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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. All spoilers are unmarked!

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  • The first gameplay trailer reveal. During a live-streamed concert that seemed to be focused on P3 and P4, the protagonist steals the trailer from Famitsu, crashes the concert by "shooting out the lights," and dramatically reveals it — and by extension, the game's radically different premise — to the entire world.
  • From the second trailer, we have Joker leaping from chandeliers and then jumping backwards out a window, complete with slow-motion close-ups on his fall. Then it turns out that this is a gameplay mechanic.
    • Not to mention his stoic face while he's free falling. It's like he's saying "Oh yeah, I'm falling from a skyscraper. Typical Tuesday."
  • Now the new trailer has been leaked, we see Joker seemingly ripping his own face off, merging in some way with his Shadow, setting himself on fire and transforming into his thief get-up as he summons Arsène. Holy shit!
  • The Tokyo Tower Livestream trailer showed Makoto using her Persona... which is also a motorcycle.
    • Similarly, Futaba Sakura, another new party member revealed in the trailer, has the Persona "Necronomicon"...which is A UFO!!
  • A survey from Square Enix asked Japanese players what they would choose if Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5 came out around the same time. The mere fact that Square needs to ask this speaks volumes to how Persona has grown in popularity to the point that Square Enix is cautious of it, even disregarding Final Fantasy's damaged reputation.
  • The May 5th trailer. The reveal of new characters, dungeons, All of it, really: but especially the stinger at the end where we hear the words we're accustomed to at the beginning of the series: "Welcome to the Velvet Room."

    Pre-Release (The Royal
  • 4/24/2019 graces us with the official announcement of an Updated Re-release for Persona 5 subtitled The Royal, including plenty of new awesomeness.
  • 6/27/2019 hit us with a Ryuji-centric trailer, which confirmed that like in Persona 4: Golden, the Phantom Thieves are getting all-new 3rd tier Persona awakenings. In this case, Captain Kidd and Seiten Taisei are fused into a combined version that Ryuji calls "William", aka the given name of Captain Kidd's inspiration.
    • In addition, it shows a new group attack: Ryuji and Yusuke are about to enjoy a beef bowl before a Shadow interrupts... then they absolutely blast it with gunfire before Ryuji throws a grenade, and Yusuke snipes it to blow the Shadow up while they share a fist-bump.


Main Story

  • The Persona awakening scenes are all incredibly thrilling.
    • Joker, about to be killed by Kamoshida's lackeys, lets out a burst of Dramatic Wind, which frees him up enough to feel up the mask that's appeared on his face. He then bloodily and painfully rips the mask off, and flashes a pure Psychotic Smirk complete with yellow eyes. Then blue fire starts encasing Joker as Arsène lets out the most chilling Evil Laugh, the flames giving Arsène form even as Joker is left with his snazzy new outfit. With a stylish flick of Joker's hands, Arsène unfolds his wings and sends Kamoshida's lackeys flying into the wall. The whole scene is reminiscent of Lelouch first gaining Geass (appropriately enough considering his voice actor.)
      Arsène: This power of mine is yours! Kill them however you want. Run wild to your heart's content!
    • Very soon after Joker's awakening, he and Ryuji come across Morgana and free him, then continue to flee until they encounter more Shadows. Even as Joker prepares to fight and Ryuji flinches back, Morgana goes in and gives some much-needed support for Joker, instantly summoning Zorro and dropping this Pre Ass Kicking One Liner:
      Morgana: Hmph. We will promptly shut them up!
    • Ryuji, after being harshly insulted by Kamoshida's shadow, begins writhing on the ground in pain and ripping his mask off his face, summoning his Persona Captain Kidd. The blast of power is so strong that Kamoshida and his shadows are left reeling, and when Ryuji finishes his awakening, he lets out a hell of a Slasher Smile before ripping into Kamoshida's lackeys.
      Ryuji: Stop looking down on me with that stupid smile on your face!!
    • Ann is shackled up before her awakening, but once she starts it, she breaks the shackles before ripping off her mask and summoning Carmen, to the same result as Ryuji's summoning. But she then goes on to kick the sword out of one of the shadows' hands before jumping in the air, grabbing it, and killing Kamoshida's perverse fantasy version of her... and then proceeds to rip into Kamoshida's lackeys once more. Beforehand, Ann acknowledges Carmen when she speaks to her.
      Ann: I hear you... Carmen. You're right! No more holding back!
    • Yusuke gets a hell of a Rage Against the Mentor moment with his awakening. After Madarame's shadow reveals his true nature, Yusuke can't believe it. However, he begins to writhe in pain, scraping his fingers so hard on the ground that they bleed, with Goemon speaking in his mind, urging him to take action. And when he finally receives his mask and rips it off, bodies some nearby shadows with his ice magic, and stands resolute, ready to face Madarame... before ripping into Madarame's lackeys with an absolutely murderous Slasher Smile on his face.
      Yusuke: Very well... come, Goemon!
      • For bonus points, Yusuke is the only member of the Phantom Thieves who tears off their mask without crying out in pain. (Futaba gained her Persona through cooperating with her Shadow and we never see Haru or Akechi awaken to their Personas on-screen.)
    • Makoto completely blows up, emerges from the blast of power riding Johanna, and proceeds to drift into and run over some of Kaneshiro's goons, scaring the shit out of him. Johanna being a Persona that is also a motorcycle surprises even Morgana. While most of the others thrash around in agony when they awaken to their personas, Makoto completely powers through it, destroying a floor tile (while still wearing her regular loafers) in the process. And before that, when Johanna first speaks to her? Makoto answers.
      Johanna: Have you decided to tread the path of strife...?
      Makoto: Yes... come to me!
      Johanna: Very well. Let us proceed with our contract at once.
      • She continues to be awesome even after the fight. The group is surrounded by Shadows and how no idea how to escape, but Makoto just says "there's only one exit, right?" and just drives straight for the door, running over the Shadows in her way and smashing the door down. The party's reactions after getting back to reality sum it up.
        Ryuji: Man, talk about wild... That was no aikido, that was some hardcore ass whoopin'!
        Ann: I am SO not pissing her off... I feel like she'll rip off my arm.
        Yusuke: She does exude that aura...
      • Makoto also gets an awesome moment after the end of the Kaneshiro Arc, where she finally stands up to Principal Kobayakawa after being emotionally manipulated by him into investigating the Phantom Thieves and what turned out to be Kaneshiro's extortion racket.
        Principal: I was just speaking to the director of a prestigious college about your letter of recommendation too..
        Makoto: (pleasantly) There will be no need for that. I intend on getting into a good college by my own merit. Please excuse me.
    • Futaba's awakening is handled in a way no other Persona character has done. Firstly, she accepts her Shadow on her own, without a fight and without any help, right before asking the party to help her eliminate the Palace's cognitive monster. Secondly, when confronting the boss, who is flying out of range of the party's physical attacks, she realizes "wait a minute, this is my mental world, I can make it do anything I want!" and creates-
      Morgana: A-A ballista!?
      Futaba: Shoot it down with this, then beat the crap out of it!
    • Haru's awakening has the cognitive version of Haru's fiance transform to attack her after learning what her father's motives are. Then Milady suddenly jumps in to protect her from her cognitive fiance's attack, as she proceeds to ask Haru on her decision to turn against her father. Haru declares that her heart has been set, and shoots a hell of a Death Glare as Milady joyously states that she can finally unleash her true power, revealing the insane amount of firepower she's packing in her dress.
      Milady: Yes, that gaze! I can finally unleash my true power. I am thou, thou art I... Let us adorn your journey into freedom with a beautiful betrayal!
      Haru: Farewell, dear Father! I AM NO LONGER YOUR SUBSERVIENT PUPPET!
  • Even before Ryuji gets his Persona he effortlessly knocks down one of Shadow Kamoshida's knights, which stand a good foot taller than him, wear full plate armor, and wield shields and spears; Joker couldn't even budge them until after he awakens to Arsène. And for bonus points, Ryuji gets to body-check Shadow Kamoshida himself shortly after Joker awakens to Arsène.
  • After Shadow Kunikazu tricks the party except for Morgana and Haru into a force field, Morgana, who'd spent the last few weeks struggling with feeling useless in comparison to Futaba, takes out his slingshot and shoots the remote out of the Shadow's hand, saving the entire party.
  • Near the end of the Casino dungeon, the group manages to gather the 100,000 needed coins to open the bridge to the treasure room, only to find that the quota has been raised to 1 million. At this point, Akechi reveals that he'd secretly held onto the "Taro Tanaka" card that Futaba told him to throw out, and by making a series of risky bets and borrowing coins, he'd managed to gain over 900,000 coins by himself, without the party or the palace owner, who is implied to know everything happening in their palace, catching on.
  • Unused voice lines from the Casino dungeon show Akechi managing to successfully trick Shadow Sae and win at the poker game using a crafty ploy that helps him sneak in the cards he needs to win.
  • The aftermath of the Casino dungeon is just one big roller coaster ride. The Phantom Thieves suspected Akechi all along and wiretapped his phone, soon overhearing that he would only cooperate with the Phantom Thieves just to stab them all in the back. To get one up on Akechi however, the Phantom Thieves make one insane gamble. The protagonist intentionally gets caught, and everything from that point on hinged on him appealing to Sae's sense of justice and Akechi following his own plan to make his move right after she left the interrogation room. Akechi "murders" the protagonist and the guard at the door when in reality, Akechi just murdered Sae's Cognitions of them in her Palace who were an exact copy of the real thing because Sae just saw them in their current state and location. The protagonist effectively cheated death. Akechi then went on to announce that the leader of the Phantom Thieves is dead to the world due to suicide, with him being none the wiser that the protagonist was still sitting in the interrogation room, with a truly well-deserved and badass smirk on his face. This entire sequence is just a thrill ride to witness.
    • Bonus points to Joker's strength of will. He's overdosed on Truth Serum and despite being drugged out the ass, he not only manages to recount 8 months worth of events, he still persuades Sae to join their cause and escape from the jail cell! Trickster at its finest!
    • The whole thing is best exemplified by the group's reactions to the news of Joker's death. Every other Phantom Thief acts mortified over the news, going from Ann, Makoto, Futaba, Yusuke, Haru, and finally Ryuji. The audience is led to believe that Joker really did die, and their reactions of grief are genuine. Finally, Ryuji speaks up while he watches the coverage in front of a television shop in Akihabara.
      Ryuji: "You're shittin' me..." (grins) "We got 'em."
    • What really makes it is that, everything above shows how Akechi being the traitor may well have not been the twist the developers were trying to set up, especially since they didn't try very hard to hide it. Even the audience had him pegged from the outset - what the general audience wasn't prepared for was that the Phantom Thieves had him pegged too, and had it all under control the entire time.
  • When it comes time to send a Calling Card to Shido, the Thieves can't use the traditional method due to the media hurting their current reputation. Luckily, Futaba has a solution. She hijacks all of Japan's airwaves to broadcast that Shido is responsible for all the mental shutdowns and psychotic breakdowns and that the Thieves are alive and coming for him, making sure that it's impossible for Shido not to see it. Made even better with the instrumental Theme Music Power-Up backing them up.
    • Even better is when she has a fail-safe for when the police inevitably try and cut the broadcast. Also counts as a Funny Moment for how easily she plays them like fiddles. Don't mess with the original Medjed, cops.
      Futaba: Oh, the police caught on quicker than I thought. Toooooo bad. (cue the broadcast resuming and expanding to ten times as many networks) I win!
    • Shido gets a villainous one here too. After being told that the gang of supernatural criminals, which he previously thought he'd destroyed, are coming for him (not to mention them airing his dirty laundry in public), his response boils down to "Bring it on."
  • Futaba gets one during the 7th Palace, when she confronts the cognitive IT President on her own. Bear in mind she used to have such crippling anxiety she couldn't leave her room, and could barely talk to anyone who wasn't Sojiro. Here, she only fumbles her words once before regaining her composure, manages to get the IT President's attention and keep stringing him along, and when he reveals something she wasn't expecting, that he was the fake Medjed who targeted the Phantom Thieves, she's able to remain calm and improvise. All this while never giving away that she's a member of the Phantom Thieves until she has no choice. A very impressive feat from someone who used to be a Hikkikomori, and a great show of her Character Development.
  • The entire arc of Akechi's last stand is a big moment of awesomeness for both the Phantom Thieves and Akechi himself. From Pre-fighting to aftermath.
    • First, it is actually Akechi who catches the Phantom Thieves off guard by leaping off from a beam that would be a perfect place to snipe down all of the team members. Joker manages to catch something fishy with his instinct, while Futaba, who is in charge of scanning the area for enemies, fails to notice his presence. The two parties soon begin throwing a series of taunts and counter-taunts at each other before the fight commences.
    • During the fight:
      • Gameplay-wise, Akechi constantly aims his attack on Joker as if he knows that killing Joker will cause a instant game over for the player, while going through multiple phases that would be unexpected for those who play the story for the first time. Just as you manage to defeat the "Crow" Akechi, guess what? Akechi still has an ace in his hand! He then summons his alternate persona to face the rest of the team, by then, the players may suffer from a lack of SP and HP, and thus find Akechi's attack to be too fierce to withstand.
      • Plot-wise, Akechi is strong enough to take on all the Phantom Thieves in an open battle. Keep in mind that Akechi is aware that there is another Wild Card player(Joker) on the opposing team, and he has no teammates(unlike Phantom Thieves), no mentor(Morgana), and no healing ability (Which something one will certainly use in a boss fight). All he has is his experience of fighting in the Metaverse and his tenacity that matches his fighting phases. Even Phantom Thieves admit that Akechi could have overcome them if they did not use their numbers advantage.
    • Aftermath: The heavily wounded Akechi still attempts to put up a fight against the Phantom Thieves, only to be convinced by the futility of his effort and shocked at the surprising forgiveness of the party members and their request of him to be an ally for their fight with Shido, who is Akechi's true target. However, it is cut short when Cognitive Akechi show up and threatens to terminate the real one unless he kills the Phantom Thieves. Akechi, who can barely stand, fires his pistol at his Cognitive self before anyone can react. In the end, Akechi stands tall and prepares for a second shot at Cognitive Akechi, with the boldest last words he can utter.
      Akechi: So, my final enemy is a puppet version of myself...Not bad.
  • A villainous example. You have to give props to Shido being willing to almost kill himself just to stop the Phantom Thieves from changing his heart. It doesn't work since the Phantom Thieves already defeated his Shadow but it does show just how determined Shido is to seeing his plans come to fruition.
  • At the end of the seventh dungeon, as the ship's sinking and the group starts to despair, Ryuji manages to sprint across the tilted wall of the building they're on, make a running jump across a large distance, sprint up a steep slope, jump up again and grab onto a lever to release a lifeboat for the group to use, not to mention somehow escaping once all is said and done. Keep in mind that this is after Kamoshida's "training" him, meaning Ryuji's no longer in his prime as a runner.
  • Justine and Caroline get one towards the end of the game. When Igor orders the protagonist's execution, the two start to notice something is very off about him. The protagonist endures their attacks, and eventually start to remember that they're a Literal Split Personality and turn on their "master", leading to his exposure as a fake. What makes this scene even cooler is they ask the protagonist to fuse them, which he does, restoring their true form Lavenza.
    • One could also take their Confidant path as foreshadowing for this: a list of personas for Joker to acquire written by a mysterious entity, instructions for how the girls should act when Joker completes a set of fusions, and the girls NOT consulting their master over their uncertainty as to the list's author. They know something is wrong in the Velvet Room, but they can't figure out what until their short battle with Joker, as well as Justine's hypothesis that the list is not just for Joker's growth as a Wild Card.
    • A rather overlooked one just before that: Joker and his friends have just been Ret Gone from the world due to a god-like Treasure and the people's utter lack of care for their efforts. Justine and Caroline, who had grown to be friendly towards him, berate and mock him for his failure right before Igor tells him how he failed and how humanity is doomed to ruin, ordering his execution. And while they are shocked, both wardens comply and prepare for his death. He's alone, his friends are probably gone from existence, and all his efforts are for nothing, while death approaches from two of his biggest allies. So what does Joker do? Gets back up anyway, his rebellious will summoning his Phantom Thief persona in the Velvet Room, DEFYING Igor's order for his execution. Not only that, he withstands the combined force of two beings whose power is only succeeded by the Treasure who defeated him, and Igor, through sheer willpower long enough to snap Justine and Caroline out of it. The entire ending to the game happened simply because Joker was THAT defiant.
    • Serious credit where it's due: the fact that Yaldabaoth managed to infiltrate the Velvet Room and impersonate Igor for most of the game. The only obvious foreshadowing anyone received from that was a different voice actor, something that could easily be written off or ignored.
  • The Final Battle has you headshot THE DEMIURGE.
    • The whole buildup is made of awesome:
      • The Phantom Thieves are on the wrong end of a Curb-Stomp Battle, and back down below, the public is panicking now that they can see the Palace fusing with the real world. Morgana sends out a weak broadcast for help, but all hope seems lost. Then, none other than Yuki Mishima, starts cheering on the Thieves, encouraging everyone else to begin cheering and raising the "Do you believe in the Phantom Thieves?" tracker back up. Then comes the obligatory scene where your maxed Cooperation conspirators all send out their hopes to you.
      • Back at the battle, the Thieves manage to stand up once again, inspired by everyone cheering them on. As the belief tracker hits 100%, the Protagonist summons Arsène and breaks its chains, who disappears in a flash of light. At first, everyone thinks that nothing happened, and the Big Bad begins to berate their failed attempt... then Dramatic Thunder sounds, dark clouds spreading across the sky and plunging the whole city into nighttime. Then the Protagonist's Ultimate Persona, Satanael, descends from the heavens and it's MASSIVE, towering over the Thieves and perhaps even standing taller than the Big Bad, who itself is gargantuan.
        Joker: Pillage him… SATANAEL!
      • Finally, after Satanael helps No-Sell a massive strike, we get the finisher: Joker readies his pistol, with Satanael following suit - wielding a skyscraper-sized lever-action rifle - and delivers as classic a Pre-Mortem One-Liner with style to spare.
        Joker: BEGONE.
  • Every time the Phantom Thieves send a calling card to their targets. Every target's Shadow basically responds by daring the Phantom Thieves to try and steal their treasure, causing the Palace's security level to rise to 99%. And despite the Shadow's heightened security, the Phantom Thieves still steal the Treasure and force a change of heart which leads to...
    • The target confessing their crimes and begging to be punished. Watching scum like Kamoshida or Madarame confess their sins, after going unpunished for so long, is VERY satisfying.
  • Crossing over with Funny, if girls figure out you've been cheating on them come Valentine's Day, they all team up to beat you up while Sojiro and Morgana get the hell out of there to leave you to your well-deserved beatdown.
    • Also worth mentioning is that Sojiro somehow manages to talk every single girl out of their rage afterwards. The Offscreen Moment of Awesome gets increasingly impressive with the number of girls you've managed to piss off.


  • In the penultimate event of Makoto's confidant, she carries out a cunning plan to trick her new friend Eiko's boyfriend, Tsukasa, into revealing his true colors. She texts Tsukasa with the same style as Eiko, thereby causing him to mistake Makoto for Eiko, then meets with Eiko to share what she's learned about Tsukasa from investigating Shinjuku with the protagonist, and learning that he'd frequently used the "sake bottle trick" to get girls into debt so that he could sell them off. Since Tsukasa had always called his "girlfriends" by pet names to avoid mixing them up, he finally slips up and calls Eiko "Makoto", thereby revealing himself as a scammer who can't tell his marks from one another.
    • In the same scene, Eiko tries to desperately defend Tsukasa, despite how painfully clear his crimes are. Makoto's response is to slap Eiko in the face and then tells her to accept the truth that's in front of her. Makoto isn't just defending a friend, she's also forcing her friend to see how stupid she's being and to the accept reality of the situation. While Makoto thinks she may gone too far later, anyone can agree that it was the right move at the time.
  • Late in Mishima's confidant, he smoothly pulls off an elaborate bluff to convince two people who are attacking Akiyama, who'd previously bullied Mishima, to leave him alone, claiming that he'd been recording their activities and that he knows about their criminal records (based purely on intuition), doing so convincingly enough that the two of them are fooled into backing down. And better yet, he is absolutely shitting himself with fear, yet he doesn't show a hint of it until after the fact.
  • Consider the Judgement Confidant: Most every other Confidant in the game, if not the entire series, requires weeks, if not months of interaction and involvement between the two parties in order to build up the trust for the bond they share to become truly unbreakable. Joker manages to achieve this same level of devotion with Sae Niijima's trust in a little under an hour of speaking with her, and that's after he got the shit mercilessly beat out of him and while he was tripping balls from an overdose of 'truth serum', or whatever the hell was in that needle. Suffice to say that Joker was made the leader and the Trickster for a damn good reason.
  • Most of the non-party Confidants besides Sojiro figure out that you're involved with the Phantom Thieves after telling you about someone who's causing them trouble, and then seeing that person's heart change. Yoshida, however, catches on to you by simply talking to you, realizing that you're the exact same kind of person who would become one of the Phantom Thieves, an impressive deduction that says a lot about how well he knows people.
    • Furthermore, perhaps as a testament to him being one of the few genuinely well adjusted adults you meet; his Confidant is one of the few who need no Mementos intervention. This is particularly unique among the non-core Confidants (as in Confidants who are not Phantom Thieves themselves, the Twins, and those tied to the plot) as he is the only one of them to iron out his issues on his own, with the protagonist there to help provide moral support when needed.
  • Speaking of Yoshida, if you maxed his Confidant, he'll message you following the penultimate Palace to tell you that though Shido's party won most of the seats in the Diet, his association with you paid off and he was elected as well. If that weren't cool enough, in the epilogue, he can be seen rallying the freaking National Diet to help free Joker from juvie!
  • Helping your Confidants out by changing the hearts of the people ruining their lives in Mementos. Watching filthy scum like the Takases who extort Kawakami for money, and Futaba's abusive uncle who tries to blackmail Sojiro beg for forgiveness is quite cathartic to watch, knowing that you've done something to really help your companions out.

  • The All-Out Attacks. Unlike the Big Ball of Violence in the previous titles, cornering an enemy has the team leap into action, slashing away at their prey in blinding speed. If the move is fatal, one of the Phantom Thieves will get a stylized close-up and a Bond One-Liner as their victims die with High Pressure Black Blood in the background.
  • One of the Confidant's skills gives your team the ability to jump into battle after ambushing an enemy and shower them with bullets. While the first level of this only takes off a little health, the second level almost always reduces enemy health BY HALF!

  • The mere concept of the Heel–Face Brainwashing that the Phantom Thieves partake in, with every heist is an incredibly awesome moment. After seeing all of these horrid people, abusing their power or abusing others and almost feeling powerless to stop them, it becomes incredibly cathartic to "steal their heart" and make them reform. This team of Persona users is incredibly cool and badass, and on the days of their heists, they have an awesome tune to back them. The game does a great job in making the player feel like a suave, stylish thief, dispensing justice to corrupt and vile people.
  • Seeing Kaneko's demon designs in glorious HD, with everything from the smallest details preserved, to new touches added (such as a rainbow sheen on Metatron's wings) is all truly a sight to behold. The fact that some of the models are a bit unimpressive on the graphical end but still manage to look awesome serves as a testament to his skill.
  • The whole game is a love letter to the idea of the Superhero and the Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World trope. A lot of the thieves talk about watching Saturday Morning Cartoons in their youth and wanting to emulate what they saw, heroes taking down villains, or in Ann's case, a confident con-woman getting one over on her pursuers and escaping custody. Every awakening feels like watching a Power Ranger/Super Sentai statement of purpose leading into the morphing sequence, and there are numerous times the camera holds on the thieves as a group in various pre-asskicking poses, like before the final phase of the boss fight in the fourth palace, and before fighting The Dragon in the fifth palace. The game also lampshades the PThieves’ foolishness in talking about being the Phantom Thieves in public places where anyone could overhear them and texting each other about their plans for heists and knowledge of the Metaverse in general. When Makoto confronts them with evidence of their activities, they’re beholden to her plans for a time. And when someone hacks their group text, they can’t believe someone could actually do that and force them to do their bidding. Fortunately for them, Futaba is sympathetic to their cause and only did this to get their attention.
  • One for the writing in general as despite Atlus portraying the game and its events and themes in a manner that while supporting you, forces you to consider that fears and attitudes are sometimes not unfounded. After Shadow Tsuda's battle, he laments how the young are starting to force the older generation out of their power or even out of basic jobs; in turn causing them to fear losing it and being reduced to irrelevance. More than one adult target you face has that fear in mind; which is tapering back into modern times into why the old is so afraid to release the power to the young. Aside from age politics, the writers take a good charge to promote proper skepticism towards your actions, with Goro saying what you're doing is tantamount to brainwashing. The writers manage to push their message while not simply disregarding what others are saying as mere hogwash, which is commendable.
  • The plot of the game is something of a meta-CMOA, a massive Take That! to a lot of very pertinent issues of Japanese society and the toxic connotations that can come with them when they're taken too far (respect for adults, maintaining the status quo, police abuses, etc). Many people around the world have found that they can relate the game to angsts about their own countries, as well.
  • With the game's American release, the series has finally hit the mainstream, following in FromSoftware's footsteps, becoming the second top selling game globally behind Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and the top selling game on the North American Playstation Network. By May of 2018, the game had reached 2.2 million total sales around the globe; that's pretty much equal to the grand totals of the original releases of the previous four games combined.
  • At the 2018 Game Awards, it was dropped with a bombshell that Joker would be part of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the first character pack. It bears repeating, this game was so popular that it launched the series from semi-obscurity to being popular enough to have a main character as a guest character in Super Smash Bros, and people's surprise was only matched by that of one Cloud Strife some few odd years before.
    • To put this into perspective, it took Yu Narukami 10 years after his game was released to get into his first mainstream crossover appearance and that was with three other niche franchises. Yet it's only been about two years after Joker's first game, and he's now squaring off with the likes of Mario, Link, Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Solid Snake, Ryu, and the aforementioned Cloud Strife, all of whom are considered among gaming's biggest icons. Bonus points for 8-Player Smash letting you do just that now that he's playable.
    • The way it's shown is pretty sweet, too: it echoes his game's announcement at the Persona concert a few years prior. Out of nowhere, the lights go off during the Game Awards, and suddenly, Joker is shown infiltrating the building in style. As his fellow Phantom Thieves comment on him going alone, Morgana casually says that they've been invited to steal "the greatest treasure of all". Cue Joker throwing an envelope with the coveted Smash Bros. logo, announcing to the audience that he's more than ready to kick some ass, complete with Arsene backing him up.
      Arsene: I am thou. Thou art I. Show the strength of thy will, and rage against all challengers!


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