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Popularity and Fanbases

Haruhi Suzumiya, eccentric as she is, proudly presents the House of Popularity. An unusual House where everyone competes in order to become the most popular Deity in the Pantheon.

Popularity contests are usually held in form of reality shows or talent competitions.

Many have noted that whenever deities walk here, it'll be always filled with spotlight. The walls are constantly painted with stars, making it the gaudiest house to ever be made. Even worse is that some deities will never shut up about how popular they are.

In addition to popularity contests, mortals are allowed to visit the House to sign with their favorite Deities.

However, due to constant fighting between fanclubs, the House of Law and Justice sends security officers in order to enforce stability and protect the fans.


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The house is guarded by two sets of groups, the Crimson Wolves and the Azure Falcons.note 

Crimson Wolves

    Eliphas (Dawn of War
Eliphas The Inheritor, God of Heel Hate (Dark Apostle)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Accursed Crozius
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Love to Hate, Bad Ass Preacher, Ax-Crazy, Lightning Bruiser, Sinister Minister, Bad Ass Baritone, Troll, Popularity Power, Large and in Charge, Nightmare Face, Religion of Evil, Chaos Is Evil
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, War, Strength, Trickery
  • Allies: All four Chaos Gods, Melkor, Abbadon the Despoiler, Trollkaiger, every evil entity in the House of Demons, Nefarian
  • Enemies: Every Warhammer 40,000 god not listed under allies, the OTHER Eliphas, Alexander Anderson, Michael Carpenter, Tyrael, Rika Furude, Tassadar, Draco Malfoy
  • When Eliphas ascended, Gabriel Angelos was rumored to have secluded to his temple cursing and fuming for hours about how the Dark Apostle just.....won't.....DIE! For the record, the Blood Ravens have either seen Eliphas die or killed him themselves at least three times. The rage may have also had something to do with the note left for Gabriel signed by Eliphas with the words "Gay Puppet" repeated over and over again.
  • Ascended upon the concept of contradiction between love and hate that applies to villains, as such Heel Hate was what brought him back to life in the first place.
  • Due to his dark wit and penchant for making people mad with well placed barbs, Eliphas gained the quick approval of Trollkaiger, who are debating recruting him into their ranks. Be afraid, be very afraid. He has especially bonded with Bernkastel, who is the splinted evil side of a priestess.
    • The band of trolls are especially out to recruit The Inheritor due to his terrifying combat prowess as a 10,000 year war veteran.
    • This news did not go over well with Rika Furude, as yet another ally to that detestable witch of miracles.
  • Eliphas as made it his personal mission to troll and otherwise torment the OTHER Eliphas in the pantheon, with him and his Word Bearers preaching the chaotic gospel of the Dark Apostle at the door step of the House of Anti Villains. The fact that The Inheritor won't die no matter how many times he gets smited for his troubles is a further source of rage to The Radiant.
    • The Radiant: I SAID NO TROLLS ALLOWED!!!!!
  • Eliphas' blasphemous preaching is a bane upon the House of Faith, though it gets the approval of Lucavi.
  • Absolutely despises Draco Malfoy as a disgrace to the concept of Heel Hate. At least the Inheritor's fanbase acknowledges that he is an unrepetant bastard.
  • Is periodically seen in an adventuring party with Araghast and Carron. The later has had his obsession with Metal Bawkses turned into a super power.
  • For his own personal amusement, he sometimes interacts with and even serves as part of the Alfa Legion, a hilariously idiotic legion whose actions border on heresy at times. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Found a Kindred spirit in the black dragon Nefarian. Both are Giant trolls and are both lovable evil jerks who like to mess with players. They both are known as "Troll overlords" in the pantheon.
  • "Hey corpse-emperor...... ............ Furk you"

Gaston, God of Adored Egotism (Enraged Elk, Merciless Beast Hunter)
Click here  for his live-action portrayal.
Enraged Elk 
  • Demigod (Intermediate God as Enraged Elk)
  • Symbol: Decorative antlers
  • Theme Song: Gaston
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Doing things unlike others, eating five dozen eggs every morning, expectorating, being hammy, Rated M for Manly, deserving Belle's affection
  • Domains: Egotism, Adoration, Manliness, Pride
  • Herald: LeFou
  • Followers: Cardin Winchester, Jim Sterling, Hector Birtwistle, Prussia
  • Allies: Most of the simpleminded gods in the Pantheon, Frollo, Tohru Adachi, Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Enemies: The Beast, Blake Belladonna, Bambi
  • Abhorrent Admirer to: Belle
  • Through sheer narcissism and fan support, Gaston was able to ascend into the Pantheon. Many cheered. Some groaned. Belle and the Beast in particular were not happy. His first words upon ascending were: "Nobody ascends like Gaston!"
  • Gaston, ever the persistent, continues to have eyes for Belle (and she continues to turn down his advances). He is more wary of the Beast, and vows to one day get revenge, but instead of taking action, he mostly just mopes in the Pantheon's tavern and complains to Moe.
  • Is sometimes known to barge into others' conversations and remark that, "No one can [relevant action] like Gaston!" Mickey Mouse and his friends got rather annoyed of it.
    • Many people, however, mortal and god alike, tend to join in making these claims about Gaston.
  • When he was a lad, he ate four dozen eggs every morning to help himself get large. But now that he's grown, he eats five dozen eggs, and he's roughly the size of a barge.
  • Is sometimes seen spending time with Claude Frollo.
  • Gaston briefly entertained the notion of entering the House of Villains, but most of them couldn't stand his boasting and had him removed.
  • He once remarked that it's not right for women to read, lest they start thinking. This did not sit well with any of the goddesses, and Gaston had to go into hiding for some time.
  • He's heard of Adachi's tale and sympathizes with him, pitying him as another man shunned by the woman he "deserved". As such, Gaston tends to invite Adachi to have drinks with him. Adachi thinks Gaston's an idiot, but won't turn down a free drink.
  • Sick of Gaston's ego, the House of Music decided to remix his theme song to make it something less boastful. This was the result.
  • Became a nuisance to Blake Belladonna (and her whole team, but mostly Blake) when she ascended. Gaston heard rumors that she was another version of Belle, but was mistaken. He dismissed the new goddess and behaved in a generally deplorable manner. Blake smacked him upside the face with her sheath, and he got the message.
  • For how close Belle and the Beast are to Sora and his friends, Gaston has never actually met them (mainly because Xaldin took his place). When asked around, there seems to be hints that Maleficent just doesn't think he is significant enough to be involved with her plans.
  • Ever since he's gotten a live-action makeover, Bilbo has tried to come closer to Gaston, mistaking him for Bard, while Dracula feels angry next to Gaston for some reason. This same resemblance has earned him the undying hatred of Smaug.
  • Also has a seat in the Hall of Prideful Archetypes.

    The Shredder 
The Shredder, God of Breakout Villains (Oroku Saki, Metal Mouth, Tin Head, Super Shredder, Ch'rell, Torrinon, Kako Naso, Duke Acureds, The One True Shredder, Utrom Shredder, Shredder Tengu, Demon Shredder, Cyber Shredder, Shredface, Shreddy, The Shadow Fiend)
His 2012 incarnation 
His Mirage incarnation 
His 1987 incarnation 
His 1990 continuity incarnation 
The Utrom Shredder 
The Utrom Shredder (as Ch'rell) 
The Demon Shredder (top, from left to right: as Tengu Shredder and Oroku Saki. Bottom: from left to right: Demon Shredder and Dragon Form) 
The Cyber Shredder 
His IDW continuity incarnation 
His 2014 continuity incarnation 
His Rise incarnation 
Super Shredder (from left to right: 1990s and 2012 continuity versions) 
  • Intermediate God (Overall). Greater God (as Undead Shredder, Rise Shredder, Cyber Shredder in the Digital World or Technodrome-empowered Utrom Shredder). Borderline Overdeity (Tengu/Demon Shredder)
  • Theme Music: The Shredder's Suite; alternatively: Shredder or Technodrome: The Final Shell Shock, We Ain't Came to Lose, A Dish Best Served Cold. Theme of Shredder (for Ch'rell, Cyber Shredder and Demon Shredder).
  • Symbol: The Foot Clan's Symbol; Alternatively his helmet(s).
  • Weapon of Choice: Blade Below the Shoulder.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil overall. Chaotic Evil (Ch'rell and Rise Shredder). Neutral Good, formerly Neutral Evil (his IDW incarnation)
  • Portfolios: Breakout Villain, Spike-Covered Power Armor That Looks Awesomely Intimidating, Arch-Nemesis to the Turtles, Legacy Character, Much Stronger, Smarter and Deadlier in Later Installments, Gender-Blender Name.
  • Domains: Villainy, Popularity, Ninjas, Clans, Vengeance.
  • Heralds: Oroku Nagi (his older brother), Karai (his daughter, usually adoptive), Krang (partner-in-crime of the '87 version), Hattori Tatsu, Erick Sacks, (right-hand men of the film incarnations), Tiger Claw, Chris Bradford/Rahzar, Baxter Stockman/Stockfly (top henchmen of the 2012 version), Foot Lieutenant and Brute (leaders of the Foot in Rise)
  • Ascended underlings: Bebop and Rocksteady
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship: Ultraman Belial, Lord Drakkon.
  • Varying Relation: Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Bane
  • There have been many Shredders and all have their own tales to tell, but the original was:
    • Originally, Shredder was born Oroku Saki, he was the younger brother of Oroku Nagi a prodigy ninja warrior from the Foot Clan. Nagi grew jealous of a fellow member, Hamato Yoshi, who was not only better than him but won the heart of Tang Shen, another member of the Clan who Nagi was in love with. Furious, Nagi attacked Shen out of jealously so Yoshi wouldn't have her, but Yoshi defended his wife by killing Nagi. Ashamed by having killed a fellow member, Yoshi exiled himself to New York, USA to atone for his actions, with Shen following him. However, Saki was furious at his brother's death, and began to climb up the ranks of the Foot Clan and train for 10 years, gaining power over the American branch and following Yoshi and Shen to kill them both. After invading their house, Saki now known as the Shredder, got his revenge... But soon Yoshi's pet rat, Splinter, survived and swore to avenge his master. After mutating thanks to the ooze and raising four turtles to kill Shredder, Saki met his end when the four teens confronted and killed him in a fight, avenging Yoshi.
    • Various other Shredders appeared in alternate worlds, each with their own story tell. From ones that took the place of both Nagi and Saki, others who were evil demons and one that was an alien warlord in disguise known as Ch'rell. In a universe of Ninja Turtles there will always be a Shredder that they'll need to oppose.
  • With the sheer history of the Shredder's many incarnations it was decided to create a mostly composite Shredder to ascend, though they had to separate ones such as 1987, Ch'rell, Cyber Shredder and the Dark Armor Shredder due to complications regarding their stories and wills. Needless to say, none of these Shredders get along and usually will only team up to defeat mutual enemies such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One of the Shredders (the one hailing from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW) continuity) has actually mostly reformed himself after dying and resurrecting, which prompted the Court of Gods leave him be where he is, only bringing some of his memories back for the mostly composite Shredder in regards to some events but nothing more. Usually he'll alternate his design between each of his composite selves, whichever self he's incarnated as also dictates his dominant memories and personality even if the others come out at times, when transforming into Demon Shredder, all his personalities remain but he gains massive eldritch power as well and even at times acts as two entities in one body.
  • Was furious to find the Turtles back in the Pantheon. Especially considering the many defeats he's suffered over many continuities as all the memories remained. He was also disappointed to not see any of their allies such as O'Neil, Casey Jones and especially Splinter, who he considers his nemesis in most incarnations. He awaits the day that Splinter arrives, so as to finally be able to continue his long-standing enmity with the rat. Once Splinter actually ascended, Shredder prepared himself to get strong enough to finally be rid of his nemesis in all worlds once and for all.
  • Has some shakey relationships with the DC Comics Deities:
    • He's previously allied with a lot of Batman's Rogues Gallery when he wound up transported to Gotham. While he's remained on good terms with most of them, the less evil ones such as Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze prefer to keep their distance from him, though occasionally go back to teaming up with Shredder without issue, it all depends on what kind of mood and personality the three have, but for the most part they stay away from him at all costs. On the Joker, several incidents following their initial team-up have soured Shredder's view about Joker and he's branded him as one of his closest enemies.
    • Considers Batman a Worthy Opponent and was pleased to see him ascended, hoping to continue fighting him. Batman doesn't returns the sentiment of honor, knowing fully well that at large Shredder's honorable qualities are severely outdone by the many atrocities he's commited over the years and in many worlds. The Bat-Family also clashes with him for the same reason.
    • It is known that at least in one Shredder ended up "Jokerized". This interested the Dark Knights who have considered recruiting that one Shredder into their ranks, believing that the more the merrier their group will be. It is unknown if this "Jokerized" Shredder is currently roaming the Pantheon, but the Dark Knights are still searching for him just in case.
    • Lex Luthor views Shredder as a valuable ally given his years of expertise and many ties to criminal groups, some of which hold sacred artifacts or magic powers that he could use, his alliance with other villains also helps in that regard. A similar unrelated villain, Deathstroke/Slade Wilson found himself being quite similar to Shredder in regards to their roles as nemesis of teenager superhero groups, the two fought when they met post-ascension and regard each other in a mostly respectful way.
  • He also has varying relations with the Power Rangers Deities as he's recently had an incarnation meet the original team:
    • As he antagonized the team in there, his enmity with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers carried over into the Pantheon, where they continue to remain wary of him given his partnership with various Toku villains in the Pantheon. Tommy is wary of Shredder stealing his powers again, as last time Shredder used them to nearly kill the Rangers. Other ranger teams folowed suit
    • Dark Specter was pleased to see such an infamous warlord ascend and offered him a spot among his allies, the Psycho Rangers have grown interested in the mutagen and followed suit in becoming Shredder's allies.
    • Mesogog figured that his plan to alter humanity and establish a rule of dinosaurs could benefit from the mutagen's altering properties, as such he's sought out Shredder as an ally for the rare substance of which he holds samples of. Trakeena also seeks it out to create stronger bug soldiers and allied with Shredder as well.
    • Lord Drakkon managed to strike a somewhat unusual friendship with the Shredders as he understands the issue of hating an alternate version of oneself and desire for conquest and eliminating the others. He does not view their alliance as lasting beyond a few works, but does find that common ground to be something to bond over.
  • As someone who perverts Martial Arts and believes in the superiority of the strong over the weak, he's earned allies in John Kreese a ruthless shady sensei who also seeks to expand the ideology of No Mercy and Striking First across the world and the Pantheon. The other Karate Kid Deities are enemies with Shredder for this very reason, viewing his use of the Foot Clan's once noble goals for his criminal empire as a complete bastardization of Martial Arts.
  • As an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy he surprisingly earned an ally in Tai Lung, who also enjoys boasting his martial art skills and hates losing. Tai Lung also understands how it feels to be "cheated" out of something that one feels they deserve. Another villain who came to ally with Shredder was Lord Shen, as the peacock respected Shredder's expertise in martial arts and blade fights, the latter of which Shen is an expert in. As for their nemesis, Po, Oogway and the Furious Five all oppose Shredder heavily for his cruelty, his corruption of martial arts for his criminal activities and his desire to conquer the world, Shredder at first underestimated Po and believed the panda to be beneath notice, only for Po to prove mightier than he expected and ever since looks forward to fighting him and defeating the Dragon Warrior to prove his strength.
  • Any good-aligned martial artists detest Shredder for his corruption of martial arts for his selfish goals of conquest and destruction, especially since the Foot Clan started out as a noble clan dedicated to good before Shredder turned it into a force of evil in many worlds. Among them stands out Jackie Chan, who views what Shredder teaches as disgraceful to martial artists.
    • Chuck Norris knows that Shredder in one world teaches a Corrupted Character Copy of him, Chris Bradford who uses his fame and dojo front to help the Foot Clan's criminal activity. He also dislikes when martial artists are portrayed in a negative light and that Shredder unashamedly uses his knowledge and lessons for evil enrages him. His rival, Segata Sanshito loathes Shredder for the same reason, viewing him as a disgrace to the martial artist world.
    • Gen Ohtori/Ultraman Leo also detests him for this reason, as while he's had harsh training he never uses it for evil and always makes sure those training under him use their potential for good and not evil. He does respects Shredder's ocasional noble traits and admits that he's got skill to back up his ego but does not approve of his actions.
  • Ultraman Belial has found common ground with Shredder, or at least his 2012 self who in that continuity was the one in love with Tang Shen and ultimately "lost" her to Hamato Yoshi, driving his jealousy and hatred to attempt to kill Yoshi to claim Tang Shen for himself and take over the Foot Clan, while he failed at the former and even got Shen killed in his grudge (but blaming Yoshi for it) he did succeed at the latter and even accomplished his goal of killing Yoshi/Splinter a long time after. To rub salt in the wound, he raised Yoshi's and Shen's daughter, Miwa as his world's Karai before the Turtles and Splinter showed her the truth. Belial was proud to hear that he got to take over the Clan and even killed Yoshi for real (something which he never quite accomplished with Ken). He also was interested in hearing that he temporarily became a pawn for the evil Demodragon Kavaxas before freeing himself to drag Kavaxas back to his realm.
  • As an honorable samurai who has learnt all kinds of martial and fighting skills, Samurai Jack loathes Shredder for having some traits of being an Evil Counterpart in this regard, especially with Shredder himself allying with Aku over their goals of conquering the world, with Shredder being satisfied as long as they both not fight in the end should their goals be achieved, as he has his demon form to match Aku's power and prevent being cheated out of his power.
  • Because of his allegiance to Krang and even acting as a Quisling-of-sorts, he earned the ire of Colonel McCullough, who is legitimately furious at Shredder selling out humanity to keep power in a Krang-conquered world, especially with how Shredder also outright supports Krang's quest and not just supports it from the shadows.
  • As he's got a lot of presence in the criminal underworld, he's made various criminal allies who all vouched their support for his Foot Clan operations, especially with how they'll gain access to Mutagen reserves that Shredder gets from Krang, which many deities have come to desire for its capacity to strengthen those who consume it or enter into contact with it.
    • Among these villains was Kingpin, who wished to get some Mutagen to strengthen his forces, viewing it as a useful tool against the heroes of his world. That said, he's grown wary of dealing with Shredder, knowing fully well that it could end badly for him.
    • Giovanni of Team Rocket has thought up of employing the mutagen's properties to strengthen Pokemon as he is interested in the possibilities of it. Some thought has been given to use it on humans, but for now Giovanni plans to keep things simple. Diavolo and Vito Corleone were other mob bosses interested in obtaining the Mutagen as well, out of curiosity and just in case.
    • Moriarty was fascinated by Shredder's many connections to the criminal underworld and the vastness of his Foot Clan's influence. He views Shredder as a worthwile ally and plans on allying and remaining close to the criminal leader as means of having useful allies against his enemies, and perhaps even learn about Dimension X due to Shredder's connection to Krang and the latter's allies.
    • SHOCKER is fascinated with Mutagen as means of creating super soldiers and as such instantly made deals with Shredder to obtain it and use it. Shredder was eager to get backing from such a large organization. HYDRA followed suit in the same situation, with the allies of both organization gaining Shredder's favor as well.
  • Though his relation with Krang is mostly favorable, some less-than-friendly moments later with many incarnations have soured his views on Krang, particularly in worlds where Krang betrays or uses him as a pawn. Shredder has remained wary and only keeps Krang at arm's length as much as he can.
  • Exclusive to 1987 Shredder:
    • As the least threatening of the Shredders he's usually reduced to a laughing stock among the other ones and generally prefers to frequent the House of Villainous Success and Failure where he's encountered villains with similar problems with being mocked and ridiculed by other villains, particularly Dr. Drakken and Jack Spicer who get no shortage of ridicule from other villains. Other villain with a harmless status included Team Rocket, Dick Dastardly, Muttley and Peg Leg Pete.
    • As a result of his general reputation as an idiot the other Shredders refuse to associate themselves with him, especially Ch'rell who already betrayed and tried to kill him alongside the rest of the TMNT Multiverse to boot. Ultimately 80's Shredder will constantly be forced to team up with the heroic deities of the house against the other Shredders as even with his fluctuating competence that allows him to at times be pretty efficient, the other Shredders are far viler and deadlier and thus he stands little chance against them in the long run.
    • He at times finds himself disturbed by the Joker, who is a sadistic monster who while occasionally friendly is at times too evil and destructive for him to work alongside with. Generally he prefers to keep himself at arm's length and take a less direct approach to cooperating with the Clown Prince of Crime.
    • Has a very personal rivalry with Skeletor, viewing the evil (and at times comical) sorcerer as one of his greatest worthy adversaries. Skeletor usually returns the sentiment, especially in his sillier moments, usually engaging in entertaining Evil vs. Evil matches to the amusement of their foes, the Turtles and He-Man. Nonetheless, outside of it they tend to get along well and will usually whine about their failures to one another while bragging about their accomplishments.
  • Exclusive to Ch'rell:
    • As possibly the most evil and depraved of all Shredders, his list of Deities that he actually considers allies is short, none of his fellow Shredders are well-liked, viewing them as rivals to his rule and power, as are their allies. The Turtles as a whole view him as the overall more dangerous and depraved of all Shredders and for good reason. Even Shredder's usual allies would rather not associate with him given his penchant for destruction.
    • He found his place with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, who fully support his omnicidal crusade against all of the TMNT Multiverse. Ever since discovering the Pantheon post-ascension, Ch'rell's only become more insane and now plots to end all of existence to make sure the Turtles are gone forever.
    • Many were confused to see his world's Karai ascend as his herald, Karai claimed that in spite of all that he's done, Ch'rell's still her father and will stay with him to the end times. However, the Turtles know in secret that she's trying to keep her father under control and undermine his operations, waiting for the day where he might strike so the Turtles can be prepared for anything he tries, or maybe even redeem him or stop his quest, which she is aware would likely not happen.
    • He's interested in the powers of his Rise/Dark Armor self, given that the Dark Armor is a creation of the Utroms and he sees potential in merging with it. That said, he's remained wary of it, as it's life-draining abilities and that Shredder's own penchant for betrayal and cruelty make Dark Armor Shredder quite unsafe as an ally or pawn in schemes.
    • Found common ground with evils who want to destroy everything in sight either for the hell of it or out of frustration, one of these kindred souls was Belial who understood how Ch'rell felt about constant defeats and humiliations as well as his frustration turning into a murderous hatred of everything else; Majin Buu felt pleased to know that Ch'rell's ultimate goal involved destroying all of Earth and the Multiverse, and hopes to assist in his goals in the future.
    • Not many deities took him that seriously at first, believing him to be harmless without his suit. The Turtles were able to spread word about just how dangerous Ch'rell is with or without suits and therefore should never be underestimated as they found out many times the hard way.
    • Has become a sworn enemy of Kamen Rider Decade, as Ch'rell nearly caused the destruction of the entire TMNT Multiverse and still plots to do so to this day and while Tsukasa did something similar in the Rider Multiverse it was ultimately meant to unite the Kamen Rider worlds and save them while Ch'rell wants to commit omnicide purely out of spite, Ultraman Zero also gained an enmity with him for similar reasons, as he's a guardian of many Universes and sees Ch'rell's actions as despicable.
    • As he heard that in one world, Krang manage to kill the Anti-Monitor, taking it over and nearly recreating the Omniverse with it he's plotted to repeat the deed, but rather than recreating everything he instead plots to destroy every Multiverse in existence to ensure his ultimate victory. Many deities are preparing themselves to prevent such an scenario from ever coming into fruition.
  • Exclusive to Cyber Shredder:
    • A digital virus formed from the reprogrammed Viral, he sought out alliances with other evil viruses, among them stood out Venjix, as the evil virus had a lot of success in his attempts to destroy humanity and conquer the Multiverse, he's offered the evil digital copy of Shredder a chance at becoming more powerful.
    • As a copy of Ch'rell's memories and personality given a body he is absolutely loathed by his Utrom counterpart, who was frustrated to know that a mere "faker" took over his Foot Clan. This did prompt some deities to point out the irony considering that Ch'rell himself impersonated the original Oroku Saki and did the same thing as the Cyber Shredder.
    • He is far stronger in the digital world where he can become an outright Reality Warper, this warned the Masters of Spinjitzu, as he beared similarities to perhaps their deadliest foe, The Overlord, who himself had a "Digital" form where he proved very powerful inside a digital world; as well as Unagami, another AI villain who was at his strongest outside of their realm.
  • Exclusive to Dark Armor Shredder:
    • He was brought back via the Court of Gods recreating his armor and restoring his full power and sapience, however his previous host, Oroku Saki, was not included as his world's Saki was never evil and had been freed from the armor's evil influence. However this left in his consciousness' place an even more ruthless Shredder, who plots to continue his plans of conquering the World and eventually all that exists
    • As one of the deadliest of the Shredders. This Shredder is feared by even the Turtles, who in spite of having defeated him in the past were still somewhat afraid of facing him again due to his strength, power and ferocity. The Turtles hope to have their father, Splinter, ascend one day so he can help them out in utilizing the Hamato Ninpo's power to defeat Dark Armor Shredder as they did originally.
    • Has made a rivalry with Kai the Collector, as both of them strengthen themselves by absorbing the lifeforce from other living beings (though Kai also transforms his victims into jade golems under his control) and being very powerful if relatively unskilled fighters. Kai initially thought of deceiving Dark Armor Shredder into an alliance but quickly backed off after coming to see how unstable and unreliable of an ally he was.
    • As his armor is actually very advanced alien technology that is incredibly powerful and capable of performing Mana Drain and other abilities he's interested various deities in the House of Magic who seek to understand how he works as a whole.
    • As he was temporarily sealed away in another dimension and when improperly summoned faded in and out of existence, he found an unusual connection with King Ghidorah, whose "Planet Eater" form is stuck in a similar predicament where if improperly summoned will be easy to vanquish and make its existence on the three dimensional plane tether and vanish. Ghidorah has thought up of allying with him, but Dark Armor Shredder rejected him.
    • His armor can be worn if his consciousness is removed in some way, but any would-be users were warned that it can drain the lifeforce of those who wear it. This greatly disappointed some such as Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, who was eager to "test" it out against his foes. That said, he still thinks of recruiting Shredder to his side and destroying the Riders with him, trying to appeal to the other Shredders as well if the plan falls to the wayside.
"You see me as I am. And it will be the last thing you ever see. Prepare to face your destiny and your doom"

Azure Falcons

    Arthur Fonzarelli 
Arthur Fonzarelli, God of Coolness and Breakout Characters (The Fonz, Fonzie)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Black Bomber Jacket.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Breakout Characters, Percussive Maintenance, Rule of Cool, Ensemble Darkhorses Turned Recurring Characters, Troubled But Cute Guys, Rule Abiding Rebels, Being a Jack-of-All-Trades, Street Smarts, Being an One-Man Army Physically Incapable for Being Wrong, Large Hams, Fixing Everything, Cast Changes, Cool Bikes, Sarcastic Guys, Super Talented Men, Grease Monkey Delinquents, Chick Magnets, Smug Super, Hidden Heart of Gold, Really Gets Around, Third-Person Person (sometimes).
  • Domain: Community, Spirit, Temptation, Popularity.
  • High Priest: Elmo
  • Followers: Mavis Vermillion, Brak, Phil Colson
  • Heralds: Richard "Richie" Cunningham, Warren "Potsie" Weber & Ralph Malph (his best friends).
  • Allies: Most Breakout Characters in the Pantheon, including Barney Stinson, Abed Nadir, Sheldon Cooper, Ron Swanson, Tommy Oliver, The Janitor, Castel, Lea, Isabelle
  • Rivals: The Shredder, The Seinfeld group
  • Annoys: Bruce the Shark
  • Loyal Customer of: Matsuo "Arnold" Takahashi
  • Pities: Lightning
  • One would expect for the main character to hold all the glory regarding plot. This god dedicates himself for those whose fanbases consider them their favorite, even when they aren't the main character. The Fonz is among the first to achieve that status. Thus he was chosen to handle many others who have achieved the same popularity.
    • He is so popular, he redefined the concept of what is cool. He has a separate temple that highlights his adventures in his show.
    • His ascension was not without controversy. His followers may become so popular that they either appear at the expense of other characters or appear in many different medium. This can cause a backlash with others. He has had to kick out many of those aberrations as well as stand trial.
    • He himself was almost a victim. A few deities think he is responsible for the fall of his show as well as the disappearance of Chuck Cunningham, the supposed main character of his own show. Fonzie has remorse for his actions, contrary to popular belief. That and new evidence that showed that the infamous Jump the Shark episode did not mark the decline of the show saved him from a similar fate. He hopes to find his friend someday.
  • It helps that he maintained on good terms with Lightning. He had hoped she could have the same popularity, but her creators were unable to replicate the same magic with other Final Fantasy characters.
  • Few of his former followers enjoy a more amiable relationship than Barney Stinson. The Fonz was among the first to congratulate him on his ascension. The two can be seen performing various antics around the Pantheon. For Barney, Fonzie serves as the best substitute for Ted.
  • Ron Swanson considered becoming a follower of the Fonz before settling for Obstructive Bureaucray. Rebellious streak aside, the park bureaucrat is a fan of Fonzie's ruggedness and self-reliant nature.
  • Not all of his former followers share the same characteristics. Some are popular due to their odder personalities. He doesn't hang out with Abed or Sheldon that much, instead serving as a mediator to their many arguments with each other.
  • Serves as the heroic foil to the Shredder (to an extent). Both have agreed to handle the oppositely aligned followers with the neutral characters deciding who to follow.
  • A man resembling him was reported to have pulled an April Fools' Day prank on The Hollywood Squares- and neither the host or the celebrities knew about it. It would fit into his repertoire, but he hasn't confirmed whether or not it was actually him.
  • Of course, there are plenty of people who would love to take the title with him. Among the most persistent are Seinfeld and his friends. Already popular enough, they feel that they deserve recognition for their breakout performance. Usually pointing out that only one of them could be a Breakout Character is enough; the four devolve into infighting to figure out the most popular character. As most see each other as equal members, finding a candidate is impossible.
  • Even if everyone told him otherwise, managed to replicate his infamous ski jump over Bruce. Another attempt is entirely out of question.

    Nanoha Takamachi 
Nanoha Takamachi, Goddess of the More Popular Spin Off (The White Devil, Ace of Aces, Ace of the Sky)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Raising Heart in pendant form
  • Theme Music: Eternal Blaze
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Friendship Through Superior Firepower, Training Sessions From Hell, Magic from Technology, Magitek, BFGs, Action Moms, Small Girls with Big Guns, Beam Spam, Blasting One's Way Through Things, Being Together with Fate, Don't Harm Her Vivio, Fighter Who Wants to Talk to Her Foes, Gravitating Others to Her, Ace of Aces, All-Loving Heroine
  • Domains: Destruction, Family, Magic, Protection, Strength.
  • Allies: Fate Testarossa (girlfriend), Hayate Yagami, Naruto Uzumaki, Son Goku, Touma Kamijou, Reinforce Zwei, Teana Lanster, Subaru Nakajima, Vita, Signum, Caro Ru Lushe, Genjuro Kazanari, Reimu Hakurei, Twilight Sparkle, Amuro Ray, Vivio, Lambda-11, Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata, Mai Kawasumi, Compa, Utau Hoshina, Kouta Kazuraba, Sunset Shimmer, Illyasviel von Einzbern, the ToQgers (especially Mio/ToQ 3gou and Kagura/ToQ 5gou), Geo Stelar, Asuka, Miyu Edelfelt, the Gokaigers, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Androids 17 and 18, Xena
  • Enemies: The Huckebein Family, SHOCKER, the Incubators, Nui Harime, Ragyou Kiryuin, Ghetsis Harmonia, HYDRA, Monaca Towa, Micolash, Tenjuro Banno
  • Rivals: Solo, Naga
  • Odd Friendship: With Asuka Langley Sohryu
  • Former holder of The Power of Friendship, Nanoha was given her new title for the fact her series has eclipse in popularity in comparison to her brother's. As for her position in the Friendship Trio, she passed it over to Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • Fought Fate…and ''won''. They now share a bed, but they're just friends. Really. Or if it's more, it's nobody else's business and they're not gonna talk about it.
  • Its generally agreed that harming Vivio in anyway is consider a very bad idea. Yeah, she knows how to take care of herself, but most baddies wouldn't want to mess with Nanoha in Mama Bear mode.
  • Has been seen with Evangeline A.K. McDowell near closed space, which they call "Improved training area under construction". A lot of the deities are quite worried about this development, but some willing ones are competing over who gets to try it out first.
  • Gets on very well with Goku, Naruto, and Touma due to their shared traits of open-minded kindness, protectiveness of their allies and friends, desire for peace, habit of redeeming lost souls and making friends of former foes, and other similarities. This friendship extends to them helping each other train (though Touma's Imagine Breaker often keeps him out of it), which spooks several evil deities; the thought of the infamous "White Devil" having access to anything from Instant Transmission, Kamehameha, and Rasengan, to Sage Mode or the Spirit Bomb, is a frightening one.
    • On that note, she watched Goku and friends' performance in the Tournament of Power keenly, paying closer attention to Androids 17 and 18 once they began taking on a group of magical girls. Aside from the fact that they embraced truth and love more than the Maiden Squadron themselves and it was a love-inspired burst of power that enabled 18 to knock out Ribrianne, there's also the part where 17 detonated himself to give Goku a moment to heal against their final opponent. Grateful and impressed, she embraced the twins the moment she saw them back in the Pantheon after the tournament.
  • In this aspect, she has been courted by Twilight Sparkle, who also understands the principle of magic through friendship. For intellectual discourse, of course.
  • Shares the nickname "White Devil" with Amuro Ray, whom Nanoha respected as her senior. The two often teamed up for thwarting threats big and small.
  • Bonded with Lambda-11 after realizing she reminded her in many ways of Fate. One befriending session later, and the two of them began to hang out. It's been working as far as she can tell, though she is slightly disturbed by the fact that Lambda sounds so much like her underneath her usual voice.
    • After the dark fate that befell [[Pantheon/Ambiguity Ragna happened, Nanoha is literally one of the only things keeping Lambda from going down the same path as Kokonoe on Nu-13. However, she has also promised the Murakumo to help her when the time comes, because that's what friends do.
  • Has become quite close to Sunset Shimmer, a mutual friend of Twilight who was befriended through the concept of Friendship Through Superior Firepower. While Sunset is impressed with Nanoha, who was one of the ones who helped Twilight learn this lesson, she still gets a little anixous while being around her: She prefers words, as Nanoha's methods sting.
  • It was in her capacity as part of the Trio of Friendship that she reached out to Homura, now known as Homucifer due to the Great Upheaval. She spoke of her own friendship with Madoka and how they could protect her together. The reply was "I am a demon. Demons...have no friends." ...The pain and sorrow that was plainly evident in Homura's eyes and voice have only convinced Nanoha even further that the girl can still be saved.
    • She is also one of the few within the Sisterhood that knows that Master Chief's actions are ultimately intended to help them, as he works to slowly and carefully draw Homura out of her darkness and self-loathing. "Be there for her to help pull her back from that dark place".
  • Was a bit disturbed when she first met Nui Harime. Not only did the two sounded the same, but she use that to get too close to Vivio. That earned her a Starlight Breaker. She keeping a very watchful eye on her.
  • Is very good friends with Usagi Tsukino. Not only are they both powerful magical girls who believe in the power of friendship/love, but Usagi was also a character from a more popular spin off.
  • In addition to her idealization of friendship and skill at discerning people's motives and natures, Nanoha also possesses surprisingly powerful maternal instincts, a quality shared by her "partner" Fate. The two of them, in addition to fawning over their own adoptive/surrogate children (Erio, Caro, and Vivio), also like to look after and take care of some of the other child members of the Pantheon, particularly those who have no-one else and/or have suffered traumatic pasts. Currently, they are looking after Negi Springfield, cheerfully 'mothering' him even as they help him & his Ministrae train; in addition, Nanoha may be getting close to discovering Evangeline's "secret room" and the meanings of it (see Eva's entry for details).
  • Nanoha realized how hurt and fragile Asuka was deep-down, and after Arael's Mind Rape, she approached Asuka, insisting on being her friend. As always, Asuka got scared and tried to push the magical girl away, but Nanoha would not take "no" for an answer and she was so damned persistent the mecha pilot finally relented. When Asuka realized Nanoha knew her real self and wanted sincerely to befriend her despite everything, Asuka cried out. They have been friends since then.
  • Nanoha declares Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, as her enemy after almost making her friend, Yuuno, went mad. She still wants to make him realizes his mistakes and perhaps becoming her friend, though Nanoha wonders how she will do that with someone as fucking insane as Micolash. She doubts her usual tactics would work.

    Speedy Gonzales 
Speedy Gonzales, God of Unexpected Appeal Among His People (the Fastest Mouse in all of Mexico, Queso Bandito)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sombrero
  • Theme Song: Queso Bandito, Pizzarribba
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: being popular in the country he's parodying, Super Speed, Funny Foreigner, Gratuitous Spanish, Nice Guy, Comically Invincible Hero, Spexico
  • Domains: Mice, Mexicans, Speed, Popularity
  • Followers: Any one that is an ethnic parody of a country and becomes popular there
  • Herald: Slowpoke Rodriguez
  • Allies: Daffy Duck (also former enemy), Bugs Bunny, the Warners, Jerry, Fievel Mousekewitz, Basil and Dawson, Mickey Mouse (mutual), Zorro
  • Frequent Pizza Customers: the Ninja Turtles, C.C., Dante Sparda
  • Friendly Rivals: Rainbow Dash, Sonic, Barry Allen/The Flash
  • Rival: Tom
  • Enemies: Greebo, Wile E. Coyote
  • Opposed by: Doraemon
  • As one of Jerry's former followers, Speedy's ascension came during another cat-and-mouse chase between Tom and Jerry. Tom had a trap set out for Jerry, one that looked like it would catch that mouse for good. Unfortunately for Tom, the trap had already gone off with the piece of cheese taken. The cat had to figure out what went wrong through a video camera he set up to record the attempt.
    • As Tom slowed down the footage, he noticed that the mouse looked nothing like Jerry. Tom had to change his plans for this particular mouse. This time, Jerry came out and Tom threatened to eat him, but was defeated by his own trap. Speedy then showed up and Jerry greeted him. Tom was less than thrilled.
  • As the Court of Gods discovered, he is very popular in Mexico and Latin America despite being a stereotype of these countries.
  • Speedy's debut featured him weaing a pink shirt, no pants, a golden front tooth, and had a mop of greasy black hair. He has denied all of this since then.
  • Had gone up against Daffy Duck a few times. The two have reconciled since and don't hold these adventures in high regard.
  • With four significant mice in the Pantheon, Doraemon has to be more conscious to avoid encountering Speedy, Mickey, Jerry and/or Fievel. For some reason, Doraemon is a bit more afraid of Speedy.
  • Is annoyed with Peter Griffin's joke about an American counterpart.
  • Met up with fellow speedsters Rainbow Dash, Sonic, and The Flash. The three are eager for additional competition in the forthcoming race around the Pantheon after Speedy accepted.
  • In his free time, he is seen the kitchens of the House of Food making pizzas. His pizzas became popular enough for Speedy to open up a pizzeria there with the help of the Ninja Turtles, C.C., and Dante Sparda.
  • Visits the House of Music to do the Mexican Hat Dance from time to time. He's surprisingly proficient with the flute.
  • Wile E. Coyote had a run-in with Speedy one time. The coyote hated him following the encounter, particularly since the mouse was in a race with the Roadrunner during that time.
  • Has a cousin, Slowpoke Rodriguez, who is also Speedy's herald. While Slowpoke is the slowest mouse in all of Mexico, he is surprisingly dangerous, as he carries a gun and is capable of hypnosis.

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