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Greater Gods

Kenshiro, God of Delayed Deaths and Manly Tears (Ken, Savior of Century's End, Man With Seven Scars, Fist of the North Star, 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken, Unknown/Godsent Avenger, Mixed Martial Arts Maxwell)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Seven Stars of The Big Dipper
  • Theme Music: Ai wo Torimodose/YOU WA SHOCK, Sentou!, Edge of the Fist (shared reluctantly with Sakazuki and Madara Uchiha)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (with more shades of Chaotic Good than he'd like to admit...)
  • Portfolio: Love For All That Is Good, Hunting And Punishing The Wicked, Mercilessly Destroying Complete Monsters, Invincibility, Righteous Passion, Sentimental Masculinity, Honor Before Reason, Combat Accupuncture, Protector of Women and Children, The Ultimate Martial Arts of Hokuto Shinken, Masculine Kindness, The Embodiment of Manliness, Righteous Fury
  • Domains: Justice, War, Martial Arts, Kindness, Vengeance
  • Followers: Saiga Riki-Oh
  • Heralds: Yuria (his fiancée), Bat, Rin and Mamiya (his traveling companions)
  • Allies: Bruce Lee, Ragna the Bloodedge, Rei the Star of Justice, Chuck Norris, Son Goku, Sanger Zonvolt, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Jack Bauer, Kazuma Kiryu, Bryan Mills, Beatrix Kiddo, Gene, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Enemies: Most of the House of Cruelty and Sadism (especially Yuuki Terumi), Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, M. Bison, Cell, Frieza, Cooler, every Complete Monster in the Pantheon.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork/Head Butting Heroes with: Guts
  • Opposes: Scott Steiner, Jin Kisaragi
  • Respected by: John Cena
  • Worthy Opponent: Hit
  • Ruthless avenger of innocents terrorized by the wicked. Murder children and let him know about it? You Are Already Dead.
  • Kenshiro is without a doubt the bane of many a Complete Monster in the Pantheon (as well as the House of Hatred, except for the likes of Eren Yeager and Emilia Justine). He is unaffected by the usual Breaking Speech, always ready to counter with a righteous Shut Up, Hannibal!, and if he could spare some time snarking, he'd deliver a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech before delivering the most righteous ass-kicking and Ludicrous Gibs to these scums. And even if they come back, with his Godhood, they can be assured that Kenshiro will always be there to be noted of their atrocities and would always come back and kick their ass. And he never gets tired of it. Thus let this be a warning for the wicked. When you think only of your own fortune, making innocents suffer in the way, and especially if it's for nothing but lulz... Kenshiro will find you.note 
    • If they do have a semblance of honor or tragic story, then lucky them, Kenshiro may shed some Manly Tears on their "demise". But if they don't... there's just no mercy.
    • Of late, his most constant target would be Yuuki Terumi, to the point that Kenshiro has adapted the stance of "no matter what he's doing, he must be planning something nefarious. Therefore, strike on sight". However, there were rumors that Kenshiro "held back" and usually let Terumi not completely destroyed, for he's always ready to strike him whenever he returns... and the fact that he recognizes Ragna the Bloodedge as the one deserving to deal him the ultimate finishing blow. While at first misled with how it was Hakumen who delivered the killing blow with Time Killer, Kenshiro's hunch was proven true when Ragna once again rose up and delivered the final blow. And his daily activity of putting him on watch continues... He doesn't give a damn about Terumi's identity as "Susanoo" either. Let's rephrase it again. Even in the face of "Super Deities", Hokuto Shinken is invincible.
  • At one point attempted to take on Lucifer for the Chaos Lord's stance on Survival of the Fittest, the ideology hitting too close to home in regards to the world Kenshiro originally came from. Lucifer simply smiled, telling him "If you don't want a world like that, you need only continue the actions you have done thus far. A world where the innocent do not have to fear being trampled by the ruthless... I have no doubt you can make your dream a reality. You're certainly strong enough". To the astonishment of everyone present, Kenshiro turned and left, deep in thought.
  • He, along with Sanger Zonvolt, are known to be the two Gods of the Pantheon that absolutely do not tolerate evil and are capable of dishing out massive punishment for evil without going to Knight Templar tendencies or running the risk of He Who Fights Monsters. Many would call them the "Evil-Slaying Duo", and though they don't confirm it, there is a silent respect between them. There's one rule that both adhere to, though: They're not doing it for concepts like "justice", but merely because "Life is a privilege to all. True Villains don't deserve any of it".
  • Is in deep training to discover the Pressure Point that he could hit in order to dispel the love and feeding of despair and negative emotions. Against hope-crushing scum like Terumi, M. Bison, Monokuma and his mastermind, who one way or another get off on despair, Kenshiro wants to make sure that they don't get ecstatic in the despair of death. He expects something he hears on a daily basis against those mohawked thugs he kills for being extremely evil:
    "I don't want to die! Someone help me!"
    • Someone finally asked Kenshiro why he didn't just have Toki teach him how to use Humanist Face-Breaking Fist. Kenshiro responded that... he didn't know. Never crossed his mind, to be honest. Seemed kind of obvious now that he thought about it.
  • Kenshiro's enmity toward those who actively seek to crush hope is also why he has enlisted in "The Pantheonic Rebellion" protecting Madoka from YHVH's latest atrocity. In preparation for the coming war, he has begun training his already-prodigious raw strength still further to make up for the fact that, as they are not human, the angels are for the most part immune to Hokuto Shinken's pressure point techniques. The angels foolish enough to try to capitalize on this usually find their heads punched clean off, or Kenshiro's fist shoved through their ribcages and out their backs.
  • He, Bryan Mills, and Kazuma Kiryu are the most ruthless defenders of children in the pantheon, and will handily team up to destroy any child abusers.
  • There were rumors that Kenshiro was some sort of godly being even before Ascension, as one of the head deities of the Ivgorod, to the point that one of their Monks, Kharazim, modeled some of his skills after some of Ken's signature ones, particularly Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken and Hokuto Zankai Ken. Kenshiro didn't mind those, as he's more impressed about Kharazim and his friends' staunch belief in the protection of mankind. To him, if other so-called "divine beings" threaten them, then they deserve to be kicked in the butt... and probably be already dead.
    • This is actually in line with his perspective to the law; while it's good in and of itself, if there is a law that causes harm to the innocent, he will not hesitate to destroy it.
    • Similarly, rumor exists that he is the one who defeated Angra with arms blessed by God, or perhaps even the "God" in question who blessed the arms. Kenshiro has yet to comment on this. That said, he does acknowledge Gene as a strong fighter.
  • Is aware that he is John Cena's favorite deity from any drawn/animated universe. Given John's Smug Super tendencies and at times questionable sense of righteousness, he's not so quick to form an alliance, but otherwise doesn't see any problems there. Scott Steiner, on the other hand, is a far bigger problem to him. He considers Big Poppa Pump an embarrassment to the Big Dipper.
  • While he's perfectly fine with Ragna the Bloodedge, he simply cannot stand his brother Jin Kisaragi for being such an unrepentant Jerkass and quite regularly abusing Noel Vermillion, seeing him as little more than those mohawked thugs that he slaughters for breakfast. He does have a better opinion on his future self Hakumen though.
  • Is rather uneasy with Guts in spite of the two having a common enemy so vile that he needs to be put down, perhaps because of him being a dark reflection of him for so long. With that said, he recognizes Guts as the one deserving to deal him the ultimate finishing blow on Griffith should they ever cross paths with him, and it certainly helps that Guts slowly became more optimistic over time.
  • Was at one point encountered by the legendary assassin Hit, who ascended with the title as the Assailant of Pressure Points. The two ended up trading attacks but both had to get increasingly more serious in order for the other to feel the blows. Before they could spar, a small horde of Meta-Coolers invaded the House; Ken and Hit proceeded to demonstrate their killing techniques to one another by using all of them as target dummies.
    • While the real Metal Cooler slipped through the crack of battle to reach his true target, upon which Vegeta told them both to stay out of it, Ken and Hit walked out with respect for one another. Hit announced that if anyone were to hire him to kill Kenshiro he would not allow them to interfere in any way or impose a time limit, and in return Kenshiro declared he would have Manly Tears prepared for Hit on that day.
  • He also has a spot in the House of Life and Death dealing with how he destroys all that harm the innocents.
  • Moments of their alliance are rare, but if/when Kenshiro and Jotaro Kujo team up, be prepared to get punched like you've never been punched before.

Intermediate Gods

    Gasper Vladi 
Gasper Vladi, God of Sensitivity (Gaspy, Good-for-nothing Vampire, Vampire-in-a-Box, Danball Vampire God, GARsper)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God after drinking some of Issei's blood)
  • Symbol: A Crimson bishop chess piece
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral when angered
  • Portfolio: Time Stop Powers, Looking Feminine, Wholesome Crossdresser, Cute Little Fangs, Badass Adorable, Picked On For Being Half-Vampire, Friendly Vampire, Too Sexy For His Own Good, Tender Tears, Nice Guys Who You Shouldn't Anger, Future Badass
  • Domain: Time, Crossdressing, Shyness, Emotion
  • Mentor: Nozdormu 
  • Followers: Little Miss Shy, Kaoruko Moeta, Josie Rizal, Jadesprite, Meilin Lee
  • Allies: The Ascended Occult Research Club Members, Seras Victoria, Arcueid Brunestud, The Other Alucard, Rachel Alucard, Abel Nightroad,Luka, Astolfo, Shimakaze, Bridget, Hasta, Hime Shirayuki, the Joestar family's ascended members, Archer, Dialga, Nana, Vampirella
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Mard Geer Tartaros, Dracula, Rassilon, Ornstein, Quan Chi, Zobek, Gul'dan, Shinnok, Raynare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Vali Lucifer
  • Good Counterpart to: Dio Brando
  • Scared of: Alucard (Hellsing), Alexander Anderson
  • Looked down by his vampire kind for being half-human, hated and feared by other humans for being a vampire. All this combined with his Sacred Gear, Forbidden Balor View, which has the ability to stop time, has made Gasper fearful of the world and hating his ability. His predicament became worse after he was resurrected with a mutated bishop chess that made his time stop ability even more powerful and sometimes uncontrollable. However, thanks to Issei and the other ORC Members, Gasper is working to overcome his fear. It seems to work so far: he's the third-strongest ORC member behind Issei and Kiba thanks to his powers.
  • The entire Occult Club were happy when Gasper ascended to the pantheon. Gasper was just as happy to be reunited with his family, especially Issei.
    • Got scared when he thought most of the pantheon didn't want him in, especially the males. Turns out, it was more disappointment since they fell for the trap.
  • Turns out, n the future, Issei's children are afraid of him. Also, his personality has changed. Gasper has also mastered his time powers.
  • Like many of Issei's family, friends, and lovers, it's a really bad idea to really harm Issei. Gasper once snapped when he heard of Issei being "killed" and his time powers went haywire.
  • As a vampire deity, he has many different relationships with the other bloodsuckers. He is very close to Seras Victoria as the two are both shy, cute vampires who can be very dangerous when they reach the breaking point. However, Gasper is really afraid of Seras' Master, Alucard. Seems the Hellsing hound is very interested in seeing Vladi's "true form" and letting loose. He thinks it'd be fun.
    • Has often been considered the Good Counterpart to Dio Brando. Not just because the two are blond vampires with time-stopping powers, but because they do attract the attention of some of the males. They even joked that he might be the fifth Dio child. His blond hair came from Dio, but his gentleness is all Jonathan Joestar.
  • When Gasper really gets frightened or upset, he would hide in a small cardboard box. Even Solid Snake, who's well known in hiding in boxes, was surprised he could fit his entire body in that.
    • Also, when he was scared to go outside, he wore a brown paper bag which he liked. Many agreed he looked like a pervert.
  • After seeing his future, the bronze dragon Nozdormu showed interest in the young vampire-devil's time control powers and even offered himself to teach him how to control them. Gasper is really glad that a time master wants to help him and does whatever he can to follow the Dragon's advice.
    • They even bonded on how the two are very reclusive to other people, even with their close ones. Gasper is usually found spending more time in the House of Prophecy than his own temple.
  • Became very close friend with Pretty Cure's Hime Shirayuki since she too was a shy person who was able to come out of her shell. Humorously enough, Hime didn't know Gasper was a boy. So when she dragged a protesting Gasper into a dressing room, she was in for a big surprise.
  • Notice that he sounds a bit like Shimakaze. Despite what others might think, he isn't willing to dress up like Shimakaze. That'd be too embarrassing.

Lesser Gods

I leave all that I own to my pet cat Guppy to look over till I revive. (Pretty cool profile!)
Isaac Moriah, God of Multi-Purpose Tears (Cain, Maggie, Eve, Judas, Samson, ???, Blue Baby, Azazel, Lazarus, Eden, The Lost, Lilith, Keeper, The Forgotten, Apollyon, Bethany, Jacob, Esau)

Goodbye cruel world,
-XOXO Isaac

    Setsuko Ohara 
Setsuko Ohara, Goddess of Shining Tears (Sexsuko)


    The Plain Doll 
The Plain Doll, She Who Unexpectedly Cried Through Impossible Means
  • Quasideity (although harbors the powers equivalent to a Lesser Being)
  • Symbol: Her hair ornament.
  • Theme Song: The Hunter's Dream (shared with Gehrman)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A doll that moves and resembles an important figure, uncoditionally kind towards the Hunter and loves him no matter what out of parental instinct, becomes alive out of affection, was meant to replace Gehrman's mania towards Lady Maria
  • Domain: Magic, Appearances, Emotions, Love, Animated Objects
  • Master: The Hunter
  • Additional Relationships: Lady Maria
  • Mixed Reception from: Suigintou, Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, Laetitia, Medicine Melancholy, Alice Margatroid, Alfred Drevis, the Other Mother
  • Conflicted Opinion from: Coraline Jones, Lea
  • Caregiver to: Gehrman
  • Commonality Connection to: The Maiden in Black, Rei Ayanami, Byleth, Astro Boy
  • Enemies: None. She loves everyone and has no form of concept for hatred nor killing.
  • Opposed by: Pierrot Joker, The Joker, The Batman Who Laughs, Junko Enoshima
  • A doll has very few emotions one can make out since these things cannot smile, talk nor even cry at least once due to lack of living functions. That is mostly for the normal type of dolls at the very least, yet some dolls, paranormal or not, can imitate emotions, and in the case of this doll, the emotion it does is mostly love, an emotion usually reserved for feelings of trust and companionship. This Plain Doll has the uncanny ability to do such, even if unconditionally so, which makes things weird but perhaps one of the weirdest aspects is how the Doll is capable of shedding tears (of joy). With all that weirdness and theorycrafting aside, one fact can be deduced from this, is that such inanimate object has the capabilities of loving, smiling and crying, and how is this demonstrated? Ask the Hunter.
  • The Hunter's first entrance to the Hunter's Dream was first seen with a doll that seemed lifeless. Of course that is what he saw upon the first normal gaze, but upon acquiring even a single Insight, lo and behold, the Doll is standing, waiting for the Hunter to approach her. Her introduction tells how she is made to love Humans in general but most importantly, her master whom built her, that being Gehrman, the owner of the Hunter's Dream. While her love stretches to most humans, their response back to her are mixed, shown as Gehrman's contempt for the Doll are shown.
    Gehrman: "We don't have as many tools as we once did, but... You're welcome to use whatever you find. (Whispers) ...Even the doll, should it please you..."
    • As for that part about the Doll crying, as the Hunter can attest, it requires finding the origin of the Hunter's Dream: the Abandoned Old Workshop and with it the original inspiration for both the Dream and the Doll itself, though not as lively as the one in the Dream, yet can be seen its finger tapping. By giving the Doll a hair ornament, the Doll is able to shed a single tear, becoming a Tear Stone. Those who have witnessed it are baffled at how it is able to do that, with many theorists and knowledge-seekers trying to find out what exactly made it cry upon giving it a simple hair ornament. There is a simple answer to that: joy.Note 
  • The Doll will always love her dear Hunter and clearly the Hunter loves her back since she can only move if there is someone to love her, a detail that Gehrman hoped would have helped in the long run though he grew sick of it. Even if he were to attack her, she will simply come back to continue serving him. He may even use her as he wishes, whatever that entails, though the Hunter's primary use for her it to transfer Blood Echoes into his body, making him stronger. As for what the love the Doll is meant to show to him, it is mostly parental.
    "Of course..... I do love you".
    • Despite The Hunter being in the Pantheon, one weird detail that some of the more knowledgeable deities can see is that the Doll can be seen with the baby Hunter Great One, pushing him in a baby stroller. The details here are murky but that requires about three one-third of an umbilical cord, of which has great connection to the Great Ones. Good or bad? Who knows. It is best to leave that to the theorycrafters to decide.
  • The Plain Doll is a complete mystery to many. The only information that can be confirmed is that she was built by men, the mystery about her ability to move still persists. Questions regarding her nature were asked to her master, of which he refused to answer though some of his responses have shown that he is okay with other people handling the Doll whenever they please. Some have the belief that she might be an eldritch being like the Great Ones since she has the ability to manipulate Blood Echoes as that part of her remains unknown. Though if one takes the information mentioned above and her relationship with the Hunter, which includes said relationship of the Great Ones, then some may have the right to be confused if not suspicious about her love for humans if it includes the Great Ones as well.
    • Another note to her creation is that her looks almost mimics that of another person. Afterall, dolls have been designed with inspiration in mind. Then came the realization that said inspiration was the Old Hunter Lady Maria, who resigned herself to defending the Fishing Hamlet in the same vein as Gehrman defending the Hunter's Dream. While Gehrman is still wandering what exactly happened to her as he has been stuck in that realm for God knows how long, the Doll still has no clue about the person she was built upon.
  • It is true that the Hunter is often considered her only companion, however since she has been built by men and conditioned to love humanity, she considers others to be loved as well, although reciprocation is not a guarantee. Her silent demeanor is one of the flaws between her and a good conversation and a source of comparisons between a few deities, with the most obvious ones being the Maiden in Black and Rei Ayanami. But to explain each similarities of the two would take some intense observation but what can be gathered is that these two have the main aspects that the Doll has.
    • In the Maiden in Black's case, they both serve their fellow protagonists and serve as their source for gaining more power via souls for the Maiden and blood echoes for the Doll. Their voice also creates confusion since both do sound eerily similar. The Maiden could technically be considered a Spiritual Successor of sorts as they do serve a similar purpose. The key difference is that the Maiden displays less emotion than her inanimate counterpart. As for the latter, it seems that her ability to power the Hunter were not effective since he does get the opportunity to become a Great One, rendering her powers limited to the Hunter and said purpose is instead placed into the Doll.
    • On the case of Rei Ayanami, their common habits are far more obvious, whether it be the implications of them being clones, their perception of love in a not so subtle and often guillible way, but most importantly their looks being reminiscent to that of another person. Rei was afterall designed to replicate Yui Ikari and the Doll was built as a fix for Gehrman's mania towards Maria, both of which failed and gave more contempt to their creators for not being the similar/expected outcomes. The Doll has no comment and neither has Rei, although the two could be considered friends to some degree.
  • Her love extends to most of humanity, even if said person would kill the Doll, though expect to be weirded out by the presence of white blood, she would be resurrected and still unconditionally love that person. It can be deduced from this that as a doll with limited intelligence, she has no idea what the concept of killing is, which makes certain houses such as the Houses of Hatred and Rancor and Slaughter outright pissed that their efforts on feeding on her rage is next to impossible. Even the chance of angering her seems slim as her response is only that of confusion, which puts into perspective that emotion-wise, the Doll is devoid of anger and killing. And if that was not enough, the subhouse of Killers and Assassins cannot even kill her thanks to her immortality, only adding more fuel to the fire for the happy-trigger deities.
    • Meanwhile, her perception on love is confusing as one cannot differentiate if the Doll is supposed to love the person in a parental or in a romantic case. If it is the former, then it is hampered because of her clingy love towards the Hunter. If it is romantic, then it is also a lost cause since she cannot see the deeper aspects of love, such as romantic approaches and even the basics of sex. These two sights only show that the Doll's perception on love is in an innocent and childish manner, which makes her less human to outright creepy.
    • The "unable to comprehend hate" part also extends to even Hope Crushers as they have the knack to break anyone's hopes and dreams and force their victims into despair. Yet for all their efforts, it seems like they have not bothered dealing with her. As a combination of attempts from three Jokers and the owner of Monokuma can attest, the attempts to put her in a state of despair has all turned to failure as she is too devoted to humanity in general. The last attempt made Junko surprisingly give up and call quits, realizing that attempting to trick the Plain Doll into hopelessness is as akin to smashing one's head in a wall.
  • As she is a doll, her opinions from other dolls are few and far between since she comprehends other humans, other "living" dolls are a mixed bag. The other dolls such as the Rozen Maidens Suigintou, Suiseiseki and Souseiseki cannot fathom her personality. Her love for humans in particular angers Suigintou to the point of annoyance and desperation to kill her, which fails. On the other hand, Medicine Melancholy and Laetitia has limited success talking to her, as the latter's pranks have little to no effect on her, probably because she does not interact with her presents while the former's poison has no effect on her whatsoever because while it does kill her, keeping her dead is another thing, not to mention attempting to get rid of her Master, either the Hunter or Gehrman, requires heavy effort.
    • Doll handlers have piqued interest on her if only because her form and creation is interesting to observe. A doll made by humans and unconditionally loves them back is a rare sight, a sight that Alfred Drevis has tried to replicate. His observation of her seems to fit his criteria of what his dolls hoped to be, retained innocence with their beauty still intact. Though as he looked further into the Doll's anatomy and creation, he got lost and gave up attempting to replicate the Doll with his own versions, eventually forced to kidnap (read:attempt) her. While that got nowhere, Alice Margatroid's magic also went nowhere as the Doll, despite being naive, is immune to her magic being subservient to whoever discovers her as well as the Hunter's Dream, meaning controlling her is pretty useless.
  • The Doll's intense love for humanity also comes off as creepy while also being tame at the same time which makes her close to uncanny levels of scary. And while her comparisons were mixed with the other dolls inside Pantheon grounds, one in particular has been left out, the Other Mother. Seeing her childlike personality, she has taken interest in her seeing that she could fill the void for a child to take care of, but as the deity that represents Living Doll Collector, this bears bad news. Fortunately she cannot be kidnapped nor leave the Hunter's Dream, so in retaliation for this, she has decided to take her frustrations to the Hunter, of which many attempts have been made and counting. Coraline, one of the victims of the Other Mother before thwarting her off, has been avoiding the Doll but only because of her nature as a doll. In contrast to the other dolls that are either evil or not caring towards their other surroundings, she has mellowed down on the Plain Doll since she is the nicest among the bunch.
  • There are other entities other than dolls that exhibit similar state of personalities, such as being fixated on what they were built upon and having almost no human-like emotions to speak of. AI also leans to this side, though some do have the ability to move past their programming and even learn new things. The Plain Doll is on the former but Lea is on the latter, able to eventually move on from what she was originally made to do. Her observations on the Plain Doll is mixed, her naivety to blend as a human being a detriment but at the same time, her ability to display love (even if it looks less human-like) has her wonder what exactly happened during the time of her creation.
  • In the subject of prototypes or even replacements for certain people, some have refused to talk to her out of their past, something that both Byleth and even Astro Boy have contemplated upon. Byleth's history as an attempted replacement for Sothis was a key reason for his/her stunted emotions as well as a whole can of worms that being the royalty of the three houses, Astro Boy on the other hand was built to replace the dead son of Dr. Temna but robots are unable to replicate their original counterparts, and opted to abandon him out of frustration. As for the Doll's original counterpart, there is a reason why Maria is not mentioned much within the Dream.
  • "Welcome home, good hunter. What is it you desire?"