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  • Yusuke's whole confidant link is dripping with Ho Yay. You can go watch movies and have rowboat 'dates' with him to help him gain inspiration for his new painting.
    • There are at least two occasions where Joker can offer to strip for Yusuke (for art reasons), or suggest that Yusuke take off his clothes (because of how hot it is in summer). Both times, Yusuke responds by saying what a brilliant idea he thinks it is before remembering that it'd probably be illegal - that is how enthusiastic he is over it. For the former, he even starts intensely demanding that the protagonist immediately strip and "bare it all" before remembering that they're in a church.
    • If the protagonist has a dream about Yusuke, he dreams that they were swimming in the ocean and his swimming trunks came off by accident, drifting into the ocean.
    • Out of all the random dialogues in Mementos, Yusuke can express interest in foreign comics because of the beautiful "musculature." In another instance, he says he's able to instantly tell the protagonist by scent.
      • Hell, he even calls the protagonist's shoulders broad in a text conversation.
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    • Yusuke is also the only Confidant who gives you three presents/room decorations after visiting a hang-out spot with him Star Stickers at the planetarium in Ikebukuro, a Nude Statue at the museum in Ueno and a Hamaya at Meji Shrine
  • You have the option of yelling, "I love Yusuke!" or "I love Ryuji!" at the school festival, though Ryuji stops you.
  • In contrast to Persona 4's Valentine Event where the friendship event involves all the male party members, Joker can spend Valentine's with Ryuji alone (though it turns out that Yuuki Mishima was supposed to be there too until the two realize even he got a date.) The anime OVA A Magical Valentine's Day adds more fuel to the fire; when they go to spend time alone, the scene cuts to outside the house while their silhouettes in the attic window (which shows pink mood lighting, mind) move closer together. Considering that every single one of the dates before and after this segment end with Amamiya and his girl getting romantic, it gave the fans a plausible justification to think that they kissed.
    • Speaking of Ryuji's segment, Makoto, Ann, and Futaba are briefly shown watching this event unfold. Although each segment is in its own universe, the Harem Scorned end immediately following this scene got fans thinking Ryuji was big enough a contender to warrant all the girls' rage.
    • You know how most of the Phantom Thieves Confidants are only willing to die for you when you hit Rank 9? Consider earlier in the game when accidentally running into Kamoshida's guards, Ryuji was willing to sacrifice himself so that Joker could go free. Then there's also the factor that what motivates Joker's awakening of Arsène was that Ryuji was going to die if he didn't do anything.
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    • While out of all the Confidants that Sae notes on in her interrogation, all of them mention them aiding you in some way, shape or form by giving you a service. For Ryuji's Confidant, she notes the idea that Joker didn't act alone and had him along as a friend rather than as a deal.
      "Acting as a phantom thief would've been more effective alone. You could've gone about it that way... However, you did not. There are merits to having associates, that's what you decided... Am I wrong?"
      — Unlocking the Chariot Confidant
    • One of the Memento's conversations can capture this notion, enough that even the teammates seem to notice it.
      Ryuji: Hey, Joker, you wanna go shopping with me later?
      Ann: Huh? Two guys shopping together...? Sounds suspicious.
    • When Joker gets released and after Morgana comes back, Ryuji butts in, bringing up the fact that Joker is leaving next month. His first thoughts are wanting Joker to stay and worrying on how he'll be treated by others in his hometown.
    • On his last day in Tokyo where Joker goes to say goodbye to all his Confidants, Ryuji tells Joker that he'll come to visit his hometown sometime. If Joker responds that there isn't anything to see there, Ryuji tells that just Joker being there is enough.
  • While it's more on Akechi's part, his Confidant is still oozing with it, what with all the Foil tropes going on between them and the fact that his confidant is automatic and often ranks up at important plot points. It has gotten to the point that some people joked that Joker/Akechi is the Official Couple of the game.
    • Akechi's confidant link starts with him taking an interest in Joker after the TV recording where they had a debate. Afterwards, Akechi would run into Joker at train stations, and eventually end up visiting Leblanc sometimes. Akechi would say things to Joker such as "Ever since the first time I met you, it felt special to me. I feel like I can tell you anything.".
    • In the Maniax spoiler book, Akechi is the only character with a personal message to Joker, stating that he finds Joker's ability to make friends with others interesting.Also in the same book, it was stated that Akechi holds complicated feelings towards Joker due to being jealous of Joker who is surrounded by friends. But Akechi does not deny that he genuinely likes Joker and wanted to meet him a few years earlier.
    • On October 24, when you walk up to Goro in Leblanc, you can greet him with "Honey, I'm home." (In the Japanese version, it was simply, "I'm home.") And he actually plays along with it, chastising you for staying out so late.
    • The fact that the Persona 2 DLC outfits have Joker's uniform based on Tatsuya while Akechi gets to wear Jun's uniform instead of Suspiciously Similar Substitute Yusuke, which makes sense because Yusuke's similarity only stops at appearance, while Akechi had more thematic similarities.
    • The Proof of Justice OVA has a healthy amount for Joker/Akechi shippers. The Framing Device has Amamiya worrying over the "proof of justice" phrase Akechi had left on the cafe word search, and in his search flashes back to conversations they had together. A lot of the time they played games together, ribbed each other over their skill, and had Akechi gradually open up to his lonely childhood with the flashbacks ending on Akechi telling Amamiya that he wished he met him earlier in life. Fans like to joke that the whole thing was just one long series of dates between the pair.
  • If you take Iwai to the planetarium he will point out that the place has a lot couples and that it isn't a place for an older man like him to enter with you...
  • If you crawl through one of the vents with Ryuji and Yusuke in party, Ryuji tells Yusuke to stop staring at his ass.
    • In a Mementos skit, Yusuke asks Ryuji to model for him after Ryuji mentions his push-up count is getting higher.
    • In another Mementos skit, Yusuke says that though he's told to keep a low profile, nobody talks to him in the first place. Ryuji proceeds to ask if he wants to go out for some Ramen sometime.
  • Some Mementos skits revolve around Ann's figure. Futaba often give compliments or express envy.
    • One skit starts innocently with Ann complaining about the road being too bumpy. Futaba's response is "Woah Panther, they're huge! I don't know where to look when they shake!"
    • Futaba also notes about how "kinky" she thinks the other girls' outfits are, and she also claims that she can look up what Sae Niijima's measurements are if she wants to - both times sounding a bit more enthusiastic about it than is necessary...
  • Ann and Shiho share quite a bit of Les Yay on their own, with Ann's confidant revolving around her getting over Shiho's attempted suicide and how both show a lot of concern for the other. In Ann's penultimate link, Shiho says goodbye to Ann by explicitly saying "I love you" and hugging her, and when you're trying to convince Ann to keep going after initially failing to defeat the Holy Grail one of the options to encourage her is "What about Shiho?" while the other is a generic message about not giving up.
  • Makoto and Haru are also fairly close. Makoto's the first to try to recruit Haru to the Thieves (apart from her short-lived collaboration with Morgana), and Haru gives Makoto the Affectionate Nickname of "Mako-chan," a level of familiarity beyond First-Name Basis, and is probably the most concerned about how she's holding up when the Thieves end up having to go into Sae's palace and come face to face with Makoto's sister's darker side.
  • In their finishing animation for their All-Out Attack, the Twins actually strike a dance pose (before Caroline shoves Justine away).

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