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It's exactly what it looks like.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

The Phantom Thieves may live to steal hearts, but they may very well make you laugh your ass off as they do it.

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  • Morgana's navigation lines in general are pretty hilarious, since not only is he very biased towards (and against) certain members, but since he's also an active party membernote , he has to comment on his own actions too.
    [Morgana hits a weakness]: It's almost scary how good I am!
    [Ryuji misses]: Oh Skull... you're pathetic.
    [Ann hits a weakness] Enemy down! You're so gorgeous, Panther.
  • In palaces, Yusuke Naruto runs.
  • Some of the Shadows have some pretty funny voice clips, like calling you a scrub if you miss them.
    "Come at me, clown shoes!"
    "Yeah, keep smiling, buddy."
    "What a strange costume."
    "Still playing cops and robbers, huh?"
    Vs. Female Shadows: "You can't hit a girl!"
    Vs. Kid-like Shadows: "Stranger danger!"
    When afflicted with the Burn status: "Oh Shit! That's hot!"
    While confused: "Are you... my grandkid?!"
    • Confusing certain shadows will cause them to howl like a baboon during their turns. This includes Thoth, who resembles, well, a baboon.
  • A lot of the negotiation dialogue is fairly amusing. Highlights include a Shadow lying and accusing you of breaking their watch (if you accuse them of lying, they may admit that they don't actually have one), or asking you for your preferences in women.
  • The new "Die For Me!" animation consists of a bunch of giant teddy bears with dynamite strapped to them suicide rushing into the opponents.
  • If you take the time to walk around Shujin's practice building, you'll run into an NPC called "Starry-eyed Student" who's staring at a bulletin board and muttering to himself. If you talk to him it becomes very clear that he's trying his best to make it seem like he's a Phantom Thief.
    • He also tries to convince you that he's a "lone wolf", despite the fact that the very first calling card referred to the "Phantom Thieves".
  • The All-Out Attack animation, when it finishes off all enemies, is usually awesome, but the party members' individual finishing touches are amusing in their own ways.
    • Haru's All-Out Attack animation has her slicing through enemies, then dropping down gracefully while taking a sip of tea, complete with a caption saying "Adieu" in curly script.
    • Ryuji's All-Out Attack pose involves him landing flat on his face before posing like nothing happened - though he gets back up so quickly, and the initial fall is so cartoonish, it's actually plausible that he meant to do that.
    • Morgana lands on a swivel chair with a cigar in his paw. Would be pretty badass, but, well, it's Morgana.
    • Akechi, however, takes the cake in terms of pure camp. His animation has him doing a flamboyant dance before posing with the phrase, "My sole interest is uncovering the truth", in the background. It doesn't help that he has what might be the most ridiculous costume in the game.
  • On the first visit to Mementos, Morgana explains why he can turn into a vehicle.
    Morgana: For some reason, "cats turning into buses" is an extremely widespread cognition among the general public.
    Ann: Why a bus though?
    Morgana: No idea.
    • After they all climb into the passengers' seat, they sit for a moment with blank looks on their faces.
      Morgana: Why are you all just sitting back there? I'm a car, remember? I'm not going anywhere unless someone drives me.
    • This can then be followed up by a funny little dialogue where Ryuji and Ann ask if Joker can drive - if the choice for "not having a license" is brought up, they call him out for being worried about licenses while in an alternate reality.
    • You can also choose 'Time to bust my moves'. Ryuji and Ann will flatout sweatdrop from hearing that and think, 'Oh boy, their ride will be awfully bumpy'. It ends with Ann sighed and reminded Safety first, okay.
  • When he opens a locked treasure chest, Joker has a habit of spinning around dramatically once he's done pilfering its contents. Unfortunately, if he has a companion nearby (who will also react excitedly at the find), the way the spin is shot makes it look like he's backhanding most of them for getting too close.
    • When opening locked chests, a random party member will appear to check out the contents with Joker. While most react with normal interest, Yusuke will instead attempt to act completely uninterested... up until the chest is opened, at which point he quickly spins around, tail wagging behind him (...somehow), and practically shoves his face into the chest in his excitement.
    • Another one that works with Joker's dramatic flourish is Akechi: he rests a hand on Joker's left shoulder. From the way it looks, it seems as though Joker is non-verbally asking for some personal space.
    • Haru very nearly swoons when she sees what's inside the chest. She clasps her hands dramatically like an overblown shoujou heroine who's love interest has just done something amazing... in other words, she's getting really into character!
  • During flu season, enemies may begin the battle with the Despair ailment, which disables their action and causes them to kill themselves in 3 turns. The Reaper note  is not immune to this.
  • If you get a Bullet Hail while Haru is in the party, take a close look at her. Grenade launchers are not meant to be fired that fast, and the animation is hilarious.
  • If both Ryuji and Yusuke are in the party during air vent crawls, Ryuji may ask Yusuke not to stare at his butt, much to Yusuke's bewilderment.

Kamoshida's Palace

  • When Joker and Ryuji return to the first palace for the second time, Ryuji is shocked when he turns to find that Joker's clothes have changed from his school uniform into his Badass Longcoat. When you respond, you can have Joker also react in surprise or ask "You jelly?".
  • Morgana sleeps on Joker the first night he's there. Joker's sleepy thoughts during this?
    Something's pressing down on me. Is this the stress of Kamoshida's threat weighing on me...?
    • This gets a repeat after Morgana rejoins following the whole spat in September. Joker's thoughts this time?
      So heavy... my body feels like a boulder slowly sinking into quicksand...
  • While coming up with a codename for Ann, none of the options based on her Cat Suit pleases her, so she ponders on being called "Panther" because it sounds more ferocious. Morgana praises her choice, but being a bit unfamiliar with human jargon, also name-drops just the wrong large feline for it:
    Morgana: She's a cougar...!
    Ann: Don't call me that!
  • After Ann awakens and the team defeats the Guard Captain, Kamoshida's only reaction is a well earned "Oh shit...".
  • Morgana's first reaction to treasure, where he makes cute purrs whilst hugging the treasure, which Joker can comment on with "That's not catnip...". He enjoys this until he is snapped out of his trance, which he tries to act normal afterward.
    Morgana: [clears throat] Oh, um, yeah... Forgive me for displaying such an insolent sight in front of a lady...
  • The team high-tailing out of the crumbling Palace with Ryuji calling Morgana a cheater for turning into his cat form and leaping on him and Ann to get ahead. Ann shouting, "We're gonna die! We're so gonna die!" is also a stealth Call-Back to Teddie having the same reaction to a matching situation near the end of Persona 4 Golden.
  • During the Kamoshida fallout, the police visit the school to investigate. Two policemen near the entrance will ask Joker if Kamoshida did anything to him, if Joker speaks to them. You can answer seriously... or not:
    Hard-boiled officer: Even if it's something minor, let me know if you happen to know anything at all.
    > He threatened me.
    > He sexually assaulted me.
    > He was nude under his coat...note 
  • During the founding members first official celebratory party, Ann and Ryuji help Joker and Morgana get some food from the buffet as the latter two are on table watch duty: Ryuji comes back with nearly all the meat dishes on the menu for himself, while Ann does the same but the desserts...what did they snag for Joker and Morgana? A bizarre pile of foods that's mostly comprised of beans, a lot of beans. Morgana is quick to lampshade the imbalance on everyone's plates.
    Morgana: MORE beans?!

Madarame's Palace

  • During the initial phases of entering Madarame's Palace, Ann ends up having to acquiesce to Yusuke's request for a nude modeling job for a distraction. Cut to Yusuke's studio, where at first you can only see Ann's head as they talk, before Yusuke asks if Ann's gained some weight... right as the player is probably thinking that Yusuke's about to see Ann's bad side, the scene cuts to the sight of Ann dressed in so many layers that she looks nearly three times her size (complete with a goofy sound effect).
    Ann: (ignoring the normal responses to Yusuke's question) You think so? I weigh the same as always... maybe I'm bloated today?
    • During this, Yusuke is having an extremely difficult time trying to remain calm as Ann removes all the clothing she's wearing to distract him, all while making suggestions about going to a locked room for more atmosphere. And while throwing clothes at his feet! Poor guy is struggling not be flustered by this.
    • Ann's incredibly stilted acting during this whole sequence just makes it that much better. Morgana outright wonders how Yusuke could possibly be falling for it.
  • While deciding Yusuke's codename, Ryuji suggests 'Abura-age.' (Translate: Deep-fried tofu.)Explanation  And Yusuke just GOES WITH IT.
  • In Madarame's Palace, the discussion you can have with your party members about his giant gold statue of himself qualifies.
    Yusuke: Ngh... To think there even exists a thing such as this here... It is nothing short of an abomination..."
    Ryuji: I guess Palace rulers like makin' statues of themselves.
    Ann: It was the same with Kamoshida. I guess this one's a little better-made though.
    Yusuke: I-is that so...?
  • There's just something funny about "Madara-Megido", Shadow Madarame's signature move in his combined form. The player will likely be freaking out when they see the word "Megido"... only for it to do laughable damage. Madarame's own "art" really does suck that badly.
  • You can comment that there are too many guys in the group when Yusuke officially joins the team after beating Madarame's Palace, he then offers to dress as a woman if that would make things better.
  • When travelling by train to Ichiryuusai Madarame's studio to meet with Yusuke Kitagawa, a child hears Morgana meowing and asks to pet him. The player can respond that Morgana is actually a stuffed animal that meows when you press on his head. Joker demonstrates, much to Morgana's shame, and the child asks to see it again. The player has three options:
    >I should press gently.
    >I'll press forcefully.
    >Time to button mash.
    Morgana: Mew... Meowowowowowowowowowowow! ....Blerghh! I just threw up in my mouth...
  • In Madarame's Palace, you can actually enter the toilets, causing Ann to remark on the situation. Most contain treasure chests or smaller treasures to steal. In one female toilet, there is nothing but a sole female shadow, who immediately spots you and reacts with the same amount of surprise as a normal human would in that situation.
  • After the palace, when the gang gets a free round of drinks at Leblanc, Sojiro motions Joker to show his friends his room. Ryuji and Yusuke go on ahead, and when Ann's about to join them, she stops in her tracks and picks up the schoolbag with Morgana inside it as well. No text box, as if completely ad-libbed.
    >Ann: Sheesh, they had to leave the Mona bag down here?!

Kaneshiro's Palace

  • In June, after spending a week tailing Joker around town, Makoto calls him to her office and presents evidence that he is the Phantom Thief, a recording of Ryuji loudly talking about it. While he can deny it, seconds later he receives a phone call from Ryuji once again loudly asking why Joker's late to their Phantom Thieves meeting.
    • Makoto trailing Joker as a whole is humorous. She will pretend to read a magazine while conspicuously following him, giving completely unconvincing excuses and bluntly asking if he's going to meet with Ryuji and Ann. It's also quite funny if you run through the streets - Makoto will follow while still keeping her head buried in her magazine.
    • When confronted by Makoto on the rooftop and she questions the group's sense of justice, Morgana says "Can't you say something witty back at her?" One of your dialogue options is "Something witty."
      Morgana: I knew you were gonna say that!
  • When the group has to go to Shinjuku to meet Ohya, Ann has to stay behind because too many people would arouse suspicion. Yusuke then adds, in the chat thread, that he also has to stay behind... because he can't afford the train fare.
  • In June, as part of an information trade with Ohya, you refer her to Mishima in exchange for Junya Kaneshiro's name. Later that night, Mishima messages you, completely oblivious to the situation, saying that he's met a nice woman named Ohya and is eagerly awaiting going out with her (which Joker does nothing to dissuade).
  • Immediately after Makoto makes her contract with her Persona.
    Yusuke: A Persona...?
    Ryuji: No, dude... that's a bike...
  • Immediately after obtaining her Persona, Makoto starts barking orders at the team and assumes tactical command, to which Ryuji of all people meekly replies with a "Y-Yes, ma'am!". Her regal bearing and his immediate obeisance is what earns her the title of Queen.
    Ann: [sigh] Skull's totally the type to be under a girl's thumb.
  • Makoto's utter shock at realizing that the Phantom Thieves, up to that point, have been basically winging their entire operation with some guidance from Morgana. She immediately takes matters into her own hands and the entire group is left silenced in her wake.
  • During the meeting for the Fireworks festival, Yusuke gets hit on by some women and Ryuji wants to go along with it. However, Yusuke tells them off for not living up to standards of their yukata and drives them off. Ryuji gives the most stunned "How Could You?" to him as the other girls arrive.
    • Followed by the festival itself when it begins to rain. Ann wrings out part of her Yukata, exposing a good portion of her leg. Makoto lets her know and the two look at the guys, who are sheepishly looking away and sweat-dropping, knowing they just got caught.
  • Kaneshiro may be a money-laundering sociopath, but admit it. You found his Totally Radical behavior during his boss fight hilarious.
    • If you look closely, when Piggytron enters Super VIP form, he's rolling Piggytron by doing Gangnam Style.
    • Becomes even funnier when you realize he only starts behaving like this after turning into a fly. He's literally "acting fly"!
  • The Thieves are escaping from Kaneshiro's Palace in the Morganamobile with his Treasure in tow and end up forgetting that they're in the air and drive off the edge. They return to the real world fine, albeit sore from the fall. Ryuji ends up bringing back the ass-cracked conversation from Persona 4.
    Ryuji: I think I cracked my ass...
    Yusuke: Ann, are you all right!? Is yours cracked as well?
    Makoto: Isn't it supposed to be though?
    • Immediately following this, the group begins to search for Morgana, who is lying unconscious in the street with the newly formed Treasure, a golden briefcase, on top of his head. This is where the resident personification of Patience best displays his natural, unintended deadpan.
      Ryuji: That briefcase...
      Yusuke: It appears to have been the cause of Morgana's demise.
    • After the above, the team cracks open the briefcase to find what appears to be 30 million yen (about $275,000) inside. Everyone begins wondering what they're going to do with it, only for Yusuke to point out that it's the fake money you'd see as part of a board game. Cue Ryuji's Big NO upon the revelation.
      Ryuji: [whining] Nooooooooooooooooooo!
    • See the whole thing here.

Futaba's Palace and Summer Vacation

  • Mid-July, during the build-up to the next big target, the party agrees to look into this mysterious group of hackers called Medjed. Cue Yusuke holding a monologue in their group chat a few days later about everything he learned about Medjed... the Egyptian god, that is, not the hackers. Ryuji even tries to (unsuccessfully) interrupt him a few times. Joker can compliment Yusuke on his work.
  • On the 20th of July when the player gets a text from Alibaba who is asking to make a deal, you have the option to continuously ask "Who are you again?" with Alibaba replying with increasing annoyance until the game makes you resume. With all this, it is easy to imagine Futaba's exasperation from her end.
  • At the start of summer vacation, Joker gets a message from Mishima about an eccentric man who has been sighted at the planetarium, speaking to himself about the beauty of the stars and such. It should come as no surprise that it turns out to be Yusuke, who takes offense to being called eccentric, yet vows to keep an eye out for this strange fellow Mishima was talking about.
  • The crew enters Sojiro's house to look for Futaba when it's pitch black, with ominous rolling thunder outside. After they hear a loud, shrill scream come from out of nowhere, Makoto starts getting so scared she has to ask to hold on to Joker. When she finally comes face to face with Futaba, they both completely freak out and Makoto clings to Joker's leg, apologizes profusely, and begs for her sister to save her.
    Makoto: I'msorryI'msorryI'msorry! PleasesavemeSis....
    • Sojiro soon arrives, forcing all the other party members to make a run for it. He turns on a flashlight and finds Makoto still clinging to Joker's leg, causing him to assume that they're going out, and forcing her to deny it.
  • While Futaba consciously wants the Phantom Thieves to steal her heart, her unconscious mind doesn't quite agree with having them in her pyramid-shaped Palace. End result: shortly after meeting them, Shadow Futaba summons a giant boulder and sends it rolling down the long flight of stairs they're standing in, prompting the thematically-fitting Indy Escape from the trailer.
    • Best part: the pursuing boulder has angry emojis scribbled on it.
  • One cutscene involves Joker, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, and Makoto driving in the Morganamobile. In a desert. And there's no air-conditioning.
    • In said scene, as Makoto and Ann are complaining about the heat, Ann is flapping her shirt in a futile effort to cool down. Thing is, she's sweating so heavily that it's made her white shirt basically transparent, giving the viewers a peek of her bra. Turns out that Ryuji and Joker are staring. Ann pulls the seat level in retaliation, causing chaos in the Morganamobile.
      • After Ann extracts her revenge the scene goes back to showing the inside of the Morganamobile which now has a big crack on the rear window with a pair of plasters over it.
      • What makes it even funnier is Ann is sitting next to Makoto, who is also sweating clear through her white shirt... and seated in a position that exposes her now see-through back. While the two other boys are fixated on Ann, Yusuke takes this opportunity to ogle her instead.
    • Their conversation about it once they return to the real world is also worth a chuckle:
      Ann: That reminds me. While we were in the Mona car, you were staring at me with a dirty look, you perv.
      Ryuji: Shuddup! It was a great view! You guys were lookin' too, am I right!?
      Yusuke: Indeed. The pyramid's Golden Ratio was truly a sight to behold.
      Ryuji: That ain't what I'm talking about...
      Morgana: I wasn't staring, Lady Ann. I'm a gentleman, after all.
      Ann: [suspicious tone] It's not that you "weren't," but that you "couldn't" since you were transformed, am I right?
      Morgana: [guilty Sweatdrop]
      Makoto: [sighs] Will we be all right like this…?
  • One of the status elements is Mouse. That would be funny enough, except you encounter enemies who can inflict it while Morgana is still Mission Control. His utterly flabbergasted reaction to being turned into a rodent has to be heard to be believed.
    Morgana: *squeak squeak squeeeaaak*!
    • For an extra dose of comedy, the actual in-game name of the mouse status condition is "rattled."
  • While going through Futaba's palace, the group is stopped by a rolling boulder trap and have to solve a puzzle to get past. After Joker presses the button to finish the puzzle, the trap starts up... and then doesn't stop. Everyone asks Joker to stop it so he hits the button again... only for the whole palace to shake as it speeds up. Finally, fed up with this, Joker kicks the button as hard as he can which finally stops the perpetually rolling boulders.
    Morgana: ...It's broken. Well, I guess it would be more precise to say we broke it.
  • This chat about the Calling Card for Futaba:
    Ryuji: Calling card's ready!
    Ann: That was fast!
    Ryuji: I mean, I already wrote three of 'em before this, remember?
    Makoto: But I came up with almost all of the sentences...
    Ryuji: You don't gotta mention that!
    Makoto: Smooth, Ryuji...
    Yusuke: The real question here is when we should go to Futaba's room...
    Makoto: Well, um... [beat] I think our leader should decide.
    Ryuji: Look who's the smooth one now...
  • When the time finally comes to steal Futaba's treasure, they'll have to give the calling card to her in person in order to gain entrance to the pyramid's treasure room. They finally manage to talk to Futaba in her room, while Futaba hides in her closet... until she suddenly jumps out, arms extended, demanding them to take her heart right there and then.
    Futaba: Th-There! Now steal it!
    Ryuji: ...What's gotten into you all of a sudden?
    Futaba: C-C'mon, hurry it up!
    Makoto: We did come to steal your heart, but it's not really done right here at the moment... All you really had to do was open that closet door... I'm sorry we made you jump to conclusions. You don't have to be like that...
    Futaba: [looks at the party.] I-I see... [let's her head and arms hang, takes a few steps back into the closet and closes the door.]
    Ann: She went back in!
  • After Futaba's Palace, the plot of the game only moves forward after the deadline. This is normal, but how does the game get around the fact you already have a hacker who can solve your problem right then and there? Because Futaba spends the entire rest of the time window asleep. It's entirely possible this means she spends most of the month happily snoozing away, completely oblivious to the Medjed problem she contacted the Thieves to help solve!
    • Once Joker reminds her, she drags him and Morgana to her room where she spends the entire day dealing with Medjed, completely hyperfocused on the task at hand. Joker and Morgana get bored, so they clean up the massive piles of garbage she's accumulated, while she's completely oblivious. When she finally finishes, she's shocked to see her room is suddenly clean, then falls back asleep.
    • The Mood Whiplash after Futaba's Palace counts: the group is worried that an unconscious Futaba might be dead and call Sojiro to check. He replies in a totally matter-of-fact way that Futaba sleeping is a common occurrence and asks the Thieves to let her rest.
    • The problems don't end there; while Futaba has been cured of her suicidal ideation, she's still an agoraphobe afraid of personal contact, even with the other Thieves - and is also The Gadfly. Thus, most of the week is taken up by Makoto desperately attempting to navigate the stone wall of Mathematicians Answers that is closest to a full conversation Futaba generally gets (for example, Makoto asks about the weather, only to learn that it doesn't matter to someone who never goes outside), with the most early break in the wall happening when Yusuke meddles with her Phoenixman action figures.
      • Yusuke messes with them by disassembling them off-camera and rebuilding them in Ginyu Force poses. Futaba's reaction is mostly glossed-over, but Yusuke appears genuinely baffled by her outrage.
  • After Futaba joins the team, a chat message leads to this:
    Yusuke: Hm, you seem to be quite talkative in these conversations.
    Futaba: Is that so? I'll shut up then.
    Futaba: :I
    Yusuke: .......?
    Futaba: >:C
    Ann: I don't think I get it, but I'm pretty sure she's angry.
    Ryuji: You gotta apologize Yusuke.
    Yusuke: Me? Why?
    Futaba: :U
  • The beach trip:

Okumura's Palace and School Trip

  • The Hawaii trip in September has its own moments of comedy.
    • A text conversation leading up to the Hawaii trip where the team discusses how Yusuke's school is going to Los Angeles includes this gem:
      Ryuji: Huh? It's close to the ocean?
      Yusuke: Do you... know where L.A. is?
      Ryuji: Well it's the capital of America, so... In the middle somewhere?
    • The usual icon of Joker on the loading screens sports a lei.
    • In the Japanese dub, Ryuji doesn't seem to understand English and when the immigration officer asks him a question, he simply replies "Yes, I'm Japanese" in English with a poor accent.
    • When checking out the beach, the groups realizes checking up stuff on their phones is exactly how they do it in Japan.
      Makoto: Hey, we're on our phones and chatting. This is no different when we're in Japan.
      Ryuji: Even if we're overseas, we can see all the news in Japan if we got our phones. It's like... this ain't what I was expectin'.
      Ann: We should do something that's more Hawaii-like.
      Ryuji: What's... Hawaii-like?
      Ann: Hula dancing...?
      Ryuji: Uh-uh, I ain't down for that.
    • When the group tries to discuss how to have a better time in Hawaii, Yusuke suddenly shows up due to his school trip to Los Angeles being cancelled because of a storm. Makoto wonders if Yusuke was the reason it started raining at the fireworks festival.
      Ann: Don't go bringing any storms here, you got that?
      Yusuke: I'll do my best.
    • After Joker returns home, Futaba asks how was the trip. If "Aloha" is the selected response:
      Joker: [does a peace sign while wearing a lei]
      Futaba: [gasps] He's been influenced.
    • On the second night of the trip, due to several reasons, Anne and Ryuji have to spend the night at the Protagonist and Mishima's room. Since there's only two beds and one sofa, one person must sleep on the floor, and that person ended up being Ryuji after losing a game of cards. Later that night, the Phantom Thieves' conversations is interrupted by Mishima in the bathroom, who is having a diarrhea as a result of drinking tap water.
    • If the Protagonist chooses to hang out with Ryuji and Mishima on their final day, the boys once again participate in another Operation Babe Hunt, pulling Yusuke along the way. Naturally, they fail with the last pair of women telling them they would have date them if they are the Phantom Thieves. Ryuji almost let it slip until Yusuke stops him. The shrimp restaurant owner whom Yusuke bought a plate of shrimps from prior to this makes fun of them that they should had just call the Thieves to steal the women's heart. Once again, Ryuji almost let it slip.
  • During the school trip, while Joker, Ryuji, Ann and Makoto are hanging around the hotel and talking, Ryuji turns to Yusuke to ask him if he agrees with his most recent point. It takes Ryuji a few seconds to realize that Yusuke, whose school was originally going to Los Angeles before an onset of bad weather (which, given the rainstorm at the fireworks festival, the others think Yusuke caused) wasn't supposed to be there.
  • The Phantom Thieves first encounter with Haru. By this point in the story, Morgana has left the group after getting into a heated argument with Ryuji. He decides to team up with Haru to try and beat the Thieves to the punch of stealing Kunikazu Okumura's heart. The only problem is, this is Haru's very first time exploring Dungeons as a thief, and it shows. Not only does she get stage fright when trying to introduce herself to the Phantom Thieves, but the very first room she tries to enter ends up being filled with Shadows and she is forced to flee (worth noting that she doesn't even have a Persona at this point). Even funnier, they initially mistake her for the black-masked Persona user who they know has been toying with the Palace and think she's giving them a silent Death Glare...and then she turns out she was trying to remember her own code name.
    Haru: (not quite convincingly) My name is Beauty Thief!
    Ann: She really called herself that...?
    Yusuke: (sigh) Any tension that was in the air has just gone out the window.
    • Haru declares that she and Morgana will take the Treasure before them! ...She says it 3 times in the exact same manner, when figuring out what to say.
    • Their second encounter involves the Phantom Thieves trying to convince Haru that she is in over her head. Haru refuses to cooperate and instead ends up trying to escape from them in Morgana's van. Unfortunately, she can't drive and eventually ends up crashing. This time she's able to escape the Thieves by pulling a Look Behind You ploy. Yusuke complains that they fell for "the oldest trick in the book."
    • Before that, there is a moment where they confront Haru after figuring out her identity from the school roster. Instead of denying it, she's just impressed that they figured it out in just one day, and proceeds to compliment Makoto on how well she looks in her thief outfit. Makoto then awkwardly tries to get back on topic, most likely because she is still insecure about her biker gang appearance.
  • On September 16th, the team will comb through Shujin's student rooster in order to identify Haru, whom they only know as the "Beauty Thief" at the time. After hours of search, they will start to get tired and distracted, prompting this bit of Hypocritical Humor:
    Ryuji: [looks at picture on yearbook] Oh! Man, this girl's hot! Aww, but she's younger than me.
    Ann: [chidingly] Ryuji!
    [two seconds later]
    Ann: [looks at picture on yearbook] No way! She's the same age as me!? She looks like my dad's friend...
    Ryuji: [chidingly] Get back to work.
  • While its aftermath is no laughing matter, Shadow Kunikazu's boss fight has some pretty large knee-slappers. For one, his demon form is just him in a floating chair, he's so damn weak he has to hide behind a legion of robots with the occasional potshot of a buff/debuff spell, and his ultimate robot's ultimate attack is...the Big Bang Burger ad, as an actual supernova. This attack also cures the "hunger" ailment Kunikazu is prone to give party members as well as healing the hungry character.
  • Ryuji wonders how much it would cost to reserve the entire Destiny Land theme park. Futaba looks it up, and Ryuji's only response is an astonished "FOR REAL?!"
  • If the Phantom Thieves make it to the bottom of the Path of Akzeriyyuth before clearing September's Palace, they will have the following conversation in front of the closed door to the next area of Mementos:
    Futaba: Guess this wall's a no-go unless we can get more people to accept us...
    Ryuji: Hey, can't you just use your Oracle power or whatever to do something about it?
    Futaba: Prolly not. I'm not some kinda god, you know?
    Yusuke: Speaking of gods... have you heard of the god who performed a lewd dance to open a sealed rock door?note 
    Makoto: Hmmm... I think I see what you're getting at. Go for it, Skull!
    Ryuji: I'm outta here.

Sixth Palace and School Festival

  • On October 24th, the protagonist will run into Akechi at Leblanc, who will greet him with a perhaps overly familiar "Welcome home"note . The fact the player is given the option to quip back "Honey, I'm home" is funny enough on its own, but the real kicker is how the usually serious Teen Detective goes along with it and brings the whole Like an Old Married Couple Ho Yay to a full circle by chastising the protagonist for arriving home too late after school.
  • When Makoto mentions that Shujin is yet to decide on a guest speaker for the cultural festival, Ryuji suggests themselves, the Phantom Thieves, as one of the candidates for the students to pick from. His idea gets shot down so fast and with such an impeccable team work that the scene was only missing an All-Out Attack finishing screen.
    Ryuji: How 'bout it? Wanna show up?
    Haru: That's a bit over the top...
    Ann: You're getting way too carried away.
    Makoto: Don't say such strange things.
    Yusuke: What a shallow idea.
    Futaba: Oooh, a four-hit combo!
    Ryuji: Sorry...
  • During the school festival, the party stops by a takoyaki cafe and orders a "Russian Takoyaki" with one of the takoyakis being colored bright red. Ann happily states that it's fresh, but Futaba calls bullshit because she heard a microwave go off.
  • Shujin has a less-than-popular tradition for the post-festival party called the "Student Sharing Special" where someone steps up to the stage and says anything they want for everybody to hear. Depending on Joker's choices, the master of ceremonies can end up selecting either Makoto, Haru or Ann for it. Things get difficult for a moment when the MC, seeing the person he chose doesn't have anything to say, ad-libs and accidentally puts the party member on the spot by asking her what she thinks of the Phantom Thieves. The funny part comes when Joker is given the option to stand up among the public and publicly declare his love for the girl in question to Change the Uncomfortable Subject. It works like a charm, in no small part thanks to the blushing mess they turn into due to the Love Confession: Makoto lets out an adorably squeaky Big "WHAT?!", all her composure as the Student Council President gone; Haru gets stunned like a deer in the headlights and then tries to salvage the situation a little, but she's just too flustered to get more than a few words in; Ann outright goes into a coughing fit and can't say much more than "Huh!?" for a while because she doesn't immediately figure out what Joker is trying to do.
    • Ryuji can also be picked. Instead of a declaration of love, you can insult him, with one of options being "Blonde hair is dumb!" The announcer then calls you up, upon which Ryuji texts you to ask what you're going to say; you're given the option of declaring your love of any of the party members (including Morgana). Ryuji's panicked reaction is especially priceless if you opt to pick him. It ends with you cutting the knot by deciding to not say anything at all.
      Ryuji: Are you stupid!? I don't need that label on me! I won't be able to come back here tomorrow! (If select I love Ryuji)
      Ryuji: Cut it out! You idiot! You'll ruin everything if you say stuffs like that! (If select I love Ann/Makoto/Haru)
      Ryuji: Oh, in that case-. No, you idiot! No one knows us and the atmosphere here is getting weird! (If select I love Futaba/Yuusuke/Morgana)
    • How Ryuji gets picked in the first place is pretty hilarious too; he attempts to get the announcer to call up Mishima, but Yuuki's sheer genericness saves him for once, as the MC simply can't find him in the crowd and has to settle for Ryuji instead. One of the option, you can say is 'This is karma'. The subsequent scene on the rooftop has Mishima laughing his ass off in the background while you and Ryuji are having a somewhat heartfelt moment.
    • The follow up scene, should Makoto be in a relationship with the protagonist and have taken part of Sharing Special, has an additional amusing moment. Makoto observes to him that she finds him "surprisingly dependable in a pinch" and later muses that her older sister has told her in the past that if she ever gets married, her husband should be someone just like that. It takes her a few moments to realize the implications of what she just said to her boyfriend.
  • Learning from their experiences hitting roadblocks in previous Palaces, Morgana and Joker ask Futaba to use her hacking skills to research their sixth big target beforehand so they will have enough intel on her to overcome such obstacles. The funny comes when the Playful Hacker asks just how deep they want her to dig up into the woman's life and Morgana, the Old-School Gentleman Thief that he is, gets increasingly scandalized at Futaba's suggestions.
    Futaba: I can look up more, you know. Stuff like her repertoire of underwear.
    Morgana: A girl shouldn't say things like that! [turns to Joker] You tell her too!
    Joker: [turns to Futaba] What else can you dig up?
    Futaba: Well... Like her history with men...
    Morgana: [tail bristling with exasperation] We are Phantom Thieves!
  • In the Casino palace, the group tries to think up a codename for Akechi and settle on "Crow". Ryuji's reasoning to him is that everyone else's codename came from their appearance. Except Haru, who suddenly realizes she was the only one who actually put thought into her codename.
  • While Akechi spends most of the Casino dungeon getting hazed as the "new guy" on the team, since everyone already knows he's planning on betraying them, he manages to get Ryuji (a founding member) back by making him push a cart with a huge sack full of coins that they won. The best part? The coins are naturally added to one's card, so they don't have to appear in reality.
  • The team surmise that the management floor of the casino represents a courtroom, when trying to work out how to get access Futaba's suggestion is "Ryuji, go piss off the police!"
  • While the group is recounting how they tricked Akechi into thinking that he killed Joker, there's some hilariously crude illustrations, such as Futaba having a Slasher Smile while contacting an irritated-looking Sae, and an over-the-top evil looking Akechi walking away from the seemingly-dead Joker.
    • When Joker asks Futaba for an explanation about how she managed to get Sae to trick Akechi into temporarily going into her own Palace, Futaba gives a hilariously terse answer. He mentally notes that if he actually pressed her for information, he'd get a very long response, so he decides to do so later.
    • A Hilarious in Hindsight moment regarding the plan, after securing an infiltration route for November's Palace, There's a group chat discussing the identity of their enemy, which is rather funny when you realize that the team already knows who it is. Haru "wonders" if their enemy could be someone they already know, Futaba responds that it is someone who has a grudge against them and is always a step ahead, then says she can't think of anyone who matches that description.
  • After Joker is taken back to the cafe post-interrogation, talking to Futaba multiple times reveals possibly one of the funniest off screen moments in the game. Makoto woke up in the middle of the night realizing Sae could have her own Cognitive Akechi, which the real Akechi could accidentally run into, ruining their plan. Her solution? Knock him out and tie him up somewhere else in Sae's Palace. This is amplified by the fact that Sae's Akechi is a genuine Nice Guy and the poor boy had no idea what's going on.
  • When you returned back to the Cafe after you faked your own death, Ann asks Joker how's it been during the days he's separated with the rest of the crew. While the first option ("Pretty good") is pretty self-explanatory, the other two options ("I mean, I died..." and "Ghostly") deserves a laugh for how hilarious the responses are.
  • As the gang settles in on LeBlanc's lower floor for their hideout, Ryuji mischievously comments that they can use the cafe due to it not having much customers anyway. One possible dialogue choice is "I'm telling Boss." Ryuji responds with an Oh, Crap! expression, punctuated by a quiet "eh?"

Seventh Palace

  • An enemy on the Cruise Ship dungeon reveals himself as a Yakuza to the party by ripping his shirt off to show his tattoos. The party has an Oh, Crap! reaction and tries appealing to him via his tattoos by bringing up Yusuke's artistic talent. Yusuke initially protests as he doesn't do tattoos, but gets offended when the guy challenges him and draws a phoenix for him right on the floor to prove he's not all talk. He manages to impress the Yakuza with his drawing, but then flatly refuses to become his tattoo artist, pissing him off enough to attack the party. Ryuji moans at having to fight after all that effort.
    • Said dungeon also has a profoundly racist man guarding one of the Letters of Introduction you need to get deeper into Shido's Palace-even. Getting him to actually even talk to the Thieves involves the girls in swimsuits, so when he brings up their poor breeding, Ann decides to introduce herself as British royalty, in heavily-accented English. He not only buys it completely, he still has the temerity to refer to her as a half-breed to her face and tries to creep on her. By the end of it, Ann actually gets the letter nonviolently, but by that point everyone decides to kick his ass out of principle.
      • The same scene, with Japanese voices, has Ann introduce herself in English. Instead of a British accent, it's Engrish.
      • It's also funny when the rest of the girls (particularly Haru) are quite annoyed at having to pretend to be "Lady Ann's" servants.
  • At one point, the party gets turned into rats, giving us this little gem.
    Yusuke: This is prepawsterous! ...or something like that.
    Futaba: Ugh, go to hell, Inari.
    • He later tries to make mouse puns again, says that his "ad-mice is to pro-squeak with caution." Futaba refuses to even give him the dignity of a response, and he tries to repeat himself, but Haru politely tells him that Futaba heard him the first time.
  • During the exchange with Akechi, he mocks Ryuji for his dim-witted nature. Bonus points for the voice acting which makes it more like him being jealous of his relationship with Joker. For those who disagree with Akechi's opinions, this may be the only time they agree with him.
  • Due to a Taking You with Me gambit, in which Shido puts himself into a coma to forcibly collapse his palace onto the Thieves, Ryuji seemingly sacrifices himself to allow the others to escape. The group, now back in the real world, is not handling this well, Ann in particular....until Ryuji walks from off screen no worst from wear. It turns out he landed safely in the real world as well, and then proceeds to make fun of Ann for how ugly her crying face is. The girls don't take kindly to this and we're treated to a jump cut of Ryuji knocked out on the ground.

Finale and Epilogue

  • It is assumed that the real Igor is imprisoned together with his chair and desk and while he is still sitting on said chair.
  • Near the end of the game, Ryuji expresses his confusion over the Info Dump, causing Lavenza to shout at him to be quiet and listen to her. Despite her personality mostly resembling Justine, it seems like there is a bit of Caroline in her after-all!
  • There's just something funny about the climax of the final battle. It can be accurately described as kid on probation summons Satan to save Christmas from a homicidal God by shooting him in the head.
  • After the final battle, Morgana disappears along with the Metaverse when the Demiurge is defeated. Everyone assumes he's gone for good until he shows up a couple of months later. He reveals that he had actually did not end up disappearing at all, but was too embarrassed to show up right after the epic Tear Jerker goodbye he gave to everybody so he decided to lay low for a while. Naturally, none of the party is happy about this at all.
    Haru: Give us back our tears!
  • Valentine's Day brings its own gems:
    • Sojiro is typically supportive and tries to play wingman for Joker for whoever his date is. Though he's shocked if Joker's date is either Futaba or Kawakami.
      Sojiro: (if Futaba is the date) Don't get wrapped up in the mood.... ya hear?
      Sojiro: (if Kawakami is the date) A teacher and her student... So this sort of thing really does happen, huh?
    • If Haru or Futaba is Joker's date, Morgana will snicker before he leaves, embarrassing the two. If it's Ann, Morgana actually gets depressed and sighs.
    • If Joker is dateless and instead hangs out with Ryuji, he spends the whole time complaining how both Yusuke and even Mishima got chocolates.
      Morgana: I don't wanna be a part of this losers' meeting.
    • Just like in Persona 4 Golden, dating one too many girls at the same time is a bad idea, though instead of you leaving them with broken hearts, they leave you broken on the bar floor. Even funnier is how Sojiro and Morgana decide to ditch you before you get your ass kicked. This scene happens even if you only date more than one, it is just the scene will be shorter. It is to be noted that Haru, Sadayo, Ichiko, and Tae are quite eerie in their tone when they tell you to pick their chocolate.
      • To add insult to injury, Ryuji innocently sends you one last IM to cap off your beating, leaving you falling face-flat to the ground:
        Ryuji: Hey, you think the chocolate I got from my mom counts?
      • Finally, to seal the deal of the moment after having been beaten down and receiving Ryuji's hilariously timed text, Sojiro delivers a final burn: dropping a tiny chocolate on the table for Joker, seemingly out of pity.
    • When you are given the chance to respond to only one message, you can choose not to respond at all, which in turn makes Ryuji came to visit and even funnier is that the girls might have mistaken Ryuji as your beloved sweetheart when peeping from outside.
  • When you return to Leblanc after saying goodbye to your friends, Sojiro asks you to take Morgana with you when you go home. Morgana gets annoyed and protests, prompting Sojiro to ask for a translation, at which point Futaba lies and says that Morgana said that "Sojiro's stupid!"
  • In the True Ending, Morgana is fixing up a van that the Thieves are using to drive Joker back home, now that his probation is over. However, they do note that there are still investigators quietly tailing them in a car. Morgana finishes fixing the van, noting that all he had to do was exchange a broken spark plug in the van for a working one. As the Thieves drive away, the investigators suddenly find that their car isn't starting up... because Morgana took the spark plug from their car.
    • There's also the subtle joke of Morgana being a mechanic since, well, he's spent time as a car himself.
    • In regards to the above, there's also something quite amusing about the fact that Morgana is doing the a cat holding a tool in his mouth and another with his tail - he couldn't get the, y'know, human kids to help with their opposable thumb and all (which even if it's likely a callback to his ability to lockpick as a cat during the whole Madarame bit, it's still funny).
    • At the prospect of more Phantom Thieves work after everything they've done, Yusuke declares that he's leaving the van the party is in, while on the highway.


  • Ryuji invites you for the first time to a gym named Protein Lovers. You get 3 points for this choice as Ryuji plays along with it initially.
    Ryuji: Oh yeah, you bring ya stuff?
    Protagonist: Protein powder?
    Ryuji: Hell yeah, man. If you wanna beef up- No that's not it!
    • In his Rank 8 Confidant event, Ryuji offers Nakaoka and Takeshi a free swing to get over their issues. To his horror, they take him up on it and beat him up while Joker, Ryuji's best friend, just stands there and watches (which you can point out afterward when Ryuji thanks you). He explains that just having Joker there made him want to be cool, a response for which is "You weren't cool though", which ends up make both boys start laughing in an adorable Friendship Moment.
  • Mishima really doesn't get a break.
    • In Futaba's Rank 5 Confidant event, she gets an oddly familiar feeling from talking with him until she can finally place it:
    Futaba: Ah, I've got it! This overwhelming forgettable appearance, generic speech style, and total lack of sex appeal... Nishima... Are you an NPC!?
    Joker: Savage.
    Futaba: But it'd be even more savage to lie about what he is!
    • The player also has the option to be pretty hard on him. Many interactions with Mishima allow the player to tease or just outright abuse him:
      Futaba: Is this a friend of yours?
      Joker: Friend might be a bit much.

      Shinya: ... Who is this guy? Your friend?
      Joker: More or less...
  • The Hermit Confidant Rank 4 event is mostly a sad one as visiting Shujin reminds Futaba of her bad experiences in middle school getting bullied for her intelligence and Photographic Memory. There's one notable exception though:
    Futaba: I remembered all that sad stuff on my own... I guess dwelling on the past is just a bad habit of mine, huh...?
    Joker: I think it's cute.
    Futaba: Huh? Wh-What kinda weird fetish stuff are you into, [Joker]!?
    • Must be noted that, out of the three possible answers the player can choose from when prompted, that's the one that gives maximum Relationship Values gain instead of the other two, more tactful ones. That's it, the numbers imply that Futaba prefers Joker to have a weird liking of her weirdnesses over him being perfectly understanding of them, which is amusing, oddly heartwarming and eyebrow-raising all at once.
  • The sidequest bosses tied to Futaba's Confidant are the Magarios, who transform into Incubus and Succubus. Like several other Mementos side bosses, they are susceptible to confusion. However, Incubus scatters a maximum of 1 yen while confused. Mr. Magario hasn't been a very good with his finances...
  • During Yusuke's Confidant, he, in an effort to broaden his horizons and refine his understanding of the concept of "desire," decides to have you accompany him on a rowboat at Inokashira Park, and sketches a "couple," who turns out to be a brother and sister who are understandably squicked by the implications of what he's assuming. He then gets the tables turned on him when they assume that you and he are a couple.
    • What's even better about this is that Yusuke doesn't actually get what they're implying; meanwhile, the brother tries to display tolerance by rambling about how diverse people's lifestyles can be in the city, while his sister seems highly interested in hearing him elaborate.
  • Even more hilarious (and laden with Ho Yay) are his efforts to paint a... unique interpretation of the Passion of the Christ. Lord help you if you offer to strip while inside the church...
    Yusuke: Yes, that must be it! That is what I need! Only a subject naked as the day they were born can convey the true anguish of birth! Now then, strip! Take it all-
    Protagonist: sweat drop
    Yusuke: Actually, perhaps not. Being found stark-naked in a church would be even bigger news than the Phantom Thieves.
    • The best part is that offering to strip is one of the favored dialogue choices in this event.
    • At the end of this event, Joker and Yusuke simultaneously do identical Christ-on-the-cross poses, without saying anything to each other.
  • If you decide to romance Futaba and declare your love for her, Futaba is stunned silent long enough for Joker to get off three dialogue lines before she snaps back to reality.
    • Your last two dialogue choices before she snaps out of it become a choice between "Earth to Futaba?" and "Are you still alive?"
  • In the Rank 4 event of Haru's confidant, she introduces you to a very expensive coffee that's made of elephant dung, and, after mentioning a similar coffee that's made from cat droppings, wonders if Morgana would be able to make it.
    • The dialogue choices you're presented upon the reveal of said ingredient shows that Joker already misses his life prior to when he hadn't consumed animal feces.
      "I can taste the elephant"
      "Excuse me while I vomit"
      "You mean...poop?!"
    • Slightly earlier, you can say "kthx", when Haru offers to treat you. Haru gets confused for a moment, before realizing that you're thanking her, and you get the most possible relationship points.
  • In Makoto's Rank 6 event, she gets a text from Tsukasa that's full of emojis, and she reads them out loud.
    Makoto: [wincing] What is this supposed to be saying? It's full of emojis. "It's meee, Tsukasa. *heart emoji* I no we just met but I cudn't wait 2 *phone emoji* you. I'm so haP to b friends with u, MakoC. *clapping emoji* *clapping emoji* *hot springs emoji.* [Sweat Drop].
  • Ann's reaction to a hug, at the start of her romance route, makes Yosuke's response to cuddling look refined and dignified. As Joker wraps his arms around her, she'll flail around as if she's doing the world's worst rendition of the Macarena.
  • When working out at the gym with Joker and Ryuji at the Lovers Confidant Rank 8 event, Ann tries to bribe Ryuji into planning her training regime by promising to go on a date with him. It backfires like you wouldn't believe.
    Ann: If you do that for me, I'll go on a date with you as a reward!
    Ryuji: Eff that. Quit thinkin' you're some sexy character in an anime. It's sad watchin' you like this.
    Ann: What?!
  • In her rank 9 event, Chihaya is trying to convince several desperate customers to solve their problems themselves instead of relying on Holy Stones. She gets them all to shut up in an angry outburst, and briefly slips into her country accent in the process.
  • After Rank 7, Akechi's confidant level rises in the most ironic and funniest way possible. In Rank 8, he pulls a gun at Joker, who is merely Sae's cognition, and its reaction to it is "I feel a strong bond with Akechi" (Morgana even later points out that Joker's relationship with Akechi suddenly became stronger). The Confidant goes up to Rank 9 as he is about to warm up for a fight with the entire Phantom Thieves. During the final rank, Akechi makes another deal with Joker, who instantly become interested in Akechi's words after hearing that they are making a deal.


  • When Joker starts his training in the gym, he will use the treadmill first. Except that his running animation is identical to Vincent's, and the fact that Morgana is running on the treadmill right next to him. Just as Morgana warns Joker that he should pace himself, he wipes out face first, and ends up in a pose similar to Yamcha's first death at the end of it. And then it tells you your Max HP and SP has been raised.
    • Similarly, Joker's first attempt at HP training via pull-ups in his room while being coached by Morgana: he struggles painfully to complete two pull-ups before the screen cuts to him curled up on the floor in agony, then it tells you your Max HP has been raised.
  • The Moon, or La Lune, tarot is portrayed by a man getting attacked by a crayfish.
    • A running theme with the tarot cards is that there's something wrong with the image - while some of them are serious or symbolic, a fair number are comedic. As well as The Moon, stand-outs go to The Hanged Man (who's texting while hanging upside down), The High Priestess (who's reading a porn mag), The Star (which shows a woman chugging water out of a jug) and The Fool (who's being bitten in the ass by his dog).
  • During an intermission screen for another day, one of the civilians does a pickup line asking a woman if he wants to steal her heart.
  • The way Joker enters the Velvet Room in the real world. Caroline sits by the entrance, waiting for him to enter. She then jumps behind him and dropkicks him into the Velvet Room.
    • If you max the Strength Confidant Caroline becomes slightly nicer to Joker, causing her to smile when he talks to her instead of her early constant glaring at him, and give him a more friendly welcome. She then proceeds to kick him into the room anyway.
  • Fusion Accidents have always been worth a chuckle, but Persona 5 may have the best yet for sheer Crossing the Line Twice. Everything proceeds as normal, with Caroline and Justine preparing the guillotines...and then the blades get stuck partway down. Undeterred, they proceed to produce chainsaws to finish the job, with Caroline grinning maniacally.
  • On 5/7 the teacher will ask what people call a woman who has charm that sometimes leads men to their doom. One of the possible answers is "Elizabeth".
  • On another date the teacher will ask "What is the name of the phenomenon where the second hand looks like it stops moving". One possible answer? The World.
  • Another class question is about a statue of King Kamehameha from Hawaii, and asks what he's holding in his hand. One of the answers is a Dragon Ball.
  • The Cake Knight Rises. Featuring a Joker expy that prefers pies over cakes. Watching it raises the Kindness stat. Someone at ATLUS had to be on something when they came up with this.
    Not-Joker: Do you wanna know why I use pies? Cakes are too quick. You can't savor all the little... taste sensations. You see, when forced to choose cake or pie, people show you their true taste.
    Not-Batman: I'm nothing like you... you're a psychopath who bakes for money!
    Morgana: Everything about this movie... it's absolutely ridiculous.
  • Repairing a laptop causes it to automatically turn on to reveal an online commodities store, complete with a catchy jingle. It's Tanaka, who apparently got out of the home shopping business after 4 and went into much shadier business. What makes this funny is that this happens right out of nowhere, and he was given shades similarly to the infamously cheesy Fuhrer in the PSP Persona 2: Innocent Sin remake.
  • If you call Kawakami over for laundry, she can't believe that you'd call her just for that, but then does a Verbal Backspace when she realizes she's being paid, and charges you the standard 5,000 yen.
    Kawakami: Thanks for calling m- Wait, laundry!? Did you really have to call me for that? I mean... That'll be 5000 yen!
  • The Final Boss of Power Intuition happens to be an old lady who is by far the most difficult opponent. Even if it was just a Shout-Out to Power Instinct, it's still out there.
  • Like in Persona 3, you can occasionally catch shows on TV that are talking about or outright interviewing characters from previous games. Sanada from P3 is one of them, and he is mentioned as "a legendary gumshoe who took down a bear".
  • Futaba's cell phone lists all of the Phantom Thieves under their code names. What name did she use for Yusuke? Inari.
  • Succeeding the Big Bang Burger challenge after you've cleared the Captain rank rewards you with... more burgers. Morgana is quick to note the absurdity of the reward (though also admits to them being useful, which for how much they heal, are pretty good).
  • As much as they are The Scrappy, the Beefy Trendsetter makes some hilarious jabs at Scruffy Romantic's obsession over Akechi.
  • The fact that, as early as before Kaneshiro's Palace, you can figure out that Akechi is another Persona user because of him mentioning pancakes.
  • A lot of the random anonymous Phan-Site comments throughout the game are hilarious.
  • At the start of the Bonus Boss battle against Caroline and Justine, Futaba, despite having no idea where they came from, starts to fawn over how adorable they are...only to immediately freak out upon realizing how powerful they are.
  • Other than the Foreshadowing related to the twins' Wistful Amnesia, the rest of the aftermath of their Bonus Boss battle is this thanks to Justine's trolling of Caroline.
    Caroline: Oh, so that's what you meant...
    Justine: Are you not ashamed, Caroline? ...What did you think I was going to talk about? Perhaps the time you nearly wept from fear when you first witnessed a Persona fusion?
    Caroline: What?
    Justine: Or about those intimidating poses you had practiced, that you're too embarrassed to use on the inmate?
    Caroline: S-Stop! My heart can't take this!
    • Later on Caroline realizes that both she and her sister promised to tell Joker a secret if he won the battle, but Justine mostly revealed embarrassing stuff about her and complains about it. Big Mistake. Justine confesses how much she misses Joker whenever he takes too long absences from the Velvet Room. Caroline is surprised both at her words and at the sight of Justine's Luminescent Blush, but then she's left even a worse blushing mess herself when Justine nonchalantly adds that "Caroline is probably the same way."
  • On July 3, Ryuji invites you out to the Ichigaya Fishing Pond. There, they run into the most unlikely of people: Kawakami. And it turns out she's pretty good at fishing.
    Ryuji: She keeps gettin' fish even as she nags... I'm impressed!
    Protagonist: Call her "Master" Kawakami.
    ''[Embarrassed silence from Kawakami as she and Ryuji both get a large Confidant boost]
    • It gets even better when you remember Kawakami has to call you 'master' when she works as a maid.
  • You can take characters to a Confessional in the church. Most of them have different reactions, but Akechi's becomes hilarious when you already know he is the Traitor and his face makes it look like he got caught. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • At certain confidant levels with your teammates, you get the ability to occasionally tag them in to do an extra attack (and a powerful one at that!) if you damage an enemy or group of enemies without killing them. Most of the animations for the attack are standard and pretty cool; Ryuji winds up his arm before smacking them with his weapon like a baseball bat, Yusuke executes a Single-Stroke Battle, Ann laughs before lashing out with her whip... and Morgana? He turns into his car form and Joker helps him run them over.

  • Judging by the Dancing Theme intro and the 3rd trailer, Morgana is going to be a Butt-Monkey of the game, due to him being thrown twice by Ryuji towards the game's logo in the intro and Ann again while the team was running away from a pursuing giant boulder.
  • Morgana's character trailer has this:
    Morgana: I'm an admirable human being. (Cuts to the desert running scene)
    Ann: Mona, the car! (While being thrown by Ann)
    Morgana: Don't throw a freaking animal like this!!!
  • In the Official Design Works art book, the female Thieves give various non-answers regarding how much they weigh - Ann claims she forgot, Makoto asks if it's necessary and Haru coyly says it's up to your imagination. Futaba, however, decides to give a "hint," saying she weighs between 0 and 1,000 kg.note 
  • There's a lot of other funny moments in the Thieves' artbook profiles too:
    • Ryuji's love of egg ramen and a particular taste for it is said to often get him teased for having childish tastes. One of his "talents" is drinking a whole 500 ml bottle of carbonated water at once. (And back in his athletic days, he used to do 1000 ml bottles) One of his hobbies is listed as "Reading (but only Manga)"
    • Morgana used to turn up his nose at cat food, but now really likes it.
    • Ann has such a Sweet Tooth she would rather eat cake than normal meals.
    • Yusuke loves the artistic aspects of cooking, like preparation and plating and wants to apply them himself... but reality hasn't quite caught up to this lofty ideal. (Namely, he can't afford it.)
    • Makoto's talents are listed as housework and aikido.
  • Of the many DLC costumes, Morgana usually tends to get some of the sillier ones, but his Shin Megami Tensei IV costume really stands out. Why? It's Burroughs, naturally.
  • In the game itself, whenever you go to Mementos, a Palace, or have multiple days of plot events (usually to set up the new target and the next Palace), Morgana will refuse to let you do anything that will take time once you return to your room besides going to bed. The fandom quickly made a meme out of this, up to and including Morgana telling the protagonist to Go the Fuck to Sleep. By popular demand, Morgana's English VA, Cassandra Lee, read the book in question as an acknowledgement of the meme. In Morgana's voice. It really has to be heard to be believed.
    • The comments on the video are hilarious in their own right as well, including one saying "That 1 dislike is probably from Joker" and another impersonating Yusuke: "This... this is just beyond beauty. This. Is. Art." There is one particular comment that stands out in its own right, though...
    The days count down until the heist, the risk of failure quite steep...
    "Dammit, Joker... How many times do I have to tell you?! F***in' GO TO SLEEP!"
  • After the surprise announcement of Joker as a future downloadable character to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at the 2018 Game Awards, this Tweet now makes it look like Reggie Fils-Aimes was the latest target of the Phantom Thieves, as well as implying that his Treasure was an American release of MOTHER 3.
  • A slight one, but Kasumi's voice actor is Sora Amamiya... and the protagonist's Canon Name is Ren Amamiya.

    Mementos Skits 
  • Various party members end up poking around or spilling drinks in the Morganamobile, while pestering him for extra features, like a flight mode or a mini fridge.
    Futaba: So bumpy — oops, there goes my soda.
    Morgana: GYAH! COLD! Joker, wipe it down! Hurry!
  • Futaba the Playful Hacker vs. Makoto the Team Mom:
    Futaba: [enthusiastic] So the other day, I was checking out this foreign military base's server, and—
    Makoto: [chiding tone] Oracle! What have I said about hacking government networks?

    Futaba: Right now, I'm totally into overclocking!
    Makoto: That involves liquid nitrogen, doesn't it? Joker, make sure you're supervising her.

    Futaba: On the PC outside. This is totally outdoor activity.
    Makoto: Oracle… Next time, I'm taking you to see the real outdoors.
  • Makoto being Team Mom to Yusuke too:
    Yusuke: The other day, I found a delectable looking mushroom in the park—
    Makoto: What!? Don't tell me you ate it?

    Yusuke: I've been donating blood quite often lately… [chuckle] I… suppose I have a new hobby.
    Makoto: Oh, how generous of you. [suspicious tone] They give you a juice box afterwards, don't they?

    Yusuke: Thief clothes, hm? They are quite easy to move in. I wouldn't mind wearing them in day-to-day life.
    Makoto: You'd stick out like that!

    Yusuke: Hm…! My stomach growled. I must have forgotten to eat last night while I was painting.
    Makoto: You need to eat! If you don't, your body will pay the price later!
  • Haru can express how much she enjoys cutting up Shadows, something that freaks even Makoto out.
    Haru: Cutting down the enemy as they approach... Ah, what a thrill!
    Makoto: Noir, I'd appreciate it if you held off on the homicidal remarks until after you put your weapon down.
  • Haru's Blood Knight and Beware the Nice Ones tendencies really shine through during Mementos conversations.
    Ann: Shopping is always so fun, it's a great stress reliever.
    Haru: Combat must be my method of stress relief.

    Haru: Cutting down the enemy as they approach... Ah, what a thrill!
    Futaba: Heh heh. She's got that whole "two-faced" thing going on.

    Haru: Why is it that I get a shiver of excitement whenever the Shadows plead for their lives?
    Futaba: Ooh, ooh! What was that called? Sadies? Saddest?

    Ann: My whip handling's starting to look pretty good, huh?
    Haru: I'm envious. I would like to try using a whip as well...
    • Max Mittelman's voice acting when Ryuji realizes that Haru might be a Sadist as far as Shadows are concerned is priceless.
      Ryuji: Oh, you're… one of THEM. Great. I'm just gonna… stay over here.
  • Makoto notes that she doesn't want to get used to her thief costume, and Ann, who has a similarly embarrassing one, wholeheartedly agrees. Also:
    Ann: This look, and this whip... I just can't get used to it.
    Ryuji: I think it suits you. [uncomfortable] 'Specially the whip.

    Ann: I've never even touched a whip before now…
    Ryuji: Well, you sure seem like a natural.
    • Speaking of Ann's Weapon of Choice, one time she observed that she's gotten pretty good at handling a whip in her time with the Phantom Thieves, soon followed by the somewhat awkward realization that she isn't sure that's something to be proud of or not.
  • Similarly when Futaba says their costumes are better than any cosplay she's familiar with, Ryuji quickly tries to deny they have any similarities to the hobby... Despite the fact that he basically is cosplaying as either Skull Man or Ghost Rider.
    • If Makoto responds instead of Ryuji, she proceeds to hesitantly guess what cosplaying is only to unintentionally (sort of) get it right.
    • On the note of their Metaverse costumes, Futaba, of all people, goes into Dirty Old Man mode:
      Futaba: Heh heh heh. All the girls' thief suits are so kinky.
      Ryuji: Are you enjoyin' this more than me? You're like a drunk old perv.
      Haru: K-Kinky…? I-I don't know what to say…
      Ann: Don't say that…! Ugh, now I'm thinking about it.
  • The comments on Joker's Impossibly Cool Clothes:
    Futaba: That flappy part of Joker's coat is so cool.
    Makoto: It looks hard to move in, but Joker seems to do it with ease.
    Haru: It's like a hero's cape.
    Ryuji: I feel like one day it's gonna get caught in a door.
  • Yusuke has been stuck on the same TV channel for some time, simply because he lost the remote.
  • As Haru would put it, "Skull is very candid":
    Ryuji: Hey, uh, guys…? My ass itches.
    Ann: [appalled] Oh my god!
  • This sick burn delivered in perfect Innocently Insensitive style:
    Futaba: One day, I want to look good in clothes like Panther's!
    Yusuke: But you lack the curves. Wouldn't the clothes simply slide off?
  • Haru somehow delivering the following line completely UNsarcastically:
    Futaba: [about Mementos] This darkness… It's so… undergroundy!
    Haru: There are few things undergroundier than the underground.
  • Spoiled Sweet as she may be, Haru is a bit too... sheltered:
    Haru: Oh, do you know the magic ramen chant? Veggie-garlic-extra-extra…
    Ryuji: All right, who's been tellin' Noir this dumb crap?
  • Yusuke the ladies' man:
    Yusuke: Would you like to go to the supermarket with me sometime? They have a great sample kiosk!
    Makoto: I would avoid saying that to the girls at school.
    • The best part is that the line works like a charm on Noir:
      Haru: Oh, I've always wanted to visit one of them!
  • Futaba randomly makes train noises to Morgana's chagrin.
  • Ann realizing that she might be... outgrowing her Thief Suit.
    Ann: This is a bit tight in the chest… [whispering to herself] Did they get bigger again…?
    Morgana: Huh!? Speak up, Panther! That sound like vital information!
    • Ann's Gag Boobs in general:
      Ann: Keep going! Run those Shadows over!
      Makoto: Um, Panther… is that your chest bouncing against my head?

      Ann: Ow ow ow… This road's so bumpy.
      Yusuke: Panther, you're… bouncing somewhat…
      Futaba: Whoa, Panther, they're huge! I don't know where to look when they shake!

      Makoto: My shoulders have been getting stiff lately. Have I been studying at night too much?
      Futaba: Stiff shoulders, huh? Panther looks like she'd get them a lot too.

      Futaba: Hahahahaha! Faster! Faster!
      Ann: Gah, slow down! The seatbelt's digging into my chest...!
  • Morgana always aims to be a perfect example of Old-School Chivalry, especially if "Lady Ann" is involved. There are a few exceptions, though:
    Ann: Ow ow ow… This road's so bumpy.
    Morgana: [as a car] I can feel it… The tender touch of a soft butt…!
  • Yusuke mentions that he prefers ratatouille over Caprese salad. Morgana gets offended because he thinks Yusuke is cracking a "cat joke" at his expense.
  • This That Came Out Wrong moment:
    Yusuke: I'm in the zone now… Give me more stimulation!
    Ryuji: Dude… Phrasing. I know what you mean, but… phrasing.
    • It goes Up to Eleven when Haru, who has no idea what's wrong with Yusuke's remark, agrees with him:
      Haru: Yes, I can feel it too! Things are getting exciting!
  • Ann tries to get someone to go shopping with her, but lets it slip that she needs help to carry her bags. Ryuji simply retorts that nobody would agree after hearing that. Yusuke, on the other hand, has another idea.
    Yusuke: Let us barter. I will be happy to accompany you if and only if you agree to become my model.
  • There are several skits commenting on the fact that living and occasionally working at Leblanc makes Joker's clothes smell like coffee. He's... less than pleased about it.
    Makoto: I smell coffee a lot these days. Is that coming from Joker?
    Ryuji: Maybe. Smellin' like coffee's actually kinda cool.
    Yusuke: Yes… Through scent alone, I can easily tell that it's Joker.
    Futaba: Yeah, he's kinda like Sojiro now… Hey Joker, what was that face for?
  • Ann comments that lately she feels like someone's staring at her in class. Having been mistakingly accused of stalking her in the past, Yusuke helpfully points out that if it's happening during class specifically, then it's definitely not him. It's revealed that the culprit is Morgana, who's been giving Ann Longing Looks during class. He gives himself away when he chokes at her words in another skit.
  • Ryuji realizes how reverberant Mementos' tunnels are and starts yodeling of all things. Ann sighs and sarcastically remarks that, even in an Eldritch Location like Mementos, having Ryuji around sure puts her mind at ease. For her part, Haru simply yodels back and confusedly asks whether was there any meaning behind that.
    • Another skit has Haru compliment the acoustics of Mementos and consider holding a concert down there.
  • Futaba bemoans the fact that she wants a new PC but has to settle for new components instead, causing Yusuke (who regularly forgoes food to afford new art supplies or whatever else catches his fancy) to wonder how long he'd have to fast to afford a PC himself.
  • Morgana boasts that he has the best and coolest Phantom Thief outfit. Futaba snarks back that being butt naked except for a scarf is indeed gutsy.
  • One skit has Ryuji suddenly burst into singing the "Working on the Railroad" song. Morgana joins in. Ann gets sick of it.
  • This Verbal Backspace moment:
    Makoto: You can't study how to fight in a textbook. It's so invigorating.
    Ryuji: You're a fist fighter, after all. Hell, you're manlier than I— Uh... never mind.
  • Yusuke mentions that he was asked to draw for something called a "Doujinshi", but he had no idea what that was. Ann comments that his art style wouldn't be suitable for it, but then she takes it back, probably remembering how… particular Yusuke is about the beauty of the human body. For her part, the straight-laced Makoto thinks he's talking about "literary anthologies", which is what the word "doujinshi" used to mean before manga and anime got popular and shows just how out-of-touch with her generation Makoto is. Meanwhile, Futaba would be happy to educate him on the subject.
  • Every time Makoto ever-so-calmly scares the party:
    Makoto: Would anyone know any good vendors for professional-quality brass knuckles?
    Ryuji: I know you're serious, but you say the scariest shit sometimes.

    Makoto: This fits me better than I'd have thought. You know, like the weapon.
    Ann: Hey, Joker… Try not to get on Queen's bad side.

    Makoto: Combat makes for some potent stress relief.
    Ryuji: [nervous] Hey, uh… Joker? …Don't piss her off.
  • Since Joker's the driver of the Morganamobile, the girls feel nervous about it:
    Makoto: We're not going to hit a train, are we...?
    Ann: Ahaha... Of course not... Hands on the wheel, Joker!
  • On more than one occasion, Yusuke mentions feeling car sick. At one point, he nearly throws up.
  • In a more meta example, Ann at one point asks aloud, "Is it just me, or do we get the weirdest teachers at our school?" Players who have seen the kooks that teach at Gekkoukan and Yasogami High Schools will probably laugh themselves sick at the idea at comparing the relatively normal teachers at Shujin to those nutjobs.
  • This exchange, sold by Haru's choice of words:
    Ryuji: I started trainin' again. Thought it might help for work.
    Haru: You're very earnest Skull, even if you look a bit like a hoodlum.
  • At one point, Yusuke wonders aloud whether he should draw on the Morganamobile:
    Yusuke: Hrm...Should I draw something on the body?
    Morgana: You do that, and you're not getting in next time!
  • When Futaba complains about how thirsty she is, Haru suggests that she drink habanero juice.
  • It seems that even In-Universe, the Ho Yay between Ryuji and the Protagonist has been noted:
    Ryuji: Hey, Joker, you wanna go shopping with me later?
    Ann: Huh? Two guys shopping together...? Sounds suspicious.
  • Yusuke asks himself why his mask looks the way it does. Ryuji chimes in by saying that a goofier alternative would be a "hyottoko" mask. Not that funny....until you find out what a hyottoko mask looks like.
  • This skit with Akechi and Morgana, made chuckle-worthy mainly by the sheer cockiness in Morgana's tone, as well as how out-of-character it sounds:
    Akechi: This is a curious vehicle, indeed. I find it surprisingly comfortable.
    Morgana: It's true. All the ladies love me. I'm great to pet and a smooth ride!
  • Morgana yet again tries to proclaim that he isn't a cat....simply because he didn't get sick after eating an onion. Ryuji's response makes it even funnier:
  • Haru feels the need to tell everyone that she once carried a 30 kilogram bag of fertilizer.
  • Akechi proclaims that people look at him strangely during his lunch breaks due to him eating only a single apple. Ryuji then chimes in, under his breath in the most hilariously irritated tone possible, with this:
    Ryuji: Talk about a narcissist!
  • One skit has Futaba wanting Sojiro's curry so bad, with Makoto responds by saying that curry is a powerful standby, while also wondering if there's a way to make it taste bad. Well Makoto, you clearly haven't tasted Mystery Food X just yet...

    Dengeki Manga Anthology 
Volume 1
  • The first chapter brings back the horror of Mystery Food X, this time being cooked by Yusuke of all people.
    • When a cup falls over, Joker swoops in to grab it. The thing about this scene is that it's actually portrayed as one of the dialogue options in the game, with Joker choosing "Catch it!", and the other two being "Entrust it to the laws of physics." and "Is this Arita-Brand Porcelain?".
    • The reason the Phantom Thieves were in Mementos? Because they were so poor, they only had 5 yen.
    • Morgana berating Ryuji for spending his money on gym fees, training weights, and ramen... but agreeing with Ann about the fact she spent her money on getting ready for summer being important. Ryuji promptly calls him out on it.
  • In the second chapter, due to money problems, Yusuke had been eating nothing but bean sprouts for some time. To settle his problem, Makoto recommends a website where he could buy his art supplies at a cheaper price. Yusuke's reaction is just priceless.
    • Makoto's slasher smile throughout the chapter, especially when she scares Ann and Ryuji whenever they are not spending their money wisely.
    • Joker sets things up with Iwai so that everyone can purchase their own gear. Iwai later tells him about Makoto's order, mostly about how she wanted her weapon specifically designed to make enemies suffer and regret ever crossing her. The fact that Makoto manages to disturb a former YAKUZA is just gold.
  • In the third chapter, Joker, Ryuji, Mishima and Yusuke are all at a maid cafe. The high prices initially turn everyone off (Joker even mentally noting it's the same price as calling Kawakami through the maid service)... until the Moe act of the maid serving them convinces the former three to stay.
    • Ryuji and Mishima trying to make fun of each other for buying the maid's act; Yusuke, meanwhile, isn't at all charmed by the Moe and actually seems confused that the other boys like this sort of thing.
    • The maid then ends up botching Joker's order, serving him nasty vegetable juice instead of coffee (which Yusuke ends up drinking, to his immediate regret), and spills ketchup all over the omelette she was trying to write on.
    • Akechi turns out to also be there, and the maid ends up tripping and spilling pancakes on him. Akechi ends up playing it off and charming the maid, much to the other guys' envy. It gets funnier if you're aware of what Akechi is truly like Beneath the Mask, and how the Thieves are tipped off to his true nature in the first place.
    • At the end, Joker runs into Kawakami on his way out and ends up wooing her with his honest assessment that she's a better maid. Morgana responds by warning him to "Keep your philandery in moderation".
  • In chapter 4, in response to one of Morgana's ribs at him, Ryuji tries his hand at driving the Morganamobile and Drives Like Crazy. Yusuke tries afterward and ends up driving so slow the Reaper nearly kills them because he was respecting the speed limit to the extremes. Finally, Ann, in response to Ryuji's Lets See You Do Better remark, ends up trying to drive herself and ends up flooring the gas pedal. The team unanimously agrees to hold driving lessons later.
  • Chapter 5 has Joker and Sojiro have a Curry Cook-off after Sojiro gets jealous when Futaba says that Joker is a better cook than him. Futaba's reaction when eating Joker's curry looks like it's something straight out of Shokugeki no Soma.
    • Even better, after Futaba tries Sojiro's curry as well and announces that Joker's curry is superior, Sojiro decides to try it himself... and has nearly the same reaction.
  • Chapter 6: Despite it being the middle of the night, Joker decides to go for a walk to clear his head. He doesn't make it as far as the door because Futaba is on the other side of it, like the world's orangest Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl.
    Joker: [shrieks]
    Morgana: NYAH!?
    Futaba: Oh, nice timing.
  • Chapter 7 is a Yonkoma collection focused on making fun of various character quirks for both party members and confidants (and even a few from Joker himself).
    • Joker is told by Morgana that he can remove a Shadow's mask if he launches a sneak-attack from behind it. After training in the real world by doing chin-ups on the rafters, however, he gets strong enough to rip the Shadow's head off completely. The Shadow's severed head is conveniently pixellated in the last panel, but the rest of the team - and Joker himself - are still understandably horrified.
    • At Kaneshiro's palace, the gang happen upon a massive stash of money in the laundering room. Morgana warns everyone not to be deceived, but then they notice Joker who seems to have already fallen for the trick. In fact, he's actually losing his mind over the fact that not even this much money, let alone his real-world savings, could possibly pay back all the gear he wants to buy for the team!
    • Joker realizes he only has expired curry in his inventory, but he's desperate to gain a few levels. He resorts to using Tentarafoo to make the team eat the rotten curry anyway. Cut to Akechi and Sojiro watching a news report about food poisoning in the local high school.
    • Ann and Futaba, in the middle of eating crepes, run into Ann's rival model Mika, who takes the opportunity to mock Ann's choice of food again, noting the healthier drink she's consuming. Futaba then expresses honest amazement and admiration that Mika can keep to such a strict diet, all while confessing she herself would probably never be able to give up all the incredibly unhealthy meals she eats and sneaking in a mention of how she never exercises either. The look on Mika's face when she realizes that Futaba is even worse than Ann at taking care of herself and yet still looks slim and cute as a button has to be seen to be believed, but Ann summarizes it best.
      Ann: Futaba! Mika looks like she's about to give birth to a Palace!
    • The last Yonkoma hangs a huge Lampshade on how so many people seem to easily figure out that Joker is one of the Phantom Thieves.
      Joker: ...I don't think I'm suited to being a Phantom Thief.
  • Chapter 8, like chapter 7, is a series of Yonkoma comics, this time poking fun at several Fridge Logic moments in the game.
    • The rest of Shujin's student council naturally notice the changes in Makoto after she joins the Phantom Thieves. Given the reputation of Ryuji, Ann and Joker around the school though, from their perspective it looks like their naive and studious president has fallen into a really bad crowd, especially after they see her checking out a weapons catalog.
    • Makoto's Rank 9 Confidant skill has her shoulder-checking Joker to push him out of the way of an otherwise fatal attack. However, her outfit's Spikes of Villainy just ended up stabbing him and delivering the finishing blow instead.
    • Morgana usually helps out Joker by second-guessing his school work or just asking him about it. One day they start talking about the "L" and "R" sounds in English, leaving a confused Sojiro who can't hear Morgana's side of the conversation to wonder what the hell Joker is doing.
    • Joker takes a moment to observe Noir's fighting style involving heavy combat axes and her Grenade Launcher. He then remembers the first time he met her in the real world when he helped her to carry around some gardening supplies, leaving him with a very confused look on his face as if wondering if Haru perhaps suckered him into helping her by acting like a dainty damsel.
    • Joker holds back from commenting on Ann's poor acting skills when she mentions her dream of someday becoming an action movie star and playing as the Super Villain. Cue Gilligan Cut to her Follow Up attack in battle where she milks the Dominatrix motif of her Thief Suit and weapon to its fullest, prompting Joker to correct himself and admit that she might have an unexpected talent for that kind of stuff.
    • When Morgana has his 10-Minute Retirement, the Phantom Thieves think of making some Lost Pet flyers to help them find him. The problem is that a normal description of Morgana doesn't sound right to them and they end up coming up with this gem:
      Lost Cat Notice:
      Name: Morgana
      -Wearing a yellow collar.
      -Black coat with white patches.
      -Is good at pachinko.
      -Seven seats van.
      -Nimbles his claws.
      -Loves sushi.
      Yusuke(?): With this, we'll find him for sure!
    • Joker reacting the same way as all players when he has a DVD that he needs to return tomorrow, but Morgana tells him he's too tired from his trip to Mementos to watch it. Complete with a speech panel saying "Resistance is futile".
  • Chapter 9, titled "Today's Mementos is Still Threatening".
    • Ryuji and Ann wish they could have a ride like Johanna, so Makoto reveals they can ride their Personas too.
      • For Ryuji, Makoto jumps onto Captain Kidd's ship/surfboard, balancing alongside the undead pirate, who looks like his personal space is being violated.
      • For Ann, Makoto considers one of Carmen's lovestruck butlers, before jumping on it as well. Her weight, along with Carmen's heel, make the butler faceplant into the floor.
      • With everyone else riding their Personas (Yusuke and Morgana are on Goemon and Zorro's shoulders), Joker tries to get a ride of his own, but Arsène refuses.
        Joker: ...Arsène, I would like—
        Arsène: Sorry. That goes against my aesthetics.
      • It ends up culminating in Joker going off thread and threatening a Slime into becoming his mount during a Hold Up.
        Joker: [holds Shadow at gunpoint, Gangsta Style] Hand over that ride.
        Morgana: That's not Phantom Thief-like! You're becoming a mugger!
    • The complaining about how uncomfortable riding in the Morganamobile comes up again. This time, Morgana doesn't take it lying down.
    • Yusuke reveals that he carries his art supplies with him and starts working on something...only to take so long that the Reaper shows up. Cue Joker trying to get him to hurry up and Yusuke acting like a petulant child, at least until ice cream is brought up.
    • Rest stop time and everyone is hungry and tired. While Joker does have curry with's one of his failures. Cue yet another return of Mystery Food X.
  • Chapter 10 focuses on shenanigans taking place in Leblanc.
    • Joker and Futaba having a discussion about Sojiro's likable points.
    • Movie day in Joker's room, with Yusuke unexpectedly dropping by. Even though Futaba is annoyed at him joining them, they both get into the movie about a half hour later.
    • We finally find out what Sojiro wanted to name Morgana: Prince. Cue two Beat panels with Joker's, Futaba's, and Morgana's reaction.
    • The chapter ends with Sojiro musing about how he's happy how close that Joker and Futaba have gotten, and at this rate they'll probably end up dating. Joker and Futaba start blushing and looking away and Sojiro gets confused by their reactions.
  • Chapter 11 lays the Joker/Ann Ship Tease pretty thick, leading to a moment where Ann tells Joker to take care of himself because "Your body doesn't just belong to only you anymore!" Not only do Joker and Morgana react as expected, the rest of the team shows up just as she says that.
    Ryuji: (grinning) Hey, hey? What's going on here?
    Makoto: (affronted smile) We can't just ignore that, can we?

Volume 2

  • Chapter 2 brings back Operation Maid Watch. When a new Maid Café opens up, Ryuji and Mishima want to check it out, but get cold feet before going in. Joker offers to lead the way for them because he's "used to maids", only to learn that well-paid young women are completely unlike Kawakami's brand of maid.
    Joker: The maid I know is different... she's more like an exhausted office lady who gulps down cheap sake...
    Imaginary!Kawakami: (annoyed) Did you say something rude just now?
    • Long story short, Joker keeps losing his cool until Ann and Makoto catch him surrounded by cute maids. Cue a fast-forward to his interrogation, where Sae concludes that to be a Phantom Thief, he must have been willing to throw away his reputation and dignity.
      Sae: But it was no problem for you since you were already taking part in activities that required you to cast those aside.
  • Chapter 9: Futaba joins in on a group hug by dropping out of Necronomicon and landing on top of everyone.
  • Chapter 16 opens with Ryuji and Akechi running from the latter's fangirls. While Ryuji is freaking out, Akechi's expression is hilariously serene for what he's doing.

Volume 3

  • Chapter 3 gives us the glorious image of Futaba walking around Shinjuku while wearing a Jack Frost mascot headpiece.
    • Joker and Morgana show up at Chihaya's booth after the girls leave, with a stack of money covered in Shadow blood. Good thing Chihaya can't see said blood, or she'd be even more nonplussed than she already is.
  • Chapter 4: Akechi's fangirls request that Sae give him a present from them. When Sae expresses confusion over why they're asking her to do it, the answer she gets is... well...
    Fangirl: Aren't you Akechi-kun's mother?
    • Smash Cut to Leblanc, where Sae is now in a foul mood. Akechi cracks up when he learns what happened, and Sojiro is trying and failing to stifle a laugh.

    A la Carte Manga Anthology 
  • Chapter 2 is a Yonkoma that, among other things, portrays Joker as a die-hard loli/masochist. He even wonders at one point if the Velvet Room might actually be his own Palace — catering to his specific brand of "warped desires", to the point where he quickly begs for the same rough treatment he just gave Izanagi Picaro a pep talk about receiving. Morgana is quick to point out that those with Personas don't have Palaces.
    • This Joker is also a bit of a huge Troll, holding up Shido by mashing the "Open" button on the elevator while his aide is trying to close it and chasing after Ryuji and Ann with a set of Dirty Armor he got out of a chest.
  • In chapter 4, Joker is late for school, and tries to jump the gate to get in. Unfortunately, he forgets that he doesn't have superpowers in the real world and smashes his face on it.
    • Joker isn't the only one to pick up odd habits in the Metaverse. In the ensuing team meeting, Yusuke says that he tends to lean his body to his right side while walking to compensate for the weight of his Thief Suit's large fox tail, Ann gets nervous whenever a door closes behind her because she thinks her tail may get caught in it, and Makoto jumps away when someone gets too close to her so they won't stab themselves on her Spiked Shoulders of Doom.
    • Joker also has a habit of doing his signature glove pull even when he isn't actually wearing gloves. He gets embarrassed when the other thieves point this out.
    • During their next visit to Mementos, the Thieves make a pact to try to act as normal as possible while fighting shadows, without any of the dramatic flair. This pact lasts a single battle with all of them concluding that it's too weird, with Joker actually throwing a tantrum on the ground that he lost all motivation.
  • Chapter 5, another 4koma collection.
    • Joker and Yusuke's boat ride has more people in boats to observe: Iwai and Kaoru having an awkward attempt at parent-child bonding, Ann and Shiho having a Les Yay-tastic final high school memory, and Ryuji and Mishima, who got on a boat together and regretted it instantly, but the rental fee means they'd waste their money if they got off too soon.
    • Haru tries to convince Morgana to digest coffee beans so that she can make some Kopi Luwak coffee.
    • Joker had Yusuke make a Medjed figurine, which can shoot Eye Beams, somehow. Futaba excitedly programs it to target suspicious individuals, leading to Akechi being eye-lasered as soon as he walks into Leblanc.
    • Joker's various interrogation segments with Sae in Chapter 5.
      • To Joker's confusion, despite the absurdity of his description about Mementos, the one thing Sae doesn't find outlandish about it is the idea of a cat turning into a bus. Why? Because she's just old enough to be familiar with Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro.
      • When Sae suspects that the Phantom Thieves must have had a master actor as part of their team, Joker thinks back to all of Ann's Bad Acting moments and claims there's no one on the team like that.
      • When Sae questions Joker on what type of training he went through in order to handle the Police Brutality inflicted on him, Joker thinks back to all the abuse he suffered at the hands of Caroline and Justine.
  • Chapter 6, Makoto and Ryuji switch personalities for the day. Why? Joker thought that Makoto needed a change of pace, and "a serious Ryuji would be funny to see."
    • Makoto's first act as Ryuji leaves a dent in the wall and Mishima scared shitless. The best part is that she thought she was being casual.
    • Joker and Makoto do the things Joker usually does with Ryuji, down to eating jumbo beef bowls and ramen.
      Makoto: I'm rather worried about my calories...
      Joker: No worries. You're Ryuji today, so everything you eat will go straight to him.
      Morgana: What kind of logic is that?
    • After following Joker and Makoto all day, the comic checks back on Ryuji... who got bored and fell asleep while trying to study like how Makoto usually does.
  • Chapter 11: Takemi deals with the Phantom Thieves that aren't Joker.


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