic, Implied To Be Two Halves Of One Being
  • Domains: Power, Divinity, Magic (Both), Order, Light, Angels, Heaven (Jubileus), Chaos, Darkness, Demons, Hell (Queen Sheba)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Each other and each other's allies, Rodin, Dante Sparda, Vergil, Kat (DmC), Dante Alighieri, Archangel Michael, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Sargeras, Merged Zamasu
  • Complicated Relationship: Ten Commandments
  • Jubileus and Queen Sheba both emerged from the cataclysmic events of the First Armageddon, which created the Trinity of Realities. Jubileus was subsequently forced into dominion over Paradiso, while Queen Sheba became the ruler of Inferno. However, Jubileus was also put into an endless slumber. Knowing that releasing her from her slumber would trigger a reunification of the Trinity of Realities and allow Paradiso to rule over the universe, the Angels of Paradiso and the Demons of Inferno began an endless war for domination over one another.
  • Ultimately, Jubileus was awakened through the actions of Father Balder and the Angels. However, Bayonetta was freed from Jubileus by Jeanne during the ritual, preventing her from reaching full power. Bayonetta and Jeanne then managed to summon Queen Sheba, who subsequently used her power to punch Jubileus' spirit from her body through the solar system and straight into the sun. Afterwards, Jubileus' physical vessel fell to Earth and was destroyed by Bayonetta and Jeanne, leaving no trace of it behind.
  • Applies to both:
    • Jubileus and Queen Sheba ascended into the pantheon through the machinations of Father Balder and Satan, the former hoping that Jubileus' ascension would eventually lead to a new Armageddon and the latter seeing her as a useful ally for the GUAL. However, as explained by The Truth, the angels and demons of their world reflect light and darkness as natural elements rather than good and evil and either one overpowering the other would bring about an imbalance and oppress the humans. As a result, Queen Sheba ascended alongside Jubileus and, much to their shared annoyance, the two were forced to share a temple.
    • Both of them share a mutual enmity with Rodin, the famed weaponsmith and Fallen Angel who had previously ruled a portion of Paradiso until he was exiled, became feared as the most dangerous demon in the entire barren wasteland of Inferno and still frequently visits Inferno in order to collect the souls of its denizens to use them in making his weapons. Jubileus is appalled that one of her angels had turned against his own kind and, due to his massive power, wants to eliminate him in order to prevent him from potentially trying to usurp her. However, Sheba, although she doesn't like him either, prefers to ignore and avoid him, as she knows that he has no desire to usurp her. She also doesn't particularly care about the demons that he kills during his visits to Inferno, as it's very common and expected among the demons to kill and even eat one another on a regular basis.
    • Unsurprisingly, the Sons of Sparda oppose both of them. Dante opposes Jubileus due to how she and her angels disregard and outright abuse humanity in order to win their war against the demons and bring about their rule. Vergil, on the other hand, has merely remarked that Jubileus' usual condition makes her an ineffective and unworthy ruler and that Paradiso doesn't offer anything that he or even humanity would deem desirable. By contrast, their opinion of Queen Sheba is slightly better, albeit only in the sense that they like that she doesn't pretend to be virtuous. Sheba herself has shown an interest in them because she suspects that they are the sons of a certain Legendary Dark Knight and an Umbra Witch named Eva, who had previously faced the amassed armies of Inferno.
    • Through the existence of Kat's timeline, they're both aware that angels and demons could potentially mate to create hybrids called Nephilim. Neither is particularly fond of this due to the Wild Card nature of the Nephilim. They carry the powers of both Paradiso and Inferno with no incentive to be loyal to either side, making them a threat to both realms who will choose their targets depending on who oppresses their lives or obstructs their interests. Take the Nephilim versions of Dante and Vergil, for example. Living in a world dominated by a demonic conspiracy led by a banker version of Mundus, one is an antisocial hedonist who turns into a rebel on the side of the humans and the other is a Control Freak who will destroy the demons' control grid just so he can take the throne for himself. Kat herself was cynical about angels in general and very much against most demons even before learning of Paradiso and Inferno's true nature, considering the demons' dominance in her world as well as the treachery of Nephilim Vergil.
    • The poet Dante Alighieri strongly dislikes both of them, but especially Jubileus due to the fact that, like YHVH, he views her as a black-hearted mockery of the Christian God. Sheba respects Dante's ability to fight his way through Hell and eventually return, but nonetheless doesn't view him as much of a threat.
    • Their shared enemies include the Archangel Michael and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, who refuse to swear fealty to Jubileus and oppose Sheba on sheer principle. Michael and the Virtues disapprove of Jubileus' goal and disregard for humanity's free will, with the Virtues in particular remarking that she reminds them of an alternate reality in which God decided to destroy Earth and Hell.
    • Other common enemies include Sargeras and Merged Zamasu, both of whom desire to create a better world by killing everyone. Jubileus hates them for standing in the way of her plans and is especially annoyed by Zamasu's assessment that her goal to merge the Trinity of Realities into one world ruled by her and her angels is not sufficient and should at least include the complete extermination of all sentient mortal life. Sheba, meanwhile, views Sargeras as a potential threat to her title, as he is not only strong enough to pose a challenge to her, but has also managed to gather a sizable army of demons to his side. Fortunately for her, many of the demons regard his goal to destroy the universe as being too extreme even by their standards. On the hand, Zamasu hates Sheba because he regards her as an abomination due to her demonic nature.
    • Their interactions with the elite demon warriors known as the Ten Commandments are somewhat complicated, mostly due to Estarossa/Mael. When Sheba first encountered them, she gave them an offer to join her. Fraudrin, Galand, Grayroad and Melascula made it clear that their loyalty belongs exclusively to the Demon King, but that they're otherwise willing to work together with her. Zeldris, Derieri and Monspeet were a lot more willing to join her, as their loyalty to the Demon King has either diminished or even outright vanished. Drole and Gloxinia, being a giant and a fairy respectively, declined her offer due to not wanting to serve another Demon Monarch again. Estarossa, surprisingly, accepted her offer without much hesitation, seeing it as an opportunity to acquire more power for himself. Sheba is well aware of his thirst for power and unstable mindset, but deems him to be useful enough to keep around as an ally. However, when it was revealed that Estarossa is actually the Archangel Mael, it strongly dismayed Sheba and drew the attention of Jubileus, who approached Mael with an offer to join her in exchange for helping him find a way to avoid turning back into Estarossa. However, he rejected her offer because he doesn't want to repeat the mistakes he made when he served the Supreme Goddess, much to Jubileus' annoyance.
  • Exclusive to Jubileus:
    • Although YHVH was greatly annoyed by Balder's deception and brief insurrection, he was pleased by the possibility of gaining another ally for the GUAL. However, her improperly resurrected form makes her of little use to them. As a result, the GUAL started looking for methods of restoring her to full power. After a while, they successfully found several methods of fully restoring her. Unfortunately, none of their methods have managed to be permanent, and she always ends up reverting back to being a mindless, uncontrollable force of nature. To make matters more complicated, Jubileus' true personality was revealed to be equivalent to that of a self-absorbed, typical sixteen-year-old human. As a result, Jubileus tends to not get along with YHVH, as she generally doesn't tolerate anyone other than herself being Top God.
    • Aside from YHVH, Jubileus tends to butt heads with The Love that Moves the Stars, Eru Illúvatar and Chakravartin, as they are all similarly creator deities. She dislikes the Highest Joy and Eru Illúvatar for seemingly being rather passive, allowing evil to persist rather than trying to eradicate it outright. On the other hand, her rivalry with Chakravartin is a bit more amicable due to the fact that she initially ascended as one of his followers before she and Queen Sheba were given their own shared temple. Also, among the GUAL, Jubileus generally manages to get along with Galeem, who shares her goal of imposing order upon others and similarly desires to defeat his own dark counterpart.
    • Jubileus has managed to become allies with Jibril and Malthael, although neither has explicitly sworn fealty to her. Jibril isn't really interested in Jubileus' goal, but is willing to work for her in exchange for books and the opportunity to once again kill something. Malthael, on the other hand, fully supports her goal and is very dedicated in their common battle against the demons.
    • Jubileus has a strong dislike for angels that outright oppose her and her goals. As such, she quickly became enemies with Seraph Lamington, Flonne, Artina, Tyrael and Auriel. The fact that Lamington wishes to create peace between angels and demons, Flonne inadvertently became a Fallen Angel by helping Laharl become Overlord and Tyrael gave up being an angel altogether in order to aid humanity directly is something she finds particularly appalling.
  • Exclusive to Queen Sheba:
    • Queen Sheba quickly sought to establish herself as the undisputed ruler of all Demons. Fortunately for her, most of her rivals are either weaker than her, such as Mundus and Fortinbras, or are not in any position to effectively oppose her, such as Dis. As a result, her position as ruler of demonkind is relatively secure. However, she has received critisim for her rather hands-off-approach to her title, seemingly content to let the demons do as they please and fight among themselves for supremacy. Many lesser demons who are disgruntled with her lack of initiative have instead sworn fealty to her rivals, resulting in Mundus and Frotinbras forming their own factions and even Dis having many loyal followers who are willing to carry out any orders given to them by the Dolorous One.
    • Many of the gods have speculated that her seemingly apathetic approach to leadership is because, in order to maintain the Balance Between Good and Evil, the demons cannot overtake the angels or vice-versa. As such, due to Jubileus being rendered inactive for long periods of time, Sheba cannot get too involved either as that would upset the balance. It is similarly believed that she allows the demons to fight amongst themselves in order to prevent them from potentially forming an alliance against her.
    • When approached by Lucifer with an offer to join the GUAC, Sheba accepted and has since provided the GUAC with her army of demons. However, she has also received criticism for not taking a more active role in their alliance, which she generally shrugs off.
    • One day, she was approached by the demon Crowley, who, due to his prior experience as King of Hell, offered his services to her as her second-in-command, allowing her to issue orders to the demons who are still loyal to her without having to get personally involved. Although Sheba is well aware of the fact that Crowley isn't particularly loyal to her, she accepted his offer due to the convenience that it offers to her and the fact that she doesn't regard Crowley as a threat to her.
    • Sheba also managed to gain an ally in the Devil of Inkwell Isles, who shares the common goal of many demons to make deals with people. However, his reason for joining her is mainly due to his realization that she is much stronger than him.
    • Asmodeus tried to strike up a partnership with Sheba by proposing that they could rule over the demons together, pointing out that he was similarly a primeval demonic entity who was born alongside a good counterpart, his brother Ihys, whom he eventually killed. However, Sheba rejected his offer not only because she couldn't stand his unrepentant misogyny, but also because she regards his frequent Loophole Abuse as something that would deter people from making deals with them. She allowed Crowley, on her behalf, to make their case:
    Crowley: "We have one rule: make a deal, keep it. There's a reason we don't call our chips in early; consumer confidence. This isn't Wall Street. This is Hell! We have a little something called integrity. This gets out who'll deal with us? Nobody! Then where are we?!"
    • Dismayed and annoyed, Asmodeus has since formed his own faction of demons and desires to one day overthrow Sheba and prove that he is superior to her.
    • Other enemies of Sheba include the Archangel Imperius and Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage. Imperius, although not an ally of Jubileus, is nonetheless extremely towards killing demons and anyone with demon blood. Similarly, Illidan's dedication towards hunting and killing demons is so strong that he was eventually banished from the House of Demons entirely in order to prevent further damage. Sheba has aknowledged both of them as legitimate threats and has fought them on several occasions since.
  • Their temple has two doors, the other being in the House of Faith.

    Yuji Sakai 
Yuji Sakai, Canceller of the Apocalypse (Snake of the Festival, Silver the Srcond, World-Wandering Ascetic, Yu-Chan.
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Midnight Lost Child, Blutsauger sword, Bakuyagai armor
  • Theme Music: Le Serpent De Ceremonie
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero/Anti-Villain, Fallen Hero, Tragic Villain, Protagonist Journey to Villain, MacGuffin Super Person, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Good All Along, Messianic Archetype, Cancelling the apocalypse, Representing Enlightenment, Saviors, Byronic Hero, The Extremist Was Right, The Atoner
  • Domains: War, Mercy, Cruelty, Leadership, Despair, Harsh Truths, Pragmatism, Peace, Rebirth, Creation
  • Followers: Renya Kagurazaka
  • Allies: Shana, Shirou Emiya, Setsuna F. Seiei, Raiden, Kiritsugu Emiya, Martin Walker, Madoka Kaname, Rin Tohsaka, Archer, Hakumen, Sol Badguy, Mako Mori and Raleigh Beckett, Booker DeWitt, Lelouch Lamperouge
  • Former Allies: Homura Akemi (after the "Great Upheaval"), Master Chief (due to his stalwart defense and support of Homura)
  • Enemies: The Millennium, The GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Yuuki Terumi), the Incubators, Griffith, Zamasu, Nyarlathotep, Justice, Darkseid, Dio Brando, Sosuke Aizen, Enricco Pucci, Vanilla Ice, Khorne, YHVH, Ragyo Kiryuin, Shinnok
  • Ascended to the Pantheon for discovering a way how to end a war that has raged for millennia that would eventually end humanity by creating a duplicate world where the Denizens can live without having to consume humans to survive.
  • Being an Anthropomorphic Personification of ending long-running wars, he found enmity with many evil Gods who promoted the warmongering and bringing forth the Apocalypse, such as Yuuki Terumi, Darkseid, Johann Schmidt, and The Millennium.
  • Seeing his actions and goals, The God-Emperor of Mankind is impressed by this newcommer, as his Crimson Denizens fought the good fight much like his followers
  • He and Madoka Kaname are known to be friends due to their goals rectifying the very laws of physics. Because of this Madoka doesn't want to fight him; not to mention she finds the stories of his world interesting.
  • Is essentially considered to be the equal and opposite force of Khorne, earning the enmity from the latter.
  • Rumors say that his favorite catchphrase is "How well have you matured!".
  • The Chaos Gods of The Void are even more worried than they were with Madoka Kaname.
    • Even more so with Tzeentch. The fact that Yuji and the Crimson Denizens inputed the rule the Flame Hazes created that completely prohibits the Crimson Denizens from consuming humans as part of the creation of Xanadu, as well as bringing forth peace between the Crimson Denizens and Flame Hazes as a result of Xanadu's creation and his ascension is testament to that.
    • That being said, he is seen by the Imperium as the solution to finally end the war in their world, though he has to deal with problems in his own world.
  • Finding out that Tzeentch was the one responsible for the Flame Hazes and Crimson Denizens fighting against each other because of him manipulating the Flame Hazes by telling them that the Great Binding Chain was an act that the Snake of the Festival made in order to fuel his interests in destroying them all in one shot has left... an impression on him.
  • His act of cancelling the impending Apocalypse from occuring was what likely inspired Guillermo del Toro to create Pacific Rim, since both Yuji's and the protagonists of the film's goals involve cancelling the Apocalypse. The end result is that he unintentionally brought Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori into the Pantheon.
  • He's kind of disturbed with Yukiteru Amano due to their voice caused by a 2-year-long delay. Even if he isn't evil, his status with a Batshit Crazy Yandere still creeps him off. He's also quite disturbed and disgusted with Sosuke Aizen, Encrico Pucci, and Vanilla Ice due to their voice, especially with how evil the former is and the latter two being affiliated with Dio Brando.
  • He's trying to atone by seeking help with Xanadu, who is teaching the Denizens how to co-exist peacefully with the humans, which led to his spiritual enlightenment.
  • Has found a kindred spirit in Raiden and Captain Martin Walker, especially with regards to their shared moments of desperation and insanity. He cannot, however, forgive Walker for his more reprehensible acts.
  • Is friends with Kiritsugu Emiya and Setsuna F. Seiei, due to having the similar views on war.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Prophecy and recently ascended to the Main House.
  • He severed ties with Homura Akemi, however, after witnessing the "Great Upheaval" and hearing the following news about it. After hearing that Kyubey was responsible for bringing back the Witch system, he has declared him his biggest enemy, moreso than Tzeentch.
  • Also resides in the Main House.


Greater Gods

    Shou Zama 
Shou Zama, Divine Soldier of Conflicts Forcibly Involving Another World (Show Zama, Shion Zaba (his reincarnation))
  • Rank: Greater God (especially with the ability to open the Aura Road and in Hyper Mode)
  • Symbol: The Dunbine, later the Billbine, Bellvine, and Sirbine
  • Theme Song: Fly Dunbine by MIQ, Guardian Diety~Sirbine~
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domains: Isekai, Fantasy, Fairies, Mecha, Interdimensional Travel and Conflicts
  • Pantheon: Fighting Wars That Dragged in Upper Earth, Japanese Delinquent (Caused by Issues with Family), Knight in Shining Armor, Wielder of Advanced Weaponry Made From Direbeasts, Powers Weapons With Aura, Having Fairy Co-Pilots, Flowers of Romance Leading To Complicated Relationships And Destined Love Relationships, Hyper Mode, Continuously Rescuing Love Interests in Distress, Unintentionally Destroying The Battlefield (until he controls his Hyper Mode), Reincarnation Romance, Saved By His Friends, Subject of Mutual Death
  • Heralds: Cham Huau, the Zelana crew (Marvel Frozen, Nie Given, Keen Kiss), Riml Luft, Queen Ciela Lapana of Na, King Foizon (and later Queen Elle) of Lao, Selike Mau, Todd Guinness (at least as a Friendly Rival)
  • Followers: Every non-ascended isekai character ever known, except perhaps Ernesti.
  • Allies: Amuro Ray, Setsuna F. Seiei, Banagher Links, The Magic Knights, Luke Skywalker, Naofumi Iwatani, Kirito and Asuna, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Commander Torque, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Tinkerbell, Oberon, Titania, Puck, Betilla, Toothiana, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, Reimu Hakurei, Rinnosuke Morichika, Steve Rogers, Sanger Zonvolt
  • Enemies: The Black Knight, The Trix, Lord Arktivus Brevon, Sheev Palpatine, anyone in the house of Hatred, Megatron, Starscream, Unicron, Charles Zi Britannia, The Fairy Godmother, "Bandit" Keith Howard
  • Mixed Relationships: The 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Conrad S. Hauser, America
  • Odd Friendship: Himeko and Chikane
  • Pities: The (other) Black Knight
  • Pitied By: Charlotte Dunois (out of sympathy), Ladybug and Cat Noir (out of disappointment)
  • Pursued By: Cecilia Alcott, Yukari Yakumo, Cirno, Aya Shameimaru, Nitori Kawashiro, Patchouli Knowledge
  • Respected by: Artoria Pendragon, Sailor Moon
  • Rivals: Char Aznable, Anakin Skywalker (as Darth Vader), Suzaku Kururugi (at least until his Heel–Face Turn)
  • Shou Zama was a motorcyclist who had troubles with his family since his mother was more concerned about financial success than her own son. One night during a failed attempt to jump over a car, he gets mysteriously teleported in Byston Well, the land in between the land and sea, where souls from his world (called Upper Earth) came to rest in a cycle of reincarnation. He is enlisted by Drake Luft, a lower noble who has been summoning Upper Earthlings to join his army. Despite the amazingly kind hospitality, his eyes were later opened by Marvel Frozen, another Upper Earthling from Dallas. Shou learns that Drake intends to bring all of Byston Well under his control with his new Aura Machines, prompting him to join the Zelana. The crew is operated by the House of Given, whose surviving heir desires revenge for the death of his parents.
  • His quest to stop Drake have earned the fame and reputation among many in Byston Well, including the royals of Na and Lao. Queen Ciela Lapana found him worthy of using Na's most powerful Aura Battlers, which became his main unit until his death. However, he also made many enemies, especially Todd Guinness from Boston, Shot Weapon from Silicon Valley, and a mysterious Black Knight who seeks to defeat him at any cost (and he does via Mutual Kill, at least in their first Final Battle).
  • Shou's ascension to the Pantheon does not come from his warfare experience in Byston Well (though he's annoyed that he wasn't) but outside of it. The first moment was when he accidentally opened the Aura Road that teleported him and another Aura Battler back to his hometown. The end result was over a million deaths when Aura weapons were shown to be at least ten times more powerful than in Byston Well and leveled the district of Shinjuku. Shou was ousted by his family when they denounce him as an alien and he used the Aura Road to flee from the authorities.
    • Fortunately, and unfortunately, this experience helped him when Byston Well undergoes a Mass Teleportation. Right after he promised to the fairy goddesses, the Ae Ferario, to get rid of all the Aura Machines, everyone was then transported into Upper Earth. Warfare broke out all over the globe, nuclear weapons were used liberally, and the death toll on Upper Earth reached over tens of millions (perhaps even more). Unwilling to have a repeat of the previous incident, he rallied the forces of Lao, the forces of Na,!and the crew of the Zelana in hopes of stopping the war before Upper Earth was either conquered by Drake or outright annihilated.
  • After many skirmishes, and with help from the Upper Earth armies, he succeeded in stopping Drake, but nearly everyone including himself from Byston Well disappeared as a result of the peace. The only survivor was Cham Huau, who told the story onboard the USS Enterprise as she recovered before disappearing without a trace.
  • Shou would be reborn 700 years later as Shion Zaba, a regular hunter who was kidnapped to serve the army of another Black Knight. Selkie Mau, a former Ae Ferario during the Drake Wars who is now a Mi Ferario, helped him escape and they stole the Aura Battler Sirbine. He used his weapon's new power to save the reincarnation of Drake's daughter, defeat the Black Knight, and stop his supporter, who sought death and revenge after the Drake Wars.
  • Amuro was surprised to find Shou as his long lost cousin. It came as a coincidence that he shares just as many rivals via Black Knight clones as Amuro does Char Clone ones.
    • Second in line is Setsuna. The concept of Byston Well screws with his mind as he does not believe gods exist. However, they agree to the concept of ending wars and destroying all Aura Machines.
    • Next in line is Banagher, whose power also relies on his emotions. Shou wonders if Banagher's Unicorn could match that of Queen Ceila’s Guran Galan.
  • Speaking of lost relatives, Shou is the unknown ancestor to most of those Trapped in Another World or experienced similar situations. He's existed longer than even Kirito and Asuna, one of the starting few popular heroes of the trope. He has instructed each such hero to ensure they fight the wars in the fashion the correct way, with varied results. He has one troubling student who reminds him well of Shot Weapon.
    • One of his more recently ascended students was Naofumi Iwatani, who has been busy fighting off enemies from other worlds via the Waves of Catastrophe. He's been spending time seeking out who's responsible for the attacks, even when Naofumi ascends higher than him as an Overdiety.
  • Another long-lost ally is the THE SWORD THAT SMITES EVIL! And their alliance never wavered ever since.
  • As someone who wishes to destroy twisted feelings of hatred and malice, Shou is a natural enemy of those within the House of Hatred. From his experience, hatred is a primary source of twisted Aura that seeks to bring destruction on those he holds dear.
  • Likewise, almost any Black Knight is also Shou's rival. The need for "almost" is necessary thanks one specific knight what would make the others facepalm themselves. It goes for every Char Clone and Darth Vader Clone.
    • That said, the non-dark armored Black Knight he rivals is Suzaku Kururugi, for being originally Japanese but taking European knight traditions. That is until Suzaku finally gets over his issues and becomes a literal Black Knight, this time as one for justice.
  • The heroes of Avalace have fought wars that forcibly involved their world for a long time, which naturally be them Shou's companions. They do, however, wonder about the potency of Aura in their world should such machines enter their world.
  • Optimus Prime and the other Autobots have a relationship with Shou as long as their experience in fighting wars that dragged Earth into them. For that reason, Shou has been helping them behind the scenes in fighting the Deceptions and their overlords.
  • Shou has a special relationship with those who combine mecha with fantasy elements. The most prominent ones are:
    • Himeko and Chikane: They are both parts of a Reincarnation Romance, although Shou's relationships are more heterosexual. Ironically, Shou's Reincarnation Romance with Riml was purely accidental when he gave her Polopoise flowers. Shou merely blushes since his only love at the time was Marvel, not knowing the flowers meant "I will love only you forever." That doesn't stop them from becoming friends and fighting their enemies, whether it be the Drake Army or the Orochi.
    • The Magic Knights: Both were summoned to an alternate world with mecha, with nothing being as they seem and are able to travel their worlds freely as long as they have their mecha and enough Heroic Willpower.
      • Hikaru seeks to become a "Battler" like Shou and shares his same kind of justice. Their relationship grew even stronger when they fought side-by-side in Super Robot Wars T.
      • Umi was not going to stand around and watch the Drake Army wreck her home, being more angered at Drake's subordinate for blowing up her hometown.
      • Fuu narrowed her eyes when she learned Shou was easily fooled into fighting for Drake at the beginning but appreciated his later moral compass when it came to preventing Upper Earthlings from getting hurt.
  • Another Odd Friendship is with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, which is already a blend of responses. Shou bonds the most with Miyafuji and Sakamoto, both for their Japan/Fuso origins. His relationships are parallel to those of the former, including Perrine's anger towards him, but for other reasons.
  • Luke Skywalker became great pals with the Battler, which is not so different from being a Jedi, a knight who uses the Force for good and selfless purposes. The connection between the Force and Aura is perhaps why Shou found it imperative to defeat Sith Users, especially Emperor Palpatine, of whom wielded an Aura that made Drake and Bern pale in comparison. Shou is impressed by how Luke managed to convince his father to step away from the Dark Side. If only, someday, he would do the same for Bern.
  • Among those from Upper Earth, it all depends on where he is.
    • Relationships with America-based gods depend on the person due to having lovers (Marvel), conflicted rivals (Todd), and outright enemies (Shot) who all come from the United States. The one he praises the most is Steve Rogers, as someone who only spent time-fighting in Europe rather than Japan, as well as reminding him of his former student Naofumi. The only true enemy so far is "Bandit" Keith for cheating at any way possible.
    • Shou was down on his knees in tears to all the French gods when his accidental Super Mode activation destroyed Paris. Some like Charlotte Dunois forgave him since it was Bishott who took the city hostage in the first place. Ladybug and Cat Noir were not impressed with him, wondering what he was thinking without foreseeing the risks and consequences of his plan.
    • Shou has much better reception in the UK when he used his then-controlled Super Mode to save London from the Gea Gring in addition to saving Marvel from performing a Suicide Attack. Artoria Pendragon and, to a lesser extent, Cecilia Alcott have taken notice with his bravery, power, and sense of honor. Charles Zi Britannia hope to include him into his empire as he did with another Eleven, but Shou absolutely refused considering what happened to his homeland.
  • Shou gets a lot of praise from any High Queen, with Neo Queen Serenity being one of them. The only one he appreciates, however, is Artoria Pendragon since he only wishes to do the right thing and stop all the fighting.
  • Among all the houses, Shou's companion Cham finds the House of Fairies more welcoming than his home in the House of Warfare. He finds his own Fairy Companion with Tinkerbell the most; often showing off their popularity through vast amounts of merchandise. Moreover, he mistook the older fairies for Ae Ferario, especially Titania, Oberon, and their servant. The only unwelcoming host is the evil Fairy Godmother, who turned out to be a much crueler woman than Jacoba Aoba. Cham mocks the Fairy Devilmother by reminding her how ogres and fairies are pretty much the same things.
  • The Trix eye on Shou Zama because of his relationship with the House of Fairies, and often make fun of his Aura Battler's insect-like appearance, particularly its Useless Accessory of wings. Shou is more concerned about them getting their hands on Aura Machines since Earth's Aura potency is at least 10-100x more than in Byston Well. Unless the other realms have some way to suppress chemical reactions or the Trix have some kind of moral boundaries, for which they show to have none, there's no telling how many worlds will get blown up for their troubles.
  • Long before even the Drake Wars, Byston Well seems to have ended up a part of Gensokyo. Shou once got caught up in one of Yukari's antics by falling into the realm along with his Aura Battler. As much as one would gawk at the real existence of Japanese legends and creatures, Shou didn't plan on staying very long, just until he could get back to the war through the Aura Road. Shou once rested in the Hakurei Shrine, and with his powers controlled, he didn't have to worry about being kicked out for destroying it like some of his previous encounters. However, Cham didn't seem to like the abuse all of the other fairies were getting, warning that they'll provoke the wrath of the Ae Ferario.
    • The only other resident he's on good terms with is Rinnosuke since he's the only male there with a human form.
    • He has, however, attracted some unwanted attention from many residents: Cirno, being the boastful fairy she is that annoys Cham; Aya, who seeks an interview with the Battler; Nitori is curious over Aura Machine technology; and Patchouli for the type of magic used, since Aura Power is new to her.
    • He does feel intimidated by a few residents, particularly Utsuho Reiuji for her use of nuclear energy and Eiki Shiki for her judgment of all things black and white.

Skynet, God of Machine Wars, The Genocide of Humanity and One Of The Councillors For The Grand United Alliance of Machines (Titan, Genisys, Sky-1, Alex, T-5000)


Intermediate Gods

    Count Dooku 
Count Dooku, God of Ruthless Revolutions (Darth Tyranus, The)

    Gregor Clegane 
Ser Gregor Clegane, God of Brutal War Procedures (The Mountain That Rides, Mad Dog of Tywin, Champion of Cercei, Ser Robert Strong, Franken-Mountain)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A yellow shield with three black dogs.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Beard of Evil, Being fast for his size, The Dreaded, Killing children and women alike, Evil Gloating, Tin Tyrant, crushing heads like eggs in painful ways, Hair-Trigger Temper, BFS, Tywin’s most feared soldier, butchering and maiming people for next to no reason, The Brute, Megaton Punch, Big Brother Bully, The Cain to his brother’s Abel, Decapitating Horses, Self-Made Orphan, The Berserker, World's Strongest Man, Bad Boss, Blood Knight, Hero Killer, Inhuman Immorality, Back from the Dead, Came Back Strong
  • Domains: Rape, War, Brutality
  • Followers: House Clegane
  • Allies: Lord Tywin Lannister and Queen Cersei Lannister (his masters), Khorne, Griffith, Darius
  • Enemies:
  • The most brutal knight in all of Westeros, responsible for some of the biggest atrocities committed time and time again for the sake of it, gained infamy in his latest battle, where he ended up crushing the head of Oberyn Martell, much to the shock and horror of those who watched. Made even worse by the fact that he was brought back as an undead monstrosity in the mortal realms.
  • There is so far only one reason why he has not fallen to Chaos: Khorne and Slaanesh are too busy arguing over who he truly is serving with his crimes instead of simply working their magic on him. Both gods finds him and his skills too valuable to fall into the hands of the other.
  • Some gods in the House of Prophecy have seen visions of his brother Sandor returning in order to fight him one last time in an event called "Cleganebowl". For whatever reason, whenever this prophecy is told, the area becomes littered with Mountain Dew, Doritos, airhorns, dubstep, weed, and dank memes while black-and-white illusions of Snoop Dogg is seen dancing in the distance. The Deities are getting hyped for the upcoming event.
  • The GUAE do not have the easiest time keeping him in check as he seems to be addicted to causing mayhem. Not because of a lack of capability, but a lack of resources, namely, the amount of prisoners and slaves he kills on a constant basis, ranging from his training routine to simply trying to be rid of boredom.
    • Same thing goes for horses, as he has a tendeny to kill his steeds for the slightest failures. Thoughts about giving him a mechanical equine has been proposed, but many fear he would just kill the steed AND the mechanics as well.
  • Though a terrifying opponent to battle, he is not invincible, as many faster gods have managed to best him in single combat. Most of this has to do with the fact that they have been taught to never underestimate him, knowing what happened to the last man who did.
  • He is utterly despized by nearly every knight god in the Pantheon, ranging from Sir Lancelot to Sir Daniel (another undead knight), as he is seen by them as nothing more but a madman unworthy of his royal title, the very opposite of a proper knight's ideals.
    • This is mostly expressed by Sven, a man with no official knighthood, yet still follows a strict code of honor unlike Gregor. This has led to the two clashing blades many times over.
  • Some theorize that his constant rage and bloodlust is because of unending agony caused by his large size, one that is so strong that no ammount of alcohol or drugs can dull it, only being soothed in the slightest by carnage and destruction. Obviously, this does nothing to excuse his actions.
    • This has given Angron thoughts about implanting Gregor with The Butcher's Nails, wondering how much it would increase his killing potential.
  • It has become a common tactic by some less benevolent gods to use him for Trials By Combat as a resort in order to get rid of troublesome individuals. Safe to say, his succés rate is rather high.
  • One of his few and most devestating losses were suffered at the hands of a furious Guts, having found out that Gregor used to be the high priest of Griffith. The battle left the Black Swordsman feeling very uncomfortable as Gregor was a reminder of what he could have turned into.
  • He and the vast majority of Cleganes are absolutley banned from ever going anywhere near the Houses of Love or Family. You all get One guess as to why.
    • This also goes for the House of Toxins as he went on a rampage the last time he was there. Apparently it reminded him of the long and agonizing aftermath of his fight against Oberyn.
  • One day, the GUAE had to inform him that Oberyn Martell, the man respinsible for his days long death in the mortal realms, had accended. They sent him an informer after a months of hesitation. He sent them a mangled corpse in return before practising with some prisoners.
  • Two reasons have made sure that the GUAE have so far halted any plans on turning Gregor into Robert Strong in the Pantheon as well. The first reason for that is because that incarnation's power has yet to be fully seen or meassured in the main timeline. The other is because of how horribly wrong everything went in another timeline.
  • He has grown an intense hatred for the House of Time and Space due to the many alternate universes and timelines he has been shown through it, almost none of them having desirable results for Gregor. The ones that stick out the most and truly gets on his nerves are the following:

    Julius Caesar 
Gaius Julius Caesar, God Of Politically-Motivated Conflicts (CAIVS IVLIVS CAESAR, Son of Venus, Proconsul, Imperator of the Gallic Legions, Dictator for Life, The Divine Julius, Saber, Fat Roma, First of the Empire, Father of Understanding)
Caesar, as a young man (left); in his later years (right)
Caesar as Saber. 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbols: A bloodstained laurel crown and the Aquila (Eagle Standard) of the 13th Legion
  • Theme Songs: The Battle Has Begun from Rome, Caesar Tested from Spartacus: War of the Damned
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good if you ask his troops or the lowborn, Chaotic Evil if you ask the Roman nobility and Xena, True Neutral as Saber
  • Portfolio: A Father To Both His Soldiers And The Poor, The Ace, Affably Evil, Ambition Is Evil, Evil Roman Patrician, Asskicking Equals Authority, Big Bad (to his enemies), Big Good (to his troops and the poor), Bread and Circuses, Deadpan Snarker, Et Tu, Brute?, Son Of Venus, Frontline General, Glory Seeker, Military Maverick, War For Profit And Personal Glory, Went From Being A Noble With Nothing To Dictator
  • Domains: Roman Aristocracy, Roman Military, The Roman People, War, Dictators
  • Heralds: Mark Antony, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo
  • Followers: The Legio XIII Gemina (the 13th Legion), Caesar's Legion (unofficially)
  • Not To Be Confused With: the other Caesar and Caesar Zapelli
  • Opposed By: A majority of the French deities in the Pantheon, with Jeanne D'Arc and Asterix leading the charge
  • Allies: Alexander the Great, Leonidas (his heroes), Aphrodite (the Greek version of Venus), Aegon I Targaryen, Visenya Targaryen, Rhaenys Targaryen, Nobunaga Oda, Captain Titus, Maximus Meridius Decimus, William Shakespeare, Dante Aligheri
  • Mentor To: Annabeth Chase, Ashe, Jon Snow (supposedly?)
  • Worthy Opponents: Tywin Lannister, King Arthur Pendragon, Xena, Asterix, Obelix, Vitalstatix
  • Admired By: Steven Armstrong, Sundowner, Gunny Sergeant Hartman
  • Enemies: The House of Betrayal, any and all Pirate Deities, General Shepherd, Vandal Savage, Ezio Auditore da Firenze
  • Pities: Caligula, Cersei Lannister, Joshua Graham
  • Not To Be Confused With: Vandal Savage (who claims to have been Caesar)
  • Politician. Orator. Soldier. Writer. General. And Casanova. Gaius Julius Caesar has been all of the above. It was said that after being stabbed to death by a gang of Roman senators, that Caesar has ascended to join the gods. Now, that is a reality, and he brings with him his fighting force, the 13th legion.
  • The reason behind his assassination is that the Senators believed that Caesar planned on making himself King. Rome had been a republic for four centuries after running out the last Etruscan king, who had raped the wife of a Roman noble, which led to an unspoken rule in which any noble who tried to make himself King can be killed without trial, hence Caesar's assassination on the Ides of March.
  • Caesar himself has left a lasting legacy following his reign. The month July is named after him. Also, the royal titles of Kaiser and Czar were named after him. Not bad at all.
  • Caesar saw himself as another Alexander the Great, although he once lamented that his exploits and feats were no match for the Macedonian deity. Of course, Caesar received a visit from Alexander himself, who was impressed with his fortitude and explots. The meeting had left Caesar in awe.
    • Long before, Caesar himself wrote fanfiction involving Hercules and Aristotle. Caesar let out his inner fanboy upon meeting the legendary strongman. Thankfully it was one of his younger avatars that had met him.
  • The 13th Legion is Caesar's military force...and his pride and joy. Mark Antony once said, "Soldiers like a little spit and dirt in their leaders," and Caesar himself is no exception. As Caesar himself shared in the hardships of the 13th, from the hard marches, to digging latrines, to even sharing the same crappy meal, which consisted of a handful of grain and a cup of sour wine, he has their eternal devotion and loyalty. It's also the reason why his temple is one giant camp. That, and he can be seen in the thick of battle, fighting alongside his men, identified by his signature crimson cape. If you see Caesar charging towards you with his cape fluttering in the wind, sword in hand, and a horde of screaming Roman legionnaires charging behind him, you run.
    • It's one of the reasons why Captain Titus gets along so well with Caesar. "Treat your men right, and there will be nothing that they won't do for you," Titus says. Caesar shares that sentiment wholeheartedly.
  • Upon reading a copy of Caesar's Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentary on the Gallic Wars), Tywin Lannister is intrigued with the idea of meeting Caesar. Turns out that the deified Roman is a man the Lannister patriarch can relate to, save for the backstabbing and insane children. The two men trade war stories and hit it off surprisingly well, despite Caesar voicing his opposition in regards to Tywin orchestrating the Red Wedding and having a madman such as Gregor Cleagne on his payroll. If these two men ever joined forces...
  • Asterix is the one blemish on his war record, as he was unable to properly conquer his small village. Asterix does not hesitate to remind Caesar of that specific detail, which really sets Caesar off. "I should have done to you what I had done to Vercingetorix," Caesar replied, in reference to the Gaul chieftain. That remark, in kind, pisses Asterix off.
  • Speaking of the Westerosi deities, the Northern Deities, Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon all did a double take, as they thought that the Wilding chief Mance Rayder had ascended to the Pantheon, due to the resemblance of Caesar's main avatar. Caesar is considering making Jon Snow his apprentice in all things war following his ascension as King of the North. However, he does keep a wary eye on Catelyn Stark, as her brother is a dead ringer for Marcus Brutus.
  • Dislikes General Shepherd with a passion. While he admits that he went to war for personal gain, he at least didn't go to war and personally killed of his own men while doing so.
  • Caesar, surprisingly has a soft spot for Athena's (Minerva) daughter, Annabeth Chase. He knows potential when he sees it and has offered her the chance to study under him in battle tactics. Annabeth is seriously considering the offer.
  • Rumor has it that he was responsible for discovering the gemstones that would become the legendary Ancient Beasts. Johan Anderson is seeking a meeting with Caesar to confirm those rumors.
  • While most Romans look down on women warriors, Caesar is anything but. One of his avatars is quite familiar with Xena. For her part, Xena and her sidekick Gabrielle were not amused to hear that her former lover-turned-nemesis has joined the Pantheon. Safe to say that Xena is sore about the whole crucifixion bit that she underwent on Caesar's orders.
    • Which makes it funny as some of the deified members of the U.S.S. Enterprise thought that Caesar was Bones McCoy playing Roman soldier. That, and the members of the House of Justice thought that he was reborn as Judge Dredd.
    • Even more funny as some believe that Caesar was at one time James Bond. (Bond himself recognizes one of Caesar's avatars that took on Asterix as General Ourumov)
    • Another of Caesar's avatars caught the attention of Rick Blaine, as Caesar reminded him of the crooked Vichy official, Louis Renault.
  • If you thought Robert Baratheon had let himself go after winning the Iron Throne, Caesar's Nasuverse version puts the Fat King to shame. Seriously, Caesar is ashamed to see himself in such a state, as he is known for keeping in shape, even in his old age. On the other hand, in there he's known as one of the Sabers that is very helpful while not having a Sword Beam.
  • While his older self has no problem in snagging women, his younger self is quite the heartthrob with the Pantheon's lovely ladies. Maybe it's because he's descended from Venus, which makes him desirable to women (and some men). Red Sonja has caught his eye. He is seriously considering taking her up on her challenge to bed her once she is defeated.
  • Would you believe that he is a fan of both Dante Aligheri and William Shakespeare? Well, he is. Due to Dante placing him in Limbo with some of the more 'righteous pagans' in his works, and he respects his fellow Italian deity. Dante earned even more brownie points with Caesar by showing him the ultimate fate of Crassus and Brutus, the chief conspirators behind his assassination: right smack in the bottom of Hell, in the maws of Lucifer himself. Who's Laughing Now? indeed. As for Shakespeare, Caesar has a penchant for the dramatic, but while he was disturbed at seeing his own death being reenacted, Caesar has become a fan of the deified Bard's work.
  • Vandal Savage has called Caesar a 'false imposter,' as he claimed that he was Caesar during the time of the Roman Republic. Caesar calls bullshit on that claim.
  • He isn't just a military genius, he's also a brilliant rapper as he faced against the warlord Shaka Zulu. He does admire his "buffalo horns" formation but still believes that his is inferior compare to his troops.
  • Si autem praevaricator legis sis oportet, id facere potest capere in ceteris observare. (If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases observe it.)

    Millhiore Filliano Biscotti, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois and Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage 
Millhiore Filliano Biscotti, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois and Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage, Goddesses of Non-Lethal Warfare (Millhi), (Leo, Leon), (Cou)
From left to right: Couvert, Millhiore and Leonmitchelli

    Rau Le Creuset 
Rau Le Creuset, God of the Price of Men Playing God and Endless War as Mankind's Nature (Al Da Flaga II)
Char Aznable
  • Embodies the will of every clone unjustly made and cast aside for science or otherwise. There are some who feel enough attached to humanity to oppose him, but compared to the sheer breadth of those that feel that Humans Are Bastards, these ones are in the minority.
  • His nearly successful plan for killing off humanity without using any sort of special powers or even being the one with the finger on the trigger has earned him the respect of several other deities that have similar aims. It takes skill to convince the human race to essentially self-destruct at a moment's notice, yet still believe they're focused on self-preservation.
  • Char Aznable respects his piloting skills and understanding of human nature despite him being a lesser incarnation of him. He still believes that instead of complete destruction, Rau should be focusing on partial destruction, with the survivors evolving into a better form of life. Char has criticized his apparent lack of a moral code as well, to which Rau just sneers.
  • Lelouch finds his destructive nihilism repulsive, yet at the same time admits that he has sympathy for the man's past, having himself been crushed under the weight of a Social Darwinist system.
  • Unconfirmed sources point to his involvement in the starting and escalating in several global, intergalactic, and even celestial wars that claimed untold amounts of human lives. None have been able to successfully prove anything, though.
    • The House of Leadership has been double checking their subordinates to make sure none have been manipulated by him.
  • Is best friends with the God of Misanthropy, Shinobu Sensui. They often spend time plotting to destroy humanity together.
  • Thoroughly dislikes X-23, not just for her completely calling out his stance against humanity, which she refers to as 'complete bullshit' (he gets that a lot somewhere), but the fact that due to her size, he found her hard to hit with a mecha, and her claws in her rage could even damage or even cut off a limb of his Providence Gundam. Rau could not comprehend why X-23, a fellow clone like him, wouldn't lash out at humans.
  • Enraged at the God of Combat Clones, Jade Curtiss, due to his work in introducing cloning into his home world. The unfortunate clones created due to this were used exactly as Rau had forewarned that they would be, as expendable tools on the field of battle, without identity, will, or hope.
  • Currently manipulating Ali Al-Saachez so that he might use the man's lust for battle to wipe out as many humans as possible. Saachez is aware of this string pulling, but as Rau constantly provides him with both targets and weapons to indulge his favorite pastime, he has no issue with him.
    • This, in turn has made him a target of Setsuna F. Seiei, who has marked him out as possibly one of the most prolific causes of war in the Pantheon. However, Rau's skill at masking his machinations has made him a difficult mark to get rid of, and Rau constantly makes sure that Ali is on hand should Setsuna ever get too close. For his part, Rau finds Setsuna's philosophy utterly laughable, as war has and always will be part of mankind's incurable nature, and trying to stop it is an exercise in futility.
  • With the ascension of Kira Yamato, Rau has redoubled his efforts to end humankind before they discover the implications of the Ultimate Coordinator. He has also been seeking upgrades for the Providence to try and eliminate the problem at its source. Kira, for his part, avoids him if possible, and while he feels guilty over how many clones like Rau were sacrificed in order to make him (among other atrocities the humans in his home universe perpetrated), he refuses to let Rau kill all of mankind because of it.
  • He eventually had it worse when Embryo ascended in the House of Philosophy, since while they share a lot of similarites, particularly their belief that Humnanity needs to be expunged for their atrocities, Embryo sees such ambition as an opportunity to have "Strong, Intelligent Women" lead his vision of a new Earth. And then there's the latter's obsession over Ange that had him facepalmed for quite a while.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Hatred.

    "Serious" Sam Stone 
Sam Stone, God of War Sequences (Serious Sam)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Serious Bomb.
  • Theme Song: Hero
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Just a Regular EDF Trooper, Defeating Alien Swarms on his own, The Cannon, Charles Atlas Superpower, Deadpan Snarker, Gatling Weaponry, Excellent Accuracy and Never Suffers From Recoil, Rated M for Manly
  • Domains: Weaponry, Firepower, Combat, War
  • Allies: The Mercenaries (Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Spy), XCOM, Jim Raynor, Isaac Clarke
  • Rivals: Gordon Freeman, Duke Nukem, Doomguy
  • Enemies: The Anti-Spiral, the Tyranids, the Flood, The Joker
  • Opposes: Bob-Omb
  • One of the worst case scenarios had happened, and the Flood somehow managed to break out of their quarantine (Rumors say that Terumi had a hand in it). Being one of the few people around when it happened, Master Chief had to fight against the wave while his allies fled to call for reinforcements. However, even Master Chief was starting to struggle against the swarm, and hope seemed to be lost... until a certain individual happened to come across the site. Master Chief warned this man to stay away, but he said "It's fine. I know exactly how to deal with this.". Let's just say that John was surprised to find out that this normal man turned out to be a walking-no, running armory that had no problem fighting hordes of parasite zombies. His assistance proved to be good enough that the two of them could hold the swarm at bay long enough that reinforcements could arrive to contain and conceal the Flood before any serious damage could be done to the Pantheon. Before that man left the scene, Master Chief asked him for his name. "My name is Sam Stone. But you may call me Serious Sam."
    • Feeling that Serious Sam deserved a reward for his bravery in stopping the Flood from completely breaking out, Master Chief vouched for him in the court of the gods. Upon further examination, the court decided that it is true that Serious Sam has experience with War Sequences. In fact, there is rarely a time where he isn't dealing with hordes of monsters and aliens on his own. For that reason, it was unanimously decided that Serious Sam should be the God of War Sequences.
    • Previously a follower of both Heavy Weapons Guy and Doomguy before his ascension. Doesn't stop him from being rivals with Doomguy though. As for Heavy...
  • Once encountered the mercenaries when aliens invaded one of their bases. While there was initially a rocky start between Sam and Mr. Doe, it didn't stop Sam and the mercenaries from teaming up to kick alien invader asses.
  • It's a very bad idea to scream or yell AAAAA or anything similar at Sam's direction. Not because it's a Berserk Button of his, but because he reflexively shoots at anyone who does that. Having to deal with screaming exploding headless zombies on a daily basis does that to one's muscle reflexes.
    • Speaking of the Headless Kamikazes, Sam is very cautious of the Bob-Ombs, as some of their followers happens to be the Headless Kamikazes.
  • Serious Sam really don't like the Anti-Spiral, mainly because he gets Mental vibes from the alien. The Anti-Spiral's tendency for genocide doesn't help at all.
  • The XCOM shows a lot of respect for Serious Sam for how he takes on alien armies on his lonesome and come out victorious. He's been invited to train the soldiers, but he declined it as he already got jobs to do.
  • Sam reminds Jim Raynor of an old friend who goes by the name of Tychus. Sam has offered to help Jim Raynor and his raiders out the next time there's a particularly nasty infestation of Zerg.
  • Isaac Clarke has expressed surprise that Serious Sam can mow down hordes of aliens with only bruises and scratches to show for it, while Isaac himself can face trouble with a couple of Necromorphs at once. Though to be fair, one's a trained soldier while the other is an engineer who got the short end of the straw with his job assignment. Sam did reassure Isaac that he did exceptionally well for an engineer however.
  • Gets annoyed every single time the Joker asks "Why so serious?", which is pretty much every time they happen to encounter each other.

Sundowner, CEO of War Profiteering (The Californian Wild Fire, Wind of Destruction)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Bloodlust (his twin pair of scissor machetes) surrounded by six explosive shields
  • Theme Song: Red Sun
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Instigating war for the heck of it, explosive reactive shields, flashy and hardly efficient techniques, supplying countries for war, fighting as dirty as possible, having a good touch with his inner child
  • Domains: War, Arms Dealing, Child Soldiers
  • Followers: Many Arms Dealers and various warmongers
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jetstream Sam
  • Enemies: Raiden, Bladewolf, Solid Snake, Cyrax, We3, Valvatorez, Martin Walker, Kiritsugu Emiya, Mercy, Setsuna F. Seiei, Ryuko Matoi, Sheele, Cut Man, 2B.
  • Opposed by: The House of Children and those who are really protecting of them.
  • Scares: Jontron
  • Sundowner is the leader of the Winds of Destruction, a mercenary group of Cyborgs that are under the service of Desperado Enforcement. Sundowner himself is a bloodthirsty and psychopathic, so is no surprise that he decided to aid Steven Armstrong in hopes of sparking war so he can use it as a living. Yes he really loves war, or in his own words.
    Sundowner: Give war a chance!
  • Tried to make his way into House of Combat first as a God of Ridiculously Efficient Shields. It didn't last, to say the least, mostly due to him angering both Kenshiro and Asura when he casually mentioned the concept of child soldiers and how effective they are, especially when they are warped by war atrocities. Proof is, explosive shield means little if your opponent can punch through it and not flinch a bit. Since that incident, Sundowner's been hanging around House of Commerce, since it's not half as dangerous for him to be around, trying to advertise war and selling his services to the highest bidder. Thankfully, Mario and The Courier are able to fend him off once he starts becoming too volatile, though he always returns.
  • Likes to gloat that he's "FUCKIN' INVINCIBLE!". While this was proved wrong by many different gods, he still can give an opponent a hard time with his "gimmicky shit" like explosive shields or scissor blade or just the fact that he constantly has attack helicopters behind him as a back-up.
  • Dell Conagher is not very fond of him, mostly because both share Texan accent and Sundowner so happens to give rather "not-friendly Texan" vibe. The cyborg is not afraid to tell the engineer that his technology is no match for the military equipment of Desperado.
  • When he found out he wasn't the only God out for War for Fun and Profit, Sundowner started planning a sinister takeover of Millenium's position in the Conquest Army. It.....didn't work out so well.
  • Sundowner has been going on warmongering business ventures with Roman Torchwick on the mortal plane. When the latter was brought before the Court of Gods, Sundowner got Armstrong to pull some strings and help Roman ascend. The two have proceeded to work together for mutual gain.
  • The GUAD has contacted him and his Winds of Destruction interested in their services. However, Sundowner in a very surprising move turned them down. After all, you can't make profits if you lay to waste the entire world.
    • He is associated with the GUAC, given Armstrong's position as one of their leaders. Philosophy aside, he has no issue collaborating with the GUAE, if the price is right...
  • Was met with heavy opposition by a lot of people who oppose to or thin War Is Hell. The biggest enemy he would have in this regard is Martin Walker, who ironically shares houses with. Sundowner just laughs at their pathetic attemps to stop his business and challenges his oppossers to visit him any time.
  • Sundowner and Sektor initially became allies given their shared views of cybernetization and how it improves the capabilities of soldiers and they are also working on a secret project that has put some people on edge. This in turn made Cyrax all the much more antagonistic towards Sundowner, given that it may or not involve turning people into cyborgs against their wills, which Cyrax is a victim of.
  • After learning about the existance of We3, Sundowner was fascinated by them and he is very likely to try making a similar group just to further his business. Of course the trio is not friends with Sundowner given that they are tired of dealing with people like him and they also are friends with Bladewolf.
  • Firmly believes that Children are cruel and that Child Soldiers are the best way to make a living. Of course when people discovered about the plan of Desperado of using little children brains to make an army of soldiers, they were horrified about it. The protectors of Children are certainly taking measures in case Sundowner decides to pull something similar.
  • Sundowner wields a pair of Machetes that make a scissor called "Bloodlust" and he makes effective use of them in combat. Other who wield scissors don't think too highly of him and consider Sundowner a Mad man. Though Gremlim and Nui Harime are friendly towards him.
    • Jontron is scared shitless of the cyborg and his scissors. Sundowner often likes to mess with poor Jon when he least expects it.
  • He also decided to collaborate with other big warmongers and terrorist among the pantheon. He has been seen alongside folks like Zoran Lazarevic or Reaper making business and the GUAG doesn't like it one bit.
  • "All we are saying is: Give war a chance!"
  • Can also be found in the House of Commerce, probably advertising his business and possibly making a deal with another PMC.

Talion, God of Storming Castles (Talion of Gondor, Gravewalker, Tark, the Ranger, the Bright Lord, Dark Talion, the Ninth Nazgûl)

    Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse 
Wilhelm Strasse, God of World Conquering Nazis (General Deathshead, Totenkopf)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Symbol of The Obergruppenführer beneath a glowing blue skull, vials, and machine parts
  • Theme Song: Deathshead, Kybernetik, Prototype (When fighting his Mech)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Porfolio: Deadly Doctor, A hardcore skeptic of the supernatural, Always learns from his mistakes, Despite not achieving his goals, he always ends up alive and well, His Zeppelin, Always escapes when a situation goes bad until recently, Creator of Advanced Nazi Technology
  • Domains: World Conquering, Technology, Nazism, Happiness, Killing
  • Followers: Frau Engel, Hans Grosse
  • Allies: The Red Skull, The Millennium, Skull Face, Sundowner
  • Enemies: William "B.J." Blazkowicz, Captain America, Alucard, Seras Victoria, Integra Hellsing, Lelouch Lamperouge, The Basterds, Sol Badguy, Booker DeWitt, Hakumen, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Mako Mankanshoku, Asuka Langley/Shikinami Soryu, Gertrud Barkhorn, Ichika Orimura and the IS academy members
  • He is known as "The single most dangerous figure in the entire Third Reich" and his Nazi troops have been able to conquer his world, thus he allows his other Nazi allies to use his world for any and all activities that they are unable to do in the pantheon. That being said, he's considered the Evil Counterpart to Integra Hellsing.
  • He is currently attempting to correct his Super Soldier Program "The Ubersoldaten" to be invincible and has promised to supply any of his allies with them when they are fully ready. Recently, he has managed to perfect it after reverse-engineering the SPARTAN technology he stole and combining it with the Millennium's vampirification process to create a new iteration dubbed "Ubersoldaten Zwei".
    • Following the Ascension of Ichika Orimura and his harem, Deathshead is now researching on the IS Units and looking to reverse-engineer them to create a new iteration of Ubersoldaten, dubbed "Ubersoldaten Bewegliche Klage", which he describes the new set "the Gundams to foot soldiers". However, it's currently in planning phase since most of the people who own an IS Unit are located in the Infinite Stratos Academy, which is guarded by the members who are ascended. Luckily, though with the existence of Phantom Task, he's currently using that organization to his advantage to gain an IS Unit.
    • Also he seems to covet Laura Bodewig for some reason...
  • He also has continued research on Veil technology and with that he has been able to recreate his Black Sun Zeppelin to carry the technology of The Thule portal.
    • Though not in The Pantheon proper, he has issued the protection of such Technology on his Loyal Bodyguard Hans Grosse, he protects it with body armor powered by The Veil and when anyone attempts to attack The Black Sun Zeppelin he usually announces himself by yelling "Guten Tag!" before fighting.
  • He has also formed a new X-Lab in The Pantheon to do his experiments close to his temple.
    • This has allowed him to create "The Pantheon Monitor", Large machines used to make sure that his Place in The Pantheon is well protected.
    • He also created Prototype Machines known as "The Todesritter (Death Knight) Project", combine the brains of any being to large robots, in a attempt to cross the powerful intelligence of the mind with the obedience and strength of a machine.
    • He created Deathshead Mecha for himself, a giant suit of armor with four chain guns and energy shield powered by electricity.
    • He created his own Kamui after obtaining & researching on Life Fibers and using Kamui creation techniques he obtained from Nui Harime. He named his creation "Shinketsu" note , and hopes to use it against William "B.J." Blascowicz when they meet again. William found out about this and informed Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin of Deathshead and what he would do with Life Fibers. In return, they had a Kamui created, also called "Shinketsu" note , to place him on equal footing with Deathshead.
  • His meeting with Millennium was a welcoming experience for Deathshead especially meeting The Major and The Doctor. Though for a time he did not believe in the supernatural elements of that unit, he soon learned that such things were real after having a run in with Alucard.
    • Though he is happy to let The Doctor help him work on the many things that Strasse has discovered.
    • His new cheery disposition is often the reason he is around Rip Van Wrinkle.
  • He has stressed that while in battle he loves the nickname given to him, He has found that outside of battle when he is personally meeting his allies in his labs he does not like being called "Deathshead" as after The Zeppelin Incident he is now a happy man and would not like being called something so grim in his personal work space.
    "You call me "Death's Head"... I don't like it. I'm a happy man. You see?"
  • He has helped The Red Skull with giving him aid with his new power armored Soldiers to battle Captain America. He especially wants to understand Red Skull's Tesseract Technology and his ties with HYDRA.
  • He gleefully loves the fact that he sounds like Harman Smith as he finds that would enjoy playing games with Kun Lan.
  • His Todesritter (Death Knight) Project has made him attempt to see what minds would work for his machines, from human, soul gems, equestrian, Magical Girl, magician, alien and so on. Much to their worries he has found many fresh test subjects to do so. He also made modifications so that such useless things like Love and Friendship would not over power his control over those machines.
  • Is outright perplexed about Schrodinger. He had the Warrant Officer run a very large battery of tests intended to gauge and help understand his abilities... all of which ended up revealing absolutely nothing about the mechanism or origin of the powers, and the Doctor just gleefully insists he keep trying rather than give any hints (Strasse needs to push his boundaries!). As much as Strasse would love to replicate the catboy's powers for his army, he has admitted he has no idea of how they work and no meaningful way of exploring them.
  • Is undaunted by Captain America, the only thing he had to claim whenever confronted by Steve is.
    "You...I've seen you before! I like you...such a resilient specimen. With you I could do great things..."
  • Even after his first run in with Alucard he has claimed to want to see what wonders he could create from him, and has his own Deathshead Mecha to fight him.
    "Your perplex me Count, but you do not scare me"
  • Has nothing but disgust with Booker as he prefers Comstock thinking that one had vision and Booker dwindles his.
    "In the end, we will not be judged by what we have destroyed...but what we have created!"
    • Has shown an interest in Elizabeth's dimensional travelling capabilities.
  • Only has one thing to say to The Basterds.
    "Die, allied schwienhunds!"
  • Like Red Skull, he is a primary target for all Allied deities in the Pantheon. He is especially sought after by OSS agent Lt. Mike Powell, due to his part in having restored Fort Schmerzen into a German military stronghold, and now housing production facilities for some of his and the Red Skull's new weapons and technology. In addition, he and the Red Skull are also responsible for restoring the once-destroyed Flak Tower that once guarded Essen, Germany.

Lesser Gods

Apollyon, Goddess of Perpetuating War
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The symbol of Blackstone Legion
  • Theme Music: Wolves Among Sheep
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with Neutral Evil leaning
  • Portfolio: Black Knight, She Who Enjoys War, Seeking Out Eternal Conflict To Seek The Wolves And The Sheep, War Is Glorious, Dark Action Girl, Might Makes Right, Past Stained By Blood, Made of Iron, Ultimately Triggers The War She Wanted, Even in Death
  • Domains: War, Knights, Leaders, Conflict
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Yuji Sakai (in terms of ideals), Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima
  • Opposes: Millhiore Filliano Biscotti, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois, Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage
  • Oposed by: Kiritsugu Emiya, Valvatorez, Koko Hekmatyar, Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Leader of the Blackstone Legion, Apollyon believes in a simple thing: That everyone can be divided into wolves and sheep and that those who choose to be wolves should embrace who they are and rise above the herd. To that end, she wants to bring war into the world so that the wolves can truly come and feast.
  • In terms of the grand conflict in the Pantheon, she doesn't particularly care to takes sides. Instead, she seeks to keep the conflict between each faction going as long as possible, sparking fights between the factions and even within one faction to truly see who is the strongest. What the end will bring, she doesn't know, but she wants the end to be full of true victors.
  • Due to her death in the mortal world, she is seeking to recreate the Blackstone Legion into the Pantheon. She is rather open about inviting soldiers and warriors in her ranks, as long as they can provide their worth. Though she has bit of a Medieval Stasis going on when it comes to her regular troops.
    • She has stated that she could assimilate other legions under her ranks, but states as of the current time, her army is too small to make any major moves. She'd rather recruit as many people as she can and let the selection of warfare shape her men.
  • As you can guess, she is natural antithesis to Yuji Sakai. In fact, she despises anyone who really think that there can be true peace. Or rather, that they are able to, or they should, maintain that peace.
    Tell me. Do you honestly believe that you can just end all war? Foolish. You can make the wolves go hiding, you can make them grow stagnant, but ultimately they are all still savages, with lust for war. I am here to give them a chance. I will create an age of wolves where people can truly be the savages they are. And you will not stop me.
    • She finds the idea that Millhi, Leo and Cou would support Non-Lethal Warfare sort of repulsive. To her, she just finds it pointless conflict where they might as well not fight at all.
  • Is really impressed with Khorne and is quest for war and such. That being said, she doesn't necessarily care to join his ranks. She still sides with humans. She does, however, pay her respects to Ares, as that is a god she would worship.
  • She really appreciates Armstrong's way of thinking. Because of her relation with him, she seemed to have caught the interest of Sundowner and eventually Felix. While she doesn't consider them being part of the Blackstone Legion, she keeps them in touch in case she really needs them. Still, she has made few things clear with the two of them.
    Just that we are clear on this, my goals has nothing to do with profit. You get that?
  • Besides what one might think, she is not as psychopathic as she might be. In truth, her mind is as dangerous as her combat prowess, as seen when she tried to pitch the Warborn and the Chosen into an Enemy Civil War, with her plans foiled by her underestimating how long it would last. She also has some "virtuous" sides about her, like how she will protect those she is suppose to protect if she needs to.
  • Finds disappointment on the current status of Kratos. To her he is a shadow of his former shell and does not deserve the title of God of War. She herself isn't dumb enough to provoke him to make him return to the path of anger, but she has her plans to make other factors bring him back to the state she desires of him.
  • The people who are specifically marked under "Opposed by" tend to be people who hate her warmongering ways. However, she has few things to say about them. In regards to Valvatorez, she thinks that he fights too much to be one saying anything, and if he really needs humans to fear demons, then she doesn't care. For Koko, she thinks that her way of bringing peace would just end with people ganging on her to bring her down and then continue fighting against eachother like what she achieved doing in her own world and she should stick being an arms-dealer. She doesn't have much to say about Kiritsugu, but she doubts he will ever achieve the peace he is so much working for.
  • Lucifer harbors interest due of her views, but she herself isn't really interest on Lucifer. At least for now. As while she agrees with Lucifer's visions, she wants to see if Lucifer can win her over by being superior compared to other leaders (and yes, she's aware of the Great Upheaval: even that wasn't enough to impress her). Lucifer offered support and funding for one of Apollyon's project, the so called Ragnarok incident, in hopes that he can tempt her. While the Ragnarok incident was a resounding success, plunging the Valkyrie-verse into a bloody war that shows no sign of slowing down, she's still not quite convinced.
  • "I am Apollyon. I bring war."

    Arthur Maxson 
Elder Arthur Maxson, God of Field Promotions (Registration MX-001E)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbols: The Insignia Of The East Coast Brotherhood Of Steel. Alternatively, The Prydwen And His Weapon of Choice, Final Judgment
  • Theme Song: Honor & Steel
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (with a good dose of Knight Templar mixed in)
  • Portfolio: A Father to His Men, A Space Marine Primarch By Any Other Name, Authority Equals Asskicking, Badass Beard And Longcoat, The Chains of Commanding, Descended From The Order's Founder, Roger Maxson, Elder Of The Brotherhood Of Steel, Since Age 16, Took a Level in Badass (And Jerkass), Younger Than They Look
  • Domains: Post-Apocalypse, Family, History, Technology
  • Followers: The East Coast Brotherhood of Steel (ironically)
  • High Priests: Proctor Ingram and Proctor Quinlan
  • Allies:
  • Opposes: Any Deity That Reminds Him Of A Ghoul, Super Mutant, Or A Synth, And Evil-Aligned Scientists (and for good reason)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: With The T-800 Mk.2, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Commander Shepherd, the Metroid Hatchling, Samus Aran
  • Enemies: Sektor, SKYNET, The T-800 Mark 1, the T-1000
  • The announcement came from the loudspeakers of the massive airship that flew overhead in the skies of the Pantheon, flanked by numerous VB-02 Vertibirds: "We are the Brotherhood of Steel. Our intentions are peaceful. Do not interfere." For the Sole Survivor, all he/she could do is shake their head. Arthur Maxson was as subtle as a mini-nuke. Their heralds - save for Paladin Danse - had mixed reactions upon seeing the Prydwen. But it was Nick Valentine's reaction that was the most memorable among the Survivor's heralds:
    • The Sole Survivor and the Courier were the first to welcome Maxson to the Pantheon. He was in one of the Vertibirds that touched down, flanked by Brotherhood Paladins in Power Armor.
    Maxson: "Ad Victoriam, soldier."
    Sole Survivor:' "Ad Victoriam, Elder."
    • Arthur Maxson's ascension means that the Brotherhood of Steel now has a serious foothold in the Pantheon. In case you don't know, the BoS is a order of techno-knights whose sole purpose is to acquire and preserve lost technology (i.e., hoard and strong-arm the stuff). Of course, the Main House has made it clear that Maxson and his Brotherhood followers are not to mess with any Deity whose domain includes technology, or to outright confiscate their tech. Oh, and not to antagonize Amadeus Cho, Bruce Banner, and Jennifer Walters, as they are not Super Mutants.
  • Arthur Maxson's history is tied to the Brotherhood of Steel. His ancestor, rogue Army officer Roger Maxson, was the founder of the Brotherhood of Steel. So no pressure. As the Male!Sole Survivor is a retired combat veteran of the Sino-American War, it's unknown if he knew Maxson's famous ancestor. Or Randall Dean Clark, for that matter.
  • One of the Courier's followers, Veronica Santangelo, is a former Brotherhood scribe who left the order under bad terms. Upon hearing her story from the Courier, Maxson offers her a place within the East Coast Brotherhood. It's unknown whether or not Veronica accepted the offer.
  • Maxson's background reads like a script from an action movie...or more than likely someone trying to boost Maxson's image to cult status. The scar on his face was supposedly the end result of a confrontation with a Deathclaw, at age thirteen. According to Danse, Maxson fought and killed said Deathclaw using only a knife. Any Wastelander can tell you that fighting a Deathclaw with only a glorified pigsticker is suicide.
    • Some sources claim that following the deaths of Elder Lyons and Sarah Lyons, Maxson was appointed to the role of Elder at the age of sixteen by his superiors at Lost Hills, and that he answers to them. Maxson's lasting achievement was to bring back the Brotherhood Outcasts back into the fold, having left the Brotherhood due to opposing views, and reversing most of Owyn Lyons' decrees and laws.
  • As a god hailing from post-apocalyptic America, Maxson has made friends with fellow deities who operate in the same category, John Connor being the main one. The Brotherhood Elder and the Commander of Tech-Com struck a friendship, Connor going on record saying that if he had a couple of guys in Power Armor armed with gatling lasers, then SKYNET would've been scrap much, much sooner.
    • Damon Baird is occasionally seen hanging around the Prydwen, chatting up Proctors Ingram and Quinlan. As a techie himself, Baird is impressed with how the Brotherhood managed to build the airship. From scratch, 200+ years after the Great War. Maxson, for his part, is also impressed with Baird's tech-savvy, especially the Humongous Mecha he and Cole piloted. Baird, on his end, is impressed with the rebuilt Liberty Prime, and has offered tips to Ingram and Quinlan on how to improve the mecha's effectiveness.
  • You'd be amazed as to how much Maxson can relate to the God Emperor, mainly in part to their genocidal views regarding non-humans. So it's no surprise that Maxson and the God-Emperor are allies.
    • Captain Tidus is also allies with Maxson, the two men bonding over battle tactics, war stories, and comparing the other's Power Armor, although both men claim that their respective armor is the superior one.
  • Arthur is wary around Commander Shepherd, or rather, the company that he keeps, some of them being not human. When called out for his bigotry regarding the non-human deities, Maxson calmly states that where he came from, 99 percent of the time, the non-humans (aside from the Raiders and hostile Scavengers) are trying to kill you. While Maxson's views are not shared by the majority, he is vindicated by the Sole Survivor and The Courier.
    • Samus Aran, upon hearing of Maxson's claims, opted to put that to the test. So Maxson dropped her into the Commonwealth, armed with only her standard gear and the Baby. 24 hours later, even she had to admit that Maxson was right...although she had a blast (pun intended) in wrecking a couple of Super Mutant Behemoths and gods know what else.
  • Really, really hates SKYNET. To say that Maxson hates the genocidal supercomputer is like saying the Glowing Sea is a tad radioactive. SKYNET's actions prove exactly what Maxson was saying about dangerous technology and human ambition going unchecked. Can't deny that he's right in that aspect.
    Arthur Maxson: "Millions...perhaps even billions, died because science outpaced man's restraint! They called it a 'new frontier' and 'pushing the envelope,' completely disregarding the repercussions."

Boudica, Goddess of Wanting Invaders Out Of Their Homeland (Boudicca, Boadicea, Boudicea, Buddug, Rider)
John Opie's painting of the historical figure
Click here  to see her as a Rider servant
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her long spear
  • Alignment: Believed to have Black and Grey Morality by multiple historians (Chaotic Good in multiple fictional depictions of her and also from multiple historians)
  • Portfolio: Historical-Domain Character, Gets a lot of heroism upgrade in popular culture, Wants to avenge her daughters because of rape, Byronic Hero Cycle of Revenge, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Lady of War, Will kill all people that she thinks are Romans even if they are innocent, slaves, or not Romans themselves, or any of those in between, Possibly ordered a massacre to three big cities, Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters
  • Domains: Vengeance, Rebellions, Queens, Warriors, Massacre
  • Allies: Ritsuka Fujimaru, Archer/EMIYA, Lelouch vi Britannia, Odin
  • As a Rider Servant: the British Heroes
  • On good terms with: Nero Claudius, Maximus Decimus, The Gauls (Opposition in terms of the real-life version)
  • Enemies: Every Roman that ever existed in the Pantheon, especially Emperor Nero (not really for the Rider version, though she does consider certain ones as enemies), Tywin Lannister, Gregor Cleagane
  • Boudica is the queen of the Iceni tribe who is well-known for her rebellion against the Roman Empire. She started her raging vengeance after the death of her husband when the Romans started taking everything from her, including raping her daughters. She eventually massacred three big cities of the Roman Empire and killing every citizen that lives there as she considers them enemies, even if the cities themselves are not involved with anything that happened to her. However, it ultimately led to her demise when she was killed by Suetonius and his Roman army and/or committed suicide.
  • A lot of historical figures are in heavy debate of her actions whether or not she's an Ax-Crazy murderer whose actions cannot be justified even by ancient history standards or not she is a heroic Badass in Charge who hws to do what she had to do. There are a few historical records depicting her history and it's still not known what is the cause of her death. However, because this is the Pantheon, these two depictions of Boudica could technically exist here and as long as it's well-known by a few circles, they could exist as long as they liked.
  • Hearing that the one and only Nero Claudius pretty much made her mad and started storming off to his temple to kill him before being stopped by other deities in fear of her causing chaos. The emperor doesn't seem to care upon hearing her presence and would rather stay in his temple seeing performances, although he fears that some day that he will be killed mercilessly by her even if he could technically be revived in the Pantheon considering her neverending hatred of the Pantheon.
  • She can be summoned as a Rider Servant and answer the calls of Chaldea thanks to the Incineration of Humanity. Suprisingly, she's mich more nicer as a Servant, is at least much more considerate, and acts like a big sister. Her endless rage towards the Romans also gave her the possibility to become an Avenger Servant.
    • Suprisingly as of right now, she is now at good terms with the female version of Nero. Boudica tells her that she shouldn't responsible for what happened to her people, knowing that she is not involved with what happebed. While she couldn't forgive Rome for what happened, her vengeance against them is done, while also feeling bad for her endless massacre she caused in the past, which caused Nero to tell her to not discuss it furthur as the resentment will go on forever. Ultimately, as they are Heroic Spirits and are not the living versions, they forgave each other and are civil enough to not caused an outrage. Boudica knew that if her Class is altered, it will be a completely different story.
    • She is pretty happy to see her master again and is willing to be at his side once more. Though it's pretty much hypocritical given her new friendship with the female Nero, she personally asked him to not let her be in the same room as the other Romans in the Pantheon, which he gladly accepted unless they will be facing a dangerous common treat. She is also excited to see her fellow Servant, EMIYA in the Pantheon, as they're pretty much the best chefs that Chaldea has and formed the Chaldea Kitchen Team along with Tamamo Cat and Raikou because of it.
    • She has huge respect of British Heroes, regardless of their actions, and considers them to be similar to her daughters. She is also considered to be a British folk hero despite the debate of the justification of her actions from multiple historians. Also, because of her more heartwarming personality, she is much more tolerable to be in other people's presence.
  • She's happy to meet a man named Lelouch who is born in the Britannian Empire and praises him for going against his own empire because of their endless conquest, thinking that they are the same as the Romans, and also for making the world a better place for his younger sister. Lelouch is happy to see someone that is a rebellious person like him and feels bad upon hearing what happened to her, although he thinks that her actions are just too much even by his own standards, but decided to not push it as he thinks that he might face her wrath endlessly and is smart enough to know to not do something about it.
  • She loathes Tywin Lannister as she sees his actions and behavior as similar to the Romans, and considering how much of an Abusive Parent he is, it pretty much fueled the hatred. Seeing that he is also an employer of Tywin and keeps him around because he is a Sociopathic Soldier, she also loathes Gregor Cleagane and also for killing Elia and her son.
  • Hearing that he is from Rome, it is enough for the real Boudica to hate him, without even considering of what happened to him and that Roman is not his nationality. Thankfully, while she hesitates upon hearing he is not, the Rider version actually took the time to listen to him. Even before learning he's not a Roman himself, the two found kinship learning that the Romans took everything away from them and staged a rebellion against them. She is happy that there is an actual Roman (even if he is not one) other than the female Nero that she could be friends with and promised to him that if there are any evil Romans that are lurking around, they will staged an attack together.
    • This is also the same case with the Gauls in the Pantheon. No matter how much they try to convince her that they are not like the rest of the Romans, she hates them because of her blind hatred of the Romans. The Servant version meanwhile admires their dedication to protect from the Romans, especially Asterix because despite his small stature, he is The Ace and the best defender of the entire village.
  • In the UK, the Spiked Wheels were known as the Boudica spikes after the rebellious queen uses them in the battle against the Romans in England on 60AD. However, there is no evidence to support this.
  • In Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Boudica became one of Odin's Valkyries after her death. She was also considered to become the captain to replace Gunilla, however, because of how violent she is, she is not recommended. Odin is happy to see one of his Valkyries ascending even if she got that from an another universe, but he wishes that she'll tone down her violence.

    Cornelia li Britannia 
Cornelia li Britannia, Goddess of Aiding Her Soldiers (The Other Witch of Britannia, "Goddess of Victory", Second Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire, Nelly)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Britannia's Flag.
  • Theme Song: All Hail Britannia!
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil with hints of Chaotic Evil at the beginning. Currently True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Gloucester Knightmare Pilot, A Mother to Her Men, Genuinely Cares About Her Siblings, Number Ripper, Honorable Despite Her Cruelty, A Princess and Military Commander
  • Domains: Family, Military, War, Love
  • Heralds: Euphemia li Britannia (her sister), Gilbert G.P. Guilford (her knight)
  • Allies:Suzaku Kururugi, Jeremiah Gottwald, Tony Stark/Iron Man, The Boss, Olivier Armstrong, Motoko Kusanagi, Master Chief, The Guardians, James Bond, Jack Bauer
  • Enemies: Charles zi Britannia, Senator Armstrong, Prime Minister Honest, Amaterasu
  • Odd Friendship with: C.C, Sniper Wolf
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kallen Kozuki, Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lelouch vi Britannia, Naoto Shirogane, Satsuki Kiryuin, Origami Tobiichi
  • Opposed by: Samurai Jack, Ryuko Matoi, William "B.J." Blazkowicz
  • Opposes: Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Merged Zamasu
  • Special relationship: Nunnally Lamperouge (her half-sister)
  • A few deities believes she came here to conquer and claim the Pantheon as yet another Area. In truth she came here on request from her brother who seems to need her for something important. No one seems to know Lelouch's intentions with her, but she assures the gods these is no intention of wrongful domination.
  • While she can't forgive her brother for everything he's done she knows in the end he just wanted a better world for his sister and the Japanese, and she has realized the hypocrisy, given that she was far more wanton and cold-blooded in her destruction of non-Britannians, and yet got off scot-free when all was said and done, even if her sister had been killed. (Her brother Lelouch had lost his own share of loved ones. She still has difficulty seeing the Numbers as something besides a simple number, however her arrival in the Pantheon might help her with that.
    • Suzaku was indifferent about her arrival considering he was Japanese and her disdain for his people might still linger. She actually thanked him for protecting her sister and being a loyal knight. Afterwards he was speechless and he thanked the Goddess of Victory despite knowing he could not protect her in the end.
  • She has made it clear she no longer supports her father's intentions, which made her one of his enemies as he considered her a failure for not protecting Area 11, stopping Zero and the Black Knights, but most of all saving Euphemia.
  • While Kallen does not hate Cornelia, she still does not fully trust the former princess who killed several of her people, but she has learned from her classmates that not all Britannians are like Charles or Schneizel. Cornelia knows nothing she can say will change this; however, these pilots do enjoy dueling each other in borrowed mechs for the sake of pride.
  • Cornelia is very uneasy around the girl responsible for the creation of FLEIJA, but she does get along with C.C and Milly even if the true witch teases her about her relationship with Gilbert and Milly tries to get the general into a school uniform.
  • Originally seen in the Pantheon as a follower of Iron Man prior to her ascension, having once created a robot out of Mecha-Mook scraps in a cave in his honor. While a superhero, he has his share of sins to make up for, including having taken the totalitarian side in at least one disagreement with his fellow heroes (before later taking on the pro-freedom side in another scism, having learned some lessons from last time), so after a short while he came to understand that she has indeed reformed. He let it be known after she ascended that he doesn't hold her previous contempt for the Japanese against her, putting it in the rearview. They've been on good terms since.
  • Being a military soldier herself, Wolf was very impressed by the skills, knowledge, and tactics Cornelia uses on the battlefield wondering if she was capable of using a sniper rifle as good as one of her Knightmare Frames.
  • Motoko and Naoto were very concerned about the princess' feelings about Elevens or Japanese, but notice the princess having hearing a similar voice to their own. Origami also had issues with this Britannian's racist past however she knows how important a sister can be as like with Euphemia wants to keep Shido Itsuka safe.
    • In the same vein as those two, Satsuki along with her sister had trouble making a relationship with the pilot at first. Ryuko finds her former term for Japanese as "Elevens" to be disgusting, and nearly punched the Britannian Princess in the face until her sister made her calm down.
    • While not trusting her completely, Satsuki did let Cornelia know about the GUAE Re-education Facility. This led her to meet The Boss, who, like Satsuki before her, took in the Britannian princess. Cornelia was horrified about the aspects of this place and grew worried about her father taking advantage of such a facility.
    • Probably the worst initial impression came from Ange, who stands in stark contrast to her, not simply in the racism she suffered, but that it caused her to lose her royal lineage and be considered no more than dirt to the society that now mostly turned its back on her, including her own two siblings who tried to have her killed, forced into conscription on a Penal Colony, and pursued by a certain creepy narcissist who in some ways made Cornelia's older brother Schneizel look like a rank amateur. Needless to say, she sided with Lelouchnote  a lot more, and as much as she pitied Euphie's fate, otherwise felt little sympathy for Cornelia, who was far more racist than she ever was yet went through far less grief than Ange ever did for it. (For a moment infact, Ange was suspicious that she had to shoulder Cornelia's bad karma.) She nearly slapped the Britannian princess, but stopped short in order to give her a good scare, instead swearing she'd be back to give her a good what for if word ever got out she started acting racist ever again, and not even Guilford would get in her way.
  • Esdeath found a lot of traits similar to her, and she expected Cornelia to make a good ally or possibly a friend. Cornelia however made it clear she does not approve of all that Esdeath has done, while knowing this might paint her as a hypocrite. She also finds Seryu and her twisted form of justice a very grim reminder of her far more racist self back in the early days of the war with the Black Knights.
  • On the topic of grim and twisted forms of justice, she finds Zamasu frighteningly abhorrent, considering him as carrying the worst parts of not only her old self, but also her father.
  • Being in a military leadership position like Cornelia, Master Chief respected her skills and tactics on the battlefield, yet like herself he also knew the hardships of going rogue for the sake of the ones they care about (in his case Cortana). James Bond and Jack Bauer also knew what this felt like when meeting the former Viceroy of "Area 11".
  • At first, she didn't know what to think about the Guardians. Unlike most soldiers that she's met, none of them obey any military structure. As for some of them being undead, the encounters with those who possessed certain Geass abilities made Cornelia willing to accept most supernatural elements that she once thought were silly and she found them to be effective at what they do best.
  • Cornelia knows she has lots of enemies from other Japanese deities, but she hopes one day she can find a way to make a truce with them in order to enjoy the Pantheon in peace.

    Lelouch vi Britannia 
Lelouch vi Britannia, God of Rebellion (Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero, One, 99th Emperor of Britannia, the Enemy of the World, Julius Kingsley)

    The Peregrine Falcons and The Sparrows Team 
The Peregrine Falcons Squad and The Sparrows TeamMembers , Divine Soldiers of Conflict Disparity (Marco: Marchrius Dennis Rossi; Tarma: Tarmicle Roving III, Eri: Memphis Bomb Princess, Fio: Fiolina Germi)
Left to Right: Eri, Marco, Tarma and Fio
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Metal Slug.
  • Theme Song: Character Select
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: War, Armies, Guns, Tanks, Teamwork, Friendship, Combat
  • Heralds: Nadia Cassel and Trevor Spacey (MS 4), Walter Ryan and Tyra Elson (MS Advance), Nathalie Neo, Roberto Nicola, and Alisa Stewart (MS Mobile)
  • Allies: Leona Heidern, Most ascended deities from The King of Fighters, V.S.S.E., John Rambo, William J. Blazkowicz, SCP-516
  • Enemies: Evil Aliens, Evil Undead, Millenium, HYDRA
  • Acquiantanced with: Skips
  • These four individuals are no strangers to war, having saved the world numerous times while fighting the evil General Morden and his Rebel Army from taking over the world. Marco, Tarma, Eri and Fio found themselves in the pantheon after many heard of their adventures and how they have overcome threats far bigger in number and always suceed in the end. For that, they were awarded a title and a proper temple for them to reside.
  • They are one of those rare groups that have faced almost anything that can you imagine. From entire armies, zombies, aliens, mutants, giant crabs, even an Eldritch Abomination once. So when they were soon found in the pantheon, they didn't feel slightly impressed by the sheer craziness that the pantheon offers and so carried on with their lives. That's one of the reasons that they get along with Skips although at first they were doubting him considering previous experiences with yetis.
  • They were glad to find Leona Heidern among the pantheon ranks, since they have worked together in the past. Especially Fio, who once went on a mission with her and have remained very good friends.
  • Also very acquiantanced with the good deities of the King of Fighters Tournament thanks to their comrades Ralph, Clark and Leona being regular contenders. Even Fio once participated in said tournament as so did Marco in another event.
  • They enlisted in GUAG after hearing about the pantheon being stuck in a four way conflict between the GUAG, GUAE, GUAC and GUAL. It's technically not that different from what they are used to in their homeworld but they hope that their involvement could turn the tide towards the side of good and finally achieve the possibility of peace.
  • The team is known for having piloted a wide array of vehicles or even armed animals with cannons. The most important one is the Metal Slug, a mobile tank who can duck and jump among other things and has been present in most of their adventures. They even have one of them present in his temple, but they usually take it to the House of Technology since they tend to take a beating. They later met SCP-516, who was a sentient tank that also fought valiantly for its homeland and holds the four of them in high regard because of that.
  • Exclusive to Marco:
    • After joining the regular army, Marco quickly became the leader of the Peregrine Falcons and alongside his friend Tarma has been the biggest asset to them in the fight against General Morden. The mention of the latter is known to dry Marco into a fit of uncontrollable rage, since he is responsible for the death of many of his friends.
    • He is from Italian-American origin and it shows. Of all the ascended crew, he gets along the best with Rocky Balboa and Rambo, resembling the latter a lot
    • Marco is actually a very good computer technician when he is off duty, to the point that he is sometimes creates computer viruses for fun. One of them was so powerful that they almost caused one nearby facility to launch a nuclear attack though thankfully he stopped it before it could get any worse and he plans to take that secret to his grave. In the pantheon he is quite good friends with other friendly hackers like Ed or the San Francisco Dedsec Chapter, who he has ocassionally aided in stopping some of the stronger viruses to cause havoc in the pantheon.
  • Exclusive to Tarma:
    • He joined around the same time as his friend and teammate Marco, in a mission to rescue the president and has since been very close to him. Hell, he was originally the only teammate Marco had when they first went up against the Rebel Army before Eri and Fio joined them.
    • He is an excellent pilot, give him anything and he would have it figured out in seconds. It is said that once he was allowed to get into one of the big mechs held in the tresuare and he was able to pilot it flawlessly.
    • Off-duty he likes to build motorcycles, often also lending a hand to resident mechanics in the House of Technology. He is also good friends with Johnny Blaze and Francis who often got their bikes checked by Tarma.
    • Known to be a bit too fouled mouthed, often dropping a Precision F-Strike when he gets fatally hit.
  • Exclusive to Eri:
    • Eri has been living a hard life since she was born. As a kid she a leader of a gang of street kids and even when she became part of the Regular army she was cold and distant to others. She was originally a spy but later dropped out because she wasn't confortable with the job and decided to join SPARROWS. There she met Fio, who was her polar opposite in background and attitude, but overtime she warmed up to her.
    • She fond of explosives, often sneaking into the House of Explosives to gather some equipment for herself. There is a reason she is known as the Memphis Bomb Princess.
    • She gets along great with Ekichi Onizuka and Kazuma Kiryu who share a past like her as a street gang leader. Usually they tend to stick to their duties first, but they sometimes hang out when they have free time available.
  • Exclusive to Fio:
    • She was born in the wealthy Germi family, notorious for its military history and always sending their eldest son into the army. Fio's parents intended the same but following her difficult birth, her mother was unable to bear more children and so Fio became the first Germi heir to be female. Nevertheless she was raised by a loving family, which turned her in the most upbeat and cheerful of her piers.
    • While her parents support her career, they fear for her and her family since she is the only heir they have and she has no children of her own. Of course, some jokers have mentioned the possibility of hooking her up with her Peregrine Falcon teammates, particularly Marco, comments which have made her blush a little.
    • She is very close to Cassie Cage, understanding how it feels to have the weight of being the child of a famous military family. In Cassie's case her parents aren't even together anymore, making their vitriol much more noticeable although when Cassie introduced Fio to both Johnny and Sonya, they were surprisingly nice towards her.

    Rogue One 
Rogue OneMembers , The Godly Squad Of Suicide Missions (Jyn: Star-Dust, aliases include Liana Hallik, Tanith Ponta, Lyra Rallik, and Nari McVee, Little Sister - by Baze Malbus; K-2S0: Kay, Kaytoo)
From left: Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, K-2S0, Chirrut Îmwe, Baze Malbus and Bodhi Rook


Andy, Herald of Fun Wars (Ryou, Mr. Average)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Orange Star Symbol and wrench
  • Theme Song: Andy's Anthem
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Jack-of-All-Stats, Idiot Hero to not know continents or airports, Genius Ditz, Not a Morning Person, Mechanic, CO Power Hyper Repair and Super CO Hyper Upgrade (which repair and boost movement and firepower to all his units), Victim of Being Cloned Twice
  • Domains: War, Fun, Idiot, Mechanic
  • Followers: The COs of Advance Wars, except the COs of Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict
  • Allies: Max, Grit, Colin, Fire Emblem deities, Millhoire, Leonmitchelli, Couvert, Engineer, Cyborg, Isaac Clarke, Saori Takebe, Yukari Akiyama, Mako Reizei, Miho Nishizumi, Hana Isuzu
  • Friendly Rivalry: Miles "Tails" Prower, Joker
  • Enemies: Liquid Snake, HYDRA, Red Skull, SHOCKER, Millennium
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Asgore
  • Opposes: Leonidas, Ares, Martin Walker, "Serious" warmongers
  • Opposed by: Kiritsugu, Valvatorez
  • Andy comes in the world literally called "Wars World" in which war is a lot more casual than anything else. The fact that a kid is leading an army unironically, people are very weirded out by the fact that his war is "fun" as he makes it out to be.
  • Andy is happy to see some of his buddies from Wars World like Max. Max, however, was a bit concern with Andy's position in the House of War, considering the state that it is but Andy doesn't seem to be phased by him, hopefully.
  • Though he wasn't born at the time of year, but the Famicom Wars predated Fire Emblem, in which some considered it "Famicom/Advance Wars with more strategy, fantasy, and perma-death." Fire Emblem deities would treat him like kin, though they are uncomfortable with the fact that Andy is willing to be expendable with his soldiers.
  • Andy is weirded out by his title. When he meant "Fun War," it means in war is very colorful and very silly, and the units look straight out of a toy. He didn't mean "Fun in War", in which he is even weirded out by Ares and Leonidas.
    • In fact, the House of War is ironically frightening for Andy or as Captain Martin Walker would say that the boy is far too naive to see what true wars are. Funny, given that Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict would reflect on that but it is completely unrelated to Andy so he doesn't really care. Good thing Andy also has a position in the House of Gaming.
    • Kiritsugu and Valvatorez are downright pissed that Andy has this mentality when their belief is War Is Hell. It is a Berserk Button for the latter.
  • Andy is going to be attending the House of Schools just to learn a little more vocabulary. Remember, this guy has no idea what continents are. Or, airports. "What's an airport?" indeed.
  • Andy may be dumb, but he is actually an average commanding officer and actually a great mechanic, as he's somehow manage to repair all of his forces when he has enough power to use Hyper Repair or Hyper Upgrade.
    • He has been helping with the Anglerfish team with repairing their tank and bonding with them. Saori Takebe tried to hit on him but failed miserably. Though don't call him in the morning as he along with Mako Reizei hates waking up early in the morning.
  • He wish to be a rival to ace pilots like Joker in order to further emulate his rivalry with Eagle, the air commander of Green Earth.
  • For some reason, Black Hole had an obsession of cloning him, as they have done it twice and both used to cause trouble in two wars. In fact, Sturm used one of the Andy clones to instigate a war between all four nations so that he could conquer them all while they're weakened. Andy is not happy to be cloned for such act and is not happy to see clones who has done bad things.
  • Andy is certain not going to take any evil army that wish to conquer the world kindly as he has stopped the Black Hole army that tried to take over the world twice.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Gaming.

    The Corpus 
The Corpus, Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare (Refrigerators)
  • Demigods individually, Greater Gods altogether
  • Symbol: Their common logo pictured in the right
  • Theme Song: Corpus Greed, The Profit, March of the Moa
  • Alignment: True Neutral with leanings on Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Remnants of the Orokin Empire, Proud Merchant Cult, Mega-Corp, Facial Markings, Powerful enough to contend with the Tenno, Grineer, and Infested, Morality based on Profit, Numerous Crewmen and Proxies, Drone Deployer, Most weapons tailored to punching through armor, "Conflict is Opportunity", Anti-Magic
  • Domains: Merchants, Drones, Forcefields, Armsdealing, Corporate Warfare, Profit, Greed
  • Allies: Sundowner, Commander Rourke, Felix, Miles Quaritch, Hunter J, Kano, Sir Crocodile.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Apollyon
  • Business Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Jonathan Irons, Looten Plunder, BnL, Nute Gunray
  • Enemies: The Tenno, Ordis, The Grineer, The Infested, The Vex, 2B, Labrys, Aigis, Ayato Amagiri, Kirin Toudou, Shido Itsuka Tohka Yatogami, Origami Tobiichi, Yoshino, Many Pokemon and Pokemon trainers, Gray Mann, Null Sector, Zonda and the Seven
  • Opposed by: Many robots and cyborgs like the GUAM, Torbjorn Lindholm
  • Establishing themselves as a powerful faction in the Origin System after the fall of the Orokin are the Corpus. Described as a merchant cult, they seek out ancient technology like the Warframes as a means to make as much profit as they can. So bad is their greed that they worship the concept of profit itself and even the Orokin condemned them (despite their own infatuation for gold in their architecture). Technologically advanced, while they lack in manpower they more than make up for in their Proxies with a wide assortment of tasks. They're known to deal a bountiful amount of weaponry, a large reason as to why they can compete with the military might of the Grineer or take repeated attacks by the Tenno.
  • Thanks to a mysterious meteorite crashing in the House of Weapons it suffered a nasty attack from the Infested. While the Tenno fended them off thanks like how they did back in the Plains of Eidolon, much of the firearms have been lost in the attack. Meanwhile, GUA battles started to escalate and the need for munitions has risen. Arriving in their rectangular and grey ships, the Corpus have arrived to fill those needs and deified themselves to ensure their stay. Their armaments caught on, even after other arms dealers took notice and the House of Weapons recovered. They have come to market off of the denizens' technology and the Patheonic Wars, realizing that it is lucrative and that the conflict between the alliances will never truly go anywhere no matter how hard any of the Alliances try (although, the Lawful faction being reformed slightly worries them). Their respective enemies back home are none too pleased by their arrival, and the feelings are mutual.
    • Although they have set up shop in Acts of War and Businesses & Corporations, they are also found in other Houses. They built a facility powered by electrical power in the Electricity sub-house and have been field testing their projects within the House of Technology within its simulations along with assembling their Proxies. Not to mention their outposts are primarily located within the arctic regions in the Ice & Cold sub-house.
  • Leadership is mostly comprised of Corrupt Corporate Executives, from the Ponzi scheming televangelist Nef Anyo, the surprisingly influential Sergeant, to the credit stealing Chairman Frohd Bek. There are Corpus that go for more productive means: Darvo Bek deals with the Tenno very often, a lot of the time putting himself in danger. Ergo Glast leads a renegade faction of Corpus using their trade to bring order, and helps in dismantling Anyo and Bek's plans. Even the condescending Alad V was willing to lend a hand to the Tenno if it meant stopping the Sentients despite his gruesome history with them.
    • Although a rival in their business, Sundowner frequently deals with Frohd Bek, so expect Desperado equipment used alongside Corpus tech. The Tenno along with everyone else recognize that nothing good can come out of their partnership. Things like Unmanned Gears using Anti-Magic Corpus equipment and energy weaponry are the tip of the iceberg of potential projects.
  • Like the Grineer, they are open to hiring outside forces should a conflict become too hectic for them to win alone. Those who aid them in their victory in the event are, of course, paid handsomely for their troubles. Should someone make the poor choice and side against them in such a event and they will be targeted by the Zanuka Hunter (despite its creator having issues with fellow Corpus). It serves as their assassin but should the target be of interest to the Corpus they will be instead incapacitated and taken off for experimentation and integration to their technology (its why they're pretty unpopular with technological deities if not outright enemies). The Tenno are quick to say it's a fate they don't wish on anyone. They often hire Rourke to raiding lost civilization's relics that they can use, the pay being pretty high. Felix and Kano also tend to be hired for their dirty work.
    • They have tried integrating Vex technology into their own despite its very nature and the Vex's active stance against it. They have been more successful despite the various dangers and have manged to create weaponry and Proxies based on them albeit lacking the temporal abilities they have. They are interested in the armaments in the Treasury magical and technological alike as Adamantium is something they wish to include in future projects and Demonica for the massive amounts of potential.
    • Pokemon have also piqued the Corpus' interest. A wide variety of them like the Tenno, but not by the product of the Void. Nef Anyo decided to hire Hunter J to acquire them for the Corpus' own ends. She didn't really buy the Prophet of Profit's words, but he pays well. This caught the attention of many Pokemon and trainers alike.
  • Many deities ask what was going through Frohd Bek's mind when he starred in a advertisement involving the Ambulas Reborn transmission. More specifically why he chose the 1980's style of advertisements isntead of something more fitting within the far future, or something less awkward. Didn't stop people from quoting: "Growth. Profit. Grofit?!" every time he comes up.
  • They profit off of war, and are not afraid to keep it going if it means to continue rolling in money. They decided to partner with Apollyon since she desires perpetuating war, although she does it to separate the "wolves from the sheep" and not for profit. They do help to trigger conflict still since she's in a bit of a Medieval Stasis, this time more subtlety than when she triggered conflict between the GUAL's Tyrants and Reformers.
    • Ayato Amagiri and Kirin Toudou are given bad memories of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation once they first heard of the Corpus since both are willing to do horrendous actions for profit. Shido Itsuka and his harem aren't fond of the Merchant Cult either, since they are reminded of Deus Ex Machina Industries.
  • Their reliance on robotics has reminded many Overwatch deities of the Omnica Corporation. While not evil, their blunders with their creations led to the Omnic Crisis. Torbjorn understandably doesn't like the connections, though Corpus executives say they keep theirs on a tight leash thanks to their Ascaris. Ergo Glast is quick to point out that the new Ambulas MOAs were equipped with a network AI which could of spelled doom for them had not he asked the Tenno to take care of it. Really, Torb's not wrong to be cautious.
  • Rumor has it that the title Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare was not the first title they suggested to the Court of Gods. Indeed, they were to initially acquire Celestial Mega Corporation but upon hearing that it was taken they tried to then usurp it since BnL's presence was limited at the time. That was, until they found out they still operated in the background, always there to provide. Some even as went to say that the meteorite was intentional so they could cover up the attempt spring into action and profit off of it. The Corpus Board denied such imaginary claims, but it's no secret that the Corpus as a whole don't seem to be amicable with BnL.
    • They share a lot more hostile relationship with Gray Mann, finding him a pathetic old man from a primitive era who has no right to act arrogant especially when he bit the dust from his own Mercs. This escalated to enemies when their respective forces suddenly started fighting each other, though no one knows what started the fighting. Regardless, they seek to replace him as the security in the House of Commerce, believing they are much more qualified.
  • After pulling a few strings, Nef Anyo managed to bring the Index to the Pantheon. It can be an easy way to earn money and prizes through fighting... if it wasn't shamelessly rigged. Nef Anyo always participates and expect to go in his favor like the Corpus bringing in reinforcements to outnumber the challengers, or how the Corpus only need to win one match to be victorious. Though it's still possible to win, Anyo will be forced pay and reward the winners. This is how he formed a heated rivalry with King Dice: He caused him to lose a bet in the Index. Future matches involve both parties cheating. This goes for other greedy figures participating.
  • People who tend to cross them when it comes to making profits specifically tend to jump pretty high at their hit list. While initially dismissing them as common riff raff, they soon found Null Sector quite the nuisance when the Omnic extremists attacked and took over one of their facilities. As far as they’re concerned, they find the Corpus disgusting for “enslaving their brethren for business”. Similarly, Zonda and the Seven have been staging raids on long them before they revealed their ascension also attacking another one of their facilities and taking it over as their own temple.
  • "May our ledgers become ocean, may our margins see Centauri, in the name of Profit, I commit thee to the void."

    Gihren Zabi 
Gihren Zabi, God of Colony Drops and Fantastical Nazis
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Zeon flag.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Dropped an entire colony and destroying a percentage of Earth, The villain who never gets a battle, Killing his father but eventually gets killed by his own sister, Rousing Speeches, being irredeemable
  • Domains: War, Patricide, Nazism
  • Followers: Colonel Killing, Aiguille Delaz
  • Allies: Most genocidal maniacs in the Pantheon such as Red Skull and HYDRA
  • Enemies: Char Aznable, [[Pantheon/MilitaryTechnology Amuro Ray, other good aligned Robot pilots Zero, X, Kamen Riders 1 and 2
  • Opposes: Bask Om
  • Gihren Zabi ascended the moment he ordered the colony drop on Earth. He ascended his second title when his father Degwin compared him to Adolf Hitler, and he took it in stride
  • People often confuse him with Mr Fantastic because of having the same voice.
  • Since his ascension, Gods have been hearing "SIEG ZEON"round and round inside his Temple, though his faction is now the splinter faction.
  • Char hates his guts, due to the Colony Drop he did in U.C 0079, which Char believes is too extreme.
  • The Zeon based deities are confused on who to follow, the Zabi Gihren or Rem Deikum Char? There is currently a civil war involving that.
  • Gihren dislikes Bask Om for being an example of a ""Feddie"" officer who has too much freedom.
  • X and Zero hate his guts because of him reminding the time they had a colony drop, they make sure it doesn't happen again
  • He is banned from the House of Family, specifically the Fathers subhouse for his crime of familial patricide.
  • Is not sure what to think of Banagher Links considering his relationship with his younger brother Dozle's daughter, but doesn't care about that and only thinks of him as a Federation Gundam pilot.
  • Gihren Zabi is similar to an organization called Shocker, which pissed off Kamen Riders 1 and 2 angry and avoid meeting him,
  • He also found new allies in the name of Red Skull who reminds him of his former leader Adolf Hitler (which Gihren showed in delight) Red Skull decides to give him support of Hydra in order to counter Char's Neo-Zeon forces.
  • During his free time, Gihren goes to funerals and makes Rousing Speeches.

    Jack Barnes 
Sgt. Jack Barnes, Patron Saint of Manning Crew-Served Weapons and Vehicles Singlehandedly (Barnes)

    Khaled Al-Asad 
Khaled Al-Asad, God of Overthrowing Goverments (The Second Horseman, Allisad, Al-Assad)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A beret with the OpFor symbol.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: "Awesome McCool" Name, Dirty Coward, Co-Dragons, President Evil, Rebel Leader, The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized, Starter Villain
  • Domains: Middle-East, Terrorists, Overthrowing, Nukes
  • Heralds: The OpFor
  • Allies: Imran Zakhaev, Vladimir Makarov, Nikita Dragovich, Raul Menendez, Zoran Lazarevic, Reaper, Scar, Azula, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Cersei Lannister, Arcturus Mengsk, Gauron, HYDRA
  • Enemies: Captain John Price, General Sheperd, James Ramirez, Team Metal, Captain America, Kamala Khan, Jim Raynor.
  • Opposes: Americans in general.
  • Khaled Al-Asad became notorious after he publicly executed president Yasir Al-Fulani and declared war to the US. In reality, it was all a plan for Imran Zakhaev to distract the U.S. while the Ultranationalists gained control of Russia while Al-Asad was given power and control of his country. However, the S.A.S. managed to capture and execute Al-Assad after the detonation of a nuke that killed 30.000 american soldiers, which angered Zakhaev. Al-Asad since then found his into the pantheon, thanks to both his collegues Zakhaev and Makarov arranging his ascension.
  • He was not happy that Captain Price was in the pantheon as well. He is still very bitter about how he beaten him up and then executed him.
  • Al-Asad was welcomed by the likes of Scar, Azula and Macbeth because they also did a coup of their own. Although he doesn't consider them worth their time since they won't be useful in the fight against the U.S.
  • Al-Asad also is a big opposer of the West as he believes that they are the true cause of the corruption of his country and declaring war to America. That led to the death of 30.000 soldiers and many more forces that served Al-Asad, all while he hid far away in Azerbaijan. General Sheperd holds a special grudge against him for leading to one of his biggest failures and maybe his Start of Darkness.
  • Considers Kamala Khan to be a traitor for being allied to the west. However, he hasn't really told her that in her face, he wouldn't really risk to be beaten by her anyway.
  • He considers himself a Rebel Leader with a good cause, but he isn't seen in a good light but other deities who are also from rebel factions. Yet, he has allied himself with Arcturus Mengsk given their shared similarities and ideals, while he earned the hatred of Jim Raynor.
  • The OpFor has decided to support his leader after he was deified and thanks to a deal with HYDRA, they now guard the temple of Al-Asad because he has become overly paranoid after his mortal death. Rumors say that his temple has nuclear weapons installed within it, but no one has been able to confirm this.
  • Gauron has decided to aid Al-Asad on his cause provided he offers him a huge sum of money. He has agreed on the condition that he keeps Captain Price at bay.
  • Al-Asad also considered making an alliance with HYDRA in order to get more protection. They also agreed to aid the OpFor in their fight against the West, which made Captain America angry and became bitter enemies with Al-Asad.
  • Often can be found giving encouraging speeches to his followers. But everyone knows that his words are pure lies and that he is a manipulative bastard.
  • "هكذا ابتدأت (This is how it begins.)"

    Marcus Kincaid 
Marcus Kincaid, God of All Small Arms and Their Exploitation (The Gunbringer)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The holy smiling mug of his current physical form.
  • Theme Song: "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" by Cage the Elephant
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolios: Bus Driving, Storytelling, War Profiteering
  • Domains: Weapons, Economics... cold hard economics.
  • Allies: Various vault hunters, The Gun Runners, every single goddamn gunslinger ever, Mad Moxxi, the Crimson Raiders
  • Enemies: Gun control advocates, clients asking for refunds, competition, Handsome Jack (Both as a Competitor and on Principle). Trevor Phillips.
  • Followers: His main follower is the demi-god Yuri Orlov, known to us mortals as the "Lord of War", also has a tribe of bandits who fanatically worship him and have crafted the iconography that represents him.
  • Marcus prides himself as a quality god. If he sells or bestows a gun on you, that gun WILL work perfectly as intended. Implying in ANY way that this is not the case will incur his wrath.
    • With many gods in other Houses that rely on firearms or are from futuristic eras, he finds himself quite busy.
  • Dislikes alcohol with a passion, since he tends to be overly generous when drunk.
  • As well as his position as The Gunbringer, Marcus is the unofficial loremaster of Pandora, recording the escapades of Vault Hunters for future generations.
  • Denied Trevor Phillips access to the Pandora arms race. He isn't the least bit happy.
  • Ex-husband of Mad Moxxi, and they still have an amicable relationship to this day. That pot belly of his was actually her suggestion.
  • He has no allegiances to any of the Grand Alliances. He sells guns and firearms equally to all sides. A profit is a profit. Although, he does see the Crimson Raiders as both his best customers and allies. Despite selling to them as well, he favors the GUAD less than the others since if Nekron's forces succeed, it will also mean the end of him and his business.

    Masataka Shima 
Commander Masataka Shima, Divine Holder of Stolen Axis Treasure
  • Theme: Nazi Disguise - Shima's Speech and Shima Escapes
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A bar of Yamashita's gold
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Possessing a huge amount of stolen gold from Southeast Asia, Commanding one of the Imperial Japanese Navy's most advanced aircraft carriers, Escaping to live another day, with an American POW in tow, Responsible for the death of an important character in his story, Big Bad, Four Eyes, Zero Soul, Wearing a dark uniform and an important figure in a militaristic regime
  • Allies: Banzai Chargers, Johann Schmidt, Wilhelm Strasse, Arnold Ernst Toht, Milleneum
  • Enemies: Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines of the Allied Forces
  • Evil Counterpart to: The Admiral
  • Opposes: Takeo Masaki
  • Opposed by: The IJN kanmusu, The Fuso Empire Witches
  • Masataka Shima is an officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy, and commander of the one of their newest aircraft carriers, the Taiho-class carrier Toshikaze.
  • Aside from this position, he was also highly influential in helping maintain the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere", the occupied territories of Imperial Japan both before and during the War in Asia and the Pacific. Instead of conventional means, however, he did this through stolen assets from said occupied territories, among which included the fabled "Yamashita's gold.
    • While the looted treasure wasn't enough to fund the production of ships, guns, tanks, and planes for The Empire, it was more than enough for another plan entirely. This plan involved swaying members of the Nazi High command, as well as a high-ranking Soviet general, to helping the Japanese Empire. Specifically, this involved these officers killing both Hitler and Stalin. The former was to have been targeted so that he could be replaced by a more competent Nazi leader, i.e. a German general who could lead their military more efficiently. The latter, meanwhile, was to have been killed and then replaced by the aforementioned rogue Soviet general, and turn the USSR to the side of the Axis, thereby giving both Germany and Japan some much-needed respite.
    • This plan, however, was cut short by members of the OSS and British SOE, who tracked down and ensured that the gold his troops had accumulated would not be used. This botched his Evil Plan, and even resulted in the sinking of the aircraft carrier he had commanded, taking a huge chunk of the looted gold with it.
    • Fortunately for himself, he managed to escape the ship just before its loss, living to fight another day. In addition, he also escaped with an American prisoner, one Donnie Griffin, and locked him up in a POW Camp located in the Philippines.
  • With his ascension into the Pantheon, Masataka Shima now hopes to establish an Imperial Japanese stronghold, and would hopefully now be able to push through with his once-botched plan. He arrives in via a Nakajima B5N "Kate" Torpedo Bomber, carrying with him a briefcase containing a handful of gold bars that escaped the clutches of the Allies.
  • Some of the first allies he finds are soldiers of the Japanese Army. Despite the Interservice Rivalry between the IJA and IJN, these soldiers nonetheless pledge allegiance to him, due to being the only Imperial Japanese military officer in the Pantheon thus far.
  • Not long after, Shima makes his way to the headquarters of Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, and explains his Evil Plan to him. Liking the Japanese officer's offer of stolen treasure, he agrees to help him in his conquest of the Pantheon, himself having played a significant part in the Axis victory in his own universe. The German officer then contacts the other Nazi officials in the Pantheon, in order to arrange a meeting similar to the one Shima did back in Singapore.
  • Takeo Masaki, however, refuses to work with Shima, having already been left for dead by the Japanese Emperor. The feeling is mutual, as Shima questions why a Japanese Army officer like him is working closely with an American Marine and a Soviet soldier.
  • Johann Schmidt, one of the Nazi officers who attends this meeting, comes to like the Japanese officer, this time due to their shared belief in Hitler's incompetence and desire to have him overthrown. Arnold Ernst Toht, being a follower of Schmidt, also agrees in on the Japanese Commander's plan.
  • The Milleneum organization also allies themselves with Shima, though not because of the gold he has. In fact, the organization's wealth is of comparable worth, if not more, than all of the gold he has combined. Instead, they see Shima as a means to help continue spreading war in the Pantheon, something that the Japanese commander is fine with as long as they can help guarantee Imperial Japan's restoration in the process.
  • After managing to get the most powerful Nazis in the Pantheon in on his plan, he tries negotiating with some of the Soviet deities in the Pantheon. This ends poorly, however, as powerful Soviet figures such as Col. Volgin and Gen. Dragovich refuse to ally with the Nazis, them having their own agendas in mind. They do, however, both become interested in Yamashita's gold, and so make him another target of opportunity. They hope to use this gold to hopefully fund their own growing war machine, as well as use it to hopefully bribe certain Nazi officials into defecting to their cause.
  • After finding out about a larger Japanese naval presence in the Pantheon, the Commander decides to make contact with their leader. Unfortunately for Shima, the Admiral isn't willing to cooperate, much less accept a bribe of obviously looted gold. Just as the furious bespectacled officer tries to slit the Admiral's throat in a Disproportionate Retribution, he is stopped by OSS agents Lt. Mike Powell and Sgt. Jack Barnes, who make a Dynamic Entry from the roof of the Admiral's headquarters. They promptly kill most of Shima's bodyguards, and even manage to steal a vital piece of intel in the form of slide reels. But Shima himself, however, escapes unharmed once more.
  • As a result of this incident, all of the IJN fleet girls refuse to help the ambitious Commander, now realizing just why all those ascended US Marines and Navy airmen were inadvertently hostile to them and their Admiral in the first place. The same is true for the witches from the Fuso Empire as well.
  • Also thanks to this incident, the American and British WWII deities in the Pantheon are now aware of who Commander Shima is. They are also fully aware of his plans thanks to the captured slide reels, as well as the bars of gold found on the bodies of some of the dead Japanese soldiers they had killed not too long ago. The aforementioned OSS agents now make it a point to stop him at all costs, including making arrangements for one Joseph Griffin to join them into the Pantheon...
  • Consequently, with word of Shima's stolen gold bars now out to the rest of the Pantheon, many thieves, explorers, adventurers, etc. become interested in the man and his treasure. Not wanting to be robbed of his assets, the Commander flees with help from his Nazi allies.
  • As for Shima himself, he makes his own arrangements, namely getting his old aircraft carrier rebuilt and the rest of his stolen gold get accounted for. All this is being done from a temporary headquarters on the island of Iwo Jima. Thanks to the massive cave defense network, he can now continue forward with his plan for the time being undetected.
  • Many note how Shima sounds awfully a lot like both Iroh and Aku. Others would even describe the IJN Commander as basically being an "evil Iroh" who remains loyal to The Empire. The Japanese officer himself, while finding this little fact amusing, is not interested in negotiating with either, due to differing goals and ideals.
  • One deity he comes to hate tremendously despite not being a US Marine anymore is one Cole Phelps. Like ascended Marines Pvt. Miller and Sgt. Conlin, he was a veteran of the Pacific Theater, namely the Battle of Okinawa. Unlike those two, however, he was infamous for committing a war crime, namely ordering a cave containing Okinawan civilians to be torched by flamethrower. This angers the Japanese officer, and motivates him to continue his plan further to restore the Japanese Empire, and rid the Pantheon of any traces of the Allied Powers and their legacy.
  • One enemy that Shima could never anticipate was Smaug. The greedy dragon, upon getting wind of the IJN Commander and his treasure, seeks to kill him and steal all of the gold in his possession. Again, this motivates the Japanese officer to further hasten his plans to have his old aircraft carrier rebuilt, in order to defend his gold from a more secure position and allow better movement between locations.

    Yooks & Zooks 
Yooks & Zooks, the Deities who had a Silly Reason for War
The Yook General (blue shirt) and Van Itch (Zook general with an orange shirt) about to drop the "Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo"
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A slice of bread (butter side up for the Yooks; butter side down for the Zooks)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cold War Allegory, Increasingly Powerful Weapons, Taking how they Butter their Bread very Seriously
  • Domains: War, Disagreements
  • High Priest: General Jack D. Ripper
  • Superior: Dr. Seuss
  • Enemies: Each other
  • Opposed by: Pacifists
  • Source of Amusement for: Sundowner
  • Additional Relations: The House of Weapons
  • The Yooks and Zooks are a race of bird-like creatures that are separated by a wall. The source of their ever-increasing animosity is how they butter their bread, with the Yooks preferring butter-side up and the Zooks insist on butter-side down. Such a reason for conflict may be stupid for others, but to them, it's almost a matter of life and death to the point where the generals of each side tried to one-up their opponents through a series of increasingly powerful and strange weapons. All of this culminated in the creation of the Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo, which may as well be a nuclear bomb in all but name. The generals stood atop the wall, threatening to drop it. No one can say for sure who dropped it first, but almost everyone that isn't a Yook or a Zook can agree that turning an argument about buttered bread into a full-on war is beyond stupid.
  • A debate session being held by the House of Philosophy was interrupted by a couple of uninvited guests. They indentified themselves as a Yook and a Zook and asked the debaters about buttered bread. The debaters simply looked confused about why two things would ask about bread (since the house is more focused on serious matters) and told them to go to the House of Food, which the Yook and Zook obliged. Those who were at the House of Food were simply annoyed when the Yook and Zook asked about buttered bread and insisted that they just eat in peace. Some time later, a commotion was going on and that Yook and Zook were watching as those on their sides were going at it with a variety of weapons. Almost no one took the battle seriously, but when the time came for the Yook and Zook to drop their Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo, some deities had to get some pacifists in order to convince the warring sides to stop before disaster ensued.
    • Yook and Zook were brought in to discuss things and why they would even fight over something as meaningless as buttered bread. The discussion proved to be a waste of time for those in the room who weren't a Yook and a Zook. Ultimately, the Yook and Zook were let go of that room, but they were told that while no one can truly stay dead in the Pantheon, they cannot put to use any sort of weapon that would cause widespread damage throughout the Pantheon (like the Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo). The Yook and Zook begrudgingly listened to that request, but they still went on with their pointless war, much to the dismay of most (especially for the pacifists that had to stop them from fighting initially).
  • Both sides always tried to one-up the other by bringing in weapons that are guaranteed to give them a victory in a given battle. It didn't take long for them to find out that there was an entire section of the Pantheon dedicated to housing weapons (and a separate section where weapons are made). Given that neither side is allowed to directly visit the Treasures (specifically the Armory), the most they can do is look at various weapons in action and see how it can benefit them, in addition to the already-existing weapons they themselves use. With the exception of the Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo, the weapons of the Yooks and Zooks aren't really deadly.
    • Members of both sides have made a handful of visits to the House of Weapons as well, mainly to see some of the weapons that are possible to use in their conflict. According to house members, they usually only see one Yook or Zook at any given interval and not at the same time. Some house members are simply unable to take either side and their conflict seriously, though.
  • It's not just the pacifists who are annoyed with the Yooks and Zooks' antics; a number of deities who don't see anything positive with war are not amused with anything that happens to these two sides.
  • Putting aside the fact that they are constantly trying to prove that eating buttered bread one way is the correct way, none of the Yooks and Zooks aren't actively malicious towards other deities (though there's a few that they wouldn't want to meet). Some, pacifists in particular, wish that both sides would just be friendly to each other overall and not allow a simple way of eating something get in the way of other meaningful activities that don't involve weapons.
  • As far as anyone is aware of, both sides apparently have a number of ordinary citizens, a mayor, a group of scientists in charge of coming up with weapons, and generals who utilize said weapons against the opposition. It's hard to say whether or not each side has some other trick besides better weapons to hinder their opposition.
  • Of all the deities who even care about their senseless conflict, the Yooks and Zooks ended up getting the attention of Sundowner, who seemed to enjoy their conflict, much to the disapproval of the two species, especially considering how much of a psychopath he is. He even offered (through visting both sides on separate intervals) to help them defeat the other through his weapons, but none of the Yooks and Zooks want any of that, instead largely preferring the weapons they themselves designed. It hasn't stopped Sundowner from watching their war whenever he's bored.
    • As for the other weapons dealers, they haven't really bothered to pay attention to all this. At most there will be a few chuckles from someone like Roman Torchwick and maybe a conversation or two about how to one-up the other side, but that's about it.
  • The GUAD, of all alliances, has taken a slight interest in their minor war and has hoped that it will end with not just the destruction of both sides, but everything else due to the sides having created a powerful-enough weapon to ensure total dominance. None of the Yooks and Zooks have taken this approval well and made it a point to simply ignore the alliance no matter what.
  • Dr. Seuss prefers not to get himself involved in a conflict as meaningless as the one the Yooks and Zooks are involved in. He did say that he prefers to butter the crust of his bread instead of how either side butters it, though.
  • None of them care about the fact that all toasters toast toast. No one else is certain if they toasted their bread before as all of the Yooks and Zooks have talked about in terms of toast is how it should be buttered.


    Wiz and Boomstick 
Wizard and Boomstick, Judges of The Gods Fighting Among Themselves (Wiz and Boomstick)
Wiz (left) and Boomstick (right)
  • Quasideities, but with the authority of Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Death Battle Logo, Boomstick's "Cutie Mark" of a bottle of booze, crossed by two shotguns.
  • Theme Song: Invader
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Catchphrases: "It's our job to analyze their weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle!", (Boomstick) "IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
  • Portfolio: Pitting Gods against each other in the ring, equalizing opponents to a degree, tricking people, Contrasting personalities, trying to be fair and sometimes failing, Alcoholics (Boomstick), Mad Scientists (Wizard)
  • Domains: War, Competition, Combat, Reality TV, Fun, Knowledge
  • Followers: The casts of Deadliest Warrior, Jurassic Fight Club, and Death Battle Equestria
  • Rivals: EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter
  • Opposed by: Mr Rogers, 9-volt and 18-volt, Captain Martin Walker
  • Odd Relationship With: Deadpool.
  • Despite Deadliest Warrior technically coming first in cross-culture fighting, Wiz and Boomstick were given the spot on the technicality that "they're just more fun."
  • Have thus far involved over a hundred deified and un-deified characters in matches so far. They take requests from the Pantheon, but they try to be as fair as possible in setting up the matches.
  • Their champion, Fred Rogers refuses to condone their actions in prolonging these "glorified gladiator games". Wiz and Boomstick for their part just ignore him. After all, putting him in the rink to fight is pointless, since he is the Ultimate God of the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Although, they sometimes put him in the ring to put down any rowdy gods post-battle.
  • Many consider their work in pitting Superman against Son Goku to be their crowning achievement so far.
    • And with rumors of them pitting Chuck Norris against Segata Sanshiro, this might go even further. Turns out, their battle was early "recorded footage", the aftermath of which took them to the Pantheon.
  • Despite being low in power, their authority is unmistakable; for a long time it seemed as though nobody could dare argue with these guys when they go to drag a god into the ring.
    • During their first days in the Pantheon, though, that wasn't really the case (Wonder Woman and Rogue saw no reason to battle one another), and the two made do with computerized simulations as a result of the research they do.
    • Wiz and Boomstick have the power to remove some sense of pacifism in the combatants in order to ensure a combatant's emotional and mental issues do not get in the way of the fight. They also work closely with the House of Life and Death whenever they go to work, making sure that there is a plan secured to revive each contestant before the battles even start. After all, they might love watching the gods go at each other, but it's no excuse to have real death in a place where Death Is Cheap.
    • This has all enabled them to pit even morally white characters against each other with limited consequences, a practice that would eventually come into question. Unfortunately, it has also caused many battles to end with great collateral damage. The Pantheon was still trying to fix the damage caused by Metal Sonic by the time of Goku and Superman's battle, which made things even worse.
    • Ever since the match they set up against Deadpool and Pinkie Pie was completely subverted (with the former vowing unusual retribution should they go out of line again), the two decided to go back to simulations for the majority of their battles, though with special effects and choreography provided by the houses of Technology and Theater.
  • Boomstick sometimes gets into trouble around the house. Link in particular isn't too happy he called him a fairy.
    • Because of this, Kenshin is hoping that he is not called upon for any future Death Battles.
  • Recently, Boomstick has been looking around the Houses of Weapons and Treasures to look weapons and such to add into a list of greatest weapons in video games.
    • When he isn't busy with the above or his deific labor, Boomstick occasionally patrols the House of Music under the premise of "hunting annoying tween popstars". He wants to make damn certain that a particular "musical abomination" never gets inside.
    • However, he gains the respect of the other Justin, one who's named Timberlake.
  • Bowser has some hate for Wizard, who has once dissected one of his Goombas.
  • Nobody could understand just how Boomstick can successfully compare Master Bison to Captain Planet, of all people. He has earned Bison's eternal hate for that. No comment from Planet, though.
  • When they had announced that they were bringing Godzilla in for a Death Battle against one of his followers, Gamera, everyone in the Pantheon looked in fear.
  • Nearly brought about the destruction of the Pantheon (again) during the Ragna vs. Sol battle when the copy of Ragna they summoned lost control and transformed into the Black Beast during the battle. It was only by Sol using full Gear mode did they prevent a full-on catastrophe from happening, but Sol is exasperated at the fact that Boomstick believes he won only because "he had more belts."
    • After Dante ended up being defeated by a white-coated super-clone of Ragna in under a minute, Wiz and Boomstick have gone record stating that they don't know how it happen. Wiz's words in private seem to indicate that it was a test subject for the final battle that got scrapped, but it got too powerful just to dispose of quietly. Rumor has it they're hiding him as a sort of bodyguard and last-resort in case some gods or mortals start getting uppity about "unfair" results.
  • After the results of the conflict between Yang and Tifa, Boomstick was spotted asking Team RWBY about real estate availability in Vale, preferably as close to the city wall's gate as possible. No word back about his potential retirement home.
  • Pretty much everyone in the Pantheon "Oh'd" in surprise when they learned that Boomstick's dad is Sarge. In hindsight, it made so much sense.
  • In one of their latest Death Battles, they roped Deadpool back in for a fight, and this time pitted him against Pinkie Pie. Much to their consternation, putting two fourth-wall breakers turned out to be a bad idea, since they decided to break out of the hosts' Greater God authority and screw them over and ended their battle with a party. Roping in the Merc With a Mouth on his birthday probably didn't help.
    • After learning that a Cutie Mark is a "butt tattoo" you get when you find your special talent, Boomstick claims that he too got one, after waking up with a tattoo of a bottle booze crossed with two shotguns. When Wiz tried to point out that this is not what happened, he countered that booze and guns do define his life.
  • Eventually took things to the next level with the Death Battle between Nightwing and Daredevil, where instead of using computer simulations, Wizard hired actors (and all other) to play the roles of the combatants. As for the results, it was deduced that Nightwing proved superior, even if only barely.


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