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This place resembles a slum, with building placement that favors the existence of several dark alleys where the residents hang out. Secret hideouts are abundant, but well-hidden. Thieves use those primarily to store their loot away from other thieves, and thus most of them are booby-trapped (but that doesn't really stop any of them). Other environments can also be found here, such as dark forests and underground caves, which are perfect for ambushing. Several thieves from other Houses can sometimes be spotted here like Rouge the Bat, Zidane Tribal and Ren Amamiya's comrades.


A portion of this House borders a large body of water that connects to other aquatic Houses and is home to a Not-So-Safe Harbor dominated by Pirates. The Straw Hat crew, Gangplank, Davy Jones and Cervantes de León are among the frequent visitors of this location.

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Intermediate Gods

    Edward Teach 
Edward Teach, God of Pirates With Beard Motifs (Blackbeard, Edward Thatch, Marshall D. Teach, Rider, The Pirate All Pirates Fear)
Historical depiction of Blackbeard
Click here  for his Servant incarnation

    Flying Dutchman 
The Flying Dutchman, God of Ghost Pirates
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A green skull symbol with knives as crossbones
  • Theme Song: Flying Dutchman's Grave
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ghost Pirate, Flying Dutchman, Spectral Psychopomp, Peek-a-Bogeyman, Comedic Nightmares, Standard Pirate Attire, Sickly Green Glow, Superpower Lottery, Single Colored Ghosts, Large Ham
  • Domains: Specters, Frights, Deals, Ghosts, Pirates
  • Followers: Foxy the Pirate, Los Dark, Captain Liliana The Black Pirate
  • Allies: Oswald Thorn, Jack O'Lantern, Thaal Sinestro, Spooky, Pitch Black, Death(Regular Show), Freddy Fazbear, Spinal, Beetlejuice, Gengar
  • On speaking terms with: Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Jack Skellington, Danny Fenton
  • Enemies: The Incubators (one-sided), Jack and Maddie Fenton, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Jack Frost, Dark Danny, King Boo, the Ghostbusters
  • Opposes: Massive cheapskates like Mr Krabs, the Reagans and Mr Burns, The Amoeba Boys, Peter Pettigrew, Freddy Krueger
  • Opposed by: Squidward Tentacles, Isabela of Rivain
  • Fears: Void of the Godhand, Beerus
  • Under the sea in Bikini Bottom lies a strange specter known as the Flying Dutchman. A Ghost Pirate, it is said that his corpse was used as a mannequin in a clothing store window, and as such he is never at rest. Time and time again he haunts and frightens the people of Bikini Bottom. That being said, when Spongebob and Patrick get involved his frights can the rails.
  • Has a varying relationship with Spongebob and Patrick. While he can end up being an enemy with them like in "Shanghaied" where they were incompetent forced shipmates, they've also helped out when Spongebob brought his groove back. This has been unfortunate for Squidward who's still scared silly of him.
  • While scary and somewhat malevolent, he more enjoys scaring and frightening people over killing them, even if he can be a real jerk about it. He gets along pretty well with Oswald Thorn and Jack O'Lantern, and try their best to spook and scare. He likes the idea of having a Sinestro Corps ring, however Sinestro has told him he has to try better and being scary if he's to have a shot at getting one. He does try his best.
  • Particularly skilled at making fancy rope knots, however he hasn't worn shoes for over 5000 years and as such can't help with shoelaces. Instead he uses his lucky sock, which he values deeply and will grant wishes for it. Just be careful because he gets a wish too.
  • Appreciates those skilled in bringing frights as a job, such as Pitch Black and Jack Skellington. With the former he's troubled Jack Frost on a number of occasions. However he isn't fond of those bad at it; the Amoeba Boys wanted to work for him, but were terrible at it. Also while he's impressed by Freddy Krueger's skills at fear, he opposes his murdering.
  • A good friend of Davy Jones, a fellow undead pirate who doubles as a Psychopomp. The Dutchman helps maintain his locker where he stuffs bad souls after their death. Also works well with Spinal, who's helped to maintain his ship. Less so with Isabela of Rivain, who he hit on to her displeasure and in spite of his wedding ring.
  • Is terrified of the Godhand member Void, as it reminds him of when Spongebob shaved himself. He became even more scared learning about Void and Berserk as whole, stating that "there's a difference between "scary" and SCARY". Beerus frightens him as well due to learning he could destroy ghosts.
  • He does deals with people's souls, though with the Incubators he's gotten less income much to his discontent(not that they notice him). Sometimes he competes with Death from Regular Show in a friendly competition, occasionally drinking when they get cheated out. However those who are cheapskates in deals upsets him, like when Mr Krabs gave up Spongebob for 62 seconds. Eliza and Neal Reagen were even more intolerable, and Mr Burns even more cheap. Plus with Krabs there are way too many people to claim his soul already. Peter Pettigrew really repulses him due to selling out his friends to save him own skin.
  • Has good camaraderie to his fellow ghosts. He loves to work with Spooky, and can sympathize with her desire to be taken seriously. He's seen joining in with Gengar's pranks. However there are some ghosts that give him the creeps. While initially liking King Boo, learning of his omnicidal mania led him to declare the Boo insane. Like most ghosts he thinks Dark Danny is horrifying, and will briefly team-up with Danny Fenton to stop him.
  • Though not strictly a ghost, him and Freddy Fazbear seem to get along. This might be in part being reminiscent of Foxy the Pirate.
  • As with all ghosts, he opposes the Ghostbusters. Was rather concerned to learn Jack and Maddie Fenton had arrived to help them out even more.

    Ren Amamiya 
Ren Amamiya, God of Phantom Thieves (Akira Kurusu, Joker, The Trickster, The Phantom, Leader of the Phantom Thieves, Super Demon Lord, Potter, Mamma Mia!, Chair-kun, Chairtagonist, Yosh-kun, Glasses-kun, Nasty Crimeboy, RenRen)
Click here to see Joker 
  • Opposes YHVH as He is an ultimate example of corrupt authority figures, as well as being the SMT version of Yaldabaoth.
  • Lucifer offered him a position in the Grand United Alliance of Chaos due to his Ultimate Persona being a counterpart of Lucifer, as well as shooting Yaldabaoth in the face. Ren has refused and despite Lucifer's amiability, he remains incredibly uneasy around him. As Ren puts it, he views Lucifer as frightfully reminiscent of Akechi of all people, due to the large damage done by their chaotic ambitions, though Lucifer is more driven to his ideals while Akechi was driven by his vendetta.
    • However even then, he has noted how Lucifer's attitude toward YHVH reminds him of Akechi's attitude toward his father, Shido. Their absolute rebellion fueled by anger and resentment at their father-figures with little care about who gets in the way or who they hurt, with said father-figures obsessed with absolute control, order and being adored.
    • Lastly, Lucifer inviting someone as unhinged as Senator Armstrong into the GUAC was the bit of proof Ren needed so he and the Thieves keep their distance from Lucifer. Ren has been seen talking more with Cosmos with Igor's encouragement, making it likely he will join the forces of good officially.
  • He was pretty sure that after his quest to defeat Yaldabaoth, the Mementos would have disappeared. To his surprise, the Mementos have returned in the Pantheon. While stunned at first, Ren eventually settles with the fact that there will be more work to be done, lots of corrupt Gods in the Pantheon that he will have to steal their hearts too.
    • And given that his team acquired their Personas by entering the Metaverse, there have been some people asking if they can serve as an alternate Persona-unlocking service for those who can't get theirs via the Midnight Channel. Ren's considering the offer, but given that it means targeting Palaces whose Shadows serve as catalysts for the 'client', and then no longer need to continue (but still can if they want to) after their 'client' has their Persona (unless they wish to), it can disrupt their heists. Of course, the catalyst can always be found in Mementos, but still. He's begun talking with Yu about getting this to work.
    • Unfortunately, it turns out Personas are far more limited for deities who don't come from the worlds under Philemon, Igor, and Nyarlathotep's watch, so Ren has decided to scrap that project. Still, the Metaverse remains useful in the Pantheon for changing hearts (even if only slightly), getting cash from Shadows, and fast travel (unique to the Pantheon's Mementos.
  • He gets really annoyed with Morgana constantly telling him that he should go to bed early. Sometimes, if he agrees, he'll sleep all right. Otherwise, he either calls in a massage service, or 'button mashes' on Morgana's head.
  • Because of similarities in regards to appearance, Ren has been compared to Harry Potter. Harry himself had to admit that was true in regards to his civilian form, but does have his misgivings in regards to the Phantom Thieves' methods. At the same time, he is incredibly empathetic given how Harry would endure similar false trials in his later years and given he even had to use the Imperius Curse, has eased up on Ren.
  • When Peter Burke heard of the capers of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and learned of the their background, he felt a sense of shame, sympathy and sadness for them. After all, the rotten authority figures they've had to go against are very much like some of the criminals his White Collar Division is meant to apprehend. As for working alongside him… well, he's worked with good-aligned criminals before, so there's some hope there.
    • Ren in turn respects Peter for everything he does and tells him not to blame himself. Ren has also admitted that the Japanese judicial system has its many shortcomings that Burke would've had more difficulty there. He has also led the Thieves in working with Burke in investigations, with heart changes being last resort.
  • When The Joker found out that Ren shares his name, he thought it was an attempt to replace him as Batman's rival. The Joker, being himself, immediately wanted to eliminate Ren to have no more competition for his rival. Even when he learned that it wasn't, he already felt that killing him would be fun either way.
  • He's a very charming and attractive young man, but he is still a gentleman. He saw what would happen were he to break the hearts of young ladies; it ain't pretty, especially on Valentine's Day.
  • He had to clear up multiple times that his name is NOT Akira Kurusu. Many were confused by this change but decided to roll with it, as this isn't the first time a sudden name change happened.
  • Occasionally he and his team like dressing up in different costumes. Flynn, Raidou Kuzunoha, Makoto Yuki, Yu Narukami, Tatsuya Suou, Vincent, and others have expressed surprise or amusement at seeing this.
  • Decided to give rapping a try, and chose to parody the Pokérap.
  • He and the other Phantom Thieves were encountered by Android 17, a Former Teen Rebel as both android and human who scoffed at Yaldabaoth's reasoning. 17 offered the Thieves his support as long as they don't steal any animals. After looking into 17's story, they joined the chorus of people who despise Dr. Gero, calling him the prime example of a corrupt adult.
    • 17 and Ren later discussed the matter of the recently-ascended Android 21 and her Horror Hunger side, with Amamiya wondering if it's possible to deal with 21's evil personality through the Metaverse similarly to people's Shadows.
  • The God-Emperor of Mankind considers Ren to be a champion of humanity for proving that humans will fight to be free and live for more than the sustenance of a decrepit system.
  • He once met a man at the House of Weapons' gun range who Dresses a lot like himself. He soon learned his name was Adam Taurus. However, once the two began talking, they learned that, fashion sense aside, they were nothing alike. He was especially appalled by Taurus's extremism and desire to rule over and subjugate the human race. It brings back memories of when he was offered the exact same thing. He has since gathered his allies in the phantom thieves in the hope to change his heart, be it via Mementos or a full-blown Palace. Now, whenever the two cross paths, bystanders and spectators are likely to view the most savage Death Glare in all of the Pantheon.
    • As of recently, he has allied himself with one of Taurus's enemies by the name of Qrow Branwen. Initially, Branwen was a supporter of Akechi, believing him to be doing the right thing. Ren made sure to change all that by opening his eyes to Akechi’s true nature. This, in turn, allowed Qrow to switch sides, and the pair have shared a mutual support of one another ever since.
  • Abigail is said to sound like him, which alarmed the thief since he wouldn't want to be confused for a hulking brute.
  • Is not allowed in Haunted House-style attractions due to his tendency to sneak up on his to-be-scarers thanks to his experiences in Palaces. Ryuji has had to stop him far too many times as a result.
  • Joker and only him got one hell of an invitation to one hell of an event.

    Sly Cooper 
Sly Cooper, God of Rascally Raccoons and Gentleman Thieves (Ringtail)

Lesser Gods

Balthier, God of Sky Piracy (The Leading Man)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His gun
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sky Pirate, Gentleman Thief, Younger Than They Look, Looking Like David Bowie, Serving as the Ivalice Counterpart of Han Solo, Thinking of Himself as the Leading Man, Dark and Troubled Past
  • Dormain: Theft, Adventure, Piracy.
  • Followers: The Blue Rogues.
  • Allies: Ashe, Robin Hood, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake, Tron, Jareth, Crash Bandicoot.
  • Herald: Fran
  • Unlikely Ally: Guzma
  • Rivals: Tron Bonne, Birdie.
  • Enemies: Cid, Dr. Nefarious, Courtney Gears, Carmelita Fox, Queen Chrysalis, Neo Cortex, Prince Hans, Team Rainbow Rocket (Giovanni, Cyrus, Ghetsis, Lysandre).
  • Opposes: Mad Scientist gods in the Pantheon.
  • Expy of: Han Solo
  • Rumor has it that Balthier may have broken-ties with a mad scientist. So far, Interpol has spoken with every one of them on the Pantheon, and none of them have even heard of him.
  • His first encounter with Shanoa was bit hard on her part, as Balthier reminds her of a person she knows called Albus in appearance, causing Shanoa to go trough multiple emotions raging from anger and sadness. Eventually the two of them were able to get over it.
  • Being a living legend on the pantheon, Balthier is one of the few gods who can actually get Sly Cooper and Nathan Drake to get along in his presence, if only temporary.
  • His hatred of mad scientists has gotten Balthier a Hate at First Sight towards Courtney Gears because of her alliance with one, as well as testing a biobliterator laser on a live subject after kidnapping him. In fact, he overheard her goal to work with Clu in the hopes of taking control of all the robot and program gods, and has sent a message to Tron to pre-warn him.
  • Because of his amazing resemblance to the late singer, a lot of deities and visitors have mistaken Balthier for one of the many Alter Egos of David Bowie.
  • Balthier has bonded with Crash Bandicoot over their mutual dislike of mad scientists.
  • He absolutely despises parents who've become obsessed with research to the point of insanity and child neglect, given he was a victim of one himself.
  • Mainly tried to stay on the sidelines during "Project: Alternate Gentaro", but then overheard of Jareth's alliance with Mickey Mouse. Balthier helped kidnap a corrupted Riku to free him, and later helped capture Eric Draven before teaming up with "The Shield" to restore the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, which ended with the death of Queen Chrysalis.
  • Balthier is on negative terms with Prince Hans on account of him constantly trying to marry into a royal family and then commit regicide to become a king. Ashe was one of the candidates, after all. It is the Leading Man's job to protect unmarried queens from princes with a negative history.
  • He's definitely not pleased with Giovanni using the Ultra Beasts to recruit villains who succeeded in their various plots of rebooting the universe (Cyrus), unopposed dictatorship (Ghetsis), or just destroying their world altogether (Lysandre), and try to use them to replicate their success elsewhere. As Balthier would put it, "dangerous things will happen without a leading man".
    • He's oddly enough, on neutral terms with Guzma. Both oppose Team Rainbow Rocket, and are very appalled by Lysandre trying to use the Ultimate Weapon in other worlds. On the other hand, Balthier isn't willing to lend his support to Lusamine, whom Guzma idolizes, given she reminds him too much about his own father.

    Black Manta 
Black Manta, God of Ruthless Modern Pirates (David)

Cassim, The Deified King of Thieves

    Felicia Hardy/Black Cat 
Felicia Hardy, Goddess of Classy Cat Burglars (Felicia, Kitten, Black Cat, Party Hardy, Queen of Crime, Queepin.)

    Isabela of Rivain 
Isabela of Rivain, Divine Saint Of Sexy Pirates (Naishe - her birth name, Queen of the Eastern Seas, The Sharpest Blade in Llomerryn)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Dual Daggers, Backstabber and Heartbreaker
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Captain Of The Siren's Call And A Skilled Duelist, Rivaini In Origin, Attracted And Has Slept With Men And Women, The Casanova, Clingy Jealous Girl, Dark and Troubled Past, Four-Star Badass, Dual Wielding, Double Entendre/Innocent Innuendo/Un-Entendre, Hidden Depths, The Hedonist/Ethical Slut, Despises Slavery, It's All About Me, Knife Nut, Ms. Vice Gal
  • Domains: Piracy, Duels, Daggers and Knives, Vice
  • Followers: The Crew Of the Siren's Call
  • Allies:
  • Opposed By: Sonya Blade and Cassie Cage (due to Isabela's interest in Johnny), Liu Kang (due to Isabela's interest in Kitana), Geralt of Rivia (due to Isabela's interest in Triss and Yennefer), Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga (due to Isabela's interest in the both of them)
  • Mistaken For: Monet St. Croix
  • Enemies: The Phantom, and any evil pirate deities and those who support slavery and rape in the Pantheon, SCP-169
  • The rebuilt Siren's Call made port on the Pantheon's docks. Emerging from the ship, in her signature white tunic with the blue sash around her waist, and leather boots, blue bandanna holding her hair back, is the alluring - and (in)famous - Rivaini pirate captain, Isabela. The self-proclaimed Queen of the Eastern Seas has come to the Pantheon...legally, as she had accepted the ascension.
  • Hawke, Varric and Merrill were present on the docks to greet their ally and to congratulate her on her ascension. On her first night in the Pantheon, they had taken Isabela to a bar. Thankfully, violence did not ensue...this time around.
  • Has a rather colorful history with the Warden and his crew. Depending on the records, she was involved in a threesome with both the Warden and either Alistair, Zevren or Leliana or even with both of the latter. No one would dare clear up the misunderstanding, though Leliana admitted that she did indeed sing like a nightingale when it happened. She is still thinking of ways to get Morrigan on the fun, but the witch has been stubborn.
  • Isabela has quite the past on her. Her real name was Naishe. The name 'Isabela' came from the first pirate captain she had served under, as she was his 'little beauty.' It would become her alias.
  • She has a severe dislike of slavery. As she herself was one when she was younger, due to her Viddethari-born mother selling her when she refused to convert. The man who her mother sold her to was her husband, who saw her as his 'plaything.' It also didn't help matters that he would have Isabela 'entertain' some of his associates. It was also the reason why Isabela allowed him to be assassinated.
  • Despite her stance against slavery and rape, she is still a pirate. The Phantom despises pirates with a passion and he can add Isabela to the list. Despite the fact that one of the past Phantoms had married a pirate in the past, the current one hates then all the same.
  • Isabela finds herself on the radar of Oberyn Martell following her soundly thrashing his three heralds/daughters, the Sand Snakes (Obara, Nymeria and Tyene) in a three-on-one fight. Oberyn himself had witnessed the fight, Isabela reminding the Dornish deity of Sarella's mother, who was also the captain of her own ship. The fact that she is bisexual and hangs around the House of Lust's brothels is the icing on the cake. Not since coming to the Pantheon has a woman captured his interest....or his loins. So much so that he vows to take Isabela to his bed.
  • Of course, this is before his sister-in-law can beat him to it, as Daenerys Stormborn is also bisexual. Now the Red Viper and the Mother of Dragons are in competition to see who can seduce Isabela first. They have their work cut out for them.
  • Isabela has heard of Oberyn and his sister-in-law's intentions to bed her. She has seen the both of them and welcomes the challenge.
  • Isabela has also drawn the unwanted attention of Sonya Blade and Cassandra Cage in regards to Johnny Cage. Isabela thinks that Johnny is hot, much to the ire of his daughter and ex-wife. "I can see why your daughter is against my intentions," Isabela had said to Sonya, her tone smug, "but why do you care? He is your husband no longer. Unless you still carry some feelings for him." But Sonya and Cassie are not the only ones who oppose Isabela due to her roving eye.
  • As she is bisexual, she can be seen at the House of Lust's brothels. And given that she is a pirate, she can be seen at one of the House of Crime's many bars, getting into fights when she's not drinking.
  • Isabela is known as 'the sharpest blade in Llomerryn,' something that she takes great pride in. She is a master duelist, her weapons of choice are her daggers, appropriately named Backstabber (in her right hand) and Heartbreaker (in her left hand). Hawke, Varric and Merrill can attest to her skills with the blade.
  • Isabela has a friendly rivalry with Captain Jack Sparrow. This is after they tried to steal the other's loot and the ensuing swordfight ended in a draw. Jack is one of the few pirates that Isabela truly respects.
  • Johnny Sfondi and his first mate, May, are two more whom Isabela is on good terms with, despite Johnny being a notorious womanizer and Isabela's tendency of screwing Anything That Moves.

    Kasumi Goto 
Kasumi Goto, The Master Thief Of The Pantheon (The Master Thief, 'Little Bird', The Best Thief In The Galaxy)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Hood and Kenji Okuda's Greybox
  • Theme Song: Her theme From Mass Effect 2
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Good leanings, Chaotic Good under Shepard
  • Portfolio: Anti-Heroine, The Caper, Covert Pervert, Dark Is Not Evil, Deadpan Snarker, Face Framed in Shadow, Friend to All Children, Genki Girl, Highly Visible Ninja, Not in This for Your Revolution, Perky Goth, Phantom Thief, Recruiting the Criminal, The Sneaky Gal/Stealth Expert, Spy Catsuit
  • Domains: Thieves, Hackers, Lost Loves
  • High Priestess: Max Guevara
  • Has A Crush On: Jacob Taylor
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Domino
  • Opposed By: The House of Royalty and The House of Justice
  • Banned From: The House of Treasures and The House of Commerce
  • Enemies: The Illusive Man, Harbinger, Inspector Javert
  • Kasumi Goto did not ascend to the Pantheon by normal means. She was already present when the Normandy was placed in the House of Treasures, hiding inside the ship, making plans to rob the House of Treasures blind (and to steal the Normandy as a bonus). However, the Main House was already privy to her presence, as was Commander Shepard, who was tasked with notifying Kasumi of her ascension. The House of Treasures, however, is considered off-limits, as is the House of Commerce.
  • She is known as "the best thief in the galaxy," a title that the deified members of the Normandy can attest to. Kasumi sees that stealing and indulging in her vices are in her own words, 'fun.'
  • The House of Justice (especially Inspector Javert) has her on their Most Wanted Top Ten, due to her exploits back when she was mortal, though she still counts Garrus Vakarian as an ally due to their mutual friendship with Shepard. The House of Royalty also don't think highly of her due to Kasumi attempting to steal their wealth. So much so that the House of Royalty has appealed to Snow White to ask for her husband's aid in keeping Kasumi away.
  • For the record, she is not to be confused with the Goddess of Kunoichi who share the same name as her.
  • Unlike Carmen Sandiego, Kasumi prefers to keep a low profile.
    Kasumi: I'm the best thief in the business, not the most famous. Need to watch my step to keep it that way
  • Her temple is a recreation of Anderson's apartment, in which Shepard had hosted a party for the crew of the Normandy in the past. Her taste for decorations can be left for debate, as some of it were from past heists.
  • She's also something of a Covert Pervert, as she was seen rifling through Shepard's underwear drawer at his/her party. Jiraiya has been seen in her presence, asking to borrow her cloaking device to use for his 'research.' Kasumi refused.
  • At odds with Naruto Uzumaki over which is the better-tasting ramen. Naruto claims that Ichiraku makes the best ramen, while Kasumi says that her grandmother made the best ramen. She does, however, express regret over not stealing Grandma's ramen recipe when she had the chance.
  • Kasumi has been recruited into the GUAG. Normally, she wouldn't had accepted the offer, but she only agreed due to her unusual friendship with Commander Shepard.
  • Quan Chi had tried to retain her services in an attempt to oncd again steal Shinnok's amulet. Kasumi refused. So he had Kano steal it instead.
  • Kasumi is wise enough to steer clear of Smaug. She may be the best thief in the galaxy, but even she knows her limits. That, and the Normandy's medical bay can't fix third and fourth-degree burns.
  • Kasumi was bummed out upon finding that Jacob Taylor hasn't ascended to the Pantheon. Shepard knows of Kasumi's crush on Jacob, but whether or not his/her subordinate is into "Japanese girls with a penchant for kleptomania" is unclear.
  • Kasumi finds Gambit 'interesting.' Both are master thieves, and considered to be the best in their field, and there is a degree of mutual respect for the other. Of course, this would eventually lead to the two to try and outdo the other.
  • Snuck into Iron Man's temple and stole his Mark V Suit, just to prove that she was the best. While Tony was annoyed, he was impressed, and offered her a job with the Avengers. Kasumi refused, stating that she was aligned with Commander Shepard. She did, however, returned Stark's Mark V suit, but only when Shepard asked her to.
  • Struck up a friendship with Aang and Katara after discovering they were her ancestors in a different universe. Afterwards, Aang has begun trying to teach her airbending to get another airbender in the Pantheon (besides Zaheer). Kasumi in turn has been trying to teach Aang stealth, and sometimes spies on their dates, since she thinks they're cute together.

Locus, God of Intergalactic Pirates (Monster, Samuel Ortez)

    Seth Briars 
Seth Briars, God of Grave Robbing (Seth of the Dead)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Shovel
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Depraved Bisexual, Fond of the Dead, The Pig Pen, Reverse Mole
  • Domains: Treasure Hunting, Thieves, Insanity, Dead People
  • Allies: John Marston, Nigel West Dickens, Gollum/Smeagol
  • Rivals: Other Treasure Hunters, Mr. Krabs
  • Enemies: Fred C. Dobbs
  • Odd Friendship: The House of Undead
  • Dislikes: Women
  • The tale of Seth Briars is one of how ambition can ruin a person in both mind and body. In the past he used to be a respectable businessman with a wife and kids of his own until he learned of the existence of a Treasure that would make him reach. He was obsessed with finding it and he slowly lost his mind while searching for it, to the point that he willingly abandoned his family and business to find it. His descent into madness was so drastic that he was reduced to robbing graves for clues to the whereabouts of the fabled treasure. That's when he run into John Marston, who seeked his aid in hopes of exacting revenge on an old friend of his but he was forced into helping Seth find his treasure before he would even consider helping him. Eventually John and Seth managed to find the desired treasure Seth has been looking for so long and it turned out to be just a glass eye.
  • He was first found digging graves in Halloween Town and the residents weren't too happy of what he was doing. Eventually he was kicked out but saw that both John Marston and Nigel West Dickens where present and managed to convince them to talk to the Court of Gods so he could stay. Given his tendency to frequent graveyards, he was eventually elected to be the Deity of Grave Robbers.
  • He is obsessed with treasures and that's more or less the reason of why he is insane. He has many times tried to enter the Treasure Vault and failed because the security is too tight. There is also the fact that now he faces a lot of competition by more competent treasure hunters who don't even consider him as a worthwhile rival.
  • Though his title may say otherwise, there aren't any graveyards in the pantheon given how nobody really stays dead, so he hardly has anything meaningful to do and the Court denied his petition to have a gravesite in his temple. The best he can do ever since he got kicked out of Halloween Town is visit the House of Undead.
    • He also heard of valuable goodies being hidden in The Ancestor's old estate and so he directly headed towards it in hopes of finding something. The only thing he encountered was other adventurers and many aggresive monsters, so Seth just left when he couldn't really handle the situation.
  • His decrepit appearance has been a blessing and a curse. He tends to be confused for a zombie and so those who come from a Zombie Apocalypse tend to shoot him in response but that also has the benefit of the undead thinking of him as one of their own and not attacking him. That's why he likes to wander to the Undead house and play cards with the resident deities.
  • A bit of an anti-social if you couldn't tell, he heavily dislikes people and would rather not deal with them- He has shown more affection towards dead people though it has been mostly platonic thankfully, he may look the part but he is not depraved enough to engage on necrophilia. The pantheon doesn't really have dead people so the best interactions Seth has gotten have been with the more nicer undead deities, who just feel sorry for him and his frail state of mind.
    • He also seems to dislike women, though oddly enough not for mysogenistic reasons. He seems to have been heavily traumatized by his mother's death and so his disdain for women comes from the fact that he hates how they are able to die. And it's not that he never had luck with women anyway, he used to be married before the whole treasure hunting got into his head.
  • He rarely partners with anyone ever since he was betrayed by his partner Moses and the only ones that he really trusts are Marston and Nigel West Dickens. He especially hates Fred C. Dobbs whose greed made him betray his partners not unlike what Moses did to him.
  • He suffers from some Split Personality and that's why he gets along somewhat with Smeagol/Gollum. Their background are similar as well, being people who obsessed over something that eventually deteriorated them into insanity and seclusion. While Seth never actually found his treasure, Smeagol kept the one ring with him until Bilbo Baggins took it from him.
  • Seth has unknowingly stole a mask that beheld a curse that would raise the undead and the whereabouts of the mask remain unknown to this day. Many fear that the plague from that universe Seth belongs to could return but rest assured the Pantheon authorities have confirmed that he has no mask under his possession.
  • While the tale concerning Seth's treasure was All for Nothing, he indeed had a happy ending anyway. He later found a sack of jewels and other goods in an unknown location in 1914 and returned to his family to reopen his business. Whether or not he regained his sanity is unknown but at least he found what he wanted all that time.


Ancestor: "Elusive, evasive, persistent... Righteous traits for a rogue."

The Highwayman, The Divine Road Robbers (Dismas)
  • Superior: The Ancestor
  • Allies: Flaggelant, The Hunter
  • Enemies: The Crimson Court, The Hag, The Sleeper, Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Basco to Jolokia, Handsome Jack, Black Hand, the Batter, Dr. Hax
  • Pities: Kyouko Sakura
  • Once a bandit that robs from wagon on the old road until a reflex on one pillage killed a woman and child, he went a quest for redemption in the Darkest Dungeon.
    • He is, once again, hired by the Ancestor in taking jobs from the dangers such as the Crimson Court and the Hag.
  • He care little about Robin Hood's famed accomplishments, despite both of them being known for robbing people in the old road (even if Robin Hood is too old to exist before the Highwayman fad). That said, he agrees that he has stopped his banditry ways years ago.
  • He meets the Hunter in an expedition once. Given that they tend to favor a similar choices in weaponry and are pretty used to fighting off monsters and walking away with adverse effects on the mind, they'd make a good ally.
  • It is believed that he is carrying around Dismas's severed head around the Pantheon, much to the discomfort of the other gods.
  • Despite being a ruthless killer, he would never harm a woman or child as it was his accidental murder that sent him on a quest for redemption. Even worse is that it is believed that said woman and child were his own wife and child.
    • He detests Pennywise and Freddy Krueger for hunting children. Even though they are more powerful than he could muster but he has faced monsters and demons, so it wouldn't stop him from trying to kill them.
    • Regardless of whether or not he really did kill his family by accident, he is shown to be very intolerant of family murdering. He found Black Hand to be horrible for murdering his entire family as a ritual for his initiation to the Black Lantern, found him to be no different than the cultists that worships the monsters in the Darkest Dungeon.
    • His situation with the Batter became complicated with his method of killing. The Batter wishes to purify the world but he was willing to do it to everyone especially the Queen (his wife) and Hugo (his child). The Highwayman alway has his guns ready whenever the Batter is close.
    • Despite his harsh personality, he's shown sympathy to Kyoko Sakura as her family was murdered by her father because of his madness over Sakura's wish of him getting more attention in church. While not much of a church-goer and have committed more sin than one can imagine, he'd pray whatever god there is that she get better.
    • He heard that both Kratos and Hercules killed their family as the result of trickery by the gods. He knows better not to do something about it because they would easily overpower him and also do not blame them as they never would have killed them had the gods not screwed with their lives, something that he could relate to.
  • Handsome Jack found him to be yet another worthless bandit, which offends him as he stopped being a bandit for a long time. Not to mention, Jack's pettiness earned him scorn by the former bandit.
  • He is not seen in the bar gambling as his reputation for cheating is widely known throughout the Pantheon. He has always been on a low ground due to being relentless pursued by Dr. Hax.
  • He has a habit of making jokes in the face of danger while camping since there are much worse ways to go. Some do not appreciate this humor and make things worse.

Murkrow, The God of Deified Corvid Thieves (Darkness Pokémon)
  • Demideities (majority), Lesser God (Alpha), Intermediate Deities (as a flock)
  • Symbol: A nest filled with stolen trinkets and items
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: 1 Alpha Male, 2 Males, 3 Females
  • Ability: Prankster (Alpha), Insomnia (One Male/Female), Super Luck (One Male/Two Females)
  • Moves: Foul Play, Thief, Tailwind, Wing Attack (Alpha only); Thief, Taunt, Wing Attack, Torment (rest)
  • Portfolio: Creepy Crows, Thieving Magpie, Feathered Fiend (to those they steal from), Enjoy Nighttime, Nice Witch Hat-shaped Feathers, Combat Pragmatist
  • Domains: Birds, Darkness, Thievery
  • Allies: The House of Crime (and even then Murkrow are willing to steal from them as well), Esmeralda Weatherwax & Gytha Ogg, Tweety
  • Enemies: Everyone else with emphasis on the Houses of Commerce, Royalty, and Justice and all Electric, Ice and Fairy deities, Sylvester, The Crow, The Grand Duke of Owls, Clockwerk, The Farmer, Two-Face
  • Additional Relationship: Medivh
  • Fears: Greebo, Fiddlesticks, Eric Draven
  • It all began innocently enough. Several deities reported some of their everyday objects missing, followed by missing ingredients and snacks from the House of Food. Suddenly, the House of Royalty raised alarm that several members' jewelry were pilfered. The House of Justice went into overtime searching and questioning the most likely suspects in the House of Crime and Villains. It was then that the Machine noticed a rather unusual dead tree located within the alleys of the House of Crime that wasn't there before and sent word to nearby police deities to inspect. When they did, they not only discovered the stolen trinkets, foodstuffs and jewels within the tree but also the arrival of 6 strange and angry corvids. The largest of these birds attacked and initially drove off the investigators only for Ash Ketchum (who recognized them to be a murder of Murkrow) to show up and have Pikachu blast them with Thunderbolt while the leader was distracted. The birds were caged and the stolen loot returned. Before the six Murkrow could be removed, Marisa Kirisame vouched for them and liked their moxie. Seeing as they were already in the Pantheon somehow, the Murkrow were given to Marisa as partners. Reimu and the rest of the deities from Gensokyo immediately sensed a feeling of dread.
  • The Murkrow are a flock of six with three males and females respectively with the largest male acting as the leader. For some reason, this "Alpha" Murkrow has the unusual Prankster ability that is not seen among regular wild Murkrow, whch only asks more questions as to how this particular Pokemon gained the ability.
    • The Alpha has proven itself to be the murder's leader due to having not just the Prankster ability but also Foul Play as its signature move. That means the stronger the target that tries to go after them, the more damaging the blow. This proves problematic when the flock head to the Combat Dojo, Power Dome or any House with particularly strong deities as its Foul Play becomes stronger there.
  • These birds love shiny objects or anything that would look valuable and snatch them from unsuspecting victims, with their favorite target being the Houses of Commerce and Royalty. Several deities from these and other Houses now have to be careful where they leave things and even have updated security measures with their inclusion in the Pantheon. However, even they are not stupid to steal from the Kecleon Brothers.
  • Their homebase and "temple" is the dead tree in the House of Crime. When the murder is sleeping, two particular Murkrow are always left standing guard since they have the Insomnia ability. If any intruder catches their line of sight, they immediately caw the alarm which puts the entire flock to attack.
  • The birds steal from everyone, including the very House they are a part of. However, instead of killing them, several enterprising crime deities have set up a "barter system" with the Murkrow. They exchange whatever items the birds have stolen with random other shiny objects and trash that catch the flock's eyes. With this system in place, Moriarty and other crime leaders are quick to keep whatever valuable things the Murkrow have snatched for their own purposes.
  • Some deities were incensed over the recent Murkrow thefts as even they were also able to evade the ever-present surveillance of the Machine. That was when word reached Medivh and he chose to infiltrate the group as one of his well-known morphs was of a crow. After finding information on the Pokemon in the House of Knowledge, he transformed into a Murkrow and infiltrated the group. The Alpha, however, could tell this "newcomer" was not normal but allowed it to join the flock. Medivh was able to communicate with his allies on the murder's movement and make sure their targets are safely stored away before they could be stolen. This made the lesser Murkrow upset but the Alpha quickly suspected the newcomer is at fault but kept his suspicions to himself.
    • The few times the flock is able to freely pilfer are when Medivh gets called away to battle, which gives the Alpha enough time to launch thieving raids and hide the valuables from the "new bird" to later trade off.
  • As they are modeled after classic witches, the flock is quite amicable towards Granny Weatherwax, who sees the birds as stylish and mischeivous. In return, the Alpha forbade any of the others from stealing from her.
    • Nanny Ogg, however, is not one the flock is glad to be around, especially when Greebo is nearby. Even though the Alpha has his Foul Play which can practically triumph over the evil cat, he really doesn't want to risk it if it fails. Hence, they stay as far away from her as possible when they visit Granny Weatherwax.
  • As they are birds, Sylvester always goes after them to catch as a meal. The flock was able to defeat him the first time with a synchronized Wing Attack flurry, but the feline won't give up on catching them. Their alliance with Tweety is merely one of convenience as they both hate Sylvester.
  • As they are solitary birds, they don't like to hang with other evil birds who they consider as rivals. Once they met the being simply known as The Crow. Just as with Medivh, the Alpha was not fooled for a second as he could tell she was not a normal bird. The Crow attempted to get under the Alpha's feathers with insults over its so-called leadership, but the Murkrow leader knew for a fact she's practically weakened with the lack of Manifestation Energy and rubbed that in her beak along with the embarassing way she was killed. This infuriated her and she proclaimed that if she ever regained her full powers, the Pokemon World would be first on her list to destroy. The flock merely cackled and jeered as they flew away.
    • The Grand Duke of Owls is a particularly sore thorn on the side of the Alpha as both of them tend to fight to establish who is the stronger bird of the night. So far the Alpha Murkrow has managed to eke out victories over the Duke by using Foul Play when the dark owl attempts to use its magic smoke and double the damage. Even so, the Duke will not give up until the flock is gone from the Pantheon.
    • Clockwerk, on the other hand makes the flock green with envy not only for his greater prowess at thievery but also because of his immortality. (That and being a "steel" type makes attacking him useless).
  • As crow-based Pokemon, the flock's favorite food is fresh corn. They frequently target the Farmer's temple to raid his cornfields, which caused no end of grief to the cultivator. Even putting up a scarecrow did little to dissuade the Murkrow from robbing his crops. The Murkrow's carefree days of stealing from the Farmer came to an abrupt end when they attacked one day and saw a new scarecrow they have never seen beforein the middle of the field. The Alpha, accustomed to perching on the scarecrow's head, received the shock of his life as he realized the scarecrow was none other than Fiddlesticks who immediately sent out his own murder of crows to attack. Both the normal and Pokemon crows immediately fought against each other in equal terms but found themselves at a disadvantage when the scarecrow fought alongside them and the Alpha immediately used Tailwind to raise the flock's speed and ordered them to retreat. Since then, they tread carefully when they approach the cornfields.
  • Another being that scares the feathers off the entire flock, the Alpha included, is Eric Draven. They see the crow familiar that hang around him as equally unnatural as Medivh and The Crow, but has a strong aura of power unlike the former. The Alpha may bluster to keep up appearances that he could best Eric's crow in a fight and he's actually right as the bird itself is a weak target, but doesn't want to risk facing Eric's wrath.

    Omar Little 
Omar Little, God of Karmic Thieves and Justified Criminals (The King, The Terror)
  • Demigod
  • Symbols: His Badass Longcoat, his shotgun, and a bag of stolen loot.
  • Alignment: True Neutral, sometimes edging toward Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Determinator, Karmic Thief, Gayngsters, Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? (the man steals exclusively from drug dealers and crime syndicates) being feared by those who usually inspire fear themselves, tough guys who don't swear, being very protective of his grandmother but too ashamed to tell her of what he's really doing.
  • Domains: Trickery, Luck, Honor, Community
  • Allies: Robin Hood, Carmen Sandiego, Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, Sly Cooper,
  • Enemies: Moriarty, Jim Gordon, Miko Miyazaki, The Dark Judges
  • Opposes: Tony Montana, Walter White, Jay and Silent Bob
  • Odd Friendship: The Corleones
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dirty Harry, Carmelita Fox
  • After more than a dozen years spent robbing other criminals, and thus gaining a reputation as one of the most badass and notorious criminals to ever walk the streets of Baltimore, his surprisingly sudden death sent shockwaves throughout the underworld. No one could believe that he died in such a mundane manner, and a Gossip Evolution effect began, making his already legendary deeds even more amazing, turning his death into an epic Last Stand, and his name became worshipped by street criminals for a generation to come. As his legend grew and grew, it caused his spirit to ascend to the Pantheon.
  • Ever the thrill seeker, having the chance to steal from the greatest criminals of all time only excited Omar, and now he eagerly pits both his clever schemes and ruthless brand of Flaw Exploitation against some of the most successful criminals in history. Even immortal Criminal Masterminds with the powers of gods have learned to be afraid when they hear someone shout "Omar Comin'!"
    • Oh indeed.
    • It's even gotten to the point that he once went to the House of Food for some Honey Nut Cheerios in nothing but a turquoise silk bathrobe and pajamas. Just the sight of him walking around, even in that getup, caused everyone within a fifty foot radius to run for the hills. And he wasn't armed.
  • Never does any crime on Sunday Mornings, and makes time time to go to church with his grandmother (who raised him as a child) once a month. "A man has got to have a code", as he says. Oddly enough, this has gained him some sympathizers from the House of Faith.
  • He is famous for refusing to ever steal from or harm someone who is not involved in the criminal underworld, and for his fondness for/generosity towards children. If anyone claims to be a follower of his and violates those principles or harms children in any way, Omar's wrath will be swift and merciless.
  • As such, he is a valuable ally with more benevolent deities in the House of Crime as well as a thorn to others. Getting on his good side could make the difference for a new deity if they want to have a good time in the Pantheon.
  • Out of the main three gods, he is most amiable towards Carmen Sandiego who he finds as charming, even if he doesn't swing that way. He refuses to do business with Moriarty and is not above helping detectives foil his plans. With that said, Moriarty has done a good job of making sure not to get into Omar's crosshairs or to make things personal between them, resulting in both Moriarty and Omar seeing Omar's raids and Moriarty's counter strategies as just business, or "It's all in the Game", as Omar would put it. Omar is said to be somewhat indifferent to Jack Sparrow, because while the two have occasionally found the other to be useful business partners, Jack's piracy is simply a very different criminal specialty from Omar's urban based street crime.
  • Out of those in the House of Crime, his favorite target is Walter White. The drug maker has revolutionized the industry, keeping clients high and addicted, thus making Walter a very rich man... and a lucrative target. Omar has been ruthless in robbing Walter's street level dealers and raiding the safe houses where Walter's famous blue meth is stored so he can profit from it himself. White has tried to retaliate with equal force, but Omar is notoriously difficult to track down, and even hardened mob assassins have been known to balk at the prospect of getting into a gang war with Omar Little.
    Omar: Frankly, when you been in it as long as me, you do the thing on your name.
    Detective McNulty: Anybody who's gonna come after Omar, they gonna know that Omar is gonna be coming after him.
    Omar: Oh, indeed.
  • His most famous feud with a figure from outside the House of Crime is undoubtedly Tony Montana. The two have battled each other many times over the years, and the sheer force of will of both individuals means that their confrontations are always brutal, long-lasting, and will always result in the loser vowing to regroup to fight another day.
  • He also sees the deities from the Grand Theft Auto series as a disgrace to the business. With his clout, he has created swathes of territory that his criminal rivals are reluctant to enter or to challenge him, especially since violation of these areas would be met with a harsh reprisal. Trevor Philips in particular has been eager to declare war on the man, which continues to this day.
  • On the side of justice, Judge Dredd keeps him on a short leash, not really one to use him as an acquaintance. Some others in that House are just as fine with that.
    • No matter how much Dirty Harry tries to avoid it, he seems to have a knack with teaming up with Omar Little. He comes in a long line of Cowboy Cops that have to team up with criminals in order to catch greater foes. He knows that Omar can be helpful, he just wishes that he and his followers would not end up with them. Anyone who tries to write any subtext with him and Omar will earn themselves a bullet to the face.
    • At least he has Carmelita to speak about his dealings with criminals as she has to do the same with Sly Cooper.
    • Of those who oppose him, Miko has been the most persistent. But without her Paladin powers, capturing the slippery Karmic Thief has been difficult.
  • Likewise, the Dark Judges savor the thought of hanging Omar for his actions when they get the chance to take over the House of Justice. Unfortunately for them, Dredd tolerates the thief more than their methods of 'justice', and has been willing to protect Omar from them.
  • One of the oddest alliances in the Pantheon has been between Omar Little and Vito Corleone. Omar sees much of the Corleone family business as not truly effecting him or harming his community, and Vito, somewhat surprisingly, has developed a certain fondness for Omar. Given Omar's independent and mercenary operation, Vito Corleone has paid Omar on numerous occasions to either steal from or harass various opponents of the Corleone Family, and Omar has thus far (mostly) refrained from targeting Corleone holdings, both out of respect for Vito's truce with him and due to how lucrative this alliance has been. With that said, Omar does not trust Vito's son Michael. He knows that Michael is more ruthless in his dealings and would turn on someone who gets in his way or outlives their usefulness in an instant. Omar has plenty of experience with such types, as for example he frequently worked with Proposition Joe (a criminal/drug kingpin to whom double dealing and multi-layered plans are almost as natural as breathing) as a mortal man, but he recognizes that Michael is a very different and much less sentimental/honorable sort of criminal than Vito.
  • Wholeheartedly supports Robin Hood's thefts, even joining in with the thieves of Norwood Forest.
  • Has taken a fond liking to the street rat Aladdin, as Omar also grew up on the streets as a young man with crime as his only choice to avoid going hungry and avoid complete destitution. The Arabian is a bit wary of hanging out with Omar, as Omar has always been much more willing to use force and other harsh methods than Aladdin ever was, but nonetheless Aladdin appreciates the backup.
  • Omar has been known to work either alone or coordinating with a small and efficient crew of similarly minded thieves. When working with others, he is known for pulling off especially daring (and frequently hilarious) heists of well guarded and protected targets.
  • As charming and sympathetic as Omar is, it's important to note that while he usually avoids killing if possible, he is perfectly capable of being violent and using force in his thefts. On several occasions the first indication a target got that Omar was there and robbing them was a bullet in the leg before Omar made a grand entrance. Furthermore, his main motivation is the money - while Omar decided early that robbing innocents left a bad taste in his mouth, he targets drug dealers and crime syndicates in large part because he lived in a Wretched Hive, and in such conditions the only people you could guarantee it would be worthwhile to rob were the criminals who were prospering under such conditions. While Omar arguably Defaults to Good, as he did during a 10-Minute Retirement and certain other occasions, he doesn't rob criminals out of a disgust with crime, but because it's worth his while and he do it without accidentally becoming a major target for law enforcement, a fate that once befell Omar's older brother Anthony.
  • Also resides in the House of Karma.