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Popularity and Fanbases

Haruhi Suzumiya, eccentric as she is, proudly presents the House of Popularity. An unusual House where everyone competes in order to become the most popular Deity in the Pantheon.

Popularity contests are usually held in form of reality shows or talent competitions.

Many have noted that whenever deities walk here, it'll be always filled with spotlight. The walls are constantly painted with stars, making it the gaudiest house to ever be made. Even worse is that some deities will never shut up about how popular they are.

In addition to popularity contests, mortals are allowed to visit the House to sign with their favorite Deities.

However, due to constant fighting between fanclubs, the House of Law and Justice sends security officers in order to enforce stability and protect the fans.

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The house is guarded by two sets of groups, the Crimson Wolves and the Azure Falcons.note 

Crimson Wolves

    Alexander "Lex" Luthor 
Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor, God of Supervillains and Villains With Good Receptions (Alexei, Alexis, Lex Luthor II, Superman, the Metropolis Mogul, God of Apokolips, Albie, Apex Lex, Mockingbird, Snapdragon, Red Howard, Icarus, Chrome-Dome, Mr. Clean)
  • Lesser God (Greater God with his Warsuit, when possessing Kryptonian-like powers, or when in possession of an Orange Lantern Ring; Borderline Overdeity after merging with the Zone Child, becoming the God of Apokolips, or as Apex Lex)
  • Symbol: An "L" or "LL" symbol, specifically the LexCorp Logo, and the Power Accumulator on his Warsuit, the Superman "S" symbol on his Superman armor
  • Theme: The Red Capes Are Coming and The March of the Villains
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Corrupt Corporate Executive, Mad Scientist, Diabolical Mastermind, Falsely Reformed Villain, Insufferable Genius, Irrational Hatred, Classic Villain, Contemplative Boss, Defeating the Undefeatable, the Villain of Superman's Story, As Smart As Superman is Strong, Green Eyes Driven by Envy, Evil Genius Redhead, Bald of Evil, Control Freak, Wicked Cultured Badass Normal in a Nice Suit, The Chessmaster
  • Domains: Deception, Crime, Xenophobia, Business, Science, Intelligence, Supervillainy
  • Heralds: LexCorp (his company), Mercy Graves (His bodyguard/assistant), Nasthalthia "Nasty" Luthor (his niece), and Lena Luthor/Ultrawoman (his sister)... sometimes
  • High Priest: Stan Edgar
  • Followers: unascended Supervillains in general, Veronica Cale, Miles Axlerod, Max Shreck, Danielle Atron, Gideon Gleeful and the Northwest Family, Rex Go(o)dwin
  • Allies: Manfred von Karma, Lionel Hutz, Doctor Nitrus Brio, Sugou Nobuyuki, Dr. XXX, Satya Vaswani/Symmetra, Caesar Clown, Albert Wesker, Dr. William Birkin, Colonel Miles Quaritch, Copen Kamizono, Louis Bloom, J. Jonah Jameson, Kent Brockman, Miku Hatsune, LOONA, Aerospace Sanitation Engineer, Diana Christensen, West Coast Cabbies, Moneybags, C.C., Plankton, Mafia of Cooks, Mr. Krabs
  • Legion of Doom: Bizarro, John Corben/Metallo, Vril Dox/Brainiac, Edward Nigma/The Riddler, Basil Karlo/Clayface, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, Black Adam, Ra's al Ghul, Vandal Savage, Orm/Ocean Master, Granny Goodness, Loki Laufeyson, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Lord Recluse, Mammoth Mogul
  • Friendly Rival to: the Illusive Man
  • The Mentor to: Princess Morbucks, Silico
  • The Rival to: Doctor Doom, Professor James Moriarty, Count Dracula, Hannibal Lecter, Darth Vader
  • Business Rivals: The Corpus, Vought-American, Handsome Jack, Cave Johnson, GLaDOS, Heihachi Mishima, Seto Kaiba, Buy n Large, "Maximillion" Pegasus J. Crawford
  • Arch-Enemy: Superman
  • Archnemesis Dad to: Kon-El/Conner Kent/Superboy
  • Evil Counterpart to: Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Enemies: The DC Universe: most allies of Superman, especially Lois Lane, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, John Henry Irons/Steel, Kara Zor-L of Earth-Two/Power Girl, High Councilor Kal-El, General Dru-Zod, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Tim Drake/Red Robin, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Vic Sage/The Question, Wally West/The Flash II, Arthur Curry/Orin/Aquaman, Billy Batson/Shazam, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Shiera Hall/Hawkgirl; The Crime Syndicate of America (especially Ultraman), The Dark Knights (especially the Batman Who Laughs)
  • Friendly Enemy to: L Lawliet, Lemres, and the Hedgies, Pinkie Pie
  • Alliance with an Abomination: Mr. Mxyzptlk
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ultimate Reed Richards/The Maker, Ozymandias, The Boys (Billy Butcher, primarily), Kazuya Mishima
  • Amused by: Invader Zim
  • Annoyed by: Jimmy Olsen, Son Goku, Launchpad McQuack, Looney Tunes characters (especially Daffy Duck)
  • Annoys: various Good-aligned Prosecutors (especially Miles Edgeworth, Godot, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, Matt Murdock/Daredevil)
  • Interested in: The Wisps, Gyro Man, Galaxy Man, EDI
  • Respects: deities who have worked hard to improve their status or abilities (especially Lux Arcadia, Flo, Ochaco Uraraka), Albert Einstein, Sherlock Holmes, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Respected by: the Houses of Science and Machinery and Technology, Health and Diseases and Family and Relatives, Frank Underwood
  • Opposes: the House of Extraterrestrials (especially the Khan Maykr, SCP-682, the Formics, the VUX); The Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Charlie Bucket, Courtney Gears, the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, Mongul, Doomsday, Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman
  • Opposed By: Jonathan and Martha Kent, Jor-El, Harley Quinn (annoyed by, if she's with Joker), Poison Ivy, Elliot Alderson/Mr. Robot, Dr. Gregory House
  • Pities: those who had abusive childhoods, like Yoruka Kirihime, Matilda Wormwood, Will Vandom; Candace Flynn
  • When he learned about the Pantheon, he quickly grew jealous that his arch-nemesis had already gained a position as a "deity" and become renowned even among such a group. He began a massive propaganda blitz to try and convince the Protectors of the Plot Continuum that the Big Blue Boy Scout and his allies are too OP, showing that realm that he was the best at achieving a good reputation in spite of his own black deeds. In response to his ascension, the Daily Planet reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent published a series of muckraking articles in which Kim Kaphwan and his famous evil-detecting glare were cited as evidence as to Lex's true alignment in the hopes of putting a stain on his otherwise sterling reputation and arguing against his interpretation of the Man of Steel. Though these articles were met with polarizing reception from the public, largely unaware of the true extent Lex's villainy, the Protectors opted not to label Superman as too OP until further investigation. Talk on the grapevine suggests that when Luthor learned of this, he yelled, "WROOOOOOOONNNGGG!!!!"
  • Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor is a successful man whose life has been defined by failure. Born in Smallville, Kansas, the child Lex was the best and only friend of an adolescent Martian—a young J'onn J'onzz—who he sent back to Mars after he failed to find another way to help him escape the facility his scientist father kept him captive in; though the memory of the incident would be wiped from his mind, his father's subsequent abuse would keep it a constant scar in his life. When he was seventeen years old, his sister, Lena, was stricken with a terminal illness that no one could do anything about—no one, perhaps, except Lex himself. Determined to save the only person who ever meant anything to him, Lex attempted to cure her... and left her an invalid. Having grown and become stronger from this failure, Lex set off and used his considerable genius, incredible work ethic, and complete lack of scruples to claw his way to becoming the most powerful man in Metropolis and, perhaps, the world... before Superman appeared. Unable to cope with being so effortlessly overshadowed by the alien's godlike abilities, Lex swore to destroy him and reinstate his position as Earth's true Man of Tomorrownote . Lex relentlessly denies ever setting foot in Smallville, and claims he grew up in Metropolis' Suicide Slums before his parents died in a car "accident".
    • The House of Time and Space, attempting to figure out which of his origins was true, found that the actual answer turned out to be... yes. Luthor's personal history, like that of many deities from his universe, is in a state of constant flux caused by the effects of numerous persistent disruptions to his timeline by outside forces and the DC Multiverse's natural Hypertime. One of the main consistencies with his origins is an abusive childhood at the hands of his parentsnote , making him sympathetic of deities like Yoruka Kirihime, Will Vandom, and especially Matilda Wormwood. As Matilda's story of being a prodigy despised and neglected by her idiot parents and defeating a far more physically-capable enemy with her cleverness reminds him greatly of himself, he's grown uncommonly attached to her over their minimal interactions. While the friendship was mutual at first despite the often terrible advice he gave her, it was sadly brought to an end when he tried to have Ms. Honey killed so he could take her place as Matilda's adoptive guardian. During his time serving Perpetua as "Apex Lex", the Earth-0 (also known as Prime Earth) version of Lex Luthor (Prime!Lex, if you will) traveled to each universe and exterminated their respective Luthors to eliminate their potential threats. Since then, a new Crisis has altered the multiverse and its Luthors and so like all residents of his universe, Prime!Lex now remembers events from previous timelines and alternate universes—though some are more comparable and have more influence on him directly than others, he keeps some notable ones in mind.
      • He was horrified when some deities in the Houses of Time and Space, while investigating the truth behind his Prime Earth origins, discovered an alternate universe (designated Earth-167) spreading the idea around that Lex attended high school with Clark Kent in Smallville and was friends with Clark Kent, which, as stated above, Lex readily denies ever being the case. The idea of people watching his younger naive self be friends (and maybe more, if you believe the shippers...) with Cla... the alien is embarrassing, and he almost can't bear to remember it.
      • On a world where Kal-L crash-landed in Soviet Russia and became the leader of the USSR (designated Earth-30), Lex Luthor opposed him by becoming the President of the United States and leading the American people to a Utopic society. His future descendant, Jor-L, would later send his son into that Earth's past to avoid the planet's imminent destruction—thus making that Lex the progenitor of his own arch-rival. Prime!Lex has done considerable research into his own timeline to ensure that there is no similar link to his version of the alien, though to his horror his investigation did discover that his pal, Jimmy Olsen, is a distant cousin of his.
      • Certain universes such as the morality-flipped Earth-3 feature Luthor as a heroic figure fighting the villainous Ultraman (No relation to that other Ultraman) while in another alternate universe, his good counterpart helps fund and lead a resistance against a villainous regime led by a tyrannous Superman AKA the High Councilor Kal-El. Prime!Luthor was savvy enough to devise a plan to amass power in one of that universe's split timelines by killing that version of the Regime's leader and tricking the residents into thinking that their Luthor had survived his execution. There, Luthor was elected President of the United States, adding to his already considerable resources. He looks forward to further consolidating his power... unless the High Councilor Kal-El from the main universe's timeline has something to say about it.
  • Has been argued and claimed to be anywhere from a Seventh-Level Intellect all the way to even an Eleventh, and even other geniuses like Ozymandias will admit that he is his World's Smartest Man, and his Photographic Memory has allowed him a comprehensive mastery of nearly every science known to man—and a few that aren't. He is recognized as one of the most scientifically-gifted individuals in the Pantheon; where his Earth's scientific development and limited resources may normally restrict his abilities, the extraordinary resources afforded to him within the Pantheon has empowered him to reach his full potential. He has a truly astonishing range of inventions; from engineering Hope—a gynoid strong enough to hurt Superman with her punches—and a robotic Lois Lane (for... reasons) to creating a teleporter from alien scraps, with enough time and a little effort he is capable of such near-impossible feats as installing a satellite with a ray that transmutes all lead into glass or building a time machine out of tin cans, an orange peel, and a lightbulb. He could easily make the world a better place—stop famines, cure cancer—if it wasn't for the alien taking up all his timenote .
    • Despite his brilliance, there are still problems even he has difficulty solving himself, so he sometimes commissions specialists not on his company's payroll to consult with for the kinds of projects he would spend a lofty fortune for the solution to. The biggest one is almost certainly the Kryptonian Cloning Problem. Cloning Kryptonians is notoriously difficult due to the complexity of their DNA, and previous attempts have almost invariably resulted in Bizarros at worst and Superboys at best. Lex, of course, would love to have an army of perfect, pure Supermen (and maybe some Supergirls... wink, wink) at his beck and call, and while he did eventually find a way to pull it off, the fact that the process takes ten years to fully complete makes it highly inconvenient to say the least. Geneticists like Albert Wesker and Dr. William Birkin are endeavoring to find a faster technique, with Luthor's backing. God help the Pantheon if they ever succeed.
    • His knowledge isn't limited merely to science. His talent for business and politics are well-documented, most infamously when he founded and represented the Tomorrow Partynote  and managed to get elected as the 43rd President of the United States of America—instead of George W. Bush—and proved remarkably competent in the office... until he got impeached for trying to kill Superman. Frank Underwood has expressed some awe at the feat, considering the huge struggles it took to achieve the same thing without the difficulties of being a public criminal or being a third-party candidate.
  • While he considers very few besides Brainiac to be his peer intellectually, he does hold some admiration for one scientist: Albert Einstein, whose birthdaynote  he celebrates by refraining from any criminal action that will result in people getting hurt. He makes it a point to not be in prison when the anniversary comes around, and is more than willing to break out on the off-chance that he's been incarcerated at the same time. He's also a big fan of Sherlock Holmes because "he's always twelve steps ahead of everyone". While not particularly as well-known for it ("I don't like to brag."), he's quite talented in the use of the Sherlock Scan. He would have seen through the Clark Kent disguise long ago, and even hired a computer analyst who discovered it for him, but can't believe it because of his own personal biases. Like most in his universe, he doesn't know that Superman even has a secret identity to begin with, and can't understand why a person with such power would actually choose to pretend to be a mild-mannered human being. He was absolutely humiliated when Superman came out and publicly revealed that he was, indeed, Clark Kent the whole time.
  • While some find it unbelievable that a mere human could antagonize such a powerful being, his status as Superman's greatest enemy has never been questioned by those who know him well, and Lex has consistently shown time and again that he deserves the title—one of the natural laws of the multiverse (at least according to his Earth-3 counterpart's son, Alexander Luthor, Jr.) is that in every universe Superman and Lex will always be enemies. He's claimed numerous times that the alien is a menace; that his constant interference is leading humanity to stagnation and that he's just a ticking time bomb who will eventually use his immense power to conquer or destroy the world. Even the most hard-core fans of the Man of Steel—even Superman himself—admit that he may have a point, but like everything with Lex there's more to the story. Whether he actually believes his own claims or not is unclear, but the truth he would never admit (unless you happen to have a Lasso of Truth, of course) is that the real reason he hates him is because he wants more than anything to be him.
    Lex Luthor: There's no deep psychology behind the struggle between Superman and me. It's all very simple. How would you feel if someone deliberately stood in your way, over and over again?
    • His hatred of Superman extends to his friends and family, especially his cousin, Kara Zor-El, who he once beat nearly to death; and the Kryptonian/Human clone hybrid Superboy—whose human DNA was provided by Luthor himself, making him technically the biological son of both Superman and Luthor (a source of endless amusement for any deity aware of this fact); and most of the other superheroes of his universe at one point or another. Special mentions go to the other half of the "World's Finest", Batman, who he also has a heavy dislike for—especially since he deduced that he was actually Bruce Wayne some time ago. While he respects Batman's abilities, he looks down on him for inheriting his greater wealth rather than earning it like he didnote . During his term as President, he placed a bounty on Superman and Batman and set teams of superheroes and supervillains alike against them, and drugged and beat Nightwing, Robinnote , Batgirlnote , and Huntress when they confronted him. Though he has yet to triumph over Superman himselfnote , Lex knows how it feels to kill a Kryptonian... and enjoyed it (General Zod and the Protectors of Night and Day will never forgive him for turning the Sun red and destroying New Krypton). He spends entire afternoons devising new ways to disable deities like All Might and Statesman that have been deemed "Kryptonian-like", especially the ones that add credibility to his convictions such a Homelander, Statesman, and the Plutonian—though he'd like to get it out of the way and insist he's not in love with the alien like Modeus was in love with Tony. Omni-Man and his son Invincible have described him as being "Rudolph Connors with Thragg's lust for power", and often refer to him as "Chrome-Dome" and "Mr. Clean", much to his irritation.
    • Famous in the criminal underworld for opposing one of the most prominent of the Flying Bricks. He is considered an expert on fighting adversaries who are incredibly powerful and nigh-undefeatable, and is not above providing weapons to other super-hating people like the Boysnote  or teaming up with other villains against their comparably more physically capable opponents like Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. Eggman, and Dr. Gero ("I can't stand that Goku, though. At least Superman can hold a conversation!"). Others like Princess Warbucks, Silico, Blade, and Copen Kamizono frequently approach him for advice on destroying similar superhuman threats, and as long as the nuisance isn't Superman himself (he doesn't want anyone else like Mongul or Hank Henshaw to have the "pleasure" of killing him, and hates Doomsday for managing it once with just brute force) he gives it to them freely... in a manner of speaking—these consultations aren't cheap; he charges a million dollars for just ten minutes of his time, and that includes the time it takes to write and give him his check. Every single minute is worth it, though, as the only threat so far he hasn't managed to devise a method of killing is SCP-682.
  • Having worked himself to his position of power from little, Lex values hard work and considers himself a paragon of humanity. For those reasons, he praises those like Flo, Ochako Uraraka, and Lux Arcadia whose hard work have allowed them to improve themselves and/or their station, and resents godlike beings such as Hercules and Thor; metahumans like Spider-Man, Matt Murdock, Captain America, and the rest of the Seven; and Charlie Bucket ("The boy just gets an entire chocolate factory for... being nice?"). He would give a healthy bounty to obtain Flo's ability as a miracle worker in particular—he's likened her briefly becoming a goddess to his merging with the Zone Child—but she's refused all offers as she's content to work independently.
    • Lex is a known despiser of all things alien; primarily those that are against humanity like the Formics and the VUX, though even those that aren't are subject to his ire. This has placed him at odds with the notable pro-alien human deities, especially those who engage in such distasteful relations with them like Commander Shepard and Captain Kirk—who point out that his racism never seems to stop him from making bargains with some aliens—such as secretly providing the Khan Maykr with some of his own technology in exchange for their Argent Energy—or drawing from simulated extraterrestrial life that could theoretically live on other planets for the majority of his personal projects. He once got into a conflict with Ultraseven, which culminated in a battle between them that proved the Warsuit's invisible forcefield was an unfortunately highly effective defense against his energy attacks. The result of that clash will ensure that Ultramannote  and his allies will think twice before underestimating him.
    Lex Luthor: "Attack me? Do you know what happens when you take on Lex Luthor? The same thing that's going to happen to SUPERMAN!"
  • As the founder, CEO, and President of his own company, LexCorpnote , Luthor's shrewd and efficient business practices have made him one of the richest men in his universe, and even after pouring millions into his various "Anti-Superman" schemes his finances remain impressive even by the standards of the Pantheon. While he refuses to make the specifics of his net worth public, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen once calculated that Luthor makes at least $150 a second, meaning that if he were to randomly find a $100 bill on the ground it wouldn't be worth the second it would take him to pick it up. LexCorp is an incredibly diversified company, with many branches and subsidiaries, and a frequent target of anti-corporation deities like Elliot Alderson. Most of Lex's resources in the Pantheon lie outside his bank account, with numerous properties he owns and deities he employs—whether they're aware of it or not.
    • As a beacon of scientific innovation, Luthor Technologies naturally draws scientists and inventors like Dr. Nitrus Brio, Satya Vaswani, Sugou Nobuyuki, Dr. XXX, and Caesar Clown into its employment to develop technology and research projects that are beneath the man on the marquee himself. To stay in competition with businesses like Wayne Enterprises, SteelWorks, Hyperion, Mishima Zaibatsu, and Buy n Large, Lex keeps very high standards. He is known to regularly review the work of his staff and praises exceptional breakthroughs—especially if they can be used against his enemies in some way—while pushing those expecting less substantial results to improve... or else. At present, he has them studying a sample of Compound V stolen from Vought-American, in the hopes of manufacturing more and restarting the Everyman Project and allowing him to more permanently possess the Kryptonian powers that he acquired from the project.
    • Luthor Industries supplies power and utilities to most of the city of Metropolis, and has expanded to the Pantheon. They're always looking for new ways to lower the cost of supplying these commodities—their main competition is Stark Industries' Arc Reactor, leading to frequent campaigns to sabotage or discredit Iron Man and his technology. Their first attempt to license Kryptonite as a viable power source alternative to conventional fuels was shot down by the Court of the Gods because mainstream use of the mineral would prevent Kryptonians such as Superman and his family from being able to live in the Pantheon ("And we wouldn't want that, of course. Would we?"), but nevertheless, Kryptonite's potential as a power source has caused him to trade some of it to Col. Miles Quaritch for favors. Schemes to use the Wisps and Experiment 221 AKA Sparky to provide the Pantheon with free electricity was foiled by a team-up between Sonic and Stitch, who stopped Pokemon Hunter J from capturing them on Lex's orders. Once, taking inspiration from one of his alternate counterparts, Luthor secretly tried to have Chibiterasu kidnapped to create an organic, solar battery that would provide free clean energy to the Pantheon. The attempt ended in failure and got his mother, Amaterasu, and the rest of them on the hunt for the one responsible. Luckily for Luthor, they couldn't trace it back to him.
    • By hosting a variety of entertainment mediums and news broadcast networks, Luthor Communications both competes with major entertainment corporations like KaibaCorp and Industrial Illusions as well as allows Lex to manipulate the media and influence public opinion in his favor. LexTel televises everything from Shakespeare's plays performed by Count Olaf and his theatre Troupe to Barney the Dinosaur with product placement provided by C.C. to livestreams by D.Vanote , while Luthor News Network broadcasts news reports from reputable journalists and news anchors like Louis Bloom, J. Jonah Jameson, Diana Christensen, and Kent Brockman. Lex Records has bought controlling interest in talent agencies like 765 Pro, and formed contracts with numerous popular musicians in the Pantheon, such as Ember McLain, LOONA, Ajimi Kiki, Houkago Tea Time, and Hatsune Miku—the latter of whom Luthor has generously donated special hologram and sound equipment to so that she may be able to freely traverse the Pantheon without the need for her temple's technologynote . One musician he won't employ is Courtney Gears, whose robot-controlling music and hatred of organic life make her goals too divergent from his own—though that hardly stops him from trying to reverse engineer her musical technology to use it for himself.
    • By combining Zeta-Beams with the ASHPDnote  acquired from Aperture Science, Luthor Enterprises now provides deities public access to handheld portal technology capable of interstellar travel to other planets. If you're a deity in the Pantheon, odds are good you've stayed in one of the many Lexor hotels throughout the Pantheon and experienced the extravagance of living on another planet. The company has returned to its roots in aeronautics engineering; studying the technology that provides Gyro Man and Galaxy Man with their flight capabilities, the gravity and air-fueled technology used in the Babylon Rogues' Extreme Gear, and acquired the schematics for EDI from the Illusive Man—himself another paragon of humanity in the fight against the alien menaces—to use as inspiration in developing their own Artificial Intelligence system to support their aircraft and other vehiclesnote . The branch also hosts a fair number of fairly successful restaurants in the House of Food, though most who have dined at them agree that while they aren't bad, they aren't as good as some of the more iconic locations in the Pantheon. To help boost his own establishments, Lex has bought stock in a number of infamous restaurants including the Chum Bucket and the Mafia of Cooks with the aim to have them create food so bad that it drives the customers away from them and to establishments he owns stock in like the Krusty Krab, which he bought from Mr. Krabs simply by offering him an obscene amount of money.
    • Luthor Financial owns fiscal institutions like banks and investment firms, where they employ greedy deities like Moneybags to manage the economic affairs of deities in the House of Commerce who come to them as clients to reserve their money or ask for loans.
    • By far one of the most important of the conglomerate's branches for helping maintain Lex's shining reputation in the Pantheon is Luthor Foundation, where he pours millions of dollars into supporting hospitals (including Luthor Hospital and Lena Luthor General Hospital, named after his little sister), orphanages (Luthor Home for Children) and homeless shelters, and other philanthropic charities in various parts of the Pantheon. Most of this has garnered him deep respect amongst the Houses of Health and Disease as well as Family, though as Dr. House—inclined to believe the gossip about Lex's true nature after his ordeal with Edward Vogler—has pointed out, they probably wouldn't applaud him quite so much if they knew of all the cures and treatments for diseases he almost certainly keeps secret in his notes to profit off of their research or the number of children probably living in those orphanages because he had their parents murdered.
  • Lex makes frequent use of mercenaries and hitmen like Deathstroke, Bullseye, the Classic Team, Mr. Mundynote , Erron Black, Anton Chigurh, Commander Rourke, HUNK, Duke Togo, Boba Fett, Agent 47, the Black Organization, and the Dark Brotherhood to do jobs off the record, such as assassinations or undocumented missions to find rare artifacts or objects to keep for himself. Some like Arfoire are commissioned for specialties such as corporate espionage or theft. The Aerospace Sanitation Engineer is especially useful for cleaning up crime scenes and destroying evidence.
  • For a brief time after repelling the invasion of Crime Syndicate of America and becoming a hero in the eyes of the public, Lex attempted to perform a Heel–Face Turn and joined the Justice League, donning a new Superman-themed variant of his Warsuit to honor the death of the New 52 Superman... and to make his little sister proud. Unfortunately, the combination of distrust from other heroes, including the Pre-Flashpoint Superman, and the trauma of getting shot by said sister during the Darkseid War did not make the transition easy. Still, Luthor persisted until he learned that the multiverse was mainly composed of the villainous force of entropy and that despite his best efforts, he still retained the essence of the force, he denounced heroism and allied himself with the super-celestial known as Perpetua in the name of Doom, the concept revolving around human selfishness and suppression of the past. Despite his typical narcissistic disdain for being a part of groups he's not leading himself, he became a member of the Grand United Alliance of Good and Evil, respectively, during these periods—making him one of a select few deities in the Pantheon alongside Darth Vader, Professor Moriarty, Count Dracula, and his old rivals Hannibal Lecter and Doctor Doom who have been in opposing Alliances at some point. However, since Perpetua's rejection of him in favor of the Batman Who Laughs, Lex has forsaken both sides and both Alliances, and this combined with unpleasant associations with Darkseid has put a dent in his relationships with similar evil beings like Melkor.
    • With that in mind, he's set up a new iteration of the Legion of Doomnote , recruiting notorious supervillains from throughout the Pantheon with the singular goal to Take Over the Worldnote . Current members include members of the original line-up like Bizarro, Metallo, Brainiac, the Riddler, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Black Adam; fellow members of the similar team, the Light including Ra's al Ghul, Ocean Master, Black Manta, Granny Goodness, and Vandal Savage; and new villains from other universes like Loki Laufeyson, Lord Recluse, Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Mammoth Mogul, Kingpin (don't ever call him "skinny Kingpin"), the Makernote . Naturally, their members' greatest nemeses oppose them. In spite of his goals, the villainous company he keeps, and even the very trope he presides over, Lex doesn't actually consider himself a supervillain, and will actively fight against them if it means getting what he wants or avoiding the destruction of everything that's his—which is, obviously, everything in his mind. Sometimes it takes making hard choices to provide what's best for humanity, which is all Lex wants... as long as that "best" means he's on top.
    • Of course, it would be a foolish mistake to forget about Luthor's best friend, the Joker. No, you didn't read that wrong, and no, that's not a jokenote . Being that the two are the arch-foes of the World's Finest and two of the most renowned villains in their universe it should come as little shock that the Metropolis Mogul and the Clown Prince of Crime team up quite regularly, and they work together incredibly well when necessary. Despite their wildly contrasting personalities, reputation, and seeming dislike for each other most of the time, the two understand each other better than most anyone else and share a common degree of hatred for their respective enemies. It probably helps on the Joker's end that Lex and Batman share many similarities with each other—both apparently ordinary human beings who possess great wealth and whose wits allows them to match up even against superhumans. Though their relationship may have been strained when Luthor consulted with the Batman Who Laughs against his wishes, it remains a point of fact that no matter how much they may fight, they'll always work together again. Lex is always sure to invite the Joker onto any teams he's leading—up to and including the new Legion of Doom—because he knows how bad the consequences can be when the Joker doesn't get to play.
  • Yes, he once stole forty cakes... from his school's bake sale as revenge for not letting him enter his fission-powered toaster in the science fair. And yes, he's well aware of how many tens that is. And That's Terrible. However, despite the obvious immorality of the action, deities with a passion for sweets like L, Lemres, and the Hedgies have expressed rapport for a person desperate enough to go to such lengths for cake. Pinkie Pie in particular has made it her mission to ensure that Lex always has cake on hand to prevent things from ever getting that bad again. Luthor has attempted a number of times to cover up this embarrassing childhood indiscretion, but doing so only succeeds in making people talk about it even more (hey, at least it draws attention away from that ridiculous rumor that he hates Superman because he's bald...). As he's the only other person with knowledge of the incident, as far as he knows, he also suspects that Clark Kent spread it around himself to humiliate him (actually, Supes told Barry Allen the story, and he's the one that told everyone else). It serves as just one of the many reasons Lex has (but doesn't really need) to hate Superman.
  • Also bought a temple in the Hall of Types of Popularity.
I believe there’s something inherently dangerous when something real becomes mythic. Because when faced with a myth we can’t win. So the mythic must be exposed for what it is. So we can believe in ourselves. Because it’s only what’s in us… the drive to be mythic… that matters.

    Eliphas (Dawn of War
Eliphas The Inheritor, God of Heel Hate (Dark Apostle)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Accursed Crozius
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Love to Hate, Bad Ass Preacher, Ax-Crazy, Lightning Bruiser, Sinister Minister, Troll, Popularity Power, Large and in Charge, Nightmare Face, Religion of Evil, Chaos Is Evil
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, War, Strength, Trickery
  • Allies: All four Chaos Gods, Melkor, Abbadon the Despoiler, Trollkaiger, every evil entity in the House of Demons, Nefarian
  • Enemies: Every other Warhammer 40,000 deity not listed under allies, the OTHER Eliphas, Alexander Anderson, Tyrael, Rika Furude, Tassadar, Draco Malfoy
  • When Eliphas ascended, Gabriel Angelos was rumored to have secluded to his temple cursing and fuming for hours about how the Dark Apostle just.....won't.....DIE! For the record, the Blood Ravens have either seen Eliphas die or killed him themselves at least three times. The rage may have also had something to do with the note left for Gabriel signed by Eliphas with the words "Gay Puppet" repeated over and over again.
  • Ascended upon the concept of contradiction between love and hate that applies to villains, as such Heel Hate was what brought him back to life in the first place.
  • Due to his dark wit and penchant for making people mad with well placed barbs, Eliphas gained the quick approval of Trollkaiger, who are debating recruting him into their ranks. Be afraid, be very afraid. He has especially bonded with Bernkastel, who is the splinted evil side of a priestess.
    • The band of trolls are especially out to recruit The Inheritor due to his terrifying combat prowess as a 10,000 year war veteran.
    • This news did not go over well with Rika Furude, as yet another ally to that detestable witch of miracles.
  • Eliphas as made it his personal mission to troll and otherwise torment the OTHER Eliphas in the pantheon, with him and his Word Bearers preaching the chaotic gospel of the Dark Apostle at the door step of the House of Anti Villains. The fact that The Inheritor won't die no matter how many times he gets smited for his troubles is a further source of rage to The Radiant.
    • The Radiant: I SAID NO TROLLS ALLOWED!!!!!
  • Eliphas' blasphemous preaching is a bane upon the House of Faith, though it gets the approval of Lucavi.
  • Absolutely despises Draco Malfoy as a disgrace to the concept of Heel Hate. At least the Inheritor's fanbase acknowledges that he is an unrepetant bastard.
  • Is periodically seen in an adventuring party with Araghast and Carron. The later has had his obsession with Metal Bawkses turned into a super power.
  • For his own personal amusement, he sometimes interacts with and even serves as part of the Alfa Legion, a hilariously idiotic legion whose actions border on heresy at times. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Found a Kindred spirit in the black dragon Nefarian. Both are Giant trolls and are both lovable evil jerks who like to mess with players. They both are known as "Troll overlords" in the pantheon.
  • "Hey corpse-emperor...... ............ Furk you"

    The Shredder 
Oroku Saki, God of Breakout Villains (The Shredder, Metal Mouth, Tin Head, Super Shredder, Ch'rell, Torrinon, Kako Naso, Duke Acureds, The One True Shredder, Utrom Shredder, Shredder Tengu, Demon Shredder, Cyber Shredder, Shredface, Shreddy, The Shadow Fiend)
His 2012 incarnation 
His Mirage incarnation 
His 1987 incarnation 
His 1990 continuity incarnation 
The Utrom Shredder 
The Utrom Shredder (as Ch'rell) 
The Demon Shredder (top, from left to right: as Tengu Shredder and Oroku Saki. Bottom: from left to right: Demon Shredder and Dragon Form) 
The Cyber Shredder 
His IDW continuity incarnation 
His 2014 continuity incarnation 
His Rise incarnation 
Super Shredder (from left to right: 1990s and 2012 continuity versions) 
  • Intermediate God (Overall). Greater God (as Undead Shredder, Rise Shredder, Cyber Shredder in the Digital World or Technodrome-empowered Utrom Shredder). Borderline Overdeity (Tengu/Demon Shredder)
  • Theme Music: The Shredder's Suite; alternatively: Shredder or Technodrome: The Final Shell Shock, We Ain't Came to Lose, A Dish Best Served Cold. Theme of Shredder (for Ch'rell, Cyber Shredder and Demon Shredder).
  • Symbol: The Foot Clan's Symbol. Alternatively, his helmet(s).
  • Weapon of Choice: Modified Tekko-Kagi
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil overall. Chaotic Evil (Ch'rell and Rise Shredder). Neutral Good, formerly Neutral Evil (his IDW incarnation)
  • Portfolios: Breakout Villain, Spike-Covered Power Armor That Looks Awesomely Intimidating, Arch-Nemesis to the Turtles, Legacy Character, Much Stronger, Smarter and Deadlier in Later Installments, Gender-Blender Name
  • Domains: Villainy, Popularity, Ninjas, Clans, Vengeance
  • Heralds: Oroku Nagi (his older brother), Karai (his daughter, usually adoptive), Krang (partner-in-crime of the '87 version), Hattori Tatsu, Erick Sacks, (right-hand men of the film incarnations), Tiger Claw, Chris Bradford/Rahzar, Baxter Stockman/Stockfly (top henchmen of the 2012 version), Foot Lieutenant and Brute (leaders of the Foot in Rise)
  • Ascended underlings: Bebop and Rocksteady
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship: Ultraman Belial, Lord Drakkon
  • Varying Relation: Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Bane
  • There have been many Shredders and all have their own tales to tell, but the original was:
    • Originally, Shredder was born Oroku Saki, he was the younger brother of Oroku Nagi a prodigy ninja warrior from the Foot Clan. Nagi grew jealous of a fellow member, Hamato Yoshi, who was not only better than him but won the heart of Tang Shen, another member of the Clan who Nagi was in love with. Furious, Nagi attacked Shen out of jealously so Yoshi wouldn't have her, but Yoshi defended his wife by killing Nagi. Ashamed by having killed a fellow member, Yoshi exiled himself to New York, USA to atone for his actions, with Shen following him. However, Saki was furious at his brother's death, and began to climb up the ranks of the Foot Clan and train for 10 years, gaining power over the American branch and following Yoshi and Shen to kill them both. After invading their house, Saki now known as the Shredder, got his revenge... But soon Yoshi's pet rat, Splinter, survived and swore to avenge his master. After mutating thanks to the ooze and raising four turtles to kill Shredder, Saki met his end when the four teens confronted and killed him in a fight, avenging Yoshi.
    • Various other Shredders appeared in alternate worlds, each with their own story tell. From ones that took the place of both Nagi and Saki, others who were evil demons and one that was an alien warlord in disguise known as Ch'rell. In a universe of Ninja Turtles there will always be a Shredder that they'll need to oppose.
  • With the sheer history of the Shredder's many incarnations it was decided to create a mostly composite Shredder to ascend, though they had to separate ones such as 1987, Ch'rell, Cyber Shredder and the Dark Armor Shredder due to complications regarding their stories and wills. Needless to say, none of these Shredders get along and usually will only team up to defeat mutual enemies such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One of the Shredders (the one hailing from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW) continuity) has actually mostly reformed himself after dying and resurrecting, which prompted the Court of Gods leave him be where he is, only bringing some of his memories back for the mostly composite Shredder in regards to some events but nothing more. Usually he'll alternate his design between each of his composite selves, whichever self he's incarnated as also dictates his dominant memories and personality even if the others come out at times, when transforming into Demon Shredder, all his personalities remain but he gains massive eldritch power as well and even at times acts as two entities in one body.
  • Was furious to find the Turtles back in the Pantheon. Especially considering the many defeats he's suffered over many continuities as all the memories remained. He was also disappointed to not see any of their allies such as O'Neil, Casey Jones and especially Splinter, who he considers his nemesis in most incarnations. He awaits the day that Splinter arrives, so as to finally be able to continue his long-standing enmity with the rat. Once Splinter actually ascended, Shredder prepared himself to get strong enough to finally be rid of his nemesis in all worlds once and for all.
  • Has some shakey relationships with the DC Comics Deities:
    • He's previously allied with a lot of Batman's Rogues Gallery when he wound up transported to Gotham. While he's remained on good terms with most of them, the less evil ones such as Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze prefer to keep their distance from him, though occasionally go back to teaming up with Shredder without issue, it all depends on what kind of mood and personality the three have, but for the most part they stay away from him at all costs. On the Joker, several incidents following their initial team-up have soured Shredder's view about Joker and he's branded him as one of his closest enemies.
    • Considers Batman a Worthy Opponent and was pleased to see him ascended, hoping to continue fighting him. Batman doesn't returns the sentiment of honor, knowing fully well that at large Shredder's honorable qualities are severely outdone by the many atrocities he's commited over the years and in many worlds. The Bat-Family also clashes with him for the same reason.
    • It is known that at least in one Shredder ended up "Jokerized". This interested the Dark Knights who have considered recruiting that one Shredder into their ranks, believing that the more the merrier their group will be. It is unknown if this "Jokerized" Shredder is currently roaming the Pantheon, but the Dark Knights are still searching for him just in case.
    • Lex Luthor views Shredder as a valuable ally given his years of expertise and many ties to criminal groups, some of which hold sacred artifacts or magic powers that he could use, his alliance with other villains also helps in that regard. A similar unrelated villain, Deathstroke/Slade Wilson found himself being quite similar to Shredder in regards to their roles as nemesis of teenager superhero groups, the two fought when they met post-ascension and regard each other in a mostly respectful way.
  • He also has varying relations with the Power Rangers Deities as he's recently had an incarnation meet the original team:
    • As he antagonized the team in there, his enmity with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers carried over into the Pantheon, where they continue to remain wary of him given his partnership with various Toku villains in the Pantheon. Tommy is wary of Shredder stealing his powers again, as last time Shredder used them to nearly kill the Rangers. Other ranger teams folowed suit
    • Dark Specter was pleased to see such an infamous warlord ascend and offered him a spot among his allies, the Psycho Rangers have grown interested in the mutagen and followed suit in becoming Shredder's allies.
    • Mesogog figured that his plan to alter humanity and establish a rule of dinosaurs could benefit from the mutagen's altering properties, as such he's sought out Shredder as an ally for the rare substance of which he holds samples of. Trakeena also seeks it out to create stronger bug soldiers and allied with Shredder as well.
    • Lord Drakkon managed to strike a somewhat unusual friendship with the Shredders as he understands the issue of hating an alternate version of oneself and desire for conquest and eliminating the others. He does not view their alliance as lasting beyond a few works, but does find that common ground to be something to bond over.
  • As someone who perverts Martial Arts and believes in the superiority of the strong over the weak, he's earned allies in John Kreese a ruthless shady sensei who also seeks to expand the ideology of No Mercy and Striking First across the world and the Pantheon. The other Karate Kid Deities are enemies with Shredder for this very reason, viewing his use of the Foot Clan's once noble goals for his criminal empire as a complete bastardization of Martial Arts.
  • As an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy he surprisingly earned an ally in Tai Lung, who also enjoys boasting his martial art skills and hates losing. Tai Lung also understands how it feels to be "cheated" out of something that one feels they deserve. Another villain who came to ally with Shredder was Lord Shen, as the peacock respected Shredder's expertise in martial arts and blade fights, the latter of which Shen is an expert in. As for their nemesis, Po, Oogway and the Furious Five all oppose Shredder heavily for his cruelty, his corruption of martial arts for his criminal activities and his desire to conquer the world, Shredder at first underestimated Po and believed the panda to be beneath notice, only for Po to prove mightier than he expected and ever since looks forward to fighting him and defeating the Dragon Warrior to prove his strength.
  • Any good-aligned martial artists detest Shredder for his corruption of martial arts for his selfish goals of conquest and destruction, especially since the Foot Clan started out as a noble clan dedicated to good before Shredder turned it into a force of evil in many worlds. Among them stands out Jackie Chan, who views what Shredder teaches as disgraceful to martial artists.
    • Chuck Norris knows that Shredder in one world teaches a Corrupted Character Copy of him, Chris Bradford who uses his fame and dojo front to help the Foot Clan's criminal activity. He also dislikes when martial artists are portrayed in a negative light and that Shredder unashamedly uses his knowledge and lessons for evil enrages him. His rival, Segata Sanshito loathes Shredder for the same reason, viewing him as a disgrace to the martial artist world.
    • Gen Ohtori/Ultraman Leo also detests him for this reason, as while he's had harsh training he never uses it for evil and always makes sure those training under him use their potential for good and not evil. He does respects Shredder's ocasional noble traits and admits that he's got skill to back up his ego but does not approve of his actions.
  • Ultraman Belial has found common ground with Shredder, or at least his 2012 self who in that continuity was the one in love with Tang Shen and ultimately "lost" her to Hamato Yoshi, driving his jealousy and hatred to attempt to kill Yoshi to claim Tang Shen for himself and take over the Foot Clan, while he failed at the former and even got Shen killed in his grudge (but blaming Yoshi for it) he did succeed at the latter and even accomplished his goal of killing Yoshi/Splinter a long time after. To rub salt in the wound, he raised Yoshi's and Shen's daughter, Miwa as his world's Karai before the Turtles and Splinter showed her the truth. Belial was proud to hear that he got to take over the Clan and even killed Yoshi for real (something which he never quite accomplished with Ken). He also was interested in hearing that he temporarily became a pawn for the evil Demodragon Kavaxas before freeing himself to drag Kavaxas back to his realm.
  • As an honorable samurai who has learnt all kinds of martial and fighting skills, Samurai Jack loathes Shredder for having some traits of being an Evil Counterpart in this regard, especially with Shredder himself allying with Aku over their goals of conquering the world, with Shredder being satisfied as long as they both not fight in the end should their goals be achieved, as he has his demon form to match Aku's power and prevent being cheated out of his power.
  • Because of his allegiance to Krang and even acting as a Quisling-of-sorts, he earned the ire of Colonel McCullough, who is legitimately furious at Shredder selling out humanity to keep power in a Krang-conquered world, especially with how Shredder also outright supports Krang's quest and not just supports it from the shadows.
  • As he's got a lot of presence in the criminal underworld, he's made various criminal allies who all vouched their support for his Foot Clan operations, especially with how they'll gain access to Mutagen reserves that Shredder gets from Krang, which many deities have come to desire for its capacity to strengthen those who consume it or enter into contact with it.
    • Among these villains was Kingpin, who wished to get some Mutagen to strengthen his forces, viewing it as a useful tool against the heroes of his world. That said, he's grown wary of dealing with Shredder, knowing fully well that it could end badly for him.
    • Giovanni of Team Rocket has thought up of employing the mutagen's properties to strengthen Pokemon as he is interested in the possibilities of it. Some thought has been given to use it on humans, but for now Giovanni plans to keep things simple. Diavolo and Vito Corleone were other mob bosses interested in obtaining the Mutagen as well, out of curiosity and just in case.
    • Moriarty was fascinated by Shredder's many connections to the criminal underworld and the vastness of his Foot Clan's influence. He views Shredder as a worthwile ally and plans on allying and remaining close to the criminal leader as means of having useful allies against his enemies, and perhaps even learn about Dimension X due to Shredder's connection to Krang and the latter's allies.
    • SHOCKER is fascinated with Mutagen as means of creating super soldiers and as such instantly made deals with Shredder to obtain it and use it. Shredder was eager to get backing from such a large organization. HYDRA followed suit in the same situation, with the allies of both organization gaining Shredder's favor as well.
  • Though his relation with Krang is mostly favorable, some less-than-friendly moments later with many incarnations have soured his views on Krang, particularly in worlds where Krang betrays or uses him as a pawn. Shredder has remained wary and only keeps Krang at arm's length as much as he can.
  • Exclusive to 1987 Shredder:
    • As the least threatening of the Shredders he's usually reduced to a laughing stock among the other ones and generally prefers to frequent the House of Villainous Success and Failure where he's encountered villains with similar problems with being mocked and ridiculed by other villains, particularly Dr. Drakken and Jack Spicer who get no shortage of ridicule from other villains. Other villain with a harmless status included Team Rocket, Dick Dastardly, Muttley and Peg Leg Pete.
    • As a result of his general reputation as an idiot the other Shredders refuse to associate themselves with him, especially Ch'rell who already betrayed and tried to kill him alongside the rest of the TMNT Multiverse to boot. Ultimately 80's Shredder will constantly be forced to team up with the heroic deities of the house against the other Shredders as even with his fluctuating competence that allows him to at times be pretty efficient, the other Shredders are far viler and deadlier and thus he stands little chance against them in the long run.
    • He at times finds himself disturbed by the Joker, who is a sadistic monster who while occasionally friendly is at times too evil and destructive for him to work alongside with. Generally he prefers to keep himself at arm's length and take a less direct approach to cooperating with the Clown Prince of Crime.
    • Has a very personal rivalry with Skeletor, viewing the evil (and at times comical) sorcerer as one of his greatest worthy adversaries. Skeletor usually returns the sentiment, especially in his sillier moments, usually engaging in entertaining Evil vs. Evil matches to the amusement of their foes, the Turtles and He-Man. Nonetheless, outside of it they tend to get along well and will usually whine about their failures to one another while bragging about their accomplishments.
  • Exclusive to Ch'rell:
    • As possibly the most evil and depraved of all Shredders, his list of Deities that he actually considers allies is short, none of his fellow Shredders are well-liked, viewing them as rivals to his rule and power, as are their allies. The Turtles as a whole view him as the overall more dangerous and depraved of all Shredders and for good reason. Even Shredder's usual allies would rather not associate with him given his penchant for destruction.
    • He found his place with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, who fully support his omnicidal crusade against all of the TMNT Multiverse. Ever since discovering the Pantheon post-ascension, Ch'rell's only become more insane and now plots to end all of existence to make sure the Turtles are gone forever.
    • Many were confused to see his world's Karai ascend as his herald, Karai claimed that in spite of all that he's done, Ch'rell's still her father and will stay with him to the end times. However, the Turtles know in secret that she's trying to keep her father under control and undermine his operations, waiting for the day where he might strike so the Turtles can be prepared for anything he tries, or maybe even redeem him or stop his quest, which she is aware would likely not happen.
    • He's interested in the powers of his Rise/Dark Armor self, given that the Dark Armor is a creation of the Utroms and he sees potential in merging with it. That said, he's remained wary of it, as it's life-draining abilities and that Shredder's own penchant for betrayal and cruelty make Dark Armor Shredder quite unsafe as an ally or pawn in schemes.
    • Found common ground with evils who want to destroy everything in sight either for the hell of it or out of frustration, one of these kindred souls was Belial who understood how Ch'rell felt about constant defeats and humiliations as well as his frustration turning into a murderous hatred of everything else; Majin Buu felt pleased to know that Ch'rell's ultimate goal involved destroying all of Earth and the Multiverse, and hopes to assist in his goals in the future.
    • Not many deities took him that seriously at first, believing him to be harmless without his suit. The Turtles were able to spread word about just how dangerous Ch'rell is with or without suits and therefore should never be underestimated as they found out many times the hard way.
    • Has become a sworn enemy of Kamen Rider Decade, as Ch'rell nearly caused the destruction of the entire TMNT Multiverse and still plots to do so to this day and while Tsukasa did something similar in the Rider Multiverse it was ultimately meant to unite the Kamen Rider worlds and save them while Ch'rell wants to commit omnicide purely out of spite, Ultraman Zero also gained an enmity with him for similar reasons, as he's a guardian of many Universes and sees Ch'rell's actions as despicable.
    • As he heard that in one world, Krang manage to kill the Anti-Monitor, taking it over and nearly recreating the Omniverse with it he's plotted to repeat the deed, but rather than recreating everything he instead plots to destroy every Multiverse in existence to ensure his ultimate victory. Many deities are preparing themselves to prevent such an scenario from ever coming into fruition.
  • Exclusive to Cyber Shredder:
    • A digital virus formed from the reprogrammed Viral, he sought out alliances with other evil viruses, among them stood out Venjix, as the evil virus had a lot of success in his attempts to destroy humanity and conquer the Multiverse, he's offered the evil digital copy of Shredder a chance at becoming more powerful.
    • As a copy of Ch'rell's memories and personality given a body he is absolutely loathed by his Utrom counterpart, who was frustrated to know that a mere "faker" took over his Foot Clan. This did prompt some deities to point out the irony considering that Ch'rell himself impersonated the original Oroku Saki and did the same thing as the Cyber Shredder.
    • He is far stronger in the digital world where he can become an outright Reality Warper, this warned the Masters of Spinjitzu, as he beared similarities to perhaps their deadliest foe, The Overlord, who himself had a "Digital" form where he proved very powerful inside a digital world; as well as Unagami, another AI villain who was at his strongest outside of their realm.
  • Exclusive to Dark Armor Shredder:
    • He was brought back via the Court of Gods recreating his armor and restoring his full power and sapience, however his previous host, Oroku Saki, was not included as his world's Saki was never evil and had been freed from the armor's evil influence. However this left in his consciousness' place an even more ruthless Shredder, who plots to continue his plans of conquering the World and eventually all that exists
    • As one of the deadliest of the Shredders. This Shredder is feared by even the Turtles, who in spite of having defeated him in the past were still somewhat afraid of facing him again due to his strength, power and ferocity. The Turtles hope to have their father, Splinter, ascend one day so he can help them out in utilizing the Hamato Ninpo's power to defeat Dark Armor Shredder as they did originally.
    • Has made a rivalry with Kai the Collector, as both of them strengthen themselves by absorbing the lifeforce from other living beings (though Kai also transforms his victims into jade golems under his control) and being very powerful if relatively unskilled fighters. Kai initially thought of deceiving Dark Armor Shredder into an alliance but quickly backed off after coming to see how unstable and unreliable of an ally he was.
    • As his armor is actually very advanced alien technology that is incredibly powerful and capable of performing Mana Drain and other abilities he's interested various deities in the House of Magic and Sorcery who seek to understand how he works as a whole.
    • As he was temporarily sealed away in another dimension and when improperly summoned faded in and out of existence, he found an unusual connection with King Ghidorah, whose "Planet Eater" form is stuck in a similar predicament where if improperly summoned will be easy to vanquish and make its existence on the three dimensional plane tether and vanish. Ghidorah has thought up of allying with him, but Dark Armor Shredder rejected him.
    • His armor can be worn if his consciousness is removed in some way, but any would-be users were warned that it can drain the lifeforce of those who wear it. This greatly disappointed some such as Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, who was eager to "test" it out against his foes. That said, he still thinks of recruiting Shredder to his side and destroying the Riders with him, trying to appeal to the other Shredders as well if the plan falls to the wayside.
"You see me as I am. And it will be the last thing you ever see. Prepare to face your destiny and your doom"

Azure Falcons

    Arthur Fonzarelli 
Arthur Fonzarelli, God of Coolness and Breakout Characters (The Fonz, Fonzie)

    Nanoha Takamachi 
Nanoha Takamachi, Goddess of the More Popular Spin Off (The White Devil, Ace of Aces, Ace of the Sky)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Raising Heart in pendant form
  • Theme Music: Eternal Blaze
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Friendship Through Superior Firepower, Training Sessions From Hell, Magic from Technology, Magitek, BFGs, Action Moms, Small Girls with Big Guns, Beam Spam, Blasting One's Way Through Things, Being Together with Fate, Don't Harm Her Vivio, Fighter Who Wants to Talk to Her Foes, Gravitating Others to Her, Ace of Aces, All-Loving Heroine
  • Domains: Destruction, Family, Magic, Protection, Strength.
  • Heralds: Momoko and Shirou Takamachi (her parents), Kyouya and Miyuki (her older brother and sister)
  • Allies: Fate Testarossa, Vivio Takamachi, Hayate Yagami, Naruto Uzumaki, Son Goku, Touma Kamijou, Reinforce Zwei, Teana Lanster, Subaru Nakajima, Genjuro Kazanari, Reimu Hakurei, Twilight Sparkle, Amuro Ray, Lambda-11, Hibiki Tachibana and Miku Kohinata, Mai Kawasumi, Compa, Kouta Kazuraba, Sunset Shimmer, Illyasviel von Einzbern, the ToQgers (especially Mio/ToQ 3gou and Kagura/ToQ 5gou), Geo Stelar, Asuka, Miyu Edelfelt, the Gokaigers, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Doraemon, Androids 17 and 18, Xena
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, the Incubators, Nui Harime, Ragyou Kiryuin, Ghetsis Harmonia, HYDRA, Monaca Towa, Micolash, Tenjuro Banno
  • Rivals: Solo, Naga
  • Odd Friendship: With Asuka Langley Sohryu
  • Former holder of The Power of Friendship, Nanoha was given her new title for the fact her series has eclipse in popularity in comparison to her brother's. As for her position in the Friendship Trio, she passed it over to Tokugawa Ieyasu.
  • Fought Fate…and ''won''. They now share a bed, but they're just friends. Really. Or if it's more, it's nobody else's business and they're not gonna talk about it.
  • Its generally agreed that harming Vivio in anyway is consider a very bad idea. Yeah, she knows how to take care of herself, but most baddies wouldn't want to mess with Nanoha in Mama Bear mode.
  • Has been seen with Evangeline A.K. McDowell near closed space, which they call "Improved training area under construction". A lot of the deities are quite worried about this development, but some willing ones are competing over who gets to try it out first.
  • Gets on very well with Goku, Naruto, and Touma due to their shared traits of open-minded kindness, protectiveness of their allies and friends, desire for peace, habit of redeeming lost souls and making friends of former foes, and other similarities. This friendship extends to them helping each other train (though Touma's Imagine Breaker often keeps him out of it), which spooks several evil deities; the thought of the infamous "White Devil" having access to anything from Instant Transmission, Kamehameha, and Rasengan, to Sage Mode or the Spirit Bomb, is a frightening one.
    • On that note, she watched Goku and friends' performance in the Tournament of Power keenly, paying closer attention to Androids 17 and 18 once they began taking on a group of magical girls. Aside from the fact that they embraced truth and love more than the Maiden Squadron themselves and it was a love-inspired burst of power that enabled 18 to knock out Ribrianne, there's also the part where 17 detonated himself to give Goku a moment to heal against their final opponent. Grateful and impressed, she embraced the twins the moment she saw them back in the Pantheon after the tournament.
  • In this aspect, she has been courted by Twilight Sparkle, who also understands the principle of magic through friendship. For intellectual discourse, of course.
  • Shares the nickname "White Devil" with Amuro Ray, whom Nanoha respected as her senior. The two often teamed up for thwarting threats big and small.
  • Bonded with Lambda-11 after realizing she reminded her in many ways of Fate. One befriending session later, and the two of them began to hang out. It's been working as far as she can tell, though she is slightly disturbed by the fact that Lambda sounds so much like her underneath her usual voice.
    • After the dark fate that befell [[Pantheon/Ambiguity Ragna happened, Nanoha is literally one of the only things keeping Lambda from going down the same path as Kokonoe on Nu-13. However, she has also promised the Murakumo to help her when the time comes, because that's what friends do.
  • Has become quite close to Sunset Shimmer, a mutual friend of Twilight who was befriended through the concept of Friendship Through Superior Firepower. While Sunset is impressed with Nanoha, who was one of the ones who helped Twilight learn this lesson, she still gets a little anixous while being around her: She prefers words, as Nanoha's methods sting.
  • It was in her capacity as part of the Trio of Friendship that she reached out to Homura, now known as Homucifer due to the Great Upheaval. She spoke of her own friendship with Madoka and how they could protect her together. The reply was "I am a demon. Demons...have no friends." ...The pain and sorrow that was plainly evident in Homura's eyes and voice have only convinced Nanoha even further that the girl can still be saved.
    • She is also one of the few within the Sisterhood that knows that Master Chief's actions are ultimately intended to help them, as he works to slowly and carefully draw Homura out of her darkness and self-loathing. "Be there for her to help pull her back from that dark place".
  • Was a bit disturbed when she first met Nui Harime. Not only did the two sounded the same, but she use that to get too close to Vivio. That earned her a Starlight Breaker. She keeping a very watchful eye on her.
  • Is very good friends with Usagi Tsukino. Not only are they both powerful magical girls who believe in the power of friendship/love, but Usagi was also a character from a more popular spin off.
  • In addition to her idealization of friendship and skill at discerning people's motives and natures, Nanoha also possesses surprisingly powerful maternal instincts, a quality shared by her "partner" Fate. The two of them, in addition to fawning over their own adoptive/surrogate children (Erio, Caro, and Vivio), also like to look after and take care of some of the other child members of the Pantheon, particularly those who have no-one else and/or have suffered traumatic pasts. Currently, they are looking after Negi Springfield, cheerfully 'mothering' him even as they help him & his Ministrae train; in addition, Nanoha may be getting close to discovering Evangeline's "secret room" and the meanings of it (see Eva's entry for details).
  • Nanoha realized how hurt and fragile Asuka was deep-down, and after Arael's Mind Rape, she approached Asuka, insisting on being her friend. As always, Asuka got scared and tried to push the magical girl away, but Nanoha would not take "no" for an answer and she was so damned persistent the mecha pilot finally relented. When Asuka realized Nanoha knew her real self and wanted sincerely to befriend her despite everything, Asuka cried out. They have been friends since then.
  • Nanoha declares Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, as her enemy after almost making her friend, Yuuno, went mad. She still wants to make him realizes his mistakes and perhaps becoming her friend, though Nanoha wonders how she will do that with someone as fucking insane as Micolash. She doubts her usual tactics would work.

    Speedy Gonzales 
Speedy Gonzales, God of Unexpected Appeal Among His People (The Fastest Mouse in All of Mexico, Queso Bandito)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sombrero
  • Theme Song: Queso Bandito, Pizzarriba
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Super-Speed, Funny Foreigner, Gratuitous Spanish, Nice Guy, Comically Invincible Hero, Resourceful Rodent, Spexico
  • Domains: Mice, Mexicans, Speed
  • Herald: Slowpoke Rodriguez
  • Allies: Daffy Duck (former enemy), Bugs Bunny, Jerry, Fievel Mousekewitz, Zorro, Basil & Dawson, Jose Carioca & Panchito Pistoles, Sonic the Hedgehog, Puss in Boots, Manolo Sanchez, Maria Posada, & Joaquin Mondragon Jr.
  • Rivals: Samurai Pizza Cats (Friendly), Sylvester, Tom
  • Enemies: Chakal, Rottweiler, Ernesto de la Cruz, Ratigan, Katz
  • In his fruitless quests to find to find a tasty snack, Sylvester the Cat has found himself in Mexico terrorizing the mice that live there, but one mouse has proven to be a pain for him every time they’ve met: Speedy Gonzales. Speedy is The Fastest Mouse in Mexico and wastes no time showcasing it to Sylvester, who has been repeatedly countered by a combination of Speedy’s literal quick wits and the Puddy Tat’s own bad luck. There have been a few other adversaries Speedy has gone up against, including Daffy Duck who’s mean-spirited demeanor was much more pronounced when confronted with the mouse back then (though the animosity the Duck had towards Speedy has essentially died down). Speedy is seen as a hero to the mice population of Mexico and even when fighting Daffy, was willing to be nice to him, but when things turn against him, Speedy’s speed and trickery have let him overcome his adversaries for the most part.
  • In a Mexican town somewhere in the Pantheon, a devious group of cat banditos were terrorizing the place, demanding money from the humans and kidnapping any mice that they could find. One mouse wasn’t going to take any of it and followed the cat banditos to their hideout through the use of footprints their horses left behind. Said mouse happened to arrive at the hideout quickly and it was something the cat banditos suspected when what seemed to be wind blowing up their windows while celebrating their raid. When one of the cats was sent to investigate, they ended up falling into a trap and the other cats ended up caught as well until the leader of the cat banditos was left. The mouse introduced himself as Speedy Gonzales and what followed was the leader of the cat banditos trying and failing to add Speedy to the collection of kidnapped mice. It culminated with Speedy tricking the leader into entering an explosives shack while the latter was still reeling from the effects of eating too many ghost peppers, causing an explosion as Speedy freed the mice and the authorities discovered the money in the banditos’ hideout. Speedy was given credit for thwarting the cat banditos and it wasn’t long before he learned about the Pantheon and opted to spend some time there, sometimes at the numerous Mexican locations and other times being with his pre-existing friends that happened to be at the general Pantheon location.
  • Whenever Speedy isn’t thwarting some sort of villain that’s threatening him or his friends, he is something of a resident at Bugs and Daffy’s home through a mousehole present there. Besides being friends with the two, Speedy has operated a pizza joint named Pizzarriba and in addition to being a successful business (after having to help Bugs prevent the restaurant before it was rebranded from going under), Bugs and his friends hang out there on occasion. Speedy has set up a Pizzarriba location in the Pantheon that’s proven successful and many Pantheonic denizens who like pizza sometimes get their food there and some like to visit Pizzariba to have pizza parties there. Even in the field of pizza business, Speedy still managed to have a feline rivalry in the form of the Samurai Pizza Cats, but otherwise it’s much more friendly than the normal rivalry Speedy had with Sylvester.
  • Despite Daffy more or less burying the hatchet with Speedy, Sylvester has still tried and failed to chase the mouse and eat him whenever he feels that trying to catch Tweety is too much trouble for himself (not to say that almost anything the Puddy Tat does causes more problems for himself as is). This cat-and-mouse rivalry led Speedy to another same-species toon rivalry in the form of Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse and Speedy got involved in the middle of a chase the pair was partaking in related to Jerry stealing food from the fridge. When a blur suddenly entered Jerry’s mouse hole carrying some food, Tom was confused and got to work trying to figure out what was going on while Speedy introduced himself to Jerry and promised to help him out if Tom became too much of a problem to confront. During his initial visit to whatever house Tom & Jerry were living in at the time, Speedy learned that Tom & Jerry can get along with each other without trying to fight each other every now and then and while Speedy is a friendly fellow to the point of getting along with Daffy, he hasn’t been able to get a similar sort of friendship going with Sylvester. After Tom was able to get a better idea of what Speedy can do, he decided to try and get rid of both Jerry and Speedy and while Jerry was caught, Speedy was able to outwit Tom and free Jerry from the trap. Since then, Jerry has seen Speedy as a good friend and Speedy is willing to visit again, especially if Tom is up to no good and Sylvester doesn’t have the energy to go after Speedy or his friends.
  • Much like Jerry (even if Jerry has a bit of a mean streak to his rivals at times), Speedy’s resourcefulness and benevolence towards those in trouble have let him find friends with other rodents that share a similar heroic attitude or at the very least, are kind-hearted in general. Whether it’s a mouse from another country such as Russian immigrant Fievel Mousekewitz or those willing to extensively use their brains to solve a problem like Basil & Dawson, Speedy is more than willing to hang out with other rodents who have proven their worth and the others share the same sentiment. There were other rodents who had nefarious ambitions such as Ratigan and while Speedy has mainly dealt with greedy jerks, the thought of someone wanting to rule over an entire species like what Ratigan attempted was something that Speedy doesn’t want to happen, especially at the hands of another rodent. While he doesn’t have that much on his plate to handle compared to other heroes, Speedy doesn’t mind the help of other mice whether it comes to dealing with other bad cats or someone with greater goals in mind (which is going to require more than just speed to take down).
  • Having been used to fending off Sylvester or some other cat, Speedy found it easy (but not without a few bumps in the road) to tackle some malevolent cats that were trying to go after him or his rodent friends either for a snack or for fun. One particularly nefarious feline that’s given Speedy some trouble was Katz, who decided to set up some fake businesses in Mexico while trying to formulate a revenge plot against Courage the Cowardly Dog. It didn’t take long for Speedy to notice something fishy about that business and it led him to a room filled with different kinds of implements and some of Katz’ kidnapped victims. What followed was a bowling competition (that Katz arranged before he would try to kill Speedy) that ended with Speedy tricking Katz into using a bomb for a bowling ball and as Katz crashed into the pins with his fingers stuck in the bomb, Speedy was able to free the victims and Katz’ hideout exploded after everyone except Katz escaped. Katz was annoyed at what transpired, with Speedy calling him both a sour-puss and a sore sport when it comes to playing with others.
  • Speedy is acquainted with the Road Runner due to having raced with him at one point in time, though neither won that competition due to a rocket car driven by Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote, who kept trying and failing to catch both prey that time, zoomed past them. While Speedy hasn’t been able to keep in touch with the Road Runner due to the latter often speeding around at various destinations non-stop alongside deserts, Speedy did learn about other speedsters in the Pantheon and has largely been able to maintain a more steady friendship with them. Much like how Speedy was seen as a hero to the mice of Mexico, there were other speedsters who were seen as a hero by many such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Barry Allen, and Wally West, all of whom had taken on missions far more dangerous than what Speedy had done. Given how Sonic had saved an assortment of woodland creatures from being used to power robots, Speedy is more than willing to take on a similar endeavor if his mice friends end up imperiled by such a thing. Not all speedsters were as friendly as these heroes were and some such as Eobard Thawne were willing to use their powers to cause misery for others. Such application of speed-based powers was something Speedy found unacceptable and Eobard found someone as diminutive as that rodent to not be worth anything other than collateral damage in his quest to make Barry’s life a living hell.
  • Whenever he isn’t dealing with baddies or traveling around with his friends, Speedy has taken the time to get himself acquainted with other denizens from Mexico. Panchito Pistoles became fast friends with The Fastest Mouse in all of Mexico thanks to sharing some personality traits with each other and have even worked together in thwarting baddies (with Sylvester sometimes getting caught in the mix to the amusement of Speedy and Panchito) that threaten Mexico. While Speedy is impartial to doing the Mexican Hat Dance in his spare time, hanging out with Panchito and his Brazilian friend Jose Carioca exposed Speedy to plenty of other musical compositions, culminating in the mouse learning about the Riveras and their history with music. Speedy offered his full support to Miguel and Hector while being disgusted with what Ernesto de la Cruz did to try and become famous and citing him as an example of how not to gain popularity in Mexico or anywhere else, dead or alive.
  • The feared bandito Chakal attacked Speedy’s home one day, prompting the mouse to take action in a risky battle that ended with Chakal retreating and swearing revenge against the mouse. Despite Speedy not having any sort of external item that can grant the immortality that Chakal wants, the bandito noticed that Speedy was more durable and resilient than he appeared, believing that there is something the mouse is hiding that Chakal wants. Not long afterwards, Speedy met up with a trio consisting of Manolo Sanchez, Maria Posada, and Joaquin Mondragon Jr, all of whom fought against Chakal when he attacked their home and the three quickly befriended Speedy, with Joaquin noticing that he can learn from The Fastest Mouse in all of Mexico in becoming a true hero (minus the super speed, obviously). Speedy was fascinated when Manolo told him about his journey through afterlifes governed by Xibalba and La Muerte, a pair of deities who rule over the Land of the Forgotten and Land of the Remembered respectively. They aren’t actually God and Goddess of the Mexican region as Speedy learned, but they probably are the closest thing Mexico has to dedicated divinity. He was amused that Xibalba and La Muerte engage in bets and given how Xibalba has a history of cheating, is Speedy were to end up involved in such a bet, he’d find a way to even if the odds if Xibalba is being underhanded again and La Muerte is noticing said cheating.
  • It wouldn’t be long after Speedy befriended some Mexican citizens (and made enemies out of a few criminals) that he would meet up with some heroic Spaniards who shared a similar larger-than-life attitude Speedy has when confronting adversaries. Zorro has been well-known for helping the less fortunate citizens of his town, something that Speedy took great admiration towards and even saw Zorro as something of a role-model for Spaniard heroes. Zorro himself has inspired a number of entities mimicking his demeanor such as Puss in Boots and while seeing a thoroughly heroic feline was a bit of a surprise to Speedy, he had no issues with it if said cat is willing to follow Zorro’s model. With how destitute certain Spanish areas can be and how some in the Pantheon are willing to try and expand their corrupt influence to such places (to the point of being much more corrupt than what Speedy had to go against), Speedy, Zorro, and Puss are more than willing to use their wits and resources to take down such enemies.
  • One of Sylvester’s attempts at getting rid of Speedy and his mice friends involved imitating the Pied Piper, which unsurprisingly ended in failure. The actual Pied Piper of Hamelin was around in the Pantheon and Speedy was more than aware of how he used music to lure rodents away from town, though the Piper’s true morality has been subject of debate. While Sylvester is little more than a hungry, but ineffectual cat, the Piper was argued to have had an aspect to his character much darker than what the Puddy Tat can do and given how Speedy was able to get along with more than just mice, he has his reasons to be wary of the Piper in case he acts on his darker traits beyond simply getting rid of rodents. If Speedy was able to thwart Sylvester’s attempt at being the Pied Piper, then the mouse shouldn’t have much difficulty going up against the actual Piper (even if said difficulty is increased here) if the latter decides to get rid of certain rodents like Speedy if it means earning money.
  • Having made plenty of friends from Mexico (but not without making a few enemies from that region for understandable reasons), Speedy is more than willing to be a guide for visitors alongside many of his Mexican friends provided said visitors don’t end up being too much of a problem. One unpleasant man who had previously visited Mexico and saw rodents like Speedy as pests was Rottweiler and given how someone like him would be a pain not just for both the Mexican guides and anyone who just wanted to visit, Speedy had no issue making a fool out of Rottweiler and the others agree as well (especially Rottweiler’s nemesis Woody). One of Rottweiler’s visits to Mexico had him cross paths with Speedy’s cousin Slowpoke Rodriguez and when Rottweiler tried to throw Slowpoke out, Rottweiler got shot by Slowpoke’s gun. Woody found this incident hilarious and after hearing from Speedy that Slowpoke hypnotized Sylvester, Woody mentioned that he is looking forward to Slowpoke doing that to Rottweiler, especially if it’s part of an elaborate prank.

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