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Craft, Decoration, and Workmanship

The Pantheon as a whole has been an ever-changing world that expands as more entities find their way in. The House of Craft is responsible for many of the architectural designs, paintings, and even some items that are prevalent in this extravagant world ever since its inception. While many parts of the Pantheon have different materials available needed to make something, this House contains all known materials readily available to use and dedicated sections to put those items to use in creating something.

While different Houses in the Pantheon are made with a variety of material, this House is very open about it to the point where there are sections of this House made entirely out of one material such as marble, steel, and LEGO to name a few (though there is a warning about being careful to not get feet injured when navigating LEGO-centric areas). These specialized sections are also where visitors can learn about the history and use of these materials before giving them a brief demonstration on how to make the most of these items. There are also dedicated classes to learn about craftwork held on a regular basis to offer more insight on these subjects.

In addition to the distinct visuals of the material present, there are sections of the House that have much more wild designs both on the inside and outside. Given how there are buildings that are bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, itís expected that such architecture exists here, mostly to show the eccentricities of different buildings. There are buildings inside the House that are very strange such as staircases that lead to odd locations and rooms that seem to move at random. Compared to most other strange locations in the Pantheon, getting lost in these areas isnít as hard thanks to convenient signs pointing visitors the direction of where the main hub for Craft is relative to their current location.

Visitors to this place are more than welcome to test their artistic merits through the use of instructors both from this House and elsewhere. The instructors are meant to be approachable when it comes to helping others understand the basics of painting, architecture and other related subjects and while some can be very demanding when it comes to wanting high-quality work, at the end of the day those instructors will have plenty of respect for those that can achieve great artistic feats. There are some who are lacking in talent that have made repeat visits to this House and while many have improved, others are stubbornly convinced that they themselves are artistic geniuses despite all evidence saying otherwise. While bad art does have a place there, itís more to show what not to do, though different individuals have looked at the merits of such flawed pieces and learned to improve on them.

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The Artisanal Six

The Six Guards of the House of Craft.

    Emmet Brickowski 
Emmet Brickowski, God of LEGO and Seeing Everything As Awesome (The Special)
Rex Dangervest 
  • Greater God, formerly Quasideity
  • Symbol: A LEGO double-decker couch or the Piece of Resistance (actually a red crazy glue/"Kragle" cap)
  • Theme Songs: "Everything is Awesome!" (Tween Dream remix)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being an Average Guy and having a very normal face, not actually being the Special and wanting to be special because of it, believing that everything is awesome, fools, balancing following LEGO instructions and creating his own ideas, Adorkable Idiot Heroes, amazing at creating strategies
  • Domains: Foolishness, Imagination, LEGO, Creativity
  • High Priest: Traveller's Tales
  • Heralds: Metalbeard, Vitruvius, and Benny the Space Guy (his allies), Finn, (his creator)
  • Allies: Wyldstyle, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi (his daughter), Uni-Kitty, Batman, Alice Liddell, all of the House of Craft and nearly every God in the House of Friendship (except the villainous ones), Sackboy, Steve, PaRappa, Maxwell, Fred Rogers, William Shakespeare, the Toa Nuva, Mata Nui, Wall-E and EVE, Fix-it Felix and pretty much every god that is part of a LEGO set (and that's a lot, mind you) - with a particular admiration for Star-Lord.
  • Complicated relationship: President Business
  • Enemies: Rex Dangervest (his alternate self), Evil-aligned gods in the Houses of Hatred and Rancor and Villainy.
  • Fears: Dark Danny
  • Emmet Brickowski was an average citizen in the town of Bricksburg who saw everything is awesome and always followed instructions. However, after getting distracted by the black-hooded stranger named Wyldstyle and subsequently finding the legendary Piece of Resistance, Emmet was mistaken as "The Special", the one that would end Lord Business's reign of terror once and for all. Except he wasn't. However, he proved himself to become the legendary hero of legend by showing off his skills in strategizing and crazy ideas before ascending into the role of a Master Builder himself and convincing Lord Business to have a change of heart.
  • Ascended after understanding that he could be special by believing in himself. Despite his size, he is now capable of creating pretty much anything with Lego to great effect.
    • His new role as God of LEGO means that he balances out those who follow the instructions (like he used to do) and those who build whatever they can with LEGO (which is the role of the Master Builder), sort of like balancing Order and Chaos.
  • Still is a bit embarrassed that his first creative idea was the double-decker couch ("So everybody can watch TV and be buddies!".
  • Amazed to see huge versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the Pantheon. The heroes just kindly thank him for being a good fan of theirs.
  • Spends lots of time with what he calls the "Pantheon Master Builders" (Sackboy, Steve? and Maxwell) in regards to their creation capabilities, to the point that they have made themselves the "Master Builders Four" one of the most powerful groups in the GUAG.
    • Also spends lots of time with Fred Rogers since one of Mr. Roger's big philosophies is that everyone makes the day special by being themselves.
  • When he ascended, he also carried with him a humongous supply of LEGO bricks for him to use. He's planning on using it to create a Lego-version of the Pantheon with every temple of every deity inside, along with mini-figs of each to accompany it.
  • Is a frequent guest of the Council of Cloudcuckooland, seeing as it reminds him of the Cloud Cuckoo Land run by his friend Princess Uni-Kitty. The gods there love it whenever he brings LEGO, and always challenge themselves to create new and wondrous things. It became even livelier when Princess Uni-Kitty herself ascended.
  • Not to be confused with Emmett Brown, although the LEGO Emmet is wondering if he could make his own Time-traveling DeLorean out of LEGO. Emmett Brown will be happy to help, but he first needs to make an instruction guide for it.
  • Likes hanging out with Wall-E and EVE due to Wall-E's own curiosity with building with LEGO, and the fact that Emmet's own sign of affection with Wyldstyle also involves holding hands. Also shares this bond with Ico and Yorda and even surprised them with a recreation of the Castle in the Mist where they first met one another.
  • Rumored to be the avatar for a higher power of creativity. He couldn't be reached for comment.
  • His theme song is so infectious, that it can make most members of the GUAE sing along to it. Emmet is a bit oblivious to everyone's discomfort as he can be seen singing it all day. His temple plays nothing but remixes of the song.
  • Pretty much has allies in every God who was part of a Lego Set. Ranging from the Avengers, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, and all Marvel Gods. And these aren't counting the non-ascended gods who have Lego Sets.
  • Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman once busted a myth of a giant Lego ball rolling downhill. Emmet decided to meet their match by doing his own replica of the myth.
  • Gets along famously with Fix-it-Felix Jr. due to their shared background in construction to the point that Felix is an honorary member of the Master Builders, being capable of improving many of the constructions.
  • Is a frequent member of the House of Friendship.
  • Is impressed with Near's LEGO designs and how he tied them in with his detective work. They often exchange pointers for how to improve, so much to the point after seeing his giant "L" made of cards and city made out of dice blocks, he is considering offering him the name of an "honorary Master Builder".
  • Was absolutely excited to find Wyldstyle in the Pantheon and rushed to meet her.
  • Made good friends with Yotsuba, considering that she always likes to say "Today is always the most enjoyable day."
  • Fred Rogers is a frequent visitor due to his belief that everyone makes the world special by being themselves. The constructs he makes with Emmet are so awe-inspiring that many who have seen what he created have cried at its beauty.
  • After his second adventure, he became very afraid of Dark Danny for being the god of Future Me Scares Me, because of how Rex Dangervest is his alternate future self like how Dark Danny is to Danny Phantom. Many of his allies have consoled him due to their different Start of Darkness making Emmet incapable of becoming the same as Dark Danny. Emmet is still scarred over the fact that Rex was born out Emmet making a mistake and being abandoned, while Dark Danny was born after Danny cheated and Slowly Slipped Into Evil. Emmet still tries to send friendship to Dark Danny regardless of his fear with no conclusive results. And once Rex ascended, all bets are off!
  • With Queen Watevra's ascension, she has been more than happy to help him in his creations. However, her ascension did bring with her two new facts about Emmet; one being if since she was technically made by Emmet, that technically makes her his daughter. The second, he discovered that he still has his Master BREAKER abilities, meaning he can destroy any LEGO structures as well as build them. This new fact allowed for Emmet to feel more confident when using LEGO structures for the forces of good, as if they are being misused, he can just destory it without the need of the Deconstructor.
  • Also in the Sub-House of Optimism and Pessimism.

    Howl and Sophie Hatter 
Howl and Sophie Hatter, Divine Couple of the Famous Moving Castle (Howl: Howl Jenkins Pendragon, Wizard Howl, Wizard Pendragon, Jenkins the Sorcerer)
Howl and Sophie
  • Lesser God (Howl), Quasideity (actually a Lesser Goddess due to her hidden witch powers) (Sophie)
  • Symbol: The eponymous Moving Castle
  • Theme Song: Promise of the World
  • Alignments: Chaotic Good (Howl), Neutral Good (Sophie)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Castles, Wizards, Witches, Magic, Love
  • Heralds: The inhabitants of the castlethem being... , Sophie's family namely... 
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Issei Hyodo
  • Disappointed by: Merlin (for Howl)
  • Pities: The Monster House
  • Enemies: Baba Yaga, Eveline, Hagatha the Witch, The Wicked Witch of the West, Embryo, Shang Tsung, The Hag, Father (or more specifically his Grandfather)
  • Opposes: Barney Stinson, Macbeth and his wife (for Sophie)
  • Professional. Gentlemanly. Irresponsible. These words best describes the Wales wizard Howl. A proper wizard with a proper heart (for the girls at the very least), he is in truth a childish and foolish person, running away from all the responsibilities entrusted to him, and as a result was punished by Mrs. Pentstemmon by being banished to Ingary. This only fueled his freedom, as his success at both magic and girls grew in his new homeland, up to the point that he made a successful contract with a falling star, being the fire demon Calcifer, enhancing his magic further and building the Moving Castle he prides himself upon. This would all end in disaster after attempting to apporach the Witch of the Waste, incurring her wrath. This lead him into being a psuedo-refugee, forced to work under different odd jobs (including one related to supporting a war by another kingdom) while being hunted down by said witch.
    • Some point whether by coincidence or by luck, he met Sophie Hatter, a woman who is told to be the heir of a hat shop and was living a dull life, during a stroll in the small town of Market Chipping. This meeting would land her into bad luck following the Witch of the Waste finding her connection to him after their first meeting and cursed her from her young looks into that of an extremely old lady. Realising this curse, she decided to take refuge in the Moving Castle, not only meeting Howl and his compatriots Calcifer and Michael Fisher but also fixing the castle, becoming its cleaner and eventually the key to freeing Calcifer and most especially giving Howl a new meaning to his life. That or the fact that Sophie might have been a much powerful witch that she never recognized this until its destruction.
  • One point during their return to the Castle, the structure itself managed to hit a bump, causing ruckus on the inside. It turns out that the castle hit the Pantheon's Main Gates and damaged one of its legs. Confused on where they landed if it was Wales or Ingary, the two stepped out and observed the place until security halted them. They would have been banished had Kiki not stepped in and allowed them to have a spot in the place, citing that they've finally arrived for years.
  • The Moving Castle was a byproduct of Howl and Calcifer's deal supposedly a humble abode to him and his inhabitants, if only others would agree. In reality, the "Castle" is a mess, large chunks of metal and wood are dangled or hanged on the exterior and on the interiors, its a dusty room from top to bottom. Thanks to Sophie being one of the inhabitants, the Castle was given a revamp and is much cleaner on the inside. Despite the Castle eventually getting destroyed due to Calcifer's release, the Court of the Gods decided to restore the Castle back to its original self, meaning Sophie will have to clean the entire place once more.
    • The Castle however has more interesting features outside of its exterior legs and movement. Since Calcifer is connected to Howl's heart, he controls the structure and by extension, the lifespan of the Castle. Howl's Magic can also create several doorways to certain places, often having 3, 2 of which are job-based and the other being the Castle's current direction. Due to the Castle's reconstruction, both features have been enabled, with Calcifer still in charge of the place, much to his dismay.
  • Their arrival has made several of the deities from the same studio that brought them back to life cheer as one of their own joined in. Sophie was at first overwhelmed at this but Howl calmed her down and was the one who was creating the cheering. On the otherside the House of Magic have mixed reactions with Howl, stating that he should have taken his responsibilities rather than hauling himself as much as possible, annoying him further but Sophie agrees with their statement.
    • Whenever someone mentions their relationship, Sophie often blushes and ignores the topic, while Howl will pretty much talk smack about their progress. This is also responded with Sophie attempting to hit Howl in the back as she has not forgotten his other attempts to woo other women while he's still in love with her, reminding him of his habits.
  • The news of a wizard more eccentric than the Great and Powerful brought Oz to his curiosity as to who it was. Surprising him in everyway, Howl managed to be a wonderful one the moment they met. Being eccentric wizards also made their relationship more meaningful since both get to pride on their wizardry, though Sophie tends to see this as foolish sometimes and sees similarities with the two both prideful and great in their profession.
    • Though this did not work well the moment not one but two Wicked Witches of the West appeared to them. Thankfully one is a good sided member while the other is the original one. Howl's first reaction was to seduce either, but he instead got a slap from Thropp and was nearly zapped by the other had it not been for Sophie to stop the fighting and by accidentally revealing her secret powers as a witch herself despite being mostly human. This accidental revelation surprised both witches, especially the latter, due to her romantic connection to Howl and relations to her sisters and his compatriots.
  • More wizards took notice of Howl's skills and decided to put him to the test. Thanks to his profession of handling odd jobs, Howl's skills excelled, but Merlin, the one who handled the test felt he was a disappointment following his childish actions towards his responsibilities, something most wizards would mostly not do, especially for as old as him. He still sees him as a worthy wizard but demands him to never leave his duties behind, a reminder that he has gotten used to.
    • Meanwhile Gandalf appreciates his demeanor, though he states that his unfair price range between customers of both rich and poor to be abysmal, even with that said, he cannot deny that Howl has matched his expectations to be a decent wizard, and his stance against war, to the point of fighting the other wizards who participated in such.
    • Wizardry is something Hogwarts as a school is very known for and it would not take long till Harry Potter notified Dumbledore of his presence. Invited to a dinner session with the kids, Howl would be hired at one point to teach the kids some new tricks he himself has learned. The day after he was a substitute teacher and Harry and Dumbledore went back to Hogwarts, the kids suddenly were trying out different disguises, some even tried disguising as other teachers, with Howl impersonating Dumbledore right in front of him. This made him amused, but not impressed following him not being able to discipline the students very well.
    • In secret, he slowly envies Khadgar for several reasons. One is his knowledge of both magic and history, then again, the difference between a mage and a wizard is huge from a knowledge standpoint. Then comes the magic, which is something Khadgar has grown advanced of compared to his own. He has been inscribing teaching lessons from him, hopefully learning more at his own behalf. For Sophie, her similarity goes with their age, as they have also suffered a curse with their age, though on her case, she has learned to control it but prefers being her old self, which made the archmage laugh, only to receive a kick to the leg courtesy of Sophie.
    Sophie: Learn some manners! You're old too you know.
  • Womanizing is something the wizard himself has admitted to doing, so much that in Ingary, he was known for eating women's hearts all because he has been flirting to almost every woman he could find, and eventually angry relatives of said women would confront him for his negligence. While he may have stopped for a long time following his newfound relationship with Sophie, she has caught him multiple times attempting to do so once again and ended up romancing another woman, till he was forced to cut ties with her. She has been vigilant but thanks to his freedom in the Pantheon, this will be a challenge.
    • This placed him under a mutual understanding with both Jiraya and Issei Hyodo, both of whom are also womanizers with heart. While Jiraya has long quitted such following him growing old, he still does it on a certain basis, however Howl says he lacks class while doing so. As for Issei, let's just say he was never fond of the idea of a harem in the first place, something both him and Sophie will agree on. On the topic of womanizers, Barney Stinson also came in and made a rather, big conversation with the wizard. Stage magic and somewhat fond allies is one thing, but comedic sociopathy, a confusing alignment and his tendency for bringing villains to a good spotlight only hinders their understandings.
    • This cannot be said however for Embryo, who is pretty much not only an absolute narcissist, but a person who's pretty much has a lack of morals when it comes to women. Some say that he and Embryo could be opposites as well, as they have class, but one of the few things that keep both off is the harem aspect, something Howl has no interest on, but to be compared to him for being classy, that is something he greatly takes offense on.
  • Sophie Hatter was responsible for a hat shop, said shop would reduce her life to a dull type and basically left her to working by herself to the point that she got used to it. Had not Howl dragged her to his situation and got cursed by the Witch of the Waste, she would have been living through that till death, but said adventure changed her heart and made her a much more developed person as well as a few revelations including that war her country is in and her sudden powers as a witch which she never knew in the first place.
  • Being cursed is one thing but cursed to something else is another story. That was her discussion during her first meeting with the duo Tiana and Naveen who sees some similarities between the two and herself as they have been both cursed with certain transformations. It also helps both fell in love to the person that dragged them to it in the first place, something both Tiana and Sophie never get tired from. That brought light to the person who cursed them with said curse, the nefarious Dr. Facilier who she has noted to be worse than the Witch of the Wastes in every way, even his looks scream "evil doctor" in many ways.
    • Eveline took notice of Sophie's curse and seeing her controllable age made her rage, as her actual mind as a 3 year old made her jealous she has the ability to control her looks and her age. This anger is reflected by her tampering the castle and while Howl did intervene, her mind-control powers forced both of them to flee. She may have proven herself to be a threat to the Castle, and considering the family Howl has made with his apprentice and Calcifer, this only made her anger worse.
  • When she heard there were also artificial methods of de-aging and rapid-aging, she would approach said topic with hesitation as she has gotten used to her condition as she would not believe it, but a group of children would prove her that such thing would exist. Father's own compatriot Grandfather was the one pointed out and said children would be Sector V, as kids who also went through rapid aging thanks to said Grandfather. She would pity said children and has commented some of them were sweet, especially Numbuh 3.
    • Meanwhile, more news of the topic came and also pointed out other magical spells related to such. One of which was consuming souls to regain their age. Said practitioner, Shang Tsung terrified her and has since avoided his presence. The fact that he can also shapeshift to other people and at one point even shapshifted as one of her sisters has made her paranoid of him.
  • She may be human but Hagatha the Witch knows more from Sophie especially her secret powers as a witch. This revelation has not only interested Hagatha, but is willing to bring her to her own side if means earning an army of evil witches to aid her. She is disgusted by this, claiming Hagatha to be worse than the Wicked Witch of the West or even the Witch of the Waste combined, and this news only scared Howl further considering that there are worse people than the witch who has been looking for him.
    • As if bad witches weren't enough, The Hag decided it would be a good idea to gift her some of her "delicacies" from the Weald, only to be shooed out of their Castle as she is disgusted by her habits and her horrid creations. If anything is to go by, she might be one of the more terrifying witches she has faced, and perhaps the most bizarre of them all.
    • And that wasn't all, as a visit from a walking hut with chicken legs came in to light and the said deity would harass the two and especially Howl's apprentice Michael. When she heard that it was the actual Baba Yaga that visited them, she screamed in terror that the notorious witch would visit them. When she arrived once again, Sophie decided to make her stance clear against her by banishing her back to her forest homeland exposing her witch powers once again. This only aggravated the Baba Yaga and has promised to take their apprentice for her special meal.
  • While witches aren't the only problem, witch hunters are on another level, especially when Macbeth heard of her secret powers as a witch. Said news has brought with him a mob with Lady Macbeth watching from the distance of her husband carrying the deed. Thankfully Howl brought both her and the Castle away from the duo and should the mob ever arrive, they can always find another spot to occupy.
  • Their Castle isn't the only moving building in the pantheon, as some have also managed to accomplish this feat. Carl Fredrickson managed to bring his house to South America with just balloons, something that Sophie admires especially when he finally moved on from Ellie's death, something that she reminds Howl to always move on from things. The aforementioned walking hut from the Baba Yaga also counts, but she would rather not talk about that incident again.
    • Sadly, they discovered, some methods of moving a building can be downright macabre and even tragic; one house was also alive, albeit in a broken way. When the two ascended, several people warned them of the Monster House that was not only alive like Howl's Castle but also has its own soul, and a tormented one, at that. The only thing the two can express is sorrow and pity, as the owner of that soul deserved better, rather than being in the state that it's in now.
  • Following the truth of their movie being an adaptation of the books, many deities have been wondering which continuity the two follow. Much thinking later and the Court of the Gods, alongside the duo have made it clear both have merged their memories together from both the novels and the animated film itself. Hence the Castle being restored despite it being destroyed and Sophie's hidden powers being among the chief additions.
  • Sophie: "A heart's a heavy burden."
  • Howl: "I've had enough of running away, Sophie. And now I've got something I want to protect. It's you."

    Rohan Kishibe 
Rohan Kishibe, God of Eccentric Artists (Little Rohan, Rohannie)
Rohan Kishibe (age 20) in Diamond is Unbreakable
Rohan Kishibe (age 27) in Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand "Heaven's Door"
  • Theme Music: Pink Dark Boy; Finding The Truth; his theme from Eyes of Heaven
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with shades of Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Rewriting Reality (includes inflicting Laser-Guided Amnesia), Weirdness Magnet, Hidden Heart of Gold, Breakout Character, Author Avatar
  • Domains: Stories, Memories, Art
  • Allies: Koichi Hirose, Jotaro Kujo, Reimi Sugimoto, Nate Adams, Yusuke Kitagawa, Mio Naganohara, Alan Wake, Richard Castle, Subaru Mikazuki, Kyle Rayner
  • Rivals: Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi, Eiji Niizuma (friendly rival with the former two)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura
  • Enemies: Yoshikage Kira, Enrico Pucci, Jack the Ripper
  • Foil to: Shukuro Tsukishima
  • Avoids: Hermes
  • Rohan Kishibe is just one of many bizarre individuals that Josuke Higashikata has encountered in the strange town of Morioh. A successful, but reclusive mangaka with a very strong eye for detail, Rohan also happens to have his own Stand known as Heavenís Door, which allows him to not only literally read people like a book, but he can write in commands inside a personís ďpagesĒ that drastically alter the life around them. Although he has a bit of a jerkish attitude to go along with his eccentric traits, Rohan has a bit of a softer side thanks to his friendship with Koichi Hirose, a fan of his mangaka, and with the motivation of Reimi Sugimoto, a girl who he met when he was a kid and the sole survivor of an attack that killed her, he and Josukeís friends were able to defeat her killer Yoshikage Kira. Beyond his adventures with Josuke and company, Rohan has had his own share of coming across strange events while looking for inspiration to write his stories.
  • As Rohan continued to work on his manga and looked for new ideas to write about, he started to hear rumors spreading around Morioh that a mysterious world identified as ďThe PantheonĒ was connected to that town and that Josuke and his friends were a part of that strange world. Looking to see just how much truth there was to it, Rohan decided to investigate, hoping that what these rumors entailed could help him come up with an idea for a story. During that time, Rohan encountered someone who identified themselves as being a part of ďThe PantheonĒ and proceeded to tell Rohan many things after being questioned by the mangaka about the rumors that were circulating through Morioh. Not only was Morioh part of the Pantheon, but so were many other worlds that Rohan had never heard of before, not to mention that a number of foes who Josuke and his friends fought against, most notably Yoshikage Kira, were part of the Pantheon and that no one can truly stay dead in the Pantheon. Rohan was surprised at what he just heard, which only grew after using Heavenís Door on the entity he was talking to and discovering that whoever he was talking to had existed for a long time, well before Morioh even existed. With that in mind, Rohan managed to discover a lot more than he realized and not only has he continued to make manga, but has gotten involved in the myriad assortment of adventures the Pantheon has to offer.
  • He would quickly find out that heís not the only mangaka in the Pantheon while looking for stories to write about. Rohan would learn about the works of Muto Ashirogi and how they would overcome a multitude of personal challenges to become successful and was able to arrange a meeting with the two behind that identity, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi. The two were quite eager to meet up with another mangaka and were willing to talk to Rohan about their own methods of success. It was through Muto Ashirogi that Rohan learned of another rival mangaka named Eiji Niizuma, who was a bit like Rohan as far as eccentric, but talented writers are concerned and that comparison wasnít lost on Mashiro and Takagi even if Eiji is nicer than Rohan. Both parties maintain a friendly rivalry with each other when it comes to making mangaka for others in the Pantheon, with Rohan having come up with an idea for a storyline involving competing writers to write about at a later point in time.
    • Mio Naganohara was another mangaka who Rohan met while he was on lunch break, with Mio sharing a table with him after learning who he was. Mio showed him some of her work and mentioned that she uses his manga, among others, as a reference for what she writes. Rohan then noticed some of her friends in some crazy scenarios and asked Mio if there was anything unusual about what was going on, to which she replied that it was all normal for her and her friends. Admittedly, everyone had their own definition of normal and Rohanís happened to be ďget involved with supernatural circumstances that will probably be used as reference for future storiesĒ. The two have maintained a good friendship with each other and have had subsequent lunches with each other, provided that those meetings donít involve a random outside party messing with Mioís meals.
  • Rohan had been used to encountering odd circumstances, both related to Stands and events that otherwise had nothing to do with them. He then began to read reports about incidents involving people who had something similar to Stands, but were different from such, prompting Rohan to figure out what they were. During that time he met Yusuke Kitagawa, one of the people mentioned on that report and it was through him that the whole ďother Stand usersĒ matter was resolved. As it turned out, Yusuke and a whole bunch of other people like him used Personas, which are like Stands as far as the use of Fighting Spirit is concerned, but otherwise have very different abilities. Those Persona users also had their own personal baggage that they had to deal with, which in Yusukeís case was him being an eccentric artist like Rohan and coming to terms with the fact that his mentor was abusive and learning about how both the intrinsic value and monetary value of art can coexist. The two have kept in touch with each other following the meeting and have taken an interest in each other's work outside of dealing with their own unusual happenings.
  • At his core, Rohan is a writer and he managed to learn about a multitude of other authors through reading their books as reference for future projects. Among those Pantheonic authors included Richard Castle, Subaru Mikazuki, and Alan Wake, all of whom had plenty of unique traits Rohan noticed while talking to them. To some extent, mystery writer Richard was a bit like Rohan when it comes to being a writer investigating odd events, though what Richard deals with is much more mundane in comparison. Alan Wake was another writer who had to deal with strange going-ons in a small town, though they were much more personal and darker (figuratively and literally) in nature. Like Richard, Subaru is also a mystery writer, but doesnít put himself in any danger thanks to his introverted character, not to mention the fact that he takes care of Haru, a cat heís really fond of. Subaru found what Rohan went through rather intriguing and Rohan seems to be aware of how popular stories involving cats are. Rohan sometimes has some casual conversations with the three on separate occasions, sometimes related to how things have been for them and sometimes related to later stories theyíre planning to work on.
  • Besides Koichi Hirose, there are plenty of fans of his manga in the Pantheon such as Kyle Rayner. While some have relatively restrained admiration in that regard, there are others who tend to get a bit obsessive about their interest to the point of being dangerous. Although Annie Wilkes hasnít read manga yet as far as anyone is concerned, Rohan considers her possessive and manipulative behavior towards a writer she kidnapped and forcing him to comply with her demands regarding a story to be repulsive enough that if anyone ends up having a problem with his work and attempts to directly ask him to have a story turn out the way they (as in, a handful of specific people and not the general audience that enjoys his stories), he wonít hesitate to fight back. A similar thing also applies to anyone who directly tells him that they donít like manga in general.
  • Not only does Heavenís Door allow Rohan a glimpse at every bit of important information inside of whoever heís interacting with, but he can write commands inside of the ďpagesĒ of that person (and he can also write those commands in himself) and can alter their memories as well. Rohanís written-in actions are something that he only does if he and his friends are in a bad spot and he would learn of another individual who also had the power to alter memories named Shukuro Tsukishima. Like Rohan, Shukuro can look into peopleís past and memories and alter them if need be, but the latter has a very different method of activating his powers and while Rohan uses Heavenís Door in dire circumstances, Shukuro uses his memory manipulation powers in order to fulfill some sort of goal he has. Giving the relatively similar set of powers, Rohan knew how bad things would be if that kind of power was put in the hands of a villain and while Shukuro isnít as evil as he was back then, all Rohan has to do to see if something is wrong with someone is to use Heavenís Door on anyone that isnít acting like themselves and find any ďpagesĒ altered by Shukuro. Shukuro seems to know how similar Heavenís Door is to his own abilities, but heís opted to ignore Rohan for the time being unless he ends up really interfering with his plans.
  • While Rohan has dealt with a number of strange events that heís come across, one of his most notable endeavors outside of writing was stopping Yoshikage Kira, a serial killer responsible for murdering several people, including Reimi Sugimoto (who Rohan had met at a young age prior to witnessing her death at Kiraís hands). It was one thing to have to deal with Kira again even with the multitude of other Pantheonic denizens capable of defeating him, but the fact that there are plenty of other serial killers beyond Kira proved to be problematic for Rohan, especially if said killers are willing to target his friends. One such killer was Jack the Ripper, who had a lot of mystery surrounding him to the point that itís very hard to find out exactly what his background is, even if Rohan attempted to use Heavenís Door on him. Although the majority of these serial killers donít share the same kind of power that Kira has and some have their own twisted motivations, that hasnít stopped Rohan from hating those kinds of individuals given what he went through back then.
  • One of Rohanís adventures involved buying forested mountains to use as reference for a story he was writing and subsequently learning about some strange events that took place. This was traced to a yokai he dubbed as Mutsukabezaka, a creature that passes its curse (its victims bleed almost endlessly) onto descendants related to its victim(s) and whoever ended up being attracted to said victims. Nate Adams ended up reading about Rohanís encounter with such an unusual and creepy yokai and ended up meeting the mangaka directly. Rohan decided to tag along with Nate for a bit after learning that a large building that Nate often passed by (and what Rohan was planning to use as reference for later) was being haunted by yokai. As the two investigated to see what was causing the structure to scare away others, Rohan noticed that Nate had access to friendly yokai and even befriended a few of them that they encountered along the way. The duo eventually encountered a yokai neither had met before and it required Nateís skills and Rohanís wits to make it out of that battle alive. For all of Nate being called ďaverageĒ and ďgenericĒ, Rohan found him to be rather interesting, especially where his profession is concerned and the two have remained on good terms with each other since that encounter.
  • By his own admission, Rohan considers the time where he engaged in a rivalry against an arrogant model to be a low point for himself. Yoma Hashimoto was obsessed with his body to the point of murdering others for getting in the way of his workout regimen, a revelation that disturbed Rohan upon learning of it. Not only that, but Rohan noticed that Yoma had become an avatar for Hermes, better known as the god of speed and referred to by Rohan as the God of Muscles. Although Rohan was able to outwit Yoma, heís still wary that Hermes is still vengeful towards him and the fact that Hermes himself has a presence in the Pantheon and is alive didnít sit well with the mangaka. Despite being told by some that Hermes is a friendly fellow despite his trickery, Rohan doesnít believe those claims (especially since if Hermes hates someone, he really hates them) and has done whatever he can to avoid Hermes and make sure he doesnít incur his vengeful wrath.

    Wallace & Gromit 
Wallace & Gromit, Gods of Overly Complex Inventions
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A slice of Wensleydale Cheese
  • Theme Song: Wallace & Gromit theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Machines, Invention
  • Allies: Steve?, Sackboy, Nagisa Momoe, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Ludwig von Drake, Tails, Monterey Jack, Phineas & Ferb
  • Rivals: Pinky & The Brain
  • Enemies: Gaston, Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, The Lepus
  • Mixed Relations: Penta Penguin (moreso in Gromit's case)
  • The good-hearted, if eccentric, cheese-lover Wallace and his silent, but loyal, dog Gromit go on a series of adventures and Wallace's inventions often play an important role in them. These inventions are often built with pretty cheap material, among them a rocket built inside their basement in order to go to the Moon and get some cheese there. Beyond that, many of Wallace's inventions tend to be extremely complicated variations of doing a simple task, such as getting out of bed and making breakfast as the wake-up process is happening. While Wallace is a skilled inventor, a good number of his products end up malfunctioning at some point, prompting Gromit to fix whatever mess is going on.
  • When some gods of the Pantheon woke up one day and found a sprawling and expansive device made out of ordinary materials, they knew something was up. Some of them managed to find the creators and discovered an eccentric man and his silent dog, known as Wallace and Gromit respectively. Wallace decided to show off his visitors what that invention is and explained how he made it. It took a bit of time for the process to be completed. It did work, though it was not without a hiccup or two. In any case, the general reception to Wallace and Gromit's invention was well-received and the duo was allowed a spot in the Pantheon to continue their work.
  • If there is one kind of food that Wallace really likes, its cheese, with Wensleydale cheese being a particular favorite of his. He likes to visit the House of Food to try out different types of cheese, with Gromit tagging along whenever the pair isn't busy with their work. The two even managed to find a couple of cheese-loving deities for Wallace to talk to in Nagisa Momoe and Monterey Jack, with the latter sometimes exchanging different types of cheese for Wallace to try out (with Wallace returning the favor as well).
  • As Wallace & Gromit went across the Pantheon to find other creative minds, they managed to find two unconventional deities named Steve? and Sackboy. After Wallace asked the two to see what they're capable of, both managed to impress Wallace and Gromit with now only their creative streak, but how Sackboy in particular was able to come up with contraptions and layouts far more elaborate than what Wallace could ever come up with. Regardless, Sackboy and Steve? both earned Wallace & Gromit's approval and they have hanged out with each other frequently to review contraptions that they are coming up with.
  • In a broader sense, it was fairly easy for Wallace & Gromit to find a plethora of inventors and get along with most of them. They were a bit surprised to see the lineup of inventors, which included a two-tailed fox, a kooky duck whose attitude is similar to that of Wallace at times, and two adventurous kids. They were able to get along with these specific set of inventors, though Wallace & Gromit learned from them that there are a handful of people who are willing to use their inventions for nefarious purposes. This unsettled Wallace and Gromit for a bit as they didn't want their designs to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Of the various inventors throughout the Pantheon, Wallace & Gromit have taken a liking to Mr. Peabody, a talking dog who happened to be an inventor. The duo later learned that Mr. Peabody is a very smart dog taking care of a human named Sherman. Given their respective lines of work, Mr. Peabody and Sherman was willing to travel across time with Wallace and Gromit to meet up with other famous inventors and discover something interesting along the way. Even if Wallace and Gromit were unable to accept the offer due to a number of commitments made in the field of inventions, both are willing to talk to Mr. Peabody and Sherman whenever they have the time to do so.
  • During one of the pair's various adventures, Gromit found a cage that had Pinky & The Brain inside. The two mice witnessed some of Wallace & Gromit's inventions and The Brain figured that these elaborate devices could be used as a means of taking over the world. Gromit ended up overhearing them and it largely fell onto him to make sure the two don't go near them. For the time being, The Brain has been focused on finding a way to get Gromit out of the way so that the mice can trick Wallace into handing over an invention to them.
  • Among the adversaries that the pair has crossed paths with was Feathers Mcgraw, a criminal penguin that attempted to steal a diamond and known to have made some inventions of his own later on. Gromit spent a little bit of time looking for penguins to see if Feathers was still around and what he found was an assortment of other penguins that aren't anywhere near as malicious as Feathers was (though some ended up being a bit of a handful for Gromit). Penta Penguin ended up being the only penguin in the Pantheon that Gromit had concerns about given how the former acted a bit devious on occasion. When Wallace found Gromit with Penta, Wallace simply saw a harmless penguin that Gromit was with, though the dog still has his doubts about Penta's real behavior.
  • Gaston was someone whom the pair has had a number of problems with, mainly due to how similar he is to a man named Victor Quartermaine. Both Gaston and Quartermaine are rich and boorish hunters who were trying to win the hearts of a certain lady and resorted to deadly measures to try and get rid of a kind-hearted if frightening creature that was getting in the way (in Wallace's case, it happened when he was transforming into a Were-Rabbit as a result of an invention of his being used incorrectly). Gaston cares little about what the duo thinks of them, but did get irritated after hearing about the Were-Rabbit story.
  • Speaking of the Were-Rabbit, Wallace & Gromit did have to deal with some troublesome rabbits during that time, which ended with the rabbits being given a separate habitat. From time-to-time, the pair does their business in making sure problematic rabbits don't bother certain deities. This was when they learned about The Killer Rabbit and The Lepus, both of whom are a group of deadly hungry rabbits that are much more menacing than the rabbits that Wallace & Gromit were used to. Wallace & Gromit were shocked to learn that The Killer Rabbit and The Lepus went after humans and not just vegetables, prompting Wallace & Gromit to come up with inventions designed to deal with those kinds of ravenous rabbits specifically.
  • As fun as it is to watch the pair's elaborate inventions, some have expressed concern about it causing significant harm to anyone should a malfunction occur. Wallace made an attempt to assure the doubters that the inventions are harmless and only meant to improve other people's lives. That was when he and Gromit were told about some fickle supernatural entity that would end people's lives in over-the-top ways and that there's a possibility that it might use some of Wallace's inventions to further its goals. The only thing that Wallace & Gromit could do is try to be safe and not get involved whatever calamity that entity may cause.
  • The idea of making complex devices akin to what Wallace does is very much not an easy task if some who attempted such a thing in the past has anything to say about it. One failed attempt came from Tom the Cat attempting such a contraption to capture Jerry, though that failed when the mouse made a last-minute modification to the blueprints for said contraption. Gromit isn't really amused in such instances, though he and Wallace have seen other contraptions not made by them that have worked reasonably well in their time in the Pantheon.

Kanji Tatsumi of the Investigation Team, being in a family textile business, frequents this House for supplies and materials. He even spent an entire week in their knitting room once.