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Pre-Release Speculation

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Post-Release Speculation

    Plot WMGs 
Principal Kobayakawa was originally going to have a Palace, and Makoto would have joined the party in his dungeon.
Most of the party joins before or during a heist they have a personal stake in, but Makoto stands out as having little to no connection with Kaneshiro until she actually gets involved with the party. She has a very deep connection with Sae, her sister, but that comes long after her recruitment into the Phantom Thieves. She does, however, have a very good reason to hate the Principal before joining the team. The writers may have been considering making Kobayakawa one of the main villains before scrapping the idea for any number of reasons.

There will be a DLC campaign that will serve as a Crisis Crossover.
Your party will draw from every game in the series. The plot will involve some monstrous being trying to fuse the multiverse in order to destroy it, allowing the Tatsuya from Innocent Sin and the Shinjiro from P3P's female route to appear, and the Persona 3 female protagonist will show up as a Schrödinger's Player Character.
  • Jossed. The only DLC for the game is for Merciless Difficulty, alternate costumes and Personas, and the Japanese dub track (for the Western releases, at least).

If Hifumi was actually included as a Phantom Thief, she would have joined at Kaneshiro's Palace instead of Makoto.
Going off of the above WMG about the Principal having a palace and Makoto joining there, it is possible that if Hifumi was kept as a Phantom Thief, she would have joined during Kaneshiro's Palace. One possible connection for Hifumi to have to Kaneshiro is that the reason her mother fixed her Shogi games is that her family got into trouble with Kaneshiro and needed her to make money off of shogi matches (possibly illegal ones) is to make enough money to pay him off. Seeing as how Hifumi's Confidant can begin during Kaneshiro's arc in the completed game, that might further support this.

Some former members of The Conspiracy helped the Protagonist get released from juvenile hall.
Despite having assisted Shido and attempted to cover up his change of heart to the public,, it's implied that once Yaldabaoth's fuses both worlds the together, some of them realize that it wasn't just Shido who was using them, and/or that their own plans with the Metaverse would have been pointless since they and the rest of humanity were still falling right into his hands. After Yaldabaoth is destroyed, the world is returned to normal, and the Phantom Thieves' leader turns himself in to testify, they step in as well to atone on their own terms for whatever reasons they may have such as facing judgement, repaying the Protagonist for saving them all, or just doing the right thing and move on from it all. It would really help this part of the story make even more sense than it already does.

    Previous Games connection WMGs 
Futaba's mother was part of the Kirijo group in 1999.
Because it's a (if not the) leading organization in conducting research on Shadow-related subjects like Cognitive Existences, after all.

Tanaka is none other than Nyarlathotep.
Think about it. He only starts appearing in Persona 3, right after he is defeated in Persona 2, he has the Devil Arcana which is fitting for an elder god and the crawling chaos, he is always present on each protagonist's journey starting with Persona 3, he sells strange items that should only be useful for dungeon crawling yet sells out very often, he could easily utilize rumors to make himself exist (i.e "People on TV are corrupt and taking advantage of us" or "There's some shady stuff on the internet"), and most recently he has made an appearance in Persona 5-Wearing shades that are similar to another character appearing in the Persona games...

As to why he's helping the protagonists, either he's simply bored and has taken an interest in observing the protagonists and their fate while remaining in a passive role similar to Philemon or he is helping to further a possible future plan. Either way, this also isn't the first time that he's helped the Persona protagonists...

At some point in development Goro was literally Naoto.

Goro appears to be the oldest cast member (Naoto would be older than everyone, being out of high school by the time of P5, but still likely young enough to go undercover 21 Jump Street style), is a young detective working closely with a family involved in law enforcement, and uses sci-fi weapons similar to Naoto's own Persona and Shadow, as well as serving a similar combat role. Naoto's gender identity issues were not clearly resolved by the end of P4; a third fundamental transformation of Persona wouldn't be out of the question for an F-t-M trans person considering the way Ultimate Personas work already. I posit: Naoto (in one form or another) was planned to make an appearance as the eighth character, but as the story developed Atlus were unwilling to have her take a blatantly villainous role, be explicitly trans, or die during the plot so her role was ultimately split between Goro and Makoto, hence the revolvers.

  • Even in concept art, Akechi was always planned, with Naoto nowhere in sight. Naoto's not trans either.

Persona 5 takes place in the Persona 3 Portable FeMC continuity, and she is in fact in the game

Hoo boy, this is gonna be a long one, and it probably goes into Epileptic Trees territory, but bear with me here.

Now, strap in, because a lot happened to FeMC between the end of P3, and the beginning of P5.

After she died at the end of P3, she somehow managed to come back to life (possibly through Elizabeth/Theodore’s devotion to her being so strong – as well as Aigis and Yukari’s, if “the Answer” is anything to go by – that they ended up making a cognitive recreation of her, a la Morgana at the end of P5).

She notices that she seems to be in a state of undeath (if you’re working with the above theory, then this is different from Morgana in that she literally ceased to live for a bit), and she hasn’t aged in a while, in addition to suddenly not being able to use her Persona.

Being at least theoretically immortal (thus possibly having to say goodbye to her friends a second time) in combination with having some anxieties about the time that had passed since her death, and the fact that her friends have logically all moved on with their lives and experienced a lot without her (her anxiety reminding her that her old friends may have even started families at this point), she can’t bring herself to face them again, so she starts a new life as the only character in Persona 5 who has her red eyes, pale skin, and brown hair (fashioned after Aigis’s haircut, complete with a singular braid in the same place as Aigis’s headband).

So she moves from Iwatodai to Tokyo, and in an act of desperation at having lost her friends and her family and just wanting to belong somewhere, she decides to hypnotize a prosecutor named Sae Niijima in order to move into her life (easy to do, as Sae’s parents are dead, and with this being a pain she’s experienced, she’s likely not to act in too strange a way and trip any alarms. From there it was just a matter of looking up family mementoes and listening to contextual clues from talking to her friends and Sae about her “father”). She ended up falsifying records (likely using her completely-maxed-out genius academics) for someone named “Makoto Niijima” (in a meta sense, this is a development gag because she now has the same name as the male protagonist).

This is also why Sae has gray hair, while Makoto’s is brown – Sae actually inherited her hair color from their father. (Someone once asked why Makoto isn’t in any family photos, and Sae responded that Makoto was camera shy. Makoto lives in fear of the day Sae realizes that was a lie)

She decides to join the student council once again, and even to emulate someone who was a bit of a role model to her during her days at Gekkoukan, Mitsuru Kirijo. Her idolizing of Mitsuru is likely why it is that Johanna is a motorcycle in particular. Or, to quote Mitsuru herself in her level 9 social link, "you may be more suited to ride a motorcycle than me..."

Now, Makoto was admittedly surprised about the group’s Personas when she first saw them in Kaneshiro’s bank, but that can be chalked up to them using summoning methods she’s completely unfamiliar with. After all, when the time came for her to summon her Persona, she embraced it just as easily as Joker. "Yes... Come to me!" She proclaims to Johanna upon awakening. Everybody else initially writhed and screamed, and even fell to the ground, yet Makoto stayed up and never went down. Not because she’s just some rando who has weird Velvet Crowe. levels of determination, but rather because she’s already summoned a Persona before, and braved 263 floors of Tartarus. But when we speak of her personality, we have to talk about how it’s changed.

She’s devoted her life to studying, not only because of a desire to emulate Mitsuru, or even because of Sae, but also because that way she can’t get attached to people only to lose her relationship with them again. After all, knowledge never dies. But then Joker and his friends show up, and she just gets reminded of the old days, and she couldn’t stay away, even if she did give it her level best.

Her shock at Johanna is more directed at the fact that she’s finally able to use a Persona again.

And let’s talk about Johanna for a second, shall we? According to the Megami Tensei Wiki, “Johanna is based on Pope Joan, a legendary Medieval woman who reigned as pope for a short period, going against the Catholic Church’s ingrained tradition of male popes.” This lines up very well with FeMC being the second female protagonist in a series of usually male protagonists. But yes, she was only the second. As a matter of fact, what with Johanna being the first female pope, she’d have more in common with Maya Amano from Persona 2. So, what pushes this over the edge? Well, if we read a little farther (as in literally what it says next), we get “Though the story was widely believed for centuries, modern historians have found no evidence of her existence and believe the legend to be a work of fiction meant to discredit the church.” As is noted on the YMMV page for Persona 3, there was a good amount of time one could have debated FeMC to be canon, materials stating otherwise that were made before her creation notwithstanding. However, it goes on to state that “the Vatican removed the female pope from its official lists and crafted a ritual to ensure that future popes were male.” She’s been proven to be noncanon at this point, and is only sparingly brought up by Atlus at this point.

Also it helps that she uses a revolver, and the user interface for the battle system in Persona 3 is a(n admittedly seven bullet as opposed to Makoto’s six bullet) revolver cylinder.

This is why her confidant route has more to do with helping someone else than it does with her own resolve, as this is just what she got used to during the events of Persona 3.

At the end, when the Phantom Thieves are all in the Velvet Room, Makoto never asks where this location is, like some of the others do. Sure, this could point to my theory, but in fairness, Ann and Haru both manage to not ask about this place either.

Even more contradictory is the fact that Makoto doesn’t recognize who Igor is (there are no loopholes here about his identity, since this is the real Igor by this point). It is conceivable that she’s forgotten things that don’t pertain to her old friends, as was seen when the other Nyx Annihilation Team suffered similar memory loss, as after that point, we never had any time to confirm whether or not her memories of Igor or the Velvet Room remained, since you were not able to return. And if she indeed forgot this, this is something Igor likely would have realized, meaning he wouldn’t waste his time trying to jog her memory at the climax of P5, as there were urgent matters to attend to.

Also, Makoto wears her SEES outfit the exact same way as the FeMC does. Well, so does Haru, and as a matter of fact, hers is more accurate to the FeMC, but that's detrimental to my point, so we're going to disregard it.

    Character WMGs 
Regarding Goro Akechi's abilities
The persona Akechi uses when he acts as a mole for the party is Robin Hood, of the Justice arcana. This is possibly representative of the Social Link/Confidant he shares with The Phantom: Given that Akechi is actually a wild card, it is likely that his true arcana is the Fool (or possibly even the Jester similar to Adachi). However, he cannot summon many personas because he lacks the bonds necessary to do so. Loki is likely his true persona, one that has traditionally been in the Fool arcana as well. Thus, when Akechi formed a bond with The Phantom and unlocked the Justice arcana, he was able to summon Robin Hood as a result of that bond.

The protagonist is actually Takashi Kido, son of Reiji Kido.
  • In Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, we find out Reiji got his girlfriend pregnant. Depending on how far along she is, she may have given birth in early 2000. Judging from the calendars in Persona 5, the game takes place in 2016, and second-year students are typically 16.
  • Both of Reiji's Personas use Curse attacks, as do Arsène and Satanael.
  • Reiji sold knives to support his family, and the protagonist's Weapon of Choice is knives.
  • Reiji and the protagonist have messy hair.
  • Reiji liked to practice magic tricks and the protagonist shows some incredible dexterity in some of his idle animations.
  • Reiji was brooding and asocial in his youth, but managed to ingratiate himself with a close circle of friends. The Protagonist can be seen as introverted, but manages to get in good with a fairly large number of people.
  • Reiji also got into an extended feud with a powerful man using his assets for evil.
  • Though he wanted to be a good parent, Reiji wasn't exactly the most prepared to be one. Perhaps he didn't keep in contact with the protagonist because he thought Sojiro would do a better job...

Ann is a fan of American comic book characters.
As we know Ann's outfit as Panther is a Shout-Out to Catwoman. There is also the fact that Ann is quarter-American herself having spent time in America so she has definitely been exposed to American comic book characters. She also states that she is into video games and people who play video games usually read comic books as well. The fact that her Phantom Thief outfit is similar to Catwoman may even allude to the fact that Ann's favorite comic book character is Catwoman as the character is pretty similar to Fujiko Mine who is implied to be the "anime villain" that Ann admired in her childhood.

Shido is Futaba's biological father, which by extension make her and Goro Akechi half-siblings.
Since there's absolutely nothing known about Futaba's biological father and Shido is shown to have been highly fixated on Wakaba's cognitive psience research, it could also explain where Futaba got her brown eye color from (Wakaba had dark grey eyes). Relating to that is the possibility that Akechi's mother might have been involved with the aforementioned psience, or was at least more than some random lover Shido got knocked up, as when he's confronted about Akechi being his son before his boss fight, the way he refers to "that woman" seems to go beyond just merely recognizing him by his looks alone.
  • This theory comes with a fair amount of Fridge Horror: Sojiro recounts that Wakaba wasn't interested in romance, and considering that Shido is shown to not give a damn about consent during the sexual assault that the protagonist stopped near the beginning of the game, this may indicate that Futaba is a Child by Rape.
  • If it's true then it gets worse, Shido basically sent his son to assassinate his daughter (and Goro's sister's) mother and later made a fake suicide note that blames his daughter for her mother's death. As if he wasn't a enough of a monster already.
  • Even further supporting this possibility is the fact that both Akechi and Futaba are revealed in the game's official fan book and art book respectively to have type AB Negative blood, which is only present in a mere 0.05% of the Japanese population, which bolsters the theory even further.

The Anime Ann watched as a kid was Danganronpa.
She even styles her hair in a similar style like Junko.

Ryuji almost never says fuck because his mom doesn't want to him to say that word.
Honestly, how does a boy with a mouth like Ryuji's refrain from laying down F-bombs all over the place? The answer might just lie with his mom, considering we already know he holds her dear to his heart.

Akira reminds Sae of her father.
During the game we see Sae's is bitterness and at her father's quixotic ideals and his sudden death in a random hit and run. As she questions Akira, her voice cycles through anger, contempt and spite, and as the interrogation reaches its conclusion, she says "What a disappointing end to the hero of justice." Akira isn't the first hero she's seen meet an ignominious end.

Goro Akechi disappeared from society's cognition after he died in the Metaverse
A lot of people have commented how weird it is that Goro is barely mentioned by anybody after his death, even by his biggest fangirl NPC. We see that killing a person's Shadow in the Metaverse causes a mental shutdown but we've never seen what happens when an actual person dies in there. The last two people who bring them up in the game are Sae Nijima, in passing due to his connection to Shido, and Lavenza, who exists in a different dimension and is not affected. And a little before the climax of the game, the Phantom Thieves disappear when they're wiped from society's cognition. So what if the reverse of that situation ends with the same result? Goro became a faint memory to everybody!

Futaba has autism, which she inherited from her mother.
Supporting this theory is Erica Lindbeck saying in an interview that she portrayed Futaba as though she had high-functioning autism. Her behavior also gives credence to this: narrow range of interests, becoming fixated on particular hobbies, difficulties in interacting with people, and a desire to categorize life by a rigid set of rules (like a video game). Considering Sojiro's saying that Futaba is eccentric in a very similar way to her mother Wakaba, it can be safely guessed that Wakaba was also on the spectrum.

Iwai is a burakumin.
The burakumin are a group of people who have historically been looked down upon and mistreated by the majority of Japan, mostly due to their association with "unclean" professions like executioners and butchers. Statistics about the Yakuza note that there is an exceptionally high number of burakumin in their ranks. At one point, roughly 70 percent of the biggest Yakuza group was made up of burakumin. Iwai being one of these people may have been a factor in his ostracization and eventual turn to the Yakuza to make something of himself.
  • However, if Iwai really was one of the burakumin, one would think that he would bring it up to the protagonist or Kaoru when explaining how he ended up in his current situation. Perhaps his story about being associated with his drunk mother could work as a sort of innuendo by way of half-truth, but one would imagine he'd be blunter about his heritage.

Morgana can use slingshots as weapons because the enemies think he has Super Strength.
Look at the size of those imitation swords he lugs around. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if the Shadows thought he was strong enough to draw a slingshot with enough force to match gunfire.

Ryuji dyed his hair partly so Ann wouldn't feel alone.

The Protagonist will grew up to become Simon Blackquill
I mean, look at them! they're identical!

The Protagonist is from Aoharu City, and his previous high school was Taiyo High
He's in the same class as Batsu, Hinata and Kyosuke and missed out on the events of Project Justice because that was the year he was sent to Tokyo.

Ok, fine, I just want a Persona and Rival Schools crossover, and the Persona 5 ending seems like an easy way to set that up.

The protagonist's glasses are just for show.

Notice how the protagonist doesn't wear them as a Phantom Thief? It's a well kown trick that lending glasses to a person on trial for violent crimes lowers their conviction rates as someone wearing glasses looks harmless. Joker hoped to capitalizing on this bias so that people wouldn't guess he was (falsely) convicted of assault. While it didn't work at Shujin (thanks to Kamoshida forcing Mishima to leak Joker's criminal record online), one could argue it worked on some of his Confidants.

    Velvet Room WMGs 
Yaldabaoth was only able to capture Igor through foul play.
Fitting with the game's gnostic influences, Yaldabaoth is (ironically) a supreme deceiver and has thus been able to somehow cheat his way into defeating Igor and Lavenza badly enough to take over the Velvet Room. Given that Justine and Catoline (who are, implicitly, less powerful together than Lavenza is as an individual, who is in turn far weaker than Igor) are leagues and leagues more powerful combatants than Yaldabaoth's final form, there's no way he could've possibly taken them down honestly.

    General WMGs 

Should he prove popular enough, Goro will return for a redemption arc.
Atlas deliberately left his fate ambiguous to gauge whether or not the fans were intrigued enough with him to clamour for his return in a direct sequel. Should they be satisfied, Goro will show up, wounded but alive, in the Persona 5 Arena equivalent as a very lost individual trying very hard to find a new purpose now that his father has both been punished and been made a better person. The Thieves are going to deeply resent him being there, of course, but they help him learn to trust other people and he eventually becomes an actual detective instead of his father's lieutenant-and a pretty damn competent one at that.

Guesses for the inevitable spin offs!
You know it to be true.

  • Persona 5 Arena's story will, like Persona 4 Arena/Ultimax before it focus on the events of the last numbered Persona game though the lens of the current game's MC and party. So whereas Arena/Ultimax was dealing with all the evil done by the Kirijo group and their reaction to it, Persona 5 Arena will be all about dealing with the truths that didn't quite hold up over the now five year gap.
    • Or failing that, Persona 5 Arena's story will simply start as a Shadow Operative investigation into the goings on in a VERY public town with Yu and the rest of the Investigation Team's search for the truth of how did they miss this stuff happening in Tokyo. This could lead to a stronger story then the frankly shoehorned reason for one-on-one fights they had in 4 Arena/Ultimax, as all the while the Phantom Thieves are actively splitting up to make it harder for the much more experienced Rise or Fuuka to find them.

  • Nanako will be playable with a Persona in at least one of them.
    • This could go with the one above as well, some of the fallout of Nanako being in the TV so long means that when her Shadow finally does manifest it poses an active danger unless they get it under control, and certain characters or ways of getting them none withstanding the best way to deal with an out of control shadow is to make it into a Persona.
      • Would make things interesting with Ken more then anyone else really.

  • Persona 5 will not get Dancing All Night, saying it right now.
    • How could they possibly fit it into the story anyway? At least Persona 4 had an idol to make it kinda make sense
    • Jossed. Persona 5: Dancing Star Night is coming out in Spring 2018.

  • Sho will make an appearance, still talking smack about bonds and such
    • For added fun he will be referred in game files as p6hero

  • Persona 5: 1001 Nights!

Persona 5+ whatever it's called will be released for the Nintendo Switch
  • Sony doesn't really have a handheld anymore.

There will be a Persona 5 Arena.
  • And it will focus on he Phantom Thieves going on vacation to Inaba where an amnesiac Goro is. The competition is run by a fake Morgana who is actually Goro's shadow in disguise.

If a Persona 5 equivalent of Persona 4 Golden ever happens the creators would create a option that would allow the player to save Goro and have him rejoin the party after his boss fight.
  • It seemed like something they will do kind of do like they did with Shinjiro in Persona 3 PSP when you are a girl and pursue him as a love interest and Chidori with Persona FES under certain conditions. Then again maybe the character's circumstances and actions might not make it very realistic.

Alternately, past Persona characters will be involved in the updated story.
  • Because let's face it - with the level of publicity and impact of the Conspiracy's plot and the Phanthom Thieves' activities, why on earth was Mitsuru and Naoto uninvolved in the story? It's also a missed opportunity to further develop Naoto and her sense of justice as a detective - and maybe an additional worldbuilding to show how formidable the Conspiracy is.

The inevitable Updated Re-release will add the Adjustment Arcana.
Adjustment replaces Justice in the Thoth Tarot, which is a very relevant Arcana for the themes it represents, like fairness and truth. It's also the Arcana the Traitor represents, and chances are they'll do more with him, considering a lot of people took quite an interest in the question of his ultimate fate.

All of the bad endings from the game's enlongated flashback are wrong.
They are just what Joker believes that would have happened if he had failed, but if they had failed to meet the deadline, it would've led to the Phantom Thieves deciding to forgo their morals and that Violence Is the Only Option to go in guns blazing, killing their target's Shadow in a desperate attempt to make things right, with the only exception being Futaba, who would have simply disappeared, going in her Palace on her own anyway and awakening her Persona, but being unable to fight against Cognitive Wakaba on her own and dying inside her own Palace.

Whatever the inevitable spin-offs are, all of them will take place during the road trip back to Joker's home.
Basically, each spin-off is just a detour, and at the end of each one, the Phantom Thieves will get back into the van and continue on their trip, with each adventure happening after the next. Bonus points if the last one ends with Phantom Thieves coming back to Tokyo and suddenly realizing that they forgot to drop Joker off at his parents' place.

The universe of Persona 5 has been reset at least once à la Persona 2
There's a villain behind Yaldaboath, just like how Erebus was behind Nyx in Persona 3. And this villain reset the universe kind of like in Persona 2. This could explain Ann feeling as if she has known the others for a long time and not being able to explain why she feels like that. And he'll be the Big Bad of the Updated Re-release (similar to Erebus in FES).

Shinya's Get Smoked hat will be Defictionalized
I want it.

The Updated Re-release will include a female protagonist similar to the PSP port of Persona 3, with the ability to romance male party members and confidants, in addition to a way to save Akechi in Shido's palace.

The Updated Re-release will let you wield Loki.
Honestly, this one isn't that wild. Loki's been a mainstay of the Persona roster since the first game and there's a precedent for an antagonist's Persona being used by the hero.

The Updated Re-release will feature another antagonist who's also a Persona user.
He'll be a Well-Intentioned Extremist who kills Conspirators because he feels that is what needs to be done. Basically, he'll be the Dark Grey to the Phantom Thieves's Light Grey and Goro Akechi's Black.

The entire game has Chess Motifs.
If one thinks about it, Igor/Yaldabaoth refers to the entire scenario as a "game", with the Conspiracy pitted against the newly formed Phantom Thieves. Each side has 8 figures, which best represents how Chess games have at least 16 pieces on each side: 8 Pawns, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, A Queen and a King. Heck, in game, a somewhat-similar game to chess is used to help the Phantom Thieves: Shogi.

Given this idea, what if the entirety of the game has Chess Motifs? This will go into detail on what each character is or represents.

  • First off, the Conspiracy. Given that they're all villains who are responsible for causing the game to occur or rule through it, it makes sense that they represent White Chess pieces. The White Pieces are allowed to move first, and it's often because the villains acted that caused the heroes to react. It furthermore shows how they're seen as respected members of society, yet are actually bad people. The player of the White pieces is, of course, Yaldabaoth, who fits with his white machine angel appearance.
    • The White Rooks are Okumura and Wakaba. Rooks are known for their direct movement on horizontal and vertical planes, which befits how both of the bosses attempt to challenge you directly when shit hits the fan for them. There's also a special move that one can do with an unmoved rook and King piece known as "Castling", which moves the Rook and King to swap places on the board, mainly used to protect the king from an attack or sacrificing a piece for the King. Given the King is obviously Shido, it makes sense for Okumura and Wakaba, two people he killed for his own benefit, to serve as rooks.
    • The White Bishops are Kamoshida and Madarame. Bishops are known for moving erratically across the board, only ever going on certain tiles (black or white) and moving diagonally. This befits these two, as they aren't officially part of the Conspiracy, but are still antagonizing the Phantom Thieves.
    • The White Knights are, ironically, Kaneshiro and Sae. The way they fight in their boss battles is akin to how the Knight looks and works. Kaneshiro rides his Piggytron, while Sae looks like a demonic Black Knight. They're also known for their ability to move past other pieces. This befits how your objective when Makoto was tailing you jumped from "keeping Makoto from calling the police on you" to "Days until Kaneshiro releases the pictures", while Sae has many chances where you can fail and get the bad ending.
    • The White Queen is befittingly Akechi. The Queen is known for it's ability to move however it likes across the board and being one of the strongest pieces, befitting the guy responsible for the mental shutdowns. Even his first outfit we see him in is white!
    • The White King is Shido. While the title befits him, his ego and wishes for Japan's future, it also showcases how, despite having a lofty title, he's still a piece bound to the board and thus can be taken out. And if the king is out, the Game is over.

  • Next, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Given they're the heroes of the game, but using the dubious methods of changing people's hearts in order to make changes in society, and that almost all of their costumes are colored black, they're the Black Pieces. As said for the Conspiracy, this befits the theives as black pieces go second, showing how they react to issues in the world instead of act, and despite wearing black colors, they are actually the good guys. Furthermore, the Black Player is ''you'', the player! When you started the game, you agreed to the terms set by Yaldabaoth, and thus are the figure who opposes them. You even control the Phantom Thieves, which befits how a player controls their chess pieces.
    • The Black Rooks are Ryuji and Haru. Given the Rooks tend to attack directly, this befits how both Ryuji and Haru have the most Physical Skills when it comes to striking and gun attacks. Furthermore, they're also "sacrificed" for Joker in a way, but unlike the White Rooks, they choose to do this. Haru chooses to change her father's heart and is willing to be seen as the daughter of a criminal, and Ryuji makes a sacrifice so the team can leave Shido's palace...fortunately though, he survives. Furthermore, in some cultures, the Rook is known as "The Chariot". It's not only Ryuji's Confidant, but also befits how Haru was able to "Carry" the Phantom Thieves into her father's Palace, due to the Biometric scanner allowing her in.
    • The Black Bishops are Ann and Yusuke. As the bishops are known for erratically moving across the board, it somewhat befits how Ann treats her modeling career and Yusuke's eccentric artist status. Furthermore, they do have skills that help the movement of others or that depower others.
    • The Black Knights are Futaba and Makoto. Given how the Knight is depicted as riding a horse, it befits how the personas of the girls manifest as a flying UFO and a motorcycle. Furthermore, Knights are well known for being able to skip to spaces other pieces cannot move to. This befits how Futaba is able to hack into things and learn details she shouldn't know, and how Makoto is able to get information on the team from her sister without arousing suspicion.
    • The Black Queen is Morgana. As the Queen is denoted as one of the strongest pieces, Morgana was made in the sense of Igor trying to aid anyone who can help him and/or stop Yaldabaoth. Morgana notably has healing spells and wind spells, which are lest costly to SP. As the Queen can move in multiple spaces, it also befits how Morgana can move as a van throughout Mementos, moving wherever he likes.
    • The Black King is Joker. As with all King pieces, the game is over when the King is taken out. Guess what happens if Joker loses in a fight?


Persona 5 Royal Speculation

The following folders contain spoilers for base Persona 5, You Have Been Warned.
    Pre-reveal WMGs 
The R stands for Rumble
  • Since many people want a fighting game it makes the most sense.
    • Jossed. The R stands for Royal.
Possible games for Persona 5 R

    Character WMGs 
There will an option to play as a female protagonist
Self-explanatory. There's concept art of a potential female protagonist in the art book, a beta model of what appears to be a female protagonist was recently found in the game and a datamine of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate reveals that a hair mesh for one of Joker's alternate costumes is labelled "Jane". She'll likely have a ponytail.
  • Her romance options will be limited to the male Confidants, with the exceptions of Igor, Sojiro, Morgana and possibly Toranosuke, for obvious reasons.
    • A girl with a ponytail appears in the Persona 5: The Royal teaser, but no word yet if she's a female protagonist option or not.
  • Seeing as the Royal girl is not in the same year as Joker, it's possible her story could be a different plotline in the same way Maya's storyline was different from Tatsuya's. Combined with the Aeon theory above, having her around to play through whatever Joker couldn't would flesh the world out more.
    • Royal girl is Kasumi Yoshizawa, a new member of the Phantom Thieves. Her being playable is technically confirmed, but not as the main character.

Guesses for Kasumi's Phantom Thief codename
  • "Empress"
    • Too close to a major arcana (and one for a party member, no less) to be likely
  • "Ace"
  • "Dancer"
  • "Red"
  • "Royal"
  • "Devil"? Her mask looks like it has horns and she uses the same gun type as Satanael.
  • "Sophia"
  • "Jester"
  • "Swan"
  • "Princess"
  • "Magpie"
  • "Raven"
    • Too close to Crow to be likely?
  • "Rose"
  • "Papillon"

If Kasumi gets a Persona, it will be of the Bless-element.
To further parallel Joker and his Curse-element Arsene. It also means she'll be able to replace Akechi and his niche once he leaves the party.
  • Fully confirmed by the 2nd Morgana Connect, which reveals she uses Bless and Physical skills.
    • It's not confirmed if she's replacing Akechi in the party though.

Kasumi will get Marakunda.
It's the only buff/debuff the Phantom Thieves other than Joker don't have in the vanilla game.

Kasumi will lean towards physical skills.
She has 408 HP and 159 SP in the trailer, which translates to a 2.566 HP/SP ratio. This is comparable to the ratios Ryuji and Yusuke have, making it likely she's going to be a brawler.
  • Confirmed by the 2nd Morgana Connect, which reveals she uses Bless and Physical skills.

The new girl will be the lead in a story set in the academic year after Joker goes home.
She's starting at Shujin alongside Futaba. Bonus points if Ryuji and Ann also return as characters. As for the quote from Goro in the teaser, it could be a flashback or maybe there's a brief prologue set during the events of Persona 5 proper.
  • Jossed. There's a new story between December and March but it takes place before Joker goes home.

If Kasumi is the star of a new story, we'll play as her while the second years are in Hawaii and in January.
Basically whenever the second and third years are pre-occupied.
  • Jossed. She's a member of the Phantom Thieves and her Character Reveal Trailer shows that she went on the Hawaii trip alongside Joker.

You will play as Kasumi during the new third semester while Joker is in Juvenile Hall
Similar to when you play as Aigis during The Answer in P3 FES after Makoto dies. Especially if she does turn out be a wild card like the above WMG says. Additionally (and this part is a bit more high in the clouds) she will have her own Confidants separate from Joker's however since you would only play as her for a third of the game her's would only require 5 ranks instead of the traditional 10 ranks. Joker would represent the Fool and whatever rank you where with Kasumi before the switch will be what his is set to for the rest of the game.
  • The problem with this guess is that one screenshot is clearly set on January 1st when Joker is in the slammer in the vanilla game, yet he's clearly free as a canary here.
    • It could just be that Sae gives him more time until he has to turn himself in so he can spend New Years with his friends, New Years is only a few days after Christmas so this does make sense. It could also just be the game's way of justifying having a New Years event like in Golden.
      • Or the screenshot was faked in order to avoid spoiling the fact that Joker turns himself in to people who haven't played the original Persona 5 while still showing off the new year.
      • How can the date in the screenshot be faked when one of the new events announced for P5R is a HatsumōdeNote  event?
      • Not saying that the Date was faked, just saying what if in the final release the event will happen like in the screenshot except Joker won't be present.
      • Unlikely.
    • Jossed as per Ryuji's Character Introduction trailer for Royal. Joker has an event with Ryuji on 22 January.

Kasumi is a Wild Card
Let's get this one out of the way. Her thief outfit looks like a gender bent Joker, and her interactions with the Thieves from what's been seen so far in promotional materials is the same as Akechi (likes Joker, doesn't like the Thieves, and joins them for their own agenda). There's even a subtle hint in the designs of their initial Personas; Arsene, Loki and Cendrillon have similar body shapes, most noticeable with their legs.

Kasumi is a failed Phantom Thief
Maybe Kasumi awakened to her persona, attempted to change someone's heart, and messed up; causing a mental shutdown or worse. This resulted in a Refusal of the Call where she turned her back on the metaverse and refused to try to change anyone again. That may be why she's opposed to the Phantom Thieves; out of fear that they'll end up doing the same thing.
  • Jossed. She awakens her Persona after the Phantom Thieves are established, and her motives aren't connected to accidently causing a mental shutdown or anything of the sort.

Kasumi is actually the female protagonist from Persona 3 Portable
They have the same eye color and fairly similar hair colors. Perhaps Persona 5 R is set within the same universe as FEMC's route, and Elizabeth found a way to bring her back, but couldn't restore her body to exactly the way it was before, hence the darker, longer hair.

Kasumi is evil.
Not only that, she’s working for Yaldabaoth. May have ties to the Grail (possible explanation for human Morgana and Wakaba being seen in the trailer being related to desires). Kasumi may have been responsible for starting the game early along with corrupting Akechi. Her garb is based on the oldest of female trickster archetypes...The Temptress.

If Kasumi turns out to be inhuman and an antagonist, she'll be a Well-Intentioned Extremist
Part of the trailer narration consists of someone being told that they can't give everyone what they want; combined with the appearance of human!Morgana and the reappearance of Wakaba Isshiki, her goals may involve attempting to give all of humanity their fondest desires (Morgana wanting to be human, Futaba and Sojiro wanting Wakaba back, etc). The consequences of this are unknown, but they're most likely not good (perhaps it involves trapping humanity in their own personal cognitive worlds), requiring opposition from the Phantom Thieves.

Kasumi has some connection to Akechi
Given that character-wise they are both similar; both have feelings for Joker, join the Thieves despite disapproving of their methods as well as both of them only teaming up with the Phantom Thieves for their own personal agenda and having another side to their personalities. Both also seem to have a princess and prince theme, with Kasumi having Cendrillon as her Persona and Akechi's alias of "The Second Coming of the Detective Prince" and his regal white thief outfit, and both share the same skill types (Bless and Physical) and have similar animations in battle.

Kasumi is the Royal Timeline's version of Joker - and an ally of her Akechi
Her universe was a total Crapsack World, causing her to become isolated, angry, and embittered, as her Ryuji and Ann didn't actually seek to help her, but remain in Bystander Syndrome (hence Ryuji's voice getting angry at himself for not helping out - that's her Ryuji having a My God, What Have I Done? moment), and in a bit of a Mirror Universe situation, Akechi genuinely reached out to her, causing the two to develop a strong bond; her "Awakening" is a flashback or a deliberate farce to insert herself into the PT, as she came to believe in Akechi's ideals and views them as not willing to do something that works instead of what feels good. The Akechi in the trailer is her Akechi, after both of them have a Heel Realization moment and commit to actually helping the Thieves instead of sulking in their own misery and lashing out at the world.

Kasumi's Persona will be Sherlock Holmes.
Who better to rival a supernatural thief than a supernatural detective? The game may even take the legal-rename to "Herlock" and make the Persona a genderflipped version, a la Orpheus in Persona 3 Portable.

Kasumi's Persona is...
  • Irene. Irene Adler commits blackmail in self-defense, and wins against Sherlock Holmes.
    • Jossed. It's Cendrillon.

Kasumi's Ultimate Persona is Eris
That is if Kasumi's Persona follows the fictional/historical thief + mythological trickster pattern of the main Phantom Thieves, or if she even gets an Ultimate Persona in the first place. Considering that promotional material is playing up the "is she an enemy or an ally" factor, what would be a better fit than a trickster goddess associated with discord? Also considering Kasumi has traits of both Joker and Akechi, it would tie in nicely to the latter having Loki. It would also tie in with the speculation about Kasumi having ties to P3P's female protagonist, since Eris is one of Nyx's children...

Cendrillon is Kasumi's only Persona
Similar to how Metis, a character added to an Updated Re-release of a Persona game and playable during the new story events of that game, only has Psyche.

Kasumi will be voiced by Laura Bailey in the western release
As a Mythology Gag to Persona 3 Portable.

Akechi's Confidant will be optional and he'll be saved from his Bolivian Army Ending
  • Another self explanatory prediction. Since this is the most obvious one, given that Akechi is the most popular out of the Thieves, his confidant doesn't unlock anything outside of several party combatant bonuses despite his alleged importance in the story and the amount of Dummied Out content implying he was meant to be a permanent party member. The Traitor's Confidant will be made optional, and will likely be given a short time frame to be maxed out but will rank up every time you meet up with him, like a certain two social links in Persona 3. Completing it will save Akechi from his Bolivian Army Ending and see him rejoining the Phantom Thieves, as well as unlocking the two combatant bonuses he doesn't unlock in-game (Endure and Protect). Completing Akechi's confidant will also grant the player the ability to fuse either Robin Hood or Loki for themselves, who can further be executed to create one of Akechi's ultimate weapons.
  • For bonus points, Akechi will receive a Cooldown Hug from Joker.
    • Partially confirmed. At around 2:30 in the trailer for The Royal, there's a scene where Haru looks out of the window of the Morgana bus, you can see part of Akechi's leg behind her and its obvious from the belt and distinctive black and blue stripes that he's in his Black Mask outfit, heavily implying he survives his Bolivian Army Ending. It's unclear if he'll become playable afterwards but since the only gameplay we've seen currently is from one trailer and that Akechi being saved doesn't seem like something that Atlus would reveal out in the open considering how late in the game it would happen, there's still a possibility.
  • Partially jossed as well in terms of altering the base game's story as of Morgana Report #3. Atlus has confirmed the main story will be unchanged, however there's a lot of evidence that he'll turn up alive during the new story content.

Akechi will not unlock Loki if he survives his Bolivian Army Ending and becomes playable

  • To tie-in with the above WMG. Loki is technically an initial Persona, despite following the theming of the rest of the party's Ultimate Personas, and it wouldn't make sense for Robin Hood to awaken into Loki when PQ2 confirms they are seperate Personas. So instead of awakening to Loki, Akechi will awaken to a new Persona to act as his Ultimate and to represent his Redemption Quest.
    It's possible that he'll fuse Robin Hood and Loki into a new Persona for his Ultimate one, similar to how P3 protagonist's Ultimate is created by fusing Thanatos and Orpheus. This would work better than just having Robin Hood or Loki mutate into an Ultimate Persona and then handwaving why Akechi can't summon his other Persona.
    • If he fuses them, then his Ultimate Persona would be Raven from Native American folklore since his stories fits with Akechi's character: Being both the hero and villain on his original stories.
  • Theory is potentially credible? It's not 100% confirmed if Akechi will become playable after Niijima's Palace, but Ryuji's trailer shows Captain Kidd and Seiten Taisei fusing into William. Given that Akechi is getting a character trailer like the rest of the Thieves, it's very likely this will end up being confirmed if he's revealed to be playable beyond Niijima's Palace.

Akechi will turn himself in after the final boss.
Given that it's confirmed that Joker/the player will have additional months of gameplay, specifically during the months where Joker is in jail in the original game. It is possible that not only does Akechi survive his fate from the original game, but perhaps also chooses to turn himself in in Joker's place, seeing as the initial reason Joker turned himself in was cause Sae informed him that Akechi was missing to testify. It would be a good way to give him a Redemption Quest without making him come off as a Karma Houdini.

The dialogue in the PV#01/E3 2019 trailer is actually either from Cognitive Akechi or Akechi's shadow
Provided it or an alternate take are in the game at all, given that its a little known fact that you shouldn't take trailers at face value. The dialogue at the beginning of the trailer sounds like its aimed at the Thieves/Akechi himself, as opposed to being intended for the interrogation room.

Akechi and Kasumi will both be considered “guest party members” and thus, will not be in your party at the same time.
The first piece of evidence is that Akechi using Robin Hood at the same time Kasumi uses Cendrillon does not make any sense, since it would give the player no motivation to use all the party members equally (Kasumi shares Bless skills with Robin Hood, and Physical skills with Captain Kidd/Goemon). It’s possible that they may both return in the third semester with Akechi using Loki instead, but this somehow doesn’t seem likely since in this case, there would be no reason no to consider them permanent party members (since they build on the team, just like the other members, rather than leave). However, as per the clip of the intro we got, they’re nowhere to be seen with the core thieves, implying they have a ‘guest’ status. Not to mention how crowded the party screen already looks with nine members. The party screen COULD be revamped to include Kasumi, but given all the evidence, it just doesn’t seem likely that they’ll be party members at the same time.

Akechi and Kasumi will both be avaliable as romance options
Since both of them canonically have feelings for Joker, they'd make the most sense to be new romance options. Kasumi is a foregone conclusion, especially with pre-release material setting her up as an Implied Love Interest. Having Akechi as a romance option would deflect the criticism that base P5 got for not having a Gay Option.Extra (Spoiler warning) 

Joker, Akechi and Kasumi will have a combination attack together
With the way the promotional material is hyping up Kasumi's importance, both her and Akechi canonically having feelings for Joker, not to mention her being in the center of the key art alongside the two, there wouldn't be any reason for Atlus to not have a moment in the game where the wild cards join forces and attack as one. Bonus points if the combination attack in question can only be done during the Final Boss battle to contrast the base game's ending where Joker is the only one who dispatches Yaldabaoth and possibly as a call back to Persona Q2 where P3 hero, P3P heroine, P4 hero and Joker have a unison attack that they use to dispatch the final boss of that game.

Akechi will only be able to perform combination attacks with Joker and Kasumi
Ditto the above theory. Promotional material shows Akechi interacting with Kasumi a fair bit, and one of the promotional screenshots of the game is Akechi, Kasumi and Joker sitting outside a cafe, and it's likely Akechi will build a genuine friendship with the two of them, especially if the theory about Kasumi having some involvement in saving Akechi from his Bolivian Army Ending and/or being a wild card is confirmed, and will unlock combination attacks involving any combination of the two.
  • Likewise, it's also possible that Kasumi can only perform combination attacks with Joker and/or Akechi.

Sophia will be represented in some form
Obvious theory since base Persona 5 uses Gnostic themes, yet Sophia isn't represented. She will likely either be Kasumi's Ultimate Persona, or be Kasumi's true identity a la Marie from 4 Golden if the theory about her being the Aeon Confidant is confirmed.

Sherlock Holmes will be in the game as the ultimate Persona of either the Consultant or Aeon Arcana
Ultimate Persona in that he'll be unlocked after one of those Confidant links is maxed out. As a bonus, you'll be able to execute him to create one of Akechi's ultimate weapons.

Makoto's third-tier Persona will go back to being a Cool Bike
If William is any indication, the party's third-tier Personas seem to be heavily based on their initial while taking visual cues from their ultimate forms.

Third-tier Persona guesses
Gotta take a crack at this now that Ryuji is confirmed to get William.
  • Morgana
  • Ann
    • Ann's third-tier is confirmed as Celestine, named after the first actress to play Carmen.
  • Yusuke
    • Yusuke's third-tier is confirmed as Gorokichi, named after Goemon's younger name.
  • Makoto
    • Pope Joan
  • Futaba
    • Cthulhu
    • Lovecraft
  • Haru
  • Akechi
    • Sherlock Holmes
  • Kasumi

Hifumi and/or Shiho will not be Promoted to Playable
  • Unless Persona 5 R turns out to be a direct sequel and not an Updated Re-release.
    • Confirmed. The only new playable character is Kasumi.

Sae's Confidant will still be automatic
  • Sae's Confidant will still progress with the story. She will not be a romance option.
    • It's likely the player will be given an option to romance her, but she'll always turn you down due to work obligations.

Ryuji will receive more Ship Tease moments with Ann
Since pairing Ryuji/Ann is popular, it's likely Atlus will take note and add more subtext between the two similar to what happened with Kanji/Naoto in Golden.

Haru's fiance and the host from Makoto's Confidant will appear in Mementos after their respective Confidants.
These two are considered Karma Houdinis in the base game, so them appearing in Mementos will remedy this. They'll be purely optional, so they won't lock you out of Haru/ Makoto's Rank 10s. Mika (Ann's modeling rival) could also appear, but she isn't as malicious as the others and parts on somewhat amicable terms with Ann at the end of her Confidant.

Nyarlathotep will actually appear in the game/be the new final boss
Pretty obvious. Biyarky appears as Kasumi's awakening boss fight, and Biyarky is explicitly referred to as a minion of Nyarlathotep in Eternal Punishment.

If there is to be a new rival group to the Phantom Thieves, they will interfere with progress in Palaces 3 and 5 in place of cognitive barriers (and ally with the PTs in the final Palace).
This troper doubts they'd appear in Palace 1 because A) the Thieves haven't been established yet and B) Palace 2 is where the idea of using the real world to access parts of the Palace is introduced. Palaces 3 and 5 have no cognitive barriers and also belong to high profile individuals who could easily fall onto the radar of other Metaverse-users who may obstruct the PTs because they disagree with their methods. (They wouldn't obstruct progress in the penultimate Palace because Goro does it instead and the Thieves are considered dealt with by the public at that point). In other words, instead of having to leave the Palace to do something in reality, there will be a mini-boss in those dungeons to take their place. Ultimately, however, the two groups will put aside their differences and work together for the final Palace, given how high the stakes are.
  • Jossed. No rival team.

Rival Team speculation
Given that the teaser is implying The Royal will feature a new team of playable characters to rival the Phantom Thieves, lead by new girl. This team will represent Neutral, to contrast the Phantom Thieves (Chaos) and The Conspiracy (Law). There will be an opportunity to name the team, and naming them either "The Diamonds" or "The Phantoms" will prompt a unique response. Bonus points if one of the reasons why the Phantom Thieves are hostile to them (other than conflicting ideals on who's method will benefit society) is because one of the Royal team has a black mask as part of their Metaverse outfitSpoiler .

In terms of the Royal team's Arcana (in no real order):

  • New girl: Fool More info 
  • Magician/Hierophant More info 
  • Lovers/Hermit More info 
  • Star More info 
  • Hermit/Moon More info 
  • Fortune More info 
  • Justice More info 
  • Aeon More info 
  • Joker will likely join as a representative of the Phantom Thieves during the final dungeon, similar to the above WMG. The rest of the Phantom Thieves won't be playable but will still appear in cutscenes.
  • Judgement will likely be represented by the Royal team in its entirety, instead of being represented by Sae Niijima.
    • Jossed. The Royal is a pseudo-remake and still features the Phantom Thieves feat. new girl Kasumi Yoshizawa.

    Arcana WMGs 
The Jester/Hunger Arcana will not return
Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

If Royal is a new story set during P5, new girl will be the Jester Arcana.
Igor will comment that it's not what he expected, but it will otherwise be identical to the Fool Arcana and let her use multiple Personas.
  • Jossed. Kasumi's Arcana is The Faith.

Kasumi is the game's Aeon Confidant

She resembles the P3P female protagonist a little too much (Reality Warper confirmed?) to be a female protagonist option and the badge on her uniform confirms she's a first-year student, whereas the protagonist of 5 is a second-year. It wouldn't make sense for her to be the female protagonist option if she's younger than the male optionFor reference... . Her Confidant storyline will involve her being sent to P5's timeline by some means and ending up with amnesia in regards to who she actually is, as well as feeling like she knows Joker from somewhere as a Mythology Gag to PQ2. She'll make her first appearance in the game by butting into Akechi and Joker's debate. It'll turn out that she was deliberately brought into the P5 timeline by an outside force to interfere in Igor and Yaldabaoth's game, and said outside force will either have some connection to Yaldabaoth or be a figure from Mesopotamian Mythology.
Alternately, tying into one of the theories in the Character WMG folder, Kasumi isn't human.

  • Jossed(?). Kasumi is The Faith.

Takuto's Consultant Arcana isn't his true Arcana
Given that the Arcana of the other characters are either from Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck or the Thoth tarot deck, and Consultant isn't part of either. He'll likely play a large role in the new events of Royal, especially if the theory about Kasumi being a wild card and there being a third party interfering in Yaldabaoth's and Igor's game is true. Maybe he was responsible for Kasumi being given the wild card?

The Devil Confidant will be reworked
Ohya is the least popular out of the Confidants, and her ability to reduce the security meter is regarded as one of the worst in the game. It would make sense if either she was replaced by someone else, or her ability was changed to something more beneficial, or a combination of both.
  • The second one is the most likely.

Shiho Aeon Confidant
  • Self explanatory, Shiho will be the Persona 5 Expansions Social Link.
    • Unlikely. She doesn't fit in with the other two Aeon Social Links character-wise, and she's a fairly important part of Ann's Confidant, so it wouldn't make sense to have her as a Confidant unless Ann's Confidant is rewritten entirely.
The Aeon Confidant will either be...
  • Morgana or Akechi.
    • Unlikely, seeing as how both of them are already Confidants. (The Magician and Justice, respectively)
    • Given that some of the playable characters in the Persona 3 expanded editions had Social Links of different Arcanas to their main one, it's not entirely out of the question, especially if either Morgana or Akechi have their Confidants retooled and/or new Confidants are added.
      • The problem with that is that, in the original Persona 3, the only party members who had Social Links were Fuuka, Mitsuru and Yukari, where as all of the party members in Persona 5 already have Confidants. No character in 3 or 4 was ever the Social Link for one Arcana in the original version, only to change to a different Arcana in an Updated Re-release.

If the new story is set after the main game and Iwai returns as a Confidant, he will not be the Hanged Man.
Because Joker helped him through his hang-ups.
  • Jossed. The Royal takes place during Persona 5.

There will be alternate Confidants
Like with Persona 4, the player will be given an option for who his Confidant for a certain Arcana will be.
  • Promotional materials mention new Confidants. Provided that isn't referring to just Takuto and Kasumi, it's likely that certain Arcanas will have alternate/new characters representing them.

    Story WMGs 
There will be a Golden Ending

Two of the requirements for it will likely involve completing the Aeon Confidant, as well as saving Akechi. This ending will probably be a rewritten version of the True Justice ending, and serve as a fix for a lot of common issues with it, since it receives a lot of criticism for feeling rushed and being poorly written.

  • The Royal with have new events happening around December to March in-game, it seems unlikely the ending from base game will be kept.

P5's main story will be expanded to involve past Persona characters.
Because let's face it - with the level of publicity and impact of the Conspiracy's plot and the Phanthom Thieves' activities, why on earth was Mitsuru and Naoto uninvolved in the story? It's also a missed opportunity to further develop Naoto and her sense of justice as a detective - and maybe an additional worldbuilding to show how formidable the Conspiracy is. It also would be nice to showcase others as cameo roles to highlight how the Conspiracy is negatively affecting them, and further drive home the bleakness of the situation.
  • Okumura could have taken over Junes, and Yosuke's family being forced back home to Tokyo.
  • Yu would be struggling to deal with the loss of his parents, who both died from overwork. If a P4(G) save bonus is detected, then additional dialogue can be provided from whoever Yu dated on P4G's Valentine's Day.
  • The rest of the shadow operatives could be arguing among themselves, struggling to come to terms with their orders from the police against their own morals.
  • Naoto and Mitsuru could be conducting their own investigation, and find out that the police agencies were being less than sincere. They eventually side with the Phanthom Thieves, and sabotage the Conspiracy's efforts. After the final battle, they get sent to prison with the protagonist. Alternately, Naoto could work with Sae to both prove the protagonist's and/or Mitsuru's innocence and also to convict Shido.
    • Jossed. Provided this theory wasn't talking about past Persona characters appearing during the new story events, Atlus confirmed the main story will be unaltered from base Persona 5.

The railway accident on Feb 13th will be a part of the new storyline.
Even Sojiro comments that it feels just like the accident the day after Joker arrived in Tokyo. While the base game treats this as a mere coincidence, the new story will explain that this is in fact a sign of more Metaverse shenanigans. Bonus points if it was Akechi's doing yet again.

The new plotline will involve the cognitive world overwriting reality
This will be the reason for odd things happening such as Morgana gaining a human form; that's how he perceives himself. Perhaps an unintended side effect of taking the treasure of Mementos was that the metaverse merged with the real world and now people's desires are becoming reality. The plot may involve the Phantom Thieves realizing this, and having to do something to fix it.

If the new girl is the star of a new story, we'll go back to having Social Links.
Because she won't have as pessimistic a worldview as Joker. Doubly so if her story is set after Persona 5, since the real Igor will be back to promote The Power of Friendship.
  • Jossed. The story takes place during Persona 5 and Confidants are still here.

If The Royal has a new story, several Confidants will be different
Several of the Arcana will be represented by different characters for The Royal, since it wouldn't make sense for Futaba to interact openly with new girl, especially if The Royal takes place during the same timeline as P5 when the Phantom Thieves are operating, even more so if the rival team theory is confirmed. Arcanas that would likely be changed are Magician, Emperor, Hierophant, Lovers, Hermit, Fortune, and Judgement.
  • Jossed.

Persona 2's Jokers will have an influence on the plot
  • Innocent Sin features a Joker who grants wishes, and the negative consequences of wishes: getting something with no effort, or something impossible, makes you lose your grip on reality. Royal appears to have a wish-granter with negative consequences. Maybe Morgana says that the world was once destroyed after too many wishes were granted, and someone (maybe Ryuji) is skeptical about how that could happen, since they can't remember the timeline reset.
  • Eternal Punishment features a Joker who has a recorded history in the timeline. Someone, maybe the Eternal Punishment cast, could visit Tokyo to figure out this new copycat Joker.

Shin Megami Tensei proper will have plot relevance
It's probably not a coincidence that there's something happening in Kichijoji of all places, the hero's hometown in Shin Megami Tensei I. Demons and summoners still exist in the Persona universe, so maybe demons start appearing in the real world?

The non-Royal timeline/universe will be destroyed by a new enemy.
And that enemy will be an embodiment of too much chaos, opposite to the lawful Yaldabaoth.

The third trimester will involve a Lotus-Eater Machine.
Based on the fact that Morgana will have a human form and that a screenshot shows the back of the deceased Wakaba's head while she's having dinner with Sojiro, Morgana and Futaba.

Kasumi will join during Niijima's Palace in place of Akechi
The promotional footage shows her with Joker in an area that looks like Niijima's Palace, and there's a screenshot of her standing outside of Mementos with the rest of the Thieves and Akechi is nowhere to be seen, but she awakens her Persona in an area that doesn't resemble any of the currently known Palaces. Perhaps she contemplates whether or not to join the Thieves for a bit after awakening her Persona? In that case, Akechi will likely join the Thieves permanently during the new story events if the screenshot of Haru and Black Mask Akechi in the Mona bus is any indication.
  • Jossed. A screenshot of a battle in Niijima's Palace shows Akechi in the party.

Kasumi joins during Shido's Palace
Promotional footage shows her in what appears to be Niijima's Palace, and she's shown during the Hatsumōde event and in Mementos with the rest of the Thieves sans Akechi. It's possible that the Biyarky was levelled up to a higher level to make which point in the story where she joins more ambiguous.

The Palace that Kasumi awakens to her Persona in is formed over Kichijoji
The interior of the Palace seen in her Character Introduction Trailer looks like a shopping mall.

Characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4 will show up, and have fairly major roles.
Instead of a cameo, they have some impact on the story. (Such as the Kirijo group, Chie being a police officer, Naoto investigating the Phantom Thieves, etc.) This will lead into Persona 5 Arena.

"Dreams coming true" will be a major theme in the game.
In the teaser trailer for the game, a girl (presumably Kasumi) states that they have "Crushed their dreams". Now, as of Ryuji's trailer, we've seen the seemingly impossible dreams of several characters come true. Morgana is now a human, Futaba's mother is alive, and Ryuji is being scouted by colleges while also being on friendly terms with his former track mates.

    Other WMGs 
The Hero With A Bow will no longer be Dummied Out

It will be available in its rightful place in the Shujin Library after Akechi joins, like the other Persona books.

Cendrillon's book will raise the player's Charm
There's only one library book that raises Charm, and other than Courage and Kindness this seems like a stat that would work well with the tale of Cendrillon.

There will be something involving Inklings
Since Futaba already looks like one, the Phantom Thieves will be confused when they mistake an orange inkling girl for Futaba. Plus it would be quite the crossover fuel for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Futaba's represented by an Inkling in Ultimate.

Some of the outfits from Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight will be added
Likely as optional DLC. Characters that lacked certain outfits in that game (Akechi and Kasumi) will receive them here.
  • The Velvet Room outfits and Featherman outfits are confirmed as returning in the form of bonus DLC for the Straight Flush edition.

Kasumi DLC outfit predictions
She'll get Rin's outfit for her Catherine DLC costume and Maya's outfit for her Persona 2 DLC costume. Her Persona 3 costume will obviously be P3P female protag's outfit. She may possibly get Marie's outfit for her Persona 4 DLC costume as well.
  • Alternately, she could get Marie's outfit for her Velvet Room outfit instead.

Akechi will have a Palace
Likely serving as a bonus Palace during the new story elements, similar to how the Hollow Forest in Persona 4 Golden is unlocked. It was Dummied Out of the base game so why not add it back in?

If Akechi is made fully playable after Niijima's Palace, one of his ultimate weapons will be Laevateinn
For its effect, it'll either give him a large stat boost or have a high chance of inflicting Rage. Likewise, his other ultimate weapon will be the Proof of Justice ray gun as seen in the Animated Adaptation's OVA of the same name.

Akechi's boss fight will use Rivers in the Desert
Since it was originally meant to play during his boss fight.

The game will feature straight-up demons
Tokyo is the hub for demon activity in the SMT series. If strange things are happening in the real world in addition to the Metaverse, the demon summoner protagonists might have a role.

Some of the confidant gifts will be rearranged
Given it doesn't make sense for Yusuke to have 3 possible gifts when the other guys only give one, and the Hero Figure's description doesn't fit with Futaba's character, even though the gift itself does fit with her being an otaku. It's likely that Kasumi (and possibly Akechi) will have an event that gives one of these gifts instead and another one of Yusuke's gifts will be given by Futaba in place of the Hero Figure (likely the Star Stickers, since it's a much better fit).

There will be some sort of bonus for having the original game.
Either you get a discount on Royal if you have the original game, or you can import clear data from the original game. Or both.
  • Confirmed. While you can't import your old save, the May 9th Famitsu article confirmed there would be some sort of bonus for returning players.
  • As an added bit, there's no discount on Royal if you have clear data from the base game. At least in terms of preordering.

There will be a Danganronpa DLC costume pack
That is if they can reach an agreement with Spike Chunsoft, since the Persona and Danganronpa franchises have Friendly Fandoms.
  • Joker: Either Makoto or Hajime.
  • Ryuji: Fuyuhiko.
  • Morgana: Monokuma.
  • Ann: Junko.
  • Yusuke: Shuichi.
  • Makoto: Aoi.
  • Futaba: Kyoko.
  • Haru: Chiaki.
  • Akechi: Nagito.
  • Kasumi: Kaede.

There will be a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure DLC pack
Since that's another franchise that Persona is friendly with. Alternatively, the Arcana Stands from Part 3 could be DLC Personas.
  • Joker: Jonathan.
  • Ryuji: Giorno.
  • Morgana: Iggy.
  • Ann: Jolyne.
  • Yusuke: Jotaro (Eh? Eh?).
  • Makoto: Hot Pants.
  • Futaba: Yasuho.
  • Haru: Trish.
  • Akechi: DIO.
  • Kasumi: Lisa Lisa.

The Yakuza DLC costumes from Dancing in Starlight will be brought over.
Self-explanatory, with the following additions for the characters that didn't appear or didn't get alts in that game.

There will be a Dead or Alive DLC pack
As a thank you to Koei Tecmo for letting Omega Force help develop Persona 5 Scramble.
  • Joker: Hayate or Hayabusa
  • Ryuji: Jann Lee
  • Morgana: Zack
  • Ann: Tina
  • Yusuke: Bayman
  • Makoto: Ayane
  • Futaba: Hitomi
  • Haru: Helena
  • Akechi: Rig
  • Kasumi: Kasumi

There will be a Lupin III DLC pack
It makes too much sense if TMS can agree to let them use them.
  • Joker: Lupin.
  • Ryuji: Jigen.
  • Ann: Fujiko.
  • Yusuke: Goemon.
  • Akechi: Zengita.

There will be a Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey DLC pack

Some party members would wear Demonica suits with different variations:

  • Joker: Hero
  • Ryuji: Jimenez(Human or demon form)
  • Ann: Zelenin (Human or angel form)
  • Morgana: Demonee-hoo
  • Yusuke: Commander Gore (Alive or Ubergestalt)
  • Makoto: Louisa Ferre
  • Futaba: Arthur
  • Haru: Demeter
  • Akechi: Black Demonica/Captian Jack
  • Kasumi: Alex

Morgana's bowdlerized "Time for some bloodshed!" line from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be added in as an Easter Egg.
  • The above line was replaced with "Time for some brutality", so the replacement line could be added in alongside the original one as a neat reference.


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