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The Combat Dojo

A massive Dojo built to fit several types of martial arts. Here Gods come together to spar together and hone their best attacks. The Combat House is made to be very durable, since many of the Gods are known to be very powerful. It is best to not piss them off, or else you'll receive a beatdown.

It goes without saying that this house oozes badass from every pore, and consequently only the worthy may enter it. The unworthy tend to brown their pants immediately and run away.

Due to the sheer number of gods in this wing of the Pantheon, this page has been split.

Recently the improved training area designed and constructed by Evangeline A.K. McDowell and Nanoha Takamachi (with a few tweaks thanks to Urahara) have been completed. It's a hyperspace the size of the Solar System, improved from Evangeline's own training (and vacation) place that has the capability to compress time experienced by the users. It's varied from place to place, from X2 to X3650 longer than the times outsides. The insides also have various environments filled with monsters of any kind and training equipment, private customizable training rooms capable of meeting all kind of requirement, and a 5-star hotel, enough to train all the gods in pantheon as the same time, all of which were provided by the House of Technology. Finally, it has been equipped with an (optional) setting to project a powerful TSAB-designed energy field, capable of encompassing the entire area, that converts all forms of damage - from ki-based attacks to physical strikes from fists and even swords - into non-lethal magical damage. This has made quite a few of the Good-aligned fight-loving deities quite happy, as it allows them to go all-out and test themselves and each other to the fullest without worrying about accidentally seriously harming or killing anyone.

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The Combat Champions

The Five Guards of the House of Combat

Bane, God of Strength Allied With Intellect (The Man Who Broke The Bat, Antonio Diego, Gotham's Reckoning, Necessary Evil, Eduardo Dorrance)

    Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion 
Hanzo Hasashi, God of Dragging Opponents Closer (Scorpion, Zen Sasori Hito (meaning "Full Scorpion Man"), The Ninja from Hell, Grandmaster Hasashi)
Hanzo Hasashi
  • Intermediate God (his power gradually increases while in the Netherrealm, so Greater God if he stays there long enough)
  • Symbol: His kunai attached to a rope with a nearby word bubble saying "GET OVER HERE!!!"
  • Theme Music: Deathstalker by JFK of Mstrkrft, Hell, Shirai Ryu Fire Garden (all rounds), Lost Soul Bent On Revenge by The Immortals
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with shades of Good. Became Lawful Good as Grandmaster Hasashi.
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero who Takes Multiple Levels in Kindness, Undead Ninja Spectre, Dragging His Enemies with His Spear, Constant Side Changing, Hellfire, Revenge, Wild Card, Unstoppable Rage, Toasty Fatality, Character Publicity, Breakout Character, Author Preference, Being the Mascot of NetherRealm Studios
  • Domains: Ghosts, Death, War, Kombat
  • Heralds: the Shirai Ryu
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals with: Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero II, Syzoth/Reptile, Ermac, Ryu (Street Fighter), Ken Masters, Gray Fullbuster
  • On speaking terms with: Moguro Fukuzou
  • Vitriolic Best Buds With: Ragna the Bloodedge (much to Scorpion's own chagrin)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Afro, Baiken, Kokonoe, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Nefarian
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sasuke Uchiha
  • The son of a former member of the Shirai Ryu ninja clan, Hanzo Hasashi was forbidden to join the Shirai Ryu by his father, who did not want him to live the life of an assassin. However, as an adult he chose the life regardless, seeing it as his best chance to give his wife Harumi and his son Satoshi a comfortable life. Hanzo became one of the clan's very best, earning the title of Zen Sasori Hito, meaning "Full Scorpion Man", for his blindingly fast and deadly fighting skill. Unfortunately, the sorcerer Quan Chi manipulated him onto a collision course with the elder Sub-Zero, forcing the two into a battle to the death to complete a task for him. Scorpion lost, and paid with not only his own life, but that of his entire family and clan. Even then, Quan Chi resurrected him as a specter of the Netherrealm, going by his Scorpion title, and kept him in the dark as to the true cause of his people's massacre, continuing to use him as a mercenary while holding the carrot of avenging or even possibly restoring his family and clan over his head.
  • Several events transpired that led Scorpion through different paths. He would always end up finding out the true culprit of the destruction of his clan and family being Quan Chi. In the timeline following the Netherrealm's invasion of Earthrealm, Scorpion was one of the few revenants that were able to be restored in Quan Chi's temple and he would go on to restore the Shirai Ryu to his former glory, even making amends with the Lin Kuei, now at the command of Kuai Liang, the Sub-Zero that succeeded the one that ended his life. However, finding out the location of Quan Chi, he and his clan stormed the Special Forces base he was being held in and ended the sorcerer's life. While he has since regretted that his actions did end up causing Shinnok to return, nonetheless Grandmaster Hasashi would become a valuable ally for Raiden and the Earthrealm forces.
    • Kronika's actions also led Hanzo to join the fight against the Titan of Time and her goons, among them being his own past self which was a grim reminder of the man Hanzo used to be. Hanzo managed to convince his old self to realize the error of his ways but ultimately was struck from behind by D'Vorah. Hanzo slowly perished from the poison, caressed by his past self and reassuring him that the new Shirai Ryu were worthy and that he too could find redemption there.
  • The position tends to shift between Scorpion and Grandmaster Hasashi, but after the death of the latter Scorpion became more or less the permanent resident and changed his ways considerably, no longer seeking revenge for his fallen clan and picking up where his old self left off. It took some time to get used to the new Scorpion/Hanzo but he is working to be a better person. Plus, being a revenant has its uses, but some deities from his universe are looking for a way to revert his undead status.
    • The ability to shift back and forth between living and undead personas can largely be attributed to an otherworldly flute almost resembling a sword handle that he once obtained from a certain laughing salesman. However, whereas previously it allowed Grandmaster Hasashi to harness the powers of Scorpion when needed, now it allows Scorpion temporary access to the living humanity of Grandmaster Hasashi.
  • Apparently, despite his quest for vengeance on those who wronged his family, even Scorpion is appalled with Sasuke Uchiha. Even Vengeance-Seeking Has Standards. The latter finds this hypocritical. He is no more friendly with three other deities of brutal vengeance: Kokonoe, Baiken and Afro. Maybe Scorpion will give Sasuke a break, considering that he's starting to reconsider his ways.
  • Has at times been spotted at the House of Food, where he is teaching the chefs at the kitchens about tenderizing, chopping and cake decorating Many people secretly wish that he would instruct them in toasting, but nobody dares ask him.
  • He has made a vow to never enter the House of Craft after two incidents involving teddy bears, one of which involved Mileena. Years later, it seems that Scorpion stopped hating Teddy Bears and actually started to quite like them as a matter of fact, but he is unlikely to admit it publicaly.
  • Does not like Nui Harime in the least, since her appearance and personality remind him of Mileena, and her actions towards Ryuko, a staunch ally of his, remind him of Quan Chi.
    • Has a deeper antipathy for Ragyo Kiryuin. He already loathed her for creating Nui, which reminded him of Shang Tsung, but this loathing dipped into new extremes when he found out what Ragyo did to her children. Scorpion has not forgotten his life as a family man. It's quite the opposite, in fact.
  • Sees a lot in common between him and Ragna and secretly wishes they could share a drink or two in his House. However, he's disappointed that every meeting with Ragna will result in him screaming like a girl and running off. "…I'm not Kabal, am I?"
  • Sees a lot in common with Niko Bellic and bonds well with him, partly because of their anger issues, the fact that they've lost their love of their lives, and the fact that both have been betrayed by the powers that be or by their biggest enemies, who happen to be two-timing and double-crossing SOBs, causing them to develop a low opinion of whomever they're working for. Niko agrees with him on this.
  • After the closure of Midway Games, Scorpion was chosen to become the mascot of his superior Ed Boon's personal game development company: NetherRealm Studios.
  • Gets along very well with Squigly Contiello, even though she's still undead unlike him, and he admires her for the way she was willing to put aside her desire for revenge against the man who killed her for the greater good, as well as taking it out on the monster who was truly responsible. He's also impressed with how she's copied his kunai-rope with Leviathan, even using his catchphase.
  • Has allied himself with Rachel Alucard to defeat Quan Chi. Rachel is fine with this arrangement, since Scorpion reminds her of Ragna.
  • Hanzo Hasashi was killed by Sub-Zero (Bi-Han) but came back from the dead as a wraith just to kill him. Bi-Han is Scorpion's biggest Berserk Button: even a passing mention is enough to make him angry, and if he so much as glimpses Noob's stark black clothing, he flips into a homicidal rage. However, he has no problem with Kuai Liang, also known as Sub-Zero, and the two regularly spar.
    • After finding out Bi-Han was not involved in the death of the Shirai Ryu, he has felt incredible remorse over killing him. Noob Saibot is still a selfish and wretched being, but he can't help but feel guilty whenever he sees him now. That'll clear right up if Noob tries anything funny, though.
  • When asked to challenge Ryu within the field of DEATH BATTLE!, Scorpion tried to ambush the waiting Eternal Challenger. While unsuccessful in the sneak attack, Scorpion gained the advantage when he dragged the Street Fighter to the Netherrealm and ultimately burned him to "death" with Hellfire, despite being reduced to a skeleton. Some time after, Ken Masters attempted to avenge the defeat of his best friend. Scorpion beat him handily, but was interrupted before the "killing" blow by Ghost Rider. After a quick but brutal duel, Scorpion met his temporary end by Ghost Rider's Penance Stare. Despite the combative first encounter, Scorpion has since become oddly chummy with Ryu. He is impressed by the power he holds and the discipline with which he wields it.
  • In a place where many of the Pantheon fight in pro wrestling matches, Scorpion was considered a midcarder for a long time, but eventually won the top title, and held it for nearly a year, becoming its greatest champion.
  • Is a frequent troll victim of the black dragon Nefarian. He usually taunts him for his time as a wraith (the dragon thinks he is a death knight).

    Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider 1 and Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider 2 
Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji, Dual High Prophets of Rider Kicks (Both: Kamen Rider, The Double Riders; Hongo: Kamen Rider 1, The Skill of 1; Ichimonji: Kamen Rider 2, The Power of 2)
Hongo (right) and Ichimonji (left) in their prime
Hongo today
Their transformed selves (Old)
Their transformed selves (New)
Kamen Rider 1 (Power Up Form)
  • Intermediate Divine Beings
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider/Tachibana Racing Club Logo
  • Theme Music: Let's Go!! Rider Kick (2016 movie ver., desperate ver., 50th)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (both)
  • Portfolio: The First and Second Ever Kamen Riders, Abducted and Turned into Cyborg Super Soldiers by the Mysterious Organization SHOCKER, Modeled after Grasshoppers, Phlebotinum Rebels, Possess Scarves in their Rider Forms, Both Gain Upgrade Forms Through Different Circumstances, Badass Bikers, The Trope Codifiers of "Rider Kick!"
  • Domains: Combat, Cybernetics, Freedom, Justice, Heroism
  • Heralds:
  • Followers: Ii Naomasa
  • Allies: The GUAG Toku Division, the Kamen Rider Club, the GUAG Robot War Division, the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, and the entire Good-aligned Gods in the Pantheon
  • Odd Friendship With:
  • Not to be Confused With: Hayato Kanzaki (Rider 2 only)
  • Headbutting Heroes With: Guts
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains, SHOCKER, HYDRA, The GUAE Conquest Force, the Trollkaiger (especially Enter), Johan Liebert (and his Liebertarian Movement), Kyubey, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Griffith, The Joker, The Red Skull, Gihren Zabi, Millennium
  • Opposes: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa (especially for Ichimonji)
  • Conflicting Opinion:
  • The High Saints of Kamen Riders entered the Main Pantheon because they were the first of the Kamen Riders, as well as the ones that started the "Henshin Boom" and the originators of "Rider Kick" in the Japanese Media. Once simply normal citizens, they were captured and converted into cyborg soldiers by the terrorist organization SHOCKER. Luckily they managed to escape the organization, and both decided to use these powers to stand against SHOCKER's ambitions and for the sake of human freedom.
    • This is the reason why the Double Riders were considered to be good role models to numerous good-aligned deities like the Kamen Rider Club, the very group that was named after them. As such, they have good relationships with the Robot War Division and the Magical Girl Sisterhood, and they help each other to battle against the forces of evil in the pantheon.
  • Believe it or not, they refuse to be referred as "Gods", but "Divine Beings" instead, due to the words of hope FBI agent Kazuya Taki gave them: "Even if there is no God or no Buddha, there's still Kamen Rider".
  • For many years, the Double Riders had been gathering others who had taken the mantle of "Kamen Rider".
    • However, not only have good Riders ascended, but also evil ones. Because of this, the Double Riders has condemned every villainous individual who had taken and perverted the name of "Kamen Rider" as a disgrace to their kind.
  • Hongo and Ichimonji also happen to be allies with Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Akarenger, Space Sherriff Gavan, Ultraman, Amuro Ray, and the first two Pretty Cures, due to being the first of their kind, and to their similar ideals of protecting innocent people from evil.
    • The Double Riders and the first two Pretty Cures happen to train each other in the House of Combat to improve their skills in their upcoming battles.
    • They also seem to have a rocky relations with the Red Comet Char because even though he's a part of the Nazi-esque faction called the Principality of Zeon, he had a personal vendetta against the Zabi family. Char was also surprised that the Riders also hate Gihren's guts while the Riders are not sure yet if they can really trust Char or not.
  • They happened to fight alongside Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Captain America especially if they're fighting their common enemies like the Joker, the Red Skull, and HYDRA.
  • While they always understood the painful circumstances they shared with their fellow Showa Riders due to their cyborg conditions, they also sympathize with other cyborgs like Genos, Raiden, Cyrax, and Victor Stone.
    • They also became close allies with Aila Jyrkiäinen. They sympathize with her after knowing that she was being used as a Super-Soldier by the Flana Institute, and they were furious after hearing of her being forcibly controlled by Nine Barthes via the Embody System. Because of this, they swore to protect her so that she would not be used for that kind of purpose again.
  • For many reasons, the Double Riders often seen hanging out with Nyarko, since she's a fan of Kamen Riders, and she had mimicked every of their movements ranging from their henshin pose up to their signature "Rider Kick", much to their surprise.
  • Hongo has an odd friendship with Segata Sanshiro due to how similar they look.
  • Hayato also became friends with Frank West, since they're both freelance photographers.
  • It should noted that Ichimonji should not be confused with the other Hayato, surnamed Kanzaki. However, they're not all different, since they both hate Ryoma Sengoku's guts.
  • They don't get along with Guts, as they don't accept his ideals of antiheroism. However, all three of them hates Griffith, and they may put aside their differences in order to stop Griffith's plans.
  • They became allies with Kat because she also has a cool scarf, and they were also impressed with her Diving Kick skills.
  • They have a a good relationship with Strider Hiryu, and they support each other in their battles against evil. They also seems to like his long scarf, and the stoic ninja doesn't seem to mind.
  • Both of them have massive respect for Madoka Kaname, due to her selfless wish to end the suffering of all Magical Girls at the cost of her own existence, and Makoto Naegi who became the "Ultimate Hope" by taking down Monokuma and the "Ultimate Despair" itself Junko Enoshima to bring an end to the senseless killing.
    • They also became supportive towards Kenzo Tenma after knowing that he wanted to stop his nemesis Johan Liebert (and the rest of his Movement) from bringing chaos to the pantheon.
  • Since they are considered to be icons among Japanese heroes, they have allied with fellow heroes like Goku, Luffy, Naruto, Jotaro, Kenshiro, and the Yu-Gi-Oh! protagonists.
  • It also seems that Ichimonji shares the same date of birth as other deities like Cure Black, Naruto, and Gintoki. That's why they often have a shared Birthday party every time they celebrate.
  • Hayato is considered to be the first secondary rider, and he gets along with his successors. However he seems to opposed Masato Kusaka because of his hatred towards the Orphnochs, even some of them are good, and his attacks towards Takumi Inui, which Hayato cannot support. He also clashed with Kaito Kumon because he feels that the leader of Team Baron was misguided, up to the point where he became a monster in the end.
  • As they fought, the Double Riders have gained both allies and enemies in their adventures. This includes with the GUAE Conquest Army whose composed of the most evil men and women bent on world domination, the Trollkaigers, along with Toku villain Enter, due to having committed so many atrocities in the Pantheon, and Millennium due to their similarities with SHOCKER. Because of this, the Double Riders are determined to stop them.
  • As of early 2016, Hongo has gained another upgrade as he returned to the mortal world once more and participated in an event to wipe out the remnants of SHOCKER and its splinter group Nova SHOCKER, helped by the current Kamen Rider of that time, Ghost. During that time, Hongo was killed for protecting his mentor's granddaughter Mayu, but he came back to life once again, as he worked alongside Ghost and Specter to bring and end to both SHOCKER and Nova SHOCKER. Ichimonji has promised that he'll keep their house safe and clean until he returns.
    • Upon Hongo's return to the pantheon, the Double Riders has found a worthy successor for the trope "Scarf of Asskicking" by the name of Mikasa Ackerman after they were impressed with her stories in her world.
  • The Double Riders were not pleased that SHOCKER has found their way into the pantheon. Worst of all, the organization has managed to recruit many villains in their quest for world domination. Because of this, Hongo and Ichimonji must gathered as many heroes as they can in order to combat the forces of SHOCKER and to prevent their plans.

    Tifa Lockhart 
Tifa Lockhart, Goddess of Feminine Brawlers (Feint Brawler, Tifa the Liar, The Final Fantasy Heavy Hitter)

Chie Satonaka of the Investigation Team spends much of her time here. The training is more brutal than anything she had faced before, but Chie makes no secret to how fulfilling she finds it. She ends every one of her sessions with steak.

Alternative Title(s): Combat