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The House of Craft, for the lack of a better word, is always changing. Sections of the place are constantly being torn down, rebuilt, and torn down again, while its borders continually expand in a seemingly random and unpredictable pattern. The House of Craft is also responsible for building the other Houses (and repairing any damage they should suffer). It also has an innate relationship with the House of Commerce, which owns all of the property in the House of Craft and by extension, all of the products it produces as well. None of the resident deities mind, as they're more concerned with creating the next big thing.

Should you ever decide to visit this house, beware. One deity that had visited it had famously proclaimed stepping foot in the House of Craft was "literally an offense to all the senses."


Thanks to Emmet's ascension, the majority of the House now has a humongous LEGO foundation.

Due to a change in the Pantheon, the Main House selected Emmet, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and later Rohan Kishibe, to become the guards of the House of Craft. They call themselves the "Quartet of Arts".

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The Quartet of Arts

The Four Guards of the House of Craft.

    Emmet Brickowski 
Emmet Brickowski, God of LEGO and Seeing Everything As Awesome (The Special)
Rex Dangervest 
  • Greater God, formerly Quasideity
  • Symbol: A LEGO double-decker couch or the Piece of Resistance
  • Theme Songs: "Everything is Awesome!" (Tween Dream remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being an Average Guy and having a very normal face, not actually being the Special and wanting to be special because of it, believing that everything is awesome, fools, balancing following LEGO instructions and creating his own ideas, Adorkable Idiot Heroes, amazing at creating strategies
  • Domains: Foolishness, Imagination, LEGO, Creativity
  • High Priest: Traveller's Tales
  • Heralds: Metalbeard, Vitruvius, and Benny the Space Guy (his allies), Finn, (his creator)
  • Allies: Wyldstyle, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi (his daughter), Uni-Kitty, Batman, Alice Liddell, all of the House of Craft and nearly every God in the House of Friendship (except the villainous ones), Sackboy, Steve, PaRappa, Maxwell, Fred Rogers, William Shakespeare, the Toa Nuva, Mata Nui, Wall-E and EVE, Fix-it Felix and pretty much every god that is part of a LEGO set (and that's a lot, mind you) - with a particular admiration for Star-Lord.
  • Complicated relationship: President Business
  • Enemies: Rex Dangervest (his alternate self), Evil-aligned gods in the Houses of Hatred and Villains.
  • Fears: Dark Danny
  • Emmet Brickowski was an average citizen in the town of Bricksburg who saw everything is awesome and always followed instructions. However, after getting distracted by the black-hooded stranger named Wyldstyle and subsequently finding the legendary Piece of Resistance, Emmet was mistaken as "The Special", the one that would end Lord Business's reign of terror once and for all. Except he wasn't. However, he proved himself to become the legendary hero of legend by showing off his skills in strategizing and crazy ideas before ascending into the role of a Master Builder himself and convincing Lord Business to have a change of heart.
  • Ascended after understanding that he could be special by believing in himself. Despite his size, he is now capable of creating pretty much anything with Lego to great effect.
    • His new role as God of LEGO means that he balances out those who follow the instructions (like he used to do) and those who build whatever they can with LEGO (which is the role of the Master Builder), sort of like balancing Order and Chaos.
  • Still is a bit embarrassed that his first creative idea was the double-decker couch ("So everybody can watch TV and be buddies!".
  • Amazed to see huge versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the Pantheon. The heroes just kindly thank him for being a good fan of theirs.
  • Spends lots of time with what he calls the "Pantheon Master Builders" (Sackboy, Steve? and Maxwell) in regards to their creation capabilities, to the point that they have made themselves the "Master Builders Four" one of the most powerful groups in the GUAG.
    • Also spends lots of time with Fred Rogers since one of Mr. Roger's big philosophies is that everyone makes the day special by being themselves.
  • When he ascended, he also carried with him a humongous supply of LEGO bricks for him to use. He's planning on using it to create a Lego-version of the Pantheon with every temple of every deity inside, along with mini-figs of each to accompany it.
  • Is a frequent guest of the Council of Cloudcuckooland, seeing as it reminds him of the Cloud Cuckoo Land run by his friend Princess Uni-Kitty. The gods there love it whenever he brings LEGO, and always challenge themselves to create new and wondrous things. It became even livelier when Princess Uni-Kitty herself ascended.
  • Not to be confused with Emmett Brown, although the LEGO Emmet is wondering if he could make his own Time-traveling DeLorean out of LEGO. Emmett Brown will be happy to help, but he first needs to make an instruction guide for it.
  • Likes hanging out with Wall-E and EVE due to Wall-E's own curiosity with building with LEGO, and the fact that Emmet's own sign of affection with Wyldstyle also involves holding hands. Also shares this bond with Ico and Yorda and even surprised them with a recreation of the Castle in the Mist where they first met one another.
  • Rumored to be the avatar for a higher power of creativity. He couldn't be reached for comment.
  • His theme song is so infectious, that it can make most members of the GUAE sing along to it. Emmet is a bit oblivious to everyone's discomfort as he can be seen singing it all day. His temple plays nothing but remixes of the song.
  • Pretty much has allies in every God who was part of a Lego Set. Ranging from the Avengers, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, and all Marvel Gods. And these aren't counting the non-ascended gods who have Lego Sets.
  • Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman once busted a myth of a giant Lego ball rolling downhill. Emmet decided to meet their match by doing his own replica of the myth.
  • Gets along famously with Fix-it-Felix Jr. due to their shared background in construction to the point that Felix is an honorary member of the Master Builders, being capable of improving many of the constructions.
  • Is a frequent member of the House of Friendship.
  • Is impressed with Near's LEGO designs and how he tied them in with his detective work. They often exchange pointers for how to improve, so much to the point after seeing his giant "L" made of cards and city made out of dice blocks, he is considering offering him the name of an "honorary Master Builder".
  • Was absolutely excited to find Wyldstyle in the Pantheon and rushed to meet her.
  • Made good friends with Yotsuba, considering that she always likes to say "Today is always the most enjoyable day."
  • Fred Rogers is a frequent visitor due to his belief that everyone makes the world special by being themselves. The constructs he makes with Emmet are so awe-inspiring that many who have seen what he created have cried at its beauty.
  • After his second adventure, he became very afraid of Dark Danny for being the god of Future Me Scares Me, because of how Rex Dangervest is his alternate future self like how Dark Danny is to Danny Phantom. Many of his allies have consoled him due to their different Start of Darkness making Emmet incapable of becoming the same as Dark Danny. Emmet is still scarred over the fact that Rex was born out Emmet making a mistake and being abandoned, while Dark Danny was born after Danny cheated and Slowly Slipped Into Evil. Emmet still tries to send friendship to Dark Danny regardless of his fear with no conclusive results. And once Rex ascended, all bets are off!
  • With Queen Watevra's ascension, she has been more than happy to help him in his creations. However, her ascension did bring with her two new facts about Emmet; one being if since she was technically made by Emmet, that technically makes her his daughter. The second, he discovered that he still has his Master BREAKER abilities, meaning he can destroy any LEGO structures as well as build them. This new fact allowed for Emmet to feel more confident when using LEGO structures for the forces of good, as if they are being misused, he can just destory it without the need of the Deconstructor.
  • Also in the Sub-House of Optimism & Pessimism.

    Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson 
Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Gods of Tabletop Role-Playing Games
Gary Gygax
Dave Arneson
  • Overdeities (Demigods during their mortal lives)
  • Symbol: A D20
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good and Lawful Good, respectively
  • Portfolio: Creators of Dungeons & Dragons and thus Revolutionizing Tabletop RPGs, Bringers of Fun, Dragon-Recurring Settings, Divinity (Pantheon only)
  • Domains: Craft, Scalykind, Fantasy
  • Underlings: Io, Bahamut, Tiamat, Drizzt Do'Urden and Artemis Entreri
  • Allies: Dream of the Endless, Cosmos, Eru Ilúvatar, God (God, The Devil, and Bob), Wil Wheaton, J.R.R. Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft, Status Quo, Nyarko and her friends, Phillip J. Fry, Bender and Leela, Dexter, The Order of the Stick, Gabe and Tycho
  • Enemies: Melkor, YHVH, Nekron, The Anti-Monitor, Lord Fuse, Merged Zamasu, the Outer Gods, SMT's Nyarlathotep, The GUAM Machine Council, Xykon, General Tarquin, Redcloak, The Godmodder
  • Respected by: SMT's Lucifer
  • It all started in November 1972 when Gary Gygax, the co-founder of the International Federation of Wargamers (IFW) meet up with Dave Arneson and David Megarry for a game of Blackmoor in Lake Geneva. After a round refereed by Arneson, Gygax swiftly created a new campaign named Greyhawk and asked Arneson for a draft of his gaming rules. After that, they exchanged ideas over phone and mail and playtesting with their other contacts. They wanted their board game to be published as soon as possible due to two publishers rejecting it, so they hastily make new rules without using Arneson's draft. Luckily, a man named Brian Blume provided enough funds to publish the original Dungeons & Dragons set in 1974 with the initial print run selling one thousand copies and rising in subsequent years. Since then, the world is introduced to one of the most revolutionary Tabletop Games that influenced many works of media for years to come.
  • Gygax's mortal shell was cast off March 4, 2008, and Arneson's on April 7, 2009. The sacrifice of so many hours of free time skyrocketed them both to Overdeities of Craft. Gygax is often more active than Arneson, though that is because people know about him more.
    • Later, they established a spot in the Main House as the Progenitors of Gods. There, they have the highest position possible, gaining dominion over every deity in the Pantheon. Most don't object (yes, not even the most Chaotic deities) since as Game Masters, they must be fair when it comes to a game's balance, thus they help keep situations normal. Cosmos and Eru are thankful for their new position as leaders of the Pantheon and the Status Quo helps them with this job and they appreciate his help for it. The God from God The Deviland Bob is glad that these two will do a better job than he did and proceeded to continue drinking at the bar.
      • However, there still are most deities not liking the fact that they are in charge and seek to usurp or destroy them. YHVH thinks they do not deserve to be leaders of the Pantheon and often sends His underlings to fight them to no avail, because of their Game Master abilities. Nekron wants them permanently dead before he could destroy the Pantheon with ease. The Anti-Monitor also thinks they are a hindrance to his ultimate goal of everything being blown to smithereens. Zamasu is outright pissed that because of them, he cannot destroy the NINGEN. The GUAM Machine Council, in line with their philosophy of robotic supremacy thinks that two humans like Gygax and Arneson are obstacles to their goals though luckily, the Roboking is keeping them in line.
      • Surprisingly, Lord Fuse is actually afraid of the duo, because their orders are powered by The Power of Imagination, his biggest weakness. Fuse is trying to think of a way to dispose of them with no risk.
      • What's also surprising is that Lucifer admires Gygax's mercilessness in his campaigns, although he is a bit irked that he and Arneson must maintain order in the Pantheon which becomes a sore spot for him.
  • Originators of the concept of Godhood... well, Dream of the Endless predated that, but the three decided to share credit just to save some confusion.
  • The Outer Gods are baffled that two humans have as much power as they do and also has dominion over them. For now, they go back to their usual businesses while not trying to needlessly provoke them... but not Nyarlathotep. He and his SMT counterpart both agree for once that they must be out of the way in order for their evil ambitions to come into fruition.
    • The duo get along better with their creator, H.P. Lovecraft, despite the three working in completely separate genres. Nyarko, along with Mahiro, Cuuko and Hasta also get along with them, even though Nyarko did not have any experience playing D'n'D prior to this.
    • They also got along really well with J.R.R. Tolkien, because his work has influenced their games a lot including Dungeons and Dragons.
  • All tabletop gaming gods have them to thank. If it wasn't for them, they wouldn't exist. On the flipside, if it wasn't for them, the Ebon Dragon and the Chaos Gods, among other evil gods, wouldn't have existed either, so it's sort of a mixed bag.
    • They are the only gods that the Draconic Trio will defer to and woe to anyone that dares to harm them in their presence. Drizzt and Artemis confronted their progenitors and asked them, "Why are we this way? Have you forsaken us?" Gygax and Arneson tells them they can be whoever they want since the Pantheon is where fictional characters can retreat to during or after their trials. The lesser Not So Different duo accepted this and unconditionally serve their masters to this day.
    • Wil Wheaton is ecstatic that the men themselves, the creators of Dungeons & Dragons are here in the Pantheon. They are often seen playing campaigns together, outdoing each other's GM skills.
    • The Order of the Stick has given their allegiance to the Progenitors and fight in their stead due to their world being based on the 3.5 edition's rules and making fun of the whole DnD experience. This also cause the Order's enemies like General Tarquin, Redcloak and Xykon become their enemies, who are also seeking to usurp and overpower them. Not even the duo can stand Miko Miyazaki, though they appreciate her allegiance albeit a blind one. Despite not playing much D'n'D themselves, Gabe and Tycho gave their utmost respect to them.
  • The Random Number God comes to them sometimes for guidance. They often tell him to keep doing his job, because he is a fundamental force in games of any form.
  • Gygax has met Fry and his friends before, who are surprised that he runs the entire place. They now join him in role-playing campaigns during their off-hours. On a related note, he feels proud that Dexter the young genius triumphs over his fellow players in D'n'D even having his last name as his alias, though Gygax (and Arneson as well) does try to teach Dexter to play fair next time.
  • Both adamantly opposes the Godmodder due to abusing his Game Master abilities just to torture his players. The Godmodder (both personalities) return that sentiment, even thinking that the two are too soft on their players (yes, he even thinks Gygax is too merciful in D'n'D).
  • They are also the Progenitors in the Main House.

    Rohan Kishibe 
Rohan Kishibe, God of Eccentric Artists (Little Rohan, Rohannie)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand "Heaven's Door"
  • Theme Music: Pink Dark Boy; Finding The Truth; his theme from Eyes of Heaven
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with shades of Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Rewriting Reality (includes inflicting Laser-Guided Amnesia), Weirdness Magnet, Hidden Heart of Gold, Breakout Character, Author Avatar
  • Domains: Stories, Memories, Art
  • Allies: Koichi Hirose, Jotaro Kujo, Reimi Sugimoto, Nate Adams, Yusuke Kitagawa, Mio Naganohara, Alan Wake, Richard Castle, Subaru Mikazuki, Kyle Rayner
  • Rivals: Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi, Eiji Niizuma (friendly rival with the former two)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura
  • Enemies: Yoshikage Kira, Enrico Pucci, Jack the Ripper
  • Foil to: Shukuro Tsukishima
  • Avoids: Hermes
  • Rohan Kishibe is just one of many bizarre individuals that Josuke Higashikata has encountered in the strange town of Morioh. A successful, but reclusive mangaka with a very strong eye for detail, Rohan also happens to have his own Stand known as Heaven’s Door, which allows him to not only literally read people like a book, but he can write in commands inside a person’s “pages” that drastically alter the life around them. Although he has a bit of a jerkish attitude to go along with his eccentric traits, Rohan has a bit of a softer side thanks to his friendship with Koichi Hirose, a fan of his mangaka, and with the motivation of Reimi Sugimoto, a girl who he met when he was a kid and the sole survivor of an attack that killed her, he and Josuke’s friends were able to defeat her killer Yoshikage Kira. Beyond his adventures with Josuke and company, Rohan has had his own share of coming across strange events while looking for inspiration to write his stories.
  • As Rohan continued to work on his manga and looked for new ideas to write about, he started to hear rumors spreading around Morioh that a mysterious world identified as “The Pantheon” was connected to that town and that Josuke and his friends were a part of that strange world. Looking to see just how much truth there was to it, Rohan decided to investigate, hoping that what these rumors entailed could help him come up with an idea for a story. During that time, Rohan encountered someone who identified themselves as being a part of “The Pantheon” and proceeded to tell Rohan many things after being questioned by the mangaka about the rumors that were circulating through Morioh. Not only was Morioh part of the Pantheon, but so were many other worlds that Rohan had never heard of before, not to mention that a number of foes who Josuke and his friends fought against, most notably Yoshikage Kira, were part of the Pantheon and that no one can truly stay dead in the Pantheon. Rohan was surprised at what he just heard, which only grew after using Heaven’s Door on the entity he was talking to and discovering that whoever he was talking to had existed for a long time, well before Morioh even existed. With that in mind, Rohan managed to discover a lot more than he realized and not only has he continued to make manga, but has gotten involved in the myriad assortment of adventures the Pantheon has to offer.
  • He would quickly find out that he’s not the only mangaka in the Pantheon while looking for stories to write about. Rohan would learn about the works of Muto Ashirogi and how they would overcome a multitude of personal challenges to become successful and was able to arrange a meeting with the two behind that identity, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi. The two were quite eager to meet up with another mangaka and were willing to talk to Rohan about their own methods of success. It was through Muto Ashirogi that Rohan learned of another rival mangaka named Eiji Niizuma, who was a bit like Rohan as far as eccentric, but talented writers are concerned and that comparison wasn’t lost on Mashiro and Takagi even if Eiji is nicer than Rohan. Both parties maintain a friendly rivalry with each other when it comes to making mangaka for others in the Pantheon, with Rohan having come up with an idea for a storyline involving competing writers to write about at a later point in time.
    • Mio Naganohara was another mangaka who Rohan met while he was on lunch break, with Mio sharing a table with him after learning who he was. Mio showed him some of her work and mentioned that she uses his manga, among others, as a reference for what she writes. Rohan then noticed some of her friends in some crazy scenarios and asked Mio if there was anything unusual about what was going on, to which she replied that it was all normal for her and her friends. Admittedly, everyone had their own definition of normal and Rohan’s happened to be “get involved with supernatural circumstances that will probably be used as reference for future stories”. The two have maintained a good friendship with each other and have had subsequent lunches with each other, provided that those meetings don’t involve a random outside party messing with Mio’s meals.
  • Rohan had been used to encountering odd circumstances, both related to Stands and events that otherwise had nothing to do with them. He then began to read reports about incidents involving people who had something similar to Stands, but were different from such, prompting Rohan to figure out what they were. During that time he met Yusuke Kitagawa, one of the people mentioned on that report and it was through him that the whole “other Stand users” matter was resolved. As it turned out, Yusuke and a whole bunch of other people like him used Personas, which are like Stands as far as the use of Fighting Spirit is concerned, but otherwise have very different abilities. Those Persona users also had their own personal baggage that they had to deal with, which in Yusuke’s case was him being an eccentric artist like Rohan and coming to terms with the fact that his mentor was abusive and learning about how both the intrinsic value and monetary value of art can coexist. The two have kept in touch with each other following the meeting and have taken an interest in each other's work outside of dealing with their own unusual happenings.
  • At his core, Rohan is a writer and he managed to learn about a multitude of other authors through reading their books as reference for future projects. Among those Pantheonic authors included Richard Castle, Subaru Mikazuki, and Alan Wake, all of whom had plenty of unique traits Rohan noticed while talking to them. To some extent, mystery writer Richard was a bit like Rohan when it comes to being a writer investigating odd events, though what Richard deals with is much more mundane in comparison. Alan Wake was another writer who had to deal with strange going-ons in a small town, though they were much more personal and darker (figuratively and literally) in nature. Like Richard, Subaru is also a mystery writer, but doesn’t put himself in any danger thanks to his introverted character, not to mention the fact that he takes care of Haru, a cat he’s really fond of. Subaru found what Rohan went through rather intriguing and Rohan seems to be aware of how popular stories involving cats are. Rohan sometimes has some casual conversations with the three on separate occasions, sometimes related to how things have been for them and sometimes related to later stories they’re planning to work on.
  • Besides Koichi Hirose, there are plenty of fans of his manga in the Pantheon such as Kyle Rayner. While some have relatively restrained admiration in that regard, there are others who tend to get a bit obsessive about their interest to the point of being dangerous. Although Annie Wilkes hasn’t read manga yet as far as anyone is concerned, Rohan considers her possessive and manipulative behavior towards a writer she kidnapped and forcing him to comply with her demands regarding a story to be repulsive enough that if anyone ends up having a problem with his work and attempts to directly ask him to have a story turn out the way they (as in, a handful of specific people and not the general audience that enjoys his stories), he won’t hesitate to fight back. A similar thing also applies to anyone who directly tells him that they don’t like manga in general.
  • Not only does Heaven’s Door allow Rohan a glimpse at every bit of important information inside of whoever he’s interacting with, but he can write commands inside of the “pages” of that person (and he can also write those commands in himself) and can alter their memories as well. Rohan’s written-in actions are something that he only does if he and his friends are in a bad spot and he would learn of another individual who also had the power to alter memories named Shukuro Tsukishima. Like Rohan, Shukuro can look into people’s past and memories and alter them if need be, but the latter has a very different method of activating his powers and while Rohan uses Heaven’s Door in dire circumstances, Shukuro uses his memory manipulation powers in order to fulfill some sort of goal he has. Giving the relatively similar set of powers, Rohan knew how bad things would be if that kind of power was put in the hands of a villain and while Shukuro isn’t as evil as he was back then, all Rohan has to do to see if something is wrong with someone is to use Heaven’s Door on anyone that isn’t acting like themselves and find any “pages” altered by Shukuro. Shukuro seems to know how similar Heaven’s Door is to his own abilities, but he’s opted to ignore Rohan for the time being unless he ends up really interfering with his plans.
  • While Rohan has dealt with a number of strange events that he’s come across, one of his most notable endeavors outside of writing was stopping Yoshikage Kira, a serial killer responsible for murdering several people, including Reimi Sugimoto (who Rohan had met at a young age prior to witnessing her death at Kira’s hands). It was one thing to have to deal with Kira again even with the multitude of other Pantheonic denizens capable of defeating him, but the fact that there are plenty of other serial killers beyond Kira proved to be problematic for Rohan, especially if said killers are willing to target his friends. One such killer was Jack the Ripper, who had a lot of mystery surrounding him to the point that it’s very hard to find out exactly what his background is, even if Rohan attempted to use Heaven’s Door on him. Although the majority of these serial killers don’t share the same kind of power that Kira has and some have their own twisted motivations, that hasn’t stopped Rohan from hating those kinds of individuals given what he went through back then.
  • One of Rohan’s adventures involved buying forested mountains to use as reference for a story he was writing and subsequently learning about some strange events that took place. This was traced to a yokai he dubbed as Mutsukabezaka, a creature that passes its curse (its victims bleed almost endlessly) onto descendants related to its victim(s) and whoever ended up being attracted to said victims. Nate Adams ended up reading about Rohan’s encounter with such an unusual and creepy yokai and ended up meeting the mangaka directly. Rohan decided to tag along with Nate for a bit after learning that a large building that Nate often passed by (and what Rohan was planning to use as reference for later) was being haunted by yokai. As the two investigated to see what was causing the structure to scare away others, Rohan noticed that Nate had access to friendly yokai and even befriended a few of them that they encountered along the way. The duo eventually encountered a yokai neither had met before and it required Nate’s skills and Rohan’s wits to make it out of that battle alive. For all of Nate being called “average” and “generic”, Rohan found him to be rather interesting, especially where his profession is concerned and the two have remained on good terms with each other since that encounter.
  • By his own admission, Rohan considers the time where he engaged in a rivalry against an arrogant model to be a low point for himself. Yoma Hashimoto was obsessed with his body to the point of murdering others for getting in the way of his workout regimen, a revelation that disturbed Rohan upon learning of it. Not only that, but Rohan noticed that Yoma had become an avatar for Hermes, better known as the god of speed and referred to by Rohan as the God of Muscles. Although Rohan was able to outwit Yoma, he’s still wary that Hermes is still vengeful towards him and the fact that Hermes himself has a presence in the Pantheon and is alive didn’t sit well with the mangaka. Despite being told by some that Hermes is a friendly fellow despite his trickery, Rohan doesn’t believe those claims (especially since if Hermes hates someone, he really hates them) and has done whatever he can to avoid Hermes and make sure he doesn’t incur his vengeful wrath.

Ambiguous Rank

    King Ramses 
King Ramses, God of Out of Place CG (Professor)
  • Unknown, likely an Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His slab
  • Theme Songs: Return the Slab, The Man In Gauze
  • Alignment: True Neutral, goes straight into Chaotic Evil when his slab is stolen.
  • Portfolio: Nepharious Pharaoh, Our Ghosts Are Different
  • Domains: Curses, Revenge, Pharaohs, Spirits, Slabs
  • Enemies: Eustace Bagge, all Grave Robbers, Yuuki Terumi (For placing his slab in the Pantheon), Gozer, The Other Ramses, Mr. Burns, Nagash, Dark Danny, King Boo, Babidi, Nyarlathotep, anyone who would steal his slab
  • Feared by: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel Bagge, Misty
  • Avoided by: The Egyptian Pantheon and really, Pharaohs in general
  • Currently Watched by: SCP Foundation
  • King Ramses is a Nepharious Pharaoh whose spirit is tied to a slab with engravings carved into it. When it was stolen, he went absolutely berserk, hunting down the thieves and eventually Eustace who also gets his hands on it, causing him to come into conflict with the Bagges.
  • It was a bright and sunny day in the Pantheon when a stone was found in the House of Commerce. Mr. Burns, seeing value in the item, took it and stored it away. Unfortunately, that night, he found himself plagued by happenings like floods and loud music. (Don’t ask.) He was soon confronted outside by a strange-looking creature, who sent a horde of locusts to eat his mansion. Mr. Burns refused to give the stone to the being, which resulted in a less than pleasant fate for him.
    • Ramses soon learned that it was Yuuki Terumi who introduced his slab to the Pantheon For the Evulz. Because of this, he really wants him gone. He despises trolls because of this and is opposing the Trollkaiger.
  • Doesn’t normally appear unless his slab is stolen. Due to this, he doesn’t really have any allies. Not that he cares about allies, of course. All he wants to do is rest in his tomb, and would rather stay out of all conflict. Steal his slab, though, and he will make you wish you hadn’t.
  • He has multiple curses he can inflict. He can use a curse which can cause massive floods indoors, one where he can summon a hidden record player which plays loud music, and he can order a horde of locusts to eat anything in sight. These all pale in comparison to his most dangerous and final curse. He can turn someone into an engraving on his slab.
  • Those of the Egyptian Pantheon don’t know what to think of him. In general, they tend to avoid him due to how the best known way to speak to him is to steal his slab, which is a horrible idea. Honestly, Pharaohs in general seem to avoid him. He does have some animosity towards the other Ramses in the Pantheon, indicating that something might have happened involving the two.
  • Finds kinship with people that seek death like SCP-1440. He pities Kenny McCormick for his current predicament though doesn’t come out to aid said people in fixing these problems. He just wants to rest.
  • Babidi once thought it a good idea to steal his slab and take the opportunity when Ramses emerged to try to control him. While it made him stronger, Ramses was also able to resist all forms of Mind Control the wizard threw at him. Cue Curb Stomp. Babidi hasn’t attempted since.
  • The SCP Foundation decided to take actions regarding watching over King Ramses’ slab to ensure it doesn’t get stolen. While anomalous, they know he won’t bother anyone as long as his slab is left alone.
  • Misty is scared of him due to his ability to summon hordes of locusts capable of eating anything, fearing that King Ramses will make some eat her alive. She has been told that he will leave you alone as long as you don’t steal his slab, but this didn’t ease her fears that much.
  • Does not want anything to do with King Boo and Dark Danny for being absolutely monstrous evil ghosts. He’d like to remind you that he isn’t evil and just wants to rest. Gozer he also dislikes due to making ghosts go nuts everywhere he goes, which interferes with his rest as he is a spirit.
  • Courage, learning of his ascension, immediately decided to stay as far away from him and his slab as possible, a sentiment he shares with Muriel. Both of them remember what he did to their home. Eustace doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson, though. He keeps trying to steal the slab.
  • Despite Nagash being an undead ruler, Ramses wants NOTHING to do with him due to his unending depravity and desire for destruction. He is even willing to leave his slab without being provoked in order to help put an end to the Undying’s attacks.
  • Even though one of Nyarlathotep’s many forms is a Pharaoh, Ramses could really care less about him. Any attempt he makes at trying to influence Ramses are usually met by the spirit sending hordes of locusts at the Crawling Chaos.
  • ”Return the slab...or suffer my curse...”

    Popuko & Pipimi 
Popuko and Pipimi, Goddesses of Japanese 4-Panel Comics
Pipimi on the left, Popuko on the right
  • Ranks vary (usually influenced by whatever would be funniest)
  • Symbol: A very detailed hand Flipping the Bird; alternatively, their deceptively cute faces
  • Theme Song: Pop Team Epic's opening theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with shades of Evil
  • Portfolio: Big Girl, Little Girl; Perpetual Cat Smile; Curtains Match the Window (downplayed); Red Oni, Blue Oni; Vocal Dissonance (sometimes)
  • Domains: Parody, 4koma, Wrath, Video Games, Manga, Anime
  • Allies: Deadpool
  • Enemies: "Subculture bitches"
  • Feared by: Deities that often terrify others (Popuko, mostly)
  • Admires: Godzilla, Jaws (Popuko)
  • Unknown Relationship with: Mike Haggar, Filthy Frank
  • The Court of the Gods were a bit reluctant to ascend Popuko and Pipimi, but as they couldn't find any better representatives for the 4koma format, they decided to ascend the two, for better or worse.
  • To the confusion of many deities, Popuko and Pipimi never have the same voice. One day they'll sound like men, and others they'll sound like girls or even full-grown women. No one's bothered to find out why, and some are even afraid to know.
  • So vicious is Popuko's temper that even many of the most terrifying deities — like Freddy Kreuger and Bruce — are scared of her! Exceptions are few and far between...
  • Popuko has been banned from performing on stage in the Houses of Music and Theatre and Spectacle due to her stint as a pop star in one timeline that ended in herself and Pipimi taking over the world. Popuko angrily flipped both houses the bird when she was told this and walked away in a huff.
  • If you buy merchandise for a series, game, etc. that you don't watch or play, stay far away from these two, especially Popuko! That's the behavior of what they call a "subculture bitch".
  • When Popuko is put next to the most evil or vile of demonic entities in the pantheon — like the Chaos Gods, Nyarlathatotep, or Melkor — most (if not all) holy figures view her as the greater evil and seek to exorcise her.
  • In at least one timeline, the girls apparently unknowingly influenced Mike Haggar, giving him the strength to run for mayor. No one knows if the Haggar in the Pantheon is from that timeline; neither Popuko nor Pipimi would know, and if Haggar does know anything, he's tight-lipped about it.
    • Another deity with an unknown relationship with the girls is Filthy Frank. He has some notable similarities to them; the three of them have used humor that Crosses the Line Twice (though Frank relies on it), and they apparently all have roots in Japan. None of them have commented on it, either.
  • Popuko has expressed a fondness for Godzilla, calling him "Daddy". Unlike the Godzilla-like Kaiju the girls once ran into, the King of the Monsters expressed mild confusion. Nonetheless, he doesn't seem bothered by Popuko, and even lets her ride on his tail or his head. Some deities commented that it's...strangely cute. Desco, who is similarly fond of Godzilla, is...more than a little jealous.
    • Similarly, Popuko isn't even slightly scared of Bruce the shark, and even wants to play with him. Bruce, however, is terrified of her (as previously mentioned), and retreats into the deeper water whenever she approaches the shore, to her disappointment and annoyance.
  • In Deadpool, they found a kindred spirit. They hadn't expected to meet someone as insane and aware of the fourth wall as them, well, anywhere, but his antics match their own fairly well. True, there are notable differences between them (including visual style), but at the core of it, he's not so different from them. Don't be surprised to see the three of them hanging out and causing trouble.
  • There are some moments when they are REALLY weirdly drawneven POORLY drawn. These are referred to as "Bob Team Epic" or "Bobunemimimi" moments by those who can see the fourth wall.
  • Considering some of their more affectionate interactions with each other, it's believed by several deities that Popuko and Pipimi are lesbians, if their relationship isn't simply a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship. The only answer they have given was, "None of your business."

ZONE, Goddess of Lewd Creations (ZONE-sama, ZONE-tan, Tentacle Queen)

Kanji Tatsumi of the Investigation Team, being in a family textile business, frequents this House for supplies and materials. He even spent an entire week in their knitting room once.


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