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All Gays Are Pedophiles

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"You are gay, and all gays are paedophiles!"

The basic idea that homosexuals (especially men) have a sexual interest in children and will molest them if they get a chance.

This lies on several homophobic prejudices. One is conflating any unconventional sexual activity, so homosexuality and paedophilia (and even bestiality) would be lumped together as "unnatural acts". This was reinforced by widely disseminated scandals of sexual child abuse in institutions (like the Catholic Church) that was often of boys by men (despite this having more to do with sex segregation making the boys more available than girls). Finally the belief that homosexuality is unnatural and must be a learned behaviour lead to the notion (still used today to clamp down on LGBT awareness campaigns) that the "gay agenda" must be preying on children. No credible research has found such any link between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Nowadays this is a Discredited Trope. The growing awareness of LGBT discrimination led to increasingly regard this trope as old-fashioned and offensive. Most recent examples tend to be subversions, if not openly calling out characters for expressing this attitude.

A subtrope of Depraved Homosexual. Compare Rape and Switch, when homosexuality is "triggered" after a sexual abuse. The increase in the prominence of the Pedophile Priest trope has contributed to this.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • In My Brother's Husband, it is implied during the first volume that Yaichi holds this prejudice about his gay brother-in-law Mike, due to his anxious reaction to his daughter Kana's fascination with Mike's body hair and her subsequent desire to sleep in the same room as him. He quickly gets over it.

  • The 1961 short film Boys Beware, notable for not only blatantly describing homosexuality as a contagious disease, but also having the child be punished for being molested. It should be noted that the same producer produced a film, that same year, titled Girls Beware. The film highlights this trope, because, while then men are depicted as perverts for their attraction to underage girls, Girls Beware never equates their perversion with heterosexuality as a whole, the way that Boys Beware does to homosexuality.
  • Circle: When a woman reveals herself to be part of a lesbian couple with a child when pressed on her background, the Laywer goes on a homophobic tirade, insinuating that she and her wife are grooming their young daughter. This display of bigotry disgusts more than enough people in the room for him to be eliminated next.
  • Milk points out the historical fact that even into the late 1970s homosexual school teachers could be fired for "being a danger to children" using this trope as a pretext.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge: The only canonically gay character is Coach Schneider, who goes to gay bars. When he's there, he picks up Jesse, forces him to run laps around the gym, and then seems to be about to assault him when Freddy kills him. There's the added element that Jesse himself is Ambiguously Gay and he spends a lot of time being possessed by a child molester and murderer.

  • Subverted in the Christopher Rice novel Light Before Day. Main protagonist Adam is trying to crack a child pornography case headed by a gay man, but is dreading the possible backlash against the gay community. His mentor, an older mystery writer (who's straight), assures him that the people running the operation are bastards for exploiting children, not for being gay, and that he need not worry about vindicating his community.
  • Frank Herbert, author of Dune, was accused of invoking this trope via the character of Vladimir Harkonnen, though there was another explanation: he wasn't attracted to young boys because he was gay, he was gay because he was attracted to young boys, or more precisely, to himself at that age. He was seriously screwed up, on multiple levels. The fact that that series isn't exactly long on gay characters didn't help matters.
  • In Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult, this is discussed. Vanessa, who is a lesbian, discusses having to keep her door open when talking to students alone, because it turns out that she had a get together at her house with some students. The students found alcohol, got drunk, and later accused her of molesting them. Later on in the book, Zoe is accused of molesting one of her clients (she is a musical therapist).

     Live Action TV  
  • An episode of Law & Order revolves around the cold case of a boy who disappeared in the 1960s and whose body has recently turned up in his old building. The main suspects in the original investigation were a homosexual couple who lived nearby, largely because of this trope. They didn't do it, but the surviving member of the couple isn't particularly keen to cooperate with the detectives because of this trope, and bitterly lampshades it. Turns out it was a heterosexual man who killed him.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit:
    • Repeatedly averted. At one point it pulls a Lampshade Hanging on this trope by pointing out that somewhere around 90% of pedophiles are heterosexual men.
    • In one episode, a young girl was raised by lesbians (her birth mother and the mother's partner). After some pictures were found of the family in which the girl was naked in an innocent child kind of way and taking a bath with one of the mothers (a practice that is not uncommon in much of the world) a lawyer convinced the girl's grandparents to press charges and sue for custody by showing them bogus studies that said gays were highly likely to molest their children.
  • Discussed on NYPD Blue when PAA John Irvin (who was gay) was coming over to babysit Andy's son. "He's in charge, but if he wants you to do something that makes you uncomfortable you don't have to do it, and make sure you tell me about it." Nothing happened.
  • In the Masters of Horror episode "Sick Girl", as soon as Ida's landlady discovers that she's gay, she accuses her of eyeing up her ten-year-old granddaughter. Ida is understandably offended.
  • In Game of Thrones, the eunuch spymaster Varys comes across as Ambiguously Gay, and because of a belief in this trope, some of the other characters at court like to insult him by intimating that he takes sexual advantage of the children who spy for him.
  • In the Inspector Lynley episode "Well Schooled In Murder", Lynley's old friend John Corntel works at a private boy's school and is gay, but keeps it to himself out of fear that the staff and parents may turn on him because of this trope. He did have a relationship with a former student of his once the young man was of legal age and in college, and a particular prefect who found out about the relationship uses it to blackmail him. When Lynley eventually gets him to confess this, Contrel very pointedly says he is attracted only to adult men.

  • Tom Robinson's 1976 angry gay anthem, Glad to be Gay, contains, among other descriptions of wrongs done to gay people, the lines, "Molesters of children, corrupters of youth/It's there in the papers, it must be the truth."

     Western Animation  
  • South Park has mocked this attitude:
    • In the episode "Cripple Fight." Big Gay Al is fired from the Mountain Scouts because of his sexuality and replaced with an supposedly heterosexual man, who really does molest the boys.
    • It is played straight with Mr. Garrison in "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" (though this episode took place right before he actually came out).
  • Parodied in Monkey Dust when one of the Paedofinder General's victims were a couple of Straight Gays based on "some bloke in the pub who knew for definite". He even drops the very name of the trope.


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