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Sexual Deviance Is Evil

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"It is regularly hypothesized how the U.S. public might have responded to Siegmund receiving the entirety of what he was promised by the U.S. government. He was a Nazi, a homosexual, and a mass killer."
Über: Invasion

Since the dawn of storytelling, many fictional works have dealt with sex and sexuality, whether as a way to titillate or a way to introduce drama or comedy. It has also been used as a normative trope to highlight or reinforce sexual morality: a good character or protagonist adheres to the sexual mores of their society, while an evil character or antagonist is a sexual deviant. The relationship between evil and perversion can go both ways: their sexual proclivities can merely be a reflection of how twisted their psyche is, or it can be the motivation for them to do evil.

Historically, "good" sexuality usually meant a monogamous, religiously-sanctioned relationship between two heterosexual cisgender adults. Anyone whose sexual activities venture beyond this are seen as morally reprehensible, if not a physical danger to themselves and others. This has often been an Enforced Trope — whether due to actual laws, industry standards like The Hays Code, or a simple chilling effect from the culture, it would be impossible for media creators to depict things outside the sexual norm as anything but negative.

This is also an Evolving Trope, as sexual mores shift throughout history and the Values Dissonance grows with time. For instance, the legal and social taboos regarding child marriage and first cousins marrying have become far stricter in the past few centuries, while those regarding premarital sex, homosexuality and polyamory have become far more relaxed. The DSM's definition of paraphilia included homosexuality and masturbation for much of the 20th century, classifying them as unhealthy psychological aberrations instead of normal expressions of sexuality; the definition of paraphilia has since been narrowed to sexual habits that are debilitating or directly harmful to themselves or others around them. Even kinks well outside the mainstream, such as bondage and BDSM, are more likely to be portrayed in modern times as a Casual Kink instead of evil and demented — as long as it's Safe, Sane, and Consensual, that is.

Compare Heteronormative Crusader. Compare and contrast Sexual Karma, where heroes are depicted having pleasant sexual encounters and villains have unpleasant ones, and Sex Is Evil, where any and all depictions of sex in a work are portrayed negatively. Contrast Chivalrous Pervert, Lovable Sex Maniac, Ethical Slut, Hooker with a Heart of Gold, and Good Bad Girl. See also Bastard Bastard and Inbred and Evil for how breaking sexual taboos can have negative consequences in fiction.

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